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Malvici/Redrain Wedding Reception

A celebration of the union of Prince Anze Redrain and Lady General Calypso Malvici. Southport Square has been spared no expense to accommodate any and all in the city who wish to come and celebrate. Drinks, dancing and a new tradition! A Horse Race will be held in the square - the winner of which gets to decide the couple's honeymoon location. Come dressed in your best, or ready to ride for the honor of choosing the location for the newly wed couple.


July 21, 2017, 10 p.m.

Hosted By

Calypso Anze(RIP)


Melinda Aleksei Marian Artorius Waldemai Ailith Khanne Kieran Fergus(RIP) Pepper Orazio(RIP) Estaban(RIP) Alis Reese Asger(RIP) Donella Saedrus Dafne Antonio



Arx - Ward of the Lyceum - Southport Square

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Comments and Log

Kieran was totally at the wedding proper. He was just sitting quietly, for once, in the back. Being in the back, he was also able to slip out early and make his way to the party first to grab himself a glass or three of whiskey before the mad rush. When Calypso and Anze rush by, he lifts his glass to them, "Congratulations." Then, when others start to arrive, he notes, "Lady Calypso said they would be right back."

A carriage brings the Legate to the Square, but after he descends both it and its Templar escort are dismissed to enjoy the party, leaving Orazio on his own as he starts to stroll the reception in his formal robes. He practically glows, and definitely gleams. He smiles at Kieran. "That's not suspicious at all," he says, oh so solemnly.

Donella settles down once again, a soft curve to her lips. "I hope not right, right back."

Alis finds a seat near Donella so the two can continue talking, and finds herself giggling at the Thraxian's quip. "Not even going to comment." Nope, not her.

Saedrus arrives to the square with Aleksei beside him. It's autumn and Saed is a truly blooded Lycene, which means, he's freezing. Which explains why the Whisper has his thick white fur cloak draped languid and loose over the crook of his elbows to hug beneath his shoulders; just beneath he wears a robe of blue seasilk and sandals (totally appropriate when cold). Long white hair is pulled up half up with an ornate steel pin, and he leans close to Aleksei's side to speak quietly to him briefly.

Marian arrives from the wedding ceremony with Fergus on her arm, the duo looking like happy newlyweds themselves as they make their way in. When offered a drink from one of the servers, she declines, quietly asking for some tea to settle her stomach. She looks up at her husband and smiles, "So love...are you up for dancing tonight?"

Anze arrives, following Calypso.

Waldemai cheers for the newlyweds. "Huzzah!"

Kieran looks to Orazio and gives a dip of his head in greeting. "Likely sealing the agreement properly." He chuckles then, nodding in agreement to Donella. Then as The newlyweds arrive again, he lifts his glass once more, joining in the cheer.

A vigirous jaunt of a walk finally brings Ailith to the reception proper. One may assume the robed individual has never seen such festivities given how her eyes actively dart from here and there. Far too many sights to take in. But once Orazio crosses her view, the Seraph opts to beeline in his direction, weaving to avoid knocking into other guests or interrupting.

Donella blink-blinks innocently. "Well the horses hate it when you rush them out of the stall, you know..."

Orazio laughs at Kieran's words. "Well, I wish them the best with it." He smiles and waves to Saedrus and Aleksei, nods to the others he knows...and then Ailith is beelining towards him, so he turns to her with a warm smile. "Seraph Ailith, it is good to see you! Come to wish the happy couple the best?"

Fergus is trying to not be grumpy and dour, but that is his default setting in life. To say he 'looks' happy would be a stretch, but maybe that's something only Marian can really tell. Any offers for his wife to drink are batted away, or he just drinks it for her. Because he's a damn gentleman. "So long as you ain't fucking making me exhaust myself again like you did at our wedding."

Asger is standing around rather out of the way of the hustle and bustle of the reception, the Duke having procured one of the bottles of whiskey from the table and is occupying his altogether far too surly self with drinking.

Melinda enters the reception on Artorius's arm beaming as she follows him along. She moves a bit to place her gift on the table for the Bride and she whispers over to her companion.

"Right? They get all huffy about having to go find somewhere else to mill around for awhile." Alis apparently agrees with Donella, with an eye-roll to cap it off even. "Smile, Ferg!" See, she flashes the dimpled smile to remind him how.

Estaban ocmes walking into the square he is in his good clothing that means his nice laced green leather pants his nice black leather boots, a nice white silk shirt with a green jacket over that his sword is now hung at his side. He has a smirk on his face and he heads in the direction of Orazio.

It must be a party, because for once Dafne is not wearing black. She arrives with all due ceremony on the very long walk from--well, basically next door. She glances over the crowd, tossing a quick smile at Legate Orazio, and settles in.

Stormy, a silvery gray hunting hound, 1 Grayson Guardsmen, Peaches, a lovely white war filly with a peach saddle, Justice, an elegant hunting falcon, Baby Badger arrive, following Reese.

1 Grayson Guardsmen have been dismissed.

Justice, an elegant hunting falcon have been dismissed.

Peaches, a lovely white war filly with a peach saddle have been dismissed.

Baby Badger have been dismissed.

Stormy, a silvery gray hunting hound have been dismissed.

Reese drops a twilight blue wooden chest engraved with a swan.

Reese drops a wooden oak chest with a howling wolf.

Aleksei is looking remarkably fancy and very aware of the fact. But not in a preening, vain sort of way -- well, there's a little of that -- but in a slightly baffled sort of way, like he doesn't even know what to do with the clothes he's ended up in. He tips his head to listen to whatever Saedrus murmurs to him and replies in a louder voice, "Well, at least my ass looks good." And he is, indeed, wearing kidskin leather pants of a rather snug nature -- the kind that are totally impractical as armor but absolutely appropriate for parties. He also wears a soft linen shirt of pale gold and a silk waistcoat of midnight blue. Where did he even get these clothes. He does offer a quick, warm smile to Orazio when he looks their way.

Calypso steps out of the Malvici Hall Courtyard with Anze's hand in hers. The pair of them seem to be all smiles and grins. When she sees the gathering of familuar faces she speaks up. "Thank you everyone for joining us to celebrate our wedding. Please eat, drink and be merry. We'll start the horse race in a little while."

((Page Calypso if you intend to join the race! Starting a spreadsheet))

Reese arrives to the reception while adorned in pink silks and carrying to chests that seem to be presents. She has a smile of greeting for all gathered here.

Artorius walks in with a wide smile as the Lady Melinda joins him on his arm. He looks over at her when she whispers to him and chuckles a little, nodding a few times before whispering back to her, walking her now to a table.

Marian smiles over at Alis, "Oh he's smiling on the inside." She kisses her husband softly again and then shakes her head when someone offers her a chance to do a horse race. She looks at her husband to see if he wants to do it.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Calypso before departing.

Anze is grinning ear to ear when he steps into the grounds with Calypso "aye there everyone." Anze says happily "I'd like to add an addendum to Calypso's announcement, one of you puts me on a boat for our honeymoon, I'll tie yah to a tree an leave yah there" Anze says happily.

