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SoE Sharpshooting Tourney

The Society of Explorers presents... an afternoon of archery contests to showcase the prowess with bows of all makes.

Come and participate in an archery contest in three phases: sharpshooting (hitting a moving target), precision (accuracy for shots on the run), and a special event for neophyte archers (shooting a fixed target). A selection of food and drinks will be on hand for everyone to enjoy. There may even be prizes! Probably. Mostly.


Jan. 21, 2019, 8:30 p.m.

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Merek Cillian Thorley Waldemai Amari Violet Ophelia Vitalis Kanean Rowenova Lou Amund Petal


Society of Explorers


Outside Arx - Gray Forest - Grayson Camp

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Comments and Log

Scribble, a Delicate Social Butterfly, 1 Bisland pride guards, 1 Inquisition Confessors arrive, following Delilah.

Merek has put on his best crimson-black silk which is buttoned up, and he has on his cloak as well. He brings with him with hood up his diamondplate bow which is settled about within the palm while he looks around and finds a place to relax.

Damien Pierce - A Charming Assistant, 1 Redreef Warden, 1 Thrax Guards, 1 Redoubt Buccaneers arrive, following Mikani.

Cillian comes walking into the Camp looking around his hood is pulled up to cover his face and he remains some what at the back of the gather watching for now.

While Violet may not have had the want to come here, Thorley wanted to cheer his wife - and go on an outing. There's no kids with them - tonight it is just the pair of them, and he's carrying a basket with him. "After the tournament, perhaps we can see about finding a place to stay at the Lodge and you and I spend the night here?" he suggests to his wife.

Sir Floppington, the soulful hound arrives, following Rowenova.

Waldemai goes over to have a seat by the fire. "I can never stay warm enough," he says. He lives in a forge, after all.

Amari rides into the camp on a white mare with her giant dogs keeping pace, though she has to whistle back over her shoulder periodically to attract the attention of the bloodhound who can't help but stop and smell everything of interest. She dismounts clear of everyone and walks the horse in, peering around at all the assorted archers already gathered. She wears a lot of black and green, proper House Keaton colors, matching the Huntsmen guards who follow after her. It's to one of them she passes her horse's reigns, exchanging that for a bow which she strings right there.

Damien Pierce - A Charming Assistant, 1 Redreef Warden, 1 Thrax Guards, 1 Redoubt Buccaneers leave, following Mikani.

Violet is smiling faintly as they wend their way into the camp. "You've been planning while I sequestered myself, didn't you?" She asks with a quiet chuckle. She leans in against him as they come to the main gathering. "I'd like that."

In walks Ophelia Velenosa with Amund not far behind her. There's a cheery smile given to those she recognizes and a nod given in greeting to those she does not. Dressed in her leathers, the archeress princess sports a rubicund bow in her left hand and a quiver of arrows strapped to her hip. Her blonde hair has been pulled back into an elegant chignon and she's currently adjusting the bracer upon her forearm while murmuring something to the looming sellsword at her side.

Waldemai has joined the a cozy campfire surrounded by boulders and wooden perches.

(OOC)The scene set/room mood is now set to: (OOC: This event is sponsored by the Society of Explorers. If you could please considering praise/org Society of Explorers when praising, and also Delilah of course, it'd be appreciated! -- Lou Grayson)

Vitalis is here scouting, he makes no great secret of it, keeping a sharp eye out for anyone who is both adept with the bow, but also at handling themselves with precision. He keeps to the edges of things, sidling up to the Pathfinder to murmur something to her while scanning the crowd.

Kanean runs to the camp, inv

Kanean runs to the camp, in great hurry before the competition starts. He arrives and greets the people present, "G'Day! Is it too late to join in?"

As Sir Floppington and her grey mare stay back a safe distance, Scout Rowenova moves forth with her recurve bow (half refined, half wild) in her hands with a strung arrow. Her cobalt-blue, khol-lined eyes analytically scan all those who have shown up here.

