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Relax, Unwind, Clear Your Mind

An evening of relaxation and pampering, from hair and nail care, skin salves, massages, scented oils, and generally just a time to embrace the beauty within and without, in the steamy surroundings of the Grotto. Hosted with elegant catering sponsored between the Faith and House Whisper.

Also for the gods' sake NONE of you are old and if you are seeing wrinkles Aureth would like to talk to you about your skin care regimen I mean honestly.


Aug. 25, 2019, 3 p.m.

Hosted By

Aureth Calandra


Ember Artur Evaristo Vanora Martino Tomwell Braith Thea Zara Amari Brigida Petal Catalana Niklas



Arx - Ward of the Compact - The Grotto

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Comments and Log

Seryna, a charming Lycene handmaiden, 6 Grimhall House Guards arrive, following Vanora.

Johannes, A tall and red cloaked gentleman arrives, following Martino.

(OOC)The scene set/room mood is now set to: The Grotto has retained extra staff for the occasion from the party funds supplied by the hosts, and the decor -- extra veils and comfortingly warm light from candles and lamps -- lends an additional air of relaxation to an already extremely mellowing place.

A gaunt young man with oily black hair and ice blue eyes arrives, following Braith.

Alena Sparks, unamused first mate, Silk, the Seafaring Spider, Braith arrive, following Evaristo.

Natural stone pools and climbing flowers are part of what makes the Grotto an idyllic location to relax, and this event is nothing if not kind of a commercial for the place, really. Aureth has taken up a position, dangling his bared feet in the largest pool as he sits on one of the boulders. Wines and water infused with fruit juices are being offered to people as they come in, and extra linen robes are everywhere for people who want to use them.

His hair worn long and loose for the occasion, the weight of panoply and office nowhere to be seen in the midst of all that turquoise silk and cheerful idleness, Aureth greets people from this perch with a broad gesture. "I hope you all weren't expecting _deep formality_," he says. He's quite cheerful about this.

Baroness Ember Redreef, who was in the middle of a deeply formal greeting to one of the nobles in the crowd, straightens up her posture even further (as if this was possible) and looks to the host with a raised eyebrow. Caught red (reef) handed.

"Formality? We're supposed to be formal?" That would be Prince Artur speaking up as he accepts one of wines, and frowns. "Really. No rum or whiskey? I'm already disappointed." He's teasing of course as he moves to get one of the robes, having no compunctions about changing, even as he is using a cane to support himself at the moment. The reason for that becomes clear when he removes his tunic to expose the bandaging at his right side just above his hip. Another set of banages are just below the right knee as he slips on the robe. "The only deep thing I want, Legate, is a massaage."

Evaristo arrives together with Braith, escorting her inside with her on his arm. Both of them look like they could really use a relaxing unwinding day at the Grotto. Evaristo himself got a bandage tied around his head and looks a little woozy - maybe because of that bandage, OR it could be because he clearly is quite hungover, as well. Probably a combination of booth. Even so, he perks up as they enter. "JUST what we need right now," he says and moves to get changed, after a wave and upnod at Aureth and some bowing to the nobles.

"Personally I am at my most formal when bathing and I expect the same of others. I suppose I will adapt." Vanora responds, having made her way into the Grotto just on time. She's dressed in loose silk pants and a matching top that could pass for, and might even be, her pajamas, and not a bit of jewelry anywhere. Instead of Isles style braids her hair is brushed out and loose, and she surveys the scene, selects some infused water, and makes ready to change into a robe.

2 Novice Keaton Huntsmen, Barf, the Bog Dog arrive, following Amari.

"I shall be happy to provide one, Your Highness," Aureth says with easy cheer, "but you _may_ be better served by one of these attendants." He winks, because he is a dork, and then leans back on his boulder, swinging his feet through the water in a slow glide of his toes. "Evaristo, what the hell happened to you?" was probably not the line he intended to follow up with when he opened his mouth, but it is, in fact, what he says.

Finn the large Northern hunting dog with icy blue eyes arrives, following Thea.

With a hot, baking day glowing across the city and blazing down hard rays of sun. The Lord Martino Malvici is truly thankful for the closed atmosphere of the Grotto and the opportunity to be rubbed. Aches? Bah! He strides in with wicker sandles wrapped around his feet, a bathing wrap fastened across his left shoulder and around his hips to form a thick toga-like garment. "A fine afternoon to you, our truly delightful hosts." Lord Martino inclines his torso to both Calandra and Aureth as the corners of his eyes crease, "My thanks for such a well-timed event." Martino reaches to gather one of the fresh juices prepared and continues across to select a private pool in the grotto. A fleeting crease of his eyes to those he knows, those he meets, on route.

Martino has joined the Swimming Koi Bath.

"Do you think they'll send debt collectors after us if we take these robes home?" Tomwell muses aloud to whoever might happens to be nearby, once he's changed into his own.

"Well, I would accept one from you Legate.. but then I'd be a little tense." Massage pun away, Artur moves to join one of the tables to relax and let an attendant get to work on him. "I can't soak, so I will just have to take advantage of everything else offered.

Braith definitely does NOT have a bandage around her head, unlike Evaristo but the Sanna is eye squinting at the group and the sounds coming from them. "Oh no...I need some place dark to wait for this hangover treatment to kick in," she rumbles. She wets her lips and scrubs a hand back through those ragged humid worn dark curls frizzing out about her face. A sigh leaves her lips as she breaks away to shuck off some unneeded layers of clothing and find herself some sort of shift, towel, what have you that makes her decent for public. In doing so she's proven to everyone around her that the freckles cover most of her dusky skin. She starts searching for Evaristo. "Where...well what are we doing?" Pampering is the light word for what Braith needs at present. Maybe her hair needs tending to.

