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Fire and Ice Ball

Hot and Cold. Fire and Ice. Flames and Sparkle. This is the theme of the ball to be hosted by Marquessa Quenia Igniseri within the fabulous halls of the Elysian Ballroom at Whisper House. Come in your favorite flame themed ensemble, or come dressed to bedazzle with spark and sparkle. And, no evening of dancing is complete without a bit of fun and a potential raffle at hand. What are the prizes you wonder? Those are yet to be determined, and more details will be forthcoming, though there is a rumor that the Marquessa has been buying up dragonweep from the broker of late.


Nov. 16, 2019, 8 p.m.

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Sabine Luis Katya Dorian Felicia Monique Lethe Merek Acantha Videl Catalana Teagan Lucita Alessia Vicente Juliana Thomas Thea Mirk Grazia Anisha Kaia Sebastian Antea Hamish Strozza Calarian Arcadia(RIP) Dominique Victoria Korka



Arx - Ward of the Crown - Whisper House - Elysian Ballroom

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Comments and Log


Marquessa Quenia threw a wonderful ball, and there were a myriad of wondrous pieces on display, both worn and as prizes.

The evening swirls a little in my head, which I take as a sign of a night well spent. A number of introductions were made, and I am eager to see where that leads.

I did win a prize, a bag full of sweets to tide me over as Winter turns to Spring, and while I coveted the lovely fashions and pieces of jewelry that others took home, I am pleased to have known enough luck to be drawn from among thousands of tickets. That can only be a good omen.

I wish to extend great thanks to the Marquessa, primarily, and to Lord Strozza for his skill at the dance floor. There are many others that deserve honourable mentions, but for fear of forgetting names, I will just say - I hope to see you again, so we may reminisce and create new memories together.

Axelle, a personal valet arrives, following Felicia.

Finn the large Northern hunting dog with icy blue eyes arrives, following Thea.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Quenia before departing.

Tyce the gruff and disapproving, 2 Scarlet Phoenix Guard, Argent, a silver hound arrive, following Juliana.

Leana, an Igniseri Guard, Tamsin, Juliana arrive, following Luis.

2 Kennex corsairs, Jane arrive, following Catalana.

Standing near the doors, greeting everyone, is none other than Marquessa Quenia Igniseri. She's full of warm smiles, and a fiery outlook, as she's bedecked in a lovely a bejeweled tiara of proverbial fire and ice as well as other matching bits and pieces to go with it, including a new brocade brocade phoenix gown of ash and fire with an accompanying cloak and slippers, hairpins, and a matching sword peace bound at her side. "Good evening. Welcome to the Fire and Ice Ball. Do please make yourselves comfortable as I handle a few last minute issues, and I'll make some announcements in but a moment."

Starlight and hoarfrost moves with Sabine, the Marquessa's arrival ushering in a breath of winter dusk. She's marble embraced in frosted lilac feathers and the cold, distant twinkle of black beads, and tarnished silver. In all of that pale, her eyes are vivid living emerald, remote as the frozen core of a glacier while the woman takes in the changes made to Whisper's ballroom. It passes muster. Thus, a smile is framed for Quenia, a small curve of her lips as pleasantries are murmured and she moves deeper into the chamber.

Sabine has joined the Round guest table draped in lace and silk.

Sweeping into a Fire and Ice ball without a song would be a pair that draw relation to the host of the evening. Lord Luis Igniseri, dressed in the firey reds and golds of his house as silken firebirds flow about his form, fabric shimmering by the light of the room. Upon his arm is the ever radiant, Juliana in her own finery that contrasts his while remaining far more beautiful than he. Fire and Ice the pair walk through the entry, bowing heads slowly to those whom they know, while making no commitments as of yet, though it is their own personal conversation that carries them into the room, a soft lover's chat that is shared between them. "I have missed so many balls in the last few years, that I think my cousin will be quite shocked to have me here this evening, let's see if we can quite properly surprise her?" Luis conspires with Juliana, his dark eyes searching out under darker curls of slick hair, seeking the object of his torment.

Arriving alone with without much fanfare is Katya, her hands carefully folded together and resting against her stomach her eyes scanning through the room before she moves to find herself a place to linger and watch the others arriving and mingling.

After he emerges into the ballroom and promptly gets distracted by the decor, Dorian collects himself and turns to offer a neat bow to Quenia, after which he proceeds further inside. He appears to have taken the suggestion to sparkle quite literally, judging by the either hideously garish or spectacularly stylish number - there are hundreds of them - of sparkly imitation stones stitched into his aeterna jacket.

Felicia evidently got the memo on 'fire' and 'ice' between the flame of her red hair and the silver and twilight blue of her gown. However, there's decidedly a theme of spiders and cobwebs twinkling among her skirts as she prowls into the ball solo. A respectful half-bow offered to the Marquessa before going in search of the refreshments table.

Monique arrives wearing boots of flame red and a catsuit of coal black, the Minx adorned with jewels of dragonweep and stygian, a King's ransom worth. "Marquessa! This is absolutely incredible. Congratulations on what I can already tell will be a resounding success!" She sweeps a dramatic flourish of a bow to Quenia before stepping back into the crowd.

Lethe looks around with an eager smile. Her outfit sparkles as she moves. She nods to those she knows and goes to find a place to sit.

Merek has come in his usual dark attire, though the fireweave scarf which he wears, decorated like flames that shift upon him, more than makes up for that. He makes his way with features covered to find a place to settle in, and to buy raffle tickets!

Felicia has joined the Semi-circular Bar.

Acantha arrives with her shorter plus one of Benny. The beaver has been dressed in a coat that matches the gown that his human is wearing. He's good to stick close to her side and not dart out or scare anyone. The Baroness gives a smile to Quenia when it's their turn to greet them, "Everything looks wonderful, Marquessa." she tells her before she's moving to allow the next person to greet her.

1 Crimson Blades Sergeant, Rurik, a prodigal assistant, Aegis, a large red Oakhaven bloodhound arrive, following Mirk.

Videl enters on her own, her outfit one that blends fire, centered around the dragonweep piece on her chest; with ice. A lovely dress to go with the expensive piece of jewelry, and the complete outfit tasteful in its simplicity. After showing up, she heads for Quenia. "Quenia, it's good to see your party attended so well."

Gone are the usual conservative and demure wears Catalana Kennex favors. Instead, the statuesque blonde steps into the room in a flaming gown of red. The gown clinging to every curve of her body. Finding Quenia she immediately slinks to her friend. "Marquessa! You and the whispers have outdone yourselves. The ballroom is beautiful and so are you." She quickly moves off, finding herself a drink and people to talk too.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Quenia before departing.

There are others who have arrived alone: Lady Teagan Blackram is one. She has no escort for the evening and seems unconcerned with the lack thereof. The woman has chosen to lean into the 'ice' side of the theme, wearing a gown of teal tulle embroidered with what could be stars... or could be snowflakes. Some look more akin to one while others are more like the other. She is not adorned with many jewels, but then: she has never tended to many. She does shed her coat once within the warmer environs, retaining the mark of her house through the jeweled hairpin that keeps her dark locks held carefully in place. After a brief stop to review the items up for bid, she does make her way to find a table that is relatively out of the way.

Teagan has joined the Round guest table draped in lace and silk.

Lucita glides gracefully into the ballroom. Her flowing skirt sparkles in the light as does the exquisite veil covering her hair. The left side of her dress has icy blue toned beading and gems, the right side has gems suggesting fiery sparks while the center of the cress is white, like billowing steam when ice and fire meet. She pauses to glance around the room and smiles on recognizing people present. A hug and kiss to the cheek of her hostess, Quenia is given, then Luis and Juliana are greeted in a like manner. She smiles softly at them and makes way for others entering the area.

Looking vibrant in flaming reds and oranges, Alessia enters the beautiful ballroom of the Whisper House, taking in her surroundings with awe. Approaching the Marquessa, she smiles brightly, though her mien is undercut by visible fatigue. "Good evening, my lady." She says to Quenia. "The room is absolutely stunning and I truly look forward to what the rest of the evening will hold." She turns on spotting Lucita, greeting her friend with an embrace. "Baroness, you look stunning." She appraises her with a grin.

Lethe has joined the Semi-circular Bar.

Vicente enters into the ballroom with his hands behind his back and a stern expression upon his face. He is only just inside when he allows his eyes to shift about. His eyes do a quick once over the room as though he were looking for someone but the crowds are rather too much to be able to locate anyone. As there seems to be something of a gathering forming around the hostess and so he seems to shuffle in slowly in the general direction to give his greeting to Quenia.

Juliana Igniseri, the former Pravus Lady steps in on the arm of her Lord husband, their two dark head tilted towards each other as they talk softly, silent nods and smiles sent to those they know. Where Luis may be fire, his wife, is ice. A gown that looks as if it is an armored corset of silver and moonstone, hugs her torso in the design of winter ivy and oak, snow flakes and shimming mists that seem to swirl around her in soft eddies of cold winter mornings. Her dark hair lifted, curls dotted with snow and ice there is a small smile on her face as she stands beside her husband. "I am surprised to see you, let alone anyone else." she teases softly before untangling herself from Luis long enough to embrace his sister. "You look lovely, Luci."

Katya's eyes continue to move past those arriving until she spots a familiar face in the crowd. There is a slight moment of hesitation as she watches Alessia, then one hand carefully peels away from where she's been holding onto the other so that she can offer the Mazetti a wave in greeting.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Katya before departing.

Looking somewhat uncomfortable out of his more-familiar leather armor, Thomas is perhaps slightly more subtle than some in his dark blood-red seasilk -- though the embroidered flames in various fiery hues running up his sleeves and calves do at least match the theme enough to pass muster. With an effort of will and a steadying breath, he steps out of the doorway and into the ballroom, releasing the peacebound hilt of his rapier as he reaches Quenia so that he can offer her a rigid bow, one arm sweeping out. "Marquessa, Lord Thomas Hawkmour, at your service. Quite stunning, all this," He says quietly, and then moves off into the crowd, cold eyes seeking someone familiar -- or failing that, at least a corner.

Her claim to a table staked, Sabine settles with only a minimal flourish-- some flourishing is necessary when one's skirt is comprised of feathers. An unavoidable risk. Within its downy clasp, she herself remains still. The Marble Marquessa, limned in frost. But willing, as befits a civil guest, to accept the flute of crystal offered by one of the Whisper's vaunted servants. She bows her head over the glass, delicately scenting the spirits within, while her gaze roves the crowd, the budding merriment, the rooting warmth.

Stepping inside the room in a tight and sensually fire colored gown, Thea makes her way to Queania, a small smile appearing,"Marquessa, it's beautiful in here. You and the others did a wonderful job." Greetings done, she makes her way to mingle as they say, giving the proper pleasantries as she goes to find a drink.

Family arriving to Luis's side, prevents him from surprising Quenia as best as he had wanted and so he shares in the pleasantries of embracing and kissing and smiling and waving, such as a Lord must do, as his face suggests, and yet that is only for a brief moment, as the training of a noble settles in and he does appear to at least enjoy himself to some small measure. "A good evening, dear sister, cousins, it is good to have you all here. Like a family gathering almost, though I-," he cuts off as others join the conversation, quietly bowing his head respectfully, allowing the host to have her time with the attendees. Aside to Juliana, he laughs, "Well, so long as I can still surprise my wife after years of marriage, then I suppose I must be doing something right."

Mirk arrives at the ballroom with less fanfare, slipping in quietly as he tugs on his gloves. He hasn't dressed up much for the occasion, though the combination of fireweave and seraphinite in his gloves at least nods to the theme. He turns to survey the crowd, nodding his head once or twice as he spots familiar faces, and approaches Acantha to say, "Lady Acantha. A pleasure to see you here. I thought I ought to keep you a little company, though I may be called away early, depending."

Felicia settles herself in at the bar, quickly requesting a whiskey to suit. Owing to her insistence on wearing her peacebound sword even in a gown, however... she's not so much settled as perched on one of the seats, a booted foot resting nearby. Someone made the effort to try and tame her unruly hair into a spill of curled fire, but whatever chicanery is keeping it in place seems to prompt the dame to not-so-discreetly attempt to work her fingers up the nape of her own neck to itch at her scalp.

Acantha gives a bit of a grateful look when she sees Mirk, "Lord Mirk, it is good to see you." she tells him. "I might be called away early as well, but, didn't get this dress made for nothing." she tells him with a soft smile. "Would you like to find a seat?" she asks him.

