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Sunday Night Sip'n Spar XXIX

Join us for another fun-filled night of excellent sparring, high spirits and superb company at the Golden Hart.

All levels of fighters and disciplines are welcome (including melee, bare knuckle and archery). Bring your weapons and armor or borrow the Hart's equipment and truly test your skills. Or simply come and enjoy the scene and make a wager or two on your favourite fighters.

Everyone is very welcome. Drinks are on the house.

Donations to the Golden Hart's charitable fund always appreciated. Deepest thanks for your ongoing support!



This event was created to have some fun and offer more chances to RP a bit before the battles to come.

As always, the Hart is open to everyone in Arx. Everyone is welcome to attend. If you are new to the game or looking for RP, please feel welcome. If you have questions, you can @mail Valencia.

Look forward to seeing you!

Please see the Winners Circles from past events here:


Jan. 13, 2019, 9:30 p.m.

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Calandra Helena Athaur Nigel Violet Ajax Thorley Carmen Jasher Kanean Ian Waldemai Reese Cillian Juliana Lore Niccolo Zoey Berto Duarte Adora Vercyn Gilroy


Golden Hart


Arx - Ward of the Compact - The Golden Hart Social & Gaming House - The Arena

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Comments and Log

Calandra's smile for Nigel is beatific, the Whisper in especially good spirits this evening. She pairs her good humor with a sweeping curtsey, worthy of the grandest of courtiers. Her dark-eyed gaze drifts over Athaur with interest as she rises, and then slides to Ajax, full of warm recognition. "Master Ajax. Have I missed tantalizing shows of your prowess?"

The room already buzzes with activity as the little vixen arrives issuing orders and answering questions of her staff with a smile and a nod. Discussion concluded, the little princess scan there room with large dark glimmering eyes, so many faces she if fond of present so early. This seems to make her smile, as she offers a nod to those closest first. "Welcome to my Hart. I am so very glad to see you, she nods.

A gracious curtsy is offered to Nigel in return and a smile to Waldemai as he arrives and takes to the seats in the rafters now being referred to by some as Waldemai's Watch as a bevy of giggling barmaids rush to see that the Master Smith has enough drink to last him the night. Ajax receives a warm smile and a gentle incline of head as does Calandra and Ian, if he happens to look her way. To Prince Jasher there is another smile as she drifts through the room.

Valencia claims this

Salvadore, a fire salamander arrives, delivering a message to Violet before departing.

One of the ubiquitous Redrain princesses steps in in a flourish of copper silk and a jingle of jewelry with each footfall. Helena glances around, taking in the crowd for the night's sparring. She dips her head and smiles to those she knows or those who glance her way and make eye contact with her, before looking for a place to sit and watch the goings on.

Athaur makes his way towards the bar after his intial inspection of the room, each step causing the bells on his person to jingle. He takes a seat at bar and orders a mug of Ale. He offers Velenica a warm smile of greeting, and when Calandra looks his way he inclines his head in greeting.

"Quite entertaining, I assure you," Nigel replies, head tilting towards Ajax. There is a mirroring look towards Kanean and respectful tilt of his head. He raises his glass of port in the man's direction, before offering the salute to Ajax as well. The Thraxian prince receives a respectful nod -- as does the Redrain princess. He does, however, look to the combatants, taking another small swallow of his wine.

Violet receives a missive from a Salamander. And her face becomes a professional mask. As she reads it her lips purse and then thin. Shaking her head she nibbles on her lower lip and stares into her tea. The missive is passed to Thorley.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Carmen before departing.

Helena has joined the ringside table.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Thorley before departing.

The room swirls and the crowd seems ready to cheer a spar or two. The little vixen takes a deep breath and begins to make her way through the crowd, nodding warmly and offering little hugs and kisses where welcome and appropriate.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Violet before departing.

Ajax's fingers move towards his coif slowly removing it as he gives Nigel a dip of his head, "Enjoy yerself. I am sure they're will be more interesting battles tonight." With that he does finally reach the bar proper. Jasher gets a warm smile with a dip of his head, he pauses to give Violet a proper greeting but quickly thinks different of it. A man seemingly inclined to let professional conversation stay private. He shifts over towards the Whisper giving Calandra a small grin, "Hardly, the kid is good. Only barely beat em'" he lets out a small laugh, "But is good to see my favorite whisper ere'" The large man's posture quickly turning jovial as he gives a small nod towards the people he doesn't know.

As he receieves a message, Thorley's own mouth pulls into a thin line. His expression darkens, just as his wife is handed a similar message. There's a low growl in his throat, but he holds his ground for the moment.

Yes, the three Crimson Blades at the bar all receive letters at the same time, from three different messengers. Carmen quirks an eyebrow at hers, lets out a long-suffering breath, and takes a long drink from her pint before shoving the letter into a pocket of her jacket.

Dressed in scarlet silks that embrace slender curves and small waist, Valencia gracefully moves to the center of the Ring of Valor.

Offering a bright smile, she graciously inclines her head to the room, calling out: "My lords and ladies, misseres and madams, dearest friends.... welcome to my Hart. Thank you for join us tonight, and for making our Hart a warm and welcoming gathering place for all.

"Tonight, we offer you another exciting tournament of exceptional skills, excellent food and drink, and even better company. We hope that you will enjoy all that our Hart has to offer."

"To our brave and formidable fighters and those here to cheer them on, we wish to offer our gratitude and an abundance of life, luck and love. To those who can't be with us tonight, let us raise a glass and send our love and well wishes."

"And now, if you please... the bar is open for your pleasure! Competitors, please take to the sands! We hope you enjoy the festivities!"

Jasher offers a nod back towards Nigel before finding a seat at the bar. He'll place an order for a drink, shifting his seat every now and then as couriers come and go. Thorley and Violet get a look, but similarly, he seems inclined to let private discourse stay private. He turns in his seat to regard Valencia as she gives her speech, silent.

A glance is shot towards the bar at the growls, a questioning look in his eyes. Then, slowly, he glances back towards Valencia, offering the woman a pleasant smile, his head tilting at her exhortation. His glass rises in salute and he takes a sip of the port.

Calandra casts her dark eyes to Ajax with something akin to disbelief in them, though playful. "Why is it that I find myself hoping you'll offer a reprisal so I might see it?" the Nightingale asks, grinning to the fighter. "Do you know anyone else here, Master Ajax? I find myself in unfamiliar waters, with knowledge of very few!"

The Blades getting messages is noted by Helena, who studies them from a distance, brows drawing together, before she looks to Valencia as she begins the night's events. She moves to take a seat at one of the tables, turning to look at who will take up the gauntlet so to speak, as Valencia addresses the crowd.

Kanean drinks his beer and introduces himself to the lady next to Ajax, " Hello, Kanean Ironfoot. You missed our fight Madame."

Violet scrubs at her face and sighs in obvious irritation. The message is shoved away and something quickly written in response. "Fucking secrets," She can be heard to mutter. "Okay, I need to shoot something now." And it looks like she is going to follow after Carmen. But Thorley gets a kiss on the cheek before she does.

"Kick her ass, sweetheart. You need the practice before that archery competion." Thorley encourages as he moves to destroy the small pile of messages so far.

Athaur has joined the bar.

Alone in a sea of irritation, Ian looks pretty calm. A little confused, maybe. A little concerned. He asks the bartender to bring a candle and a dish. The better to burn the messages with.

Athaur watches the hostess beging the evening with a small nod. At the announcement of an archery competition he looks curiously towards Kanean as he sips his ale.

The appetite tonight seems to be leading to starting with a match of archery. A fine mesh curtain is lifted about the ring as the Hart's staff rush to prepare the space. The Sergeant of Arms calls out for archers to take to the sands even as Violet makes her remarks. Valencia nods and steps off the sands leaving the ring to those with the skills to impress.

Ajax gives a small daww at Violet's affection towards Thorley, he does give the woman a warm seeming smile, "Good to see you again. Shoot them all." he chuckles before moving to take a seat at the bar. He tilts his attention back towards Calandra, gesturing over towards Kanean, "I know the kid, new mercenary in town." he looks over at Athaur, "And I believe i've met that one." his thumb shifting as his brow furrows seeing Helena, "An' lo' yer highness." he calls over before looking back towards the whisper, "Unfortunately, that may be all I got for ya." his lips curling into a sheepish smile.

Carmen has left the bar.

Carmen has joined the ring of valor.

Carmen's brows shoot up with Thorley's comment. She whirls and, some of her foul mood evaporating instantly, Carmen eyes Thorley from head to toe. She briefly rests an elbow on Violet's shoulder. "Sorry, Baron. Didn't quite hear that. But I already /kiss/ her ass enough as it is. No promises." She dips a jaunty nod in his way before making long strides to catch up to the archery contest.

Violet has left the bar.

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At Ajax's call to Helena, the Redrain princess turns and smiles brightly at him, waggling her fingers at the man. "Evening, and a pleasure to see you, Master Ajax," she calls back, merrily enough to the sellsword. "Good luck, ladies!" she adds to Violet and Carmen. No offense, Kanean!

Calandra looks askance to Kanean with a smile. "You must be a valiant warrior, Kanean Ironfoot. It's my pleasure to make your acquaintance. Will I perhaps get to see you fight tonight? I do hope so. Might I get you both drinks, in honor of your fight?"

Kanean has left the bar.

Kanean has joined the ring of valor.

Carmen wields statuesque oathlands sooted rubicund shortbow.

"Kick some ass, kid." Ajax calls over towards the younger mercenary entering the ring, as he takes a seat closer toward Jasher giving the man a smile before he looks back to Calandra, "Eh, you get yerself a drink. If needed i'll cover it. Yer Red's sister." he chuckles.

