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Solace Polar Plunge

The Knights of Solace are going for a SWIM. But probably not very far. Because it's cold. Really cold. Spectators and other crazy people welcome. Azova roped in to make sure we don't drown.


Sept. 21, 2020, 8:30 p.m.

Hosted By

Porter Bree


Reve Macda Merek Orrin Ophelia Brigid Yasmine Azova Sabella Jeffeth Rowenova Alessia


Solace Mercy


Outside Arx - Eastern Approach - Beaches

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

It's a winter day, in the afternoon! It's exactly the right sort of day to run into the ocean and almost immediately get out again. Why? Because it's SNOWING. Also it's very cold out. There's a nice sized fire going on the beach, where most people seem to be gathering. Porter and Bree are already there, double checking that there's enough towels and blankets. A pot has been set over the flames with bubbling liquid inside that's being kept hot. It smells like... hot chocolate? Yep, that's it. There's a small station nearby with anything you might want to put /in/ your hot chocolate. Anything, anything at all. The Mercies also have a tiny station, it comes equipped with all things that AZOVA is going to need to revive these very adventurous people. "I brought something," Porter is saying to the Knight-Lieutenant while they finish up preparations. He opens up his jacket somewhat and points to something tucked into an inner pocket.

Brother Chester, Fudgy, a chirpy crow arrive, following Jeffeth.

1 Silvershields arrives, following Yasmine.

Bree is here, looking entirely too bundled up to do a polar plunge. There's no way she plans to wear all that wool in the water, right? Her nose is pink, and she's doing a little hop dance from foot to foot as she counts out the towels and blankets and, "This is totally say," she murmurs to herself, nodding to add that extra certainty. Why she needs to convince herself is anyone's guess. She looks to Porter briefly, brows lifting. "How long do you think you'll last? Want to make a bet on it now before we test the water?" She flashes a challenging grin, but the noise of people joining them distracts her from her contest, and she has a bright smile for any who venture out onto the sands. "I didn't know there were this many crazy people in Arx!" she exclaims to all of them at once, pure delight in her tone.

It is uncertain if the Halfshav intends to participate or not, but what is certain is that he is serving as escort for the Mercy on duty to ensure that everyone fares... reasonably well. Reve journeys down from the pathway from the walls with Azova on his arm, keeping close to the young woman for sake of body warmth as well as making conversation easier. Not that the pair are doing anything other than idle chit chat, mind you. Oh yes, and Reve also plays the role of pack mule, carrying the Mercy's bag of healer delights. These are placed next to the OTHER things that Azova has declared necessary. "Porter. Diego." Why yes, that's Reve's greeting there, both brows lifted and his mouth tugged into a grin. He refrains from further commentary... for the moment. Bree however is greeted with a far more polite nod of the head.

As to what Porter brought, Bree ducks her head momentarily to peek inside his jacket, and then she laughs. "Great plan. You sharing?" Whatever it was, she hopes he brought enough for the class!

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Rowenova before departing.

Macda looks over to Bree "can only the knights swim?" she asks as she moves over to where they have things ready to warm the swimmers.

Sirra, a very quiet maid, an indeterminate number of cats, 3 House Mazetti Guardians, Lance, a rebellious swan that likes to headbutt arrive, following Alessia.

Merek makes a way to the beaches to watch, settling in to begin relaxxing and looks to the people that will be swimming.

"Is that a question on ability, or who can participate?" Bree casts a grin to Macda. "I think people other than knights /can/ swim, and they're all welcome to try today. The water is very cold," she warns with a laugh, her blue eyes darting to the waves. "I mean, I haven't tested it, but I imagine it is."

Rumor of his vacating the city is obviously untrue, for the Count of Seliki has made an appearance at the beaches, clad in a rather large coat. Orrin's got it closed around him and his arms have crossed over his chest, as if that will help keep the chill of the air from permeating through the thick fabric. Moving further down the path and to the beaches, his gaze plays over those that have already arrived and there's a pleasant enough smile given to those that he knows, along with a nod of his head.

Ophelia tries her very best not to complain about the cold on her way down to the beach. The hood of her fur lined cloak is drawn up over her head and she also sports a long sleeved dress, gloves, a scarf, a fleece ear band, and knee-length booted heels with tread. She is /not/ going to freeze while standing on the beach to /watch/ this, this... this /polar plunge/ that the Knights of Solace are hosting. She is, however, rather amused that they are ambitious enough to run in and out of the freezing cold water! When she's close enough, the Velenosa princess stands among the gathering crowd and tightens the cloak around her frame. "Hi!" A muffled greeting, that. And a friendly wave is given to Bree and Porter (if they can recognize her beneath the winter layers).

Quiet and peering out at the chilled, freezing water she was going to be plunging herself into, Brigid moves with long strides towards Bree and Porter, "Please tell me this is something deeply steeped in tradition." Was mumbled, a plume of breath rising before attention slips over those in attendance and the coat she is wrapped up in is hugged tighter for a moment as if savoring the last bit of warmth it offers.

