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Redrain Open Court

House Redrain, specifically Darren will be holding open court. All citizens are invited to join.


Dec. 30, 2017, 11 a.m.

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Valerius Khanne Ailith Sparte Petal Marian Gwenna Alarissa Lydia Mia Percephon Ann Quenia Alis Lucita Wynna Morrighan Edward Edwyn Ian Valery Cristoph



Arx - Ward of House Redrain - Redrain Villa - Welcome Hall

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Gwenna has joined the Redrain Audient Hall Bench 1.

Marian has joined the Redrain Audient Hall Bench 1.

Serenity, Drysi, a young shaman apprentice, Champ, a pygmy goat of excellence arrive, following Khanne.

Alis is just there to watch the proceedings really, so her entrance is quiet as she arrives and gives a wave to the people she knows. She'll just take a seat right quick, and settle in. She brought snacks, too.

Soot, a gray foxhound puppy, Violet, a shopkeeper arrive, following Petal.

2 Igniseri scarlet phoenix guards, Philomel, the Nightingale arrive, following Lucita.

white-tailed eagle, other white-tailed eagle, 4 House Riven Soldiers, 1 Greenwood Tribe Blood Warriors arrive, following Mia.

Sparte gives a nervous smile to Ian, and a polite nod to Marian. He focuses on Alarissa a little too long to be polite before turning his attention towards the host and sticking his hands in his lap. Trying to keep his head down and just spectate.

Petal arrives while adorned in common cloth clothing. She carries her sewing basket. A hound is close to her slender legs and Violet is at her side.

Ian comes into the hall with his head down, all of his attention on his feet as he makes his careful way to the nearest bench. He settles down, keeping his cane close to him so that nobody is going to trip on it. Once sitting, he takes in the room with a sweep of his gaze, nods a greeting to Sparte, and bows his head respectfully to Alarissa.

Arriving from the Solarium, Darren's entry to the room is one of little fanfare - mostly just him, his dog, and a servant he's whispering with. He dismisses the servant as he enters, his face warming in to a smile as he sees people gathered. "Greetings all!" Darren bellows, his voice echoing in the hall. "And welcome to the villa!" Darren moves to find himself a seat, "We will begin momentarily, but I encourage you all to make yourselves comfortable and partake of Redrain hospitality while we finish gathering."

Khanne walks into the hall and waves to all those she knows, smiling at them all. Spotting Alis, she heads over that way and takes a seat beside her for now. Arranging her silk skirts around her legs, she turns to greet the petite blonde. "Hello, Alis. How are you doing today?" Looking up when Darren enters and speaks. She lifts a hand and offers him a cheery wave.

Painbow, a militant pygmy goat, Rupert, the Laurent Archivist arrive, following Cristoph.

Edwyn would be an unusual sight in House Redrain's territory, but here he is. He does not come with his family, having arrived here alone, dressed in his house's colors, simple albeit well-tailored clothing, and battered shoes. "Good evening, your highness," he greets Darren thus - and then stands by the side, poised to observe.

Mia arrived in the hall briskly but quietly -- or at least as quietly as anyone can manage when accompanied by a gaggle of guards and what looked to be, for all intents and purposes, a heavily tattooed shav'arvani that may or may not have stalked her all the way here from the forest. She offered a curtsy of greeting, then sought out a seat.

Lucita steps into the Welcome Hall, a smile given others she knows and curtsy when close enough to some of the royals. She makes her way over toward the side out of the way, gaze sweeping over the area.

Alis waves when Darren makes his entrance; of course, all he may see is the smallish hand in the air. But everyone knows that hand, right? Right. "Khanne. I'm doing well, how are you?" She proffers a smile to the shaman, making sure there's enough room beside her on the bench for the other woman. "It would figure this might be one of the only times we're able to actually talk."

Gwenna settles along the first of the rows of benches offered for the gathering, again offering polite nods of her head and a smile before straightening her leathers once seated. The smile broadens as the High Lord enters. "Your Grace," is greeted cheerfully. As more come to fill the hall, the Redrain princess apparently can not help but take an interest in them. The various animals, surely, are enough to draw anyone's attention! But especially Gwenna's. "Is that a baby goat," is wondered, her head tilting to study it even more. "So cute."

Marian is sitting on the bench, quietly chatting with Alarissa as others make their way in. She nods to friends and family as they make their way in. Keeps an eye towards Darren, ready to quiet once he starts.

Ian's electric gaze sweeps the room from time to time. He's people watching, since the meeting has yet to start.

Percephon slips in, offering cordial bows of his head toward the familiar and unfamiliar. He straightens his coat, removes his gloves, and takes a seat at the audiences benches toward the back. No intending to do anything more than listen and take notes where appropriate.