Gino, a surly sailor arrives, following Antonio.

Donella is merry! She is! Just sedate. Like she has a lot of things happening behind her eyes. "Define boat..." she calls out, picking up a glass of something dark.

Saedrus dips his head, potentially covering a laugh that only ends up with the Whisper smiling brightly when he looks back up after Aleksei's super good, whispering skills. "Quite," Saed sighs out. Evergreens catch sight of Orazio and the wave, which he bows elegantly to from afar leaning in close his attention turned up to Calypso and Anze. When a server passes he takes up a wine, lifting the glass to the newlyweds with a smile. "She looks stunning, yes?" he comments to Aleksei regarding the bride. Dafne is seen, a smile and bow of Saedrus' head in her direction; Donella too and Reese when he spies them.

Khanne had arrived into the square rather quietly. She's not done well with crowds as of late, still, she wouldn't miss the celebration of Calypso and Anze's wedding for the world. She took a bit more care with her appearance today, dark blue gown of silk with trailing ivy details, her hair twisted up all fancy and held in place by painted hair sticks. She makes her way first over to the offerings of drink, sure to find some whiskey about... it is Anze after all. There is whiskey, right? When Calypso speaks, she turns to look at the newly married couple. She smiles, then gives some applause to the couple. "Congratulations you two!" Whiskey... where's the whiskey....

"It would be rude to do otherwise, Legate Orazio," chortles Ailith, a warm smile now shone. "The ceremony must have faired well judging by the jovality." She checks out the others arriving, applauding when the couple returns, then smiling back at Orazio. A nod is, too, given to the man, Kieran, next to him before she notices a sigil. A bow is then added. "I hope I wasn't interupting."

Calypso smirks at Anze. "I was absolutely promised at least one boat ride from you." She reminds him. And at Melinda's gift Calypso inclines her head gently. "Thank you, Lady Grimhall. You are very generous. I understand you and I will be having a more personal chat soon. I look forward to it."

Kieran looks to Donella, "I say we just throw him in the water without anything. He didn't say anything about not doing that." As sign-ups start for horse racing, the prince makes his way over to put his name in.

"Yeah, I'm just all fucking daisies and sunlight. It's damn sickening." Fergus grunts blithely. Deep down, Marian is likely right. But smile? No, the bearish man does not do that, even if he's humored by his sister-in-law's attempt at getting him to do so. A glance back at Marian. "Eh, wouldn't feel right doing it without you. So if you're not keen on it, I'll pass."

Meeka arrives, delivering a message to Reese before departing.

Anze snags himself a glass of whiskey as soon as possible and grins at DOnella "if it goes in tha water to float round in? Thats a boat." He snorts and rolls his eyes at Kieran "wouldn't be much of a honeymoon, but I suppose I'd give it a try."

Prince Antonio Velenosa arrived, surprisingly by his lonesome. He does seem to be in good mode as he takes in the scene and festivities.

Orazio chuckles. "Weddings rarely go badly, I find, particularly with such charming families involved," he says, with a bow towards the newly wed couple as they emerge. "Not interrupting at all. Prince Kieran Redrain, allow me to introduce the Seraph Ailith, who provides spiritual guidance to the Palace." He notes Estaban approaching. "Ah, and Lord Estaban Saik, of the Saikland Greens. Lord Estaban, it is good to see you."

Asger points his bottle towards Anze, "Telling the man, you do that now and you'll be creating an international incident." deciding that the bottle is pointing in the wrong direction, Asger brings it up to take a swig from it "I thought about attempting to get a horse so I could compete and put you on a lovely boat off the coast during the stormy season."

Alis is definitely going to sign up for that riding race. "Stop giving us ideas, Anze. You just make us want to put you on a boat -more- when you get all snarly about it." she chides, apparently in good spirits. She's apparently sticking to tea if she's going to be on a horse.

Reese smiles warmly over to Saedrus, seemingly happy to see him. "Soft Whisper Saedrus." She murmurs softly. She peeks over the party and has smiles for so many people. Estaban and Orazio get a wave and so does Aleksei. She tries to locate the newly wed couple and her blue eyes brighten.

Marian lightly touches her stomach and tells her husband, "Just a little off..." She makes it clear she's okay, just not up to riding. She looks surprised when Alis says she's riding but doesn't interfere. She gently nudges him, "If you want to ride, I'm fine. You don't have to stay by my side all night."

Donella smiles broadly and raises her cup to Kieran, and waves her free hand to Saedrus, to indicate he may have her seat. She, in her trousers and coat, is standing up. "I put this good gentlemans oils in the water to float around in, but they are not boats, not a one."

Kieran waves off Asger, "Anze already has plenty of experience with international incidents. He should be fine." Then his attention turns to Ailith as she is introduced to him by Orazio, "Prince Kieran of Redrain, Master of Revels to the Crown, at your service." He gives a flourishing bow, before adding, "A pleasure to met you, Seraph "

Calypso grins at Anze. "I think they all like to watch you suffer." She spots Khanne in the crowd and gives a gentle incline of her head at the well wishes. "Thank you. I'm glad you could come celebrate with us, Lady Khanne."

"Boats are terrible," Aleksei says in general agreement with those in the crowd who are on the anti-boat side. And then his expression brightens. "Ooh! Horse race." He beelines promptly for the sign-up list, which may or may not mean abandoning poor Saedrus. Depends on how quick he is to follow.

Dafnegives a small dip of her head in greeting toward Saedrus, and a little wave toward Reese as they arrive. As the sign-ups for the horse race announced, the little duchess seems about to wave it off--and then suddenly she laughs, and whispers to one of her assistants before heading over to sign up.

Melinda smiles to Calypso and she nods her head, her fingers shift around Art's arm 'yes but today is your day, and I hope you enjoy it.' she looks to Arty, "Are you racing?" she asks him, 'or shall we find a spot to watch/"

Anze sighs and shakes his head at Calypso "so mean to me. They all must be related to you." He grins a little at Aleksei "see, this one knows" He drains the glass of whiskey and gets it filled again as quick as possible "but enough bout f'an boats, I'm tha happiest man in tha whole f'an world. Lets drink!"

Estaban grins moving over to Orazio moving to clasp the man on the arm ina greeting, "It is good to see you Legate Oransio." he looks to Kieran, "and you as well Prince Kieran." he grins at the man, "I was starting to think I may get a stern at the end of that ceremony." he smirks there is a teasing glint in his eyes.

Donella says, "Most Aleksei, you hurt my heart!" She thrusts a hand to the place, pained. "How can you all so dislike watercraft? Mangata beckons with her cool, silver draped arms, and bids you come to her with whispered words against your skin, and you deny her?"

"I know." Fergus states to Marian, picking up a random drink from a passing platter, and keeping it out of sniffing distance from Marian. For her own sake. Learned that the smell of the stuff right now does sit well with her.