Violet chuckles at her husband's comment and blows Thorley another kiss. Then she is turning to walk into the ring with Carmen. A hand goes to pat her lieutenant on the back. Finding her spot she eyes the targets laid out and strings her dark red bow. "Maybe later we can do a spar of two swords and two archers. I brought my blunts," Because of course she did.

Violet checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 37 higher.

Kanean says, "Pleasure to meet you. Sure.

Kanean checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 42 higher.

Kanean checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 48 higher.

Kanean has rolled a critical success!
Kanean checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 55 higher.

Violet checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 54 higher.

Violet checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 21 higher.

Carmen checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 38 higher.

Carmen checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 60 higher.

Carmen checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 28 higher.

Waldemai cheers for the shooters, especially since their arrows seem to be pretty well on target. "Good thing they started before the drinking got too heavy," he says.

Kanean shots his 3 arrows at the target, doing pretty well judging from the cheers.

The crowd cheers wildly as the bar is set by all three archers. Not a miss in the bunch and certainly none flying wildly to the rafters above as the ribbon becked arrow set firmly in one of the higher beams seems to show has occasionally happened. Valencia sits up and smiles at such mastery.

Jasher watches the archers loose their shots, and though he doesn't join the cheering, he does lift his glass briefly, as if indulging an unseen toast before taking a sip. His blue eyes watch the play of technique with interest.

Calandra's hands come together in wild applause, and the lovely Whisper with the golden skin leans in sidelong to murmur something back to Ajax.

Violet hits the target every time and all at center. Of course the other do that and then some and she turns to smile proudly at Carmen. And as Kanean pulls off one particularly impressive shot she looks at him thoughtfully. But then there is a competition to get back to and she is readying to fire again.

Athaur claps loudly for Kanean, letting out a shrill whistle as one of his arrows lands rather firmly on the mark. He lifts his mug before taking a deep drink. "Well done Ironfoot!"

Carmen shoulders her plain, unremarkable black bow as she steps back from the line with an unamused twist of her mouth. Running a soothing hand down her bow, she slants a glance down to Kanean. "You're good."

1 Grayson House Guards, Peaches, a lovely white war filly with a peach saddle, Deliverance, an albino falcon, Stormy, a silvery gray hunting hound, Rascal, a hyper terrier, Rosalie, a lady in waiting arrive, following Reese.

Ian doesn't show any particular interest in the archery, but he does watch politely.

Peaches, a lovely white war filly with a peach saddle have been dismissed.

Carmen checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 20, rolling 32 higher.

Violet checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 20, rolling 41 higher.

Carmen checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 20, rolling 10 higher.

Carmen checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 20, rolling 35 higher.

Violet checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 20, rolling 58 higher.

Violet checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 20, rolling 42 higher.

"I always feel safer when I watch these contests, somehow," says Helena. "Well done!" she calls out, adding her own applause to those cheering the three archers, all quite skilled.

Kanean smiles at Carmen's praise, "Thanks, you too" and hears the cheer of Altaur, " Aye!"

Thorley is overheard praising Violet.

Thorley is overheard praising Carmen.

Kanean checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 20, rolling 50 higher.

Kanean checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 20, rolling 42 higher.

Thorley is overheard praising Harlex.

Kanean checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 20, rolling 22 higher.

Reese arrives at the hart while wearing lots and lots of pink. She peeks over those gathered here, having a smile of greeting for all gathered here.

Thorley is overheard praising Soren.

Reese is overheard praising Violet: doing amazing amazing things!

Reese is overheard praising Valencia: A great hostest!

Violet moves farther back from the target now with the rest. As she does she squares her shoulders and eyes the target. Then pulls back and lets loose the arrows. Three. All hitting with solid thunks. Enough to nudge the other arrows around.

"C'mon kid." Ajax calls over towards Kanean, leaning back in his seat as he engages in quieter conversations with the whisper.

Athaur is overheard praising Kanean.

"Shoulda had another," Carmen grumbles. Her arrows all hit true, of course. No one's losing a foot today. She looks none-the-less displeased by the placement. Violet and Kanean each get begrudging smiles, head shaking wryly.

Calandra is overheard praising Valencia.

Kanean lets his arrows loose and hits the target but the last one seem to miss its mark by a bit, "Damn, the last one....". He tells Carmen and Violet, "Nice shots!"

Calandra is overheard praising Kanean.

Calandra is overheard praising Violet.

Calandra is overheard praising Carmen.

Nigel's hands come together in a series of claps as he looks towards the arrows, grinning a little. "Well done," he calls out, his head bobbing towards the Ring. After a moment, he takes another sip of his wine.

Athaur winces as Kanean's last show goes a bit wide. He takes another drink from his mug before setting it down to clap for all the competitors again. He turns towards Reese as she enters, lifting a small hand and smiling to the Greyson Princess.

Waldemai waves his horn of ale from the rafters. "Well shot!" he calls, and adds, "Not a single bystander skewered."

Finding a post to lean back against, Carmen gives Violet's shoulder a quick squeeze and then reclines back to watch the action. "Next time we're doing it blindfolded," she offers cheerily.

Kanean watches as the results are being given. He gets surprised that he got in the top 2. " Wow, my luck hasn't run out...."

The crowd hushes with excitement as Carmen graciously and cheerfully departs the sands leaving Kanean and Violet to face off. The Hart's staff move the targets way back and slip out of the way to let the master archers take aim and show off their skills.

Violet checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 25, rolling 63 higher.

Violet checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 25, rolling 36 higher.

Violet checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 25, rolling 16 higher.

Kanean checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 25, rolling 45 higher.

Kanean checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 25, rolling 38 higher.

Kanean checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 25, rolling 29 higher.

Reese looks over to Athaur, having a gentle smile of greeting for the Count. "Oh, hi, nice to see you again." She says and then goes to find a place to sit.

Violet nods to Kanean and settles herself into the sand of the arena even further back from the targets. Rolling her shoulders she shoots Carmen a brief smile, "Good idea!" She says before aiming and shooting. That first arrow thunks so solidly into the target it might be hard to pull out. The other follow it with the last straying just slightly from the group. Turning to Kanean she smiles and holds out her hand. "Good match. Glad to see more archers showing up. Violet Farwatch," She greets the man with a friendly enough smile.

Kanean nods at Violet, he releases his arrows at a farther distance again and does well but is surprised by the first shot of Violet.

Violet glances over at Valencia as one more round is called for. Grinning at Kanean she moves to the new marker. "Or we could do it blindfolded?" She offers to Kanean jokingly. But she takes aim and goes to shoot one last time.

Violet checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 30, rolling 10 higher.

Violet checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 30, rolling 33 higher.

Violet checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 30, rolling 9 higher.

"A pleasure to meet see you again Princess Reese" He smiles brightly to her before he turns to watch the competition continue to unfold.

Athaur claims that

Kanean gets ready to shoot at a farther distance and hears Violet, " Next time then, that will be something to look forward too." as he chuckles.

Kanean checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 30, rolling 25 higher.

Kanean checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 30, rolling 23 higher.

Kanean checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 30, rolling 30 higher.

Kanean focuses one last time, remembering his training and his dark past.... and he releases his arrows with great speed and strength. As he sees his shots, do a bit better than Violet. He wonders if he had won.

Violet is not at her best tonight. Not a surprise. Though she hits her grouping goes off more and more. But it doesn't seem to bother her and she grins at Kanean. "That was quite well done!" She says. "Do you need work?"

Carmen lets out a long low whistle as she watches Kanean shoot. Damn. Shaking her head, Carmen walks back for the viewing area, although her steps take her closer to Helena's table rather than directly to the bar.

Carmen has left the ring of valor.

Carmen has joined the ringside table.

"Wow," murmurs Helena at the amazing shots hit their targets. When Carmen approaches, she smiles. "You did quite well. Stiff competition, from what I could tell," she says, applauding for the two archers left.

Waldemai cheers for the shooters. "Yay! Everyone is still alive!"

Kanean hears the results and is in shock, He won they said and might even have beaten the record. "Wow." He chuckles at the comment of Carmen and hears Violet's offer. "Hmm... Yeah, I do. Actually, but I'll just inform you that I am with the Valorous Few just sharing."

Carmen greets Helena with a smile and offers her an easy, professional hand. "Lady Helena? Thought I saw you." She looks back over her shoulder to Violet and Kanean. "Yeah. Yeah, that's one way of putting-" She hears Waldemai's cheer, lets out a low, amused breath, and points at him. "Also that." Clearing her throat, features sobering, Carmen continues with a respectful tilt of her head to Nigel. "Sorry. Anyway. Didn't mean to interrupt. Just wanted to offer my respects."

Athaur rises to his feet as the scores are read, clapping his hands soundly to the jingling of the bells sewn into his clothing. He retakes his seat with a wide smile on his face before lifting his mug to take a drink.

1 Crimson Blades Sergeant, 1 Crimson Blades Lieutenant, 1 Crimson Blades Private arrive, following Cillian.

The hushed crowd erupts into raucous cheers as the scores are read and the winners announced. All three competitors are meet with big smiles and offers of drinks. The Hart's staff rush to clear the sands for the next round of matches.

Valencia rises as well and offers her applause to one and all, the little vixen beaming brightly at one of the best archery competitions scene in some time. "I am honoured to see this in my Hart," she smiles. "Bravo! Well done!"