Not exactly Cristoph's stomping grounds. But no one told him that he /couldn't/ come. So here he is! He's not really near enough to greet the High Lord, but he /does/ spot Gwenna sitting on one of the benches. His smiles broadens and he finds a seat next to her. "Cousin. I haven't seen you in forever. How are you faring?" He folds his hands over onto his knee and occasionally glances towards the front.

Darren pulls a flask from his belt, uncorking it and taking a sip before he returns it and stands up, clearing his throat. "Welcome, all to my home and to this open court." Darren says, his voice carrying over the crowd in the hall. "I wish to begin with thanking you all for coming, every High Lord in this city worries that when they open their doors to the public to talk that nobody will show and they will sit alone. So thank you all for saving me from that fate." Darren grins, his blue eyes now flickering over those gathered. "Second, I wish to take this opportunity to welcome my cousin, Princess Gwenna Redrain." he motions to her, "She's recently come to Arx from Farhaven, and along with Princess Ann who some of you may already know, represents the newest Redrains to return to the city." Darren smiles, motioning towards Gwenna and pausing a moment so she can be recognized.

Petal goes to find a place to sit. She seems a little shy. When Darren introduces Gwenna, she peeks in her direction, giving the Redrain princess a smile that touches her brown eyes.

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Marian claps at the mention of the two new arrivals, giving Gwenna a welcoming smile. It's clear she's glad to have more family at the villa.

Captain Reedy, a Telmarine military aide arrives, following Corban.

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Gwenna is stil vaguely fascinated by the little goat, but Cristoph's smile tugs her attention to him. "It has been too many years, cousin," she remarks, but then hears her name mentioned by Darren. Turning, she has a faint blush and inclines her head respectfully. "Thank you, Your Grace. It's such an honor and pleasure to be here in Arx with family."

Khanne laughs and shakes her head to Alis. "Not the only time, for sure. I just returned from a trip, so... I hope to have more time." Smiling, the red head says, "I am doing very well lately. Really. There is darkness, of course, but I am making sure to enjoy the light as well, and not get so immersed in the... mmm... well, bad things." She looks up at the introduction of Gwenna and too smiles at her, waving as cheerily as she did to Darren.

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Brahm, a large iridescent plumed raven, 2 Iron Guardsmen, 3 Veteran Confessors arrive, following Morrighan.

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Sparte looks at Gwenna curiously, pulling a piece of paper from his pouch and his quill in order to jot down something.

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Alis looks up, and over, when Gwenna is introduced. "Welcome to Arx, Your Highness." she offers politely in greeting. From then her voice dips so that she can continue her quiet conversation with Khanne. And, not interrupt anything important.

Alarissa drops Redrain Audience Hall Bench 4.

Cristoph shoos the goat. "Why are you here? I left you at the gate." He hisses at the animal before sighing in exasperation. "It has been. I'm glad to see that you're in the city. When exactly will you be coming over to visit? I don't think you've met my wife." But then Darren is talking and he respectfully stops chit chatting. At least he stops /loudly/ chitchatting.

Alarissa looks to Gwen as Darren provides the introduction and as Marian claps, so does Alarissa, dipping her head to the newly arrived northern princess.

Darren moves to retake his seat, taking a moment to settle and get comfortable by lifting a leg to rest on the other knee. "I have a few things I would like to discuss, Lady Khanne I am glad to see you here," his blue eyes flicker over to the noblewoman and a smile comes to his face, "But before I get to that, does anyone have anything they wish to discuss or business with house Redrain?" Darren inquires.

Well, if polite applause was the order of the day, then polite applause there would be! Mia put her hands together a few times for the new Redrain arrivals, before finally settling down onto a bench and smoothing her skirts.

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Ian's intense gaze fixes on Darren when the High Lord starts talking, and it stays there, backed by all of his considerable ability to focus. All of his attention, honed to a point.

Having picked up on the murmuring of voices from the Servant's Hall, the Dame moseys out at a leisurely pace, somnolent eyed, gloved hand covering her mouth as she exhales a quiet yawn. Morrighan pauses just inside the entryway, lightly rubbing at an eye while her gaze slants aside to Darren, listening to the chatter ongoing for a few moments. She's not alone of course, Brahm is ever perched upon her shoulder, watching everything and anything around him - the high feathered guard. A little flicker of her fingers is giving to Darren, a small wave before she tiredly lumbers over towards one of the benches, deciding to plop herself down near Khanne.

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Petal looks back over to Gwenna. "Welcome to Arx, Princess." She says in her heavily accented voice. Her hound curls up near her feet and Violet takes a seat next to Petal.

