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Valardin Fealty Meeting: THIS IS FINE!

Let's all get together and go over how fine everything is. And also maybe discuss doing or not doing certain things because of how fine everything is!

Everything is FINE, nothing to see here.

There will be drinks and food, of course.

Open to Valardin fealty and allies.


Jan. 3, 2019, 9 p.m.

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Edain Gaston Amari Cristoph Katarina Simone Eshra Teagan Nicia Lisebet Alarissa Gaspard Kael Beaumont Dominique Thorley Margret Isabeau Desiree Tesha Aviana Reigna Ansel Norwood Gerard



Arx - Ward of House Valardin - Valardin Manor - The Vow

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1 Greenmarch Guard, Soraya, the out of place Lycene lady's maid arrive, following Margret.

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2 House Wyrmguard Guards arrives, following Desiree.

As people filter into the Vow the Prince of Sanctum stands at the front of the room and says, "Thank you all for coming, I know we have many concerns with the the recent events. The representatives of the Undying Emperor, and most troubling, Praetor Marcus Sulla, the Voice of Malar representing Cardia coming forward. So let me start by asking if anyone would like to share concerns before I continue."

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Alis had been sitting, and whispering quietly with Katarina before the meeting got started. But now, as Edain starts to speak she hauls a chair off to the side a bit and sits at a table with notebook and quill. Ready to write down important things; the Oakhaven hound loaned to her for the time being following behind to sit at her feet as she does so. Not a peep out of her to address the crowd though. Not yet, at least.

Gaston strides into the great hall, looking tired and a little hollow as he has for the past several weeks; it's been some time since he was last in the Manor, however, and he does take a moment to slow and appreciate the solemnity the place inspires, eyebrows rising as he takes it all in. He quickly makes his way to one of the tables and takes a seat, eyes on the entrance expectantly for his family on the way and ready to lift a hand to wave them over.

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Amari simply arrives and finds a place to sit with no loitering and definitely no lollygagging. She also skips greetings and other pleasantries in her quest to find a place to settle in and listen without disturbing anyone. The only things on offer from her are polite nods and congenial little smiles as she does that, and takes in all the faces.

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Cristoph joins one of the tables, holding a chair out for Nicia so that she can take the seat before him. Then he too drifts down into the one next to her. His elbow finds the table and he looks expectantly forward as the meeting begins.

Katarina ceases her quiet whispering to Alis when Edain's voice emanates through the Vow. A quick glance is flickered over many of the fealty and accompanying allies, offering a bow of her head in silent greeting before trailing her sister to a seat. Loose-bound parchment and a quill is passed to her by an aide, a murmur of gratitude offered before shaking her head to the Prince of Sanctum's invitation for voiced concerns. None from her, it would seem.

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Daro, a rough-looking man with a scarred visage arrives, following Beaumont.

Simone quietly makes her way over to one of the tables, pausing here and there to greet various people as she moves. Spotting Norwood, a warm smile lights up her face and she takes a seat next to him. She says a soft hello, but then turns as Edain starts to speak. Folding her hands in her lap, she sits a bit stiffly. Her face is a carefully composed mask, but she does not speak up with any concerns at this time.

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Standing in the banck leaning in against the wall as she is normally found when coming to a meeting in the Vow. The Lady Eshra watches those arrayed out between her and Prince Edain, her dark eyes slowing rising to him as the meeting is started.

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With her own folio and such to take notes in hand, Teagan makes her way into the hall and skirts through and around until she can join her brother at the table he's chosen. She settles in, looking over who all has gathered before turning her attention to Edain as he speaks.

Nicia settles into the chair that Cristoph holds out for her, legs crossing as she folds her hands in her lap, settling in for the meeting.

Lisebet enters quietly, nods to those here, and finds a seat near Amari. She listens to Edain's words, but hasn't anything to say, certainly not at the moment.

Alarissa mills about the main floor with otgers, eyes set on Edain when he speaks. For the moment, the former Valardin has nothing, just looks to others present to see if others will speak.

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Gaspard arrives a few minutes after Gaston, a bit of a 'crap, sorry I'm late' expression on his face. Seeing that speaking has already started, he attempts to quietly scan the assembled host to look for a couple of familiar faces, and starts towards Gaston with that faint smile that says 'look, I made it on time. Kinda. Heh.'

