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Princess Echo Redrain

Let them see our teeth.

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Loyal Blade
Fealty: Redrain
Family: Redrain
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Religion: Pantheon/Shamanism
Vocation: Knight
Height: 5'2"
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Gray
Skintone: Fair

Description: Light-footed and with a slender frame, Echo doesn't stick out in a more traditional sense. Her snow white hair cascades to her shoulders and matches the overall coolness of her appearance. Pale skin with contrasting dark eyebrows and curled lashes make for an alluring beauty, accentuated by a body with generous curves and full lips that often pull into a wide smile. Echo often laments that her keen gray eyes and solemn features tend to make most others think twice about talking to her. Something about her intimidates despite her affable nature and generous personality. The cold gaze usually wouldn't last long as Echo is a very expressive woman: Wide hand gestures, telling eyes, constant shifts in her posture, and the occasional rosiness to her cheeks make her an easy read. There is a youthfulness to her entirety; big eyes, a round face, short stature, and a vibrant tone that can immediately shift to whatever suits the situation best.

Personality: A quiet energy surrounds Echo, vivacious and friendly to all who seem approachable. Those around her who might be a little more rough around the edges would be greeted with a smile, and the rest should receive the delicate treatment that they require. A people person - One who, while initially demure and quiet, is quick to grab a friend by the wrist and take them on a wild adventure without a moment's notice. Filled to the brim with all sorts of persistence and determination, Echo often surprises herself more often than not. Her talents are typically ignored however, not through any ill intent; rather, the friendliness, companionship, and loyalty is far more important to her. Brimming beneath the affable surface is a love for danger and excitement. A hunger for things unknown. A desire to push on when it's best to pull back. That competitive edge might be what sets her apart, but she tends to tuck most of those feelings away beneath terribly knitted sweaters and only slightly better home-made pastries.

Background: Echo was born into a large family, the youngest of five and fourth of four daughters. She idolized her older siblings, who doted upon her in turn. She became a steady fixture in their lives, a constant loyal shadow trailing them from dawn until dusk. The sound of her tiny feet pattering behind them from room to room became commonplace. None of her siblings can agree upon which of them first called her Echo, but Echo -- their constant following companion -- she remained.

From Amarantha she learned the importance of doubt. That nothing should be taken at face value and that the world can be more cruel and dark than a child could imagine. From Astraea she learned the value of kindness. That in a world brimming with pain and injustice, kindness is a rare strength and, more than that, a duty. Apollis taught her that life is short and deserved to be enjoyed. He taught that all things should be questioned. Her eldest sister Avaline's influence left her with a sense of determination and the motivation to never back down in the face of defeat.

So it was no surprise to anyone when she answered the call to take up arms like her sisters. Nor was it startling when she eventually came to love and marry a northern man. Tragically, like, the majority of her siblings, her marital happiness was short-lived. Within half a year of their wedding, her husband lost his life on a wilderness scouting mission.

The world can be cruel. But when the months of mourning had passed and the sun rose for her again, Echo stepped back out into the world determined more than ever to be stronger and kinder than it could be cruel.

