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Thea's belated Birthday Shenanigans

It's a birthday party!  A belated birthday and ship warming party! You read that correctly!  Lady Thea has been busy, so busy she wasn't going to celebrate either.  Do you know her? Then it doesn't surprise you. Do you not? Come anyway.  She's always up to something.  There will be drinks, food, games..And knowing her, a drinking contest of some kind. So bring yourself. She'd love to see you!


Aug. 14, 2020, 7 p.m.

Hosted By

Thea Kaia


Martino Caelis Eirene Calypso Zoey Olivian Drake Margerie Rowenova Mihaly Cecilia Philippe Domonico Kiera Merek Poppy



Arx - Lower Boroughs - Seas the Day

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Comments and Log

Sir Floppington the Soulful Hound arrives, following Rowenova.

Zoey gets a crimson and ash gift bag from an elegant rosewood chest.

Caelis takes a crimson and ash gift bag from an elegant rosewood chest.

Rowenova gets a crimson and ash gift bag from an elegant rosewood chest.

Cecilia gets a crimson and ash gift bag from an elegant rosewood chest.

Marigold, a cheeky pygmy goat arrives, delivering a message to Margerie before departing.

Rowenova gets a memorable and empirical compass from a crimson and ash gift bag.

Rowenova gets A small bottle of Southporthian Citrus Vodka and A quirky wooden carving of a ship from a crimson and ash gift bag.

Caine Arnasis, a foul-mouthed assistant arrives, following Mihaly.

Carissa, a Malvici bodyguard, Planchet the Lycene maggiordome, Mihaly arrive, following Eirene.

Eirene gets a crimson and ash gift bag from an elegant rosewood chest.

Rohm the Blackguard have been dismissed.

2 Valardin Knights have been dismissed.

Avalanche, a Snow Shepherd have been dismissed.

Walking from the docks onto her ship-It's a lil ship with BIG personality far as Thea is concerned-is well, Thea. In a dress. That she may freeze in. Enough alcohol will like change that however. Finn as always is at her side, wagging his bushy tail. The moment she steps inside, she blinks. And blinks some more. "What the actual--SHITE!"she stammers. Looking at all the glitter on the floor and the--RAINBOW. And two CAKES! "What the hells happened to my ship?!"

a slightly embarrassed courier called Guido have been dismissed.

an immaculately dressed assistant named Johannes have been dismissed.

Carissa, a Malvici bodyguard have been dismissed.

Cosimo de'Malvici, the Southport banker have been dismissed.

Ruslana, an aide in Kennex livery have been dismissed.

Stood at the bar, having picked and helped Kaia with the decorations, the Lord Martino Malvici's hands loft up at Thea's surprise, "Take that!" Firm, he nods. Several years of repressed rage in utterly coating her ship in the tiny bits of terror called glitter. Nodding low, Martino greets his sister before sliding back down into his seat, "And happy birthday."

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Ambling up to the docks, Caelis is here at least. She huddles into her cloak with a keen dislike for the chill in the air before looking at the small ship. Hearing Thea's exclamation she pauses. "And suddenly I'm not sure I want to board. Hello cousin!" She calls up. "Happy birthday?"

Eirene is also in a dress. Because Thea said that SHE would be in a dress so EIRENE is in a dress. It's a Lycene style in silk so she may also be chilly. She follows somewhat close behind with Mihaly at her side, murmuring something to him about forgetting a gift. But when Thea exclaims in shock, she starts to laugh. And laugh. And laugh, a mad cackle in her dry voice. "You mean, someone glitterdusted YOU back? Oh that's rich. Tino! I could kiss you for that."

Calypso is not in a dress. Or particularly dressed up at all, really. She's also standing on the edge of the field of glitter, looking around. "The fuck happened in here?"

Zoey and Cecilia make their way to the party, a small parcel in Zoey's hand. Upon entering the ship and seeing what has been done to the place Zoey utters, "Gods have mercy on us."

Olivian leaned on the edge of one of the railings, peering at the glitter-mess, "Well, I can't say I'm -too- shocked."

Drake did not ... NOT expect glitter. Of course there would be glitter. It's Thea's boat. And it's a party, so he's actually not wearing armor, either, in solidarity with the dress wearers who do not want to wear dresses. But he did still wear a cloak, as it gets chilly on the water. His boots step into glitter, a contrast of colors on the back. He walks up to Thea standing behind her, out of her sight, as much as possible, then taps her on the back.

Margerie cannot remember the last time she was on a boat, ship, waterfaring vessel - which is likely obvious to any who watch her uncertainly step aboard. Her guards and dog wait nearby on the docks. She casts her eyes around for Thea and brightens when she sees her. With what is clearly a bottle of alcohol in her hands, she approaches the woman. "Thea! I heard there was a celebration for you. I cannot stay, but thought I might drop by a small token." She presses the bottle into Thea's hands and nods greetings to a few other faces she recognizes before departing as quickly as she came.

Wearing her wolfy headdress, crisp linens, Saikland ring, leather gloves/boots; Scout Rowenova shows up with a big grin and a big hug for Thea. Hopefully, the birthday Malvici will not be too rough with her. Meanwhile, she smiles brightly toward everyone else who is also here, too, before looking back Thea's way. Then, "Happy birthday!" says she a touch nervously.

Mihaly is also not in a dress. Because he doesn't have the hips for it. But he looks pretty tired, like he's been up too late and then didn't get nearly as much sleep. Autumn is great star-gazing weather and he's probably coming back to regret that particular life choice now. So when he looks around a bit blearily, he's only barely keeping up with everyone else.

Oaty, a white Oathlands Vanner arrives, following Philippe.

The Second, 2 Clement trained guards leave, following Margerie.