Artorius smiles to Melinda "Sad to say, I'm not too good a rider to be racing with the best of them. I would suggest finding a great spot to watch." he looks to Calypso, waving at her and smiling from ear to ear before walking Melinda to some hopefully good seats after snagging a thing of whiskey.


Orazio snorts at Estaban as he returns the clasp. "Relax, in the list of most inappropriate outbursts at a wedding, it didn't even come in the top ten. Actually, everyone was - for the most part - surprisingly well-behaved." Clearly, the Legate approves. He glances towards the signups, but makes no move towards the horse race himself.

Calypso comments aside to Donella when she hears the Princess' words. "Your Highness, I really don't know what the fuss is over the boats. Being on the sea is liberating. I have such fond memories of watching the sun dip behind the edge of the world off the bow of a boat." She sips some of her whiskey. "They don't know what they are missing."

"Tha only lady I want to whisper words against my skin I just married, so aye, gonna have to deny her that one." Anze says with a laugh to Donella as he takes a more practical sip this time. "Asger, you wound me, I thought for sure you'd keep me on land."

A blink, and Aleksei is gone-- to sign up for a horse race. Evergreens widen a little and the Whisper, freshly //abandoned//, moves off towards the newly weds to give his congratulations. On his way there is a chortle and smile for Donella, a graceful bow of his head, "you must insist he make it up to you and Mangata, your Highness," he suggests for Aleksei. Helping, see?

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"They make me puke my guts up!" Aleksei calls defensively over to Donella from where he signs up for the race. "Which is just about as personal an offering to Mangata as I think a person can make."

Ailith twitches her lips, a faint laugh accompanied. "There is solace and merriment in knowing that. Now I have a request of you, Legate. It may be a very heavy burden to take." Her voice lowers conspiratorially, a brief exchange with Orazio, before properly giving the others gathered nearby their due attention. "Your Highness. As the Master of Revels, how are has this reception fared?" The tall Seraph once more steps away to give further space about the Legate as more approach to greet.

"Ships are fine. Just don't puke. You do that and you're fucking golden." Fergus shrugs once, then going back to his drink.

Gino, a surly sailor leaves, following Antonio.

Asger tsks and tells Anze "Land bound honeymoons are for friends who invite each other to their weddings.....Sadly all I can do is provide you a beautiful honeymoon off the storm coast now." taking another sip from his whiskey he begins to make his way over to the table to find some food to pick at "Besides we need to get you on a boat."

Alis must be in a feisty mood to have signed up today, yes. And no longer nauseous at the drop of a hat. "I'm definitely not used to boats. But, learning. I'm learning." Perhaps a bit reluctantly, but still.

Reese looks over to Dafne and has a gentle smile of greeting for her that touches her blue eyes. "Oh, you look lovely Duchess. I like the dark blue." She murmurs. She then tries to find Calypso. "Congrats, Lady General Commander and Prince Anze." She says and then tries to locate the prince.

Orazio does not have to bend his head to listen to Ailith - the two priests stand eye to eye. But he does lean a little to catch that conspiratorial whisper. Then he chuckles, and offers her his arm. "It will be my delight, of course."

Kieran grins and gives a dip of his head to Esteban, "Your Highness. A pleasure meeting you again." His attention turns then to Ailith with a smile, "So far it is too early to say. If we end up naked, hung over, in strangers' beds, I will rate it highly."

Reese also waves to Kieran and has a cheerful smile for him.

Marian shakes her head, "I am not a fan of boats." She gives a grateful smile when he keeps his drink downwind from her. She leans against him, and just is content to listen to everyone talk around them.

Estaban grins to the Legate, "Good, if you will all excues me please I have a few people to catch up with." he bows to them and turns to head in Reese's directions, "Princess Reese." he calls over to her.

Anze gets whispered to by Calypso, and he whispers back, and to make whatever point he gives his new wife a quick kiss and a grin. "You're delightful" he says to Calypso and looks back to Reese with a smile "Aye there Reese, glad you showed up." He shakes his head to Asger "callin a place tha storm coast doesn't sound like a place I wanna visit yah know."

Donella says, "More ships for us, my dear Calypso. More ships for us. Oh, Master Saedrus, as a matter of religious devotion, I do. But another time, when I can prove how good the water and the wind can be. Though, she calls, and more than one even very happily married man and woman has been taken into her embrace. But she carries them gently."

Calypso leans in to whisper something quietly to Anze before planting a chaste kiss on his lips and dragging him away to a another little cluster of conversation around the Square. "Princess Reese. Thank you. It means a lot to me that you are here." She touches the Grayson Commander's shoulder for a moment and seeks out another familuar voice in the crowd. She spots him not far from where she stands now and steps up a little closer. "Saedrus. Had I know I only needed to throw a wedding reception to see you out and about I would have done it sooner." She teases only slightly.

Kieran looks to Reese as she waves in his direction and he lifts his glass in greeting. "Your Highness," the Kieran calls over to her.

Fergus lets Marian lean against him until he starts to guide her to a nearby bench, mostly because he's aware that she may not want to stand the entire time. "Eh, you got me on a ship. Once. That was enough to really get my fill of the whole fucking experience. Seafolk can have it."

Ailith's innocence shines as a healthy blush pinkens her cheeks. "I-er-ah-um," she fumbles for words, murmuring briefly to Orazio, before returning her gaze to Kiernan, "Your Highness, that is an unique rating. I had noticed you by the table, are you entering the horse race? It would help to size up the competition and determine odds."

To Donella, the Whisper chortles again, "you know we should have wine soon, Princess Donella, I could help think of appropriate devotions he could do to make amends. A moment," he excuses stepping off on light feet. Once Saedrus finds Calypso and Anze, or visaversa, there is a gracious bow for the both, "Lady General," he greets, terribly excited despite the tranquil grace, "and it must be Lord Anze Malvici now, your Highness?" Saed offers to Anze. "Congratulations to you both, I am sure the wedding was magnificent and, my Lady, you look magnificent." Pale cheeks blush and he glances down meekly, "I am terribly sorry for have being so absent. I would not have missed this for the world, my Lady."

Dafne's expression turns sombre for a moment. "Sylvie picked it," she tells Reese, quietly, "She always has the best of taste." She still speaks of her lost cousin in the present tense." She smiles a moment later, however, "It is good to see you, however. I've decided to ride the race, although my skills are middling. Feel free to laugh." She steps aside, and turns to the newlyweds. "Lady General, your highness--my congratulations to you both, both personally and from my house."

Marian looks up at him and murmurs, "Hmmm, do you mind if we leave a little early? I'm feeling a little off tonight." She looks up at her husband to see what he thinks about slipping away.

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Finished with signing up for the race, Aleksei slips back over to where Saedrus has ended up -- with the bride, in fact. "Hello!" he greets Calypso cheerfully. "Congratulations and all that. Saedrus brought me along. He also dressed me, so. If it's terrible, blame him."

