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The Most Magnificent Beards & Spectacular Brews

It has been a year since the last Beards and Brews in the Spirits. Now it has come around again and Lord Arik Halfshav is funding the legendary affair with his protege Baroness Acantha Clearlake. All beards be they manly or feminine, real or fake may enter. The best three beards receive impressive rewards and significant silver. The Nightingale Gianna Whisper shall even perform a song on the theme of beards, what could she sing, you will need to come and see. It promises to be as painfully northern a celebration can be.


Oct. 10, 2019, 8:15 p.m.

Hosted By

Arik Acantha


Rysen Gianna Mabelle Morrighan Mirk Rosalind Violet Carita Hadrian Aslaug Reese Braith Cambria Behtuk Baelos Brianna



Arx - Ward of House Redrain - The Spirits - Main Bar

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Comments and Log

1 Crimson Blades Sergeant, Rurik, a prodigal assistant, Aegis, a large red Oakhaven bloodhound arrive, following Mirk.

Even if beards were not a draw the free brews and food that appear almost unending and are being handed out freely to commoners and nobility alike have certainly garnered a crowd. The Spirits is crowded this autumn afternoon with the sun shining brightly outside, nary a cloud in the sky and despite the cooling breeze not to chilly an air. Lord Arik Halfshav stands at an ostentatious (silly) table carved with all sorts of faces with beards. "Welcome to the last Beards and Brews of 1011 AR. It's not common for me to spend such amounts of coin on celebration but in honor of my protege Baroness Acantha Clearlake and her tireless upkeep of this festive tradition even without my attendence I thought it best to end the year on a significant note and give back to the regulars of the Spirits for all their jeering and boo'ing at my singing! Luckily for them I have procured the Nightingale herself for the evening and they will have naught but cheers for her." the Halfshav Lord seems to have some odd hair going on his lengthy coppery lockes all in braids and the right side of his head near the ear and temple are shorn short to a low cut line of stubble.

"We're going to give the participants some time to get through the crowds with their beards. Remember real or fake, manly or feminine your beards are welcome tonight and will be judged alongside one another. Don't be shy. Have a drink while we give it a moment." Arik calls out to the crowd over the din of the room before easing back down into his chair and pulling out a flask to drink, his face scrunching up as if whatever it is isn't a delictable brew at all!

Rysen drifts into the The Spirits with Lygeia and Deor in time to hear Arik's speech. He has grown out a rather sparse and unimpressive beard for the occasion, and wastes no time in approaching the bar. "Whiskey, please!" he calls to the bartender. "Greetings, Lord Arik - but the looks of things, you've gone all out, and we who love drinking and song," he says, as a glass of whiskey is passed into his hands, "are in your debt." Rysen raises his glass in toast and takes a long drink.

Gianna is, of course, circulating. And making sure to show off her Clearlake marmot fur cloak. She's dressed in less finery than usual, though everything is still, of course, well-made. It's just a little more Northern than one might expect from the Lycene bard.

Mabelle steps into the Spirits covered with the latest trends from head to toe. Even if it is not cold yet, the Clearlake furs adorn her clothes, for beauty if not for warmth. She scans the crowd with a smile, recognizing half and curious at the other half. The table also brings amusement. She steps toward Arik and greets him, "Lord Halfshav", in a curtsy as her fingers caress over her BLUE seatouched wool beard. She plucks a feather out of it and sighs, "I told it not to nest there. This must stop", her expression is full of theatrics before she wanders to the bar to order a drink.

4 Redoubt Buccaneers, Bengalo, the sneaky black cat, Midna, the twighlight Darkwater Assistant, Luca II, the laziest of the feline lot, Iarnod, the cruel inky blackest of feline arrive, following Carita.

Have a drink, he said. Morrighan certainly doesn't mind if she does - and has - by looks. There, at that gloriously bearded table, the Sword of Farhaven sits, as one of the judges of the evening, no less, comfortably slouched with a tankard of ale in hand. She certainly appears comfortable, one elbow propped up on the arm of her chair, the side of her face resting upon a closed fist, and occasionally takes a quaff of her ale. Her eyes scan the crowd in a languid fashion, dancing from face to face, beard to beard before shifting her attention aside to those at her table, and leans aside to mumble something to them quietly.

Arik dips his head to Rysen while considering his sparse beard without comment and then offers a fleeting grin to Mabelle. "Lord Crovane, Lady Laurent. I see you both intend to impress this evening." then there's a look towards Gianna as the crowded space seems taken with her fashion sense with a stir. "She really is worth every silver the Nightingale." he remarks in a low rumble of a voice before spying Mirk as well with a wave to his cousin.

Mirk arrives, exactly on time, dressed in his traveling leathers and wasting no time at all in helping himself to a glass of whiskey. "Arik. I see you...chose interesting decor for the occasion." He squints at the table. "Without being stabbed by any of your co-hosts, as well." There's a few nods of his head to the familiar faces in the Beards and Brews, as he finds himself a seat at the bar and waits for the contest to get underway.

Gianna inclines her head to Arik, reaching up to flick her hair over her shoulder. A nod for Mirk, too, before she makes her way toward Rysen to speak quietly to him.

Mabelle has joined the Bar.

Rosalind excitedly moseys her way into the bar. No leathers but her bow still slung around her back. Is she in a dress? She smiles as she makes her way to the bar,"Whiskey please!"the redhead asks, turning to watch

Violet is here and dressed for the occassion? Wearing a dress that falls to the knee she is full of warmth and smiles. Sitting at the bar with a mug in her hand she sips slowly, watching the crowd and occasionally snatching herself something to nibble.

"Cousin," Arik intentionally strokes at his formidable coppery beard as he remarks, "I see you've some charms for your beard. You know I'm not competing you didn't need the help of decoration to have a chance." he flashes a toothy grin to the older halfshav man before motioning to the bar. "I have a dram of the bloodrage behind the bard, just for you. I siphoned it off from my own bottle."

Violet has joined the an ostentatious table with elaborate carvings of bearded faces for the discerning Beard Judge.

Acantha is at the judges table with the other judges and Benny is of course always with her. He was just like that. The woman is not wearing any furs, but she's better dressed than she usually is, wearing a deep crimson brocade gown that is accented with glass beads and intricate embroidery at the cuffs and neckline. Her long brown hair is worn down and atop it there is a coronet. She usually didn't wear one. The Baroness gives a smile and a bit of a soft clap once Arik has made his announcements. She seems to be waiting for Arik and a few others.

Carita's flowing coppery beard gives her a start as she enters as the wind kicks up the long hairs that have been used to make that fabulous creation on her face, lift and she nearly loses it. "Oh!" is accompanied by rich feminine laughter as she smooths it back in to place, her eyes sparkling as she pauses to scan the room and make her way to the judge's table. "Lord Arik, or should I say, inferior bearded companion?"

Eadwacer, the one-eared rat arrives, following Aslaug.

