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Grayson Meeting - Lou Edition

Lou Grayson has been up to her elbows in research. About Eurus. About Alaricus, the founder of House Grayson. About the Harrows, their distant relatives. There are connections. So. Many. Damned. Connections. She's holding an informal meeting at House Grayson to start talking about those connections and what some of that might mean about what may come with the Eurusi fleet still on the horizon. This meeting is open to all citizens in the Grayson fealty, friends, and allies. Or, you know, anyone who has an interest.


Oct. 24, 2020, 3 p.m.

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Aiden Ian Sabella Jyri Martino Harlan Kenjay Eirene Felicia Dariel Preston Lisebet Tarik Rowenova Liara Aindre Symonesse Niklas Zoey Michael



Arx - Ward of House Grayson - Grayson Mansion - Great Gray Hall

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Comments and Log

Elizabetta, a disapproving lady-in-waiting, Lily, an aloof lady-in-waiting, 2 Grayson House Guards, Clark, an exasperated guard arrive, following Sabella.

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Aiden is already there, having spent the last few days in the Grayson ward, visiting beloved ones.

Ian watches his feet as he comes in, marking his own footsteps with the care of someone for whom walking isn't an instictive act.

"...make sure there's lots of different jams and mustards because the Queen really enjoys them! Not herself," Sabella adds quickly, while Elizabetta writes this all down, "But to feed to other people! Aiden!" She gives her cousin a beaming smile as she sees him, moving over to where he is, "How are the girls? Oh has Lou already started? I'll be more quiet!" A search through the room for Lou to offer a bright wave.

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Balian, a Templar squire, Guy, a hunting kestrel, 1 Templar Knight guards, Direhorn Jeffers, a barded Templar wargoat arrive, following Preston.

2 Redrain Guards arrives, following Kenjay.

Jyri is here alone from the Whitehawks, and nods around with grunted friendly greetings. He even gives Sabella a little smile and a particularly nice upnod.

Stepping smooth, the Lord Martino Malvici arrives into the Grayson Great Hall with the sound of wooden sole upon floor. Keeping his pace easy-going for the Lady Eirene Riven beside, there is a hush laugh from Martino as his sharp greens crinkle to her, "Already returning to work and the duties? My... things never change. Shall we?" Leading Eirene further in, dipping his chin to several guests already, Martino guides both he and Eirene to a sidelines seat.

Harlan makes his way in with the real boss of Ashford, Lisebet on his arm. The Duke looks tired, but it's hard to not be smiling with a Duchess attached to you.

Kenjay arrives quietly. The scarlet and orange silks he wears are of a distinctly Eurusi cut, and the partial armour was never designed by an Arvani smith - but the two Redrain-liveried guards with him tell their own tale. He offers a fluid Eurusi-style bow to the assembled, then looks for a place to sit.

Eirene is already returning to work and duties from having a baby. The infant, wrapped in warm swaddling, is carried in her arms and she has a baby's nappy thrown over her shoulder. "Well, I hate reading people's notes on things and gods know I've waited nine fucking months for this to be over, so I want to get back to business," she replies to Martino. "I guess he shares the same birthday as the Saik girls. They may appreciate that someday but it means I'll never have to attend their parties again cause it will be my eternal excuse... Sorry, Jace is having a party."

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Felicia's taken up a spot in a corner, digging a flask out of the confines of her cincture in order to take a sip. Her ed hair hacked off into a halo of unruly red and sporting a still angry looking fresh scar across one cheek. Her green eyes watching the arrivals with some dull degree of interest.

Ian takes a seat at the far end of the map table, like he's at least making the effort to choose a seat that's out of the way.

Ian has joined the a magnificent map table of Arvum made of oak and marquetry inlays.

Marcel, a terrible mime arrives, following Dariel.

Aiden smiles to Sabella, "The girls are doing good! And..." he looks around, taking a sip, shrugging, "I don't think so yet."

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Direhorn Jeffers, a barded Templar wargoat have been dismissed.

Guy, a hunting kestrel have been dismissed.

Sir Floppington the Soulful Hound arrives, following Rowenova.

Lou is seated at the map table as she awaits people to arrive. There's no pomp and circumstance where the meeting is concerned, save for one thing. The very best of alcohols from wine to the strongest, though it might be noted the strongest is mostly whiskey, has been laid out for those that may find they need a drink. There's a number of notebooks, ledgers, and journals set out in front of Lou and she makes note of who has come. She gives a wave and a smile at those she knows but otherwise doesn't yet engage, rather she seems to wait until people get more or less settled before beginning. "Good day. Thank you for coming to Grayson manse. Today's topic is a bit of a dour one I'm afraid. Or serious one. And, I'm going to have to apologize in advance if I need to say names that ought not otherwise be said aloud. It may be the only way to properly convey some information that should be brought to bare." Lou pauses there a moment before going on.

"I cannot say that all the information I have to give today is directly related to the actions being taken by Eurus, but I feel, based on the research that I have been undertaking, they are at least coloring some of the things that we have seen from the Eurusi thus far. For instance, the assassins going after Eurusi royals, and other sundry things. It may also tie in directly to the True Song that has been passed around to each of the fealties by Baroness Lucita Saik warning us of the dangers to come from ancient enemies. So, what I aim to do today is to lay out the newest information I've brought to bear, and to also share out the older information on Eurus for those that do not have it as yet. For, in the end, it all ties together, with so many damnable connections that it, quite seriously, makes my head spin." And she makes no apologies for cursing."

Dariel slips in without his usual announcing of his own arrival. He finds a quiet spot out of the way and surprisingly keeps quietly to himself.

In priestly robes, Preston steps into the Grayson hall. Out of armour for once he offers a warm smile to the guards and moves on through, his hand on the pommel of the upper of his two blades to stop them from swinging around in a crazy and uncarnifexy fashion. He steps up to the map table to admire it, peering a little closer to try and places familiar locations. "Really is rather great." He gives Lou a smile as he takes a seat "Obsidian Blades I believe the Eurusi assassins are called. Something like that." He offers helpfully.

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Lisebet is quiet, as she listens, settling into a seat next to Harlan. She smiles Lou's way, and does not look as tired as her husband does, but then, she perhaps has a trick to hide such sleepiness from view. And she's younger than he is, so wears it better.