Peeking out from behind wherever you change, Evaristo squints blearily at AUreth. "I'm hungover," he replies. Then he realises that that is probably NOT what the legate means, and adjusts his bandage slightly. "Oh this? Ahahaha, that's hilarious, really," he says as he steps out, now wearing a pair of bathing trunks in silk, with tiny little skulls on. Of course he would. "So, I was quite tipsy and fell asleep near the Shrine of Petrichor, and woke up and wandered in there on a whim, and laid down in the grass - RIGHT on top of Archlector Brigida's staff, see this bruise ehre?" he says and points to the side of his back where there is indeed a faint bruising. "ANYWAY, I was wondering who left a staff lying around in the grass, and then I /did/ remember that she was missing hers and I sent her a letter and said maybe I found your staff. So she came over, and she was a bit angry cause she thought I STOLE it - why I would NEVER, why would I wanna steal someone's staff for, really - and then I reassured her I was going to give most of the money away to the Faith anyway, and also said it was all divine intervention but I think she thought I was talking TOO MUCH - can you believe it, do I really ever talk too much? - so she smacked me with the staff. But it was alright, we had to leave anyway." He gives Aureth a bright smile and moves to sink into a pool. "Whatever you want, Lady Braith. Within reason. Pretty sure there's rules."

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Feeling called out on formality aside, Ember actually was one of the first to arrive, if only so that there wouldn't be a line for the changing booths. She's already in her luxurious robe, which is tied tightly around her waist and fastidiously adjusted every few seconds to make sure it's not going to start sliding down her broad, strong shoulders. Happenstance puts her next to Vanora, and she gives a... mildly formal gesture too deep to be nod but too shallow for a bow. "Duchess," she says, her tone surprisingly stern for a woman in only a robe. "Your outfit is... it certainly appears very comfortable." Ember's brow furrows for a moment as if she has no idea what she just said and had only learned it phonetically. "Er, I suppose I should find a pool before every spot is taken--"

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Thea steps inside the Grotto, wearing something that leaves little to the imagination. She does however a wrap of some kind with her--in case she offends anyone. A rare time she would worry about offending anyone. Thea bows her head to everyone, a slight smile on her lips before she steps behind a screen to change.

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Khaavren, a dutiful assistant arrives, delivering a message to Artur before departing.

Braith has joined the Large Natural Stone Pool.

"Generally I discourage the Archlectors to beat people physically. Moral suasion is usually the way to go. That said, Brigida is... a force unto herself." Aureth rubs his thumb along the curve of one eyebrow, and then gestures to Greguin -- who looks entirely out of place in his linen robe, like he thinks relaxation might attack and beat him with a stick -- to murmur in his ear. Greguin looks faintly struck, and then hastens off to take care of whatever the Legate has nagged him about.

"You mean you annoyed her with a long winded monologue about the staff and your involvement. I think she was about to sew your mouth shut. Good she just hit you on the head," she remarks and then wearily looks around before slipping into the pool with the Legate and the First Second or Second first - she's really not sure. "Mmmmmph, Force is one way to put it. I feel like she's not really the age we think she is and she's waiting to beat us all to a pulp or just glare us into the beyond."

Calandra could have worn something stunning, something flashy and new, but it would end up terribly wasted as it wouldn't even last long on her. So, casual it is. Whisper Casual.

Brandishing a freshly topped glass of wine, Calandra steps from the back of the room to hover behind Aureth as their guests begin to arrive. Wrapped in a silk bathrobe of black with gold colored embroidery and hair pinned neatly, she reflects comfort in spades as she gestures widely to the staff and stations set up. "Welcome, welcome. Please, indulge! I expect no one to leave here today with even an ounce of tension. I highly recommend the massage. Some of the best hands in Arvum to work out all of those knots and aches." She already looks like she's taken a spin at the massage tables, feeling quite limber as she moves fluidly through the arriving parties to greet and mingle.

"It sounds like you rubbed her the wrong way, Evaristo." Artur calls out from where he's being worked on near the rock grotto and groans with content as a knot of muscles is found and he melts slightly as he glances aside to the Duchess and Baroness. "And how are you both?" he asks the pair of them as he closes his eyes and tries not to turn into a puddle.

"Lady Ember, its good to see you, seems like its been some time. We're having people over for dinner tomorrow night, you should come if you are free." Vanora greets Ember warmly, laughing when she comments on her clothing choice. "I don't always have to be sparkling and expensively coiffed. Most of the time but not always. Valdemar doesn't like that one though." She nods to the shelf where her blue silks are now piled, and slips into the water comfortably. "Mmm, this is lovely isn't it?"

Khaavren, a dutiful assistant arrives, delivering a message to Artur before departing.

Lifting his chin from the waters, the Lord Martino Malvici instantly spies the Lady Thea afar and creases the corners of his eyes once more to her, "Haaaappy birthday. Sister." He starts with that, trying to have her take a shade of red, "You have survived another year. Congrats, well done." There is a sip after of his juice.

Dark hair piled in coils atop her head, Zara's here at least in _part_ for herself -- I mean, how not -- but it's her retainers whose comfort she oversees first. She urges them into the skillful hands of staff clever enough to soothe even the strain of dealing with an excess of princess duties. Once that's done, Zara collects a glass of the fruit-infused water -- and a place at one of the pools. She pauses near Calandra in passing, greeting her protege with a warmth that almost -- almost!! -- spills over into a smile as she bends her head closer to say something quiet in passing. Then it's on to Evaristo as she settles in, saying, "Congratulations on solving the greatest mystery of the month, and returning the missing staff. I pray your kindness is rewarded more gently than it has been."