Monique has joined the a marble fountain flowing with rich chocolate.

Excusing herself from Lucita, Alessia turns on spotting Katya, a warm smile on her lips as she approaches the Grimhall. "Lady Katya, you look wonderful." She says, giving the woman's outfit a look of approval. "It's good to see you here. It's been far too long."

Lucita says, "Oh, Lady Alessia, I adore your dress, so full of boldness and warmth and so alluring. That ..." She turns toward her brother and with a half-grin, half-scowl swats at his hand. "Pockets are empty this time, anything in them spoils the line of the dress, sweet Luis." She says to her brother, winking at him before turning back to complete her statement to Alessia. "I am so glad you got to come tonight.""

Dorian dithers about for a bit, distracted by watching sundry arrivals and the fashion on show. Then a server happens by with a tray of drinks, and the white-clad Champion gets himself a glass of champagne, only to turn and spot the fountain. His eyes widen somewhat and he goes traipsing off through the hall to check the thing out.

Dorian has joined the a marble fountain flowing with rich chocolate.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Merek before departing.

Gia the peregrine falcon, 3 Rubino and Zaffria guards, 2 Armed Confessors, Rary the Lycene beauty arrive, following Grazia.

Monique has found the chocolate fountain and though the Minx has restrained herself enough to not immerse her whole self in it, she can't quite help indulging in a single finger, covertly, licking the chocolate off with an indolent smile and a blissful shiver. "Gods and spirits, I need one of these!"

Vicente gives a quick bow of his head as he passes by Quenia and says, "Thank you for your labors in putting the gathering together." But he does not stay to keep her attention on him as he is aware of the masses and so he prepares to move further into the ballroom.

Katya offers a smile in return to Alessia, inclining her head, "Thank you." She looks over Alessia's outfit as well, "You look positively stunning, yourself." She reaches out a hand to then point towards the cuff that Alessia's wearing, "I've never seen that design before, it's interesting."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Lucita before departing.

Mirk has joined the Round guest table draped in lace and silk.

Acantha has joined the Round guest table draped in lace and silk.

2 Bisland pride guards arrives, following Kaia.

Catalana has also gravitated to the fountain. She grins at Monique and murmurs conspiratorially, "If I dunk myself in, do you think I could blame it on pregnancy needs?" She eyes the fountain while licking her lips.

Catalana has joined the a marble fountain flowing with rich chocolate.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Luis before departing.

Grazia makes her way into the party wearing dawnstone and looking slightly unamused and fairly aloof. She pauses to inspect the display case for a moment, then moves to mingle with the crowd as casually as she manages anything, which is not very.

Juana, a harried Lady's Maid arrives, delivering a message to Thea before departing.

Lucita has joined the Round guest table draped in lace and silk.

"By all means," Mirk says, nodding his head to Acantha. "I'm not one for mingling, myself." He heads towards a table and sits down, producing a hip flask full of whiskey as he does.

Juliana arches a brow towards Luis, her hand tightening on his arm. "If I didn't think that after a couple years that you wouldn't be able to still surprise me, we would never have married. I don't like bored." teases then turns her gaze back out to the room. "I half expected Bas here, I am surprised he is not. Quenia has out done herself again."

Thea has joined the Semi-circular Bar.

Acantha follows after the Elder Spirit Walker and as she does the light catches her dress, making the little beads glitter as she goes. Benny waddles along with her as they go. She takes a seat and the beaver crawls up into her lap after she has.

Juana, a harried Lady's Maid arrives, delivering a message to Thea before departing.

Glancing at the cuff around her forearm, shimmering beneath the fabric of her robe, Alessia pulls her sleeves up for a better view. "I've had this for two years now. Before the days of mirrorsilver." She chuckles. "But I'm so attached to it, I couldn't bare to replace it." She smiles warmly. "Do you have any mirror-based jewelry by any chance?"

Thomas eases through the other nobles in the crowd, a faint smile on his face that never seems quite enough to warm his eyes as he nods to those he knows in passing -- though when he overhears Monique, some of the tension drains from his shoulders and the smile becomes more genuine. He strides swiftly over to the fountain, brows quirking a little at her display of delight. He's also in time to catch Catalana's murmur, at which he can't help but chuckle. "If I must be honest, I'd much rather dunk myself in and stay there, rather than mingle," He says quietly, the smile turning a little self-deprecating. "I am still getting used to functions like these."

Thomas has joined the a marble fountain flowing with rich chocolate.

Monique laughs to Catalana's quip and then nods her flame-tressed head. "I'm sure you could but it might not save you from the rest of us trying to lick you afterwards, my lady," the Greenmarch murmurs, eyes lit with wicked intent. "That goes double for you, Lord Thomas."

A hand gesture for wine, draws a servant to Luis as he thanks the man and offers a cup to Juliana as well, though for the eageleyes in the crowd, it is just juice of the non-fermented variety. "Here you are, and what is this, Quenia has outdone herself because she's scared your brother away? This is remarkable... Well done cousin!" he exclaims for them both to Quenia, then looks at the others that are around them, "Well I fear that I have been out of this for so long, that I do not recognize many of the faces here, one would think I have been the one with child, hidden from the courts... there's our Liege Lady, and family, and Sir Black, as well as the MArquessa and the Lady whom I have met before... I feel like tonight may need to be an evening of introductions..."

Quenia smiles warmly in Sabine's direction, "Marquessa. Thank you for coming this evening." Then the unfamiliar figure of Dorian is bowing in her direction. She offers him a warm smile. "Thank you for coming this evening." There's a lot of thank you's in there directed at people in general. She looks to Monique next, her smile reaching her eyes as she greets her friend. "Lady Monique, you look quite beautiful this evening! I'm glad you made it. I am still, of course, in need of an escort if you'd so like," she winks in her direction, then looks on to the next person, beaming at Acantha. "Thank you, Baroness. I had put quite a bit of thought into this event to make it as remarkable as possible." Legendary, in fact. Then there's her cousin, Videl chiming in behind her. "Cousin. I'm so very glad you could make it. I was worried you might not be able to attend. You look simply marvelous!" she exclaims over her outfit. She blushes at Catalana's compliments. "Thank you! You do as well, Lady Catalana!" She takes a break in greeting people a moment. Wine is certainly flowing about the room, and Quenia has one of her favored Igniseri wines in a glass nearby. She grabs it and carefully takes a sip.

Tamorin, a bubbly Whisper apprentice arrives, following Anisha.

Catalana laughs soft and smokey, "Oh. Well. It is a lycene event, when do they not end in some sort of licking?" She greets Thomas by extending a glass of wine to him. "I find a drink, a smile and a friendly hiding spot often help. I'm Lady Catalana Kennex. I do not believe we've met."

Anisha makes her way in, all bright smiles and gleaming eyes, her dress glittering in reflected light. She takes a moment to take in the fullness of the hall, stirring with so many people, before she slowly begins moving along.

Juana, a harried Lady's Maid arrives, delivering a message to Thea before departing.

2 Pravosi Honor Guard arrives, following Sebastian.

2 House Mazetti Aspirants arrives, following Antea.

After some time, Kaia arrives - alone but nontheless cheerful. Her wonderous eyes moving around in awe at the magnificent surroundings. There's a smile set upon her lips for both familiar and unknown faces. A polite greeting given here and there until reaching the hostess. "Marquessa Quenia, what a lovely event! The place looks wonderful.~ I do hope the night finds you well." she says, before moving about to find a place to mingle.

Katya shakes her head at Alessia, "I'm afraid that I don't...." She folds her hands together once more, settling them in front of her as her eyes fall to the cuff once more, "It has served you well for two years, I wouldn't wish to replace it either in your position."

Taking the glass, Juliana arches a brow with a smirk. "You make it sound like I should know? I have been busy making babies." teases and glancing around Lady Catalana Kennex, over there. And lets see, that over there is Countess Acantha Clearlake, Marquessa Sabine Tessere, she was married to Karadoc." her voice pitched low as she starts tipping her glass in the general direction of each lady.

"You never know when it may come in handy." Alessia says with a wing before rolling down her sleeves and offering an arm. "Do you know anybody here? I can introduce you." She smiles with enthusiasm.

A flash of teeth in a grin, and Thomas shares his rough laugh with Monique and Catalana, shaking his head and taking the wine from the latter with a grateful bow of his head. "I have some practice with both drinking and smiling, it so happens...but it seems we might be out of luck with the hiding, if Lady Monique here is correct," He mutters. "Lord Thomas Hawkmour, a pleasure." A beat, and he flashes that grin Dorian's way as well. "Spoons, at least, I could fend off, if I had some matching silverware at does one fight off a tongue?"

Sabine is content in her place, with its vantage of the greater crowd. She has yet to drink but she keeps her glass all the same, for the note it chimes, over and over, when she taps the tip of her forefinger's nail against it. An idle gesture, that crystal heartbeat. It keeps her from seeming utterly a carving, there in her chair at that table. When eyes turn her way, she inclines her head. Here or there, a faint smile may even be offered, as when Juliana's gesture in her direction is noted.

Aneshia walks along, the diaphanous layers of brocade catching the light as much as her mirrorsilver mask is doing, pale blues and icy white glittering under the lamps. Ring glinting in a different shade on her finger - and upon hearing Quenia's name, she steps on over to proffer a deep curtsey. Once she's not interrupting, she offers her introduction. "Marquessa Quenia, thank you ever so much for hosting this event. I don't believe I've had the pleasure. I'm Anisha Whisper."

Katya glances around the ballroom, then she shakes her head, "Some of the faces are familiar. But they are familiar in the way many passing faces are...I don't think I've actually met anyone here beyond you." She offers an almost embarassed smile, "I fail at being social, I think....I'd appreciate the introductions if you don't mind?"

Once Quenia's thirst is parched, she goes on with the continued greetings. She all too easily returns Lucita's hug and kiss, before ushering her along so she can greet Alessia. "Lady Alessa. I'm glad you could make it. Most of this was all Whisper House. They deserve the credit." She turns next to Vicente and gives him a warm smile. "Lord Vicente, thank you for coming. I hope you enjoy the evening!" And although Thomas is unfamiliar to her, she does greet him with an equally warm smile as all the others coming through the door. "Hello! I'm Marquessa Quenia Igniseri, hostess of this evening. I hope you have a good evening. It's a pleasure to meet you." She wiggles fingers over in Juliana and Luis's direction when she gets a chance, then looks back to the next cluster of people coming along. That's when she spots Thea. "If it isn't the newest member of the Mirrorguard. I hope you are getting settled in well, Lady Thea? Please do enjoy the evening!" And then Luis catches her off guard with something he says to Juliana. "Sebastian wasn't certain he'd be coming this evening, but he did enter the raffle!" she calls out to Luis.

Vicente is currently a few steps inside the ballroom, he's glancing around but the crowds are too much for him to spot anyone. His hands are folded behind his back but he's past the hostess now. His face remains stern and rather unaltered and he begins to make his way towards one of the tables draped in silk.

Kaia has joined the Round guest table draped in lace and silk.

Undoubtedly, no one who knows Sebastian will be surprised in the least that he's late to a social event. Maybe surprised he's there at all, given his preference for much warmer climes during winter. Dressed in a long, form-fitting white coat, he's wearing a crimson shirt and matching silk pants. He heads directly for where Quenia is standing with her brother and his wife, timing excellent as he drops on the heels of her words: "Sebastian changed his mind, due to nagging from a certain stubborn, difficult to refuse, lady." A flickered glance is given his sister's way with a laugh, as he returns gaze to Quenia. "Marquessa. Looking lovely as ever -- and what a turn out. A credit to you, I think." A moment later, his gaze returns to Juliana and Luis, blue eyes gleaming. "And don't you two look a sight."

Juana, a harried Lady's Maid arrives, delivering a message to Thea before departing.

Monique, from her position at the chocolate fountain, calls back to Quenia. "No escort! That is unfathomable! The most beautiful woman here ought to have at least two! I volunteer myself and the strapping Lord Thomas here as your stalwart and most fortunate of escorts, Marquessa!"

Catalana laughs at the fountain and she too wonders, "I imagine it would take a hundred maids to wash chocolate from one's hair." Finding a strawberry from a platter, she dunks that instead into the fountain before bringing it to crunch between her lips. "Much better than trying to fathom how to clean all the chocolate off one self."