Seeing the others brave the ship, Caelis walks aboard and seeing the glitter very swiftly hoists herself onto the edge of a rail. Perched safely off the glitter, she gets a resolute expression like she means to stay there and watch from the sidelines.

Cecilia follows Zoey onto the ship, pausing in her step upon seeing what lies before her. She blinks a frw times and leans into murmur to the woman beside her, her eyes wide and taking in the ship apparently decorated by an exploding unicorn. "" She stops her words, always the proper one that Cecilia. Upon seeing Thea she offers her wishes. "Happy Birthday to you Thea."

Calypso looks over at Olivian as he hesitates beside her on the edge of the glitter. "Exactly as advertised," she chuckles to him.

"I mean... Yeah. Yes it is." Olivian laughed with a shrug, "How could it be any way but?"

Domonico gets a crimson and ash gift bag from an elegant rosewood chest.

See, the advantage to NOT wearing her armor is that Eirene won't track that colorful shit around with her all the time. "Mia's going to kill us when we track this through the manor. Again." She shoots the birthday girl a playful glare and carefully, minding the hem of her dress, makes her way to the bar.

Still looking ever-so-pleased with the amount that was found, Martino turns in his seat as he shares, "Well... Kaia did help as well. With most of it." Reaching forward, he gathers up his small glass of port and raises it to his lips, "Part one of the long-long-long list of things that will happen."

Thea is still blinking at the damn floor. "Oh brother dearest,"she says, her voice even. "You know there will be reprocussions." When people start coming in, Thea starts to smile a bit. "Thanks for coming. Watch your feet. I will know who you've slept with from here out,"she declares. Waving over to Caelis and everyone else, she grins. There's a touch on her shoulder and she pauses. Thea turns quickly and--chuckles. "Hey Drake. Welcome to uh--the sparkle party."

Philippe, an older gent, braves the autumn sea air to board. He is becloaked and grateful for it. Count Philippe has put together a gift basket of Chevalle wine and cheese that he totes over to the gift table and sets down with what assumedly is many other presents from across the Compact. The glitter befuddles the old man, who tries to swat it off his cloak to no avail. He starts to maneuver closer to Drake, who seems to be his guide to this function.

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Nova likely gets glitter on her person, but that is okay. She moves away to the dole out a few more hugs to all those who were Malvici at one point in life.

Calypso sighs. "I'm going to have to have my boots professionally cleaned after this," she grumbles. But after a moment, she takes the plunge and strides onto the ship, sending up little eddies of glitter around each of her heavy footsteps.

Drake hands Thea something when she turns around. "Oh, good, someone else brought you whiskey. I sent one to Alis but I had to be sure you'd get something personal." The object is a small, cute owl plushie. He apparently, just for fun, is wearing a spider plushie on his belt. Drake takes a second to look at Thea's outfit. "If you get cold later, you can borrow my cloak."

"Never going to understand the fascination with this stuff beyond it being hard to clean out." Mihaly then yawns, a hand covering his mouth before moving along to join his wife at the bar.

Zoey steps gingerly into that sparkling hell to starts making the rounds. "Happy belated birthday, Thea. Oh, Drake, that owl is adorable!"

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Thea bows her head to Philipe, greeting him with a smile too. "Wow. I really wasn't expecting so many people. Thank you all for coming." She thanks Drake, accepting the owl, a look of amusement at his owl. "This owl is rather cute. And--I never turn down alcohol." Thea looks around and nods toward the chest,"There are gifts in there too. I uh..tried. I learned I'm not a carver."

Domonico comes onboard after spending some time examining the ship from the the dock before he nods in approval before boarding the ship, hmmming quietly at the riot of colours and glitter. "Glitter..." he growls under his breath, "Of course it had to be glitter." He sweeps his gaze around the place, still examining the ship before he spies Thea and heads towards her, lightfooted as he can be."

Drake takes a crimson and ash gift bag from an elegant rosewood chest.

Olivian kicked his way through the glitter, raising a cloud of it behind Domonico as he went, heading towards the bar.

Calypso turns towards Domonico with a barked out laugh, a drink having materialized in her hand. (Not really, but she was pretty quick about getting her hands on some rum.) "You of all people should be used to it by now, what with that jaunt you took with a whale."

Philippe nods to Thea with his usual Oathlands precision. "My lady," he says, "a blessed birthday. Gloria watch and keep you." He looks at the owl, and then to Drake when Thea seems momentarily distracted. "These plush renderings are becoming a calling card for you."

Caelis watches from her perch as some walk through the glitter with disregard and others with dislike. Her eyes crinkle a bit and she sighs. "Makes me almost miss the old mischief we'd get up to." She leans on her hand on the railing and looks to her auntie. Taking in the dress she whistles at Eirene and winks to her in approval.

"Well, you are not wrong," says Zoey to Calypso. Still walking as though afraid to step anywhere in this shimmering nightmare, she makes her way toward the bar as well.

"My sister likes owls too," Drake says. "And I'm sure your carving is fine. You're still better with a knife than I am." And now he takes a moment to admire the cake. Philippe mentions the plushie, and he laughs, rubbing at his neck a bit. "Get asked for something once and I always get carried away with myself." He claps his hands together once. "But now, time to drink! I promised Thea no more working this week."

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Kiera walks onto the ship carefully because it's a ship not becauseshe was expecting glitter but it doesn't take her much thought to figuire out shiny stuff is party decoration and she carefully carries her box of Blancbier chocolates to present to Thea "Happy Birthday Lady thea" she offers warmly

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Philippe says, "I thought you'd never ask."

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With so many new faces and some she seems to recognize, Cecilia seemingly stays close to Zoey for now, following her ot the bar. "So many new faces. I should be proud of myself if I recall a few new names by the end of the evening."

