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Laurent vs. Laurent Hobby Horse Joust

The last time Duke Cristoph Laurent and his sister squared off in a joust, he was left with a broken arm. Now he wants a rematch but Jael has refused. Leave it to Baron Clement, Sword of Laurent, to come up with a safe and elegant solution: Hobby Horses.

Come watch the siblings fight it out astride their noble (partial, and fake) steeds. Someone could lose an eye!

A fine stable of Hobby Horses will be available for anyone else who wants to join the lists, or you may of course bring your own.


Nov. 6, 2018, 8:30 p.m.

Hosted By

Jael Cristoph


Reigna Thorley Isabeau Klaus Norwood Amari Alaric Kael Helia Helena Tesha Philippe Sorrel Eddard Elias Mikani




Arx - Ward of House Valardin - Laurent Manse - Estate Grounds

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Comments and Log

Sir Rhys, a Valardin Knight, Laurene, a military adjutant leave, following Alis.

Warhorse, a white Oathlands Vanner arrives, following Philippe.

2 Novice Keaton Huntsmen, River, a juvenile Oakhaven bloodhound arrive, following Amari.

Captain Nine -- a sleek black ship's cat arrives, following Helia.

The Laurent lawn is prepared for the grand event, with a 'jousting' course set out on a nice flat miniature. Tables laden with heavy hor d'oevres and Laurent cider and mead are placed nearby, and the whole thing is lit by hanging lanterns and one large autumnal bonfire. There's a 'stable' of stick horses and a rack of light, flimsy lances for any who dare partake in the shenanigans.

Look out! It's the Keaton Horde and dear god, most of them are *matching*. Kael and Reigna are both sporting the same brocaded fabric his tunic and her tunic-gown. Little Lord Aeryn Squall Keaton, perched up on his papa's shoulders, has a super adorable vest on, made from the same brocade. Kata is clutching Kael's hand, her dress made of the same black and green fabric. Lord Talis Storm is not left out, the youngest of the Keaton brood is wearing a smaller version of Aeryn's vest, which he is currently drooling on, as he is held in Reigna's arms, balanced on her hip. The arrive on the lawn and Reigna, seeing the miniature lists begins to giggle, looking up at Kael, "I really hope I do not need my medical supplies." Which are naturally on her opposite hip.

Despite this being a Very Serious competition, Cristoph is just wearing his 'usual' sort of clothes, which is partially armored anyway. He moves among the crowd, looking for his sister as he heads in the direction of the 'stable' of horses. "Who's joining us tonight?" He calls out, finding his dappled gray steed amongst the many others that are resting together in a box.

The arrival of Thorley comes with a six year old Tala Sandreef, who is eager to watch the riders. "Are you riding tonight, papa?" the girl asks, and it brings a frown from the knight follows by an attempt at a smile - before he gestures to his left arm, settled in a sling. "I'm not allowed, I'm afraid. I can't steer the horse and hold the lance." there's a little sigh at that as the knight, still injured from the gargantuan attack, moves to take a seat to watch the others compete.

There may not be any literal fanfare for the King's arrival, but it's probably difficult not to notice that Alaric has arrived with his retinue of King's Own guardsmen, the uniformed royal messenger, and one Lady Isabeau Telmar along with her own solitary bodyguard. The entire party moves through to the crowd with relative finesse until at least the two nobles can claim a pair of front row seats for the event.

Norwood gets chestnut toy stick horse from A Stable for Stick Horses.

Klaus Laurent is on time for once, miracles of miracles perhaps. He is there dressed in simple if fine cut clothing, with a wreath of crimson fur about his neck, and as he moves, the head of Doreen pops up and sniffs the air, and is on the lookout for raptors, and cats!

Norwood is HIGHLY amused by all of this, and enough of a good sport that he's going to make sure to get a hobby horse for himself. A nice chestnut stick horse for himself as he comes up on Cristoph's side to eye the color of his horse. "I wondered which one of you would end up with which horse.

Scribble, a Delicate Social Butterfly, 1 Bisland pride guards arrive, following Delilah.

Amari arrives with or part of the Keaton Horde, but isn't matching. She's either a rebel or nobody told her they were doing matching, OR, she's actually going to compete. That might explain the leathers she's in and why she parts ways with the horde to move to the stable. "Me!" She answers the duke before picking one that looks fast and sturdy.

1 Bisland pride guards have been dismissed.

Amari gets black toy stick horse from A Stable for Stick Horses.

Thorley gets dappled toy stick horse from A Stable for Stick Horses.

Alaric and Isabeau stroll in with their combined retinue, the King's disposition as mellifluously sunny as ever. Upon staking out a good pair of seats, he steers the party towards the Duke to distribute his hallos and such. "Greetings, Duke Cristoph. As always, it's wonderful to be back amongst Mother's family," he declares regally. "And it's doubly wonderful to be part of such a delightfully festive atmosphere. Lady Isabeau and I are quite looking forward to a spirited and injury-free joust. May the best hobbyist triumph," he proclaims. "Meanwhile, I think I'll be joining up with the mead-guarding patrols," he muses with a coming-along? sort of speculative glance for Isabeau.

Alaric has joined the several tables and benches.

Amari has joined the line.