12 Grayson House Guards arrives, following Liara.

Jyri is taking out his own notebook now, and a well made coal pen for quick scribbling before using proper ink later. He nods thankfully at Lou but doesn't say anything - the nod speaks for itself.

Tarik quitely make his want into the Great Hall, accompanied by Rowenova and Sir Floppington. He pauses for a moment to hear the entire of his patron's opening speech before findng a seat.

Aiden waves to Tarik and Rowenova!

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At Tarik's side, Nova sits down adjacent to him. She looks up as his patron speaks about her own patron. What a coincidence that is! She then leans to momentarily whisper something to Tarik before giving a wave back to Aiden then resting a hand on Sir Floppington.

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Eirene doesn't consider damnable a curse-word. So she doesn't blink at that. She does, however, motion for someone to bring her a whiskey. Without water in it, or gods forbid -milk-. But she starts to pay deeper attention even as she cradles the newborn in her arms. He's sleeping peacefully.

Liara strolls downstairs and over to find herself a seat, though she remains off to the side, perhaps intent primarily on spectating rather than contributing anything herself just now.

"Huntsmen," Lou says to Preston as he arrives. "They are called Obsidian Huntsmen, named after the Prophet of Sands, who is the Fractal by that name. But that's getting ahead of things a bit," Lou flushes a bit, unable to not say something on that particular topic. "Anyway, do please be seated, make yourselves comfortable, and feel free to drink the copious amounts of alcohol I've placed around the room. The whiskey is the best I could find," and there might already be a glass decanted of whiskey set before her. "It starts with a bit of a history lesson, which I'm still presently researching, but enough was found that I feel warranted a meeting." She lets out a breath, takes in another one, and begins. "Once upon a time the people of the world were enslaved. They lived in a place far, far away called Caer'alfar. Something happened, the details of which I'm still a bit sketchy on, and the humans became freed. They traveled far and wide and eventually made their home in Arvum. However, they did not know how to be a free people and insisted someone lead them, so thus was named the first King of the Human people, Harren Harrow."

Rowenova says, "Congratulations, Lady Eirene. Heard about your endeavour during the Magnotta dinner."

Ian settles into a slouch, whiskey in hand, just listening for the time being.

Felicia makes a quiet noise of agreement with Lou's correction, distracted by the offer of one of the whiskeys that at least prompts her to put away her flask in favor of it. There's a tight kind of smile offered Lou's way of encouragement, but she doesn't seem set to speak. The lack of reaction at the named king is probably ample sign she's familiar with this particular history.

Eirene lifts her glass back at Rowenova in salute and grins. She lifts the baby in her other arm and holds him up a little. But she doesn't comment verbally to the scout.

After arranging a folio and quill for herself, Nova looks to Felicia before glancing back to Eirene. She lifts her quill to the Rivens, with a smile.

Leaning back as he gathers down to sit beside Eirene, the Lord Martino Malvici draws his folio over his lap before flickering through a few notes he has. Crinkling his sharp greens to Rowenova before dipping his chip and leaning slight to Eirene to murmur hush. His gaze flickering across to Lou, before catching the attention of a passing server for a glass of whiskey.

Lou gives Felicia a nod when she sees her in the crowd, and something of a commiserative grimace. None-the-less she goes on with the tale, "Harren Harrow was a good and just king, for a time. He lived a good, long life, that lasted for centuries. Yes, centuries. He was beloved of Death, her chosen brother. And because of that, and for building the Necropolis, for which Arx is built atop, he was allowed to live a long and prosperous life. By long and prosperous, I mean he was granted centuries of life, given his relationship to Death" (@clue 3702 - First Among the Unchained)

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"Ah yes, Huntsmen. I always was rather bad at the names. Such dark and terrible names. My apologies, your highness." And Preston offers a bow of his head to Lou before he listens, enraptured in the story and going quiet as she recounts it.

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"He was the chosen brother of Calithex, not Death. Harren was certainly no god." is the contribution of Felicia from her spot,"But, otherwise... yes." she elects to take another sip of her whiskey. Pacing herself, perhaps, given the weary way she rubs her face.

Lou just barely manages not to wince at her title being used. She's here in official capacity, after all. It's a thing she must bare. She nods in acknowledgement of Preston's reply, and flushes a bit at Felicia's correction. "Yes, right. The voice of Death, Calithex. But, she did still grant him years of life, after he asked her to" she points out, and then goes on with the story. "Over time, however, Harren changed. He turned to the Abyssal court and started getting involved in their affairs. He started practicing abyssal magic, and offered his allegiance to the King of the abyssal court, whom is an Archfiend, effectively turning his back on humanity. He started using writs to enslave people and make them do the things he wished. He started summoning demons, and other dark sundry things."

Lou takes a breath and continues, "Over the years he fathered several children, many of whom followed in his tyranical footsteps. One of them, a bastard son of his, named Alaricus rose up against his father. He was known as the Gray Son. He weakened his father's hold, and inspired people's spirit to rise up against tyranny. He tore his father's house down, and sealed away his father's demons." (@clue 901 - The Fall of the First King)

After Martino's gesture, Nova nods back her wolf-framed visage his way before looking up to Lou and then Felicia. She has not written much yet but is ready to do so.

Jyri has just written a few words himself - it seems he's heard this particular part of history before. But he still listens with rapt attention, his one eye fixated on Lou.

Felicia doesn't seem to feel the need for further corrections, based upon the way she continues to sip her whiskey in the corner placidly. Her green eyes go over the gathered occasionally, measuring, perhaps, and the astute might notice the wince given about the sordid details.

Lisebet reaches a hand to touch Harlan's. Her gaze goes to Felicia and over to Lou, still quietly listening. There's something perhaps about her composure that suggests this story so far is one that maybe isn't new to her.

Twisting his lips slight, there is a ruffle of paper from Martino's direction as he turns through his folio and marks inky stylus upon parchment. Faint scratching sounds escaping out before distracting himself with the server's return with whiskey. Dipping his chin once, Martino leans back upon the sofa as he angles his eyes across to Lou once more.

Eirene's not too surprised at the story of Alaricus. She nods along at that one. Occasionally her blue eyes dart to the sleeping child and she brushes a finger along his cheek but her attention stays focused.

Kenjay finds a place to settle down and listens quietly, his eyebrows lifting as he does so. A notepad gets pulled from inside his shirt, and he starts jotting notes down.

