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Fidante Vassal Social Gathering

A casual gathering for all Fidante vassals held in the Fidante Villa Courtyard.


Nov. 2, 2018, 8 p.m.

Hosted By

Calista Lora


Merek Forato Giulio Mydas(RIP) Nurie Nuala Cambria Ignacio Rowenova Cadenza Brigida Luciano Sorina Duarte Karadoc Jaenelle Arman



Arx - Ward of the Lyceum - Tor Plaza

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Marius, 1 House Corvini Guard arrive, following Giulio.

1 Templar Knight guards arrives, following Brigida.

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1 Templar Knight guards arrives, following Brigida.

3 Fidante House Guards, Santino, Lord Clawdio Meowdante arrive, following Calista.

(OOC)The scene set/room mood is now set to:

Beneath canopies of rich Autumnal colors, Tor Plaza comes alive. The sound of sultry music rises into the air and creates a warm and inviting atmosphere that lures one right off the streets. Small paper lanterns carefully strung across the plaza billow gently in the breeze and bounce playfully as they link one house to the next. All of the senses are simultaneously catered to this evening; The mouthwatering scent of Torean delights permeates the plaza as servers walk around with silver trays for the gathered guests, and dancers engage in sensually romantic steps, keeping in time with the musicians. Despite the cooler weather this time of year, the flames from the fire pit as well as various torches, lanterns, and braziers bring warmth and light to the space, enveloping one with traditional Torean ambiance.

Merek has come from his home with cloak on and with hood up to see what all the socializing is about. He walks to a place where there are some lanterns, so that he can light some more of them while he watches people mill about thoughtfully.

Arriving with Ignacio and Cadenza is the recently arrived Forato Fidante. Handsome but frail. He is wearing new garb albeit not of the finest material it is exceptionally made. His scars mostly hidden. He seems both curious and guarded about the gathering.

The Corvini count departs his villa, stepping into the Plaza with a faint flash of a smile for those assembled. He is trailed by his ever present secretary, Marius, as well as guard. Casually, his gaze flits from person to person, those he knows receiving a warm smile. There's something of a courtier's mask to his features, set in pleasant consideration, lips settled in a small smile. In his righthand, he holds a crystal goblet filled with a clear liquor.

Mydas arrives with his usual entourage of Velenosa guards and assistant, though they remain in the background while the prince joins the gathering. Clad in umbra as is usual for the man, Mydas is calm, casual not a mask so much as true ease. "Count Giulio." he greets personally, nodding to his protege as he comes to a step beside the man. "Shall we have the pleasure of your wife later this evening, or has she other plans?" he asks.

With such beautiful decorations on a lovely autumn evening, and even more so the scents of delicacies from home along with the treat for the eyes and ears that is the dance, will a maid sans Lady be noticed? Apparently Nurie is taking that chance, though she is dressed nicely in silk, with an elegant silver shawl warding off the remaining chill and reflecting some of the light around her. For now, she remains at the periphery, observing with eyes bright and delighted.

It is a casual gathering and yet, it doesn't seem that way. There's music and food being passed around by servers on silver trays. There are dancers and even some performers; Calista loves contortionists, sword swallowers, fire dancers and the like. There are even other types of entertainment for those who enjoy sleight of hand magicians and fortune tellers. A touch late to her own party? Well, sometimes business comes first, sadly. When Calista makes her entrance, it is with Santino by her side, whom she often refers to as Alejandro because they sorta look very much alike. Hmm. Slender fingers snag a glass of wine that is offered by a server who so kindly approaches the Duchess and greets her with a respectful bow of her head. A smile of gratitude crosses Calista's lips, returning the greeting with a nod of her own. "Now, let's see, musicians, music, dancers, attendees?" A glance is given just over her shoulder at Santino who smirks in return. "Yes, attendees." She finishes with a broad smile lighting the contors of her face.

The dark-haired, darkly-clad figure Nuala cuts fits among the sundry Lycenes. Only fair - she's half Fidante, after all, raised in Tor as much as Farhaven. A bit less so among northern folk she claims. Arctic night and drowsy light, she eases her way through the plaza with grape leaves twisted into her hair and a single rose thrust into her bodice. No entourage for her, only her polar opposite in sight; a white-haired woman as fair and wide-eyed as they get. She negotiates her path to find a drink.

Sir Floppington, the soulful hound arrives, following Rowenova.

Cambria arrives to Tor Plaza from the Mazetti manor, the Marquessa first finding her cousin, Giulio, greeting the slim Count with a pleasant smile. There is then one shared with Mydas as he, too, falls in beside Giulio.

Of everything going on. All of the people all of the power, it is Sir Floppington that lightens up Forato's mood as he goes to greet the hound carefully.

The Fidante Lord arrives with his lovely wife Cadenza on his arm as he surveys the gathering and those attending. Ignacio tugs at his cloak, fighting against the autumn evening air. He works his way over to the Duchess with a broad smile on his lips, offering her a slight bow and commenting "Dear cousin, as you often do, you have outdone yourself."

Merek takes up a flask to drink from, while he shifts to look towards some of the others. He walks over to where Nuala is as he waves that direction, "M'Lady, how have you been?" he asks, as he offers a smile.

Do casual gatherings and fire dancers belong in the same concept together? A matter for some debate. It certainly is an affair, smoke and fire for a fine autumn night. And some of it is overseen by Lora, who at the barest of glances would never pass for a Fidante; she isn't tall, isn't sleek, isn't dark or golden. She isn't even wearing red. Or roses. But she is fussing with the tray carried by one of the waiters, as if to make certain it is just so. Or maybe she is fussing with his uniform, or relative lack of uniform. It scarce should matter because as the Duchess arrives she finally turns from it to send this last fellow out to make his rounds with wine and finger foods while she draws up for a moment to watch the affair as as a whole.

Upon a grey palfrey (which is fairly short) with a dorsal stripe and all the extremity points (including mane and tail) in jet black, Scout Nova rides in to the Tor Plaza at a swift tolt which glides smoothly into the Tor Plaza. Meanwhile, a soulful hound (Sir Floppington) lopes along behind those two, perceptively spotting Forato's approach. He bounds up to the Fidante Lord, wagging excitedly for the incoming pets from the kind man.

Of course the Velenosa turned Fidante was no where else but by Ignacio's side. A slight smirk tugs on Cadenza's lips as he leads their way over to Calista. A curtsey is given to Calista as she smiles brightly. "Now said casual....but if this is casual....I can't wait to see your full fledged parties." A wink is given to her then.

With laughter, Forato kneels to a knee before the hound and utters his first words, though they are not in the common tongue of the Compact. But some other language, those who know it would know it as Chav. "Well hello, sir. Such a pleasure to make such a fine acquaintance."

"I'm hoping so," Giulio says, with a tilt of his head in Mydas' direction. "But, there may be a few matters that still need to be attended to. A great deal of endeavor is... being put into some of our ongoing affairs and she is most skilled with a variety of affairs." His lips quirk in a smile as he takes a small sip from his drink. His gaze flits towards the various individuals present, before he looks back to Cambria. "You've been well, I trust?" he says, taking a small sip from his drink.