"Are you going to cheer for Duke Cristoph or Lady Jael, Aeryn?" asks Kael of his son who is perched there upon his shoulders, giving a shrug of his shoulders to make it a little more interesting for the young one. The question is repeated with a, "And you, Kata?" along with a smile toward the little one. Now, that being said, there is still the matter of the adults to account for. "Reigna, you cheer for Jael and I for m'lord?" For, of course, there must be the great amount of cheering from the Keaton pair. At least he is not asking which the baby is cheering for. That being said, Amari's declaration of joining the joust has Aeryn crying out, "'Mari! 'Mari win!" He learns from his father, of course. This is not inside voice.

Norwood has joined the line.

Heck yeah, here comes Helia! Surely this means the party has started. Or not. She's not quite herself, as far as anyone knows her might note. She's smiling, she's waving to people here and then, exchanging polite and light-hearted words, but there's a lack of her usual exuberance. Maybe it's because she's clearly not drunk. She's not even swaggering! Nonetheless, she's pleasant enough in her manner, even if she looks a bit pale and tired against the red leather of her doublet. All good!

Sorrel gets palamino toy stick horse from A Stable for Stick Horses.

Kael has joined the pond benches.

Jael generally jousts in long riding skirts, it's more dramatic, but it doesn't work quite as well on a stick so tonight it's just her leathers. She has her horse in hand already. Who leaves their best jousting hobby horse in a box with a bunch of others? One wild filly spoils the bunch. "Everyone," she calls to her brother when she draws near. "Including His Cousin Majesty." This pops out at about the same time Alaric greets Cristoph, and Jael offers the king a little bow before waving to Amari, Reigna, Norwood and the many other familiar faces streaming in.

Reigna has joined the pond benches.

Sorrel has joined the line.

Head canted curiously, Helena, one of the ubiquitous Redrain princesses, glances about, and when she spies the actual hobby horses, she laughs, a merry and mirthful silvery sound that seems louder than it should be for her slim size. "It really is hobby horses," she says to no one in particular, looking around at the various folks present for the event. She moves to the stands to watch -- she leaves the athletic events to her eldest sister for a reason, and she's wearing long skirts, after all.

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Helena has joined the several tables and benches.

"Oooh, I will happily cheer on Lady Jael!" Reigna replies with a grin. When Kael asks the children who they will cheer on and Aeryn picks Amari, there is a wide smile from Reigna, even as she looks curiously to Kata for her response. "Mmmm... I would say 'Mari, but I think I will cheer with momma for Lady Jael!"

Tesha had decided to brave the evening out and head over to the Laurent Manse. Per her usual, she arrives alone and with no fanfare. The hood on her brown leather cloak is up just in case the wind gets too chilled. She doesn't join the crowd for the moment. She stands off on the edge of the gathering and looks over the miniature course with a bit of a smile as she thinks on things. She was not going to be adventerous and joust. She didn't feel like breaking things this evening.

Philippe has come to show his support of this very important joust. The future cavalry is being born here. He comes with his horse but only to spectate. At the arrival of the king, Philippe dismounts and bows his head respectfully, standing with the leash of his horse.

Captain Nine -- a sleek black ship's cat leaves, following Helia.

Sorrel arrives with her toddler on her hip and heads over to pick out her stick horse. "I think he's still too big for you," she tells her son when he gets grabbyhands, and then heads over towards the Keatons. "Marquis Kael, my dear Cousin Reigna, I have a good feeling about this one!" She holds up her hobby horse with the hand that doesn't have the Thraxian prince in it.

One of the siblings is an expert rider and the other is... Cristoph. So of course his is in the box! "Did we pick the ones you expected?" He asks of Norwood, casting the man a side glance as he inspects his steed. Then the Keaton clan is moving through, deftly catching his attention and receiving a jaunty wave and a flurry of hellos until they all pass. "Kael, you're not going to join us? I'm sure there's one among the stable that fits you." Jael is there to greet Alaric when he passes them and she gets a thankful, crooked grin. "Your Majesty, thanks for joining us. Don't exert yourself too terribly helping guard the mead. And good evening, Lady Isabeau."

Captain Nine -- a sleek black ship's cat arrives, following Helia.

Isabeau, meanwhile, beams with an almost apologetic brightness for Cristoph and remains mum while the king says his hellos. Jael's appearance, however, inspires some enthusiastic applause from the new Telmar noblewoman. Someone's favorite in this contest is clear. "Good luck, my lord," she all but sing-songs for the Duke of House Laurent before looking to accompany the king on his mead-protection patrol.

Eddard has arrived already, and is waiting. Waiting waiting. Someone has his hat. And said she would bring it today. Helia is spotted though and the young Eddard steps out from amongst the background to let a hand upon Helia's elbow. "Good day, Mistress Helia. Did you bring the hat? I shouldn't let Nor...Lord Norwood see me without it."

Norwood lifts up a hand in a shrug with his hobby horse. Hopefully no one is walking behind him or they're going to get closelined with a hobby horse. "I had no opinion on which you would pick but between us..." Leaning a little closer with a dead serious expression, "Jael got the more handsome steed." Serious walking away to bow to Alaric, wink at Jael, and drift towards Eddard. "Where is your hat Eddard?"

Helia also bows to the right people as appropriate, smiles as she watches the preparations for the joust. At Eddard, she grins, reaches around behind her back, and draws something out with a TADA. It is a green beret, indeed. She places it on her head, laughing as she arranges it at a jaunty angle. "This hat?"

Klaus has left the pond benches.

Sunrise, lilac breasted roller arrives, delivering a message to Helia before departing.

"I will exercise the utmost responsibility," Alaric proclaims confidently to Cristoph, if vaguely. With a regal wave of acknowledgment to all the inbound gestures of deference, "Delighted to see you all! Good luck to our riders," he declares and escorts Isabeau to score some mead and hors d'oeuvres on the way back to their seats.

