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Duel: Jordan vs Apollis

For the ignoble act of calling someone a cod, Sir Jordan Ober has challenged Lord Apollis Malvici to a duel to first blood. Apollis has accepted and chosen his sister, Lady Amarantha Sanna, as his champion. Jordan has chosen Champion Caspian Wild.


April 7, 2018, 9 p.m.

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Jordan(RIP) Amarantha Apollis Caspian


Bliss Mirari Astraea Fatima Caith Adriel Terese Gaston Edward Echo Moira(RIP) Curran Jeffeth Barric(RIP) Juliana Silvio Sorrel Nisaa Karadoc Alarissa Isabetta



Arx - Ward of the Compact - The Proving Grounds

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Comments and Log

Caspian is already standing in the center of the grounds, knife in hand, warming up before the fight. He circles an imaginary foe as he swipes with his knife in short, quick arcs, praticing what he will do to Apollis' sister after she arrives, a little grin upon his lips.

Edward's arrival is discreet. The Baron of Whitefrost slips in and then walks down the rows between benches towards the section of the ring where Apollis and any entourage he has gathers. He rests a hand casually on the hilt of his sword and the other hooked on his belt. He glances out to Caspian in the ring which prompts a momentary smile.

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Silvio smiles and slides his dark eyes to Juliana and drums his fingers once against that leather armor on her forearm. "Sometimes you might want someone else to do it. That's intriguing about your brother. Those that do not flaunt their prowess always catch my interest. Ohhhh, look he is getting warmed up." He points at Caspian, "I really do like that man. " There follows a wistful sigh and his long curls bob when he tilts his head.

Amarantha Sanna barely manages to arrive on time, stepping into the training center followed by a puppy and an exasperated looking guard. For once the noblewoman is clad in leathers rather than silks. After handing her dog off to her brother, the blonde turns to the ring and strides across it--dagger in hand. "Master Wilds. Fancy meeting you here. I'm sorry that I'm not as handsome as Orathy." She gestures down at herself. "But unfortunately, he had to cancel."

Gaston enters the grounds and walks over toward the benches, his hand over his other hand and his head held high - very high, this guy is tall. He spies Amarantha as she enters and then takes a seat.

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Barric arrives arm in arm with Terese, holding a quiet conversation with her as they step in. "All these duels and I haven't sparred in a few days myself, probably for the best. There's so much still to be done... and I have to practice rowing somehwere in there also." He smiles wryly, "That should be fun." he turns to lead Terese towards the nearest benches and offers her a hand in helping get settled before he sits down beside her and then looks around, further conversation not carrying.

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Juliana chuckles softly. "Someone else? It is possible, but I think I would rather choose someone that believes in me than just simply someone that likes to duel." glancing to Silvio with a small shrug as she moves towards the benches to take a seat. Following the Prince's gaze. "Caspian? In truth, I don't know much about him."

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Caspian turns his attention back to Amarantha, lowing his dagger as he smiles to the woman, chuckling her way. "I know, right? I was surpised to learn I'd be fighting you. And don't be so modest, you're much better looking then Culler. But I'm sorry that won't stop me from cutting you anyway," he says with a wink given her way.

Moira enters along with the masses, along with the rest of the commoners for some highbrow entertainment. Because even the masses deserve to be entertained!

Apollis enters the grounds and runs a hand through his white-blond hair. He picks up Bedlam and exchanges some word with Amarantha before heading over toward the benches. He looks around at all those gathered and raises his brow. "Good evening, everyone," he says. "May Gloria do her thing."

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Sorrel drifts in to see what sort of sparring is going on. Though she's got a sword at her side, she doesn't look inclined to fight. If anything, she looks mildly surprised by the crowd. "Really? A duel in here?" she wonders curiously. "The training center? Like a double insult, that." She drifts over to the benches to watch; it's meant to be amusing after all, even if they're using padded weapons.

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Shortly after Amarantha's arrival, Echo steps out into the training grounds with an arm linked around Isabetta's. Departing from the other woman, she steps over to Caspian and claps him on the shoulder, also offering him an apology. "Sorry, Caspian. I'm going to be cheering on my sister. Good luck to you both!" A brief detour then, to steal a quick hug from Amarantha before making way for the benches to sit with Apollis. "Hey 'Pol!"

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Caspian turns his attention back to Amarantha, lowing his dagger as he smiles to the woman, chuckling her way. "I know, right? I was surpised to learn I'd be fighting you. And don't be so modest, you're much better looking then Culler. But I'm sorry that won't stop me from cutting you anyway," he says with a wink given her way.

