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Archery Lessons with Aiden

Duke Rubino has had numerous requests that has been put forward to him by those wishing to learn archery and has finally decided he'll provide an open session to those interested. A short contest (archery game) will determine which individuals he will spend time with this week and see their archery skills improved.

OOC: In short, we'll play a game, I'll pop the train code to the top 3 (if there's more than 3 that attend) and assume for the rest of the week Aiden spends one-on-one time coaching your character. I can only train up to Archery 3 and have Teach 4.


Dec. 3, 2018, 8:30 p.m.

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Silas Rowenova Mia Miranda Fiora Teagan Faye Kaia Cillian Shard Domonico Carmen



Arx - Ward of the Lyceum - Southport Training Center

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Comments and Log

Silas sits idly in the 'commander' bench, having neither the skill to shoot a bow nor the desire to look like a fool. At least not -tonight-. Dash chews on a rawhide bone at his feet.

Michael puts A five panel spire tiara depicting the seasons and a canary yellow diamond sun in a simple velvet bag.

Miranda gets A hooded floor-length champagne silk cloak trimmed with soft frosted fur from A useful wide bag with gold trim and an amethyst clasp.

Scout Rowenova and Sir Floppington show up. The human being of the daring duo currently holds a recurve bow in her calloused hands. The canine being of the daring duo follows along after the taller one.

Mia, frankly, arrives in a bit of a rush -- but she almost always does, moving at a brisk pace that has a tendency to kick up the hems of her gown. Yes, her gown, because if the Countess is going to make a fool of herself by fumbling around with a bow and quite possibly shooting something(one?) that is very possibly not her target at all, she is determined to do so while maintaining some vague semblance of dignity. If only the Riven sigil were a particularly imperious old cat, she'd be doing her House proud.

It's not often one gets to see her Duke training others and, as a result, Miranda makes an appearance. She has the hood of her furred cloak over her head and makes her way to the commander seating. A glance about as she goes and she greets those she knows, at least by name if not more than that, "My Lord," to Aiden, first, of course, then to the others, "Lord Michael, Scout Rowenova, Dame Faye, greetings." It's a short list. She steps over to her bench and nods to Silas with a smile. Then she sits down, cloak and gown smoothed under her.

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Fiora Malvici is brooding nearby. Maybe not brooding, sulking? No. Definitely not sulking. Well, if a relatively short person can loom then she is looming. Slender arms folded over her chest, the woman stands away from the forming group, bow slung over her shoulder. She watches quietly. Looming.

Unfortunately, the Lady Blackram is having to borrow a bow from the training center. Look, she has one on order. She'll have her own eventually. It does mean that Teagan arrived just a little early so that she could go through the ones that were on hand for use for training purposes to try to find one that isn't too beat up to use. Satisfied enough with the one selected, she now waits quietly with the others who appear to have arrived to compete as well, chatting quietly with Chessa.

Faye makes her way into the arena, giving a nod of greeting to familiar faces and less familiar ones. Her cross bow is slung over her shoulder, as usual, though she's more here to watch than participate. She gives a friendly wave to Duke Aiden, if the man looks her way, though considering he seems to be running this, she doesn't need to take up any of his time. "Lady Miranda, it's good to see you again," she says as she wanders over to find a seat.

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Silas swings his gaze up to Miranda when she moves to join him at the Commander's bench and returns the nod with a friendly smile. Mia, too, is given a wave when she's spotted among the crowd of contestants.

Nova holds her bow in her left and waves with her ringed right to Miranda before then scanning around the crowd and then nodding to various people who are already known. She then looks to Duke Aiden, curiously so. Sir Flop is a good boy and sits down right beside her.

The morning carries with a sharp wind and the slow fall of snow, but at least the sun is out between the cloud bursts that bring with it the flakes of winter. Aiden was a stark contrast against the white of the snow covered ground, dressed in his black and crimson military regaila of the Rubino household. An umbra coat was settled around his shoulders and it didn't exactly designed to keep the cold out, yet he seemed neither bothered by it or affected from it. On the field of the training grounds, several targets have been positioned at various yards - those at 40 yards away which were good for beginners, more at 60 which were good targets for those who had done more than hold a bow, and further out were the 80 yards and the most challenging were the 100 yard targets that on a day like this with the sharp winds, would test the best of the best. A slow growing smile gathers on his face, polite as it were, as he spots his Whitehawk Commander observing from the benches, as to the coming of those students who... probably at some point had contacted him. There's a head bob made to each of them, spotting the Countess, "Ahh, glad to see that you made it Countess. I hope this will certainly get your training underway." He glances around and sort of politely lumps the rest in with a strong billowed, "Good day everyone. Thank you for coming. We'll be having a short competition with the students who have arrived today, to see which of those will get more personal one on one training throughout the next few weeks. Then perhaps-" his eyes spot the few who know their way aorund a bow, "We'll convince those here of excellent mastery of the weapon to compete for some sort of ... purse?" He leaves that hanging, before he gestures toward himself. "Now all those who are here to learn, I would like to see your potential today. Find yourselves a bow -" he points to a handy dandy knight off to the side who's got a rack of them, "and grab a quiver, fill it with some arrows. We'll go into teaching you later on in the week, how to string your bow, how to maintain it, and fletch arrows. Worry not about that today. Today the bows have already been strung." A beat, "Oh yes, and I'm Aiden Rubino, your instructor today. Of course." There's the eccentric side.

"Lord Commander," Mia greets, arching one black brow at Silas. "I trust you are well." A statement, not a question, as though it must be simply because she expects it to be so. "And your House, too." Though here, one corner of her mouth quirks ever-so-slightly upwards, and even as mild as the expression is, seeing it on the woman's face is a rare thing. "Please do tell Lady Delilah that if any more of her sisters suddenly appear in Arx, or any other siblings or cousins she may have stashed away for that matter, I'm going to make off with a few of them like stolen sacks of silver to fill out the ranks of Riven." A joke? Perhaps? Hard to say, really. Either way, she then gives Aiden a sharp nod, half-way into a curtsy really, followed by a murmured, "We'll see how long I can avoid shooting an arrow into my own foot. If I make it through the evening with my toes intact, I will certainly be singing your praises as a teacher." And with that, she moves to follow instructions, selecting her bow based on what feels most comfortable in her hand.

