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Thrax & Laurent Wedding Reception

Join with Coraline and Klaus as they celebrate their marriage and Klaus is welcomed into House Thrax. The celebration will take place with the oaths before Limerance already completed before the faith in a private ceremony with family. All are welcome to join in the festivities at the beach where food and libations will be provided to satisfy all palates.


Jan. 24, 2019, 8:30 p.m.

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Alarissa Coraline Klaus Victus

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Ian Ysbail Galen Sorrel Sparte Illisahn Jace Reese Rowenova Delilah Lucita Carita Niccolo Juliana Lore Berto



Outside Arx - Eastern Approach - Beaches

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a grey horse with black points, Sir Floppington, the soulful hound arrive, following Rowenova.

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Galen drops The Serpent's Tide.

The private ceremony had already been done. The Legate Ailith presiding over the marriage and the vows before LImerance. Laurent and Thrax binding together. The moment when Lord Klaus Laurent became Prince Klaus Thrax. When the beekeeper became a Serpent.

It was down at the beach that the party however, and more of the real reason that anyone gathered, was happening. A more formal dinner - many different kinds of spoons - and the various little games played that left the bride and groom kissing throughout the meal soon gave way to the reception.

With the moon high, the waters littered with lit boats and the music starting to turn from sedate dinner music to more rousing tunes appropriate to the demeanor of the bride and groom, the party was getting into full swing and guests who were not expressly invited to dinner but invited to the after party are making their way in. People of all ranks. No children, they have long been tucked away and instead, just joviality, frivolity and a welcome mat to take advantage of Thrax's generosity.

Teonia Redreef, Aryka Wyrmfang, 3 Thrax Guards, Marquessa Pudding, a doughy dog, 2 Thrax Elite Guards arrive, following Sorrel.

Sorrel, Illisahn arrive, following Ian.

Ian comes down to the beach with Sorrel and Illisahn, probably in a carriage because there's no way Ian's walking that far downhill if he can avoid doing so. He has his flask in his off hand before they've even arrived, so that's a promising start.

Ysbail makes her way over to Alarissa after having given congratulations to bride and groom, grinning with a cake plate in hand. "A wedding seems almost the perfect thing to ease the restlessness in the city. Thrax has outdone itself."

Next to Klaus, her new hubs, is Cora smiling to each guest and eyeing the cake almost seeming to wish she had an axe handy to begin cutting it proper Thraxian style. She occasionally tugs her dress seeming more comfortable perhaps than she once was, but still far from feeling natural in the flowing fabric. It is a gorgeous dress, as is all of the jewelry that declares her a Princess of Thrax, but she still looks like she would look more comfortable wrapped in metal.

1 Inquisition Confessors, Scribble, a Delicate Social Butterfly, 1 Bisland pride guards arrive, following Delilah.

1 Redreef Warden arrives, following Jace.

Though he wasn't at the pregaming, Galen is most definitely at the wedding. He's standing next to Sorrel, hands held at times, at others just watching the ceremony and smiling a bit. Being outside, getting to be near the sea, it adds to the enjoyment and then there must be drinking. He is ready for a bit of fun though, waiting to see what part of the food and drink Sorrel wishes to hit first.

Seated beneath the shade of some trees is Victus. The High Lord isn't directly in the procession that's arriving, but he is certainly there. On the sidelines where he can observe everything happening at once. Wrapped in a snakeskin coat and with a ceremonial breastplate beneath it. He's as 'dressed up' as he usually gets, but he is certainly keeping his air of authority. The coronet makes sure of that.

Sorrel hands Galen a flask that has something or other alcoholic in it. Probably rum. She seems to be not quite tipsy enough, but she's certainly willing to share. She kisses Galen on the side of his mouth as she holds his arm, dressed in a very princessy fashion for once.

Klaus is next to Coraline in his splenid long sea silk coat with the red serpent of Thrax upon it. He does not quite look as out of sorts as his new bride in his clothing, in fact seems to be getting a preverse joy out of seeing her dressed in her new attire. Another close to them, and more closer to Coraline's feelings is Doreen, the squirrel, the self proclaimed Queen of Acorns. It might be because of how silly she looks with a huge red bow tied to the base of her tail, and a red serpent dangling from her tiny neck.

Sparte is there in line with the other guests here to wish the bride and groom well. Sparte bows deeply to the newly weds, giving them words of praise and wishes for many long years of happiness ahead. He moves along afterwards, trying to be brief. There is cake when this part is done and he can see where Coraline's attention is at.

Illisahn opts to run along side the carriage Ian rides in. She takes in the scenery with simple, muted awe, looking at everyone and everything at least twice. Without any direction she stands nearby, offering Ian an arm if he should want it, although she intentionally makes the gesture discretely. She looks like she might have never seen anything so grand in her life.

Jace arrives on the beach, his posture instantly seeming to relax as he makes his way closer to the water. He looks over those gathered, seeing who he knows and does not. He does not make his way to the couple or other guests just yet, but first over to the statue of Mangata.

Reese arrives at the wedding while adorned in lots of pink and moving with her nimble grace. She glances over the area, having a gentle smile. Her attention seems to linger on Coraline and Klaus. She gets into the line as well, having as mile for Sparte.

"It's not the very grand double wedding that was in the plans when she was to marry my brother and the Princess Cassima to marry the late Prince Gareth. But it has turned out quite nicely." Alarissa agrees with Ysbail as she swings on by. "Watch my husband complain about how many spoons there are." She smiles though, greeting the other woman with a kiss to either cheek. "Be made welcome, join us in our delight at a new member of the family." She offers, looking to the throng of people. "But you're right. It allows for a break from the tension. A moment to relax."

Ian isn't in any hurry to go out on the sand where his unsteady relationship with walking would probably get worse. He nods to Galen when the Thrax prince comes to greet Sorrel. "Prince Galen. I brought rum." Frontloading the important information. That's Ian.

