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Art Encouragement Party

Lady Videl Igniseri wants to encourage people to take up brush and easel, and experience the joy of turning one's imagination into a visible image upon canvas. All are welcome, from the talented and inexperienced to those who have never held a paintbrush before. Material and equipment will be supplied to those interested in participating.

Volunteers willing to pose welcome, but Lady Videl Igniseri cannot guarantee anyone will take up such an offer. Free food and drink for all who come, whether painting, posing or merely socializing.


March 2, 2019, 2:30 p.m.

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Gianna Alaric Lisebet Perronne Malcolm Jasher Roxana Martino Liara Jyri Kyden Vasile Preston Quenia Jaenelle Zeriax Skye Ysabel



Arx - Ward of the Lyceum - Domus Igniseri - Atrium

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Ramona - A Farshaw House Guard, 3 Farshaw novice guards, 1 Farshaw trained guards, Bigsby - A Thoughtful Looking Young Man in Nondescript Clothing arrive, following Lisebet.

1 Grayson House Guards arrives, following Liara.

Videl stands near the gates into the Atrium, a glass of wine in her hands. She's not wearing quite the usual silks, instead white cotton gloves and a matching apron are worn, both long-stained with old paints. Still, she isn't painting.

Onida, a boglands wolf-hound, Tero the Iron Hound, Outi the Iron Hound, Gene Erique, Guardsman, 3 Iron Guardsmen arrive, following Jyri.

Gianna swans in, clad in bard blue and sapphires. It's her official Nightingale raiment. Nothing says humble and modest like giving yourself a title and making an outfit for it. She's been seen in it before, of course, at the Legendary Gala. Does she intend to paint in it?

Alaric and retinue roll in along with special guest knight Prince Jasher. The King seems to be doing his best to psych Jasher up for future painting success. "And don't worry about making mistakes! Art is all about experimentation," he proclaims confidently as he glances about to see what's up.

Lisebet quietly slips in, without saying anything. She does however pause, offering a curtsey to the king, and then a smaller one to the hostess. "I do hope I'm not late," she offers lightly.

Perronne arrives, looking bright-eyed and rather terrifyingly enthusiastic. She's wearing silks, but at least she does have an apron slung over one shoulder, and it looks stained enough that it could stand to be stained some more. She looks around with interest. "This sounds like great fun! And we'll be making things! Things are pretty nice, especially when you make them yourself." Who is she talking to? No one. Basically just rambling out loud, although she does drop curtsies to various nobility and royalty as she wanders.

Malcolm's shown up, looking every inch the part of the Crownlands Duke that he is (still trying real hard to be.) The finery's -- well, it's fine -- but simple enough to act as a backdrop for his being. All personable and cheery, Malcolm offers crooked smiles to everyone that he sees as he prepares himself for a fine afternoon of trying to paint and failing spectacularly at it. "Hello, hi, hallo there. How ya'll do?"

Jasher follows near the king and his retinue, black and white (and the blue and red highlights), and though his expression is calm otherwise, his complexion appeared to have taken a slightly greenish tint not caused by any paint. "I see," he replies towards Alaric's psych-up session, his tone just this side of faint.

Roxana has been here for a few minutes, wearing a new silk dressing gown and little else, the belt holding it tight looking extremely temporary. Perhaps she's here to volunteer her body as a human model, which she would be entirely convinced is a deeply generous act. She does notice His Majesty entering, dipping her head to him in greeting and adding with amusement in her voice, "I did not know you were such an expert on art. Or did I? Who can remember." Her catlike green eyes eventually pick out Videl, who appears to potentially be in charge. "Let me know if you need me to...inspire your artists." Roxy grins.

Martino tucks his left arm beneath his torso and bows low, formal, first to the King and his gathered men. Another follows to the host and then the fellow Nobility. Familiar, his sharp green eyes, seek those he has met before.

Liara's definitely not dressed to do any sort of painting, instead wearing a seasilk outfit in the Grayson colours. She pauses to greet Videl with a quick smile. "I am rather looking forward to this, my lady. Not that I can paint. I am just curious to see it all. Do let me know if you are seeking a model, though it rather looks as if Princess Roxana has that much in hand." She flashes a grin Roxana's way.

Jyri enters with little fanfare, sort of militaristically marching before stopping and looking around at the place itself, studying it with open curiosity a moment. Seeing those easels, he perks up and smiles wide before nodding greetings to familiar faces, studying the gathering with his one eye for now.

"Anyone can paint, Your Highness," Perronne informs Liara with entirely unwarranted confidence. "You just take something and swish paint about on the canvas, or the cloth, or the wood, or the floor. Doesn't have to be a brush, even! There was a very popular fingerpainting movement in the Lyceum about two hundred and fifty years ago, as it happens, and they produced some beautiful work on wood paneling. See? Easy!" She beams at the princess, then waves to Jyri as he arrives. "Are you going to art?"

"Thank you for coming, Whisper Gianna. It's good to see you again." Videl greets, continuing on to others, "Your highness, thank you for coming, it's an honor. Ah, prince Jasher, I believe we'll be travelling together, sooon." On towards Lisebet, "Quite on time, thank you." Next she greets, Perronne, "Welcome to Domus Igniseri, make yourself at home." She goes down the list, "Duke Shepherd, good to see you again, how do you do?" Next, Roxana, "There's chairs and benches, if people need a model and ask me, I will be glad to direct them to you. Please take a drink while you wait." Next she answers Liara, "Always good to see you, your highness. Thank you for coming."

Galina, the glorious Graypeak Mountain dog have been dismissed.

"Your Majesty," Gianna greets Alaric. She bows slightly forward; Jasher gets a nod, and then the room in general. One eyebrow arches at Liara's words, and her gaze shifts to Roxana. "That's a lovely dressing gown," she informs the Princess. To Videl, she says, "I'm here to inspire, if you'll have me." She touches her collarbone with one sapphire-ringed hand and, for a few moments, manages to look demure.

Kyden walks in wide eyed, the sculptors hammer and chisel tucked in her belt made of ship's line. Looking a bit out of place the lanky woman starts to inspect an easel and canvas. She dips her finger in the paint and smells it then wipes it on her already art smeared dress. The dress is barely more than rags made of sailcloth. She's covered in dried clay and red paint. Looking for help from someone that knows what their doing "Ah, could someone teach me how to use this stuff?" her voice a thick pirates cant.

Jasher looks at Videl, an eyebrow lifting. Nausea induced by stomach butterflies is forgotten at the painter's statement. "We will?" He says. "Where are you assigned to?"

Martino meanders through the room, bringing himself closer to the Duke Malcolm as he inclines his head low, "A good morning to you, good Duke and a pleasure to see you again. One does hope all is well?" He asks, his fingertips resting for a moment on his chest and tunic.

"Whisper Gianna, you look lovely as always. I'm quite sure I'm already inspired," Lisebet says with a smile. She inclines her head to Roxana as well. "With such beauty and generosity, how can we go wrong?" There is amusement, as she inclines her head to Prince Jasher. "Your Highness, are you painting or modelling?" She might not be able to resist the tease.

"We're makin art, is that it? Jayus bless an' forgive me ahead a'time on account of not knowin brush from brush, paint from paint. I know colors, thankfully --" Malcolm looks up from the array of art that's laid out to look at Martino. He squints at him a little, smiles broadly, and his shoulders lift toward his ears. "Good 'nough, I'd say my lord. An' yourself?" He turns, dipping into a casual - but still respectful bow. "Princes and Princesses all." Then again, a wee bit lower without stumbling, "Yer Majesty -- good t'see you here too. Heard you were quite the painter."

"I think I'll take my inspiration from the Lyceum t'day and try this fingerpaintin thing. Fingerpaints and a model. What could go wrong?" Malcolm asks, grinning.

Liara gives a little laugh at Perronne's words, and replies, "Truly? I am sure it was some very touching design." She drifts further on through to fetch some wine, because there's some going, after all. Spotting Kyden, she brightens with a smile, and speaks up, "Mistress Kyden. Lovely to see you again. I almost certainly can't help you, but I look forward to seeing what you come up with."

Perronne grins at Videl. "Careful, my lady. This is a beautiful home and I might not want to leave." She picks her way through to find an easel and put on her apron. The canvas is stared at, narrow-eyed for a long moment, as if painting might simply be a matter of willing the images to appear. Then the brushes and palette get the same long, intense stare. Then she peeks around the canvas to look at all the rest gathering around, like someone trying to cheat on an exam. Malcolm's words get an enthusiastic thumbs up in his direction.

Jyri bows to the king, then greets the hostess with a few simple but hearfelt words; "Lady Igniseri, this is a great event, thank you for hosting it." He gives Perronne a lopsided smile and a vague gesture. "We'll see how it goes, but I'll take up a brush... or maybe I'll try that fingerpaintin' too," he says, snickering at what Malcolm says. "Last time I did something like this, we had our pets do prints on the canvases. Messy but fun."

