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Inquisition Q&A

In an effort to be more transparent with the shift in Inquisition Leadership, High Inquisitor Alistair is going to be hosting a Q&A session where citizens of the Compact can pose questions and receive appropriate answers. The High Inquisitor's ability to comment on active investigations is limited. If any have business with the High Inquisitor directly they may also come and he will meet with them after the meeting. Additionally if any criminals wish to step forward and to confess to a crime, or if concerned citizens wish to inform on criminal acts, the High Inquisitor will hear these and the cooperation will be noted. Any confessed crimes will be refered to the courts for a proper trial.


July 23, 2017, 8 p.m.

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Cambria Hana Calaudrin Abbas(RIP) Aleksei Merek Belladonna Orazio(RIP) Eirene Mira Magpie Alaric Aislin Shard Aureth



Arx - Ward of the Compact - The Inquest

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I am not quite sure what to make of the Inquisition's public question and answer forum. It seems to be the thing people are doing these days, and I think that is great, however it seems I walked in when certain matters were discussed which upset a Legate. While I can see issue with certain knowledge being shared, there is some that should be shared if for the protection of others. That said, my main concern was answered, and it seems that the Inquisition and Iron Guard will be keeping together with their old cooperation, and with the recent changes of leadership, this will hopefully make things much easier on the Compact.

Mira Matessi, dressed in black and red is lingering near the edges of the green. The Lawyer of Merchant Road's fox-red hair is worn loose over her shoulders, and two fluffed bangs arch above golden glasses. Her wool coat is buttoned close over waist and stomach, while the long tail flares out over her hips, coming to a stop near her shins. It's hard to tell what she has on underneath, though black leggings are briefly visible through the gap of her coat when she moves, and a pair of black gloves disappear into the fur-lined cuffs. A long hood lays over her back, fur-lined, volumous, and unused.

Heavily bundled up against the cold and with a fairly sizable retinue, Belladonna's steps slow as she gets closer to where people are assembling. When she notes the presence of the King's Own she is prompt to reach up and shove her hood back from her face. She turns to murmur something to the closest of her guards (the one with the fancy tabard), and her men move to find places to watch without hovering. She spends a moment looking over those present, then moves to find somewhere to stand off by herself, hands folding together within her robe. For all that the weather is TERRIBLE (it isn't summer, see), she is for once not looking _too_ miserable. So far, she is managing to avoid being a Setarcan popsicle. Aida trails along after her, nearby without actually standing close enough for conversation.

Some sort of tentacle horror arrives on the scene. The red exotic mask is pulled from the face of Abbas and he exhales and hands it to one of the reavers that accompany him. The Warlord of Thrax wears a leather curiass with a squid on it and his alaricite axe hangs from his belt. He orders his reavers to one side in an out of the way place as he comes to observe. He joins them silently and dark eyes move around to discern the occupants.

Alaric acknowledges all the saluting with a regal wave of his hand so everybody isn't kowtowing while he chats up Alistair. "The King's Own have my personal security well in hand I'm sure, High Inquisitor. But if you'd like to bring some more Confessors out to handle the crowds, that's a wise idea," he declares supportively. Crowd sizes are probably going over initial expectations now that the King has arrived. A few more quiet words follow, and then the King moves away from the lectern to join the audience.

Shard arrives alone, looking sour and uncomfortable--nothing unusual for her. Her eyes are faintly narrowed as she moves to join the others gathering.

Mira doesn't immediately recognize the significance of the King's Own. She's rarely ever even seen them. So when she overhears the murmurings of others, Mira tilts her head a bit, regarding some man with long gold hair who seems to be rather important for some reason. Frowning a bit as she watches Alaric move and talk, the pieces suddenly snap together and the curvy, bookish woman suddenly gasps, eyes wide, arching a touch at the shock of realization. The /King Himself/ is present for this event.

