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Velenosa Wedding Reception

The Velenosa family opens the doors to the grand Velenosa Ballroom to welcome all who wish to celebrate the union of Prince Mydas Ettore and Princess Jaenelle. Drinks and music provided. Small chance of heads on pikes possible (it always seems to happen that way).


June 5, 2018, 8 p.m.

Hosted By

Jaenelle Mydas(RIP)


Signe Pasquale Oswyn Alaric Galen Leona Percephon Theo Cassima Khanne Duarte Niccolo Mirari Sabella Verity Lianne Lucita Alistair Mailys Valerius Sorrel



Arx - Ward of the Lyceum - Velenosa Estate - Ballroom

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Comments and Log

Zelda, the royal messenger, 13 King's Own Guardsmen arrive, following Alaric.

Everything is ready! Mydas stands in the ballroom clad in his finest... armor, rubicund steel bearing the purple Velenosa sigils, probably fine. The prince stands ready to greet his guests, with even a, admittedly subtle, smile on his face as he looks upon those that step within the Ballroom. Drinks and food aplenty has been left on the tables, with quite a bit of space left in the center of the ballroom for.... why, is there going to be dancing? Apparently! Mydas seems to be missing a wife, however. Might be problematic.

Mirari leads Duarte Amadeo into the ballroom, and she's holding something unwieldy under her other arm. When she spots Mydas, she exhales a sigh of relief and makes her way towards him to dump off the present. "This is really for Jaenelle, you know, to keep you in line. I'm not holding onto it until she gets here though, so I'm going to trust that you'll give it to her." She says, duping off the kitchen implement. "Don't let me down." Then she spots her cousin and she tugs the poor Count in that direction, not giving him a chance to speak to anyone along the way.

Cassima Thrax's connection to this whole business is through said missing bride, which might explain why she does not know, and is likely unknown, by most of the Velenosians. Heck, she barely knows the cousin in this whole arrangement that is that very connection. She arrived in a timely fashion, as is the boring, rigid ways of the woman, and even skipped on her normal hues of black and blacker black to today wear a dress that shimmers sometimes silver, sometimes blue, sometimes lilac in the light of the ballroom. She seems to be admiring the architecture of the room in some quiet corner, with a half-drunk glass between her hands. Wallflowers gonna wallflower, yo.

6 House Velenosa Guards, Ibasia, the Velenosa Lady-in-Waiting arrive, following Jaenelle.

Lucita steps into the Ballroom, impeccably groomed and not a curl out of place, at least for the moment. She gives a graceful curtsy, passes a gift over to a servant for conveying to the couple at their leisure and then murmurs. "It was a beautiful wedding."

Fajra arrives, following Lianne.

Mailys has only just arrived a bit before, clad in a dress of blue sea-silk that has the misfortune of being quite thoroughly sheer, the only thing offering an illusion of decency are the little bits of modesty lace. When she sees Mirari on her way over she grows a giant smile, stepping forward towards her cousin and opening her arms, "Mirari! You look amazing!"

Sabella arrives on the arm of...not her betrothed! Gasp. Oh, wait, this is the Velenosa Estate and no one cares! "This definitely gives me ideas for--oh, I said I wouldn't talk about it while we were here," she's saying to the Scholar beside her, beaming all around, "Aren't weddings just amazing? So much happiness and good will! It is infectious! Do you dance, Scholar Oswyn? Well," she says without allowing him time to answer, "You will! Let me know who you do not know so I can introduce you. Oooh, this room is so incredibly gorgeous!"

Pasquale arrives punctually amidst the flow of guests into the reception, dressed in dark silks. He exchanges the odd polite greeting while he winds his way toward the beverages. In search of a drink.

"Very appreciated, Miss Mirari." says Mydas, his lips curled into a smirk as he turns to his assistant Roger and hands over the meat grinder. "Do make sure Jaenelle never finds it." he orders, before turning his attention to the other guests, offering nods of greetings as they file in, letting the servants do their job to offer the various drinks on display. Whether he has anything to say about the outfits of some of the guests, nothing shows on his face, the prince remaining quite composed through it all. Alone. Without his wife.

The Warlord of Thrax makes his entrance, a bottle of rum in each hand lifted into the air as he strolls in cheering! A swig from each bottle taken before his stormy orbs reach out around the crowd, though it should be noted, he too seems to be in armor, clearly just coming from the 'office' straight to the party, "Congratulations to!" the Prince paused to look around for his sister, "I'll get back to that!" then spotting Cassima in the corner he would make way toward her while whistling, "You look nice."

Oswyn is, in fact, here with Sabella. He is a bit stiff, offering her his arm, but he's doing alright. Except for the part where he's squinting about. "Oh, I'm terrible at recognizing people unless they're right in front of me. I can usually pick Sir Bayweather out of a crowd, but that's it. And it's... what I do see is amazing," he tells Sabella quietly. "I've never seen anything like this before. Are those white trees, or are they ...marble?" He looks down at the mosaic under their feet. "Oh! Lovely."

Alaric strolls in with his retinue-slash-small phalanx, approvingly commenting to Zelda on the way in. "This always has been one of my favorite ballrooms in Arx. What do you think, shall I stake out the Misconduct or the Libertine couch tonight?" he asks, leaning in to listen to the quiet reply. "What? That one's a table? Hmm. I'm feeling rather couchy. I think that settles it, then." But, first things first! He approaches the newlywed couple, because kings get to skip all lines. "Prince Ettore, Princess Jaenelle, congratulations once again. It's an auspicious day for both the future of the Lyceum and the Compact as a whole," he declares regally with a bright smile.

Valerius is--not dressed for the event at all. When he steps into the ballroom he pauses by the entrance with a firm, unfitting frown and a distasteful wrinkle to his nose. He wears his normal clothes--dark-colored silks of black and red that would be a little much for a Thrax event, but certainly places him in the 'underdressed' category for both a Lycene wedding reception. Most out of place, however, is the Inquisitorial red leather jacket he wears over it, his badge hanging loosely from his neck. For the moment he just steps to the side, taking note of the dangling thing for the first time and properly tucking it into the neckline of his shirt. He settles there, taking in a deep series of breaths that have him turning away to face the wall. When he turns back, however, he's wearing a smile, and much more fitting thing that spreads his lips just enough to catch a glimpse of the teeth beneath. /Now/ he's ready.

Last minute issues always seem to happen when one should be somewhere else. This does not seem to be any different during her own wedding reception as Jaenelle makes her way into the ballroom after the guests have started to arrive. She looks around sheepishly, waving off the attendant that stands at the doors to the ballroom announcing each person as they enter. "You don't have, please...shh" she tells the man as he takes a deep breath, which he quickly lets out to introduce the next person coming after her. She moves towards Mydas, looking upward at her taller husband and beams innocently at him. "Ettore" she says casually before turning towards Alaric, offering him a curtsey as if she were here the entire time, "thank you, Your Majesty."

Wearing black silk gowns and moonstones isn't out of the ordinary in the Lyceum ward, and so steps in Verity caring a small item in both hands although Victus' entrance swirls her gown with his booming entrance. But to the newlyweds, she smiles happily and says "Congratulations to you. It's always beautiful when great houses grow and friends of the Lyceum come together. Blessings to you and your wife!" she says to Ettore before she places the item down at some table with the rest of the presents.

Verity drops a glass sculpture of two foxes dancing.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Verity before departing.

Mirari throws her arms around Mailys and when she steps back from the hug, she glances down at her cousin. "You look amazing Mailys, lets go find a drink and circulate?" She says, abandoning Duarte for now. The Count will be fine.

Cassima turns when she hears a familiar voice approaching, and she gives him a warm, welcoming grin. "Thank you. I imagine you do prefer color on women, given your wife's immeasure ability to command such fashions." She leans forward to give Galen a fond kiss on the cheek. Her mossy green eyes then turn toward the happy groom and the busy bride. "Your sister seems to have everything in hand, commendably so. You must be very pleased and proud of her," she continues, sliding her arm in with Galen's if he will allow. "I really should meet her properly, sometime. Not during her wedding, obviously. Though that reminds me; are you and Sorrel still planning to have some sort of celebration of your union? A larger one, I mean, than the beach wedding."

"Thank you, Your Majesty. And thank you for coming to both occasions." Ettore inclines his head to Alaric respectfully when congratulations are offered, just as Jaenelle returns! "Ah, were you always there? I would surely have noticed." he teases his wife before shifting his focus to the congratulations offered by Verity. "Thank you." he answers. "Your brother Galen came by earlier, but I expect he'll come again now that you're here." he remarks to Jaenelle, seeing Valerius arrive as well.

Dressed in silks in the shades of night, brightened by twinkling stars of beads and diamonds, Khanne enters the ballroom. Her back is bare, as pale as the moon itself, and a rather deeply plunging neckline gives a keyhole glimpse of skin as well. Even if this is not her usual style of dress, there is no mistaking that wine-red hair, nor the feathers that always adorn it. She makes her way to Mydas and Jaenelle, waiting for a chance, her turn, to greet them and offer them congratulations. Towards Jaenelle, her greeting is polite, respectful, she does not know the woman, really, but to Mydas? This northern woman dares to take his arm in one hand, her other arm snaking around his shoulders in a half embrace. "Mydas, I am so very happy for you, my friend."

Mailys returns the hug given by Mirari and flashes a bright smile, "Yes, I think that sounds like a wonderful time, it feels like forever since I've been about one of these parties." She says, her gaze darting towards Duarte and she offers a little finger waggle before turning her attention back to Mirari, "Yes, wine and mingling, let us do that!"

"I think they're marble. Let's go see!" Sabella grabs Oswyn's arm with both her hands to pull him gleefully through the crowd, silk slippers barely making any noise against the mural of the floor. "We should probably get in line to greet the happy couple. Princess Jaenelle and Prince Mydas. Ettore. Honestly, I'm never sure which name to use. They're such funny things aren't they? You can seemingly change it so easily on a piece of parchment, but I should think I would be a very different person as, say, a Tala than I am as a Sabella."

