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Maelstrom Silent Auction

An evening of fun and delight in the Crossroads Casino, with a silent auction and raffles. Hosted by Prince Victus, Princess Alarissa and Princess Denica, all proceeds and donations benefit children. All auction items are available in the maw for viewing or in the Thrax Library.

Rules and items:

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Highest Bidder Results:

There will be drinks, good company by all and the chance to even win your own boat.


May 16, 2018, 8 p.m.

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Roxana Tesha Petal Belladonna Niklas Aiden Lys Adora Duarte Denica Sparte Caspian Amari



Arx - Upper Boroughs - Crossroads Casino - Main Room

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A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Aiden before departing.

2 Novice Keaton Huntsmen, Marigold, a cheeky pygmy goat arrive, following Amari.

Aida, 5 Pravus Honor Guard arrive, following Belladonna.

The Casino has need of very little decoration, save that where there is colour that can be altered, it's red. That carmine shade that tends to be related to Thrax. But here, dice are thwapping across the felt, coin is changing hands between patron and dealers, and a night of charity is in full swing at the Crossroads Casino. In one corner, protected by guards hired for the purpose are all the items for auction and servers on hand to take and record bids as they're murmured to them. Even a chaise lounge is there, inviting to sit upon, roomy and a small card stating that it was made by the Baroness Skye Blackshore. The diamondplate claws that slide over fingers as if a ring, a mannequin showing off the Aeterna dress, everything is on display. Outside, that fine stallion has been cordoned off for others to look at and fllowing Alarissa? That little pygmy goat, a leash keeping it close but not so close that others can't look at her with those eggplant eyes. The hostess is mingling, keeping an eye on things and greeting individuals.

ooc: If you want in on the boat raffle, send me a page and your 10 resources per ticket.

Auction: Bid here!:

Highest Bidder Results:

Caspian sits upon the couch, relaxing upon the eating with his entourage, waving over a server to order himself some wine. Spying Lys, he gives her a wave, calling over to her, "See something you like, Lady Lys? I hope you win something. I know I have my eye on on a particular item, bet you can guess what it is."

Aiden arrives at the casino with a messenger huffing and puffing to catch up to him and pass him a missive. When he receives it, thanks to the swift legs of the runner, his eyes flash toward the tables and the action area, regretfully. His gaze turns down toward the parchment ande with a shake of his head he turns right back around, sorry to miss out on the fun.

Adora comes strolling in with a disparaging glance for anyone that happens to look her way. She heads directly for the bar, pausing only to look at a couple of the more flashy things on display.

Lys has joined the some plush comfortable couches.

Lys eyes a particular thing once more, before making her way over to Caspian after catching his wave. She settles down onto the couch to speak to him quietly.

Tesha had arrived a few minutes early to take a look over the Ostrian gelding and then head inside. The Telmar woman is dressed in the crimson of her household. There's a smile to those that are in her path as she takes a moment to look over some of the other things that are on display. A very adoring look is given to the dress on the mannequin as well.

"Would that be the claw, Master Wild?" Alarissa's nearby. Hears the calls out. "Mistress Mirari Corsetina is it's crafter. Exquisate. Yes?" Lys is an unfamiliar face and alarissa dips her head to the woman in greeting.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Alarissa before departing.

Belladonna sweeps into the room in her usual dramatic fashion, the new widower looking the part in umbra and stygian. Still of a very Lycene design, however. She inclines her head towards Caspian and Lys before making her way to Alarissa. Drawing on years of ingrained etiquette, she offers a warm smile towards the High Princess and dips into a curtsy with a murmured, "Your Highness. A pleasure to see you again." Rising up, she murmurs something to her before moving along to go look over the items on which she's been bidding.

Soot, a gray foxhound puppy, 1 Iron Guardsmen, Violet, a shopkeeper, 1 Crimson Blades Lieutenant arrive, following Petal.

"Of course," Caspian says back to Alarissa with a little laugh her way. "Not my prefered style of weapon, doesn't cut as deep and hard to block with, but it's so well made I can't pass up on it, you know?" He asks with a grin her way. "Seems similar though to a pair she already owns. Similar design. Means I'll have to fight her some time, claw against claw, if I win."