Food? No, thank you. Booze? I'm good. Entertainment? Of course the former Duke of Southport is going to come for the spectacle and chuckles. He weaves his way through the gathering of patrons until he arrives at the appointed place of gathering for the Beards and Brews festivities. The beard which he wears for the occasion is fake, to have no doubts. Though the hair itself is real and, judging by the sheared blonde hair sprouting out from the lip of one of his guard's helmet? He may have only recently acquired it. He smells strongly of maple syrup, which judging by the glistening smear along his jawline where the blonde beard is has been effectively glued to his skin. The blonde hair hangs from his jaw by a couple of inches, all while also contrasting quite noticeably with the much more natural deep black hair raked back, atop his head. Altogether his beard, while a bit peculiar, isn't anything truly special. Yet Hadrian wears it with his chin raised, chest out, and obvious pride in the work of himself - and his guard - and Luigi.

Mabelle sits at the bar, one hand's fingers surround a cup while her other keeps pulling feathers and bones from her blue beard, looking dramatically annoyed.

Violet moves from the bar, where she had been socializing, back over to the judges table. Shooting the occupants that warm smile and wiggling her fingers. "I'm going to get fat from all the tidbits served tonight. They're all my favorites," And she shoots Arik a look that indicates it's his fault. Of course she could use a few more pounds on her bones. "Anyone smell syrup?" She asks suddenly as she sniffs and looks around.

Rysen bows his head to Arik. "I could not agree more. The Nightingale's voice is absolutely enchanting." When Gianna says something to Rysen, he smiles at her and nods. He raises his glass in greeting to Mirk, and grins broadly when he notices Mabelle's beard. He runs his hand over his own sparse beard and sighs. Glancing at Mirk, says, "My father always blamed the Telmar blood."

"Countess Darkwater, I see you have taken to the ocassion. Know that just because you are my companion for the event I shant give you favor in the judging." Arik muses in a rumbly voice while rising up at the approach of the bearded woman (the spicy beard) and dips his head to her before motioning to a chair beside himself. "Please as my guest for the evening you're invited to listen to the judges banter." At the same time Violet is joining the judges table and Arik clears his throat to address the room.

Exiting from the Carl Hall, the noise no doubt attracting attention, Aslaug is still assaulted by the goings on! The Spirits is packed tonight! She looks a bit wide-eyed, glancing around at the crowd a bit like it might be too much. Too much noise. Too many people. Just... Too much. She hovers at the entrance to the main bar near that hall as she takes in the crowd.

"Even if you were competing I'd stand a chance," Mirk informs Arik in a deadpan tone. "You're too young to compete with a proper beard, still." He strokes his own beard, fingers disturbing the charms and setting them to swaying gently. "You're a young man yet, Lord Rysen. Perhaps you only need a few years for your beard to really come into its glory."

1 Grayson House Guards, Rosalie, a lady in waiting, Peaches, a lovely white war filly with a peach saddle, Deliverance, an albino falcon, Stormy, a silvery gray hunting hound, Rascal, a hyper terrier arrive, following Reese.

Mabelle notices Rysen's gaze upon her and she turns her blue eyes to him, oddly matching her beard. A little in character she explains about her treasure hunting into her beard, "You sleep in a barn one night", she obviously jokes. Then smiles to him "I do not believe we have officially met Lord Crovane, Lady Mabelle Laurent".

Reese arrives at the gathering while adorned in her rosy pink tunic and sleek ivory leggings. She has pink ribbons tangled up in her golden locks. The princess looks over the bar, trying to get the lay of the room. She smiles warmly to Mabelle and then starts toward the bar.

Reese has joined the Bar.

"I forgot you even had a beard," Morrighan confesses to Mirk, giving the other Halfshav a bit of side-eye, as though dubious to the authenticity of his facial hair. She gives a brief once over, then continues her perusal of other bearded folk, near choking on her ale with an amused snort upon catching sight of Hadrian. Now THAT'S a beard.

Rosalind snorts at some of the conversations then points to Rysen,"You owe me a drinking contest!" Her eyes then go to the southern man(Hadrian)with that--what is that on his face? Rosalind looks around her, all energy abound, barely sitting still.

Someone wearing spicy northern beard has joined the A central table with benches.

Arik standing now adjusts the lay of his Halfshav emblazoned coat on his shoulders and waits for Violet and Carita to claim a seat at the judges table before addressing the room. "Before we begin the night thank you for coming and take all the food and drink you can before you go... I paid for it, I can't enjoy it all myself!" there's a call to the back of the room with that one and then he claps his hands together. "I would first like to introduce my proteges and judges... Baroness Acantha Clearlake the hostess for the competition... You won't have to put up with me very long, I promise.... Baroness Violet Farwatch, don't be fooled she was born northern no matter what House gets to claim her now... and my newest protege Dame Morrighan the Sword of Farhaven a long time friend of mine." there is a pause as he motions to each of the women in turn. "They are your judges for the evening but for now... May I introduce the beautiful and legendary Nightingale Gianna Whisper who will be our entertainment for the evening... As you all know, beards are far to serious to be entertaining."

Aslaug heads over the bar after her initial shock has worn off. She slides up onto a stool, glancing to the judges as they're introduced and then to the Whisper. She glances about the room a bit, perhaps debating the wisdom of lingering. Still. Beards. Brew. Free drink? Yes, please.

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Rysen laughs warmly. "It's good to meet you, My Lady," says Rysen, bowing to Mabelle. He grins at Mirk, and says. "I truly hope so, My Lord. Gilroy Greyhope used to give me no end of grief for being a Northlander and not growing a decent beard." Rysen grins at Roslaind. "I'm already getting started to make sure you actually have a chance at victory, My Lady." The Crovane lord takes another long drink of whiskey before coming to stand beside Gianna. He nods to Lygeia who hands him a blackwood lyre, and he closes his eyes, breathing deeply. Slowly, Rysen's fingers being to move across the strings of the lyre, producing a beautiful, enchanting melody. Opening his eyes, Rysen, turns to Gianna, as the music of his lyre fills The Spirits.

Rysen checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 30 higher.

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Violet bows her head as Carita joins them. Then Arik is speaking again. When her name is mentioned, and his caveat, she smirks and snorts. "If anything it makes me appreciate a good beard more," She quips before taking a gulp from her mug, eyes twinkling.

Gianna strides to the center of the room and tilts her chin up, regarding those present with something of a haughty air before she extends her arms at her sides and begins to croon:

'Never yet fear that the winter is here
For you who are blessed with a beard
And what lover wants not
To run fingers along
A jaw with the face hair unsheared!'

This is not a song to sing standing still. Gianna steps about, walking through the crowd, reaching out to touch and stroke various chins, bearded and not. And she takes a care to find suitable people for each line:

'O be they in braids,
Or just whisping away,
Or be they full short, wide and thick,

Our beards are a glory,
And each tells a story
Made better with brews and good food...'

The strutting ends, and Gianna proudly sings out,

'But hear me, I pray
Lord Jayus to say
In Arvum our beards are the best!'
O in Arvum our beards are the best!

Gianna ends the song with a fist over her heart, the very image of a steadfast lover of beards. That done, she waits for the applause to die down (because surely there is applause) before flinging her arm up and declaring, "May the best beard win!"

Gianna checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 44 higher.