The young Bisland lady made her way into the training center just in time to hear the instructor give well...the instructions. “Good day.” She’d say to those nearby before making her way to grab a quiver and to fill it with arrows as Rubino had said. She had never touched a bow or arrow in her life, it was one of those many things she didn’t yet know but wished to learn and excel at in the future. Her eyes full of excitement.

Sir Floppington the Soulful Hound moves away from the wolf scout (Rowenova) and finds himself a spot next to Dash the Guard Corgi by whom he sits down.

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Silas blinks up at Mia, but his own smile remains fixed in place. "Delilah doesn't have any more siblings that I'm aware of, but cousins... well..." He shrugs his shoulders helplessly. "I suppose I shouldn't be stingy and could look into pawning some off, for the sake of the realm," he jests in return. "Good luck, Countess. May your arrow find its mark."

Teagan is quiet, like most of the others, as the introductions are made and instructions given. She's already chosen a bow, but she moves to select a quiver and arrows as well once that directive is also given. The targets are squinted at, but she's largely looking at the near one. Oh, no master of archery is this woman. Surely that must be obvious: she'd have her own bow if that were the case! As a particularly sharp bit of wind goes through, she reaches to pull her coat a bit closer around herself.

Aiden looks at the yard set up with the various targets, then back to the students, eyes lingering on Mia to her response. He chuckles for it, "You won't shoot yourself in the foot. The worst you will have is the string snaps against your fingers - which it does sting. You may all borrow some gloves if you don't have any today. It is a little chilly out and the string will hurt twice as much against bear skin." A beat, as if he's over thinking something, or picturing quite clearly how it would look for Mia to shoot herself in the foot. A quick shake of his head, his hands settle on his sides, and he regards the group, "Now... Why don't we begin first by introductions? Tell us your name, title if you bear any, and of course what experience you've had with the bow... And why you want to learn more?" He spots someone who looks familiar, brow lifting at Kaia, smiling encouragingly at her, "How about we start with--" he points at Teagan, "You my lady."

Scout Rowenova, herself, moves over to the quartermaster knight and picks up an offered quiver with a dozen-and-a-half arrows. Then, after slinging back the arrow pack, she moves back with her recurve bow to the shooting line while slowly surveying the whole crowd here with cobalt-blue, khol-outlined eyes.

1 Crimson Blades Sergeant arrives, following Cillian.

Rowenova says, "Scout Rowenova Bruvir of the Ranging Wolves, which is a scouting party under the direct command of Lord Arik Halfshav for whom I am a scribe and messenger, too. Trusted Servant of House Halfshav for whom I detect threats and protect as needed. Protege of Baroness Lucita Saik. Clerk of Redrain. I am the wife of the Professor Draven Bruvir of the Apothocary College and Physician's Guild, too."

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Most everyone gets a fairly indifferent look from the Malvici lady. Delicate brows furrowing as she listens to the explanation and the beginning of the introduction. The humans get indifferent looks. Rowenova's canine companion however gets a bright, delighted smile that curls up to brilliant quite unexpectedly. However it happens so fast who can even say it was ever real. Fiora presses the smile down quickly, watching the lesson progress over in her silent judgemental space.

By Dash, Sir Floppington notices Fiora's expression, and he wags his tail! Swish swish!

Before Teagan has a chance to respond to him, Aiden's hearing the titles spewing out of someone else and the responsibilities. His eyes flick toward Rowenova, "Hmm. That's quite a lot of responsibility there, almost as much as mine. The Baroness Saik is a great friend, so I hope you'll represent her well. What is your aim here today, Scout Rowenova? It seems you are already well established with the bow."

Cillian comes walking into the training center looking about he is in leathers with a bow on his back and sword on his hip, he looks arounds for the moment to see who has come to the center.

And even before the Blackram lady can draw breath, the scout is speaking and- did she even breath? Teagan blinks once at Rowenova. Just that. One slow blink of green eyes. Then she herself speaks: "Lady Teagan Blackram, Voice of the Cloudspine. I have some experience with the bow, my lord, but not much. Enough that, yes, I won't shoot myself in the foot." Is that a smile? Maybe. Not quite. There's not enough sun for it to grow in. "I wish to learn more so as to support my brother and cousins in the field should they be foolish enough to drag me along in their follies."

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Nova dips down her wolf-framed face into a sorta-nodlike gesture after the responsibility acknowledged then she stands up to her full 5'9.5" height, which has been added to by her fur-topped boots and her wolf-pelt ears. Then, the eager scout holds back to make sure Teagan can properly introduce herself before actually answering Aiden. "Aye, I certainly hope I do represent her, and all of them really, in good ways. Princess Lou Grayson was kind enough to teach me what I know now, but I am still learning, and I think I could get better. I hope to learn what it takes to make sure those about whom I care stay safe, and if that means I need to shoot some creeper from far away, then that is what I need to do." Looking over to Teagan, "Many apologies. I am an excitable one."

Fiora has rolled a critical success!
Fiora checked composure at difficulty 10, rolling 1 higher.

Among the others the bright-eyed young lady grins back at her cousin. “Kaia Bisland, Minister of Histories for House Bisland and Lady of Pridehall. I have not one bit of experience with a bow and will most likely shoot myself in the foot.” She says with a bit of a chuckle. “But I do wish to learn, so I can be of service to both my family and our land.” She finalizes, her tone seeming a bit more solemn.