2 Redrain novice guards, Archimedes the barn owl arrive, following Ann.

Gwenna gives a cheerful, warm smile and small dip of her head in thanks to each of those who offered welcomes and greetings. "Thank you all quite kindly." Ann's arrival leads the princess to send that particular cousin a friendly wave.

Ann enters, looking a little disheveled, like she had just woken up from a nap and was busy fastening her hair back when she stumbles into a full audience hall and winces, remembering suddenly the open court. Look at that, a savior angel in the form of Gwenna. She heads over and asks in a low voice, "I overslept, I am so sorry. What have I missed?"

Marian moves a little on the bench to make room for Ann in case she wants to sit with Gwenna. She gives the Redrain princess a little smile and tries to hide the wince from her body's movements.

Darren's expression remains a smile, waiting quietly to see if anyone had anything they wished to bring up. When nobody seems to have anything pressing, Darren continues. "Nothing?" He inquires, "Well, I shall assume then that everyone absolutely loves House Redrain and that all things are copacetic." The Redrain High Lord produces his flask once more, taking a pull from it. He notices Ann out of the corner of his eye, offering her a smile and a wink, but doesn't say anything else. His attention turns to Khanne. "My Lady Khanne," Darren asks, "Would you mind terribly if I called upon you to speak on behalf of the Northlands Development Council?" He asks.

Ian unbuttons his beat up leather coat just enough to slip something out of an inner pocket. His attention never shifts away from the High Lord. Well, and Khanne, now, if she's getting up to speak.

"Not much yet," Gwenna murmurs to Ann, making room for the other princess to join them on the bench, warm smile still in place.

Entering late, Valerius remains quiet as he steps into the welcome hall, a flask of his own waving loosely in his right hand. Catching Darren's words, he lets his gaze turn from the Prince to Khanne as he goes to settle into an empty spot on the benches.

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Khanne looks up from her quiet conversation amongst others at the bench. She wears an expression of surprise, a brief splash of color upon porcelain cheeks. She stands, running her hands briefly from hip to thigh to smooth out the silk skirts of her dress. She walks towards Darren, reaching up then to tuck some wine-red hair away from her face and into the glass and steel sprig of lavender she wears. "Um, sure... " she says with a bright smile before turning to face the audience itself. "For those I have not met or spoken with much, I am Khanne... Lady Khanne, Voice of House Halfshav, to be formal. I am the administrator for the Northlands Development Council. A small group that started not long ago. We are still solidifying ourselves as a group, but have many things in mind that will benefit all lands of the North, but also the Compact as well. We have held one event so far." At this, she smiles to Marian. "And plan another, though time has been a beast as of late for many of us. We use these events to promote our culture, our trade, and to invite a um.... better sense of understanding and weaving of our values into the tapestry of the Compact." She pauses. "Any questions?"

Marian does feel the need to stand and add, "The Northlands Development Council's next event is a brewing contest so those that wish to enter, please see myself or Lady Khanne as we finalize a date and set up a venue. Do keep in mind there will be silver for those that place well and their brew will be featured at our pub. This contest is open to all." She gives a wink to Lady Khanne and then takes her seat carefully again.

Darren looks pleased as Khanne talks, nodding his head at what she says. "And I would like to add, I think this is a very worthy effort and I am thrilled at your leadership in this matter." He pauses a moment, "But, I /do/ have a question - if I may?" Darren asks, "It is actually for the audience as a whole." Darren stands up now, a subtle if unconscious indication he is passionate about what they are discussing. "Can you all tell me what you think of when you think of House Valardin?" Darren asks, "Especially Prince Edain?" Darren asks. "Don't worry, he's not here, I won't tell him what you all say - be honest."

"Should I leave if you ask about thoughts on Prince Victus, High Lord Redrain?" Alarissa softly quips from her spot.

Alis looks up when Darren asks that, eyebrow raised. "Don't worry, I won't challenge anyone who says we eat too much bacon." she quips from her own spot at the benches.

One brow quirks up a bit higher on Gwenna's expression, the Redrain apparently weighing her thoughts. "I've not yet met His Grace, Prince Edain, Your Grace, though my mother says he is a kind leader who has a way with horses. Well, save for one." Alis' words draw a hint of a grin. "Is there such a thing as too much bacon, Your Highness?"

Sparte considers before piping up to answer. "I'd put him at a six, maybe a seven?" He turns over the piece of paper in his lap, starting to write something else.