Lou has been here the whole time, observing as the archery course was set up by the people Delilah left in charge. Hands on Pathfinder, she is! She glances over at Vitalis as he sidles up to her and offers her protege a warm smile. "Vitalis." She tilts her head when he speaks to her, then returns a few words in turn.

Cillian gloved hands bring his hood down, "Nova." he calls over to her a small smirk coming to his face he speaks with a heavy Northern shav accent, he moves over in her direction.

"Of course I did, Violet." Thorley gives his wife a wide smile. "And even if you don't finish first tonight.." he voice lowers in a whisper to her as he turns his attention to moving out of the way for the others to compete.

Honestly, Delilah is in here somewhere. Probably the spot that has the fresh, crisp wines for which Hawkhold is known for, along with a selection of ciders, one very potent cyser, and something that she stares at with dark amusement. "Thank you, Silas," she mentions to Scribble, who stands off the wayside prepared to help with scorekeeping. "Drinks are open for everyone, as you like! Though try not to drink and shoot, accidents are known to happen." Her voice rings clear and bright. "Everyone is welcome on behalf of the Society of Explorers. Our Pathfinder, Lou Grayson, is responsible for much of this, so go bribe her for favours and tell her how much you like the woods. If you're interested in shooting something, let's line up over there by the end of the camp. The first event will be taking shots at a nice, large wooden deer covered in a leather hide we're going to hurtle as fast as we can out down the line."

Violet pulls Blackfell from her wrappings and strings the bow with practiced ease. Whatever Thorley says makes her grin momentarily. There's even a girlish giggle before she leans in to press a kiss to his cheek. "I look forward to it," She says in reply before turning to head over to where Delilah has indicated. There are a few test pulls given as she rolls her shoulders. The smile fading away to a cool mask.

Cillian has joined the line.

Merek waves a bit to sign up for all the things, while he moves to wherever the people are asked to and settles while he checks his bow.

Merek has joined the line.

Violet has joined the line.

Ophelia has joined the line.

Amari has joined the line.

Kanean has joined the line.

Rowenova has joined the line.

Waldemai watches all the skilled archers lining up. "Anyone want to get a bet down on this?" he calls.

Rowenova joins Cillian and shoulder clasps him a brief moment but draws away and makes sure not to disturb him as he shoots. She heads to the back of the line.

Kanean calms himself and takes his bow does a few test pulls and does a few streches himself as he readies for his turn.

Cillian checked wits + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 5 higher.

Cillian checked perception + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 14 higher.

"The first of these events is sharpshooting, which in this case means sharpshooting a moving target. Before you can do this, however, you need to see if you can /find/ a target within the woods. Sometimes, it can be pretty difficult," Lou begins when Delilah signals the beginning of the context. (Everyone: @check Wits + Survival at 20 and @check Perception or Wits + Archery at 15.

Amund murmurs a brief response to Ophelia, nodding to the Velenosa Princess as he watches her depart to the shooting range. Glancing around as if casually, his attention returns to the competition, silent as it seems to be underway now.

Violet checked wits + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 14 higher.

Amari sends her dogs after her guards, to stay clear of all the arrows, though Barf is very reticent. She has to pretend to be cross with him before he finally huffs and tromps off. After that she walks to the line and looks to the archers to her left and right, as she's more or less in the middle of the pack. She wrinkles her nose and readies an arrow, not looking hugely confident by any means, but smartly attired at least. That might count for something!

Violet checked perception + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 32 higher.

Up in the treetops a distance away, on a makeshift platform, movement might attract attention. No reavers or bandits of the woods; these gentleman in their leathers and long tunics manhandle that impressive buck figure about to be peppered with holes and arrows. With Delilah and Lou indicating their readiness, one of them lines up the hanging target. "Away!" shouts one, and off it goes, careening down a line. Considering the angle, it moves at a stately speed rather than madcap. For now!

Violet's eyes narrow slightly as she scans the trees and foliage. Emerald gaze flickering quickly in a sweeping pattern. The bow is half drawn as she scans. Then she sees it and in a smooth move lifts her bow and fires. The arrow flies straight and right into the fake-bucks head.