Reigna beams a smile at Sorrel as she approaches, nodding encouragingly at her hobby horse. "Well chosen, cousin, a fine steed indeed!" She bounces Talis on her hip and grins to the child similarly held by the Thrax Princess. "Hello Prince Kyrios!" When Cristoph is encouraging Kael to participate, there is a wide grin and a look up to her husband. "Will you answer our dear liege's call to arms?"

Amari picks out her horse and leans it on her shoulder, taking a moment before the thunder of "hooves" and all the furor begins. She flashes a quick grin back to Aeryn when she hears him calling but doesn't look the least bit upset about the rest of the Keatons cheering for Lady Jael, a much more competent rider to be sure. There's a few people she picks out to smile or lift her hand to in greeting, but she has further preparations to make before she's ready to ride. From her satchel she pulls out a white arm cast which looks entirely too big for her, which explains why she's able to slip her hand right in and wear it like a bracer. She raps her knuckles off it as she wanders back towards the Keatons, slowing only to suggest a curtsey to the king. "Princess Sorrel!" She quickly greets before arching a brow at Kael, since he is being pressed into participation, "You should."

My hat? "My hat?" Norwood is already here! Eddard looks at Helia with mad-eyed need. Please oh please, did you. "Thats my hat, Mistress Helia." Eddard flails a hand towards her in an attempt to seize said hat but he fails but dint of only a minor lean. "I will joust you for the return of my property, Helia." Eddard picks up a hobby horse from the stable and prepares.

Eddard gets tobiano toy stick horse from A Stable for Stick Horses.

Jael lifts her chestnut hobby horse in salute to Reigna and her ward, but adds to her favorite Squall, voice lifted to be heard over the general hubbub, "I think I will cheer for 'Mari too." Then she's accosting a servant to whisper some instructions that seem to translate into more food and mead being brought out to account for the crowd.

"I think that is a very fine choice, your highness," calls Kael back toward Sorrel, flashing her a smile before swinging his son down from his shoulders so that he can stand on the bench. There's a lowered, softer, "Say hello to your cousins," to Aeryn, voice stern. The child will heed him, of course. Kata looks curiously over, and waves, but the little girl does not go off to do so. When Cristoph calls toward him, Kael laughs and calls back, "My liege, I must stand here to cheer my support of you!" When Amari presses, there's a grin offered to her as well. "You will have to represent us, cousin. You shall fare better than I would!"

Tesha gives a bit of a nod to a few people, her stormy gaze drifting over a few faces as she sees who is there. Though the appearance of the newly married Isabeau with King Alaric makes her curious. She gives a look over to Norwood and there's a wave to her favorite Baron before she heads over to get something to drink for herself.

"Yes. I think you really should joust." Norwood looks between his nephew and the woman WITH EDDARD'S BERET. Helia. "You will be jousting also, yes?" The New Baron is going to just stare at her till she gives an answer.

Isabeau has joined the several tables and benches.

Damien Pierce - A Charming Assistant, 4 Redreef Warden, 1 Thrax Guards, 1 Redoubt Buccaneers arrive, following Mikani.

With the hobby horses being picked out and the initial jousts set up, Cristoph finds himself a tall glass of mead. "Alright! Our first competitors of the evening will be Princess Sorrel Thrax and Baron Norwood Clement. Show us your fine 'riding' skills." (luck + ride at 25, best or least bad roll wins!)

"Prince Kyrios and I are going to joust today, since his legs are too short to operate the hobby horse without tripping," Sorrel declares to Reigna with delight, and her toddler waves to the Keaton toddler in a friendly if slightly coy sort of way. "Hello, Lord Aeryn," she says brightly to the Keaton boy. "Your mom and I are cousins and grew up together. Now your little brother is the same age as my son Kyrios."

Norwood checked luck + ride at difficulty 25, rolling 13 higher.

Sorrel checked luck + ride at difficulty 25, rolling 29 higher.

Eddard checked luck + ride at difficulty 25, rolling 15 lower.

Though she initially opens her mouth unsurely to reply to Eddard's request, Helia can't avoid the trademarked Norwood Stare for long. Theer must be something a bit odd going on with her, because she just nods between the two of them. "Er, yes?" Then, "Yes." And so with a pulled face to Eddard, avoiding the JUDGING face, she gathers toy horse and gets ready to joust it up.

Elias is fashionably late. Or at the very least, fashionably on time, and he appears to be pleased with either title. As he wanders towards the stable, he peers down at the available hobby horses, eventually claiming a generic chestnut one for himself. "No love for chestnut," he notes, before plucking one out of the stable and finding himself a place to sit.

Eddard has joined the line.

Elias gets chestnut toy stick horse from A Stable for Stick Horses.

Helia has joined the line.

Helia gets chestnut toy stick horse from A Stable for Stick Horses.

Mikani gets palamino toy stick horse from A Stable for Stick Horses.

"What would you say is the most important aspect of hobby horse riding?" asks Helena to the other spectators or those in line and in earshot. "Luck, speed, or simply the dexterity and skill involved in not accidentally injuring one's self on the handle?" She claps for the first of the riders announced, blue gaze alighting on them as they take to the course.

Norwood stands straight and dignified as he starts across from Princess Sorrel. Straight and dignified. There's a half-skip to his step as he gallops down the field with the toy lance. "There's a good boy." Just... to make it believable.