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Amari arrives at some point, and promptly disappears to change into a simple shift and robe, both in verdant green and black. Keaton colors, naturally. She reappears, putting her hair up into a twisty bun and pinning it in place as she goes, head tilted to a slight angle, both because she's peering around to see who's about and because it makes the bunning easier. Hearing Calandra's welcome, she smiles over to the Whisper, "Thank you, and hello everyone. I'm Lady Amari Keaton, if we haven't yet been acquianted."

"She should come here and..." Evaristo begins quipping back at Artur... and then glances at Aureth. By some wonder, he doesn't finish that sentence, even if those that have some imagination can probably imagine the ending. He just sinks down further into the water and looks a bit strained, like he is struggling to not comment. SOmething about not making fun of archlectors, probably. "Right, ah...Doing splendid myself, great day. Found a staff, after all. How're you?" he asks with a grin at Artur. "hear that?" he tells Braith. "You can get a massage. I'm getting a massage. Can I get a massage?" he asks Calandra hopefully, smiling charmingly at her, only off-set a bit from the bandage half covering one of his eyes.

Evaristo grins all abashed at Zara. "I bet she just forgot it there, really. Probably not a mystery at all. I was just the lucky one finding it."

Ember divests herself of her robe and meticulously folds it before she puts it on the shelf. Then she gathers her long, dark hair and equally meticulously knots it into a bun that, while more functional than stylish, can certainly not be called 'sloppy.' Only after all that is complete does she slip into the water next to Vanora. "It would be my honor," Ember replies to Vanora's offer of dinner, and then she glances over to Artur. "I think I could use some of what you're having, Your Highness," she says.

One of the attendants comes up as if on cue to kneel behind Ember and start to knead at her shoulders in a massage. It starts normally enough for a few seconds, and then the attendant pauses, looks confused, and starts again. The process repeats itself again. Ember tried to look behind herself, confused, as the attendant waves over a second attendant because apparently this is a two-person job.

Thea pokes her head from the screen before emerging completely. She tugs at the wrap, uncomfortable as she's not used to wearing anything when water is nearby. Her gold-flecked green eyes zero in on Martino, her cheeks a bit flushed,"Thank you, brother dearest. I'm still unsure how with you and Domonico about--"stepping over to get a massage, plucking a glass of whiskey from--somewhere.

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The pool is enough to help ease the strain from her face. "I am just waiting ...for the headache to go away," Braith murmurs, "You are a bad influence." Very true. Though the Sanna's eye cracks open to look at Aureth and Zara, offering a wan smile and the huffs out a breath and lets her shoulder sag. "Oh a massage, yes, can we? IS that on the table of offerings?" she asks curiously, hopeful even. "A day of adventures ending with massages. Yes, please."

Tomwell eventually has his fill of examining his robe and turns to examining the drink options. Once one is decided upon, he wanders through the pools until reaching the Legate's chosen spot. Rather than actually sliding into the water, however, he settles on the edge to let his feet dangle in. Couldn't give up the robe, just yet. "Father," he greets Aureth with a sparkling smile. "And Princess Zara, a pleasure to see you again."

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Martino sinks lower into the pool of water, using his elbows to keep him upright as he sits on the bench. "Quite welcome, quite welcome. You receive the... nudge. Yes? Tomorrow?" Martino nods firm to Thea on the last question as he tends to a touch of business before sipping onto his juice and reclining once more into the waters. "Tomorrow... will do."

"It's remarkable how much more popular the idea of Whisper Calandra's massages are than mine," Aureth says, still amiable. He slithers the rest of the way down from his boulder and into the pool, but carefully fans out his hair behind him, so that the attendant he has wheedled into doing so can apply oil of gentle fragrance into his scalp and soak it into the long golden fall. "The wines and juices are quite nice and the Grotto always offers them, though they don't serve harder liquors. The idea is to relax and enjoy, not get roaring drunk, if that was the complaint. Now, personally I can't hold my whiskey worth a _damn_, so it works well for me. I can't even walk into the Spirits without getting tipsy just from the fumes in the air."

"You're a year older, Thea? Congratulations!" Artur offers to her cheerfully, before a delightful groan escapes him. "Yes, yes, I highly recommend the massage." he comments, as he chuckles at something said quietly to him, but he glances aside at Ember as she has two people working on her. "Apparently, you were very kneadful for a massage." he comments to the Baroness as he takes a drink. He's clearly going to take a drink for each pun he makes.

Thea slants her eyes at Martino, though they appear curious,"Do I need to worry? Last time you had me meet you, things ended--poorly." She arches her back as there are now hands on her back,"Yes--I am,"answering Artur." Her face red. Gods--why?! Damnit Martino!

Calandra is pleasantly surprised when her patron steps through the Grotto doors, her proper posture seeming to tighten up that much more in Zara's presence. Tipping her head politely and offering a pleasant smile, the Whisper greets the princess warmly and more personally, though is quieted when her ear is bent for a moment. Whatever passes between them draws up that smile even more with a soft thanks before they pass on from each other.

Back to their guests, it's Evaristo those dark eyes land upon next, a sharper smirk gracing her features while ushering him along with a curl of a finger. "You needn't ask, my dear. Come along, I'll bring you to my favorite. ..And what in on earth happened to you?" A brow cocks at his bandage while leading him, and any others wanting massages, off to the tables. Passing by Aureth as she does, Calandra remarks smoothly, a touch coy, "Maybe they wish I'd be the one doing it?"