Cillian steps up pulling his bow out waiting for the target to zip down when it does he takes a deep breath waiting, steady and shoots letting the arrow fly nailing the target cleanly. He aims his bow down after pleased with his shot.

Ophelia checked wits + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 10 higher.

Ophelia checked wits + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 39 higher.

Amari checked wits + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 6 lower.

Amari checked perception + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 23 higher.

Merek checked wits + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 14 higher.

Merek checked perception + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 17 higher.

Kanean checked wits + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 7 higher.

Kanean checked perception + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 39 higher.

Rowenova checked wits + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 2 lower.

Rowenova checked perception + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 34 higher.

Merek lifts up his bow and actually manages the shot upon that target. He seems perhaps a bit happy, although it's nothing that would win the competition for the most part as he nocks another arrow.

Kanean nods at Rowenva. He readies his first shot. He squints as he looks past the foilage and trees and releases his arrow. It hits! Kanean's arrow lands cleanly on then neck of the fake deer.

Ophelia practically bounces with excitement as she glances up at Amund and then ventures toward the line up with the other archers. With one final adjustment to her arm guard, she manages to get it feeling just right while loosening her grip upon her bow. Time to breathe and focus! Soon she's able to spot the target and when it begins to move, she fires an arrow with precise aim -- /right/ into its neck. Straightening, she beams with delight!

Soot, a gray foxhound puppy, Violet, a shopkeeper, 1 Crimson Blades Lieutenant, 3 Iron Guardsmen arrive, following Petal.

Amari isn't the quickest in the group, it's almost like she doesn't see what she's supposed to be shooting at right off, but once she does it's a smooth draw and loose. Her goose feather fletched arrow flies straight and true, hitting the 'buck' rather squarely in the middle for a competent strike. She smiles a little, pleased with herself, and glances down the line to flash a brighter smile at Rowenova.

Vitalis watches the contestants line up, draw, and fire in rapid succession at a hurtling deer target. He lifts his voice in a show for shots well struck, clapping heartily.

Petal has joined the line.

Petal checked wits + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 7 lower.

Petal checked perception + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 13 higher.

The singing lament of those arrows thwacking neatly into the target hint heavily the competency of the archers. No one seems to have much trouble following the creature down the zipline. Delilah inclines her head as she watches the projectiles flying after the stag. "You know," she tells Lou dryly, "next time we should camouflage him. Patch him up through the trees and have them all hit." Laughter simmers in her voice, though she tries not to distract too greatly from the rest. Her applause rings out when the last of them shoots, as Petal makes a finale after the close clustering thuds from Kanean, Ophelia, and Rowenova.

Petal arrives with a steel bow. The tiny seamstress is not the best at this all and she seems to be struggling in the tournament. Still she manages to send her arrow flying though and Petal seems pretty happy about that! She gives Cillian a warm smile.

A bit slow on the draw, Rowenova still manages to peg her target in the neck, doing so with the first arrow before she strings up the second one. Then, the wolfy scout glances back to Amari with a reciprocated smile.

Violet checked perception + archery at difficulty 30, rolling 41 higher.

Amari checked perception + archery at difficulty 30, rolling 3 higher.

Rowenova checked perception + archery at difficulty 30, rolling 20 higher.

Cillian checked wits + archery at difficulty 30, rolling 0 higher.

Petal checked perception + archery at difficulty 30, rolling 7 lower.

Merek checked wits + archery at difficulty 30, rolling 17 lower.

Kanean checked perception + archery at difficulty 30, rolling 22 higher.

Ophelia checked wits + archery at difficulty 30, rolling 15 higher.

"Sometimes, those rascally animals, however, decide to keep on going, and so you have to keep them in your sights for as long as you can. It is no easy feat to forge ahead, and thus it becomes quite bit more difficult to do so." Lou says to those in the line who are tracking their beasty as it continues to zip down the rather lengthy line.

Merek takes another clean shot, but it goes a bit to the side and manages to hit one of the trees away from the camp. He sighs, seems he's back to how he usually is with these competitions.