Standing among the many gathered to observe who would be in their right mind to attempt such a challenge, Yasmine weaves her way through the crowd in search of prime real estate for seating, warmth, and drink-reachabiltiy. Her eyes crease at their corners as her mouth curves into a charming, teeth-chattering smile toward several faces she's familiar with. "I'm so excited to see how this will turn out," she gushes to Sabella, after a graceful dip of the knee in a very subdued curtsy.

Azova is delighted that there is even a small Mercy station already set up. "Yay, you really like me." she cheers upon seeing it, tightening her hold on Reve's arm as the 'it's cold out here' version of a nudge. "Look, they must really like me." she whispers. "I hope the cups for that hot chocolate are sturdy or your teeth might chatter enough to break them." she warns, free hand lifting to wave to Bree and Porter in greeting. Brigid as well, in recognition.

Sabella comes down the beach looking incredibly cheerful for someone that's all bundled up against the cold, "Are you really going to swim?" she asks as she gets close enough, breath hanging in the air, "it seems like a very terrible idea, but for a good cause, so I suppose I'm going to cheer no matter what!" She grins at Yasmine, "It will all turn out well, after all it's a charity event! I think. Is it? I heard Knights of Solace and crazy thing people were doing and just sort of decided that must be what this is!"

"Hey, Reve!" Porter calls out when the Halfshav lord turns up. "I think that I'm going to make it... not very long at all," he admits with a laugh. "It's been a long time since I've done something like this! And nothing surprises me about there being crazy people in Arx." His laughter is rolling and gregarious, lifting a hand to wave to people as they turn up. "A tradition has to start /somewhere/, doesn't it, Lady Moore?" he replies to Brigid, smile road.

Jeffeth has joined the Northern Dunes.

"Do you know if it will only be the knights who are participating, or generally anyone courageous and with a generous spirit?" Yasmine wonders, gliding closer to Sabella. There's strength in numbers, and warmth. Lots of warmth.

Macda nods her head as her question is answered, she draws a breath as she watches the steam escape from her lips her eyes dance a little as she grins "cant wait to try this out." she says before she looks over to Sabella then back to Porter as he calls the Halfshav. A smile dances on her lips "I would like to participate..."

A rather large figure stands off to the side, a cloak pulled close around the big man. Probably because it's so cold. Hood pulled over his head far down as to mostly obscure his face, the figure seems to be just casually observing those on the beach for now.

"Princess Ophelia," Bree lets out a surprised gasp of a name after she recognizes the woman underneath all of that fabric, but her smile is no less wide. "Are you swimming? I hope you are!" And Brigid is there, inquiring about tradition. The Butterfly Knight laughs, shaking her head, but Porter's answer is better than any she could give. "What he said," she murmurs with a fond slant of her eyes toward the man. "Has to start somewhere."

With Sir Floppington (QUITE CONCERNED), Scout Rowenova shows up in her wolf pelt along with a direwolf cloak, too, which she keeps wrapped around her for the time being. "What?" says she to the soulful hound beside her who just lifts one paw and gently rests it atop his canine muzzle before moving along.

With a hooded seatouched wool cloak wrapped tightly around herself, Alessia walks along the path to where the crowd is gathered, casting a casual gaze around in search for familiar faces. She has a flask in hand, probably the thing warming her up the most.

"It will certainly not be Princesses," Sabella says with a firm nod of knowing exactly what she's talking about. Then Macda speaks, "...with minister positions in the Crown!" Whew, saved it! She beams, "Macda, please don't freeze to death off the beach. Liara will likely never forgive me for letting you do so and trust me you do not want me trying to save you. This dress is not meant for the water and honestly, neither am I."

"Where is Princess Ophelia??" Porter demands to know, whipping around and closing his jacket. "I HAVE THE CHARM IN MY POCKET," he shouts. But he doesn't actually know which person is her. He starts squinting at all of the bundled up people, trying to find the one Bree was just greeting.

There is a narrowing of sights as the ghostly greys flicker between both Bree and Porter, "Wonderful." Came in a grumble, wondering how much hot chocolate she'd have to consume in which to get warm again after such a feat. A wave is flashed to Azova, accompanied by a smile, "I'm glad you're here."

Then form is moving towards the dunes to say hello to a hooded and cloaked behemoth.

Brigid has joined the Northern Dunes.

Bree spies a curious cloaked figure lingering near the dunes, and her brows lift in question - but there is certainly something about the way the man moves to bring her enough of the 'don't I know that guy?' that she says to Porter, "I'll be right back." But Brigid has turned and moved off toward the very same figure, confirming every suspicion ever, and she smiles, settling back with Porter. "Just kidding! And she's right there," she points accusingly at Ophelia. "Ready to swim, I think!" As to charms, she looks between the pair curiously. Hmm.