Stepping into the ballroom, Antea wears a neutral expression that actually borders on pleasant.. almost. She steps up to Vicente and offers a swift, precise bow. Upon straightening, she murmurs, "My deepest apologies, my lord. My.. outfit, required a last minute adjustment." The young woman wears her hair up but loosely so, softening her features just a touch. And she's actually had an outfit created for the event. No dress, of course, but it might almost be mistaken for one if not careful.

Luis chuckles and then shakres his head as the arriavl of Sebastian puts the notion of remarkability to death, "Ah, and there is your brother now, my dear Lady," Luis comments to Juliana with a wink and a nudge of his hip. "Though I am concerned as to what he says we look a sight, is it perhaps because we are clothed and out and about? The emphasis on both being required to make this statement accurate?" Luis offers to Juliana, but nods his head to Sebastian as well, "And a good evening to you, Lord Sebastian, it is good to have you here, though Juliana had assured me that you were watching over little Tia this evening..." he begins with an amused smirk that draws upon his lips.

Then, of course, Quenia's attention is brought back to Kaia. "Thank you. I do hope you enjoy the evening!" she calls to the other woman. Then Anisha is stepping up and she offers the woman a warm smile. "Anisha, a pleasure to meet you. Thank you for coming. I do hope that this evening does Whisper House great service," she tells the Whisper. Then Sebastian appears and is addressing her, and her smile seems to warm ever more for the Pravus lord. "Lord Sebastian. I'm rather glad that you braved the wilds, and the crowds, to make it. I know winter hasn't yet shaken from the world, and know as a Lycene how hard it is to move from the fire, but hopefully there's fire enough this evenign to keep you warm." She winks in his direction, then turns to laugh heartily at Monique. "Alas, you were the only one to offer as escort. The job is yours, if you should like! But first, I should make some anouncements."

In the end, Kaia continues to move about the room. She takes a glass of one of the Igniseri wines and takes a sip. A pleased expression on her lips. She liked it. "Oh, I should have listened to Princess Liara a long time ago. This is pretty good!" she notes in regards to the wine, an appreciative compliment thrown into the air, before finding a seat by one of the silk tables. The one where Sabine was at, to be more precise. Once seated she offers a smile to the lady. "Hello~" she chimes. "I'm Kaia Bisland." she says, introducing herself. "I don't believe we have met before...have we?" she asks to Sabine.

Lucita has arrived to the Ball alone but on spotting familiar people mingling in the crowd, she raises a hand to greet them and nods toward empty chairs at the table should any be seeking a place to sit.

Anisha, apparently, decides to take up a post by the Hostess Quenia for now. "Oh, from everything I've seen, you're managing to bring glory to our house," She assures, with a little smile. Making sure she has a glass of wine in hand, she considers carefully. "I do love it when the hall buzzes with voices of a crowd enjoying themselves." She muses. "I look forward to making my introductions."

Monique is overheard praising Quenia: The Loveliest Date/Hostess

Juliana laughs softly at Luis' tease "I did no such thing though he has said that we can send her to him whenever we wish." leaning in to kiss Sebastian's cheek. "I am not expected to be dressed and out while the gods toss frozen water at the world, this is a known fact, so all of you should feel very blessed that Luis has been able to pull me from the rooms." though in truth it was probably more the other way around.

Alessia leads Katya over to one of the round guest tables, if she chooses to accompany her, taking a seat beside Lucita.

Alessia has joined the Round guest table draped in lace and silk.

Katya has joined the Round guest table draped in lace and silk.

Katya appears to be more than willing to follow Alessia around the room where ever she leads.

Thea has spotted Kaia and Alessia and gives them a light smile, before resuming back to the table.

"If we've met, I don't remember you," Sabine says in mild return to Kaia, her chosen phrasing balance with the faintest deepening of her smile. "But I've met or recalled so few Bislands. A pleasure, Lady Kaia. Sabine Tessere, Marquessa of the County of Iriscal. Your gown is exquisite."

"I'm impressed, actually, that you managed to pry my sister away from a overly-hot fire, actually," Sebastian tells Luis with a low-throated chuckle. He leans in to press a kiss to Juliana's cheek in turn, before straightening in surprise. "Was I? Looking after your daughter? I mean..." he squints, as if trying to remember. "I'm sure she'll show up." He's probably teasing. Probably. Quenia receives an easy smile, one that follows the woman's address towards Monique, with a brilliant grin. "No date could be more alluring than the Minx of the Marches. You're a lucky woman, Marquessa," he tells Quenia.

From her seat, Alessia spreads her arms wide, locking eyes with Thea, presumably an 'air hug'. Her lips are curled in amusement.

1 Templar Knight guards arrives, following Hamish.

Vicente turns to look at Antea as she addresses him and gives a sharp bow to her and says, "But of course, I should have waited longer. I apologize for my haste." He holds out his arm to Antea and says, "It was worth the adjustments, I hope you are pleased with the results." He then makes a gesture towards one of the nearby tables.

At Monique's suggestion, Thomas turns from the other fountain-goers, a smile flickering across his lips as he gazes back towards Quenia. "It would doubtless be a pleasure, if you'd permit us, Marquessa," He says, bowing to her again and allowing the warmth of his smile to reach his steely eyes as he rises.

Announcements. Yes, that's what Quenia says. They're a bit late. Already an hour into the event, but she moves to make them all the same, after finishing with greeting most everyone who addressed her personally. "Good evening and welcome to the Fire and Ice Ball! Tonight should be an exciting evening, full of dancing, and prizes for those of you who chose to participate in this evening's raffle. If you haven't done so yet, do please take a moment to look at the Lycene Night Sky Chained bookcase. In additional to the dragonweep necklace within the bookcase, there are a number of other lovely crafted pieces that could be won throughout the evening. Crafted prizes are limited to one per person - so if I draw your number for a crafted prize, I will draw again until someone who has not won a crafted item has a number drawn. In addition to crafted prizes, I have a number of materials, like aeterna, dawnstones, duskstones, and luxury brocade that are also up for grabs. Material draws are not restricted to one per person. What you do once you've won the prize, is not for me to say. You are welcome to trade it, give it away, or broker a deal. The first item this evening, as I know many of you put in for it, is the bejeweled necklace of fire and ice - which is our dragonweep feature, which I'll be drawing shortly."

"Ah right, the nanny has her this evening, you are relieved of your worry... should you have had any in the first place," Luis chuckles with Sebastian as Juliana corrects him. "Well the fires are warm and I suppose there's much to be enjoyed there before them, but here we are, out in public, likely some sort of scandal to follow," Luis notes. He sips from his glass before nodding towards the tables, "Shall we find a place to sit-" he starts, but then is cut off by Quenia talking over him, and from the side smile that he shoots her, it's likely that they've done this to each other many times.

Catalana asks Dorian with a look of shock, "When have you dealt with hair balls?" She steps back slightly from the fountain, a touch more fearful for her hair.

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There's a slight chuckle at the Marquessa's initial response. "Likewise, Marquessa Sabine. I do believe your ladyship is the first Tessere I meet." she admits as well. Then, there's a beaming smile at the compliment directed torwards her dress. "Ah, thank you Marquessa. Your gown is gorgeous as well!" she returns in a compliment of her own, before taking a sip from the wine. A subtle glance given to the glass before shifting towards Sabine. "Have you tasted the Igniseri wines, before?" she wonders.

Anisha applauds the Marquessa's speech, and her smile brightens as she glances to the book case with some anticipation. As she sips her wine, and begins wandering once more, she finally spots someone she does recognise, and moves towards Videl. "Lady Videl! What a pleasure to see you again."

Antea inclines her head and tucks her arm into Vicente's while intoning, "Its more than adequate. I have full range of movement while still gaining the 'look' I was hoping for." She glances up towards him, then towards the available seating, pointing towards a smaller looking one towards the back, "That should be sufficiently out the way to keep us from bothering anyone while still being nominally part of the 'festivities'." Moving towards it, she takes great care to skirt around the edges of what might be a dance floor as she heads towards the table, presumably with her escort in tow.

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Monique abandons the chocolate fountain to draw Thomas with her over to Quenia and company. "It is an honor and," she shoots a laughing, warm glance Sebastian's way, "I think I cede my title this evening to our hostess, who outshines me as the sun would outshine a hearth fire." After Quenia makes her announcements, Monique offers, "Marquessa, the Lord Thomas Hawkmour. We are your willing admirers this evening, though I claim the first dance over Lord Hawkmour."

Thea looks to Alessia and sighs. Really?

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Acantha is overheard praising Quenia.

"I believe you may have missed several of the introductions, I'm afraid," Quenia says to Anisha. "But I can introduce family members and friends." She looks specifically over at Lucita, Juliana, Luis, Videl, and Sebaastian. "At least, those still nearby," she grins at Anisha. "Anisha Whisper, these are my cousins, Lord Luis, Lady Videl, and Lady Lucita." She motions to Juliana, stating, "Juliana is our latest addition to the family, and is Luis's wife. Standing beside her," she motions over to Sebastian. "Is Lord Sebastian Pravus." She grins at Monique, "And, Lady Monique Greenmarch here is my date for the evening." She then says in a loudly stage-whispered aside, "She was the only one brave enough to answer my advertisement seeking an escort for tonight's ball." She looks over at Thomas. "Oh, yes, and Lord Thomas Harkmour shall serve as escort as well, if Lady Monique can manage to so convince him." She winks in Thomas's direction, then looks back to Anisha. "I've only just met Lord Thomas," she confides.

Hamish wanders into the ballroom with the bearing of someone who wasn't expecting a large party to be going on, but isn't all that shocked, like, you know, of course there's a party going on. Certainly he is neither dressed for fire, nor for ice, unless the fire is happening in a spooky crypt or something. He walks through the room, looking around with the expression of a person visiting a place they haven't been for some time and comparing the truth to their memory.

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Felicia can't help but rise from her seat at the bar when Hamish enters, whiskey forgotten at least for the moment. The bow she offers him deep and respectful, held longer than sheer politeness and wordlessly before dropping back in her seat again.

Teagan seems to recognize someone else. She nods to something Acantha says, offering: "Let me know if there is anything I can do to help." Then, should the Archlector look her way, she will lift her glass in greeting to Hamish. And, perhaps, to offer him something of an anchor in the large sea of people.

"We are not a prolific House. An optimist would call it quality over quantity. An optimist or a flatterer." Sabine, being neither of these, tilts the flute in hand in a gesture which sets the concern aside. "But if you've a taste for fashion, you have met Tessere, through our wares. There, you see." She dips her head to a lord and lady sweeping by, adorned in luxury brocade. "Sourced from Iriscal, the beating heart of fashion," she says mildly. No pride, simply fact. That chance glance leads on to others mingling and Death's representative earns a slight nod. Green eyes then return to Kaia. "Indeed. A fine vintage. Have you come for the prizes, my lady?"

Anisha sketches curtsies as best she is able, bobbing up and down to the varied personages as Quenia does the introductions. "Well met, my lords and ladies." She offers. "I hope that in time, if not tonight, I shall get the chance to get to know all of you. As the Marquessa says, I am Anisha Whisper, at your service and at your pleasure." She chuckles a little. "To be honest, I wasn't quite sure if my gown would be ready, or I would've offered my arm, Marquessa." She explains. "I have had the pleasure of meeting Lady Videl before, as well as a few Pravus. And I was trained in Setarco," She explains. Then stage whispers back to Quenia. "He looks like a handsome enough lad, and I've only heard good things about the Hawkmours."

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Catalana finishes her drink and moves away from the fountain. "I shall keep that in mind." She recieves a note from her aid and nods to Jane. A murmur of "Yes. Let Lord Washburn know." And then she is excusing herself and aide.

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Videl smiles to Anisha, "Whisper Anisha. It's a pleasure to see you." She offers warmly, "The dress was made by the Radiant Emeritus herself. I think it's quite lovely." Then to Quenia, "I hope you didn't mind that I cheated a little and went for both fire and ice."

Anisha is overheard praising Quenia: Warm as fire and radiant as ice.

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Merek is overheard praising Quenia.

Merek is overheard praising Catalana.

Merek is overheard praising Juliana.

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Sebastian falls silent for a moment while Quenia makes her annoucements, dutifully turning towards her. He manages to grab himself a glass of something that looks like red wine, and another of juice, taking the tiniest sip from the latter before offering it to Juliana. He gives a nod, and an intent study of Anisha as Quenia introduces her. "Ah -- trained in Setarco? Well, I shan't fault your manners and bearing then: they're bound to be exemplary," he says, with a pleased smile. Nodding towards Luis' suggestion, he says, "I'm sure I saw you sister through the crowd not so long ago: shall we find her?"