Petal struggles to get her bow loaded. The girl is likely no archer. She takes aim for a moment as she smiles to Cillian again. It looks like she is going to hit him! She regains her senses and points her bow toward the trees just in time. The arrow goes flying far away from any targets and lands in the dirt by a tree. She has the grace the blush.

Ophelia sets loose another arrow at the moving target and watches as it sinks right into the belly of the beast. She hit it! Yay! There's a smile to follow as the others aim their arrows at the targets, some better than hers and others right next to hers.

Violet smiles when she spots Petal down the line from her. It is a brief smile, maybe a little tired, but warm. Then her eyes are on the target again. In the blink of an eye she has drawn and released her arrow. It sails and hits thickly into the neck of the target. Violet just nods to herself and notes the other hits. Briefly she turns to glance over her shoulder at Thorley. Again a faint smile before she turns back. "The wind is coming from the west," She says to those on the line. "Make sure to adjust for it. A half foot ahead of the target and up slightly...might help." Yes, just blanket advice to all shooting.

Merek is overheard praising Society of explorers: Great Contest!

Cillian looks over spotting Petal he smiles warmly to her and seems to be distracted then he looks back realizing the target is their and lets his arrow fly and holds his breath till it hits him in the back hauntch and then lets out a breath and a smirk coming actoss his lips.

Kanean looks over to Violet as he hears her advice and accidently lets go of his arrow. Luckily, kt hits th

Kanean looks over to Violet as he hears her advice and accidently lets go of his arrow. Luckily, it hits the derr

Kanean looks over to Violet as he hears her advice and accidently lets go of his arrow. Luckily, it hits the deer

Up in the treetops, the next target being loaded onto a different line involves a fair bit of muttering, a guffaw of laughter, and a very irritated voice giving equally irked commentary. "No, you _cannot_ ride it down the line. At least one of them is going to hit you."

A touch more furtive chatter is hard to parse. "No! Are you daft?" snaps the irritated first. Another snicker, and a second voice, younger, says, "Bleeding on the ground ain't gonna get you a date. Since when has that worked?."

Amari might not have understood that she was to keep shooting at the target that's rapidly moving further and further away until everyone else is loosing again on it. She luckily had the sense to at least draw a new arrow, but she has to catch up with a quick notch, draw and loose which by some miracle finds the target. Granted, she hits it in the tail, which isn't at all great nor at all fatal - but it counts, right?! She lets out a relieved breath and immediately reaches for another arrow. Listening closely to Violet's advice to Petal, she nods to herself thoughtfully. The wind, of course. Have to account for that.

Rowenova quietly speaks back here at the end of the shooting line but then suddenly pegs yonder target with her second arrow, right in the belly area. "Mistress Petal." says she as she speaks up.

A man who married a Mercy raises his hand in answer to 'since when has that worked?'

Thorley calls up into the trees. "Chicks dig scars! Ask my wife."

"Even sometimes, when they are riddled with arrows, you have to get them in the right place. The ideal way to kill your prey is to do so cleanly. But, sometimes, you just have to get that last shot in." Lou tells her participants. OOC: When you are ready, @check Perception or Wits + Archery at 50

Violet checked perception + archery at difficulty 50, rolling 19 higher.

Amari checked perception + archery at difficulty 50, rolling 20 higher.

Ophelia checked perception + archery at difficulty 50, rolling 1 lower.

Petal checked perception + archery at difficulty 50, rolling 37 lower.

Cillian checked wits + archery at difficulty 50, rolling 7 lower.

Merek checked wits + archery at difficulty 50, rolling 10 lower.

Rowenova checked perception + archery at difficulty 50, rolling 4 lower.

Violet turns and looks over her shoulder at Thorley. Raising one brow in amusement. Then she turns back and smoothly shoots the target. The target is hit just below the ear. What would be a nice, quick kill if it were a real dear. When Amari's arrow hits she glances at her with an encouraging nod. "Nice, Just so."

