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The People's Tournament - Sprawling Gala

The culmination of the people's tournament, a tournment that better tests the skills of the common born individual versus that of the nobility as the certain other very renown tournaments, ends in an all night and probably early hours of the morning affair. Where the party spills forth from Nightengale Park and across the craggy streets, wide or not so wide lanes and stretched from the docks all the way to the uppers in a raucus celebration of what it is to be one of the working class. Be it guardsman, merchant, dung shoveler, you name it, all can come out to hail the winners of the competitions, the awarding of the final purses for the overall winners and show the city of arx how a -true- party plays out. The college od bards out in force with song and Orathy Culler and Josephine Arcuri seeing to the seemingly unending refreshments, it's unlikely to be something that's been this wild and crazy in a long time. No expense, has been spared, the finest rotgut from the murder of crows bought and same for the food.


April 22, 2019, 7:30 p.m.

Hosted By

Josephine Gianna Orathy


Merek Eddard Rowenova Emrys Agostino Lore Magpie Harper Cillian Peri Maja Petal Jeffeth Draven



Arx - Lower Boroughs - Nightingale Park - The Grounds

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

The party that has been sprawling out further and further across the lowers, the docks, uppers and even into the fringes of the market up top. Bard's College musicians new and experiences mill about playing music and singing, food on tables stationed throughout the park to ensure that no one goes hungry this night with plenty of fish from the derby having been cooke din many ways. Baked goods, eggs, vegetables from the fall crops, the smell of smoke from fires wafting through the air. Pennants, colorful streamers, they lazily fly between tree's and fences, off tables and the like. A small platform erected near the fountain where things will be announced.

Brother Chester arrives, following Jeffeth.

Jeffeth arrives, following Maja.

Cecily, a coy secretary, Omero, a hulking bodyguard arrive, following Agostino.

1 Crimson Blades Sergeant, 1 Crimson Blades Lieutenant, 1 Crimson Blades Private arrive, following Cillian.

Demetria Arcuri arrives, following Josephine.

Merek makes his way into the gala with his dress attire on and a beltcape, as he moves through the place, looking around a bit. He seems content with this as he walks about.

Eddard has dressed down for the evening. Flannel and comfortable linen trousers, overlaid in rugged leather. His lute has been brought along, draped across the small of his back comfortably as he presses through crowds. Wait! Thats him! Bard's College musicians!

Without Draven or Flop (who might show up together at a later time if able), Rowenova moves through the crowd in her leather armor, wolfy headdress, and gaudy crown from the fist fighting just yesterday. She picks up a fish plate and apparently carries her very own cutlery for such matters: a fork pulled from a skirt pocket. She mingles further among the masses in Nightenagle Park with a little grin upon her muzzle-shaded visage.

Josephine has been making her way through the crowd, talking with Demetria as best she can over all the noise, a smile on her face. At the platform there's a few members of her family, one of them - the brawnier son in law - stands with the money to protect it, the small chests at the ready to be dispensed. "Lord Eddard. You have come to sup?" She asks. "There's a charge for a noble."

It is while wearing the very festive colours of blue and grey that Emrys arrives to the heart of the celebrations. The Whisper arrives alone, and apparently is not part of the entertainment, for he makes absolutely no attempt to join in, merely observing with the quiet dignity so common with the Eldest Whisper. He wanders slowly with no true aim, dark gaze moving across the assembled people, but joining no one in particular yet.

Though he might be wearing a silk shirt with his leather breeches, Agostino is no noble, made evident in just how comfortable he is among the people here. There is a relaxed smile on his face as he makes his way through them, stopping from time to time to say hello to people he knows. Somewhere along the way, he gets his hands on a mug of ale that he drinks from now and again.

Lore enters the park with a broad grin for the party, enjoying the decorations, the music, the food and drink. She gets herself some fresh roasted nuts and makes her way towards Josephine so she can grin at her. "Mistress Arcuri, this looks even better than I had hoped! Everything is delightful and these roasted nuts are -fabulous-. Demetria, you look lovely as ever!" She glances towards the chests and chuckles, "Good to see we have some guards set up for the prizes.

Oh no! Josephine spots Eddard and he turns to find the owner of the voice in the crowd. "Sup and sing and dance. Hopefully in different orders readily throughout the night." He'll tug at the lute from behind his back to show the neck of the instrument to Josephine. See? Here to work too! "I've heard amazing things so far, Mistress Josephine."

It's a sore man that wanders through the festival, mingling with friends and strangers alike. Magpie Grayhope is wearing an easy smile and there's that everpresent aroma of Haze clinging to the man. It might explain the good mood despite his bruised flesh from the tournament yesterday. When he spots Lore he offers the woman a nod and a wave, but it's Rowenova that he heads towards. "I gotta ask you something." He states.

With a plate of fish upon her left hand and a bite on a fork in the right one, Rowenova turns away from the fish vendor to instead regard Magpie with a curious quality in those cobalt-blue, khol-lined eyes under the muzzle shade of her wolfy helm. "Hmm?" she inquissitively queries then gives him a smile.

