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White Dragon Tournament

In lieu of a traditional birthday celebration for the Highlord, House Valardin and it's Voices are hosting a charity tournament instead. Both melee and archery will be featured as judged events, with a prize offered to the first place winners of each challenge. Rather than gifts, the House requests donations be made to The Faith of the Pantheon, Knights of Solace, or Templars on the day of the event.


Jan. 10, 2021, 7 p.m.

Hosted By

Alis Cristoph Damiana Kael Zara

GM'd By

Alis Zara


Grimgar Drake Tyche Bianca Zakhar Gabriella Kastelon Merek Lustry Bhandn Ansel Sorrel Ryhalt Fiachra Leonel Alantir Kiera Katarina Tesha Baelor Cahal Felicia Piccola



Arx - Ward of House Valardin - Telmar Tower - The Gauntlet

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

"Welcome to our first White Dragon Tournament. We tried to make this as much like our tournaments back home in Sanctum as possible, and we give our thanks to Duke Ansel Telmar and his Voices for allowing us the use of The Gauntlet for the celebration and contests." Alis turns towards the Telmar' that are gathered and bows her head towards them before turning back to the crowd. "We have two contests. One will be an Archery contest, and the other will be a melee contest where we take the winners of small, medium, and huge weapons and pit them against one another in their final round. For prizes, we have a pair of Oakhide gloves with a Petrichor theme for the Archery winner, courtesy of Apollo Oakwood. And, diamdondplate bracers for the winner of the melee contest, with a Gloria theme."

A gesture is made towards the (really they exist, just not codedly!) drink and food stands, and is that a plushie station? "Please enjoy the refreshments, and - if we could have our archers form a line right over by the fighting pit we will soon get started on the first contest!"

Winter, A Highhill Puppy arrives, following Kiera.

A pack of fourteen or twenty kittens arrives, following Zakhar.

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As people begin wandering onto the grounds for the melee and archery tournament, Cristoph arrives with Tyche. He's talking to the Marquessa about something or other, likely idle conversation as they traverse their way way through the crowds. He's given her his good arm for the event, the other is used to wave politely to those he's familiar with. In particular he offers Alis and then Zara quick waves of greeting from a distance. It doesn't look like he's organizing tonight, so his presence is a bit subdued. "Lets find a good spot to watch, hm?" he offers to Tyche. That same arm is also used to occasionally move a stranger out of their way on this journey, polite but firm in his determination to not be trapped in crowds of folks milling around.

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Grimgar arrives near the start of the Tourney. On his right arm are two things of note. One, the giant Redrain Prince sports a favor on the wrist of his exotic leather guantlet, a blue and brown ribbon braided with a lock of blonde hair. Two, Princess Lustry Thrax is on his arm and her hair matches that of the favor...hmmm. They arrive arm in arm walking close. The Prince is armed and armored and smiling as he leads her to a seat bowing and kissing her knuckles like a gentleman before going to register for the melee. Then he rejoins his companion to watch people get shot in the foot.

Drake arrives for the tournament, carrying his dueling sword and his rubicund as well. He's in leathers, hoping to move quickly when he gets his chance at a sword fight. But since he's not here to fire arrows, for now, he takes a seat in the stands.

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How easy it is to move through the crowds when the Duke of Laurent cuts the path through them. Tyche takes full advantage of her escort, her hand draped loosely in the crook of his arm as he guides them through the grounds that he knows far better than she. Her dark eyes flit over the apparatus of the Gauntlet, a quietly amused asked, "Have you run through that?" When they find their place at the stands, she sits beside him easily, a hand sweeping over the back of her dress to make certain it suffers no wrinkles from her sitting. More conversation is had, but this travels no further than the Honey Duke.

Sidling close to Alis, almost looming, Zara looks over the guests/competitors in the gauntlets, before lifting a hand to greet Cristoph when he waves her way.

It was the appearance of Templar that first harkened the arrival of a notable member of the Faith, forming a circle about the Legate and her escort (Leonel) so as to cut a divide through the crowds. Bianca walked at an easy pace, robes of her station glimmering in its white of aeterna and she also bore a more Oathlands specific bodice of an armored gown. From time to time the holy woman paused her pace to greet or speak with the faithful who may have called, but eventually the entourage made it to the Western spectator seating and parted to allow their charge and her companion the way into the stands.