"Thank you for hosting and giving beginners the opportunity to experience the arts, Lady Videl," Alaric declares upon encountering the hostess. "I'm looking forward to a delightful afternoon." he inquires, indicating the knight. "Prince Jasher here is indeed looking to try his hand at painting. Are there any instructors, coaches or the like on hand to help guide him?" He smiles to Roxana. "Ah, Roxana! I'm an expert in everything, I thought everyone knew that," he quips. "And Mistress Gianna, lovely to see you here as well. It seems we're spoiled for choice of models today, how delightful. And Duke Malcolm, good day! I do turn out the occasional work of art, it's true. I think my reputation as a painter somewhat outstrips my talent, though."

Martino rests his right hand down upon his heart as he inclines his head low to Duke Malcolm, "Good Duke, I believe that is all one needs to start as, well the worst of all, one can call it a new style of painting. No?" He faint, wry curl of his lips follows as he gestures with his right to a pre-prepared canvas, "Shall we though, good Duke"

Liara is overheard praising Videl: A splendid idea for a party!

Kyden beams at Liara, "So good to see you too! I pulled myself away from my art to ... well learn more art" The nautical lass laughing at her own words.

Roxana finds Gianna's hand and flashes her a grin. "Come then, even if they are all fingerpainting, we should still inspire. Who knows when the urge to sketch something will arrive? The human form is one of arts great challenges." With that she seeks out the wooden swing and brings Gianna along if the lady will follow. Once there, her dressing gown drops revealing a form tan and bare, that she settles onto the swing and poses with a twist of the back, allowing gathered umbra sheets to reveal and conceal in equal measure, making for a proper odalisque.

Perronne is overheard praising Videl: Art for the Art God, Paint for the Paint Throne!

Vasile makes a belated entrance, studying the art materials on display with a clearly curious look. He doesn't seem likely to indulge, though.

The artist then asks Liara "I just opened a statuary west of Judgment green, I only have a couple small pieces on display so far but you must grace me with a stroll on the grounds." Kyden then seeing Martino excuses herself and makes her way to the man. She waits till he has a free moment and whispers in his ear.

Preston steps into the atrium, his armour discarded for a day in his rather simple linens, the only sign that the young lad is a knight being the tightly cut blond hair on his head and the sword belt tied around his waist, its end tucked back down under the buckle. A nice diamondplate sword and a rather plain one sit there at his hip, the pair of scabbards jostling as he walks. Preston lingers near the edges at the entrance until he hears Jayus get mentioned and he does indeed join in "May Jayus bless all who attempt craft - though beauty is often found in product, it is also found in the attempt to create."

Never has a man looked so uncomfortable in his own skin than Jasher has at this moment. He shifts as if his clothes had abruptly become two sizes too small. "I am," he replies stiffly. "I have not painted before. I would appreciate instruction." He sounds as if he had to wring the admission out of his own throat by force.

The guardsmen of the Domus Igniseri immediately snap to attention and salute the arriving Countess of the March of Granato.

The guardsmen of the Domus Igniseri immediately snap to attention and salute the arriving Countess of the March of Granato.

The guardsmen of the Domus Igniseri immediately snap to attention and salute the arriving Countess of the March of Granato.

Quenia drops barrel of Igniseri wines from Granato.

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"Yes, my lord Malvici, let's get about this --" Malcolm perches onto a stool, set before an easel. He isn't real sure where to start, truthfully, so he'll wait until there's opportunity to mimic the actions of others. Paint pots. Palettes. Brushes. Though he does peel off his gloves, pairs them together to tuck them into his belt, and he prepares to art with just his fingers. Warming them up with a wriggle, a flex, and a crackling of knuckles.

Gianna blinks when her hand is taken, but walks with Roxana to the swing and seats herself. She takes a few moments to arrange the fall of her skirt, and when she's arranged them just so, Roxana is already naked. Well, alright then. Another blink, and she offers, "Gianna Whisper, Nightingale of the Bard's College. Well met."

Martino curls his lips to Kyden as she approaches to him. His left hand rolling forth to her as he inclines his head, "Ah Kyden Black... oh worry not now. Might I?" his left presented to hers, as he adds, "Before we sit with the Duke Malcolm? We shall discuss it later."

Lisebet watches people at first, seeing where everyone ends up. She meanders to get a glass of wine, still not deciding if she's painting or not. Perhaps she's just here to encourage? Jasher's uncomfortableness gets a softened look from her, and she says, "Painting is easy - painting well, perhaps not." There's a bit of a nod, and then she says, "Mind you, I am no teacher, alas."

12 House Velenosa Guards, Ibasia, the Velenosa Lady-in-Waiting arrive, following Jaenelle.

Though this event may be hosted by Videl, Quenia has seen to it that the servants bring out the large barrel containing the left over wine items from the Igniseri Wine Extravaganza. The better to ply people with alcohol. She gives a few quiet directions to the servants, and glasses of wine start flowing around the place, black currant and black cherry, peach wine, and their Zephyr's wine. Once that task is complete she makes her way over to her cousin and says to Videl, "Quite the turn out today."

Perronne peeks around the canvas again, to see Roxana...well. She turns beet red and sticks her head back behind the canvas. A clearing of her throat, before she's smiling over to Jasher. "Your Highness, just remember to have fun with it. You're not trying to be good, you're just...trying!" A firm nod to Lisebet. "And it'll be FUN."

Malcolm checked luck + artwork at difficulty 15, rolling 2 lower.

Kyden nods to Martino and scans the room after he excuses himself. Her wide eyes once they find Roxana are mesmerized. She moves closer to the woman and pulls out a scrap of paper and a charcoal nub, she quite forgets her place and stoops to the ground writing calculations and looking back to the model. After each problem solved long form on the ground she makes a notation on her scrap of paper. After tucking the paper away and putting the charcoal back behind her ear she says something quietly to Roxana.

Perronne checked luck + artwork at difficulty 15, rolling 13 higher.

Alaric idly directs a few of his knights to stake out an easel and some of the art supplies for him while waiting to see how Jasher's doing. Having brought him over, he's sort of responsible for how the guy's introduction to painting goes, apparently. "Well, if there aren't too many coaches about I'd be happy to sort of oversee your progress instead of painting my own work," he offers.

Martino slightly chuckles to Kyden as she dips down to calculate, "No... no. /With/ me and the Duke... come join us." With that he steps and takes up the easel beside the Duke Malcolm and lifts his chin to gaze upon the models. Planning with a loose piece of charcoal.

Jasher looks at Alaric and shakes his head, once. "While I appreciate it, I will not remove you from your own time," he says. "Paint as you will. Perhaps I can look at how you, or the others, paint." He nods towards the people who are already taking brush to easel and bringing their world to life in broad--and thin--strokes.

Videl greets the others as they arrive, then goes to wander through the crowd to see what everyone is doing. Roxana gets a bemused smile, Malcolm gets a, "My lord, if you..." And then some practical suggestions on fingerpainting interspersed with artistic commentary, Videl isn't the best teacher.

Perronne goes back to staring at her palette and her canvas. Then she peeks around to see Roxana and Gianna, giving them the same stare she gave the tools. When she settles back into place, she picks up a brush pretty much at random, chooses a bright color, and sort of - splashes enthusiastically at the canvas. This, weirdly enough, works for her: while no one could claim the resulting painting taking shape is a /faithful/ representation, it's bright and cheerful and might eventually be recognizable as two women on a swing.

Kyden nods to Roxana before returning with Martino to the Duke. "I am sorry my lord, when the muse strikes I must follow it." The lanky woman then sits near the men at her own easel looking at it with some consternation.

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Preston reaches into a pocket to pull out an apple as he begins to walk around behind the painters and drawers and...finger pokers? look at some of the work. He stops for a oment near Alaric to give a bow of his head to the monarch "Majesty." He offers before he looks a bit harder at some of the work, taking a bite of the fruit as he watches. Jasher is also given a smile "Prince Jasher. It has been...well, I think years?"

Jyri gets paints and brushes and gets to work - he watches the models with a squint for a few seconds, looking thoughtful. Perhaps seeking that inspiration. It seems to work either or as he starts painting, outlines first. "I can give some pointers," he says randomly to anyone nearby to hear it. "I mean..." He turns to look at Perronne's work there and looks quite intrigued. "I love that," he tells her. He's rather well known for using very bright colors himself, so she's given an appreciative smile. Oddly, his own color choice right now? Grays and blacks.

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Lisebet checked luck + artwork at difficulty 15, rolling 3 higher.

No one has ever claimed that Jaenelle is an artist, but here she is cheering on those who are able! Greeting those she walks by with a smile and polite dip of her head, she walks around the set up easels, peeking at those who've already begun to work on whatever it is people are painting. As she reaches Quenia's selections of wine, she claims one for herself for such a good job of walking she has done.