Caught in the action of offering nuts to Doreen, somehow having squirrelled some away in the dress somewhere, Cora smiles and waves back to Reese as she sees the greeting, likey making the little squirrel rather impatient to get the promised treat.

Hearing Alarissa, a brief flicker of sadness flutters across her expression before Cora manages to replace that happy, if shy smile, back firmly where it should be. Sparte gets a grin and a nod to the cake almost saying the sugary concoction needs shared at the same time vocalizing her appreciation for such a lovely wedding and reception, "Truly I doubt anything so elegant is likely to be seen again anytime soon. Alarissa has an absolute gift at this."

Galen smiles to Ian and clasps his friend on the back before looking back to Sorrel. "I think I could fix that if I tried," he teases, taking a sip from the flask and handing it back and looking to those who were married, Klaus and Coraline getting a gaze, before he smiles back to Sorrel. "Hmmm, should I see if there is something stronger than rum? Though I still think," he says, as he looks about, "That we should have a bet on who is carried out and tossed into the sea first."

@emit Atop a short, sturdy mare are two people: Delilah in the saddle with Rowenova sitting behind the seat upon the skirt of the saddle behind her. With her armored arms loosely encircling the Whitehawk noble, Rowenova holds on to a lengthy set of split reins in both hands, able to steer with either one on the associated side, and said reins go down to a bitless bridle. This short horse must be a good one because it puts up with all these shenanigans. Meanwhile, there is a soulful hound jogging along beside that same horse: Sir Floppington of course! After finally arriving to the very fringes of the party crowd, then the wolf scout eases the reins back and the good horse smoothly stops. "Greetings!" calls out the wolf-framed Rowenova. "Congratulations, too!"

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Ysbail nods quietly to Alarissa, a soft sadder smile forming which is chased away by an immediate bite of cake. Fortunately, for Alarissa the greeting is returned sans icing lips. but only just barely. "I won't sully the day with talk of politics, but when you or Prince Victus have the time later on." She gestures, "Hopefully there will be many more such happy events in the future. I have to confess though - is it really a Thrax tradition to cut the cake with a battle axe?" Shifting to look out amoungst the guests with a grin.

There is of course, all kinds of alcohol. Grim Grimhall mead, Laurent honey mead, Thrax rum that would burn the hair on ones chest or put some there, wines from across the compact. If one could want it, one would find it. Even the Kennex vodka's.

Reese looks over to Coraline and Klaus. "Congrats to you both. This is a very lovely wedding and congrats. I am sure you will be very happy together and I am honored to be here. You look lovely, Princess Coraline, but then you always do." She say softly. She smiles over to Rowenova and then Ysbail. The girl seems to be in a cheerful mood.

Reese is overheard praising Coraline: Yay, congrats on your wedding!

Reese is overheard praising Klaus: Yeah, congrats on your wedding!

Mal, a devious raccoon arrives, delivering a message to Rowenova before departing.

Klaus smirks at the sight of Doreen getting her treat. He has lost her he is fairly sure. "Indeed this is more elegant than I ever thought would happen when I finally decided to marry." Speaking of drink, Klaus does manage to bring over someone and hand Coraline mug of brown nut ale, and he a large glass of Maelstorm rum. "You promised me, remember?" He says in an voice trying to sound innocent and failing completely as he hands over the ale to Coraline.

After a racoon drops off a new message for Nova, she motions down toward it for Sir Floppers to get it, which he does, picking it up and offering it up, too.

Reese is overheard praising Alarissa: Beautiful Wedding!

Reese is overheard praising Victus: Beautiful Wedding!

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"If we're going in the sea, we should strip down first. And probably be drunker, because it's spring, and the water is going to be cold," Sorrel says to Galen in a very reasonable and sober sort of way as she sips a glass of rum.

"If it's not the groom, someone's failed at their job," Ian remarks to Galen with a twist of dry humor. "Give him a taste of what he's in for." He takes a drink from his flask, still in hand. Up close, a scratch is visible on his face, just at his cheek. It doesn't look serious, and it also doesn't look like it was done with a blade.

"It's -become- tradition it would seem. He cleaved one that was had on my birthday, then there was... the Redtyde-Wyrmguard wedding, a shark. So I suppose yes. One that has been made. No different than a tremendously awkward dinner held for the incoming family member in which they have to eat a small live octopi." There' s gesture to the tables centerpieces and the little creatures that bumble about. "But he has already done such. So, he is welcomed and considered salt now." Alarissa smiles, a shared look of sorrow with Coraline and a faint nod. "And I am sure that his Grace and I can surely make time to discuss politics and business another time. There is plenty of time. And more joys to be had in the future, of a certainty." Alarissa presses a hand to her middle and smiles.

Ysbail waves to Reese at the greeting, bright cobalt eyes glittering in amusement. The live octopi comment, however, sends both brows inching upward, trying to hide a mischievous smile. Catching the gesture to her middle however Ysbail grins all the wider, "You are expecting? How wonderful! It seems Thrax will have many more Princes and Princesses to add to the collection."

1 Redoubt Buccaneers, Damien Pierce - A Charming Assistant, 1 Redreef Warden, 1 Thrax Guards leave, following Mikani.

The saddle is a grace for Delilah, not among the finest riders ever to grace Arvani shores. She nonetheless wields a coronet of flowers in her copper hair, the freshest cuts of the garden focused around a near black zantedeschia tucked in the heart of her braids. She occasionally pats the horse's arched neck, and now or then might be trusted to murmur something with a laugh to Rowenova. "Happiest blessings upon you all!" she calls out once within earshot. Barefooted under her gown, she will eventually have no trouble jumping down. But most certainly not until the horse has come to a complete stop. Once there, then, a playful twirl sends her skirts dancing in dusky glory.