Reese listens to Arik's words, having a dimpled smile. She then looks over to Aslaug. "Mistress Aslaug, great to see you. I got and idea for your bread." She says and then lowers her voice so she is hard to hear beyond the bar. Reese looks to Rysen, seemingly enchanted by his music. Her expression softens for a moment as she looks between him and Gianna.

Mabelle reaches her hand aside, quietly as Gianna sings, squeezing Reese's hand in a greeting and murmuring to her, "Where is your beard?", with an impish smile. She bows her head to Rysen but silences herself when he begins to play. When the song is complete she applauds both Gianna and Rysen with enthusiastic clapping.

Violet is overheard praising Gianna.

Reese gets Pink Shag Rug from a willow woven basket lined with petal pink wool.

Mabelle is overheard praising Gianna.

Mabelle is overheard praising Rysen.

Reese hmms softly as she listens to Mabelle's words, the princess seemingly thoughtful. "I know.." She says, dragging out small a pink shag rug. "I got this from Magpie's shop along time ago. I think it can be a beard."

"Gods and spirits," mutters Rysen under his breath as Gianna's song comes to end. "They'll likely call her the Seraph of Song in generations to come." His fingers continue to move gracefully over the strings of his lyre, as he allows his melody to slow and fade.

Rysen is overheard praising Gianna.

Mirk is overheard praising Gianna.

Aslaug blinks a bit at Reese, eyes wide. "For my beard?" What? Aslaug looks somewhat horrified, really. She puts a hand to her the space above her lip. She squints a bit at Reese. She ohs and removes a rat from under her hair at her shoulder, then lifts him to her upper lip.

Someone wearing spicy northern beard is overheard praising Gianna: Always my favorite Nightingale.

Rosalind cheers Rysen with her own glass, a grin on her lips. Spying Alslaug, she waves,"Quiet woman from upstairs!" Rosalind pauses and applauds Gianna, her eyes bright. Amazing! Then she notices Reese and Mabelle,"Hello again!"

In effect, the rat's nose twitches on one side of Aslaugh's face and the tail flickers about on the other.

"Mmm, yes," Hadrian can be heard grunting in agreement with Lord Arik Halfshav's reminder that bears are far too serious a thing to be entertaining. That same thoughtful grunt is accompanied by Hadrian's hand rising up, at which point long and spindly fingers casually curl around a section of the beard and his fingers lightly stroke it, thoughtfully. That is of course until a small chunk of the blonde hair breaks free of the majority. Harlequin eyes promptly dart left and right. He takes note of Morrighan's watchful eye and fixes her with a look back, a warm smile whitened by charcoal, and a slight bounce of his dark eyebrows higher atop his forehead. Hadrian's hand slips back and aside as he begins to shake his wrist. A few strands of hair break free, but ultimately the sticky presence of the maple syrup dried on his fingers causes a few strands of the blonde hair to remain. He shakes his hand and wrist out with greater effort, all in the interest of freeing the last of the strands. Though as Gianna begins to sing, Hadrian largely goes still. He continues to shake out his hand with even more attention turned toward the Nightingale, though he at least moves his hand around to rest at his back. As the song draws to a close, Hadrian mutters quietly. At which point Luigi, the stocky bald man who is ever in the Mazetti marquis' company, begins to clap enthusiastically for Gianna.

Acantha is overheard praising Gianna.

Aslaug glances to Rosalind who is screaming her way! Aslaug lifts a hand, because the other is holding her rat to her upper lip. A sort of wave to the Ravenseye lady.

Gianna smiles, taking in the praise and applause. It's a rare, true smile from the Nightingale of the Bard's College - performing brings that out in her, after all. She takes a bow, with a flourish, and steps away to find herself something to drink and join the other judges.

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Reese waves happily to Rosalind. "Good to see you again, Lady Garnet." She says before looking to Hadrian and his beard. She seems impressed.

Mirk applauds Gianna, once she's finished. "A splendid performance," he says with a dip of his head to Gianna. "Though, you know, I think that's the first time I've heard an official performance of yours."

Rysen smiles to catch the rare one on the face of Gianna, and he nods in agreement with Mirk. He hands his lyre back to Lygeia, and takes up his drink again. "Barkeep - Whiskey for Lady Rosalind, please!" he calls.

As Gianna and Rysen conclude their performance, Mabelle offers them a standing ovation. She then wiggles her fingers to Rosalind as she greets her, "Hello Lady Rosalind, pleasure to see you again this week". She lands her gaze however on Acantha and smiles to her, "Baroness, it is good to finally meet you"

Aslaug sticks her rat back on her shoulder, under her hair, then picks up a lock of her hair, eyeing it. She pulls it across her face, over her upper lip, to hook into the opposite ear. Look! A beard... No, wait, this is a mustache. A moment later, she tucks the hair UNDER her chin. There. And hooked over her ear again. Ahem. It's a fuzzy, lousy ugly beard.

A gaunt young man with oily black hair and ice blue eyes arrives, following Braith.

Acantha applauds for the performance and stands, "Lovely performance, Gianna and Lord Rysen." the brunette states. Then she gives a look around the room, "Alright, we're going to get the beard showing off out of the way. If you've not attended a Beards and Brews before, it's quite simple, you'll get to show off your beard to the crowd and the judges, then we'll do our judging once everyone has gotten their turn to strut their beards." she smiles. Then she gives a dip of her head to Mabella, "It's nice to meet you, Lady Laurent." she tells the woman that's addressing her.

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Gianna's brows arch slightly at Mirk. "Really? We'll have to make sure that's the first of many, then." Smiles for others who applauded or commented.

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Rosalind gasps at Rysen as there is more whiskey in her face. She hushedly tells the barkeep,"More for him too. Keep them going!"

Rysen grins at Rosalind and set his glass on the counter as the bartender pours more of good whiskey Arik has on tap for the contest. He beams at Acantha when she speaks of his performance with Gianna, and he gives a rather solemn nod to the Nightingale of the Bard's College. "Truly an honor to play for you, Gianna." He takes a long drink of his whiskey as the beard contest seems to beginning in earnest.

Turn in line: Aslaug

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Acantha gives a smile as contestants start lining up, "Alright, first contestant is up. Give it your best!" the Baroness tells her with a cheery smile.

Aslaug checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 41 higher.

Arik leans forward at the table as Aslaug is brought to the fore, his elbows right on the tabletop like some kind of heathen. One hand just strokes his formidable coppery beard as if trying to intimidate the contestants!

Arik checked charm + intimidation at difficulty 15, rolling 46 higher.

Up first, Aslaug slides off the stool and approaches the judging table. She's got a selection of her auburn hair that she takes one last moment to adjust, settling it in under her chin and up to hook over an ear! She walks through the bar, gesturing and motioning to her beard. She dances her way over, hands gliding so that they are always pointing at her beard and how it goes under her chin and such. She smiles at the judges, "It's not JUST a beard, but a very delightful facial accessory!" She smirks, "Even catches the crumbs of my dinner for later when I get the munchies!" Then she dances her way back to the bar to slide onto her stool, with a flourish... did she look intimidated by Arik?? Maybe a little. Ahem..