"I shall certainly endeavour to, Mistress Kyden," Liara offers by way of easy reply. Then she gets back to her wine, turning her gaze across the others present. The sight of Roxana and Gianna draws another amused grin from Liara, then on she goes, on a little stroll, over to ... Perronne, looking on with some curiosity from a safe-ish from paint splattering distance.

Zeriax was late to the art encouragement party. The man didn't paint, at least, not with a brush, but that didn't stop him from wanting to go. To see all the wonderful designs people could come up with, to see what was in their hearts and on their minds. All of the typical philosophical nonsense that went along with a life of alcoholism. Apparently, the latter part was what kept him. Looking almost like he'd just rolled out of bed, Zeriax shuffled in looking like he had the worst hangover of his life. Even so, his amber eyes were still positively electrified. There were so many people! much ''noise''. There were familiar faces and others that weren't, but for the time being, he settled with simply shambling about, taking in the sights of people's creations. Maybe with a little quiet groaning.

Lisebet glances at Perronne, and she chuckles, moving that way. "Fun is definitely what it should be," she says easily. "Perhaps I shall join you, Mistress Perronne?"

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"Ah, Sir Preston, it's nice to see you here today," Alaric declares affably before regarding Jasher decisively. "Absolutely not! Having lured you out here with a promise of introducing you into art, I am now wholly honorbound to make sure it happens," he declares resolutely. "I'll tell you what. You decide what you're painting, and I'll assist by mixing colors and picking brushes for you, and the like."

Perronne beams at Jyri. "Thank you! Your art is always lovely, so that's very flattering!" She leans over to peer at his canvas. "Ohhh, that's going to look nice. You're going to capture the umbra well!" She snaps back upright as Liara and Lisebet approach. The former is given a paint-flecked wave, and the latter, and enthusiastic, "The more the merrier!"

A clothed Gianna is just not getting the same kind of attention a nude Roxana is. There's a little frown, like she's considering something - maybe stripping down herself? But she just tilts her chin up at a haughty angle and endeavours to hold very, very still. Her gown has lovely drapery, at least?

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Martino checked luck + artwork at difficulty 15, rolling 4 higher.

Kyden leans over to Martino, she has not painted a drop and him just finishing a masterpiece "I should be taking lessions from you my lord!" Her piraty voice truly impressed.

Malcolm listens, and loosely interprets those lessons from Videl into his own style which can be easily summed up as: bright -- but botched. Expressive swishes of color slash the canvas with a swipe of his hand, then dots of colors from his fingertips. Details are added, perhaps, but the cheerful colors start to muddy if he blends them in too much. He leaves them be. His eyebrows see-saw as his expression shifts, considerate - inspired - pensive - focused -- pleased. His enthusiasm gathers and those colors muddy further. There's shapes. A lot of blue and green. The dog might have been able to paint better than this, really. The rest is left to the viewer's imgaination.

Liebet settles by Perronne and she grins. She puts an apron on to at least nominally protect her gown. And then she starts to paint at the easel she's selected. It seems to take a lot of thought and it's not really complex, but it is definitely a small meadow, a couple trees. A bird in the sky. Maybe a waterfall? Or else the sky is falling. She giggles as that thought occurs to her, and then pauses to look over at Jyri's and Perronne's work.

Martino's continues to work the sketching charcoal over the canvas before, sharp lines trace the model ahead. A heavy darkness falling from neckline down. A curl of the bedsheet gathered up. He glances across to Kyden, a gently laugh escapes as he shakes his head, "Now, now Mistress Kyden. This is truly, really, just the start. The outlines of our wonderful models."

Roxana does her best to hold still, her pose evocative of so many of the female form, with her body facing away from many of the painters, the dark sheet draped around her waist, and her neck craning to observe the 'audience' from this position. She murmurs with Gianna in low tones that don't seem to distract, though they only exchange a few words, focusing on holding still.

Kyden looks to Martino as he address her and she nods solmnly. "You are right. But artists are always our own worst critics." She jests at him with out a smile, but with a slight raise of the eyebrows. The sculptor finally dips brush to paint and leans to the canvass.

Jyri looks boyishly pleased by Perronne's praise. He just grins wide and seems to enjoy himself immensely here, surrounded by the thing he loves to do; painting. "Still can't paint people that well, but gotta keep trying," he notes and is working on an outline of Roxana, it seems. "Uusually don't got a model however." He squints at a sudden thought but keeps that one to himself, ducking behind the canvas again.

After shambling around, noticing what people were painting, Zeriax couldn't help but do a double-take when he noticed who was modelling. Then he gingerly brough hands to his eyes, as if to wipe them clear of whatever blurred them. Then he looked back to the painters. "Hmmm..." An idea started to form in his mind. It took him a little longer to pick out Videl Igniseri, but once he saw her, the man began to shamble his way towards her. "H...hail, Lady Igniseri." He wheezed, clearing his throat directly after.

Once she compliments her cousin on the turn out for the day, Quenia starts meandering around the grounds, shushing the guards when she passes close by so they don't go off and salute her again. She joins those in the patch of poppies first, offering warm smiles to Lisebet and Perronne. "Domus Igniseri is no stranger to the arts," she notes to Perronne. "Our own Lady Lucita, now Baroness-Regent of House Saik, is a singer amongst our family, and we rather appreciate art of all sorts here. What is it you are painting today?" she asks.

"Sir Preston." Jasher's discomfiture is set aside for a nod and a smile of his own. Well, the attempt of one. He still looks as though something chafes. "It has been years. Perhaps we can catch up at a good time."

Then he looks at Alaric. "Very well," he finally says, apparently having decided that he wasn't going to contravene the king on this point. "I will try to paint"--his blue eyes sweep the room, looking around, then lands on what he presumes is a statuette of a bird--"that."

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"Well, your majesty." Preston answers Alaric "I am told I should get out more. And in truth I wondered if your former Palace Seraph might be lurking here. But either way, it is good to see the beauty we can bring, before marching off to war." Preston peers across at some of the paintings, whether casting some great critical eye or desperately trying to work out how you tell good art from bad, who knows. As Jasher speaks though, his attention returns to them and he smiles warmly "Well, we do work closely with Thrax in the Templars - and well. There is sadly no shortage of need for us. The city still seems heavy with some kind of tension, even though His Majesty made his most wise and thought out response to the offers."

Videl smiles towards Zeriax, "Hello." She greets, "I don't believe I've had the fortune of meeting you before." She doesn't seem to mind, just a polite way to phrase 'who are you?' The Igniseri painter takes a step back from the crowd to join a smaller group and prepares to observe.

Lisebet inclines her head to Quenia, as she arrives. "Countess Quenia, how nice to see you!" she exclaims, easily enough. "I'm sticking to something simple so I can perhaps create a small piece of art that doesn't look like I threw up all over it." Her words are sunny, but it seems she's had some experience before with the muddifying effect Malcolm is running into. And perhaps has a way to avoid it, even if her work ends up looking like it was painted by an eight year old.

Perronne chatters quietly to Lisebet for a moment, before turning her attention back to her canvas. She is apparently trying to add a bit of whimsy to an already somewhat whimsical painting, and a bird - a nightingale of course - is starting to take shape on the bench beside Gianna. When Quenia approaches, she pauses to curtsy, and smiles. "I've heard wonderful thing about Baroness Lucita's voice, yes. Um, this is just the two models. And a bird. Which is /sort/ of birdlike, but I don't think I'm going to get the beak quite right. Beaks are strange. Do you think I could just leave it off? But that seems cruel, because how would it sing? It'd be very Artistic, though," she muses, and the capital letter can be clearly heard.

"Are you teaching my cousin to paint?" Jaenelle asks, wine glass in hand, as she reaches Alaric's forgotten easel and Jasher's promise holding one, turning to see what will be painted. "Prince Jasher" she then greets with a smile, "Your Majesty" given afterwards with a more formal curtsey. "Do you charge for your lessons, Your Majesty? I have heard the proper amount anyone should charge for anything is 37 silver pieces paid throughout a two hundred year period" The Preston is smiled at next, "Sir Preston, I have felt as if we would never see one another again."

Gianna is overheard praising Videl: Painting? A delightful idea for a gathering. Thank you for allowing me to be a model.

Liara grins as she watches what starts to take shape on Perronne's easel, and wonders, after chuckling a bit, "How could a beakless bird be less strange than one with merely a funny beak? Unless it's looking away from everyone, I suppose. Just paint the bird's back?" Following that quip, her gaze flits briefly back and forth between the easel and the two on the swing, then she starts to step on around to see what else is going on.