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Aureth receives a letter. You can tell he receives a letter, because he crumples it up and throws it behind him with a terribly dramatic flip of his wrist. WHO LET HIM ANSWER MAIL IN PUBLIC? Hauling himself back out of the pool, he says, "Greguin, come over here, I need you for a writing surface," and scribbling ensues after some mild suffering comedy on the part of his assistant. He is going to be useless at his party for a moment.

Evaristo is climbing out of the pool, that massage beckoning. "Me?" he tells Braith. "I'm not a BAD influence... I'm just bringing the fun to people." He looks at Zara, winks at her before he moves to follow Calandra, sauntering comfortably in his death-themed trunks, to get that promised massage. "Aureth, stop working!" he calls over his shoulder.

Keski, a nervous disciple of Petrichor, Aletta, an even more nervous disciple of Petrichor, 1 Templar Knight guards, Oswald, the war pig, a lively Ostrian gelding arrive, following Brigida.

Amari finds a glass of juice for herself and settles in on the edge of the the largest pool. With a greeting and introduction already offered, she contents herself with dipping her feet in to test the waters. There's a curious watchful gaze that follows Aureth for a bit and a subtle smile grows.

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Aureth is currently using his beleaguered assistant for a writing desk. Despite the fact that he told literally the entire world that today was supposed to be for relaxing. The attendant who was massaging his scalp a little while ago looks somewhat puzzled.

"Ended... poorly?" Martino's forehead wrinkles as he tries to think back on the occasion noted by Thea. A slight hum, "Mmm no. No. It will be lovely." Then there is that slight, wry and wicked smirk as Thea's cheeks burn red. "Well. My work is done for the day then." Back down into the large pool Martino sinks. Allowing the warm waters to lap upon the end of his chin, inhaling the faint, fragrance dancing through the pool. "Ah, Lady Amari... such a delight to see you again. Been some time! I believe it was... a cookie tower or the like."

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Brigida stomps into the Grotto, a crumpled missive in her hand and a pair of very worried Disciples in tow. She has her staff leading her way. It's not one of those very fine and new staffs that were made for her as a replacement. No, this is the original one that she has been wielding since before most of the people in the room was born. She stops and looks around the room, squinting slightly.

"I'm not working, this isn't work," Aureth claims aloud, folding the piece of paper and handing it off to Greguin. He starts to clamber -- all be it not with the best grace of his life -- back into the pool, attempting not to splash about and get everybody with his lack of dignity. "But I can't very well let my Second First Harlequin get beaten about the head and not _say_ anything." To be fair, Aureth has let literally nothing in his life pass without saying anything. "I mean really."

"Huh... Aureth, I get beaten about the head all the time. Or stabbed." He's got at least ten very odd scars on his torso, all of them probably from some sort of violent encounter. Evaristo doesn't seem the LEAST concerned, and is largely baffled. But seeing Brigida storming in, just as he's laying down to get that massage, he utters; "Uhoh."

Braith sits up a bit in the pool with the others as Brigida enters. A glance is sent in Evaristo's direction as she sucks in her lips and bites on them. "Don't say anything,....don't say anything," she whispers but can not help the tentative smile. She lifts a hand to rub at the back of her neck, water dripping from her fingers and down her dusky skin.

Thea hears Brigida but cant give Evaristo the side eye. She does manage a inaudible snort however. Thea tries to hide her face from Martino and just says,"I'm having drinks later. Coffee will be welcome I'm sure. I should invite people.."

"I believe it was, Lord Martino. I do remember that tremendous plate of cookies," Amari confirms with a pleasant, if sleepy smile. "Has it been so long already? I've been traveling so much of late, it feels like Arx is full of strangers again. It's nice to see a familiar face." She lifts her glass to the sociable Malvici, then peers into the pink-orange beverage within, saying more quietly, "I'm not sure what this is, but it's delicious. You might-" And her thought ends there as she seems to feel a chill, and turns to see Brigida make her entrance.

Noticing Brigida's stormy arrival, Artur glances aside to his masseuse. "Don't worry, I'll make sure you're not the one to work on her. She's clearly been rubbed the wrong way." he comments to him, before turning his attention back to the pool, after giving the Archlector a wave. "Come! Get a mud pack. Or a foot rub. Or you know.. the works!"

Calandra promises the best and Evaristo will get it, leading him to a table where a large man awaits, though he looks better equipped to taking out tree trunks by hand than providing a massage to soothe the soul by the look of the muscles. "You'll feel as light as a cloud once Gregory finishes with you. Enjoy~" The Whisper beams as she pats Evaristo's back and steps aside to let him work his magic. Which may involve cracking. Lots of cracking.

Soot, a gray foxhound puppy, 3 Iron Guardsmen, Violet, a shopkeeper, 1 Crimson Blades Lieutenant, Briar, a young Oakhaven black and tan bloodhound arrive, following Petal.

Petal arrives in the grotto while carrying a large sewing basket. She peeks over the room, having a smile. The girl then starts behind the changing area.

"Well, I can't do anything to protect you from yourself, Evaristo Arterius, but I should bloody well be able to protect you from _godsworn_," Aureth states firmly. He does not emerge from the pool again as the Archlector of Petrichor makes her arrival. Instead, he waves a hand airily at the attendant who was working on his glorious hair, and says, "What are you waiting for?" with every appearance of not being aware that what she is waiting for is _probably a small apocalypse_.

