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Healer's Training: Eurusi Language

The third in a series of classes hosted by the Physician's Guild to prepare the healers of Arx, Mercys and Physicians alike, to learn basics of Linguistics and the Eurusi Language. Meet with some of the finest teachers of Arx and be prepared to learn.

OOC:Preference of Teach Slots will be given to the Guild and Mercy attendees but it's open to anyone who wants to teach or learn. Linguistics Teach will be limited, so please come with an open Language Slot if possible.


Nov. 27, 2020, 1 p.m.

Hosted By

Eirene Azova Reigna Sophie


Kenjay Mabelle Zoey Thea Evaristo Sydney Natasha Merek


Mercy Physicians


Arx - Ward of the Compact - Saving Grace Hospital - Operating Theater

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Comments and Log

Carissa, a Southport bodyguard, Planchet the Lycene maggiordome arrive, following Eirene.

2 Redrain Guards arrives, following Kenjay.

Eirene isn't late. She's exactly on time as any lecturer ought to be. Her master's robes are worn for official status as a doctor, but her black leather armor is visible underneath. The room has been cleared of operative tables and has blackboards set up with instructional phrases in Arvani and Eurusi and also in handy phonetic pronunciation. There's a refreshment station with mint water and cups for those who are wanting a cool drink.

Mabelle has been here a while, helping set up the room and pitching some sentences that will be easier to memorize. After such she is good with taking the back row and pitching in when need.

Kenjay follows Eirene in. Clad in scarlet and orange silks with a definite Eurusi cut, with a few pieces of armour never designed by an Arvani smith, he looks a little out of place in Arx - but he moves with a confidence that says he belongs here. He inclines his head politely to those already gathered, then moves to the side of the room, with a smile for the guards who take up positions of lurking.

Arriving with the help of Rocco is Thea. Slow and pale, the Malvici enters with a still prideful stide in her step. "Am I late,"she asks with a tired tone to her voice.

Zoey sits off to one side, her left arm resting in a sling. She watches as attendees gather, smiling and nodding as they arrive.

"No, Lady Thea, you are fine," Zoey tells her.

Having only very recently learned the language, it does not hurt to continue to review the basics, over and over, until they stick. And perhaps offer helpful tips for those with even less familiar than she is. And so she is there, in her Mercy whites, as the lessons begin. Also with a stern look for Thea, and sharply in-drawn brow.

Evaristo has been here a few times - as a patient. But today he arrives all healthy and hale, here for the language training no doubt. "Hello hello," he greets cheerfully, bowing to all the nobility there. "Mind if I join? I speak Eurusi quiet well, thought the practice might be good for me and for everyone."

1 Thrax Elite Guards, 3 Thrax Guards, Cremona, an attentive high strung law clerk arrive, following Natasha.

The coordinator continues as the class slowly fills with the Mercy and Physician's guild members who need to the learn the basics for their coming deployment. "We have a great set of lecture professors today, including Prince Kenjay Redrain who has lived there and can probably answer more detailed questions about the language and culture, provided he doesn't mind?" Eirene turns to the prince and arches her eyebrows. "Sorry for throwing you under the cart here, but I think you're the best qualified for practical knowledge."

Kenjay offers the class a fluid Eurusi-style bow. "I do not mind at all," he smiles to Eirene. "There are some questions I may not answer, but I will reply to what I can." There's a definite tinge of Eurus at the edges of his Arvani. "For those who do not know me, I am Kenjay Redrain, known as the Scarlet Storm. I spent thirty years in the Dune Kingdoms, and returned home to Arvum almost a year ago."

Sydney arrives shortly after Evaristo, after exchanging a few flirtatious pleasantries with one of the Physicians in the lobby that kept her from arriving strictly on time. The young woman rather makes her way to loiter by Evaristo's side. "I don't have a knack for healing, in particular, but I do hope that I'm allowed to observe."

Mabelle turns her attention curiously to Kenjay as he begins telling his life story while icing herself with some mint water, growing even more curious as he mentions the title, "Scarlet Storm. Care to elaborate?", her interest is piqued.

One would think that after a lifetime spent in Academia that school would be over for Highlord Victus Thrax's only sibling and sister, but here she is, Natasha Thrax, entering as surreptitiously as she possibly can despite an entourage of guards and a fidgety legal aide who is busy shooing away said guards so she can linger in her mistress' shadow unencumbered. A quiet conference has the tall, sharply elegant woman pausing from her quick clip to a seat, exchanging one portfolio for another and long ivory fingers brushing over leather, dark and studious eyes falling on the note tacked within - it's the latter that she palms in a deft gesture, before she settles in just in time for the presentation to start, unfolding a small pocket sized journal that she fishes out from her pockets, and proceeds to listen once Kenjay starts to speak, and while questions have yet to leave her lips, it's inevitable that she'll have them.