Alaric regards the 'that' curiously. "Ah, that bird? Well, hopefully it won't fly off on us, but I suppose we can give it a try," he declares confidently, snapping his fingers as a few of his knights move to set up all the painting stuff into a good birdwatching spot. He grins at Preston. "Well, thank you for the kind words. I'm afraid I haven't seen Ailith about, though. Are you going to try a bit of painting? It is a function for beginners, after all. And best of all, House Igniseri has graciously agreed to handle all the clean-up," he quips. Jaenelle gets a particularly bright smile at her arrival. "Ah, Archduchess-Regent Jaenelle, always a delight. I am not charging -anything- for my assistance to your cousin Jasher here today, as it happens, although that does sound like an interesting fiscal arrangement were it to gain widespread popularity."

"Hello." Zeriax mimicked. "I'm Zeriax. Now you may consider yourself fortunate." Did he just... "I heard about this event and wanted to come and see what inspired people. Or what was inspired." He looked around, bowing his head to her slightly. "Thank you for hosting this event. I was curious...did you have any other models show up? I know I might look a bit out of sorts right now, not exactly in my best shape...but inspiration comes from many places, yes?" He wasn't hiding the fact whatsoever that even as cut up, bruised, and battered as he was, the man thought about modelling. Why not, when there was a nude princess over down yonder? "Is there a place I should move, or anything required from me aside form my patience?"

Malcolm looks up, peering over the canvas, squinting at the models for a moment. "-- HM. How to capture the flow an' fall of that umbra and bard-blue? HOW?" He shrugs, whirling a fingertip in a spot of color before he spirals it around on the canvas. Then, pausing, he take a look around at the work of others. "Wow. I'm real impressed. Mind, if I were tooling leather -- I might've had a little more style to offer." Maybe. Or not.

Quenia gracefully inclines her head in Lisebet's direction. "Lady Lisebet. Thank you for coming to my cousin's event." She looks over at the piece of artwork the Farshaw woman is concocting. "I think, whatever you end up creating, will be beautiful. Art is about expression, after all, isn't it?" To Perronne, she adds, "It doesn't even have to be perfect. Sometimes, mistakes or our inability to do something, just makes it all that much more. Or, so I'm told," she comments softly.

Roxana is overheard praising Videl: I appreciated the opportunity to model for artists and serve as a Muse.

Perronne smiles at Quenia. "That's a good point, my lady. And I'm just having a little bit of fun, so it doesn't really matter if the bird is right, or not." This doesn't stop her from frowning fiercely at the painting, as if daring the bird to NOT be right. Liara's suggestion is given a thoughtful frown. "Hm. HMMM. That would be easier," she admits. "But it feels like avoiding the risk. A dishonorable retreat from artistic battle. No, no. I must press on, wield my weapon proudly, and triumph or fall in glory." A firm nod, and then she takes a deep breath before scrunching her face up and dabbing the painting with yellow paint. A beak is born.

Martino is seemingly single-minded, for perhaps a change, on the painting before him. Putting down the charcoal, he now begins to fill in with paints. Reds, blues. Thick mix of them before the brush strokes careful.

Roxana is overheard praising Kyden: I'm so grateful for meeting Kyden at the art event, and perhaps inspiring her to sculpt me one day.

Skye arrives late to the party, a flurry of skirts and hopeful look on her face that she's not too late for the party. She glances around for Videl, the hostess of the party, giving sweet smiles and polite nods to others as she makes her way deeper into the party.

"It won't fly off--" Jasher begins, brows furrowing in confusion, then squints at the 'statuette' of Flutter. He blinks once. "I see," he says, then he sees the Majesty's knights set up a good birdwatching--and birdpainting--spot with enviable efficiency. Judging by the way the lesser prince watches, he's probably taking notes.

Once everything is set up, he'll remove his coat, bundling it for one of his own knights to hold. Sleeves are reluctantly rolled up, revealing the discoloured criss-crosses of faded scars as he looks over the blank canvas, then at the bird, brows knotting in contemplation.

Gianna doesn't dare move to so much as incline her head to various people that she really ought to politely incline her head to. Hopefully, she can be forgiven. Resplendent in her bard blue Nightingale gown and sapphires, she sits very still. Except her nose is itchy. She wrinkles it. Sniffs.

Quenia grins at Perronne. "I'm sure, whatever you do, once it's done your piece will be as lovely as the ones found within your shop. I was once gifted with a lovely harp from there, and I've even taken to learning how to use of it late," she tells the merchant woman. "Though, I am not nearly as good as Lucita is in such matters."

Perronne brightens even further at Quenia. "You have the harp? Oh, I'm so pleased to hear it! That one was such a find," she admits, a little wistfully. "Instruments rarely survive the centuries of neglect that many of them are exposed to, and so many beautiful pieces are lost when instruments are abandoned in a keep or shipwreck." A sigh. "I can understand why - I mean, no one needs music, and if you have to choose between food and a harp, pick the food every time. But I was delighted to recover that one in working order, and moreso to hear that it found a good home."

"I fear I am a poor artist, your highness" Preston admits as Alaric asks if he will join in "Not just beginner but, it requires a way of thinking that I think might be too late for me to learn. I was forged like iron into a sword for the Faith, and like a sword I am not much use outside my purpose. Short of being reforged into a ploughshare." Preston pauses as he watches Jasher get ready to paint "And, there are those better at it than me. I came to enjoy watching people give worship to Jayus, even if that is not their intent."

"She is very good," Lisebet says about Lucita, though she leaves it there. Her attention is on Perronne's painting now, rather than her own, and she watches, holding her breath as the other woman goes in for the beak. There is approval and amusement both on Lisebet's face, with this particular challenge. "A triumph, Mistress Perronne?" she asks curiously. Though the discussion about the harp is quietly listened to, curiously. Lisebet does also note that Princess Jaenelle is here, and that brings a slight frown to her face, as though she's thinking - aha! She's remembered something.

"Cabbage's food --" Malcolm quips, and he ducks his head behind the canvas to laugh deeply. "Though if you should get in more, er, interestin artworks like that Perronne, I'll be in yer shop quicker than a cat can wink. That cabbage real ties the room together."

"You might simply indicate that the bird is moving forward and the suggestion is that the viewer should follow it onwards," Liara suggests to Perronne, with a wink, as she strolls on round to consider what others are up to. She happens across Malcolm's spot next, and stands a short way back to consider the Shepherd's possibly-worse-than-what-the-dog-could-do production.

Martino pauses a moment to peer around his canvas. His sharp green eyes taking in the light, he nod of his head. A brief touch of his tongue against his upper lip as he seeks to mimic the Princess' pose upon the stage.

Alaric takes up a palette with a general ease in handling and thoughtfully starts to mix up a few colors for the bird, mostly the dominant white and brown regions. That done, he hands it over to Jasher and selects a flat brush for him. "So to start with, you'll want to paint out the general shape of the bird first. Don't worry too much about the details, just build up the light and dark areas into a kind of birdlike shape for now," he advises. Having done that, he nods to Preston. "Fair enough! Though I don't think art should be too constrained by skill. It's fine to create things even if you aren't particularly talented. Creation is intrinsic to the human experience, otherwise there wouldn't be a god like Jayus," he muses.

Skye catches the attention of a servant and manages to get directions towards a free canvas. She quietly murmurs her thanks and then gets her paints ready. She is wearing one of her older gloves, and puts on a smock to make sure none of the paint ruins her clothing. Then she takes a moment to study what others are working on for perhaps some inspiration.

Quenia smiles brightly at Perronne, nodding her head. "Indeed, I do have the harp, and it is certainly a wonderful piece. I particularly loved the story that went with it." She listens to what Perronne has to say, then adds, "It's very clear that you care about all of the pieces you find. Not many pay that much attention to the details. In fact, I'd been considering seeing what other pieces you have that might fit within our decor." She glances over at Lisebet's comment and nods about Lucita, though she speaks to something else instead. "I hear that congratulations will be in order for you soon, Lady Lisebet, for your up and coming nuptials. My cousin Luis will be getting married in a few weeks, to Lady Juliana Pravus." As she speaks Juliana's name she starts to look around the event. "I had rather hoped to see her brother here to day, Lord Sebastian."

"I am not sure if it is good business sense" Jaenelle tells Alaric, watching the bird watching/painting set up. "The interest alone for two hundred years is ridiculously large, and it might be more reasonable to pay out installments in a shorter term period. I will give you the name of a wonderful economist if you wish to see the data recovered from my own experiences with such?" As she speaks there remains just the barest hint of amusement to her features but she also appears quite concerned for the Crown's possible loss of income. She then turns towards the party as a whole, "perhaps I will take up painting like I suggested" she says softly as to not interrupt the lessons given to Jasher, painting birds is serious business before they fly away before you have the chance.

"A triumph, Lady Lisebet!" Although really, the beak is a bit...fat. And sort of crooked. But Perronne seems pleased as punch. She jabs her paintbrush in Malcolm's direction. "You have highly unusual taste in art! Maybe you would have been at home in the Silly Years. Do you want me to let you know about more cabbage-themed antiques, or just the Silly Years ones? I /do/ get some of the latter, on occasion." She seems dubious about the idea, though. Another smile for Quenia. "Of course! I've actually gotten a shipment in recently, but I'm not sure what's in there, yet. There are a couple of decorative marble columns recovered from a magistrate's building, though. Carved in representation of the Sentinel and Vellichor." Her brow furrows. "They're large and heavy, though."