Eirene is handed a glass of watered down wine and she sips it with dismay. Caelis' comment is met with a grin and a little taa-daa turn. "Figured I'd wear this while I can. Besides," she says with a nod towards her sleepy spouse, "He loves it when I do." Calypso is given a nod of greeting and a lift of the watery glass. She's eyeing that rum enviously.

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Zoey smiles to Cecilia. "You will do fine! Just say hello to the people you know, and introduce yourself to the ones you do not."

Calypso leans her hip against the bar, rum in one hand, she eyes Eirene back for a moment before it clicks. "Holy shit, Eirene. Did your man knock you up already?" Inside voice? What inside voice?

Thea promises Philippe,"I well--I don't ask for much. I'm usually the one doing the giving." Just they don't always like it. Accepting the chocolates, Thea thanks Kiera, with a nod. "Thank you for coming. You should have a drink. Or two. And well--a lot of cake. There's two." Spying Domonico and Calypso too, Thea waves over,"This glitter is not my fault thank you!" But then to Mihaly,"New uncle Mihaly, I'll make sure to send you something else. Don't worry.." He should worry. Thea smiles a Cecilia too. "It's fine. I'm usually off in a dark corner, hiding from people. Zoey will tell you the same."

Once procuring a drink, Olivian seems content enough to hover at the edge of things and simply person watch, a faint smile touching upon his features.

Thea sees Olivian too and flutters her fingers,"Uncle Olive. How are you?"

Mihaly isn't drinking at this particular moment, but he does make some kind of non-verbal wave or gesture when Eirene brings him up. "I'm not sorry for having that opinion either. But the new pants are equally nice for completely different reasons." He doesn't catch the threat from Thea, merely nods, as if accepting that is something that's just going to happen and it's easier to just go along with it than anything else.

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"Happy belated birthday, Thea. Thank you so much for waiting for my return." He winked with a laugh.

Fingertip of Martino's a-far lifts up to indicate towards Zoey before he lifts his hand and waves slight, "Ah good to see you there! Oh when you were helping me understand... pregnancy."

Eirene does manage a little smirk. "I think it happened on the honeymoon. Timing would be about right. But hey, this is Thea's glitter-filled bash. Let's not talk about my damn baby, yeah?" Her brother, seen hovering, is given a wave of greeting. "Aren't you glad none of our siblings were glitterfiends? I mean, we had the usual lizard-in-bed crap and the painting of the face when someone fell asleep early, but not glitter. Or severed animal heads."

Domonico smiles and glances around at the glitter again before focusing on Thea, "Happy belated birthday Thea. You want your present now before everything gets a bit more... rowdy later?"

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Drake, now with a drink in hand, looks hopeful. "Are things going to get rowdy?" he asks. "I'm looking forward to that."

Cecilia lowers herself onto a seat at the bar, doing her ever-present posture check after doing so looks over to Thea, but seeing she is already engaged again in conversation, simply gives her a smile in response to her words. "So what do you suggest? Mind you if you wish me to make it through the party, keep it on the lighter side."

"So very glad, though the darling lady of the hour has more or less made up the difference," Olivian smirked and chuckled in response to Eirene.

Calypso takes a sip of rum, and then laughs again. "You two didn't waste any time," she says to Eirene, still grinning.

"Listen Eirene. There was itching powder too,"a snort on her lips. Caelis gets a wink,"We can change that. I'll message you." When Domonico asks her about presents, Thea is nodding her head,"I won't turn it away,"before admitting to Cecilia,"I--won't make promises on that." She grins at Drake's response amusedly. "And hey! There is nothing wrong with telling people Eirene is pregnant. Already. I stand by Thea being a great name!" moving here and there to talk to everyone.

Satisfied that Caelis has greeted at least two people, the former Malvici princess hunches into her cloak and draws the hood up against the chill. Looking over the members of her family present and satisfied that they seem well, Caelis eases off the railing she's perched on and heads back down the ramp and off the boat.

"We're not naming our child Thea." Mihaly remarks. "I raised a bunch of Rivens when I was barely old enough to have my spurs. And it was a group of teens. I feel like I've already survived the worst bit."

Kiera smiles "Why are there two cakes"she asks Thea "couldn't decide on on a favorite?"

Eirene nudges Mihaly gently with her elbow as they get teased about the baby to be. But she addresses Calypso with a smirk. "Remember, your grandmother had NINE kids, Caly. Nine. And Oli and Roxy both a bit of a surprise. He and me are like... ten years apart." She motions her glass to her brother. "So me getting loaded pretty quickly isn't too much a surprise." Caelis' departure turns her smile a bit downward.

Domonico hmmms and retrieves something from his small bag and presents it to Thea, trying to look as serious and dignified as he can as he does so.Something quite difficult given the sheer amount of glitter present. "Here you go. I don't know where you'll want to keep it but..." he shrugs, "I hope you like it."

Creasing his eyes amused to Zoey, there is a low dip from Martino's head to her before lifting his chin at Drake's voice, "Ah... yes. Need to introduce little Nia to the Marquessa's newest to see if they get along. He must be nearly a year at this point."

"I saw him at the Queensrest the other day," Zoey tells Martino, smiling brightly. "He was wearing this adorable plush armor and running around with a stuffed dragon!"

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"Nearly," Drake speaks out to Martino. "I need to stop by and see him more often. I haven't been at the Wyrmguard estate in a month or so... except to raid the chocolate pantry." A beat. "I don't think Dominique noticed the missing chocolate. It was important."