Fiora shifts on her feet, when Sir Floppington gives her his attention she starts to smile brightly once more. But she doesn't want to! Which ends up in just a touch of scarlet in her cheeks but ultimately the Malvici lady is able to thin her lips back to indifferent and she gives Sir Floppington a very respectful and composed nod. She does not giggle or squeal at him. Instead she looks up with her arms folded over her chest to watch whatever is happening over here again.

Sterling silver eyes move between the two speakers, to Teagan and back to Rowenova, as if making first impressions of them and locking them away for some later cataloguing - he's got that studious bookish look, in otherwords. Finally, his poise breaks and he approves with a nod of his head, "Aiding others is absolutely the best reason to ever harm another living creature, man or animal alike. Through our bows and arrows, we can end the lives of whatever we aim at. So every time you pull back on the string, you should know why you are doing it and the consequences each pull." He nods along and looks toward Kaia, smiling with acknowledgement then at his cousin, laughing, "I do hope none of you will prove me wrong about shooting yourselves in the foot." A beat, "Just to clarify, never point the tip of your arrow downward -at- your foot. Or anyone else's foot either." He turns back to Kaia, "Welcome lady Kaia. It's been a long time, hasn't it? Kids last, we were, I think." His eyes turn expectantly to Mia now, to add in her introductions.

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Sir Floppington nudges Dash on the cheek as if he were trying to point out an important someone. He soon noses out toward Fiora over there as if to try to indicate her to the other canine.

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"Mia Riven, Countess of the Twainfort." At Aiden's look, Mia introduces herself rather succinctly, with little in the way of responsibility or the details of her duty. Apparently, she's under the impression that her brief statement of title addresses that well enoug. "As for my reasons for being here, well. I picked up a sword during my time serving among the Observers, when I discovered that the diplomatic missions I attended sometimes involved violence at the most unexpected and inconvenient times. And after acheiving a level of skill best described as 'decidedly mediocre', I developed an unfortunate habit of interposing myself between those somehow even less skilled than I was and hostile entities from various areas of Arvum and getting myself horrifically wounded in the process, driving my husband and my guards mad with my stubborn stupidity. So really, I thought it best for everyone involved if I developed some skill at sticking sharp things into irrevocably aggressive people from all the way over there." The last of her words are accompanied by an airy, dismissive wave off in... that general direction, somewhere. Quite possibly over near the targets. Or the door. But most definitely not within striking distance of a man with a sword.

Dash, initially growls at Flop when he suspects the pooch may be trying to steal his bone, adorable no more. Until he spots Fiora. Then he's suddenly cute again, yipping happily at her, but still possessive of his prize.

Flop seemed interested in the bone but relent when Dash gets possessive, and he joins in with his hound dog bays to sing a song to Fiora!

Cillian steps in closer to the group looking around he spots Row and heads over in her direction, his haze eyes look over everyone and fall on Mia for a long moment then over to Aiden then back nodding to Row again.

Shard prowls into the training center, her footsteps quiet, her gaze narrow. She doesn't approach the gathered trainees terribly closely, choosing instead to skirt around near the seating, but she's clearly examining everyone present very carefully, one at a time.

Fiora goes to sit in the stands alone, but is trying to stifle all her smiles at the attention of the pups. There's a little more red in her cheeks as they give her attention, in turn probably making other people give them attention which they will then notice her because they are giving her attention! She even goes so far as to raise one hand at the dogs as if to signify them to cool it. Guys, relax, we're making a scene.

Faye gives a nod of greeting to Shard as she spots the woman, from where she sits with Silas and Miranda.

A wide smile that turned briefly into somewhat of a worried and a bit nervous grimace spread across her face at her cousin’s remark. “I promise I’ll try not to disappoint cousin.” She said with a grin before nodding. “…and it has.” She agreed before her gaze followed his towards Mia.

Domonico strides into the training centre, red cloak fluttering behind him as he pauses and stands tall as he sweeps his gaze around the area, as if scanning the horizon for ships. He spots Miranda and gives her a nod before the antics of the dogs draws his attention and he spies Fiora and his brow furrows.

The introduction Mia makes is something that captures Aiden's attention, his head slightly tilting to the side as she goes on to explain in detail the reason she was here with them all today. "Don't let the distance fool you into believing you are safe on the battlefield, my lady Countess... often in my experience, the grounds of battle chance swiftly and close in a rapid pace, certainly if the other side has cavalry - or ... some sort of abyssal thing that defies all space and logic." Demons, yes. He spots the new comers and waves, "If you'd like to participate in an archery course, certainly you may. Otherwise feel free to observe-" he directs those who are wandering in to the seats around the field, "Oh and watch your feet! I think these students mean to spike one with an arrow!" He smirks, turning toward the targets, "I want each of you to take an arrow. Just one." And now he demonstrates how to hold a bow, how to nock an arrow, and the science around aiming - which was quickly broken down to the lesson of trajectory and drag, as well as some about the wind. "Now if you're ready, take aim at the target. I suggest for you Countess, yourself Lady Teagan, and Lady Kaia that you focus on the ones closest to you. Scout Rowena, the 80 yard one may be too much of a challenge, but a worthy one."

Miranda watches the Archery lessons while she speaks with the two seated near her. A wave is given his way in deference to his nod. She looks around her a bit and grins, eyeing the snow before her feet and then squinting Domonico's way.

Michael is overheard praising Kaldur: Cheesemonger


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Dash takes the bone in his mouth and decides to sit next to Fiora instead, in hope of being given snacks. It usually works that way.

Flop stops with those mournful bays and heads up with Dash to Fiora and then sits on the opposing side of her from the corgi.

Turn in line: Rowenova

"I assure you, my lord, I still bear the bite marks from Stormwall as poignant reminders, lest I forgot the consequences of overestimating my skill. Or just generally start thinking that I belong anywhere near a fight," Mia murmurs, her lips pressing together in a line.

There is, permaybehaps, a quiet snort out of Teagan when Aiden speaks of the competitors shooting at feet. Were anyone to ask, however, she'd blame Chessa for the untoward behavior. However, when the instructions are given, she does draw an arrow as she steps up to the line. The bow is fumbled with more in the nature of unfamiliarity than anything else as she prepares her shot. The woman has at least a modicum of understanding if not skill.