Terese moves easily at Barric's side, her azure gaze lifted towards the man as he speaks. "It's been longer for me I fear, I've been spending more of my time in the stables recently though I am hoping to get out to one of the training centers to spar a bit before I head out once more." A slight grin is given for his wry smile before her gaze slides over the benches as he leads her towards one. Her hand slips from his arm in a soft slide for the assistance as she settles her next to him.

Apollis spies his sister Echo as he walks over and sits next to Gaston. "Hello," he says simply, looking a little nervous. He crosses his legs and lets out a sigh.

Entering into the site of the duel a touch late, Curran Grayhope nonetheless makes his way in and then looks around quickly to find a seat by which to have a good view of the proceedings. He offers a nod of his head to those he knows, which admittedly is quite few, before he takes a seat.

"And I'm actually in the Champion's guild. Which is another improvement on our poor Culler friend." Amarantha says with a laugh. Her weapon at the ready, she steps closer to Caspian and glances back at the crowd. "I would never wnat you to go easy on me. Even if my chances of winning are slim."

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"Don't be so hard on yourself. Good luck, and glory and honor to the winner," Caspian says, stepping into a fighting position as he holds up his knife, light upon his feet. "I'm ready if you are."

Gaston bows his head to Apollis and Echo each. "Good evening, Lord Apollis. Your Highness. May Gloria guide your sister's blade," he says with a small smile, his lip split making him wince a little.

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Bliss walks in a little after some of the others, her rapier swinging lightly on her hip as she takes a look over the familiar sight of the proving grounds. She looks toward the combatants, giving them both a nod before she considers the stands, grinning a little to herself. "Well, this is finally happening, I suppose," she says quietly before she walks toward the Noble Seating, crossing her arms on her knees as she leans forward expectantly.

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Heading over to the noble benches, likely because he wants to, Jordan flashes a grin over to his opponent and winks over to Bliss in passing. He brings a wineskin with himself, drinking deeply from it while he waits for the duel to unfold. "Best of luck, Master Caspian Wild!"

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"I'm a poet. Being hard on myself is apart of the job." Amarantha says with a smile, dropping into a fighting position of her own. Once last glance back at the crowd--her only hint of first public duel nerves--then she's nodding at Caspian. "Ready."

Isabetta is mostly hanging around with Echo, but she does give Apollis a little wave before finding a spot to settle and watch. "I should call someone a cod. It sounds fun." She remarks to herself.

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Mirari slips into the training grounds, taking a seat on a bench as she watches the fight unfold.

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Amarantha takes moderate damage.

Edward takes a seat in the nobles section as things begin to move on and he glances at those gathering before he leans forward to watch. His eyes keenly keeping track of the fighters.

Jordan leans forward to watch this knife fight closely, considering what's going on.

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Caspian checked charm + performance at difficulty 30, rolling 105 higher.

Apollis gives Echo and look that for a moment seems like he doesn't want to play. He then smiles and pushes her. "Shut up," he says in his creaky, honeyed southern voice.

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Sorrel gives Apollis a somewhat dirty look for pushing Echo. "Hey you," she says with a measure of annoyance. "Don't you be pushing around my friends. Isn't being rude what got you into this duel in the first place?"

The fight begins! A knife fight between two Champions. But what's this? Caspian starts humming? He quickly steps in and swings his blade in a left to right swipe that is blocked, but as he does so he starts singing, "You make a left cut in~!" He takes a step back and pulls his dagger back to make another cut right to left, nearly striking Amarantha! "You make a right cut out!" All the while he is blocking and dodging Amarantha as he sings a rendition of a child's song, stepping forward to swipe once agan, "You make a left cut in and you SHAKE IT ALL ABOUT!" He gives a little wiggle of his body after the blade cuts against her pyreweave bodice.

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Apollis turns in his seat to spy Sorrel with a quirk of his brow. "It's Lord Hey You, Your Highness," he says with a small smile.

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Karadoc arrives to the duel, acting as escort for the ever-impressive Princess-Consort Alarissa Thrax. The Saik nobleman allows the royal to leave his company and settle where she likes. He offers her a bow of his head and a twist of a grateful smirk.

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It's hard to be a professional, decent champion when you're being sung a children's song. Especially such a well performed rendition of one. Amarantha looks a mixture of upset--because why didn't she come up with that idea?--and about to laugh. Thrusting and stabbing at Caspian with her knife, all of her strikes seem to be just a little too slow, a little too distracted. Caspian's on the other hand, slice her skin and leave the blonde gritting her teeth. The hilarity of it all still warrants a laugh. "I didn't think this duel could get any more ridiculous."