Reese smiles when Estaban starts to draw near. "How are you, Lord Estaban?" She says in her gentle voice. "Oh, I wouldn't miss it." She adds to prince Calypso and Anze. Reese carries the chests over to some of the servants working the party and explains they are gifts. She then turns back to Dafne. "Beautiful, so richly dark and yet not quite black." Reese murmurs sounding just a bit somber herself for a second, but she smiles back to Dafne and the smile touches her blue eyes.

"I am that it seems" Anze says with a laugh to Saedrus with a lift of his glass and another strong drink "thank you for tha well wishes, its much appreciated." He turns and offers Dafne a bright grin "thank you very much, its a f'an wonderful day, an I'm happy you're here to celebrate it with us."

Orazio laughs, not unkindly, at the Seraph's blush. He guides her gently through the crowd, towards the recently wed couple, to join the line to give their respects. In the meantime, he nods to Saedrus, and Aleksei as the latter approaches. "Have you two both met Seraph Ailith? Seraph, this is the esteemed Whisper, Saedrus, and Blessed Aleksei."

Reese studies Aleksei's outfit when he explains that Saedrus dressed him and she smiles, seeming to like the outfit.

Calypso actually steps in to embrace Saedrus for a moment. Yes, an actual hug! "I am so glad you could be here. The fault is mine as well. We'll need to remedy this long absence in one another's lives soon. Preferably over wine." She grins a touch. And then Aleksei is right there to greet her! "Aleksei. You look wonderful. Silk coat and all. He does have a knack for style. And truly I'm glad you could be here." She says genuinely. "But its probably about time we get this race started." She looks to Anze for confirmation on that.

Kieran grins impishly at Ailith's blushing. "Indeed, but I have very high standards that require a unique rating system." He looks to the table and nods, "Indeed, I am. I am not one for most physical pursuits but like any proper nobleman I know how to ride."

Fergus looks down at Marian at her request. "Not feeling alright?" a frown creases across his lips, then nodding. "Yeah, we can head home if you want. Don't want you getting ill or some shit like that." he finishes his drink at that.

Donella makes multiple stabbing motions of sadness, poor island-born wench. To Saedrus, she says, "If I get to soak while I sip, I shall not be able to say no." She crosses the square towards her transportation "Horse," primly using a leng up from one of her guards to swing into the saddle, both legs on one side, knee over the pommel. She clicks her tongue for a walk-on.

Saedrus checked composure at difficulty 10, rolling 16 higher.

Marian places a hand on his shoulder, "Let's say goodbye to Azne and Calypso so they don't think we left without reason." She gives his hand a squeeze and leans into him. Sadly her stomach just isn't agreeing with her this evening. She does look tired.

People like Aleksei's outfit because Saed has /taste/ and for once Aleksei isn't arriving in /leathers/. Just saying. The Whisper looks aside to Aleksei and was probably about to say something sharp when he's hugged -- hugged! The Whisper spills into a delighted laugh and squeezes Calypso tightly. "I am so happy for you, my Lady." he says softly, stepping back to smile to Ailith and Orazio. "Seraph Ailith, an absolute pleasure to meet you and on such a lovely occasion." Saed bows politely. Shoulders straight he looks between Calypso and Anze, then Aleksei: oh goodie. Horse races.

"I have not met Seraph Ailith, its good to meet yah Seraph." Anze says happily, he glances to Aleksei and snickers "I think Calypso is gonna make Saedrus start dressin me. Suppose its my lot in life, I signed up for it eh?" He looks to Calypso then "aye, lets see where we are bein shipped off to."

Reese hears Anze's words and she looks all thoughtful. "Oh, maybe..." She says, like she is just got an idea. Her eyes brighten and everything. "Maybe you could help me find some clothing for Luca, Softest Whisper? Some time later of course."

When Calypso gives the signal, the various horses are shown to their starting positions on the race track. Two more are added to the line up and the newly wed couple stand together to talk to the gathered guests. "Now I wouldn't call this a tradition, but Anze and I wanted to have a little fun at our reception. So lets call this the first traditional Southportian Honeymoon Horse Race! The winner of this race will be picking our honeymoon location! So, be kind." She grins a touch towards Anze at that before speaking again. "And in embracing the words of -our- house, Neither by chance, Nor by fate, Anze and I will be racing as well." She grins a touch and gives his hand a squeeze before heading off to the races.

"I don't think I've ever worn silk out of the house," Aleksei admits, smoothing a hand down the waistcoat self-consciously. "I mean, I've got this robe Ainsley got me once, but that's for being lazy in at home." His expression warms with a smile when Orazio and Ailith approach. "Of course! You know, I met Seraph Ailith for the first time in the Shrine of -- Lagoma? Yeah, it was Lagoma. When I was doing my tour of the shrines before taking my vows." His head twists around when Calypso addresses the crowd. "Oop! That's my cue to go embarrass myself." He bounds off for the horses at the race track.

Waldemai cheers for the horses and riders. "Have a good race!"

"Saedrus' taste in fashion is always impeccable," Orazio says, with a smile and nod at Aleksei. "And Blessed Aleksei, you do look quite striking." He laughs as Saedrus quickly gets interest from other potential fashion consultants. To Calypso and Anze, he bows. "It is always the best of weddings when the two to be joined have genuine love for each other, and your affection shines through. It was an honor to officiate." And then he looks to Saedrus and Ailith. "Any interest in standing together to watch the races? We could grab a decent seat, I think."

Melinda smiles as she talks to Art at the seats, she looks in Khanne's direction and murmurs a little more, nodding her head.

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Estaban leans in to whisoer something to Reese as he stands near her.

Ailith is not as graceful as many a noble present, but height has its benefits to slip comfortable through crowds. Still, she slightly tightens her grip on Orazio's arm. A word or two exchange in lower tones before she's before the silk n' leather duo. "A pleasure to meet, Whisper Saedrus, and to meet again under better circumstances, Blessed Aleksei." The address of another distracts her enough to look toward Anze and what appears as the bride at his side. "Congratulations to you, both. May you both weather any challenges faced with unions and you be blessed with happiness and joy."

Artorius seems to be murmering a few things to Melinda before Calypso gives the signal and speaks loud enough to get his attention "May the best win! Neither by chance or Fate!" he cheers

"Our house indeed. More than happy to put those words into practice." Anze says as he squeezes Calypso's hand one more time and heads towards his own horse.

Reese glances off toward the races as they get started, seemingly interested in such. She then leans into Estaban, listening to his his whispered words.

"Would that be so terrible?" Saedrus asks Anze, and probably the gathered guests as a whole. He has fabulous taste! As Donella passes, mounted, Saed steps clear out of the path a touch closer to Orazio, "a soak amidst sipping would be most appropriate, Princess Donella." he assures. Another step away -- now probably behind Orazio, "Oh, yes that would be lovely. Somewhere, away, yes?" he asks of standing to watch the races.

The big Redrain Sword gives a single nod. "Alright. Let's go then. Figure they'll fucking survive without us." Fergus grunts, leading Marian over to Calypso and Anze before they head out and the newlyweds get all busy. "Just figure we should say congratulations an all that shit while we can." And then it looks like they're about to get started. He rolls a shoulder in a shrug. "Eh, let'em have their fun. They'll understand if we gotta duck out earlier, Mari."