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Roxana has left the a walnut wooden swing with a steel chain.

Gianna's nose keeps wrinkling. This is agonizing. She reaches up very quickly and rubs it, putting her hand back down... not in the same position. She is not a great model here. And now she's looking at the paintings, trying to figure out who's actually looking at her and not the nakeder woman in the umbra sheet or the bird. Gianna takes in a deep breath, her lips pursing for a moment.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Skye before departing.

"Princess Liara, hullo --" Malcolm wriggles paint-covered fingers at the Grayson princess in greeting as she drifts by to take a look at his finished painting Simply sitting back to let the paint dry, he watches it with something akin to avid interest. Then, he glances upward, looks around -- and back down at his canvas with a goofy grin. "I think I like these Silly Years works you're talkin about, although, if you get things what have Gild on them -- or Lagoma -- those would be keen too. Lookin to have a thing built up in Graypeak, one of these days." Malcolm's nodding to himself, offering more waves. "Arch-Duchess Velenosa. Marquessa Igniseri. Future Duchess Ashford."

Lisebet smiles to Quenia, "Thank you, Countess," she says. "For the congratulations and the vote of confidence on my art work. If it turns out reasonably well, I shall consider my time well spent. I hardly expect it to be anything worth oohs and ahhs." She glances around, as though for Juliana or Sebastian and then shrugs delicately. "Perhaps he might yet show up, and congratulations to your cousin and his bride to be." She gives Perronne a friendly smile, amused at the victory exclamation.

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"Hello," Liara offers by way of easy greeting to Malcolm, pausing for a moment more to look at the painting. The duke was watching it, after all. The paint's drying. Another moment. Then a light query, with a flash of a smile, "Do you paint often? People appear to be enjoying it quite enough that perhaps I should contemplate taking it up."

Jasher accepts the palette and the brush, looking at them as if he was wielding a weapon for the first time. Gingerly, he applies a bit of the white paint on the brush before his eyes drift towards the bird, then back at the canvas. Glancing back and forth, comparing reality to what he's drawing, he attempts to coax the outline of the bird before him. It doesn't go well, as a mistake leads him to try to compensate, which leads to more mistakes that he tries to fix, to the predictable snowball effect.

Jyri churns out a decent rendering of Princess Roxana in all shades of gray, whites and blacks there. Stylistic rather than extremely accurate, the silhouette is distinctly hers however. He sets the brush down and studies it thoughtfully, then leaves it there and goes to be social. Which he does by hovering near Malcolm to study his work there. "Impressive," he says with wry humor. "And fun. I got a suggestion; try putting a large white sheet of linen on the floor, then roll around on top of it with paint. THAT is fun."

Martino draws his paintbrush lower, the fine golden oranges stroke over the canvas. He smiles pleased a that before swapping for a smaller and more fine brush to detail the Princess' features.

Skye starts by dipping her brush into the brown paint and start by creating light lines on the canvas that after a few minutes starts to look like a tree with it's branches wide and stretched out. As she starts to fill in the tree, it serves as two images, the tree and an older man sitting with his legs out, keeping the illusion of roots, and holding out his arms as he laughs.

"Still, something that you could perhaps hang in your room and be proud of," Quenia suggests to Lisebet with a light grin. She then starts wandering around the party a bit more, this time ending up at the pine bench nearing the bushes. "Greetings," she says to Videl, Malcolm, Kyden, and Martino. "I'm Marquessa Quenia Igniseri," she says to those she does not already know. "How are you finding things today?" she asks, as her eyes catch parts of Martino's piece. "Very lovely use of color there!" she exclaims.

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Quenia has left the a patch of whimsical coppery orange poppies.

Quenia has joined the a pine bench near the bushes.

Perronne groans at Malcolm. "We have, my lord. About your taste in art. We really do. But!" Her cheer returns. "I do often get Pantheonic work - there've been a lot of Disciples of Jayus throughout history, after all, and other artists enjoy it as well. Representations of Gild and Lagoma are fairly common. I'll let you know if anything comes across my desk? I can't guarantee /what/, though." A curious pause before she asks, "What are you building? Will it be large and wonderful"

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Martino lifts his chin at the Marquessa's voice. Pausing from the brushstrokes to welcome her beside, the group as he inclines his head low, "A pleasure to meet you Marquessa... I would bow, but one fears the paint. Lord Martino Malvici and well..." He smiles across to the dark background, the golden light upon the canvas, it is a start.

"Sometimes the aim of an arrangement is to demonstrate lasting commitment, above and beyond maximizing returns," Alaric notes to Jaenelle while he observes Jasher. "But I suppose I should take a close look at your data, if you've gone to all the trouble to arrange it for me." He grins sunnily. "You should try it! That's the whole point of today's event, after all. Those who do paint already would, whether or not this event was held," he notes. Supplying Jasher a new brush, he advises thusly, "Now now, don't try to get it perfect immediately. Painting is all about approximation. Oil flows, after all. All it needs to be is close enough, and each pass will make it just a bit closer. It doesn't even need to be accurate, as long as it -feels- birdlike, really."

Kyden oblivious to everything that's beeing going on around her finally finishes her very first painting. She seems happy with it, but not, as an artist will. Finnally not taking her eyes off of it save to glance at Gianna she stands. Kyden picks up the portrait and carries it over to Gianna leaving it near the woman. She then smiles at her when she catches her eye and gestures that it is for her.

Quenia glances back to Perronne a moment and says. "You said you have columns? What sort of columns? It's possible I might be able to put those to use in my project for the agricultural center I'm building in Granato. I might be interested in purchasing them and shipping them to Granato for the project."

"A large sheet on the floor. Dunk in paint. Roll around. That's a thing --" Malcolm narrows a good-natured eye on Jyri, dubious, but then he's instantly accepted - latched onto - and seems more than amused with the idea. "That does sound real fun, my lord Jyri. Real fun. I'll have to ask someone I know t'try that with me." With a perfectly earnest expression, Malcolm shifts his glance toward Liara. "Naw, not often. Though, I suppose if you're needing a hobby, your Highness, you ought to. Though - you're the one that's always organizing the parties for Grayson, right? Suppose that's a job AND a hobby, yeah?" And with a bright, beamy smile he nods at Perronne. "BUT, yeah, it should be large and wunnderful."

Noticing there were refreshments around as he spoke with Videl, Zeriax found his mouth beginning to water. Breakfast had been skipped, and the beat-up man's stomach actually squealed for a few moments. One of those long gargling sounds that ended in a long, high-pitched screech, as if someone was sticking a pig. His eyes opened as wider, and Zeriax covered his abdomen. "Apologies. I had something of a loooong night the other night." Excusing himself, the man quickly made his way over and towards the food. He HAD to get something in him.

Skye starts to fill in the leaves, using an autumn palette so she can differientiate the tone and give the illusion of the man's full head of reddish and brown hair. While the yellow and orange leaves on the tree are twisted in such a way to seem like there are birds perching on the man's arms if you look closely. While others are talking around her, Skye is in the painting zone so she isn't conversing much with others.

Jaenelle shifts when she is spoken to, dipping her head towards Malcolm, "Duke Shepherd, lovely to see you. Have you created a masterpieces today as others have? I admit to being surprised at the amount of people who have taken so easily to the brush and canvas, but it is a wonderful surprise. I would like more people to find a spark and fill the various galleries in Arx up with things that will be talked about for weeks after they've been hung." Without turning back to Alaric, her eyes shift in his direction, "I see. It is always good to show that when you've entered in an arrangement it is meant to be for the long run and not until you find someone better to teach you whatever it is the lessons you are paying to be taught is."

"Oh, I'm not short of a hobby, my lord. It simply looks entertaining," Liara replies to Malcolm, with an easy smile. Her gaze is drawn over to Jyri then, and she wonders, curiosity piqued, "Is there any way at all to actually control what you get by simply rolling around with paint all over you? Keeping one hand in place and doing a little doodle in one spot?" Her tone would suggest that she is not being particularly serious.

Perronne turns her attention back to her canvas. She's just...adding things, now. Look, there's a cloud! Look, a kitty. Or a kitty-shaped blob, at the least. Quenia's question brings her back, and she makes a thoughtful noise. "Um...I'd say they're about six feet tall, white marble with grey and black veining. Have Pantheonic symbols, but focusing on the Sentinel and Vellichor. There's a prayer to each inscribed just beneath the finial flare. They're actually lovely, but very large and heavy." Malcolm's bright beamy smile gets one in return. "Excellent! That sounds wonderful!"