Nigel claps wildly at the end of the bout, before leaning in to answer something. At Carmen's approach, the man shakes his head, "Not at all, madam. You are quite skilled and it was an honor to watch. Might I have my man bring you a drink?" he inquires, taking a sip of his wine in the porcess.

Helena takes Carmen's offered hand and gestures for her to join their table, before saying something more quietly, shaking her head slightly.

Violet snaps her fingers, but it is in a good natured way. "Darn," She says and then is unstringing her bow. "Ah well, I'm sure the Few will have work for you soon. What with the road thng," She says as she heads back to the bar and Thorley. And her cooled tea which she sips from regardless.

Thorley has left the bar.

"No, no, I can accept work. The Few doesn't restrict us from taking any contracts.", Kanean quickly replies. Then he moves to the bar.

Kanean has left the ring of valor.

Kanean has joined the bar.

Cillian walks into the heart looking around his hazel eyes taking it all in, this being his first time here. He is dressed in leather armor with a bow on his bck and a sword resting at his side.

Violet chuckles and nods, "True. Though Audric and I have a sort of agreement. No poaching. But if any contracts come up where I need more archers, I'll add you to my list," She says with a smile. "You're friends with Ajax here?" And she jerks her chin at the man.

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Jasher takes another sip of wine before setting the glass down. He looks towards Ajax, sitting nearby, then at Violet. There's a thoughtful crease to his brow, but he says nothing.

Reese has joined the Champions' table.

Salvadore, a fire salamander arrives, delivering a message to Violet before departing.

Reese has left the Champions' table.

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Kanean laughs and says with great volume, "The old man! Of course! He taught me a lot since I arrived here."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Violet before departing.

Reese gets her drinks and looks for a place to sit, she wanders around and ends up at the champions table. "Whoops wrong table!" She says and then goes to join the others at the bar. She takes another sip of her cider. Reese then looks over to Violet. "You are fucking amazing, Baroness." She says toward her. "A real hero."

Ian mostly ignores, but occasionally sips at his drink. He's fallen silent and is mostly watching, at this point.

Violet is being bothered by the Salamander today. But that is no surprise. She reads the missive and the jubilation fades only a little. This one tucked away and the next replied too. That done she turns towards Reese at her words. A blush rolls over her cheeks. "Heh, well, that is high praise coming from you, your Highness. Thank you."

Cillian spots Violet and he heads in her direction, "Baroness Violet." he speaks in his thick northern accent.

Kanean drinks his beer and asks, "Anyone want to spar?" he smiles.

Reese looks over to Violet. "Well deserved." She say and lifts her glass. "To the Baroness!" She then turns to Cillian, having a smile for him. She look over to Kanean. "I don't spar so much myself anymore." She says gently to him.

Drinks flow and the sound of voices grows louder as the crowd waits to see who will bring honour to the sands this night. Valencia looks up to Waldemai and calls out, "Master Waldemai? Would you consider a blind bet on the next match, sir?" she inquires with a bright smile.

Some time passes while Jasher sits on the bar, taking in the atmosphere, seeming as if he hadn't heard the call to spar. But finally, he rises to his feet and wordlessly heads for the sands, undoing the peace-knots fastening the blade at his side.

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A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Athaur before departing.

Violet turns towards Cillian and her smile is polite, but warm. "Good Evening, Master Cillian. Congratulations I believe are in order?" She asks before sipping her tea. Then Reese is raising a toast and her ears turn red. The woman glances around but taps her cup to the princess' own, chuckling, and drinks. "Thank you," She says with a shake of her head.

Dressed in pale yellow, with her dark hair in looks curls down her back, the Lady Juliana Pravus steps into the arena, blue eyes sweeping the crowd picking out who she knows from here and there before making a decision. That is to head towards the bar, her nose wrinkling as Ian Kennex.. probably because she knows he won't do more than stare back at her, a fast kiss to Reese's cheek as she passes her then is slipping into the space that Jasher just vacated, turning to watch her cousin as he heads towards the ring. And if he left a drink, pick it up.

Juliana has joined the bar.

2 House Velenosa Guards, Willow, a silent attendant arrive, following Niccolo.

Niccolo arrives, following Lore.

If Ian does nothing else in life, it's live up to expectations. He does indeed just look at Juliana -- at least initially. But then he nods, so apparently he's changing things up a bit. The effects of fatherhood, maybe?

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Waldemai looks down on the fighters. He doesn't know either of them, but one is a Prince! Thats an easy bet! "A thousand on Prince Jasher!" he calls from the rafters.

Reese smiles at Juliana's kiss to her cheek. "Hi, Lady Juliana, nice see you." She says toward her. She has cider cralded in her hands and appears to be this cheerful mood almost as if she were celebrating something.

Nodding to one of his guards, Nigel whispers something to the man, who meanders off in the direction of the bar. After a moment, he returns, offering Carmen a glass of wine.

Athaur glances up as a messenger delivers him a missive. He takes it with a small smile. He turns towards the table to write up a quick response before sending it back. At the announcement of a spar he lifts his mug of ale and turns to watch again.

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

Serenade, a lovely nightingale leaves, following Calandra.

Kanean steps to the ring again for a duel with a familiar face. He readies his bow and starts.

Valencia smiles to see Princess Reese arrive and offers a warm hug and a kiss upon the cheek. Juliana is offered a warm nod and Cillian another bright smile of welcome. The little vixen inclines her head to Jasher as he moves to the sands and then looks up with a little grin. "Then I shall gladly take Missere Kanean's part. Good luck, Master Waldemai!" she calls out cheerfully.

Reese returns Valencia's hug. "Princess Valencia, it is always a pleasure to see you."

Waldemai waves his horn (full of Golden Hart ale) to Princess Valencia. "You are on, your highness." He settles back to watch the fight.

Jasher checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 7, rolling 42 higher.

Jasher remains capable of fighting.

Jasher checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 60, rolling 16 lower.

Jasher checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 28, rolling 12 higher.

Jasher remains alive, but close to death.

Jasher is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

Cillian nods his head, "Thank you, Baroness Violet." he looks to Reese nodding his head to her, "YOur highness, it is good to see you again."

Waldemai passes down a pouch to Valencia. "Well fought!" he cheers. "Well done!"

Kanean with an effort, manages to put Jasher down. He calls the mercies to tend to him and helps him up. "Great fight prince." as he smiles and says.

Ian watches the short exchange play out between Keanan and Jasher. One or twice his eyebrow quirks up.

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Valencia's large dark eyes are upon the sands as the fight begins. The crowd goes crazy and then winner is declared. A respectful nod is offered to Waldemai as the purse is delivered. "I thank you, sir. I shall see that this goes to my Hart's fund to see good works done," she smiles as she turns to thank Kanean and Jasher as well. "Well fought," she smiles up at the Prince of Thrax. "Come, I think drinks are in order, yes?"

Lore enters the arena on the arm of Niccolo Velenosa himself. She smiles up at him and shares a softly spoken anecdote about one of the Artiglio cousins, chuckling afterwards. Letting out a whistle as she looks towards the ring, "I don't think I've ever seen Prince Jasher in the ring... damn sorry I missed that. I'll have to see if he won't spar sometime..." Looking back to Niccolo, she smiles, "If you want to pick out seats, I'll get us some drinks."

Waldemai hears Valencia say the bet will be donated, and calls, "I'll match that donation."

It's probably like the Gyre War all over for him again.

To be fair, Jasher's a quick move. He manages to close in a few times to strike, but Kanean's quicker, the thump of arrows either breaking momentum, or striking hard enough to bruise. Or both. Still, despite never really getting the momentum to put the archer on the defensive, the man doggedly presses on, right until a blunted arrow strikes him hard on the knee, and he crumples to the sands. He holds up gloved hands in defeat, and to help himself up on his other leg.

Niccolo enters with Lore, glancing idly at the crowd. To Lore's suggestion, he nods across the room. "How about the bar? That will make your task easy enough. And perhaps I will have a decent view for your bout."

Clapping, Nigel calls out, "Well fought, well fought indeed!" he calls out to the two combatants. Though, he does have the grace to wait until Jasher stands. His eyes flit towards Niccolo and Lore as they enter, offering the Archduke-Widower a respectful bow of his head. His glass is lofted to the combatants, however, and he takes a sip.

The little vixen is shakes her head and laughs, "My dearest Master Waldemai, you cannot match it, for you have funded it," she laughs sweetly. "But as it is for a good cause I shall temper my tongue this time," she grins up at the man as another pitcher of ale finds him, compliments of the house. Valencia turns her eyes to the door as Lore and Niccolo arrive, the later getting a look of surprise. But then the she is drawn away by the request of one of the little pretty barmaids for the moment.

Violet finishes off her tea and shoves off from the bar. She heads over towards Carmen, leaning down to speak quietly to her. Thorley waits by the door, already waiting for her. "Sorry, seems that I need to go and deal with something. If you need me I'll likely be at the Shrine," She doesn't specify which, for the Blades its a given.

Jules watches the fight, when Jasher goes down the Pravus puts down the drink, watching the Jash for a long moment as he stands before she steps away from the bar to meet him part way, her sharp healere's gaze on his knee. "Not bad, Jash.. how is it?"

Reaching up, Carmen gives Violet's forearm a squeeze. "Yes, ma'am. You take care."

Athaur stands to his feet to applaud again as Kanean is declared the victor. Once Jasher is back to his feet, his applause only grows louder. He lifts his mug with a cheer to the victorious warrior and laughs before he drains it down.

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Reese is still here enjoying her drink and sitting at the bar. She smiles over to Cillian. "Nice to see you as well." She then smiles to Jasher. "Great fight prince and you a well Lord Kanean."