Ian's reaction to the story as it unfolds is hard to read, as his expression is pretty well parked in neutral, but the intensity of his always-moving electric blue eyes makes it clear that he's listening.

Lou looks out at those gathered, takes a moment to recheck her notes, then forges ahead. "Alaricus came to be known as the founder of House Grayson. However, the tale doesn't stop there. Sometime during Harren Harrow's reign a weapon was created that tied the will of bearer to his dark master, the Archfiend he served. That weapon, made of darksteel, was broken up into 13 pieces and scattered across the lands, protected by all walks of life that ranged from known champions to members of the Faith. That weapon, if brought back together, could be used to awaken Harren's dark master." (clue 1023 - Alaricus, Founder of House Grayson and @clue 589 - The Breaking of the Will - Gold and Onyx)

Aiden's features look a little confused, muttering, "A weapon? I thought it was something of a gem..." but otherwise he remains focused.

Lou shakes her head at Aiden. "A weapon made of darksteel."

Eirene comments to Aiden and Lou. "I had heard something about both being involved," but she shakes her head, uncertain. "Who the fuck rightfully knows," she says with her usual rough tones.

"It was a sword." Felicia confirms,"King Calithex recalls it." she turns her whiskey about in her hand absently,"I have also heard mention of the diamonds... but they are not associated with Harren or his sword to the best of my knowledge. More... that thing he served." she can't quite help the curl of her lip in distaste.

Lou steels herself as she goes into the next part. She looks a bit uncomfortable about revealing the next bit of information, but she forges ahead anyway, pausing only to give a nod to Eirene's words and answering, "I only know of the Prophet of Sands, and that is not the gem Aiden is asking after." She then goes on with the rest, "It has been said that those weapons took on a personality of their own, often shaping those who bore them, and never for the the better. Once they come together, the Sleeper, the Archfiend Harren Harrow served, can be wakened. That Archfiend is sealed away in what was once known as Caer'alfar, which is now known as Pyre; it's location is in Eurus."

She nods her thanks to Felicia, who speaks the details. She didn't write that part down in her notes, though she likely has that information stashed away elsewhere! "The Prophet of the Sands, who the Fractal working with the Dune Emperor, is thought to be looking for the pieces of this weapon, to bring them back together to awaken this Archfiend. Specifically, we believe he is looking for a long lost artifact that was hidden away a very clever manner, using magic. This, we believe, is why the Prophet of Sands has sent his assassins after the various Eurusi royals; that artifact will not be made whole again until the royal kinds are gone. Assassination attempts have already occurred throughout the city with the recent influx of Eurusi, including against my own husband Mason." (@clue 1207 - Mutay'a'sib becomes Obsidian , @clue 1066 - Purifying Voidbringer, and @clue 3284 - Hidden in the Blood )

"Oh, it's a weapon. And now weapons. We have faced at least one of them. I would in general advise any who wish to stand against the Herald of Gloria's Dark Reflection in any of its fragments to speak with the Templars. Or not, as is the choice of all." Preston explains from his seat. "And our enemies have at least one of them."

Ian finally clears his throat and, with a hint of hesitation, speaks. "I was told the gemstone thing has to do with people who can't die. They turn into stones and shatter, something like that."

Felicia gives a nod in Preston's direction,"That is part of the duty of my family, to deal with its parts. I'm happy to help fight, though I'd prefer any pieces recovered go to the Faith for proper cleansing." she offers with a tight kind of smile.

Aiden looks toward Felicia, "Yeah I was... thinking diamonds ... was the thing that is hunted for. Okay, then I'm wrong? Weapons. Ok..." He is scribbling down some notes too.

Lou looks to Preston as Felicia mentions cleansing. "Has the Faith come up with a proper cleansing for them? The last bit of information I referenced, on the Purification of Voidbringer, well. it suggested it was difficult if not impossible and involved negoitating with the weapon itself and required 13 attempts. Has anyone succeeded?" It would take an explore to ask that question!

Jyri seems to be murmuring with those he sits with and something said in particular has him looking very grim-faced - he looks at Lou with another look now. Protective.

Leaning closer to Eirene for a moment, Martino's voice is hush once more before leaning back in his seat before barely nodding in the direction of Ian's voice. Sipping upon the whiskey, slight, before noting, "Curious as well since there is... Pyren darksteel."

"Pyren darksteel is related. It's the same basic construction method. Meaning abyssal magic and human sacrifice forged with a demon." Felicia offers bluntly.

"Since the first? I am not aware - but there are also risks. Each cleansing also means fewer of them needed to break through and return him." Preston explains from his seat, lifting his shoulders in a small shrug "We methods to try and secure them safely, but also places that are safe across Arvum. Thankfully Crusader loves fighting them it seems. It practically sings."

Lou lets out a long breath. "And that's all I have so far on the history lesson, which brings us to the present. I know that the White Singer, who is the reflection, a mirrorborn demon, of the last Queen of Thrax, is also driving forces in Eurus, and whispers into the Prophet of Sands and Dune Emperor's ear. Information about her has been spread through out Thrax history and the history of Eurus. What I do not have is any further current information that might be relevant. But, I felt people needed a larger picture of what's been going on, either to have niggling feelings confirmed, or at least be made aware of why fighting the darker forces are important. But, also, there's the True Song of Baroness Lucita. Has everyone heard of it yet? Or, maybe raise your hand if you haven't heard of Lucita's True Song?"

Jyri raises a hand.

Tarik raises a hand.

Kenjay raises a hand.

Glancing side-to-side, making sure he is not the only one, Martino's stylus-holding hand lifts up.

Harlan raises a hand

Dariel raises a hand also.

Felicia also raises her hand with an arch of her brow.

Eirene keeps her hand down. Clearly, she knows this one. She keeps sipping her whiskey.

Seeing that there's enough people who don't know, Lou picks up /several/ pieces of paper and starts reciting it. This will be long folk! Forewarned.