Mirari gets to her feet, stepping out as another messenger moves in her direction. She snatches the paper from his hand as she passes him.

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Karadoc's not getting too far away, as Alarissa's making her way up to the nobles seating as well, smoothing her skirt as she sits and settles in for the duel. There's a soft thank you for the escort before she does though.

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"You do the hokey pokey and you TURN yourself about!" Caspian spins as he sings, making a wide, arcing cut towards Amarantha, but it's an easy attack to block. He steps back as she counters, calling out, "That's what it's all a-bout!" He makes an upwards cut as he laughs, keeping himself quick and loose as he shifts to the side to dodge, swiping at Amarantha once again. But this time he doesn't get as lucky as last time. But he's keeping the pressure on. That is until he leaps back and does a backflip away from Amarantha, giving her a little room to breath, and showing off a little, winking her way once he lands it.

The Whisper is late, but she arrives on graceful, quiet steps. She waits before finding a place to sit, trying to get a feel for how the duel progresses and the general demeanor of the audiences.

Gaston fidgets a little in his seat and stands when things get a little intense, his eyes staying glued to the duel. He leans over and whispers something to Apollis and then puts a hand on his shoulder.

Jordan offers a wave over to Nisaa, along with a smile. He seems to be swigging from a wineskin as the fighting continues.

Astraea alives late, just another white haired princess making her way in to see how her reflection is doing. Smiling gently to any and everyone, the woman does her best to keep it short and sweet. Her eyes are intently focused on the fighting between the Champion and Amarantha, so much so she doesn't find a seat even.

Amarantha checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 15 higher.

Apollis nods his head toward Gaston and stands, too. He puts his hands on his head before saying something back toward the Marquis. He frowns and then spots his sister Astraea and waves to her.

Trying not to laugh, Amarantha takes a more defensive stance--trying to last at least a few rounds! She's ducking and weaving, doing anything she can to avoid that blade of his. Though, she does waste time harmonizing with Caspian's song, humming along but not singing the words. When the blackflip happens, she does raises an eyebrow. Impressed. Then she's back to trying to land a blow on the nimble champion.

Jordan's wave draws Nisaa's attention his way. She smiles at him, dipping her head in a greeting before lifting a delicate hand to do a little wave.

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"C'mon, Caspian! You give that fish-lover's champion what-for. Shark-en your blade and tuna your senses to greater prowess in battle!" Sorrel calls from the noble stands, grinning broadly, her evergreen eyes twinkling. "Piscine insults cannot stand! They're too slippery and scaly, and they don't have any feet!"

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"Let me CUT-! to the chase," Caspian says as he gets down low to make a cut at Amarantha, one that is thwarted by her avoiding it. But she nearly gets him in turn! "How long do you think I can PROD your defenses before I land a hit?" He asks as he tries to prode her with his knife, making sure to avoid a near tradety like that time she almost cut him! "I'm sure you're SHARP enough to know you can't last forever!" He says to her with a grin as he reverses his grip and makes two quick cuts her way.

At Sorrel's call out to Caspain, Caith just about dies. "Shark-en your blade! Tuna...tuna-- BWAHAHAHA!" she echoes and then just dissolves into laughter, lifting her hands up to applaud loudly since her words are failing her. Fish puns! Yes! YES!

The large form of Jeffeth Bayweather and Reyna behind him walk into the Proving Grounds and make their way towards commoner stands.

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"One day someone will fight a duel using preserved sword-fish, I can tell," Jordan muses as he watches the fights, listens to the puns.

Since her brother's wave managed to catch her eye, Astraea grins and waves back before settling her gaze back on the antics of the Champion and Sorrel! "Princess! You're in rare form today." She yells from where she stands,"Mara don't you dare lose," threatens the elder of the twins with a worrisome glare but then she's smiling to Caspian,"Hee. I mean, you know. It's nothing personal Nimble the second! I'm actually secretly rooting for you but don't tell Amarantha. She'd be cross."

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It's been close, a few near misses and near hits in return. Yet Amarantha's still not managed to land a single scratch on Caspian. "I think I get your POINT." She retorts, thrusting her blade in his direction in time with her pun. "But I really want to take a STAB at this whole being a Champion thing." Grinning, she makes sure to duck away from his quickly made cuts. "It'll help me SHARPEN my skills in the arena."