Name Summary
Adalyn Delighted to meet her. We shared a drink at the Sip n Spar.
Aerandir A youth of the higher echelons of society, a Princess, to be specific; she seems well connected, though that should come as no surprise for one of her stature. She appears affable, one easily approached.
Aeryn You know when you think of haughty Princesses? Well /don't/ when you think of Princess Echo! She's sweet and bright and light hearted just like me. Draws her strength from her family, as I do. I just love this woman to bits! She's so easy to talk to - one of the best people I've met so far.
Agatha She's one of my heroes. Oh, sure, I mean, she's young and it's frustrating she can be SO good SO easily, but she's such a good person and I want to learn so much from her. I will just work extra hard!
Aiden She is boastful of her strengths and proud of them! I'm certain she's earned the right to do as much. Though she doubts she is anything more than a sword, and I would hazard a guess there's a lot more to her than how she swings it. She is recently widowed and handles that social obstacle well. It must be difficult. Still, she is able to joke and banter with the rest of us. Sometimes with all the doom and gloom, that's all a person can do, is laugh.
Alarissa A new face to Redrain and a lovely one. I hope to meet more of her, or at least see more of her.
Alban She is quieter and more subdued than most Redrains I meet, but she is disciplined and focused. Her skill is legendary or so I am told. I think there is more to her than her skills with the sword though and would very much like to speak with her in greater detail.
Aleksei She's a very good spectator! Excellent cheering.
Alexis Princess Echo Redrain. She reminds me of myself, in some ways - in good ways - and she seems nice.
Amarantha My beloved baby sister. I see her following in Astraea's footsteps and I'm happy for it. She'll make a fine knight someday.
Apollis Echo is the sweetest sister one could hope for. She's the youngest and while I might not always show it I think she knows I'd kill for her.
Arianna She's a sweet girl with a bright smile and an interesting zest for life. Her hair reminds me of Killian and perhaps that is why I think I have taken an interest. I want to know more about her because she's so vivacious and excitable but more so kin with Kieran. They must have some of the same similarities in how they like to hunt for danger.
Ariella Still the badass warrior princess and one of my personal heroes.
Artorius a willing heart and an optimistically bright spirit. She has great things ahead of her!
Astraea My dear baby sister, I love her more everytime I see her and when she's gone it saddens my heart. I am happy she has come down from the North to be with us again. Her heart is the most pure and she was blessed with a good soul. I am proud of everything she is and everything she will become. Always and forever my sister.
Aurelian She seems a bit idealistic in her dream but at the same time capable and wise enough to seek out solutions to her own failings in the form of aid from others, whether written or personal. She may well attain her goal at this rate.
Aurora She is full of very good advice and even better taste.
Avaline As bright and expressive as she ever was back home. She's grown into a beautiful woman, and she's as good with my children as if she were a mother herself. Time apart has done nothing to dull the affection that I feel for my youngest sister, as she always has been, she is a beacon of light and inspiration.
Avary Every single Redrain Princess that I have met so far has been enchanting, scary or downright illuminating. This one was a mixture of the three. I will have to seek out her company again.
Barric According to her twin, she is one of the most skilled in Arvum. Would like to spar her sometime, the lazy cat demeanor must be an act to have earned such high praise.
Bastien She seems friendly. Unfortunate.
Cadenza Was so sweet when I met her. I hope to get to know her more!
Caith She likes cheese. I like cheese. She likes pockets. I like pockets. I mean, what's not to love?! Clearly this girl's got her priorities in order!
Calaudrin Ah, all of these younger-than-me people. At least they're enthusiastic about their training. Perhaps I'll catch the Princess for some lessons in a few months. She seems well-tempered and enjoyed the fights that were happening on the grounds.
Caspian She is a sweet princess, kind and friendly.
Cassandra Could one ask for a better friend than Princess Echo? She's valorous, honorable, fiercely on the side of the Light and devoted to the Gods and Compact. No matter the choice she made, it has no impact on what I know to be her loyalty and her ingrained values as a model of what it means to be a knight who serves only the good in thie world. I am so glad to have her back again in my life, she sooths me greatly.
Cirroch Part of my family by law. I do not know her well yet, but I wish to change that.
Cleo I have never seen her fight, but, everyone says she is very scary. I do not see how she can be scary. She can be a great warrior. She can be the best there ever was. I still would not find her scary. She is far to nice, gentle, and sweet for that. She also makes me feel plain and ugly by contrast she is so beautiful.