Azova appears keenly interested in learning some cultural specifics and nuance of possible thoughts towards healing that the Redrain prince might offer. And, settles herself quietly nearby Eirene with a glass of the mint water in hand to sip at. No notes, just her rapt attention for the impromptu additional lesson.

Thea lifts an eyebrow, quite subtly. "I know--Im in shite again,"taking her seat up front. Gods know what she did again. Well-Eirene does. There's a brief smile at Kenjay however as she nods,"Kenjay, hello. Long time no see,"Thea's attention shifting to listen.

"That sounds great," Evaristo says with an enthusiastic bob of his head. He lingers around Sydney, and points to some of the phrases on the boards, saying them in Eurusi as slow as he can so she can try to repeat. But, one can tell right away he's not much of a teacher, he's unfocused and starts speaking too fast. "Prince Kenjay?" he asks. "You were in Skal'daja, right? As a slave?"

With only a slight grimace, Zoey carefully slips her arm from her sling and stretches it forward. Whether her expression is due to stiffness or actual pain is a little difficult to tell. While Kenjay answers questions of the audience she whispers something to Ruslana.

Kenjay turns his smile on Mabelle. "I was the Eurusi equivalent of a Champion, and that is the name I fought under," he says, then gestures to his hair. "In my youth, my hair was brighter, and it was kept long." And then he's turning a look on Evaristo, one that comes with raised eyebrows. "I bow to your grasp of tact and diplomacy, my lord. Yes, I was in Skal'daja, and yes, I was a slave."

Merek makes a way into the place, looking about with a nod while he finds a place to listen.

Mabelle rounds her eyes at Kenjay interestedly, "Scarlet Storm. I like it. Our champions should have names like those". Otherwise she just twitches her lips at the rest of his sentence.

Sir Floppington the Soulful Hound leaves, following Rowenova.

The bold and slightly impertinent question from Evaristo turns the wide, midnight net of Natasha's scrutiny to the man's direction, but the sweep also catches the slender figure of Ruslana and from whose side she has vacated for a while. Recognition plays over the porcelain lines of her countenance as she espies Lady Zoey Kennex somewhere in the crowd. With the note from her aide taken and read over quickly, she pens one of her own, before folding it and handing it to Ruslana to remit to her mistress.

Evaristo squints at Kenjay. "The what?" he asks, as if those are foreign concepts. "I just figure, since most of the refugees and injured likely to come from there in the upcoming war are going to be slaves, your perspective is invaluable," he says with a charming smile. "I mean - Eurusi refugees are already facing a lot of dark muttering. Understanding them is important, isn't it?"

Sydney's brow crinkles as she tries to follow along with Evaristo's hurried instructions, but ends up chewing her lip and looking lost. Steadying herself, the fighter digs into her pouch and draws out her journal, which she begins to fill up with writing, staring rather more intently at the written word, as though it's easier to parse for her than just having to spoken out loud.

That, or she just enjoys the repetition of scribing the same words over and over again. She pauses to snort with appreciative laughter as Kenjay politely drags Evaristo. "Don't mind him. He's used to belting out ballads at the top of his lungs. I don't know if 'tact' is in his vocabulary."

Zoey reads the note received in reply, smiles to the princess, and quietly gestures with her right hand for Natasha to come join her.

Eirene coughs a little as the 's' word gets thrown out at the beginning. "Elephant in the room, as they say," she says with a small shrug. "We do fully anticipate having to help the slaves in their military on the battlefield - or the ocean as it were. Which is why we'll need to better understand the mentality. Some of them may be indoctrinated into the culture and believe that is their fate and resist care - that through suffering they can attain purity. Some may be eager and want to fight back against their masters, which means we have to tell the wounded to sit their ass down and recuperate."

The woman moves *only* when there is a natural break in the discussion; Natasha rises from her seat and transfers to one next to Zoey after a few long-legged strides. "My lady," she murmurs in greeting once resituated, though much of her visual attention is anchored to the front. "Are you a student, as well, or a teacher?"

Thea then says with a look to Eirene,"Ive seen slaves show no hesitation fight against when given the opportunity to go against their masters. None."

"My understanding is that many if not all of these slaves are under writ, Lady Thea. They may not be able to fight back against their own masters." Azova points out quietly. "At least, not until the writs are broken."