After spending his time by the statue of Mangata and watching thewater, Jace steps back and makes his way to greet Coraline and Klaus. He stops and smiles to Coraline, "Dame has been too long. You and your husband wil have to stop by some time. Congratulations." He stops and looks to Klaus and nods, "Your Highness...congratulations. I am sure there are those who would say to treat her well..or else. I am one that firmly believes she could do you more harm than I in the event you didn't." From his expression and tone, he's just teasing, though he might be a bit tipsy too.

Golden, an Oakhaven bloodhound, Gunther, a Rottweiler, Micana, 1 Saik Guard arrive, following Lucita.

e Noticing Princess Reese, Illisahn beams a bright smile. She tries discretely to make eye contact and offer a wave. Meanwhile she simply keeps close to Ian, looking a bit intimidated by all the fancy clothing and fancy people.

Lucita has arrived, somewhat late but still she managed to evade messengers, twins, mischievious wards and gossipy guards to get there. She distretely merges into the crowd and tries to assess what is going on without interrupting anything.

Seeing the arrival of Row, Delilah, Mika and Jace, Cora greets each with a warm smile. She blushes a bit at Reese's compliment, "I fear you outshine me any day m'dear." The ale that is handed to her gets a blank look which morphs into a suspicious one to Klaus, "I don't recall this agreement, I will however hold my courage and sip this....beverage." She teases her new husband with a grin that is hard to suppress. Jace's comments elicit a laugh and a nod of agreement, "No doubt I could, sadly he is rather good at convincing me not to. He has this charm that comes out of nowhere, I am still figuring out how that works."

Reese smiles over to Illisahn. "Nice to see you!" She says in her direction. The princess then goes to find a place to sit. "I don't think so, Princess Coraline, not a all." She says gently in her direction.

"We aim to fill the house. Let laughter rule the halls and echo." She looks to people who flit in, a lift of her hand for Delilah before she gestures to a nearby seat to Ysbail and moves to sit.

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Galen grins to the woman standing near to Ian and he says, "Careful. He bites," is all Galen says teasingly, but with obvious jest as he looks to Sorrel. "I suppose we could," he intones, his arms folded over his chest and he looks to the groom, and Ian, and then to Victus, wondering what the odds are. "There may be enough of us, I think we could make it happen if we need to," he intones, but for now he makes his way to grab a bit of some of the food, deciding he needs to eat something if he's going to live his best drinking life.

Ysbail watches the other guests, amused by the antics all around.

Ian gives Galen a confused look. "... No I don't. Not unless I have to." He takes a drink. "You'll have to do it without me. I won't get far on that sand."

Used to so much as far as shenanigans go, the grey mare puts up with Rowenova who just drops both reins and slides back off the broad rear of said horse, planting down on leather boots upon the ground below with a distinct thud. Rowenova fortuitously does this without being kicked in her wolf-framed face, then turns away from the calm horse (who stands there despite not having much in the way of a human controlling her right now, but she does swivel those pointed ears toward the party sounds). The wolf scout picks up the new letter from Sir Floppers and smiles back to Reese and Coraline and Klaus before then moving to walk along with Delilah while opening up the new missive with its noble insignia of a black paw on a green field in one corner.

Sorrel resumes drinking her rum, but follows along after her husband to the food table to get a variety of delicacies of the sea and otherwise. Cooked ones.

Klaus drinks the rum with a smile and does not even scowl at the taste and then turns to the well wishers and tilts his head back to leaugh nervously. "Your Highness, that is going to take some getting used to and not embarrass myself by looking over my shoulder to see who the person is addressing. As for her cutting me into pieces, I know she could, it is why I make certain her ax is no where near me when I say things. As for my charm, it is from clean and honest living, and because the Gods seem fit to grant fools luck." Doreen inclines her head as if agreeing to everything, or perhaps it is because she agrees Klaus is a fool. Who can tell with a squirrel?

Ian hesitates and adds to Galen: "Did Aethan tell you about the time with the visiting countess' bratty kids?"

Willow, a silent attendant, 2 House Velenosa Guards, Juliana arrive, following Niccolo.

"Will she be all right here?" Delilah murmurs to Rowenova, offering the horse a telling glance to lay clear whom 'she' happens to be. The floating, numinous hem of her gown brushes above the ground and she displays no concern for the powdery sand likely to be adorning her honeyed skin at some point. Nudging the scout, she isn't long for holding back. "Come, let's go say hello to everyone!" Her first stop invariably has to be Alarissa, another of those radiant smiles preceding her and directly firmly to the Princess-Consort and Victus, no escaping the starry Whitehawk girl. She offers a formal curtsy, just long enough to straighten again. "This does your house a wonderful credit. I had to express my gratitude for bringing such glad tidings." This to them both, she wiggles her fingers and won't take too much of their time up under the trees. To see where she goes, just follow the shimmer of dusk and the sonorous laughter weaving over to Coraline and Klaus. Any thought they'd escape from a bit of stardust in motion is entirely hopeless.

Galen shakes his head to Ian, "I don't think so," he offers. "But I'm happy to hear the story now," he says with a bit of a grin, and asks if he wants anything, "Food, drink? I'm heading that way," he offers. Yes, it's to help the man not have to make his way through the sand, and yes it's done in a natural way, glad to make life a little easier if he can. But he squeezes Sorrel's hand as they peruse the food and with good eats and more drink, he makes his way back to Ian to hear the story, and to start counting how many people it may take to drag Klaus into the ocean.

"And you have done them credit as well, your designs have made their day." Alarissa states, breaking off her conversation with those at the table to take Delilah's hands and clasp them between hers. "I shall have to have you work with a few for myself, but until then, you are my most esteemed protege and this night would have not gone half as well without your ingenuity." She assures Delilah, rising to press kisses to cheeks before sitting back down and turning her loose.

Giving the squirrel and odd look, Jace steps away to make room for other guests, moving back to the periphery after offering his well wishes.

Carita's sun and ocean-hued gown seems the right choice of attire, she settles at the picnic table, to watch the comings and going with quiet appreciation.