Lianne's arrival is, as ever, a quiet thing, unburdened by fanfare or flash. She might be ever so slightly late, slipping in after most--if not all--of the other guests have arrived. She's dressed all in black for the occasion, pitch silk effortlessly draped to flutter with her movements, should she move with any swiftness. Which she does not. The marquessa, her smile content and her eyes curious, moves with a patient deliberateness, considering the crowd and not yet making her way toward the happy couple to offer her regards. The night is yet young.

"My pleasure. Best wishes to you both," Alaric declares as he makes his exit before he's trampled from behind by all the other well-wishers rolling up. Proceeding away, he glances around like he's got some alcohol and a couch spot to acquire. "Do be careful around the dance floor," he advises Zelda casually. "I've heard some strange rumors about an occasional caltrop problem in here."

"A rose by any other name," Oswyn starts to say as he is pulled along. He has a sheepish little smile and is trying to just... fade into the background. That's difficult to do while accompanying a Princess, so it likely makes him stand out all the more, given the contrast between Sabella and the Scholar. "But I suppose I would be different if my name was something like... Brac... Meatfist." They arrive by one of the trees. Oswyn leans in and verifies, "Marble."

Galen of course does not object to Cassima putting her arm in his, thought he does glance over his shoulder to catch sight of Valerius, "Brother!" he calls out before lifting one of the two bottles he carried back to his lips for a sip, "Cass, hold this please," he said beaming toward her and handing her one of the two bottles, "I will be back in just a moment," and then he slips away for a moment.

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Lucita starts to mingle a little having greeted the bride and groom and offered her congratulations during the little flurry of Jaenelle arriving and then moving out of the way for the king and others. On hearing Alaric's comment she gives a little smile. "Really, Your Majesty? I must say have never danced here or been on this dance floor so never experienced such a thing."

"Thank you" Jaenelle tells Verity warmly, head dipping in thanks to her words, "I do hope you enjoy yourself this evening. If you need anything, please just ask and I will personally see that it is done." Without looking at Mydas, her attention still focused on those approaching, "did he? I am sure he'll find us once more. Leona has said that she told Valerius he wasn't allowed to wear armor tonight." She ignored him once more when Khanne arrives and she too gets a dip of her head in greeting. "Lady Halfshav. I wish you to know that I have heard so many good things about you that I feel as if I know you well. I wish to" she assures the other woman. "Lies and slander" she calls after Alaric. "Zelda, do not listen to him."

Cassima heaves a sigh as she's handed the bottle and then Galen wanders away. As he is wont to do. She seems to take it in stride, however, and turns to the nearest servant, handing it off. "Prince Galen's gift to the staff," she says, and the servant bows. The bottle is ushered away, where no doubt those in the back will take swigs off it until it is bone dry. As she turns back, her mossy eyes stop on Sabella. She considers the woman for a moment, and then begins to make her way over. "Your Highness, good evening. You may not remember me, we met a few times. Princess Cassima Thrax, at your service."

Percephon pauses, somewhere along the way, to make some valiant attempt at smoothing down the fluff of auburn curls sticking up sharply from a angle on the right side of his head. It won't budge. Figures. The Halfshav lord submits to the loss with a dry noise and continues into the ballroom, dark eyes scanning -- searching -- until he spies his escort. He strides that way, until he companionably bumps shoulders with Khanne again, "Made it."

Mirari and Mailys have their heads close together, whispering softly as they move towards the table with refreshments. There is some vague pointing and maybe a few soft titters of laughter before they each grab a goblet of wine and settle to people watch.

Northern heathens and their complete lack of respect for proper decorum and-- Oh, Mydas is returning the embrace, an armoured arm used to give her a friendly hug. "Thank you, Khanne. As am I." he smiles. "Thank you for coming." he says with rare warmth, though it as ever, it is a muted thing. Lianne's arrival is noticed, and he nods her way, before casually adding to Jaenelle's last comment. "Impossible, Talen hasn't arrived yet." he calls towards Alaric, before lowering his voice to add to Jaenelle. "Tsk, did I breach protocol by wearing mine?"

Theo comes swaggering into the reception even later than the bride, running a hand through his unkempt hair and casting a quick glance around, a rakish smile on his lips. "Good evening!" he exclaims to the room at large, looping his fingers through his belt. Signalling a servant to stop, he collects from their tray a glass of, well, whatever, really. Drawing the glass of alcoholic mystery up to his lips, he tosses it back with gusto, replacing the empty on the tray, and taking another for good measure.

2 House Velenosa Guards arrives, following Alistair.

Once Valerius has settled himself, his attention /finally/ moves to those gathered. It's easy to spot Galen, the exclamation from the man drawing out an even brighter smile as the Prince raises a hand towards his sibling in greeting. Jaenelle as well--or at least whatever he can make out of her given the people that make their way to offer their congratulations. It's Lianne's arrival, once he spots it, that has him pausing, the grin fading for a moment as a flash of overt /dumbness/ washes over his face. It takes a moment to catch up to himself again, but once it does he immediately makes his way towards her, an apologetic grimace overtaking him, "Sorry--So sorry. Just had--a moment. Didn't even have time to change, I was just worried I wouldn't make it. I--don't think she's seen my new jacket, maybe she'll like it? Maybe she has. Gods, so sorry. Let's go say hello?"

Pasquale achieves a glass of wine, which is his primary goal, and then starts sifting through the crowd. No small amount of relief crossing his face when he spots Lianne, who he heads toward. "Very festive, this," he says, a touch wry, trying to maintain some personal space in the crowd. Which he people-watches with no small amount of interest. The king, the groom and, eventually, the bride. There's a lot to watch.

"I marble at all the things you know. Ugh, that was terrible, lets pretend I didn't say that, I am no Niklas when it comes to puns. I'm not even sure that counted as one." Sabella shakes her head and turns away from Oswyn to smile at Cassim as she heads her way, "Princess Cassima! How could I forget someone as witty and delightful such as yourself! I hope the evening is finding you well, you look radiant as always. I meant to send you a note concerning the Skirt and Gown night. If you have not been flooded with takers, I would certainly love to host the next one!"

Alaric plucks a wine glass off a passing servant's tray and settles in at the Misconduct couch. "I should think not experiencing caltrops is a very good thing, Baroness Lucita. Lovely to see you again tonight," he replies to her sociably before regarding his assistant after the caltrop deniers weigh in. "That is textbook suspicously vehement denial right there, Zelda," he notes to her sagely. "Be careful where you step. Especially if you see Talen."

"It was a good effort, Princess," Oswyn tells Sabella gently. He wheels about when Sabella turns and immediately dips forward in a bow. "Your Highness," he greets Cassima, politely.

"Then, so it shall be," Khanne smiles to Jaenelle at her wish to know her well. "After all, Mydas is one of my dearest friends in the whole world. It would only be right if we became friends too, right?" She flashes another smile towards her, but when Percephon bumps her shoulder, that brightness grows. She reaches up and twirls a curl over his forehead affectionately. "I am glad, my husband. You do know the married couple, yes?" She grins then to Mydas after he releases the friendly hug (decorum is boring anyway). "I will leave you to greet your many guests," she says to the happy couple, slipping her arm into Percephon's, awaiting him to make his greetings and slide off somewhere out of the way.

"Oh, you're very kind, Highness," Cassima says, but there is a pleased and even hopeful smile upon her features at Sabella's words. She lowers herself respctfully in turn to the other woman, and then nods to he rcompanion Oswyn. "Sir," she says in greeting. "Forgive me, but I am sure we have not met. Fairly sure, at any rate. Princess Cassima Thrax," she introduces, and then looks back to Sabella. "I fear I am not feeling terribly witty tonight; for some reason I am always drawn to large parties, but never quite manage very well in them. Are there other Graysons in attendence tonight, in addition to yourself and His Majesty?"

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Alistair is not here to drag anyone off. He really hasn't done that enough lately. No he lives down the way. Likely here to tell everyone to keep the music down. Keep the joy in check. Has happiness been outlawed yet? The other new Prince of Velenosa looks to those assembled, his eyes settling on the bride and groom in their just fledgling moments of marriage.

"We've met. It was Lord Percephon who taught me the finer points of research. A pleasure to meet you again, milord." Mydas confirms to Khanne and Percephon when the latter has joined the former. "Do enjoy yourselves, though I would suggest not to drink /too/ much. Dancing here can have its share of... obstacles. And not to worry, I most certainly didn't have the servants change the wine bottles for Foolsbane." And he smiles that wolf smile of his. Rarely a good sign. And then his attention shifts to other guests, such as the ever bright and cheerful Alistair. He doesn't smile so much as nod at the man.

Lianne catches that nod from Mydas and returns one of her own, a subtle mark of acknowledgement accompanied by the most delicate shift of her smile. Amused, it would seem. Though she spots Valerius and that look, her attention turns first to Pasquale who is met with a bright smile and a nod to his wine. "A fortuitous start, mm?" With a subtle cant of her head, she offers, "Perhaps we can make some introductions later, if there are any here you haven't yet had the occasion to meet?" But the Thraxian prince in his Inquisition jacket is drawing up beside her, meriting the entirety of her attention. Chin lifted, she looks Valerius over, considering his hair, his attire, his bearing, every little detail taken in and analyzed. All with a smile which warms when her eyes finally settle upon his. "I expect she will," comes as she offers out her hand, expecting an arm to be offered that they might approach the couple together.

Lucita says, "And to see you, King Alaric." She speaks in a gentle tone, smiling as she replies. "This makes me wonder if I should have worn better foot protection.""

Percephon greets the royal couple. "Prince Mydas -- Princess Jaenelle, many congratulations and much future happiness to you both. Remember to always say, yes dear. That pair of words has made for a harmonious marriage for me." A glance aside, sly, as Khanne slides her arm into Khanne's, "Yes dear." With a stage whisper that's a touch too loud, "I am mostly teasing." His eyes narrow behind the lenses of his glasses. "Mostly."

Duarte weaves and slips through the crowd in an inconspicuous fashion carrying a drink to one of the couches.