Khanne smiles at Marian and says, "ah, yes.... I look forward to tasting all the entries." She beams a brighter smile then and turns to Darren. She nods her head and says, "ah.. thank you..." But when he mentions having a question she seems unsure if she should go sit back down or not. "Valardin? Baco-...." She stops, grinning towards Alis. "Chocolate, honey....strength, honesty... a lot of things."

"He is family to me High Lord Darren so it's probably not a fair question for me to weigh in on," Marian offers after Alis' remark, "But if you must know, he has a good heart and tries to do the right thing when presented with a problem." She flashes a smile at Alis as she adds, "A little stiff in the collar at times but I suppose that's his Valardin side showing." She gives a little chuckle and clearly expects others to way in.

Ann takes a moment to sit near Marian and Gwenna at the first table, yes and nods to Lady Khanne when she asks if there are any questions, indicating she had one but she was going to wait until Darren's question was fully addressed and answered. She offers, in regards to Edain, "High Lord Edain is an honest man. Good right to his core. Trustworthy. His very soul is resolution and strength - he would never faulter, not even til his last breath."

Valerius does very little to hide his surprise at Darren's question. One brow lifting curiously, he perks up a bit, his attention shifting back to Alarissa at her question. Regardless, the prince remains silent, his flask raised to his lips to pull from it the only immediate response. After a moment, he offers an answer, "He seems exhausting. Though that might apply more the ideals the family produces than the actions they take, as I'm afraid I haven't had the chance to spend much time with the man. Of course, I haven't had the interest either."

Ian seems to have no opinion of Edain or Valardin in general -- or at least none that he's willing to voice right at the moment. He does watch and listen, though; his alert gaze finds each speaker when they talk.

"My cousin makes no promises not to challenge for other words spoken," Edwyn somehow feels the need to add, still seated straight, turning a glance Alis's way and then looking at Darren and the rest attentively. His composure remains as such.

Appeared about to speak -- her lips had parted, after all -- but it was to someone among the little group she was seated with. At Darren's question, she fell silent, her dark brows arching instead.

"Precisely, Princess Gwenna. I would venture to say 'too much bacon' is nearly an epithet in the Oathlands." Alis quips back, with a smile full of humor. She hooks her arm with Edwyn's there, and grins at him before murmuring something quietly to her cousin. And then, back up. "You are all far too kind." Well, except Valerius. But his remark makes her bite back a bit of a laugh. Exhausting ideals, indeed!

"YES!" Darren declares and points right at Alis, "Bacon!" Darren says, "The other thing? Maple. Syrup, candy," he makes a face of disgust, "I even heard of a maple cordial?" Darren grins to Alarissa, "I won't ask about Prince Victus, don't worry. I want to keep it civil." he offers her a wink, before turning back to Khanne. "Edain and Valardin as a whole have done a really good job of being known for some of their most profitable economic products." Darren moves back to his seat, "Ask anyone in this city where to get the best bacon, and they will all answer the same thing. Sanctum." Darren motions to Khanne, "I want to challenge the Development Council to find such things for the families in the North, our whiskey or our metals or whatever... and help us all make them synonimous with our families."

"Empathetic, understanding. Honorable, modest, and expressive. He is the standard example of the Oathlands ideal of what it means to be chivalrous," Percephon responds with a rather untroubled confidence. "Also, sometimes, a dork. But - really - that's /me/ saying that."

"Yes, that's all certainly exhausting," Valerius offers quietly once more, his head shaking a bit as he takes another drink from his flask.

"Furs and leathers," Marian has to add as a member of the Northlands Development Council, "You won't find none finer and with winter coming..." She gives a teasing glances to members of the other houses, "It might be good to stock up."

Gwenna's lips form an 'O' shape, which goes perfectly with the drawn-out 'oooooh' sound that escapes audibly from it. "Bears! Though I imagine they are not technically a profitable economic resource," she admits. "Well, their fur, but indeed. Surely we have delicacies that are as tempting as bacon."

"Really, if I want quality leather, it's to the Northlands that I look." Alarissa offers up. "High Grace is having a new set of armor made for me, and he has procured the leathers from the north." In agreement with marian.

Khanne peers at Darren and asks, "are we not already known for our whiskeys? I thought we were... However, challenge accepted." She nods to Marian. "Yes, all things warm come from the North. Luxurious furs and woolen weavings. Like we exhibited and sold at our previous event. Everything sold very well.... especially the whiskeys."

"Far be it for me to be stuck on food items." Alis again, from the second set of benches. "But you probably want something that people are going to look to need, and often. Leathers and fur are good in the winter. And for armor. But that isn't necessarily something you will have to replace with great frequency. What foods do you eat regularly up there? Perhaps a venison jerky of some kind? Something that will hold, in the North. Make it gourmet. Make variations."