Coraline I wish I had the skill to put into words how much I admire Princess Echo. Her skills in battle are obvious, but what I have been honored to learn is the woman who wields them. She is one of the most kind, intelligent, and strong women I have met yet.
Courage The very essence of a proper Princess! So giving and kind, beautiful and strong. Why, I bet someone has already named a baby girl after her in hopes they emulate their namesake.
Cristoph Fights hard, hits hard. I'm going to be feeling these bruises later for sure.
Cullen A fellow member of the Gold Order and without parallel in honor, valor, swordsmanship, beauty, and grace. She is a credit to her family as she is to knighthood and anything else she lends her blade to. I must remember to get to know her better.
Cybele Echo Echo Echo!
Daemon A northern Princess and sister to Astraea! She wields a sword I'd dare say is even bigger than she is and she does it well. Her prowess and beauty make a dangerous combination.
Darren Always happy to have more Redrain in the city, but especially glad to see Echo come down from Farhaven. She may have Southern blood, but I think she's more Northern than she realizes, and we'll get her all the way there yet.
Darren Cousin Echo embraces the ways of the North and stands by her convictions, the sort of person we need in this family and the fealty at large.
Declan Pleasant, very attentive, and obviously extremely interested in furthering herself in training with combat. A true student of the art of combat.
Denica She was very good with my cousin and salt-daughter. I think the little princess likes her! If only we'd gotten properly introduced before she bolted off!
Denica A vivacious and vibrant Redrain knight, I wonder if she might be able to show me a thing or two. She is quite close to Isabetta it seems, and is a better match than I ever felt I was to her.
Derovai New, fresh-faced, and seemingly forthright. Useful as a blade, or a buffer where appropriate.
Donaldo A friendly Princess from the North. She was nice enough to share the secret that her homeland is a good sourcce of rough men.
Duarte She remembered me from a brief gathering at Deepwood's. A well mannered princess. Bouyant.
Ectorion Astraea's sister, and probably just as much a fan of getting into mischief as her sister. I can't wait to find out!
Eirlys Very sweet, was willing to help when I was gathering things for my friends. Got a chance to sit and talk with her. Very much enjoyed the company!
Eleanor A friendly sort of Princess. I like that. It's a shame she didn't join the Hundred.
Elgana Someone I remember fondly back in Farhaven. Princess Echo was always a joy to be around - and it is still true to this day!
Emilia Princess Echo seems to glow with kindness to me. I have not had the opportunity to speak with her yet, but I have a feeling her nature gives purpose to my cause. She is a treasure that must be protected.
Emily What a swords woman! Fighting beside her in Stormwall showed just how impressive she is. I am not sure I could even come close to matching her stamina or persistence with a blade. Well fought, Princess.
Emmelline a very nice person. She enjoys the beach as much as i do.
Esoka A strong and true warrior who hits very hard. Of which Esoka approves.
Fairen Interesting Princess. She's an attractive warrior type of lady, who seems to pay a lot of attention to social graces.
Felicia Slight, with some of the whitest hair I've ever seen. Princess, and warrior pledged to Redrain.
Gareth A Redrain Princess. A notable warrior, and one of these princesses with a more free spirited attitude about them.
Giulio A rather intriguingly strong willed woman. I wonder if I am simply seeing subtleties in the bluntness. Still, I look forward to finding out.
Grady A cheerful and bright woman who is as focused on all things martial as Jessa. I imagine I won't be seeing as much of her as those more diplomatically inclined, but she seems quite pleasant.
Grazia She seems a bit nervous, but she is otherwise a well behaved martial member of the Redrains. She seems pleasant enough, her conversation suffices, and she seems to have some sort of appreciation of art.
Gwenna A cousin-in-law who arrived in the city around the same time I did, Echo is a clearly a skilled warrior as well as a princess of Redrain. While she can be serious, there's a warmth there, I think, and a humor that seems a bit like my own. She is someone I think I could quickly trust and maybe even confide in someday.
Ian Part of the Igniseri family somehow. Seems to be taking initiative. I'm not sure yet she can chew what she's thinking about biting off.
Ignacio Princess Echo seemed insightful with an issue I have been having, perhaps what she has told me can help. She seems like an interesting woman that I would like to get get to know better.
Isolde She seems like a sweet girl. A knight or warrior of some sort. I can only hope that she stays safe in these coming days.
Jacque A sweet import from the South, come to live among the Northerners. She is kind, and pleasant to be around. I rather enjoyed her company and joie-de-vivre. We need more of that, in this oft bleak world of ours.
Jasher Someone who tries to be open to the world's views. Unusual, but not unappreciated.
Jeffeth She could really move. She's a princess. Don't say anything stupid. She was one among a flurry of princes and princesses but she stood out the most for how smoothly she moved while sparring.
