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Redtyde-Wyrmguard Wedding Reception

Lord Alexandre Wyrmguard and Lady Rosalie Redtyde have finally tied the knot! They will now inflict their saccharine sweetness upon their friends and loved ones with a wedding reception! It will be held beachside, with food and drink offered from all across Arvum. Come join the fun and wish the couple well, eat their food and drink their liquor and have a good time on the beach!


Sept. 15, 2018, 4 p.m.

Hosted By

Rosalie Alexandre(RIP)


Desiree Coraline Bianca Fairen Skye Fredrik Rowenova Victus Zara Rook Yasmine Helia Harlex Vanora Archeron Jordan(RIP) Amari Theron Soren



Outside Arx - Eastern Approach - Beaches

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

Root, a ferocious badger arrives, following Archeron.

Grandt, House Leary man-at-arms, Abalene, the Northern Hawk Owl, 4 Leary House Guards, Caenn, the Juvenile Scribe, Davrik arrive, following Fairen.

Sir Alren, 2 Templar Knight guards arrive, following Bianca.

Jacinthe, Arindais, a dour-looking Scholar arrive, following Sina.

Alexandre and Rosalie stand together to greet their guests to the reception, both radiant with joy as newlyweds are. The former Wyrmguard is clad in an ensemble of pure white, the bright aeterna immaculate, almost shining beneath the light much as his platinum hair, allowed to fall past his shoulders. His arm is around Rosalie's waist, holding his heart close, while his smile is a grin, bright and happy. "Welcome, and thank you for coming!" he says as guests arrive. "Please, there's food and drinks and place for everyone, let us be merry on this grandiose day!" says the happy man.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Rosalie before departing.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Alexandre before departing.

Desiree arrives with a happy smile for the newlyweds. She looks around with confidence and takes the time to enjoy the scenery.

1 Silvershields arrives, following Yasmine.

5 Silvershields, Jeeves, a sophisticated valet, Yasmine, Harlex arrive, following Rook.

Cora arrives, looking like she hurried to get there. Seeing the happy couple she makes her way thataway, "Alex, Rosa, congratulations to you both. Welcome to the Thrax family Alex." Cora says with a warm smile, hugging Rosa and patting Alex on the shoulder if they let her. Avery is beside Cora and runs over to give both a hug, granted it is mostly their knees she can reach, "Gratulations." she manages to get out, Cora grins and stage whispers, "She practiced all night, I wasn't to tell." and winks. Avery scowls at her.

Bianca descended the cliff side at a slow gait, trailing behind the wedding party for whatever manner of business needed to be taken care of between the service and reception. She proceeded onward across the sands with the trio of Templar guards surrounding her. As she neared the reception proper, two of them fell back to find places of easy observation though Sir Alren remained protectively within ten-ish yards of the Legate. It was Desiress she approached first, leaning to press a light kiss to her cousin's cheek. "You look stunning as always. That gown is beautiful."

Arriving with his small squad of Leary Guards, and dressed in his best seasilk, Marquis Fairen Leary bears a pleasant smile for the newly wed couple, inclining his head at them both. "Thank you for having me." He offers to Alex in response to the greeting, then he smiles softly at them both. "Congratulations on your wedding." He offers, moving over to where Coraline is standing. As Bianca arrives, he smiles over at the Legate, inclining his head at her as well.

Skye arrives at the reception, minus any escort for the evening. She has her long tresses pulled back into a loose twist that allows her chestnut dreadlocks to stay up and out of the way. She is wearing a pale lavender gown with white gloves and matching boots. She gives the newlyweds a sweet smile, "I am so happy for you Lord Alexandre, Lady Rosalie." She gives a dainty curtesy and then steps away to let others come up and greet. She has a small envelope in her hand and makes sure to hand it off to one of the attendents who are accepting the gifts.

Desiree looks to her cousin and smiles. "Bianca, thank you for the kind words. You also look amazing. I'm so glad to see you here."

Fredrik arrives with Zara upon his arm, his guards already disbursed to watch the rest of the proceedings. His umbra suit may be the exact opposite of Alexandre's in color and light, but his smile is just as radiant and bright, approaching the couple and telling them, "I couldn't be happier for you /both/, you hear me? Welcome to the family, nephew," He tells Alexandre in particular, with a heartfelt sincerity to him as he claps the man on the shoulder before making way to the others waiting to greet the newlyweds.

Scout Rowenova ultimately arrives with Sir Floppington (who might seem to be somewhat tired, but he soldiers on)! The tipsy scout picks up a brandy bottle and nearby cup, pours up to the fill line, then glances around toward those who have shown up. For the time being, she mostly keeps to her own self then slides sideways to check out the odd tent atop the table top over here?

Rosalie is wearing a dazzling smile that rivals even her new husband's shiny attire, tucked in close to his side as they greet their guests. She gives Coraline a tight hug and beams that warm smile out to her, "Thank you for coming, Cora. We're so happy to share this with everyone." Leaning down, she stage-whispers to Avery, "Its okay, I practiced my lines all last night too. Kes is over near the pits, watching the roasting pigs. I bet you two could find a monster to slay on the beach if you're careful!" Straightening up, she lifts a hand towards Bianca, sending her a grateful smile before turning to grin at Fairen, "Thank you!" And then to Skye as well, giggling, "Please enjoy yourself!"

Kes is indeed over at the roasting pits in her own prety aeterna dress with pink silk roses in her hair today, barefoot now that they're on the beaches. She lets out a squeal when she spots Avery and quickly runs over to grab her friend and haul her away for an ADVENTURE!

It's not too long before Victus is making his way down to the dunes, retinue and all at his back as he wades onto the sand. His coat slowly trails in the breeze while his guardsmen disperse. Over one shoulder is a sling that holds his axe, the other one being occupied by the Claw of Arx herself as she cast her disdainful eye upon the gathering. His own gaze moves over the proceedings while he finds himself a spot out-of-the-way.

Zara is in violet hues that day, her fingers on Fredrik's arm and she waits as he greets the couple before she does as well. "I am so very happy for you both..." She says to Alex and Rosa, stepping up she kisses ROsalie's cheek and then Alexandre's. She winks at the couple but has already had her gifts delivered, so simply moves with Fredrik so others can greet the couple.

Somewhere out from the beaches, wedged closer to the shore, a war galley steadily appears. As it anchors a ways out, a small party of individuals disbark in a transport raft, oared by several muscled individuals for hire. As it gets closer and closer to shore, the rainbow colours of Yasmine, composed fair face of Rook and woodland green covered Harlex can be seen. It isn't until it hits the beach that there's any real communication given to those on the sandy surface of true, solid earth. "That was way worse than a river!" Rook insists of Yasmine and Harlex as he clambers out of the boat, splashing silk-covered boots with water as he tries to reach for his companion in an effort to help her out, while glancing to Harlex. "This was a terrible idea," he insists to the sellsword while shaking his head, not quite an apology, but a mild complaint for the lot of them. Clearly they've just hailed from said war galley, a craft of Islander design, commonly found in Thraxian fleets and that of their vassals.

Bianca chuckled softly in reply to Desiree, "Thank you. I was happy to be a part of the service and blessed all the more to see the unification of the two bloodlines. I have a few to greet, would you care to walk with me?" She offered her arm to the fellow Wyrmguard, though head bowed graciously in return to Rosalie's distant smile. Fairen got a nod of her head as well though it seemed she was to be heading his direction soon.

Rowenova peeks up under the skirt of the table cloth but at such angle where there would be no one else to see what is up in there. She slinks away from such strange snooping to instead queue for meeting up with the newly weds.

Avery bolts over to Kes and off the adventure together, Rosalie gets a bright sunny smile at her words of encouragement and another knee hug before that pelting towards her friend

Jacinthe, Arindais, a dour-looking Scholar leave, following Sina.

"Thank you, it's an honour to be." Alexandre tells Coraline, and chuckles when Avery gives her greetings. "That was done most properly, Her Highness would not have been able to do better." he assures the girl. Next, Fairen is greeted with a smile and a nod. "Of course, and thank you Marquis. Please, feel free to mingle and partake." And then Skye! "Thank you, Baroness. It is a pleasure to have you." And then Fredrik's here! "Thank you, uncle." he grins to the man. "I'm overjoyed to be here and for this moment to have finally come." And then Zara must be greeted! "Thank you, Your Highness. I'm glad you could make it." And then... a war galley shows up. "I... what?" he blinks. For some reason, he hadn't expected that method of dynamic entrance.

Fredrik watches the war galley park next to his beloved Redemption on the beach, and chuckles quietly. "See, now why didn't I think of that?" He half-complains to Zara, moving past Helia and ruffling his daughter's hair as he does so. "Makes one wonder.." He shrugs it off for now, content to snag up a bit of rum from the table after fetching whatever drink Zara would prefer.

Fairen has joined the Beneath Trees.