Alis waves cheerily towards Cristoph and Tyche, before giving Fiachra a good luck kiss in the cheek before he goes to join the archery lineup. She is going to be seated right down at the front thank you, so she can actually see, alongside Zara. Who looms.

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A tall old man sporting a full head of snow-white hair, beard, and an impressively deep and long healed scar that runs from above his right eye to below the left eye. His leathers are nothing of note, nor any glints of steal that might be seen under his cloak. He nods to Princess Lustry of Thrax, then looks for a place to sit.

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Gabriella can be see among the crowd, her distinctive armor making it easy to spot the commander of the Swords of the Evening. She stays away from lines for the moment, just watching as the competitors are sorted out and waving to the familiar face of Tyche.

Kastelon looks a little bit lost as he's lingering near the western spectator stands - does he ever look quite like he's comfortable in such a setting? - but his hand slides down to stroke the back of Resolute's head as he's nodding to a few of the familiar faces that are closer to him, and waits to see how it is that this archery contest is to work.

Merek arrives, seeking to participate in archery while he takes the time to adjust his dark attire, and looks around. He then finds a place to watch and wait for being called for competition.

Lustry has a bright and happy smile upon her lips as she is making her way in with Grimgar. Her steps careful as she is wearing her Saikland glass wedges as she is lead to the seat and her face lights up just a touch more when he kisses upon her knuckles before he goes off to register for the melee. She carefully looks over who all is present while she waits for Grimgar to return. A wave is given to Zakhar.

Sir Bhandn shows up dressed in rubicund and with both his swords in attendance as well. The greatsword he keeps tied up and covered in its scabbard, but Vigil is currently enjoying the hospitality of Bhandn's left hand. He holds onto the steel blade gently, moving with a purpose towards where the melee combatants will eventually be. Bhandn is carrying his helm in the other hand, revealing the fact that he is very much looking forward to the melee; his grey eyes are bright and alert, and there is a small smile on his lips as well.

Ansel steps closer to the line saying with loud voice,- "i and my family are glad to greet you at our gauntlet, so, we made the best conditions for competitions. and may the strongest win!". then he steps away with slow pace.

Sorrel got here early to get a good seat, and then did not manage to sit down, because she was so busy being cheerfully about something or nothing, waving to those that she knows and smiling to those she doesn't.

Smiling as ever, Ryhalt has come today not dressed in casual attire, but in light armor suitable for engaging in the competition. So he goes over to where the other archers are gathered. Watch out crowd, he's probably learned archery from his wife!

Fiachra is preparing for the archery competition, it would appear. He is initially sitting on a bench checking the tension on his bowstring, but rises as the archers are called. He makes his way past Alis with a smile and leans in to the kiss to his cheek. "Wish me luck," he says with a wink. He also nods to Zara and anyone else accompanying his wife. He then stands in line with the other archers, waiting for his turn to fire.

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Juba'al'samara, a Suj'abbati royal guardsman, A dutiful Valardin aide, 2 Valardin Knights arrive, following Katarina.

Grimgar returns to Lustry and settles in the seat beside her with a smile.

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"Good luck, cousin!" Zara calls out for Fiachra, a little surprising given her as until now stoic demeanor as she settles beside Alis. He was also probably not asking for -her- luck specifically. Her eyes glint, as she murmurs something to the high lady.

Someone - totally not Alis - stands to read the names of those participating in the Archery contest. "Participating in the archery contest will be Sir Merek Black, Lord Kastelon Keaton, Duke Ryhalt Farshaw, and Prince Fiachra Valardin. Your goal is to pierce the center of the apples that are dangling from the ropes that lean against the Gauntlet's climbing wall. Take your places, please!"

Leonel's usually brisk stride was hampered by the size of the escort that arrived with him, though he didn't seem to overly mind taking his time. He gawked and he /gaped/, some great wonder and amusement present in the prince's eyes as they were irrevocably glued to the obstacle course, a pleased smile curving upon his lips as his appraisal from afar found it more than adequate and satisfying in his estimations. When he finally did manage to peel his gaze away from it, his eyes were falling upon Bianca first, that smile steadfast upon his face, and some few words were murmured to the Legate as they made steayd progress through the stands in search of seating.

finds a seat among the western benches and immediately fixes his gaze upon the competitors assembling below, mind pondering over just how long it had been since he'd observed such a tourney. Following the announcer's proclamation, he joins the crowd in applause.