The good horse upon which the wolf scout rides sliding stops on her four hooves before the sober Nova deftly dismounts on the right side of the small equine. Then, there are plenty pats from gloved hands to the good girl's long neck. Meanwhile, Sir Floppers finally stops his forward motion when in easy reach of Forato (whose arms and forearms get a good nosing). Many wags as well as the soulful gaze looking up.

Calista offers Cadenza a slight shrug of her shoulder. Full lips curl with their infamous Tehom-may-care smile and she winks in return. "It was very last minute. Poor Graziela," The stewardess. "I had her find me a new social advisor in haste. So far, I am not disappointed in Giada." Then she stage whispers to Cadenza. "The new social advisor. She says she is from Tor. She certainly seems to know our culture well. But I don't know, something is throwing me off. It was something she said..." Calista is then cut off by Santino who delivers her a message. "Excuse me a moment, Lady Cadenza."

If Brigida was going to do her whole bringing down the walking stick harder than necessary to herald her arrival thing it wouldn't really matter anyway since it likely wouldn't be heard over the din. So instead she just walks in like a regular person, though a regular person being tailed by a wary Oathlander Templar who looks at all the people having 'fun' with deep suspicion. She takes a moment to look over the crowd and the entertainment, expression unreadable, before she gives a soft snort and makes her way over to the fire pit, stopping when a server with a plate of nectarine and fig stuffed squab passes by. She doesn't take one, but features for her Templar to do so.

"I rarely stay in place so long for a time," Nuala answers Merek. She greets him with that faint uplift of a smile. Rose fair it is; she raises the glass in silent salute to Calista and her companions before taking a sip. "I begin to feel a grave sense of wanderlust. Perhaps before the season is out, a Lycene port will call me home." The tumbling black waves of her hair brush off her shoulder with the suggestion of long, slim fingers. "You might not happen to know any just cause to set me out?"

With quiet grace, Nurie actually manages to claim one of the quail-egg topped crostinis, a brief closure of her eyes in delight as she savors one delicate bite. She remains mostly near the edges of the gathering, closest in the direction of the Tessere villa. The woman riding in on the palfrey has her attention, and then the dog with his enthusiastic greeting to Forato. Her gaze is mostly respectfully downcast though, lingering here and there with great interest.

Luciano is late. Fashionably so? Probably not. But he's here. He makes his way into the plaza from the courtyard of the Fidante Villa, pausing when he sees the crowd. "Good. I didn't miss the party." Tonight he's dressed in dark red with white trim, and little Fidante house sigils of white sword entined in roses embroidered along the cuffs, collar and hem of his cloak. He pauses near Calista, taking a bow in her direction with a flourish of his cloak. "Duchess." He straightens up and goes right for the wine, though not the food, looking for a servant with glasses or a table where he may procure his own. He's not picky either will do.

"A fair enough answer. I wish her, and yourself, luck." Mydas answers to Giulio, before nodding to Cambria politely. "Marquessa, a pleasure as always. And how have yourself and Mazetti fared lately? I'm afraid I've not had the time to be caught up to date to the latest achievements, much of my time lately has been spent in Lenosia." he says pleasantly. His gold eyes otherwise watch the rest of the guests, noting the appearance of Calista, but doing little to try and get her attention. She seems occupied enough as it is.

Merek looks over to Nuala and seems to think, "A lot going on in the Lycene these days," he admits, while he looks from beneath the hood to Nurie whom he waves to a bit. He then lights a few more lanterns, then moves to find some dancers to watch as he settles.

Tugging at the corner of his cloak, Ignacio looks over to Cadenza, "My lady, shall we see which wines the Duchess has out for the guests? I think I would like to sample a few." The dark haired knight says with a faint grin crossing his face, "Perhaps we should find some to mingle with as well. I do not really know many of the people here today."

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Nallah, a buff-looking tortie cat with green eyes, 2 House Mazetti Aspirants, Sirra, a very quiet maid leave, following Alessia.

"One does so try to be fair," Giulio replies drolly to Mydas, taking a sip from his drink, one corner twitching in a faint smile. "Should I survive certain other matters, I imagine they will do most well." One corner of his lip curves up in a faint smile at that thought. "More than a few little irons in the fire, as it were." One shoulder rises in a shrug. "But, not altogether unpleasant in their considerations."

Nuala toys with the slender flute of wine claimed in passing. It turns and angles easily in her long fingers. "Not a season to sit idle. While the winter creeps over the north, the Hundred Cities truly come into their own," she murmurs in an aside. The faint traces of a Torean accent twine around the Northland underpinning. Only here is it ever truly strong enough to hear. "Anything interesting?" Her hand flexes against her hip, set there as a casual weight as she watches the world at large. Those coming, those going.

Cadenza chuckles a bit as she just shakes her head a bit then at Calista. Leaning in to hear that 'whisper' she giggles a bit then nods. "We'll speak of it then, Duchess. Maybe I can get to the bottom of it." Winking she then sighs a bit as she looks over to Ignacio. "Well of course, my lord. After you....I'll follow your lead. I'm hear just as a Voice's adornment after all...." Grinning a bit she nods then.

The dark haired lady's maid catches Merek's acknowledgement, his nod returned with a gentle and warm smile, the fingertips of one hand touching briefly over Nurie's heart in a gesture of respect to him. Still she watches, not quite able to settle on just one thing first, taking everything in with wonder.

Calista returns from sharing a quiet word with Santino to catch Nuala's greeting. She lifts her own glass in return. When Luciano is close enough, she steps into her cousin and greets him as only a Lycene and a woman from Tor would; a pair of kisses to either cheek, airy and light, but all together familiar. "Luciano, I'm glad you could make it. Do have something to eat and drink. Lady Lora helped with the refreshments and I think she has done a wonderful job with the selection." Without stepping too far away from the Fidante nobleman, the Duchess raises her glass and calls all to attention. "Welcome one and all! Thank you for coming to our little soiree. I will not apologize for going over the top. You are all deserving of such festivities. We will have dancing and perhaps a game or two. I've heard of this Arxian game where people bob for apples in vats of water but I thought, HOW BORING!" She smiles devilishly. "Our apples are floating in large barrels of sangria. Enjoy!"

"Just an arm adornment? I never thought I would hear such words from you Cadenza." Ignacio says playfully to her as he places a hand on hers, "You are the social butterfly, so this is your element. I am but a simple knight." The Rose Knight's tone still carrying the same tone, only pausing to look over to the Duchess and her suggestion of games with clear amusement overwhelming his expression, "Or, we could do that."

Another arrival, or has she been here the whole time and mingling? It's hard to tell when the quiet, polite Lady-in-Waiting, Sorina, suddenly arrived at Count Giulio's side, but there she is, dipping a curtsy to him when he notices her. There's another, a little more deeply executed, for Mydas. "Your Highness," a small pause "Count Giulio," is said with respect.

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There's a tilt of her head as Cadenza smirks at Ignacio then chuckles. "Me? Eh...." Her free hand is waved at him before she plucks a glass of wine from a passing server. "Ooh...maybe we can. Let's see if I feel like getting this new messy." Nudging him playfully she then looks to Calista to raise her glass at her welcome. Those bright blue eyes then turn to familiar faces, giving them a warm smile as they're still in their discussions. "Then I guess I'll lead until game and the like come into play...." And with that she tugs her husband along in a direction. Eenie meenie myna.....Mydas and Giulio.