There's a rattling breath that echoes through Victus' breastplate at Delilah's rolling tide of exhuberance coming over him. "Much of it was to Alarissa's design. I do not have a mind to plan parties that are not themselves invasions."

Rumor has it there is Lenosian wine at this party that Victus paid through the nose for. Who better to come then than Niccolo Velenosa. Striding down the beach with Juliana, he looks over the decor with an absent gaze, but clearly wine will be a high priority. "Should we get a drink, Juliana?"

Ian huffs out a soft laugh, and shakes his head to Galen. "I'm sure you would." He starts to withdraw towards the picnic table, so he can sit down, and once there digs a bottle of rum out of his bag and switches to that, putting his flask away.

Lucita mingles a little and finally, when there seems to be an appropriate time to do so, approaches to offer congratulations to the couple. "Lovely setting and so nicely arranged, every detail. I offer best wishes to you both."

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Ian gets a bottle of very mellow boozy rum from Aged Satchel.

Ysbail laughs at the invasions comment, grinning and offering a wave to Lucita from her seat beneath the trees.

Rolling her eyes at Klaus, and trying not to make a face at the ale as she sips, she subtlly sliiiiiiiides that mug somewhere not near her and smirks as Doreen seems to agree with his inherant fooldom. "It will no doubt be a quick shift as you get to do so many princly things, like....what do Thraxian Princes do again?" she teases futher. Seeing Delilah, Cora waves to the arriving friend, certainly not seeming in any hury to escape some incoming stardust. Seeing Carita, Cora waves to her with a warm smile. She grins as Delilah attacks Victus with hugs. AT Lcita's greetings Cora turns the warmth of her smile in that direction, "We can't take any credit, it is all Alarissa's skill and vision."

Galen mutters, "I ... the idea of ... some folks ... the water tonight. Could ... ..."

Rowenova follows the glance back Delilah gives the horse, "Oh yeah and if not, then Sir Flops will help her." Indeed, the soulful hound sits down right next to the grey horse and looks up at her as they touch noses a brief moment. Turning back to the scholarly Whitehawk, "Yes, let's!" says she before then moving up to greet Alarissa and Victus, too. "Good to see you both again!" Rather than the curtsey, Rowenova does a courtly bow before popping up to her full height (and then some due to the wolfy ears atop her noggin and then the boot tread, too). Mostly, she follows along with Delilah's lead, moving along to be within closer proximity of Cora and Klaus.

Sorrel pauses to pull Galen into a kiss, the sort that married nobles aren't really supposed to indulge in for propriety's sake. She doesn't seem to care, though. She murmurs something against his mouth.

Juliana, her arm linked in Niccolo's arm, other hand gathering dark curls to the side of her face as the sea air whipped them around her. "A drink would be nice, Uncle Nicco." blue eyes flickering around the gathering picking out cousins here and there. "Whatever you are drinking will be fine." added as her gaze slide back to the Prince, dimples warming her smile. "Thank you for coming with me."

Trailing a few feet behind Niccolo and Juliana would be a very well-dressed and smiling Lore. Her eyes drift around the area, pausing on a few notables that she recognizes. Those she knows receive a smil and brief nod, but it would seem that Lore is 'on the clock' tonight. Still, she's keeping it friendly, its a wedding after all! Leaning forward, she says something quietly to Niccolo, looking faintly amused.

Klaus smirks some more and puts his hand on the very daring open keyhole design in the back of her gown. "My understanding is I stand at the front of the ship and lok all commanding then tell you to go do what you and enjoy, chopping things into shark bait."

Lore mutters, "Just remember, I'm here to keep you alive, Your Highness. ... ... pass ... lips ... ... pass yours."

Lucita gives a soft laugh accompanied by a beguiling smile. "Oh, but it makes the perfect setting for the jewels you you two." She compliments and then seeing others nearby, nods to Juliana and Prince Niccolo then moves aside for others to speak with the couple.

Alarissa dips her head to Rowenova politely when the woman bows, but doesn't really talk to her, just smiles.

Jace does not really mingle all that much. He stays on the fringes for a short while. Before making his way out quietly.

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Galen puts up about .000004 seconds of fight against the kiss, before wrapping his arms around Sorrel and returning the kiss. Get a room? Well, fortunately they have a nice one but it's way over there, and they are way over here. So, there will be making with the smoochity smoochity before he returns her to a more upright and locked position, and then he smiles, "You should have more rum," he teases, having no problem with plying his beautiful bride with more.

"Every festival is partly an invasion, Your Grace," Delilah replies to Victus. The brightening of her fathomless eyes suggests Alarissa's compliments hit the mark, the faintest blushing adding roses to the actual rose woven among the other flowers in her hair. One of those flowers will end up given to Alarissa, the perfect lily at the heart of it all. "I owe you too much thanks for making such an opportunity possible. Playing a small part in their happiness." She invariably dances her way over the beach in her own way, restraining it just somewhat. "I come bringing tidings of joy and fortune upon you, Princess Cora, so run if you want neither of those. Prince Klaus, all the best to you too!"

Klaus mutters, "SHould I be ... ... excited, at ... ... thought ... ... large ... of rope being sent ... our chambers?""

Illisahn takes a seat at the picnic table, her eyes wide and she seems a bit overwhelmed by all the livery. She places herself close to Ian, seemingly her personal link to sanity in the current moment. For once she is completely silent and simply taking in her surroundings.

An amused look at Klaus, and is that a wink? Possible. But it is to Delilah that she replies audibly, "I think I can suffer joy and fortune. Thank you for being here, and offering them, and I am given to understand, your immense skill in the creation of this beautiful thing I am wearing. You have a true gift."

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Lucita takes a seat at the Picnic Table near Carita and Ian, easing into the conversation there with a little grin.