Kiera arrives before the tourney begins just barely and climbs to find a seat next to her brother

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The brief drift of Kastelon's hazel eyes in the direction of the one calling out the contestants. If he's concerned about those he's shooting against, that's not showing on his features at all - not when he's ensuring that Resolute understands to wait by the spectator stands for him to return, and not when he's moving to take his position on the line and prepare himself with his bow.

Merek takes up the bow while he finds a place to settle in, then he begins to nock an arrow, preparing for the competition while he takes a stance, nodding with a little bow to the host as well.

Katarina arrives without fanfare, though her all-black ensemble is certainly eye-catching for being a new look on the diminutive Valardin Princess. She hustles over to sit with Alis and Zara, and says to the two with wry humor: "So, we are the three of us united in cheering on Duke Ryhalt above the others, yes~?"

Ansel comes up to Tesha saying something to her, quietly pointing at the tiara with an admiring smile, then remains next to her watching the start of the tournament intently.

Ryhalt bows respectfully towards Alis, whether she's reading the names or not! With a grin that indicates this may be a spectacularly bad idea, but will be fun anyway, he sets up in front of his set of apples. At least it appears he's held a bow before as he gets ready.

"Fiachra doesn't need luck, he has skill." Alis murmurs back to her cousin with an impish expression when the normally stoic woman wishes him luck in her stead. "I should have brought out the favor I used to give him before all the tournaments when we were courting." she adds, nudging Kat with an elbow. "Really." she drawls, clapping enthusiastically as the archers line up.

"Alis -might- kill me." Zara says with a hushed voice in response to Katarina. A note of teasing in her tone. "However, it would be polite for us to give equal cheers to whoever wins in the end. Right?" She turns to Alis.

"In front of all of these people? Too bold," Katarina replies in a stage-whisper to Alis that seems mostly aimed at amusing Zara, while she applauds the archers herself.

Fiachra takes his place behind the line prescribed and prepares by nocking and arrow. He nods in response to the explanation of the rules and objectives, casting his keen verdant eyes on the apple-targets down field. His stance is relaxed, feet shoulder-width apart, and bow held in a rest position until they are told to begin.

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Alis has called for a check of dexterity and archery at normal.
Kastelon is successful.
Merek is successful.
TIE: Fiachra is marginally successful. Ryhalt is marginally successful.

Tesha had made sure that the Telmar troops were off the field when they needed to be so that nothing was held up for the joust and other festivities. The woman is dressed in black as opposed to her regular crimsom of her house. A tiny tiara is settled on her hair and it is left down today. She gives a bit of a smile to Ansel, dipping her head, "Duke." she states. Then her gaze is looking over those that are gathered, looking for someone in particular.

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That is not Ryhalt looking completely surprised when he hits his apple, that's his unusually happy face or something. He didn't hit in the middle, but apples are small! He looks along the line and nods to see much better archers are here.

The line has been dismissed by Alis.

Merek shoots one of those arrows that sails through into the target. It looks like he's doing well, which he often isn't that good at it. All the same he nods a bit in satisfaction while he takes the time to nock another if needed.

Calm and smooth. Kastelon's looking entirely unruffled when he's drawing his bow up and taking aim at the apple, the brief purse of his lips as those keen eyes of his narrow, to watch how the red fruit bobs beside the Gauntlet's climbing wall. The slow exhalation when he's sized it up, and he's loosing his arrow to watch how it skewers the thing there and pins it to the wall. The bow, then, descends back to a resting position beside him and one might get the impression he's not even noticed that the arrow's hit its aim, save for the faintest hint of a smile beneath the shadow of his beard.

Nunia the discreetest handmaid arrives, following Fiora.

Drake claps in appreciation for the winner of the archery. "...Kastelon's a good shot," he says aside to Kiera nearby. "I've seen him in worse situations than a tournament and still come through."