Jordan Friendly Princess of Redrain who seems very upbeat and generous. I think she's afraid of hurting people, somehow, and that's why she doesn't spar, but that just makes her kind-hearted rather than hesitant. Kind people are hard to come by!
Joscelin A trustworthy sort, and yet not what I expected.
Juliana It worked! You were awesome! And promises to sneak as well? What can I say, I am a fan.
Kenna I've spoken to her once, and seen her interact with others. Perhaps it was the timing of the second, after funerals, but she seemed so quiet and reserved. I wish I could get to know what is beyond that initial seeming.
Laric At least she echoes my sentiments on bacon.%r%rI'm here until next week.
Lou Princess Echo is a capable, strong young woman who will do great things some day, I'm sure. It was good to talk to her about the upcoming events during the meeting of Thrax.
Luca Stunning, vibrant, fierce. And those are just her looks. Don't get me started on how she handles a sword or a drink. We'd be here a long time and I'd end up very distracted.
Lucita Cousin Echo, younger sister of Astraea and Armanthra and cute, perky, determined to protect family. What a pleasure it is to have family nearby again.
Luis A wonderful other cousin has come a calling as well and she's also a fighter, and a princess. Why are all princesses fighters? Regardless, Luis does look forward to becoming reaquainted with his most recent familial tie's arrival.
Lys Oh, gods. She's so /adorable/. Tiny and adorable. And just a little bit shy. This will be so much fun.
Malesh A young woman of limited stature but perhaps boundless exuberance, not unlike my wife. Such a person always brings a smile to my face. She experiences a well-earned popularity I am sure.
Marcas After a long travel back to the city, I may have forgotten my manners - no surprise there - but the Princess didn't seem to care, and instead seemed more surprised I knew who she was. Seems down to earth, too rare a quality in most, and devoted to her friends that were with her. A pleasant run-in at the end of a tiring day.
Margerie Youth seems so far away at times - a sweet young woman on a rather dark day. So willing to embrace the small joys and the great hopes.
Marian Was I ever that young? Gods, I hate that someone as young as Echo can get pulled into these conflicts. The best I can do is try to prepare and others for what's coming.
Michael Spritely, invigorating and almost excessively energetic. She carries a large sword it seems, and needs to learn to use it.
Mirari That weapon looks a bit dangerous, hopefully I never piss her off.
Morrighan Ah, yet another of the Redrain family, always glad to meet them. Kieran's cousin, though that's about all I know. The Princess seems bright and friendly, wouldn't mind learning more about her, when time permits.
Mydas A Princess of Redrain, she has proven to be kind and caring. Combined with her reputation as a warrior, the result is not only a fine princess, but a good woman.
Naka A thoughtful warrior, seeking out every avenue for learning within her chosen field. Quite agreeable within the circumstances in which I encountered her.
Niklas An impressive Redrain warrior princess.
Niklas Warrior Princess of Redrain. Friendly, kind and a little excitable. A good person to have as a friend.
Norwood The Princess is a wise woman to hold her drink - against Dame Felicia she will need all of her wits.
Olivia A young Redrain princess I had never run across before (it always seems there are so many!) While I did not have much time to speak with her directly amidst the crowd at the tavern and the performer, I would like to do so more... or perhaps encourage her to talk with my brother more!
Orathy She hits like an ogre! Reckon she sent me sprawling. Ain't going to be an easy thing beating this one. A new challenge, reckon so.
Orazio For a Northerner, quite polite and respectful, and seems to be a Pantheon worshiper, as is proper. Carries the optimism of the young with her, and is a pleasure to speak with.
Oriana The heart of a hub of friends? Less interested in pillow combat than her peers.
Oswyn She strikes me as perhaps a bit mischievous.
Otakar The mighty Echo! I remember seeing her cleave foes in two without effort at Stormwall, and just as effortlessly does she charm and impress with natural grace and with. Never would have guessed her for a Southerner, though.
Petra She wields a weapon, a kitten and a smile all with equal skill. Lovely woman!
Prisila Inquisitive, white haired (scary how many I've run into, very...) and soft spoken. Yet the way she moves and that sword speak of carnage and destruction just the same.
Quenia Echo is another lovely cousin of mine, and another Princess of Redrain. She's a sharp mind and wit, and hope to see her at more family dinners. I'm sure we've much to discuss!
Reese I don't know her well, but I think she has potential. Little but fierce.
Rhea I solemnly swear not to take the low-hanging fruit. I solemnly swear not to take the low-hanging fruit. I solemnly swear not to take the low-hanging fruit. Crap, I'm echoing myself.
Rinel She seems to like battle. And she's very willing to allow for more egalitarian forms of address.