Cambria arrives, dressed sombrely. The Marquessa does not attempt to fight the crowd in order to get closer to the front. Rather, she remains towards the back, gloved hands clasped behind her as she looks over the gathering.

Whatever conversation Alaric and Alistair have ends as quickly as it started, the Prodigal watching the King depart to take a seat amongst the crowd, though with a swam of Kings Own to make it clear who is here. The rest of the crowd is given a rather flat stare, and if the man has a fear of public speaking... well... it doesn't manifest itself today. He steps forward to the lectern, which he uses to keep hold of several documents. He speaks quietly with a Confessor, and those who have the proper eye can see more then a few of the Inquisitorial soldiers about the crowd. "As I announced, this is a moment for the public to pose questions to the Crown's Inquisitorial Order. The death of Shreve Tyde for treason brings with it new leadership to our order, and with it a new approach to maintaining justice in the Compact. My capability to comment on ongoing investigations, such as the death of Lady Juliet Fidante is limited. Keep that in mind if you desire such answers." And with that... Alistair goes quiet, waiting for someone to dare raise their hand.

Vladimir arrives, following Hana.

Orazio catches sight of Aureth in the rear of the crowd, and lifts an inviting hand to wave Aureth towards him, if the Archlector likes. Otherwise, there are smiles and nods for the people he recognizes, and deeper nod for Alistair when he emerges. Since the floor has been opened, after the High Inquisitor speaks, he does say, "Has there been a formal change in policy regarding the detention and demise of individuals in Inquisitorial care? What can we expect, should charges be laid on someone?"

Magpie Grayhope turns to look around the crowd again as it keeps growing, throwing a wave and a cheerful grin to Aureth, and another to Orazio. Then he watches Abbas very intently for a long few moments before his attention goes back to the front, blue eyes flicking between the king and the High Inquisitor. Suddenly, he crouches down, rifling through a bag that's hanging from his belt beneath his cloak for a moment before standing again, smiling. And then, Magpie will raise his hand, having a question as well but he'll wait for Orazio.

Keso, a street urchin, Peanut, an oversized mastiff arrive, following Aleksei.

Eirene's face screws up at mention of Juliet but the woman stays quiet. Her blue eyes seem focused on the King instead, curiously observing how he interacts since it's been rare he's seen out of the palace.

Belladonna settles herself into a seat, adjusting her dress and robe just so. Her attention wanders over the gathering, taking in the questioners just as much as Alistair's answers, the reactions people have to those answers. She does do her best to avoid staring at the King, though he certainly gets a curious look or two. She can't quite help it. No hand-lifting or question calling from her, though.

Aureth tips his fingers in a little wave in Magpie's direction, favoring him with a wink, and then tucks his arms into a loose fold across his chest. He does not immediately raise his hand, chewing something or other over in the back of his mind. He definitely has been giving Alaric and his train some curious sideglances, not at his most subtle.

Hana settles in at the back of the crowd, looking uneasy but curious. Perhaps that's not surprising; after all, the Inquisition is not a well-loved institution. Still, she offers a bit of a smile and a friendly wave to her father Aureth, and to Aleksei, and to Magpie.

Shard crosses her arms over her chest. While her eyes flick toward Orazio at his question, her attention is quite clearly reserved for the man leading the event, and she studies what she can see of him with considerable care.

Abbas raises his hand. Dundunndunnn.

Aleksei slips in, his expression somewhere between wary and curious. He considers the gathered crowd, offering quick smiles to those he knows, and manages to catch Orazio's question. He lingers near the back, standing, but listens curiously for the answer.