Aiden coaxes the students, "When you're ready-" (which really means when your name shows up in the Turn in Line)

Shard doesn't so much sit as lean slightly against one side of the available seating. She crosses her arms over her chest and watches with an air of at least some amount of curiosity, though her expression isn't particularly inviting.

Sitting in between dogs, now that all the barking is gone, Fiora starts petting both Dash and Sir Floppington in calm, collected, we're all fine over here pets. With a very impassive gaze, (because she is indifferent) she fixes her gaze to the competition, petting both dogs in equity, slowly and quietly.

Nova glances up toward Dash and Flop and does not really commont: only smiles. Then, Nova stays quiet for a decent while, raptly listening to all the individual introductions. She finally speaks, "Good to meet you all!" before turning back to hear out the archery lesson and focus closely on Aiden and everything mentioned. Even if it is introductory stuff, she still follows the offered instruction and nods once. Then, "I think I might like to try the 60 for the first go." She lines up to do so, then.

Rowenova checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 30, rolling 5 higher.

Nova draws back on the recurve bow then lets fly the first arrow to 60 yards, almost missing but still hitting the outermost ring. She lets out a soft phew before turning away and heading over to where Cillian is and with a smile.

There's a slow nod of respect for Mia, "Unfortunately, I think we underestimated what could face us in battle, though each day we are getting more and more prepared for it. Such is what brought you here." He quiets then, watching Rowenova and seeing her hit the 60 yard target. "Not a kill shot, but effective nonetheless. Sometimes in the heat of battle, all we need to do is wound. It may give us that second we need, or a friend needs, to evade or strike." He grins, "Very good." And waits for the next shot to get fired down the yard.

Turn in line: Teagan

Cillian smiles at Nova when she comes over to him, he leans in to whisper to her eyes still looking around.

Teagan checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 6 higher.

Domonico smiles towards the squinting Miranda before raising two fingers in a small wave of acknowledgement. He heads towards the woman petting the dogs, serious face frowning as he moves closer to speak to her. t

Aiden sees Teagan land the shot, also on the outer ring of the 40 yard target, "Ahh, success already, Lady Teagan. Keep it up." His arms swing behind his back, bow sort of hung there behind him as he paces just behind the students.

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Miranda begins to rise from her seat.

Flop sets his head in Fiora's lap and then peeks up toward Domonico.

Turn in line: Kaia

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Not dissimilar from Rowenova, Teagan's arrow may look about to go past, but it hits one of the outer rings of her target. She also manages to smack her knuckles with the string of her bow. The woman is shaking her hand out with a mild hiss between her teeth when Aiden gives his praise. There's a sort of grimace -- likely meant to be an appreciative smile! -- cast his way. "Thank you," she offers as she steps back a couple paces to watch the others take their turns.

Kaia checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 8 higher.

Miranda makes her way out of the Commander Seating. She scoops up a handful of snow, patting it loosely in her hands as she walks. As she passes the Warrior Seating, she regards Domonico -very- seriously. Eyes the snowball, eyes the Commodore.. eyes the snowball. She dumps it on the ground and continues on her way.

Brenlin, Aide-de-Camp leaves, following Miranda.

Arriving to a quiet clatter of armor, Carmen Harol takes advantage of her height to eye the archery range and those competing as she crosses the grounds with a loose, easy stride toward some benches. Her mouth twitches, amused, and she pulls a flask out of her bag. For warmth. Obviously.

Sitting betwixt two dogs, Fiora smiles in spite of herself when Sir Flop places his head in her lap. She leans down to whisper something quietly to the canine before looking up to the approaching very frowny Domonico. But do not worry dogs, not even the impending approach of a grump can deter her from her simultaneous scritching. She does tilt her head up at Domonico with an arch of a brow.

Turn in line: Mia

Mia checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 1 lower.

The snap of the bow string against Teagan's knuckles, Aiden doesn't miss, doubling back to her, with a gesture, "May I?" He asks, with a gesture toward her hand, before he steps in to sort of help her reposition, "Try that for the next shot." He almost misses his cousin's success, looking over toward her, "There you go cousin. Keep it up like that and you'll move your aim into the bullseye in no time." He does step over to her as well, offering, "Now if you stand like this-" and demonstrates to situate her better, "you'll get better leverage for the release."

After Aiden's advice, Nova pipes up, "Thank you!" She soon peeks up toward those canine companions (Dash and Flop) and Fiora. There is a little grin but that grows when her eyes spot Miranda and what she was doing on her way. Then, Nova quietly whispers to Cillian some more.

With a bit of a nervous expression Kaia takes a deep breath before taking her shot. And her eyes widen, she was expecting to miss, but she did not! The arrow hit the outermost ring. “Ah! I hit it!” she exclaimed, with a huge smile. For those skilled in the arts of archery it was likely nothing, for her it was a good sign at least.

Rowenova says, "Good job, Lady Kaia!"

Coming up behind Silas and Faye, Carmen asks, voice a low alto after she takes a sip from her flask, "This seat taken?" She keeps her gaze on the students, flinching slightly.

As Mia moves to line up her shot, it should be obvious -- she may have *seen* people shoot a bow dozens of times, but martial training was never something she'd been expected to pursue. At all. Her elbow is too high, her anchoring is off, and it's not suprise to anyone, or at least it shouldn't be, when her arrow nestles itself quite thoroughly... into the dirt. Dark eyes narrow slightly. If the woman were an Inquisitor, that arrow would likely be strung up on charges of treason come morning.

Carmen has joined the Commander Seating.

Dash enjoys the pets - not as good as snacks, perhaps, but a good consolation. The grumps nearby don't dim his sunniness - he's an Iron Guard doggo, after all.

Silas checked perception at difficulty 15, rolling 3 higher.