Kael's not late, he is simply on patrol. He has been doing that frequently as of late, wearing Oathbinder on hip instead of back and generally checking the Manor as though searching for something or someone. He's always polite though, never obtrusive or questioning and soon enough on his way again. For now, he is waiting by the door, his focus on the Valardin family, though in particular it is Prince Edain and Princess Alis that captures his attention. Little surprise given the meeting.

Beaumont meanders in, and he doesn't look at all like he's worried about being late. But he finds a piece of the wall that looks like it's going to collapse without his help and he leans against it, holding it up admirably well.

Dominique strides in at a clipped militaristic sort of pace, which is perhaps less out of place here as anywhere in Arx. She is in armor and armed, albeit only her leathers, which is a nod to a certain level of polite civility! After taking a few steps within, she bows her head toward the Prince of Sanctum in a rather formal display, and then sharply turns and veers off to find a seat at one of the flanking tables.

Sitting at the Cavalier table in quiet conversation, Thorley stops speaking when Edain speaks up. There's a frown for a moment, before he speaks up. "Is there an official response from Valardin yet to either of these 'offers' yet? I mean that's what's coming - but I guess that's the thing on everyone's mind right now, Your Highness." And with that, he sits back down.

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Margret arrives, finds a place to stand in the back, and listens.

For the most part, Isabeau has kept an uncharacteristic quiet, though she has occasionally shared a word or two with Arn, who has begrudgingly tolerated his new daughter-in-law's attempts to socialize with remarkable stoicism.

Gaspard has joined the Honor Table.

Desiree finds a place to watch and sits to listen.

Katarina raises her brows marginally toward Thorley, her head tilting slightly as though in agreement of his chosen questions to the Prince of Sanctum. She shifts in her seat, offering a quiet word to her tablemates.

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Edain nods to Thorley and says, "I will make our official stance clear when the dignitaries present their case before the Assembly of Peers, but my stance on both of them is that if they want to to antagonize one another the both have their own continents to do so on and Arvum is not going to be their neutral battle ground." He looks around the room and says, "There are people here that I am certain can answer questions about Cardia and the the Undying Empire, but I feel safe in saying that all either of them offers the compact is slavery, and their only interest in Arvum is so they can fight each other to proove their dominance over the other without having to risk their own homes. As far as I am concerned they can both sale away and have their war and leave us out of it."

Alis definitely has her own response to those offers, but thankfully she doesn't voice them. It's much less polite then Edain's word choice, and definitely not at all chivalrous if her momentary scowl is an indication.

Tesha is here, she's seated with her dog and she's been as silent as the grave for the most part. All the better for things really with how the day has went. She's watching those who talk and listening as one should.

"Will you be at the table or a voice, during the assembly?" Alarissa calls out. "I quite frankly have my concerns with all the heads of great houses and the crown and a significant amount of the peerage at the assembly. That something might be played or done. Tgey are not and should not be expected to adhere to our customs or expectation of guest rights"

"No offense, your Highness, you want to tell them both to sod off, Farwatch will gladly stand beside you." Thorley offers indelicately.

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Aviana slips into the room finding a place to sit down.

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Lisebet glances over to Thorley, a half smile on her face, but she doesn't interject immediately. She nods though, quietly. And after a few moments, she does put in, "I would love to know how to tell them that and make it stick."

"Telling them to take their battle elsewhere and having them actually do it, is of course two different things." the whiskey rich voice the Rivenshari Voice sounds from the back and the shadow as Eshra shifts in the alcove she stands, her bells tinkling softly.

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Katarina shifts within her chair, a hand rising to massage against the side of her jaw. A pensive frown takes root over her lips upon hearing Alarissa's called out concerns, expression pensive. "Your Highness," she calls upon her sister. "Have there been efforts made to pool the information potentially available on Jadairal and Platinum? What his past relations with Arvum have been like?"

"Thank you." Edain says with a smile to Thorely, "And you are not wrong Lady Eshra, I feel pretty confident this leads to a fight, but the fact that I know at least Cardia doesn't want to get into a war with the Undying Emperor before they are ready means the longer we keep them talking out their asses, the longer we have to prepare." He looks then to Alarissa, "I plan to be at that meeting yes. If they wanted to kill us there has been nothing that could stop them from doing so prior to now. I think we need to know at least what they think they have to offer. As for pooling what is knowning about Jadarial and the Undying Emperor, what I know is very limited so if those that have studied foreign lands want to start pooling their knowledge I would be t hankful for your efforts."