LLou reads from the paper, "When tower falls and shakes the world
Metal speaks, red cloak unfurled
Dragon thunders, Children act
And hardened hearts must make a pact

With Serpent severed, Griffons rise
Bloodied water draws all eyes
But ancient vengeance lies in wait
And more than swords must battle Fate

Princess of Trees and Queen of Wood,
Whispers lead where he once stood
Bitter thorns seek to atone
No daughter of his should stand alone

Speakers, seek what once was lost
But singers must accept the cost
All but two, their souls must try
One is dead, and one must die

When Traitor takes once dead queen's crown
Shadows of white must strike him down
If tasks complete, and duties end
Beware, Red Queen is not your friend

Wardens stand, look to the north
Watch those claws he's sending forth
If hungry eyes should break the wall
One will die to save them all

Mad mage's kin and choices three
He will not forget what used to be
Watch gem of light and Queen of Black
Lest one of these may not turn back

Weeping sister seeks release
And only song can bring her peace
Find hollowed throne, and there inside
Sing your soul where she once died

In forest dark, a mother's fall
And only one will hear that call
Choose their bonds or treachery
Or kill them all, and set them free

Where kings are broken, tyrants reign
A would-be God will do the same
Moon blood drips, wolves have no doubt
All know their time will soon run out

Heed these words, this warning take,
When slaver dies, all chains must break."

lisebet raises her hand, as the question is asked. "I've not heard of Baroness Saik's True Song. That sounds quite interesting."

Ian straightens a little bit. "There's something else," he adds, as Lou finishes her recitation. "A vision a bunch of people had. About the Eurusi fleet, and the Horned God getting his hands on a crown." (OOC: Clue 4146, The Gods Smime Upon Sungreet)

Eirene does not, however, know about Ian's and looks at him with interest.

Felicia turns her silent attention towards Ian with curiousity writ on her face.

Lou puts the papers down and looks over at Ian. "Would you be willing to share the details of that with us, Lord Ian?" she asks. It seems this is a vision that hasn't come to her yet.

Rowenova says, "And then , before that , there was a group of us who went scouting in the North and discovered that he was, indeed, seeking a crown."

"Can we have a copy of that song?" Jyri says, thoughtfully mulling over the song. He nods at Ian and squirms uncomfortably - seems he knows about that vision. "Are they involved, the new triarchy? He found the crown, did he? It's mentioned in the song."

Lou glances over at Rowenova and huhs. "I'd ask if anyone has anything else to share that might be of help to House Grayson, our Allies, or even the Faith," she nods in Preston's direction, "It would be appreciated if you get in a line so it could be shared." She nods to Jyri, "Copies of any information I talked about today will be provided at the end for those that do not already possess such things."

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Lisebet looks thoughtful. "I don't think I have anything new to share, but I will definitely look through and see if I can find anything that is related. I am helping out with research on some related topics here and there."

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Lou watches as the line fills up and she notes to those present. "I am working on additional research into Alaricus. Researching the information on Grayson's first ruler has brought up quite a bit of interesting topics. If any of you wish to join the investigation, I'll be glad to send you the paperwork for it." She then works to call the first person forward.

Turn in line: Preston

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"I'd be interested in anything in that line. Particularly relating to Alaricus' broader family... his mother, his wife... possibly a sister?" Felicia asks of the gathering,"If anyone cares about the particular details of Harren Harrow I can also share information in that regard, too."

"I would.. like to ask if anyone's come up with... more information on the Huntsmen and particularly how to uh, fight, evade, or otherwise stay safe from them?" Aiden asks before he settles down.

a stern-faced servant in a gray and green cloak arrives, following Aindre.

Ian raises a hand after Aiden asks his question, but doesn't seem sure enough about the proceedings to know whether he's supposed to answer right now.

Felicia can't help the laugh she gives all but under her breath, absently reaching up and rubbing the scar on her cheek ruefully. Ian raising his hand makes her look his way intently.

"Mm. Yes, I have heard of that. I also had an unfortunate dream about ships covered in broken manacles being drowned in a sea of blood. I do not know how useful that is..." Preston offers to Lou "A true dream, such as they are, but I am happy to detail it to people. It came after Sungreet."

Scout Rowenova gets up after having given a quick squeeze to Tarik's hand, then the wolf scout and the soulful hound head forth to the queue line behind the Carnifex of the Faith. She nods back to Martino and Felicia, then looks to where Aiden as he states what he does. Her cobalt gaze soon draws to Preston, though as she curiously regards him about the True Dream.

Eirene smirks a little to herself. "All I dream about is normal shit," she says with a laugh. "I am thankful for that."

"His wife was the Lady of Twilight Dreams," Sabella tells Felicia, "But there isn't a lot known about her--I've looked. Her story is tragic and beautiful and very relatable considering the current circumstances."

Lou furrows her brow at Preston. "Do you think it could have been a dream about the leviathan? I know it destroys ships if 13 human sacrifices are not made to it, which si why we're seeking out alternate routes to Eurus by way of Brightshore and the Isle of Echoes. I am heading the trip to Brightshore and Ian is heading the trip to the Isle of Echoes. They are halfway marks on the langer, "safer" route to Eurus where the leviathan doesn't travel." She's just guessing, "But yes, I'd love to hear the details if you are willing to share them. Anything helps, I think."

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Ian finally puts his hand down without saying anything, having decided to wait his turn.

Lou furrows her brow at Sabella. "Are you sure about that? There's a Myth about the Lady of Twilight Dreams going to marry into the Nox'alfar. Not Harren Harrow."

Turn in line: Rowenova

"She married Alaricus," Sabella clarifies.

a stern-faced servant in a gray and green cloak leaves, following Aindre.

5 King's Own Guardsmen arrives, following Symonesse.

a stern-faced servant in a gray and green cloak arrives, following Aindre.

The place is in full buzz with an official like meeting going on being headed by Lou. Preston was just called forward to speak, and some questions asked, and now Rowenova is next.

When it is her turn, Rowenova clears her throat and speaks up. "I will try to keep this short, but my share has to do with an experience..." [Low Growl.] "...during a scouting mission." She adjusts some of the slope her posture had momentarily taken to stand straighter, "And the important parts were that the direction to go was toward the Gray Forest, past Old Oak. The New Triarchy wanted a crown. There was a great winged darkness which passed to the left, amorphorous but the shadow did not fall on us, as though we were immune, but that is only my speculation. As it flew, the trees twisted underneath it and tangled together into the word Fugue. Then, it flew south. All normalized. Anyway. Not sure if it is related. Others in line might have more on that."

Lou furrows her brow toward Rowenova. "The Gray Forest is vast, what part of the Gray Forest would you say? What is the closest holding you were near?"

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Turn in line: Martino

Lou inclines her head to Rowenova. "Thank you for sharing. Fugue? Huh. A dragon maybe?"