Yasmine looks doubtfully at Rook as he reaches to take her and baby Yelena off the raft and too shore. Pointedly, the dancer looks to Harlex instead, offering a beaming smile as she nods at the shore. "We can't risk getting saltwater on so much good silk." There is a twinkle in her gold-flecked eyes as she waits to be transported from raft to beach, reiterating amiably to Rook, "I thought it was fun! You're only silk because you drank nearly a magnum of champagne and are -drunk-, Rook Grayward."

Meanwhile, Helia is smiling like the sun, happy to remain in the background for the moment so as to make sure that any of the kids present don't wander into the sea and drown their little selves to death. A good thing that she's only wearing a dress of red cotton for the occasion, all the better to wade into the waters. Nonetheless there's a glitter of gems amid her dark hair, and at the scabbard of of garnet-studded silk swordbelt. Giving little waves to all those she knows, and bows to those whose status require such, she nods towards Rosalie and Alexandre with an expression of pure happiness written across her sun-warmed features. hen when Fredrik ruffles her hair, she stick her tongue out at him before bowing to Zara and chirping, "Your highness, so good to see you!" Then it's back to

Desiree nods to Bianca. "I would be happy to walk with you." She takes Bianca's arm. "There are many people I don't believe I have met."

Then it's back to watching and smiling! That's what Helia's going to do >.>

Rook checked stamina + survival at difficulty 30, rolling 23 lower.

Skye follows Alexandre's gaze towards where the war galley is. Her blue eyes widen in surprise but she manages not to gape her mouth at the arrival of Rook and his party. She gives a gentle wave in their direction and then goes back to greeting others who are there since there is no apparent danger. Fredrik gets the next greeting as the young baroness comes up to him and his companion, "Count Fredrik, it is good to see you."

Just as silent as ever, Fairen folds his hands in front of himself and watches everyone arrive, all of the greetings and so forth observed. Bianca approaches his spot under the trees, and he smiles back at her, though his attention seems to linger fondly on the newly wed couple for a moment longer. Towards Fredrik, he smiles and inclines his head at him as well.

Zara chuckles once if softly, "Because your Redemption was already in port.." She points out to Fredrik, accepting the mead that he hands to her. Those dark eyes flicker over the warship as well a Rook and Yasmine, who both get a dip of her chin as she takes her first sip. When Helia greets her a smile touches Zara's lips, "You as well Helia!" She calls as the girl turns back to her conversation.

Laughing at the sight of the galley on the horizon, and its occupants, Rosalie leans in to murmur something to Alexandre before turning to pull Helia into a tight hug! "Thank you for your gifts, its perfect." Releasing her cousin, she looks towards where Victus has set up shop and grins at him, then points to the table covered in tented silk. Looking back to Alex, she smiles warmly up at her husband and kisses his cheek.

Bianca leaned toward her cousin to murmur something, her free hand lifting to rest atop Desiree's which was at the crook of the Legate's elbow.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Rosalie before departing.

Harlex isn't a showy man. But, well, that bottle of whiskey in his hand gave him some courage. He waited at the bow of their smaller vessel. Boot on the wooden bench. He looks back at the war galley a moment and then Rook and then Yasmine. He gives a steady nod and offers his hand. If, when, accepted he would carry her to the shore. In style. This of course does get HIS well tailored clothes rather soaked. But the sellsword wouldn't mind. Not at all.

Rowenova eventually reaches speaking distance, for a Norther voice (which actually means she might be a ways away yet is clearly audible). Piping up with a distinct accent from the nearby-Whitehold climes. "Congratulations to you both!" says she to the married folk. She holds up her brandy cup in a toasting motion before she just knocks that right on back.

Fredrik lifts his glass to Fairen there from a fair distance away. "Yes, dear Zara, but I could have sailed it out and /then/ smacked it onto the shore. So very dramatic, I'm a bit envious." He dips a nod to Skye and a warm smile. "Baroness, how lovely to see you! And you of course over the, Marquis Fairen!" And a dip of his head to Bianca in utter respect, even if he just say her at the ceremony.

Seryna, a charming Lycene handmaiden, 6 Grimhall House Guards arrive, following Vanora.

Bianca nodded to the murmurs between the Wyrmguards, a bow of her head granted to Fredrik upon his acknowledgment in a similar respectful show before she led Desiree toward Fairen and any nearby company!

"I am not drunk," Rook insists, imperiously, mid-wobble. "It's the water! Holy Magnata insists I find no sure footing until Petrichor welcomes me back into the embrace of the land I was born on!" Then, as if Harlex is the only sure anchor to stability, he watches as Yasmine is carried to shore by their retained escort. "Well, then. I see how it is. Let's go and greet our guests, yes?" he prompts in query, while beginning to arduous journey up sandy dunes to where the reception is being held. Upon sighting the flock of well-wishers, he drags them that way, meanwhile the poor old gentleman Jeeves is flagging behind, carrying more than his senior status should have him do so. Nobody ever respects their elders. "Lady Rosalie, hello! This must be your husband! When you've a moment, do please take the gifts from our... Jeeves? JEEVES!"

"Count Fredrik. A pleasure to see you again. It's been far too long since we've last shared a conversation. My apologies for not having the time to show up at the dinner event you held recently." Fairen offers towards the Count in question, though he is careful not to raise his voice to high. Then he turns to smile at both Desiree and Fairen again, watching as they make their way near him.

Maxene, Pellinor, 4 Thrax Guards, Honey Snuggle, a Velenosian Angora cat arrive, following Alarissa.

Rosalie's hug is returned as Helia grins wide, "My pleasure! You both deserve lovely things and all the happiness in the world." Then a bow to Victus, respectful, before Helia keeps watching her surroundings. Her hand is always at the hilt of her sword, but she looks relaxed nonetheless.

Skye continues to circulate, making her way over to Victus with a sweet smile on her face, "High Lord Victus, it is good to see you today." She gives him a deep curtesy that is appropriate for his station, "Is your lovely wife going to be attending the festivities?" She eyes his cat with a careful look, knowing that she smells of her pups and does her best not to anger the moody kitty.

Zara tries very hard not to chuckle at Fredrik's word, and she seems to clear her throat softly before she speak to Fredrik again, "Oh you could have, but that would have taken away from Rosalie's day to have her Uncle ram his ship into the show, and I like Redemption just how she is without any new scruff marks.." She is silent when Fairen speaks but nods towards him as well.

Fairen gets a Cora wave and hug, then she sees Victus and of course that requires a proper bow, a little grin indicating she knows he doesn't think he needs it. Skye, Rook, Helia, Yasmine, and Rowenova all get waves as well. Bianca gets a nod of greeting because damn Cora respects the hell out of her after watching how she handled that skeevy guy.

The Lady Vanora is not precisely on time but also not too late, clearly. She wanders onto the beach alone, green eyes skimming the area and locating Rosalie, whom she approaches first. "Congratulations sweetheart, I wish you and your Alexandre every possible happiness." Her smile is bright and engaging, and the young bride is greeted with an air kiss to each cheek, in the Lycene manner.

Arriving for now on his lonesome is the something somethingth cousin of Rosaline, namely Archeron Tyde. With a rather large badger in tow. The Tyde lord approaches the couple and gives a smile to Rosalie "I hope that you have a very happy marriage, Lady Rosalie. Tyde wishes you nothing but the very best - we now the path that Redtyde now walks, one we ourselves walk, to re-establish all that was. And I hope you and Lord Fredrik - sorry, Count Fredrik now - know that you will continue to have our fullest support." Alexandre gets an appraising look from the lanky Tyde before he nods "And a good match. My grandmother was a Telmar who married into Tyde. Welcome Lord Alexandre. If you need to learn how to handle a bow on the waves, do get in touch."

Desiree looks toward Fairen and smioes as she walks with Bianca. "Hello! This is such a beautiful party."

Fredrik, for his part, smiles at Fairen and waves a hand. "We all have our business, Fairen, I wouldn't dream of being offended. But we really /must/ sit down and discuss things, and soon, I insist." All friendly banter as he takes a sip of his drink. "You've been so good to my family, after all!" He glances aside to Rosalie and Alexandre, sighing quietly. "Ah, young and in love...Gods, so good for them." A flicker across his face, something darker, but it disappears at once as he turns his gaze to Archeron. "Lord Archeron, my dear cousin-from-another-House! My eternal thanks, as always. Have you met Princess Zara?" He gestures to the woman next to him, before murmuring aside to her, "I think after a couple hours, Rosie might ask me to ram the party anyway, hmm?"

After a bit of odd staring on the sidelines, Victus finally snaps out of his whatever stupor he'd been in while strategizing how best to 'attack' a social gathering of this size. His suddenly alert gaze snaps to Skye, whilst giving proper nods to Fairen, Helia, and Rosalie as well. "Ah, good day Baroness." He greets amicably, whilst Lilybelle glared on. "I hope so, though she's gettin' along with our new litter. I wouldn't be surprised if I go home to find her lounging on a couch while tormenting some poor serving folk with requests of melon and cheese from across the city. I've been through this song and dance twice now, I think I'm gettin' good at understanding how this 'pregnant' thing works."