"Ahh, part of the Bards College then. Proceed." Josephine permits. "Nobles present must be working. Or paying for their supper." There's a wink to the man and a look to Lore. "You, my dear, thank you. I hear it has made it's way out to the market. Somewhere Grady is rolling his eyes at me stating doing this is not my thing. But I think I can endure it once a year at least." Josephine grabs a roasted not, a glance to Agostino. "You're too thin! Eat!"

It's a rare sight to ever see Harper decked out in a dress, but tonight she makes her way into the park wearing one and looking festive, yet less than comfortable. She has to support her family after all. But giving up the sword belt wasn't happening, so she's wearing it draped over the dress. She twists to mess with the sword that keeps catching on the skirt as she walks, muttering to herself. Glancing around the park until she spots Magpie, she makes her way toward him. However, when she spots Lore along the way, she diverts and says cheerfully, "Heya, Lore! Fancy seeing you here."

"I had to fight my way through revelry nearly all the way from the Uppers! There's celebration occurring in the streets all through the Lowers and the Ward of the Compact!" Lore offers with a laugh towards Josephine, grinning brightly. She lifts a hand towards Magpie and calls out, "If you stick around for a few minutes, we should talk in a bit!" Then there's Harper looking all dressed and lovely! "Harper! I'm glad to see you made it! And look at that dress, its stunning on you!" She pauses then, lowering her voice and murmuring, "Though I'll admit I didn't recognize you at first without your usual pants and shirt!"

Magpie closes the rest of the distance to Rowenova, a grin on his face as he draws up beside her. "Where the *fuck* did you learn to fight? Gods. I feel like I got hit by a horse-drawn cart." He expresses, shaking his head at the woman. He tosses Lore a thumbs-up when she calls out to him, then looks back at Rowenova. "Who do you work for?"

Agostino gives Josephine a "who, me?" look and rubs his stomach. "Too thin, Mistress Arcuri? I'm not sure how, I've been keeping myself well-fed lately," he remarks in response, a grin on his face. However, he is not here to argue with anyone, and so takes a piece of freshly-baked bread with butter from a nearby vendor. Both of his hands are now occupied, however, one with food, one with drink, as he dips his head toward the jeweler and adds, "You've done an amazing job with all of this, though. Congratulations!"

Emrys' steps eventually take him to the group made up by Josephine, Agostino, Eddard and Lore, now joined by Harper. "Good evening." the elder offers to the group, nodding his head politely. "It seems you've managed something rare indeed, Mistress Josephine Arcuri. The last time the Lowers and Uppers were so filled with noise and people, a riot was taking place. Well done." He looks to the food then, and takes one of the baked goods for himself.

"Make no mistake good sir, this is a riot. But it is a benevolent one that ends with filled bellies and largers for a few days and a celebration of what it is to be -not- a silk. What is your name if I may ask?" Agostino gets a nod. '-Too- thin. That's a good man, eat up. Winter is coming." There's a wink to the man before her attention goes back to Emrys with a lift of her hand for Merek and an ear for Eddard's playing, when he starts to play. If he dares to play.

With a very unladylike snort, Harper eyes Lore, "You're either real good for my ego or real bad, cause you gotta be exaggerating. And trust me, I'd rather be in pants, or even armor. It's a damned sight more comfortable than a dress, but hey I tried." She shakes her head, but grins at Lore anyway, "So how you been? Haven't seen you in a bit." She waves a hand over to Josephine and Emrys and the others, saying cheerfully, "Heya, everyone." She eyes Emrys at his comment on the riot, then says with another grin, "Damned well better not be a real riot tonight. I might ruin my dress knocking heads around."

Eina, the Pearl's Own, Soot, a frenetic ferret arrive, following Peri.

Agostino cannot help but laugh between bites of bread at the insistence that he is so thin. "I will try to keep that in mind throughout the night," he tells her with amusement in his dark eyes. The talk of riots does bring a slight, brief frown to his face though before he comments, agreeing with Harper, "No actual rioting would definitely be appreciated. Running with my hands full of food and drink would be troublesome, at best."

Cillian makes his way through the crowed in his leather armor, his eyes scanning the croweds spotting Nova he makes his way through to find himself at her side. "Boo." he smirks at the woman and nudges her, "Hey, whats up fancy meeting you here." he grins at her.

Nova momentarily flashes a wolfish grin which might remind certain people about a certain Halfshav. "Well, it was combined training between Lord Arik, Dame Morrighan, Dame Ida and just being Northern. Plus, daily training and-" Cutting off, the Halfshav servant leans closer to Magpie and quietly whispers something something before she stands back up and then motions around with that fish bite on her fork prongs. "My usual introduction goes something like this here: I am Scout Rowenova Bruvir of the Ranging Wolves, a scouting party under the direct command of Lord Arik Halfshav for whom I am a messenger and scribe while in Arx. Trusted servant, threat detector, and sworn protector of House Halfshav, too. Proud Protege of the lovely Baroness Lucita Saik. Then, last but not least, I am the Esteemed Wife of the Professor Draven Bruvir of the Apothecary College, my Favorite Person. All those greatly inspire me. Anyway, I have heard a lot about you Master Magpie. It is great to meet you, truly so." When Cillian spooks her, Nova makes a show of lightly jumping but actually knew he was there. "Hey you! Master Magpie, this is Sword Cillian from House Blackwood."