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Anisha offers a sly little smile, and cants her head forward in acceptance of Sebastian's compliment. "I shall hope to make both Setarco and House Whisper proud, my lord." Glancing to Videl, she takes a moment to truly admire her dress, then nods. "The Radiant Emeritus has not lost her touch. You look resplendent, my lady."

"She will not need to do much convincing, Marquessa," Thomas says wryly. "I too am stunned she was your only volunteer...though perhaps, the lack was by of sheer intimidation by your beauty, no?" He extends an arm, if she'll take it. "It certainly held my tongue, for the space of several heartbeats." He seems much more at ease than he was when first arriving, and if his hawkish grin is a little sharp, perhaps it's just his nature. He bows in turn to Anisha. "I hope I can do our reputation at least somewhat proud tonight," He replies. "An honor to meet you as well."

Vicente follows along with Antea towards one of the back tables that she had indicated and allows her to sit before he joins the table and speaks there with a bit of volume only heard primarily at the table unless you were really focused.

Acantha gives a dip of her head to Teagan and a smile, "Of course." she tells her. Then she's going to find herself another drink as Benny follows after her.

2 House Mazetti Aspirants, Kuhlai D'Mahn an aide, Arcadia arrive, following Strozza.

"You mean the only one /wise/ enough," Monique corrects Quenia with a sage nod and her smile broadens at Thomas' response. "I couldn't have said it better myself. Careful, Sword, you'll get a reputation for being absolutely swoon-worthy. For that, I cede my place as first dance holder to you!"

Kaia smiles, her eyes moving in the direction Sabine gestures. "Ah, yes, luxury brocade.~" she repeats with a beaming expression, and nods. "Of course, one of my absolute favorite fabrics." she notes. "How could I have not put one and the other together?" she wonders, although really doesn't expect and answer to that. "Silly me." she says, with a playful chuckle, before taking another sip from the wine. Her eyes moving towards Antea and offering a nod of aknowledgement. "Hello.~" she greets, after having taken her sip. Then, her eyes return to Sabine. "Oh, I'm afraid not. I simply came in hopes to socialize and hopefully make new friends." she confides to Sabine with a small grin.

There's Thomas giving Quenia compliments, and she flushes somewhat, her cheeks pinking all too easily. Or maybe it's the wine? She'll say it's the wine assuredly! "You flatter me, Lord Thomas," she remarks, she takes his arm, and then motions toward the table of honor. "Shall we sit?" she queries. She looks over at Videl with curious eyes. "Why would I mind if you did both? It is a Fire and Ice Ball," she points out, grinning at her cousin. She pauses, and ers, flushing again. "But first, before we sit, let us draw a number...." she tells Thomas. "Lest the crowds start to mob us over that dragonweep necklace."

Katya puts a close fitting dress with a structured bodice and shoulders made from steelsilk and brocade in sharkskin.

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Luis bows his head to Anisha, "Ah, we are all troublemakers, it is for certain, so it is a pleasure to meet you, though it would be easier in a place less crowded, I assure you," he notes, looking from table to table. Sebastian's suggestion has him chuckling, "I already see enough of my sister, or was it that you wished to see more of her?" he queries after the man, turning to give him one of those 'brotherly' looks that suggests he may be weighing the man for a moment. "Right a number, and we will find a table, we will, I assure you..." Luis offers, but doesn't make any motion to go in any direction.

"You're doing very well so far, my lord," Anisha assures Thomas, with a little smile. Glancing to Monique. "You mean the dashing young gent does not already have such a reputation? I'd call that an outrage." She posits, before raising her goblet to her lips again. Eyes brightening as Quenia declares the number, and she sets aside her goblet to nod encouragingly, and even clap her hands a little, to encourage some applause along the way.

The nod which had acknowledged Antea's arrival must now be shared Vicente. Sabine divides the gesture between the newcome pair, the very spirit of generous efficiency in acknowledging them. "Not all are familiar where their favourite toys and tools come from. People are always happy to simply pluck up what delights them, the history of the thing matters less," she theorizes while finally lifting that flute to her lips. A sip is had, the glass lowered, while her gaze roams again. "It's very forward-thinking of you to come in hope of connections. But you chose an excellent venue."

Juliana takes the glass from Sebastian, having set the one prior down not that it is empty. Taking a sip, nods. "Go play Bas... Luis is more than capable of keeping me entertained." Giving her husband of smile before nodding towards the idea of taking as seat. "Wherever you like. Though you are going to dance with me after your cousin has finished all her announcements."

"It is more that if she learns I was here and didn't take the time to say hello, I think I'll be looking over my shoulder," Sebastian tells Luis, with a wry sort of smile, gesturing with his as-yet-untouched wineglass. "I've been working on some statues for her, though it's been slow going. I've taken over part of the gallery to do the work, and it's quite messy."

Hamish offers a nod paired with a smile to Felicia, then returns Teagan's wave before he heads over to where the hostess sits at the head table. He leans in to get himself some last second tickets, then looks around and says, "This is a lovely event, Marquessa. The venue was perfectly chosen." Thomas also gets a nod. "Lord Thomas. Good to see you under slightly less heretical circumstances."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Hamish before departing.

Quenia has rolled 1 2210-sided dice: 1628

Lycene Night Sky Chained Bookcase is now unlocked.

Quenia gets a bejeweled necklace of fire and ice from Lycene Night Sky Chained Bookcase.

"I would stand against them, rather than let such an unruly force overcome you," Thomas says bravely...and then winks. "But yes, perhaps it best you quench their thirst for the dragonweep." His arm is firm in hers, allowing her to lead them wherever they need be in order to complete the raffle; the Hawkmour lord standing tall and striding proudly beside her, a military precision to his pace.

Door opened before them as they enter by Kuhlai D'Mahn, Arcadia clad in pale blues, like a soft whisper of frost passing across surfaces with the chilling bite a threat with each sway and step. When the light catches the swell and sheen of the Everwinter lights are emulated from the pins that hold her hair, casting glints of ethereal colour that seems to halo her.

Strozza is at her side, hair drawn in a series of thin braids twisted together and woven to keep his hair from his face like a crown of night. He contrasts himself in the startling pure white that practically glows - yet the weave is such that the shapes of snowflakes and drifts hint themselves as the light plays over the weave of his attire, from frock coat to ice white riding boots. A snow-glare glow next to the biting, light blue, frost of Arcadia's attire.

Metzger, a great grey shrike, Jok, the muscley muscle knight, Maximus, the drooly Highhill Mastiff arrive, following Dominique.

Philip, an overworked assistant, Crown Observer Barcus, 2 House Wyrmguard Guards, Dominique arrive, following Calarian.

Kaia smiles to Sabine and nods. "That's quite true." she concedes. Another sip taken from her glass. "I suppose it is." she admits with a chuckle, and then nods. "I'm glad to hear it. So far, the company is most pleasant." she admits. Her eyes moving over towards Quenia's announcement with curiosity for a moment.

"Ah, she's hired your services for scuplture, has she? Well that does not surprise me at all..." Luis replies to Sebastian, looking for the man, and then spotting Lucita a little ways off, "Well she is one whom I'd not like to have looking over my shoulder... she looms just so..." he notes, but then nods with his chin to gesture to the whereabouts of his sister. "But as our Lord Thomas does state here, it would seem that Dragonweep has become rather scarce in this city as of late... though I dare say it may have something to do with my cousin..." he notes, looking over towards the chest of raffle winnings.

It doesn't take long for Quenia to go over to the raffle box, where all of the numbers are stored. "This first drawing, as mentioned, is for the Grand Prize. All of you are entered for all of the other items as well. But, given the rules I presented firstly for this evening, the imposed limit on one crafted item per person, it made best sense that the dragonweep necklace be frawn first. To that end," she reaches in and pulls out a piece of paper. She carefully unwraps it. "The number drawn is 1628.... I believe that belongs to Lady Adalyn Clement. If Lady Adalyn is here, and would like to come forward to claim her necklace?" she asks around, looking in the crowd for the woman. "Should she not be here, she still wins the necklace."

Luis also adds to Juliana, "And yes, my dear that is why we are still standing, so that we can dance once she has finished with all her speaking..." eyes roll in good humor.

"You do sculpture my lord?" Anisha inquires of Sebastian. "I must see your work, sometime. I try to keep my hand in," The Whisper offers - then spots Strozza and Arcadia, giving a wave of greeting to the pair alongside a small smile. And turning that into applause at the drawing of the night's first winner.

Dominique and Calarian enter through an opened door arm in arm and hands resting atop those, a pleasant, reserved smile settled across the Marquis' countenance as his head angles closer to the Marquessa's. Fashionably late and better late than never might both come to mind, but the pair don't look to be making a grand entrance so much as slipping in casually to mingle, both dressed in variations of chilled themes.

Arcadia grins a shy smile at Strozza. It's rare for the young countess to be accompanied anywhere. "I still can't believe you went ice. After all those comments on how dreadful the snow is." She leads her escort towards the prizes of the raffle and immediately murmurs to him, "Out of all the things in there, I hope to win that bow. I have been pining for one of Dame Ida's since I arrived in the city. I just love the look of long bows."

Teagan is alone once again at her table, but does not seem to mind. She has food, she has wine, and she is content to observe. As the first number is called, she applauds with the rest- then pauses to see if the winner is indeed at the event itself to receive her prize in person.

It's been quite some time since she's been out and about at a grand event like this. Glancing about, Dominique's icy blue gaze scans the area looking for familiar faces amongst the guests. Hrmming for a few moments, she purses her lips as she squeezes Calarian's arm a bit, muttering softly something to him.

"Not hired, persay," Sebastian answers Luis. "More like... a favor. That may or may not result in a nice bottle of wine," the Pravus Lord's lips twitch upwards into a smile, as he regards the nearby crowd, gaze lingering once or twice as he sees familiar figures. Juliana's words earn a fond look from her twin. He doesn't recognize the winner's name, so claps, but he's leaning towards Anisha to hear as she addresses him. "I do, though I prefer painting. You'll probably see my work here and there, though almost exclusively in private hands, aside from the Eidolon Gallery -- when it reopens -- and of course the works in Pravus' gallery."

Juliana claps for the winner once she is announced then leans into Luis. "That reminds me, you still owe me a necklace." said softly, then to her brother points. "And you owe me a painting." to her twin when he glances towards her

Videl glance towards Sebastian. "My lord, we should catch up some day. It's been far too long since we've last had occasion to talk."

Victoria, loved and feared member of the Kennex family, strides in a little after Dominique and Calarian, similarly late and looking more freshly scrubbed than painstakingly detailed for society. She's dressed for the occasion, though, in swaths of white and pale blue and ice green that make the tall woman look like an iceberg sailing serenely through the crowd. Instead of heading for the ships of state, she ambles around the perimeter, observing the people more than mingling with them.

Quenia has rolled 1 2210-sided dice: 1458

Lucita looks up as she overhears a comment Luis makes. Her eyes widen then narrow before her gaze tracks to Sebastian. "Really, Kind, sweet, adorable brother. It simply is not possible to loom over Lord Sebastian's shoulder. First of all, he is too tall to loom over, and if you get too close while he works, swinging his chisel and mallet result in jabs here and there." Besides, he welcomes my presence, I bring him wine!" She glances at Sebastian. "Pay him no mind. He's just trying to distract me before I scold him for forgetting my birthday, again."

Anisha nods, thoughtfully. "So far I've only got a couple of paintings with my signature, here in Arx, though I have been asked to create some statues, and, well... I imagine I'll have fun with it." She declares, eyes twinkling as her gaze goes from Sebastian to Luis and Juliana. "A necklace? What sort of necklace?" She inquires. Glancing to Videl, quirking her lips. "I'm glad I ran into you here, my lady, lest you drive a similar accusation towards me."

Monique doesn't clap for the winner but the Minx does manage a smile of resignation which turns brighter as she spies something across the room that catches her eye.

Not noticing Adalyn at the evening, Quenia sends the necklace off with a messenger to deliver it to the winner. "And, as I'm feeling generous, I'm pulling the number for a lovely duskstone gem." Taking out that piece of paper she reads out the number. "That will be going to Marquessa Lora, who also did not make the event. I shall send that out as well." Two numbers pulled, Quenia looks to Thomas. "As Lady Monique gave up the first dance, would you like to try your hand at the floor before sitting for a spell?" she asks. Even as she does, with the first numbers pulled, the musicians start playing music for the evening. It's an eclectic mix of music, from all of the various fealties; slow and fast dances alike.