Eventually, the raft-party's entrance is processed, and Alexandre turns back to Rosalie, confusion fading to happiness again. He resumes his greetings of the guests, smiling at Helia while she and Rosalie greet each other. While Vanora approaches, Alexandre meets Archeron, greeting the man with a nod. "Thank you, Lord Archeron. I may, especially on handling anything on the waves. I am more used to the horse than the sea, but look forward to standing fast on both." And then Rook is coming over! "That I am, and happily so." he grins at the man, and glances at Rosalie for introductions. He may have been depending upon her for all other introductions thus far. Maybe.

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Yasmine gives Harlex a little pat once he deposits her on the shore. Baby Yelena squeals at him as she finds it great fun to see the water and all the people and especially Harlex, with who she seems quite taken with. Once on shore, the dancer puts the baby on her hip and murmurs to Rook as she joins him to greet the newlyweds, "You -are- drunk. You have that cute little lip curl that you get when you've had too much champagne. A few more drinks and you'll-" The conclusion of the sentence is left unrevealed as Rosalie is greeted. "Lady Rosalie! You look lovely and this is some kind of party! Congratulations!" She glances to Alexandre, "And you must be the new husband. Ooh, he's cute, Lady Rosalie. Nice catch!"

Bianca dipped a nod of greeting to Coraline in return, her soft smile ever present as she neared the grouping by Fairen. "Ladies and gentlemen. The gods smile upon this day and the union that has come to pass." And with the more official vernacular spoken, that soft smile cracked further into a small grin. "May I introduce the lady, Desiree Wyrmguard. Voice of House Wyrmguard."

A faint tightening of Fredrik's posture as Victus is heard and seen, but the lapse is momentary and he smiles politely as he turns to the High Lord. "Just don't tell a pregnant woman 'i understand how you feel' too loudly, in my experience, it tends to result in things being hurled forcibly at your person. At least in my experience." A faint shudder at the memory...Memories.

Skye gives a sweet smile to Victus, "Oh I am happy to find that she's resting and taking care of herself." She stifles a giggle at the mention of Alarissa sending servants to take care of her cravings, "But if I have not done so, please accept my congratulations." She gives a glance at the wedded couple with perhaps a bit of envy, "I suppose at some point, once matters settle at Blackshore, I shall have to tie the knot myself."

Gratefully and affectionately accepting the hug from Coraline, Fairen smiles at her softly. Then he shifts to address Fredrik with a compassionate smile and incline of his head. "I appreciate your kind words. I greatly look forward to our future discussions in all matters. Has Redtyde started work on an estate in Arx? I don't mean to invite myself over, but I would love to see it." He says, then smiles back at Desiree and Bianca. "Well, when two of the House's I consider to be friends of mine bind together in matrimony, it is sure to be a wonderous occasion." Though he quiets himself as Bianca begins to speak, and he turns his attention to her. Which he follows with smiling softly at Desiree, at introduction.

Vanora leans in closer to whisper something in Rosalie's ear, a wry smile on her lips. She turns then to Alexandre and dips her head in greeting. "You must be the lucky groom. I was just telling your bride how breathtaking she looks. Lady Vanora Grimhall." She introduces herself. "You know I'm actually half Oathlander, technically. My mother was among your vassals, a Blanchard. The current count is my uncle. We are practically kin." Not really, but it amuses her to say so.

"Thank you, Mistress Rowenova! I hope you enjoy the festivities!" Rosalie calls back with a wave towards the brandy-laden scout, smiling brightly. Turning back to greet Rook, she giggles and gives a nod, "Master Grayward, thank you so much for coming! And what a grand entrance too! We've food and drink, I made sure there is champagne on ice if you like.." Then she's looking to poor Jeeves and quickly turning to nab a passing server to whisper to him, sending the younger man off to go help the aged servant. Rosalie turns in time to greet Vanora, offering air kisses in return and smiling warmly, "Thank you so much, Lady Vanora! Alex and I are so very happy and I don't see that going away anytime soon!" Laughing at something the Grimhall lady says, she murmurs back and flashes a grin before turning to receive Archeron. "My lord Archeron, thank you! We are blessed to have Tyde's presence at our reception and we look forward to many long years of happiness." A pause for breath and then she's grinning up at Alex and murmuring to him. PUlling back just in time, she turns a dazzling smile towards Yasmine, "Oh thank you! We're so very blessed with our marriage, Mistress Yasmine. And I am so very happy you could be here!"

Harlex nods steadily after he wades through the water with mother and child. The pat earns a small smile but he, while no one is looking, makes a face at Yelena that involves his eyes crossing. It's very funny. But secretive. So secret. He dusts the sand from his boots and adjusts his sword belt. His weapon respectfully peace tied. The knife too. Once that's all done he walks steadily to Rosalie and Alexandre. The former is given a slight smile, the latter is given his hand to shake. "Congratulations, you two. Really." The grim-faced mercenary says.

Rowenova holds up a thumbs up toward Rosalie. "Good brandy!" says she toward the new bride before turning back toward the food tables and slow scanning those tasty vittles. She prowls up to the innocent food and tears off one meaty rib from the roast pork!

Seeing Coraline send a wave his way, a not-entirely-alcohol-inspired finger-wriggle is given back, before he inclines his head to Alexandre before following through in a full bow of respect. "A pleasure to have met you, then," he says, lip curling up mischievously, before he glancing back at Yasmine and then straightens it -oh so suddenly-. "Slander." To Harlex, he murmurs, "If it were anyone else, I'd have you throw down for my honour, but alas-- perfection before us, and a duel is hardly appropriate at a wedding!" Then, a few long moments later, Jeeves makes it and passes over a basket to Yasmine-- taking Yelena briefly in the process-- and a few items to Rook. These are, in turn, handed over to the newly-weds. "Ah, there we go. So," he begins, with a breath, "my lovely companion knew what exactly to get your wife," he tells the groom, "but I was somewhat without an inkling on to what to get you, never having had the pleasure to meet you until now, so--" he pauses. "Every Thraxian man, as I understand it, isn't worth his salt until he's sailed. I should like to present you with this," he utters with a book, "and this," a scroll. "Which means... that." A gesture, almost flippant, to the war galley out at sea. A brilliant smile for Rosalie, as well as a blown kiss, in platonic but no less enthusiastic acknowledgement of her words.

Zara turns those dark eyes to Archeron as she is introduced and she dips her chin gracefully, " A pleasure Lord Archeron.." She says softly, with so many coming and going it might be a little harder to speak with each one. A squeezes to Fredrik's arm and she shakes her head at him, "Maybe, but do remember she is the social one, she enjoys such things at as this.."

Desiree looks at Fairen with a glad smile. "It's very nice to meet you Marquis Leary. I am very excited for my cousin alexandee and Lady Rosalie. I can see how much they care for one another."

Helia's waves back to Coraline, all merriness and good cheer as she continues to nod and bow and greet anyone who approaches her. She flashes a bright grin at Alexandre, then looks down and whatheheckisthat. It's a badger. The swordswoman stares at it like she's never seen one before. And that's because she has never seen one before. But then she shrugs lightly and smiles at Archeron. "My Lord, good to see you." And then WAIT. What's that? It's a Rowenova. So Helia grins and waves really hard at the scout. "Hi!"

"Oh yes, RedTyde Villa! It's almost directly across the street from the Tyde Hall," Fredrik explains to Fairen in the midst of the mass of people milling about in celebration. he takes the time to snag a few appetizers though, being old and needing to munch on things more often. That's how it works, of course. "You are welcome anytime, Marquis, of course, just send a letter and I will arrange something. It's still under construction, but the courtyard and several other areas are suitable for a good dinner." He suddenly blinks. And peers sidelong at Rook and Rosalie over there. "Did Rook just give my niece a war galley?" He sounds flabbergasted, albeit in a good way. There might even be a tear in his eye. "My niece has a war galley."

Helia then turns and gasps. Rosalie has a war galley.

"A pleasure to meet you Lady Desiree, it is a pure joy to have gotten to know Lord Alexandre thus far." Cora says cheerfully.

Moving away from the bride and groom that others might have their chance to offer congratulations, Vanora turns towards Victus and steps in his direction, offering her greeting in the form of a curtsy instead of Lycene air kisses. "Good day, your Grace. You are well armed for attending a party, are we expecting krakens to attempt to sneak champagne?" A smile with her words, and warmth in those green eyes.

Volare arrives, following Jordan.

"Milady, it is a pleasure." Alexandre greets Vanora, giving a smiling nod. "A Blanchard, truly? I've had the pleasure to go through their lands on a few occasions, during my patrols for the Knights of Solace." Harlex is likewise greeted, his hand shaked in a firmly welcoming grip. "Thank you. Please, feel free to enjoy the company, as well as the drinks and food on offer!" And then Rook and Yasmine! "A pleasure, Master Rook, Mistress Yasmine." Alexandre says in turn, smiling. "The ship was a rather a propos method, well done." he tells the couple. And then Rook basically gives him a ship. "What." Processing. Looking at the scroll. Book. Ship. Back again. Then Rook. Then Yasmine. Then Rosalie. Then back again. Processed. "Thank you, Master Rook." he says before he's too far gone. "It seems you never fail to catch me by surprise, but I am truly grateful." he grins.