Of course one of the Sentinel's own is the first to speak up, Alistair turns to regard Orazio. "Those charged with crimes will continue through the court system as is tradition for the charges to be determined and finalized. Currently there is a review of any and all inmates of the Panopticon to determine if their imprisonment is proper. Those who are deemed to have been wrongly imprisoned will be released to the charge of their family or to the house they have sworn Fealty. Additionally, thirteen Inquisitors have been charged with forcing improper confessions. Such practices will no longer be tolerated. In relation to that I now vindicate Gerry Taken for the death of the Ttnner Malavant, as his confession was forced by Shreve Tyde, and his death was an injustice." Alistair then turns his gaze to those who have raised their hands... acknowledging them one after another and giving them time to ask their questions.

Eirene folds her arm over her chest and props her elbow on the hand so she can tap a finger freely against her lips. Her sharp blue eyes shift from the royal section towards the Inquisitors as they answer various things.

Orazio inclines his head to Alistair. "Thank you, High Inquisitor. To address injustice is difficult, but necessary. I appreciate your candor."

Mira's hips shift aside under her coat, and she clasps her hands together below the waist at the answer to the first question. She seems a little pleased, but also a little ambivalent about the response. Her head slightly ducked down, doing little to stand out, she seems a bit nervous, as well.

Alaric heads back to his royal section, then with typical Alaric spontaneity decides being walled off in the royal section is no place for a King of the people and since Eirene is neither asking a question nor hiding in the back to his observation he detours over to chat her up. The King's Own, having expected something like this, begin smoothly reorienting their deployment after dispatching a pair of personal guards to follow the King.

Shard's eyebrows lift just a little. She rubs faintly at her jaw, and for a moment, her gaze goes to those around her, before returning to Alistair.

"With the failures of the past and allowing someone so evil and vile to infiltrate the Inquisition..." Abbas begins with a cant of his head, "What have you done to ensure that we do not find ourselves fighting trying to defend the King from demons and failures of judgment, process, and the dangers that we face?" He inquires, "I ask, because Shreve posed a very dangerous threat to us all. And we were very close to suffering a terrible fate at his hands. And such an event cannot be allowed or tolerated to happen again. Demons were in the palace. Demons." He answers, "And we trusted the Inquisition to be above such failures and good people died as a result."

Magpie will speak up, asking smoothly, "Two questions. Have you done any number collecting on the ratio of nobility against commoners that have actually been guilty versus being arrested and questioned unfairly? And.. might I give you a small gift I brought for you, Inquisitor? I think you'll like it." The Grayhope waits patiently, not about to approach without permission.

Eirene's seen! And she's actually surprised, for all of a moment. Abbas mentioning demons draws her gaze away. But the royal visit draws another polite bow from her. "Your majesty. Honestly didn't think I'd see you out here. You're looking well," she says as she looks him over, a bit more closely now.

"Good people died, including those who loyally served the Inquisition," Aureth points out with particular blandness in his voice, studying his nails for a beat and then flicking a hard, pale look in Abbas's direction. "Like my disciple, who has been interred at the Hall of Heroes for his service on that day."

Belladonna remains quiet, looking to those who ask their questions and then to Alistair for his answers, her expression one of mild, well ccontained curiosity and interest. She's listening!

Aleksei's gaze swings over to Alaric when Eirene goes all YOUR MAJESTY with him, perhaps belatedly noticing the contingent of KING'S OWN he naturally came with. His eyes go a little wide, and then he shuffles over to Orazio to settle in next to him and obnoxiously hiss a whisper under his breath

Orazio gives a sidelong look towards the King and Eirene, his expression thoughtful and his eyes narrowed slightly.

Cambria is content to watch and listen, though for the time being she does not appear to be someone with a pressing question.

Eirene shakes her head politely in reply to something and makes a comment back. See, she can be polite when necessary.

Magpie is given answer first, "Such statistics, if they exist, are not known to me. Shreve Tyde and those within his inner circle, and their minions, utilized their positions to obtain wealth and power. It is not out of the realm of possibility that they would abuse their station to exploit nobility, giving them leinency of freedom in exchange for favors or coin. Which one of common blood could not as easily provide. As for any gifts... I do not believe now is the proper time..." he remarks with a stare at Magpie before he glances to Abbas and turns his attention to him.