When Aiden moves to offer his advice on her positioning, Teagan's brow furrows a touch to the serious as she focuses on taking it in. She won't miss a bit of this! It does mean she practically misses Mia's whiff. Practically. The thunk of it into the dirt, however, she does not miss. and once Aiden has moved on to help the next person, she casts a look over and winces in sympathy; she'd half expected her own shot to do just that.

Shard watches each shot with a careful sort of intensity, though she remains absolutely silent.

The sneaky Carmen doesn't escape Silas's notice, miraculously! He turns to address her as she approaches and offers a friendly smile. "It's all yours, m'lady."

Flop keeps his chin on Fiora whilst his look of soulfulness keeps peeking to various individuals: Dash, Fiora herself, Domonico, Rowenova out there in the training lesson, then back up to those adjacent to him again. His tail wags certainly indicate that is at peace and fairly happy despite grumpy stuffs.

Carmen barks out a quiet laugh, head dipping cordially to Silas and Faye. "Just Lieutenant. And thanks." She settles onto the bench, arms folding on her legs while she watches the shooting before continuing to talk in a lower voice.

Aiden leaves Kaia's side with an encouraging pat to her shoulder, "Now do that twice over and we'll see if you're a natural." He grins, watching Mia's result, appraisingly. He approaches her and notes, "I believe your elbow was too high and your position was a bit off. Now if you take a bow like this-" he demonstrates again how to position for the shot, "See where my elbow is? And take note if my legs and feet." He nods to Mia, "Try again." To the class he offers, "Two more shots now. If you're curious of the scoring, Rowenova is at 2, Lady Teagan and Lady Kaia both have scored a point. Well done."

Turn in line: Rowenova

Rowenova checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 30, rolling 21 higher.

Rowenova checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 30, rolling 6 lower.

Turn in line: Teagan

When it is her turn again, Nova shoulder clasps Cillian and then moves away for a temporary time to set up at the archery line. She strings an arrow and then draws back with decent aim, actually hitting a middling ring on the target. Extremely excited, though, she completely misses a second shot which flies by due to her overzealous enthusiasm! She carefully calms herself and moves back with collected breathing.

Teagan checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 1 lower.

Teagan has rolled a critical success!
Teagan checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 9 higher.

Domonico is slightly less grumpy as he talks to Fiora at the seating.

And then it's back to Teagan. Round and round and round it goes... Or not so much, really. It's not a huge competition, right? The woman draws a deep breath and tilts her head in that way of women that's not quite a flick, but still tosses just enough hair out of the way. She steps up to the line once more, lines up, then stops and makes those little adjustments that Aiden showed her. The first shot? Well, that one misses. But then she shifts her hold on the bow just a bit, relaxing with it and not being -quite- so stiff as she was and really seeming to grasp those suggestions quite well! For the third and final of her set is a bullseye!

Aiden stops by Rowenova, watching her quietly. He says nothing until her third shot strays. "When your heart thunders in your chest and your excitement races for the adrenaline that comes at making a shot, make sure you hold yourself for back from shooting again until your hands stop shaking and your breathing is calm. I sometimes count down from ten to regain composure." He advises, "Well done. In competition, this would net you six points overall." And he slips in toward Teagan, just in time to watch the luck of the draw! He laughs at the shot, "There you go. Repeat that shot fifty times before you go onto the next target." He's quite serious. "Your overall score would be seven points Lady Teagan."

Turn in line: Kaia

Kaia checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 1 lower.

Kaia checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 0 higher.

1 Blackram novice guards have been dismissed.

Chessa have been dismissed.

Turn in line: Mia

Mia checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 7 higher.

Mia checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 4 lower.

The lady’s eyes blink a few times with excitement. She aims, but her hand seems somewhat wobbly and she misses the second shot. She seems a bit disappointed, no matter that won’t stop her. She takes another deep breath and positions herself just like her cousin Aiden had instructed her. She takes a look at the target and she shoots.


Her eyes widen with surprise and she screams excitedly. “AHH! I CAN’ T BELIEVE IT! I DID IT!!”

A scream?! Aiden pivots around -- "I must be a really good teacher-" Aiden sort of laughs when Kaia marks the second bullseye of the class, "Lady Cousin, match that shot fifty times. It'll take a lot of practice, but I'm sure you and Lady Teagan could partner up and train together. Hah, believe it. You and Lady Teagan both have some natural steadiness to you. Well done." A nod as he watches the result, "An overall score of seven for you as well." He seems rather impresesd, "I may not have the time to train you all individually, however, we've a special guest in the crowd. Inquisitor Faye Ruger - a damn good shot and teacher as well. She'll take one of you on as a student this week, to help me." He indicates her in the crowd, "My thanks to the assistance today!" Then he's over to Mia, thoughtful as she settles into the next two shots.

Aiden is overheard praising Faye.

Silas dramatically introduces Faye with an arm sweep in her direction.

Aiden is overheard praising Silas: The Vanna White of today's show

After those wise words, Nova immediately nods her wolf-framed noggin toward Duke Aiden, "Thank you!" She will remember the ten count! She suddenly wows about Teagan's bullseye, "Good job!" She just seems to be in a giddy mood, except she quietly counts, right now, to try calming down. She peeks up to where Silas is doing the Vanna White for Faye. She then bites her lower lip, nodding many times with big eyes.

There is a long, slow exhale from the Countess before she lines up her next shot. Adjusting her stance -- and most importantly, that elbow -- she works through the motions carefully, deliberately, and lets her arrow fly. And this one strikes true, or at least true enough to hit the target instead of the ground. And really, that counts, doesn't it? Mia straightens once to consider the ring it landed in before nocking another arrow, pulling back the string, and.... SOMEONE IS SCREAMING. The arrow flies as she starts, muscles twitching and letting loose far too early. Thank the gods she just doesn't hit anyone. Or more importantly, anydog.