Archeron bows his head to Zara as Fredrik makes his introductions "Princess Zara. A pleasure yes. I am afraid I am also stealing one of your vassals....though I do not think she is here at the moment. Lady Amari Keaton." Archeron's attention is caught by Fredrik's clenching and the Tyde sighs "Fredrik." He says to the older man, his voice for once full of seriousness and sympathy "The past is not a place to call home - our cousin has shown what path that leads on." His eyes glance back towards Victus and he waves amicably at the High Lord "Oh, Fredrik. Do you know anyone nice for Lethe? The Northlands has proven...disappointing."

Skye gives a look to Rook and it's clear she thinks he gave the best gift, "Oh that's lovely!" The young baroness is very impressed. She gives a gentle smile to Vanora as she arrives since she's standing next to Victus, "M'lady, it's good to see you." She takes a moment to steal another glance at the warship.

Skye is overheard praising Rook: Best gift ever!

Harlex scratches the side of his beard. He studies Rook and says, with great consideration, "If that happens. I have to let you win, right?" He nods. "Surely would be only right if I carry you back to the city, when the festivities are done." A man of true compromise.

Fredrik is overheard praising Rook.

Rosalie is overheard praising Rook: Thank you does not begin to cover this generosity.

Smiling softly back at Desiree, Fairen inclines his head in agreement. "A very happy couple indeed. Though I must admit I pity your cousin some, with Lady Rosalie's desires to bear a dozen heirs." All said, in good natured humor with a soft chuckle and a grin as he looks back at the couple. "Lady Valitina is enough of a hassle already. Even with the nurses." Then he turns back to Fredrik with his soft smile. "I appreciate your invitation, and I assure you, it's one I will be sure to take you up on as soon as we are both able. Of course, you are just as welcome to Leary House, anytime you should wish."

Rosalie is overheard praising Yasmine: Thank you does not begin to cover this generosity.

Zara is overheard praising Rook: Warship, as a gift.. Perfect.

Alexandre is overheard praising Rook: Still processing.

Helia is overheard praising Rook: Holy shit! Rosalie has a warship!

Alexandre is overheard praising Yasmine: Still processing.

Zara is overheard praising Yasmine: Warship, as a gift.. Perfect.

Rook checked composure + etiquette at difficulty 15, rolling 32 higher.

Harlex's secret faces made Yelena giggle hysterically, practically hiccuping. She's still giggling as she passed off to Jeeves and kicks her little legs in delight. Yasmine watches with pride as Rook presents the gift of the war galley, grinning herself as she offers, "Rook would not let me have red phoenixes painted all over it. He said it would be 'tacky'." The dancer sniffs and glances over her shoulder at the galley before shrugging and sniffing. "Oh, well. I suppose it is still alright." Then, with a grin of delight, she passes her own gifts over to Rosalie. "So, I didn't get you a shop, but I did get you a basket of sweets because I have heard honeymoons are very exhausting and you'll want to keep your strength up. Also, something sparkly just for you."

Rook says, "Congratualte the newlyweds, not gifts given, people! We are but following the commandments of Gild."

Helia is overheard praising Yasmine: Which means Alexandre has one too!

Bianca gently unraveled her arm from Desiree's as she was welcomed in greeting into the conversation, but it seemed the Legate would not be lingering. She withdrew as unobtrusively as she could from the grouping, saving her farewells rather than disturb the merriment itself and quietly retreating back to the cliff.

Rowenova gradually sways her own self toward Helia, doing so with this pork rib with delicious meat she hungrily gnaws (despite having already eaten on a delivered dinner not long ago). As she finally arrives, and her 4-booze smell cannot really be missed. She can still walk and slow talk, though! "Hey..." Momentarily pausing, she digs up more words, "Great turnout, yeah?" Then, the wolf scout also lifts her pork rib toward Coraline, too, before turning back toward Helia once more. "I hope you have been well."

"Marriage makes things much easier. You have a partner to intimately take over the work load for all the shit you're bad at or don't feel like doing." Victus mused with such... 'wisdom' behind his tone as he hoists that axe a bit higher on his shoulder. "There's also politics, of course. But it's good to think about yourself too when picking the hopefully forever-partner. Especially if you gotta raise kids too. You wanna make sure they look good." He turns back toward the proceedings, Fredrik catching his eye. "I've had many things hurled at me. It's nothin' new." Then onto Vanora. "Lady Vanora. I'm told I was meant to be armed for a 'shock and awe' surprise. I'm still speculatin' what that could be, but I'm gonna imagine it's not involving a lot of bloodshed." Finally, another gaze out to Rosalie and Alexandre, the newly-weds with their giant boat. "Good shit!"

"Oh, if I were angry, dear cousin, this would be an /incredibly/ different situation," Fredrik assures Archeron firmly, clasping him on the shoulder, if allowed. "You were children, so it is different, but I do understand, I truly do. Do not fret, I am merely offering him helpful advice! Last time I told a woman I understood her pain? She threw a vase at my face." he indicates a small scar on his chin. He bows a nod to Fairen at the invitation. "My many thanks, Marquis! Your people will contact mine soon, I'm sure...Sorry, still processing my niece with her own warship. I mean, as my Voice, she has access to my ships anyway, but still..." He is no doubt contemplating all the things she could get into with this.

Desiree shakes her head with disbelief. "A dozen! Lady Rosalie is much tougher than I am." She looks from Fairen to Coraline. "It is a pleasure to meet you also."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Harlex before departing.

Helia, for once, isn't drinking! Amazing! But that's because she's watching out for the kids, and working guard duty, even though there are about a thousand guards here already. One hand on the hilt of her sword, yet without looking like she's going to stab anyone just yet, she beams at Rowenova and chuckles. "Great indeed!" Then an incline of her head, "Been doing pretty well! I hope you've been been having good times since I last saw you, too."

Harlex absconds from the others and toward the table where he could smell the deep burnt pleasure of whiskey waiting for him. He had one fixed up and moves off then to the margins of the crowd to observe the ocean, the distant war galley, and resigned to hear the chatter around him, to drink, and contemplate the waves.

Still reeling from the gift of the ship, Rosalie turns wide eyes and a warm smile gracing her lips. Accepting the basket and box, she leans in to murmur something to Yasmine, pressing a kiss to her cheek as she pulls back. The gifts are hugged close with a smile, apparently as thrilled with the smaller, thoughtful gifts as she is with the ship! Lifting her head, she grins towards Victus, "Yes! Yes, I do have a surprise for you, High Lord! In fact, I don't see why we should need to wait! Its right under that silk covering on the steel table!" Then she's grinning towards Desiree, "No less than a dozen! More if there are twins!" Then she's taking Alex's hand and smiling towards Rook, Yasmine, and Harlex, "You should all get a kick out of this... come see!" And she's pulling her new husband along towards the steel table.

"Told to be armed for a shock and awe surprise. Hmm. Perhaps I will remain standing here by you just in case." Vanora murmurs to Victus. There is a genuine smile offered to Skye then as well. "Baroness Blackshore, it seems like forever since I have seen you. I do hope you are doing well. We ought sit down and catch up sometime yes?" To Alexandre she adds. "A Blanchard indeed. Carole Blanchard. She married out and into Pravus, and I've never really known that side of the family. It was an odd match to be honest, but my mother is a...unique woman."

"We were children, Fredrik." Archeron agrees, his voice still gentle "But, we are not any longer. We have seen our own wars, and had to grow up quicker than perhaps otherwise we might have. And became strangers in our own lands. And well. I am sure I will earn many vases, but I doubt Rosalie would be so wasteful - vases are quite expensive. A good lump of metal or wood works far better and tends to bounce more off the head." Archeron turns and looks at the multitude of people coming "I take it you didn't invite cousin Reveka, Fredrik? She was never much fun at parties, and I get the impression this hasn't improved" Ah. Back to his lighter tone and the world is no longer serious, but something to laugh at.

Rosalie drops Man sized shark cake.

Jordan arrives late to the party, but arrives nevertheless. He nods to those present, bows to Victus and the assorted royalty before coming up to speak to Alexandre. "Congratulations, my Lord." Passing the man a small leather bag with a sheaf of economic writs, there's a another smile as he bows in Rosalie's direction as well, uttering the same. He'll spend a moment to drink the refreshments and eat the food.

"A full dozen, no less. As I understand it." Fairen offers towards Desiree with a chuckle and a grin, shaking his head. "I do not blame you for not wishing to bear so many heirs. It's quite the number. A small army, as least." He says, chuckling again and look back to Fredrik. Not missing that Rosalie and Alexandre have just been gifted a warship, he arches his brow at the couple and the gifting couple both, looking at them in contemplation. Looking back at Fredrik, he begins to say something, then catches himself and starts again. "Take your time. I still haven't a clue how to process that myself."