"Oh, Lady Amari... that sounds a familiar tale. A very familiar one." Martino leans a moment to the Keaton Lady as he murmurs hushed to her, "But we are all the more better at your return." Eyes crease in the corners from him, sharp-green ones, as he sips his juice and tilts his head curious at the last few words.

2 Kennex corsairs arrives, following Catalana.

Petal eventually returns from around the changing screen while wearing a bathing smock. The seamtress seems to in a cheerful mood as she goes to join a bath. She has a warm smile for Brigida. "Archlector hi." The girl then smiles over to Martino and Aureth a well.

Brigida searches the room and spies Braith... and then Evaristo (complete with that new lump on his head) and then ah... Aureth. Clack. Clack. Clack. Her staff goes as she makes her way around the pools towards where the Legate is. The attendant doesn't move, until Brigida gives her a little nudge with the staff to shift her out of the way. The venerable Archlector of Petrichor stares straight down at Aureth before she comments, "You can't protect someone from being an irritating loudmouth can you?" Her staff waves menacingly.

"I'm fine, she didn't hit me THAT hard.. just a little lump," Evaristo says reassuringly. He beams at Calandra, saying; "Yes, maybe I should wait a- augh," Evaristo says, at first appearing to have changed his mind about the massage, whether it's because Gregory looks like he could tear his spine out or because Brigida is here with the staff, but then Gregory is literally pushing him down onto the table and starts a very firm massage. There's cracking. Evaristo's eyes go wide and there's a whimper and then he sort of just collapses with eyes half-lidded. "Wait, why did that hurt and feel nice at the same time?" he says, almost drooling a little. He's momentarily trapped.

"Oh no," Braith belatedly echoes Evaristo when she makes eye contact with Brigida. She may just be sinking down lower in the water - just a little. She can hear however, watching the interaction between the Legate and the Archlector. Bubbles form around her face as she breathes outwards now that she has escaped any interaction with the Brigida.

Catalana steps in from the heat, her skin a little red from spending the day outdoors. She swiftly goes and changes into a bathing costume before glancing around the room for someone she knows.

"Not at all," Aureth says with a blithe air. "Nor from the consequences of their own bad choices, Blessed." He tilts his chin, looking up at Brigida with what is probably an infuriating calm. A couple of his templar escort -- currently hanging around by one of the far walls -- look at each other like, are we supposed to be doing something about this? but the Legate does not appear concerned. "Would you care to join us? Whisper Calandra would be happy to find you the best attendant to offer you a foot massage, I'm certain."

"Until later, Lady Amari. We aught to catch up and speak again... there is a little something that..." Martino's murmurs to the Lady Amari are distracted with the presence of Lady Catalana stepping in and across to the changing area. "That the Lady Kennex and I are planning. But, I cannot soak all day. As much as the rumours would have you think I could!" There follows a jovial laugh and a lift from the pool from Martino before he inclines his head to both hosts and crosses back to the exit.

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Johannes, A tall and red cloaked gentleman leaves, following Martino.

Khaavren, a dutiful assistant arrives, delivering a message to Artur before departing.

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Calandra hears her name and isn't far behind it, the Whisper arriving as silent as a shadow beside Aureth and Brigida, greeting the latter with a smile that rivals the smoothness of silk. "Archlector, a pleasure to have you with us. Legate Aureth is correct, I have the perfect person in mind if you'd like to rest those feet of yours. You'll feel as if you're walking on air afterwards, I guarentee."

Martino's parting words have Amari looking both intrigued and disappointed. Tearing her eyes from the possible battle of the Archlectors, she lifts a hand to the Malvici as he heads out and turns it into a wave for Catalana. "Lady Catalana Kennex? Is that you?" She blinks in an exaggerated way, as if she's sure her eyes may be broken, because it couldn't possibly be who she thinks it is. The lip of the pool she's sitting at is given an inviting pat.

Catalana smiles warmly at Amari and immediately takes up that invitation with a laugh, "Hello. From everyone's reaction, you would think I have been away from the city for years."

Brigida's own Templar escort shares a look with Aureth's escort, one of helplessness, but then again he is also holding a fat pig on a leash. Brigida harumphs before saying, "Rest assured Legate that if I take the switch, or staff, to anyone then it is for a good reason indeed and usually for their own good. It doesn't matter if they are commoner, godsworn, nobility or royalty. I do not discriminate from my duty." Her attention is dragged to Calandra and the smooth voiced Whisper is given a careful once over. "I think I should prefer my feet to feel as if I am walking on the ground thank you very much."

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Thea somewhat nods to the Archlector , best she can do as she has elbows in her back and shoulder blades,"Good evening,"including Catalana with her words as well. Noting her brother's departing words, she offers him a brief smile,"See you tomorrow. "

Petal is relaxing in the baths now even as she looks over the gathering. The girl seems cheerful although she is a bit on the quiet side. The girl then peeks over to Catalana with a smile at her words. "It is always nice to see you and I think sometimes people marvel at how Lucky Lord Wash is." She murmurs, before giving Thea a wave. Petal speaks with the heavy accent of a Northern Shav.

Aureth checked composure + intimidation at difficulty 15, rolling 9 higher.

"Make her feet feel like she's walking on wooden staffs..." Evaristo suggests helpfully from over there. "Then she can KICK people too!" He laughs quietly as his own joke and there's the reason why he gets hit over the head. There's another odd sound of half-pain from Evaristo, as Gregory doesn't appreciate the joke either, apparently, giving his head a few twists so there's more cracking.