"I don't believe so, Human Shield" Jaenelle informs her husband gently, her tone clearly amused at the term of endearment. "I have heard if you lay down very still in the center of the dance floor, the caltrops are caught off guard and you are able to sneak up on them without notice. I would never dissuade Your Majesty from getting the jump on the offending objects" she offers towards Alaric and Lucita, fingers wiggling in greeting to the latter. "I have not had the pleasure, Lord Percephon. Thank you for coming. Please do not listen to my husband and do whatever it is you find neccessary to find enjoyment this evening." Then with a pause, it is she herself who looks towards Mydas, "Yes Dear."

When Mailys leans in to whisper something to her, Mirari blinks at her cousin before she lets out a hoot of laughter. "Well I suppose we should go see, shouldn't we?" She says, picking up her drink and pulling the shorter Corsetina towards the couches.

"This is Scholar Oswyn Spencer, he owns Spencer's Books and Scribing Supplies. I'm sure if you ever wanted a custom made ledger he cold oblige. He has the most exquisite quills in his shop as well!" Sabella beams at Oswyn, then tiptoes up to look around, "Hm, it doesn't appear so, actually. And poor King Alaric is sitting all by himself. We shall stop by to say hello after we wish the couple well." She decides for Oswyn. Poor Oswyn. "And I do not believe for a second you are not every bit as incredibly witty as I have always found you, Princess Cassima, even in a crowd. Perhaps especially in a crowd when so much fades into the background, I don't think you ever could."

Mailys secures her own drink just moments before she's pulled off by Mirari, laughing herself as she's pulled along in the direction of the couches, her daringly slitted skirts swishing as she moves to keep up with her cousin.

There's an immediate sigh of relief that escapes Valerius the moment Lianne offers out her hand, his shoulders slumping forward instantly. But he doesn't let it linger, as would be improper, instead straightening up and extending his arm to the Marquessa before turning his attention towards Jaenelle and Mydas proper. "I wonder if Galen started this off with a threat," he starts aside to his companion as he makes his approach, content for the moment to allow either his sister to come to them, or those still speaking with her their moment first. That is, until he notices that it's Khanne and Percephone, that realization brightening his smile immediately as he addresses the Shaman, "Khanne, I think I'd like to steal my sister for a hug. May I?"

"I, er, yes," Oswyn stammers at Cassima, straightening up. "It's near the Vellichorian Academy. You can't... well, you can actually miss it. It's quite small. I... the King?" Oswyn squints out into the distance, going a bit pale.

"Fashion tends to be inversely proportional to sturdiness. It's a tough balance to strike," Alaric replies nonchalantly to Lucita, glancing around the room. "If it helps, I think the room is trending towards less protection overall. So I have every confidence you'll make it through the night with your feet intact," he concludes with an easy grin before tipping back a little wine.

Khanne chuckles at Percephon's teasing, shaking her head with a small smile. As they walk away, she can be heard whispering, "I am not taking chances with that Foolsbane..." She walks with him closely, seemingly headed towards a specific direction, wherever it is that Lianne and Valerius are standing. She needn't worry though, as Valerius is approaching at the same time, though heading towards Jaenelle. "Well, of course you can," she says to him, gesturing that way with her free hand.

"I prefer to fade, myself," Cassima admits, but her interest seems to have fallen to Oswyn and the introduction given for the man. "Is that so? I may actually be in the market for a new ledger in the near future. And stars above know how I tear through quills. I should like to visit your shop tomorrow, if you shall be open and not abed with an aching head like the rest of us no doubt shall be," she teases with the slightest touch of a smirk. "May I walk with you when you go to greet the couple?" she asks the pair.

Mirari comes to a stop in front of the Misconduct Couch and she nudges Mailys towards it before she leans in to have a quiet word. Having done her duty she moves towards the Decadent Couch and settles down, nodding to Duarte.

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Pasquale chuckles low to Lianne. "I'm told lateness is fashionable. So I'm sure it's all in the spirit of the occasion. I sometimes lose track of all I've met in this city, but I'm sure many introductions are still in order." A cordial "Your highness" is offered to Valerius. Studying the Inquisition jacket with a flash of curiosity. Perhaps reorienting some things in his brain.

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"Don't worry! I'm sure he's already executed his fair share of commoners already. He's didn't even bring his executioner!" Sabella tells Oswyn brightly. "Oh, wait, Zelda is actually right there. No matter! I'm sure you'll be fine!" Giving no indication that she's joking, she takes one of Oswyn's arms and gestures to Cassima to take his other if she's so inclined. Death by Princesses for the poor scholar. "And of course, I was just about to ask if you would accompany us. Do you know I've never been here? This estate is incredibly amazing!"

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Lucita gives a warm smile to Jaenelle and glances back at Alaric as if she might wink but reconsiders, lashes just giving a slight flutter. "Oh, perhaps, if lucky enough to have an agile, adept dance partner should there be dancing. Potential obstacles on the dance floor are not the only concern."

Oswyn nervously offers his arm to Cassima, trying not to look terrified in general and not quite succeeding. "The shop shall be open tomorrow, Princess Cassima," he assures her. "I'd be happy to have you drop by. I... don't intend to have a hangover?" Oh, poor sweet summer child.

Mailys is a stark example of trending towards less protection as she's nudged forward towards the misconduct couch, shooting a glance over towards Mirari before she settles upon Alaric, and the little crowd he's gathered. She offers quite a deep curtsey, "Your Majesty." She says in greeting, a vibrant smile gracing her lips as she greets the king, "My Lords, My Ladies."

Mydas arches a brow at Jaenelle at the mention of human shield, though it changes to an amused smirk at her followup. "While you're in such good mood, I thought I'd withdraw some funds from the accounts..." Teasing, of course. Or is he? The answer shall never be known, for in comes Valerius for a hug from his sister!

Mydas gets far more then a nod, but instead a visit from the High Inquisitor himself. Alistair clasps his hands tightly behind his back and makes his way through the gatherings, well wishers and party-goers. He waits for a moment, allowing others to say their peace and their congratulations. "Prince Ettore. Princess Jaenelle. Congratulations on your marriage." he inclines with a soft nod of his head and another glance of the crowd. "Naturally newlyweds get one free arrest and imprisonment of those who annoy them. I hope you use this free pass well." He rumbles out with a glance to Mydas. Ah a joke! Or is he serious? It is completely deadpan.

Theo quickly finishes off his second drink in a row, carelessly setting his empty down on a table as he makes his way through the room, approaching the bride and groom. By the time he's there, he has managed to find yet another drink. "Congratulations," he says with a grin for Jaenelle and Mydas, fumbling around in his overcoat to produce a thin cigarette case. Popping it open, he selects from it two thin, neatly rolled joints of haze, placing them on his open palm with some ceremony, and offering them to the bride and groom. "Please accept my very thoughtful and not-at-all lazy gift," he says. "And be careful with them, hmm? Bit of dust sprinkled in for a little extra *oomph*."

Lianne situates herself rather comfortably at Valerius' side, her arm tucked around his, hand delicately a few inches below his elbow. There might be a gentle, reassuring squeeze to help soothe away any lingering unease. "The only sibling I've yet to meet," remarks quietly at his mention of Galen, a curious look turned about the room to see if she might be able to pick him out of a crowd based solely on family resemblance--or other people's addressing of the unfamiliar prince--alone. There's a quiet breath of laughter for Pasquale's remark, a nod to her Voice, but then they're setting off toward those closer to the couple. With a flash of a smile toward Khanne, she notes, all wide-eyed, "I am available for hugs as well. Selectively," with a nod toward the redhead as if to indicate she's on that undoubtedly short list, a glint of mischief dancing in her eyes.

"I do not think most people intend to have a hangover, sir. Despite our best intentions, one usually comes," Cassima teases the man. She gives his arm a pat, but does not reach to take it; he can fight or flee of his own accord. She will walk beside him though: perhaps her quiet presence is enough to keep a commoner in line. Her next words are for Sabella. "Surprisingly, nor have I. Caith and Catriona are both regulars I should expect, but for some reason I've never had the pleasure. Perhaps, though, while it is beautiful, it is ... a bit too beautiful for the likes of me. I tend to fall for simpler beauty." And more modesty. So much more modesty.

Galen wanders back from the place where he had vanished, it seems he didn't exactly care who was around or in front of Jaenelle and Mydas that is where he made his way, "Sister, new brother!" he called out as he neared, "Congratulations my family," he moved to take one of Jaenelle's hands and lift it to his lips to place a gentle kiss before dropping it and leaning in to softly say, "I have a gift that should be to you soon."

The Warlord then turned that stormy blue gaze toward Mydas, and for a moment all seriousness was about him, "Remember my words brother," Galen couldn't hold the serious look though and just grinned, "I look forward to our upcoming trip together, you will get your gift then," with that he slapped the man on the shoulder and turned to find Valerius, ready to be intercepted by anyone looking for him.

Before going toooooo far away on her husband's arm, Khanne stops to give Lianne that subtly requested hug. She lets go of Percephon's arm in order to wrap the smaller woman in a full on embrace, even giving her cheek a friendly peck. "It is good to see you, Lianne. I have missed you very much. We will catch up after we've all made our rounds, yeah?" And then she is back on Percephon's arm and joining the King on his Couch of Misconduct.

"I feel that someone lying in the middle of the dance floor is a little bit more than a 'potential' obstacle," Alaric declares dryly. "I'm also certainly not going to volunteer myself as an agile, adept dance partner because that's the best way to jinx yourself into taking an alcohol-assisted tumble when you get out there later." He grins roguishly and raises his wine glass lightly to Mailys. "Good evening. Who might you be? Besides someone even more in danger from the caltrops, potentially," he quips. Apparently that's just going to be the euphemistic metaphor of the night.