Skye gives a polite nod at Victus words, "Oh well then I shall endeavour to make sure my future husband is not hideous so I have lovely children." She gives a impish smile and leaves her high lord to seek out Fredrik. She turns to Vanora to give a nod, "Oh yes, it's been some time." She motions to the big crowd, "I don't usually go to big parties...they're a bit overwhelming for me. But this...on the beach, it's just lovely."

Rowenova ultimately utilizes her healthy teeth and draws off the remaining meat from the pork bone in one slick motion before chewing away. After swallowing, Rowenova replies back to Helia while waving the rib bone side to side some, "Sliding scale..." She does not really tell exactly where she currently lands, though, to not be too depressing. She half grins, then. "It pleases me to hear you have been well. I hope that continues."

All right, maybe Alexandre wasn't done processing, since he seems to have gotten back to staring at the ship. But Vanora speaking to him is enough to break him out of it, at least for now, as he nods. "I see. Still, it seems the odd match didn't turn out too badly, for here you are, with a match of your own to celebrate and cherish." Alexandre smiles. And then Jordan is greeted with a nod and a smile. "Thank you, Sir Jordan. I'm glad you could make it to the celebration. Please, feel free to partake of all on offer!" And then he's being pulled away by Rosalie. "What is it?" he asks, looking back to the steel table curiously.

Cora grins at Rowenova, "I have yes, busy as always but doing well. How about yourself? Is Arik keeping you hopping?"

"I've never seen Harlex without a bottle, have you?" Rook asks Yasmine, watching as the man wanders to the drink, as if studiously considering it. "Come to think of it, most soldiers fight drunk, don't they? I think it gives them the courage to swing metal sharp sticks at other metal sharp sticks." Since they're being called, of course, he looks towards the man sized shark cake with an expression of consideration. "That's a lot of cake," is a wisp of breath managed, before he looks momentarily ill (as if he imagined eating it all), and then suddenly -very hungry- (imagining eating a chunk). "Harlex, I need you! Champion the cake for me!" he insists, running (well, more like prancing) up the beach towards the man and hauling him away from silent reverie and guardsman watch duties. "Bring the whole bottle, if they don't have champagne, I'm absolutely devestated but might need to share." Yes, this is the new duty he's determined for the Crimson Blade. Cake eating. "Whyever did you get such a huge cake, my lady?" he prompts of the Redtyde noblewoman.

Vanora grins at Skye. "I have three boys and none of them look a whit like me. All blond and blue-eyed. So you really must consider a non-hideous husband, because that sort of thing is known to happen."

Fredrik drifts to follow after Victus, murmuring aside to Archerong, "I have a feeling that her arrival might spark rather more red in this party than is tasteful, as enjoyable as it might be to see this be her last party." Not a fan of the rampaging Tyde pirate, it seems. Or any pirates, really. He pauses next to Victus as he peers at the enormous, life-like shark cake. "Well, that's.../Something/, for certain. Might need an axe, to cut that," he wagers, glancing aside to the High Lord. "If you don't, sure Rosalie will try and give you that 'look' she gets. Trust me, you don't want that."

And then it's time to process the cake. Lots of things to process for poor Alexandre! But he doesn't seem to mind, by his laughter at the sight of the cake.

Victus' brow perks right up as Rosalie gives him free reign of this 'surprise'. With a shifty-eyed glance left to right, he meanders his way to the silken covered table. With a mighty yank, he tosses the wrappings aside as if whatever was below would leap out at him. One might think it would, given the person-sized predator cake that was lurking beneath. Confusion hits at first, then suddenly recognition as an ear-to-ear grin spread across his face. "Ah! Of course!" In a flash he's got that massive alaricite axe in his hands. "It's a good thing I prepared ahead by bringing THE BIG AXE." It was a pretty big axe indeed. "Stand back, Count Redtyde. I will handle this threat." He assures Fredrik as he hefts that mighty weapon up above his head, a snarling war-cry echoing out as he brings it down upon the shark's 'neck' area. Beware for those in the splash zone.

Victus has rolled a critical success!
Victus checked strength + huge wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 81 higher.

"Ah, right!" If Helia knows what Rowenova's talking about, she doesn't linger on the thought, but instead flashes the scout the friendliest of smiles. "Onwards and upward, right?" Then to Coraline and the scout both, she gets a bit of a dreamy smile on her face. "Ah, this is SO lovely. I'm so happy for Rosa and Alex." And then a look to the side. Cake! A look to another side. Jordan! She's stuck between waving at the knight and staring at the cake. In the end she settles with, "Hey, Sir Jordan!" A grin, "Look at that badass cake!" Then a gasp!

Fredrik checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 0 higher.

Yasmine lingers behind a moment to watch Rook -prance- up the beach to the cake. Yeah, but he's totally not drunk, right? The Ravashari rolls her eyes and, as she trails behind him, coos at baby Yelena, "That's your papa, precious goldenfoot." The baby laughs again, hiccuping slightly. Upon spying the shark and Victus' intent to cleave into the thing, the dancer's dark eyebrows lift and she slightly turns herself to protect the baby from flying cake shrapnel.

Because what the heck is Victus doing? Helia is BAMBOOZLED.

Desiree watches Rosalie with a grin. "I suppose I'll have a lot of little cousins to come spoil." She looks at the cake and laughs. "That is quite a cake. Also Lady Rosalie, Cousin Alexandee I do have some little gifts for you. They aren't as nice as a warship but congratulations." She waits until it is a good time before handing them the gifts.

Harlex is /hauled/ suddenly from his far off stare. His attention then drawn to the man-sized shark cake. "Pardon?" The swordsman manages to say. His bright eyes taking in "I ain't sure I could eat that, I..." The whiskey is of course brought with him. "I kind of have a diet, keeps me fit." Maybe he lied. "Well, alrig--" His words trumble out as the huge weapon is brought forth and the cake utterly destroyed. Though instinctively, he had pushed Rook back behind him when he saw the glint of that steel. But, obviously, this was very silly. The true monster was the cake, all along.


Skye checked composure + etiquette at difficulty 15, rolling 5 lower.

Fredrik gets /splashed/ by a wad of red-hued cake. Right in the face. He blinks, his expression stunned for a moment before he reaches up, plucks a finger full of it off, and then eats it. "Delicious, Rosie," He declares deadpan, with humor emerging in his eyes. "It is vanquished, let us all partake!"

Cora is about to greet Helia when suddenly there is cake shrapnel flying. SPLAT! Her back is hit. There is cake innards dripping from the back of her head, her shoulders, her back, in fact the whole of her from behind shows the death of a once deadly cake predator. Turning slowly, one brow slowly archs, "Was that /really/ ncecessary?"

Skye is frightened by the sound of a war cry going off at the beach. She gets so overwhelmed, the young lady faints right there in front of Vanora, cleary not at all ready to deal with such a specticle. She is at least graceful as she collapses.

Rowenova offers down the pork bone to Sir Floppington who thankfully accepts that into his hound jowls. Her other hand happily ruffles his floppy ears, "Well, yes, I keep moving, more lateral gliding rather than vertical hopping, though." She ruefully grins before offering out a group, wolfy hug toward Coraline and Helia both. "Yeah, onward and upward is right. Yeah, this is a wonderful Thing, this new union. The first time I ever sat down and talked to Lady Rosalie, I knew she deserved something very good to happen for her."

"This is the first time I've ever seen anyone attack a cake. I'm pleased that I was here to witness it." Vanora states. "A far better foe than krakens who want champagne I think. And if the cake was alive at any surely is no longer."

Fairen has left the Beneath Trees.

Helia checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 40, rolling 37 higher.

After she babbles about cake attacks Vanora notices that Skye has passed out cold, and leans down doing her best to revive her. "Baroness." She whispers, jostling Skye slightly. "I don't have any smelling salts, I suppose next time there is a wedding on the beach where the High Lord is asked to bring his axe, I might realize I ought."

Zara checked composure + etiquette at difficulty 15, rolling 20 higher.

Rosalie stops near the table with Alexandre, grinning broadly towards Victus as he uncovers the cake. Looking towards Rook, she grins even as the cake is slaughtered and red velvet filling and icing fly EVERYWHERE. "That's precisely why such a large cake. There's still plenty left to be portioned out, and a surprise still awaits in the belly of the beast!" Then she's laughing in delight and reaching up to pull a chunk of shark off Alexandre's cheek before offering it to him with a grin, "Care to try the cake, love?"

"There we have it, Lady Rosalie. Your gown is not only stunning but stain resistant, which clearly is a boon at this point." Vanora smiles at the lovely bride.

Accepting the gift from Desiree, Rosalie smiles warmly, "Every gift is appreciated, my lady. Thank you very much. And yes, we will gladly provide you many many cousins to spoil."