"Neat," says Hamish to nobody in particular before offering the Marquessa and the Hawkmour lord a genial wave, then he turns and heads into the crowd. Eventually he stops at the table where Teagan stands and leans up against the other side. "Lady Teagan. Taken in any bad riddles recently?"

Hamish has joined the Round guest table draped in lace and silk.

Luis shakes his head, "I would never forget your birthday..." he begins to Lucita, waiting a moment, calculating things in his head, "Yep, it was three days ago. See? I did not forget. Oh you meant that I was supposed to send you a gift or a present? Well I had been meaning to deliver it in person..." he adds with a laugh, not sounding at all convincing.

A bow of the head and a raised hand to Anisha as he enters Strozza follows where Arcadia leads him "I had been so new to the city, I had forgotten to enquire about purchase of tickets, but I do hope you get your bow, My Lady." applauding politely for the winner of the first prize as he does, leaning to look at some of the prizes.

More polite applause for the second winner and it's back to the party at large. Teagan finishes her wine and turns to a passing server to obtain another glass. When Hamish joins her at her table, she offers the Archlector a brief smile. "I find myself fortunate in that I have not, Archlector. What about yourself?" She does slide her plate of pastries towards the man. "Did you enter the bidding or are you merely here to enjoy the ice sculptures?"

Juliana snorts at Luci. "Sebastian needs no help finding wine." but kisses her brother's cheek even as she says so. Then a look to Luis before leaning in and whispering to him.

Arcadia applauds politely for the winners so far. She gets two glasses of wine from a passing server yet gets distracted when she notices Lady Teagan. A briefly murmured pardon and she heads the lady's way. "Lady Reagan? I have a gift on behalf of Prince Artur for you. He assures me you'd love this." She hands the lady a small box with a cheeky grin. "It is mammoth jerky. A true delicacy."

"It would be my singular pleasure, Marquessa," Thomas says smoothly, though he does dip his head to murmur something to her with a slightly self-deprecating grin, before bowing low over her hand and guiding her to the floor. His steps are swift and sure, picking up the pace of the pace of a particular sweeping Lycene tune he is a little more familiar with, one arm slipping around Quenia's waist to draw her in close if she'll allow it. He is graceful, as one might expect a Sword to be, and though it is clear dancing is not something he is terribly accustomed to, the grin that sparks across his lips and lights up those cold eyes is sure to make up for at least some of it.

Sebastian gives an easy smile to his twin. "It's done," he informs her. "I just want to deliver it in person, and the weather's been so..." he makes a brief noise, "You know. I'll bring it this next week, I promise." He turns as he hears Videl, offering her a half-bow from the waist. "Lady Videl. It's always a pleasure to see you. I would love to, of course, so long as it's indoors. Ah - you know the Whisper? Who, it seems, is an artist herself," the Pravus Lord's gaze returns to Anisha with interest. "I'd enjoy seeing your work sometime, as well." He winks at Juliana, and then smiles. "Ahh, Baroness Lucita. Lovely as ever," he enthuses as she approaches.

Anisha bows her head to Lucita. "Baroness-Regent. I hope you are enjoying the party, despite your brother's distractions?" She inquires. "And one can only hope he'll turn over the missing gift soon enough." She glances to the floor, with the music starting, and considers. "Well, I should check in with a friend about where my dance-partner has slipped off to... Will you excuse me?"

Quenia checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 43 higher.

Thomas checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 14 higher.

"I try to avoid riddles in general. It's too easy when you know the answer to all of them. Honestly, never really got the appeal." Hamish watches as new arrivals file in and the dancing starts up.

Videl considers and smiles, "Well, my lord. I will grant you the opportunity to make it indoors in exchange for one simple thing." There's a brief pause, "A dance." She smiles to Anisha, "He missed both my birthday parties."

Pausing at one of the tables, Victoria, too, takes a glass of mulled wine and breathes in the scent of it before having a sip. This is followed with a small sweet-and-savory morsel, and as she turns to observe the festivities, a familiar face crosses her vision. She raises her glass to Videl and inclines her head in greeting, taking another small sip as she regards the frail young lady over the rim of her glass.

Teagan does not seem surprised to see Arcadia at the ball, but she //does// appear surprised to see the box offered to her. She accepts it and looks inside. There is, then, an indelicate snort from the Blackram woman. "Well, at least it is not a kitchen full of scallops. Thank you, Countess Stahlben. I shall have to send the Prince my thanks later. Have you met the Archlector?" She gestures to Hamish before glancing at him. "-All- of the riddles, you say? Well now. That seems to be a challenge."

Quenia chuckles warmly at something Thomas whisper to her quietly, her eyes lighting up a bit. "I assure you, I'll be fine," she tells him, as they sweep across the floor. Quenia's own movements in turn with Thomas's are graceful precision, beauty complimenting his swift surety. He leads, and she follows with certainty, the skirts of her dress whirling round and round in a flitter of fiery glamour, her complimenting jewlery, including the bejeweled tiara of proverbial fire and ice she wears that also bears and features its own fiery dragonweep gem.

Lucita replies to Anisha. "Oh, having a most enjoyable time. Luis and i tend to tease each other pretty consistently but he is such a charming rascal he gets forgiven almost before his words drop from his lips. And he watches out for me." She admits with a wry smile then looks toward Sebastian. "I have a surprise for you when you next visit. We finally finished the renovations to the wine cellar. There is a seating area and a cozy fireplace down there so one can sample the wines and relax."

"I leave you in capable hands, Lady Kaia. My lord, my lady." Sabine combines rising with a tilt of her head in polite acknowledgement of those seated at her table. "It was a pleasure," she says to set the period on her pleasantries. Then she takes her leave, striding through the crowd as a ship might cut through surf.

"Terribly rude of him," Anisha declares to Videl, giving a wag of a finger to Sebastian, with a little smirk "You're lucky she's letting you off easy." Shooting a grin to Lucita next. "Well, are we truly raising them as Lycene boys if they aren't charming rascals, mm?" She theorises. Then, she rises, glass in hand, and makes her way towards Strozza and Arcadia. "Countess. My Lord." She offers with a smile. "A pleasure to see you both. I don't suppose you've seen lady Dianna around? Only, she promised me a dance if we met here, I'm pretty sure."

"A Phoenix collar, I will even let him put my dragonweep in the design. Luis has owed me the necklace since our wedding and as we are on the way to our second child, I do beliee I have been more than accomidating." eyes her husband with amusment, not that she seems overly worried, he will get it there sooner or later. As for her brother, there is a slightly surprised look that his painting, which he has owed as long as Luis has owed the necklace, is actually done.

With a genuine, full-throated laugh, Sebastian tips his head towards Videl. "I should love to," he tells her, "But I do owe someone else a dance. Perhaps the Whisper would be kind enough to stand in for me for a dance, while I locate my partner?" he suggests, with a lift of brows as he glances between Videl and Anisha. Lucita's words earn a brilliant smile. "I look forward to it. It's been too long since I've seen your twins."

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"A necklace with a dragonweep... well darn, to think I didn't win the raffle..." Luis notes with mock chagrin. He chuckles, "My dear wife, I fear you have not realized that all the jewelcrafters have begged mercy, fearing that they cannot craft something so beautiful as to match your own," Luis notes. A smile for Lucita's comments and then to Sebastian before he goes back to sipping from his wine.

The Wyrmguard couple stroll in a leisurely pace with the bustle of the ballroom as much as through it, heading in the direction of the raffle items in the bookcase. The smile never leaves Calarian's face as he speaks in hushed tones with his wife, the cool air about their conversation seemingly appropriate considering the weather and their themed attire. To no one in particular Calarian observes pleasantly, "Notable finery on display for the raffle, and quite the ensembles here tonight. A wondrous gathering on more than one level.."

Arcadia chuckles to Teagan, "Yes. Well. My poor chef has had to go beg some beachy homes on how to prepare them. The look of sheer terror on the tribesman face will stay with me forever." She gives a warm smile to Hamish and nods. "We've met I believe." Regardless, she introduces herself to Hamish, "Countess Arcadia Stahlben." She introduces them to the man on her arm, "Have you met Lord Strozza Mazetti? He was kind enough to attend with me tonight and has promised me a dance."

Videl sighs and shakes her head. "You know me, my lord. One dance an evening is enough. Don't worry, I'll wait." The frail noblewoman answers, clearly not happy she has to remind the man of her limitations. Then to Anisha, "I only let him off easy because he's just so charming." She overhears Luis' comment and laughs behind her mouth, clearly entertained by the flattery.

Acantha had sipped her drink and spoken to a few quietly, but one of the House guards deliver a letter to her. She gives a dip of her head to those that she knows before she departs quietly with Benny.

Benny The Beaver leaves, following Acantha.

Juliana laughs. "That is lovely, Luis. Yes you still owe me a necklace." drops a kiss fully on his lips then sets her glass down. "Dance with me."

"I've always wondered the time and preparation it takes to throw an event like this." Dominique muses under her breath as she continues to glance about, taking in the sights and sounds, though she doesn't seem as relaxed as her husband. Taking in a long and deep breath, she squeezes his bicep while walking alongside him. "Mmmm, did you see someone with some wine? I think that would help."

Kaia is overheard praising Quenia: A wonderful hostess!

Quenia has rolled 1 2210-sided dice: 569

Quenia has rolled 1 2210-sided dice: 1470

Quenia gets a floral and butterflies embroidered aeterna dress from Lycene Night Sky Chained Bookcase.

Thomas is at best an adequate dancer, but he's more than happy to allow Quenia's grace to shine, taking every opportunity in time with the rise and fall of the music to allow her to spin and glitter around him, a fiery jewel of a woman that he watches with an impressed smile as much as dances beside. As the song draws to a close, he draws her hand up to brush the back with a light kiss, before stepping back and gesturing to her with a pleased smile. "You dance as if born to it, Marquessa," He says, his smile a touch shy. "I am only glad I was able to witness it."

Hamish ducks his head to Arcadia when she approaches. "We may have, but there's no fault in second introductions. It's when you get to sixth or seventh that you really have to wonder if it's time to visit a Mercy about the headaches." A similar nod is given to Strozza. "My lord. Archlector Hamish Farmer of Death. It is good to meet you. I can't say I've ever been to Ostria, but I've had the brandy back home and after a couple of glasses I got the general idea."

After receiving yet another message, Thea stands. Smoothing the flames of her gown and excuses herself. Bowing her head, she gives a brief smile and departs quietly.

"If you change your mind, my lady, I should be honoured to twirl around the floor with you. We'd look radiant," Anisha assures Videl, with a wink. Sketching a curtsey to both the Wyrmguard couple of Dominique and Calarian, as well as to Hamish and Teagan. "My lord, my lady... And well met to you as well, Blessed Hamish. A pleasure to meet you all."

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Teagan looks quite amused at what Arcadia says. "Well, if your chef should need any tips, please do let me know. I can have mine send them along." The woman does tip her head to Strozza. "A pleasure, Lord Strozza. I am Lady Teagan Blackram. The Countess and I met through rather roundabout means, though I was familiar by name previously." She does look to the hostess as it appears more numbers are being drawn. When Anisha passes, she dips her head in greeting to the woman.

Accepting a glass of wine before Arcadia brings him to meet the others, Strozza grins and gleams in aeterna, watching until he is introduced to the others, offering a bow from the waist to them in turn, "Lord Strozza Mazetti, potential Admiral to the house Navy - If you've only had third wall, Archlector, M'Lady, you may like Second Wall Gin... it is a delicacy to some." offering a polite smile to the pair.

For a moment, Sebastian regards Videl evenly, a small smile becoming something brighter. "Then, I shall be back shortly, my lady." With a bow that extends as much to her as the others nearby, he moves away from the group. His glass is deposited on a passing tray, still untouched, before he makes his way towards Monique, offering a hand towards the Greenmarch Lady. "My lady," he murmurs, "Can I steal you away for a moment?"

Merek makes a way about to look at the place.

Octavian, a silken spaniel arrives, delivering a message to Lucita before departing.

To Anisha, Strozza offers a bow of his head, "Curiously no, I'm surprised to not see dear Dianna present. But I assume it was something dire to draw her attention from this - she was so interested to come." lips pursing, "But I will most certainly know you were looking for her."