Deciding to change the subject, Artur glances towards Brigida. And asks an actual question. Not a quirk, not a tease. And totally not a pun! "Actually, Archlector.. I have considered joining the Lodge. Princess Ophelia feels I would make a good member. Do you have a suggestion on how to join, Archlector?" he asks her finally. Since she's here. Unless shop talk's not allowed.

"Blessed Brigida, I will not issue your correction in public, because it is beneath the dignity of my office and yours to do so," Aureth says in a tone that has gone icy beneath its pleasant exterior. He is not a very terrifying person by nature, especially in comparison to the older woman he faces. But his stillness and correctness in this moment are well-mastered. "Please, enjoy the party."

"We've all missed you. I hope you've been well. How are the children? Six feet tall and growing beards already?" Amari replies matter of factly and with the quiet authority of the magistrate she is. It helps when Petal chimes in as she does, so a bright smile is offered her as well. "Hello, Petal." Now during all this it's not as if she's totally ignoring the confrontation, she keeps a cautious eye on what's developing there, but has clearly decided it's not her business to get in the middle of.

Brigida checked composure + intimidation at difficulty 24, rolling 46 higher.

Calandra tries not to bend under that scrutinous gaze, which is no small task in the face of the likes of Brigida. That silky smooth smile tightens ever so slightly at the corners when she denied, but she doesn't persist, knowing better. "Of course, Archlector. At least have some wine, I insist." But that's for the woman to decide as Calandra practically floats away off back to the massage tables and Evaristo. "Still alive, I hope?" She muses lightly to him, eyes squinting up playfully over the edge of her glass while taking a sip.

Catalana also checks on the growing hostility, but is just like Amari, staying out of it for now. Laughing she pretends in mock horror "It would be a tragic fate if my baby girl grows a beard. She's going on five and so much like her father, it's just dreadful." She laughs and asks, "How are you? Tell me everything that I've missed."

"Lady Amari, hi." Petal says and then adds. "Seatouched wool is my favorite fabric to work with and to wear, so soft and so I really need to thank the Keatons for such." She looks between the Archlectors, all wide-eyed and impressed, but the girl doesn't get involved.

Brigida keeps her gaze steadily on Aureth's as he speaks. The Archlector is very still and the icy aura that comes from the two Faith leaders is... palpable before she harumphs softly before she twists her mouth slightly into a wry smile. "You make a better Legate than your predecessors for the most part." With that she looks up at Calandra, "Very well. Something nice from Tor if you have it." Artur's question gets her attention and she fixes him with a stare, "How to join? Ask me if you can join is usually a good start."

Evaristo has joined the Large Natural Stone Pool.

Evaristo is released from that spine-correcting massage, Gregory stepping back with an inscrutable expression. The Harlequin-Bard slowly sits up, swaying a little. "I've never felt so... relaxed," he says and just smiles like a dope at Calandra, as he sort of melts off the massage table and starts back towards the pool - entering it on the OTHER side from Brigida, just in case. He joins Braith's side again, staring between Brigida and AUreth with fascination as he picks his glass back up to sip the white wine. He really looks a lot better, giving Braith a wink and that rascally charming smile.

"As this is not the time for work, Blessed Brigida, I will wait until later to ask." Artur responds as he works on covering back up his bandages. "But it will be something I would like to discuss with you at some point." And with that, he finishes off his drink.

Aureth tilts his head slightly with a pinch of an expresson distinctly quizzical between his eyebrows. "Thank you," he says, and the wryness that filters into these paired words is distinct. He lets his head fall back against the edge of the pool and then says, "Let's all have some wine. Now seems like a good time to have wine."

Petal look over to Artur, noticing the bandages and her brown eyes hold some concern. The girl is still relaxing in the waters.

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Thea smiles a bit at Brigida before she offers a slight wave to Petal.

Brigida stares at Artur, "If you want to join then just ask me now." She then looks at Thea and frowns, "You keep smiling at me. No one just keeps smiling at me."

"Fine. I would like to join the Lodge as a hunter, Blessed Brigida. With your permission." Artur says finally as he closes his eyes to slump a little now that he's relaxed.

Petal looks to Artur and then over to Brigida seemingly now more interested in. "I am part of the lodge myself." She says softly in her heavy accent.

Calandra is overheard praising Aureth.

Calandra is overheard praising Evaristo.

Attempting to remain off the radar, she watches the 'situation' dissolve from afar just as Evaristo rejoins them. Her burnished gaze centers on him a moment, "I suggest you briefly retire from speaking, at least at the moment," she remarks to him and then bumps his shoulder with her own. She turns her head to eye that massage table but stays dunked as she is. "Princess Zara and I were becoming familiar." She tips her head towards the Valardin. "But welcome back, trouble," she remarks for the Mockingbird.

Thea composes her face, thinning her lips--or is it a scowl? "I am sorry, Blessed Brigida. The massage may have melted me a bit. Messed with my face a bit."

Evaristo is overheard praising Aureth: BEST event ever, so relaxing

Petal is overheard praising Aureth: Woots, great Legate.

Amari laughs softly, agreeing fully, "Oh my, that would be tragic. Five isn't a bad age though. I think Reigna and Kael's eldest is nearly, and the littlest is just turning one. She's cute as." As for what's new, she widens her eyes and has to make a show of thinking. "Besides all the craziness surrounding the Great Road? I feel like we'll be putting fires out for years yet." For Petal's comment she gives a quick nod, "I'm glad you like it. I feel like a traitor, I haven't had an outfit of it yet. Soon, I'll be darkening your shop door."

Evaristo is overheard praising Calandra: Best event ever!

Petal is overheard praising Brigida: yay, the Archlector of Petrichor!