Upon spotting a newly familiar face on approach, Isabeau lifts a hand in order to wave hello toward Tesha. The blonde noblewoman informs Alaric, "Oh, look, your majesty! It's Lady Tesha. Won't you allow me to make introductions?"

Sorrel is called to the lists, and so she 'rides' her hobby horse over to 'joust' with Baron Norwood, toddler still on her hip. "There's something to be said for this palamino. Real fine steed," she calls out as she skips her way down the field. The toddler waves the toy lance in such a manner that no actual jousting could be done, and then bites the end of it curiously.

Norwood can't let the baby LOSE the joust. So he's going to pretend to be stabbed by the joust and fall dramatically off of his horse. "He got me! Be brave good warrior!" Then down, Norwood is out.

Tesha gives a look to Isabeau and there's a dip of her head to her, "Lady Isabeau." she states with a bit of a smile. Then she dips her head to the King, "We've already met, but thank you for that." she states to Isabeau. "How are you all doing this evening?" she asks.

Philippe looks over to Norwood to judge the baron's form when the joust begins and he turns over to see Sorrel and Eddard. Nodding approvingly of Sorrel's technique.

Tesha has joined the several tables and benches.

From somehwere, wherever it is, there's a loud round of applause and a voice lifted in cheer. "Yeah! Go Prince Kyrios!" It's Helia. Not drunk, just joining in.

Jael sticks her fingers in her mouth and lets out a loud whistle as the first jousters square off. As the little prince takes down her mentor, she claps one hand against the stick body of the chestnut horse in her hands.

Lord Aeryn Keaton, he is offering forth the best bow that he can muster. He hesitates and manages, "Hello." No greeting other than that, but both Sorrel and her son are the recipients of a toothy grin. He's backing up to his father soon enough, so that he can be placed back on the benches for a greater height vantage and watch the joust with wide eyes. Kael's placing a hand on the other child's shoulder (Kata) and squeezing supportively.

"I should have brought a baby." Amari idly comments to the Keaton crew upon seeing how effective Sorrel's little one is. Baron Norwood wiped out in the first bracket. That's impressive jousting from the rookie, Prince Kyrios.

Cristoph was doing a good job keeping it together but when Norwood starts telling his hobby horse what a good boy it is, he ends up holding his hand over his mouth and laughing into his fingers. Only to be totally undone when the exceptionally serious baron drops onto the ground. Laughing openly, he claps his hands. "Congratulations Princess Sorrel and Prince Kyrios on your win! Lets see what Lord Eddard Clement and Mistress Helia Andrasko have in store for us!" (luck + ride at 25, best or least bad roll wins!)

Helia checked luck + ride at difficulty 25, rolling 10 lower.

Eddard checked luck + ride at difficulty 25, rolling 10 lower.

Spying a familiar face, Elias (along with his beautiful chestnut horse) make way to join the spectators. "Princess Helena! It's been some time; been keeping up to no good?" He plops down in a seat nearby, leaning back with a faint sigh. "I never visit the Valardin ward. Funny that. You explore around these parts often?"

Helia checked luck + ride at difficulty 25, rolling 14 lower.

Eddard checked luck + ride at difficulty 25, rolling 9 lower.

Elias has joined the several tables and benches.

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Freja the long suffering have been dismissed.

Dame Cupcake, the most elegant have been dismissed.

Behemo, a towering man with humble eyes have been dismissed.

2 Thrax Elite Guards have been dismissed.

Eddard checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 46 higher.

Norwood picks himself up off the ground before the next set of of 'jousters' can take to the field. Instead he picks himself up and brushes off his knees before moving with all of the dignity back together to Cristoph's side. "That." Emphatically. "Is how one jousts on a toy horse."

Eddard Clement is having difficulties. This Tobiano is bucking at him something fierce. Helia gets the brunt of his gaze as he tries to guide this wooden pole of a steed down the lane. A quick veer from his horse sets him free from Helia's first pass and they don't clash.

"Have at thee!" Eddard yanks hard upon the reins of this fine steed to turn himself back around to bear down on Helia! Finally, the lance snaps as it impacts the poor woman's chest solidly!

Mikani has joined the line.

Prince Kyrios has no idea what's going on, being a toddler, but he giggles a bit as Norwood goes down and waves as his mother trots over to the man. "Good show, Baron," Sorrel says brightly. "Say hello to Duke Cristoph and Baron Norwood, Kyrios," she suggests to the toddler, but he gives them a shy look and goes back to gnawing on his lance.

Mikani shows up curiously. Just how did one joust hobby horses. She took a palamino from the 'stable' thinking well it's a horse and inline she went. Smiling she waved to Elias and Sorrel the only people she knew here.

Helia's already mounted up, and is making backs and forth staggers like she's trying control a wayward pony. And then with a shout, "Prepare to meet your end, villain!" Then she goes bounding down the line, eyes full of stink at Eddard, reins in hand and hopping wildly, before she aims the lance right at h-- oh and then the lance hits and breaks, and she falls to the ground, yelling in mock-pain. "AH! AH!"

"Would you like to borrow Talis?" calls Kael in a rather swift manner to Amari, almost as if afraid what might occur if such a thought might be left to permeate too long. In fact he is even looking over toward his wife sidelong to check the status of the youngest Keaton.

"I'm glad I had Baby Eddy chew-test those," Jael mentions all casual-like to her brother as Kyrios gets to work. "Well jousted, Prince." She waves her horse to some others who join the lists, smiling brightly.