Videl has, in her corner, begun to work on something of her own. Her work is careful and well-paced, the work of someone who knows her way around brush and easel, but what comes out causes her to frown deeply at her own work. The depicted figure, while technically competent, just doesn't seem to have the life one would expect from a gifted artist. "This isn't working.' She mutters to herself, focusing entirely on her art.

Lisebet grins at Perronne, watching now, rather than continuing her own art. "I fear I'm at the limit of my abillity for now," she says and instead, she takes up her wine glass, and joins those who are wandering, looking at all the art being created. "It's absolutely wonderful to see all the fun everyone is having here."

"Right, it's definitely much more fun with company on the canvas," Jyri retorts dead pan to Malcolm. "Also, use paint you can wash off easily. Just saying." He turns a grin at Liara, bowing to her with hand on his waist. "Not a lot of control, no, but if you use stark colors and plenty of paint? You can get something quite eye catching to hang up on a wall. Or use it as a table cloth."

Once there were finally some liquids and solids running through his digestive system, Zeriax holding onto a bunch of grapes with one hand, the man noticed Alaric guiding Jasher in his work. Figuring it was only proper, the man shuffled weakly over to the pair. Rather than disturb Jasher as the man tried to capture the essence of the bird, he simply watched for a few moments, whispering something to Alaric, before turning to shamble towards the whimsical wooden arbor. He peeked towards Roxanna and Gianna for a quick moment, before his attention was back on the grapes.

Zeriax mutters, "A little minx ... me you'd donated ... painting ... the upcoming event the other day. ... just wanted to ... you for the contribution. ... say ... was expecting it!"

Gianna's nose is bothering her again. She's wrinkling it, wrinkling it, wrinkling it. Then her hand darts up again to rub it, and when she lowers it, it's not in quite the same spot. She is not a great model. Then she just does something awful: she reaches up and touches her hair, preening, before trying to assume the same static pose again.

"I see," Jasher replies, just a little dryly as he looks at the mess that was supposed to be a bird's outline. Taking the brush, he dabs a bit of white paint, then tries again. Lips slightly parted, eyes drifting, only to snap back every so often, discipline and simply /being/ fighting for dominance, his posture straightening or relaxing as one or the other emotions rises up to sway him.

Jasher checked mana at difficulty 15, rolling 8 lower.

Jasher checked dexterity at difficulty 15, rolling 4 lower.

Skye hums to herself as she starts to add the veining in the leaves, and the knots in the tree that further allows her to play on the illusion of man and tree. A pile of fallen leaves that are around the base, over the roots become the pants.

Kyden sneaks back by Liara and bids her farewell "I hope to see you soon!" Then she makes her way back to the Duke and Martino and thanks them with for painting with her. She disappears as mysteriously as she showed up.

Kyden has left the a pine bench near the bushes.

"It would certainly be something novel," Liara supposes to Jyri, and adds after that, "That's if everything doesn't come together into a sort of single-coloured blur, I guess?" She flashes Kyden a smile then. "Lovely to see you, Mistress Kyden."

Martino easily creases his eyes to the Mistress as she takes her parting. Finally, he plucks the thinnest of all brushes, and truly details the cheekbones of the Princess

Malcolm nods, somberly, at Jyri's deadpanned advice. He swivels around on his stool, hops to his feet, and he considers his paint-covered hands with a serene expression on his face.

Zeriax has joined the a whimsical wooden arbor with lilacs and roses.

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Alaric has worked up a few highlight and detail colors for some of the reds and yellow of the bird on another palette, and swaps with Jasher along with some smaller brushes. "Now then, we'll go back over our bird and start to lay in some of the extra colors. Of course, they'll blend in a bit, which is what we're aiming for," he directs before returning his attention back to the rest of the group around Jasher. "Stable relationships are the foundation of society, after all," he agrees with Jaenelle.

Zeriax smiled and nodded to the King, bowing his head slightly to whatever the man whispered to him. Turning fully to put more effort into his steps, he glanced towards Gianna and couldn't help but start to laugh. With his free hand he clutched his ribs, as if he were in pain. Once he'd made his way to the arbor surrounded by flowers, he took a seat, and raised the grapes in his one hand above his head. Plucking them off the vine with his teeth, the man was simply trying to enjoy the refreshements. Was he posing? Or did that picturesque image just come naturally?

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Quenia smiles a bit at Martino. "A pleasure to meet you, Lord Martino," she tells him. "And, I completely understand. I'm surprised Ennettia is able to keep Sorenello corralled long enough not to have his eight year old hands all over the paints and "helping" others paint their items today." She glances back to Perronne thoughtfully. "Well, part of the agricultural center is going to be dedicated to Vellichor. We're going to create a research center in Vellichor's name for agriculturual research, while there rest of the facility will be dedicated to the triad of creation, Mangata, Lagoma, and Petrichor. So, I suppose I'll have to look at the columns and consider if they can be used. I would not want to make use of them, for instance, and leave out Sentinel if he is there, but I'm not certain how to tie his themes into an agricultural center."

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Jyri studies Liara while trying to keep a neutral expression; he's failing rather badly. "Ah, err," he says, rubbing his jaw. "As mentioned, it's more about the act itself than the outcome," he tries. That sounds diplomatic, right? "I mean. With someone else." He winces. "Right, so, do you paint as well, Your Highness?" he asks instead, trying to change the topic, giving Malcolm one of those 'HELP ME'-looks.

Skye puts down her brush and gets one with a finer tip so she can put fine shading on the painting that she's working on. She keeps her eyes trained on the canvas as she works, the soft song under her breath. For her at this moment, it's just her and her art.

Gianna is perched on a wooden swing in her Nightingale blues with sapphires. Roxana is next to her, clad in just an umbra sheet draped artfully around herself. Gianna is discovering that keeping one leg crossed over the other so long is, in fact, uncomfortable. She tries not to squirm. She shoots a look Zeriax's way. It is not a friendly look. It lasts but a moment and then she's back to looking serene. And haughty, but regular levels of haughty. For her. Which is pretty haughty.

Martino leans back from his canvas, an apprective smiles meets Quenia's gaze and smile as he bows his head low, "Mmm... well, or painting on what is not a canvas. But it truly is a pleasure." He details, so closer to completion.

"Oh, not at all. It looks marvellously entertaining, though," Liara offers back to Jyri.

Perronne seems to have finally gotten tired of adding things to her painting, which now looks more like the scene of the two models after someone has chewed on the fun mushrooms. She puts her brush down, and turns her attention to Quenia. "Well, I will definitely sell them as a matched set, but if you should buy them, you may do what you like with one or the other, of course." Her tone is very practical, although perhaps not /entirely/ approving. She brushes her hands briskly, accidentally smearing them further with paint, and steps back to take a look at some of the other paintings around. "Ohh, these are all so lovely! And lively!"

Jasher watches Alaric work, then looks at his own attempts. He does try, but his attempts make the outline of the bird seem rigid and artificial compared to the animal in the flesh and feather. "Setting the foundations now, so that the colours can blend later," he notes, using the thinner brushes to make lines as directed, though it's clear in his eyes that he doesn't quite 'get' it, yet. "Clever. I begin to understand what goes into works like these." He pauses, looking over what's coming to shape. "I think."

"She said, Lord Jyri, that she's plenty busy an' not short a hobby. Although, ah, rollin around a sheet - covered in paint - is more like, uh, dancin and paintin put together. Maybe that can be the new thing. Things get real popular around here, you know? From what I hear. Especially around the peers of the realm." Malcolm blinks, before adding succinctly -- and as helpful as he can be, in all honesty. "Maybe even a sport. Paint wrestlin." Without a straight face, because he's incapable of not grinning widely.

Sitting in the center of the arbor, one knee raised and one arm held behind him for support, Zeriax continued to pluck grapes off of the vine in his hand with his teeth. The man looked like he was ''thoroughly'' enjoying the refreshments. He turned his head to peer over at the two models on the swing, catching Gianna's look that she gave him. He responded in kind with a scrunched up face, sticking his tongue out at her before going back to peacefully nomming. It wouldn't be long before he finished the vine. Thank goodness there was always someone putting on events with free food somewhere during the week.

"I will think on it, and let you know," Quenia tells Perronne, "though I would not want to change them from what they are. The draw to me was that they were already covered on pantheonic symbols." She leaves the artist alone for certain now, as she moves further around the grounds to quietly see what others have been working on now.

Quenia has left the a pine bench near the bushes.

Skye hears 'paint wrestlin' and that pulls her out of her zone. She glances over at Malcolm with a bit of surprise, then flushes and turns her eyes back to her painting, trying to regain her focus.

"I do like foundations. The alphabet is such foundation for society, as language ties people together" Jaenelle says idly to Alaric as if some sort of random fact she has picked up throughout her life. "I do think I shall leave all you artists alone for now though, meetings to attend." There is always a meeting. Giving him another curtsey, "be well Your Majesty."