"I suppose that this is where I abandon you so that you might be responsible and do your work," Reve offers sidelong to Azova there, that grin turned toward her even as he nudges her with a shoulder. Still, despite that, he does rather properly escort her to that precise location as though it was important and murmur a quiet offer to help her set up in case anything needs to be seen to. "I am sure that you will do just fine, Porter." Now, this is not his event. Not at all. Yet given the crowd and the surrounding area he takes a deep breath and calls forth, "I think that everyone should swim!" See Reve be a team player. "Except this one!" He beckons there to the Mercy Azova. With that mighty declaration he starts to undo his vest.

Macda looks over to her cousin "if they can do it, I can do it!" she calls out and she grins a little "be here to warm me when I get out!" she calls over with a bright smile.

Bree at this moment is like an excitable puppy, her attention drawn this way and that, her movements jumpy and ready to burst, and so it isn't surprising that she looks to Sabella and exclaims, "Princess Sabella! Hi!" There's such a joy at seeing the woman in her tone that she nearly trips on her way over to greet the woman. "Does the extent of your helping Solace include stupid decisions like this?" she asks hopefully, another smile cast Macda. "I think she will be trying."

Ophelia pulls her scarf down a little to respond to Bree, "I might actually expire if I set foot in the water..." But, she didn't say /no./ The scarf is pulled up over her mouth once again and the princess pivots to regard Porter with a shushing wave of her gloved hand. Scarf comes down. "That's good! I'm right here! Now stop /shouting./" She makes her way closer to begin shedding a few layers of her winter attire. Then she /gasps./ "Anyone have a hair clip? I forgot a hairclip!" She'll have to make due with something -- a ribbon, perhaps. Once her cloak is off, she begins to tie her blonde curls up with a yellow ribbon produced from one of her pockets. "It's /freezing,/ dear gods." And she's not even in the water yet!

"I'm glad I'm here too. Else who knows what bits might freeze off of people and we wouldn't want that." Azova quips, winking at Brigid before she smiles sweetly at the man who accompanied her here. "Are you really sure you want to do this?" she wonders, trying not to sigh as she settles in to her station. Already, she is getting herself something warm to drink before setting out what she thinks she will need. And, doing her best to take over the towel and blanket duty and see to it that they stay warm without catching fire.

"I drank far too much to cope with the journey, that I doubt I'll stay afloat at this rate." Alessia muses as she inches closer toward Bree and Sabella. The smell of whiskey is strong. "Dame, your highness." She offers in greeting, lifting her flask to Porter when her eyes drift over to him.

Once it looks like all the people who have arrived are going to arrive, Porter starts waving his hands. He's a pretty loud person, so his voice projects over the crowd. "ANYONE can come run into the water with us! If you plan on doing so, get ready! We're doing so in, uh, REALLY SOON." And just to drive the point home, he starts stripping off his clothing until he's down some wool leggings and a light undershirt. "It is kind of cold, isn't it?" he says to Bree who is... not near him anymore. He glances around in confusion, but he does see Alessia lifting a flask to him. "HELLO!" he calls back to her, just in time to be shushed by Ophelia for his earlier shouting.

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After giving Sir Floppington a couple scritches behind his long ears, then the Halfshav servant lifts up a greeting wave to Reve before she pulls off her wolfy headdress which ultimately reveals nearly 2 dozen colorful ribbons throughout her platinum hair. She gently drapes this right over Sir Floppington who could be her double. Maybe? Then, she pulls off the direwolf cloak, thus revealing an aeterna belly shirt and short shorts. The cloak she rolls up and sticks beside Sir Flops. "Thanks for watching those!" says she then briefly smooches the good boy on his wolf-framed cheek before she dashes away toward the freezing waters!

Rowenova checked stamina + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 52 higher.

Merek looks to the water while he decides to adjust his attire, and slide into a simpler bit of something to wear, before moving to the water, and walking into it so that he can settle into it.

Merek checked stamina + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 20 higher.

"Oh, no, no no no," Sabella raises both hands, encased by thick mittens and laughs to Bree's question, "Water and me do not get along at the best of times! I never learned to swim even the tiniest bit! However, I shall pledge one hundred resources per minute that the longest person shall stay in the water!" she pauses and adds, "And doesn't die! You can't die to do it so please don't push yourself!" a significant look is given to Macda. Then she smiles at Alessia, "I wish I had thought to bring something warm to drink! Elizabetta, surely there is some hot chocolate and tea to be found just inside the walls!"

Sir Floppington lets out a little chuff about the scout's antics before then curiously watching the Northern lass, while wearing her wolf pelt.

"I, Lady Azova, am being an amiable participant. You should be proud," counters Reve to Azova. He takes a few steps toward her, purposefully looming with his body, then drawing back before circling her. Mind you, this comes across like some peculiar dance that only he knows. The goofiness is punctuated by the finale of a press of a chaste, courtly kiss to her cheek. In other words, he is pre-energized by the chill and the stupidity and acting out as only he can. Still, he spies the wave from Rowenova and lifts a hand. "Scout," he greets with an amiable call across the beach. He sheds his tunic next, setting it near the Mercy. "Okay, this *is* cold." He hasn't even gotten into the water yet.