Shooting Silas a glance, Carmen straightens and makes a similiar gesture of a long arm toward Faye.

Faye gives a small, surprised wave, then a very stern look at Silas for his 'introduction.'

Mia is overheard praising Aiden: I managed not to shoot anyone. Including myself. We'll call it a success.

Aiden comes up alongside Mia, "There will be many screams and noises while you shoot. We'll work you through them, should you accept the few weeks of training I can provide." He looks down the line, "Lady Kaia and Teagan as well. Scout Rowenova, the Inquisitor Faye I'll place you with, if you're agreeable." He then turns to the dramatic gesture of arms toward Faye, grinning, "Now... Why don't we get the audience involved?" He grins, "Any Archery Masters out there want to give us a little demonstration? Enough of you and we'll call it a competition!"

The line has been dismissed by Aiden.

Shard's mouth twists into a small grimace. She glances toward the othrs in the seating, but doesn't speak up herself. Not yet, anyway.

“One time or fifty times cousin I’m thankful I’ve not yet shot anyone’s foot.” She chimes with a grin before walking out of the line to give space for the true masters of archery to show off their skills.

Brow lifting with Aiden's announcement, Carmen pulls her flask away from her mouth and rubs her thumb along her bottom lip. She grins, ruefully, then looks back to Faye. "Don't think he's talking to me, Inquisitor."

Looking between Aiden then back to Faye then back to Aiden then back to Faye, Nova keeps her mouth shut and pulls her wolf pelt down over her face with a nodding gesture as it goes down over her and she peeks out the eye holes!

Faye gives a little shrug. "I wouldn't mind it, I suppose," she says. "Target practice isn't my favorite thing, but regular practice is a good thing." She lifts a brow over at Shard. "I've heard you've got some skill with a bow, Shard. Want to try a couple rounds?"

Faye has left the Commander Seating.

Cillian looks to Aiden watching him, "I can help Duke Aiden." he says with a thick Northern accent as he stands near Nova.

Shard sucks in a short amount of breath. "...Yeah," she says. "Alright." There's no real enthusiasm in her words, but they could be grouchier. They mostly just sound resigned. She stands up straight and follows Faye out onto the field.

Kaia is overheard praising Aiden: The best archery instructor!

Standing at last, Fiora gives sweet parting scritches to both Sir Flop and Dash. Her bow is taken off her shoulder and the slender woman approaches the targets. She gives a wordless nod to the targets. She will play!

Silas is overheard praising Aiden.

Sir Floppington follows along after Fiora, at least until she might escape the seating arrangements, then he just stands in the entry/exit way.

Leaning forward with far more interest now and rolling her flask between her hands, Carmen eyes Faye and Shard with professional assessment. "Pretend the target someone you really, really hate," she opines with tipsy ease. "Stops feeling quite so much like practice then."

Fiora has left the Warrior Seating.

Fiora wields a pitch black longbow with rough-out leather grip.

Domonico stands and steps aside to watch his cousin (well second cousin but it's a detail) approach the target. The Malvici folds his arms as he watches, eyes focussed on her archery skill, taking notes.

"You students can compete as well-" Aiden encourages, "Although I didn't anticipate a contest... I think we could certainly do the location justice and be a little Lycene about it. Shall we make it interesting? A little wager among those who wish to compete?" His eyes flicker toward Shard, stopping abruptly in what he was doing as if he saw someone .. well, he clears his throat and he asks in general, "Who's got an idea for a good wager? Hmm?" Okay, so he totally sucks at this Lycene thing, while he examines his bow, he looks up at a thick northern accent, "Cillian, it's been too long. How're you?"

Fiora has joined the line.

Domonico has left the Warrior Seating.

Faye has joined the line.

Cillian looks to Aiden his hazel eyes fall on him, "I am well Duke Aiden and yourself?" he moves from Row pulling his bow off his back.

Aiden has joined the line.

Nova back pats Cillian as he moves away then heads over to the seating where she meets up with Sir Floppington waiting there. She excitedly asks, "Who is the bestest good boy ever?!"

Shard has joined the line.

Fiora checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 50, rolling 19 higher.

Fiora checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 40, rolling 16 higher.

Shard wields Winter, a recurve diamondplate bow.

Turn in line: Fiora

Faye wields Attitude Adjuster, a crossbow.

Fiora checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 40, rolling 21 higher.

Cillian checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 11 higher.

Turn in line: Faye

Faye checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 50, rolling 9 higher.

Faye checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 50, rolling 16 higher.

Faye checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 50, rolling 0 higher.

Mia looks between the competitors and something near enough to a chuckle comes from her, then. "I think I've made enough of a fool of myself with this thing for one day, and will spend my next few hours at practice in my courtyard. Where the only ones I'll have to worry about seeing me are the house guards, and if they have any sense, they'll be worried enough about being accidentally shot to simply stay indoors. Thank you."

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Rowenova happily pats Flop and then they move to a seat not far from the others.

Turn in line: Aiden

Aiden checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 40, rolling 8 higher.

Aiden checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 40, rolling 17 higher.

Aiden checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 40, rolling 15 higher.

With her part in proceedings -- and that lucky shot! -- done, Teagan returns her borrowed bow and quiver to the training center and retreats to the seats to observe. The woman gathers her coat around herself and settles in to watch. There's an intent nature to her gaze; she's more focused on the form of the more practiced archers than their actual results.

Turn in line: Shard

Shard checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 50, rolling 19 lower.

Shard checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 40, rolling 17 higher.

Shard checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 40, rolling 30 higher.

Turn in line: Cillian

Cillian checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 40, rolling 14 lower.

Cillian checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 40, rolling 4 higher.

Cillian checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 40, rolling 11 lower.

Faye takes her turn at the targets, cool and composed as she sends three bolts off towards their intended destination. She makes no reaction as the first two hit, though she gives a small nod of satisfaction as the last one hits a bullseye. "I do prefer hunting. At least then, if you do well enough, you have the satisfaction of taking home your dinner." She closes up her bolt quiver and slings the crossbow over her shoulder again.