Violet leans forward, arms on the table before her, and her attention moves to the contestants. When it becomes Aslaugh's turn her easy smile hasn't faded, but there is a discerning look in her eye. Aslaug's presentation has her smile becoming more smirk as she turns to glance at Arik. "Put your scary face away," She tells him lightly, a chuckle hidden in her words.

Turn in line: Mirk

"I have to put my cousin off his stride." Arik says none to quietly as Aslaug returns to the bar and Violet calls attention to his attempts at influencing the contest.

Acantha grins as she watches Aslaug showing off the beard, "Delightful facial accessory. Someone write that down." she tells the judges with a look to them. "Thank you, Aslaug!" she claps for the woman. Then she looks at the next in line and Benny stands up to clap his paws together, "Lord Mirk, it's your turn." she nods to him.

Mirk is more than ready, when his name is called, and he steps forwards, running one gloved hand over his beard. His fingers tap against the charms tied into his beard, setting them all to swaying and clattering against one another with soft metallic sounds. He turns slowly, so the crowd can see it, and says, "Best decorated and best beard. It's not only stylish, but meaningful. Each one represents a place I've been, a spirit I've communed with there. What could possibly be more Northern?" His turn ends with him staring down Arik, as if challenging the man, before at last he reclaims his seat.

Mirk checked charm + propaganda at difficulty 15, rolling 55 higher.

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Arik checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 7 lower.

Arik cannot help it in the face of metallic clinking beard adornments, he looks impressed and then furrows his brow at the Halfshav Shaman as he speaks. "Cousin you're clearly in some good light or have asked a spirit to give you some shine... Impressive, today at least."

Turn in line: Mabelle

Mabelle checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 46 higher.

Reese is still perched at the bar, watching the contest. She cheers for both Mirk and Aslaug.

Rysen chuckles as Aslaug returns to the bar. "Well done," he says raising his whiskey in toast. He turns then and listens to Mirk as he speaks of the charms in his beard. Rysen begins to thumb his fist rhythmically on the bar in support of the shaman. "Nothing's more Northern, My Lord!" he calls loudly to Mirk.

103"Mirk likes to leave a little mystery for the ladies." Acantha smirks at her friend. Then she's applauding him, "Good show, Lord Mirk!" she cheers for him. Then there's a look to the next person and there's a smile, "Lady Laurent! Your turn." she waves to the makeshift catwalk in front of the judges and others.

Rysen is overheard praising Mirk.

"Mirk likes to leave a little mystery for the ladies." Acantha smirks at her friend. Then she's applauding him, "Good show, Lord Mirk!" she cheers for him. Then there's a look to the next person and there's a smile, "Lady Laurent! Your turn." she waves to the makeshift catwalk in front of the judges and others.

Violet crooks a finger at Mirk just as he is sitting. "Part of the beard is the feel and care put into it. And I'd like a closer look at those dangles," She says to the Halfshav lord with a mischevious smile. "If I may?"

Braith! She's been here somewhere! There she is! Off to the side with her fourth glass of whiskey as she watches everyone perform. The newest Mazetti smiles a bit and pauses as she side eyes Hadrian and his..beard? Is that a beard? Hard to tell but then others are getting up to show off their facial hair and she downs more of the whiskey. There are cheers for all to go around as she lifts her drink and holds up the wall on her end. She pushes off quickly to rise up and stride over towards the Marquis-Consort, clearing her throat as she gets near. "So you really came dressed for the evening," she says, giving a squinted look at his face.

Mabelle continues her act of pertrubed man. She walks toward the judges table with her eyes crossed she eyes her seatouched wool beard the color of the ocean, it almost looks like waves. She keeps pulling feathers and pieces of glass from her beard, bones and rocks, murmuring to herself, "How much more is in there?" as she zigzags back toward the bar.

5 House Mazetti Guardians, Possum arrive, following Cambria.

Arik checked composure at difficulty 20, rolling 7 lower.

Someone wearing spicy northern beard checked charm + intimidation at difficulty 15, rolling 28 higher.

Gianna offers a nod Braith's way when the bard enters; otherwise, she's sipping her whiskey and eyeing the contestants with a calculating air. Gianna leans back in her seat with the faint rustle of leather and crosses one leg over the other, watching.

A bow to Acantha as Aslaug is thanked for her effort. A nod to Rysen as well. She settles to watch the goings on! She keeps her hair attached for the moment. It wouldn't do for her beard to be temporary.

Mirk raises an eyebrow at Violet and suggests, "Your phrasing leaves a little to be desired, but by all means." He dutifully heads over to the judge's table, leaning over it to allow the judges a better view of the charms dangling from his beard. "Maybe I just asked the spirits for assistance in showing you up, in particular," he suggests to Arik.

Arik lets out a throaty chuckle as things start coming out of the beard and leans back from his position over the table to lounging in a chair at the judges table. "This is a common problem, Lady Laurent. A truly impressive beard tends to accumulate debris." while Mirk gives a squinty sidelong look.

Turn in line: Someone wearing spicy northern beard

Acantha gives a round of applause for Mabelle, "Good show, Lady Laurent!" the woman states. Then she's looking to the line again, "Alright spicy beard, your turn to go down the walk!" she grins.

Rysen laughs merrily at Mabelle's performance. "Gods and spirits - reminds me of old Haglek in Stormwall, save that her blue beard is a bit too clean." He takes a sip of whiskey and glances at Rosalind. "Don't fall behind," he says with a grin.

Mabelle beams that her performance was well received as she winks to Arik, "Debris, hmm?", before settling on the bar anew to watch the next contestant.

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Violet gives the blue bear and bumbling Mabelle an appropriate looking over. Even as she peers more closely at Mirk's beard. Smiling a bit she says, "Words never were my speciality." And she reaches out to give his beard a judging kind of stroke. Nothing out of the ordinary here. "Hmmm...not too hard to give a girl face rash. Always good," And she winks at Mirk and then gives a small laugh.

The approach of Braith earns a warm smile from Hadrian as her approach prompts a friendly nod from Hadrian, to her. There he awaits in line for his opportunity to show off his beard, taking great care as he casually strokes the blonde beard - courtesy of one of his Guardian's recent haircut - while he offers a softly spoken response to Braith, "That I did. When in...", Hadrian's eyes flick upward for a moment before dropping again, "...Farhaven, do as the Redrain do. Which is to say that after this, I'll be going to down a bunch of potent alcohol and eat something that's still a bit bloody."

Someone wearing spicy northern beard checked charm + manipulation at difficulty 15, rolling 64 higher.

Carita leans as Arik once did, seemingly trying to intimidate Mirk, but when it comes to be her turn she rises and smooths her hands over her gown. Her lashes flutter as she shows off the smooth -- debris free -- beard that she's wearing. There are beard rings that have been placed in it sporatically, glittering as the light hits them.

Rosalind busy has Rosalind been staring at what has been coming from that Lady's beard, she hears Rysen. "Oh! what?! No!" and quickly swings back her drink and places it in the bar,"I'd never!"