"Ignorance is what allowed the evil that was Shreve Tyde to infiltrate the Inquisition. But this ignorance does not rest at any one person's or one organization's feet. It is ignorance of our civilization. I hope in the coming days the Compact will educate itself on the realities of this world. Shreve and his ilk exploited our ignorance and our fear of the unknown. As you learned demons can be killed, and are not to be feared. To that end myself, Master of Questions and our newly returned monarch... will strive to keep our order pure and our purpose clear. To those who find an unnatural fear overcome them because of a shadow of the night, who ponder the possibility of a horror lurking in hearth or home, or suspect that there are those who consort with beings who mean us nothing but suffering and harm... the Inquisition will hear your worries and will deal with them if need be. The days of laughing and mocking the superstitious are /done/."

Hana looks openly shocked at /Abbas/ being the one to protest the death of innocents; the young weaponsmith tries but, regrettably, does not succeed at concealing her apparent confusion. She does rather determinedly keep her mouth /shut/, however.

There's a frown from Orazio. "/All/ superstitions, High Inquisitor? Surely such a policy risks going too far in the other direction, and stokes fear without understanding."

Rising to her feet, Belladonna adjusts her robe just so, then turns to gesture her dark haired companion over. A few quiet words are spoken, and Aida finds somewhere to linger while Belladonna makes to head back away from the House of Questions, her guard moving to follow her.

Mira's hands move to clasp at the small of her back, and she taps the toe of one of her shoes against the ground thoughtfully. Twisting back and forth very slowly, the redhead frowns a bit as she listens to the responses.

Magpie nods quietly as Alistair replies, looking surprised by the thorough response he gets. When the man shuts down the question about the gift and gives him that stare, the Grayhope just smiles in return though does look disappointed. He starts to raise his hand again, but stops and listens as Orazio asks his counterpoint question.

"Part of my role as Chief Physician is to separate fact from fiction. I trust we'll continue to work together for this," Eirene says, glancing away from the King. "How best do we dessimnate information, as to what we know is truth and what's a fu--- damn story." Her eyes shift to the monarch beside her as she starts to curse. Again.

Alaric chats quietly with Eirene, observing Alistair field the questions. If Eirene's word choices bother him, it's certainly not showing.

The Warlord of Thrax listens to the answer and nods his head slightly. An arch of the devil's brow occurs as Orazio counters with something he was about to and so he shuts his mouth. The axe wielding Reaver Prince is used to stares and the like. And Abbas is no doubt familiar with his reputation so he takes it in stride, "I pray for the Compact that the Inquisition gets it together and does not bungle matters so terribly again." He answers, "I wish you the best in your endeavors and my military will assist wherever it can." With that Abbas goes to take a seat and observe the rest of the event.

"I'm pretty sure demons are still to be feared even if we can kill them," Aureth says. His fingertips touch a point over his ribs where he was once impaled. He snorts a little, and then says, "Well, now that we have heard from the resident expert on the brutal murder of innocents with respect to the risk of /bungling things/," with a jerk of his neatly bearded chin in Abbas's direction, "I do have a question. Do witchery and abyssal consort remain the sole province of the Inquisition and not the Crown Court?"

Aleksei eyes Alaric and Eirene curiously, stifling a sudden, snorfling laugh at something Orazio says quietly to him. He turns his attention to Abbas, the reaction fading with a faint, darkened frown, and then his gaze snaps back to Aureth. The threat of a smile twitches on his lips again.

Orazio turns his head to frown at Aureth. "Blessed Aureth," is all he says, although his disapproval is clear.