"Excellent. Will you be making the arrests yourself, Prince Alistair? It would certainly help our choice, a Peer being required to arrest another." Mydas answers Alistair with the same tone, and the same ambiguity. "And have you a limit in regard to the incarceration time?" he asks further. This is a normal conversation. "Thank you, cousin." he nods to Theo when he offers his congratulations. And then the man offers haze with sprinkled Dust. With Alistair right there. "Remind me, is it contraband if we're merely accepting gifts?" he asks Alistair. And then Galen returns! "Thank you, and not to worry, I've not forgotten. It'll be fun, especially the part where I sink like a rock to the bottom of the sea." he says casually.

"Not for faces" Jaenelle tells Mydas with a stern look, brows furrowing as if its completely a none topic. Whatever the topic is. Its a hard no. That expression is erased once Valerius appears, arms outstretched as she wraps her arms around his neck and squeezes perhaps painfully so. She does not let go, stopping all air flow for the moment before she finall released and drops back to the ground. "Valerius" she greets, smoothing down her skirts. "You look handsome. You should see Leona, she was wearing a gown when I last saw her. I believe my siblings clean up well." After that display, her serious face has returned as she looks towards Alistair. "What if I wish for him to be arrested? Is that still within the bylaws of this newlywed contract?" She holds a finger up towards Theo, clearly needing this answer from Alistair before she does speak to Theo after, "How have you found Arx? Your rooms? Everything is settling nicely? You need anything?" The flurry of questions is asked before she turns towards Galen, dipping her head at the kiss to her hand. "Is it a pig costume for Mydas? The gift. I have heard /everything/ King of meats."

Lucita chuckles lightly and murmurs. "Well said, Your Majesty." She then gives another curtsy from where she stood adjacent to the couch and turns to drift away to mingle a bit, a glass of wine in hr hand.

Sabella laughs and smiles around Oswyn at Cassima, "How very Thraxian of you! On the other hand, I am very much a Grayson and I adore all things opulent, perhaps to the boring on ridiculous. No wonder we are destined to be such good friends!" And then they're approaching the couple and she disengaged from Oswyn so she can offer both hands to Jaenelle, "You are a radiant bride!" She enthuses and will hug the other Princess, carefully! That dress is nice!, if allowed. "It is so wonderful to see the two of you so happy! Inspirational, really."

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Sabella is overheard praising Jaenelle for: A beautiful bride!

Sabella is overheard praising Mydas for: An equally beautiful groom!

"I'm Mailys Corsetina, Your Majesty, at your serivce, and being raised amongst Lycene parties such as this, I've grown quite adept at tip-toeing around caltrops." Mailys says with that vibrant smile still gracing her lips, "I was hoping you would forgive my boldness, but I was hoping you would indulge me by allowing you to sit beside you for a short time?"

Oswyn inclines his head to Cassima. "That is true," he agrees with the Princess. Sabella steps away from him, and he looks, for a moment, at a loss as to what to do. So he murmurs to Cassima, "Do I bow immediately or just if they happen to notice me?"

"Alas, Inquisition is wholly exempt and immune to such mechanisim of marriage. I can neither arrest myself or another of my esteemed order. Though any complaints will be taken under strict review." He remarks, glancing to the new bride. "Well I could certainly arrange for some kind of bridal or groom cell within the Panopticon." One just has to deal with the screaming of madmen and criminals on their wedding night. Though far better then a troupe of Valardin Bard Knights. "One must provide their own chains though... the Inquisition is woefully out of stock." He says as if holding up a hand to apologize.

Valerius is quite pleased with the prospect of a hug from Jaenelle, and once she's leaning in he moves to wrap his arms around her midsection and reciprocate with the same. That is until his head is being pulled down, and her arms wrap snugly around his neck. And then keep pressing. And pressing. Until he's gasping for air due to his sibling's 'love'. One hand darts forward, finger up, as if he's trying to get someone's attention to make a point, but obviously nothing manages to come out until she's released him from her death hold and he's able to cough and rise back up to his full height. He doesn't seem particularly bothered, an uncomfortable smile the only indication that he was in any pain at all. But he does his best to ignore it, offering his sister a wink as he moves to retake Lianne's side, "Thank you--You look wonderful as well. Positively--" he coughs again, "Lovely."

Cassima apparently takes pity on the poor man beside her. She leans toward him and speaks softly toward his ear. "When you address or are addressed by one of them, though they will likely tell you that it's all unnecessary, knowing this lot. Still, it's recommended. Let them decide the level of formality for the interaction," she assures the man, and gives him a reassuring smile and a nod toward the couple. Go on, then! She'll be right behind.

"Is that a no, then?" Theo asks, glancing between bride and groom with a shrug as he turns away, the Velenosan prince bringing one of the cigarettes up to his lips, and wandering off from the main gathering in search of a candle.

"You look stunning," Lianne croons warmly to Khanne as that hug is offered and so gladly reciprocated, along with a delicate peck to the redhead's cheek. "Stellar even. And yes. I expect we shall." But her attention's already turning back toward the family at the head of the crowd, and Khanne's already slipping off. The marquessa moves to settle in beside Valerius again, though it is Galen, and not the newlyweds, who piques curiosity, getting a rather long look. When her attention turns, there's a bright smile for Jaenelle as she agrees of Valerius' jacket, "Suits him, doesn't it?" There's a glimmer of approval angled toward Valerius before she's looking on to Mydas, cast down at his armor with a teasing air of judgment. And then back to the Princess as she wonders, "Does he sleep in that as well? Perhaps he's still mourning Cassius and finds this fitting tribute?"

:nods to Cassima, whispering back, "That always makes me extremely uncomfortable. When they say not to bother with formalities." But he'll deal with it. He straightens up again, waiting behind Sabella.

Oswyn nods to Cassima, whispering back, "That always makes me extremely uncomfortable. When they say not to bother with formalities." But he'll deal with it. He straightens up again, waiting behind Sabella.

Lianne asides quietly to Valerius, thoughtfully, "Perhaps it's defense against the tenacity of your sister's affection?"

"She is very determined." Mydas quietly confirms.

Mirari carries on a quiet conversation with Duarte on the decadent couch, but it seems that the conversation is stilted and both seem to be mostly drinking.

Alaric pats the seat next to him. "I'll have you know I come to the Lyceum Ward expressly for the timidity and the uncontroversial nature of the place, but in your case I'll make an exception just this once," he quips wryly to Mailys. "I likewise hope you would forgive my intention to try and tease a few caltrop-dodging tips out of you tonight."

Signe's been here the entire time, wandering and mingling. Enjoying the varied dishes being offered to sample a little bit of everything. Naturally she has a drink in hand she'll make sure to at least visit with her brother Mydas and the new sibling Jaenelle. "It is good that you are married now Mydas. We need more babies." She happily tells him before sharing that warmth with Jaenelle, "We are very excited to have you as our family Princess Jeanelle. Sister." And cousin. Many lines were crossed with Nightgold and Velenosa.

"I don't indulge myself, cousin Theo." Mydas smiles to Theo. "But thank you, nonetheless." he tells the departing prince, before focusing back on the discussion in his vicinity. "This is a Velenosa party, and I'm still waiting to see what Talen's surprise might be this time around." he points out to Lianne, before his attention is taken by his sister! And talk of babies. "Well... You can rest assured I will do everything in my power to ensure you've some nephews and nieces to look after." he tells Signe with dry amusement.

"Well, the first tip I have, Your Majesty." Mailys says as she moves to settle herself down at the couch right where is patted, "Is to attend one of the esteemed Courtesan academies." She explains, "They actually throw out caltrops and have you tip-toe through them, from time to time." She says with a playful lilt to her voice as she settles in beside Alaric.

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Jaenelle look between Lianne and Mydas, shaking her head with a tsk, "he probably does sleep in the armor. I suspect." She leaves it at that, all mysterious like, though she cetainly scoffs as she repeats "determined. Oh. Now you'll do everything? Just a moment ago I was the determined one. I dont have to take this kind of treatment." With that she takes half a step away from her husband. She showed him! "Thank you Signe, we should meet again soon to get to know one another better."

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Theo manages to find fire somehwere in the Ballroom--he is very resourceful like that--and lights the cigarette, the musk of haze smoke billowing from his nostrils, flavored with the sweetness of dust. Then, without ceremony, he strides out of the ballroom, but not before tucking a bottle of wine into his coat.

Galen turns his stormy eyes to Valerius for a moment, "It is a nice jacket," he agreed, but then he found those eyes slowly washing over Lianne and he smiles, one of those bright Galen smiles that nearly touches his eyes, "Hello there," he says folding an arm over his chest and bowing slightly, "Allow me to introduce myself," he said rising from the short bow, "I am Galen," he winked. The Warlord then leaned away just a touch and looked curiously between Valerius and Lianne, "Enjoying yourselves?"

Percephon slips off. Likely to be terrible rather than engaging in mere misconducts.

"I feel like I was just assaulted," Valerius offers aside to Lianne as a hand lifts to rub idly at the side of his neck, a side-glance given to Jaenelle as she moves on to the other guests. But he doesn't let it linger, instead turning his attention to the nearby Alistair instead. "High Inquisitor Alistair," he offers the man, his head dipping down in greeting, "I don't think we've had the chance to actually meet, yet, and I haven't run into you at the House of Questions to do it. Prince Valerius Thrax, and as a little while ago, Apprentice Inquisitor." He offers the man a bright smile at that, attention darting away only when Galen addresses the Marquessa, "Jaenelle just tried to kill me, but otherwise yes. Lianne, this is my brother, don't trust anything he says."

Before wandering off Signe smirks at Mydas, "Four is a nice number." She says then responds to Jaenelle, "We will, there are lots of stories to share." Not to take up all the newly weds time as there were others seeking to relay their congradulations, the young Nightgold offered them a parting wave before joining in on other conversations.

Lucita moves from group to group and when she gets back toward Jaenelle, she pauses, lowering her voice to speak to her.

Having said his peace and offering his own 'gift' to the bride and groom, Alistair steps back away from the crowd of well wishers and other family members. For a moment the High Inquisitor looks about, dour as ever, taking a moment to speak quietly with one of the House guards who is present to keep an eye on the party. Though considering this is a Velenosa party, they are likely there to make sure no one comes to ruin the fun, or at least burn down the manor with various antics.