Petal is overheard praising Amari: Keatons and SeaTouched Wool, the best!

Artur is overheard praising Aureth: For being a great host!

Sam, who is a boy and definitely not a princess in disguise arrives, following Niklas.

Artur is overheard praising Brigida: For being a hardass Archlector, and wielder of the Stick of Doom

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A gaunt young man with oily black hair and ice blue eyes have been dismissed.

Catalana agrees with Amari and sighs, "Oh yes. I've just been made voice again and the first thing the Marquessa gave me was a report on the great road. I have a feeling we'll be putting out spot fires for years to come."

Petal looks over to Amari, nodding. "I don't often make commissions anymore, but I would make an exception for any Keatons who are looking for Seatouched wool." The girl says toward her.

Brigida waggles a finger at Thea, "That's a bit better. If obviously a lie." She smiles before bobbing her head to Artur. "Yes you can join the Lodge as a Hunter. Petal? Can you handle the details please for Artur?"

The attendant behind Aureth begins to carefully comb his long locks, now that she has finished anointing him with fragrant oil, as one does. Aureth closes his eyes for a moment, breathing out in a sound suspiciously like a snicker.

"Thank you, Blessed Brigida." Artur gives a polite bow of his head, and then casts Petal a wink. "When you're ready to do what you need to, Petal. For now, relax."

Petal look over to Brigida, giving the Archlector a nod. "Oh, I can handle that." She says politely and eagerly in her direction, like she wants to be helpful. She then turns to Artur. "Relaxing is good. I work a lot maybe, too much. I'm Petal a seamtress who runs the Tangled Skein and a gardener at the Lodge. I can give you a tour of the lodge sometime if you want."

Amari has to sigh too. "Spot fires for years, though, I have to compliment you -" And here she pauses to lean in over her knees a bit and spy Princess Zara, "Your Highness, for you fine work of diplomacy with House Beaucage. I'd love to hear someday what you said, exactly, to the former Marquis."

First Sam pokes his head into the Grotto, then disappears for a moment before coming back in, followed by Prince Niklas Grayson. A thoroughly wilted Prince Niklas Grayson, who, several years and one family change later, still dresses too much like an Islander at times. Which just doesn't work with the sweltering misery of an Arx summer. So when he heads behind the curtain the sounds of his changing out of his clothes are distressingly damp. "We couldn't have waited to come back another month. I like Arx in autumn! For two weeks there it's tolerable." This said to his assistant who very much keeps his clothes on and stays well away from the water. Must be afraid of swimming! Niklas comes back out and starts toward the big pool, steps down at the edge and then bonelessly slides into it. As greeting he says to the others in the pool, "Cousin. Mockinbird. Legate. Others."

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As he considers, Artur nods to Petal and smiles. "I have heard stories of your assistance, Goodwoman Petal. I look forward to working with you. But for now, I have things to tend to." Slipping behind the screen to change, the Prince is moving to head out.

Catalana mutters just loud enough, her voice directed at Amari "I mean, it's not the first time Wash has been called a dirty little secret. Father refused to call him anything but that until we were married. But still! " She then waves to Niklas and gives him a sigh, "What would Sabella say if she knows you were dressed like that?"

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Brigida places

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Brigida doesn't get in the pool but instead kicks off her slippers and sits on the edge of the pool, dangling her bare feet into the water, her staff laid down within easy reach.

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"Welcome, Prince Niklas," Aureth says amiably as Niklas joins the big pool. He lets his shoulders sink deeper into it as the comb runs repeatedly through his hair in long strokes. His eyes closed for a moment, he says, "I cannot speak enough praise on behalf of the Beaucage diplomatic party." His smile kicks up his mouth at one corner. "Princess Zara was a godsend."

Petal looks over to Niklas as the prince arrives, having a smile for him. "Greetings, Prince Niklas." She says while still soaking in the water.

Thea greets Niklas with a bow of her head,"Highness--hello." She half listens to the pool now, sipping the fresh juice that was brought.

Niklas clucks his tongue at Catalana. "I used to have an extensive wardrobe of Arx-friendly outfits, however we hit a bump in the sea while coming back from Stormward and they all fell into the ocean. You just know that off in the distant and forbidden ports Reveka Tyde's lieutenants are looking absolutely fabulous right about now, while I'm in Arx wearing outfits I abandoned four years ago." He heaves a sigh and gives a good slouch until he's got water up to his shoulders. "I'd go buy some more summer clothes, but I keep hoping it'll be over soon and anyway I have all of this baby weight to lose. I do hope Wash has recovered from our dance and is settling back into life with his wife?" Smile smile for Catalana, then raises a hand in greeting to, "Mistress Petal. I do need to come by sooner rather than later, I think. And Lady Thea." He doesn't interject on the conversation about the Beaucages, but as someone several months out of the loop, he doesn't pretend not to be listening.

Petal looks upon Niklas, giving him a smile. "I would be flattered if you used my shop, Prince Niklas. Have you worn seatouched wool yet? You might like it is very elegant and comfortable at the same time." She says toward. Petal is in a bathing smock. "I was going to make a chestnut leaf autumn seatouched wool out if you are interested. Otherwise will put in my shop, going to make it either way. I love autumn time."

Catalana laughs at Niklas then, "He is still swanning over that dance and is preparing the nursery for your child. I do hope that it means you're moving back into the key?" She teases her cousin gently. "And while, I love you with the depths of my heart. I'm afraid you've never been fashionable. I'm almost impressed that those still are holding up."