Fiachra lines up his shot carefully and exhales, keeping his sight along the shaft of the arrow to the apple. The arrow is released doesn't hit the center. As it turns out, the center of an apple is a tough target to hit. His arrow pierces the apple to the right and down from the center, slicing it before thunking into the wall behind it. He curses under his breath and kicks at the dirt a little, but then smiles and walks over to congratulate the winners, Kastelon and Merek. "Well done," he offers to both of them along with a handshake before turning to greet Ryhalt in the same manner.

Alis may or may not attempt to distract her spouse with a low whistle, but she's good at covering it up too, feigning shock at Katarina's suggestion that she is bold. "Well, I never." is joked, while she claps for the efforts of the archers. "Well done, all of you. Lord Kastelon, we have your prize is right here." she offers graciously, holding out a pair of oakhide gloves for him to take. "Congratulations. I am sure you will wear them well."

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"And to you as well." Kastelon's half-smile lingers as he's shaking Fiachra's hand in return, and then he's gesturing to the wall. "All of us seem to be something that our foes ought fear, in terms of how we manage at least to vanquish vicious fruit." Is he kidding? His expression's mostly inscrutable, even as he's hearing Alis...

And there's the turn to Alis, and a bow when she's presenting that prize to him. "My thanks," he says softly, warmly, sincerely as he's taking them up. "And thank you for offering up the challenge, and letting me partake."

Zakhar wields Silent Throat Thrum.

An announcer with a booming voice, not Zara, lets out the next competition. "All those who wish to fight with smaller weapons. The concealable kind. Daggers, shivs, pens, step forth to test your skill."

Ryhalt grins at Fiachra and returns his handshake before also congratulating Kastelon and Merek. He chuckles at Kastelon's words. "Being overrun by sentient fruit... I'll never look at an apple the same again." He grins wryly before moving aside to watch the small weapon competition.

Grimgar watches the contests as they happen. His greatsword gives a hint of sorts.... He takes Lustry's hand in his squeezing it softly.

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Baelor Keaton has definitely joined the vicinity, he is down near the grounds themselves with his sword in hand still sheathed. The man is dressed to compete in his leathers no glower present upon his face that might be typical for the man.

Zakhar wields Deathrazer and Skull Splitter .

Baelor wields First Step, the gallant diamondplate blade.

The smile on Fiachra's lips grows when Valardin's High Lord whistles at him. Turning his head to look her way, he winks at her and lets his gaze linger there fondly. Remembering that he was congratulating the other competitors though, he turns again to Kastelon. "I don't know. Theater-goers can be handy with a tomato. We may be called upon to put down an insurrection of radical theater enthusiasts someday." Fiachra is...more obviously kidding. He grins to Ryhalt as well, raising both brows as in 'I know, right?' He then lifts a hand to wave to them so that he can join Alis and his cousin in the stands.

Gabriella wields Gluttony, the Sword of Tiberio Pravus.

Alantir wields Wyrmsong.

Bhandn wields Vigil.

Cahal wields Cloudspite, a rubicund waraxe.

Kastelon, too, seems disinclined to remain out where the hand-to-hand combat's about to happen, and makes his way over towards the stands once more with a chuckle at Fiachra's quip. One that's shoved by Ryhalt as well, before he's settling in with more familiar faces.

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Mira, Betty, 1 Iron Guardsmen, Bonehilda, the prettiest-colored spider arrive, following Felicia.

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Drake, distracted chatting in the stands, gets up when the call is made for medium weapons specialists. He gets his rubicund blade at the ready, since it's flashy and he likes for the red to be seen from the stands. He gives a bow to the crowd before he gets in the lineup, as a Champion always finds it worth his time for a little showmanship.

Alantir joins his peers outside the ring, bending down to dust his fingers and palms with loose dirt from the earthen floor.

Drake wields Breath of Fire, a Rubicund Broadsword.

When it comes time for the next size up in weaponry, Sir Bhandn is ready. He hasn't drawn his blade yet, but the grip on the hilt has changed from left hand to right. His helmet has also made its way onto his head as well. As the call to line up is given, he'll offer a bow to the nobility, hand still on his blade, but he doesn't speak.

Cahal hops down into the arena soon after the call for medium weapons is made. Swords leave scabbards all over as he lifts a single handed waraxe from his belt and smirks back towards the benches.