Brigida takes up a glass of Granato rose, then makes her way over to the various partygoers, leaning heavily on the knobbly end of her walking stick whenever she pauses. "Good evening, my lords and lady. Your highnesses. Marquessa. Count." Each gets the slightest of nods, no more or less for any one than any other. Though she looks back to Mydas. "I have found your whites to be well worth reading, your highness. Dabbling in the Reflection is popular in the Lyceum, but it is good to read the words of the devout." She pauses and looks to Calista. "Niece. More or less."

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One brow lofts faintly in question, Giulio's smile rather amused at the unfolding festivities. Slowly, the goblet is brought to his lips and he takes a long swallow of the Thunder. At Sorina's arrival, the Corvini count inclines his head. "Ah, messere Bianchi. I trust you are well this evening?" He glances towards the tun of sangria with apples bobbing in it. "Bravo, how very bravo," he says, winking in the Duchess' direction. "Alas, I'm only drink liquor tonight -- it will hasten the onset of total unconsciousness!"

Luciano returns the kisses. Is that supposed to be a Lycene woman only thing? He turns the kisses to Calista's cheeks regardless, pulling back with a broad smile on his lips. "It is good to see you cousin. You have fared well while I have been abroad I hope? I know we did not get much chance for idle conversation the other night. And yes, wine is definitely needed." And with that he's off, getting himself something to drink. Once he's done he turns with glass in hand as Calista welcomes everyone. He raises his glass in toast to her welcome, then drains it before snagging another, putting the empty down for one of the servants to grab. "Where is the Lady Lora? I would thank her in person for organizing the refreshments but I'm afraid I do not see her anywhere."

The wolf-framed scout (Rowenova) tosses each of two split reins to the bride up on either side of the horse's neck until they are draped over her and then simply wanders toward the crowd with the good horse following along as if the party business were not even bothersome. The small equine flicks her ears here and there at the various conversations. If it gets too crowded where Nova is, then she just stops and looks around for grass to much on, if there is any. Meanwhile, Sir Floppers has a great time with Forato's pets.

Dancers begin a performance around the fire pit. They skillfully move and sway to the rhythm and the beat, slow and fluid for now. The woman all wear different colored dresses ranging in hues from red, to orange, green, yellow, purple, and blue. Jewel tones that pick up the flicker of the flames. Their partners are all in black suits but wear accompanying sashes around their waists. They are there to draw the eye and the attention onto themselves and not on anything that might be potentially shady going on in the background. Is there something shady going on in the background?

"Easier for some than for others." To be fair or to survive? For some reason Mydas does not supply further details to explain his answer to Giulio. For a moment, he watches the fire-breathers do their work, his head tilted to the side as the flames dance in his eyes. "I am reminded of the Redrain bonfires. Odd. I hadn't thought of them in some time." he waves it aside, however. "Miss Sorina." he greets, a nod from the prince both acknowledging and greeting the Lady-in-Waiting. "A pleasure to meet you again. I do hope you've been well." And then his attention shifts anew, this time to the Archlector. "Blessed Brigida, well met and thank you. It is my hope that further understanding of Tehom's tenets can be met, both within but, more importantly, beyond the Lyceum. I've my part to play, as must others." And then Cadenza and Ignacio are approaching! "Lady Cadenza, Lord Ignacio. Enjoying the casual gathering, I hope."

Rowenova says, "Archlector Brigida, Princess Nuala, and Count Guilo: HELLO!"

6 House Velenosa Guards, Ibasia, the Velenosa Lady-in-Waiting arrive, following Jaenelle.

"I told you it was the smell of prawns, my lord." Duarte tells Karadoc, pointing out the menu item to the other man. He touches the side of his nose, "It has never failed me. And to think that I smelt it from all the way near The Grotto and led us directly here."

Rowenova says, "Lord Duarte, Lord Karadoc, too!"

Nurie doesn't go towards the game, though she does use the distraction to take a flute of wine from someone passing, still seemingly content to remain on the observation periphery. Her attention is caught, however, and charmed by the slightly wandering palfrey, her lips curving up a brighter smile. Of course then there is the entrance of Count Amadeo and Lord Saik as well, and her smile grows warmer still.

"I thought it was the scent of low tide rolling in with that humidity, my lord -- goodness, you were right. Now, of course, it would be terrible of us not to try them." Karadoc asides, nodding gravely.

The explosive tumble of noise - that's really enough to make Nuala turn her head sharply in the direction of osmeone shouting her name. The slow incline of her head doesn't hide the smile for Rowenova. "Scout Rowenova." Titles, titles. She finishes her wine and slowly eases her way around the dancers. Maybe the better to see. It's rather crowded indeed. Easy to hide.

Merek eventually makes the way on to home!

Still wineless, Ignacio doesn't seem to be discouraged yet as he is dragged along over to Mydas by his lovely wife. The Rose Knight flashes a smile to Mydas and nods to him, "Ah, it has been too long your highness. I am indeed enjoying this gathering, after all, the company is great this evening. How about you? Have you been well?"

Coral, a cross and over-critical clerk have been dismissed.

Alizarin, an ethereal bard leaves, following Nuala.

After having used her Northern lungs to shout aloud, she peers around toward the unfolding events with a curious gaze which never stops watching out for the shadiest stuff going on. She soon turns back, though, after having heard the named reply. She waves enthusiastically to Nuala with a reciprocated smile. Though, the Redrain princess soon escapes.


"A grave sin indeed." Duarte concurs. He takes Karadoc's sleeve and pulls the other man toward the food. "It was so very gracious of..." Duarte scans the crowd and the attendees. "...Count Corvini. Yes. Count Giulio Corvini - to have invited us."

There's a wave to her cousin as well as Giulio. "You highness...we're glad to see you here....and of course. We're just glad to see everyone since we got back....." Taking a deep breath she smiles warmly then as she passes her glass to Ignacio. Since he's covering the other questions she looks to Brigida, curtseying then. "Blessed Brigida, glad to see you again. I fear my daughter has made her own plans and decided to sleep early or else I would have brought her out to meet everyone." Cadenza smiles warmly as she looks to Giulio. "Count happy to see you again of course."

Momentarily, it seems that Karadoc's tripped over his own feet on the way toward a roaming server with a tray that contains the gilded prawns. He pauses, shooting a glance over toward his cohort, as though it's Duarte's fault (it isn't) that he was graceless. "Certainly, the Count Corvini is an excellent -- person, yes -- to have invited us here this evening. Although, how remiss of me not to bring a host gift." He sighs, and reaches for those morsels once the tray is close enough.

Luciano turns his head as the dancers make their presence known, pausing to watch them for a few moments before he spots his brother a little ways away. "Ignacio! My brother! How are you?" And away Luciano goes, heading over towards his brother, though he stops short of interrupting any ongoing conversations that might be going on. Well, for a few moments anyway, then he'll be stepping in to try and clap his brother on the back. "Taking care of yourself and your beautiful wife? And why are you without wine? This must be fixed immediatley." He raises his hand, waving urgently at the nearest servant with wine to come over forthwith and provide wine to Ignacio and Cadenza.

Rowenova heads over to where Forato and Floppers are, back patting the canine next to whom she kneels down and whisper whispers the latest news before standing up once more and smiling brightly to the frail lord before her. "Greetings."