"Merely exhibiting your multitude facets and depths, my dear wife." Mydas answers Jaenelle, extending one armoured arm to sloooowly bring Jaenelle back that half step. Maybe a little closer too. "I suppose, on this and all else, I shall deem us equally responsible and determined." he offers. A truce, but will she accept? "Thank you, Princess Sabella." Mydas smiles faintly when she offers her congratulations and compliments. "Princess Cassima. A pleasure." he says when he recognizes the woman right behind Sabella. And then his gold eyes turn to Oswyn. And he waits for someone to say something.

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But he can't escape. And he was eyeing the cake while talking to the guard before Valerius makes his introductions to the High Inquisitor. The prodigal man's intense gaze peers at the Thraxian prince. "Indeed, I had heard you had joined our esteemed order recently, apologies for the lack of introductions. I had been occupied with some matters." He glances to Jaenelle as Valerius claims she had attempted to kill him, but the man makes no comment. "You will find my office door is always open, if you ever wish to stop in." He offers. That is, if one can get past the Confessors who seem just as dour as their master.

"Princess Sabella, the greatest chariot competitor I have ever faced" Jaenelle says, taking her hands in return. "Thank you so much you flatter me, and I can only hope to be invited to your wedding as well so I might offer the same kind words you have offered me." The hug is accepted, perhaps not as tightly as she gave her brother, she wished Sabella to keep her air. As Mydas pulls her back, she doesnt seem all that ruffled over the face and remains there, and even just a bit closer than before. SHe dips her head to listen towards Lucita, grasping the woman's hands after to offer her quiet words in response.

Lianne tsks quietly at Mydas. "I don't believe he's killed anyone yet. At a party. No one human, at least. Not personally." Her lips draw thin as she finds her argument faltering, brows arched as her eyes go wide in an expression which may well read 'good luck.' Smile rather effortlessly returning, she breathes a soft laugh for Jaenelle's quick turn of her husband's words. Her attention readily shifts to Galen as her study is returned in kind, though she looks between Valerius and Alistair first to note of the High Inquisitor, "He's a rather lovely sense of humor. Dry." Just look at that dour expression! It speaks directly to dryness, if not precisely anything adjacent to humor. Then, yes, back to Galen, her own smile just a few degrees shy of radiant. "Prince Galen the Untrustworthy?" The title's plainly appended in jest, her brows arching high, her verdant eyes glinting with humor. "Marquessa Lianne Malespero the Entirely Honest. Delighted to finally make your acquaintance. And perhaps disappointed that there hasn't been any dancing yet. While I'm being entirely honest."

Niccolo arrives in a cloud of haze smoke, as he walks into the ballroom just as Theo departs. He is without his normal entourage of security and mirror guards, but given the location of the reception they are no doubt in some nearby wing. Scanning the room for a few moments with his dark gaze, he eventually finds the newlyweds and continues in their direction, finding Jaenelle first: "Congratulations again, my dear.

Sabella beams at the bride and groom, "Of course you're invited! And there shall be no chariot races there, I promise. One was quite enough. Might as well retire on top!" And then she steps aside, gesturing to Oswyn, "Princess Jaenelle, Prince Mydas, this is Scholar Oswyn Spencer."

Oswyn immediately bows low and says, "Congratulations to you both. May you enjoy a productive and fruitful union." He straightens up again. He is so nervous, he is sweating. Don't take his hand, it's clammy.

As Oswyn takes his moment to shine (or flop, that remains to be seen), Cassima's eyes turn to scan the room, the sights of everyone mingling with the sounds of their conversation. One words jumps out at her more than the others, and her eyes fall to Alistair, speaking to Valerius. She considers the man for a few brief breaths, tilting her head ever so slightly in her moment of focused study. But then, after another beat of consideration, she turns her eyes back to the bride and groom before her, waiting to offer her own well wishes.

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As Oswyn concludes, Cassima lifts her eyes to the couple and lowers herself in a respectful bob of a curtsey. "Your Highnesses. Though we have not met, at least not in our adulthood," she adds with a slight smile toward Jaenelle, "I am Princess Cassima Thrax, and I am quite happy to be able to congratulate you on this momenteous days in your lives and in the lives of your Houses." She nods once more, and then moves to step out of the way.

"Should I arrest her Valerius?" Galen asked teasingly of his brother before glancing over to Jaenelle, "Sister, Valerius is trying to get you in trouble," he laughed and then he was enraptured with Lianne. The Prince grinned, "I am not sure what Valerius has told you Marquessa, but do know that I taught him several things," his eyes then moved up and down the woman, "From the looks of it, he has remembered at least part of them," this elicited a wink, the kind of wink that has been known to drive a Marquis or two mad when directed at their sister, "I must say the pleasure is entirely mine in our meeting. Now for the dancing, Valerius will dance with you unlike anyone you have ever danced with."

Signe injects herself into the introductions with Alistair, Lianne, Valerius and Galen. Approching the group boldly the young shaman had acquired a small dish of treats, claiming ownership of the vibrantly decorated pastries. Catching the names, "Well met High Inquisitor Alistair. And Prince Galen." She greets both with warmth, "I am Lady Signe Nightgold." She also extends that same warmth to Valerius and Lianne, "Prince Valerius and Marquessa Lianne..." As sharing was caring she stretched forth the tray of treats she 'procured' from a servant. Or a table. "Hungry?"

"Of course, I'd heard of your and the Master of Question's trip," Valerius offers back to Alistair with a grin, his head dipping down again--if only slightly this time, "I'm glad to see you're back. I may take you up on that, I'm working on a few things that I may need some advice on, and given your reputation I think you'd be perfectly suited to give it. I'll keep in contact, thank you again." With that, he shifts a step back, moving to rejoin Lianne and Galen. The process has his head swiveling just in time to catch Cassima nearby--and should she notice his look, he'd offer a bright smile and a lift of his hand in greeting. Signe's approach is met with a pause from the Prince, his gaze dropping to the food in question. He seems to look it over for a moment, calculating exactly how hungry he is, before he immediately reaches forward to take a few of whatever is on offer. "Starving actually," he says as he moves back to the Marquessa, "Thank you."

"A pleasure, Scholar Oswyn." Mydas nods his head to the poor man. "And thank you for your kind words." The prince is blessedly protected from clammy hands, what with all that plate steel. And not offering his hand to shake probably helps too. "Are you then a frequent accomplice to Princess Sabella's journals?" he asks pleasantly. Not just to make the man sweat, surely. "Thank you, Princess Cassima." he tells the princess when she offers her congratulations. "I believe, Lianne, this is where you swoon. Do be convincing." Mydas remarks to his friend. Significantly amused.

"Niccolo" Jaenelle says softly as he approaches, offering the man before her a full on respectful curtsey. After she steps forward to stand on her toes and presses a kiss against his cheek. "Thank you, My Duke. Your words have always meant a great deal to me, and this is no exception to that." She squeezes his hands before stepping back to her spot beside Mydas. "Cassima, I have heard so many things about you from Galen. Some of it has made me jealous, I admit, though I am perhaps glad that I get to miss out of the teasing and pranking that living with him seems to have come with. I would love to find time to get to know the adult verious of one another if you are free soon?" Ah and there is Oswyn. His bow is met with a dip of her head, grinning "thank you Master Spencer. Also thank you for being such a good escort to Princess Sabella. I am certain she would get into more trouble without you than with."

Oswyn's head bobs. He was expecting to be able to step back right about now, but both Mydas and Jaenelle have addressed him. He keeps his replies short. "I am," he tells Mydas. And, to Jaenelle, "I can't say no to the Princess." He might be incapable.

Jaenelle calls towards Galen, "I did not assault him, but if you wish to arrest me to make him feel better, you most certainly can. I wont even put up a fight" she holds up both hands crossed at the wrists. "Valerius" she just says his name, cross hands moving to her eyes and then pointing towards the baby sibling.

Alistair nods his head in silent agreement to Valerius, intrigued, but not one to discuss Inquisition business in the middle of a wedding reception. Lianne is given a glance as she comments so brazenly upon Alistair's dry humor. "I would never do well as a court jestor." he remarks, a little shrug to accent his own assessment of his comedic skills before he once again looks around. Eyeing the cake a little closer. He should have brought Confessors to confiscate it. Likely work up some story about poisons or maybe abyssal taint. Though the Abyss wouldn't corrupt cake would they? Alistair frowns, perhaps identifying a weakness in himself...

"Scholar Oswyn has a great ear for punctuation, which I find it so critical with journal entries," Sabella replies to Mydas and Jaenelle with a smile, "I highly recommend him to people who don't write their own. But, we shall not take up too much of your time with so many others to meet! Congratulations to you both and I wish you every happiness!"

Khanne has left the Misconduct Couch, and seems to be milling about, idly mingling, but slowly, surely, sliping to the quieter, outer edges of the gathering.

"I should like that very much, Your Highness. Perhaps somewhere else than the Thrax estate, however. One never knows when a rabid cat or a goat might wander through," Cassima responds to Jaenelle, bowing herself respectfully to the woman again before removing herself entirely from the greeting line. She's now free to pluck up another glass of wine, which she does so rather swiftly. It's then that she notices Valerius' greeting from afar. She responds by kissing her fingers and gesturing toward him with her hand in a very simple 'blowing a kiss' movement.

Oswyn sidesteps away from the newlyweds and asks Sabella, "Did I hear Lady Signe and the Duchess of Malespro are here?" He squints about, looking for familiar semi-blurry figures.

Niccolo returns Jaenelle's kiss with a polite one on her cheek. He murmurs something quietly, intended only for her, before leaning back. "Your happiness means a great deal to me, as well." Turning to Mydas now, he offers a brief nod before extending his hand. "I do not believe I have said it yet, although I am some months overdue now - welcome to the family." He pauses a beat, "We are mostly harmless, as I am sure you have discovered."