Sorrel wields Anthem, alaricite sword of the Bladesong.

Gabriella spent the first part of the event leaning against a wall to watch the procedures. Her sword is unsheathed with a single swift movement, trying some movements as soon as she gets into the arena.

Lustry smiles fondly as she squeezes back on Grimgar's hand, gently leaning against his side as she watches. One of her hands gently caressing her fingers over the pendant she wears.

Felicia is rather decidedly late to the proverbial party. The Harrow scanning those already forming up on the grounds before deciding that she will find a place among the spectators for now.

Alis makes sure to save space in their little grouping for when Fiachra comes to sit back down, and stifles a laugh at his expression when he glances back her way. Of course, as the sword is her own specialty she watches with a keen expression as people begin to line up for that contest. More clapping and cheering of course, as family and friend and fealty alike all start to join in. "Let's see those weapons!" she calls out cheerfully, completely unabashed.

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Ansel steps across the line of the people looking at their postures and weapons, appraising chances in his mind. then steps back looking happy making some results of the combatants in his mind.

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"Excuse me. I have something that needs to be delivered." Tesha states to Ansel with a dip of her head before the redhead starts off. She makes her way towards Baelor and there is a dip of her head to him, "My Lord." she greets him. "I have something for you." she states in a quiet tone. "Though I don't know if it will go with your attire quite so well." she smiles to that.

Katarina checks composure and etiquette at hard. Katarina is marginally successful.

Katarina succeeds in not letting /Alis/ see the good-natured, sisterly roll of her eyes at the 'let's see those weapons!' delivered with such complete and utter glee. Others, she's not so successful in hiding it from. She seeks out something else to focus -- and her eyes fix upon Baelor. "Lord Baelor!" she calls, cupping her hands to her veil. And then she claps, as though to indicate: that's why she's calling to Baelor!

Zara has called for a check of dexterity and medium wpn at normal.
Critical Success! Merek is spectacularly successful.
Zakhar is successful.
Drake is successful.
TIE: Baelor is marginally successful. Cahal is marginally successful.
TIE: Gabriella marginally fails. Alantir marginally fails. Bhandn marginally fails.
Botch! Sorrel catastrophically fails.

Fiachra smiles gratefully to Alis when he comes back and there's a spot saved for him. The archery contestant seats himself and then tries to find a decent place to put his bow for the time being, settling on crossing one leg over the other and leaning the bow against his knee. There. "That was a good time. How has everything been over here?"

"Lady Telmar." Baelor greets Tesha at her approach. "You've come to give gifts before a contest?" He'll step from line a moment to converse and accept the favor before the contest begins! He'll wait to perform with some verve in his step.

Merek wields Starsong, An Alaricite Sword.

Slow reflexes and even poorer timing. Alantir, despite his intentions, is bested swiftly. After pushing himself to his feet, he lifts his visor and offers adversary a respectful dip of chin. Longsword returns to its scabbard and he exits the ring as unceremoniously as he had entered.

Gabriella just isn't on her best form today. Either she's too late to the attack or she allows too much of a gap for her guard to be effective. Ultimately, she's bested and leaves the arena grumbling, "Didn't do the Solace justice." She comments on her way out, moving back to the stands.

As the bout begins, Drake keeps his footing sure, and gets in line to fight with the best of them. He's doing fairly well, getting in good hits on nearby opponents, and as far as things go, is among the last to be eliminated. In the confusion of the spectacle, he's not sure how many exactly advance to the next round, but it's clear Merek seems to be doing the absolute best in this matchup. When he's finally taken a strike himself, Drake steps back and awaits the announcement of the judges and the next round of battles to watch.

The most charitable thing that could be said is that Sir Bhandn was able to get Vigil out of the sheathe in one smooth go. Nearly tripping over his own feet is what happened next. Not the best of performances from him; his opponent gets in a powerful blow that has the older knight reeling. No advancing for him today, but at least his helmet conceals his disgruntlement, and he'll bow and retreat from the tournament space in fairly quick order, to sit down and sulk a little in silence.

Zakhar sniffs then heads into the fray, brandishing the axes that are typically hidden from view under his cloak. He dashes about the field, pretty spry for someone that looks as old as he does. Showing no fear to each that attempts to attack. It's the last strike before all of the foes are taken down that does him in to be called out, ducking when he should have hopped.