Porter watches as a few people rush on ahead into the water, his smile now easily amused. He glances around at the people gathered and once it looks like most of the rest of the crowd is ready to go, "OKAY. EVERYONE IN." Everyone. Except the people who /don't/ want to freeze to death. Those people who are all a lot more sane, can stay on the beach and enjoy the hot chocolate early.

Porter checked stamina + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 37 higher.

On the dunes, Brigid starts to deposit her coat and the rest of her clothing before giving aa speculative look to the cloaked figure before the Dame of Solace marches down to join the others. In a Knights of Solace tabard and breeches, there is nothing else on the warrior's form save glimpse of scarred luminously pale skin. Dark hair is worked into a loose braid, glancing towards Bree with a smile which is broken by her chattering teeth. Then Porter is yelling and all she can think about is fires, warm blanket, and stealing what she suspects to be rum from Porter's pocket.

Brigid checked stamina + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 35 higher.

Macda checked stamina + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 88 higher. Macda rolled a critical!

Bree looks ready to protest Sabella's refusal to join them in the water, but then her generous offer follows and she steals all of the protests right out from under the Butterfly Knight. "You will? Oh, that is wonderful." Then there's laughter, warm and loud, at the caveat - no dying. "Consider it done, your highness. No dying. I promise." Porter is calling out for everyone to be in, and she spins quickly in the sands. "Wait for me!" To Sabella she looks apologetically. "I have to go, sorry." And then she's shedding pieces of clothing, boots, hop hop hopping to free her feet, and in her leggings and her shirt, and she darts after the bearded man. "Cold cold cold cold!" she's chanting before she even hits the water.

Bree checked stamina + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 43 higher.

"Oh wait, did I come in a little early?" Merek asks looking to the beach, then he shivers from the cold water, although he seems to content in it. He swims about while he spins around in circles.

When she's got enough layers off and her blonde hair has been done up into a messy bun atop her head, Ophelia takes a few deep breaths and then darts for the water. She's not a natural sprinter and so her arms bounce a little the entire time she half-skips toward the water. And she squeals the /whole way./ "EEeEeEEeeeEEeeEE!"

Ophelia checked stamina + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 7 higher.

Reve checked stamina + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 22 higher.

"Mmhmm. Of course you are." Azova agrees, looking up at him with an obviously uncowed expression, and turning her head as he walks around her. The courtly kiss to her cheek is met with a bright peal of laughter before she murmurs something at him and then shoos him towards the water. Her expression is only slightly pained by watching what everyone is about to do. As soon as the first person hits the water she is standing, with her head cocked slightly to the side as if listening for sounds only she can hear. Definitely not the shrieks of cold. But, she is pensive and waiting.

Macda too was getting out of her leathers as she looks to the water, she takes a run, naked as she is and plunges herself into the water.. all the way under Macda stays there for a bit of time actually looking as if she might takeing a lesiure swim before she comes back out and into awaiting arms of servants who towel her dry.

At the last moment, Nova holds her arms wide open and closes her eyes before leaping forth into the freezing water after which there is heard a quick gasp of drawn air through her pristine teeth before she cuts off and then completely submerges. Soon enough, though, she bounces up, flinging back her hair and all its ribbons behind her then wades deeper still.

1 Silvershields have been dismissed.

The first few feet into the surf isn't so bad! Porter isn't regretting his decisions just yet. There's a loud, "WHOOP!" of excitement as he rushes in. Then he's up to his knees and then deeper and eventually he's up to his chest. Eventually the exhuberant cheering shifts to a series of rapidly muttered cuss words as he tries to adjust to the freezing cold water. And it's cold, really, really cold. He manages to swim for a respectable amount of time before he has to admit that it's TOO cold for him to stay in any longer without sinking like a frozen rock. "I. regret. nothing," he manages through clenched teeth, swimming back for shore. When he comes out, he shakes his body off like an over-sized dog. "Nothing. Regret. Fuck. It's colder out here, how is that possible?"

"Hmmm hot chocolate and whiskey." Alessia seems to think on this with a wistful smile. "With added cream." She gasps, taking a deep drink from the flask. "Want some whiskey?" She shakes her flask at Porter, her voice slurred even raised.

Bree splashes through the waves, the initial shock of the water intense, and the further she goes, the more she wonders if she has ever made such an idiotic decision in her life. Still, the thrill of seeing so many willing to join sparks a joy in her blue eyes, and she fully plunges into the waves, diving under, and popping up with a few expletives of her own. She wades about, constantly moving to make sure she doesn't freeze solid, and when she spies Porter in the water she laughs, teeth chattering. He's going back juuuuust before she decides she can't take any more of this. "Who came up with this idea?" she calls to the wind. She's shivering as she rushes from the water, dripping against the sand to rush back toward the towels. Her nose is almost blue, and her limbs stiff, but there seems to be a happiness settling over her as she reaches Porter. "That was /amazing/." A beat. "Want to do it again?" She grabs a towel and begins to wrap herself up tightly. She looks out to the waves, spying Macda just living her best life in the water. "That princess has some courage." Speaking of princesses, her gaze scans for Ophelia, "Did Princess Ophelia go in?" she asks anyone listening.