"A teacher," Zoey answers Natasha with a nod and a warm smile. "I speak seven languages and teach five of them. I would be more than happy to instruct you."

There's an understanding nod to Azova when Thea says,"It's why I say given opportunity."

"I've heard about them being under writ too. I mean, makes sense - they are slaves, seen as nothing but property. To make sure they don't rise up, they're under writ and HAVE to fight for their masters," Evaristo says, making a grimace at it - it's clear he finds that appaling. "Makes the situation especially dangerous. I don't know if our armies can afford to take chances."

Sydney's eyes remain focused on the page that she's fastidiously filling with script, but her lip involuntarily curls at the mention of writs, and she briefly looks up to murmur, "...Would that we lived in a world where changing the way someone thinks were restricted to actions, circumstance, and words, not writs."

Eirene says, "So." She points to the board and one of the written phrases. "I am a physician - this one's important. It is clear, to the point, and will get across your skills." Below it, "You are safe here- also important." She goes through the two with her gravely rough tones before she nods to Evaristo, "Thus our wanting even our medics and healers to have some basic self-defense training and an understanding of what's being said. We are under our own obligations, religious and cultural, to try to help them be free of those bonds - metaphysical and actual, but we can't expect everyone to be welcoming us as liberators."

"Seven?" Natasha's dark brows lift upwards, visibly impressed. "I had no awareness, my lady, it's an accomplishment indeed. I would be happy to avail myself to your expertise, then, provided that by your assessment it will not impede any recovery that you've yet to make." There's an assessing light from those near-obsidian irises, as if checking over the woman for any signs of visible injuries from her ordeal in the Crimson Square. "What others do you know? Though I would advise you to answer that carefully." Mischief touches the pliant line of her mouth and the slight cant of her head in an angle. "You may never be rid of me now depending."

Zoey chuckles, then lists them off, "Well, in addition to Arvani and Eurusi, I learned the cant of the Isles shavs for diplomatic reasons, as well as all four elven tongues. I am allowed to teach three of those, but would need to get permission for the fourth."

"My esteemed sister-in-law has refused to touch the language of the Abandoned for as long as I can remember," Natasha muses softly, her gaze trained on Eirene as she writes on the board, her own scrawling down a question that she deigns to ask later. "But again, impressive work, my lady Kennex. Had I known, I would have found your doorstep sooner rather than later, I only joined my brother here, recently." And has been kept busy since, though the last remains unsaid. Her voice drops to murmur a few soft words to her companion.

"Yes," Evaristo nods at Eirene. He looks thoughtful now, as if something she said in particular has his mind moving in a direction. "Makes me wonder. I mean, assumedly there are even slaves that might not be treated that badly. And they DO have families back home, perhaps. Imagine it... being forced to fight, then captured by the enemy whom they probably don't know more about than what they have been told by their masters - and I assume it's mostly about us being heretics and monsters - and then, learning they can not go back, their families are in the Dune Kingdoms still, and to top it off, everyone here hates them..."

Eirene motions to an anatomical chart and starts going through body parts, occasionally looking to the others to make sure she's got it right. She's still perfecing her own grasp of the language and pronouncing things slightly off on occasion - but quickly correcting it when the more advanced point her mistakes out. "So yeah," she agrees with Evaristo. "We'll need to be compassionate to their plight. Some will, as Thea says, gladly fight back if freed. Others - they may need time to better understand their new situation. "So ' you can rest here ' may be a helpful phrase as well.

Zoey laughs musically. "Oh, well I think we will get on just fine then! And yes, I had heard that about her. Honestly I only learned it myself for diplomatic reasons," she tells Natasha.

Thea looks thoughtful, trying to understand for a moment. Looking around her, she considers,"I--imagine some don't know any other way and would need to be spoken to. They may not--not want such. To be freed." Thea asks with genuine curiosity,"Do you think--they would choose to remain with a master than have their freedom?"

A small smile, barely visible, is directed at Zoey's way at her musical laugh, before Natasha returns her attention to the front once more at the talk of the slavery situation in Eurus. But her conversation continues in quiet tones so as not to disturb the other teachers.

"Lady Thea is onto it. Lady Eirene - it's not only about compassion to their plight, as much as I don't like saying this. It's also about being suspicious and alert to them," Evaristo says and he looks a little tired. "Cause I have no doubt this enemy would gladly use their slaves as means to get at us - sacrificing them, cause the slave does not have a choice. Under writ, their families under threat... so many ways."