When Eddard Clement gets into character even more than his uncle before him, Cristoph can't help but continue laughing. He's really just losing it at this point, if there's any hope that he's going to be composed by the time his turn comes with Jael? It's quickly flying out the window. He takes a couple of deep breaths and wipes tears away from hisf ace when Sorrel comes along with her son. "Nice to meet you, Prince Kyrios." To Norwood, "I had no idea the Clements were full of showmen."

ALSO Cristoph says, "Next up is Lady Amari Keaton and Lady Mikani Redreef!"

Elias in turn waves his horse from the spectator seating to Mikani. "I'm betting all my money on your horse," he warns, deadpan. "No pressure!"

"Oh, my. We seem to have a fatality," Alaric pauses his mead intake to observe with an offhandedly matter-of-fact tone somewhat incongruous with his actual statment.

Eddard halts and settles the butt-end of the hobby horse upon the ground. Then his booted comes up to loft in the air and settle lightly upon Helia's stomach. "Upon this day, a cruel reign of terror and dubious manners has ended. And I have won for me and mine house, a beret of exquisite color. And even more heinous fashion." Eddard bends over and tugs it free from Helia's belt to loft it upon his head and settle it jauntily. "HUZZAH!"

"What do you say, Talis? Do you want to ride with Amari?" Talis blinks up at his mother and then looks for Amari and reaches out his hands. "Mar-ah!" Taking this as an affirmative, Reigna calls over, "If you'd like a toddler, we have some volunteers!"

Mikani looks at Elias, "What happens if you loose it all?"

Elias shrugs. He clearly hasn't that thought far ahead.

Alaric is overheard praising Eddard: HUZZAH!

Slapping Eddard's hand off her stomach, Helia pulls herself to her feet and gives him a very gentle kick in the back of the calf once she's standing. Nothing that would hurt. Grinning, she arches an eyebrow. "You better hold on to that."

Helia is already eyeing that beret as she takes her horsey back to wherever it is that's not where she shouldn't be.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Helia before departing.

"Good luck, Lady Mikani!" Sorrel calls out brightly, hobby horse in one hand, toddler in the other. "Beware of cuteness. That's how they get you!" Kyrios looks up from his chewing of the lance in order to watch the people. And there are so many people to watch.

Eddard hears the ruminations of someone speaks of a fatality, and turns to point him out anddddd. Oh nooo. The young Clement grasps his hobbyhorse and ignores the kick to his calf. "I think it best if we quit the field, Helia. Quickly now." The poor man has seen something frightful.

Amari almost looks like she's going to wave off the offer, but then Talis is making grabby hands and is so cute, how can she break his little heart? That would be cruel, so she scoops him up and takes a breath. "This will be fine. Talis, look as cute as possible and hold the lance." There's some rearranging to be done, made slightly awkward by the cast on her arm, but soon she and the littlest Keaton are at the starting point.

2 Armed Confessors, Kirwin arrive, following Veronica.

Norwood brushes a bit of dust from his shoulder as Cristoph compliments the Clement flair. "It wouldn't be dignified to beat a baby. Simply poor sport." Eddard gets a half-nod when he does that rather jaunty dance down the lane. "So long as he doesn't start singing something embarassing he is fine." SO LONG AS EDDARD DOES NOT SING.

[Fashion] With talented modeling, Eddard displays 'Dawn Tor roses vining on a storm-grey silk waistcoat' around Arx, garnering flattering conversation and murmurs throughout the city about the fine choices made by Clement for sponsoring someone with such exceptional taste.

Amari checked luck + ride at difficulty 25, rolling 2 lower.

Scribble, a Delicate Social Butterfly have been dismissed.

Mikani laughs softly and nods to Sorrel. "Says the woman with the cute kid." She swallowed a bit before looking at the horse. "Don't let me down girl ...."

"GO AMARI!" Jael shouts, Laurent-loud, as her friend takes the field with Talis. "I taught her how to ride." This is murmured to whoever happens to be standing close-ish at hand.

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Whisper whisper. Helia whispers something to Eddard. She's smirking as she does it.

Mikani checked luck + ride at difficulty 25, rolling 19 lower.

Kael is swiftly grabbing a child underneath each arm and lifting so that the pair can watch the proceedings at a better height when Amari is called to the lists. "Amari!" Yes, that's definitely a cheer from Kael that is most in line with a true tournament. "Talis!" Of course, father being loud just means the kiddos he holds are doing the best to outcheer both each other as well as Kael himself. Though little, they can be loud! Kael might even be on the move so that Reigna can't chide them.

Mikani gets up to go and starts off but something happens and the 'horse' threw her or the stick got stuck. She groaned as she toppled head over heals.

Norwood claps his hands together for Amari, as is PROPER, before turning and eyeing Eddard and Helia carefully for their whispering. "Something you wish to share Nephew? Perhaps your lady friend?"

Cristoph claps soundly for the next round of contestants. "Congratulations Lady Amari! Would the team of Princess Sorrel and Prince Kyrios take the field against Lord Eddard, please!" he calls out, before moving over to Jael and nudging her with his elbow and whispering something quietly.

Eddard and Helia have stopped and whispered about something. Then people are /butting/ in. "Uncle? This is Mistress Helia Andrasko, stealer of berets and hearts." More might be said, except apparently Eddard is called upon again. "Come, Thunderhoof. Our name is being called to the lists...Fate has something in store for us." Eddard might need to be reminded to /lose/.