Petal peeks over to Violet and tries to take her advice. It doesn't seem to work out very well and her arrow goes flying off toward the trees again. The girl seems happy regardless and her cheeks are warmed with a pink hue.

Merek moves to the target, and he takes a clean shot which manages to be quite skilled, if he were actually aiming for that tree he just hit to make it look like a pretty post.

Vitalis cheers for the sharpshooters, "That is going to be some tender venison."

Cillian looks back at the target but he still looks to Petal again a smirk coming to him and then he realizes he is distracted and aims and lets his bow go finding he missed with his arrow.

Ophelia lets out a breath as she releases an arrow at the moving target. And misses by a hair! Drat! She straightens and watches a few other arrows sail past the target and lets out a sigh. This was a difficult round for certain.

Gotta account for wind, just as Violet said. Amari apparently has a calculator for a brain which swiftly maths out the angle and amount to compensate, and not caught on her heels this time she is smooth and efficient. Her arrow flies true, hitting just ahead of Violets and a bit lower, less in the ear and more directly in the eye. That's one very deaf and blind and probably dead deer right there. For a moment she just looks incredibly surprised, but when she turns to smile at Violet she's more composed. "Thank you, Baroness."

Amund rubs his cheek as he watches the competition, squinting at the targets once they start getting filled with arrows. The sellsword casts a quick glance around for a refreshments table. He's not very good at cheering.

Delilah inclines her head in greeting to Amund where he considers the refreshments. "She's good," she says, a comment laid for the Velenosan princess. A swift smile races across her features, and she applauds as Amari and Violet actually manage to lay a hit in on the fast-moving target.

Rowenova almost makes this third shot, but it just glances off the very front without actually sticking. Better luck next game! She still smiles, though, gazing down the long line of her fellow archers.

Amund fetches some ale for himself, nodding affirmatively to Delilah at her words. "Plenty of practice. She really likes archery." Turning to watch the competition again, he takes a deep draught from the mug, thoughtfully.

Petal smiles toward Cillian even as his arrow misses. She seems impressed with Amari and Violet. "Wow, Baronness Violet, woot!" she cheers, speaking with the heavy accent of a Nothern Shav.

Violet smiles and bobs her head in a humble sort of bow towards Amari, "You're welcome. Always happy to help fellow enthusiasts," She says as she turns from the line to move over to Thorley. Going up on tiptoes she gives him a sweet kiss. "Would you get us some cider?"

Cillian claps for Amari and Violet its muffled slightly from his leather gloves, he looks to Petal grins giving her a wink.

Waldemai applauds the good shooting. Heck, he applauds the bad shooting. No sense in pissing off people with bows and pointy things.

Lou holds up a finger to Vitalis a moment, whom she's been quietly speaking to, and confers with Delilah. "The results for the Sharp Shooting competition follow. . . First place, Baroness Violet, Second Place, Princess Ophelia, and in Third Place, Mistress Rowenova." Lou then steps over to Violet and says. "We have two prizes, for two equally difficult competitions. You may choose one of the two." Lou then sets down a lovely mountain pendant upon the prize table, as well as a lovely recurved long bow.

Lou drops a recurved long bow with a floral design.

Lou drops a captured slice of the mountains pendant.

Violet turns in slight surprise when Lou announces she has, indeed, won first place. "Really?" She looks at Thorley and her smile grows as she turns to walk over to the options. "Well, that bow is beautiful. But I've a good one already, so.." She reaches to take up the pendant. "Thank you, I am honestly shocked."

Violet picks up a captured slice of the mountains pendant.

Petal is overheard praising Violet: Great Archer!

Petal is overheard praising Amari: Great Archer!

Petal is overheard praising Cillian: Most handsome archer!

Lou smiles a bit at Violet, inclining her head. "You are quite welcome." She then turns to Delilah, "Are we ready for the next contest?" she asks.

Petal is overheard praising Delilah: Archery Event!

Petal is overheard praising Lou: Archer Event!

Petal is overheard praising Society of explorers.