"I am Emrys Whisper." the man answers, politely. "And allow me to rectify, then, my congratulations. Well done on holding such a successful, benevolent, riot." His lips curve ever so slightly in amusement, before his dark gaze turns to Harper. "Ah, I don't believe I know you, Miss... Harper, was it?" he asks. There's a slight pause as the elder man searches... "Grayhope, of the Iron Guard, if my memory is not mistaken?" he asks. As if he was searching through a catalog.

Eddard dares, of course he does. Theres stages here, there perhaps for Bards to step up onto but thats not where Eddard finds himself. He alofts upon the back of a wagon to strum some notes rather beautifully.

"They came, two by two, to advance upon the lines.

The harried foes, down in holes, waited for their foes.

Darkness fell, worries did swell, on this, Mychol's Farm.

Out they snuck, on creepying foot to see what they may find.

Feline mistook a lone rat on hook as their easy prey,

too close they came, and cry went up! The Ambush had begun!

With pike and steel, teeth and claw, the rats did charge the field!

At grain silo, look out below!

Down ropes of twine and arrows divine felled cat's attack!

One fell, then two! Three and four! No more the cats did creep!

The field has been won, the cats undone and Mychol's rats did feast!

So very folksy.

Eddard checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 29 higher.

Nodding towards Agostino, Lore offers a smile before looking back to Harper. She laughs and shakes her head, "Busy as all get -out, unfortunately. I -do- need to get down to the Murder more often, and my schedule looks to be clearing up, so you should see my face showing up more!" She glances towards Josephine briefly, chuckling at her insistence that Agostino eat more, then grins and winks at Harper, "I never exaggerate. I either tell the truth or I lie. And I still can't lie for shit. You -do- look great in that dress, but I agree on the pants. Its why I love this outfit so much. The freedom and comfort of pants will not be denied."

Merek checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 26 higher.

Merek makes his way to dance about.

Peri follows the crowds all the way to the park. Before she gets very far she comes up to a wagon and stares at Eddard who is singing a folk song about rats and cats.

Magpie laughs as Rowenova gives him a lengthy introduction. "Lady Khanne is my patron. I'm a fan of Halfshav." He shares. "So basically what you're telling me is that I went up against a professional and should be greatful that I stood as long as I did?" He jokes. "And I'm guessing that what you've heard about me prooobably isn't anything good." The man muses, offering a nod to Cillian. "Pleasure. Magpie Grayhope."

"Harper. That dress is lovely. One of Petals?" Josephine inquires.

Somewhere there's a squeal and a hand thrusts up in the crowd waving a red linen stocking that has in the past few days, served as a bandana. "MAGPIE!" The Shinies are in force tonight. The Silkies are there too somewhere. Fluttering around Maja and fetching her everything that she could want or need.

"A benevolent riot. May we hope it stays so and may the city not string us up by our toes at the mess after. I think I'm going to go broke. But better broke and in good company, than rich and alone." She offers to Emrys before looking to Eddard and the song. "How fitting. I think we are all the rats." Mereks dancing garners applause from Josephine who then turns to the others around. "And I should dispense with prizes, before the natives get too restless. My apologies." And she' clacking away to the raised platform bearing chests of silver.

Josephine has rolled 1 12-sided dice: 10

Moving throughout the people are those who are tasked with helping tonight. Everyone is offered a slip of paper, just a small one, a number on it. Everyone present within the park gets one, a murmur into ears. A raffle. Keep the number close.

Merek moves to take one of the papers for the raffle, smiling up to it in thought.

Cillian nods his head, "A pleasure to meet you Magpie, Cillian Weatherwood." he speaks with a thick northern shav accent, "Nova, I am at a loss on what I want to get Petal for our engagment. I was thinking a ring but then I was maybe something different."

"Good to see you again, Mistress Artiglio," Agostino tells Lore, dipping his head toward her as he smiles back. He makes short work of the bread, and then takes a long swig of ale before looking around once again, eventually turning his dark gaze toward Josephine again when she mentions "prizes". When he is eventually given a slip of paper, he takes it and looks at it before folding it up and tucking it into his belt pouch.

Harper's grin only widens as Emrys gets her name right, but she quickly says, "Yup, used to be Ashdown, but now Grayhope. Just Harper'll do, though." She bobs her head in greeting, saying, "Nice to meet you Emrys. I reckon I know quite a few whispers. Err..." Her speech becomes noticeably better suddenly, "And, I even took elocution lessons from Saed." With a chuckle, she slips back to her Lower's speech, adding, "But that's for other places than down here." She chuckles over at Lore, then shakes her head, "You gotta lie better than me, cause I can't hide anything. My face's an open book." Josephine's question has her looking down at her dress, and she says, "Honestly, I couldn't tell you. I bought it a real long time ago, but maybe so. Petal does real pretty work."

"That was interesting, Lord Eddard, I" There's some murmering near Peri, and Eina tells Peri, "There's a charge for nobles to attend." Peri looks away from Eddard and his lute and searches the crowd for Josephin. "...I'll be right back."