Zara has been at Fredrik's side, speaking softly from time to time, as he he wonders over to the High Lord and the cake, well she seems somehow prepared for the huge spray of cake all over her violet silks. There is a moment where she simply stands there and then a graceful finger reaches up and takes a piece of cake from Fredrik's cheek and she brings it to her lips to nibble on it. "Well, it is lovely, for a shark of course.."

"Cousin Desiree!" Alexandre grins, welcoming her. "Yes, it's quite the monster, isn't it? And please, all gifts are welcome, even if your presence here is gift enough. Truly." he smiles. So what happens when a cake is at a risk of exploding? Alexandre steps in front of Rosalie to protect her from the blast, aeterna be damned! It means he gets quite a bit on him, but he doesn't mind, especially if Rosalie's helping getting it off him. Chastely, people. "I certainly wouldn't say no." he answers with matching grin.

"It /is/ a perk of a fashion choice," Fredrik declares to Vanora in his umbra suit, which he is now casually wiping off. He looks to Zara's ruined silks and nods sagely. "Must get you a new outfit. Remind me later, alright?" He blinks at the cheek-fingering, but hey, it's a party, right? He chuckles it off and goes to get himself a proper plate of cake.

Victus had successfully lopped the shark's snarling head right off. The monster slain, the wedding saved. What a hero. "That was a fantastic idea." The now freshly frosted High Lord announces toward the pair of newlyweds, leaving that axe buried into the table. Luckily, it's clean. "My guess is that I'll be able to wrench that free once enough of the shark is devoured. Ah, unfortunate it doesn't have that same toughness of a real hunted shark. But, this is good too." He wipes a handful off his cheek and begins eating right from his palm. "If it makes ya' teeth hurt, it's a good bake."

Yasmine sees Skye go down and like any sensible Prodigal, she moves into action. She passes off the baby to the nearest person, whether that is Harlex, Rook, or some other random bystander. She crouches next to Skye, shifting her own colored skirts so that she can kneel. With a grin to Vanora, Yasmine says with confidence, "You don't need salts. Just a good backhand!" With that, Yasmine slaps the Abyss out of the Blackshore baroness and shouts, "Wake up, my lady! You are missing the shark cake!" She rocks back, satisfied that will do the trick.

Alexandre checked perception at difficulty 15, rolling 15 higher.

Desiree laughs as she watches Victus and the cake. She doesn't even seem to mind that some of it lands on her. " With the gifts given and the cake cut she gives a quick wave to the bride and groom she turns to go.

In a spectacle of grace and dexterity, Helia twirls on one foot and neatly dodges the wodges of red cake-splatterings that fly through the air towards her. The icing on the... well, cake is the way she lifts a hand on midair, snatches up a lump of baked deliciousness and hen pops in her mouth before she comes to a standstill once more. That said, she gets red cake smeared over one cheek, but she doesn't care. She happily chews at her captured treat, smiling back towards Rowenova and Coraline. "That is some TASTY cake." Then she places her hand back on teh hilt. Which gets greasy smears all over it. She wrinkles her nose at that. Ew.

River, a juvenile Oakhaven bloodhound, 3 Tyde Houseguard arrive, following Amari.

2 House Wyrmguard Guards leaves, following Desiree.

Rook insists of Desiree, "I'm probably overcompensating, that's the usual go-to when someone gives too big of a gift, correct? Any and all gifts have sentimental value that far outweigh any economic weight." Then, as he's finished screaming about the cake portions, he steps back and looks down at his silver silk attire and sniffs. "At least it's not mysterious goop." Spying Yasmine -slap- a noblewoman gets him momentarily taken aback, before he answers Harlex's murmur, to say outright, "No, not it's not. I think we've come at a very strange time." Not, of course, admitting that his party of trouble is somewhat responsible for the unheard query.

At the sound of a slap, Fredrik turns to find Yasmine smacking an unconscious Baroness Skye, clearly trying to wake her. "Well..That's not something I see daily." Probably incredibly glad that isn't his problem to deal with at the moment.

Skye is laying on the beach, blinking for a moment as she realizes that she fainted after a rousing slap wakes her. She looks up at Vanora and Yasmine, "Oh my...that was silly of me, wasn't it?" She sits up and realizes that's she's on a beach. Her cheek is stinging. The sand is now in her hair and her dress. She looks in the direction where the loud war cry was made and blushes as she realizes it was just the cutting of the cake, "I should really not go to parties...they do wreck my nerves." Especially when a high lord gives very loud shouts. She gingerly touches her cheek, "Wow...that hurts." It doesn't occur yet that maybe Skye should be angry. She just looks over startled and surprised.

Harlex takes the baby. Cradling her as Yasmine runs off to save Skye. "Your wife's got a strong hand," he tells Rook, complimentary. "Well, at least that cake won't be hurtin' anyone else."

Archeron keeps slightly to the side - Victus' attitude to the cake threat is well known after all - but he chuckles all the same as it happens "I think that we might need to consider some kind of box for people to put axes into at the entrance to our wedding reception. Or maybe I'll just have Root leap out of the cake....that could surprise Victus. Or end with a poor unfortunate accident. Hrm. Maybe not." Archeron then squints over at Yasmine and nudges Fredrik "Are the prodigals attacking the Blackshores now? Ashford gave a great deal in the form of Aislin's life to see that place restored. I would not want some kind of wedding based uprising."

Rook says, "I'm not sure she should be slapping anything, it'll ruin her nails, and she's spent far too much on having them manicured. I think I need that whiskey, Master Valtyr."

At Yasmine's approach and alternate method of revival, Vanora cannot help but laugh. "Oh dear. Well, I hope that works. Remind me never to faint in front of you, my lady." She nods to Fredrik. "Luckily for me I am also prepared for stains, though it is coincidence. I am still relieved that the High Lord only needed to slay dessert." Skye is then revived and claims her attention, the pale once-Pravus bending down to assist the Baroness. "Are you alright, darling? You had quite a spell. It is fortunate that it was here on the sand. Can I help you up?" She offers a hand.

Harlex is holding the bottle and the baby. So he gives Rook the bottle. "Drink up. Tastes expensive."

Clearly tasting the cake from someone's cheek and better than one's clothing, or so it seems for the Princess. Zara hears Fredrik and is about to say something but leaves it along as she starts picking cake out of her hair and clothing. The chunks have to go atleast and they are flickered into a cloth as she walks to the refreshes and grabs an extra napkin. When the slap happens her dark eyes snap in that direction and for a moment she doesn't blink but then turns back to pick up a glass of something for a sip.

"Oh, good. You aren't dead. Rook was very afraid you were dead. You look good now, though. You need a drink? A few shots of whisky might help calm your nerves, yeah?" Yasmine smiles genially and reaches to try to help Skye to her feet. "Prince Victus is fucking terrifying with that ax against defenseless cake. I might have fainted, too, but drinking half a bottle of champagne on the boat helped steel my nerves. Hey, Rook! She's not dead! You can breathe again."

Rook says, "YASMINE! Language."

"Oh, I'm sure it'll be fine! Lady Rosalie and Lord Alexandre have this well in hand, truly." Giving a significant look to his niece and nephew to probably make sure that's all good to go. "RedTyde gatherings are a place of fun and prosperity, where the only thing that gets slain is baked goods and alcohol." He watches the scene with the idle eye of a pure observer, smiling faintly as he nibbles on a bit of crab cake.

Did someone gets slapped? Helia peers over her shoulder towards where Yasmine and Skye are doing their thing. An arch of one eyebrow, then a benevolent smirk. Nah. She's not going to interfere with that.

All Rook gets in return for his admonishment is a rude gesture with the hand not currently trying to help Skye get sorted.

Blinking at the chaos that has descended upon the scene, Rosalie turns a smile towards VIctus first and gives a small bow, "If one is going to invite a High Lord to a party, one should ensure they will enjoy themselves." Then she's giving Alexandre's arm a squeeze and dashing across the sand to steal a bit of the ice from the champagne buckets, wrapping it up in a linen napkin before hurrying over towards Skye. Without hesitation, she kneels in the sand and smiles towards Skye, holding the linen-wrapped ice towards her cheek, "Here, this might help get the swelling and heat down. Is there anything else I can get for you, Baroness?"

Skye gives a shy nod and then holds out a gloved hand to Vanora, "Oh yes...please." She gives a weary look to Yasmine to see that no further slaps are coming her way, "I did not expect that." She gently touches the cheek that is bloomed with her handprint that Skye marks very easily with her pale skin, "Oh no whiskey, champaigne please. I much prefer champaigne." She looks a little more flustered as more eyes look her way. She gives a pained smile to her friend Rosalie, "Oh I'm sorry...I'm making quite the specticle at your lovely wedding. My apologies."

After doling out a few hugs, Rowenova and SirFlop move on to the food table. Once more. She picks out a few things before waving back with a couple in hand then turns away to prowl off with intoxicated swaying and a hound dog behind.