Rowenova happily bounces (in a vertical fashion but does not move laterally) after the proclaimed scores and her third place. She is certainly happy with a bright smile across her wolf-framed face. "Ready!"

Merek is overheard praising Delilah.

Merek is overheard praising Lou.

Violet is overheard praising Delilah.

Violet is overheard praising Society of explorers.

Petal is overheard praising Rowenova: yays, great archer!

Amund is overheard praising Ophelia.

Thorley is overheard praising Society of explorers.

Thorley is overheard praising Violet.

Amari shoulders her bow so she can enthusiastically applaud the three best sharp shooters, smiling all the while. Then she notices that Barf has snuck over and is sitting behind her. She tries the pretending to be cross with him routine, but he's not moved and they both silently try to stare each other down. When he doesn't budge, she rolls her eyes at him, "Fine, but you stay right there."

"See! That's not going to get you a girlfriend!" shouts one of the zipliners, to a chorus of laughter. "Even if he," a wave in Vitalis' direction, "claims otherwise. Exception to the rule."

The next course is a bit further along the camp, where the bushes have been reinforced by piles of wood, a conveniently placed log across a marshy section, and hints of ropes strung this way and that to munge up anyone getting off course.

With a round of applause to the successful participants, Delilah slips in next to Lou, bearing a glass of cider. "I think we are. All right, everyone, this one is a bit more difficult. We've hidden three targets around the course. Not all are in plain sight, but they are there, I promise. No shooting random tents, please. You will run the course one, aiming to hit each target as fast as you can. Should you miss, keep going! No stopping. If you slow down, you'll be shooed along or knocked out by our friendly explorers."

Thorley is overheard praising Delilah.

Amari is overheard praising Delilah.

Amari is overheard praising Violet.

Amari is overheard praising Society of explorers.

Cillian looks to Nova and grins then looks over to Petal moving over to press a kiss to Petals cheek winking and moving to the next event.

The guy NEXT to Vitalis is waved at. It's dark up there.

Merek checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 4 higher.

Amari checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 14 lower.

Amari checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 23 higher.

Rowenova checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 21 higher.

Violet moves away with Thorley and her prize. This next event she sits out happily. The couple go and fetch cider while they watch.

Rowenova checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 47 higher.

Merek checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 4 higher.

Ophelia checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 0 higher.

Ophelia checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 43 higher.

Petal checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 20, rolling 11 higher.

Petal checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 12 higher.

Vitalis clears his throat, "Explorer Delilah, Pathfinder, I'll see to your refreshments, you've an event to run."

Petal nuzzles her cheek into the offered kiss from Cillian, looking flushed and happy. She joins the next part of the contest and seems to do a bit better.

With one arrow in her teeth and the next in her bow, Rowenova dashes forth with speedy athleticism as she zooms down the target course and suddenly finds a grumpy deer behind some bushes. Still running like she were doing some kind of a servanty task, the wolf scout simultaneously shoots. The buzzing arrow sockets deep into the neck area, sending out tawny tufts of plush stuffing!

Ophelia is happy to have won second place and is already prepping for the next match. She works on regaining her focus after having a drink of water and then joins the line of archers that are participating with her. Then off she goes in search of the first target, drawing back her bow and hitting it even if she /does/ slip a little in the process!

Merek smiles to the winners, then it's on to the next line, and he looks around to navigate and find some of the targets. He does manage to see one, and he lifts his bow to take a shot and he manages to strike it, then he nocks another arrow. It's points, not a lot, but it hits also.

Cillian checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 13 higher.

Cillian checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 22 higher.

Petal seems to be done with archery. She looses all interest in her blue bow and the contest. The girl instead touches her cheek and darts off in the direction of the lodge, maybe heading back to her flowers.

Rowenova checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 30, rolling 19 higher.

Ophelia checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 30, rolling 16 higher.

Merek checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 30, rolling 31 higher.