Ophelia is not made for this sort of thing, but she /tries/ her very best to last longer than five seconds in the water. What seems like an hour long plunge turns out to be a quick trot in and even quicker flail /out!/ "EEeEEeeeEEeEEEeeeeEe!!" Yes, she's still squealing. Yes, she's running as fast as her frozen legs can carry her back to the fire and to her clothes and to a towel to dry her now /frozen hair./ "Cold, cold, coldcoldcoldcold... cooollld..." She is here. She made it!

Delayed by his previous antics, Reve is doing his best to catch up after he flashes another grin to Azova. He swiftly is unlacing his boots and tossing them off to the side before shedding his trousers. Smallcothes remain on as he is off at a full run for the water. Reve continues as far as he can go at that run, through the water, until it becomes terribly inconvenient and then he tries to make for a leap/fling further into the watery depths. He goes completely under and then leaps up with a mighty declaration of a curse declared. He's not quiet about it, not shy at all. Reve does a little victory lap and then starts to head back for the shore. Yes, his excursion was brief. "For Paragon!" he calls, invigorated.

1 Templar Knight guards, Sir Daniel the Beardless, a somewhat hapless Templar leave, following Hamish.

In his currently frozen state, Porter doesn't actually remember where he tossed his clothes in all of this mostly organized chaos. But he does take a thick towel off of someone and wrap it around his body tightly. "It might have been me, maybe! Hard to recall!" he replies to Bree through chattering teeth. "I regret nothing and... maybe next year!" he laughs. Absolutely frozen. "Look! There she is!" He almost starts to laugh at Ophelia's mad dash but manages to stop himself! He won't do it. The motion of something being waved at him has Porter turning to Alessia, where he catches her words. Something flickers over his expression and he turns from where he is, heading in her direction and flopping into the snow and sand. "Sure," he answers and leans in to talk to her quietly.

Azova begins ladling the hot chocolate and handing it to people as soon as they've wrapped a towel around themselves. "Stand closer to the fire. Get yourself dry." she can be heard encouraging people as their teeth rattle loudly enough to sound like morse code. Some might hear a snorted laugh from her at Reve's battlecry, and she just shakes her head at it. A towel is grabbed and slung over her arm so she can be there when he's exiting. The less time spent freezing cold the better please and thank you.

Merek smiles a bit, clearly having fun. Though eventually he does make a way to shore, he did have a good amount of time in it, then he takes a towel, to wash off with while he nods a bit.

Backed up by formidable willpower, Nova somehow controls her breathing tempo. Really, though, this certainly takes a whole lot of dedicated concentration, so she does not speak much. She makes sure that her submerged feet can somewhat detect the shore bed below. Because 'feeling it' would be the overstatement of the century. She does not seem to be in a rush to get back to shore, though, seeing how long she can handle the chill out there. For now.

There's a moment where Alessia contemplates dropping down, though seems less inclined and settles for crouching, before handing him the flask.

Completely psyching herself up for the slapping pain that was to be each icicle splash - winter needling it's point into her skin. There was nothing to prepare herself for the chill that started to seep, swimming around trying her best to stay warm but each wound she'd received during this past year cried out in protest and so she is out, chittering and chattering. Frigid Brigid emerges with a little dancing shake, glancing to Bree and Porter, "W-w-w-wonderful." Is spat out but there is an incredulous grin on her face, glancing towards those who seemed untroubled by the temperature. Grabbing a towel, two mugs of hot chocolate, there is a glance to Bree nodding her head in indication towards the dunes to where the Dragoon now waddles.

Sabella appears to be getting colder and colder watching everyone in the water and she hasn't even dipped a toe in! "...please do remember that this is a fun excursion and not something people ought to lose feet over!" she calls out, bundling herself a bit more into her cloak,

Macda orders the chocolate and whiskey.. she smiles to Bree and she nods her head a little as she tries to dry her hair before bits of ice freeze into it "shit I need to get inside now."

Bree peeks a hand out from her towel and reaches up to flick against Porter's beard, teasing him, "I think you have icicles hanging." He points out Ophelia, and she turns to see the Velenosa princess shivering by the fire, but she most certainly made the dive. "Well done," she laughs, wrapping her towel back around her and moving toward the warmth. Brigid's indication of grabbing hot cocoa and heading to the dunes has her glancing that way again. To the cloaked figure (who is totally Jeffeth) she beams coldly, but she makes no move to join the two. To the group at large, all huddling, seeking warmth, needing something to stave off the chill, she smiles. "Welcome to the Knights of Solace, everyone! You've all passed the test!" And then she laughs, her breath visible in her mirth. "Kidding. Unless..." She glances to Ophelia, "You want to join?"