Cristoph will raise his hand for this, nodding along to Alis. "Consumables. Whiskey is good. What kind of animals are you getting your food from? Cows? Goats? Cheese. I'd look into developing more of that. Folks love cheese. You have a shorter growing season, but you could grow your own variety of grapes for wine, fortify it with sugar and sell ice wines."

Khanne receives a note from Drysi. "Oh.. pardon. Seems there is a bit of business I have to address." She starts heading out, but as she walks says, "please, seek me out later. There are many of you I want and -need- to talk to!"

"The Oathlands is not terribly known for their alcohol, unfortunately," says Edwyn, having smiled back previously at his cousin Alis hooking his arm, but his focus has drifted anew to the topic at hand. He nods in agreement, but as his clear blues pass between various faces, he deigns to suggest, "If I may - we are of higher status in the peerage and are thinking more of luxurious foodstuffs and consumables - which, of course, are important as well - but I think in the longer term, staples such as Oathland grains are equally important."

"Yes yes, we all know Prince Edain is honorable and modest, and sober." Darren sighs, "Painfully sober sometimes." Darren grins, "And let it be known, I am envious if the Prince of Sanctum and his bacon. Not so much the maple." Amused by this, Darren moves to sit back down. "And I agree, I think fine Northlands leather is a good start." Darren says, "But I challenge us all to find something unique, something you can only find in the northlands. I know we can do it." He lifts a finger, "Oh, besides snow. I already explained to my dear wife why snow isn't our primary export." As the ideas keep rolling in, Darren looks pleased. "I appreciate all of these ideas," his eyes flicker over to Khanne, "Looks like we've got some research to do." he winks.

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Sparte finishes whatever he is writing. He looks it over thoughtfully, making a few corrections, then lowers it to turn his attention to other things. He seems to be over his nervousness, maybe it was the writing exercise that helped. "I do have a request, if I may. For the development council to consider."

Cristoph casts a curious look to Edwyn, "I have some mead back at my estate if you think the Oathlands aren't producing well known and exceptional alcoholic drinks. And cheese doesn't have to be gourmet, precisely. Plenty of commoners have cheese as a staple part of their diet."

"We have not yet shown Princess Donella the fine art of snow forts and snowball fights, have we." Alis mourns. "I will attempt to remedy this before the winter is over."

"As much as I'd love to see her in a snowball fight," Valerius offers aside to Alis with a hand outstretched, palm out, "I don't know how well that would go over with Donella. You might have to sneak it up on her--and should you do that, please let me know so I can watch."

Darren watches as Khanne leaves to get started, pleased. He motions to Sparte, "Lady Khanne had to leave, but I am sure Princess Marian would be happy to bring your ideas to the council. What do you wish them to consider?" He inquires, turning his eyes to Alis. "Not a proper snowball fight, no. I've dumped snow down the front of her clothing a few times..." Darren admits with a boyish grin.

Ian clears his throat. "When I used to sail up north, there was a snow flavored with syrup that they'd sell on the coast. I used to look forward to it." A pause. "I was pretty young at the time, though.

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"You are correct, my lord, and I apologize for not mentioning the mead," Edwyn concedes to Cristoph quietly, rising halfway from his bench to bow towards the Duke. Reseating himself neatly, he does, however, reason : "It is not often, however, the first thing that the folk of other fealties turn to, if you do not mind my saying so."

Quenia enters into the villa, more than a bit late for open court. But, she at least makes it. Spying her cousin among the various benches, she makes her way there and takes a seat near to Lucita.

Alis laughs outright, at both Valerius and Darren's responses to a snowball fight. "I suspect, should I manage to surprise her with snow down the back of her clothing... that I would find piles of hard tack delivered to our doorstep in lieu of food supplies for a week. I am not sure I want to risk that."

Sparte dips his head to Darren politely before looking to Marian as he speaks. "I would like to see maps made. Not the sort you use to navigate, but of where animals and plants may be found. So that if there is a disease or misfortune that causes, say, all of the rabbits in a particular forest to be wiped out... We might know where else those rabbits could be found, and take appropriate measures. Or if, for instance, a particular plant used for medicine is learned to only grow in one place we could start making efforts to grow it elsewhere. I believe that information would be helpful to all of the compact, and also to the society of explorers. He sometimes find notes and catalogues that mention animals or plants no longer found, and this may clear up some of those mysteries."

Lucita looks up from her quiet spoken conversation with others at the bench on which she sits to nod to Quenia, a smile of welcome given her.

"I've had your snowballs Alis. But I've come to know the Princess Consort of Redrain. You'd be surprised, you migght find a snowball or two your way as well." Alarissa looks to Sparte's request, easing off the snowball train and then to Marian.