Quenia grins over at Thomas when he finishes the dance and then kisses the back of her hand. "In truth, I didn't know much about dancing until more recently," she informs him. "My cousin, Lucita, taught me all that I know. Though, her talents lie more in playing music, and writing songs." A pause, "If you'll pardon me a moment, more numbers must be drawn." And as she does, she carefully unfurls the papers. "Number 569 belongs to Amantha Harrow. She is not here this evening, and her prize of the floral and butterflies aeterna gown is being delivered to her. Lady Lora, who had number 1470 won another set of materials, and she shall be forwarded several parcels of umbra." This goes in line with her rules that materials can be won more than once. Though, if Lora wins again there will probably be an imposed limit - maybe - to give others a chance. Once those numbers are drawn, she asks Thomas. "Shall we go back to the table?' She has the Igniseri guards bring the numbers to her table, so she doesn't have to keep running to them when it's time to draw.

Monique watches Sebastian's approach with great interest, amusement lighting her eyes like green stars. "I feel certain the lovely Marquessa Quenia is in capable hands for a little while longer." A slender hand rises to claim Sebastian's, and the Minx offers, "But one cannot steal what is freely given. Nice try. You'll have to steal something else of mine," she teases, allowing the stunning Pravus lord to lead her out to the floor.

At the unfamiliar whisper who passes by, Dominique quirks a brow. She offers a warm smile as she bows her head in acknowledgement, letting Calarian do the talking and the smalltalk for a few moments. Now that they're closer to the bookcase, something has attracted her attention with the various items inside, her gaze focused on that star night umbra gown. Ooooh, pretty.

Quenia gets a recurved diamondplate long bow carved with forest animals from Lycene Night Sky Chained Bookcase.

Felicia can't help but perk when she hears the name 'Harrow'. There's a broad kind of grin from the one present, and those close to the bar might hear a snicker.

"I am sure she'll show up presently," Anisha offers to Strozza. Then blinks. "Oh, goodness, I forgot to make introductions. Call me struck by the splendour of the evening. Or, rather Anisha Whisper. A pleasure." And, once more, she sketches a curtsey to Dominique and Calarian and Teagan and Hamish.

"Don't tempt me," Sebastian replies to Monique, "For I'm afraid that such a venture will end with one of your knives in my side when I try to steal something you enjoy very much." He seems fairly sure about that particular outcome, as he leads her out onto the dance floor, twirling her around before he settles a hand at her waist, guiding them along to the music.

As Victoria ambles around the room, she too pauses by the case of beautiful valuables and prizes. "That is," she murmurs to Dominique, "truly stunning. Though I can't imagine it would graze my ankle, I would still be willing to let it //try//." She takes another bare sip of the warm spiced wine, observing the other items on display.

Kaia has left the Round guest table draped in lace and silk.

Quenia has rolled 1 2210-sided dice: 606

"She could not have had a more apt pupil," Thomas murmurs with another grin, and then bows his head respectfully and steps back for a moment as she reads out the ticket numbers again, clapping enthusiastically along with the rest of the crowd at each announcement. Then he's offering her his arm again, trying not to appear too glad to step off the ballroom floor; he pulls out a chair for Quenia at the table, and then settles into the one beside her, taking up his poor, abandoned glass of wine and making up for his absence with a long swig.

Quenia has rolled 1 2210-sided dice: 919

"If the gin is to gins what your brandy is to brandy, I'd probably best avoid. Even regular gin is hazardous to my well-being." Hamish offers a brief smile, then looks to the passing Dominique and Calarian. "Ah, now Blancbier, a holding I've loved for years. A fortress of a city, something like Tor. Fewer flowers, but its own Oathlander beauty, coupled with the mountains in the background makes for a dramatic sight." When he hears that Amantha has won something he offers the tiniest of applause for a Harlequin, even though she's not actually present.

"Indeed, a dance, now that Quenia is distracted with her own," Luis replies to Juliana, moving so that they are less arm in arm, but hand in hand, a more proper way to begin a dance as he bows his head to those nearest, begging their pardon to move out into the dance floor with Juliana. "Now then, shall we enjoy ourselves before the night is through?" he asks of her with a wink, tilting his head ever so slightly to better hear the music and find the beat.

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"Some people are just remarkably gifted when it comes to these matters. I imagine there's been more than one such hand involved in sculpting this together.", Calarian returns thoughtfully to Dominique in a similar volume, lightly rubbing his hand against the back of hers in what might be an attempt to soothe his wife. At her question of wine, Calarian nods glances aside toward his poor, overworked assistant and gestures with a tick of a nod toward the serving tables, to which the man dutifully departs. "I did, and we should have some soon.", he replies with the faintest hint of amusement edging into his expression.

When Anisha offers a curtsey to them, Calarian's effortless, courteous smile shifts in her direction and he inclines his head in acknowledgement of the Whisper. "Thank you for your introduction, Anisha Whisper. Marquessa Dominique Wyrmguard", he says with a cant of his head and a roll of his hand toward his wife before continuing, "and Marquis-Consort Calarian Wyrmguard. A pleasure, truly. Have you enjoyed the festivities so far? We unfortunately missed what must have been a wonderful opening to them."

"Telling me not to tempt you is like telling dragonweep not to shine," Monique tells Sebastian, laughter in her whisky-rich voice. "It simply cannot be countenanced." She twirls, and it's clear that in this display, Sebastian is the superior partner. The Minx can keep up, but matching his effortless elegance is just not possible. Carefully, she stays close to allow him to lead, and to carry on a quiet conversation, her crimson head tilted to the darkness of his.

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Rising up from the table, Antea reaches up to take Vicente's arm and gives him a small nod, "Lead the way, my lord." Looking to Kaia, she offers a swift, precise bow, "Happy hunting, my lady." And with that, the Marshal of Ostria is off towards the dance floor. This could be glorious or terrible.

Lucita listens to a messenger and with a sigh, rises, gathers her cloak and quietly bids others a goodbye and slips out.

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Micana, 1 Saik Guard leave, following Lucita.

After some mingling at one of the tables, Kaia decides it's time to move along and find some more new faces. And, so she begins to sway through the crowds searching for her next plausible target.

Upon hearing the voice of the Lady Kennex, Dominique turns and then smiles warmly, offering a bit of a curtsy to the older noblewoman. "I didn't get a chance to put in for the raffle, but if I had known sooner that /that/ dress was available, I think I would have." she admits ruefully. "And it has been a while, Lady Victoria." It wasn't exactly a secret to most of the Kennexes that Dominique and Ford were close as she would often visit and spoil Darion as well.

Hearing the mention of her home, there's a warm smile as she then curtsies to Hamish. "Oh, you've been? I'm sure you'd be welcome to visit, um..." And she glances about, not familiar with the man at all and so she looks towards Calarian to see if he might know him.

Vicente makes his way from the table and towards the dance floor with Antea on his arm and then moves to hold her in his arm with a bit of a hesitant dance hold, nothing too close but then he begins his attempt and we'll just see how that goes.

"Once you get used to adjusting your volume over the din of conversation, yes," Anisha assures Calarian, with a litle grin. "And I delight in it. It is -marvellous- to see the ballroom filled up like this," She adds. "Plus, I am just delighted at the chance of dancing a little." She offers, with a small smile. "Truly, it is good to meet you both." She curtsies to Calarian and Dominique again. Looking to the Marquessa now. "I trust you are enjoying the festivities so far as well," Directed at them both, by the way she shifts her glance. Sketching a curtsey to Victoria. "My lady. I am Anisha Whisper. A pleasure."

Vicente checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 14 higher.

Luis checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 6 higher.

"Lady Teagan Blackram," the woman provides to Anisha. "Pleasure to meet you, Anisha Whisper." She does think of Strozza's offer. "You know, I cannot say I'm much experienced in the ways of gin. I largely stick to wine and whiskey, myself." She does lift her glass in silent greeting to Dominique and Calarian. Something polite, but reserved.

Merek checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 21 higher.

Sebastian seems to enjoy the easy elegant pace as a dance partner -- not just to keep pace with the music -- but also for opportunity for a quiet conversation beneath the strains of the music. As ever, there's almost an ever-present amusement about the Pravus Lord as he leads Monique about the floor.

No sooner is Quenia seated after Thomas pulled a chair out for her, and the box of numbers settled on the table, does she pull out a few more numbers. She grins when she reads the first. "The new owner of a fine, new diamondplate long bow is none other than Lady Teagan Blackram, with number 606. Lady Teagan," she looks around the room. "Would you like to come claim your prize?" she asks. "And the winner, with number 919, is Lady Catalana Kennex. She is the new owner of a fine stack of seatouched wool, which I shall send to her since she has left for the evening."

Juliana checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 28 higher.

Merek keeps to himself while he dances about, his cape shifting about along with his scarf.

Juliana hand in hand with Luis' lets him lead her out onto the dance floor before turning towards him with a swirl of silvery mist skirts as her other hand finds his. "Are you sure you remember how to do this? asks before he leads them into the dance, the two moving around the floor effortlessly.

While Arcadia is enjoying a glass of wine, a harassed and frustrated servant in Stahlben colors come in. A certain mark of relief on their face at finally tracking down the countess. Arriving at Arcadia's side there is a brief murmur and a gesture to the door. The young countess pulls a disgruntled face and hands her wine back to an attendant. She apologizes to Strozza and the others she's with. "It seems I am needed back at Stahl hall." She pauses and gives a brief coo of envy to Teagan. "Congratulations on the new bow. Perhaps we can go hunting sometime soon." She flashes her eyes apologetically to Strozza, "Another event we are pulled apart." She gives a quick bob and escapes with the attendant/guard/harrassed babysitter in tow.

Antea checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 17 higher.

Looking between Teagan and Hamish, Strozza ponders aloud, "Then I suppose I should have such made available to you sometime. Perhaps you could join for a small meeting at the Manor... I am sure you three," he now indicates Arcadia as well, "Would enjoy other delicacies of the South. I think you might find stuffed olives and fig preserves most enjoyable..." he leans to let his wine glass be taken and offers a hand to Arcadia, "Would that we get that dance..." frowning as he watches Arcadia go.

"Too long," Victoria replies smoothly, bowing slightly to Dominique with gentle grace. "I have only just returned. My family seems to have some need of me, though I'm not sure they'd agree." Her wonted dry humor fills her pale eyes as they crinkle in a tiny smile. To Anisha Whisper, then, she inclines her head with that regal bearing she's so known for in her family. "The pleasure is mine, of course. And what a beautiful setting we find ourselves in. The hospitality is a delight, especially so far from home."

Kaia has joined the Semi-circular Bar.

Taking up a proper starting position with Vicente, Antea looks up at him and murmurs something just for him before they start off on the dance. All mutters of upbringing and training aside, Antea doesn't fare too badly on the dance floor. She's not going to win any contests any time soon, but she isn't tripping or misstepping either! She has a modicum of skill with it, it would seem.

Teagan almost misses her name being called by Quenia. She looks up and sets down her wine. "Excuse me," she tells the table. There is a nod to Arcadia. "Perhaps we should," she tells the woman before stepping away to make her way for the head table to accept her prize.

Finally, Kaia ends up heading over to the bar and taking a seat by one of the stools. A small grin offered to both Felicia and Lethe.

"Remember how to do what? Walk around while you dance and make us look great? I think I can manage..." Luis replies to Juliana, grinning at her as he moves along, knowing the dance steps and performing them well enough to at least pass for a dancer. Though there's no exciting twirls on his part, instead he allows the skill and radiant beauty of Juliana pull them through, he himself is just eye-candy for the evening apparently. "Why is dancing so much more difficult than swordplay? Perhaps because I'm trying /not/ to hit you and trip you up..." he teases her, winking and drawing her close as they move through the dance.

Quenia gets a voucher adorned in gold leaf from Lycene Night Sky Chained Bookcase.

"Well, my lord," Anisha offers to Strozza. "With your escort leaving, and mine yet to arrive, perhaps we could dance with one another, mm?" She inquires, with a grin. Which only grows broader as she gives a nod of thanks to Victoria. "While Marquessa Quenia takes the honour of hosting tonight, Whisper House is always pleased to offer our halls for festivities and good causes." She offers, eyes bright.

Quenia has rolled 1 2210-sided dice: 1676

Quenia has rolled 1 2210-sided dice: 858

Vicente begins to dance about with Antea and as he starts off hesitantly and eases more into it as it proceeds. The loose distant hold moves into a more comfortable closer style. He's not amazing but it's hard to believe anyone would have expected him to either. Still he does allow himself to seem entertained and takes an opportunity to whisper something to Antea while he's holding her.