In the wolf pelt headdress, Sir Floppington wags closer to where Sabella is because she has sense!

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Macda before departing.

After a bit, Nova finally makes her way out, doing so with steps which might potentially remind someone of a deer who was learning to walk for the first time.

"Yes, congratulations! Everyone!" Porter calls out from his spot on the ground, towel pulled closely around himself as he passes the flask back over to Alessia. He touches his hair and feels where it's /quite/ cold from the air and water. Mistakes were made. He spots Brigid making her way out of the water and gives her the thumbs up before laughing.

Rowenova says, "S... so it wasn't to see who lasted the longest?"

Ophelia attempts to remove the ribbon from her up do and it's... either frozen or knotted up pretty tight. She's wrapped in about three towels, one tight around her body, one over her head, one around her feet. Both hands are shaking and she stands as close to the fire without actually standing /in/ it. "Cold, cold, cold." she murmurs to herself, huddled close and staring at the flames. "Dear gods. Cold." Right now, Robyn, the artful assistant is attempting to help the princess out of her wet clothes and into some dry ones. "Not if Porter is going to /laugh/ at me..." Ophelia tries her best to look miffed and it's ruined by the smirk she tries (/tries/) to conceal with her towel.

Reve offers a murmur of gratitude to Azova when she is providing him with that towel. He utilizes it swiftly, trying to dry off and then discard it in favor of a blanket that is set up near the camp. His assistant, aka message intervener, steps forward to provide him with a missive and offer a few words. Reve nods, glances over the parchment, then calls to Azova, "Nurie has a fire going." Mind you he's not entirely distracted, for when Bree makes that declaration - in jest or not - he's shooting her a look before very pointed relief comes across his features.

Azova pauses when she hears Bree, and looks over there - appearing so tempted to make a comment before she just presses her lips together firmly and remains blessedly quiet for the moment. "Does she? We will have to drift that way when we're done here then. So you can continue to be as warm as possible. We should bring something to eat with us that we can roast over the fire; as gracious guests, of course." is suggested, amusement flaring in her eyes again at his pointed relief of Bree's clarification. "That's okay, Your Highness. I will laugh at Porter in return for you." she declares to Ophelia. Helpful.

"I didn't laugh!" Porter calls out for the record to Ophelia. "You warned me!" About something else entirely, months and months ago. Just after he calls about the warning, his smile slants in incorrigible amusement. Porter looks over at the fire which does not seem close enough at all, but it'll have to do. He's tilted his head back to Alessia, seeming to weigh something that she's saying. Whatever that happens to be, he appears to accept it. "Alright," he finally says, turning that smile onto her. "I need to get out of these." He plucks his fingers at the soaked wool leggings and slowly hauls himself back to his frozen feet. "And wear something dry. Has anyone seen my pants?" he calls out.

Macda gets back into her clothing and she is warmed by the whiskey and the fire.. "wh....who w.w.w.was the winner?" she asks

"To be fair," Bree glances toward the bearded man seated with Alessia, "Sir Porter laughs quite a bit. I think maybe you should remain free from the oaths of knighthood, just to be safe." She grins at Ophelia, snuggling closer under her towel to scan the crowd. All of the looks of relief have her looking back in wonder. "Did you think I was serious? That's fantastic," this is said to Reve and Azova, because their mutual looks of relief bring her much amusement.

"Can confirm. He has a very boisterous laugh, doesn't he?" Alessia says, slowly rising to full height, eyes flashing with amusement.

"I don't know, I thought I heard you laugh." And then Brigid's eyes light with mirth, glancing at Bree and then Porter, "I hope your wool leggings are waxed against water - they might start to shrink!" Is hollered, having wiggled her way back into dry clothes, the Moore is standing with both calloused hands firmly planted around the heated mug.

Suddenly Bree has a thought, and she cranes her neck to search for the woman. "Princess Sabella," she spies her, quite dry and most likely warmer than any of the fools. "I believe your cousin lasted the longest. It was a wonderful effort on her part." When Macda asks for the winner, the Butterfly Knight spreads her arms wide, "All of us." She immediately regrets the heat that escapes, and quickly throws her arms back around her body. "But you stayed in the longest. Well done, Princess."

Macda laughs a little and she bows her head.. she moves through the grounds to head back to the city "I am so cold!" she says as she swears a few times singing a bawny song about how her bits were frozen as she exits.

@emit Trying to walk with care, Nova has uneven strides which seem to slam down on the sand below as she steps out of the drink. She seeks the way to the fire, "I have had dreams about running into the fire before. I wonder if it associates with the plunges that I have done." She lets out a tight laugh before finally finding the next towel she can possibly acquire then wraps up and plunks down rather close to the campfire warmth. Not too close, though. "Congratulations, Princess Macda!"

The large man on the dunes slowly reaches up and takes off the cloak from around his shoulders. The massive knight removes the cloth obscuring his face to slowly place the fabric over Brigid to help warm her up possibly. In the act, Jeffeth reveals his face. And he is super ugly now, turns out.