Eshra trying to follow the Velenosian and the Valardin meeting at the same time...

Alarissa nods to Edain, a glance to Katarina. "The information that Thrax has is the same as all others save that there is very strong belief tgat a third party will enter into the fray in the form of Eurus."

"Fantastic. That should make it a real party." Alis quips, when the possible addition of Eurus is brought up.

"I would assume that.. the Platinum Ban that was once mentioned in the journals of Lord Comamnder Macdon Castellus at the battle of Starfall would also have something to do with him as well." Thorley adds to Alarissa's comment. "I don't really know much outside of that. I'd share the journal.. but I didn't bring the entry with me. And that Platinum was .. or is the leader of the Metallic Order of Mages."

Katarina looks curiously ill-at-ease when Alarissa speaks of Eurus. "There's a rumor that Eurusi ships have been seen not far from the Mourning Isles, perhaps even the Bay of Thrax. Have there been reports to back such to cross your table?" She shifts in her seat, an unamused glance sent to Alis sidelong. "... I'd rather we did -not- see them."

Ravana the tawny eagle, Good Arn the Badger arrive, following Ansel.

Reigna has been here the whole time, really! She is lingering next to Kael, standing rather than sitting and looking around the room from face to face, though she most often focuses on Edain and Alis as well. As the conversation flows to new threats, she crosses her arms across her chest and simply looks thoughtful and concerned.

"I'd rather we not see any of them." Alis mutters back at Katarina. "But as long as we're going to have possible mass calamity, it may as well just be everyone at once." she quips, heavy on the sarcasm.

"Stock up on maces and flails for her," Katarina suggests quietly to a nearby aide, pointing a finger at Alis discreetly.

Ansel comes in, fashionably late, with an eagle atop his shoulder and a chubby little badger in tow. The Telmar Sword then finds the path of least resistance to make his way over towards his bride, glancing between her and the Duke a moment. He then makes his way veeeeery slowly around to take a seat on her other side.

"We have what we have and we trust the source. We surmise a magister or the prophet of the sands comes. We keep an eye out regardless on our waters, especially given that the imperator has remained hidden in it." Alarissa looks to Thorley, nodding. "But we make warning regardless that a third will likely enter and wuth just as undesireable an offer of subjugation".

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"Well, I suspose I shouldn't be surprised that more want to get invovled in this mess." Edain nods, "Thank you for letting me know. I will cross the bridge of the Prophet's magister coming when they get here. In the mean time, Marguis Kael, as the Sword of Sanctum is going to be making some preperations for security in the ward. Some of you he may be contacting in private," He looks to Kael, "Is there anything you wish to ask of anyone while we have an open forum?"

Ravana the tawny eagle arrives, delivering a message to Tesha before departing.

"I've heard the leader of the Empire doesn't like any abyssal activity at all, and that's what they're most concerned with," Beau states from where he's still holding up the wall. He nods to Thorley. "That was the Ban... thing. Or so I heard." He shrugs. "It's not the worst opinion to have, right?"

Ansel sends Ravana across the room to Tesha, apparenlty

Lisebet does speak up briefly. "Except I believe that his way of preventing such activity is to take away freedom completely," she says, with a glance over at Beaumont, only because he mentioned it. "Though if I am wrong on that, please someone correct me."

Simone smiles very slightly when Ansel arrives and gives her brother a wave from her seat next to Norwood. Following his path through the room with her eyes, she arches a brow and shakes her head when he clearly moves to sit as far away from Arn as possible. Turning her attention back to Edain, she raises her voice, then asks, "What of the unsigned, anonymous statement that spoke of allies we are unaware of. Do we know much of it?"

Reigna nods to Lisebet and raises her voice to carry. "He achieves his pristine peace by removing free will. All are bent to his and obey. There is *only* his way." Reigna shakes her head, "That is an offense to the gods and should be to everyone here. That is no way to live." She looks then to Simone and says, "There are always those who seek to aid in the fight against the Abyss. We are not alone, so says the proclamation, and I for one, tend to believe it."