Violet turns her attention from teasing Mirk to looking Carita's own crumb-free beard over. "Now that is quite the nice beard. Who did you convince to shave for you?" She asks, not holding back her grin, tone light and teasing.

Arik eyes the spicy bearded Countess of Darkwater for a long moment before clapping his hands together, "A well groomed beard can be free of debris and dazzle with its own hidden treasures. I applaud you for further trying to intimidate the competition as any true beard owner would attempt." he chuckles a bit at the end.

Mirk remains still, allowing Violet to stroke the beard, seeming to take it as his due. "You sound like an expert," he says to Violet in a deadpan tone, raising an eyebrow at her. "But perhaps that's a story for another time." He squints at Carita, and then makes a show of being unimpressed as he heads back at the bar, though onlookers can probably tell he's at least a little impressed.

Mirk has left the an ostentatious table with elaborate carvings of bearded faces for the discerning Beard Judge.

Mirk has joined the Bar.

Turn in line: Hadrian

Hadrian checked charm + diplomacy at difficulty 15, rolling 52 higher.

When his own turn arrives, Hadrian offers an apologetic nod toward Braith before he begins to wander forward from among the crowds. Following Aslaug's approach, Hadrian steps forward to be judged. Though he does look after Aslaug and he begins to laugh, which results in the clump of blonde hair syruped to his jaw wiggling and waving with the laughter. The sound is quickly stifled and Hadrian turns his attention fully back around to regard the table of judges. Hadrian takes in a long breath, his chest puffing out and his shoulders becoming a little broader with the deep inhale. When he releases it again his harlequin eyes proceed to bounce from one judge to the other, all the while his jaw flapping results in quivering of the blonde hair that contrasts so starkly with his own natural cold black hair, "Hi, I'm Beardrian. See, it includes both Beard and Bear. So it's super Redrain. This," Hadrian remarks with another careful stroke of his blonde beard, "is the best-ish beard. The best beard is in my pants, though... okay, not really, that's just a joke. Luigi shaves me every other morning," Hadrian explains with a solemn nod of his head. "Long have conversations been held about the differences between the North and South of Arvum. It's too cold! It's too hot! they cry. Whiskey! No, wine! they shout. So on and so forth. There is one thing that we can all agree on, in any direction found on the map... beards are pretty great."

Acantha gives a laugh and a round of applause when she realizes it's Carita in the beard, "Very clever, Countess." she tells her with a dip of her head. Then she's looking to the next in line, "Marquis Hadrian, if you would like to show off your beard for us." she grins to that.

Arik opens his mouth... closes it... the man is speachless with an eloquent *ah... kay*

Carita continues to preen, her smile lifting for Violet, "Why, Lord Arik, can't you tell he's missing some of his hair?" She points to the side of Arik's head, clearly shaved, and then leans to compare the color of her heard to his head.

Aslaug gapes at the notion of Hadrian being shaved, in his pants, by his servant. The poor guy! How horrible! She puts a hand to her mouth, then motions for a whiskey and laughs to herself. Nobles.

Arik does appear to be suspiciously close to Carita's face rug in hue and he is missing a fourth of his hair on the right side!

Mabelle observes Hadrian's performance and chuckles at the bear comment. And then she halts. Stares, gives a polite smile as she quickly drinks her rum.

Cambria arrives late to the party, but appears somewhat relieved to have at least made it. However, she is not so late to have missed her Voice present his beard. His beard? She calls out, "Luigi's a fine hand with a razor. I can attest to this fact." Perhaps she only wished to be helpful.

Violet turns to eye Arik thoughtfully, reaching out to try and tug at the red fur flowing fully from his chin. "How ever did you manage?" She asks with a chuckle that goes quiet as she stares at Hadrian...Beardrian. "So -that- is why I smelled syrup!" She proclaims before she blinks at the second beard comment. One brow raises high above the other. "Well..." And she takes a gulp of her drink.

Rysen chuckles to hear Hadrian's remarks, clearly amused. "Gods and spirits," he says under his breath, drinking whiskey and looking for something bloody to eat in typical Northlands style.

Arik fends Violet's grabby hands off despite Hadrian costing him his words, he has not gone witless yet!

Reese is overheard praising Aslaug: A very squeaky beard!

Reese is overheard praising Hadrian: Duke Beardrian - who drinks wine and whiskey and is North and South!

Rosalind blinks at Hadrian. Just blinks. Then then there is some woman that--who is Luigi? Rosalind returns to her whiskey. Beards and--what the gods just happened.

Reese is overheard praising Mirk: A wonderful Beard!

Acantha tries to keep a straight face, but there's a quirk of her lips into a smile, "Thank you, Marquis Hadrian for that stunning performance." she grins to him. Then...there is NO MORE PEOPLE. Huh. "Are there any more beards to be..." she trails off. Just as she starts to speak, Benny hops down from his chair. He then goes to waddle his way up and down the crowd. Tail thumping as he does.

Reese is overheard praising Mabelle: Ocean beard!

Reese is overheard praising Rysen: Amazing music!

"Is that beaver modeling?" Someone asks.

Gianna gets a wink and smile from Braith before a deep inclination of of her head. settling in where Hadrian just vacated from, the bard sips at her whiskey and goes still. There is a cough and she can not help the sound that comes from her when she near chokes on her next swallow of whiskey. "Where is Theron," she murmurs and then glances up at Cambria when she chimes in. "Marquessa, so glad you could make it for your husband's debut performance on the beard stage," she says and grins, giving a high pitched whistle for him. "Theron needed to be here for this, things that one will never unhear," she pauses, "or unsee..." she chuckles behind her glass and glances up to see Arik and lifts her hand to give a wave.

Mabelle eyes the little beaver and you might be able to hear her squeak, "OMGSOCUTE"

Rosalind grins at the beaver,"He should! Look at him!"

Hadrian sweeps forward with a deep bow before Acantha, and the other judges, "And thank you for having me". His posture rights itself and he begins to take long-legged strikes back to both Braith and the new voice that speaks up in support of Luigi's stable hand, "Aha, there you are, Cambria. Tonight? We're going to do some things. While I wear this beard," he says with a meaningful nod toward Cambria. Damned Lycene. Then Hadrian shifts about to consider Braith anew as he casually slips around to stand in a triangle formed by Braith, Cambria, and himself, "I wish Theron had been able to attend. Next time I'll write him a sternly worded letter. That letter will probably include some sort of ultimatum. Beards and Brews or bath time with Hadrian". Only then does Hadrian's harlequin eyes lift up and take in the room, the people in it, and he remarks to no one in particular, "This has been fun, though. I think I will attend next time. The hosts have been great, the atmosphere has be lively. This is good."

Arik watches as Benny the beaver thumps around and declares, "Valiant effort but man and woman, real and fake I did not say a Beaver I'd take." there's a look around the room before he nods to Acantha to end the entries.

"Benny..." Acantha gives a bit of a laugh as she moves to walk behind the beaver, "He's harmless, really." she tells everyone. It would appear he is heading for the bar. And Mirk! "We're going to go ahead and go over the performances and the beards. So if everyone will give us just a few moments, we'll get to prizes shortly." she smiles as she spins a little to head back to the judges table, leaving Mirk to deal with Benny.