Amari arrives in a shimmering white gown, and anyone that happens to look her way is offered a polite smile. It'll warm considerably for familiar people, but the default one isn't at all rude. She lingers just out of the way once she's entered, to look around and get her bearings. The display of auction items is surveyed from afar once she's spotted it, gaze lingering on the aeterna dress for a time before she finally moves. The bar is her apparent destination, even if she's in no great hurry to get there.

Adora has joined the a polished wooden bar carved with flora and vines.

Lys flashes a bright smile Alarissa's way and says, "You must be Princess-Consort Alarissa Thrax?" She shifts up from her seat so she can give a little curtesy, "Lies de Leer. Voice of Afflua, pleasure to meet you."

Caspian offers a wave over to Belladonna as well, because he's not rude! "Greetings Duchess!"

Adora sits down at the bar, eyeing the carvings on it. "Hey," she says to the bartender, glancing to the left then the right. "You wanna buy a bookcase?"

"But are they sharper than the Claw of Arx's own natural set?" Alarissa counters in question to Caspian, looking to Belladonna when she steps by to murmur. "Ahh, thank you Duchess Pravus. Thrax's condolences with you at this time and we shall keep you and yours in our thoughts." She offers, watching the blonde ease away before looking to Lys. "I am. And you are someone I have been hoping to speak to. To hire you as champion in a challenge against my husband. The what is pure silliness, but it would take the right Champion. Prince Luca can't be it, he's too invested. But welcome to the city Lady de Leer."

Some people got here early, but failed to remember that the main room is where all of the action is tonight. Sparte is guilty of that tonight, ducking his head in from one of the other areas in the casino with a grin. Better to pretend he was here all along than draw attention to it.

Belladonna glances aside towards Caspian, flickering a faint smile and inclining her head towards him. "Grandmaster Wild, a pleasure to see you once more. I see you're after the claws, and excellent choice, Mistress Mirari is unparalleled in her weapons."

Anyone who happens to look up may see a head peaking down at the happenings below. Why, it's Duarte! And he looks pleasant and chipper as usual from his perch up in the rafters.

Lys settles back into her seat, smiling toward Alarissa as she says, "Silly? Will it involve punching someone? Because I _very much_ enjoy punching." She picks up a glass of wine from a passing server to sip it. Her gaze shift toward Belladonna, teeth briefly worrying over her lower lip. There's an awkward expression there. "de Lire likewise offers its serenest condolences, my lady." Motion catches her attention from her peripheral and she looks up. Her eyebrows drawing together, "Is that a man up in the rafters?"

Amari has joined the a polished wooden bar carved with flora and vines.

Smiling briefly at the offer of condolences from both Alarissa and Lys, Belladonna gives a small nod and murmurs a quiet, "Thank you," before looking back to the auction items. Studying them almost.

"No, but I'm probably better with them then her," Caspian says back to Alarissa with a wink given her way. "Noticed Orathy isn't here. Which is bad for charity, because the guy loves to bid up the items just for the sake of it."

"Cat herding. Hence, it cannot involve Prince Luca, given that he's the owner of the cats that will be herded. If perhaps, a punch or two is thrown, who's to object." Alarissa opines, a glance to Caspian. "The ArchDuchess was over earlier, looking at the claws. I aimagine that it will be an interesting bidding toward the end." But there's someone in the rafters and Alarissa looks up, way way up. "count Amaedo. How is the view?"

Lys checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 3 lower.

"Cat her- Bwahahahaha!" Lys starts laughing at the idea. It's a full bodied loud laughing. She turns her face and presses it against Caspian's shoulder, so it's muffled. Her wine is set down so she doesn't spill it and her hand waves.

A man in the rafters? Did Amari hear that correctly? She looks up because she can't help herself, one brow lifted a titch as though she's very skeptical. Or she is until she sees it's true, and recognizing Duarte, apparently, she offers a tiny, sedate sort of wave from where she is way below. She doesn't shout up, but continues drifting to the bar. When she settles there, she turns to look at Adora who's spoken to her, then back over her shoulder as though she suspects she was addressing someone else. There's nobody else that way, so she shrugs, "I suppose so!"