"You are not wrong, Lady Lisebet, slavery comes from all sides. It is simply a question to them of picking one's master." Eshra's dark voice, holds a odd edge to it as she speaks from her alcove, slavery being something the Rivenshari know very well.

When he is called forth, Kael steps away from the wall that he was evidently currently guarding. "Your Grace," he offers forth, dipping into an exceptional bow for those that know him. Of course that humble, solemn nature of his is present as always. When he rises, he looks across the expansive chamber, making eye contact with this or that person. "Most of you know me, or at least know of me. Should you have concerns, do not hesitate to seek me out within Valardin Manor where I will reside during this time. I have began to make arrangements and I very well may be reaching out to you. So too, if you have an idea or thought," he gestures there, to himself, before inclining his head. "No idea is too small or too simple and all will be given their due." He bows, just once more, and then slides back a step.

"It's hope. Copper may be hone.. but she will not be forgotten." And in that vein, Thorley shows the twist of copper he wears as his brooch.

Ansel slides into his seat, sliding his hand atop his wife's and sidling up next to the Valardin. He does, for some reason, send his eagle over to give Tesha a mmessage. The eagle hop-hop-hops down the table to deliver his cousin a message. "Lord Kael, if you need an extra blade..." Ansel comments, quietly, from his position. It's then that Simone's greeting is noticed, and his sister gets a warm smile from across the room.

"No my understanding Lady Lisebet is that you are exactly right. I think his emissary is relying on many of us either not realizing that, or believing such claims are just old superstitions and not actually true, and that he will be seen as a natural ally." The Prince of Sanctum shakes his head to Simone and says, "I am afraid I do not know much about such aid, but hopefully we'll see their handy work again. I'll take any help we can get at this point." Edain takes a deep breath then and says, "That brings me to something that I wish to ask everyone here. This is where your High Lord needs your counsel."

"I will, if I may," Dominique prefaces in her polite fashion, "Repeat a bit of advice regarding the final of the many proclaimations, and some of the details surrounding it. Namely:" She takes a breath. "We possess allies. We possess resources. We are not without the requisite necessities to offer defense of what we hold dear if it is required of us. But the precise details are better left unsaid. At the same time, in this present moment," and she takes care to pause here for emphasis: "It is important that we speak little of our resources during the Assembly or in any other chance meeting, should it occur - although it really should not without being immediately reported to one's superiors - with agents of these foreign powers. The advantage of the situation is that they think little of us. That is not cause for us to brag and prove them wrong. We must be circumspect and humble. Allow them their arrogance, and trust, indeed, in hope."

Kael offers a sharp nod in response to Ansel, a swift thing by way of consent. He looks on the cusp of offering forth amiable word, clearly so, but as the Prince of Sanctum speaks he is instead flashing Ansel a rueful smile before shifting his focus to Edain once more. Solemn and steadfast.

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Alis gives Kael a grateful smile when he speaks of remaining at the manor for the time being, and arrangeents of safety. But then, her pen is poised as Edain asks for counsel - ready to tally, or take down suggestions as it were. "Very well stated, Marquessa Wyrmguard." she offers though, at the woman's suggestion and advice.

Tesha gives a smile to Ravana when she sees the eagle hop-hopping her way and there's a little piece of paper taken from the bird and then she scritches her before sending her back to her cousin. There's a dip of her head to him before she goes back to standing where she was and watching those talking.

Teagan looks perhaps mildly distraught as she divides her attention between the speakers and talking quietly with Gaston. She folds her hands over each other, fussing with the ring she wears. The woman doesn't move to speak, but seems more intend on trying to keep still.

"As much as it pains me to do so," Edain speaks again, "as long as the emissaries are here to negotiate, I would ask that you are courteous to any that you encounter. That does not mean we nessecarily need to invite them into our homes. I am considering closing the Ward to all Citizens of the Oathlands and those that have established a business here while the emissaries remain in Arx. I especially dislike the idea of them poking around in Cairn Valardin. Would that help everyone to feel more secure or do you think it will be perceived as needless antagonistic before talks are even had?"