"If there is to be fear, Legate, it will be fear because we understand. If one is to fear a hordeling or a wraith, they will fear it because it has teeth and claws and wishes to end them. Not simply because it is a creature of darkness. If you worry for the spread of Atheism, our order was once led by one of the Sentinel, these notions will be properly handled. Though I question anyone who could think such after the feats of the Paladins." The prodigal gives the holy man an answer, glancing once more to Abbas. "Do not be so quick to heap blame upon our order, Prince Abbas /Thrax/ for the evils of Shreve /Tyde/." Alistair is being diplomatic in the way he does not elaborate, but enough emphasis is given to the right surnames that this is not a subject that Abbas wishes to press.

"As to the question of separating crimes of the supernatural from that of the mundane, the Crown Court will handle matters of the mundane, and the Inquisition and appropriate organizations and holy groups will handle issues touched by the infernal."

Magpie chews on his lower lip, face more serious now as he listens to more of the conversation. Then he seems to run out of patience and as soon as there's a break he'll thrust his hand up and ask another question, "What about recourse for commoners that suffer from overzealous Inquisition presence. We had your people at the Murder of Crows for days on end, which severely impacted business for that entire street. I believe my family was entirely cooperative to everything that was asked, I know I personally was happy to answer questions and show the room in question and such... but, we never even got word back on anything. No compensation for lost business. We never even got any answers. I understand some things are kept confidential, but, will commoners have any way to make up lost revenue in situations like that?"

Disappointment is a brief flutter across her face, but it's there. Belladonna looks over those assembled, particularly the ones who have been speaking, and then she's continuing on her way with her guards.

6 Pravus Honor Guard, Aida leave, following Belladonna.

A flat expression meets Aureth's dig. Abbas sits and makes no reaction nor indulged the man. Although when Alistair brings up the name Tyde he cants his head slightly and gives a disappointed shake of his head. But he does not bite here either, nor lose his temper, he simply nods and even smiles a bit. Quiet.

Aleksei jerks a bit straighter when Alistair brings up the Paladins. "Wait, what? I didn't do anything," he says instinctively.

Aureth checked composure + etiquette at difficulty 15, rolling 37 higher.

"Was /once/ being the operative word, High Inquisitor. The Inquisition has little institutional claim to the Sentinel's guidance in these days. The Faith is, however, open to a cooperative relationship in the future with the Inquisition, so long as the abuses of the pass do not repeat themselves, and the Inquisition does not overstep its bounds," Orazio says, solemnly. He glances to one side at Aleksei, and huffs. "Blessed Aleksei." This is more exasperated than disapproving.

Aureth turns his pale gaze to Orazio. His eyebrows flick up. He does not look particularly quelled. "I see," he answers Alistair mildly. His eyes flick to Aleksei. He somehow, somehow keeps his face straight. "Then of those prisoners who are taken to the House of Questions to be investigated for abyssal consort; what can they expect, since the Crown's interdiction does not apply? Will their treatment differ, particularly?"

The Malvici woman calls out towards Aleksei, "He's using you to prove a point about the power of the Gods, dumbass." She snorts in amusement, blue eyes rolling a little. Oh wait. King. Her gaze shifts back and she murmurs what may be an apology for the language.

Aneka, 3 Iron Guardsmen, Meeka arrive, following Merek.

"There will be no compensation Magpie Grayhope, unless one of our agents broke or stole something that belonged to you, less you would have the business of maintaining order and justice wait for properly negotations for compensation and the like to be concluded? What you propose would grind our operations to a standstill as we deal with every person, commoner or noble, who we have to intrude upon when investigating matters. This is the price one pays for the safety of civilization. Or would you prefer that the Iron Guard and Confessors miss catching a thief who has stolen your daily earnings, because they must stop and treat with every shop keep and citizen they cross paths with?" At least he answers Magpie! Kind of...

"And is once more. I have never hid my faith to the Sentinel. And the Master of Questions has never hid his faith to Lagoma. You will find our order will cooperate with those of the Faith as need be. There is naught I can do but offer my word, less you have devised some ritual ... or writ ... to be bind us to our word." Alistair remarks with a sharp eye to Orazio. "As to those who are charged with some crime of abyssal consortion or workings of infernal magics, if the facts of the situation do not require they be executed on the spot..." he faces Aureth, "The Inquisition has not yet devised what procedure will be taken to deal with them. It has been quite some time since the prospect of dealing with a true witch has not been met with laughs."