Valencia has joined the ringside table.

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It takes some time for Jasher to undo the peaceknots tying his spear in place, but once he does, he waves off the mercies and half-leapfrogs over to the bar, where Juliana has taken over his chair. He gives his cousin a whimsical look. "Cousin," he says dryly. "I see you seem to be enjoying the wine more than me. It's yours." The black leather makes the state of his knee hard to tell, but judging by how much he's favouring it, it's probably quite painful.

"The bar it is! My treat on the drinks tonight," Lore responds to Niccolo with a grin. She offers a broad smile and wave towards Valencia before giving a nod to Nigel, then joins the former Archduke at the bar.

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Nigel is overheard praising Ajax.

Nigel is overheard praising Kanean.

Nigel is overheard praising Jasher.

Nigel is overheard praising Mia.

Nigel is overheard praising Carmen.

Valencia is overheard praising Waldemai: The most generous and kind man in Arx. Very much a part of the Hart! I am grateful.

It is never unusual for Niccolo to be spotted with an Artiglio. Velenosa and that bunch are thick as thieves. As they belly up to the bar, the former archduke flashes the usual smiles and nods to the familiar faces. "Your treat? Splendid. A few rounds then." He comments to Lore. "Are you fighting someone?"

Jules moves over seats so Jasher can sit and holds out the wine to him. "I think perhaps you need it more than I do, Jash." head tipped looking to how he is holding his leg. "Well I guess I get to go back to Thrax this evening once you are done here." there really wasn't note of question in that comment and the blue gaze that met his almost dared the Thraxian Prince to argue.

Valencia is overheard praising Kanean: Well fought! Thank you!

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Lizette, a pretty buxom barmaid, 1 Ulbran Thug arrive, following Valencia.

With a slow trudge of his heavy boots, Ajax makes his way towards the ring proper he gives Jasher a concerned look as he passes him leaving. Yet he says nothing a focus coming towards his gaze as he slips his coif on his fingers moving to draw free his long blade raising it upwards so the flat end of the should rests on an armored shoulder.

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Ajax wields Retribution - A rubicund hand and a half blade.

"Not unless someone else here is handy with their fists. I'm not confident enough in my sword skills yet to take someone on with blades," Lore offers to Niccolo with a grin, lifting a small shrug. She raps the bartop and calls for a pair of bourbons to be delivered, something smoky and strong. Looking back to Niccolo, she lifts a brow, "Have you ever been to one of these before, Your Highness?"

Jasher meets Juliana's blue stare with his own. Despite the pain, his blues almost seem challenging, and if looks were deeds the air between the cousins could probably have Brimstone taking notes. Finally, the prince inclines his head in seeming indifference, but amusement plays at lips pulled straight in an almost-but-not-really-a-smile. "As you will," he finally says, droll. "And I suppose I still owe you a breakfast, too."

Jasher also takes the preferred glass of wine in a truce. He doesn't drink, though, despite the beginnings of a pallor creeping into his bronzed features.

Athaur considers for a moment before he stands to his feet. He ties his sashes tighter to himself as his fingers work the peace bunding of his sword. "I suppose I can meet Ajax in the ring."

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"Waters warm. Let's give these folks a show, aye?" Ajax offers shifting his bearings as he gives Athaur a small smile, the wicked appearing red off retribution gleaming near the fires light.

Athaur wields Riva's Fortune, a curved shamshir.

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Turning away from Nigel and Helena with a respectful tip of her head, Carmen offers the same to Valencia in parting as she walks for the door.

Athaur smiles at Ajax as he pulls his curved blade from it's sheath. The handle, of course, was also decorated with bells causing each move to jingle. "I suppose I will have to do my best to entertain then."

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Niccolo takes the bourbon with a nod, turning his back to the bar and casually propping one elbow on the edge behind him while he takes a drink. "Yes, a few. Valencia is my niece." He glances back to Lore, "For that matter, I think you would find I have been to most finer drinking establishments a few times. Perhaps the seedier ones too."

Valencia nods to Carman and smiles brightly as the woman departs and then turns back to set her eyes upon the ring. "Good luck Missere Ajax, and you as well Count Athaur! I am so honoured you would grace my Hart with your talents," she offers gently.

"You do indeed." Juliana, she had held his eyes and the incline of his head wasn't remarked on, even if there is a bit more of a smile on her lips than his slight smile. "When you are ready, Jash.." she notes again, eyeing his palor if respecting his pride not to push. Taping his drink. "I didn't doctor it.. finish it, it will help get you home. I will be right back." then slides from her seat and makes for Niccolo.

Lore chuckles and glances towards Niccolo, "I know that she's your niece, Your Highness. I just wondered if you'd ever come here before. I haven't been around to notice, you know." She winks at him and sips on her bourbon, turning towards the ring as the new combatants enter the ring. Watching the fight, she flicks a glance towards her companion and grins, "I'll remember that the next time I'm ready to head to the Crow. I'll have to invite you along."

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1 Rivenshari Clansman wakes up.

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Octavian, a silken spaniel, Serissa, the ever-present nanny arrive, following Zoey.

Waldemai has almost drunk his way to the bottom of his bucket of ale. "Let's have a good fight here, gentlemen. No hitting below the belt!"

Jasher looks at the glass of wine, then at Juliana. He grimaces briefly, the flicker of emotion over his pale features, before he takes a drink of wine. The butt of his spear's dug into the floor as he leans his weight half on it, half on the chair.

Zoey has joined the bar.

Ian sits at the bar, watching Ajax and Athaur square off in the ring and utterly ignoring his drink at the same time.

The crowd beings it's cheering once more as the pair take to the sands. Valencia takes her seat and sits up a little taller in her seat to watch the proceedings. A glance aside to her uncle offers a little nod, "My uncle has been to my Hart many times. It is lovely to see him return to it. Good evening, my uncle. You look well," she offers with precise politeness, her large dark eyes lowering respectfully.

Zoey enters, rather late, but she's here. A quick scan of the room has her walking to @ian, just a tinge on the gingerly side instead of her normal easy stride. Behind her, Octavian (of course) and a woman carrying a swaddled infant. "Gods," she murmurs upon arrival, leaning in to kiss Ian's cheek for a briefly lingering moment. "So much farther than I remember it being." She takes his ignored drink, however, and sips from it.

"I would say most of the time I visit the Crow the Prince of Maelstrom is brawling someone.." Niccolo observes. He fixes Lore with a look as he trails off, and then shakes his head. "No, not you. I would remember." Finishing his drink, he arches a brow and holds out his glass. "Your treat, yes?" While Lore orders, he glances over to Valencia, "Pleasure is mine as always, Valencia."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Cillian before departing.

Athaur moves around the ring, counting on his speed to keep out of the way of the mercenery's blade. His bells jingle with each step as he lunges forward in an attempt to strike before he moves backwards in an attempt to keep distance between the two of them. For the moment, he has landed a few blows, though he seems to be catching the worst of it.

Juliana doesn't take long, the Pravus simply steps up to Niccolo's side, a nod to Lore as she does but without attempting to interupt leans in and kisses the Prince's cheek, then squeezes his arm lightly before she is turning back towards the bar. Passing Zoey and Ian, smiles and nods. "Lady Kennex." to the former, before stopping in front of Jash. "Don't let it swell so badly that we have to have you carried out."

As Athaur's swift jingling movement keeps him out of the reach of retribution's heavier bites, Ajax's movements grow faster to close the distance between him and Athaur striking out with rapid paced blows his armor taking the blunt of the man's counter attacks yet not all of them, still fight carries onward as he continues to strike against the count.

Reese seems to have been daydreaming a bit. She smiles over to Lore and Niccolo upon noting them. The girl gets a refill of her cider. She seems to be in a cheerful and yet still rather quiet mood.

Ian doesn't protest his drink being taken away, so he must be REALLY focused on the fight. He does briefly slip an arm around Zoey's waist, something between a touch and a squeeze. "It's just an arrow to the knee," he says, without looking away from the fight. "It's not like he's going to have to give up adventuring."

She nods again to her uncle and her large dark eyes drift away so Niccolo can continue, and turns to watch Arthaur and Ajax with a keen eye. The little princess seems thrilled by the fight, but more in the artistry than the brutality of the dance. A glance slips across the room and she smiles ruefully to herself for a moment, but the look dissipates as quickly as it arrives. The vixen returns her attention to her other guests and the match.

Athaur checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 37, rolling 3 lower.

Athaur checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 10, rolling 17 higher.

Athaur remains alive, but close to death.

Athaur is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

"Not -yet-... I'll wrangle a fight from him yet! Oddly, none of the men in my acquaintance want to get in the ring with me anymore... strange how that works out," Lore offers to Niccolo with a grin, lifting her glass for a drink. Taking his with a nod, she chuckles, "Yes, my treat, Your Highness." Looking back to the bartender, she gets his drink refreshed, setting it on the bar at his elbow before smiling towards Valencia, "I wouldn't know, I haven't been around to see. Downside to being out of the country for five years... you miss entirely too much." Lifting her drink towards Reese in greeting, she offers a smile towards Juliana as well before sipping from her glass.

Athaur = Ya, I think that would work out well.

Turning back to Lore, Valencia smiles once more and nods, her dark eyes gentle. "Welcome back then, lady. I hope we will see more of you in my Hart. It is a place for one and all and you'd be most welcome," she returns.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Cillian before departing.

After a brief embrace, Niccolo murmurs something quietly to Juliana, gesturing toward Lore as he does. But once his Pravus niece turns to others, his focus shifts back to the Artiglio: "Cowards." He summarizes. "You need better male acquaintances, clearly."