"Shit, I should leave the Lowers more often," Adora slumps up against the bar to point out what she wants to the bartender, who did not seem interested in a bookcase. She glances up disinterestedly about a man up top. "Likely looking down all the dresses," she tells Amari, giving her dress a pointed look.

"Crap, Archduchess Eleyna? That's gonna be someone who'd be hard to outbid," Caspian sas back to Alarissa with a wince, though it quickly is gone when Lys buries her face into his shoulder. He lifts his brows, "Is cat herding that funny? is kinda funny that Luci has so many cats now. At first I thought they were Mirari's, but that's because I saw the two together."

Tesha takes a few moments to look over the game tables and at all the activities going on. She looks up when someone calls out to the man in the rafters and there's a look up and a smile. Though she goes back over to towards the bar to give a smile to Amari, "Lady Keaton." she greets her.

"The view is fine." Duarte calls down to Alarissa, forming the 'okay' hand sign with thumb and forefinger.

Orland wanders along and stands beneath the Count, looking up, he calls with an irritated expression, "Oy! Get down 'ere!"

Isabelle, who isn't happy to be doing this arrives, following Niklas.

"Cat herding. Though his Grace has yet to pick his champion." So it's with a smile Alarissa looks back to Lys. "If ou wish to be my Champion, I would be delighted. Otherwise I shall have to turn to Dorian." Duartes reply gets a wave, not urging the man down. " I should greet others. It was a pleasure to meet you and Master Wild, good luck on the claws."

Amari glances down at her cleavage and up into the rafters as if trying to determine how exposed she may be from that perspective. She turns in her seat to alter the angle somewhat, while laughing softly at Adora's comment instead of completely freaking out. "Possibly. Though Count Duarte-" She begins, only to stop when Tesha greets her. She dips her head politely and gestures to a free spot next to her, "Lady Telmar. Would you care to join us? I was buying the first round, apparently."

Lys finally stops laughing enough to lift her head and say, "I love it! Cat herding!" A hand lifts to wipe across her face, wiping away tears of joy. "Gods above that is glorious!" A little shake of her head is given and she tilts her head in the direction of Caspian, murmuring something quietly to him.

"First, all, we'll see where the night goes, yeah?" Adora says to Amari, giving Tesha an awkward nod. "Am I supposed to curtsy or some shit? There'll be some burly guard that yells about that if I do it wrong, right?" She glances around as if to see said guard somewhere. There are a lot of guards in here.

Niklas comes stomping into the Crossroads looking like absolute death, a wad of writs clutched in each hand. His sour-faced assistant follows close behind, doing her best to convince him that he should go home and sleep, but Niklas looks around for Alarissa, announces, "I need a boat!" And walks over, handing the princess a princely sum. "Gotta have a boat." He's sweating a lot and his hands are shaking, but he seems pretty sure about one thing! Boat me!

Petal arrives in the casino while adorned in leathers and looking exhausted. She goes to find a place to sit.

Tesha gives a smile to Amari, "I'd like that, sure." she tells her as she takes a seat. "And I'll buy the second round then." she tells them. Though there's a look to Adora and a shake of her head, "No need to curtsy or anything, no. Nor do I think the guards will kick you out over anything like that." she tells her with a smile. "So how are we doing so far this evening?" she asks them.

Duarte clambers down from the afters to the main floor below at Orland's assistance. The two exchange some murmurs and then go their separate ways.

Duarte has left the a small bower tucked into the rafters.

There's writs waggled in her face and a Kennex, very exuberant, saying boat. thanfully, Ovelia steps forward to take the writs and handle that little situation. "Lord Kennex. You and a good handful of others. Ovelia will count them and place your name in the bowl. With luck you'll have a boat and if not, then you will have helped children. How are you? Have you met the lovely Mistress Petal Penrose?" Petals's not escaping. "A divine seamstress. How about we make our way to the bar so that we can get you both a drink?"