Romulius Another princess, but this one I like, she's not trying to be the prettiest princess around. Not sure about her friends but... we should go drinking, and spar for sure. One day I'll be able to match her with weapons and then... who knows.
Roxana Met the lovely lady while watching two duelists...spar is it called? She seems knowledgeable on the topic and also quite charming.
Rue All of the white haired siblings have been a treat to meet. She shares her brother's love for sweets and his charm. One of the few princess that I felt alright talkin' to.
Ryhalt Warrior-princess who seems kind, or at least concerned for others, which speaks well. As does solidly drubbing Sir Thorley, in good fun.
Rymarr A reliable advisor when it comes to sugary treats. It's a niche role, but one that I would entrust with very few people. I'll have to remember her when the next time arrives that I've a bunch of things I don't particularly want to eat, put in front of me. I wonder if this eagerness to partake is some Northern habit as they prepare to hibernate through the winter.
Sabella One of the best fighters in Arx and I am lucky to call her a friend!
Sabella One of my favorite princesses who I need to run into far more regularly! She's clever and kind and knows her way around a sword AND theology! I don't know that there's anything she can't do! Except see me too often!!
Sasha Sister of my future cousin-in-law and has a lovely sense of humor
Shard Redrain Princess. Said her husband used to be part of the Few, and asked if we'd known each other. Came by to see headquarters. Asked to spar sometime, before she left, which was...unexpected, but it's not the first time I've been randomly asked to a fight by someone I've just met.
Sigurd A darling Redrain Princess, sure she came from outside the family. But shes ours now. And she may be the prettiest damned princess I ever saw. I'd love to meet her in an aisle and tousle her skirts, if she'd wear them more often.
Skye She is very intent on finding a cobalt weapon. I wish I had brought some back from Blackshore. She is very lucky to have such an attentive brother. It makes me miss seeing my own.
Sorrel Astraea's younger sister, and she seems so nice! She seems like a kind sort, expressive and compassionate, if not much of a warrior by her own reckoning. I intend to continue to encourage her, and maybe she'll gain some confidence in herself. I hope that she and I can be friends the way I am with her elder sister.
Sparte A brave Princess. I hope to meet her again, if we both survive long enough for that.
Tabitha She tried to make me feel welcome at a big tavern gathering when I was scared. That was kind of her.
Talen Princess Echo Redrain, one of the Igniseri siblings who've fled the nest. A veritable swordmaster, if there ever was one. Also apparently a star in Isabetta's stories. Gods help her.
Thena She's certainly one to watch in terms of fighting ability, given her drive. And she genuinely seems to want to help with Gild's work.
Theo A... friend of Lys, and sister to my dear cousin Avaline apparently. It is such a small world.
Theron Redrain Princess, widowed. Carries a two-handed sword, like myself. Seems to have similar designs of getting a fancier type of blade, which I can appreciate. Perhaps I have to ask her why she wants those types specifically, sometime.
Thesarin Little thing, carries a big weapon, seems she knows how to use it. Friendly, and laughing, and young. "Not as bad as it seems"... so damned young.
Thorley Meeting her in the market, that she was willing to watch Isabetta and Elsbetta duel over the 'betta name - wisely, it was brought to a more jovial conclusion and the Princess was nice, if stoic.
Tomwell It's a rare treat to find someone who can match me at my most absurd. I'll have to find a way to meet her again.
Valery She has a big sword. Is she a fighter? But she seems nice and she likes flowers.
Vanora Princess Echo Redrain was once Lycene, and thus I think we've traits in common that could make getting to know one another useful. I hope so.
Vayne A remarkable conversation, with the Princess asking some excellent questions. I find her humble and inquisitive, which is a pair of traits I wish more people would demonstrate - myself included. I look forward to helping her understand what it means to engage her reflections in the future, if she so desires.
Vercyn A northern Princess, by marriage at least. Still, she takes well to our Northern way. It is not always bad to have some southern influences, as those who know me can attest. I look forward to seeing her on the battle field.
Victus A Princess from the North who looks ready to get right in the shit. I like that kinda look. She also liked my baby. Everyone likes my baby, but it's worth noting that she liked it too.
Violet Princess Redrain is nothing like I expected. A high-energy woman keen on martial endeavors. I've had little contact with the nobility of Redrain, but if she is any hint I hope that I meat more. Perhaps we will even spar soon. It seems she goes to the training center often enough.
Wylla A lovely kitten babysitter and a sweet young woman. She took good care of Splat before he came to me. I am absolutely willing to let her babysit him, but she seems uncertain of doing so, and I don't understand why!
Zaina For some reason, she's taken a liking to me. She's quite cheerful and outgoing.