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"Thank you, Princess Astraea, but I'm not FISHing for compliments," Sorrel replies jovially, winking at her friend. She grins broadly, eyeing Caith out of the corner of her eye. "These BASS-- they keep dodging and parrying!" she notes with a motion towards the fight. "But watching your sister fight any salMON is a treat!"

Apollis stands from his seat and walks down to stand next to Astraea.

Amarantha takes moderate damage.

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The other white haired Igniseri invader arrives and is promptly pounced, hugged and kissed on several cheeks. After which he is lightly slapped, for a bear though light is subjective. "You stretched out my dress." Astraea says with a slight glare before looping her arm through his and watching the conclusion of the bout. No more words about that, no further comment on the dress thing. Echo is spotted though and the older of the Redrain princesses looked like she was gonna flip.

A couple of more exchanges of blocked and missed blows and the fight is over. Caspian parries a swing by Amarantha and counters by stepping to her side and slashing his blade so that he cuts across her bicep cleanly, drawing first blood. And the fight is over! He lowers his blade and gives the woman a wide grin. "Your knife is sharp, but not as sharp as your wit! Good fight, I enjoyed it!"

Adriel Glynn wanders in, quietly, and certainly attracted by something. It can't be said he joins the crowd of spectators, at least not immediately, but he does find a good place to watch. It would seem he missed the duel, however, or that it's finishing up, and he catches the last few blows with a curious, guarded interest.

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Barric stands and claps when the duel comes to an end, offering a wave to Astraea when he spots her but doesn't try to call out over the noise of the finale.

"Ouch," Apollis says with a grin, feigning pain, trying to sell it, when he's pounced and slapped. "Sorry, sweet sister. Please don't challenge me to a duel. My little heart can't take this anymore." He looks from Amarantha to Astraea and then claps his hands together and smiles as he reaches into his coin purse and pulls out a few coins, walking them over to Jordan, possibly taking his sister Astraea along with him, if she doesn't detangle her arm. He hands the coins to Jordan and leans in to whisper something. "Mara," he calls out, "good show. Well done, Champion Caspian. Come join us," he says, his eyes betraying his real focus, his sister's wounds. He looks a little concerned but dons a smile nonetheless.

And it's over just like that, with Caspian's blade finding it's way past her guard and biting into her skin. Amarantha doesn't flinch or fuss, just grits her teeth and offers Caspian her best attempt at a grin. "Thank you. I'm honored that my first fight as a Champion was against someone as skilled as you." A glance is given back towards the crowd and her siblings. "Even if it was a mostly fake duel."

Edward looks at the results of the duel and then he lines his lips and he makes a hmming sound, "Well. Interesting." he remarks and then he glances back to those he has been talking with before he looks to rise to his feet.

And there it is! Caith stands up and applauds for both the combatants. "I think that went /swimmingly/," she says, twisting a bit to says this to Sorrel. "But I think, in the end, he /schooled/ her." The young woman gives her cousin a wink, having squeezed out a few more aquatic themed puns and looking entirely too pleased with herself as a result.

The Grayson Prince, Barric, is thrown a charming smile and a wave. She may have blushed, just a little, yet if ever were she called out this would probably be promptly denied. She does indeed walk along with her brother and watches as he passes a few coins to Jordan. The quiet exchange earns a nod and a raised brow but then she's mostly looking to Amarantha,"My reflection. You need to see that those injuries are tended to. The Champion's blades are wicked sharp and I wouldn't wish to worry."

Sorrel claps for the winners, but she claps for Caith, too, beaming at the other Thrax princess proudly. "Oh, we are a pair, aren't we?" she says delightedly.

When Echo spots Astraea, she waves out and shares the most innocent smile she could put on. "Hi 'Raea!" And though the spar came to an end far too quick, she brought her hands together in applause anyways, cheering out for the two. "Well fought, bouth of you." She also might've groaned at all the puns.

Gaston stands from his seat and fidgets with a ring on his hand before climbing down toward Apollis and Jordan. "Well met," he says to Jordan, bowing his head. "I am Marquis Gaston." He then looks out to Amarantha and Caspian and bows his head. "Well fought."

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As is polite, Adriel Glynn lifts his hands to clap for the end of the duel, the only part he managed to catch. Then, with it over, the large, well-groomed man almost looks a little at a loss as to what to do next. He pulls off his spectacles, tucking them off into a pocket of his waistcoat, and searches faces. He seems to be counting people, mostly to himself.