Eirene sets aside her drink and slowly manages to her feet. She looks exhausted but, then again, she did just give birth recently. "I'm sure someone will fill me in later?" Her tired blue eyes shift from Martino to Ian curiously.


Nova hmms quietly, "We had been searching for days, and then we had this... sorta 'trip'. We remembered where we ended up, though. A hut in the distance with a soft eddy of smoke... a crooked tree overhanging the gully. I can try to map it out for you later. She looks to Lou. It could have been or a demon, or... something else." She shrugs. "Still not sure about 'all that'." Then, Rowenova moves with Sir Floppington to Tarik. They both sit down beside him.

Not one usually to be fashionably late to anything, Prince Aindre Grayson finds his way into the Great Gray Hall looking sheepishly late instead, quietly and with little fanfare to his arrival, making his way down the grand staircase of the manor at an easy pace and with Queen Symonesse at his side, his attention clearly already upon the angles of conversation bouncing across the hall even before he reaches the lower floor.

Upon his feet from the sofa, the Lord Martino's folio is held close to chest. Stylus trapped between vellum and thumb as he inclines his torso low to Lou to start, "Thank you, Lou, for sharing that all and it has helped understand the past so much more." Lifting his chin slightly as his back straightens, Martino's voice lifts as he carries across his Lycene tones, "Mine is, perhaps, a theory of sorts which I need to utterly add more to but. The Dune Emperor has a goal, the Fractal has a goal. Do we risk assuming that their goals are the same? For I am not sure they are and, perhaps even, that it is an 'unhappy marriage' between them." Martino steps slightly further from the sofa, turning his torso to the room to add, "There is after all the Cult of /that/ Herald which is heavily influenced by the Fractal involved. Of course, destroying one would likely see the other destroyed but, also, present a shift in power across Eurus to the survivor."

Ian nods to Eirene from where he sits. "Send me a messenger when you've had some rest," he suggests, like new parents get rest or something.

Aiden remains seated at the couch, eyes more or less unfocused at all the veins of conversation. Sometimes he writes, othertimes his eyes have a vacant look to them, lost perhaps, beyond repair.

Jyri indicates he has something to add to the conversation, but waits patiently. He studies Rowenova thoughtfully, rubbing his stubbled jaw.

"I have hope that it is not," Sabella nods to Martino, "And I believe there is evidence to support they were enemies to begin with. We just don't know what happened exactly to bring them together. Hope is, of course, not facts or even the truth. But I still hold to it that the Dune Emperor at least might be reasoned with."

Felicia gives Sabella a small nod and a tight smile that suggests she knew that much, then lofts a brow at Lou,"There is?" she can't help but ask, gesturing vaguely Sabella's way in agreement with her. Falling silent again to pay attention.

Eirene smirks at Ian. Like THAT will happen. She shifts the baby in her arms and murmurs something soothing to him before slipping away.

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Carissa, a Southport bodyguard, Planchet the Lycene maggiordome leave, following Eirene.

Tarik lightly taps his right foot as he follows the different topics, he leans in to softly whisper to Rowenova

Ian gives Sabella a decidedly dubious look, one eyebrow quirking up.

Nova curiously regards Tarik and leans closer to hear what he tells her.

Luckily for everyone, Eirene slips out with her new baby before Symonesse can enter and coo at him and likely ruin the entire mood of this very important meeting. While she is smiling, it is a muted smile in keeping with the topic of discussion that she hears as she makes her way in. She spots a seat and glances to Aindre to indicate the direction before making her way there and sitting down.

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A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Rowenova before departing.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Tarik before departing.

"I would wager to say that the Dune Emperor and the Prophet of Sands have very two different goals. Or, at least, as my sister, I would hope they have very different goals. My cousin is a broken man, made so by the Gyre. He was further twisted, but we don't know in what ways. We hope he can be reformed, but are also being realistic about those chances." This Lou notes as much to Preston as anyone else. "There's no telling what sort of torture he endured under the Gyre. Eurus is also the place that the Abyssal mirror resides, so its very possible it's not even the Dune Emperor himself, but like the White singer, a mirrorborn of our cousin, one that acts in the original interests of their host and also their own interests, especially if the original has been killed. Mirrorborn can exist outside of having a host. They just need to feed on blood if they do." Yep. They're the vampires of the world! Lou also speaks this very matter of factly, not looking at Liara or Sabella as she states these things. She may have done way too much research into the topic. "Also, the Dune Emperor has the White Singer as an influence, so if he's listening to anyone, I'd wager it'd be her. I believe he and the Prophet of Sands have butted heads a few times on goals, if I remember some of the reports correctly, but honestly I've been researching this all so much that my head swims when I think about it all," she says with a bit of a grimace.

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Turn in line: Ian

"The Fractals have had a great influence on many." Preston cautions from his seat at the map table "But yes. All have differing goals, even between the Abyssal factions. It is one of the reasons the Will must be avoided. If the King of the Court can assert dominance, can force them to unify, this is not good for us." Preston agrees, nodding along. Preston then looks up to Lou and turns his head "Do you know the story of Peregrine? Of how Emerald tortured her after her charge against the Abyss? Her allies dead, her wings burned? And endless, undying torture. And even an aspect of Gloria might fall to evil."

Ian clears his throat. "So, uh. About the Obsidian Huntsmen. I'm not completely sure about any of this. But I gathered that the Huntsmen are made when people use that black sand drug that was -- maybe still is -- making its way around the Lowers. Someone told me once about being taken to an autopsy of one of the assassins, the ones going after Eurusi people. The person was cut open and just this... a lot of black sand poured out. A lot of black sand. So I think the assassins can be pretty much anyone, and fighting them is mostly a matter of... fighting them. They're hard to kill, but they're not adepts or anything. Just really determined." (OOC: No clues associated with this. It's all stuff gleaned from RP.) "And I thought I heard something about the Dune Emperor and the Prophet working together. Like, all three of them."

Dipping his torso low to Sabella, Martino's eyes crinkle for a moment as he straights himself, "Oh almost certainly the Dune Emperor and the Fractal were enemies, what brought them together though." Mming slight, Martino's head nods, "Mm might unlock something more for us to understand. Of course, there may be a chance to reason with the Dune Emperor who would present the opportunity for human-rule across such vast land. An offer that may tempt some heads to turn." Bowing his torso low once more to Lou, Martino replies smooth, "My thanks, truly Lou, for the... extra information there and I would agree that it seems the two have butted heads. Unhappy marriage." Crinkling sharp greens, back to the sofa Martino goes.