Mirari gets up from the decadent couch and moves to refill her wine at the refreshment table. Grabbing some finger food, she moves around the room, before she moves to stand near her cousin.

Lianne's swooning is ill-timed and on command, a slip of her hand once more about Valerius' arm to brace as she her weight dips ever so slightly, her other hand lifted to her chest, the low plunge of her dress leaving her sternum bare, fingertips settled against skin. Really, it probably wouldn't have been a particularly convincing fluster even if it hadn't come after Mydas' instruction, her cheeks lacking any blush even though her dark lashes had dipped. Briefly. Her gaze rises to Galen again as her smile widens. Tipping toward the Warlord, she murmurs, "Perhaps we might sit down one of these days and discuss those lessons that I might know how much he's left to learn. How much you've kept to yourself." With a flash of a sad smile to Signe, she murmurs, "Were it only wine," even as she plucks up one of the little treats and pops it past her painted lips with a dip of her head in gratitude.

"Princess Cassima, if you'd like to come with us we're going to go say hello to my cousin. You may have heard of him!" Sabella says with a grin, linking arms with Oswyn again to guide him across the room, "Ah, yes, that's the Lady Nightgold over there," she points, "Note the color of her outfit, and the Marquessa as well. Don't worry, Scholar Oswyn, I shall only introduce you to the king and then hold you to one dance tonight and then you shall be free of me." That said, she's headed right for Alaric, "Most Esteemed Majesty," she says with a flourish of a curtsy, "Might I present Scholar Oswyn Spencer? A great scholar and friend of mine."

"They have been rather... busy months." Mydas remarks, shaking Niccolo's extended hand. "But thank you." The man adds, the gold eyes, so much like his father's, meeting Niccolo's gaze. "Mostly, and I'm quite happy to have returned. Even if it was spirited by tragedy." Serafine's death, specifically. "Hopefully we'll find more time to talk, yes?" he offers. Lianne's swooning is... Well... Apparently what the prince expected, from the look he gives it.

Oswyn is thus steered by Sabella. He immediately bows to Alaric. He doesn't even attempt to make eye contact, he just looks to the monarch's shoes. "Your Majesty," he manages to stammer out. "Hullo. Don't mind me."

Galen glares at Cassima, "That goat loves you! And she is not rabid!" then he grins at Jaenelle, "You seem so dangerous to me, I think I shall just keep an eye on you," he winked and blew a kiss before lifting his bottle back to his lips and taking a long swig, "Alac," he says turning to look for one of his guards, specifically his liquor guard, unfortunately for Galen he left them at home, "Well damn," he said to himself before grinning at Lianne.

The Thrax Warlord shifted slightly so that his full body faced the Marquessa, and a careful hand rose to stroke his Warstache carefully, though his eyes never left her and if she noticed a playfulness flickered behind them, "That could be arranged, I fear there are a few things the older brother must keep to himself, for social advantage of course."

Cassima gives a slight sigh in Galen's direction, following along with Sabella and Oswyn. She lowers herself into a respectful curtsy upon approaching the King, but when she rises she does not speak, and instead keeps her eyes low in a silent gesture of respect. Her hands clasp lightly in front of her.

Seemingly pleased that others had plucked some treats from the tray, Signe took one for herself. "There's wine... somewhere." The shaman remarked with more focus on devouring the sweet treat than waving down a house servant for drinks. In her small search of the reception she spied Khanne off in the distance. Leaving the group the young shaman wandered over with the tray still in hand a few treats left. "Vala Khanne." She greets warmly, extending the tray. "I think I may end up eating all of these. Help me." She chuckled a little.

"You don't have to arrest her," Valerius starts with a shake of his head now that he's settled back into whatever bits of conversation he'd missed between Galen and Lianne--apparently just in time to catch her swooning. His lips part into a bright grin at that, which stays plastered on his face even as he rolls his eyes at his brother's words. "I said don't trust him," he offers aside, gaze locked on the Warlord even as he speaks to the Marquessa, "Firstly, I don't really dance well, so that's not even true. Secondly, he didn't teach me anything, I'm just naturally gifted. Thirdly, look at his dumb face, does that look trustworthy to you? Doesn't look trustworthy to me." He pauses a moment to call over to Pasquale, asking the man with a tilt of his head towards his brother, "Does he look trustworthy?"

"Sabella, lovely to see you as always. Come, have a seat!" Alaric replies, sort of waving her whole gaggle towards the couch. "Pleasure to make your acquaintance, Scholar Oswyn. I will do my best not to," he adds casually.

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"Thank you. Finally!" Jaenelle waves a hand torwards Galen. "I have been telling everyone how dangerous I am, and I am glad to finally have that said outloud for all to hear. The Warlord of Thrax, the mighty scary man he is, thinks his little sister is dangerous." Her chin lifts in pride. All 5'2 of her. There is a softly shared word between she and Mydas, a gentle pat of his gloved? hand given. "Is there anyone else we missed in greeting?" There was a flurry of faces.

For a moment, the returning Percephon remains in place in order to anticipate a gentle collision from his spouse, timed just so. Percephon leans in, all pale and auburn fluff and shadowed eyes behind those the rounded lenses of his eyeglasses. A flicker of a smile, an apologetic wince. A few quiet words into Khanne's ear, fingers resting on the point of her elbow before she is drawn away again.

"Indeed they have." Niccolo agrees, and he would know better than most. The gold gaze is a familiar one, one of a brother-in-law and adversary, and now of a nephew. "And I am sure we will. I understand another evening among friends is being scheduled soon." He arches a brow in question, but then allows a pause in the conversation - the former archduke is much too formal to monopolize the hosts. Instead, he turns toward the nearby Thrax siblings and Lianne. "Is the Marquessa offering lessons? Should I enroll?"

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Pasquale has made some attempt to mingle. With limited success. He's managed to avoid haze smoke and keep himself well-supplied in wine, at least. And engaged in some people-watching, which he's found entertaining in parts. He's a touch jarred out of his drink, when he's called to. Though he does eventually answer Valerius. He has /some/ manners, when he's not dedicated to skulking. "Hmm, your highness?" He looks to Galen, in not-terribly-serious study. "As trustworthy as anyone else here. Though I'm no member of the Inquisition, so I'm sure you're a better judge than I." Galen himself receives a slight bow. "Lord Pasquale Malespero, at your service."

With Sabella and Oswyn safely deposited with Alaric, Cassima bobs herself respectfully in the direction of the Graysons once more before she turns and finishes her wine, plucking up a new one just as she sets teh empty one down. It allows her to fade back into the swirl of people, once more flowering upon the wall as she was born to do.

Khanne smiles at Signe when she approaches. The red head is not known for a voracious appetite, but she does help herself to one of the offered treats. "Thank you, Signe. It is good to see you here. A joyous occasion. You are well?" She reaches her hand out towards Percephon as he leans in to murmur into her ear. There is a rather soft expression on her face when he speaks to her, and she gives him a nod. She leans in, pressing her cheek to his in lieu of a more blatant show of affection in public. "I will see you at home."

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"Of course," Lianne answers Galen, her chin lifted ever so slightly, brow knitting the faintest bit to offer an edge of sobriety to her agreement. "As a younger sister, I know all about depravity." Her lips press as her forehead furrows, and she corrects a moment later, "Deprivation," though there's a little wobble of her free hand which suggests, well, maybe she learned a good bit about former, too, from her older sibling. Giving a squeeze to arm she holds, she looks up at Valerius with a bright smile and tells him, "I still expect a dance," even if she makes no move to drag him in an appropriate direction. Her attention turns to Niccolo as he approaches, smile as radiant as ever. "Uncle Niccolo! Tonight, I am offering lessons in how to swoon ever so delicately when a dashing gentleman winks just so and sets your knees unsteady. Have you been winked at perhaps inappropriately this evening?"

"I must be." She answers while taking another treat for herself, losing count on how many she's actually consumed. There's a smile for Percephon as he makes his gestures of parting. The shaman leaned closer, speaking quietly with Khanne.

"I will hopefully be able to stay for longer than I was last time. I hear it was next to robbery." Mydas remarks to Niccolo. And then Mydas attention drifts to the surrounding conversation, growing quiet as he listens, but comments little.

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Galen dips his head deeply to Pasquale, "A pleasure," then to Jaenelle, "The most dangerous Jaenelle to ever be known!" he exclaimed while lifting his bottle that he brought with him, because...Yeah, into the air! Then his attention moves back to Valerius, "Dear baby brother, one day you will learn that the Warstache is perhaps the most trustworthy person you may know. Dearest Marquessa," Galen then starts, "You see once upon a time Valerius and I were out on the town together," he paused then to quickly scan the room, his lips tugging into a thin grin, rather than continue he decided to lean in toward the Marquessa and cup a hand over his mouth to whisper to her.

Leona steps into the ballroom and pauses, looking around. Her lips curve into a smile. "Hail, hail, the gang's all here," she says to no one in particular, but it's Alaric she bows to before making her way over to Jaenelle, giving her a kiss on her cheek in greeting. "I'm sorry I was late. Exigencies of the position," which is almost no explanation at all considering the King is standing -right there-, but then she nods to Mydas. "Prince Ettore," she says in placid tones.

Jaenelle is overheard praising Leona for: Ten years of daily training.

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"I'm really not that good at it either, yet," Valerius offers back to Pasquale with a grin for the other man, "But thank you for your opinion." The mention of depravity from Lianne has him laughing, a pleased thing, that fades almost instantly when Galen leans in to whisper to her. He blinks for a moment, unsure of exactly what's happening, but--ever the baby brother--his eyes suddenly go wide and he points his free hand out to his sibling, "Hey! That's--that's not okay. You can't just whisper--I don't know what you're saying! Galen, I can pick you up now, you know. Am I going to have to throw you in front of all of these people?" Whether or not his protests are successful, it's the Prince's turn his wrinkle his nose in obvious distaste. But, gone as fast as it came, Leona's arrival draws his attention to her and he immediately brightens, "Leona! I--was so distracted before we came that I completely forgot to try and find you."