Cillian receives a message and s miles, "Your highness if you will excuess me." he speaks with Reese then heads for the door.

Reese look over to Cillian. "Oh, take care." she says and then goes to watch the spar.

Berto steps through the doors into the Arena, grinning at nothing in particular as he takes in the attendees with a glance. He walks like a marionette with a string cut, ambling toward the bar but pausing to give a deep dip in Valencia and Lore's direction.

Waldemai cheers down from the rafters. "Well fought! All glory to Gloria!"

The game of chase and clash goes on for quite awhile as Ajax fulfills his role as the chaser during one of the exchanges, Athaur manages to deliver a heavier blow onto the large mercenary within that very moment a roar rumbles from Ajax as he strikes out against the good man his relaxed method of touch and go fading as he charges forward aiming to strike out a series of heavy blows with little grace towards them a gaze of fire hidden beneath the man's coif as his large form uses everything he's got against the guy.

"Thank you, Your Highness, I've enjoyed the ring here at the Hart a few times. Master Waldemai has been nice enough to indulge my love of fistfighting at a few of these events. Sadly, it seems to be a dying art, so few seem to know it," Lore remarks to Valencia with a broad grin and shrug. Turning back to Niccolo, she chuckles and gives a nod, "Perhaps so." Berto's entry gets a grin and wave from her before she lets out a cheer for the combatants, "Good show!!"

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Cillian before departing.

Jasher looks at Ian. "Just an arrow to the knee," he affirms dryly, then takes another generous hit of wine. Some colour's returned to his cheeks, though whether that's from the alcohol intoxication or the alcohol blunting the pain is up in the air.

Athaur moves in a more urgent manner as the big man charges him, doing his best to try and deflect the blows as they rain against him. Unfortunately, his strength is no match for the mercenary's own and soon his blade is battered to the side and he falls under the rain of blows.

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Waldemai is about three sheets to the wind about now. "I'd offer to box tonight, but I've reached the bottom of my bucket." He climbs down from the rafters with practiced expertise and staggers off in the direction of Southport Square.

Waldemai has left the upper rafters.

Reese seems a bit concerned ds she watches the Count fall. She even winces. "That had to hurt."

Harlen arrives, following Duarte.

"You've had worse." Does Ian KNOW Jasher has had worse? Probably not. But he speaks the words like he has perfect faith that this is true, and even self-evident.

With a labored exhale of a man just leaving a rage, Ajax leans his form downwards to try and support him back up as he raises his head letting out a proud roar clearly just playing it up for show next to his beaten opponent, he tilts his eyes downwards towards the Count giving him a grin as he keeps him company for the mercies to arrive.

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Berto applauds for the fighters as the bout comes to a close, until he's distracted by the more significant sight of the cup in his hand being filled. He ambles toward Valencia and Lore, grin unbroken, taking a sip of his liquor. Well, more than a sip, perhaps. A pull?

"Well fought!" Nigel calls out to the two, head tilted in Ajax and Athaur's directions, though, there's a glance and a brief chuckle at Reese's comment, before he looks back to the Redrain Princess he appears to be conversing with.

A bright and beautiful smile is offered to Berto as he approaches, a delicate hand offered in greeting. "Missere Master Berto, please be very welcome to my Hart. It is lovely to see you, sir. Won't you join us?" she invites warmly.

Duarte strolls in heading for the bar. He pays little mind to whatever spar there may be and has come only for the sip. He flicks a silver coin to the counter and lets it spin and wobble, or slide - whatever it's going to do - and says, "I'll have whatever Lady Juliana is having."

Jasher nods once towards Ian, his expression utterly bland. "It is better without the unnatural fear, I agree."

Juliana arches a brow at Ian, her blue eyes narrowing. "How about this Lord Kennex. I will leave how to fight pirates and whatever up to you. You leave the medicine up to me?" said dryly. "Having had worse or not, does not actually qualify as a valid medical diagnosis for treating an injury." then turns back to Jash about the time Duarte steps in and she glances to the Count. "Then I hope you are not thirsty."

Athaur slowly eases himself back to his feet, frowning slightly at some of the dented bells on his armor. He slips his sword back into it's sheathe, but then winces slightly. "Well, some harm done. But nothing that will not heal of course." He takes Ajax's wrist in his hand and lifts the mans arm into the air with a smile.

Ajax's lips curl back towards an easy going smile as he let's the man raise his hand upwards, "Good fight." he gives the man, tilting his gaze as he starts leading him off the arena, "Let's make sure yer getting looked at."

Ian gives Juliana a flat look. He finishes his drink, and then eases himself to his feet. "As you will."

"Aye. Rarely have I been quenched by the tears of noble men." Duarte quips back to Juliana. "I'll have a whiskey, then." he smiles to the bartender.

"Berto! How are you? How's the business, hm?" Lore offers towards the man with a grin, lifting her drink in toast to his arrival. Sipping from the bourbon, she inclines her head towards Duarte when he arrives as well, then leans forward to peer at Ian, "Lord Kennex... Lord Ian Kennex? I was given your name in a short list of people that could help me finish rounding out my skills in the ring, and potentially at how to better pass my own skills onto others. I'd be happy to offer compensation for the lessons."

Reese look over to both of the warriors. "Well fought!" She says in their direction even while still perched at the bar. She then waves to Duarte. "Nice to see you again, Count."

Zoey just sighs at Juliana and Ian, murmuring something softly to her husband as he stands.

Helena joins in the applause, looking a little worried for the more injured of the two men. "Well fought, both," she calls out, a smile for Ajax and his good sportsmanship. She takes another sip of the whiskey one of her guards had brought to her, and then turns back to listen to something that Nigel says at the ringside table they share.

Ian gives Jasher a pat on the shoulder, almost like someone wishing him luck, then turns his attention to Lore. "I teach, yeah." Says the man with a cane. "What're you looking to learn?" He angles his head towards a table, a silent suggestion that he and Lore and Zoey move there.

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Athaur laughs softly to Ajax. "Very well fought. Have no fear, I will make sure to have my injuries tended too. I am not so foolish as to think myself immortal." He inclines his head to Ajax before he looks towards the crowd. He bows to the praise before gingerly making his way clear of the sands.

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Niccolo applauds politely for the fight as well, with a bit of a grimace, but his attention remains mostly on Lore as she talks to Berto and the others. "Is that your way of getting a spar? Friendly-like? A 'rounding out'?" He pauses, "Apparently your presence is required, in any event. Go ahead if you would like. I will be fine."

The crowd goes wild as the men in the ring rise. Valencia, too, rises, standing and cheering out with very unprincess-like manners. A good fight is a good fight after all. The mercies come to see to the warriors and the sands are opened again to the next contestants.

Berto gives another bobbing bow toward Valencia and Lore, and sidles up their way with a nod. "It's a joy to be here, Princess, as ever. What sort of guest would I be to decline, eh? I ask you." He grins toward Lore and raises his glass in her direction, sloshing the liquor around inside without spilling a drop. "And Messere Lore, always a joy. Business is going on well, but these times--well, who can say if up will be up tomorrow, the way things are going. Gives a businessman worries." He glances toward Ian, then back toward Lore with a nod. "Wouldn't think of keeping you, but us two should gab sometime, over something strong and sweet as you."

Zoey nods to Ian and gives Lore a small smile. Valencia is spotted and waved at. There's some odd woman-to-woman hand gesturing going on that loosely translates into "Don't you dare leave I need to talk to you later". And then she's following her husband and the lady to the corner table.

As his partner leaves the sands, so does Ajax his fingers moving to lift his coif from his head rolling it after several small pops coming from his neck, he returns towards the bar near Jasher dipping his head towards the crowd.

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Giving a nod to Ian, Lore straightens from the bar and smile at Niccolo, "I'll have an eye on you at all times, Your Highness. And I'll be back before you know it." Winking at him, she moves towards the table indicated, pausing to grin at Berto, "Can do! Just say when and I'll be right around to have a drink and chat it up."

The pat on the shoulder earns Ian a wry look from Jasher, but then the Kennex couple and Lore are off to a corner table to talk shop, leaving the relative spots on the bar relatively empty. Until recently. Jasher gets a refill of his wine before turning to look up at Ajax. "Good round," he says.

Ian has a habit of watching his own feet as he walks, and another habit of touching the backs of items like unoccupied chairs as he passes them, maybe as a way of securing his balance. There's nothing obviously wrong with his gait, though. He eases himself into a chair and leans his cane against the table.

Valencia smiles to Berto and waves to one of her ladies to ensure the master brewer has the best of the Hart's offering to enjoy. Looking up, Zoey is spied and given an bright smile and little nod, dark eyes dancing with amusement. The bottle arrives and those at her table are served in Velenosan style, generous portions poured, delicately brought to lips and then graciously offered to each. "I hope you like this one," Valencia nods warmly. "It is newly acquired."

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Juliana sits quietly, the little spat between herself and Lord Ian seemingly forgotten as fast as it happened. Instead her gaze flickers to Niccolo every once in awhile as she chews on her lip, playing nervously with one of her rings. When Jash remarks to Ajax, there is a quick flicker to the Thrax Prince as if remembering she is waiting for him to decide he is ready to go... a glance down at his leg and then back to watching Niccolo nervously.

Athaur limps back to his spot at the bar, picking up his mug of ale and drinking it down. He motions for a refill before he gingerly takes a seat to watch the growd with a good natured smile.

"Everything okay, love?" noses in Duarte between sips of his whiskey - noticing Juliana's manner and asking questions about it.