Taking her three shots, Fiora lands the 100 yard target with ease. But decides to play it safe by taking on the 80 yard target for her closing shots. With all three of her arrows loosed she looks over to her competitors and frowns slightly at Faye's shots. Looking down the line, there's a grunt. And quite out of turn, the young Malvici decides to take another two shots, quickly, before she can get yelled at.

Fiora checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 50, rolling 4 higher.

Fiora checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 50, rolling 3 lower.

Fiora grunts.

"Somehow I'm grateful that we didn't bet anything after all--" Aiden says after his own performance. He knew his limits and the strength of his arm and the nock of his arrow. He wanted to show precision and does well enough at the eighty yards, certainly not attempting the hundred. He does exhale a breath when his results don't match his own merit, "Practice practice practice. Fifty times more," he notes as he takes a glance at the others to see how they did, shaking his head at Faye, "You truly are a master. In this weather, a bullseye at a hundred yards! I should be taking lessons from you-" he grins, "It'll be interesting when we try it from in the air, no?" He pivots then, considering the others, "Fiora, it's good to be shooting againts you again. How do you fair?"

The problem with archery contests compared to, say, fighting ones is that there's never a good opportunity for some time-honored heckling. Carmen contents herself with studying the archers, green eyes alert, and takes a slow sip from her flask.

Shard draws three arrows at once, and clutches two of them straight up against the side of her bow as she sends off the first. It goes too high, sailing easily over the target, but she immediately follows that up with the two other arrows into one that's somewhat closer. Her expression has settled into a sort of guarded neutral, and it doesn't change either on the miss, or the hits.

Cillian steps forward breathing deeply and letting his three shots lose, he shakes his head looking to Row then back to the targets sighing.

The line has been dismissed by Aiden.

Silas is overheard praising Faye.

From the yonder seating, Rowenova pipes up, "Aww, good try, Master Cillian!"

Faye arches a brow at Fiora's additional shots, though this is a practice range, so hopefully everyone has the sense not to get pin-cushioned. "Thank you," she says to Aiden with a nod. "I'm sure there are those with more skill than I have, though. I just enjoy seeing people practicing and improving with the bow. It's a good skill to use in a lot of different circumstances." His comment about the air receives an amused look and a nod, though she doesn't add more.

Domonico wields Raptor's Reach, a rubicund-tipped cornel-shafted Dory spear.

Fiora checked composure at difficulty 10, rolling 2 higher.

When the contest finishes, Teagan does sit up a bit straighter offering polite applause for the archers. "Well done everyone," the Blackram woman offers. She does offer, when there is a moment: "Lord Aiden, I would like to speak with you when you have some time." There's a pause and a consideration, "It need not be today. Perhaps... some other time. Mayhap when we are speaking about my not shooting things in the foot."

Domonico checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 59 higher.

Teagan is overheard praising Faye: Excellent marksmanship

Silas applauds the winner, and the impressive losers, of the impromptu archery contest. "Excellent show. I never knew those targets would come in handy again..." He looks slightly tempted to borrow a bow and take a shot of his own, but for the sake of the spectators, he resists.

Cillian moves over to Rowenova, "Thank you." he says in that thick northern accent, his eyes look back over to Aiden then around nodding, "I was honored to shoot with you."

Fiora looks over to Faye and gives a slow nod to her. Then looks to Aiden with an arched brow. A very curious, quizzical look lingers on the Prince before she finally steps closer to Faye, Aiden. She gives a glance to Faye. "Fiora Malvici." A beat, as if contending with something internally. "Good shot." The Malvici gives Faye before glancing to Aiden. "What do you mean by that?"

Domonico hmms at the shots going out and he looks at the nearest target and approaches the firing line before he hurls his dory spear at the target, the force of the impact causing the target to rock. He grunts in approval.

Nova stands up. "Impressive shooting, Inquisitor!" She heads down to meet up with Cillian as Sir Flop follows then breaks away to go nose nudge Fiora.

"In respect, Inquisitor, there is always someone in the world that will be better at what we do. We should look to them as inspiration, as role models, if we wish to pursue what we love. Frankly, too many of us will be turned aside from what we do best because we think we're not good enough. So let us say this day, you're the best of who is here and have won the field-" Aiden turns to respond to Teagan, only to see Cillian, noting to the latter first, "Chin up good Master Cillian. Stationary targets can test us in ways moving targets cannot. I know you're excellent when it comes to the hunt. There's no shame." He then catches what Teagan says, noting, "Perhaps you'd invite me to dine with you? I should get out of the manse more than I do." A grin to Fiora, "Ahh well, you see, a few years back, there was this archery competition in which you won. You see.. I didn't. I suppose, it was this very inspiration I was speaking of, to see those better than I at the skill---" And suddenly Domonico's spear firing out has him squawk - it's not a sound that is very noble indeed. He pivots fast and stares at Domonico, eyes wide as the target rocks with the force of the spear.

Carmen's eyes narrow, flaring with heat, as she looks HARD at Domonico during his throw, stunt, whatever. She sits up slowly and tosses her flask into her bag, jaw working to one side.

Rowenova has left the Commander Seating.

Shard's gaze jerks toward Domonico at his sudden movement--the impact doesn't appear to startle her, though she does narrow one eye--and then she shifts her attention to the conversation going on nearby.

Aiden checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 3 lower.

Faye nods to Fiora. "Inquisitor Faye Ruger," she says in introduction. If she has some apprehension about her skill being appraised, she doesn't let on. "Nice shot, yourself. Have you been using the bow long?" She follows Fiora's glance over to Aiden curiously, and then a nod in response to his words. "True enough. And while there's pleasure to be had in mastering a skill, I think there's much to be said about the pleasure in practice and learning, and even just enjoying something that you aren't particularly good at."

Silas checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 4 higher.