"Of course, do not think of it." Niccolo responds as he guides them both toward the nearest drinks being passed. Wine. Selecting three glasses, he turns back to Juliana but then hands two glasses to Lore, who has appeared. Then begins a carousel of wine as Lore drinks from the glasses and passes them back. "Protocol." The former grand duke explains. "Do you know Lore, by the way?"

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Victus says, "Strange. They are very strange."

Klaus turns to Delilah as well. "Lady Whitehawk, I must also add in my undying praise. Nothing I ever even hoped to purchase could match what you created for the both of us. I thiank you, from deep admiration for you." Oh yes, he is tispy, waxing poetically as he is, and also perhaps a bit off balance by his bride's wink.

Galen whispers to Sorrel, "I'll be right back," he says, to Sorrel and to Ian, making his way away and he runs off quickly. Of course, he is just about to wrap up Juliana as he greets his cousin, only for her to be handed wine and so the proposed hug becomes a sort of choked off type of very odd looking gesture before he gives a bow, "Lady Pravus," he says, amusedly, and then smiles to Niccolo. "Your Highness," he says, a bit more formally, but yes, his plans...foiled by all the alcohols.

"Oh don't worry Lord Niccolo, we poisoned one, just for you. You'll have to figure out which bottle though. I sent for whatever it was that Eleyna dosed me up with when I last had dinner with the Velenosans." Alarissa calls out, winking.

Sorrel bounces with Galen with her back to the drink table, apparently taking his advice seriously. She beams at the Velenosans with amusement. "Prince Niccolo, Lady Juliana," she greets while her husband pretends to be formal.

"Princess, I assure you I am always game for poisoned drink, but it is frowned upon in some circles." Niccolo arches a brow at Lore. To Galen, he only watches the awkward exchange without comment. "Prince."

Juliana watches as wine goes from person to person and at some point ending up with a glass in her hand and a nod towards Lore before she takes a sip. "Formally, no, I do not beleive so." answered to Nicco. Then glances up as the Thrax Prince and Princess comes bounding forward. Jules chuckles, a kiss pressed to both Galen and Sorrel's cheeks. "Galen, Princess Herb, hello to you as well." the affection obvious before arching a brow to Alarrisa. "Never tease about poison to a Lycene, Your Highness." it's said with a smile but there is a moment where she pauses then hands Galen her glass.

Formal grace settles ever so briefly on Delilah, a companion for a fleeting moment. She extends her hands to Coraline, though a hug might be a reality if they both dare. "Tell no one how many friendly sea serpents I ended up drawing that looked far too friendly, or at least ambivalent. I am simply pleased that it translated into rubicund properly or else going to call up a sea serpent was my last option." Of course, she cannot be considered serious, but the gravitas settled upon her fits with the lively atmosphere suggestive of poisoning and other points of exciting inebriation. "Long as everything turns out as you hope. You know where to find me, of course."

Sipping from both glasses before handing them back to Niccolo, Lore brings her hands to rest behind her. She notes the incoming hug attack but says nothing, just watching with a faint smile. She offers a swift and flourished bow to Galen and Sorrel, smiling politely at the pair. She smiles back to NIccolo and shakes her head, "I'm still going strong, Your Highness. But I suppose we'll find out if I've inherited Uncle Blacktongue's fortitude."

Rowenova peeks over toward Sorrel and Galen with an appreciative, wolfish grin before turning back to aww softly for Delilah's gift to the High Thraxians. Then, she speedily zooms along beside Delilah toward Cora and Klaus. "Run, indeed!" says the wolf scout who might be an eventual bearer of armored hugs, but she momentarily pauses and looks back to Delilah, "Impressive detailing!" Then, she looks back offering out the armored arms for real this time.

"Then you shall have to take bottles home with you and then tell me later which one gave you butterflies." Alarissa smiles, a glance to Juliana. "As close friends with the former Archduchess, I assure you, I learned that very thing. And thus, I am not teasing." But she turns back to the conversation at hand, and the people there.

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Klaus mutters, "If ... have not said it ... I ... it ... how truly stunning ... ... ... ... ... do truly ... deep affection ... love for you, and will forever be buying ... pretty things to ... you ..."

Galen takes out the flask he has brought as well and holds it out to Lore. "You're going to have to try this so that they can," he says with a grin, holding it out having heard at least enough of the pass my lips comment to know she drinks first. He waits for Lore to try some before trying to offer some to Jules as he grins to Sorrel. "Princess Herb? I feel like I"m missing something there," he says with a grin, before looking over to the others, having gotten a bit more of his enthusiasm under his features. "How much do you think the groom weighs?" He asks to no one in particular, anyone near him.

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Carita gets Platinum Blonde Spiced Rum from small canvas bag.

Ysbail's brows creep steadily higher at the exchange between Juliana and Alarissa."

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"I'm pretty sure that if the bride doesn't put up a fight, you could definitely dunk him," Sorrel says helpfully to her husband, nodding as she takes a sip of her own rum. To Lore, she says, "I'm pretty sure we dispense with a taster, mostly because some of the booze being served will kill you if you drink enough of it anyway." She winks playfully.

Delilah laughs aloud behind her hand, the radiant sound startled out of her.

Taking the flask gamely, Lore takes a sip before passing it back along to Galen with a small chuckle for the 'Princess Herb' comment. Clasping her hands behind herself again, she peers towards Klaus before offering, "Maybe 170, 175? He's tall, but lanky... otherwise I would put him cloer to 200." Lore flashes a grin towards Sorrel and offers, "I'm an Artiglio, Your Highness. Our drinking stamina is legend."

"You should meet her formally then. For several reasons." Niccolo advises Juliana, vaguely. To Lore, he holds out a wine glass that is now empty. "Need to keep up." Stamina comment accepted. "Also, in my experience the Thrax would come with an ax and not poison."

A cheeky grin suddenly spreads across the wolf-framed visage of Scout Rowenova.