"I have, thank you, milord." Mydas nods to Ignacio. "Enjoying the life of husband and father in equal measures. There's some special joy in being focused on the raising of one's child while the world burns around us, is there not?" he smiles, his asument tinted with irony. The man's gaze shifts to the dancers, and past them, gilded orbs missing little even when there's dazzlement on display.

"Mm. Indeed. It is too bad Vayne couldn't get to you before you were married." Brigida sizes up Mydas for a moment, then shakes her head. The size of the flock of the Thirteenth isn't really her responsibility after all! Cadenza gets a bob of the archlector's head in greeting. "Lady Cadenza. I hope things went well as far as clothing Lord Forato. It seems to have resolved well enough." She glances to Ignacio and offers him a faint smile. "Cousin." Then just a hint of a laugh, as if the idea of calling someone half her age cousin is inherently funny.

Cadenza checked perception + survival at difficulty 15, rolling 5 higher.

Nurie checked perception at difficulty 7, rolling 5 higher.

Jaenelle is here! Perhaps there were issues at home which caused her husband to arrive before her, or maybe she was getting dressed and it took her that long? Who knows! As she moves through those gathered, a glass of wine captured in her travels, she manages to find Mydas and those he surrounds himself with. She doesn't interrupt him as he speaks, doesnt bother to make her presence known though she is almost certain he is well aware even as his gaze is found elsewhere. Taking a sip of her wine, she does add, "as long as your son does not cause the burning of the world, we should be fine."

Rowenova stands up from having whispered to the soulful hound before then glancing back toward the dancers and musicians with a distant gaze there. "Something is going on. People who do not know how to party." A faint smirk, but then she pipes up, "Archlector Brigida! Did you and Lord Arik meet up?"

"Indeed, indeed." Ignacio responses with a smile on his face before he is abruptly interrupted, turning to catch gaze of his brother, "Luciano. It has been too long. Now if Esme was here, we would have the family all here." He says with a chuckle, shaking his head slowly, "But yes, how have you been? You have to tell me, what have you been up too?"

A chuckle escapes Giulio's lips and he inclines his head in Mydas' direction. "Mmm, in a variety of different fashions, no?" His chuckle is richly amused Rowenova receives a tilt of his head. "Scout Rowenova, I trust you are well?" One brow lofts in question, before he bows his head respectfully towards Brigida. "Archlector," he offers, his voice a soft thing, before glancing on towards Cadenza. "It is a pleasure to see you again. Forgive me for not following up after the letter -- therehave been more than a few matters to attend to of late."

"Incorrigible as ever, Count Amadeo," Giulio says, his gaze lingering on Duarte for a moment, before taking a sip from his drink. "But, as you say, 'twas too lovely not to invite." Those eyes flit in the general direction of the firepit, his lips quirking at the corners.

"Perhaps. But one's service to the Gods should have firmer foundations than lucky timing, mm?" Mydas answers Brigida. His eyes stray from the Archlector, however, to something behind the dancers and the firepit. "Now, far be it from me to advise one how to run a casual gathering, but perhaps someone should make sure those two don't come to blows, or daggers, and spoil the night? Unless it's part of the entertainment, of course." And he motions to... something beyond the dancers? What is he on about anyway? "Beloved." he greets Jaenelle, glancing back to his wife. "I'm sure he won't. He can hardly hope to rule anything if all's been reduced to ashes, can he?"

Sorina's smile is muted but genuine, if belated as her attention is snagged by the multi-hued dresses and the fire, only to be drawn back as she notices the conversation swirling around her. "My apologies, Count Giulio, I was distracted by the festivities. I'm well this evening, yes. Thank you." Her attention shifts again to Mydas, her head dipped respectfully in thanks for his comment, but she doesn't say more so as not to interrupt the conversation at hand.

"Count Amadeo, have you ever felt that your timing to certain parties is just -- so serendipitous that you're certain that the gods had a hand in the arrangement of, well, of /everything/--" Karadoc asks the not-question conversationally as he steps toward a new tray, plucking glasses of wine from it. One for himself, the other for Duarte. "-- Not to put too fine a point on it, but." He loses his line of thought, taking a sip. "Oooh. That's sharp."

There is a soft gasp, and from her shadowy corner of observation, Nurie almost drops her flute. She seems to be looking in the direction of the musicians. With quick and supple motion, she makes her way over towards where the music is being played, trying to not crash into anyone, but as rapidly as possible nevertheless.

The evening is going smoothly. It really is, but there's just -something- off. Everyone can sort of feel it. Eerie but not to the point where one feels afraid for their safety. The music slows down a touch and the dancers turn and twist, clacking castanets and stomping their feet in staccato. Louder, faster, harder.

"Good to see you! I am doing well, aye! Very well! I came down to learn more about you Lycenes, since I am gonna marry one pretty soon, so I am all about figuring out what is going on!" Rowenova shoulder clasps Giulio before then letting go and letting out a bright laugh. After changed music, though, the wolf-framed scout glances up under the muzzle shade of her lupine pelt and checks out that yonder scene once more.

"Where is that sister of ours these days? I am afraid I've been rather out of touch on my travels. Entirely my own fault. I get rather caught up in the oceans and the sailing and forget to write home." Luciano's shoulders shrug in a what can you do sort of fashion. But he takes a sip from his wine. "Pirate hunting mostly. Which is my usual. It never gets boring bringing the awful scads to justice. Ridding our seas of such trash. And after the recent sea battles there are quite a few pirates plaging the waters. Which just means more adventure and a greater excuse to stay asea than come ashore. Though I do so love my times ashore as well. Getting to visit with my family and enjoy the much finer things that Arx has to offer than random ports of call." He tips his head to Ignacio. "And I do apologize for interrupting your conversation. We simply must catch up in greater depth sometime soon. But for now I'll leave you to return to your conversation I so rudely interrupted." He sketches a bow to Cadenza. "My Lady." And then a bow to the others standing near the pair. "Apologies." And then he's off in search of someone else to badger. Also more wine. There's never enough wine. When he hears Nurie's gasp and the dropping of the flute the lord pauses and turns to regard the subject of her surprise, taking a look for himself.

Luciano checked perception + survival at difficulty 15, rolling 6 higher.

Cadenza smiles a bit then as she see Jaenelle. Giving her a wave she smiles brightly then looks to Mydas. "Oh really now? See I have been gone far too long and on the seas. Congrats on your little one. Being a parent is possibly the best adventure yet to be honest..." Taking a deep breath she exhales but her blue eyes look over to the scene behind the dancers. Licking her lips she looks to Ignacio and Luciano as they speak, leaving them to it. Her gaze goes to Giulio and nods. "Of course....same here. I'm catching up on Society of Explorers business since we got back as well as some other things...." Trailing off she looks around then off to the side. Licking her lips she seems to be in thought as she puts a hand on Ignacio's shoulder. "If you all would excuse me...." She looks to Luiciano and grins. "Of must come to one of my parties....I'm throwing them again soon." And with that she starts to....wander.

The Rose Knight's attention breaks from his brother Luciano for a moment, looking past the dancers as his hand rests idly upon his sword hilt. Perhaps it is nothing with Ignacio, for it does not seem uncommon for the man to rest his hand there time to time. He returns his attention mainly to his brother, but he glances time to time back over off to another part of Plaza, "She has remained in Tor. She is well enough, working with the cavalry as she always had. You always have done that, so I haven't been worried about you my brother, but perhaps I should, the sea seems to become more and more dangerous all the time. I would love to sit down and talk sometime. Have you met my wife Lady Cadenza?"