    Merek steps into the area and hears what all is being said, seeming curious about the subject matter at hand. He pulls his cloak to him, his hood up, and the waves of umbra on his garments making him look very masked in the black! He settles around and listens.

"I'm certain that your word is sufficient, High Inquisitor," Orazio says, with a frown at the Inquisitor's quip. HARUMPH. But at least he doesn't have any more questions, for the moment. That's a win!

Mira raises her hand, "If the Inquisition finds itself in need of assistance in dealing with matters of renumeration and compensation, the Matessi Law Firm would be happy to help you shoulder the load." She ticks off on her gloved fingers, "We offer accounting, auditing, scribing, and we can even negotiate for you."

"You could offer returning the Inquisition to the discipleship of the Sentinel," Aleksei suggests. Casually. Innocently.

Orazio shifts in place. "/Blessed Aleksei/," he says, sharp and now entirely disapproving.

Eirene bows her head to the King, murmuring softly as she rests her hand over her heart. A solemn conversation even if her eyes shift.

Magpie frowns, appearing antsy about the answer given, and he shifts uncomfortably, looking back at the Faith group that are grilling the man. He must be full of questions, because he asks another, "Is there any policy in place to give a family notification if a loved one is suspected of crimes?"

Cambria raises her hand and asks, "Just who will be educating the populace in regards to these...hordelings and wraiths that you made mention of?" She pauses, as if to better organize her thoughts. "As I am recently arrived to the capital, so I must admit to be rather...ignorant of much of this demonic talk, beyond what I have been able to glean through white journals and the like. Are there to be public classes, of a sort?"

Aleksei is more easily cowed by Orazio than Aureth is. He shoots Orazio a hurt, innocent look, but sinks back in his seat with shoulders hunched.

Hana makes a noise of quiet dismay at the idea of classes about demons.

Orazio does not make noises, but his expression of disapproval is, in a way, loud enough to shout.

Merek checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 8 higher.

"The Inquisition has its own lawyers. But if a citizen of the Compact wishes to engage your services in speaking with us, we will not balk." Yes he just told Magpie to have his lawyer contact the Inquisition. He might get farther with that! Maybe Mira will get some business.

To Aleksei he just stares, "I believe you are making that suggestion to the wrong person, as this is the Crown's Inquisitorial Order." And Alistair is not about to make any comment on stripping power from the Crown.

Back to Magpie. "There is not and there will not be. Such a policy would give a suspected criminal an attempt to flee justice. Again a price of civilization."

Then to the new face, Cambria, "At this time no such... education is planned." But he clearly entertains the idea. "I suggest you speak with one who has fought in the recent siege. You will learn much." A glance given to Orazio, "And I would not want you blind sided by ignorance."

Eirene says, "I mean, that stuff is crazy. I understand it and yet I don't. And I've killed a damn hoardling." She looks at Cambria and says, flatly, "It's a big ugly melted candle of monstrosities... "But it's not a bad idea to give basic education, above and beyond what I've already announced to the public in the past."

Orazio checked composure at difficulty 20, rolling 6 lower.

    Merek, even from his place, can almost /hear/ Orazio's expression at what was said verbally. He begins to look around a bit to spot where the withering gaze hence has come, even if he seems personally unaffected. He nudges someone, "This is tense," he states. Then he looks to Cambria as he waddles that way, "I can speak with you later if you like, I was at the siege," he offers on the tail of the Inquisitor's words. He does however add in, "However, certain demonic information is not safe for the public to know. Someone aspiring to summon them could easily use such information," he ponders to the Inquisitor. Not pointing fingers, but offering it as a general relativity sort of thing, "Depending what folk are being told."