Calypso's pale blue eyes glitter with amusement at Eirene. "I'm not -that- surprised. Getting pregnant's a roll of the dice, and I'm sure you two have been doing a lot of gambling. It's got to come up seven eventually."

Merek makes a way into the place to look about, his dark attire on along with his scarf while he wears a felt hat.

Thea studies the figurine and grins at Domonico. "I'll keep it here. Thank you." Nudging her brother a bit, she murmurs,"Go have a drink and relax,"before answering Kiera. "I--didn't know about them. I think this is Kaia and Martino's plan actually." Thea eyes Martino a bit. Giving him the sideeye. "The vodka in the bags though? I was playing with alcohol again and came up with what you have in the bags."

Port-holding hand of Martino's goes over his heart as he awwws, "That is so cute. Last I saw him, he was splashing in a little pool while we drank wine." Broad, a smile meets his expression at Zoey's voice before a low chuckle escapes at Drake's comments, "Well... for now. But we all have swear to not ask the Marquessa for some when we next see her."

The ship is obviously busy. Filled with people and drinking. And GLITTER all over the floor! And a rainbow. None of this screams Thea per sea, but hey--you'll be leaving with a lifetime supply of glitter stuck to your clothes! A messeage is delivered to her followed by--a bottle of perfume. From Ian. Thea suspiciously eyes it, sniffing it and things. Because she KNOWS retaliation is coming.

Drake takes the vodka out of the bag, and looks at it... curious, considering. "This is your doing, eh? Now I'm very curious to try it. Maybe I can sample a round at the bar?" Since she is closer to the bar, he changes subjects slightly. "Count Philippe was asking about how you're taking to riding so far. I think maybe he's come to see if he can still sell you on the idea of buying an Oathlands horse. Eh?" He smirks. The perfume... is curious.

Eirene lifts her chin over towards Domonico, motioning him over to her and Calypso. "Did either of you consider Lou's map project? Either to provide or get them dreawn up? I know a little behind it and it's fucking brilliant. You should contribute," she says with a bright grin.

Zoey happens to glance back toward Thea and Drake. "What is that, Thea? Another birthday gift?"

Domonico frowns as he approaches Eirene, "What is this again? What project are you talking about?"

Calypso lets the party circulate around her as she stands with her hip leaning on the bar; probably she's getting herself to the proper level of intoxication. "That sounds like Domonico's expertise more than mine."

For some reason, Nova slowly eases her wolfy headdress down before her face, so that it covers up her mien and she sees through the eye holes of the pelt.

Kiera laughs "I saw little dashiell just today, playing with his blocks though he seemed to prefer jugling to buildint. I spent the afternoon catching Domonique and Aksel up on recent events well some of them anyway. It would take two days to cover the last montg" She looks to Phillipe "While we're speaking of horses, you may want to reach out to lord wash. He says he'll need quite a few for his dock project

Poppy rushes on board the boat. Of course she was invited! Of course she hadn't forgotten or fallen asleep at her desk. No! She waves enthusiastically to Thea and shouts over the hoards of people. "Happy birthday Lady Thea! I have a gift I promise, but I left it at the hospital. You'll -love- it!" That likely means she won't. Still she's smiling and hurries to get herself a drink.

The ship is obviously busy. Filled with people and drinking. And GLITTER all over the floor! And a rainbow. None of this screams Thea per sea, but hey--you'll be leaving with a lifetime supply of glitter stuck to your clothes! "It's from Lord Ian,"Thea says to Zoey, looking over to her. Suspicious still of the bottle. Lowering her nose to the bottle, she starts to take a wiff. I mean, it's ocean scented. How bad can it be?

Eirene gives Nova a huh look at the dead animal on her head and then turns back to her Malvici kin. "Princess Lou is running a major mapping enterprise. Land. Sea. I'm even trying to get Mihaly to turn over his star-charts for the sake of completion." Her hands animate as she speaks, watery wine more a prop than a drink at this point. "If we don't have extensive maps of the Malvici duchy to give her, she's offering to map it out for us. Same goes for the ocean courses and sea routes, Dom."

"Oh! He must have been listening when I said I was going to give you one from my personal collection as a gift," Zoey says to Thea.

Micana, an efficient assistant arrives, delivering a message to Domonico before departing.

Tilting his head curious, Martino's ear listens in with Eirene as she speaks about Lou's mapwork, head dipping low. "Mmm that does sound interesting." Dipping his chin, Martino greets Poppy a-far as she enters on up onto the ship before sipping port once more. "Mmm... ah a good choice that." Beside, Martino's gaze notes Celicia's choice of the spiced red.

Thea waves over to Rowenva, a smile there,"Oh hey, Rowenova. How are you?" Thea is everywhere, probably covered in glitter by now. Looking to Zoey, she nods,"Ah. I see,"taking a big sniff. And well--she blanches. And swallows back a gag. Choking. "Lady Zoey. You have interesting taste in smells. Not everyone likes--whatever this is. Fish and uh..things." There's a long pause clearning her nose from the bottle, turning her head. "I think I need a drink!

Micana, an efficient assistant arrives, delivering a message to Domonico before departing.

"That is not one of mine," Zoey insists, holding up a bottle in her hand. "I have never seen that bottle before in my life."

Calypso is watching the interplay around the bottle, and especially Thea's interesting change in color, with an understated interest while she focused on the task of working her way through her glass of rum.

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Eirene's driven away by the scent wafting discreetly from the bottle. She looks a little green and subtly slinks away to the edge of the ship JUST IN CASE.

Kiera hms "Unfortunately I only had time to touch upon our scouting venture which was news to both of them so I'm not certain we covered what he wanted as many options as there may have been" she notes, getting herself some water before going to scout out the cake

Nova uhms softly, as she backs away. "Hi!" says she.