"Me?" Petal says sounding a bit surprised. Still she has a smile for the High Princess. "I will put in for the boat. I mean one does know." She says, handing her off some writs. She then smiles to Niklas as well.

"Well, my burly guards tend to be more concerned about my personal safety than etiquette. I think you're safe." Amari amiably informs Adora, smiling all the while. Her smile only grows when Tesha joins them, and offers to get the second round. She orders a glass of rum and indicates with little gesture that she's covering the other two as well. "I'm doing well. I'm curious to see who will end up with the goat tonight." The goat being the cute pygmy one following Alarissa on a leash. "HOw are you both?" And to Adora, she extends a gloved hand, "I'm Lady Amari Keaton, by the way."

Belladonna looks around when Niklas makes his loud entrance and claims to need a boat. Lifting a brow at the man's appearance and demeanor, she offers, "Lord Kennex.. are you alright? You... look rather ill. Perhaps you should sit."

Duarte steps alongside Belladonna and smiles. He clasps his hands behind his back. "These are some lovely items. On which are you bidding?"

Niklas stares at Alarissa. "Not since you believed I didn't know how swords worked have you been so cruel, Princess!" Wiping the sweat off of his face Niklas turns and walks off, muttering about boats. Isabelle, his dour assistant, explains to Belladonna, "He face up drinking, but I think it turns out he needs alcohol to live and now he's dying. I might move back to Stormward. I'm not getting paid enough for any of this."

he gave up drinking, stupid phone

Lys takes a moment from her quiet conversation to lift her glass in Niklas' direction. "Lord Niklas!" A little wave of her fingers is given toward him with her other hand.

Adora looks at Amari's hand like she's not really sure what to do. Do silks shake? Is she expecting her to kiss it? In the end she takes it in one hand and gives it the quickest of shakes. Once up and then lets go halfway down. "Adora." Is her only introduction. "And I'll have what she's having," she tells the bartender, gesturing to Amari's rum. "Nice to meet you, my lady. Ladies. Gonna need that rum right now!" She raps her knuckles on the bar.

Sparte has taken to eying Duarte and the rafters. Up and down his eyes go, as if debating making his own way up there. That can't possibly go poorly.

"Poor man. Just keep feeding him tea." Alarissa advises the assistant before slipping her free arm into Petal's. "Come, lets meet some new people, before I have to unveil what this is all for." And to the bar go Alarissa and Petal, slipping in easily adjacent to Amari and Adora. "Lady Keaton! How are you? Introductions?"

Belladonna gives a small nod towards Niklas' assistant at the explanation, offering, "Have you sought the Mercies for a remedy to help flush his system? Or an apothecary? They may be able to help mitigate some of the, um, side efects of sudden sobriety." Glancing over to Duarte, she smiles gently and gives a nod, "A few of them, actually. Yourself?"

Stojan, the assistant, 3 Thrax Guards arrive, following Denica.

Petal allows Alarissa to take her arm and without really meaning to leans heavily agains the high lady. She seems deeply exhausted. "Alright, thank you Princess Alarissa." She say speaking in her heavy Northern Shav accent.

"I was wondering that myself. The goats are adorable." Tesha gives a grin to Amari as she looks off after the goat that's following Alarissa. "I wanted to talk to the Countess about a puppy, but that might need to wait till Spring." she admits. Then there's a smile to Adora, "It's nice to meet you, I'm Lady Tesha Telmar." she gives her a dip of her head. And then Alarissa is there and she gives a very low and respectfully bow of her head, "Your Highness." she greets her.

Niklas stares down at the Spin the Wheel. It's making his stomach churn, but it's impossible to look away. But then he hears the worst, most grating sound in the world. "Hello, Mistress Adora! So lovely to see you again. Twice in one day. In a city of hundreds of thousands of people who aren't you." He then turns and waves back to Lys, "Lady Lys! Delighted to see you again!" He wipes the flop sweat out of his face again, making his hair stick up, then finds a place to sit before the morning's sausages make a return appearance. Can't go. Gotta get that boat.