Lou shakes her head at Preston. "It is not a tale I'm familiar with." She looks like she'd like to hear about it sometime though!

Kenjay continues to sit quietly and make notes.

Lisebet does write down some notes, and she looks through some papers, but she simply adds only, "if it helps to copy down notes for anyone, I can volunteer to help with that."

Jyri stands up and puts his hands on his back, standing like the soldier he is. "Iron Guard has, together with the Inquisition, sorted out some murders of merchants, and the thefts in the noble wards happening sometime last year. You might remember them," he says simply. "The Horned One sent his minions to gather artifacts with special, ah, properties, to siphon power from them. The attacks of 'wolves' in various villages throughout the compact, were for the same reason. They also took people with special abilities, to let the Horned one siphon the power from them. This is, from what we could discern from our sources, because he is planning something in particular. Some of the parts in that song seem to fit with it," he says thoughtfully, "but I ain't the best at understanding riddling songs." He pauses for a moment, but has more to say. "Also, something big is wakin' up over at the Saffron chain." He pauses again, looking a bit uncertain. "Spirits are restless," he says grouchily. And that's all he seems to want to say about spirits. That he even mentions them at all is strange, he tends to avoid it - cause OTHERS get uncomfortable. "As for the Dune Emperor and this Osbidian fella - maybe they just figure my enemies enemy is my friend. They got a goal in Arvum, they coincide for now. Either or, we'll fight them." He rubs the back of his neck. "WE fought some demon-spawn in the Lowers, during the refugee rush after the Pravus cleaned out the slavers. I chopped its head off, but the head kept talkin'. Shard put an arrow in it. But it was from Eurus, looked like a very old woman. It killed scores, even templars," he says and glanecs at Preston. "Mighta been a Huntsman."

"He's planning to become a god," Ian supplies for Jyri in his usual level, accented tone. He might be commenting on how it looks like it might rain.

Lou presses her lips together at Ian, hmming softly. "Could you give a name of one of the people that performed the autopsy? I wouldn't mind speaking to them myself about it all. I have a vested interest, given that Mason was once 49th in the line for the Eurusi throne and is, as of freeing of the Eurusi from the Saffron Chain, now 12th in line to the throne of Ah'jon, not to mention my children are part of the royal line now too, so I've got a very /vested/ interest in them all staying alive." Gods help anyone who threatens Lou's kids. They'll rue the day.

Ian looks hesitant to supply Lou with the requested information, but rather says: "I'll ask them to contact you."

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Liara mentions then, from her spot off to the side, "Enough Huntsmen were destroyed last year that it is clearly eminently feasible to stop them. The real difficulty with them seemingly arises from their fixation on their task. I do not think, from the descriptions I have heard of them, that what Lord Jyri faced in the city was one of them, but some other sinister creation."

"The wolves were also a revenge for breaking writs, for each name released - for every name a village" Preston offers for Jyri before he then nods to Lou "I'll be happy to speak to you about the tale sometime, it's cautionary. About the limits of zeal, and the need to understand all the gods even if you follow the path of one as a Paladin."

Sam, who is a boy and definitely not a princess in disguise arrives, following Niklas.

Lou seems satisfied with Ian's information. "Thank you for sharing, as always Lord Ian." She nods to Liara. "Jyri may have encountered Claws, otherwise known as Shadow Hunters, rather than Huntsmen. They are exceptionally hard to kill, and are agents of the Keeper of Secrets." Fable. She means Fable. She doesn't seem uncomfortable at the use of Jyri's naming spirits being involved. "The Huntsmen are specifically after Eurusi Royals."

"Nah. It kept shouting about the Prophet. It wasn't a Claw," Jyri says before he sits back down. "The Prophet will drink deep of your blood, the prophet will come for you all, the prophet will... and so on. But I'm waitin' on some more information from some people. Either or, its dead."

"I think..." Ian starts to speak, stops. Then he raises his hand. Then he lowers it. Back to waiting his turn.

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Turn in line: Jyri

Turn in line: Symonesse

Harlan leans over and whispers something to Lisebet.

Nova pipes up, "The Shadow Hunters... aren't they invisible, though?"

Niklas is halfway through a yawn when he wonders in from Queenspeace Hall. When he sees the crowd he stops, looks behind himself, looks back to the group. When Jyri starts going on about the prophet drinking peoples' blood he says, "Oh, right." Another look around, this time with a little desperation in his expression. "Are there snacks?"

Lou huhs softly at Jyri's last statement. "I'll make note of that then. It's possible he has other underlings doing his bidding too." She looks to Rowenova, "I don't know much about them, honestly. But I do know they exist." She then sees the next person is the Queen and she immediately starts fussing with her explorer gear, "Queen Symonesse, do please come forward. Thank you for joining in today." Is her shirt straight? Are her pants smudged? Oh, there's a leaf in her hair! She plucks that out quickly, flushing.

"Just drinks, your Highness," Kenjay replies to Niklas, his Arvani ever-so-slightly accented with Eurus.

After what Lou says, Nova nods back. "I heard keeping a mirror with you is a good idea, if you are ever concerned about those." She shivers slightly and doing so despite not being cold. She curls closer to Tarik's side afterwards.

Jasper, a treasure hunting gyrfalcon arrives, delivering a message to Dariel before departing.

Jyri nods to Lou. "I'll give you whatever I find on it, if it seems important."

Symonesse rises from her seat on the couch and gives a bow of her head to Lou before she raises her voice to offer, "I apologize if this subject was already discussed, but I think it is important, so please forgive me. While I know the movements of the Dune Emperor and the Prophet are important and many Houses of the Compact have raised banners for a war, I am quite concerned regarding the Metallic Traitor. I was told recently of a song that seemed to speak of the Traitor choosing a place to make his stand. I believe that he is intending to make a stand at Pyre, which was once Caer'alfar. I know the Traitor. I have watched as he orechestrated the killing of my friends. I suspect he is counting on Arvani and Eurusi alike to be too caught up in fighting each other to have the ability to stop him. He'll use this war as a distraction so that he can go to Pyre with anything to slow him down. I worry that if we put all our resources into this fight with the Dune Emperor, the Traitor is going to sneak right past all of us and do whatever he has planned in Pyre. I don't think whatever it is will be good for any of us."