Brigida dangles her feet in the water, listening intently to everything is being said. The older woman is otherwise silent. Oswald the pig seems to have slipped the leash and the fat waddling pig ends up next to her, getting a scritch behind the ears as he snuffles at the nearest people in the pool... namely Aureth.

"Autumn fashion is the best, anyhow. You aren't cloaked in yards of wool but you also aren't sweating," Aureth agrees with an airy wave. "Thanks, my dear, but I think that's enough with the hair, can you get me one of those juice things?" Fruit-infused water in hand, he slouches deeper into the pool, casually attempting to tilt his ear away from the pig -- his crow is nowhere to be seen at the moment -- and says, "Seatouched wool will be a huge thing the latter half of this year. You know, the last pig I met was a baron."

Petal looks over to Aureth, giving him a smile. "Probably it will be. I also had fun making all kind of spider items, which have been super popular right now. They sell the second I put them up." She says in her heavy accent. "So thank you for that, for bringing us spider art. Webs are beautiful."

Amari gives a solemn, slow nod of acknowledgement to Zara, then frowns a small frown, "If you owe me a favor, then I surely owe you one in return. Also, an apology. I seem to recall inviting you to tea, and then never arranging it before I went north. For that I'm sorry, and let's remedy that now that I've returned from my travels and there's far fewer fires burning." Her glass near finished, she draws her feet out of the water and starts to rise, "I think for now, I ought to be leaving though." As a quiet aside to Catalana, she adds, "It was so nice to see you again." And as there's so many important people in the pool still, she offers a general curtsey to the lot. "Thank you, Legate Aureth." Then wave-waves and she's starting off.

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"I'm a big fan of all the spider art," Aureth says with an easy laugh, "but the festival is Evaristo's idea; my Second First Harlequin has a great deal of energy and I'm quite proud of all of the work he has done. Don't tell him he's doing work when he does that, though, I'm not sure he's figured it out."

"That's odd. The last Baron I met was a pig." Niklas makes a face at Catalana when she asks her teasing question. "I finished stealing all of Ford's little ship miniatures, so I actually have no reason to ever return to the Key. Though Luca and I did once sneak in to mess with Ian's stuff after he moved in. But now half the people in the past two sentences are dead, so..." Niklas gives a shrug, looking up to wave at Amari as she goes. Which is when he sees the pig. "Gah! You know, I nearly got thrown out for bringing a pelican in here, but to be fair to the staff he did an enormous amount of pooping."

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Finn the large Northern hunting dog with icy blue eyes have been dismissed.

Oswald continues snuffling in the direction of Aureth. Perhaps the Legate smells nice? Brigida looks at Niklas and offers a thin lipped smile, "They have yet to come to me and ask me not to bring Oswald in here yet. Perhaps I make them nervous."

Petal has a gentle smile for Aureth as he speaks of spider art. The girl then pulls herself from the pool and reaches for a towel. "I should go check on Cillian." She says, heading to the changing screen. "It was very nice to see you all and thank you for hosting this Legate Aureth."

Catalana schemes with Niklas, "We could always nail Ian's furniture to the ceiling. Though, Zoey may kill us. A risk worth taking though?"

Thea slips out of the pool,"I should get home to get some things done, but thank you for all this,"the youngest of the Malvici's says.

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"That's understandable," says Niklas to Brigida with a smile. The elderly certainly scare the hell out of him! Catalana gets a grimace. "I'm not sure pranking Ian makes a lot of sense. He'd just look up at the furniture on the ceiling and then say," and here Niklas dons the monotone of his second cousin, "'Oh. Funny.'" He sniffs faintly and says, "I may have gotten a little too much warm humor in there." When Zara heads out Niklas frowns just slightly. "That does remind me that I need to find Ail- er, Legate Ailith or maybe Duchess Calista and find out more about what happened with the Fourniers. Not a lot of people I've known in my life less pleasant than ... all of them. Though Gael is a right turd."

Petal is all dressed, waves to those here and slips off.

Catalana pauses and admits to Niklas, "You may be right." Tapping her chin. "Should we do it to Aethan? I mean, Porter would be the best, but he still refuses to set foot on land after the land shark prank."

"I'll suggest Ailith catch you up when I see her this evening," Aureth says. He sighs a little. "I believe it was a bit of a mess, but she has all of the details. Speaking of, I'm afraid all idylls must end." He emerges from the water, wreathing himself in one of the handy towels, and wanders behind one of the privacy screens to see about dressing himself, again, in the most chill outfit he owns.

Brigida hmmms as she notices Niklas' grimace before she pulls her feet from the water. "I had better get myself back to the Shrine. The sermons don't speak themself."

"Good day, Legate. Thank you for hosting such a delightful afternoon. Now that I have," Niklas pauses to look over his fingers, "seven thousand children I could use the occasional day of relaxation." Brigida gets a friendly wave as well. "Blessed Brigida. So good to have seen you again."

Catalana gives a wave to the last of them leaving and teases her cousin some more "You scared them all away with talking about your seven million children."

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a lively Ostrian gelding have been dismissed.

"Thinking about my seven billion children is enough to scare me away," drawls Niklas in response.

Keski, a nervous disciple of Petrichor, Aletta, an even more nervous disciple of Petrichor, 1 Templar Knight guards, Oswald, the war pig, a lively Ostrian gelding leave, following Brigida.

Catalana chuckles and warns him "If our next is a set of twins, they are coming to live with you. It's obviously a Grayson curse."

"It's an Arx curse," grumbles Niklas, ignoring that his twins were born in Bastion. Then he's getting back to his feet. "Speaking of which, I should get back to them. Sabella deserves a nap. I'll see you later, Cos."

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