Half of Jeffeths face appears as if it was once melted away. He has been healing, but half of his face is just a crater of a scarred wasteland. The scarring continues down his neck, under his shirt, a little can be seen on his large arm as he drapes his cloak around Brigid.

Macda has left the Quiet Strand.

Taking a deep drink from her flask, Alessia's mirth seems to fade when she takes a good look at the Grandmaster on the dunes. Her brows shoot up at this, though she can't quite put a question to words. Simply turning to Bree curiously.

"Macda didn't die, right?" Sabella looks up and around, though she hears Macda laugh before she leaves and that's apparently enough for her! "You'll have to tell me how long she did so I can send over what you need! And hello, you lovely puppy you!" Sir Floppington gets lots of pets that are probably very fluffy because of her mittens, "I thought I saw Rov--" and then she looks up and sees Jeffeth's face and before she can really stop herself she gasps, both hands flying up to cover her mouth. And most of her face really because they are fluffy, "Jeffeth!" She's so shocked she drops his title, "Is there a mercy here?! Where's the mercy!?" she flails her hands then.

Porter gearing up to find his clothes, but something has him pausing. But then just as quickly as the pause came, he's moving again. He eventually finds where his clothes were tucked away and he rapidly changes out of what's on him and into something dry and comfortable. "Don't worry about the tightness of pants, Lady Moore!" he calls back over to Brigid, his voice as loud and boisterous, as bright as ever. "I'm sure they'll still wear well!"

Reve shrugs a shoulder and calls an easy, "You never know," to Bree before he manages to acquire a bit of parchment and quill from his assistant so that he can deal with whatever missive matter is at hand. Guess what? He makes it extra swift because he is absolutely freezing. Once he's got the parchment taken care of, he huddles a bit more underneath that blanket. As he does so, he looks across those gathered and listens with interest. While the large man eventually does draw his eye, he likely does not make out features in full as of yet. Until Sabella is calling for a Mercy and his attention swings that-a-way.

Azova presses a cup of the hot cocoa into Reve's hand, just as Sabella is calling for a Mercy and she turns towards the princess. "What is it, what's happened?" There is a brief moment of shock when Jeffeth is seen, and she shouldn't look surprised should she? I mean, she's a Mercy and he's the Grandmaster of Solace so... "Grandmaster Jeffeth. How have you /not/ been to see us. /How/." It's scold and concern all in one as she abandons her post and approaches, already digging into her bag.

Azova gets small jar of suncatcher balm from a physician's medicine satchel.

Jeffeth checked composure at difficulty 20, rolling 7 lower.

There's something in the way Porter responds to Brigid that has Bree laughing again, her gaze dipping for a moment to the man's legs as if assessing just how well they'll wear. But Sabella cries out, Alessia gives her a strange look, and the general feel of the plunge shifts. She looks over to the direction of the cloaked figure - only he isn't cloaked any longer, and his scarring shows. She immediately shifts, reaching out a hand to calm Sabella, her fingers still cold from the plunge. "He's fine," she assures her. "He's fine." This second one is for Azova - but the Mercy is already moving that way. She exhales a puff of air, and looks to the man beyond. Quickly she's moving, first to Porter to murmur something, and then she's scooping up pants, boots, everything she must, to head to the dunes. "Hey hey," she elbows her way in. "Grandmaster, I forgot about that thing we had to do. You know that thing? You said after the plunge, we had to do a thing for Solace. Is that thing right now?" Okay, so she isn't great at saving people, but she tries.

With Robyn's help, Ophelia has finally changed out of her wet clothes and back into her long-sleeved dress with all of her winter accessories. The hood of her cloak is drawn over her head again, her gloves are tugged on, her knee-length booted heels are laced up, her fleece ear band is in place, and her scarf is wrapped around her neck and pulled up to her chin. "But, you were /thinking/ about it and that's just as bad!" she /informs/ Porter. "Dame Bree, once Sir Porter has feeling back in his arms, do give him a /big pinch/ for me." That'll teach him. "I think I am going to curl up into a ball with about six blankets and a shot of whiskey at home now." Her attention then turns to Jeffeth when his cloak is removed, and she makes her way toward him rather than toward the gate.

After Jeffeth removes his cloak, Nova looks his way and double takes, doing so with a concerned/curious look, but she does not ask and instead focuses on the hot chocolate. She totally gets some hot chocolate, without anything extra, for now.

Brigid is now wrapped up in a bundle of cloth, looking like a little cocoon with hands peeking out in which to hold her mug. Seemingly content and conversing with the hideous Jeffeth, the gasp causes those eyes lit with mirth to level on Sabella and then Azova where that laughter dies to be replaced by anger, an exhale of breath as she then steps forward, "Shame on the both of you - he's fine." A glance over her shoulder at Bree, removing the cloak and then handing it back over to Jeffeth and going in so far as to stand on the tips of her toes to wrap it around his shoulders, "I do remember you two briefly chatting about helping Bhandn with something after coming to support all of us." This to help Bree along, a nod of head going to Ophelia as she approaches.