The shake seems to satisfy, rather than horrify Amari, so Adora must have chosen wisely. "Nice to meet you!" She chimes before nodding enthusiastically about the rum, "It's good. I've been trying to develop a taste for it, at my cousin's insistence. Also, you can't order milk in most of the bars outside of the ward of Valardin." That's a thing to frown about, so she does, until Alarissa and Petal appear at the bar. She stands, reflexively, and offers a curtsey, "Your Highness! I'm well, how are you? Seems a good turn out." And introductions are surely in order, so she provides them, "Lady Tesha Telmar, Adora, this is Princess Alarissa Thrax and Mistress Petal. We met at Lady Moore's once? We were just talking about that little goat, and puppies."

Lys lifts a hand to Niklas once more, wincing a little bit when the man's hair starts sticking up everywhere. She tilts her head toward Caspian and murmurs something quietly to him.

Petal looks over to Tesha, giving her a warm smile that reaches her brown eyes. "Nice to meet you, Lady Keaton." She has a smile for Amari as well. She seems to be in a friendly mood despite looking quite exhausted.

Adora stiffens up a little since while she wasn't sure what to do with Amari or Tesha, Alarissa just oozes Princess all over the place. Also, people are actually calling her princess. "Fuck," she mutters not quietly enough and pretends not to notice her. But that's probably a slight. Shit. "It's almost never nice to meet me, unless you need a fucking amazing bookcase," she advises Tesha, then it seems she has to look at Alarissa. "Your Highness," she says with an awkward nod/bow of one shoulder sort of to the left and down. Like she has an itchy back.

And then Niklas is talking to her. "My lord. You look even more fucked than you did this morning." She raises her glass of rum to him and has a drink.

Making her way through the crowd, wearing her best smile and a glance towards Adora, as she passes. "You know, I might just need a fucking amazing bookcase," Denica offers, the co-hostess having been making the rounds withe the crowd for the evening, and a wiggle of fingers is given towards Amari. "Lady Amari! I'm so glad you could make it as well," she beams, giving a glance up towards Alarissa a little incline of her head given, and an expectant tilt of her head.

"I'm not Inquisition, thus, I am not allowed to procure a bookshelf. But I am in the want of one." Alarissa keeps her arm in petals, murmuring to the woman before turning her attention to the gathered. "There is a Thraxian lullabye, if you desire milk with a twist. Milk, with the darker rum, all of it heated, and then a bit of heavy cream on the top. A bet with my husband before we married that I could get him to drink milk. You should try such, I'm sure you'll find some." But introductions are made. Tesha from Telmar. Adora. But there's Denica and Alarissa's presses a kiss to either of the other Thrax's cheeks. 'just in time for us to reveal the purpose of this all Princess Denica. Lady Keaton, could you help Msitress petal to a seat? At some point, perhaps she should go see the Countess I think."

"Yeah... yeah." Niklas doesn't have the energy to disagree with Adora. "I tried to go to the Grotto, but people kept complaining to the shift manager that a ghost was scaring everyone, so I went back to Kennex Kay and fell asleep in the spa. I lost twenty pounds, but I think they were really important ones, because now I can't see the colors blue or green and there are beetles crawling under my skin."

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Princess Alarissa." Tesha states with a warm smile. Then she gives a laugh at Adora, "I like you." she nods to this. "You remind me of my uncle just a bit." she admits. This was a good thing? Possibly! She then takes a sip of her rum and watches the busy floor for a moment. What was she debating?

Lys pushes herself up from her seat, giving a dip of her chin toward Caspian. "Who do you think will win?" She asks, as she starts for the doors, "Adalyn or Zebulon?" Off she goes.

Petal has a gentle smile for Denica. She goes to find a place to seat after whispering something softly to Alarissa.

"You don't know me," Adora raises her glass to Tesha, "Which is the only reason you'd say so." She looks a little surprised when Alarissa says she's in the market for a bookcase, but the Princess is so busy drawing her attention doesn't seem to be a good idea. She raises her glass then to Denica, "Best fucking bookcases! Will have a store next week! Your books will shit themselves to sit on shelves that good!" She takes a big swig of rum. Oh, yeah. That's a great pitch to nobles.