Perronne says, "Of course, Marquessa!" Perronne tosses a hasty curtsy at the departing Quenia, and she skirts the painters, oohing and ahhing at each canvas she passes on the way to the food and drink. Zeriax is given a bright smile, before she snags one of the glasses."

Having the perception of a slightly focused rock, Jyri doesn't notice anything, but he gives Malcolm a thankful look. "Don't got a lot of time to paint these days, what with all the Arvum Refugee Relief group business, Iron Guard, Whitehawks-- But here and there," he admits. He turns to Videl again, giving her a respectful nod. "Thank you for hosting a lovely event, Lady Videl. I'll be sure to come back if you do another." He bows in the direction of the king too, before telling those nearby. "I'll head on out, nice to see you all."

"Gotta excuse m'self, I think, before I start crackin wise 'nough to make more fine ladies blush --" Malcolm clears his throat lightly, attempting to look properly abashed. Failing, again, and he offers the others a brisk sort of bow. "Thank you very much, Lady Videl, for hostin this fine event t'day. Enjoyed myself quite a lot. Also, ah, Marquessa Quenia -- I'd like to speak with you soon on a thing, but, maybe not now on account of bein so social."

"A painting's never really done. You just stop working on it at some point," Alaric quips to Jasher. "But you're doing quite well for a very first attempt." He produces a fan brush next with a bit of dark blue he dabs just a bit on before brushing some of it off. "Swipe this over a few areas for shadow and detail," he directs. "Don't be too precise about it. It's all right to be tactically messy in a painting." At Jaenelle's advice, he grins broadly. "Is that so? I'll remember it. It was wonderful to have you drop in, Archduchess Jaenelle. I hope your meetings are productive."

Liara flashes Jyri a smile and gives a little flutter of a wave in parting, then she remarks to Malcolm, "I might suggest that that could prove a little too harsh on the eyes and potentially on people's capacity to breathe." And on she goes, strolling on around to consider other easels.

Malcolm has left the a pine bench near the bushes.

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12 House Velenosa Guards, Ibasia, the Velenosa Lady-in-Waiting leave, following Jaenelle.

After a bit, Lisebet gathers herself together and heads out, with a cheery wave to those remaining.

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Quenia raises a brow at Malcolm, and nods her head after him. Curiosity is clear in her expression. She makes her way over to the hammock and leans against it, content for now to just watch the artists owrking.

Quenia has joined the a sky blue hammock stretched between two trees.

Martino checked dexterity + sewing at difficulty 9, rolling 3 lower.

Skye checked dexterity + artwork at difficulty 15, rolling 26 higher.

Skye starts to put the finishing touches to the painting before her. She pays close attention to the shading, making sure it feels like the picture is going to jump off the canvas.

Zeriax turned to peer over at the refreshments table after nomming half the grapes in his hand. "Perronne! How are are you? We didn't part on the brightest of terms last I saw you." He moved to get up, but it apparently hurt quite a bit, so he relaxed and remained where he was.

Perronne smiles at Zeriax. "Didn't we? Oh! Well, I'm sure it's fine. Should I apologize?" She cocks her head to one side. "You look like you've been on the wrong side of a fight. Or possibly the right side of a really /fun/ fight. Are you okay?" She takes a sip of her wine, and peers at him with open curiosity.

Quenia gets pale peach wine from Granato from barrel of Igniseri wines from Granato.

Quenia has left the a sky blue hammock stretched between two trees.

Martino stands before his painting, a pleased curl of his lips meets it as he inclines his head. Finally done. He turns his head across to meet the attention of the host, the helpers as he defers his left hand to the work, "Mm... I think this shall to be called 'A Princess' Awakening."

Perronne gets The Zephyrs of Spring, an opulent white wine from barrel of Igniseri wines from Granato.

Quenia leaves the hammock and walks over to the barrel. She grabs one of the bottles of wine, and then heads into the house itself.

Jasher checked dexterity at difficulty 15, rolling 12 higher.

Preston crunches on his apple as he has been watching the art, and he smiles before he heads towards the exit - apparently his curiosity on art sated for now. Or because he just knows someone is waiting somewhere with something that needs his signature.

The man in the arbor laughed again, but it looked like that probably hurt too, the way he leaned back. "No, no. No need to apologize Lady Perronne. It wasn't anything big. You were just in a bind of some kind, upstairs in your mind. I made some suggestions..." He shook his head. "Well, I don't ''remember'' getting in a fight. I remember dancing, and drinking, and then being carried and laid out on a cot. I think. At some point." Zeriax shrugged. "I know I had a great time, at least. Went to the Wake. Thought I'd be up early enough to shake the effects before I came here."

Martino is overheard praising Videl: An excellent event being hosted where we were given the opportunity to paint. Most enjoyable

Jasher checked mana at difficulty 15, rolling 18 higher.

Skye is overheard praising Videl: Thanks her for a wonderful event.

Martino is overheard praising Quenia: An excellent co-host, it seems, at the painting bell and very attentive to the crowd.

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"Thank you," Jasher replies politely if a bit dubiously, taking the dark blue paint. He gives it a few experimental swipes, careful not to become too messy. His eyes drift, glancing towards the bird, then at the painting, slowly loosening his control, bit by bit. His gloved hand, smeared with white, brown, and now dark blue from the paint, seems to move of its own accord, finally injecting some form of life into the painting.

Skye is overheard praising Quenia: Thank you for co-hosting the event.

1 Inquisition Confessors, Scribble, a Delicate Social Butterfly, 1 Bisland pride guards arrive, following Delilah.

"I'm not a lady," Perronne replies, cheerful but /very/ firmly. "I'm a merchant!" She shakes her head. "I don't remember being any sort of bin--ah! You came to visit when I went to visit Dusk. No, I wasn't in a bind. But it's nice to see that you're getting out there and having fun!" She eyes his wounded and battered state, and gives a nod. "You must have had a /lot/ of fun." She takes a sip of the wine, and glances at the rest of the party. "This was really lovely."

Perronne is overheard praising Quenia: Huzzah for wine and co-hosting!

Skye takes a step back from her painting and puts down her paint brush. She takes a sip of her wine and takes a moment to start looking at the other works that artists are finishing up.

1 Inquisition Confessors, Scribble, a Delicate Social Butterfly, 1 Bisland pride guards leave, following Delilah.

Zeriax finished his grapes, standing slowly. Very slowly. "Right, yes. I'm still...not quite here, it seems." Once he was on his feet again, he moved back to the table, leaning heavily on it. "''Merchant'' Perronne. It is ''nice'' to get out there and have fun. It looks like you're having lots of your own, here. " Time for him to dig around in the barrel! "And yes...this is really quite lovely." He said, before moving around to take a look at all the artwork that's been produced.

Alaric busies himself with cleaning up used brushes while overseeing Jasher's work, but for the moment seems to have very little to comment upon, letting him play around with the paint and get a little more invested into it. He offers another stiff brush. "If you feel as if the segments of color are a bit too stark anywhere, use this brush to blend them together. Stroke in the direction of the countours of the bird, back and forth," he finally advises.

Martino with a pleased smile at his completed work, he steps back. Turning to face the host a moment, a tuck of his left arm underneath his torso as he bows low to the Lady, "My thanks for such excellent opportunity to paint, Your Ladyship..." He follows with a lower bow to the King as he says, "And a good day to Your Majesty." With that, he makes his way from the room.

Zeriax gets Black Cherry and Black Currant Wine from barrel of Igniseri wines from Granato.

Jasher checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 8 higher.

Martino has left the a pine bench near the bushes.

After finishing up her wine, Liara meanders over towards Videl. "That was delightful, my lady. Thank you very much. I should go and see to a few last things for the garden party later on."

"It's best when you can remember the fun you had," Perronne tells Zeriax with a laugh. "But as long as you're happy!" She, too, is gifted a bottle of wine, and murmurs her thanks before moving away to make her goodbyes to host and others.

Skye looks impressed by some of the creations done. She glances back at her own painting and appears to be satisfied with what she has done. She starts cleaning up her station and the paint brushes that she used. Once she's got everything as cleaned up as she can, she makes a point of finding Videl so she can offer her well wishes before heading out.

Skye takes The Zephyrs of Spring, an opulent white wine from barrel of Igniseri wines from Granato.

Jasher accepts the stiff brush, and heeding Alaric's advice, he attempts to blend some of the starker lines together, remnants from his too-controlled attempt to paint. The colours begin to merge and soften, easing the artificial edges somewhat, and despite it looking messier than something professionally made, at least one could admit that it does look like a bird.

Perronne has left the a patch of whimsical coppery orange poppies.

Zeriax nodded to Perronne as he shuffled away. "Likely the best, yes. I'm sure many others can recount the tale of that night to me, so that'll have to do for the time being." The man looked towards the models on display, and called out to them. "You're doing a wonderful job! Absolutely marvelous!" He said, before ending up standing behind Jasher, wine bottle tucked under his arm. He looked around to see if he could spot the creature he was painting. "A bird of some sort..." He muttered.