"So long as you don't run out of food and drink, I imagine the odds favour you." Emrys remarks to Josephine, but then she has prizes to give away! And so his attention turns back to Harper. The confirmation of the young woman's identity earns a satisfied nod from Emrys, and the arch of a brow when she mentions elocution lessons. "So I see. Saedrus Whisper seems to have been quite active during my absence from the city. But you're correct. The Lowers never were one for those formalities and speeches." Implying that there are others, of course. It is the Lowers, after all. As to the talk of lying going on between Harper and Lore, his lips twitch anew with some amusement. "The Whisper House offers lessons in more than simply elocution, should keeping a straight face and weaving convincing tales interest."

Taking her own slip of paper, Lore blinks at it, then chuckles and tucks it into a pocket for safekeeping. She turns a smile towards Agostino and dips a brief bow, "And you, Master Alonso! You should try some of the fish! There's one circulating that's been baked under hot stones with butter and lemon, seasoned with sea salt and cracked pepper!" Lore grins towards Harper and shakes her head, "Nope, I'm about as good at lying as a guilt-ridden toddler." She turns to Emrys and grins, "Might take you up on that, Master Whisper. I've been trying to pick up more of the social skills, but mostly I'm just a merchant, so being open and upfront works for me! I'm terrible at being Lycene."

When Magpie reveals himself to be The Khanne's protege, Nova sets her fork on her plate and offers him a fist bump. "Good! Halfshav is the best, right? Though, I think you did very well. Well, most of what I heard was on the positive side." She looks to Cillian then over toward Josephine then back, "Well, an engagement present is going to take some thought, especially since Mistress Petal can make almost anything she might need, but you might ask Mistress Josephine for some ideas. She helped us make our wedding rings. Though, the engagement between Draven and I was not very formal really... after deciding that I wanted him, I sat down with him in his Yurt in the Lyceum ward back when he lived there and told him that I finally decided who interested me as a mate. After the poor man could not figure out who it was, then I told him it was him and asked him if I could kiss him the first time. And... I did not have any other presents, really, for that engagement piece, at least not right then. Later, I started getting him more Things, though. Before that we had matching cloaks. I got him that raven feather necklace, which was from Mistress Josephine and really suited him. We did not do the engagement rings. I do not think we even had an official engagemnt present, just Things we gave each other over time and still do... Matching horses. Colorful bundles of silk fabric. A wrought iron bed frame." Quiet Ahem!

Merek sips at one of the drinks provided, while he watches the people and relaxing, shifting his beltcape about as he looks to som of the others there curiously.

Eddard holds himself upon a foot on the edge of the wagon for several moments too long before plopping down to his feet near Peri. "Why thank you, Lady Peri. I've been working on that since I was rather young. Its true.....more or less." Bardic embellishment, truly. Rats don't zipline.

"Really? And yet you've already mastered a core principle of the art." Emrys points out to Lore. "Truth is always better than a flat out lie. It's just a matter of how one presents it." From a certain point of view... "If all Lycene are contrarians, but all are also liars, does it not require at least one honest soul among them for the former to remain true?" he asks, though it sounds more rhetorical than not. "Do stay honest, Miss Lore Artiglio, lest some other poor soul be stuck with the charge, and handle it with far less finesse." He is distracted by the appearance of a messenger, and after glancing at the note, the Whisper inclines his head politely. "Apologies, another appointment awaits. Enjoy the festivities, Miss Harper, Miss Lore." And with that, the Eldest takes his leave.

Peri's attention snaps back to Eddard. "I've never heard of abseiling rats before, Lord Eddard."

With a chuckle, Harper admits, "And I'm a just a guard. Reckon most folks I deal with know what's coming for them, anyway, so hiding it's not that big a deal. Still, maybe it'd make Magpie happier if I didn't wear everything on my face all the time." She winks at Emyrs, then looks over at Lore. With a shake of her head, she says, "Look, Lore, I've know a lot of Lycenes and you're one of my favorites." She waves to Emrys before he leaves, saying, "Nice to meet you!"

"It began as a lament in letters. Master Orathy Culler and myself. While i do not remember precisely -why- we were conversing, we were conversing and he lamented that it felt like the tournament of roses was for the nobles. For htey have time to better practice a sword, and jousting, well. Half of us never ride a horse and the other half certainly don't do so with a lance."

Josephine smiles. 'I told that fucker to put his money where his mouth is, stop whining and think of something then, appropriate for -us-. I'm too I'd lay the coin down, he'd choose the deeds. From that lament, was born the Peoples Tournament. Never let it be said that Orathy Culler doesn't do -something- right." But Josephine gestures to the chests.

"For four days you did what each of us does. You fished the food up for this festival. You delivered the wine to the various places in the city and the drinks. Yes, yes I made you all work for this. Every one of you who participated had a hand in setting up. You ran through the streets and showed that you know this city like the back of your hand. And in the depths of the hollows, you pummeled each other for a good bit of fun and I saw more than a few teeth gone. But. With a purpose."