Simone looks thoughtful at Edain's statements. A slight frown forms between her eyebrows as she contemplates the situation. Speaking up clearly, she answers, "If I may, Your Grace, then I would say that many will look to the Oathlands to see how we react, especially to Cardia. However, if we wish to keep them occupied while we study them, then perhaps we should be more subtle than to close the ward. That might provoke a response not only in them, but more importantly in the populace of Arx. To leave them open, with strategic defenses, seems the best route to keeping them guessing and preoccupied with us, while all of Arx prepares for whatever may come." With that said, she falls quiet and folds her hands in her lap once more, studying the room for a reaction to her statements.

"Your Highness. I understand your wish to make sure that your people feel safe, we all wish that. But, my worry comes from this.. if you close us to all but those of Valardin, then what of the rest of the compact? How are they going to feel towards us? As if we have turned in on ourselves? If perhaps we are leaving them to deal with the issue? We are different then the others as we are often looked at under the scope of those Prodigal houses, trust comes hard. I am unsure that you want to send the message that we are pulling away from the others." Eshra's dark voice lifts from the back.

"Closing the wards won't stop agents of these nations either, from poking about. They have been here before, look like you or I. Closing the ward will not prevent it"

Margret nods her head in agreement with what Simone and Eshra says. "There is a cost to being isolationist." The Greenmarch, former isolationists, says. "When we ought to present a united front with the rest of the Compact? It may be too great of a cost to bear."

"Maybe instead have some additional, but not obvious guards - security set up where you want it?" Lisebet suggests. "Not that I've any idea how one would go about it, but essentially, cover the places we don't want them to be, without looking like we are?" She pauses and then says, "That might help to address the concerns being raised?"

Gaspard glances over at Gaston and Teagan, his own brow almost in a permanent furrow at the conversation, but for the moment, the Lord has nothing to offer, and appears to be digesting the contributions, while his attention seems to keep falling to the floor in front of his feet while he listens.

"It would be an illusion of security that might calm the more flighty of hearts," Reigna says, "And make us feel better. But it is drawing a line in the sand as well as tipping our hand. Though I believe there have been certain public statements that already hint at our knowledge of Cardia's stance on the Valardin." There is a purse of her lips, a sigh, "As much as I would rather have them as far away as possible from my children."

Folding her fingers beneath her chin, Katarina purses her lips faintly at Edain. "Perhaps an encouragement for an exercise of caution when dealing with foreigners is enough for the time being," the foreigner expresses to the Prince of Sanctum quietly. "As the others have said, I would worry about the message it would send to the other fealties were that to be the stance we took."

Ansel remains quiet on this one. He looks between the speakers, leaning to crack a walnut and place the two halves in front of Ravana as the eagle hop-hop-hops her way back to the Telmar. A glance is given to the occupants of his table before he leans nearer to his wife to murmur a few hushed comments.

Norwood nods after Regina speaks, his opinion following that of the Marquessa.

Eshra, again lifts her voice from the back... the Rivenshari seems to be talkitive tonight. "It may not hurt either to send those of our houses that are not essential, home. Such as Rivenshari has many of our clan living in the Expanse, but children, elderly, those that are going to be more a tax on manpower to guard, should perhaps be sent back to Riva. Less to watch after and worry about as this is sorted out?"

"And to what end, precisely?" Beau's laconic voice opines. "They can fly over our walls if they want to anyway. Best pretend to be ignorant, at least in my opinion. They won't expect us to make smart decisions if they already think we're too slow to understand."

"We could disguise it under the guise of military training. Perhaps even wargames between the Houses, or even hire the Crimson Blades or Valorous Few to test our defenses." Thorley finally offers. "That way, we are closing the ward without closing the ward. And it will allow us to feel out our own weaknesses and openings to know where to tighten up in case it comes to worse."

Edain smiles crookedly to Alarissa, "I know it wouldn't stop them. I just like the thought of making them work for every inch." He looks around the room and says, "Thank you for your words. Our gates will remain open, and we will remain on our guards and vigilant. It's clear they want something and it's something they can't just take by force, so perhaps if we keep our poker faces up, they will be the ones that show their hand first." He look then to Eshra, "That could be wise, but I would recommend planning any such excurious very carefully. While travelling they could be very vulnerable." He looks about the room, "Very well then. I have much to review and read to be prepared for this coming assembly. Does anyone have any questions for me before I retire?"

Thorley is overheard praising Edain: Valardin will stand strong!

Gerard offers a few nods to a couple other Knights in attendence before he quietly makes his exit.

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