Niccolo muses over his drink for a few moments as he watches Lore depart. His gaze then passes over the rest of the crowd. His expression, now that his somewhat playful grin has faded, is difficult to read. Out of nowhere, his attendant Willow appears at his side and he exchanges some whispers with her. As she fades back into the crowd, he finishes his drink and steps away from the bar, apparently ready to leave.

"Hey, kid. Want a third shot at me. It'd be a pity if we kept it at one-one the entire evening." Ajax wonders towards Kanean, tilting his head to the side.

Kanean chuckles, "Sure

Kanean chuckles, "Sure, let is settle the score." he smiles to Ajax

Kanean chuckles, "Sure, let's settle the score." he smiles to Ajax

Ajax wields Retribution - A rubicund hand and a half blade.

Berto sees the drink Valencia has put on offer, and with a grin, he downs what's left of his glass to free room for another. "And wossis, then, Highness?"

Reese has a new cider in her gloved hands. She smiles over to the Count as he returns to the table. "Spars are painful sometimes." She muses softly. She then waves to Kanean upon noticing his return.

Kanean waves back at Reese and gives her a nod.

Lore sits up when it looks like Niccolo is preparing to depart. She looks at him, lifting a brow in silent question.

Willow, a silent attendant arrives, delivering a message to Juliana before departing.

Kanean walks into the ring of valor.

Kanean has joined the ring of valor.

Niccolo offers a clear "Stay have fun I am old" gesture toward Lore, followed by a wink. And he is off!

Ajax slowly draws out retribution for the second time in the evening, dipping his head towards Kanean, "Shall we, boy?" he asks, giving the man a smile.

Kanean shouts from nearby, "Cmon old man! I am in the ring already!"

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Zoey shouts from nearby, "OCTAVIAN"

Jasher watches Ajax head back to the sands before he digs the butt of the spear on the ground to haul himself to his feet. Yes, his feet...initially. Then apparently he's decided that it's not quite time to push that far yet, and he eases off his bruised knee to begin loping over towards the hall proper. He does pause to offer a nod towards Valencia, though. "Well done as always," he says, his voice somehow still even.

Zoey is standing, yelling at her dog who is loping after Niccolo. "Get back here!"

Niccolo is lost in the crowd as Jasher begins to depart. A sweet, warm smile is offered to the Prince. "Thank you for joining us, my Prince. You will return soon I hope. Please take care, yes?" she offers with a little wince of worry to his condition.

Jules blinks from watching her Uncle to Duarte, a small frown as if placing his question then nods. "Mmhmm.. just about some of what we found in Setarco." stated quietly. Then wrinkles her nose. But then Jasher is moving and she stands and moves to follow after him. "Oh no you don't, Jasher Thrax."

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As the fight goes starts a roar towards the crowd escapes the mercenaries throat the flurry of arrows bouncing off his armor as he strikes rapidly against the younger mercenary, seeming keen to drive him entirely off of his feet in an attempt to yield him no control of the field, while a couple of his arrows scratched past the shallower parts of his Cuirass. Despite his rage he strikes hard clearly targeting the softer seaming parts of the younger mans armor.

"I do beg your pardon," Zoey murmurs to the crowd at large. "Next round is on me." Then she quiets, sitting down with the flawless grace one might expect from her. The dog, by the way, is now curling up at her feet.

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Jasher wakes up.

Duarte nods once to Juliana and drains his whiskey. "It's perfectly unsettling." Harlen approaches with a whisper which causes Duarte to stand and begin taking his leave. "Pleasant sips and pleasant spars, all." He smiles with a self-assured little head bob for those present and skedaddles.

Clearly, the archery event and the other duels earlier took a bit of toll on Kanean. He weaves through some of Ajax's swings, but fails dodge some. He remains in composed and still tries to shoot his opponent. But, he looks a bit tired.

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Kanean checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 11, rolling 25 higher.

Kanean remains capable of fighting.

Ajax checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 4, rolling 49 higher.

Ajax remains capable of fighting.

Juliana has left the bar.

Ajax checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 14, rolling 44 higher.

Ajax remains capable of fighting.

Ajax checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 38, rolling 33 higher.

Ajax remains capable of fighting.

Ajax checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 78, rolling 35 lower.

Ajax checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 42, rolling 16 higher.

Ajax remains alive, but close to death.

Ajax is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

Reese looks over to Duarte. "Take care Count and it was nice to see you." She then turns to watch the spar in question, seemingly curious about how it will go. "Oh..." she adds to Duarte. "If you make more books, I would love a copy."

Helena is overheard praising Kanean.

Helena is overheard praising Jasher.

Helena is overheard praising Ajax.

Duarte grins to Reese and leans forward a bit, almost a bow but really it's a bend so he can address her. "Everyone enjoys my books, but you are at the top of my list." He winks. He as well makes a wave toward Lore, before he exits - JUST TO SAY "HI"!

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Amongst the continuous clashing Ajax's own fatigue slips into him his blows slowing a bit and multiple shots from Kanean's hail of arrows strike past his armor despite the exchange of fierce blows the older man falls to a knee, heavy exhaling escaping his lips as he looks at Kanean, "Not, bad, boy."

The crowd has been treated to an incredibly show of skill tonight. Each match cheered and celebrated from start to finish. The little princess looks immensely proud and utterly smitten by all that have stepped on the sand. A sip of her wine and she turns to apologize to Berto for being embarrassingly distracted. "This, your pardon, my lord. This is an apricot brandy first introduced to me by a man by the name of Missere Garza. It is like none other i have had. And was very hard to find. But I think I may have a new supplier, if the roads remain open," she nods with a little smile.

Valencia claims this

Athaur empties his mug and sets it down before he rises to his feet. "Many thanks one and all. This was an enjoyable occasion and I wish you all a good night." He bows to Reese with a smile. "A pleasure to see you, as always Princess." He bows again to Valencia. "Thank you for hosting." He offers a whistle of appreciation for Kanean and Ajax as well before he jingles on his way out.

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Reese has a gentle smile for Athaur. "It was very nice to see you as well, take care Count."

A gentle nod is offered to Athaur as he bows, rising to offer a curtsy and a delicate hand in farewell. "Thank you, my lord. It was such a pleasure. I hope you will return soon, yes?' Valencia invites. "And thank you for sharing your company and talents."

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Berto nods toward Valencia, and swirls around the drink in his cup with another slow not. "Apricot brandy... well. I might just need to have a thought, there." He looks toward Kanean as the man sidles toward the bar. "Fine showing out there."

Ajax slips back over towards the bar after he's treated, he pauses to give Reese a warm smile, "Princess." he dips his head towards her.

Athaur takes Valencia's hand in his, and covers it with his own "Thank you so much, Princess." He turns and lifts a hand before stepping out of the room.

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The little vixen smiles to that and nods, more of the rich golden liquor finding its way into Berto's glass. "I'm glad you approve, sir," Valencia nods warmly as she turns to smile to Kanean. "And you, my lord, I owe you a thanks for winning me a fine purse this evening. It is not often I win silver from Master Waldemai. You are most definitely my hero tonight. May I offer you a drink?"

Reese peeks over to Ajax, giving him a smile. "You have been well?" She asks of the man.

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Kanean greets the people in the bar, "G'day to all!" and as he hears Valencia, "Oh? Sure then thanks.." he smiles in reply.

"Of course, I always am." Ajax offers towards Reese, dipping his head, "How about yourself? I've not seen you since the evening in the spirits."

The little dark haired princess seems delighted and sets to pouring Kanean a glass, a generous portion poured, delicately brought to lips and then offered in Velenosan style. "Would anyone else care to try?" she invites the others with a happy nod of invitation.

Reese looks over to Kanean, smiling to him. The princess then says to Ajax. "I have been well. You know, things are the same. I am in my tower a lot. I need to try and lure princess Valencia over to visit eventually."

A flash of a smile is offered to Helena as Nigel rises. A gesture has his guards attend him, though he does take a moment to offer Valencia a smile and a bow. "As always, a most lovely fete." He offers a similar smile to Reese. "Your Highness, I do hope you have a lovely evening." He looks to Ajax and Kanean. "Well fought, the both of you. Your endurance is legendary, a thing the bards should write of." His lips quirk in a grin and he moves to depart.

Kanean graciously accepts the princess' drink. "Thank you, Princess." He hears Nigel and he smiles at the praise, " Thank you. I'm honored to recieve such praise."

A warm smile is offered Reese's way and a gentle incline of head and the offer of a small hand is given to Nigel as he prepares to depart. "Thank you for coming, my lord. I hope this will be the first of many visits to my Hart," Valencia beams back.

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"A pleasure, my lord." Ajax offers towards Nigel, giving the man a warm enough smile as he rolls his shoulder, he gives Reese a wry grin, "I am sure you have many guests, Princess."

Helena smiles up at Nigel as he departs, then also rises. "Congratulations and well fought all," she says to those who competed. "Thank you, Princess Valencia, a lovely evening as always," she says, with a nod for the Velenosian princess.

" Thank you, Princess. It is an honor to recieve such praise.", Kanean says

Princess Helena, too, gets a warm smile and a nod. "Thank you, your highness. Do join us again soon. Perhaps we might enjoy some card one night," Valencia invites cheerfully.

The invitation to cards makes Helena laugh and shake her head. "I think you are too cunning and know that I lack any sort of poker face, Val," she says merrily. Truly, the Redrain princess seems very bad at concealing the emotions that play across her face like a scene on a stage at times. "But we should do something that doesn't involve me losing money, I agree." With that and a laugh, she heads for the exit.