2 Nightgold Guards arrives, following Lydia.

Alis flashes a dimple filled smile towards Alarissa. "I have no doubt. Princess Donella is a formidable woman, who has surprised me more then once already."

Darren taps the arm of his chair a few times, pondering what Sparte says. "That's a very good idea, I would think." he turns his eyes towards Marian, lifting his flask to his lips. "What do you think?" he inquires, "Makes sense to me."

Wynna quietly makes her way in, looking around for the nearest and least-occupied bench to settle onto.

Gwenna is both amused and interested by the various remarks offered, to judge by her rather open expressions. Sparte's, however, lead the princess to purse her lips in thought for a few minutes. "I do remember having snow with different syrups one them. The orange was always my favorite, though I couldn't stand the purple. They /say/ it was grape flavored, but it really just was not."

Her eyes dart to Sparte and her dark eyebrows lift a little. "That is a very good idea. I have an invested interest in botanics myself. Especially medicinal ones so I would be very eger to help." Ann offers to Marian and Sparte both, nodding her head.

Marian offers the newcomer a place to sit at the bench since she hasn't met Wynna before. Her movement is a bit stiff because she's injured but if the woman is looking for an invite, it's there.

Ian lowers his voice and adds something to Gwenna, probably on the subject of flavored snow.

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Wynna goes to sit there, because she's not quite so stupid as to decline a lady-of-mean's invitation. She offers a small smile aside, otherwise looking about the Hall at all the various faces.

Lydia hangs against the wall, listening as she arrives mid-audience and doing her best not to disrupt things.

"I believe Princess Ann just volunteered to look in to the feasibility of your idea." Darren tells Sparte, his blue eyes flickering over to his cousin with a grin. "Thank you, Bookworm." he says, using her nickname. "Will you let us know if it's possible and it is something the council will look in to?" I mean, what good is family if you can't press-gang them in to service?

"Absolutely Prince Darren. You, Princess Marian, and Lady Khanne will have reports on your desk in the following week." Ann nods to Sparte, indicating they have something of an appointment now.

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Mia looked up from her conversation amongst the benches, lashes fluttering a few times as she tracked the progress of the suggestion on the floor. Eventually, her eyes landed on Ann. "My husband's people are a forest people, Your Highness, and know the lands around the Twainfort and parts of Deepwood quite well. I can make arrangements for one of them to speak to you about the flora and fauna of the March, if you'd like."

Sparte inclines his head in a thankful gesture, folding up the piece of paper he was holding and slipping it into a pouch. He then slides back in his seat, returning to quiet observation.

Chip, a small mouse, Boots arrive, following Valery.

Darren stretches in his seat, "Well," Darren declares, "I am really glad you all came out today. I wasn't sure if we'd have much to discuss," Darren notes, "But it sounds like we got some good out of this." he motions to those gathered. "Does anyone else have anything they wish to bring up for discussion?" He asks, his hand waving around a bit. "We've got a lot of people here with different backgrounds and skills. Might be a good opportunity to get advice and opinions from people you normally wouldn't."

Quiet as her mice, Valery arrives to the Villa and moves near a wall to listen to those gathered there.

Sombra arrives, following Edward.

Lydia, a late arrival and standing along the wall herself, offers Valery a smile and a leaning spot by her side.

Edward slips in, far later than he wished, and moves off to the side to find a place to prop up and watch the proceedings.

"Thank you Countess Riven, that would be wonderful. Perhaps I should meet with you both very soon." Ann nods to Mia and settles back down into her seat. Until Darren offers something up for discussion. "I do have something to offer up for discussion, Your Grace. It may be trivial but," She gives a little gesture, "Would it be possible to start actively stocking the Redrain Villa with books? The bookstores in town have dried up and I can't get my hands on anything... I believe Grayson has an extensive library... I'm /terribly/ jealous, Your Grace."

Lydia quietly waves to Edward from the wall, too. The more the merrier.

Wynna looks around the room briefly at those speaking louder than usual, her posture straight and formal as she folds her hands in her lap.

Alis rises from the bench at that, inclining her head towards those she's familiar with and those she just met. "I'm glad to have been here. But, I should take my leave. Thank you, Your Grace, for holding the Open Court." To Darren, she dips her head in a more formal manner. "I hope to spend some time getting to know more of you soon." And then she disappears. Which is easy, cause she's so damn short.

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Sir Rhys, a Valardin Knight leaves, following Alis.

"I'm just here to see my wonderful family," Valerius offers with a bright grin and a raise of his flask--the action barely managing to stifle a yawn that'd started brewing, "I'm glad to see the meeting was a success."