Niklas offers to Alarissa, "She browbeat Baron Stormbreak into buying one and I understand his books haven't stopped shitting since."

"I was wondering where you were, your Highness." Amari smiles brightly over to Denica, adding more quietly, "Please, join us. You too of course, Mistress Petal. I've heard rave reviews of your work. Have you met Countess Reigna Keaton?" She looks back to the bar, and there are plenty of seats left so she gestures everyone in. "Thraxian lullabye? That does sound actually like just the thing. Both of my favorite drinks in one..." She dips her head in gratitude for the suggestion.

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Denica returns the presses to Alarissa's cheek, a bright smile given as she wraps her arms tight around the other Thrax (mindful of the bump of course) and she gives an eager grin, practically bouncing on the balls of her feet. "Gods, I can hardly wait," Denica says. She waves again to Amari. "Soon! But we have the reaveals to do, don't we?" she turns to smile happily towards Alarissa

And just like that, the servers are no longer taking bidding and the auction is closed. No more raffle tickets being sold as well it would seem. Petals seen safely to a seat with a nod and then Alarissa offers her arm to Denica. "I will return the lovely and enchanting Princess Thrax to you soon enough, and yes, when your shop opens, I shall have to come visit. His Grace needs some refreshing of his office." And then off to a more central and focal point - where there items are - to get ready.

"You've not met my uncle Arn. He's the meanest thing in these lands most times." Tesha states. She doesn't look like she's joking. "But, that's alright. If you don't want people to like you." she offers a lift of her glass. No hard feelings. "Interested to see who is taking home things." she states softly.

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Kyan, a long-legged silver tabby-cat arrives, delivering a message to Alarissa before departing.

Niklas flops down on the couches and sits there staring off into space. Now and again Isabelle asks him a question and he just mutters about boats. He has no idea how to sail and gets violently seasick.

1 Grayson Guardsmen, Thalia, a beautiful lady-in-waiting arrive, following Roxana.

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Amari settles back into her seat, waving after Denica and turning to make sure Petal is safely ensconced nearby. Hearing a name, she looks to Tesha, "Duke Arn Telmar is your uncle? I've always wanted to meet him. I think he'd dislike me." Not that she's even complaining, she seems actually hopeful that would be the case for some reason. Adora is eyed as if she's trying to determine whether she's meaner than Arn might be, or not. That or she's wondering about the bookcases.

"Meanest thing above the bridge maybe," Adora replies to Tesha before downing the rest off her rum and standing. "I haven't met him. If he need a fucking amazing bookcase or liquor cabinet, tell him to look me up." She pushes her glass across the bar and stands, stretching. "Welp. That's enough silk socializing for me. Better move along while my head's still attached. Good luck with your..." She glances around. Dress. Goat. Boat? "...fucking silk parties." She mutters, shaking her head on her way out.

Tesha gives a chuckle to Amari, "There's a trick to dealing with Arn. You introduce him to people and then he focuses his grumpiness on you instead of them." she tells her. "But yes, he's my Uncle and I love him dearly." she admits. "I did not mean to offend Mistress Adora though." she states. There's a look to Adora, "I'll let him know in case he's in the market. Thank you." she tells her with a dip of her head as she leaves.

A golden skinned woman with warm green eyes slips into the casino, attempting not to draw too much notice as she's clearly rather late for the event taking place tonight. Yet Roxana Grayson has always believed in 'better late than never' and so here she is. Pale, shimmering silk clings to her form and jewels sparkle at her ears and throat, catching the light as she moves into the Casino to partake in the festivities. One somewhat familiar face is picked out from the crowd, and the lady walks gracefully towards Belladonna. "Duchess Pravus. It has been such a very long time, but I still recognize you right away. Princess Roxana Grayson. Eirene Malvici is my big sister. Calypso my niece." She almost prattles on to follow up with 'How have you been' but remembers just in time. "You have been in my thoughts, my Lady."

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"Of course, Your Highness. How could I forget someone so vividly beautiful as yourself?" Belladonna turns a warm smile towards Roxana, dipping into a curtsy towards the princess. Upon rising, her smile fades slightly and she gives a small nod, "Thank you, Your Highness. I trust you have been well?"