Alis spies Marian and Fergus leaving, and sends off a message to them before turning to hear what Calypso is saying about the race. "Making new traditions is an excellent way to start your wedded life." she decides, heading for her own horse so she can giddyup... so to speak.

Dafne has her own horse brought for the race; a tall blood bay stallion some may recognize as the late Duke Valkieri's former charger. Dafne stands on her tip toes and brings the horse's head down clorse to her; the stallion is dubious about this. "Now, listen, Temperance," the duchess murmurs. "No tossing me today. We've come to a truce, right? I am not your former master, but I will always do right by you." That said, she rubs his forehead, and then accepts a leg up from her guard and nudges him into a walk. She has no compunction about riding astride, even in a party dress.

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((We're going to take the best total score out of 5 laps! Feel free to pose between laps, I'll call them out! Go ahead with the first check! - @check dexterity + ride at 15 ))

Kieran makes his way over to where the horses wait and hands his glass to a servant, before taking the reins and hopping up a saddle. "Traditions are always good, especially ones you start.". With a click of hos tongue, his horse walks slowly towards the starting line.

Anze checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 15, rolling 39 higher.

Reese is overheard praising Calypso for: One of the most badass and lovely bribes ever.

Alis checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 15, rolling 25 higher.

Aleksei checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 15, rolling 18 higher.

Kieran checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 15, rolling 11 higher.

Donella checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 15, rolling 24 higher.

Saedrus has joined the A Saik Crest Bench.

Calypso checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 15, rolling 24 higher.

Reese is overheard praising Anze for: He is one of the most lucky princes ever.

Ailith has joined the A Saik Crest Bench.

Dafne checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 15, rolling 4 lower.

Reese excitedly cheers. "Duchess Dafne, zoom past them all!" She cries out apparently picking a favorite in the race.

Ender, a Silver Gyrfalcon, Ursa leave, following Marian.

Ulf, Marian leave, following Fergus.

Anze snaps into a sudden lead when the race starts, he really doesn't want to be stuck in the water it seems like! He's not an expert rider, but, well, he hasn't fallen off yet at the very least.

Once greetings are done, Orazio wanders over to the Saik bench, claiming it by right of blood if not current fealty. Drinks are also snagged for himself and - if they like - Ailith and Saedrus. There, he engages in quiet conversation with them.

Calypso lifts up her flowing skirt and hops on to her war horse, ready to hunker down and take this seriously. The first lap seems to go well enough! But whoa does Azne know how to ride!

Artorius walks with Melinda over on to Khanne, smiling to her "Lady Khanne. If I may, I would like to introduce you to the Lady Melinda Grimhall. She would like to have a word or two with you if you would indulge us."

Alis is neck and neck with a few others, but... can see the backside of Anze's horse and that just won't do. "I'm gonna catch up to you, Meatball!" she taunts. This is just what they do.

Kieran is trailing the pack it seems. He probably shouldn't have had those three whiskeys before attempting to race horses.

Reese takes a perching on the giant skull. She arranges her silk skirts to the fan around her and watches the race with intense interest.

Aleksei easily mounts what must be a Malvici-owned horse provided for the race, but he seems comfortable enough in the saddle. Maybe not as comfortable as he looks with a sword in his hand, but he's an Oathlander, after all, and he definitely looks like he knows how to ride. And he does pretty decently on this first lap, ending up somewhere in the middle -- ish.

It might be worth noting that Valkieri's horse is, in fact, _not_ named Temperance. His name is _Tempest_. Calling him Temperance was an old family joke that only Dafne remembers. He takes exception to this, snorting, and doing his best to run sideways instead of forward. He's side eying Dafne, too. Horses can see everywhere except directly in front and directly behind, so he's capable of side eying his rider.

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((Lap 2 - @check dexterity + ride at 15 ))

Donella wiggles her fingers at her guards, and at the last possible moment, swings her dominant leg over the withers of Horse. They take off at a healthy clip, a stride or two behind Alis. "Hey Princess," she calls. "Make them spend their honeymoon horseback, on a ship! He looks comfy enough!" But the wind snatches at her words, and she is happy enough to gallop along, off her seat, and leaned forward into Mangata's breath.

Alis checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 15, rolling 42 higher.

Kieran checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 15, rolling 11 higher.

Calypso checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 15, rolling 11 higher.

Dafne checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 15, rolling 0 higher.

Donella checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 15, rolling 10 higher.

Aleksei checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 15, rolling 29 higher.

Anze checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 15, rolling 1 higher.

Waldemai is genuinely impressed as a tiny princess rockets ahead. "You go, your highness!"

Estaban looks at her cup is empty how can you toast if your cup is empty! "GO LADY GENERAL CALYPSO!" yeah cause well he cheers his favorite General on!

Reese watches the event quietly for a bit and then slips off for some reason or another, maybe she drank too much wine or something.

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Alis definitely waves cheerfully at pseudo-bro Anze when she and her horsey pass on by. "I'm liking that idea, Donella!" Not that the other princess can hear her. in part because she is trying to flattern herself as close to the horse as possible. Wind shear, or something. And she's damn short. So apparently it works. For at least one lap.

To be fair, Horse is not a young colt anymore. Its kindof laughable, really. But Donella also isn't pushing him, content to fall back a step or two further, just a little back behind Calypso.

That second lap offers a bit of space for Aleksei to slip past some of the others to bring his horse to shadow a few strides behind Alis's. He's grinning, keeping low in his seat.

Calypso seems to be keeping to it but her horse is starting to fall behind! She digs her heels in a little harder and leans in to it. "Princess Alis! Don't send me to the frozen north! Winter is coming!" She reminds her friend who likely cant even hear he shes so far ahead!

Melinda cheers for Calypso as well as she waits to see if Khanne wants to talk with her at the moment. She smiles and tugs on Arts arm "woah look at them go!"

Anze lets his lead slide away so easily! "Its not fair pipsqueak, you're so small tha horse has less to carry!" he yells back at Alis.

Alis shouts, of course... "All is fair in love and war!"

((Lap 3 - @check dexterity + ride at 15 ))

Kieran checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 15, rolling 7 higher.

Anze checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 15, rolling 15 higher.

Alis checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 15, rolling 26 higher.

Calypso checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 15, rolling 26 higher.

Donella checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 15, rolling 12 higher.

Aleksei checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 15, rolling 18 higher.

Dafne checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 15, rolling 1 higher.

Artorius cheers loudly for Calypso! "You can do it cousin! Make them eat dust!" he smiles, looking to Melinda when she tugs on his arm with a wide smile, looking back to Khanne.

"All right," concedes Dafne. "Tempest. _Tempest_." The great red stallion listens, his ears turned back to hear his rider, and he begins to run straight. The duchess laughs, seeming undisturbed by being at the back of the pack, leaning forward into the ride. The breeze picks at her dark curls.