Juliana snorts reaching for the flask. "Galen, if you were going to poison me, I am pretty sure it would have been done long ago." smiles taking a taste then handing it back. "Only that I might adore your wife more than you do." answering Galen's question about her knickname for Sorrel. To Nicco.. "Axe is one way, yes." then nods to Lore. "Lady Juliana Pravus, pleasure to meet you."

Sorrel puts an arm around Juliana's shoulders and kisses her on the cheek. "Watch out, or I'll steal her away, just for being cute," she teases, and she might be a bit tipsy at this point, because she keeps drinking her rum with her other hand. "Have some rum, love. No one's drunk enough."

The hint of possible Delilah hug elicits an offer for one from Cora, who's arms open and sme smiles in the other woman's direction. That offer is extended to Row as well, her wolfy friend being nearby as well.

Alarissa rises, a hand out for Victus and then gesturing to the cake. "Princess Coraline. Prince Klaus. Should the High Lord cleave the cake, or would the Princess prefer to do so with her own axe?"

Reflling and retasting the glass, Lore hands it back to Niccolo with a smile, as though she's well aware of what he's doing. She offers a quick half-bow to Juliana and smiles, "Lore Artiglio, my lady. The pleasure is mine." Glancing towards Alarissa at the question, a grin crosses her features as she murmurs, "Oh, this is the moment I was hoping to se..."

Klaus smiles and for once it is not the smirk he normally carries but is one full of deep affection. It quickly returns as he drinks more of his ale and then says. "What is this about cake and axes I here?" Then he hears the Princess Consort speak and he looks shocked. "Bugger all and shite, its not a jest..."

Apparently the two newly weds had been sharing a tender moment, this however ends abruptly as Cora is out of her seat like a shot, axe, where was she hiding that?!? is in hand and she has a gleam in her eye, "I have wanted to do this since I heard about it!" she declares and gives Victus puppy dog eyes, "May I?" because manners are important.

"Hm." Victus considers it a moment. "I suppose it is /your/ wedding after all. Go on then, ensure you make it count."

Juliana leans in against Sorrel and chuckles, batting her eyes at Galen then. "I hope that love was for him.. cause even in risking that you will no longer love me, I really am not fond of rum." pausing as they start talking about cake, arches a brow, her gaze turning to watch Cora.

Introductions facilitated, Niccolo accepts the wine and takes a drink as he glanced down the beach again. "It is almost like they do not have cutlery. There has to be a better way to disburse cake than by cleaving."

"Well, nevermind, then, you can have wine or whiskey," Sorrel informs Juliana brightly, her spirits not dampened in the least. "No, cleaving is my favorite Thrax tradition!"

Ian looks towards the cake when it's about to be cleaved. Politely. Between drinks.

Rowenova happily accepts the hug given from Coraline, snugging her right up within armored arms. "I hope your marriage is blessed in all the good ways." After letting go, she moves over to hug Klaus, too, if he would not mind it, but does not if he does mind. "The both of you." Another messenger shows up, and the young scout is suddenly distracted with further reading of new mail with the lightest frown. She leans closer to Delilah after the read through.

After disengaging from Coraline's hug, Delilah darts back over to Rowenova's side. "This is a wonderful custom. The question is, do they give the High Lord his own small cake to practice on?" These are important questions, especially for those of the Crownlands.

Sparte has been hanging out under one of the trees, watching the sea more than the continued festivities.

Rowenova grunts softly, "I remember this at the last wedding!" She back tracks with Delilah a good ways to make sure they are not in the line of cake fire!

Ysbail grins and then Delilah's words have the young woman bursting out into bright cheery laughter. "I do believe they do, or so Princess Alarissa informs me." Grinning between the two women.

A wicked little grin appears as the Ok from Victus is a go and it almost looks like Cora stalks the hapless cake, one never knows if it might not become wise to it's impending doom after all. One predatory step after another brings Cora to the sugary confection, the innocent bee and the fierce sea serpant. Light shimmers along the bladed edge of the axe as it is raised above her head where it pauses, the world seems to hold it's collective breath before the lightening arch of alaricite strikes the baked surface and frosted cake goes everywhere, the delicious shrapnel flying in all directions. Lo, what has become of this lovely, and oh so tasty treat? The sea serpant stands regally fierce still but the bee, oh the poor bee is devoid of head. She looks surprised at the result, "Not what I was aiming for, but I have to say," she notes as she licks some of the frosting from her lips, "He is delicious." She winks clearly not meaning offense and rather the smirk levelled at Klaus indicates this might well be teasing him more than anything else. "Dig in." she invites the guests grinning.

And servant descend to start portioning out cake for those not inclined to seek out splatters and bits left everywhere. Cutlery included.

Klaus does not have much sense, and thus is covered a bit in cake when all is said and done. He picks up some, this time from the sea serpent and takes a bite of it while looking at his bride and then echoes. "Does indeed taste delcious and worth the wait." He then takes up the rest of his uneaten cake, and throws it at Coraline.

Juliana stands watching the stalking and then murder of the cake. Her brow arches and with a dry, if serious tone. "I absolutely forbid anyone from telling Luis about that." then takes a sip.

Klaus checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 3 higher.

Coraline checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 15, rolling 55 higher.

Coraline checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 20 higher.

Poor victimized cake. Like a lamb to the slaughter, it has no idea of what waits at the altar for it. Another brought from the altar is sure to deliver a devious and threatening end to its whole state. Delilah offers her arm to Ysbail, pulling her into a trio of trouble and dangers that undoubtedly beg to be unleashed upon the world. "They did this at the last wedding? And I missed it?" Shock to be echoed for the explosive serpent destroying the baked delight causes her to laugh, throwing her arm up protectively.

Easily dodging the thrown cake, Cora scoops up some near her and launches it at Klaus, her expression almost looking bored, if one didn't know her well.

Ysbail checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 7 lower.

Klaus checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 15, rolling 0 higher.

Ian eyes the flying cake and turns up the collar of his coat.