Sorrel seems distracted today. Like, super distracted. It's not entirely clear what's wrong with her combat prowess, but she is rapidly bested and then wanders off, nonchalant, to find something to eat.

What the axe lacks in terms of versatility Cahal makes up for with sheer momentum. His attacks are decent and he's surprisingly light on his feet for a big guy who identifies as a diplomat and the match against Bhandn seems as if it might go on forever. But in the end he's simply outclassed by better opponents. When he gives up the field he does so with a respectful bow before swaggering his way back to a seat.

Ryhalt applauds as the fighters clash, striving in honor of Alis.

Moros arrives, following Deimos.

Tesha smiles to Baelor and there's a dip of her head, "Yes, I didn't get it to you before so wanted to make sure that you had it." she admits. She then pulls a length of red honey silk that is dotted with black embroidery from her belt and ties it around his arm, "Hopefully things will go well for you." she tells him. "Is there anything that you need before the joust?" she asks him.

Alis is trading quiet conversation with Fiachra when something he says prompts a peal of full throated laughter from her, another few words traded before she looks to Katarina with a bright smile for her comments at the bench, and Zara as she's trying to keep this part of the contests organized.

Zakhar wields Deathrazer and Skull Splitter .

Merek spars with the people in the match, then he begins to twirl. He meets parries with thrusts, then shifts the weapon, sliding into guards. The man seems to know how to dance with the blade, alaricite flashing along.

The line has been dismissed by Alis.

And then an announcer once again calls any who wish to test their skills with larger weapons to step forth.

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Grimgar stands when the contest for the large weapons is called. He bows to Lustry. Kissing her knuckles once more he then takes his place in the ring. He draws his greatsword Roar and rumbles deeply, his chest vibrating as he assumes a balanced fighting stance. He seems skilled and his arms ripple with muscle his expression fierce.

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Felicia rises to her feet as huge weapons are called up. Though she has a pair of medium blades usually, one has been swapped out with a two handed broadsword strapped across her back and it seems that is what she plans on using today as she heads down to the arena at a comfortable prowl.

Felicia has left the West Spectator Seating.

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Lustry offers a fond smile once more as Grimgar kisses upon her knuckles and intently watches him as he makes his way towards the ring. She moves to sit on the edge of her seat, anticipation clear in her features. Her fingertips continuing to play with her pendant. She says something softly at the stands.

Felicia wields frozen washes of the tempest seas handsome Oathlands broadsword.

Grimgar wields Roar, a deadly sharp cupridium greatsword.

Ryhalt once more joins the competitors. While not a renowned fighter, he still holds his ranseur with the comfort of one that is familiar with it, a serious expression coming over his face.

Zara has called for a check of dexterity and huge wpn at normal.
Grimgar is successful.
Ryhalt is successful.
Felicia is marginally successful.

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Grimgar throws himself into the fight furiously when the signal is given. Like a raging bear, he attacks without care or mercy defending himself and unleshing his strength and speed on the others. Unless he is stopped he will keep going till only he remains.

Ryhalt's lean height and the elegant length of his weapon are both deceptive, for he gives a good show of keeping the others at bay at least until Grimgar proves the better by getting within the the range of his weapon and taking the advantage of length away. He chuckles and gives a wry grin to Grimgar's ferocity, retiring from the field after he is hit.

Felicia is the first of the three to bow out of the melee. Calling the yield and ruefully shaking her head at herself with a lopsided smirk as she departs the field. A roll of her shoulder with a grimace indicating somewhere in there someone must have jarred her pretty good.

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Alis stands up, which doesn't add much to her height, but she still stands up, as Grimgar defeats the others on the field. She gives a smile of congratulations to all of them for participating, and then calls up Zakhar, Merek, and Grimgar for the final round. "You'll each face one another in melee combat. Remember that the strongest does not mean the fastest, and the fastest does not mean the fiercest. Good luck to all three of you." Someone else escorts the three of them to the fighting pit so that they can prepare themselves.

The diminutive General of House Tessere makes her way in, late of course.