Khanne grins at something Asger says to her quietly, standing off a bit out of the way to watch the festivities, whiskey (yes, she found some, and an attendant was asked to keep her supplied) in hand. Artorius and Melinda walk up and she turns that smile to them. Nodding her head towards Melinda she says, "a pleasure to meet you, Lady Melinda. I know we've needed a meeting for awhile, but uh, things have been a bit... all up in the air at the moment. I do apologize for that." To Artorius, she asks, "and how are you?" The race catches her attention and she slips two fingers between her lips, whistling loudly instead of cheering them on.

At the bench, crested by House Saik, Saedrus pushes up onto his toes -- either nervous or excited, who knows. He doesn't cheer though, for whomever he is watching so closesly. He's a Whisper; all propriety and composure, all the time.

Melinda nods her head a little as she looks to Khanne, "yes, I would like to join the orgnization, can we talk about that a little now? I am sure the new Princess won't mind, perhaps you can take a walk with us?" she offers

Calypso really seems to pull through on this round! She just barely squeaks past Anze and gives him a competitive grin on the way past. She is aaallmost in line with Aleksei now!

Donella falls toward the back of the back, slowly, slowly, slowly. Horse clearly thinks princess Sassy-saddle ought to lose some layers, and perhaps lay off the carbs. Donella is no expert, though. But she's clearly having fun. "Kieran, how fast do bears go?"

Anze tries to kick his horse into high gear for this lap when Calypso passes him. Alis is far off in the distance, but at least he can beat Calypso right?!

Aleksei shoots Calypso a wolfish grin over his shoulder, trying to urge his own horse a bit faster to keep himself clear of the bride overtaking him. He's successful for /now/...

Artorius smiles to Khanne, nodding a few times when she asks how he is "I am well enough as I can be I think. Life is good. I pray you are well?" he looks then to Melinda, nodding a little "I certainly don't mind if she joins us." he smiles to the ladies.

((Lap 4 - @check dexterity + ride at 15 ))

Anze checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 15, rolling 17 higher.

Kieran checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 15, rolling 35 higher.

Aleksei checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 15, rolling 19 higher.

Dafne checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 15, rolling 0 higher.

Calypso checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 15, rolling 53 higher.

Donella checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 15, rolling 18 higher.

Alis checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 15, rolling 35 higher.

Anze goes a little faster, but not a little faster enough it seems, instead he falls further behind Calypso and Aleksei, barely keeping ahead of Donella and Kieran

Kieran looks over to Donella and grins, "It's not how fast the bear runs. It's making sure you go faster than one other person."

Alis is more intent now in keeping her lead then trying to urge her steed to go any faster. She knows that Calypso is right on her tail and likely to catch up soon enough.

Khanne smiles and gestures to Asger, her happenstance date for the night. "I would hate to leave the Duke on his own. And as I said, some things are a bit up in the air at the moment... I would need a bit of time to explain, and to hear your reasonings for wanting to join as well." She gestures to the race and adds, "and, I came specifically for the festivities. I do expect to be available over the next couple of days though, if you wished to talk then?"

Calypso really digs in on this one. Maybe it was Aleksei's grin that pushed her horse a little further! Either way she is right on Alis's heels now!

Waldemai Whoa! The sponsor is catching up! "Go, Lady Calypso," he cheers.

"I'm only letting you win because it's your wedding!" Aleksei calls ahead at Calypso as she passes him. (He's full of shit.)

Artorius cheers loudly when it seems his cousin is doing extraordinary! "That's it! you can do it!" he cheers louder, whistling to try to cheer her.

Estaban moves to climb up onto the skull with a drink and watches from there, "YEAH! GO!" he cheers on Calypso and takes a healthy sip from hhis cup!

Asger flashes a grin at Melind and says in a teasing tone "No stealing my date Lady Grimhall, though I must say it is good to see you again." An amused laugh escaping the duke. Taking a long drink from his bottle of whiskey he says to the small group that has gathered about Khanne "It is quite the race, isn't it?"

((Lap 5! Final Lap! - @check dexterity + ride at 15 ))

Donella laughs aloud as she and her future brother in law run neck and neck. "Alas, my bear is missing. C'mon Horse!"

Anze has rolled a critical success!
Anze checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 15, rolling 20 higher.

Aleksei checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 15, rolling 20 higher.

Dafne checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 15, rolling 2 higher.

Donella checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 15, rolling 32 higher.

Kieran checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 15, rolling 22 higher.

Alis checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 15, rolling 36 higher.

Calypso checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 15, rolling 23 higher.

Melinda nods her head then she laughs a bit as she looks over to Asger, "and you Duke Asger." she laughs then turns to Art "shall we?"

Artorius looks to Asger and bows his head lightly in greeting with a light smile. He turns to Melinda when she speaks, smiling a warmth. "Certainly. I'll walk you home." he turns to Khanne with a bright smile "Until next we meet, Lady Khanne."

Calypso gives it her all but Alis is just simply faster! As they pass the finish line, Calypso turns her horse around to meet up with Alis and applaud. "Good race! Congratulations Princess Alis." She inclines her head a touch and then circles back around to meet up with Anze. "Name our location when you are ready." She says to the Oathlander.

Ailith joins in the polite applause for the winner.

Orazio breaks from staring at his benchmates with what seems to be horror, so that he can applaud for Princess Alis. Then, back to staring in horror.

Ulf arrives, following Fergus.

Anze is overtaken by Donella too at the end, he trots his horse up to join those who have already finished and angles towards Calypso. There is a bit of a grin then "i'm just glad it wasn't Kieran" he mutters "never woulda let me live it down."

Melinda nods her head and smiles warmly to the Duke and his date as she grips Artorius's arm and moves to follow him.

"Ah, well," Aleksei says with a breathless smile as he reins his horse in slow it. "Third place isn't so bad! I mean, I knew I'd never beat Princess Alis." He shoots a rakish grin over towards where Saedrus, Orazio, and Ailith sit. Clearly they are looking horrified that he lost.

Saedrus joins the applause with a refined air and smiles for Alis, "very well done, Princess Alis," he says gently.

Khanne nods her head to Artorius and Melinda. "Until then. Thank you for understanding. I do hope you enjoy your evening." She catches eye of the race and cheers for all of them. "They are doing Redrain proud, aren't they?" she asks to Asger.

Dafne is last by a lot, but she's grinning, cheeks flushed and hair tangled. They were just out for a pleasant canter. "I did not fall off," she announces to one of her guards, as if this was a pressing concern.

Fergus walked Marian home, who then promptly told him to go back and enjoy himself. Sooo....he shows back up once he's sure that his wife is comfortable in their room(ie, the player went to bed). So now that that's taken care of, he makes his way back to the reception.

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Donella says, "Horse always goes a little faster at the end, because he knows the oat-bag is close. Its surely no skill on my part that got me past you on the line," she tells the groom. "You took off like the great wave was on your tail!"