Calista is not being a terrible hostess but she is in a conversation with Graziela, her stewardess. The other woman, olive skinned and just as beautiful as every other Torean woman suddenly looks pale. She shakes her head and puts her face into her hands before Calista calmly suggests she head back into the villa for something or someone...

Arman wanders into the room, hands clasped behind his back as his gaze flits over those within, a calm smile on his features as he reaches over and plucks a wineglass up, slowly moseying his way through those assembled.

"Ah, Sorina, please, let me introduce you to my dear friend Count Amadeo. This is my protege, Sorina," Giulio says, his head tilting in Duarte's direction. "She's something of a certain talent for a number of different forms of endeavor." Another swallow is taken from his glass and he nods to Cadenza. "Be well," he says to her. "We'll have to catch up soon," he adds, his lips pursing together as he glances towards the musicians again. One shoulder rises in a shrug, though his gaze does flit past them.

Nurie's feet seem to move in the spirit of the castanets and dancers--faster and harder, as she tries to make it further through the crowd to reach the musicians. Her shawl has slipped from her shoulders a bit, but she doesn't seem to notice that it trails behind her. Her cheeks, once slightly flushed from the wine, are pale now, her brow furrowed.

2 House Velenosa Guards, Dreya, an older woman in Velenosan livery, Ailfryd, a tall, thin man with a haugty air arrive, following Saoirse.

"If you do change your mind and wish for a divorce to join the church, do let me know. I would never step in the way of a higher calling. I get all your possessions, of course" Jaenelle tells Mydas with a grin as she stands on her toes to kiss his cheek. Cadenza is given a wiggle of her fingers in greeting, "you have been missed in the estate, we should have another family dinner soon! It will be nice to see everyone around the table once more." Whatever is going on that Mydas is now as concerned as he gets about anything, the music and dancers, causes the woman to turn in question.

Luciano puts his hand to the sword at his side as well, his eyes narrowing as he sees something going on behind the musicians. He glances over to Ignacio, nodding his head in the direction of whatever is going on behind the dancers, and starts advancing that way. "You there!" He calls out, past the dancers, at the people he sees having a heated conversation. "You are disrupting this gathering. Stop your arguing at once." He stalks in that direction, his hand on the hilt of his rapier, watching to make sure there's no violence, ready to rush forward if there is, or if the two refuse to cease whatever it is that is going on.

There is a scream from within the Fidante Villa. A scuttle and the sound of guards coming to attention. In the distance the party attendees can hear "We've got her!" Then because as it would be, chaos ensues. About seven of the entertainers drop their props and holler, pointing to Giulio of all people. They shout in another dialect, a Southern Shav dialect to be precise, then in their angry tones call out. "Traitors! Corvini and Volkov Traitors!"

Even Sir Floppington and the grey palfrey lift up their brown-eyed gazes toward the human commotion, both snuffing deeply with the wood smoke. Scout Rowenova glances over toward Lord Giulio, "What are they saying to you?"

"Oh, shiii --" backstepping, because gods forbid he should spill rather than sip his wine, Karadoc avoids bumping into another person in favor of finding a good seat (with a better view) right in the pergola.

Duarte takes a glass from Karadoc and toasts it against the other's. "To fate..." his attention turns to Giulio and Sorina. He bows his head. "Mistress Sor..." his gaze breaks off to the ruckus. He takes a couple steps back from where those pointing fingers are aimed (Giulio) and drinks from his glass, free hand grasping lightly on a sheathed blade just in case this is not part of a show.

Nurie's face is bloodless, though her dark eyes are fierce, glittering with tears at the scream and shout, as if she is haunted. If the entertainers start to run, the maid will unwisely follow and try to catch hold of one, all instinct now, and probaly not a good one. What she'll do with a tiger if she does catch its tail, now perhaps that's the more interesting question.

Cadenza spins around in that gown and cloak, smiling to Jaenelle. "That we do! And hey....should have let me keep a room there. What if I wanted to have sleep overs!" Grinning she turns as she hears the yelling, good thing she wasn't too far from Giulio. Raising her brow she glances to him then back to the others. "Oh this just won't do...." She looks to Sofia, nodding to her firmly as she pulls her cape off and passes it to her. Her eyes flit to her guards she nods. "....get them....." They're lucky....she's grown up....a little bit since she washed up.

Brigida gives Jaenelle a mild look, then nods to Mydas. "Lucky timing doesn't really come into it. Futility does, of course. I will leave persuading people to abandon their lives in service of the reflection to Blessed Vayne. I am allowed a moment of-" She stops when there is all the to do and shouting. "Oh, what now?" She reaches into her robes and draws a knife before stepping toward the entertainers, not showing a moment of fear or alarm.

Brigida wields The Thorn of Tor.

"I'm quite sure last I looked our son was getting everything." Mydas remarks to Jaenelle, his lips curled into a smirk. But then chaos erupts, and he scowls. He raises a hand, and with that motion, the Velenosa guards step in, weapons drawn. "Guards, leave them alive." Apparently, that order is one that is easily understood by Mydas' guards, for they step towards the uppity entertainers with clear violent intent. But maybe they won't put everyone to the sword! Maybe. Mydas himself, meanwhile, draws his cutlass.

Mydas wields Intricately forged ancient steel cutlass.

Brigida checked command + intimidation at difficulty 15, rolling 45 higher.

Sorina dips a curtsy for Duarte, her smile faintly pleasant. "A pleasure, Count Amadeo." She tilts her head in Giulio's direction as she echos, amused, "A number of different forms of endeavors," nodding to Duarte, "It's quite true." Though as the scream is heard her eyes widen, a hand to her chest as she looks at Giulio and back at the pointing entertainers. "Count?"

Dreya, an older woman in Velenosan livery have been dismissed.

2 House Velenosa Guards have been dismissed.

Ailfryd, a tall, thin man with a haugty air have been dismissed.

Luciano wields Epilogue, a rubicund rapier.

Mydas checked command + leadership at difficulty 15, rolling 21 higher.

"Sir Fernando, take the house guard and bring me those that are causing the problems." Ignacio commands the knight that had been seemingly never to far from the Fidante Lord, "That kind of disrespect will not be tolerated here."

Ignacio checked command + leadership at difficulty 15, rolling 44 higher.

Duarte checked dexterity + stealth at difficulty 15, rolling 22 higher.

Duarte steps behind someone taller.

Duarte wields Spider's Fangs.

Giulio wields a utilitarian diamondplate dagger.

Rowenova frowns deeply as she backs up to neck pat on her grey horse whilst shouting aloud, "There are not even any Volkovs /here/!"

Karadoc wields goblet of Torean rose.

There's a brief pause as Giulio looks towards the entertainers, his head shaking somewhat. One hand rests lightly on the hilt of his dagger, looking towards those starting to edge forward, shaking his head. "Unfortunate," he murmurs, before looking towards those approaching. He nods to his guard, before drawing a vicious, utilitarian looking poignard from under his doublet. Glancing towards Sorina, "This is why we have guards, my dear Sorina. Once they are apprehended... that is when..." One shoulder rises in a shrug and the man lets a slow, razor edged smile toy his lips. "Mmm, I go to, as one might say, work."