Zoey wiggles her fingers at Nova, then finishes her wine before going to check on Eirene.

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Domonico hmmms as he considers what Eirene is telling him. A bold venture. Although I wonder how much will be able to be mapped out entirely or accurately, given the presence of Abandoned Clans and their territory." He hmmmms, "It may still be worth condering them." The smell of the perfume makes Dom sniff a bit before shrugging, pausing to read the messages that he has received and he quickly gets a response sent off.

Philippe heroically tries not to make a face at the odor. He is the picture of dignity. Perhaps growing up in the deep country helps.

Poppy pulls a face at Thea's bottle. 'Fish? Why would you want to smell like fish?" She accepts a glass of wine and waves to Martino aside with a squint "Lord Martino. What a pleasure to see you again." She peers around him. "Is your wife about? I've been so looking forward to meeting her since our last encounter."

Kaia takes a crimson and ash gift bag from an elegant rosewood chest.

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One of the unfortunate side-effects of pregnancy is an enhanced sense of smell, mixed with a natural queasiness. Now is sadly one of those times for Eirene. She manages to NOT be sick but she looks close. "Maybe I should... Yeah. Maybe home is best..." She motions at Domonico and adds, "Go talk to Lou if you're interested. It's worth it, or will be, in the long run..."

Thea is really trying to disperse of this thing. She hurriedly puts the plug in, hopefully stopping the smell. "Just you wait, Lord Ian!"and somewhere! Hopefully it rolls overboard!

Poppy takes a crimson and ash gift bag from an elegant rosewood chest.

Sir Floppington lets out a low tone which is almost like a little whimper, except not.

Rowenova shouts from nearby, "STINK BOMB!"

Thea looks around, a bit confused,"Was it THAT bad? You all could smell it too?!" She looks to Poppy and eyes her,"I will?"but greets her still, a smile there. "Thanks for coming..Have a drink."

"It is quite excellent wine that... Lady Kennex." Martino's head tilts slight to Cecilia as he asks, "Which side of that family do you come from? Oh the delight of Lady Catalana's side. Yes?" Firm, he nods, sure before catching the voice of Poppy on his ears, "Oh... she was just leaving Nia with our nanny for the night. So Lady Kaia will be about soon. She picked her dress and, likely, trying to keep it safe from baby."

Calypso decides that now is a good time to take a few steps AWAY from the bar, and between that and the fact that there's a glass of rum near her face, she seems to mostly escape the reek of whatever the hell that was.

"Be well, Eirene," Zoey bids, touching her shoulder before returning to the bar. "Here, Thea, try this one instead," she says, handing her another bottle.

Thankfully, Olivian had already placed himself at the fringe of the group of people and merely wrinkled his nose delicately.

Kiera smiles because she's eyeing a pair of chocolate cakes and takes in a whiff "that smiles absolutely" then it mixes with the contents of the bottle and she chokes a bit "lovely I suppose if you're trying to make a positive impression on tomcat

Cecilia lets her eyes drift to the inquiring Martino, caught mid-sip with his inquiry and lowering the glass to her lap before replying. "It is quite good yes. Someday I will venture out and try something different. Yet, I have found that the spiced wine and I agree with one another. We have an agreement. I sip it and it allows me to walk out of here the end of the evening." She tilts her head to the side as well, a strand of hair falling before her eyes, a hand going to remove it. "Yes. Catalana is my cousin. Denholm was my father and Ford my older brother."

Poppy smiles an easy, yet mischief filled smile at Martino. "Wonderful. And congratulations on the baby." She shifts away from the bar and Thea's dreadful stench and comes to rests beside Olivian. "Hello you. Staying out of trouble?"

Poppy mutters, "... it just me, ... has everyone ... ... Thea a ... for her ... I ... have left ... ... in ... ... ... old bandages ... a ... on her ... at ... ..."

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"Hullo there yourself, and I am. There is more than enough trouble afoot." Olivian smiled, resting comfortably against a railing.

"Ah... well when you are ready to handle such, Lady..." Martino's eyes shift from Cecilia to Zoey before back to the Kennex woman, "You'll have to let me know your name so I can have my dear courier send a bottle your way. Keep it out of the rest of their hands now." Easy, Martino's eyes crease before a small sip once more from his port before a dip of his chin to Poppy, "Our thanks, truly. We both dearly look forward to the day we can take her to Southport. Forever."

For some reason, Nova quietly apologizes to Sir Floppington and gently pets his floppy ears, whilst he apparently looks a touch terse.

Calypso swings by the bar for a refill of her drink and ambles towards where Olivian and Poppy are. "I didn't do enough pre-party partying," she says with a quick, rueful smile.

The gift handed off, Zoey turns to Martino and says, "Oh, this is Lady Cecilia Kennex. Cecilia, Lord Martino Malvici. My sister's husband and eldest brother to this party's guest of honor."

"Better hurry up, things look like they're kicking into full swing." Olivian grinned, still notably nursing a mostly-full glass of watered-down wine.

Rowenova says in Northlands shav, "It's ok, good boy." She looks up, and then shifty eyes, as she and the soulful hound make off like lootless bandits. Well, until Nova shouts out, "Farewell! Happy birthday!""

Sir Floppington the Soulful Hound leaves, following Rowenova.

Thea glances over at Martino as he's mentioning giving away alcohol,"Not the nut milk?" Looking down to Floppington, Thea rummages in her bag and tosses him and Finn some bacon. Habits you know. "Nova, when is your wedding?" Before smirking at Calypso,"There's some in your bag too!" Spying her cousin, Thea sighs,"Olivian, you need something stronger?"