Kieran crosses the finish line eventually and gives her polite applause. He then grins to Anze, "Oh, yes. I had quite the locale planned.". He glances to the horrified looks with a raised eyebrow.

Alis looks pretty exhilarated after that race; and Draco gets a find pat on the side of the neck for being the one to make it happen. "I could feel you gaining on me. That was a good race." With her horse turned 'round she and her steed canter back towards the others. "I'm glad I prepared in advance, just in case! You'll be having your honeymoon at a lovely Chateaux on Mount Blancbier. I promise you it's gorgeous this time of year. And not too cold." she assures them both. "You rode an excellent race, Archlector Aleksei."

Donella is overheard praising Alis for: Land-dolphin!

Calypso is overheard praising Alis for: Winner of the first traditional Southportian Honeymoon Race! - Thanks for not spending me some place freezing.

Asger lowers his voice to share with Khanne as he watches the race from the corner of his eye "I think it is less they are doing Redrain proud and more that they are doing their best to keep Anze from honeymooning back north. I mean we just managed to get rid of him."

Anze catches that line from Asger and shoots a glance over "hey, I heard that!" he says to the Crovane "I'll get rid of you, yah jerk"

"Oh, it's good she won; I would have probably sent you someplace terrible," Aleksei says with a bright laugh when Alis names such a charming locale for the newlyweds' honeymoon. He tips his head to Alis, humor bright. "Thank you, your highness. I can't compete with you, obviously."

Calypso grins at Aleskei's words. "Thank the Gods for that then. Good race." And as Alis picks the spot she takes Anze's hand again. "We set out for Mount Blancbier tonight then! I don't think my travels have ever taken me there. Sounds exciting."

Artorius smiles, leading Melinda out of the area "Be back soon!" he calls out with a smile.

Donella slithers down off Horse, and takes the lead gently. "Good boy. I think that's your last one, though. Hitch in your step in the middle. Poor baby. But you shall have a nice comb down, and a warm kit tonight. Come on, then. Back to the paddocks, pretty. There's definitely a carrot in your future." She pauses by Aleksei to say something briefly.

Alis glances between Anze and his taunters, amusement evident. "I can feel the love right there, between you and the Redrain vassals." she quips, and turns her head to grin impishly at Aleksei. "Nonsense. You should come to the manor sometime. We'll put you on a courser, and I bet you'll fly through the track we have there." And then to Donella. "Draco looks forward to the jousting with you, Princess!"

"Wait" Anze says suddenly to Alis "ain that where they make that oathlands whiskey at? Blancbier?"

Not going to leave free booze just laying around. Not when he'll have to go back home to a snoring wife. She snores, don't let anyone tell you differently. So he snatches up another drink, content to watch, listen, and just be the general grumpy person.

Alis nods a confirmation to Anze. "Yes indeed."

Khanne is overheard praising Anze for: He did good. For once, I won't be a smartass. Congrats!

Donella says, "How do I bribe him not to throw me this time?"

Alis dismounts, and leans over to whisper to Donella. She can't share the secret with just anyone!

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Saedrus pushes onto his tip toes again, looking over the riders for Aleksei. If and when he catches Aleksei's eye there is a smile for the paladin, and with the passing of a server a glass of whiskey saved for him.

Estaban just watches as he sits up on the skull watching everyone bellow sipping his drink with a grin on his face.

Anze grins at Calypso with the confirmation from Alis and squeezes her hand when she takes his "Alis did us well. Its got mountains too. Mountains an whiskey. Sounds bout exactly like what I was gonna pick myself. This is delightful. I'm glad Alis was on my side." Anze laughs a bit and then leans over on his horse to give Calypso a kiss on her cheek before he moves to dismount from his horse "I feel like I need to have a drink an some food with my lovely bride"

Khanne is overheard praising Calypso for: A brave woman. A good woman. I am happy that they found one another.

Kieran dismounts his horse and retrieves his glass of whiskey from the servant. Then he begins looking about the party to see who he should foist his attention on next.

Calypso dismounts, wedding dress skirts floofing with the graceful movement. Of course she is not with out -come- armor even if it is her wedding. She takes Anze's hand again and walks with him over to one of the food and drink tents. "Wine? It seems right to have at least one glass this evening. You becoming Lycean and all." She smirks.

"I do feel a bit safer setting foot in the Valardin Ward now that I'm Godsworn and can't be stolen back into service," Aleksei tells Alis with wry humor. His head tips a bit when Donella speaks quietly to him, and whatever she says has him positively /beaming/. He murmurs a quiet, but clearly delighted, word back to her before letting her slip away. He looks over to Saedrus, then, his smile ridiculously affectionate, particularly when he sees the whiskey waiting for him. He starts to make his way over.

Saedrus drops from his toes with a deadpans expression, "is that smile for me, or the whiskey?" he asks when Aleksei is near enough. "Choose your answer carefully, Archlector."

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Among all the festivities it is very easy to get lost, Which is very much what happened to Pepper when she entered the square. It took her a few minutes to navigate. She wanders around a bit, politely nodding respectfully to anyone she should pass. She sees the bride and groom a moment, surrounded by plenty of those that had gathered for them and for now keeps moving, offering a small wave with a large and happy smile for them, should she catch either of their eyes. She keeps moving, for now, till she sees another familiar face and goes to sit with him.

Anze retakes Calypso's hand as she takes him over to food and drink "wine it is" Anze says as he takes a glass and a small sip "when did you get so good at ridin horses anyway?"

Pepper has joined the A Titanic Skull.

Alis just grins back at the Archlector and then leads Draco back to be groomed and handed over to a stablehand that will see him back to the manor. That's when she seeks out Fergus, since she spotted him re-arriving as the race ended. "Did Marian fall asleep? Let's go find food. I'm starving." Obviously she expects him to keep her entertained.

Calypso takes a sip of her wine then and smiles, answering Anze. "Prince Edain has been teaching me more the past few months. I figure if I am going to grow in my ability to command forces I'd better be able to fight with the infantry, ride with the cavalry and sail with the navy. What good is a General that doesn't understand what her forces are going through?"

Ailith is now the one with a faint horrified expression. Aleksei's return is met now with a brief clap. "Hope you're not too horsed by that well display of riding, Archlector. I heard the celebrations are not over."

Fergus, as usual, is quiet, drinking from his glass, eyeballing this person and then that person. Eventually, those eyes close, sucking in an intake of breath, as if he's mentally preparing himself for something. Ruminating this long and this feel almost seems like it makes the scar on his face hurt, hand idly rubbing at it. The glass is downed before he goes to do what he really came back here to do, because he's trying to be decent. Alis does get his attention for a moment. "Yeah. She isn't feeling too hot. And in a minute, Short Stack. Gotta take care of some shit first." And then he's heading for Calypso and Anze. "Marian gives her best, but she ain't feeling great. That being said." His grumpy countenance falls on Calypso. "Good luck." he grunts. Not one for frilly words, and it's possible there's more meaning in those two words than he could make up in twenty. Then to Anze, and his gaze is bit more even. One beat. Two beats. Then an exhale. "Good job." Approval, at least that's what it sounds like.