Sydney's lips have formed a thin line, "...Wielding lives as weapons and currency is something that none should be entitled to. I think on that, we assembled agree." She drifts over toward where Zoey is posted and quietly holds up her journal, "...I was wondering, do I have this right?" Her penmanship is sloppy and some of the grammar is off, but it's a start.

Mabelle rises quietly and slips out the door undetected.

2 Laurent trained guards, Cupcake, a cookie girl leave, following Mabelle.

"Many of the slaves are not under writ," Kenjay says, his voice quiet. "They are under many other things - many of them have never known freedom - but they are by no means all under writ. Those that are, though - well. I know little of them, but those who were in the fighting at Sungreet will know more."

Zoey responds to Natasha again in low tones, then takes Sydney's book in her hands with a nod. "Ah, not bad! Watch these little marks here and here though," she says, pointing. "They may look innocuous, but they can completely change the meaning of the phrase."

"Thank you, Prince Kenjay," Evaristo says and now he's definitely more diplomatic - though it doesn't seem to be a conscious thing, more actual honest thankfulness provided with heartfelt friendliness. "There is so much we don't know about the Dune Kingdoms. But in the end," he says and he smiles lopsidedly, "they are just people too."

Sydney brightens at Zoey's instruction, and quietly retreats, flipping to a fresh page and trying again, alternating between her little bits of self-study and what's presented on the board, turning the words over quietly on her lips and making an earnest effort at trying to pick this up.

Eirene nods to Kenjay slowly. "Yeah there will be a mixture of everything, I anticipate. And while we cannot believe everyone we rescue or take in will be a friendly," she says with a glance at Evaristo, "We still must trust yet verify. Trust in the gods but tie up your horse, as the saying goes. We must afford them every chance we have to live a better life. As Gild and Skald would want. They are, after all, people indeed."

Thea listens to Kenjay, a slight frown appearning. She nods in agreement however.

"They are just people," Kenjay says, "And yet they are not 'just' people. Skal'daja holds wonders and it holds horrors, neither of which have been dreamed of in Arvum. To dismiss such a wildly different place, with such vastly different ways, as 'just people' is to leave yourself overconfident. They may be just people, but they are by no means fools, Do not underestimate them." And then, there's a messenger, and he grimaces. "It seems that Lady Bahiya will not be able to make it," he says. "She sends her most profound apologies, but she is needed elsewhere as a matter of urgency."

Sydney smudges a mistake out of old habit, and ends up with ink on her hand. She offers a slow but expansive sigh and eases her journal shut, awkwardly holding her typically-pale ink smeared hand off to one side, as though no one will notice if she doesn't call attention to it. The common pugilist regards Kenjay rather levelly as he speaks, and murmurs, "...Not to put words in our good bard's mouth, but I believe he intended to say an open mind should be kept. An open mind can accept both good and ill."

"Of course, your highness; we can't let our guard down, even as doctors and medics - especially as unarmed parties. I'm trying to take steps to protect them and our hospital vessels. And please, relay our thanks to the Ambassador for her willingness to come, if not her actual attendence," Eirene says politely to Kenjay. See, she can be polite sometimes.

"Saying they are just people is not an insult - we are also just people, with all the flaws and strengths of humans," Evaristo points out. "That you chose to see it as dismissing them speaks more about you than me." He nods to what Sydney says and snorts amusedly. "What about the tact and diplomacy thing, your highness?" He stares at some of the phrases, murmurs one in particular, then bows to the room at large. "I'm afraid I can't stay longer either. Got another appointment coming up soon. But if anyone wanna practice Eurusi with me... just send a messenger."

Alena Sparks, unamused first mate, Silk, the Seafaring Spider, 1 Harlequin jongleur, Midnight Sea, an Ostrian gelding leave, following Evaristo.

Kenjay exhales at Sydney and Evaristo's words, and shakes his head. "If he cannot see the trap he sets for his own feet..." He shrugs, then looks to Sydney again. "An open mind should be kept, indeed. And that open mind should be kept regarding the abilities and intelligence of your enemy as well. In order to offer aid to the slaves, the masters must be defeated, and that is far from a matter of 'just people'." And a nod to Eirene. "Wisdom, indeed - and I shall. You have her apologies, for a certainty."

1 Thrax Elite Guards, 3 Thrax Guards, Cremona, an attentive high strung law clerk leave, following Natasha.

Sydney folds one of her hands over her ink-blotted one. A practiced scholar she is not. A shoulder eases upward at Kenjay's words, "...I certainly agree with the heart of what you're saying, I think the pair of you were splitting the same hair, and ended up on different sides of the knife, is all."