Amari whispers some last vital instructions into the toddler's ear as she eyes her opponent, the Lady Redreef. They're so serious. Both have their game faces on until she starts bouncing down the list and Talis is jostled and shook until he's laughing and waving the lance around. When they're a few yards off, the secret plan is sprung, and it's to yell really loud. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" The pair roar, Amari more enthusiastically and with far less laughter. There's a glancing hit as they go by, tap of the shoulder, maybe, which is good enough to win the round. They do one quick victory lap to soak up the adoration of the crowd and head back for the Keatons.

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Helia is right in the middle of an immature sniggering at something Eddard said when Norwood gets all ASKY about things. Turning to the Baron she wipes the grin off her face and schools her face into an expression of innocence. "I'm sure Eddard is better with words than I am. I'll let him explain, Baron Norwood." And then Eddard gets called forward. Dang. But then, "I mean, I stole his beret. Just for a moment." And then to change the subject, "GO EDDARD. OR PRINCE KYRIOS! PRINCESS SORREL! UM!"

Jael lifts her horse on high as Amari wins her match, nearly braining her brother who has stepped up next to her. She makes a dramatically surprised/apologetic face and mumbles something to him.

Eddard mutters, "I ... her she ... a nice bum. That ... horse ..."

Norwood checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 14 higher.

Norwood is whispered at and just stands a whole LOT straighter, but there is something going on between Laurent siblings and they get eyed. "Jael." Mildly, "I believe the reason for the sticks was so that Duke Cristoph came out of this without a severe injury."

Prince Kyrios isn't sure whether he ought to be cheering or not, so he cheers a bit and teethes at his lance again. His mother resettles him against her hip, for he's been jostled quite a bit of late, and then Sorrel gets ready to ride! She lines up down the field and starts skipping towards Eddard with a broad grin on her face and a slightly muffled cheering toddler on her hip.

Sorrel checked luck + ride at difficulty 25, rolling 4 lower.

Amari has joined the pond benches.

"Pardon me Uncle, I go to do battle." Eddard and his steed, Thunderhooves if you were paying attention, ride back to the lists and square off with a mother and child. "Do not think I shall go easy on you, just because...Because.." And the 'horse' sidesteps a few times, forcing Eddard to straighten them out. "Because you are of great esteem! Charge Thunderhooves!" Then they journey to meet one another!

Eddard checked luck + ride at difficulty 25, rolling 17 lower.

"I was just cheering for Amari," Jael tells Norwood, with the demeanor of a child who has been caught with her hand in a candy jar. She cuts a look at her brother. "Anyway, he's fine..."

Norwood is overheard praising Eddard: Such good horsing around.

Norwood is overheard praising Cristoph: Don't get hurt.

Norwood is overheard praising Jael: The horses are suppose to prevent injury.

Norwood is overheard praising Sorrel: That kid is the best jouster.

Eddard is overheard praising Sorrel: Bested today, by a child with a great future!

Helia is overheard praising Eddard: aficionado of well-turned hobbyhorse butts

"Helia, I think I may have outridden your boyfriend," Sorrel teases with a grin as Kyrios claps for Norwood, just in case he might fall down again for him. "I think his horse is misbehaving. He should have gotten a palamino like mine."

Tesha is overheard praising Cristoph: For holding a wonderful event!

Tesha is overheard praising Jael: For holding a wonderful event!

"It's just my head, Norwood. No chance of damaging that," Cristoph calls over to Norwood with a bit of self-deprecating humor there. "Skull is too thick. You know that." As the two teams charge each other down the field of battle once more, he's again laughing at the sight of Sorrel and her son taking on the enemy and becoming victorious for ar second time. "This is too much for me. Up next, Lady Amari Keaton and her co-rider, Lord Talis Keaton vs Princess Sorrel and her co-rider, the TWO TIME victor Prince Kyrios. Which child knight will win?!"

That lance, that fiendish lance batters past his with ease and Eddard topples sideways from the reins of Thunderhooves, to land upon his side and roll. Roll. Roll once more with feeling before finding himself upon his back, toes twitching in the open air. He stays there long enough to hear the next announcement before grabbing up hobbyhorse and vamooshing back to Helia's side. Who is still too near Norwood.

Philippe is overheard praising Cristoph: Hosting a joust

Eddard is overheard praising Cristoph: Hosting a fine event!

Norwood mutters, "... ... only fitting that ... should ... ... ... ... horses. They ... ... experience."

Boyfriend? Helia laughs at that. Not unkindly, or mockingly or as if the idea is a horrible or laughable one. She does laugh, though, and grins at Sorrel before she raise her voice.. "He's clearly too busy getting distracted by all the premium quality hobbyhorse rump on display today." When Eddard returns, she waggles her eyebrows at him. And then turns to Norwood with another butter-wouldn't-melt smile. "You've got a lovely beard, Sir Norwood, but I wonder if the volume of it slowed your gallop."

"You know, catching on the breeze." Helia adds this quite seriously. EXTREMELY SERIOUSLY.

"Amari!" There is once more cheering from Kael and the aforementioned kiddos when she is once more called forward. Kael spins the children (though he has the good sense to step away from the group as a whole before doing so) just to rile them up a bit more. Giggling with the cheers evidently is mandatory.

Amari cheers from the bench and encourages Talis to do the same, until she realizes that they're going to next face Sorrel and Kyrios. "Those two are going to be difficult to best." She admits before flashing a quick smile to Keaton contingent and pads off to the start. She'd wave, but can only manage a wiggle of her fingers and a friendly smiles over to Sorrel. "Good luck!" She calls before murmuring again some secret instructions to the toddler on her hip. He looks sort of confused, but he's holding the lance the right way around so it'll probably be fine.