The hulking Arcuri son in law moves forward with the chests. 'The Tournament of roses has their boon. Given by the king. A chance for someone with skill to change their fortunes. There are no boons given here. But there is money. Most of us will ever only see maybe a thousand silver before we die. Some of us, some very lucky us', see a great deal more than that. This coin is greater than a favor. This coin can change your stars, your fortune. It can raise someone from the depths of poverty to a position where they can never have to worry again. it can be shared with those around you, and still have enough to live on for many lifetimes. Now, I'll stop blathering, and we'll see whose life, we are changing hmm?" R

And it starts. "In third place, winner of two hundred thousand silver, Maja!" Somewhere, her Silkies errupt in cheers. "In second place, Rowenova!" Redrain shall certainly celebrate tonight. "And finally, overall, first place goes to Brady!" Here, there's cheering as well - and a few snarls from those who can't loose gracefully."

Magpie's attention wanes some when the talk turns to engagement presents. He looks towards the shrieking fan girl instead, offering her a wave. "I love the Shinies!" He calls out brightly. Then he says apologetically to Rowenova and Cillian, "I need to speak with someone, but it was nice talking." He slips off quickly, likely to dodge being asked *his* opinion on the gift and goes to wrap his arms around Harper from behind, offering Lore a grin. "Heeey." Then the speech begins and his gaze wanders that way while he murmurs. "Melodramatic, isn't she?" He asks with a grin. Then she's announcing the winners and he perks up. "Brady won!! GO BRADY! GRAYHOPE!"

Merek is overheard praising Brady: Yay!

Cillian claps an w histles when Nova is called, "Yeah Nova!" he smiles to her and laughs when she whispers something in his ear and a blush comes to his cheeks as he claps and cheers for everyone.

When Magpie walks up behind her, Harper blinks and starts to say something then realizes who it is and just laughs. "Heya, love," she says a she leans back into him, a happy look settling on her face now. With a grin, she adds in a teasing tone, "Half your Shinies hearts just broke at seeing me here with you tonight." She lets out a loud cheer alongside Magpie's for Brady when his name is called. Loud enough to drown out some of the snarls as she looks over and gives them a grin, making it obvious that she's trying to.

"Hey, I just try to keep people smiling, Harper. I figure its hard to be upset with someone when you're smiling, right?" Lore offers to Harper with a chuckle and a shrug. She grins when she sees Magpie approaching and upnods him with a grin, "Hey Mags. How's it kicking?" Then Josephine is announcing prizes and she turns to watch with a grin. Laughing at the story, she glances back to the pair and murmurs, "Knowing da, it was probably him trying to wrangle money from her for something or another." Lore grins at the announcing of the winners, cheering and clapping for the trio.

"I will have to see if I can find some of that," Agostino responds to Lore's food suggestion, before going quiet to listen to Josephine address the crowd. As she begins to announce the winners, he applauds loudly; thankfully, he has consumed enough of the ale that he doesn't spill any of what is left in doing so.

"We also had the people's favourite. Those whom everyone took great delight in watching. In cheering along. Who felt deserved a little something." Josephine points out into the crowd. "Magpie Grayhope! Dragonweep, Alaricite or three hundred thousand, pick fast or I will pick for you, oh people's favourite!"

Merek lifts up his hand to wave in congratulations to Magpie and to the other winners also, with his cheering. He takes a drink of his wine as he does also.

Magpie just laughs, "Hey, I like having my own cheering squad. It's been a lot of fun and makes me feel young again." He teases, giving Harper a kiss on the cheek. Lore gets a smile, "It's alright. Same old same old. Yourself? You wanted to talk about-" Then he hears his name called and turns to look, true surprise on his face. "Me? Really? Wow! Thanks everyone!" He calls out with new enthusiasm, and hesitates only a moment before choosing, "Dragonweep! So I can make something pretty for my lovely wife. Sorry, Shinies. She stole my heart first."

Nova shuts up about all the romance Things about which she carried on for a short while there then looks up with curious eyes to Josephine. Third place gets called, and Nova yells out a congratulatory cheer over to Maja. Then, second place is called out, and she jaw drops! After the momentary shock from actually placing for so much silver, the wolfy scout grins big to Cillian! "Thank you!" She goes up, carefully manages her fish plate to never spill it, gratefully bows, pops up, and pick up her coin purse. "Thank you so much!" says she to Josephine. She also cheers for Brady and Magpie, too! "Good job!"

There are broken hearted shinies. One even throws down his bandana on the ground and pushes his way out of the park with a broken heart.

Magpie is overheard praising Josephine: An excellent tournament for the best people in the city!

Harper turns around and gives Magpie a quick kiss, saying, "Congrats!" His comments have her face turning pink, but the grin plastered on her face is one of pure happiness. Anyone that knows her, knows that it's not for the dragonweep either. Finally, regaining a bit of her composure, she lets out a loud cheer. Catching sight of the one leaving though, she looks sympathetic and says, "Awww, sorry!"

Harper is overheard praising Josephine: For the best tournament, ever! Eat your hearts out, silks!

Agostino does find one of those fish as he quietly slips away from the crowd.

Cecily, a coy secretary, Omero, a hulking bodyguard leave, following Agostino.