Kiera grins "Drake is a professional relaxer, if he cannot get you to relax it likely can't be done, though he is slipping a bit on the compliments, a log has a better bedside manner than dear richard gods help the man whom i love with all my heart

The introduction is complete, a smile given to Zoey as Cecilia does the odd gesture of actually setting her glass down upon the bar, rising from her seat and offering the man a half-curtsy; a gesture she has become known for. "I assure you the pleasure is all mine Lord Martino. I would appreciate the gift very much." She moves back to take a seat upon the stool, raising the glass to him and then talking a small sip. "Lord Martino. Zoey's sisters husband and brother to the Captain of the Glitter Wave." Noted."

"I'm good, but thank you!" Olivian called out to Thea with a wave.

"Ah my thanks Lady Zoey." There is a slight crease of the older eyes of the Lord Martino to Zoey before dipping his head and chin low to Cecilia while stood opposite her at the bar, "Well... there are a few bottles I can send if you can manage. There is my Heaven's Embrace, the Spiced Red and a dangerously good chocolate port." Lifting his glass once more, Martino sips his drink before turning his chin to the bar for a refill of the port, "But a pleasure, also, to meet you as well Lady Cecilia. Might your time in the city be a delight."

Merek is overheard praising Thea.

Extremely belatedly, is when Lady Kaia arrives. Dressed up quite nicely, and somewhat rushing up the boards leading to the deck of the Seas the Day. Her gaze moving around the gathered and offering smiles at both the known and unknown faces. She seems to be searching for someone, or a few someones. Her eyes first land on her husband -and company just fleetingly- before shifting over to find the birthday girl, Thea. Her smile widens and she continues on her approach. "Thea, darling, congratulations!!" she chimes quite excitedly. Her arms stretching out for an embrace, when proper, if her sister-in-law allows it. "I apologize for the lateness; but, my presence was demanded by the little screamer. I trust you all are enjoying yourselves?" she further comments.

"Yes indeed!" Zoey reaches with open arms toward Kaia. "Glad you could make it! How is little Nia?"

"Kaia!" Mirth threads its way through Calypso's voice. "Are you the one responsible for this?"

Poppy mentions to Olivian a little louder than needed. "I look forward to what is planned for your thirtith if this is what twenty-three looks like."

Just about ready to offer cake, Thea hears Kaia. "Kaia. Hello,"hugging her sister in law back. Yes. Hugging. She's come a long way! "How is my screaming niece? She's going to give Calypso a run for her money,"teasing her cousin general. But then she's hears said cousin and she snickers. "Olivian, Poppy. I worked hard MAKING things in that bag. You have to at least TRY them,"her mouth forming into a--terrible pout.

Olivian smirks, "I haven't altogether given up on just leaving the city a week beforehand. It may just be the only way to preserve my sanity."

Calypso tsks at Thea with a roll of her eyes. "Only because I let the kid win."

Poppy snickers at Olivian. "You don't think they'd drag you back and tie you down?" She promises Thea, "I will drink...whatever that is later. I'll probably have to go back to the hospital later and I don't want to have to blame you when I cut off someone's toes by accident."

"Heaven's Embrace? I think I owuld like to try that. I thank you in advance Lord Martino. My time in the city has been...eventful and I fear it will take a bit more time to settle in. ALl in good time." She takes another sip of the wine and offers another smile, her eyes then turning to Zoey. "She has been more than helpful since my return."

Kiera grins "particularly to willingly venture into combt to heal. Quite bravee

"I wouldn't," Calypso advises Poppy on the subject of drinking whatever's in the bags. "She's way too insistant, and she knows how to make laxatives."

Poppy looks at the bag and then looks between Calypso and Thea. She grins to Calypso. "I better save it for her coffee then."

The embrace is shared amongst Zoey, Thea and Kaia for a wholesome little moment, before the much smaller woman lets go and scoots away from it with a grin. "I'm glad I could make it myself!" she admits to Zoey with a laugh. Then, moving to answer in regards to the status of her child. "Little Nia is well, finally asleep and well fed. Strong and healthy, like all proper children of Malvici and Bisland should be." she notes. "She'll be a tough one. I am certain she will make my hair turn white earlier than it should." she confesses with some amusement. But, then, her gaze is finding the Duchess General with an evident warmth to her features. "I am, yes, for the most part. The food, especially. Although, our darling Martino did advice on the decoration." she admits with a grin. Her hand making a gesture towards the rainbow glittered floor.

Olivian tapped his wineglass, "The Duchess is right, I wouldn't trust anything in those bags. Hence why I am just drinking this, I want to be able to function tomorrow morning."

Lifting his chin higher, Martino's hand raises to welcome his wife Kaia with a faint wiggle of his fingertip, "Ah... I thought I heard something. Hope she is okay." Martino winces slightly, nose crunching in, knowing he did hear and that there will be revenge. "Oh it is a very good drink. It has... qualities to it. Others do not /quite/ understand the depth of the drink. Truly." Hearing Kaia speak with Calypso on the decorations, Martino points his fingertip down, "She painted me. I painted her boat. Nicely. Temporary. Princess Denica also wishes to pay a visit."

Thea sighs at Calypso. Though--the woman isn't WRONG. But to prove a point, she leans over the bar and searches for one of the bottles. "I make nice things that TASTE good and you ruin it! Now I have to prove it!" All of this is said in a non serious tone however. Grabbing a bottle, victorious in her endeavor, Thea shows her family. "See!"and takes a large drink. Swallowing. Waiting. Waiting. NOTHING!

Calypso's gaze slides from Kaia to Martino. "Just making a note of who to blame when the servants see how much fucking glitter the family is tracking through the manor." To Olivian, she adds: "Functioning tomorrow morning is overrated. Tomorrow's a long way away."