Rook straightens his spine and leans over to Harlex, covering Yelena's eyes, before he says to his affectionately termed 'Champagne knight' who isn't a knight, "Honestly." A word, packed with all the distaste for common crassness.

Oddly, being coated in a mix of red velvet entrails and eating his defeated foe by the handful seems to have immediately put Victus into his element again. Now wading through the crowds with confidence as he finds himself a bottle of something alcoholic. Rum, wine, champagne? Whatever he grabs first. Booze in one hand and cake between his fingers in the other. "Ya' did a brave thing enabling me, Lady Rosalie, at your own reception now less. Respect for that my lady, respect." He muses toward the bride. "You see Lord Alexandre, the Isles are a special place. I'm sure you'll come to find them homely soon enough."

Amari strolls down onto the beach, late, but in her defense, it's not a straight route down here and it's easy to go astray and end up being accosted by ruffians and/or hoodlums in the Lowers. She's brought River with her, a lanky, droopy-faced bloodhound, who happily sticks her nose into the sand and starts tracking after something that leads her seaward. The Keaton stops to pick up a stick, but well, River's already too distracted so she doesn't bother throwing it. "Don't go far!" She warns the dog before turning towards the party proper and finding Archeron, heads directly for him. There's polite smiles of course for anyone she passes, and a curiousity for whatever's happened to Skye.

Vanora offers Skye her hand then and attempts to help the lady to her feet. "I did try whispering and jostling you just didn't accomplish much, and Yasmine's methods were far more effective." Glancing to Rosalie she adds, "You are the sweetest truly, but this is your wedding celebration. Go enjoy. We will help any causalities from the cake cutting." With that, she looks to Skye and asks "Would you like a piece of the shark cake that startled you so? It looks to have a layer of fondant, could be delicious."

Harlex's hard, bitter lips wear a slight grin at the gesture. He sighs and shakes his head. At something else, however, he turns toward Rook.

"Oh, I don't expect that Alex will unbend his spine anytiume soon, Your Grace, but anything is possible," Fredrik replies, supping at his own rum with a large mouthful and patting Zara's arm as he glances at her, whispering something quiet as if to reassure after the whole incident. "The cake /is/ delicious, even when one is wearing it, which is the hallmark of good baking, really. Lottie's place outdoes itself, truly."

Skye is still gently touching her cheek as a glass of champaigne is brought to her. She gives a sweet, pained smile to Vanora, "Oh yes...perhaps a bite of cake will steady my nerves." She brightens as she hears it's one of Lottie's creations, "Oh I do like Lottie's work. She does lovely cakes."

Skye is overheard praising Victus: His war cry is terrifying

Alexandre? The man just laughs, clearly just taking the chaos in stride. "I'm well on my way on doing so, Your Grace." he grins at Victus. "Everyone, feel free to partake with the cake!" he tells the guests, before going over to check on Skye and the proceeds to get her back up again, the concern of a physician never too far.

"It's... a pretty big cake," Jordan comments to Helia with a laugh. "I don't think my stomach would agree with eating it, sadly, so I'll leave it to the other guests. Anything that's meaty or doughy, though? Count me in." He waves a brief greeting to Coraline, in passing, reaching out to clasp her shoulder and offer a brief murmur with another, brighter smile, and then he's moving up to Archeron. "My Lord. Good to see you." A nod to Amari as well. "My Lady of Keaton."

Rook calls to Skye, "I apologise for my companion, she decides to take matters into her own hands," giggle snort, "sometimes. I will send something to make up for it. "

Rook says, "Maybe I am drunk, Harlex."

Vanora smiles at Skye. "Let me get one for you. Make yourself comfortable in the meantime, and let that champagne settle your nerves." She then departs only long enough to approach the cake and determine how to get a slice of the axe-slain shark. Eventually she manages, putting it on a plate and walking back to the Baroness Blackshore to hand it to her. There's even a fork obtained on the way. "Here. I think this is part of its tail? Tell me how it tastes, I'm not much for a sweet tooth but I could be persuaded."

Seeing the Baroness is well cared for now and her task as 'fainted lady reviver' is complete, Yasmine sets about to trying some cake. She gets a bit of icing on her finger and offers it to baby Yelena. The baby's little legs kick and she squeals in glee while Yasmine grins at Harlex and Rook, "Maybe?"

Harlex nods as he bounces the baby in his arms. "Reckon so," the sellsword replies with a slight smirk.

In Fredrik's direction comes an overjoyed cackle. "HA! Father! You've got cake in your ear! AHAHAHA!" Then with that, Helia turns back to Jordan, wiping a smear of cake from her own cheek, and declares, "I'd cook you something, but nobody deserves that sort of punsishmnent, Sir Jordan." Then to Amari, a bow and another sunshine smile, "Lady Amari, so good to see you!"

Skye gives a reassuring look to Alexandre to let her know that she's fine. She gives a gentle nod to Rook's apology, "Oh I'm sure she was just trying to help. I wasn't expecting that...the war cry." She takes another careful sip of her champaigne, a little color coming back now that she's up and moving. She takes the cake with a sweet smile, "Oh thank you...yes, the tail looks lovely. Is that red velvet?" She is a bit happier at the prospect of eating cake, even if she's got a bit sandier.

Smiling warmly at Skye, Rosalie shakes her head and offers, "You've caused nothing of the sort. I'm just glad to see you back on your feet!" Stepping back to give Skye some space, she smiles towards Vanora for helping the Baroness before turning to Yasmine and offering, "Would you care for some cake as well, Mistress Yasmine? Its quite delicious, came direct from Lottie's ovens." Then she's returning to her husband and smiling up at Alexandre. Turning towards Victus, she giggles, "I wanted it to be a memorable occasion, Your Highness. And it certainly has been that!"

"Nonsense, Count Fredrik." Victus replied with his grin ever strong. "Put the man on that new ship in nothin' but his skivvies for a week-long voyage 'round the salt. The sun ol' temper that spine till it's flexible as a cat." Speaking of cat, Lilybelle was also not exempt from his cake slaughtering. And oh the disdain she is giving her master. "When I was a youngin, my cousins tossed me overboard to find if I would sink or swim. I did a mix of both, but the point was definitely gotten. Should work just the same even if he's a grown man."

Poor Jordan's hand will have cake frosting and innards as he pulls it away, "A good day to you Sir Jordan." She greets as she makes her way to the ocean. Still fully clothed, but taking off her weapons and handing them to Freja, Cora jumps in and lets the ocean deal with the Victus mess.

Zara can not but arch an eyebrow at Victus, a touch of a smile curling those lips but she relaxes after whatever Fred whispered and places her cup down as she wonders just slightly behind him and the speaking High Lord and reaches for something more on the nibbling side than the cake, that she can clearly eat when she returns home.

"I didn't even have to toss Helia, she damn well jumped overboard, first trip out," Fredrik remarks with a snort, peering from Victus sidelong to Helia at his daughter's comment about his ear. "The better to block out certain people" he miffs, taking up a napkin to fish it out all the same even as he drinks. "Sun could also make him sea-brained, but I suppose that's the price of being a new Islander," he remarks with a faint chuckle.

Garibaldi, the Lycene swordbearer arrives, following Theron.

Archeron smiles to Amari as she appears, offering her his arm as she comes close "Hello my love. I hope you do n ot mind that I entered without you? Root is around here somewhere causing trouble....probably underneath someone's skirt enjoying the dark or somesuch." Victus starts his stories and Archeron smiles a little "Oh, i think anyone joining the Redtydes has some work cut out for them, Your Grace. Half of their lands were given to Kennex by Donrai after all - that's a pointy spike to teeter on. Whichever way the house falls, to prosper or to ruin, I think it will prove the mettle of its members. Personally I'd wager to their benefit. But then, I know their liege lord, and have made it a good policy never to bet against her thriving."

Rook soon decides he wishes a place to sit, to relax, and to indulge in the luxury of the grand catering. Tagging Harlex, and calling for Yasmine and his retainers, soon he earmarks the trees for some shade. "I'm burning up like a lobster!"

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Stepping out of the ocean, and of course soaked, Cora rejoins the party and speaks softly to Jordan in return before waving to Amari, "Good to see you Amari, I keep meaning to write." She leans in to whisper to her and Rosalie both.

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"Of course I jumped, Father. You were nagging me, like always! Only way to escape from it!" Then when Cora comes back out of the water, speaking to Jordan and then whispering to Rosalie and Amari, she complains, "I hate secrets!"

Skye gives a sweet smile as Rosalie goes back to her other guests, glancing about and relaxing a little as eyes go back to their own conversations and are off of her.

"Only way you ever listened!" Fredrik shoots back to Helia with a snort, finally cleaning himself up, just a bit as he murmurs aside to Zara, "Remind me to dock her salary later or something." Probably joking. Probably. "And of course you swam like a fish, even at the tender age of two. Always flabbergasted me, but made you a good navigator too."