New boots, wet grass, sun was in her eyes, a tree root jumped out and tripped her; Amari could probably invent a few good excuses for why when she puts her head down and rushes the course, she loses her footing. She stays upright for quite a few yards, but it's all momentum and finally gravity reaches up and taps her on the shoulder and says, 'you fall down now'. There's an attempt to at least crash gracefully and save her bow as she goes down, and to her credit, she promptly picks herself up and having spotted the deer's legs from that... different vantage, she pops up and puts an arrow into it.

Amari checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 30, rolling 4 lower.

Cillian checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 30, rolling 16 higher.

Merek moves to the next target, and does something that is quite amazing. The shot manages to hit it in the middle, clean and smooth with the way it does that. He then lifts his brow under his hood, and moves to the next.

Amari is overheard praising Lou.

Ophelia is overheard praising Lou.

Delilah is overheard praising Lou.

Willen leaves, following Lou.

Kanean is overheard praising Lou.

Ophelia seems to be doing alright with her footing so far and manages to find and hit the second target with ease. The ground is slippery and it makes keeping steady aim a teensie bit harder than usual!

Still dashing through the woodland trees, Rowenova pulls down the arrow which she had stored in her teeth, strings it, then lets it fly up into the canopy. Before long, a raptor plushie falls out of what were the concealing leaves, landing below with an arrow gored through. Though, she does not stop her ongoing approach for new targets, pulling out a third arrow from her back quiver.

Cillian moves quick as he hits the first taregt in the leg and then moves on to the next he gets into a spot not carring its all swamping and takes aim and hits the next target right through the wing happy with his shots so far.

Violet slips off at some point towards the lodge with Thorley. Apparently he wasn't kidding about them making a night of it.

Erin, Crimson Blades Private, Jin, Cranky Crimson Blades Sergeant, Gale, The Mighty Pupper, 2 Crimson Blades Lieutenant leave, following Violet.

Rowland leaves, following Thorley.

Amari is completely off her game after that fall, she hit the deer, sure, but as she goes on she completely loses the plot. Seeing something, or just giving up and wanting to move on, she looses an arrow up into the canopy which hits nothing that she was meant to be hitting. Not good. She limps on, probably hoping she spots the next target.

Amari checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 50, rolling 10 lower.

Merek checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 50, rolling 17 lower.

Ophelia checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 50, rolling 2 higher.

Cillian checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 50, rolling 24 lower.

Rowenova checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 50, rolling 6 lower.

Kanean checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 50, rolling 14 lower.

Merek shoots at a target but manages to hit a tree again. He doesn't seem too happy about it, but he's here for fun mostly. He moves back to the main line.

Kanean wakes from his trance seeing a lot has happened. He goes on continues with the new event and shoots his part.

Ophelia is overheard praising Delilah.

Ophelia is overheard praising Society of explorers.

Vitalis moves off with Pathfinder Lou, their heads bent in discussion as Delilah continues to orchestrate the tournament.

Nope, Amari did not see the mongoose. She stops and sends her last arrow back at the deer she already hit, and misses that just thanks to the distance and because she knows it can't be the right target. After that, she strolls leisurely back to the line, collecting her arrows as she goes, knowing she's done miserably at this last round of the competition. Shame follows her. "I need more practice." She comments once she's returned to the starting line.

Kanean looks around for the new target but to see nothing. He just lets his arrow through the woods. He sighs as he goes back to the line.

That course is a brutal one, but at the end, Delilah waits with a velvet bag large enough for a pair of man's shoes to be concealed inside. The bow from Lou is also with her. "You have your choice, Princess Ophelia, for the most successful strike on a most aggressive bird. Not me, this time." Her grin ticks up and she gestures. "As you would. Master Kanean came in second, a pip off Mistress Rowenova. Well done! Now for our final event, the novices of the night."

Cillian could not find the last target and sends his arrow into a tree his nose wrinkles and he shakes his head heading back putting his bow back on his back moving over to clap Nova on the shoulder. "Well done."

Waldemai applauds the shooters! "Well shot!" he still has his feet up by the fire, keeping the old tootsies warm.

"When it comes to shooting birds, you really are the best," Amund comments to Ophelia in that usual neutral tone of his. Might be what passes for a tease. "Congratulations, Your Highness."