The line has been dismissed by Acantha.

Acantha is overheard praising Hadrian.

Mirk squints down at Benny for a minute, and he tells the beaver, "I know what you want, and sooner or later you'll catch me without anything set aside for offerings." Then he produces a twig, seemingly fresh and taken within the last few days, and holds it out to Benny. "Go. Cause Acantha trouble." At that suggestion, he refills his glass of whiskey and sips at his whiskey, watching the judges' table expectantly.

The debate at the judges table seems to start in earnest and Arik spares Hadrain Beardrain a glance as he speaks in hushed tones.

Cambria approaches Braith, saying, "I am sorry to say that I am not entirely sure where Theron is this evening." Her expression is somewhat apologetic, though it does not linger overlong. She appraises Hadrian and his beard for a moment, and then nods. "Only if I can get the reindeer head out of the Warren of the Weeper," she says with a wag of her finger. "I am glad to hear that things have been fun. I would have been here much earlier, but..." There is a shrug of her shoulders. Few would begrudge someone taking care of their responsibilities first.

A dry chuckle leaves Braith's mouth, "I know you are serious when you say 'baths with Hadrian' Oh how I know. You are good at picking the most uncomfortable times to approach him. I think he might actually show next time," the once Sanna speaks ofher husband. Eyes lift to look at Cambria, a quirked smile dimpling one dusky freckled cheek. "I would suggest that you have a towel on hand if you plan on doing anything. Its cold enough you /should/ be okay but there is no telling." Whiskey is drunk and she leans in to inspect the 'Beard' on Hadrian and stops short of touching it. "What /is/ it? I mean besides ..a sticky substance. "Theron has his own duties and business, next time perhaps."

Arik seems briefly physically pained as he continues to speak with the other judges and looks in Mirk's direction.

Benny offers a pat to Mirk's leg, but takes the twig and scurries his chubby self back over to Acantha. She gives a look to Mirk and there's a smile as she sees Benny heading back her way.

Aslaug strokes her 'beard' and gives Arik a good lookin' at.. just in case, because, well.. last minute judging might happen. Every stroke of her 'beard' should count!

Violet snorts in amusement as she drums her fingers. She glances at Hadrian and then Mirk as she talks.

Mabelle subtly scratches under her beard when she thinks no one is looking. How do men stand this?

Bob, the chartreuse parakeet arrives, following Baelos.

Free food in his favorite restaurant? Count Behtuk in. He comes in as a larger party goes out. A party of three, but still, generally he's displacing less than the population did previously. He is wearing unusual jewelry but seems to have forgotten it exists, focused as he is on the food instead. He licks his lips and approaches the table, wary for a rebuke.

Aslaug leans back against the bar, sipping her whiskey while making sure to give Arik the 'eye'. Her hair is tucked under her chin and hooked over an ear to create a very fuzzy-ugly beard!

Gianna shrugs a shoulder as she and the other judges deliberate. She does not seem very intent on the discussion. It's as though --- it's as though she might not CARE much about beards. Why is she even there.

"See? It continues to provide aid in assisting him with the management of his time," Hadrian offers back at Braith with a meaningful nod of his head. Though Cambria's talk of reindeer earns a glance and an equally appraising look back at the Marquessa, "Well... hrm... only if it can watch? Then you've a deal. Oh, and I don't mean like... watch from across the room. I mean, it's going to be nearby, staring you in the eyes". Hadrian then promptly turns his attention back around to Braith while the judges continue with their quiet discussion. He casually flaps a hand at her, liking to prevent her from touchy the totally manly beard, "It's a beard, obviously," he begins. Tonight it seems he's disinclined to hold up the joke for long, "Lancai," Hadrian gestures with a thumb toward one of his guards, with the blonde hair sheared off at the line of his helmet, "volunteered himself. Something, something, something, three thousand silver bonus, and promised one of his children a place as a protege in a few years, when they're old enough."

Acantha picks Benny up when he returns back to the table and there's a bit of a smile to one of the other judges, but she goes quiet after she's spoken.

Violet wrinkles her noe as she says something. Then she smiles and shrugs before taking a gulp from her drink.

Carita turns to sit with her chair back to the table, as if to give the judges their privacy, and in so doing she spies Behtuk's arrival. "My -goodness!-" She laughs softly. "It looks better on your head than I imagined."

Something seems decided at the table as Arik nods in Hadrain's direction and then points at Mirk before drawing the judges back into deliberation.

Rysen watches the judges with a keen interest. Noticing Braith, Rysen makes his way to her side and smiles. "Congratulations on your recent marriage, My Lady. It's been too long - since the days of the Black Axe Pub, I think, but I am very glad to see you again."

A distant hubbub. The whiff of freely sloshed ales and spirits. A clink or two of glasses and mugs. The echoes of laughter. All of these draw Baelos Redrain like a moth to a flame (as if he requires an excuse to visit the Spirits). By the time the tall Northern prince has made his way inside, he is at least a few mugs in, and his reddish beard has been braided and adorned with beads - no doubt the result of someone outside, anything for a flirt! He never fails to make an entrance and he thunders out a deep, "Whiskey!" As he winds his ways inside and toward the bar, beard rattling as he walks.

As she is warded off by Hadrian's flapping hand, Braith laughs and then her eyes dart to Lancai. "So when you say volunteered you mean properly compensated for his contribution to your mystique this evening. I must say facial hair suits you but maybe go for ..something that matches?" That is merely a suggestions - Braith is totally not judging. NOT at all. She sips what is left of her whiskey down and bemoans silently the empty glass. Until the moment after when Rysen approaches her. "Lord Rysen, good to see you and thank you. It has been a bit has it not?" There is a pleasant air about her. Four glasses of whiskey can do that to a woman. "Lord Rysen, have you had the pleasure of meeting Marquis-Consort Hadrian Mazetti and his lovely wife Marquessa Cambria Mazetti?" She then looks to the two in question. "Marquis, Marquessa, this is Lord Rysen Crovane."

Violet scans the crowd before bobbing her head at Mabelle as she speaks. Lips twitching into an amused smile before she turns back to the table.

Rysen smiles at Braith, and says, "I don't believe we've been formally introduced." He bows to Hadrian and Cambria. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Marquis, Marquessa." To Hadrian, Rysen grins and says, "I would not be surprised in the least if you fared very well with the judges, Marquis. Your presentation and beard were magnificent."

Aslaug watches the judging table, sipping her whiskey. She is not above influencing the judges. She lightly moves a hand under her beard, caressing it as if it were the best piece here. Truly, a facial accessory. It compliments her skin tone! It matches her eyebrows! Easy-to-care for! Surely the jduges can see it as such! Of course, they must all be mind readers, too! So she just makes a show of stroking her lovely 'beard' while her small rat friend peeks out from her shoulder under the hair there.

"I think the dichotomy honors the Thirteenth," Cambria says facetiously in regards to Hadrian's very, very blonde 'beard,' when contrasted to his very, very black hair. Soon, however, Braith is introducing them to a particular lord, and Cambria turns to address him with a smile "Lord Rysen," she says. "A pleasure to make your acquaintance this evening indeed.