"I would imagine with the elevation of the family and the land, there is plenty and more concerns. They would certainly need more help. Please give my regards to the new Duke Aethan." Dominique offers with a bow of her head and a bright smile. Glancing about once more, she raises her brow and bows her head in acknowledgement at the Blackram Voice.

Juliana chuckles at Luis as they move around the floor. "That my love is because you think of it in the lines of sword play. Thing of dancing in lines of making love and you will have so much more fun with it."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Katya before departing.

Hamish ducks his head to Dominique. "Archlector Hamish Farmer of Death. I am from a small village in the Telmarch, not far from the domain of Blancbier. When I began to wander as a priest of the Queen I frequently spent a day or two in Blancbier while on my way from one place to another. We have never met, I was at the time simply an itinerant holy man, but I know the city and her ruling couple."

Teagan returns to the table with her bow and spends a moment somewhat awkwardly setting it into place before her. "I am pleased to have won, but this is not the most convenient thing to carry with me," she admits with a small touch of amusement (mostly to herself). The woman picks up her glass again, looking for the next winner to be called.

Korka has been here the whole time, definitely, taking up some space against a wall and just watching the proceeding.

"But my dear, if I think about it like making love, I'd have to ask my question, why are we not?" Luis tilts his head, winking and kissing her there in the middle of the floor, before returning to the dance. He will stand still for moments, allowing Juliana to move around him, showcasing her skills before moving again with her to move out of the way of the next dancing couple. "Perhaps we should practice both before the night is through..." he muses.

"Miss Anisha - I would find myself a man most fortunate to take you to dance." Strozza bows low at the waist, one hand tucked behind him at his waist and the other held in offering to take the Whisper's hand.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Teagan before departing.

Anisha considers her wine, and glances curiously over at Teagan's drink. "Someone once told me Oathlanders only drink milk. I knew they were wrong," She muses. "Because of the ciders. But I am pleased to see you are a woman of taste, my Lady." She muses. "If you wish, I could lay the bow to rest somewhere secure until you are ready to go?" She drains the rest of her wine, and sets her glass aside, to offer Strozza her arm. "Now we'll just see if we have to lay away a bow before or after we dance, my lord."

Vicente seems amused at somethin Antea says to him and laughs as he continues to twirl around the dance floor while talking softly to her.

Determined to get the raffling part out of the way, Quenia keeps on drawling numbers after she hands the bow to Teagan and says. "I hope you enjoy the bow. I was quite taken with the design." She smiles at her, then looks down at the numbers again. "The winner of a personal portrait to be completed by Mistress Mimi is Merek Black, with number 1676." A pause as she looks at the next, "Number 858 belongs to Duchess Margot Tyde, and to here she shall be delivered a parcel of aeterna cloth." She grins over at Thomas, continuing their earlier conversation. "I rather enjoyed learning from Lucita. She was quite the teacher," she informs him. "Though to master the rest, I shall have to finish learning on my own. I've reached the capacity of what she can teach me."

"That is good to know," Victoria replies, inclining her head to Anisha. "I have heard a great deal of the Whisper capacity for hospitality, and I'm pleased to see that reputation is upheld so splendidly. When next we have need, I will remember you." She raises her glass and sips once more before passing it to a server, then nodding to Dominique: "I will, and gladly. Have a splendid evening." And then she's disappearing into the crowd, perhaps still observing, perhaps considering her socializing done for the night.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Merek before departing.

Thomas is overheard praising Quenia: As talented a host as she is a dancer! I am terrible at balls, but I'll most certainly attend her next one.

Merek looks to the voucher with the gold leaf, then he beams, "Thanks!" he says. The portrait maker getting his portrait drawn!

Juliana kisses Luis back fully, suddenly very not interested in dancing. So that when he finally leads her from the floor. "Well.. I will go say good bye to my brother, you go say goodbye to Quenia and then we can see about the other activities." pressing a kiss to his cheek before looking for Sebastian. "Oh, Luis.. tell Quenia when you say goodbye."

"There are those," Teagan says with amusement at Anisha's words, "who do only drink milk or tea in the Oathlands." She looks to her wine. "Perhaps it is because the Cloudspine is so near to the Northern border, but I find that I do quite enjoy a good drink. Perhaps more than I ought sometimes." She nods to Hamish, gesturing, "regardless, you have two examples right here of Oathlanders that drink." She does rest fingers upon the bow, making a thoughtful sound. "I may need to depart shortly to tend to other business, but thank you for the offer."

Moving around the dance floor, one might think Antea's expression would soften or lighten her expression. That she might even smile. But no. They would be terribly terribly wrong. She wears the same grim expression while dancing that she does every other time, which makes for an interesting dichotomy during the dance. Nodding to Vicente's whisper, she offers quiet response as they continue to move across the floor.

Still turning out on the dance floor, Sebastian's leading of Monique appears to have slowed to allow for conversation, though he's acutely aware of his twin enough that he pauses and slows, glancing over towards her.

Strozza checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 20, rolling 16 higher.

Anisha checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 20, rolling 7 higher.

Quenia gets a luxurious buzzing bee bracelet with crushed dawnstones from Lycene Night Sky Chained Bookcase.

Quenia has rolled 1 2210-sided dice: 1702

"It certainly has grown much more dear to me than I ever might have imagined as well, Archlector.", Calarian agrees with Hamish before adding on a faintly amused aside in Dominique's direction. "And not just for the company." His attention drifts in the direction of the raffle for a moment or two, and then in freshly arrived drinks, handing one over to Dominique before cradling his own lightly. Once he's armed with a glass it's raised in Teagan's direction in a mild mirror of her gesture, equally managing polite pleasantry from a distance.

Between callouts for raffles, he speaks with just enough volume to his voice to make certain the words reach Quenia, providing "Thank you for putting together a fabulous evening, Marquessa Igniseri. It will be a truly bright memory of my return to the city."

Quenia has rolled 1 2210-sided dice: 443

Vicente does not seem bothered by the lack of response from Antea and continues as though it made no difference. His left hand begins to tap on her back, looking more like a nervous edge to it than anything else but it does not affect his movements.

"You too, Lady Victoria." Dominique replies before she turns her attention to the Archlector and ahhhs in understanding. "Well, I would invite you to spend more time in Blancbier, though I must tell you to be careful when traveling these days, especially in the Oathlands. There ahve been lots of unfortunate events as of late, such as that of the Steelharts in High Hill." she says with a bit of a frown.

Quenia glances up briefly when she hears her name, while she also digs for more numbers. It's quite a coincidence that her eyes fall on her brother Luis, for when she pulls out the slips of paper... "The next number for the buzzing bee braclet, belongs to 1702, Lord Luis Igniseri." A pause, "And for a set of seasilk, that goes to number 443 - Aksel Nygard."

Anisha wiggles her fingers after Victoria, and gives Teagan a nod. "Well, in that case, I shall feel free to step to the dance floor with lord Strozza," She declares, with a grin. "Hopefully we'll still find you here when we return." She gives Strozza a smile, curtseying as she takes his hand, and gestures to the floor. "Shall we?"

Thomas glances up from his wine at Quenia with another smile, spreading his arms invitingly. "I would be enormously honored to help you master the art, any time you wish...perhaps some of your raw talent will rub off on me, no?" He chuckles a little, setting aside his glass to applaud each raffle winner, as they step up to receive their prizes or the parcels are set aside to be shipped off. "I am not a terribly eager ball-goer...they were not a large part of my life in Brassfall, certainly. But I do at least begin to see the appeal."

Luis nods with Juliana's words and then stops as he hears a number that sounds too familiar, "Ah, wait, now I have to go speak with her, apparently that was my number," he adds, grinning like a child for a second. "He will find a glass of something for them both to drink before he goes to claim his prize, "Ah now, my dear cousin, it looks terrible that you pull a number for me in such a place... thoguh I won't contest it, I need to get presents apparently," he side whispers in a voice that's not a whisper at all. A slight grin, but he leans in to whisper something to Quenia before receiving the prize and then moving on for others to do the same.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Teagan before departing.

On the dance floor, Monique murmurs something low to Sebastian, squeezing him tight, before stepping back and essaying a deep bow to the enchanting Pravus as he presses his lips to her hand. "I am neglecting my date and you your many admirers. I relinquish you, my lord, and those beautiful hands."

Dorian has left the Round guest table draped in lace and silk.

Juliana laughs as Luis' name is called. "Lucky bastard that one." smirks then glances around for Sebastian, catching sight of him on the dance floor with the Lady Greenmarch. Pausing as Monique starts to move away, dips her head then turns into her brother's arms for one cirle of the floor to say her goodbyes as Luis claims his prize and a glass to drink.

Taking Anisha's offered hand, Strozza bows his head to her, "I would be enchanted, Lady Whisper." leading Anisha out in measured steps - choosing Lycene movements as they find room. Sweeping her around him, at first holding only her fingers.

Strozza's initial movement hint at an idea of timid curiosity, moving into suggestions of passion, risks, and the heady maelstrom of infatuation. Twisting about Anisha in pantomime of a man wrapping himself around the object of his affections until they're pressed together, arms spread at first with their palms together as the story in the dance is told.

Katya has left the Round guest table draped in lace and silk.

"Oh, I know. When I tell people that I used to walk from Sanctum to Farhaven and back, they generally think me mad. Which is fair. I might have agreed at one point." Hamish finishes his wine and adds wryly. "Which is why I don't tell them I actually walked from the Lyon's Redoubt to Aviaron's Peak. And that was back when the Aviarons were the ruling family, so none of the work to quell the locals being done by Marquessa Rhea had begun." He nods to Calarian. "It can be easy to think of the Oathlands as a dull place, given the jokes and stereotypes, but... home is home, when you find it."

With an effortless bow to Monique, Sebastian straightens, bright blue eyes tracking the Greenmarch Lady for a moment. And then Juliana's there, and he pulls his twin into a hug. "I'm glad you made the effort to come out. And get /me/ out," he murmurs to her, brightly. "Kiss Tia for me when you see her, will you?"

Anisha twirls happily with Strozza, letting him lead, but adding flourishes of her own. The many layers of transparent brocade sweeping around her as she moves, against Strozza and then away, her gaze cast away from him before smoldering eyes find each other once more.

Quenia has rolled 1 2210-sided dice: 1148

Quenia gets a duskstone pendant in bezeled silver dangling from a delicate silver chain from Lycene Night Sky Chained Bookcase.

Vicente stops his dancing and releases his hold on Antea and offers his arm to her before he begins to depart from the gathering.

Monique weaves her way from the dance floor and back to the less crushing space of the head table, rejoining Quenia and Thomas. "I see everyone has survived and even thrived?" the Minx teases warmly.

Quenia chuckles warmly in Luis's direction. "I believe I heard that you won the wrong present, this evening. Wasn't it the dragonweep she was vying for?" she asks, winking at him as she hands over the bee bracelet. She pauses to hear what has to say, then lifts a brow lightly in Juliana's direction before glancing over briefly at Sebastian, then back to Juliana. She nods her head, then looks to Luis. "It means something to me," she tells them, her expression pensive. "Now go, before your wife comes and drags you away. Show her the new present," she grins. She then flushes at what Thomas's comment. "I'm sure that could likely be arranged. I regularly host events, and such," she tells him. "Well, more so now than I have been." She glances over at Monique, nodding. "Indeed! So far. Though I have a few more items to raffle off." She starts to pluck more than one up at a time now. Materials can wait!

Quenia has rolled 1 2210-sided dice: 754

Vicente is overheard praising Quenia: She threw a ball, cheers!

Quenia gets a lush starry night umbra gown from Lycene Night Sky Chained Bookcase.

Quenia has rolled 1 2210-sided dice: 79

Teagan has left the Round guest table draped in lace and silk.

Dimples, a Kite of the Cloudspine leaves, following Teagan.

Antea nods to Vicente's murmur before giving another quiet response. Then she glances around and looks up to Vicente with brows lifted.

"Number 1148 goes to Duchess Margot. As she has only won materials, the duskstone necklace goes to her. Number 79 is Felicia Harrow. She wins the starry night umbra gown." Quenia looks around to see who is presently. "Dame Felicia, would you like to come collect the gown?" she asks.

Hugged and hugging back, Juliana kisses Sebastian's cheek, smiling up at him. "Come have lunch with us tomorrow, Tia can show you how well she is walking." then hugs again before letting go. "But yes, I need to find Luis and make sure he told Quenia the news before she finds out from someone else."

