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Sir Neb Stepwright

You don't know what you don't know.

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Knightly Field Scholar
Fealty: Grayson
Family: Stepwright
Gender: Male
Age: 42
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Knightly scholar
Height: 5'8
Hair Color: chestnut brown
Eye Color: slate black
Skintone: pale tan

Titles: Knight of Pages

Description: A man of no impressive height with hair of chestnut brown and lightly tanned skin of someone who spends a fair amount of times outdoors. His most notable features are a nose that is somewhat large on his face and a pair of ears that are likewise large giving him something of a large headed appearance. His frame is lanky with a stumpy stumpy torso and long legs with equally long arms to match. His facial hair ranges from stubble to a goatee to a thick mustache depending on his grooming habits that week. Those that care to look might find his hands seem a bit off like perhaps he's broken them a time or two, they are certainly scarred.

Personality: Deathly Curious is the phrase that best decribes Neb. He would rather know than not know something and once he knows something he would certainly rather know more about it if he could. His curiousity isn't just for knowledge but experiences. Have you been on a boat? Neb has. Have you seen the edge of Everwinter? Neb has. Have you mixed Thraxian rum and Nightgold whiskey? Neb -thinks- he has.

Background: Neb was born a common boy within the lands of Bastion under the care of the Graysons. The people of Grayson lands have long held their lieges to be wonderful and inspiring and how could they not they have ruled the Compact with wisdom for centuries. This fondness for their liege lords led some to mimic the adventurous spirits that mark the Grayson household. Neb was one such admirer inspired by stories and his experiences growing up. Ever since a young age the common boy had an ambitious thirst for knowledge and experiences often times opting to try things firsthand to learn of them. Stories differ on how precisely Neb broke his hands. Some say it was in the smith. Others suggest it was a horse riding accident. Some imaginative folk claim he was trying to prove you can break a plank of wood with your hands.

After the incident where his hands had been broken Neb was thoroughly educated on the wisdom of seeking knowledge from the experience of others instead of his own. Books became his newfound love and he relished them. It was books which led to his martial training. It was books that led to his journeys. It was books that eventually led to a Knighthood with House Grayson and the title Knight of Pages, something of a turn of phrase as Pages are so often attendants to Knights themselves. Despite all that he had learned his interests have always been different than others, more somber in intent and so it might not have surprised those that knew him that the rise of dark things led him to seek knowledge of the abyss. Afterall one would hardly find writings about such a thing in Arx, they needed to be brought to Arx and the Knight of Pages was the man to do it.

Name Summary
Aahana She never spoken a word to me but seemed to be studying me. I do the same so I can't really fault her.
Alessandro An Inquisitor. That much was obvious.
Alexis Inquisitor and... Man in a hurry? Apparently has a lot to do with Lord Cullen? What?
Amari A very polite knight and scholar. An interesting, and probably very useful combination!
Ariella An Inquisitor and a Scholar, though the first part really shines through. What is it about being an Inquisitor that attracts people who have clearly been in some experienced some awful shit?
Astraea I think I took one too many blows to the head. I introduced myself twice! Shameful display of social prowess there, but he was a gentleman. Albeit a little serious but then maybe it was a serious conversation! Ba. I'll have to give a better firstimpression next time.
Cleo Strange man. Needs medicine for damaged hands. Wants know about Redrain perfumes. Not sure if know why anyone want report on perfumes. Maybe speak about other things sometime when not upset.
Coraline A very strange man, he speaks smoothly but never sure what is really going on behind that mustache.
Elgana A strange man. I am not certain what I did to earn his attention, but he has mine now.
Faye Interesting man. I think there are some secrets there. He seems like he has a certain focus, and I look forward to seeing how he applies it to work.
Genevieve Knight of Pages, or so he says. Seemed to be curious about the people around him.
Gianna A calculating Inquisitor.
Jasper An odd man, a strange cadence and manner of address, a sharp and almost impolite interest in things. Impossible to tell what drives him.
Jeffeth Not a Knight of Scrolls. A knight of Pages. That's like a young Knight of Scrolls. He'll grow up into a Knight of Scrolls I'm pretty sure. Anyways he seems like a nice fellow. We just got to sort out this scroll page thing.
Kenna He seemed very serious. I really wonder how he gets along with the Firevipers. Also, why did he just stop taking there in the middle? Maybe it is an inquisition thing.
Lucita A scholarly Knight, a Knight of Pages, seems interesting, intelligent, amicable and well spoken. Look forward to seeing more of him.
Marian Odd fellow who seems to have a knack of angering others. Although, his apology was well said so perhaps I shall have to meet him again to see if my first impressions are correct or not.
Melody Wise words from the scholar-knight. If only I knew them sooner.
Niklas I have not met the man, but apparently he believes every ridiculous story he's told. Not a great trait in an Inquisitor.
Norwood He was polite and well informed upon our first meeting, even if perhaps he's read too much in the whites lately. Dusk knight hum?
Petal An inquisitor who seems in the know. Probably he is dangerous!
Reese Serious knight of pages who doesn't reveal too much in his interactions.
Rinel Tenacious in his duty, but short-sighted in his vision.
Shae Jumpy fellow. Or maybe just polite. Very polite.
Starling A curious sort that I'm not sure I'm happy to have met, but well met anyway, Sir.
Theodoric A multi-talented questioner, scholar, and knight, what else is under there.
Tynan A knight-scholar that seems to have had some rough years at some point. Appears to be an upstanding man though, and hard to fault anybody for being interested in finding more knowledge.
Violet A cool and collected inquisitor. I found him hard to read. It makes him good at his job.