Amari checked luck + ride at difficulty 25, rolling 15 lower.

"Alright kiddo," Sorrel says to Kyrios with a wink. "These two are not going easy on us because of your age. Mostly because you and Lord Talis were born at pretty much the same time, give or take a month or two. Be bold!" The Thrax prince blinks at his mother with his big storm blue eyes and bites his lance again, then waggles it at Talis in the least threatening manner. Then they ride, Sorrel skipping along in Amari's direction, laughing the whole way.

Sorrel checked luck + ride at difficulty 25, rolling 10 lower.

Tesha rises from the table she was sitting at and gives a few quiet words to those there before she's heading out. There's a bit of a smile give as she heads out with little fanfare, just the way she entered.

Tesha has left the several tables and benches.

Atramentous, The Highhill War Puppy leaves, following Tesha.

Norwood looks between Eddard and Helia oh-so-suspiciously, especially for that lovely bear comment, before shaking his head and gesturing at Helia. "I believe my nephew wishes to speak to you." Over there. Away from him. Then glancing at Jael and Cristoph. "When will the two of you be jousting?"

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"We're next, once the battle of the... cousins?" He gestures to the young prince and the Keaton lordling, "Is done. Though I think Prince Kyrios is going to win the night." Cristoph comments to Norwood as him and Jael complete a hushed conversation.

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Philippe is approached by a man in a uniform who automatically gets Philippe's attention. The two talk briefly and then walk their separate ways. The count climbing on his horse and riding politely before galloping away.

Eddard seems almost a bit amazed. "Certainly uncle." Helia's hand is grasped to be pulled deftly through the loop of Eddard's elbow before they start off. "You are a very interesting young lady, Helia. Very interesting. I'll have to keep my eye on you, My uncle /never/ lets me out of his sight if he can mnage it."

Warhorse, a white Oathlands Vanner leaves, following Philippe.

Is it a disqualification if the horse dies? Amari loses hers, or rather drops it to avoid tripping and falling on her face only a quarter of the way when she rolls her ankle on a skipping bounce. She laughs and wraps both arms around Talis, chugging along, horseless and only barely still jousting. She does the chivalrous thing when Sorrel and Kyrios are in lancing range and spins away to leave her back open and her co-rider safe from hits. "Aaaah, that was so bad... we yield."

"Soon?" Jael replies with a look over at her brother. Then she throws back her head and laughs as Amari's steed fails her. "Oh no, that one will need to go in the wash."

You can't win them all! With that, Helia turns away from Norwood with one final grin, then stares Eddard straight in the eye. Then more whispering.

There is so much stink-eyeing that Helia and Eddard are getting from Norwood. SO MUCH stink-eye. Amari's dramatics get a laugh from Norwood though, and he raises his hands to applaud them. "Well fought Lord and Lady Keaton!"

"Good job, Amari!" calls Kael, once he sees cousin and littlest one are safe. The children follow with this, of course. That being said, when he is calling forth, "Excellent match, Prince Kyrios and Princess Sorrel!" there is a swift and somewhat scandalized look given to him from his son. Aeryn looks close to pouting and Kata frowns, though applauds appropriately. Upon noticing this, naturally Kael is pulling the little one over to have a stern toking to regarding sportsmanship.

Reigna has totally been here all th time, cheering her head off as Amari (with Talis!) wins their first round. When Kael is riling the children she laughs, shaking her head in mock disapproval, before going back to watching. As Cousin vs Cousin begins, she lifts her hands to peek through her fingers as the two women with toddlers skip towards each other. There is a squeak when Amari rolls her ankle at the same time, "Oh no!" When they are alright, she looks relieved, cheering them all on, "Well done! Well done!"

Cristoph knocks back the rest of his mead, the glass that he'd been sipping at this entire night finished. He steps over and places the empty vessel on the edge of the table and pats the side of his horse's head. "Come on, boy. Lets show Baron Norwood who the BEST horse is tonight." Then he sniffs at him dramatically as the last pair finish up. "Congratulations to Princess Sorrel and Prince Kyrios! And a fine job to Lady Amari and Lord Tallis! And now, Jael and myself will engage in this very important and non-lethal rematch."

Alaric sets down his meand and stands to applaud unreservedly as if this joust was totally the real thing. Hooray for kiddos! "A fine display of riding indeed! Well done, lads!" he calls out.

It's time. Jael squares her shoulders, selects a flimsy wobbly lance, and 'gallops' her horse to her place on the course. She pulls back on the reins and surprising absolutely no one, the horse stops. She neighs for effect. "All right, Cristoph. Let the best Laurent win."

"Cristoph," Norwood calls out oh-so-seriously as the duke looks to take the field. "Do check your armor. I would prefer to //not// have a repeat of my wedding. This one would be my fault again."

After Jael, Sorrel, and wee Prince Kyrios step off the field, and before Cristoph and Jael line up for their rematch, Helia cups one hand over her mouth and lets out a loud hoot of appreciation. It's a generic hoot, encouraging, even. She has no horse in this race. Literally, even.

"Cheers to Lady Amari and Lord Talis!" Sorrel calls out, holding up her hobby horse victoriously. Kyrios claps delightedly, even if it's pretty clear that he doesn't know why. She gets out of the way of the duke and his sister so that they can have their nonlethal joust.