Just sort of appearing from the wallflowering he had been doing is Forato at Ignacio's shoulder, "What's wrong, brother?" His red flecked blue gaze scanning the crowd.

"Oh, just a mistake." It's not a weapon, it's just a drink. Karadoc sips, smiles, and seems to enjoy the floorshow.

Duarte loosely holds his dagger at his side among the commotion, still drinking from his glass. He's not yet entirely convinced this isn't part of the entertainment. He murmurs aside to Karadoc.

Jaenelle does not look pleased as things tend to explode, and when half the Velenosa guards in the area approach the entertainers, Jaenelle's own guards look towards her to get their orders rather than take them from her husband. She shakes her head, keeping them close by rather than moving forward. Too many guards spoil the broth! "I think I already gave your room away, Cadenza" she tells the other woman idly, her eyes remaining on the shouting people as they are approached by the various people. "I can kick Ettore out though, anytime you wish to sleep over."

The Rose Knight keeps his hand on the hilt of his sword, but not drawing it like some of the others. Ignacio turns to Forato after issuing the orders to the House Guard, addressing his brother, "Stay close to the Duchess and be prepared." He says as he makes his way towards Calista with a pensive look on his face, "We have to take precautions and hope it is all for naught."

With a stern nod, the unarmed, unarmored Forato Fidante goes to Calista's side and offers her an assuring smile, "Wouldn't be a Tor party if there wasn't some threat of death, no? Have any good wine I could test for you?"

With a stern nod, the unarmed, unarmored Forato Fidante goes to Calista's side and offers her an assuring smile, "Wouldn't be a Tor party if there wasn't some threat of death, no? Have any good wine I could test for you?"

"You're not kicking me out of MY room, Jaenelle." Mydas replies smoothly to his wife, his eyes straying from the entertainers to the area around them. He does not wish, apparently, to give them all his attention. "Perhaps you should occupy the sofa tonight, dearest." he continues, scanning their surroundings for additional threats.

Rowenova hops up on the grey horse, and then she peers out toward all those beyond the immediate crowd over whom she can currently see. Meanwhile, the soulful hound (Sir Floppington) has taken to following Forato around. It may his weakened status that has the dog feeling protective, so that will end up with the Good Boy next to him.

It doesn't take the Houses much time to get to attention and wield something; A sword, a dagger, a goblet of wine... Surely there is someone wielding a shoe, too. Everyone has their haunches up and the feeling is mutual, NOT IN MY HOUSE! If this were the animal kingdom, there would be snarling and bared teeth. There might still be some of that going on. Those who infiltrated quickly realize they are outnumbered. Clearly they did not plan this well and assumed because it was a casual event, people would not be ready to throw down. Oh, what a grave mistake! There is someone still playing their flamenco style in the corner because every great action scene deserves a Desperato moment. The stand down.

Brigida rises to the occasion with her staff - She's quite the intimidating presence. She holds the line for now. No one really moves. Even the Shavs; It should be noted at this point that out of the seven or so who came to attack, three look pretty crazy, the others look, well, terrified. Truly. They don't look well fed, they do not look clean, they tremble even. There's something else going on here. The three wily ones? They leap first! But so many are wielding their weapons and quick to capture them the other scraggly four try to escape. They really don't want to be here.

Calista calls for the infiltrators to be captured but not harmed. If soneone has to take a punch to the nose, that's a different matter all together.

Cadenza glances to Jaenelle as she pulls her sleeves up slowly. "Well darn. Oh well...." Sighing she just shakes her head as she looks to Sofia but continues talking to Jaenelle. "Works for me....." Smirking she then addresses her....sailor-in-waiting? "Go with Forato...." Nodding she then looks to where she sent her guards off too. "Well then....." Rolling her shoulders she starts to make her way over to Ignacio and holds out her hand. "Love....?" Her blue eyes roll over to him then. "If I ruin this dress tonight....I'll be sad it happened sooner than I anticipated...." Her gaze cuts over to them then as she frowns a bit. "....really sad."

Anyone leaping in Forato and Calista's direction will meet up with Sir Flop, a snarling dog, who is absolutely ready to drag someone down by their clothes.

Brigida may seem a little old lady at first glance, but the Golden Rose of Tor did not become the Iron Thorn of Arx by withering with age. Some people are silk over steel, or perhaps velvet over iron. Brigida is more titanium carbide over a punch to the teeth. It's hard to say which is frostier, her glare or her voice, when she says, "Stop this nonsense." She grips the knife a little tighter, knuckles gone white. There's no reason anyone needs to know that the thing has been sitting in the back of her chest since it was given to her four decades ago and she has no damn idea how to use it beyond 'hold it by the bit that isn't sharp'.

One of the Shav infiltrators totally trips over Brigida's staff. Whooops!

"You won't my love." Ignacio says as he turns to face the raving infiltrators, but it is unlikely he is actually close to the action since he has moved to a more defensive position of the Duchess. His smokey emerald eyes peer out at the conflict, entrusting the House guard and his knights to do what they are trained to do and of course, the Knight Captain himself stands to guard his Duchess. Ignacio just stands vigilant and prepared to defend if needed.

Rowenova GM Roll checked dexterity(4) + brawl(3) at difficulty 15, rolling 46 higher.

Luciano tips his head to Ignacio's words. "Agreed. Be safe brother." And with that he slips in Calista's direction, his sword out, standing guard near her should anyone try anything. Luciano is no blade master, but more than a few pirates have met their end on his blade. It's clear from the leashed tension that he wants to go after the crazy attackers, but he stays by his cousin at his brother's side. "And here I thought I wouldn't need my armor and I could for once dress in a fashionable manner." He tuts softly, and lifts his glass of wine, still in his left hand, up to take a swallow from it. One mustn't forget their priorities, even in the midst of a potential battle.

Forato seems to accept Rowenova's faithful Sir Floppington's company without question. When Forato realizes these are Chavs his chin dips faintly as his eyes flash. In their native tongue he raises his voice, saying one word, a name, as he approaches them. Leaving his Duchess's side, though staying between she and the attackers who even starved, look far stronger than he. Those who know Chav may know what he is saying as he approaches even as the fight throws down before him. He says the name thirteen times in total as Sir Flops faithfully guards his side from would be raving attackers. Then he snarls out something, it's... simple. His voice, just a man speaking boldly and loudly with gravitas and a levelled glare.

Calista steps behind Luciano. Her hand resting on his shoulder, not completely using him as a shield, but using him as a shield all the same.

Sir Flop leaps up and plows down one crazy shav to the ground below with an audible WHUMP! Then, he precisely anchors his sharp teeth into the shav's garb, giving a powerful shake of his hound jaws! He does not truly bite through the foe's flesh, but he definitely keeps the attacking individual quite busy until the House guard can show up and hopefully claim the mauled person.

See....he says that. However that hair is pulled up into a messy bun then. "Yes well..." Cadenza is much stronger, faster, and wiley than she seems. Must be all the years on the sea and pirate hunting. With that she winks at her husband and takes off then after one that was running by. "Oh no you don't!" With that she shoulder checks them to the ground. A smirk tugs at her lips as she places a slippered foot on their neck then as she growls out. "....stay down....I'm in no mood to play with idiots tonight....I'm not even in the right dress for that."