Poppy watches Thea chug down the drink and loudly shares, "I dunno Lady Thea. How do we know that you didn't plant a decoy bottle?" She naturally encourages the others present to hand Thea their bottles. "Perhaps she should test them all. Prove us wrong."

Thea gasps at Martino. "That painting was amazing! I don't know what you're talking. Are you just upset you didn't get to ride the whale?" Speakng of glitter, there are flecks all on her face. How they got that there? No idea! "Lady Poppy. You know that I can't drink ALL the bottles. That's just--rude. I can't take back the gifts I gifted to you." Her eyes flick toward Olivian too,"And I made those ships by hand by the way. Blood, sweat, and tears.."

Kaia laughs, slowly sauntering over to her husband. Her arms wrapping lovingly around his torso, her head leaning in to rest close to his shoulder, as she speaks in turn towards Calypso. "Oh, if you are seeking who to blame in regards to the glitter. Martino is definitely and absolutely the culprit." she states, without remorse. A devilsh grin given to Martino before lifting on her tiptoes to place a kiss upon his lips. Long enough for him not to be able to protest on the matter. Finally letting go, she would let out a little laugh at the whole skepticism in regards to the booze being given out in the bags. "Oh, I assure you all. The drink is safe; I made sure of it. So is the cake, which has been infused with the it as well."

"Oh, I think there's plenty of blame to spread around," Calypso muses to Kaia between sips of rum. "Not unlike the glitter."

Drake pulls his ship out of his bag and squints at it. He looks carefully and assessingly. "It must have taken you ages," he says. "To make so many." Kaia mentions the cake has liquor in it, and that sells him on it. He goes to get himself a piece of cake, stepping away from Thea just for a moment to fetch one. He looks at Kaia as he passes by her. "Thank you, I hear arranging this was partially your doing?"

"Oh they like me at the moment... I am there to be nice and cheer them on after..." But Martino shhes as Kaia approaches and slots in closer to him. Making his mouth shut up with the firm kiss. He leans to murmur hush to her ear a moment, a private word, while his left arm rests on her lower back. "Ah Lady Cecilia... oh and Lady... Poppy." Martino glances around to find the second one. "This is the Lady Kaia Malvici, formerly Bisland."

Martino mutters, "Mm. Oh ... we ... ... ... for a ... but ... ... Nia ... away ... the night entirely."

Kiera hollers over to Drake "Bring me a very /small/ piece

Poppy turns her attention to Kaia and smiles radiantly at Kaia. "Lady Kaia it's a pleasure to meet you. I heard your name mentioned when there was a mammoth hunt last year. Was it true you managed to shoot the mammoth with an arrow?" She takes a cautious sip of her wine. Who knows what Thea may of actually done to any of the drinks on this ship? "I met your lord husband when I first came to the city. He's very charming."

Another introduction. That was her plan this evening, meet as many people as she could without making herself seem like that crazy person who simply walked about the party and shook hands with everyone. Cecilia slides off her seat once more and offers another half curtsy to Kaia. "It is a pleasure Lady Kaia. Cecilia Kennex. Having only recently arrived back in the city and have become an acquaintance of your husband about fifteen minutes ago." The woman is given a polite smile as Cecilia reaches to take a small sip of her wine from the bar.

Thea glances at Kiera and Drake both. Grinning at them both. "Oh! We're cutting the cake?!" She also thanks Kaia for the defending of her. "I appreciate that! I'm glad someone has faith in me." Thea leans against the bar, drinking the really REALLY good vodka. "You all don't know what you're missing!"

Philippe follows Drake to get some of the cake. He continues to try to swat glitter off his cloak. It's not going to work. He glances at Kiera when she makes her cake request. "Get her a slice with more frosting on it, it's only just," he murmurs to him.

Kaia smiles to Drake as he passes by and speaks to her. "It was nothing. The lady Thea deserves it. I'm glad you and the others seem to be enjoying your time."

Then, there's a little laugh at whatever it is that is being whispered into her ear by her husband, and she gives him a small kiss on the cheek just before he leans away from her. Her eyes moving to find both of the ladies being introduced to her. An amicable smile on her features. "Well met. Lady Cecilia, and Lady Poppy. Although," she pauses, staring at Poppy a little longer. "If I recall correctly, I do believe we met once before, if only briefly?" she says, somewhat thoughtful.

Zoey continues drinking and socializing until a messenger arrives with a note for her. She gives Thea and Kaia hugs, then squeezes Cecilia's hand before departing.

Poppy considers Kaia and shrugs a tiny bit. "It's entirely possible, but there are so many people here and the city is so vast I find it safe to just introduce myself again and again."

"Did you shoot down one with a single arrow?!" Martino's eyebrows lift as he turns his head to Kaia, surprised while faintly touching the top of his thigh with his fingertips. Remembering something there. "Ah I am /merely/ an acquaintance of yours, Lady Cecilia?! My! I offer you free drinks."

Kaia lets out a short chuckle at the mention of the mammoth hunt. "Oh, yes, I did. It was a most exciting hunt. I do hope to be able to go on another one sometime in the future." she admits with a bright smile. Her gaze moving back to Martino. "He is, isn't he?" she agrees, with some pride. Her wintery eyes return to Cecilia with some wonder. "Ah, you must be acquainted, then, with my sister, Lady Zoey." she adds. A smile directed to her sister as well as a little wink before she departs.

Cecilia tucks a strand of hair behind her ear and replies to Kaia. "Very much so. Zoey has been nothing short of wonderful since my return. She is married to my cousin and has taken me under her wing to see to it that my adjustment and re-settlement into the city is taken care of." A small sip of the wine is taken and she lowers it back to the bar. "I look forward to working with her to benefit Kennex in their future endeavours."