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"Was a damn fine showing," Berto comments with a nod. He extends a hand toward Kanean with a smile. "Berto Tiazza, messere. At your service."

Reese looks over to Valencia. "Oh, I will try some." she says toward her. The girl then waves to Nigel. "It was very nice to see you. Reese then looks over to Ajax. "I do get some guests in my tower." She say to him. Reese wave to Helena. "Take care Princess."

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Kanean looks at the man that approached, " Thanks, Kanean Ironfoot, a sellsword of the Few. Hello, Berto." He shakes his hand with vigor.

"I know, I come visit it from time to time." Ajax cracks Reese a little grin as he trudges towards the corner table, looking over Ian and miss Lore, dipping his head, "Hope the entertainment was to our Lords liking?" he gestures Ian giving an easy going smile.

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Ian braces himself on the table and pushes to his feet almost entirely through upper body strength. "You're a pleasure to watch, if that's what you mean," he assures Ajax in a level voice. "You'll be here next month, I trust."

Rising up from the table, Lore offers a smile towards Ajax, "Hello. Ajax, right? I believe we met before.. the Ebb & Flow, perhaps?"

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"I intend to be, my Lord. Ajax a simple sellsword at yer service." Ajax offers with a small easy going smile, he looks towards Lore his brow raising, "We've met once or twice, Lore, aye? Caspian's partner?"

Ian nods to Ajax, apparently satisfied by this assurance, and heads out.

"That's right. Its good to see you again," Lore offers towards Ajax with a grin.

Valencia lifts a brow to that and glances aside. She takes a sip of her brandy and settles back in her seat. "I love nights like this. The good will and joy of it. It makes me wish it would never end," she smiles gently, though perhaps a little sadly as she looks to the door. Another sip is taken.

Senna, a whip of a man arrives, following Vercyn.

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"I can't complain very much." Ajax offers with a smile towards Lore, "My comrades entering the city, our head quarters established, it's been a productive couple of months. How have you been?"

Kanean sips the drink given to him. The delight can be seen on hisface when he tasted the drink and sips some more.

"Time to sit and drink in good company is a blessed sort of thing," Berto says with a nod, and a shift back in the seat. He looks toward Kanean with a nod and a wide grin. "Good work, sellswording. Never lack for custom."

Where there's a crowd of people eventually Adora will show up, stomping her way in with a drink in hand since the bar was on the way in and glowering about the room as she moves over to find a seat.

Vercyn pushes the door open to step into The Arena. His gray eyes survey the room, taking everything in for a moment before he makes his way across the room. He approaches the hostess, before bowing low to her. "Your Highness."

Kanean laughs, "I haven't done a contract yet. But, it'll come. Anything I can do for you, Sir Berto."

"Oh!" Berto suddenly throws his hands up, spilling some of the amber liquid in the glass, but his grin doesn't fade. "Not 'sir,' Messere! A lover, not a fighter, and I've no shame in saying so!"

"A pleasure to meet you, Missere Kanean. You are very talented," Valencia nods with great approval. "I'm honoured that you should find your way to my Hart," she smiles once more. Dark eyes lift as Adora arrives and the little vixen offers the woman a bright smile of welcome. To Vercyn, her smile softens to fondest regard and she offers him a hand with a warm incline of head. "My most dearest Duke, you have returned to my Hart. For that I am grateful. Welcome home, my lord. Would you join us? You as well, my lady?" she invites Adora.

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1 Grayson House Guards, Deliverance, an albino falcon, Stormy, a silvery gray hunting hound, Rascal, a hyper terrier, Rosalie, a lady in waiting, Peaches, a lovely white war filly with a peach saddle arrive, following Reese.

"Ahhhhhh, sounds great! I've been doing pretty well, business has been good, I'm looking to get some rare goods in soon," Lore responds with a chuckle and nod, tilting her head towards the bar. "Can I buy you a drink, then? I haven't seen you at one of these events before, how did you like it?"

Reese slipped off for a moment to deal with a message and yet now she returns. She has a gentle smile for those still gathered and is quick to refill her drink.

Adora looks behind her to see what lady Valencia is talking to. Then she realizes she means her. She glances around then shrugs and takes a pull from her mug before heading over, "Sure. Whatever." She takes a seat at the bar and leans back against it so she can better survey the room. "Is someone buying drinks? I'll take another one of these!" She waves her mug at the bartender.

"I actually came to the first sip and spar." Ajax offers, his brow furrowing before he lets his gaze fall towards Adora, rolling his shoulders in a casual shrug he looks back towards Lore, "I believe you fought the smith."

Vercyn takes Valencia's hand in his, leaning down to softly kiss the back of her hand. "It has been to long my Princess. I am pleased that I still remain your most dearest Duke despite the fact." He smiles at her before moving to a seat near her. But then he notices Reese entering and he bows once again. "Your Highness. A pleasure as always to see you."

Valencia smiles gently to Adora, and as always, those who are her guests drink for free. Adora's cup is promptly refilled and the little vixen settles in once more. "Of course you are, my darling Duke Vercyn. How ever could my wolf ever not be in my heart, but if you feel moved to make it up to me, I shall not argue," she teases playfully, her smile softening again. "Come sit, so I may ply you with good northern whiskey, yes? Do you know everyone? May I introduce Missere Captain Ajax and Missere Kanean, both formidable and excellent warriors," she smile to both and back.

Kanean nods his head with a smiles, "It is a pleasure Princess, the Hart is very welcoming. Truly, a place to be." and to Berto, "I see.. well good luck with that." says with great honesty and a grin. He gives the newcomers a small nod.

Reese has her drink cradled in her small gloved hands. She look over to Vercyn. "Nice to see you again Duke." She says in the man's direction. "The hart is very welcoming, a great place largely because of such." She says, seeming to agree with Kanean.

"Adora," the dark haired woman lifts her newly refilled mug to Vercyn before gulping it down. Glug. Glug. Glug. She smacks her lips and sets the now newly emptied mug down again, gesturing for a refill, "If I'd've known there were free drinks here I'd come every fucking week," she tells Kanean, before leaning back to survey the boots and shoes of those assembled. "So. Anyone wanna buy a bookcase?"

Vercyn lifts his eyebrows at Adora, regarding the woman for a moment. Then he nods and let's out a laugh before he takes a seat next to Valencia. "How could I not make it up to my favorite Vixen? I have been the most inattentive friend."

"Kid, that's Adora's way of sayin' hi. It's nice to meet you. Let's be friends forever." Ajax calls over towards Kanean.

"Did you? Damn, I must have missed seeing you then. Entirely my fault, of course. Now you -have- to let me buy you a drink, by way of apology," Lore flashes a grin at him and heads back towards the bar, ordering herself up another bourbon and glancing back to Ajax, "What's your poison?" Turning, she flashes a saccharine grin and lifts a wave towards Adora, "Hi Mistress Adora!"

Gilroy strides in through the door, does a quick spin and just about dances his way over to the bar. As he passes he gives the rude carpenter a dip of the head and a doffing of his brand new hat, then turns back just as he gets to the bar, offering a genial nod to the princess and waving down the server. "Bartender, I'll take a bottle of your mediumest! And a glass of the medium stuff for the house, on me!" He looks down the bar to whoever is sitting there, which happens to be Kanean, and flicks the brim of his hat. "Celebrating my new hat," he offers in explanation.

"Only if you buy a bookcase," Adora points out to Ajax, "Or a bedroom set. And then never bother me again. I'm the kind of friend that's at best inattentive and at better completely forgotten don't even send me a messenger. Unless it's got money in it. Or free things." She looks pretty satisfied that her mug gets refilled again and lifts it to drink once more.

Kanean laughs at Adora's usual brash comments, "I know it all too well. Hey Adora. This time I'll think of buying a bookcase." He nods at the newcomer.

Reese has her drink cradled in her gloved hands. She then then looks over to Gilroy, checking out his hat. "Very nice." She softly says.

The little vixen smiles Adora's way and then turns back to Vercyn. She pretends to consider. "I'm not sure. I shall have to come up with a proper punishment for such cruel treatment," she sighs with a slight grin. "In the meantime, you may think of appropriate presents to give me to ease the wound of your being so parted," she teases playfully. "Perhaps a new bookcase and some books for my new library?" she suggests with a wink Adora's way. A more earnest and sweet smile follows. "To be true, I am just happy you are safe, and returned, my lord," she nods warmly as Gilroy arrives, he, too, receiving a warm smile.

Vercyn looks over towards Gilroy, giving the man an appreciative nod to the state of his newly acquired hat. Ajax as well gets a nod of recognition from him, before he turns to regard Valencia. "Oh yes, quite well. None of my enemies have succeeded in killing me yet." He chuckles softly before he looks towards Adora. "It would seem Valencia desires a bookcase. Tell me what you offer."

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"Bookcases. With shelves. That hold books," Adora drawls, leaning an elbow on the bar and looking over at Vercyn. "Custom orders start at twenty-five thousand silver for plain and go up from there if you want them to be annoyingly complicated with carvings. I don't supply the books. You'll need to talk to Oswald Spencler for that. And before you balk at the price, I'm the best gods damn woodworker in all of Arvum, so you'll never have to buy another." It's only then that she looks over at Gilroy and his hat. "Nice hat. Someone in the Lowers'd stab you at least thirteen times for that thing. Wanna go for a walk?"

Gilroy looks between the everyone and the Adora, pursing his lips in consideration. "So many people wanting to buy your bookcases, Adora! You'd think more people would want your war tables so they could make tiny figures of soldiers and move them around where the fighting is taking place." At her words he puts his hand to his chest, then reaches up and collapses the hat before tucking it away into his jacket. "Well, now they can't stab me, can they?" To Valencia he says, "Good evening, your highness! Once again you appear to be hosting a delightful evening for all."