Niklas listens to the Queen as she says her peace, then nods and heads through toward the back exit to the kitchens. "I need some ham."

"We gonna have to go on boats, aren't we," Jyri mutters after that.

"Is there a way we could keep him here?" Sabella asks, looking around the room, "I genuinely don't know, but so far his attacks have mostly centered on Arvum haven't they?"

"I'll send word of this, Majesty, to the Grand Duchess," Aiden stands and issues commands to a squire to fetch him a messenger. Then he's settling back down, eyes fixed on Symonesse, worrying his lips.

Lisebet looks thoughtful, at the conversation. Then her expression turns a bit inward for a moment. "That seems more than a little dangerous, but perhaps less dangerous than the alternative," is her comment. "It does seem though that we always end up having to put all our resources together just to defeat one of many dangerous foes, doesn't it?"

"Your Majesty, could it not be that ending this decisively also give us the opportunity to then focus on the efforts of the Metallic Traitor? I am aware he - and his erstwhile master - like for us to be running around. It is why they threw so many threats at us. Legion was gloating in a journal it seems, via one of his controlled. But, we have also needed time - we are not what we were. We have had to counter magic with steel and sinew, and paying a price in blood for that lack." Preston reasons, giving a bow of his head across to Symonesse "Though - getting to Pyre is not exactly easy for us is it?"

Nova looks up. She hears out Symonesse and then sighs after Preston says Legon. "Gonna need some ham, myself." She totally seconds what Niklas requested.

"So, what's he going to do in Pyre? He wants to become a god - there's a god under there, didn't you say that, Princess Lou? Is THAT why he'd wanna go there while this Obsidian bastard is busy with us?" Jyri asks carefully.

Lou listens to the Queen carefully, then shakes her head at Jyri. "Not if we stop him before he leaves, no. The True Song I spoke about earlier from Baroness Lucita included a warning not to take our eyes off the Metallic Traitor. But, as with most True Songs, they're very, very hard to interpret. I think Lord Ian and I drank two or three decanters of whiskey trying to figure it all out and put the pieces together." She pauses, then notes. "So definitely there needs to be an eye on the Metallic Traitor's movements. My understanding was that he was focusing on Valardin lands right now, but this is new information. Would you be willing to share the vision?" she asks of Symonesse. "Or is the same one the Baroness had?" (@clue 4066 - There's Nothing To Worry About)

Turn in line: Ian

Symonesse glances to Sabella and nods. "I think we can distract -him-. He wants, probably needs, a very specific Crown. He doesn't have it yet, but he's looking. It's why he and his people have been targeting magical items in search of it. He wants Alarice's crown. Her -original- crown. It would be dangerous, but I think if a team could be gathered to not ty to find the crown, but also thwart his efforts, it buys time and it doesn't take anything away from the current war efforts." She glances at Preston and smiles gently, "I don't think that the Traitor would stop and wait for us to finish one war before throwing us into another. It is not his way. Trust me. I know what he is capable of." She then looks to Lou, "I believe it is the same one that the Baroness had, but I was asked to offer my interpretation of it, considering my... experience."

Ian clears his throat once it's his turn again. His eyes skitter briefly towards Symonesse; he was nervous enough trying to do the talking communication thing BEFORE the queen showed up. "I think the Shadow Hunters are invisible," he supplies, essentially agreeing with Rowenova. "And... No, that's probably for a different meeting." He looks towards Symonesse. "The goal, the end goal, is for him to become a god, Your Majesty. Him plus a few others. They're trying to start a new pantheon, or something. Also I think they want to bring Destiny back to... life? Awakeness? He was going after Queen Alarice's crown, and there's something about him being outside an old fortress that might be in the gray forest near Arx with a crown. I don't know where Pyre fits in. And..." He hesitates, looking towards Preston. "It, uh. We're going to take losses. Fighting Eurus. No matter what tricks we come up with, it's going to be bad. All those people -- half, maybe more -- won't be available for the final stand with the Ho -- the, uh, traitor."

Ian adds, awkwardly, in case it wasn't clear: "... Because they'll be dead."

"I do not think that the entirety of the Compact need commit itself to the Eurusi matter to ensure victory," notes Liara. A beat of pause and she adds, "Not that we have an immediate and obvious foe to send armies against, in the case of the Traitor."

Rowenova says, "Aren't the Jadaralarians sworn to fight the Abyss? If the Eurusians are all demon worshippers, can they intercept them while we deal with the Horned God?"

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Ian gives Liara a quick, humorless smile. "Prince Damik said they have about eighteen caravels, fifty drommonds, and two hundred longships and galleys. They also have adepts."

"So That is the crown he is after," Jyri says and looks enlightened. "You know why he needs that crown in particular?"

Lou nods to what Symonesse says, then notes for the others. "I read it to you tonight. You'll have copies to take home." She looks back to the Queen. "Thank you for providing your take on it. It's always helpful to have other things to consider to see how the pieces fall." She looks to Ian. "There are also other factors regarding the Eurusi situation that may lessen the effect of how many Arvani lives are lost, but I think the consensus on that was making use of the weapon we have available as a last ditch effort if possible. The price of bringing it into play is.... considerable."

"There seems to have been some co-operation or at least non-aggression between the Metallic and Malar as well. To confuse that up a bit more." Preston looks to Symonesse and bows his head once more "The Traitor does not need to stop, but we at present have little way to get to Pyre. To obtain the crown, sounds more of a matter for questing knights than for armies. Though, the Templars only called up one third of our people originally for this crusade for these reasons. And yes, we will take losses." Preston confirms to Ian "I think half would be a hefty price - we are better prepared than Stormwall. We cannot allow the Eurusi to regain a foothold however, and take innocents away - as Gloria commands we protect. Nor allow choice to be removed - Skald's commands we preserve that."

"It's the crown that started his whole hatred of humanity and his former friends," Sabella replies to Jyri, "Making it a powerful symbol even if there's no power in it. Which, if it's as old as they say, it might anyway."

Ian just shakes his head after what Lou tells him, like whatever it is hasn't changed his mind on how lethal the fight is going to be.