Cristoph goes back and forth between being quiet and being useful, occasionally useful. "Princess Ann, we recently hosted a book fair and swapping event at the Laurent Manse. I somehow ended up with more books than I started with." He seems puzzled at just how such a thing happened. "If you'd like to come by sometime or send a scribe to work on copies, my home is open to you."

Lydia adds, "I'm happy to help with literary efforts as well, Princess Ann."

With his cousin gone, Edwyn too slowly rises to stand, a contemplative look upon his face. "My lords, my ladies," he bids generally, and then he slips from the gathering. It's a little harder for him, being normal sized.

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Valery smiles lightly to Lydia, offering a polite nod and accepting the spot. She glances at Ann and murmurs. "I have a couple of books..."

"I think it's possible you are one of, if not the, first Redrain Princess to ask for a library." Darren tells Ann, with a smile. "But, given how you have immediately dedicated yourself to serving the family and all those who pledge to house Redrain, I can't see why you'd be denied this." Darren says, looking to those who speak up. "And it seems you are in good company in your love of the written word." Darren turns his attention to Ann, "Let's do it." He decides, offering a raised hand to those as they depart.

Wynna speaks at length at her bench for a few moments before perking up and glancing around at the mention of a library.

"They don't call me the Princess Bookworm for nothing, Your Grace." Ann offers with a big smile and bows her head respectfully, "Thank you. I think I'm out of suggestions, however."

Edward smiles hearing the request by the Princess. He shifts then moving to slip around the crowd to go see if there room near Marian.

"Well then!" Darren says, his voice raising now to cut over the quiet din of conversation in the room. "If nobody has anything else, I'll declare this open court officially over?" He inquires, looking across those gathered for any last minute items.

Gwenna perks up at the mention of library and can not help but chuckle at Ann's remarks. "A library where people could recant tales among the books might be a wonderful addition. A gathering place as well as one for studying and recording."

Marian has none so she nods to Darren when he mentions that he's closing Open Court. She has been chatting with Wynna so she got a little lost on what was being discussed on the floor.

Sparte is sitting quiet and behaving. Really.

Wynna stands, bowing low towards Darren. "If I might beg a moment to make a request of all members of the peerage present, your highness? A request seemingly made in welcome company for matters academic, as this one is."

Valery looks at Darren. But just looking probably doesn't work and she eventually murmurs. "I... I would like to remind people about the garden and the school..."

Mia's entire being brightened at the mention of a new library -- and given the usual watchful expression of her nigh-black eyes, it was quite a change, that. "That sounds lovely," she breathes. "I've been slowly but meticulously piecing together a collection myself, and would be very happy to contribute a copy of the tale of the Twins; I believe the only one in Arx is currently sitting in my study."

"Absolutely," Darren motions to both Wynna and Valery. "Please, the floor is yours."

Wynna inclines her head. "You honor me, your highness, thank you."

Dame Marra, a limping fennec fox arrives, following Ailith.

Wynna clears her throat, eyeballing the rest of the room from her position near the first bench. "Well met to you all, I am Wynna Blackwing, at your combined service, a budding scholar of Vellichor. As you must all be aware, the stores of information on hand at the Great Archive, while highly appreciative in what it can offer, is incomplete due to theft and general mishap. I would seek to correct this with time, but to do so the Scholars must first reach out to the Peerage and any-and-all amateur history keepers to expand their general stores of documents, records and sources that we might study to quill these new historical references."

Gwenna sits up a bit straighter, her attention now fully on Wynna as the scholar addresses the court at large.

Ian shifts the full force of his gaze, and all of his attention, to Wynna.

Wynna swivels her head about briefly. "To boot, I am requesting that, should any of you have any clout with your own family's records, libraries, and documentation, that you make the effort to peruse them - or have your servants do so - and forward copies of what you find to the Great Archive. For now, I am seeking out references to the Kinsbane War, some two hundred years, give or take, following the initial signing of the Compact. That time period is my focus, and should constitute the focus of your search, should you wish to help."

Sparte glances over to Wynna, listening curiously to what she has to say.

Wynna bows briefly. "Should any of you wish to lend your support for this, please do let me know presently so I might keep my records of those who assisted in order."

Lydia nods and gives Wynna a wave, wordlessly promising access to any archives Nightgold may possess on the matter.

Wynna finishes with, "With any luck, I shall have newly quilled historical references ready soon enough for you all to add to your own libraries concerning this old conflict."

Valery stays quiet against the wall, looking down and hugging her basket.

Marian gives a smile and nods as Wynna presents her needs.