"I would be happy to, my Lord," Teagan answers Aiden, tilting her head to him. "I will send you a messenger later to discuss the specifics." And likely that is for the best because she, too, is distracted by the rather horrific sound of a spear hitting a target and is brought to her feet to look to the sound with a widening of green eyes.

Fiora checked composure at difficulty 10, rolling 5 lower.

Silas the sudden SPEAR THROW at one of the targets he was referring to catches him off guard, and he looks nonplussed in the aftermath. "They're not meant for -that-..." He mutters.

Teagan checked composure at difficulty 10, rolling 1 lower.

Slinging her bow over her shoulder, Fiora is waving her hand dismissively to Aiden. There's a light roll of her eyes, light irritation quickly passing over her features. "No, not that." Then Domonico is throwing a spear and causing Aiden to get distracted from her IMPORTANT questions. There is an irritated sigh as Domonico is the receiver of a most baleful stare from Fiora. Marching towards the target, Fiora throws up one foot to brace against the target and with both hands, pulls /hard/ on the spear to yank it out of the target. Does she give it to Domonico? Nope! She walks back to Aiden. "Sorry. Your Highness. Won't happen again." She sets the butt of the spear on the ground, holding it in both hands. "The thing you were saying about above?" A little nod is given to Faye, rolling her shoulders into a shrug. "Yes. I've won a few medals. Trophies." SHRUG NO BIG DEAL.

2 Bisland pride guards have been dismissed.

Cillian looks to Aiden nodding his head, "Thank you, Duke Aiden." he then looks to Row, "If you are ready?" he looks to her dog with a smile.

Nova drops down into a half kneel on the sand below and then opens up her armored, wiry arms toward Flop who bounds over and gets hugged up in those. Glancing up, she nods once to Cillian then lets go of Flop and rises up. "Aye! Farewell, everybody! Thank you!"

Silas waves to Nova as she departs.

Rowenova waves goodbye to Silas, "You have a great doggo!"

Saucy mc sauciness comes out of the cake, when sterling silver eyes land on the target now... with a spear sized wound in it. "Excuse /me/ my Lord-" Aiden's voice turns abrasive, not at all the tone of voice he used when teaching, "Those targets are specifically for /archery/ ... Their structure is not designed to take the impact of brutish weapons--" He heads over toward the man, but Fiora beats him to the spear, "Look there - see, it's ruined. Look at that damange. You'll be replacing it." It wasn't a question. The iciness from Aiden's eyes hold to the lord, before he considers a look to Fiora, "Thank you." He sighs, "I believe that's it for me tonight. Knights-" the ones in Rubino gear, "See to putting away the targets hmm and bringing them back to the House." A final saucy look is spared Domonico, as his hands brush down the front of him, trying to get recomposed, "Above? The thing. Hm. Well. A discussion for another time." A backward look to Dom suggests he's put off by the other man. Riled up. Feathers ruffled!

Mia's black brows shoot sharply upwards as a spear makes its way into the heart of one of the targets -- and quite unexpectedly at that, bringing pause to the conversations she's been idly listening to while she watched the experienced archers. Perhaps that was her cue? "If you'll excuse me...." Words of thanks meant for Aiden are swallowed down, perhaps better saved for later.

Shard's eyebrows do a little dance as her eyes follow the interactions with Domonico. Then, as Aiden orders the targets to be put away, she sets about unstringing her own bow.

Faye glances over at the sound of a spear hitting one of the targets, then follows it back to the man who apparently threw it. "I'd think throwing a spear is a rather different skill than using a bow," she comments rather dryly. Indeed, the impact was probably not very good for the target, but it isn't her practice area, either. She arches a brow at Fiora as the woman walks back with the spear in hand, but she doesn't comment. "Oh, have you? I'm always interested to meet someone with many years of experience. Contests aren't really something I spend much time looking for, though I enjoy hunting." As Aiden calls for a close to the contest, she gives him a nod of thanks. "Thank you for running this. I found it enjoyable."

Sir Floppington, the soulful hound leaves, following Rowenova.

1 Crimson Blades Sergeant, Rowenova leave, following Cillian.

3 House Riven Soldiers, 1 Greenwood Tribe Blood Warriors, white-tailed eagle, Lianna leave, following Mia.

Pushing to her feet, Carmen looks Domonico over head to toe, cursory, professionally. Then she rolls her eyes. Turning back to the bench, Carmen offers Silas a respectful nod and Teagan a strained smile. "Think I should be going if we're at the point boys old enough to know better feel they need to fling about their spears for show. It was good to sit with you a time. Thank you."

Teagan is overheard praising Aiden: A wonderful and engaging instructor!

Carmen has left the Commander Seating.

Silas smiles and nods respectfully to Carmen. "Be well, Mistress Carmen. It was nice speaking with you."

Domonico hmmms as he considers the very fine throw of his, satisfied with his accuracy and power, as well as the damage done. Aiden's 'wrath' gets a simple nod back and he says, "I will replace it and get you additional." Fiora... Ah... Fiora though has his spear and he strides to her, holding out his hand for Raptor's Reach. "Fiora?"

The fact that Domonico isn't apologetic about the matter makes it a little worse for Aiden - or was it when the man walked toward Fiora for the spear. Either way, he starts to pack up his things with a notable HUFF about him.

Teagan has left the Commander Seating.

Shard, her bow handled, appears to be splitting her attention between Dominico and Fiora, and Aiden. She's just standing there idly now, not quite preparing to leave.

Silas offers a departing salute to Teagan, who now leaves their perch. "Be well, Lady Blackram."

Pulling the spear back, Fiora gives a deep frown to Domonico. Glances to Aiden then back to Domonico. "Commodore. You are being rude. You can get your toy back later. I know where your room is." The Malvici woman reminds. Sweetly.

Carmen spares a glance to the ruined target but, finding Aiden's men have it in hand, finally turns to leave the training center to the dulcet sounds of Fiona's reprimand.

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