Magpie grimaces, "Ah, I meant more, if they've been arrested and locked up, would the family be given notification rather than left to worry about where the person disappeared? Given all the weird disappearances and unexpected deaths that have been going on around the city..." He clarifies, then falls quiet as people talk about demon education, then glances towards Alistair again, "Are you sure you don't want that gift?" It's asked a bit quieter, not meant to carry terribly far as the Grayhope is towards the front.

Hana slips away from the crowd, back to her shop.

Vladimir leaves, following Hana.

3 Iron Guardsmen arrives, following Calaudrin.

"It is a terrible idea," Orazio says, sharply. "Furthermore, theological instruction is not now, nor ever will be, the place of the Inquisition. I realize that we haven't quite managed to murder /enough/ innocents by foolishly making public announcements about things we know little about, but I did not expect the Physicians Guild and the Inquisition to both express interest in increasing the body count. Not enough dead royal messengers for you? Not enough--" he bites off, shakes his head, and turns to stalk away, his expression filled with scathing contempt.

"Depending on the circumstances of their crime, yes they will be given a chance to inform their family." Alistair remarks and gives a look at Magpie, he then nods to one of his Confessors, who will accept the gift or stabbing, as required. "I am not one to accept gifts..." He adds. Gifts, feelings of love, feelings of hatred. Really it seems like nothing effects this man, even exploding holy peoples. He stares as Orazio departs and then looks to the crowd, "This is the last chance for questions." he remarks.

Mira's eyebrows shoot up as Orazio suddenly unloads on the Inquisitor, and she remains utterly silent as the Legate stalks away. Watching him go with just her eyes, she simply nods to Alistair and ducks her head a bit, to indicate she heard his response.

Calaudrin arrives late to the party, just in time to hear Orazio's minor-rage out and pass him as he goes by. He attempts to reach for his arm, concern on his face. But the man is gone too swiftly for him to stop him. He frowns after him before turning around to scan the reactions of the others and then drift into the crowd.

Eirene folds her arms over her chest and rolls her eyes. "Usually it's me stalking off over some damn fool thing he says. And what's the problem in telling people how to defend themselves? Or how to best kill the monsters that were at our gate?"

Shard stares after Orazio, decidedly surprised by that exit. She turns her attention to the front again, but it's clear she's been shaken out of any lethargy by the unexpected departure.

Cambria gives an incline of her head to Alistair, saying her thanks. When the Legate of Concepts begins to walk away, however, the Marquessa looks decidedly chagrined. Wringing her hands, she says, "I am...sorry if that was the inappropriate thing to say."

Magpie seems satisfied, nodding at the answer. Then he grins when Alistair sends a confessor over. He pulls out two figurines, carved of wood and entirely not for stabbing anything. He murmurs that one is for Alistair and the other to go to Alaric, because it's the *king*.

Magpie gets High Inquisitor Alistair Figurine from Highway Robbery Stock.

Alistair checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 2 higher.

"Perhaps," she says to Merek, "It wouldn't be a bad idea if I could speak with both yourself and the Shield. You are both veterans of the siege, after all."

Abbas is overheard praising Alistair for: For standing up in the face of contempt at times. At least there is that.

6 Thrax Guards leaves, following Abbas.

The Confessor who takes the figurine, a big Thraxian bastard and former reaver, eyes the carving and then turns to present it to Alistair. Alistair blinks and stares at the gift, taking a moment to run a finger over the inscription. He pauses for a moment... but alas this does not break the veil that would make Sentinel proud. Magpie does get an acknowledgement tho, a slight nod of the Inquisitor's head.