Olivian takes another shallow sip of his wine, watching the comings and goings of his family with a soft smile.

Thea mentions to Cecilia,"That's how Martino gets you to become friends,"when he mentions the drinks. As Zoey departs, she waves to her,"Thank you for coming." She inches toward Olivian for a moment and nudges him. "Hey Uncle Olive. You good?"her eyes on Drake for a moment.

Drake smies to Kaia and Martino, nods, and then gets two pieces of cake. One smaller one for his sister, and a good sized one for him. He walks back to the bar with them, handing the small slice to Kiera before putting a fork to his own. He looks at Thea before he actually bites in. "Vodka in cake. Good innovation."

Olivian gives Thea a big, earnest hug before stepping back to arms length, still holding her shoulders, "I am, thank you. Happy birthday, I hope that you're having a wonderful day. I am afraid that my present will be forthcoming."

Kaia smiles to Cecilia. "That's quite wonderful. I wish you both much luck and success." Her eyes drifing away momentarily to return the nod and smile to Drake as he once more passes them by. Then, she glances back at Martino. Her head tilting slightly to the side. "Oh, you offering free drinks again? You'll have us go bankrupt at this rate, love." she teases him. Her icy eyes find Olivian and she offers him a little wave. "Lord Olivian, is good to see you again. Looking quite fashionable. I heard you and my husband are to have a little competitio sometime soon?"

"Oh, I don't know about that. I have yet to be properly enticed into battle with someone as skilled and deadly as your husband, Lady Kaia." Olivian dipped his head with a smile, "And thank you, it's very good to see you again as well."

There's a wink at Drake as he bites into the cake. "Kaia surprised me with it. But everything comes from near home,"as she's engulfed in a hug from her cousin. "Aw Thank you!"acutally hugging him back. "And it's ok. Maybe I'll just have you run the gauntlet as my gift,"Thea teases. "Want some cake? I'll get you some cake..." SHE CAN BE TRUSTED WITH CAKE!

"Mmmm and it works. So often." Martino's tongue clicks to Thea as he rests his right hand down upon Kaia's hand within his elbow, "Well. We have the ship. We'll take to the seas and hide for a little while." Turning his chin to a servant, Martino nods as he murmurs for two slices while asking Kaia, "Should we walk the docks for a moment and enjoy the cake as that moon rises a bit higher?"

Kiera smiles taking the cake from her brother and taking a forkful "Chocolate is magic you know know. i'm totally convinced"

"Spar with me some time," Drake says to Olivian, with a little smirk and look of challenge on his face.... "I need to get back into proper fighting shape." He gives Martino a wave. "Good walk."

A note is delivered to Calypso, and she sighs, then looks up at the messenger. "That many?" The young woman nods reluctantly, and Calypso downs the rest of her rum. "Okay, wait for me outside. I'll be right there." Then she turns towards Thea. "I need to go take care of something. Happy birthday, Thea."

Poppy looks at Drake's tummy and the cake and questions out loud. "Proper shape?"

Kaia smiles bright to Martino and gives him a little nod. "That sounds quite delightful. I would love that, darling.~" She glances back to the gathered and gives them a little wave. A kiss blown Thea's way. "I shall see you later dear! Do enjoy!" and then she's off with her husband for that walk.

Olivian smile amiably, "I am afraid that at this point you'd have to take a number, Lord Drake. There is a considerable number of people in line." He grinned softly and bumped shoulders with Poppy.

Having been brought the cake, Martino holds it in his right hand once more and dips his torso low to Thea while Kaia curtsies, "Oh our dear thanks for this Thea. Have a fine rest of the evening now." Eyes creasing, fingertips holding cake wrapping wiggle to the boat before Martino wanders down with Kaia beside to the dockside.

Martino has left the a fine wooden bar with attentive staff.

an immaculately dressed assistant named Johannes, a slightly embarrassed courier called Guido, Cosimo de'Malvici, the Southport banker leave, following Martino.

Calypso sets her empty glass on the surface of the bar and starts towards the door with a lazy stride, not nearly as purposeful as whatever situation she's being called to handle probably calls for. As she passes Olivian, she says: "You and I need to talk." And with these possibly ominous words, she's on her way out.

Thea waves to Martino and Kaia,"Hug my niece,"as she nudges Olivian, freeing him to the clutches of Poppy. "Thanks for coming Caly. I'll uh...TRY not to get glitter everywhere." Kinda. Before making her way back to Drake's side. Grabbing cake on the way over.

Drake looks, physically, to be in pretty good shape, but the open part of his shirt shows what looks like a scratch. "I was injured, as you probably may have heard, so, yes, I've taken a couple weeks away from training...." Of course, he's also eating chocolate cake. Which now, thinking about it, he questions. But then eats anyway.

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Jasper, a treasure hunting gyrfalcon, Portia, a tittering and bashful lady's maid, Renato, an overconfident attendant, Luciana, a rigidly conceited handmaiden, Bastien, a strapping Malvici escort leave, following Kaia.

Poppy skeptically regards Thea, "Will you be able to remove all that glitter? There's a lot of it." She too looks at Drake's cake and instead of judging, she goes and gets herself and Olivian a slice of it too. "I swear Thea, if I'm sick or covered in some weird goo after eating this, you better start sleeping with an eye open."

Kiera is overheard praising Thea: what a lovely gathering

Drake is overheard praising Thea: Happy belated birthday

Cecilia is overheard praising Thea.

Olivian finished the wine, shooting an apologetic look to Thea, "I should see what the Duchess wants, thank you for the party and I hope you have fun, Thea."

Philippe is overheard praising Thea: Happy belated birthday!

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