Behtuk was just about to reach for some of the food presented on the table when Carita's call catches his attention. He draws his hand back as if stung and stands perfectly still. Silks can't notice you if you stay perfectly motionless.

Violet nods her head at something before food is brought to her. Looks like fried cheese curds? She pops one in her mouth and they are apparently very hot. Because she starts blowing and fanning her mouth as she chews gingerly.

The delibrations seem to be wrapping up and Arik raps his knuckles on the tabletop.

"No. When I say volunteered, I mean he volunteered and I compensated him. He volunteered _first_, my lady. The compensation was an afterthought, rather than the thought. You should always, always, always compensate a loyal servant who sacrifices on your behalf," Hadrian remarks as a lone hand rises up to tap the tippy-tip of his index finger to his right temple. Then his focus shifts around to the latest arrival to the triangle, which results in Hadrian shuffling slightly to make room for the new arrival that is Rysen. The introductions made, Hadrian lifts a hand, which Luigi promptly steps forward to fill with a mug of something steamy and spicy. "Thank you, Luigi," Hadrian remarks offhand without tearing his harlequin gaze from Rysen, "Lord Rysen Crovane. A pleasure to finally meet you," Hadrian offers with a bright smile and a shallow dip of his chin, which results in the blonde beard shifting with the motion. Though the commentary on the beard earns a sudden devilish grin, "Win or lose, it has been an enjoyable affair. If I ever get around to hosting another Donkey Knights gathering, I may have to incorporate beards into it in some way". Then, as though an afterthought, Hadrian's attention bounds back to Braith as he remarks, "You never want to be too matchy-matchy, Braith..." there was likely to be more, but the rap of Arik's knuckles at the tabletop draws Hadrian's attention back to the apparent culmination of deliberations for the beard-judges.

Ondine, a red-breasted sparrowhawk, 2 Halfshav skilled veteran guards arrive, following Brianna.

A brow arches up slowly, her glass yet empty while Braith listens to Hadrian go on about how to compensate for volunteering. A bemused smile touches her lips, "Yes of course," she says, easing a little to make room before her eyes flit to Rysen. It lasts only so long as she starts to lean slightly to see if she can get another whiskey before the results are announced.

"But I thought coordination was everything. Apparently I need to learn from you. I know the Marquessa was helping me with fashion but perhaps we should speak." She leaves the rest in a whisper because her attention turns towards the judges and Arik in particular. She offers a slow smile, dimpling her cheeks as she leans in to Rysen to whisper something.

Acantha gets Better Beard Brew from a chest carved with a lakeside image.

Arik scoots back in his chair and stands up with a brushing off of his coat while nodding to Gianna and then Acantha.

Aslaug looks at the judges, now, with considerably interest. Here we go.

Brianna finally makes an appearance, though she looks a bit tired. She saunters over to familiar faces, offering shoulder-pats and cheek-kisses, trying to ignore her annoying guards.

Mirk taps his fingers on the bar, waiting with obvious nerovusness to hear who will win.

Acantha stands up and there's a smile to the crowd, "Alright, our third place winner this evening, with Best Decorated is Lady Mabelle Laurent." she states. "If you will come up and claim your prize." she offers.

Aslaug claps for Lady Mabelle.

Violet is still trying to deal with a mouthful of lava-cheese, but she brings her hands together to clap for Mabelle. Smiling awkwardly but warmly none the less.

Acantha gets The Bear's Necessities from a chest carved with a lakeside image.

Acantha gets Silver Beard Jewel from a chest carved with a lakeside image.

Mabelle blinks surprisedly as her eyes round, "Oh my! I did not excpet to actually win". She laughs, stepping toward the table to collect her rewards, offering an individual curtsy to the judges, "Thank you. Thank you very much".

Arik claps his hand for Mabelle as Acantha announces it, "Although debris are not a common decoration they are certainly a memorable one. One can never forget the beard that left a trail of knickknacks and dirt on the ground in their wake." he announces to the room with a look right at Mirk when the announcement is made!

Acantha gets Extravagent Grooming Kit from a chest carved with a lakeside image.

Cambria also offers her applause for for the contest's third place winner, Lady Mabelle, even as she leans in towards Beardian to murmur something.

Rysen chuckles listening to Hadrian, and nods in agreement with whatever Braith has whispered. "I think you're right, My Lady," he says, before taking a sip of whiskey as Acantha begins to announce the winners. When Mabelle's name is announced, Rysen sets down his glass and claps, cheering in the way that people that have drunk a good deal of whiskey sometimes do.

Acantha gives a nod to Mabelle, "You did a fine job." she tells her. Then she's getting the next prizes picked up, "Countess Carita was our second place winner with best style." she states to that. "If you will come and claim your prizes." she smiles to that.

Aslaug applauds again!

Behtuk clears a small section of the table, piling food into his arms and retreating to a table before he can draw too much attention to himself.

Arik looks to the side where Carita is nearby and announces, "Someone willing to steal the hair off a man's head to fashion a winning beard should be admired, but in truth jewels and confidence mark a good beard... As does the will to bully weaker beards something the Countess has in abundance,"

Mabelle scans her beard perfume in sheer amusement and halts to clap for Carita, cheering on as second woman won out of three in a beard contest! She cheers Carita, giving a judgy judgy look to the men"

Someone wearing spicy northern beard has left the A central table with benches.

Someone wearing spicy northern beard has joined the an ostentatious table with elaborate carvings of bearded faces for the discerning Beard Judge.

Behtuk has joined the Sturdy Table.

As the winners are called up, she finds a place to quickly stow the empty glass which was never filled - ALAS! Braith is quick to join in the cheering for the winners as they are called. A whistle or two for each is given to fill the celebratory sounds going up all around. A chuckle leaves her lips at those chosen so far, Arik's words making her smile before she mmms and remembers there is no glass in her hand. "I really need another drink," she remarks distractedly.

Acantha gets Red Bear Jewelry Case from a chest carved with a lakeside image.

Gianna has dutifully put her drink down so that she may applaud each winner as they are announced. She looks vaguely amused.

Hadrian gives another nod of his head toward Luigi, who promptly begins applauding once again. Hadrian's hands - or hand - is full, after all. For his part, Hadrian simply lifts his steaming mug up high and calls out, "Excellent work! Wonderful showing!" toward those winners announced. As Cambria leans in to quietly murmur at him, Hadrian does not even spare her a glance. His smile fades ever so slightly, but he simply nods his head thoughtfully in reply. He does not lean aside and murmur back at her, but instead maintains his attention on the winners and the judges announcing or providing commentary, as the smile returns again to his sharp features.

Carita rises to claim her prize, laughing softly as she opens the grooming kit. "Just what I never knew I always wanted. Thank you." She settles and pulls her beard free. "I don't know how men do it. This is so -warm-."

"It is how we convince our lady love or fancy fellow to spend the night. Warm beds and warm beards." Arik quips to the room with a wry grin.

"I'm fairly sure human beards are lighter," Brianna remarks.