    "... Well that was, a bit unexpected," Merek mentions, looking to Orazio moving on, then he looks to Cambria who he offered to share war experiences with and shrugs a bit, then he looks over to Alistair. "I have a question as an Officer of the Guard," he offers up, "With the new changes from the Inquisition, will you all still be working closely with us on criminal matters and over-taking them as needed? And are there any plans of change between the current cooperation between our two organizations in service to the Crown?" He seems curious more than all else, tilting his head from side to side.

Aleksei's brows snap upwards at Orazio's outburst, and he likewise stares a bit at his exit. His gaze slides back to the rest of the crowd, exhaling a little bit of a sigh.

"There is no plans to change the current organization between the Iron Guard or the Inquisition. We are both necessary and important parts to keeping order within the City of Arx and the Compact as a whole. I plan to speak with your Lord Commander, and having our Confessors and your Guardsmen intermingle more so that we can better operate together."

Merek offers a flashed smile towards Alistair and gives him a thumbs up on the news. Afterwards he adjusts his cloak once more, and then seems to mull over his thoughts, seeming to have nothing else to add. He nods to Cambria at her words from a moment ago.

2 Grayson Guardsmen, 2 Armed Confessors, Confessor Warren arrive, following Tikva.

Alaric smiles somewhat sadly at Eirene and seems about to reply, except that one of the King's Own has apparently passed to him with a small figurine that resembles Alistair. "I'm sorry, but do you know what this is?" He shows it to Eirene, then turns it over in his hands and reads the base, murmuring to himself, "Hero of Arx." He glances back to Eirene. "It's complimentary, whatever it is," he observes.

2 Grayson Guardsmen, 2 Armed Confessors, Confessor Warren leave, following Tikva.

Calaudrin squints a bit in Merek's direction before shifting to lean his weight onto one leg. His arms are folded over his chest as he allows what remaining questions to filter into his ears. There's a mild frown at Magpie for gifting people things. His attention eventually shifts towards the exit where it seems to linger for a while.

Seeing as the gathering appeared to be drawing to a close, Cambria moves to depart, though not before telling Merek she would be in touch later.

Willen, 2 Armed Confessors arrive, following Aislin.

Magpie just smiles in satisfaction as Alistair takes the item and looks it over. Then he glances towards the king with some curiosity, smiling when the man actually looks at the item. Then he steps back, moving towards the back of the crowd and perhaps planning to depart. He does stop briefly though to give Aureth a quick squeeze of a hug, then moves on to leave.

"A collector's set, Majesty," Eirene replies with a laugh. "That guy," she says of Magpie, "sells figures of people who did famous shit-- stuff during the Siege. People try to collect them all for their amusement. Sir Armell has like a whole damn set on his desk."

Alistair checked composure at difficulty 20, rolling 2 higher.

Aislin slips out of the Inquest, but doesn't stop for the question session; she turns to the southwest and sets off once more.

Willen, 2 Armed Confessors leave, following Aislin.

Aureth tousles Magpie's hair before he can escape, like an obnoxious person. His smile is crooked. "Armel signed mine of him," he announces, helpfully.

One of the Confessors murmurs to Alistair about the King handling one of the Figurines of his likeness. Alistair stares for a moment. The Prodigal doesn't seem like he would do well with being so immortalized... but he makes no comment.

"No one's ever asked /me/ to sign one," Aleksei says, somewhat disappointed now.

Shard watches as people begin to leave, although she, herself, stays put for the moment, arms still crossed over her chest.

Mira comments quietly to Aleksei, hands behind her back, "Well, I didn't want to be rude, but I think that would be wonderful."

Merek is overheard praising Alistair for: Wonderfully informative gathering!

Merek is overheard praising Alaric for: Long live the King!

"You don't say. Enterprising -and- patriotic," Alaric observes approvingly at Eirene's explanation, turning the figurine back right side up and comparing it with the original at the lectern. "Well, perhaps I'll have a present for the Grandmaster when I meet him, then." He glances back to Eirene. "But if he's a real collector, he'll probably already have one of these by then, won't he."

Zavi leaves, following Magpie.

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