Caspian lets out a little laugh over to Sorrel and Caith, now not so distracted with Amarantha. "I find it fishy you have so many fish puns! It's as if you planned it all along!" He turns to Amarantha, giving her a grin and a nod, "I'm glad I got to fight you. You did well, you're quite hard to hit!" At Apollis' offer he approaches the man and his company.

Jordan nods affirmatively to what Apollis states, looking at the bag of silver briefly. He murmurs something in return, and flashes both the lord and Astraea a smile. "Apologies accepted, but perhaps you might tell them why calling someone a cod is wrong, my Lord." He winks to the man, then nods affirmatively to Gaston. "Sir Jordan Ober, Marquis. A pleasure to meet you."

"I prefer my version of the story, in which Lord Apollis hit Sir Jordan with a cod and potentially damaged his herring," Sorrel remarks as she puts a finger in an ear to mime cleaning it out. She winks at Caspian, then motions him closer.

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Apollis and Astraea's concerns are mostly waved off. "Don't fret so much. I'm mostly fine." Amarantha mutters, trudging off to get taken care of by the mercies like the non-hardass that she is. To Caspian, she smiles with a little less strain. "I've--wait, I lose it. More puns later." The blonde seems a bit tuckered out, walking towards the healers.

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Edward finally steps away from the noble seating and begins to make his way away from the proving grounds, humming to himself as he goes along.

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Silvio grins more subtly when Karadoc presents himself for inspection and he arches his dark brows. "We'll have to have a fashion discussion sometime..." He offers to the man as he departs the noble seating.

"Echo come down here!" Astraea manages to roar over the dying throes of applause. Then she realizes she yelled in her brother's ear, grins and looks sheepishly to him. "Sorry..." Gentle pats accompanied the apology. Yet Mara's cavalier manner with her injuries made her furrow her brow. With a bit of a look to her assembling siblings the princess relents, raising her hand and nodding. "Well, this was fun. I mean I came at the end of the fun but I think I'm in need for a drink." Off she goes!

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Plunking herself back down beside Sorrel, Caith grins broadly and wiggles where she sits. "We must always be careful and only use our powers for good," she says, adopting a mock-grave expression. "To turn our humor toward malicious purpose would be dastardly. I mean, we might fall into the habit of /baiting/ people into conflict just so we can use our razor wit? No, no, no. We mustn't. We must remain.." Beat. "Paci/fish/ts."

Caspian is overheard praising Amarantha for: She is really skilled at dodging! Almost as skilled as she is in pun delivery! I may have won the battle of blades, but she won the battle of puns!

"We can, your Highness. Any time you like. I am easily reached by messenger." He informs Silvio. At the conclusion of the duel, Karadoc leaves the noble seating and starts to head on out, humming to himself.

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Sorrel pauses a moment to whisper something to Caspian as he joins them, then giggles delightfully at Caith. "We're an excellent team. We go with the flow," she agrees, her eyes twinkling with pleasure.

"Thanks for fighting for me, Wild," Jordan nods to the man. "Well played." There's a grin to him, and then he's rising to his feet. Caith's puns earn her a long stare, and then he applauds, nodding. But then Sorrel mentions going with the flow and he tells her, "Please, Your Highness, no water jokes."

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Caspian approaches Sorrel and Caith as the two beckon him closer, leaning in so that Sorrel can bend his ear. As he does so he gives Jordan a wide smile, "It was my pleasure, I always enjoy a good fight. And it's good we proved to The Compact you are no cod, bass, or mackerel."

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"Indeed, I am no ordinary piscian," Jordan grins at Caspian. "Though this is a pretty big pond, and it's infested with sharks, Master Wild. Or so I've been told!"

Light laughter bubbles up from Caith. "Yes, we do make a good team," she says, agreeing with Sorrel in word and action -- she nods, see! She opens her mouth to say something further but then Jordan calls for no more water jokes. This causes her to fidget. She had one! She had /one more/. After a long pause, heck. She just goes for it. Murmuring to Sorrel in a stage-whisper, she says: "Excellent team. You and me. It's offishial." Okay. She's done now. And then there is Caspian! She looks at him with bright, twinkling eyes. "Well done out there! Congratulations to you!"

Caspian gives a small nod of his head back to Sorrel, whispering to her. Once done he smiles to Jordan, nodding his head, "I'm out of fish and knife puns, so I'm just going to leave at that. Puns are not my strong suit."

"Yeah, I'm done, too. Thanks everyone for attending. Gloria bless," Jordan nods, then walks over to Caith, reaching out after some hesitation to murmur something with a grin before he departs.

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