Cristoph checked luck + ride at difficulty 25, rolling 1 lower.

Jael checked luck + ride at difficulty 15, rolling 2 lower.

In what should come as a surprise to absolutely no one, Cristoph is SLIGHTLY better at riding a pretend horse than he has been at riding the real thing recently. Which is to say, he makes it pretty far down the field before he hits Amari's discarded steed and falls face first on the ground. Which is terribly sad, because he was looking really 'grand' and 'triumphant' up until that point.

Amari hobbles out of the way with Talis who looks about as delighted as Kyrios, despite having lost. "Well fought!" She calls back to Sorrel before she plunks herself down on the bench, seeming pleased with the showing and not terribly injured. Not as bad as the horse she'll have to go back to collect... Oh. Oh dear. She killed the Duke. Talis is handed off to Kael or Reigna and she'll apologize her way to Cristoph and Jael, "I'm so sorry. Very sorry. Apologies!"

Reigna is overheard praising Amari: For Keaton! For Victory! Well, mostly victorius!

Want to know who has figured out the wonders of distraction swiftly? That would be one Aeryn Keaton. When his stern talking-to is ending early due to Cristoph and Jael taking the field, he looks as pleased as a cat with a canary. Kael, he is busy with the cheering. "DUKE LAURENT!" Yes, this is a grand and fierce yell, and Aeryn, he is following in his father's footsteps. Or at least vocal cords. Kata runs over to Reigna to start cheering, "Lady Jael!"

Jael trots prettily down the course, lance aimed solidly at her brother's chest. Which...isn't there, suddenly. She jerks her head around to look for where her brother might have vanished to, only to trip over his prone body and land with an "Oof!" and a mouthful of Amari's horse's faux-mane. There's nothing grand and triumphant about it, but the Laurent woman does flop an arm about to indicate she's totally fine.

This is Norwood. This is Norwood putting his hand over his face. This is Norwood slowly shaking his head. So so so much headshaking happens. Then some slow clapping. Anyone else up for a slow clap?

Reigna is overheard praising Jael: I think, perhaps, for a moment we switched skills. Did you feel suddenly empowered with the knowledge of rare medicinal remedies? For a second there I felt really graceful!

Reigna is overheard praising Cristoph: A faceful of dirt never looked so noble!

"Why are you always trying to kill me?" Cristoph calls up from his spot on the ground. That's for Amari. Then he flops back with his arms in the dirt and OOFS when his sister lands on top of him. "My gods woman, get up!"

Helia, from where she's standing by the mead vendors with Eddard, doesn't give a slow clap. It is loud. It is full of enthusiasm. It is paired with the shrillest of whistles.

Eddard cheers as well! Just cheers, no names, just wild loud whooping!

Rather than blatantly laugh aloud at the admittedly hilarious antics taking place on the lists, Lady Isabeau has the courtesy to cover her mouth as both competitors take a tumble, one after the other. Judging by the way her shoulders are trembling, however, she's having a fairly good giggle over the whole thing... or else her poor Oathlander sensibilities have been so overwhelmed with shame that she's soon to be sobbing.

Jael is taking her lose as graciously as one can while one is flat in the dirt with a faceful of pretend horse, but when her brother grouches at her it's just too much. She grabs a big handful of dirt and tries to rub it in the Duke's hair.

Sorrel would clap, but her arms are full, so she just lifts her hobby horse over her head and cheers. Kyrios, who has lost his lance by this point, claps and laughs delightedly at the show. Everyone is falling down. Toddlers are good at falling down. It's a falling down party!

Reigna claps her hands over her mouth, but the laughter, oh, the laughter is plain. Kata is clearly puzzled and looks from the field to her mother and back, "But who won? Did Lady Jael win? Is Lady Jael putting dirt in the Duke's hair? Momma?" Reigna is laughing all the harder while Kata stamps a foot, "BUT WHO WON!?"

Alaric applauds heartily. "Fantastic mead, as always! I encourage everyone to have a pint before they leave," he declares, evidently glossing over the denouement of the final match of the day.

"Thank you for coming, everyone! I'll call this one a draw!" Cristoph calls from the ground before there's an inarticulate noise from the man as Jael rubs dirt in his hair. "Agh, little sisters."

"I haven't tried to kill you that often." Amari retorts as if slightly offended, especially after she hobbled all the way over to check on both Cristoph and Jael out of the goodness of her heart, not because her discarded horse caused all this. She holds a hand out to help them up regardless, after dancing awkwardly away from all the dirt being thrown around. She's soon laughing, "Jael!"

"Jael." Norwood is still shaking his head. "You're a little too old for me to dunk you in a bath for torturing your siblings now." Casting a glance about Norwood with ALL DIGNITY picks up a thing of water and approaches to pour water on both Cristoph and JAel. Unless they move, - of course.

Helena laughs. "All hail the little sisters," she calls out, clapping -- she is a little sister after all. She rises from her seat, a curtsy for Alaric and his escort. "Well met, Lady Isabeau and always good to see you, Your Majesty," she murmurs, before departing.

"You won, you dumb butt," Jael proclaims to her brother, basing her judgement on...well, it's hard to say, but her lance is throughly smashed and it's clear she's no longer seated on her horse. But then the manners kick in, terribly late, and she calls brightly, "Please enjoy the food and the mead! Nonononononono-" and the woman is scrambling out of the way of Norwood and the water bucket.

Isabeau is overheard praising Laurent: All hail the mighty hobby horse corps of House Laurent!

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