"And last!" She calls out. "The slips of paper. A prize once more. Demetria." Josephine looks to her daughter who runs her hand in a large chest with numbers. "fifty thousand silver, goes to...." A number is called out, one that co-incides with the one that Merek was given. "And with that done, my dears, my darlings, my fellow born not with silver spoons though some of us make them... Let us make the nobles hear us in their respective wards and be envious of our joy! Our heads should ache come tomorrow." And Josephines' done, one of her children helping her down.

Lore leans in towards Harper, wearing a grin, "I do love that woman. From her attittude to her jewelry..."

Maja has been here all along! Swear it! She's been hanging off to the side, chit-chatting away with the Giant of Solace. She was just a bit more, ah, subdued than usual since she spotted the Eldest Whisper in the crowd. However, now that he's gone and she will not earn any stern looks for hoopin' and hollerin' .. well, she starts hoopin' and hollerin'.

"Congratulations everyone," she trills merrily, clapping her hands. When the almost-Whisper is passed her winnings, she motions over a messenger, scrawls something on a bit of paper and sends him off with it /and/ the pouch of cash. "Well," she says -- to Jeffeth, to the people near her, to her Silkies. "..that was great fun now wasn't it?" The curly-haired cuties rolls up onto the balls of her feet and -- nope still too short to smooch Jeffy's cheek. So a hop is involves and her face smashes against the side of his face and her curls go all sproOooOoOOoOOooing!

Rowenova sets down her fish plate and her fish fork for a brief moment to properly applaud. "Thank you, Mistress Arcuri!" She picks up her food swag, though, then meanders back to where Cillian is but not without a wolfish grin about what Maja just did there.

Magpie is just grinning after collecting his prize, draping an arm around his wife's shoulders. "Well well well. Guess I'm not a has-been quite yet. How many people did you bribe to vote for me, dear?" He asks of his wife before giving Lore another smile. "So! What did you need? I don't know how long I'll be staying, I'm really sore."

Soot, a gray foxhound puppy, 3 Iron Guardsmen, Violet, a shopkeeper, 1 Crimson Blades Lieutenant arrive, following Petal.

"I voted for you, no bribe needed," Lore responds to Magpie with a alugh before giving a nod and leaning in to murmur something to him.

Harper grins over at Lore, then says, "Yup. Josephine made me a gown for the Commoner's Ball, and jewelry to match. Didn't charge a damned thing either. It later became my wedding dress and is the only dress I was ever happy as a lark to wear. She's a keeper." With another impish look, she adds in a conspiratorial whisper, "And it's the only dress I ever wore without a sword belt." She smiles over at Magpie when he returns, then says, "Love, you're far from a has-been. I can attest to that. But I'm not telling."

Petal arrives at the park while adorned in her simple clothing. She peeks over the area, trying to get a feel for things here. She seems to be looking for someone.

Peri points to Eddard's flannel shirt and tells him, "I wish I could find a shirt like that." Eina mutters something to Peri who then tells Eddard, "I can't stay for more music. I have to meet with someone." She heads out.

The Bull of Solace turns on his heel when Maja Darling announces it's time to be able to talk. Jeffeth turns slowly his cheeks full like a chipmunk. He found some food, apparently. There's some grease or sauce on his lips as he suddenly turns around with wide eyes. Chewing rapidly the big man brings up his fingers, rapidly licking them.

"Confgrfltffns!" Jeffeth mumbles through the mouthful before he is able to swallow down whatever he was able to get his greedy paws on. Looking down to Maja as she bounces up, Jeffeth lowers his head so Maja could kiss his cheek. Which ends up having their faces just crash together.

Jeffeth smiles broadly despite the face conflict.

Eddard is overheard praising Josephine: A wonderful series of festivities!

Peri is overheard praising Josephine: Everything is so lively and enjoyable here. She is generous and giving.

Magpie just smiles at whatever Lore whispers, nodding. "Of course. Happy to help out. I'll contact you tomorrow about the specifics." He promises, then grins and chuckles. "Well, thanks to both of your for your votes. I hear dragonweep gives a person good luck, so... it'll be nice to know Harper has a bit more luck on her side. I'll have to talk to Josceline about a necklace... Or maybe a bracelet."

Rowenova takes a bite of her fish. Then, after pulling her fork from her maw, Nova lightly nudges Cillian with her nearest elbow. Then, she motions forth -- with the fork in hand -- toward Petal. Then, she raises her fork to wave. "Mistress Petal!"

"You'll talk to -Joscelin-?" Josephine's brow goes up as she's going by Magpie and Harper. "Oh you cheeky Grayhope."

Petal smiles warmly to Rowenova, seemingly encouraged by her welcome and she starts in her direction. "Oh, Mistress Rowenova, hi." She says softly in her heavy accent. The girl seems a little shy about being here, but happy regardless. She smiles over to Josephine as well.

Grinning, Lore gives a nod, "She's done that a few times now. Won't lie, there are time I've been tempted... but I make plenty of money and it would go against the principle of the thing for me to ask for the free stuff." The whisper gets a laugh and shake of her head, "I can imagine! Caspian was wearing a sword when he asked me to marry him, and during our vows, too. I stick to my fists." Nodding to Magpie, she grins, "You just make sure that dragonweep turns into something -amazing- for Harper." Mention of going to Joscelin with it has her laughing once more, "Careful Mags, I hear Josephine is -wicked- accurate with those canes!"