Alaric glances from Zeriax to Jasher with a bit of a triumphant lift of his chin. "Well, there you have it! You've successfully painted a bird," he declares approvingly. "Now I suppose it's up to you if you want to add any other little touches to it. Maybe a bit of bright yellow here and there for bits of highlight, if you like."

Gianna apparnetly gets tired of sitting and posing and abruptly stands up, adjusting her dress and flipping her hair over her shoulders. One leg is probably asleep, because she is walking a bit funny when she goes to collect some wine. Modeling is hard work. She's parched.

"Successful," Jasher repeats, squinting at the bird shape amidst the mess of paint. The man's hands are more colour than black now; a vague reflection of the canvas they wrought their work upon. "I suppose as long as the shape is recognized." He doesn't sound entirely pleased at that, as if he'd prefer something more concrete. But nonetheless, he picks up a broader brush, dabs a bit of paint, and continues working, shaping the wide strokes of a background.

Following a cheery little wave to those still about, Liara heads off.

Zeriax quirked a brow at Alaric when he mentioned Jasher painted a bird. Then the beat-up looking man took another closer inspection of Jasher's painting. "There's nothing wrong with abstract art. Sometimes, it's more about the essence, or the feelings, yes?" The positive vibes were there, at least. He looked up and over to Gianna, who abruptly stood, and waved her over. "Come, Whisper Gianna! Come and see what Prince Jasher has accomplished!" If anyone ever needed a hype-man...

"Well, one does not create masterpieces on their first try, after all. Every success when you're just starting out, no matter how modest, is to be celebrated! And most importantly, having done one it'll be much easier to take it up yourself if you like. That would quite certainly make this event a success, in my opinion," Alaric declares approvingly to Jasher before regarding a blank canvas of his own thoughtfully. "Hmm, I suppose there's still a bit of time to paint my own, at that," he muses.

Gianna begins to make a tour, peering at people's work, eager to see what creative expressions they've... fine. She's looking to see who painted her and how well. Drawn by Zeriax's summons, she strides thataway and peers over Jasher's shoulder. That... is not her. "You did a bird," she says.

Ysabel enters the Domus Igniseri wearing a simple but elegant gown suitable for summer. Her curious sky blue eyes look around. The young Baroness has a beaming smile that lights up her surrounding as she makes her way closer to spy on what is going on.

Jasher pauses his brushing to look at Alaric. "Do paint, Your Majesty," he replies. "If anything, you have my apologies for taking your time." He then looks at Zeriax and Gianna, then back at the canvas, then back at the two. "I did a bird," he agrees, deadpan.

Zeriax looked up and at Gianna, smirking. "It sounds like you're in trouble, Prince Jasher." He started to back away, slowly. "Gianna was modelling for quite some time, after all. It takes a certain level of patience to sit ''so still'' for such lengths of time. Very arduous work..." Was he trying to put the King between himself and the Whisper? Maybe. "For what it's worth, ''I'' like it, your highness. Where are you going to be hanging your masterpiece?"

"It's a nice bird," Gianna tells Jasher with a nod. She straightens again and smoothes her hair. Did she even hear Zeriax? She gives no indication. She is very busy preening.

Alaric sets up his own easel and starts mixing up a few paints idly while watching the interplay around Jasher. "Now now, don't tease Prince Jasher," he admonishes lightly. "Mistress Gianna surely wouldn't begrudge someone making his first painting of a bird instead of her, anyway. You can't expect a total beginner to tackle a model of her calibre. It'd be like having an apprentice goldsmith start off with star iron."

Ysabel sneaks in further and walks over to where Zeriax is and leans on his shoulder studying his paining and says, "Painting I see?" The young Baroness talks in her usual animated upbeat manner.

"If I do get into painting"--and Jasher does lay it thick on the 'if'--"I will consider painting people. I thought animals would be simpler. It seems I was wrong." His strokes are more confident as he layers on paint, forming the rough, abstract shapes of branches, devoid of leaves. Some of the stray white paint's coaxed into something that seems to resemble clouds.

Gianna is canny enough to know exactly what Alaric just did but vain enough to be soothed nonetheless. She favours the king with one of her faint flickers of a smile, so rarely bestowed. "And what shall you paint, Your Majesty?" she inquires, raising her wine to her lips for a long sip.

Zeriax's eyes shifted towards Alaric, watching the man set up for his own painting. "You're rather smooth, aren't you?" He asked, doing his best ''not'' to laugh. He turned towards Jasher. "I wasn't making jests at your expense though, your highness. I do like it. As His Majesty mentioned, one can't expect-" And then there was someone leaning on him. He winced in pain, groaning lightly. "Hail, Baroness Gilden." He didn't move to push her off or anything, but it was clear he was uncomfortable being touched right at the moment. Maybe he was a little tender? "They're painting, yes. I'm more of an author. It takes thousands of words for me to make what they're able to present in mere moments." He gestured towards Jasher and Alaric.

Ysabel glances at Zeriax and says, "Oh, I am sorry did I hurt you?" She stops leaning on his shoulder as she glances around and says, "I do not think I know anyone else but you. Prehaps you should draw a tree. They are fairly easy to master. Would you like me to show you?" The young Baroness speaks in her normal happy animated manner as she studies Zeriax's empty canvas.

"I'd take it as quite the compliment if people said that about me," Alaric replies to Zeriax regally before regarding Gianna. "As far as what I will paint? Well, I won't hear the end of it from Roxana if I didn't accept her offer of modelling, and besides, I think she might be napping a bit, so how can I turn down an extra-still model anyway? So 'A Swinging Snooze With Umbra' it might be, then," he muses thoughtfully. "Though traditionally, the simplest thing to paint are fruits and vegetables," he tells Jasher offhandedly.

"You could paint the princess as fruits and vegetables," Gianna suggests to Alaric, her tone mild. She inclines her head to Ysabel politely.

"I'll be sure to write something about your smoothness then, your Majesty." Zeriax said, thoughts already piling into his mind. The moment Ysabel's pressure left Zeriax's shoulder, he winced again. "Ah, no, you did nothing. I think I was rolling around in broken glass last night. And I might have gotten in a fight? I'm still not quite so sure about that one." He waved her off lightly in an attempt to assure her things were fine. "If you're willing to paint something, Baroness, then I would be delighted to observe." He gestured for her to take a seat, snickering at Alaric's title for his painting.

Alaric laughs brightly at Gianna's suggestion. "That would be quite imaginiative, but then I wouldn't hear the end of it from Roxana for slightly different reasons," he concludes wryrly. With an exhale, he starts to concentrate a bit more on his painting and lay background colors in.

"I see," Jasher replies, leaning back to look at what he's wrought. The frayed shape of a bird perched on one of the branches splaying from a tree off-screen, with hints of white and blue to suggest a cloudy sky. He utters a little noise in his throat, dissatisfied, before one of his men approaches to murmur something in his ear. Whatever was said, the prince's disapproving expression deepens slightly, and he nods once, curt. He steps back. "I will take my leave," he says, and looks at his paint-stained hands. "I appreciated the opportunity." He dips his head towards Alaric. "Thank you, your Majesty," he utters before turning to get his hands cleaned and to go.

Gianna helpfully says, "Don't forget your bird."

Ysabel giggles and says, "I guess if you think about the shape of the fruits it could work therotically. You can examine her form and find the shapes that represent each part and form them together to make it whole and than there you would have a Princess. I would say simple shapes are easy to paint as well." The Baroness takes a seat in Zeriax's lap and says, "Here let me see your brush, I shall help you."

Jasher forgets his bird as he goes. Or he just doesn't want to pick it up. Who knows!

Alaric checked dexterity + artwork at difficulty 19, rolling 4 higher.

Gianna's shoulder rolls in an unconcerned shrug at Alaric's response. "Mmmmn." She then resumes her investigations, keeping an eye out for bard blue on peoples' canvases.

Gianna has left the a walnut wooden swing with a steel chain.

Zelda, the royal messenger have been dismissed.

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Zeriax is overheard praising Videl: Thank you for hosting a wonderful event for the arts!

Zeriax cringed once more when the Baroness decided to take a seat in his lap. When he realized what she was doing, his eyes opened as wide as they could and he looked around, almost mortified. "Baroness...Mayhaps it would be better if you weren't so...if maybe you..." Did he look suddenly very uncomfortable? Afraid that maybe he would be assaulted by numerous guardsmen? Very much so. "Yes. WELL. Take it away."

Ysabel her infectious laugh lights up the room as she says, "Oh I am sorry was this seat taken?" She glances Zeriax's paint brushes and paint than studies the canvas. "You know scetching out what you would like to paint would be helpful." She looks around for a suitable tool to use.

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