"You missed it...there was terrible bloodshed and much wailing gnashing of teeth as I trampled some poor souls underfoot," Thomas notes with mock-solemnity, "But our Marquessa here more than made up for my blundering about, and all was forgiven..." A beat. "Or so I believe. We shall see if I am not jumped on the way back to the villa."

Merek puts a voucher adorned in gold leaf in a backpack, made of black leather.

"I'll come," Sebastian allows, albeit with a slight twist of lips that suggests he's going to a great deal of effort, what with the perilous snow he has to cross over the short distance betwen their homes. With a last squeeze of his twin's arm and a brilliant smile at her words, the Pravus Lord parts from his sister, gaze sweeping across the floor. Finally spotting Videl, he moves towards her, seeking to catch her eye as he approaches, excecuting a half-bow when he nears. "My lady," he says, extending a hand to her.

Felicia can't help but blink as she hears her name,"I... oooh." the whiskey is abandoned for the moment so she can rise to meet Quenia with unabashed delight,"In my favorite color and all." the Harrow can't help but offer impishly.

Vicente has left the Round guest table draped in lace and silk.

"It is somewhat in the Lycene fashion. I do hope you enjoy it," Quenia says a bit distactedly, as she keeps hearing her name here and there about the room. She looks about a moment, ebfore glancing back to Felicia. Of course, she's auto-dipping her hand into that box for more numbers to finish off doling out prizes so she can get back to the fun to her stuff!

2 House Mazetti Aspirants leaves, following Antea.

Lethe claps for both Margot and Felicia. "Congratulations Dame Felicia. That's such a beautiful gown, and I think it suits you."

Quenia gets a luxurious circlet with epiphanite surrounded by citrine and amber from Lycene Night Sky Chained Bookcase.

Quenia gets emerald and turquoise vines pair of gem-tipped hairpins from Lycene Night Sky Chained Bookcase.

Quenia has rolled 1 2210-sided dice: 1910

The heated looks, the demure turns away, Strozza follows them - an expression like wild hunger at one point, contrite. At one point he leads her across the room, making his way to the center - moving that if he should sweep her off her feet he 'drags' her across, her toes barely touching while the layers of her dress flow around them. Putting her on her toes and spinning her about before dropping Anisha again, but this time into a low dip, his face close to her neck.

Quenia has rolled 1 2210-sided dice: 1503

Felicia beams in unabashed delight and holds the gown up to herself for at least a moment,"I don't worry about skin unless someone's trying to stab me in the exposed parts." she proclaims assuredly before prowling off back in the direction of the bar. The umbra and its adornments fingered along the way.

Quenia has rolled 1 2210-sided dice: 756

Anisha follows, laying limp in his arms and with her legs against his ankle as he drags her, twirling again as she's drawn up, spreading her arms wide and falling onto him, kicking up, and then wrapping against her parter, holding him close to her bosom.

As drinks are finished and the raffle rattles on, Calarian exchanges a few more murmured words back and forth with Dominique, and after a sketched bow in silent parting toward the hostess and a pat of his hand against his wife's, the Wyrmguard offers "If you'll be so kind as to excuse us the departure that's come as suddenly as our arrival, there are some matters we must tend to at the estate." In Quenia's direction he says pleasantly, "Thank you, once more.", before turning to stride out.

Metzger, a great grey shrike, Jok, the muscley muscle knight, Maximus, the drooly Highhill Mastiff leave, following Dominique.

Philip, an overworked assistant, Crown Observer Barcus, 2 House Wyrmguard Guards, Dominique leave, following Calarian.

The first number Quenia grabs belongs to a person who already won a special prize. So she keeps choosing until she has good numbers. "Number 1503 belongs to Lady Lethe Tyde. Her prize is the luxurious circlet with various gems. The next number is 756, which belongs to Maquessa Sabine Tessere. Her prize is the emerald and turquoise vine hairpins. If you could please step forward to claim your prizes..."

Luis shrugs a shoulder to Quenia, apparently missing the inside comment, but nodding the same and then with his prize in hand he moves off towards Juliana, waving to Sebastian in the process, "Ah my Lord, do not have too fun an evening without me, I fear that I have been absent from the court for so long that my shennanigans are all forgotten. Do prepare the crowd for when I return," he tells the man, with a wink, but then catches up Juliana upon his arm, "Did you wish to stay longer and mingle my dear, or are we to move onto the second phase of the promises? Also have you seen this bee? I have a bee... in Winter no less..." he adds, offering her the little pendant that he had one.

Kaia says, "Congratulations Dame Felicia! That's a most gorgeous gown!~"

Lethe steps forward when she hears her name with a look of surprise. "Thank you. It's so very beautiful."

Leaving Sebastian, Juliana finds Luis, her arm curling into his as she steps up beside him. Pressing a kiss to his cheek. "When you are ready, we can go. Did you tell Quenia?" looking the braclet that is held up with a smile. "It's enchanting.. how you always win something is beyond me."

Monique laughs, the whisky-rough sound warring with the musicians. "Did you bloody your sword thoroughly, Lord Thomas?" the Minx asks, humor redolent in her tone, along with no small amount of innuendo.

Quenia glances between Thomas and Monique, chuckling softly. "I do not believe you'll be jumped this evening, Lord Thomas. My cousin, Luis, is off with his wife. You're quite safe, I believe, since he did not see that you've trampled upon my honor with the dance."

Quenia gets A Lycene night sky garment bag from Lycene Night Sky Chained Bookcase.

"Absolutely no promises, Lord Luis," Sebastian assures his brother in law with far too much cheer. He's managed to collect another glass of wine, and settles, for a moment, near Videl.

Quenia gets a cushioned shipping case from Lycene Night Sky Chained Bookcase.

Quenia gets a pouch embroidered with a scene of a summer day at a beach from A Lycene night sky garment bag.

Standing her, Strozza's shoulders rise and fall as if he had been running a marathon, or something just as exercising, a hand on her hip and another at the base of her neck, cradling with his fingers as he steps with her, almost -too- close, but then... Lycene dancing, no? He has a grin on his face and his steps elicit imagery of a man grown cocky with his wooing, hips and shoulders in the dance moves as he drives forward, or is sent back by Anisha.

Quenia has rolled 1 2210-sided dice: 1301

"How I always win something... I suppose that's true... isn't it?" Luis notes with a strange sort of look upon his face, "Though sometimes I win strange things that no one would want to win..." he admits, rubbing his arm for a half second before catching himself. "And yes, I did tell her, she seemed to relax at the comment..." Luis shares with Juliana, dropping to more quiet words afterwards, but then looking around the room. "Well, I fear that shall we stay, we'll either have to dance again, or meet new people..." a moment to think upon such a proposition causes Luis to fall silent, quickly searching the room for what could possibly be a solution to his suggestions.

Quenia has rolled 1 2210-sided dice: 424

Jules links her arms with her husband's. "Well I thought you had in mind to practice, things other than dancing." she points out with a smirk. Then pauses as he says Quenia relaxed and glances towards the head table and back. "Luis, what exactly did you tell her?"

"I wetted its thirst somewhat, is difficult to quench entirely, my lady," Thomas replies, fighting to keep his expression serious...though it proves impossible to avoid a bit of an eyebrow-waggle. "And thank the gods, Marquessa Quenia...perhaps next time, I shall simply amaze, rather than horribly offend." At the same time, a man in the livery of Hawkmour and boasting a sharp goatee eases through the crowd, looking about desperately -- and seeming quite surprised to spot his lord at the table of honor. He edges in, bowing apologetically to Quenia and Monique, and passes Thomas a message with a mutter into his ear. Thomas scans it, scowls, and sighs. "I am recalled to the villa, alas...Lady Monique, I owe you a dance."

Quenia has rolled 1 2210-sided dice: 148

Quenia has rolled 1 2210-sided dice: 957

There are three items left, and so Quenia decide to simply just draw them. The first number is another duplicate and she passes it by. "Number 424. Why, isn't that you Anisha? You win a bag of cookie goodies." A pause. "148! That is Princess Berenice. She wins a case of Igniseri wine, which I shall send to her as she is not here this evening." And the final number is drawn. "And finally, Lady Monique!" She grins over at Monique. "Has won a pouch of cookie goodies! And thus, that concludes the raffle this evening. Please do stay, drink, dance and enjoy!" And she can get back to that herself now!

Hamish pushes away from the table and starts toward the exit, pausing to offer Quenia a nod in passing.

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Thomas has left the Table of honor.

Anisha lets out a cheer, and gives Strozza a peck on the forehead, dragging the lord along to come collect her prize, still keeping a measure of the dancing rhytm as she goes. "Thank you very much!"

"I told her what you asked me to tell her... I think? Maybe it was the opposite of what you asked me to tell her, I am not sure what I was supposed to tell her anymore," Luis remarks to Juliana with a shrug of a shoulder and a winning smile, "You just tell me again what I was supposed to tell her, and I'll say that's what I told her and then we are all good, right?" Luis responds to Juliana and grins. "Right, other things to practice... that indeed..." Luis coughs and clears his throat, "A marvelous evening, dear cousin, well done with the raffle and the locale... a pleasure and a treat, as always, and we must go!" he exclaims, moving quickly towards the door, but only for a few steps, as though it were some theatrical performance.

2 House Mazetti Aspirants, Aurelio, a handsome, fresh-faced manservant arrive, following Dianna.

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After, having made some new acquaintances, Kaia decides she has had enough socializing and mingling for the night and sways through the crowd towards the door.

Quenia gets Lycene Night Sky Chained Bookcase.

Monique laughs helplessly at her winnings. "Rather less shiny than I prefer but they will make an excellent gift for the Archlector who sponsored the bulk of my tickets, no?" Her smile broadens. "Will you favor me with a dance, Marquessa? Such radiance must be displayed!"

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Juliana stares at her husband for a loooong moment as if unsure whether to believe him. And thenn just looks at Quenia. "QUENIA.. We are having another baby. I don't know what Luis told you but that is what he as suppose to tell you. And yes, lovily eveing, now excuse us.. your cousin seems to think he needs practice in love making." at which time she turns and starts dragging Luis towards the door.

Laughing as Anisha cheers and draws him with to get her prize, Strozza follows, an arm about her waist, he leans slightly to speak as they go, the arm not about the Whisper folded behind his back once more.

Happiness, a bluebird arrives, delivering a message to Strozza before departing.

Anisha laughs at Monique's comment, and at Juliana's comment. Giving a coy nod to Strozza, she leans against him as she checks her prize. "I think that might be a good one," She agrees. "And now I have a great many means to sate my sweeth-tooth!"

Work done, Quenia turns to face Juliana when addressed. She opens her mouth to say something, then stops and gives Luis a look. "That's totally NOT what you told me," she smirks at him in an accusing way. She looks over to Juliana. "He said something about Sebastian and Lucita working some things out, and if that meant anything to me." She gives Sebastian a curious look, now wondering what Luis /meant/ exactly by that.

Quenia adds to Juliana. "And, congratulations!"

Luis looks up towards Quenia when Juliana shouts to his cousin, "Right, we're having another baby. I thought you already knew..." Luis remarks, chuckling and then shaking his head, "I thought she already knew that?" he tells Juliana to the side, "Apparently you're going to have to go and talk to her about the other stuff though, because I'm not sure that I got all that right either..." he admits with a laugh.

Happiness, a bluebird arrives, delivering a message to Strozza before departing.

Juliana shakes her head not pausing in walking towards the door. "I told Luci and Bas... everyone else is up to you. I only told Luci because last time, Tia would have been walking by the time you got around to it."

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Quenia shakes her head after Luis and Juliana. She'll catch up with them later. She then turns to Monique and grins. "I'd be glad to do so, seeming as Lord Thomas was pulled away. Quite charming, that one," she remarks idly.

Sebastian hears his name, but not the context of the exchanges, flicking a look over from the dance floor. At some point, he's out there, and then at some point... he's not, slipping off into the crowd.

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Anisha lets out a happy sigh, and sketches a curtsey to Quenia, and the other lords and ladies. "Marquessa. Thank you for a very enchanting evening." She looks to Strozza, taking him on her arm and guiding him out.

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"He is," Monique agrees with Quenia easily, hooking out a hand to the Marquessa. "I met him only recently when I offered to help him with the murder of his brother. He's very bound to family and honor, from what I can tell. Now I'll endeavor to lead us but I am none so dashing as the Lord Hawkmour."

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