Violet claps and smiles at Carita as she is given her award. It seems she has conquered her cheesy hot predicament and says, "This has been quite a lovely evening so far," To her tablemates. Then she goes to repeat the hot cheese in mouth process. Masochist.

Arik gives Brianna a bap right on the nose as they exchange brief words and he tuts at her, tuts!

Mirk is still applauding the third and second place victors, and comments to Carita, "Why do you think so many Northern men have beards? It's not just for style."

Marquessa Pudding, a doughy dog arrives, delivering a message to Gianna before departing.

Brianna swats Arik's hand away, grinning.

Cambria applauds Carita as well!

Violet reaches out to try and tug Arik's own beard again, while he is distracted trying to bap Brianna. Why? Apparently because she can.

Arik is beset by hands and a brief 'slap fight' or deflecting and moving hands distracts at the judges table as the last winner is about to be announced.

Mabelle has left the Bar.

Aslaug drinks her whiskey and eyes the judges, "Oh my. I think they may have come to blows over the last winner. This ought to be interesting."

Acantha gives a smile to Carita, "It is." she chuckles to her. "But thank you for participating." she tells her. Then there's a moment taken to get out the jewelry case with a bear carved into the top of it. "Our first prize, which is an iridescite hair jewel and a neodymium and seraphinite hair jewel go to Lord Mirk, for best beard over all." she smiles to that. "So come and get your case, Lord Mirk." she grins. "There is also a special prize this evening, Lord Arik can announce that." she states with a dip of her head to that.

Aslaug applauds Lord Mirk's win and adds, "Huzzah!" because it's polite and proper and.. well.. he does have a shiny beard tonight.

Brianna cheers for her cousin!

Brianna is overheard praising Mirk.

Violet leaves off asaulting Arik's beard, and ribs, to let him speak when Acantha mentions his name. Hands dropping to hold her mug and lifting her chin promly. Feigning innocence even as she is grinning toothily at Mirk.

At the announcement of the evening's first place winner, Cambria claps just a bit more enthusiastically. After all, first place is first place. By and large, the Mazetti Marquessa appears pleased to enjoy a good show and all around good company.

Arik is distracted by both Brianna and Violet but when Mirk is announced he calls out, "By one vote, know that!" and he steps back from the table for a moment to walk around it and pull a vial out of his belt pouch. "Lord Mirk Halfshav may be my kin and indeed have the best beard of the evening... A tale to tell, jewelry to impose and a cutthroat will to insult a judges beard... The ass." he takes a moment and squints at Mirk before admitting, "But he won and congratulations to him... The near winner of the best beard though is a man who claims to have two beards... Beardrain, you are the beardest one in the room with a soul that needs facial hair to mark your personality. As the near winner and crusher of my cousins dreams... I award you with the new title of Most Deserving a Beard. Here is your prize."

"Well done, cousin!" is Braith's cry, though a side long glance is given towards Hadrian and his faux beard of gold. It smells delightful like maple syrup even. She chuckles a moment and then shakes her head. Hand without drink she glances to see what Rhysen has left in his own.

Gianna's lips quirk up slightly at the corners as she applauds Mirk, her chin tilting upward. Then she's reaching for her whiskey agian.

Reese cheers happily. "Woot, yay Marquis Beardrain!" She is still perched at the bar and has been on the quiet side, but looks cheerful.

Aslaug chuckles and applauds again, this time, she also pulls her hair free of its bearded state.

Rysen cheers thunderously for Mirk and Hadrian.

Mirk steps forward to collect his prize, flashing a wide grin at the judges for the evening. "Thank you, thank you. I had some truly talented competition for the evening," he nods his head to Aslaug and Hadrian both, acknowledging them. He peers inside the jewelry case, and chuckles, "New jewels, huh? At this rate I'm going to have more of them than I do beard."

At Arik's announcement, Cambria looks suitably impressed - not with Hadrian, but with Arik himself. "That was a pretty powerful compliment," she notes to her husband.

Mirk gets Red Bear Beard Jewel from Red Bear Jewelry Case.

Mirk gets Neodymium and Seraphinite Beard Jewel from Red Bear Jewelry Case.

Aslaug is overheard praising Arik: Hosting the Beard and Brews

Aslaug is overheard praising Acantha: Hosting beard and brews

Violet gins at Arik as he presents Hadrian with his honorable mention prize. Then she takes up her plate of cheesey goodness and slips off into the crowd. Trailing after someone wearing a Crimson Blade tabard. They go outside to talk and eat.

Mirk is overheard praising Acantha.

Mirk is overheard praising Hadrian.

Brianna is overheard praising Acantha.

Aslaug is overheard praising Hadrian: Too funny - he's a riot and a good man to have at parties

Brianna is overheard praising Braith.

Gianna is overheard praising Mirk: The very best beard!

Hadrian glances aside to Cambria as the first place winner is announced, a smile adorning the Mazetti marquis' mouth though it fades as he murmurs back at her. Then Hadrian turns his attention back to Mirk, hands his steaming mug off to Luigi, and Hadrian begins to clap for Mirk. All by himself. He shrill whistle erupts from the Marquis as he calls out, "Flaunt that beard! Yes, killing it! Not the beard, just it in general!" Hadrian's grin blossoms to life anew as his applause continues. Up to and including until the point that Lord Arik announces Hadrian himself. His eyebrows dance upward and laughter erupts from the Mazetti Voice anew as he offers a solemn bow of his head and begins to approach to claim his prize. To the gathering of judges, Hadrian remarks, "Thank you all for the wonderful time and consideration. I look forward to the next opportunity to marvel at all the wonderful bears". Hadrian offers another sweeping bow before the judges, corrects his posture, and begins to walk away. He's likely reading the label of the concoction that is his prize, when another swell of laughter bubbles up from the Marquis-Consort.

Violet has left the an ostentatious table with elaborate carvings of bearded faces for the discerning Beard Judge.

Baelos is completely oblivious to the proceedings. Sure, he claps along with everyone when there is clapping, but if he were asked he probably could not explain what for. Such is the life of showing up to a party already half drunk. Instead, he is laser focused on the barkeep in an effort to get a whiskey through the throng.

Rosalind has left the Bar.

Connal, a Northern Wolfhound have been dismissed.

"As always, Lord Arik and I are happy to host Beards and Brews and we enjoyed the ones this year so very much. I do hope that everyone will come to our first one next year just as excited as they did tonight." Acantha smiles to that. "If anyone is looking to supliment their beard at the next beards and brews though, think about picking up a marmot pelt." the Baroness states with a chuckle and a wink. "again, thank you all for coming out. Eat, drink and be merry!" she grins.

"And, as thrilled as I am to have a victory, I enjoyed the chance to see so many faces and so many competitors. In honor of that, I'll be covering drinks for the rest of the evening," Mirk announces, eyeing the barkeep as he does and reaching for his coinpurse.

"Marmots make fine stand in beards to both men and women who want to compete." Arik adds in agreement. "Warm enough to melt a honey glaze off a ham."

Arik checked wits + riddles at difficulty 15, rolling 4 higher.

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