Vercyn eyes Adora as she lists off the information, a small half smile curving his lips. "So you say. But if you find 10 woodworkers, 9 of them will claim to be the very best. Do you have somewhere that you display examples of your craft. Perhaps, someone of note who has purchased from you?"

There is a little look and a smile Gilroy's way. "It is my deepest pleasure to do so. Would you care to join us, sir? A celebration should always be made grander by more things to celebrate," Valencia nods warmly.

Adora snorts and lists off, "The King. The Archlector of Vellichor. Stop by the stacks and you'll see they keep their books on my shelves," she gestures for her mug to be refilled yet again. "Those other 9 woodworkers can get fucked because I'm the best and everyone knows it. My shop's Bell Bookcases and Cabinets just south of the market. Come see for yourself. We have war tables too, like he said. And beds. And chests. Honestly, we'll be here for a long time if I give you the whole menu so just use your imagination." She waves a hand and has more delicious alcohol. Maybe too much because when Gilroy makes his hat collapse she looks at him like he's a damn wizard. "If you pull a rabbit from your pants I am out." She tells him flatly.

Lore looks between Vercyn and Adora with a broad grin, ending on the good Duke, "She's right, my lord. I have an entire bedroom suite from Mistress Adora's shop. Her furniture holds up to a Lycene lifestyle and all the... wear and tear, that entails." Chuckling, she sips from her bourbon and gives a nod to Adora, "She may be a cantakerous harriden, but there is nobody who knows wood better than Mistress Adora."

"It is because she is such a cantakerous harriden that I am even considering it." The Duke runs his fingers slowly through his beards as he considers. "I will have to stop at your shop and see if your work is worth my silver."

"Might need to get some books," Berto muses with a grin, "and then I'll need a place to keep them." A sincere, thoughtful nod as the man takes another sip of a cup that's already gone empty, and he gives a wide smile as he glances around. "And there's nothing wrong with taking some well-earned pride in a good job."

Gilroy checked dexterity + legerdemain at difficulty 15, rolling 43 higher.

To the possibility of bunnies being produced from people's britches, the little vixen blinks. "I should think you would be safe from such. It is not Wednesday yet is it?" she asks mildly, her large dark eyes dancing playfully. The smile grows a little more to Lore's words, and her cheeks flush along with it. "A fine bed is a rather essential thing for Lycene's, it is so," she nods sagely. "One must get one's beauty rest," she agrees.

"Let's see, let's see, rabbit, rabbit..." Gilroy checks his jacket, checks his hat again, tugs his waistcoat away from his chest and peers down there. "No. I'm afraid I don't have any rabbits." He narrows his eyes and shoves his hand down the front of his pants. "Oh! Here's something! And it's all for you, Mistress Adora!" He then pulls out his hand and flips her off. "Haha. But no, I actually do have something..." He reaches back in and then pulls out a large bottle of whisky. "There we go." Back into his pants he goes, coming up with a pair of glasses. And finally a serving plate. "Even better." The plate is set down on the bar, with the bottle and glasses placed on top. Pouring himself out a drink he quickly speaks up in response to Lore, "Adora knows all about wood! Just read the poems written on the walls of the men's privy in the Murder of Crows!"

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Adora watches Gilroy just a little too closely, like maybe she was hoping there would actually be a rabbit. When there isn't she scowls at him, "Fucking Grayhopes," she declares, before draining her drink and standing up just a touch unsteadily. "Send a messenger or stop by if you want something," she tells Vercyn and Valencia, before pushing away and stomping for the door. Stomp, stomp!

Berto goes to refil his drink, and gives a short laugh. "So, Messere Kanean. Not sure if there's anything I can talk with, but the way things are going..." He leans back a little, and has a short sip. "The Few are the ones led by the madman with the hats and that Prodigal, hear she's got all the grace and charm of a sandpaper bedspread?"

Kanean laughs, "Well, I guess that is one way to put it. Yeah, most likely anything you've heard about them is true."

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Vercyn leans back in his chair, turning his attention towards Perto and Kanean as he takes a drink from his glass.

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Berto nods again, and has another slow sip of his drink. He leans in toward Kanean, saying something quietly, and lifts one hand to wave about in a circle.

Kanean drinks more of his beer.

Vercyn shrugs his shoulders, turning to examine the glass of whiskey in his hand. He takes a deep drink from it as he leans back in his chair.

"Well. There's wars coming," Berto says with a grin. He seems to be treating it with about the weighty concern he might have if he were discussing the weather. "Good time to be a sellsword."

"War isn't something to look forward to, Sir Berto. It is something to avoid." Kanean grimly says.

Reese gets taken away by a message once again. She returns after a few moments and has a sheepish smile. "Sorry about that. I keep getting pulled." The princes then looks over to Kanean. "War is bet avoided, but it always comes eventually. "

Vercyn nods his head. "You are a very busy person Princess. It is understandable." He turns his head over towards Kanean and Berto. "Many people make their names and fortunes from War. It will always happen. It is neither something to fear or hope for."

"Is it?" Berto raises his eyebrows, still grinning. "I'd think sellswording would be a strange choice of a profession in avoiding war. That sort of business, although I'm ignorant of many particulars, it seems like you're rather forced to go seeking out wars or going without pay."

Reese looks over to Vercyn, having a grateful smile for the Duke that reaches her blue eyes. She then turns to Berto. "In every war many will die, including and especially many sell swords. Without war many will need to find a new job, but they will be alive and able to do so. In every war some don't die, but end up crippled and of course some are fine to fight another war. I am glad that many still choose to be sellswords, us nobles would be in trouble without them, but I can fully understand why a Sellsword would want to avoid war. I am a General who has little role in my family beyond war and battle and fighting and yet I would be quite happy if we had another war, even if I would be princes number five sitting in my tower learning to play the harp."

Vercyn returns Reese's smile and nods his agreement. "I do not turn from war. It is how I have made my name and how I have made my house strong. But I do not seek it out either. It is no easy thing to go into War, no matter what your position is. A sellsword can just as easily collect a pension for standing by or for being a guard to some noble or another. I imagine they have other ways they prefer to earn their coin."

" I became a sellsword to make up for the sins of my father against the Compact. I've seen war since I was a child. I've killed the people of the Compact since I was a kid. It's in my blood. I can't wash it off and start a new. It is a burden I must bear. Now, my father's debt has to be served through protecting the Compact. May it be from enemies from other lands or from the people of Compact themselves. "


Kanean says, "And Vercyn makes a good point too."

Reese look over to Vercyn, nodding in the Duke's direction. She then turns to Kanean and her blue eye widen. "What a burden to carry. I am impressed that you choose to carry it. You could have choose something else like to vanish and hide your name."

Reese is overheard praising Kanean: Chooing to carry the burden of his father, a noble and honorable man.

"Can they?" Berto says with a grin and a small shrug. "My seeing it, standing around is work for house guards and suchlike. Now, I'm just a brewer, do the odd spot here or there organizing for the House Corvini. Not my business. But me--now, me, if I were a nobleman, I wouldn't want sellswords around if I didn't have something in mind for 'em." He nods toward Kanean, then, still grinning a bit as he does. "But that's a fine cause. I've myself found employment for a House only now returned to the fold."

Kanean sighs and nods, " People have their own opinion on things. No one can stop you from believing what you believe in. It is better that you won't see what war is like. It is really an p ugly

Kanean sighs and nods, " People have their own opinion on things. No one can stop you from believing what you believe in. It is better that you won't see what war is like. It is really an ugly scene."

And to the princess, " An Ironfoot doesn't run from anything. It's the family's motto."

Reese look over to Berto. "You a brewer? Do you have a shop?" She says toward him. She then then nod to Kanean. "It isn't pretty. The song and stories afterwards often are though."

Vercyn laughs and shakes his head. "You think that a guard is not paid in coin for their duties? A sellsword is willing to work for coin, just like any other. They are just good at what they do." He shrugs his shoulders slightly. "But you are not a nobleman, of course."

Kanean smiles, "History is written by the winners. I've seen the losing side and I was arrested and my father killed by trial of combat..." and to the Duke, " Yep, coin makes us do almost anything hehe... but it varies to what any sellsword would want to do."

Valencia steps away to deal with something and including a messenger. She takes a moment to read the note and then returns to the table. "Your pardon," she offers earnestly as she settles and sees to everyone's drinks.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Valencia before departing.

The conversation seems to be hearty but much more intimate now as most of the guests have departed, leaving the small group to chat. Valencia sits back and smiles at her present company. "I cannot thank you enough for such a lovely time. I think perhaps we should do this again much sooner than planned," she smiles impishly as she lifts her glass. "Thank you for being in my Hart. To light, life, luck and love... and to all of you. Cheers!"

Reese seems thoughtful a she listens to the conversation. "I am a Princess and if I decided tomorrow that I didn't want to fight any more. I could make that choice. I guess that a sellsword could as well, but many would have a hard time finding another job. Then again war and violence does keep them employed and guarding alone wouldn't be enough jobs. Then if we had less war, would have more crops and more trade and our roads would be doing wonderful things right and so many we would be in a time of abundance. That being said I have been through many many battles. I am not really sure that I could even count them all. And in those battles I have lost of some of my truest friends, most sincere allies and a lover who actually cared about me. He died in my arms going along on a mission that I begged him to come on. That I should have known was a suicide mission. Every battle brings more deaths, more who are gone and never will return, more empty chairs and more moment that will never happen.

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