Niklas returns with the promised ham. "Jadairal is embroiled in a fight with Cardia in our own back yard. Which I guess is just another distraction, but seems like the sort of distraction that will bite us in the ass after we're done tangling with the Traitor and with the Dune Emperor. I'm sure the Maw is active up north and the Prince of the Sharkenoids will be along shortly to eat both of the peasants in Caith. So we should probably pick something and throw ourselves into it." He holds up a slice of ham. "We can't go wrong fighting one of the apocalypses at the gates."

"He is crafting a story. It is a story of revenge. A story in which he was denied something he wanted and, so, he is fashioning a story with himself as the victor. He makes himself a god. It's not just a matter of gathering power and becoming a god. He needs to convince the Dream itself that he already is, that he has earned the right to call himself such a thing. We don't need to fight him. We just need to prevent him from telling his story." She glances to Jyri and nods, "He hated Alarice for what she did. What he believed that she stole from him. He intends to take it back and also prove that he gained even more besides." As talk shifts to armies and battle, Symonesse quietly retakes her seat.

Turn in line: Kenjay

When Niklas brings the ham, Nova gets up and gets some triple slices of it, should the Prince of Grayson not mind her filching from his platter there. Though, if he shows signs of actually minding, she would definitely not! "Noted."

Lou says a few quiet things to Ian and doesn't seem to mind that his mind isn't changed. She also seems aware of the odds. She turns her attention to Kenjay when he enters the line, and inclines her head. "Prince Kenjay. I'm sure you have a unique perspective to add to all that is being discussed?"

Jyri nods thankfully to Symonesse and leans in to murmur something to her when she sits back down.

Kenjay rises to his feet, and offers the assembled a fluid Eurusi-style bow. "What knowledge I have is at your disposal," he says. "My name is Kenjay Redrain, and I spent thirty years in the Dune Kingdom of Skal'daja - and in that time I learned much. What I do not know is how relevant it is to you. But what knowledge I have is yours."

Zoey quietly slips into the hall, standing near the back and looking for a seat near Ian while she listens.

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Liara gives a light nod towards Ian and then turns her attention towards Kenjay.

"Prince Kenjay, what I laid out today was the history of Harren Harrow, details on the darksteel weapon he created tied to the Archfiend sleeping sealed away under Pyre, and some of the expected influences of the Prophet of Sands because of that specific weapon, and how he's hunting down Eurusi royals to recover an artifact that will help him put that weapon back together and waken that Archfiend. From there we started discussing the more recent interactions with the Skal'dajan fleet, whereupon Queen Symonesse warned us of the Metallic Traitor attempting to get to Pyre to do something rather nasty none of us are going to like if we do not remember to distract him away from that task, assuming he finds the crown he's looking for." Lou nods in the Queen's direction once more for that piece of information, thankful. "So anything you might have that might further enlighten us would be appreciated. I'm sure there may be people who have questions they may specifically wish to ask you." In that, she finishes her summation of the evening's evemts.

Marcel, a terrible mime leaves, following Dariel.

Kenjay repeats that Eurusi-style bow for Lou. "Your Highness," he replies. "Many thanks for the information you have shared here tonight. It is greatly appreciated, by myself and I trust by many others here."

Lisebet the generally gentle and quiet speaks up to say, "This is very much appreciated, I can attest to that."

Bracing against the table to rise, Ian takes up his cane and threads his way over to the gryphon couch, although not to sit down. He speaks to Symonesse in a low, serious voice.

Lou inclines her head to Kenjay. "You are quite welcome." She looks around. "Does anyone else have anything to share before we wrap for the evening?"

All at once Aiden is SPRINGING off the couch and launching himself in a dead run that... will leave everyone's heads turning. Over his shoulder, "I'll be right back! GOTTA SEND A MESSAGE!!" And he's literally racing to get outside - not to any normal messenger no, because on the otherside of those doors, there's probably a Gyrfalcon waiting.

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Lou gives her cousin a very bemused look when he springs off the couch to leave. Shaking her head she looks back. "Alright then. This is where you tell me if you need copies of any of the material mentioned this evening and then you are all free to go. Or, you know, stay and drink the whiskey and wine and other beverages." She lifts her own whiskey glass and downs the portion decanted in one go.

Lisebet glances at Harlan. "We should start with whiskey here, don't you think?" she suggests. "For drinking."

Sam, who is a boy and definitely not a princess in disguise have been dismissed.

3 Rubino and Zaffria guards arrives, following Aiden.

Harlan looks over to Lisebet and slides a glass towards her, "Say less, love."

After a considerable and reasonable amount of time to communicate a message, Aiden comes back into the hall with his hands fixing his scarf and straightening out his jacket. He tries to regain his composure as he returns to the couches.

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Michael is here, a bit, with a glass of whiskey as recommended. He will stand up too to raise his voice. "I can recount a bit of when the Will was forged. Gloves, and a hammer of black metal glowing with red light. And a forge of blue light. With bleeding walls. If any of those particular details mean anything to anyone."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Jyri before departing.

Lisebet laughs softly at Harlan's comment and says, "I can indeed help with writing copies of the notes, if it helps."

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Nova passes around a weird description of a sacrificial vision, "Not sure if this really relates, but it might mean something. Not sure exactly what yet. Anybody who might know, feel free to let me know."

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"It could be the creation of the...ah...what did we call those big buggers. Gargantuans? The mishapen masses of souls fused together." Preston says as he looks over notes, his nose scrunching up a little bit "I was told sacrifices were part. In the west we saw entire tribes sacrificed in other ways - their bodies turned to ash as though burnt, yet their clothes, armour, weapons...all unscathed. Tribes of the Malardin - though we never worked out if it was Malardin tribes working magic for Malar, or those ignored by their master who had turned to even darker arts."

Rowenova says, "It might relate to my patron's True Song. Someone in a red cloak, dragon thunders. Etc."

Nova looks to Preston. She ahs softly! "Could be, too!"

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Tarik scratches his head, "I am still confuse on the timeline of things.

"This all dates back to the Reckoning, maybe even pre-dates it," Lou says in response to Tarik.

Nova yeahs quietly. "Me, too. I hope we figure out how to stop the Traitor, though."

"The issue with the Traitor is from the Sylv'alfar War, which is about 500 years ago." Lou adds to Rowenova.

Nova nods to Lou. "He has had some time to stack his deck, for sure." Then, "Thank you for running this."

Lou nods to Rowenova, then says to the others. "Thank you all for coming. Do please enjoy the drinks." She gathers the rest of her notes that are left over, since her neat stacks of copies have all been given out, and takes her leave.

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