"I was late too" Jaenelle informs her twin sister, kissing her in return. "Being the Lord Sistermander is equally a difficult position, so rest assured there is no problems. And yes," she points out their brothers, expression softening, "I cant remember the last time we were all in the same room together. It is nice, isn't it?" Her eyes shift between Leona and Mydas after.

Mydas' gaze turns to Leona as she makes her entrance, his smile polite as he nods to his wife's sister. "Dame Leona. A pleasure to have you with us." he offers. "Do feel free to partake, surely you're not on duty now." He otherwise leaves the siblings to speak as they wish, content with merely listening and watching over the rest of the room, ensure nothing is amiss and none are lacking.

The High Inquisitor was so close to the cake, and then Leona enters with her extravagent greeting. Alistair turns sharply, trying to look proper once more and not like he was about to make off with the entire wedding cake. The man gives a nod of greeting to Leona as he picks at some kind of... bowl of fruit.

Leona looks over suddenly. "Valerius, Galen, if I have to separate the two of you I will." There is little doubt who the most obnoxious Thrax sibling is. She nods at Mydas. "No, I am not on duty just now. I try very hard not to mix business and pleasure. It always ends up such a tangle." A flicker of a smile across her lips now, but she's still watching the boys. Alistair's greeting nod gets a smile of warmth in return as well, and a wink from the Dame who seems to be in good spirits.

"None yet, but the night is still young." Niccolo's smile for Lianne is fond, but he falls quiet as the whispering begins, a faint smirk appearing on his lips, particularly as Valerius takes the bait. Shaking his head with light amusement, he turns away from the nearest crowd and walks back across the ballroom, his only immediate goal being a tray of whiskey.

Galen cuts a quick glance to Leona, "I usually find mixing business and pleasure leads to an interesting triangle, and sometimes that gets very awkward at social gathers. Also, separating us would only make it worse."

Even as Leona glances over towards their siblings, Jaenelle's head shifts instantly as well. "They have been going on for quite some time, attempting to one up the other. I would like to say that Galen did not wink at Ettore the way he winked at Lianne, and I think my husband is offended by his lack of attempting swoonage. I am offended that Lianne is prettier than Ettore is to warrent the winking. And whispering now." She leans against her husband, head lifting upward to wink at him, she is making up for her family.

Pasquale's attention turns with interest at Leona's grand entrance, and a bow is offered in her direction. And a chuckle to Valerius, as he straightens. "Yet, your highness. They give instruction on mind-reading and secret-extraction, if the reputation of the organization is to be believed."

Leona sniffs. "Not if you're both unconscious it won't. But I'm trying to be on my good behavior for Jaenelle's sake tonight. See that you both do likewise." Another sniff, and then she nods to Lianne in greeting, letting her expression soften into a slight smile. "Marquessa Lianne. Good to see you here. At some point I'd like to talk to you, but it doesn't have to be tonight. And Jaenelle," she adds absently, "it's not her fault she's prettier than Ettore. You can't hold that sort of thing against anyone."

"Mm. In the interest then of remaining free of tanglement, I would suggest not partaking in the bottles labeled as Foolsbane. Especially if someone gets the idea of a drinking contest." Mydas remarks to Leona, while glancing at Galen. The most likely culprit, surely. "Mm, I fear they're right, Lianne is prettier. But for your kind words, my dear, might I repay you with a dance?" And he offers his already taken arm to Jaenelle. Somehow that works.

Lianne eyes Valerius as Galen speaks, as if seeing the more familiar prince in a new light for whatever his older brother is whispering her way. It might even look judgmental if not for the amused curl of her smile that she seems utterly incapable of suppressing. Whatever was said? Her smile turns sly for the barest instance when the Warlord withdraws, as she tells him, "Sounds as if it merits experimentation." She turns a teasing look toward Valerius, a bit of warmth bubbling up before she's able to catch it and tuck it back behind her easy smile. Her attention turns to Leona as she approaches, a brief, airy laugh offered for the threat of separating the brothers. Briefly, her gaze flicks back toward the newlyweds, brows arched, before settling again on Leona. "In my defense, Prince Ettore has chosen to wear a breastplate. Were he raised Lycene, he might have shed his shame and gone for something a touch more eyecatching." But, well. Just look at him! Pitiful. A bit more sincerely, she dips her head and murmurs, "It is good to see you as well, and my time is yours whenever you'd like it."

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Sabella pauses in talking with Mailys and Oswyn on the couch as Elizabetta leans in to hand her a message, "Ah, it seems I cannot hide, even within a grand ballroom at the Velenosan Estate. Scholar Oswyn, if you would." She stands up and smiles to Mailys, "It was a pleasure to meet you and if you don't see me at your shop soon, please send a messenger and I will be there straight away! Enjoy the rest of your evening!"

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Whatever else is being said, the moment Galen pulls away from Lianne's ear, Valerius' attention is completely stolen by her. There he waits, expectantly, looking for any sign of any reaction she might have. And when she speaks? His eyes widen and his gaze darts back to his brother, narrow and accusatory. He stares for a long moment, until something clicks, and slowly his attention pans first to Jaenelle, then Leona. It remains there, calculating--she's close, but maybe? The look he gives is completely full of mischief, a brotherly thing he's worn a thousand times, but with a sudden bolt from his position next to the Marquessa, he rushes forward and attempts to get Galen into a headlock, "You know I hate whispering! You did that on purpose!"

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"You may" Jaenelle tells Mydas as offers a slight squeeze to the arm she is already holding. She completely ignores her brothers as they begin to fight, it isnt a party in the Velenosa estate without some blood being spilled on the marble floors. She lets her hand slide from Mydas' arm to seek out his hand, twirling herself beneath his arm in s flouncing of skirts. She will get her dance it seems, as she tugs Mydas away from the fighting and the sister and the people towards the dance floor where the musicians have been playing all night.

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Leona steps in between Mydas and Galen. She's just /there/ suddenly, her boot stepping on Valerius' foot and her hand going straight to his throat. "I. Said. No." She tilts her head, looking around Valerius to meet Lianne's eyes. "Sometime this week, perhaps." All conversational.

"Foolsbane? I must have some," Galen announced turning his gaze upon the very pretty Prince Ettore, "After a drink or two you may be prettier than anyone here!" then Valerius was rushing toward him and he was preparing to do some fancy moves to get away but, there was Leona! Galen just smirked and rolled around the pair to literally scoop Lianne up off of her feet and into his arms, "These gatherings can get a bit out of hand," he winked before twirling the pair around.

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"I suspect that by the second drink, you will deeply regret whatever notion made you think partaking in that drink was a good idea." the prince remarks to his brother-in-law. Mydas' focus, afterwards, turns entirely upon Jaenelle, and he takes her to the middle of the ballroom. "Have I said yet how beautiful you are tonight?" he asks his wife as they begin to dance. Armour is a questionable choice for such activity, especially plate such as his. Yet a princess must have her dance, and he can only comply.

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Valerius has all of the confidence in the world. When he starts moving for Galen, he moves with /intent/, ready to wrap his arms over his shoulder and pull his head down against his side. That bright grin he wore earlier has been replaced with a smirk, all cocksure of someone who's certain they'll succeed. But he doesn't. The moment Leona steps forward, the Prince's body just freezes. Intention or not, every part of him stops moving exactly where it is. His eyes go wide, locked on the Lord Commander's with unmistakable fear. He stammers for a moment, mouth barely moving as he attempts to get /something/ out, but it fails. So with a deep, steadying breath, he just lets his arms fall to his side, his hands adjust lightly at the hem of his shirt, and he clears his throat. "Sorry," he manages, the words coming free, if only barely.

Lianne may have considered conspiring with the prince who had been at her side, but she's been abandoned in pursuit of retaliation, her green-eyed attention trailing briefly after Valerius before settling on Leona again. "Sometime this week," she confirms, only the delicate arch of her dark brows beginning to hint at her curiosity. Her attention is stolen by Jaenelle and Mydas as they move off to dance, her smile taking on that warm cast once more as if this is, as already admitted, precisely what she'd been waiting for. It's more than enough distraction to leave her vulnerable to Galen's maneuvering. The only indications of surprise are the sharp inhale and brief widening of her eyes before bright, breathy laughter spills forth, an arm draped uncertainly about the warlord's shoulders. "You know. My feet are usually on the ground when I'm dancing." Quietly. Almost conspiratorial. She refrains from winking.

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Mailys rises up from the couch after receiving her message and begins making her way through the ballroom towards the door.

"You have not" Jaenelle tells her husband. Thankfully small princess etiquette lessons have taught her how to dance with a man in armor. "I think you might have been a little cross with me for being late and it slipped your mind, but I am all ears now if you wish to tell me I am." She is so generous. Though her smile does soften as she look at his face. "I am sorry for being late and making you stand there alone as the guests started coming. I did not mean to leave your side, forgive me?" She does not shift her attention as Leona seems to be handling their brothers.

Galen pays no attention to the other happenings around him once Jaenelle has neutralized the threat, though he does briefly twirl he and Lianne toward Mydas and Jaenelle, "Sometimes you learn the most from bad decisions, they teach a quicker lesson," then the pair is spinning back toward Leona and Valerius, "Brother, I think I have done you a great service here tonight," he said confidently, his smile widening before he once more leaned down to whisper to the woman in his arms, once he was done he would gently set her back down on the ground.

Leona smiles. "Now go rescue your lady, and stop trying to ruin Jaenelle's party. Let her be the star, and not her two squabbling brothers, yes?" She drops her hand and leans in, giving Valerius a kiss on his cheek, and whispering something quietly to him.

"Mm. You /were/ quite late. Were I any other man, I might have started to wonder." Mydas remarks to Jaenelle, gold eyes amused. "But now that we have a time to talk, I wished to thank you for the privilege of this moment. It is not often a man has the chance to dance with heaven's light." He tells her, the emotion in his eyes turning into something else. "You're forgiven, my love. As ever and always." he smiles, bringing her closer.