Alarissa remains by the one table, out of cake range, stinkeye for anyone who might think to level some her way.\

Ysbail grins, pushing to her feet from her seat near Victus and Alarissa and in the process finds herself summarily splattered by the flying confection that sails clean past the positively dextrous Coraline, leaving the poor Shaman's face a splater of bee colored icing. "I don't know about the throwing, but the axes yes." She takes a finger to the icing on her face tasting it. "But gods and spirits this stuff is delicious."

Marquessa Pudding, a fat floof, is loving this cake throwing contest. She's wandering around eating the filthy cake that the humans cannot possibly stomach due to a miss and sampling the best parts of it. And there's plenty of it. And the humans are having a good time throwing things.

Plop. Cake flies into a wine glass. Without missing a beat, Niccolo passes it to Lore. "Better test it.

Plop. Cake flies into a wine glass. Without missing a beat, Niccolo passes it to Lore. "Better test it." He glances back to Juliana, who seems to have found great company, leaving him to torment his taster. "Maybe whiskey actually."

Juliana watches as the cake starts flying, then as the clump lands in Niccolo's glass and simply takes two steps backwards and to the side so that there is a large Galen shaped shield between here and any misthrown sugary projectiles.

Rowenova plucks up a couple plates of the wedding cake from passing servants, "Thank you!" She hands off one plate with associated fork Delilah's way while chatting up the Whitehawk woman.

Laughing lightly, Lore takes the glass and lifts a brow, "And who will drink it if its clear?" She takes a sip and passes the glass to Niccolo, then smiles towards him with a small bow, "Whatever Your HIghness wishes."

Sorrel has acquired a slice of cake from a nearby servant and is eating it with a fork, which she occasionally pauses to gesture with. "I'm locking that fat dog outside for a day or two. She's going to make herself sick on cake," she observes but does nothing about. Then again, it's a big dog.

Frosting dancing all over the air only adds to the star-spangled cloth of night that wraps Delilah up. For the girl with flowers in her hair and bits of broken mirror woven throughout her garment, what's a bit of icing? She pauses for a moment to watch Ysbail's reaction, and then brings her hands together in applause. "That's the spirit! Axes and cake deserve to be honoured. Now to convince everyone that knives are truly passe." She reaches for a plate from Rowenova and beams. "Thank you!" Though icing on fingers is thoroughly bound to be licked off. Discreetly. She can wield a fork with the best of them, and she does.

Galen looks at Sorrel and he has clearly been playing catch up from those who were pre-gaming, and so he's amused as he watches the fights. Sure, he'll help shield Juliana, a bit of a chuckle as he looks over and says, not so quietly, "Chicken," a playful taunt to her though he isn't in a hurry to try and help. He'll just help with the clean up later as he settles back. He holds his mouth open thought o Sorrel for a bite, that smile and those puppy dog Galen eyes demanding it as he lets out a stretch. "I think....we should drink more."

Victus does not stand back as the cake begins to fly. No, he stands /in/. Proudly holding his chest forward and hands on his hips as the sweetness flies and sprinkles him with a sheet of frosting. "Refreshing." He declares. "A tradition honored. Nothing makes my heart swell more."

Ian is suddenly very interested in getting an answer to a question he asked Carita, but not so interested that he doesn't notice a mis-thrown cake projectile headed his way. He casually blocks it with his arm. Now he has cake on his jacket.

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Lucita quietly murmurs something to those with whom she was sitting and talking and then bids others goodbye as she turns and makes her way out.

Sorrel helpfully feeds Galen some cake when he opens his mouth. She seems in a fairly good, if rum-fueled mood at this point, carousing with the Lycenes and eating cake cheerfully.

Golden, an Oakhaven bloodhound, Gunther, a Rottweiler, Micana, 1 Saik Guard leave, following Lucita.

'Not even me?" Alarissa calls out, singular brow raised.

"Baroness." Niccolo offers Lucita a greeting and a smile as she walks near, but then Lore earns a smirk. "Typical Artiglio. Any excuse for a drink."

Things do not go well for Klaus, as is the norm. Not only did he hit someone else with cake, he takes a cake right to the face. He cannot help but laugh though. At least he did not hit Alarissa. He wipes the icing from his eyes, then moves to find a cloth to repair what damage he could. Coraline does lick a bit off of his cheek and whisper into his ear as he cloes with her, and they move off out of the way to clean him up and share a private moment with one another.

Victus raises a brow to his wife. "Is the fact you're pregnant not enough evidence of that?"

'That it swells -something- but not necessarily the heart." Alarissa quips back.

Ysbail applauds scooping up a bit of icing and grinning to Delilah, and bursting into another bubbly peal of laughter at the high lord's response to this event. "Lovely to see so many happy couples isn't it."

Tsking softly, Lore grins at Niccolo, "Your Highness, you more than anyone knows that I -always- have something to drink. Which reminds me, have you tried that bottle I gave you yet?"

Rowenova watches the bride and groom sneak away with a wolfy grin before then turning back to everyone else whilst having cake and eating it, too.

Juliana doesn't answer Galen, just peeks around him at the melee. "Absolutely forbid anyone tell Luis." repeated then reaches out to take a finger tip of frosting off Sorrel's plate, lifting to her lips with a shrug.

"I have been saving it for a special occasion." Niccolo responds easily enough. As promised he finds a glass of whiskey as a tray goes by. He doesn't offer that one to Lore. Looking to Juliana, he arches a brow: "Is he a cake cleaver?"

Alarissa sits back down once the cake throwing seems to be done and people are taking more to eating what's tased around on plates. "Take note. When you are done. There are small boats with oil to be lit in them. You are encouraged to take one and light the flame, speak your well wishes for the bride and groom and then set it off into the water. So that the waves may be lit with our good thoughts, our love and our friendship for them as they start their new lives and speak a prayer for Lagoma in their honor as they face this change together."