Niklas stares off into space long enough that he very slowly lists to the side, rolls over and falls asleep on the couch. With a heavy sigh Isabelle sits down and guard her charge.

"Ever the flatterer." But Roxana is so vain that she's clearly only playing at humility. "I've been well. I am serving as lady-in-waiting to Queen Symonesse in the Palace which is giving me something to do, a way to be useful for my family in order to ensure they don't tire of me being a Grayson and marry me off somewhere else. I've become attached to the family after all this time." Also the prestige, that's fun too! Her voice dips quieter and she murmurs something else to the Pravus Duchess.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Niklas before departing.

Alarissa turns to face the crush of individuals who have descended upon the Casino, a smile on her face, that little goat standing ever so sweetly. "Welcome. Thank you. From the bottom of my heart, I am beyond thrilled that so many saw fit to spend their coin and their writs upon a project that... quite frankly has become very dear to my heart and that of Princess Denica." Alarissa looks to Denica.

Denica gazes back towards Alarissa, before looking back out to the crowd. She has her arm looped through Alarissa's and she beams brightly. "We've called it Project Thursday's Child. To procure the bonds of children still under Thralldom in the Isles," Denica announces.

"When Thralldom through inheritance was struck, making it so that a debt could not be passed down to the children of a family as well as the parents, or any surviving children, there was unfortunately, still fifty thousand children still under the bonds of Thralldom. For the last four months, I have been working tirelessly to gather and amass writs and coin. This is a long term project for Thrax, spearheaded by Thrax but with a symbiotic relationship with the Arvum Refugee Relief Group, generous donations and commitments from others within our compact and the generous bidding, we have amassed over one million silver. The first phase to procuring their freedom, keeping them with their parents, reuiniting them with family and giving them a life that any other commoner would have the opportunity and chance to have. A childhood, returned to them."

Alarissa looks to Denica then back to the crowd. "Thank you, for helping to make this very small step in a long journey, come to fruition."

There's a proud smile as she nods along to Alarissa's words, her expression never faltering. "It has been a tremendous honor to take part in this incredible project," Denica says. "I've been with you this long, and I'll be at your side until you finally see it all to complete fruition," Denica gives a little dip of her head, looking to Alarissa and back to the crowd alongside her. "Neither Princess Alarissa or I will rest until all have been given the freedom, and the childhood, they so rightly deserve."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Niklas before departing.

Alarissa has rolled 1 104-sided dice: 7

Sparte has a tempered smile as he listens from his listen corner of the celebration, seeming very happy with what is being said. He is even a little red in the cheeks, perhaps he got into the drink at some point.

"And with that all said, the winners. Those not present will be notified through messenger. The Duchess Pravus has been generous and it would seem that she will be taking home the lovely Thrax Coral jewelry set, the hair garland and the Aeterna gown." Alarissa looks for the woman in question, lifting a hand in her direction so that the Duchess can be applauded and acknowledged. "That, Duchess, is two hundred and thirty children, roughly. And with the generosity of the Refugee Group, we will be attempting to procure any living parents debt as well, thank you." Next though. 'Lord karadoc Saik, has run off with the casacade of pearls, the lovely chaise and the fine Ostrian horse donated by the Mazetti's. So generous. Lady Lys de lire, takeshome this charming goat from the keatons, and the Archduchess Velenosa will be sporting a new pair of Diamodplate claws." Alarissa makes a littel claw gesture. "As well as a Stygian and Duskstone ring that I had designed."

But what some are here for. "Duchess Belladonna, would you care ot draw the name of the winner of the boat?"

Amari sets her drink down and applauds softly from the bar, and likely expects to do more of that as boats, claws, jewelry and other things are won. "It's a very worthy cause." She quietly agrees, obviously pleased the Princesses are championing it. When the auction results are announced, there's definitely more applause from her, and a little rubbernecking as she tries to see who outbid everyone for the goat in particular.