Crazy Shav One is tackled down by Sir Flops. He's caught right in the pants and the man howls from the bite. He's got so many layers of robes and things that he can't quite reach for his dagger.

Enthusiastic, if unskilled, Nurie is suddenly posessed by something more madness than sense, as if a sudden outlet for some hidden anger is unleashed. As some of the entertainers start trying to attack those present, the willowy lady's maid takes a swing from behind her. "WE DARE!" is her battle cry, shawl and hairpins flying as she tries to join the fray.

Rowenova stays perched atop her grey horse and just watches all this with her cobalt-blue, khol-lined eyes. She shouts aloud, "Get 'em, Sir Floppington!" Moral support here!

Mydas' guards have their orders. Subdue the threats. They prioritize the aggressive ones, and proceed with ruthless efficiency. They are armed, armoured and shielded. Their opponents, not so much. And so they proceed to make use of their substantial advantages, shield-bashing or pommel-striking the uppity entertainers, going after those fleeing only after the main three are dealt with. Broken noses and teeth are still within the 'keep them alive' parameters.

Jaenelle lets out a sound of consideration, pausing perhaps a long time before she finally asks, "which couch, they are all beautiful in the ballroom and any would be quite agreeable. But after some time I will have to decline your suggestion. We've already spoken about the bed." She leaves it there, not going into any more detail about what the conversation about the bed was about. She also doesnt seem overly worried, there are a lot of armed guards here, and very few attacking them. Even still, her attention shifts between the going ons and the people around her, enjoying the show much like Lyceum theater. "Did we ever find out who was favored at the masquerade? My date rudely carried me out of the ballroom."

"I'm in a generous mood, I'll leave the choice of couch to you, my dear." Mydas answers, watching much like his wife the proceedings. Mostly. "And I'm sure your date had his reasons. Besides, I would hardly call it rude. Perhaps enthusiastically carried you out."

Luciano finishes off his glass of wine and finds a servant to pass it to before he puts his full attention forwards, watching the fight as it unfolds, blade in hand and ready, but he's not tensed up, he's relaxed as he waits. Tension tires you out. "I think your wife may be the better fighter than either of us brother." Luciano asides to Ignacio with a chuckle, watching the very odd melee begin to sort itself out, with guards taking down crazies, and Cadenza too. He glances over to Ignacio, then back with a wide grin in place, laughter sounding from him.

Perhaps it is the passion she holds for the House she serves, in crying their motto, or the sudden rush of adrenaline and pent up rage, but Nurie runs up to one of the dastardly entertainers who doesn't currently have a dog seizing him by the jewels, and delivers a swift and hard kick to his rear end. Her slipper goes flying off in the distance during her valiant effort, but the man is knocked off balance as well. She lifts her fist to the night sky and cries out her victory. It's what the champions do! She's seen it!

Karadoc delicately sets aside his empty goblet of wine and begins to applaud the actions of the brave little tailor, Nurie. "Brava!"

A mildly amused look crosses Ignacio's face as he stands at his vigilant station between the brawl and the Duchess, glancing back at Luciano, "Why do you think I married her?" The Knight-Captain points at a few of the House Guards, "Secure the Plaza, make sure more of these instigators do not arrive."

Ignacio checked command + leadership at difficulty 15, rolling 40 higher.

Rowenova shouts aloud from atop her relatively-calm horse, "GO HOUSE SERVANTS, YEAH!"

Duarte claps against the bottom of his palm as well from his position near Karadoc. They are both properly regaled by the goings on.

And then... there are guards. Guards that are quite adept at slapping some people around. House Velenosa guards. Two of the shav go down, clubbed over the side of the end with the edges of their blades. Thump. Thump. Thumpity thump. Cadenza's shoulder drop takes the runner quite by surprise. Thump. And then, there is Forato -- approaching one of the shav. When he speaks in the shav tongue, the man starts to back away, apparently... substantially disconcerted by whatever might be said. And then there is Nurie.

It looks something like a slapstick farce as the shav, attempting to draw a dagger slams into the ground with a rather significant force.

Cadenza blows a stray hair out of her face as she looks to her guards then. "Help get the others subdued...." At that her bright blue eyes slowly looks down below her and stares at them. "Get up." She grabs them by the hair as her other hand holds their wrists behind their back. Practically dragging the runner to be piled up with the others the guards are rounding up. "You're so lucky I am in a dress....."

Brigida checked command + intimidation at difficulty 15, rolling 70 higher.

Brigida glares at the last one like someone taught her to make people burst into flames with an angry stare. Speaking low she says, "Surrender. Now." At this point her Templar comes running over, mouth full of squab. She gives him a less than impressed look. "Good timing. Good pigeon?" He looks guilelessly from her to the cowed revolutionary, then nods. "Crispy skin."

The last? The last seems to have certain doubts about the sanctity of his soul, the universe around him, and, well generally, the constitution to do /anything/ about it. He's on his knees babbling, definitively babbling. So much babbling. And asking for forgiveness. And mentioning that he once, cheated in a test of tracking. And would you please forgive him? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE?

"See, Count Amadeo, this is what happens when someone holds in their, err, their foul humors. I'm of a mind that these humors trail from the ass to the head, and that's how shitty ideas like this --" with a gesture to encompass the shav'arvani on the losing side of this face-off "-- are born." Karadoc sighs, shaking his head a little.

Forato sneers down at the Chav that retreats from the frail Fidante, and he says one final word to the man with a disimissive, commanding motion of a hand. His blue gaze entrapping the man's gaze as long as the Chav can keep it as the Chav becomes a gibbering mess before him. Only then does Forato ntice Brigida to whom he bows low and with great respect, clearly basically ignoring the world shattered soul he just created before him. He also smiles to Lord Floppingtons, "My good friend and ally." Ruffling triumphant ears.

"Yes. It's a true shame." Duarte replies in the manner one uses when he doesn't understand what's being said but is willing to be agreeable anyway.

Nurie is made for stitching straight seams and making finery come to life upon a fitting dummy, not for finding her way into the Hall of Champions it seems. For even after the rush of her success, she is winded, albeit still firey fierce, her remaining slipper claimed to hold menacingly above her head just in case any one of the ruffians dares make another move towards those present, her chest heaving as she catches her breath.

Jaenelle ignores the whole issue, her face slowly breaking into a smile, one of complete gratification. "Yes, love" she agrees with Mydas, sighing happily before watching the last of the interlopers surrender. "So everything is contained?" she asks, looking out over the plaza, trying to count heads.

Cadenza throws the one she had towards the guards then before pulling her sleeves down. Pulling her hair back free she fluffs it as she moves back toward Sofia. Taking her cloak from the woman she glances to Ignacio and Luciano. "So....." Blowing some hair out of her face she grins. "Where were we?" A tilt of her head then as she looks over to Forato with a smile then before looking around. "They ruined such a nice party really...."

Forato casts a glare at the Chav who is weeping on their knees just as they look up, causing them lay down completely, begging for something in their native tongue as Forato picks up Nurie's lost slipper, walking idly with Lord Awesometon to return it, "M'lady, I believe you lost this." His smlie kind and his eyes piercing.