Ophelia manages to hit that very last target without slipping or losing focus. She might screech a little when she makes the shot and for actually /spotting/ the hidden target in the first place! As she makes her way back to the main area, she walks alongside Amari for a bit. "I'm always looking for folks to practice with. If you're ever at the Velenosa Estate, come find me? Ophelia Velenosa." And with an encouraging smile, she leaves the Lady's side to collect her prize and give Delilah a hug! "Thank you. I'll see you again soon, yes?" With that said, the archeress princess turns to follow Amund back to the Estate.

Rowenova could not find a third target, so she puts her bow and her arrow away before firmly patting Cil on the back to reciprocate the gesture he gives her. "Thank you! Third in both! I am doing better than I used to. How are you?" Gazing over toward Amari, she calls out, "Are you doing ok?"

Robyn, an artful archeress, 2 House Velenosa Guards, Amund leave, following Ophelia.

Merek checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 11 higher.

Merek checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 25, rolling 9 higher.

Merek checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 40, rolling 6 higher.

With Amari's last showing, she could probably sneak in as a novice, but she just unstrings her bow. She's done. "Ah, thank you, your Highness. Excellent shooting out there." She says to Ophelia with a smile before sitting herself on the ground next to Barf who licks the side of her head. "And thank you." Is her response to that, a long with an absent attempt to fix her hair on that side. She's still working on it when Rowenova calls over. "Fine! I think I bent something that wasn't meant to, but fine." She calls back, but she doesn't look or sound to be in any obvious pain.

Waldemai checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 12 higher.

Waldemai checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 25, rolling 4 lower.

Waldemai checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 40, rolling 24 lower.

Kanean congratulates the other archers, " Congratulations that was a great show of skill! " he slightly bows at the others.

Rowenova calls over, "Thank you Lady Delilah and Princess Lou!" Then, there is another pat for Cillian before she heads over to Amari with a curious look. "Well, are you sure? We could ride our horses back together, just in case?"

Cillian nods his head, "I am well and good job." he pats her back once more and watches the rest do the last part.

Waldemai obviously has no idea which end of a bow is up, although his hands are quick, as one would expect given that he works with his hands all day long. He manages to plink the nearest of the three targets, although squirrels beyond the other two are in mortal danger. "Ha, look at that. Hit one," he says.

Rowenova says, "Woo, Master Smith!"

"Well done, everyone! Our final event is the target practice for those who haven't become master archers. Everyone interested, here you are." Delilah gestures at the round targets with classic bullseyes painted on them. No shav markings, no turkeys, nothing odd outlined there. When others step up or out, as their moods go, the explorers helping out with the course mostly come to assault the refreshment table.

Waldemai bows when Rowenova cheers. "I bow to your superior shooting, Scout," he says, and does so again.

Merek picks up a recurved long bow with a floral design.

Merek lifts up his bow and nocks each of his arrows, while he takes a few clean shots with it. Then he shifts that weapon upon his shoulder also as he completes that task.

"Thank you, Lady Delilah and Princess Lou!" Amari echoes Nova, before she leans back onto her hands and considers Rowenova's proposal, "We should ride back together. We can have a chat." To prove that she's not grievously injured or bleeding internally she picks herself up and swings her arms. Totally fine. Someone broken couldn't do that without flinching, or crying, or worse. Target practice she takes a pass on, moving instead to find a drink.

"And there we go," calls the cheerful copper-tressed girl with the singing of arrows from Waldemai and Merek finishing out the event. She happily waves to all present and making their preparations to drink, leave or get married. Hey! Maybe that poor guy can find his date. "Should anyone direly wish a statue for participating, I may have a cast or two."

Since he is bowing to her, Rowenova bows back to Waldemai then pops up to her full height once more. "You are so kind!" She walks alongside Amari before picking up a cyser bottle with which she fills up a small flask. "So glad you are not hurt, and yeah we can!" Looking to Delilah, she calls over, "I do!"

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