Those first words from Galen have Lianne looking at him a little differently, her smile a little softer, not quite so brilliant. It almost looks a bit more sincere. Brief as that flicker of sincere curiosity lasts. Then her smile's all bright again as they swing past one pair and then the next, though her brows are arched in a rather helpless sort of manner. She's not /quite/ pleading for rescue, but neither is she far from it. When her abductor whispers to her, she tilts in to listen, and she keeps just that close--perhaps a touch inappropriately--once she's on her feet again, a hand yet settled on his shoulder as she whispers something back in return, her curious expression resumed as she watches for response.

It takes a moment for Valerius' composure to come back, but once it does he's nodding his head aggressively in response. His sister's words have him flashing a look over to Galen and Lianne where it lingers for a few moments, but once he's turned back that horrified expression from before turns into a grin. Though only for a moment, as worry completely overtakes it. Reaching out, he moves to press a hand against Leona's shoulder, a tight squeeze given there before he says a few words quietly and turns about, ready to approach his brother and the Marquessa with a hand outstretched to the latter, "I'm afraid I've made you wait far too long. I believe I owe you a dance as well?" The whispering, this time, doesn't seem to set him on edge, a lesson learned--at least for now.

"If you were any other man, we would not be here" Jaenelle tells him, unable to help her giggle, "plus we are already married so even if I never arrived at all, chances are you would find me in our room after with a rather logical and thoughtout explination as to why I could not make it." It is his smile that others rarely see, that softness of emotion in his eyes, that causes her own expression to move from amusement to something unguarded, "you are most welcome, and thank you Husband for your patience this evening in the greeting and welcoming each person. You did this for me."

Galen grins before stepping back from Lianne as Valerius nears, "Now, see, I knew I would get you that dance you wanted," he then slid over to stand beside Leona, "It would have been fine," he chuckled, "But well done," then his stormy gaze is narrowing, "Where did Cassima put that other bottle...."

Lianne laughs, bright and easy, in response to Galen's soft-spoken answer, her eyes glinting with delight. "More for that sometime conversation of ours, mm?" She considers him for a moment longer before setting the full weight of her attention upon Valerius. Her bearing shifts, posture drawing up, a bit of pride in how she holds herself as she sets her hand upon his. "Afraid again, are you?" No mistaking the affection in those words. She steps in, free hand finding Valerius' shoulder. "Let's see what we can do to lay that fear to rest."

"It was no trouble, really. The number of people I might have felt tempted to have thrown out were surprisingly low." Mydas answers Jaenelle, a jest, of course. "You don't have to thank me for doing things meant to make you happy. Is that not what husbands are meant to do? Surely you shouldn't give thanks for merely doing my duty, lest I grow lazy." he adds as they dance, his eyes never straying from Jaenelle, his world her.

"Seems so," Valerius starts back to Lianne with a grin, his hand moving to take hers readily as he gets in position to dance. Or, at least, what he's /sure/ dancing looks like. For someone as competent socially as he might be, he certainly doesn't have the grace of a dancer--or the practice. "Might make you laugh, at least," he assures her before his gaze drops away, attention moving to his body as he bends his knees and spreads his legs, ready to move. It's--closer to a battle stance than it is anything resembling dancing, but he's at least certain to get his hands right. One goes to the Marquessa's, while the other moves to settle at her side, his body lightly swaying to the sound of the musicians as they play. There, he's ready. As ready as he'll ever be.

"Of course it was fine, I made sure of that," Leona says calmly to Galen. "The two of you can let Jaenelle be the star for one damn moment. I mean, look at her dress. She shines. I'm ridiculously proud of her," she decides. "As these things go. But don't tell her I said so, I'll never hear the end of it."

Jaenelle hms softly at Mydas' words, "but would it also not be true that if I did not thank you for the things you do, you'll grow to resent this and stop doing them? As long as each thanks said is done sincerely I see no problems with sharing this with you, duty or not." If every conversation the two of them have are like this, their relationship must be thrilling. Now that there is no screaming happening around them, Jae chances a look towards the side. Leona is given a silently mouthed 'thank you' for stopping a Thraxian civil war, eyes taking in Valerius and Lianne as they move together to the dance floor. She looks pleased at the whole thing, always the hostess, even if she doesnt hear Leona's words spoken to Galen. "Ettore" she says, finding her way always back to him, "you do dance."

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Galen grins, both of his palms being held to face forward, "I'll keep your secret from our sister, sister, I am proud of her too. And I like our new brother, I hope I don't have to kill him," he teased Leona, before leaning over to whisper something to her that painted a brief look of seriousess on his features.

"Balance between two extremes, my Jaenelle? How very Mirrormask of you. I'm proud." Mydas murmurs to Jaenelle, smiling. "I cannot disagree with such a statement, and must thus concede." Yes. Every discussion is like this. Every single one. As Jaenelle's attention drifts, his likewise takes in the state of their surroundings, noticing a notable lack of comatose Galen, or fights in general. The man hides his disappointment well, for none show neither on his face nor in his eyes. Perhaps he isn't? And when Jaenelle speaks, he chuckles. "Why, it seems the Dream will have the impossible happen for you, my dear."

Leona winks at Jaenelle, catching the look. Twins know. They just do. And then she's chuckling at Galen's comment. "I can't imagine you will," she says. "You are both meant for other futures, I think." And then she's murmuring something soft in response to his quiet comment too.

Lianne gives Valerius all the time and space he needs to figure out how this dancing works, perfectly patient, not at all bothered by the roughness of his posture, the stiffness in his movements. When he finds his step, she follows with grace, the flow of that black lace draped so airily about her making even what might be clumsy steps below it seem elegant by obfuscation. There is a deftness, however, to the way she steps in closer little by little as she and Valerius make their way about the dancefloor. Now, at last, she takes her turn to whisper to him, to the man who's had to watch her share whispers with others.

Sorrel slips in late, after the party is nearly over, it seems. She makes her way over to her husband and her two sisters-in-law, a small smile on her face. "Congratulations again!" she says brightly. "Galen and I threatened a party, but never followed through. First anniversary, maybe!"

Galen turns at the sound of his wife's voice, his blue eyes brighten at her very sight and he steps toward her to greet her with a kiss which finds him moving to drape an arm around her, "Hey here Waddles," he teases lovingly, "Leona and I were just discussing how much prettier I am than Valerius."

"I dont expect the impossible all the time, just some of the time" Jaenelle tells Mydas with a grin as their dance ends and she rises on her toes to kiss him. It might be longer than what is polite, though it does end when she slowly lowers back to solid ground. "You have work" there is no question to her statement, she knows her husband well. "You have fulfilled your duties for this evening, and I will graciously allow your leave to go attend to other matters. I will see to the guests."

There are very few moments earlier on that have Valerius actually looking at Lianne. He looks like he /wants/ to, certainly, but every time they shift with the music his gaze drops from hers down to his feet as he seems incapable of moving them without direct eyesight. Even so, he slowly begins to settle into it, a quiet confidence there in the fact that at least one of them knows what they're doing. When she leans in to whisper to him, he immediately looses a loud, unseemly laugh, one that has him looking over in Galen's direction just in time for him to catch himself and reel it back. "I understand entirely," he manages, that grin widening for a moment--right up until he realizes he's been dancing comfortably for the last few seconds and looks down again.

Leona looks at Galen. "Galen, I swear if you call her that one more time I'm going to challenge you. Sorrel, if you need to stab him," now her voice raises, "I HAVE A REPLACEMENT BROTHER RIGHT OVER THERE SO IT'S FINE."

"You think it is funny that my pelvis has shifted to allow the head of your baby to pass out of my body safely? I will stab you," Sorrel informs Galen as seriously as possible.

"Thank you, beloved." Mydas smiles, and kisses Jaenelle for as long as she is able to remain on her toes. Determined, the both of them. "I shall hopefully not be too long." And with that, a last affectionate and galant kiss is given upon her hand before he steps away. "Thank you all for coming. It has been a pleasure." And the man leaves, off to duty!

Galen laughs, though he does catch sight of Valerius, a knowing look in his eyes, "It all worked out perfectly did it not brother? You're dancing!" he called out to the baby of the family, "Stab me?" Galen asked feigning a look of sorrow and moving a dramatic hand to his chest, "I can assure you I am not in need of stabbing, it was an endearing name in all honesty," he grins at Leona first, then kisses Sorrel again, "I am headed out soon, shall I have a carriage take us back?"

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Watching him leave, Jaenelle moves from the dance floor towards where Leona, Galen, and Sorrel have gathered. "Are we stabbing Galen again?" Jae asks sweetly, nudging her brother with her hip. "Though I am tired, so if you could all leave, that would be great. Before the stabbing happens. They can stay" she motions towards the dancing pair.

Lianne laughs, too. Not for whatever she'd said, but for the response it earns, delighting in the sound of Valerius' laughter. For just a moment, she looks utterly adoring. And then she catches herself, lets her gaze dip, and takes a second to recompose herself. Her attention slips toward the side at the talk of replacement brothers and stabbing. "I can't help but wonder," she asks of her dance partner. "Do you feel safer here in my arms--" And dancing. "--than you might over there?" Where fratricide is being so openly discussed.

"No stabbing needs to occur so long as you don't call me stupid names. My name or just 'love' is appropriate and acceptable," Sorrel replies to Galen firmly, nodding once. "I see you did not wear your pig armor. I assured your sister that was not a risk, and it is good to see I was correct."

Leona shrugs. "If she stabs you, I'm not going to see anything. And you'll deserve it. No justice would convict her, no champion would take your side." She shifts. "But I'm glad you came, Sorrel." Looking to Jaenelle she raises her eyebrow. "Throwing us out so early, are you?"

"I did ask him if he was giving the pig armor to Ettore as a wedding present, but he did not answer me" Jaenelle tells Sorrel with amusement sparkling in her eyes. Then she shakes her head at Leona, "oh no, ive never. But I do think that this has become more of a family gathering than a wedding reception." She looks towards the servants alone the walls, indicating that can begin to clean up, "but leave the food, I havent eaten all day."

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