Merek also cheers as he's called, moving to collect his price as he smiles also.

Cillian looks over as he is nudged and grins as he spots Petal, when she comes over to them he stands up and puts a hand out to her. "My Orchid." he says to her and leans in to press a kiss to her lips, "Please join us! We are eating some of the fish we caught! Well Mr Flops also tried to help as well." he chuckles.

Petal waves over to Merek and smiles to Lore. She then turns to Cillian. 'Oh, Cillian, hi." She says happily and starts in his direction, going to take a seat nearby the man. She returns the kiss and her cheeks are pink. "I will try some." She says and takes a morsel from Cillian's plate.

Harper just chuckles at all of the banter and wraps an arm around Magpie's waist, saying, "Thanks, love. You broke a few of your Shinie's hearts, though, I think. But maybe now, they'll stop trying to climb in our window in the middle of the night, yeah?" Her eyes sparkle impishly as she adds, "I was starting to worry that I'd have to kick some of their arses, soon." She grins at Josephine as she berates Magpie.

Magpie looks over at Josephine, laughing. "Listen, Joscelin would murder me if I went to anyone else. I'm more scared of her. Sorry!" Then he throws Lore a wink, "Oh, I have an idea for something amazing, don't worry." The man then leans in, murmuring to Harper. "You know, we could stay here and get drunk *or* we could head back home and make sure the Shinie's aren't trying to break into our room *now*. And I'd like to put some more time into that project we've been working on."

There is an audible 'donk' when Maja and Jeffeth's heads collide. See, she was jumping up to smooch him, he was bending down to help facilitate this and...


The young woman cries out sharply at first and then, after a brief stagger back, starts to giggle. "Is you head made of stone? Iron? Something else?" she asks as she rubs her noggin.

Ow. Ow, ow, ow.

Harper's cheeks turn an even brighter shade of pink than before as she grins up at Magpie. "Sure, sounds like we really oughta go defend our home then." But the look on her face makes it pretty clear that's not at all what she means. She keeps her arm wrapped around Magpie's waist and waves to everyone with her other hand, saying, "Nice seeing everyone! Grats to the winners and thanks Josephine!" With a wink to Lore, she adds, "See you later, beautiful."

The cracking heads draw Josephine's attention for a brief moment, then back to Magpie. "Even I agree. Though I still think mine is better. But she is scary when angry. Off with you, celebrate." Josephine herself seems to be off, Demetria joining her, off to make sure everything is running smoothly and that indeed, there's no food or drink running out.

Cillian has joined the a pair of redwood benches with slatted backs.

Petal has joined the a pair of redwood benches with slatted backs.

An Unremarkable Associate arrives, delivering a message to Maja before departing.

Rowenova has joined the a sturdy redwood picnic table with bench seats.

Jeffeth doesn't really seem tobe injured, bringing his hand up to scrub at his cheeks before looking down to Maja with a sympathetic smile. "Sorry, Darling. I think it's a type of soft stone." He murmurs, bringing one hand down to clap onto her shoulder, squeezing gently. He slowly takes a look around before looking back to Maja. "I think we were eating for too long, I think everyone's heading out."

Twitchy arrives, following Draven.

Zavi, Harper leave, following Magpie.

There is a wolf-framed woman with her fish plate set up before her upon the sturdy redwood picnic table. She lazily rests upon the associated bench while chowing down on meaty bites and curiously observing the party people here.

Some of her Silkies rush forward to ask if Maja's okay (yes, yes, I'm fine), does she needs a Mercy (no, you are very sweet though) and if she's feeling faint (not in the slightest!). She chuckles lightly at them as she continues to rub her head, especially when one member of her fan club offers to carry her home and another starts scolding Jeffeth for .. having a hard head? Yeah, something like that.

"Come," the slender Whisper says, tucking her hand in with Jeffeth's ham-sized paw. "Let's take a stroll." Turning slightly, she waves to those who remain and hollers out once more with feelings:

"Congratulations everyone and thank you for a wonderful tournament! May I meet you on the playing field again sometime." A wink is delivered and then? Maja /out/.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Merek before departing.

Merek looks at the messenger he receives then blinks a bit as he steps back and swallows, looking like someone has just hit him. He rubs at his face and shakes his head a bit.

Cillian is sitting with Petal and Nova eating and chatting at the table they are at.

Brother Chester, Maja leave, following Jeffeth.

Rowenova has left the a sturdy redwood picnic table with bench seats.

Rowenova has joined the a pair of redwood benches with slatted backs.

After peeking over toward Cillian and Petal, Nova shifts from the table to the benches where they are, taking along her plate of fish. "I think you may have caught this one, yes?" How would they even be able to tell?

Cillian smiles at Petal then looks to Nova, "I am not sure to be honesy." he leans in some resting on the table watching them both a goofy look on his face.

Rushing into the park in a whirlwind of enthusiastic vibrance, Draven bounces his way into the scene with his bright, cheerful smile, giggling about happily. Spying Rowenova, he darts full on towards her, rushing at her with his cheerful giggles as he launches at her with the hope she'll catch him. Either way, he beams happily as he presses a thousand million kisses to her neck and jaw. "Hi! Hey there! It's you! My favorite! My Nova! Hello! I love you! Did you miss me! I bet you did! I'm here! I missed you! Lots! So much!"