Rather than answer Saedrus verbally, Aleksei slips a hand to the small of his back, drawing in close to try and steal a bright, eager sort of kiss -- the kind that comes with the good mood of particularly good news. It is not, perhaps, strictly appropriate for the setting, but it's hardly /scandalous/. Any words he speaks when he finally draws back, though, are kept to those at the bench.

Asger checks his bottle of whiskey and finding the amount within nowhere near satisfactory reaches over to grab another bottle, holding it in his free hand. Raising one bebottled hand in salutation to Anze and Calypso "Well my friends, I wish you two the best." that said he wraps an arm about Khanne's shoulders the way he would any drinking buddy "For now though I need to see that Khanne gets home safe, or I'll have failed as her date and her best friend will never let me live it down."

Donella smiles brightly, and trails away, toasting with her reins at the bridal couple.

6 Thrax Elite Guards, Dog, an oversized puppy leave, following Donella.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Alis before departing.

Waldemai slips away to let the nobles have their party.

"Well well. Very tricky of you" Anze says with a laugh to calypso. He looks to Asger and Khanne then "thank both of you for comin, honestly. Glad to have friends here for a day like this. I appreciate you both bein here." And then a smirk to his brother "aye, best job I ever did I'd say."

Estaban grins, "Ahh Lady Pepper." he puts a hand down to her to help her up to the top of the skull, "It is good to see you." he smiles, "Oh one moment." Hey Anze, heads up I for got to give this to you earlier." he pulls a small flask light bottle from a belt. "I toss it over but I don't want to break it." he calls to the Lord from the skull. He looks to Pepper slipping another bottle out. "For us to share." he winks.

Alis gives Fergus a quick nod, watching him head over to the bride and groom. Now, she finally picks up a glass of wine to sip at as she looks for a seat.

Whatever grump might have been brewing sort of melts -- rather like Saedrus into that kiss from Aleksei. Some small sound disappears in his throat before he remembers himself and steps back with flushed cheeks. Slender fingers absently fix his hair and the Whisper looks to those at the bench again.

Khanne smiles at Anze and says, "even if I am a bit out of it, I wouldn't miss it. I am glad that you guys were able to make it..." perhaps some of her own melancholy showing through in that, but she does truly seem happy for the couple. "Don't be a stranger... Anze Malvici...." She smiles to Calypso then and says, "congratulations, Lady General. May you both have many years of happiness."

Calypso grins at Fergus' words. "No such thing as luck. I think I choose wisely. Thank you all the same though. I'm glad I can finally call you brother." She says with a hint of sentimentality to her words. And as she hears Asger and Khanne are leaving she inclines her head to them as well. "Thank you for coming, both of you. You have been some welcoming of me in the Redrain Ward from the very beginning. You are both wonderful friends."

"Yep." Fergus utters, letting something bubble in his head but refrains. "Same, Calypso. No words of wisdom, you'll figure shit out. Let you get back to it, before you run off an tear your bedroom apart." A nod and he moves away to head over and join Alis since for some reason she wanted to hob-knob with the big oaf.

Anze glances up towards Estaban and then tugs Calypso in that direction "whats that now?"

"Lord Estaban, it's nice to see you." She responds and does not refuse his assistance for climbing the skull. Which she does, fairly well at none the less. Once seated uptop the skull with Estaban she looks over all the festivities and around to those that are present, those that are leaving, and back to the Lord that sat next to her. "It is good to know Lord Saik, that you are willing to share... climbing this skull should I wish for refreshments would be a trivial, but still true annoyance." She chuckles at his wink and watches as he yells to Anze regarding the vial he hold. She can only look at it curiously to see if he gets a response. "You know, Lord Saik, social nicities would normally indicate that you go to and hand it tooo them, not ask the groom to come to you." the last sentence was a little lower than the others, and she was teasing a bit with her tone.

Diddanwch the Pine Marten, A fiery headed prodigal named Gwddfgwyn, Khanne leave, following Asger.

Calypso leans in to murmur something to Anze, placing a kiss on his neck before bringing her glass around to cheers with his. She glances up over towards Estaban and Pepper. "Cousin, Lord Estaban! Perched in the best seat of the square I see."

Calypso is overheard praising Anze for: We burn brighter together.

Anze is overheard praising Calypso for: The most wonderful person now or ever.

Orazio rises from the bench, and gives Aleksei a /look/. It is stern, but amused. "Whisper Saedrus, I leave the dignity of the Faith in your capable hands for the evening," he says, with a smile in that direction. Then bows, and slips away into the crowd - an old man needs his rest.

Alis talks Fergus poor goddamn ear off till he's had enough. Or, Rhys thinks she's had enough to drink and decides it's time he made sure she gets home before /he/ gets yelled at.

Orazio has left the A Saik Crest Bench.

Sir Rhys, a Valardin Knight leaves, following Alis.

Estaban grins handing Pepper a bottle of Saik wine and winks then he looks to Anse and Calypso, "Lady Calypso! You looked great out on the Horse! Ahhh Lord Anze welcome to the family I look forward to seeing you around these parts more often." he moves to lean down to hand the man the stain glassed bottle, "I have only ever found two of them and one was igven to me, hold it close and share it on specialy occasions my Lord." he winks and if Anze shoul look its a very old bottle of Saik Whiskey.

Aleksei just gives Orazio an utterly innocent look in return. He watches him leave for a moment or two before pulling his attention back to Saedrus and Ailith, his arm about the former, his smile warm and comfortable.

"Well, gonna be hard to get rid of me now at tha very least" Anze says with a laugh to Estaban "think I'm stuck here." Anze takes the offered bottle from Estaban "thats quite an honor Estaban, thank you. I'm really happy how welcomin everyone has been to me in this family. Makes leavin house Redrain easier to handle. You lot make for good people."

Dafne makes her excuses, recongratulates the happy couple, and slips off homewards.

Estaban drops Crisp Winter Apple Wine - Saik 1001 AR.

Calypso steps in a little closer to take a look at the bottle before glancing up to Estaban and Pepper again. "That really is quite a kind gift, thank you." She looks to Anze then. "Suppose we should start saying our goodbyes? We have quite a journey ahead of us. All the way up in the western mountains." She smirks a touch.

Estaban is overheard praising Calypso for: For a happy future with her new Husband! Lord Anze

Anze glances to Calypso and grins "i'm so glad Kieran didn't win. Have I mentioned that? But aye, suppose we should get round to travelin soon, huh?"

Nightshade, a tiny black kitten, Penelope, Ariadne, 3 Rubino and Zaffria guards leave, following Dafne.

Estaban is overheard praising Anze for: For a happy Future with his amazing new wife! Lady Calypso!

Estaban climbs down from the skull, "My Lord, may I hug your wife in congradulations?" he smiles looking between the two of them.

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