The Palace Seraph arrives ever so quietly as to not intrude or interrupt the current speaker. Ailith glances about the Great Hall for a place to stand, striding over to linger beside Valery. A smile is given to the basket carrying woman before the Seraph regards Wynna, listening to the request.

"I can see about getting you in contact with my cousin Jasher," Valerius offers up to Wynna from his spot on the bench, a hand gesturing idly to the eastern wall, "I don't believe he's in Arx at the moment, but I'll send word. I'd say you're correct in stating the importance of this, and he's certainly the best read when it comes to my family." He pauses, repeating more to himself than anyone else, "Wynna Blackwing, shouldn't be a problem."

"A very large undertaking." Darren tells Wynna, "But a very worthy one as well. Thank you for speaking, I can assure you anything my family can do to support, we will offer it gladly. The North may not have the same extensive records that some of the other houses will have," Darren notes, "But I am sure we can provide whatever we may have."

Edward leans against the wall as he watches Wynna. He gives a nod and then he looks around to see the other's reactions. He shifts on his feet and then stills again while he watches.

Wynna bows once more towards Darren. "Again, you honor me greatly with your support, and the support towards the respect of our shared history. I thank you, and any of those who approach me to assist in this endeavor." She sits once more.

Darren motions to Valery, smiling. "And Valery, did you wish to remind people of the garden and school?" he asks, curiously.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Marian before departing.

Sparte's eyes went wide at some point during what Wynna was saying, and he got a Cheshire sort of grin to his face. The grin hasn't faded, and he looks awfully... Smug about something.

Gwenna nods along with the others and smiles at the offers to Wynna for help. "I am unsure exactly how I might be able to personally aide, but if there is something in particular I /could/ do, Mistress Wynna, I will be happy to do so. Stories and tales of history are a bit of a love of mine. This importance that goes with this makes it of all the more import." She smiles and then her attention turns next to Valery.

Wynna bows her head towards Gwenna. "Even politely asking a servant or historian of your House to assist might help me, my lady."

Valery nods, straightening quickly and moving away from the wall. Just a step. She nods again. "Just... just to remind people that the garden is open to visits and... and if anyone wants to make any event there, it's open to events too... I mean... maybe tell me first so I'll keep the children away... but feel free to ask and visit..." She moves a bit on place, hugging the basket. "And so many people wanted to help with the school that I have a couple of groups so... if anyone else wants to help... The thing is, if people with gardens wants to collaborate, if they take in one orphan, or two, take care of them and all, and hire them to work in their garden, I'll teach them in the school, gardening, and maybe some basis of alchemy and healing..."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Ian before departing.

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Lydia smiles, stepping aside a little and giving Valery a little more space to make her appeal while staying close for support.

Mia nodded sharply to Wynna, "I've had the archivists at the Twainfort reviewing our records already, in search of some other content. I'll see what may be done about the... Kinsbane Wars, as well."

Valery adds. "Oh, and... and the smoke bombs. I can make them normal smoke or red, that hurt in the eyes, if anyone needs some for anything, just tell me and I can prepare a few..."

Wynna eyes Mia, tilting her head briefly before merely nodding in her direction. "You honor me, my lady, with your assistance on this matter. And I hasten to remind that my gratitude for those who help will be enormous. I can more or less promise a copy of my eventual work on the Kinsbane Wars period to any of the peerage who request it."

Marian recieves a messenger and steps aside to take it. She moves off to reply and steps out of the Open Court. She does make a point of giving her goodbyes to those there as she makes her way out.

Marian is overheard praising Darren for: For hosting a great Open Court

Gwenna blinks and has a smile broadening along her mouth at Valery's words. "I've actually been doing the preliminary plannings for a small snowball slash bonfire event, Mistress Valery, though am unsure if that might be too dangerous around the garden? I wouldn't want anything harmed. Perhaps we can figure something out and even have it help the children somehow? Make it a charitable event as well? Something we could maybe discuss later, should you think it have potential."

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Wynna is overheard praising Darren for: Hosting an admirable assemblage (and giving me a rapt audience).

Petal is overheard praising Darren for: So welcoming a High Lord

Darren bows his head to Valery, "Well done, and as always I genuinely appreciate your efforts. Thank you." Darren stands up at this, lifting a hand. "Again, I wish to thank you all for your presence here today. You've all done me a great honor giving House Redrain your time today. Please, be safe in your journey home." And with that, he looks to Ann and motions back towards the Great Hall.

A messenger comes with a note for Ian. He reads it, nods, and braces himself on his cane to rise. Head down, watching his own steps, he heads out.

Lydia is overheard praising Darren for: As handsome as he is wise.

Sparte is overheard praising Darren for: Such an excellent sketch subject

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