Those giggles give Draven away, and Nova quickly hands her plate off to Petal (or just sets it in her lap), so she can have her hands and arms free to do whatever she must do: catch and hug the flying Draven! Snuggling him right up, Nova serenely smiles, doing so unlike anything anyone had seen her do so far, doing so as if everything were suddenly right in this wretched world. "I did. Until you appeared, I was missing you and thinking about you, Love. It is good to see you." She happily accepts all those wonderful kisses, quietly rumbling with a grateful tone. She nuzzles deeply into Draven's neck, then peeks over to where Cillian is, "Do you wanna tell him the big news? Or should I?"

Cillian looks to petal leaning into her some watching Draven and Nova giving a laugh watching them, he shakes his head. "Go ahead if you like Nova." he smiles and leans to kiss petals cheek, "How is the fish?"

With some folks starting to depart, Lore makes her way over to Josephine, smiling at the older woman and giving a nod, "This was good. I'm glad I was able to help. Perhaps next year we can do something even bigger. Really blow it all out." Looking around at the revelry, she chuckles, "I wonder how many will end up near the docks and emptying their bellies back into the sea by night's end?"

Unrelenting in all of those kisses that Draven places on his Nova's neck and jaw, he snuggles warmly into her as she wraps him up in those loving arms of hers. "Oh! Yay! I'm glad you are feeling better! I want you to feel the best! But not right here in front of everyone! At home!" He giggles out cheerfully, then he peeks over at Cillian at the mention of 'big news'. "You're pregnant!" He accuses happily, then he glances back at Nova for confirmation.

"You think this could be bigger?" Josephine asks Lore as she comes by. To the question asked, there's a laugh. "A good third likely. When things are free with no limit, people tend to go to excess I find."

Rowenova lets out a hearty laugh off sideways after Draven's words about how feeling better has to be a home activity. She grins back with a quick nod. "Same. Always want you to feel good, too, Love." She cracks up once more after the pregnancy mention. "No, but Cillian and Petal will marry. They would like for you to be a food wizard for their festivities, if you want to be." Then, there are even more snugs for the Lycene man.

"Oh, I think we could spill this all the way down to the Palace gates if we wanted to. It would just take more.. planning, and silver. Always more silver." Lore gives a chuckle as she glances around before looking back to Josephine with a grin, "So very true. Besides, perhaps next year I can offer more than I did this time. Some extra prizes or maybe a game or something for the people that show up to the party."

"Oh! Yes! I knew they were getting married!" Draven giggles out happily, biting down onto her jaw playfully, then he releases her at the mention of him being the food wizard, and spins towards Cillian, launching himself at him next, regardless of whether the man sits or stands. "Oh! Yes! Of course! I'll cast a food spell on you all! I'll cook all of the foods! So much foods! Oh! We should talk about my fee!" He giggles. "So! It's quite expensive to hire me! So expensive! Most people can't afford it! I require six weeks worth of hugs! So many hugs! I'll happily accept hugs from each of you! Oh! If you want to team work the hugs, that's smart! Good idea! Most people can't afford that many hugs though! Can you! Can you do it! I bet you can! Watch!"

"I think we could very well do that, provided we had more time indeed instead of a month. Nearly two million when all is said and done I think, this has cost. Not bad if you ask me for nearly a week of celebrating. We'll discuss it more next year hmmm?" Josephine nods to Lore.

That jaw bite from Draven brings out a deep rumble from Nova who flushes red (but does not technically blush because there is no shy expression here). Though, she easily releases him from what were her hugging arms when he moves, wolfishly grins, and visually tracks him. She picks up her fish plate again, grinning momentarily to Petal before looking back to Cillian and Draven.

Cillian laughs as he happly hugs Draven when he launches himself at him, "I think I can handle the hugs all that you require." he chuckles happly looking to Petal and Nova as he hugs the other man happly not seeming to care that he has a draven in his lap now?

"Absolutely. I'll look forward to it," Lore offers with a grin. She glances around again, then lets out a breath, "I think I'll head home for now, though. I still have a few deliveries to make before the night is through, so my celebration will have to wait until business is taken care of." Reaching out, she gives Josephine a hug, "Do let me know if I can help with anything, though. I might even be joining you in the ranks of the crafters soon." Lore stands then and smiles, "Have a good evening, and thank you again, this was amazing."

Not only a Draven, but a wild Draven! A wild lap Draven! He giggles happily, squeezing Cillian and then bouncing out of the other mans are shuffling and shimmying around in a happy little dance as he backs up to Nova and reaches down to steal away one of her hands, if she lets him. Though, he does at least seem cognitive of the fish plate in her hands too.

"Be well Lore." Josephine bids her a farewell before off to tend to further matters.

To Cillian, Nova grins. Though, when Draven moves to take her hand, there is a slight shift to secure the fork with the plate before she sets it down again. Afterwards, she moves both hands, one to be taken by his and one of hers to clasp around his around hers, her ring on the outside of the bunch.

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