But that doesn't mean she can't at least attend. Who doesn't like a tournament? Especially one where people are using all sorts of implements to demonstrate their awesomeness or attempt to beat one another senseless. Sure, Oathlander tourneys are sometimes described as 'formal', 'ornate', and 'stodgy', but that doesn't make the spectacle any less breath-taking for people who thrive on competition and violence.

Naturally, she finds herself a seat in silence and watches from under the shade of her hood.

Zakhar wields Deathrazer and Skull Splitter .

Zakhar checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 9 lower.

Zakhar checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 2 lower.

Zakhar checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 12 lower.

Merek checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 10 higher.

Merek checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 21 higher.

Merek checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 13 higher.

Grimgar checked dexterity + huge wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 0 higher.

Grimgar checked dexterity + huge wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 67 higher. Grimgar rolled a critical!

Grimgar checked dexterity + huge wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 43 higher.

Zakhar checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 1 higher.

Zakhar checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 14 higher.

Zakhar checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 11 higher.

Grimgar bows to Alis before preparing for the final round. He is fouused. Again he is strength and speed made flesh. The swird an extension of his body. He goes for Merek first hard fast blows followed by a whirlwind sweep that takes down the other man with a hit to the chest. He breath heavy checking the field. "Did I survive?" He rumbles?

Merek wades along into the fight with his weapon to swing it along, meeting weapon with weapon. He can manage the smaller weapons of Zakhar with a little work and range, but he needs to work for it. Even so, when it looks like Grimgar comes to meet them in the fight, he's easily bested although he fights well. He's more close-range when it comes to weapons, reach is an advantage the man has upon him.

2 House Wyrmguard Guards arrives, following Desiree.

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Ryhalt claps for Grimgar as he clearly overpowers the other competitors. He smiles, seeing Alis seems to be enjoying the event thoroughly.

Alis cheers, regardless of Katarina giving her side eye for being so enthusiastic about shiny access... er, weapons. As the melee battle goes on, eventually a winner becomes evident though, and when the contestants are all out of breath and there's only one person looking the least damaged - it is announced. "And the winner is, Prince Grimgar Redrain!" Striding forward, but without getting dirt on her dress don't hyperventilate Zara, Alis presents the much taller Redrain Prince with his prize. "Wear them well, Your Highness. Gloria's grace be upon you."

Lustry leaps up from her seat cheering happily as Grimgar is the victor. A prideful grin curling her lips as she leaves the stands and moves towards the Redrain Prince.

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Merek is overheard praising Grimgar.

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Alis is overheard praising Merek.

Alis is overheard praising Zakhar.

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Grimgar accepts his prize with a gracious smile. "You honor me Your Grace. But there is another prize I have earned too..." He bows his head and walks up to Lustry. Wraping his arms around her he places a gentle but firm kiss on her lips claiming them briefly. "Did you like that?"

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Felicia applauds the winners as she settles back into her spot, chuckling ruefully to her attendant.

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Ansel steps forward raising his hand to calm the crowd, "thank you all for comming", he says "i'm glad to see you all on this tournament and congratulations to our winners. i'm happy that we have so good warriors which shown their mastery today... bravo to all and go ahead for new feats!". he steps back looking at anyone with his blue eyes.

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Alis is certainly bemused by Grimgar's response, and she inclines her head politely to Lustry then as well. "Have fun, you two." before she slips back towards the crowd and the stands to enjoy some of the food and drink. And she is absolutely going home with plushies. "Thank you again, Duke Ansel. The Gauntlet /is/ quite amazing." Cheerful, even, while seeking our spouse, sibling, friends.

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Ansel is overheard praising Alis.

Lustry blushes in surprise at the public kiss, gently breaking it with giggles before she responds, "Oh yes. Very much. But you already know how fond I am of watching you spar." She hugs upon his arm as she asks, "Did you want to go and celebrate?"

Zakhar nods to Merek and Grimgar. "Gud fight. I am fer hires."

Piccola gives her regards with the slow-clap of someone who's mind may be elsewhere.

But she doesn't get up to go. She remains where she is, even as the applause dies to the din of the remaining warriors and witnesses. It's like she's here to spectate beyond the event; she may be looking for something or someone in particular. It's easy to be enigmatic when you've got a cloak on.

A little mystique and mystery never hurt a Lycene woman.

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