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Belladonna inclines her head towards Alarissa with a faint smile upon hearing how many children's freedom can be bought with her bids. She seems content to stay back and let the other winners be announced, but then she's being asked to draw the winning entry for the boat. "Of course, Your Highness." Stepping forward, the Duchess looks away from the bowl and reaches a hand in, fishing around a little here and there before pulling out a slip, handing it to Alarissa with a smile.

Princess Roxana claps for the speech and the cause, before waiting attentively to see who has won the boat. Probably not her as she did not enter the raffle, but its still exciting. She also fumbles with her reticule briefly and takes out a tiny pouch, walking over towards Denica as the other hostess seems to be directing the proceedings. "Highness. I have been out of town and was not able to contribute in time for this event, but I would be so pleased if you would accept this as a donation." A pouch is pressed into Princess Denica's hand if she will accept it.

Tesha gives a smile to Amari, "Arn would be too." she tells her. Though talk of fathers makes the woman go a bit quiet. No real reason other than her thoughts getting the best of her. Then he eyes go to Alarissa as she announces the winners and she awwws quietly when Karadoc has won the horse, "I was hoping." she muses quietly to Amari. "I think I'll make a donation without any winning needed though." she nods to this. "If you'll excuse me, Lady Keaton. I'm going to get going for the evening. It's always lovely to see you." she tells her with a warm smile.

"Thank you for that." Alarissa takes that little piece of paper and looks to the name. "Oh dear. He'll likely get some fever just hearing the news. It would seem that Lord Percephon Halfshav has just gotten himself a nice littel cog, to shuttle his lovely bride around it." There's some noises of disappointement in the crowd. "But that is a thousand writs also, that goes to this project. Well over one million silver. I hpe that in the coming year, as we strive to buy the bonds of all the children, that you'll save a few writs, or a few silver now and then for the cause. But, for now, please. be merry, enjoy yourself, gamble away and thank you for coming!"

Mistress Tailtwitcher, a pleasingly plump feline clawmaiden arrives, delivering a message to Alarissa before departing.

Niklas sits up suddenly, "Boat!" Isabelle breaks the news to him gently. He lurches to his feet and says, "Boat?" Then staggers toward the exit. "Boat. Boat."

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Denica graciously accepts the pouch of silver from Roxana, beaming towards her. "Of course, thank you," Denica says. "Every silver helps, and this will give ten children a chance at a real childhood. Thank you so much," Denica says with a kind grin, her eyes glancing back to Alarissa as she announces the winners and she lets out a soft happy sigh. "This was truly a success. I'll work on planning another in the future, there is still some work to be done, of course."

"You are most welcome." Roxana smiles at Denica. "I do philanthropic work fairly frequently...keeps me busy here in Arx. You ladies obviously have this situation well in hand, but if ever you require something more for the benefit of children in need, in the Mourning Isles or anywhere else, I would gladly offer my time and coin to the cause."

Alarissa picks up maple mantel of displaying.

Alarissa gets a black velvet jewelry bag from maple mantel of displaying.

Alarissa gets a silver and Maelstrom Purple Coral garland accented with violet Grimhall Sea Glass starfish from maple mantel of displaying.

Alarissa gets An aeterna dress dripping with blood red ruby droplets from maple mantel of displaying.

Aubergine, the delectable pygmy goat kid have been dismissed.

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Amari waves to Tesha after murmuring a farewell that's lost in the low din of the crowd. With Alarissa and Denica finished with the official business of the event then, the exhortation to be merry prompts her to turn more towards the bar again, to reclaim her unfinished glass of rum. A sip is had, but when the bartender next passes by she asks if it might be transformed with some milk and cream into a Thraxian lullaby.

"Again, you've my apologies for missing nearly all of this. Its a special talent of mine, arriving places just as the party is breaking up." Roxana quips brightly. "Thank you for hosting something so focused on compassion. Until next time!" With this Roxy waves her fingertips and slips back out the door.

Denica waves towards Roxana and smiles as she departs, dipping her head as she passes the purse over towards Alarissa. "You'll know how to get that into the right hands," she adds with a smile, embracing the Thrax Princess once more she smiles. "This was a good turnout, I hope I can have similar success with some of the things that I have planned."

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