"Well. That was something. I feel like I need to go repent of my sins now." Luciano remarks, and immediatley looks around for another glass of wine to settle said feelings. "Has anyone seen the servant with the wine?" he asks, looking about. "Oh come now. This is nothing new to any of us, we've all seen an attempted murder or assassination at a public gathering. Ah there he is. You there! More wine, hop to it!" He snaps his fingers at one of the servants before resheathing his blade now that the danger is passed. "I believe the hound deserves himself a beer." He remarks to Forato, laughing. "I believe we were discussing getting together sometime soon so that I might regale the both of you with my tales of heroism and derring do." He responds smoothly to Cadenza as a glass of wine finds it's way to his hand.

"I'd have to agree!" Forato states to Luciano with a brilliant smile, taking up wine as the blathering would be attacker is bound and handled by the guards. He looks down at Lord Fluffington, "Who did you come with anyway? I should meet this friend of a friend..."

Brigida stares at the Templar, then shrugs. Who is she to criticize someone's pigeon. She turns and walks back toward Calista. "It was a lovely party dear, but I'd best leave before the naked gymnasts come out and then turn out to be cultists of the Betrayer. Do have me around for tea some time? I have something I would like to give you." She offers nods where due, then starts toward the exit.

"Well, just reminds me of being back in Lyceum." Ignacio smirks at the thought as he gestures to Cadenza's dress, "See, I had faith in your abilities my love, not even a drop of blood." Lifting a hand, he gestures for Clara, his squire to approach, "Clara, bring me some wine."

The adrenaline is starting to ebb, as Nurie catches her breath, and lowers her en garde slipper, her cheeks darkening in a blush as she slips it back on her foot, and straightens her shawl. She's starting to wince a little, and rub at the top of her bare foot when her knight in shining armor appears with the furry beastie, and has her missing slipper in hand. She curtsies deeply to Forato, her knee almost touching the ground. "Thank you very much, my lord. But it is only Messere Nurie, I am no lady, though I do serve one." She rises, and offers him a cheerful smile as she retakes her slipper.

Sir Floppington happily leans into those lovely pets from Lord Forato while Scout Rowenova shouts out to Lord Luciano, "He loves mead!" Well there is the probable person with whom the soulful hound showed up. She wolfishly grins, doing so whilst waving hello to those yonder fellows.

Calista doesn't always show her emotions but when Brigida comes to bid adieu, the Duchess is all deer in torch light. "Th-thank you for coming, Aunt Brigida. I, I will definitely be seeing you soon."

The smile on Forato's face grows and he nods his head, eyes closed, slightly to the side as he corrects himself, "Messere Nurie, forgive me. Who is the lady whom you serve?" Then he looks over to the voice as his hand instinctively pets the brave pup, his head canting a bit as he studies Rowenova with an expression that slowly shows him impressed. He smiles though, his eyes flickering as the red specks catch nearby light and he dumps a bowl of nuts upon the table it was resting on to pour mead into it for the furry Lord by his side, taking up a horn of the drink for himself. "You kicked a man." He informs Nurie as if it might have escaped her notice. "He could have stabbed you!"

Cadenza sighs a bit as she nods then. "Yes yes....good for him." At that she takes a deep breath then nods as she seems to be deep in thought. Looking to those leaving she waves a bit before plucking that glass of wine off a passing tray. " do you see why I stayed on my ship?" Not that it did her any good. Taking a deep breath she then looks to Rowenova with a grin. Turning to Sofia she smiles. "Get the dog a mead....he's earned dit."

He rolls his shoulders back, brushes down the front of his exceedingly nondescript jacket, and rises from his seat. Moving out from beneath the pergola, Karadoc heads back toward the Southport plaza, offering a casual wave toward Duarte as he takes his leave.

Coral, a cross and over-critical clerk leaves, following Karadoc.

Sir Floppers looks up with great thanks to all those who have taken part in the mead acquisition, especially Forato. He lowers down and laps up at the alcoholic beverage. Scout Rowenova grins back to Cadenza then shouts out from atop her calm horse, "Thank you!" which probably encompasses everyone being good to that soulful hound over yonder.

Three of the shav seem to be true believers -- of one stripe or another. They are casually dragged off, separated and, well, prepared for the usual sort of thing that happens when one engages in various sorts of malodorous behavior as a shav. However, the other four seem to have a deep and abiding desire to be quite, quite talkative. They aren't really true believers. Well, except for the last one, that is asking Brigida if he can bend the knee and come work in the gardens.

Through interrogation, conversation and outright discourse, there seems to be a general theme: they were threatened by a tribe of individuals, offshoots of the Shadowspeaker clan, and were basically ordered here. They were admitted under the auspices of one 'Giada' who was serving (until a few minutes ago) as a social planner for Fidante.

The various threats issued against the other four, or at least their description of them is quite, quite hair-raising. And most savage indeed. Apparently, these individuals who broke from the Shadowspeaker clan are deeply angry at House Volkov and House Corvini bending the knee. The remaining four tell their tale of woe and explain they are from a tribe called Ravnos.

"The Countess of Iriscal, Lady Sabine Tessere," Nurie answers Forato proudly. "We have only recently arrived to the city, and it is so glorious. The most amazing things happen here, my lord!" She wiggles her foot back into her slipper, with a little wince. "I thought it would be softer, that area. To kick, I mean. It feels like I kicked a stone wall! The champions make it look so easy!" Her gaze lowers, chastened, at his reminder of what could have happened. "'Tis true my lord. I hope my lady will not be overly angry with me. I just--I couldn't let someone else be stabbed either. And he /was/ facing away from me."

"Mead it is! Mead for the mighty and brave hound!" Luciano calls to one of the servants, it doesn't matter which one fulfills the request. Soon enough a bowl will be brought out with mead in it and set before the bestest of boys. "A fine companion you have there ma'am." He pauses, turning his attention back around to Ignaco and Cadenza. "A fellow sailor? Oh. Then we absolutely must get together and trade stories. Soon. It would be wonderful to talk with someone who understands my love of the sea."

Perched atop her horse, Rowenova pipes up, "Someone will report this to the Volkov Horselord, yes?" She looks over to Sir Flops who has a couple new mead bowls show up until there are three total. He laps up each one, too! He licks dry each container given him. "Why, thank you! He is a good boy, aye. Master Draven and I call him the very best good boy, indeed." says the wolf scout to Luciano. She then shoults louder, "Hey, House Servant! GOOD WORK!" [to Nurie]

1 Templar Knight guards leaves, following Brigida.

There's a brief pause as Giulio digests this, before taking a sip from his drink. "Interesting," he murmurs, lips twisting faintly. "Another set of matters to look into. Whatever is the world coming to." His tone is... perhaps droller than it might be. Glancing to Sorina, he says, "And this, my dear, is why Southern Thunder exists." He takes another sip.

At Rowenova's cheer, Nurie's energy is brightened almost as much as a champion winning her first match. Even from the distance, she will curtsy again and deeply, knee almost brushing the ground. "Thank you, my lady! It is my pleasure to serve and defend!" she calls back. Surely the scout can easily see that she has made the young woman's day.

Those who came to ruin a good time have been taken away and will be further interrogated when the time is right. For now, those within Tor Plaza are safe and are urged to continue with the celebration. There is much to celebrate this evening. Fidante and their vassal houses all came together to oust intruders and protect their families. All roses have thorns.

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