Juliana steps out from behind Galen and back to her Uncle's side with a smirk. "If he thought that it would make me hiss at him, he would be." looking to where he found the whiskey and reaching for her own, pausing to listen to Alarissa before taking a sip and looking back

"Princess, the husband and noble in me loves that idea," he calls over to Alarissa. "However, the pirate part of me finds lighting any boat on fire a tough thing to find good luck in," he teases, as he looks to Sorrel and gestures, and is very likely to let her do the lighting though he will of course send a wish out. Now that he's not busy playing human shield. He doesn't ask how much cake and frosting got on his armor. He'll find out later...

'Worry not. There are glass globes inside, they'll not light the ship on fire. I promise." Alarissa assures Galen.

Lore lifts a brow at Niccolo, then chuckles and falls back to her position a bit behind the former Archduke while his niece steps back in. Resuming her stance, hands resting behind her back, clasped hand to wrist, she glances around again and smiles at all the globs of cake everywhere.

Marquessa Pudding, big white stupid fat dog, happens to notice that Victus is a buffet of smashed cake and wanders over to him so that she can start licking him clean. Lick. Lick. Lick. She's a very helpful doggy, wagging her tail as she helps him get clean, starting near his waist and continuing for as long as he'll let her.

Niccolo purses his lips thoughtfully, "Seems risky to make a Pravus upset at her own wedding." Sage advice dispensed, he takes a drink of whiskey and leans over to Lore to murmur something quietly.

Rowenova gets out a wooden box from her Messenger Bag which she soon shows to Princess Coraline and Prince Klaus. They might be too busy to really notice, though, but she did try! She flags down a cake server, opens up the flip top on that wood box, and then motions down into the empty interior before then glancing up to said server with hopeful eyes of cobalt blue, Khol lined.

'Sorrel! Your dog!" Alarissa's scowling at the large white behemoth, a gesture for a servant to shoo the creature away.

Victus has an expression of 'this is fine' when a chonking dog comes his way. Even as it's licking up cake remanents off his clothing. Slowly he raises a boot and starts steadily pushing that pup away, as difficult as it is, he does manage to keep it at leg's length.

Ian may have put his foot in his mouth again. Carita is laughing while he looks down at the table and looks sheepish.

Marquessa Pudding is pretty sure that being shooed away from the cake-covered high lord is a fun game, and she backs off as Victus applies the boot. Then she wiggles as if she's going to pounce, because this is totally the best game so far. Then a servant has her collar, and the game is over, but Sorrel calls her and she goes bounding over to her mistress eagerly, knocking over the servant who had her collar. "I heard there was rope," Sorrel says casually, hands on her hips as she peers down at her dog."

Rowenova pairs her fork with the cake on her plate, then she walks over and helpfully hauls the fallen servant up to their feet again. After Sorrel says what she does about the rope business, the wolf scout lets out a hearty laugh.

Galen chuckles quietly and looks to Marquessa and Sorrel, and he walks over to grab a towel or some such from a servant, making sure to offer it to Sorrel in case Marquessa still has far too much frosting and such on her. But yes, there definitely needs to be something to clean up icing with and he grins, taking a moment to go refill his glass because his flask is done, and there are no immediate glasses of alcohol. So let there be more, let there be much more, for if he actually remember sall of this tonight and comes home with full memory of the night, that's just not going to be any fun.

"Does it?" Juliana remarks of Nicco's comment about it being dangerous to anger a Pravus and takes a sip of her whiskey. "I am sure there are a few that it may not be." Her gaze turning to follow Sorrel's to the dog but it's the sound of Carita's laugh that draws her eye. A smile curling. "I will be right back Uncle." offered before crossing the party. Nod to Victus as she dodges servant and dog, then stops long enough beside the table to lean in, kiss Carita's cheek, then a nod to Ian. "Lord Kennex" before turning on her heel and heading back the way she came.

Delilah's been a quiet participant by all measures. Eating cake will do that. Daydremaing about the flaming boats being launched, too, is a dreamy event. She speaks of very little while twirling that fork, lost to the lunar dreams sketched in the night. The fallen star to all those sisters on high, it takes her a very long time indeed to tactfully blink.

"Thank you, beloved, but I think we're good on the cake front," Sorrel says to Galen with a smile. "Shall we wish the bride and groom congratulations and then be on our way?"

With some help from those who are kind, Rowenova manages to score two pieces of the wedding cake which go into the box which is slipped away into her bag. Then, she puts down her empty-scraped plate and mouth-cleaned fork before moving forth to pass by Delilah once more, "Shall we set sail of a tiny boat?"

Ysbail gets up from her seat and moves to light one of the ships, pausing to bid farewell to Klaus and Coraline in the process of departure and Delilah as well.

"I am never caught drunk." Niccolo advises Lore, in response to something they were discussing. He lifts his whiskey glass to confirm his point. Juliana receives a faint, unperturbed smile. In general the Velenosa is absently watching the party.

Berto sets one of the boats out on the water, watching it go for a moment with a contented sort of smile. Also an inebreated sort of smile. The short man seems to have been making celebration with the drinks on offer, watching the boats roll out with a smile.

Ian eventually slips out, after making sure that Illisahn has a way back home (and offering her a ride back to the city if she doesn't, and if she promises to sit in the fucking carriage this time).

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"Now would you be, Your Highness," Lore remarks back to Niccolo, smiling faintly before looking back towards the party.

"I insist on this part of the formalities. Then it's off for me to stare at the stars and wonder how well I can chart them. I am doing so with a dreadfully unreliable contraption. Perhaps we can find a falling star and wish for the happily wedded pair there?" Only about a half-dozen of those, but Delilah doesn't explain which one as she loops her arm around Rowenova's again. "Lady Ysbail, have an absolutely glorious night. I have to talk to you soon, all sorts of wonderful things." Fingertips wiggle in her direction.

Sorrel meanders over to where Carita is sitting to say hello, her big stupid white dog following her. "Enjoying the party?" she wonders as she sits down nearby.

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