Reve frowns to himself, then - well, he has hot chocolate that was kindly provided by Azova. Nodding his head to the lady, he takes a sip. Mind you, he still unabashedly watches the goings on, but from that reasonable distance. For those paying attention his interest seems to have shifted from Jeffeth to Azova. Makes sense that he's more focused there though. After another drink of that chocolate he turns and calls to Rowenova, "Scout! I think I spent too long in the south, I believe you could spend longer in the water than me! A vote!" Gosh Reve is obnoxious. "Who do people think could stay in the water longest?" Is he purposefully obnoxious in this instance? There is a great probability. "PORTER." Why yes. Yes, it is. "Who do you think would be longest, me or you? No fair, you have all that insulation!"

With his cloak laid over Brigid, and the attention starts to come his way Jeffeth looks to Sabella, to Azova. Immediately a smile start to curl up. A lopsided smile to be sure. The good side of his face offers a broad smile though the scarred side doesn't really have the musculature to smile as much. His smile is rather weak. And for moments he is absolutely wordless in response to both Sabella and Azova, he clears his throat and opens his mouth. But then Bree is heading his way and the massive knight is swallowing hard and giving a nod.

Jeffeth looks over to Ophelia, that smiles curls back up a little. Then Brigid is stepping forward, and the big man lets out a quiet laugh finally holding up his hand, able to speak. "It's alright. I'm sorry." Jeffeth lets out quietly. "I didn't mean to frighten anyone. I'm fine, Azova. Truly. Thank you for your concern." Now that his brief moment of being unable to speak is over, he is giving a nod to Bree. The cloak is handed back and the big man gives a somewhat awkward smile(still weird looking) as he starts to shuffle along the beach.

When she realizes that it's not something that happened at that very moment, most likely do to Bree's cold, reassuring fingers shocking some common sense into her, Sabella looks absolutely mortified by her reaction. Moreso when Brigid speaks up, "I'm so sorry," she's quick to say to Jeffeth, "I just--I wasn't--" she for once finds herself tripping over her words and at a loss for some of them, looking up at him with big, mournful eyes as he shuffles away, "I didn't know," The excuse sounds empty even to her as she offers it to Brigid.

In the midst of whatever else is going on, Porter ends up drifting in Reve's direction. His smile is there, easy as ever. That question has him bursting out into laughter, "My insulation got incredibly wet, unfortunately," he says to the other man. Shrugging his shoulders and glancing back over at the water. "Who's going to help the Mercies break this down?" he calls out to any of the knights that remain on the beach, there are surely a few. And this party can't go on in the freezing cold forever. So with that, he starts encouraging some of the other members of the knightly order to help with clean up! All those years captaining on a ship means he's perfectly capable of being bossy. "Lets not leave Azova to clean this up alone!" Still cheerful! But also busting things down.

"Shame on who? This is what I /do/." Azova whips her head around briefly towards Brigid. "How /dare/ you." is countered, the small jar of suncatcher balm held up and then handed to Bree who is also rushing in to play referee. "For fuck's sake. This is new. I don't know what it will do or not. If he wants to try it, fine. If he doesn't want to try it, fine. Keep it for an emergency. Since it -is- for the Mercies to help is it not?" And to Jeffeth, she just looks stunned. "Frightened? I am not frightened. I'm just trying to offer my services as a Mercy. And I would have heard if you'd been tended to already by one of us." The records they keep are meticulous of course. But given that everyone is just going to assume the worst of her and Sabella both - she just sniffs disdainfully and goes to grab her things. "I'm starting to understand some of the things we've discussed about how I put myself out there too much. It's time for me to go. Let me know if you head to Nurie's okay?" That spoken to Reve before she heads out.

The big man riases up his hand. "It's fine. Really. Azova. This happened a while back. I kept it quiet. I kept my helmet on when we were out in the field at Whistlewind most of the time, but I was like that then, as well. I just wanted to keep it quiet. No one needs to be upset with anyone else." Jeffeth smiles over to Brigid, to Sabella, to Azova. "No one did anything wrong. Truly. I hope you all have a wonderful night, really." A beat. "Please no one be upset." Jeffeth adds in with another weak smile.

Silent as she studies the goings on around her, Alessia's features look simply contemplative, as if she's trying to decipher what's going on. "Well, as long as you're well." She says finally when Jeffeth gives his assurances. She takes a drink from her flask, giving a shake of her head. "You shouldn't apologize for showing compassion, your highness." She offers Sabella softly.

Still shivering from the wintry chill that's now to the core of her body, Ophelia gives a polite nod to Brigid and pivots to briefly watch Jeffeth and Bree walk away. After a moment, she turns toward Porter and gives him a grand smile. "Thank you! I look forward to the next polar plunge." And with that said, the princess tightens her cloak around her frame and walks toward the gate that leads her back the city.

Robyn, an artful archeress, 2 House Velenosa Guards leave, following Ophelia.

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