Eirene coughs as it gets a tad awkward. "What do you think would be useful to know, Prince Kenjay? Like - what phrases would be helpful for those just starting to learn the language? Or are there any phrases the audience would like translated?" She looks around at the crowds.

Thea twitches her lips a little, looking at Eirene,"Is that safe to drink?" Clearly the lycene--sorta.

Azova raises her hand at the question of any phrases. "How about 'Stop moving, you're going to hurt yourself.'" One gets the impression she uses this phrase a lot, perhaps with additional colorful language inserted in there.

Sydney perks up, "Or, 'We all speak the same language when the candle dims?'" The young woman flashes her teeth at that suggestion, the smile all but touching her ears.

Kenjay shrugs to Sydney, then looks to Thea. He says a phrase in Eurusi, then repeats it a second and third time. And then Azova's request gets the same treatment, then Sydney's. They aren't exact translations, not exactly scholarly either, but convey the sentiment perfectly. Kenjay's Eurusi is... very colloquial.

Kenjay says in Eurusi, "Is this clear? Pack it in, you idiot, and be still. We all go to the Shining Lands."

Eirene laughs as Kenjay speaks, nodding enthusiastically. "I will likely say it exactly like that, inflection and all. That's how I tend to speak to my patients in Arvani, after all." She glances at Thea and Zoey for confirmation.

Azova is all about the non-scholarly versions of things. In fact, there's a pleased chuckle as she writes down that exaaaaact phrasing from Kenjay so that she can use it. "Perfect." is agreed, with a smile cast towards Eirene.

Zoey grins and chuckles. "More or less," she says with a nod.

Thea finds herself laughing at Kenjay, a slight wheeze emerging. "Exactly like that..."

Sydney listens quite intently to Kenjay's words, and a brow quirks upward at the obvious addition of words, but she clearly doesn't know enough about the language to refute it. The reaction from those around is all she has to gauge it on. "I have the feeling that was a colorful version."

Eirene shoots Thea a look as she hears the wheeze. The 'don't make me send you home' warning kind of look. " I think that "Hold still moron," is a useful phrase in every language. Especially as a medic. Soldiers tend to respond better to orders than gentle platitudes. At least, in my opinion, but I tend to deal with soldiers more frequently."

Kenjay's smile broadens at the laughter, and he winks at Sydney. "Oh, there are much more colourful versions," he says, "But I have not heard of the animals referenced existing in Arvum - and the very colourful versions may have been too colourful to be recorded. It is always poor form to use swearwords one does not grasp the full meaning of."

"It works on the stubborn non-soldiers too," Zoey assures Eirene. "Just ask Ian how cooperative I was those first couple of days. He tells me I am not allowed to complain that he is not resting enough next time."

"Those are my favorite sort, though." The pugilist complains, laughing and reaching back and re-tying her hair... and pausing midway through with a stricken expression on her features. Her ink-blotted hand is now decidedly cleaner, on the plus side. She clears her throat a touch too quickly and mutters, "...Anyhow! This gives me a lot to think about, and I'm sure I can supplement it with some additional practice at the Stormbird's Roost if I need practice. Lovely time. Absolutely. Must be going." She shuffles a touch toward the exit to keep the carnage of her thoroughly ink-smeared hair from seeing the light of day.

Eirene nods as Sydney stands. "I think we're about wrapped up here for now. I think everyone has a good grasp of the basics, enough for our purpose." She bows her head to Kenjay and grins, "I appreicate you coming by. Having someone who knows their shit is always good. You too, Zoey. I didn't know you could speak just about every-damn thing," she jokes.

Kenjay inclines his head to Sydney. "I shall hope to see you there at some point," he says, "And perhaps teach you one or two of the truly interesting words, if such is your desire." He turns to incline his head to Eirene. "You are more than welcome, my lady, though I must apologise for the way the conversation turned."

Hiding the wheeze with a sip of her flask, becuase who WOULD'T, Thea just looks at Eirene. NOT HER FAULT! As everyone goes to depart, she offers a faint wave,"Thank you Kenjay. I'll rpobably come to you for more words and such..."

"I think people forget there is more to me than archery and bookkeeping sometimes!" Zoey laughs. "I am of course happy to assist with any research or linguistic needs. For now though, I think I shall retire to Kennex Kay." Ruslana returns to Zoey's side, offering her arm to assist.

Orion, a healer's surly Assistant, 2 Redoubt Buccaneers leave, following Azova.

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