Alexandre? Does Alexandre have anything to say? "I've seen enough victims from the sea's temper and the whims of men to know better than to attempt such voyage. Though thankfully I can swim, so we can skip that particular step." he remarks in Victus and Fredrik's direction. "And a memorable occasion it certainly was." he smiles to Rosalie. He's otherwise quiet, simply enjoying the moment.

Cora laughs at Helia's words, "Hardly secrets, just a quiet hello and continuing planning for something I had been kicking around for a while." she says smiling warmly, "So you enjoy a good sail?"

Amari isn't dawdling, but there's a lot to see on the way to Archeron, and people to greet. Helia gets a smile, even if she hates secrets, Jorden and polite nod, "Sir Ober. Greetings." Then Cora, fresh from the sea is there and she laughs softly before quieting and turning her ear to the whisper, "We still have that tour of the Thrax estates to do, but I'll settle for that." She smiles, sneaking in a quick well wishing since Rosalie is near, "Congratulations, Lady Rosalie." Archeron isn't hissed at, so he's likely forgiven his terrible breach in etiquette.

"The cake is lovely, Lady Rosalie!" Yasmine accepts not one, but TWO pieces. The baby needs some. Ooh, maybe a third for Harlex, too. Balancing all the cake, plus a pilfered bottle of champagne, the Ravashari makes her way to the spot chosen beneath the trees to pass out goodies and sink down into the sand in a cloud of multi-colored seasilk. "Whew. This has been -exciting-. Best wedding in -years-."

"Already on the way to rebuilding our current lands!" Fredrik shoots over to Archeron. "Need investors and good merchants really, if you know any. Building an expansive port, dockyard, and warehouse-slash-business district from nothing? No small feat." He huffs, clearly a bit irritated, but not at Archeron, just at the enormity of the task with such small resources.

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Grinning at Coraline, as well as the others around her, Helia then wriggles her nose in a cheeky fashion before sticks her tongue out at Fredrik. Pffffbt. Then back to Coraline she turns and nods, "Oh yes, grew up on a ship, actually." A finger is pointed over at the Redemption. That old thing." Despite the words, her smile is fond. "She used to rock me to sleep on the waves while the sea sang lullabies."

Zara shakes her head with a chuckle. "I doubt that will make a difference, maybe just lock up your cabinet where all the good drinks are. That might get her attention.." She winks over to Helia before she says aside to Fredrik, "Swimming is something I need to do more, though not by being pushed over board... She then shakes her head, "Finding funds is the easy part og all that, finding those who are truly willing to work till be the hardest.." This mostly softly to Fredrik but she is not whispering really..

"Ah, then climbing a metaphorical mountain it is." Victus muses toward the Redtydes and Archeron as well. "Or perhaps a real mountain at some point as well. Wouldn't that be fucked? Fun, but fucked." He devours the last bits of cake off of his hand and clears his throat for something a little more serious. "Either way, I wish you luck. You've got those who believe in you if Lord Alexandre is here to jump right in and pull his weight. The bonus of a nice looking wife not withstanding that is." He lets out a gruff chuckle. "Still."

Skye gives a glance at Fredrik and gently tells him, "As the Minister of Infrastructure for House Thrax, I shall of course lend assistance Count Fredrik." She gives a nod towards Rook's direction, "And Master Rook leads the Silver Consortium, I would speak to him about such matters. He's quite knowledgable." She gives a gentle smile back towards that group that are sitting and enjoying cake. Then she flushes a bit at her interruption and gives an apologetic smile to Archeron, settting aside her empty cake plate that mysteriously disappeared without a crum or piece of icing.

Arriving likely well past fashionably late, Theron hits the beaches for the reception. Shifting his shoulders slightly to ease the carrying of wo of his swords on his back, Theron quickly looks about to gain some bearings. Taking stock of faces, barrels of booze, various foods, and finally the Groom and bride.

Rook checked perception at difficulty 15, rolling 9 higher.

Cora nods at both Rosa and Amari's words, "Right, we can do the tour at the same time!" Her attention goes all to Helia then with a bright grin, "We should go sailing, I wanna get a ship. Rosa's gift inspired me further. I am determined now. Want a sail? I find myself out there more and more and poor Victus and Alarissa might want their ships back at some point." Cora says grinning cheekily.

"I heard that, Princess Zara! Don't give him good ideas like that, I beg you!" That's Helia shouting, of course.

"I heard my name," Rook calls drunkenly from the shade, raising his arm, though that probably negates any confidence Skye puts into her affirmation of his position as a guild leader.

"On that account, Your Grace, you've no fear to have. I've every intention to pull my weight, as it were." Alexandre answers Victus, his voice calm, dark gaze steady. And... what's that? Amusement in these orbs? But it seems he's keeping that set of cards close to chest for now.

Jordan with a wave over to Helia, he snatches a glass of wine for himself, drinks it, and passes it off to a servant before departing. Congratulations made, festivities enjoyed (briefly) and refrehments acquired, it's time to go back to his horse, packed for travel as it is.

Volare leaves, following Jordan.

"And my great praise for all you've done for House RedTyde, and continue to do!" Fredrik calls over to Skye with real, unabashed appreciation in his voice, lifting his glass to her, realizing it's empty, and sighing. As he hunts for another one, he says aside to Zara, "That's also part of it. Someone who can help get me an experienced workforce. I have my talents, but it's spread thin over such a big project." To Victus, "Our island actually /has/ a mountain! It's where I'm building our keep, and planning on opening a new mine or two soon. It's free to climb, if you get the urge, Your Grace." Then, aside to Rook, "I am certain good Rosalie can fill you in, or I can, at your Leisure, Guildmaster." On account of his state and all, polite as he can be.

Helia lifts her hand from her sword hilt and claps it against the other in a girlish fashion that has a good slapping sound from all the cake that's plastered across her palms. She BEAMS at Coraline, "Yes, I would LOVE that. We should do ALL the sailing." And here she is, dignified warrior and Sword of Redtyde -- cake on her fingers, feline grin in her face, bouncing lightly on her toes with excitement.

"Almost makes you miss the good old days, when you would just launch reavers and whatever you took you took, hrm Fredrik? Saves so much talking around the table when you just bury your axe in the thing and be done with it." Archeron gives a little grin towards Victus at that. "But. We are civilised folk now. And must do things the proper way." Archeron looks sidelong to Amari and offers a smile "And our good High Lord is even stealing me off to the forest soon after my own marriage."

"I guess this means I don't get to put off more sailing lessons since we have a war galley now," Rosalie calls over to Coraline with aa grin before looking back to Alexandre. "Cora has been teaching me how to sail. Apparently I'm quite the natural at it!" Then she's just BEAMING at Victus for his off-handed compliment, calling out, "Why thank you, Your Highness!" Hearing her name, she looks around to Fredrik and Rook, smmiling brightly, "Oh yes! But later, this is a party, people should be enjoying themselves!"

Jordan gets a wave and then Cora is bouncing too, "Yes! This is exciting! Now I am undecided what sort of ship to get, I mean a galley is very nice but do I want smaller or bigger that is the question." Rosalie gets a bright grin, "Yes! We should do more lessons! You are very good at it actually."

"Of course, as your niece speaks, it is the truth. Simply be in contact. I am just 'Rook Grayward', however. Or Rook, to friends and family," he assures, as if counting Rosalie-- and by extension the Redtyde-- in that circle.

Skye finishes her champaigne, satisfied that her introduction between Fredrik and Rook is given. She lightly touches her cheek and says to no one in particular, "Hmmm, I should get some ice on this." She then carefully moves out of the party and starts to head home. Slipping quietly out of the party.

"I swear, at least it was simpler, when my brothers and father just went out and claimed what was needed. A lot messier and less civilized, though," Fredrik points out to Archeron with a snort and a light chuckle, shaking his head. "Of course, Rook, of course. It's a party, business talk can wait!" Plus, Rosalie has it well in hand, from the look of it. Excellent, as he stands next to Zara and murmurs something to her as he sips his newly-acquired glass of rum. Probably rum. Does it matter, after a couple?

Skye checked dexterity + stealth at difficulty 15, rolling 2 higher.

Amari tucks in quietly next to Archeron, smiling at the talk swirling around her about sailing and war galleys but not adding anything herself. Cora is given a nod of acknowledgement about the tour, but otherwise, quiet Amari is quiet. After a moment or two she fixes her intended with a steady, but not unpleasant gaze almost as if he may have forgotten something, maybe.

Skye is overheard praising Rosalie: Such a lovely wedding reception

Skye is overheard praising Alexandre: What a lucky groom

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As he is wont to do, Soren hangs nears the out fringes of the reception, neither committing nor directly interacting with the affair. More like a silent observer with a passing association with the people involved. He'll offer Fredrik a simple nod of recognition and the fact that medic actually decided to show up.

Victus casts his grin Archeron's way with all the talk of reavers and such. "Simpler times indeed. Much easier to understand than politics, economies and the like. Still, threats are never-ending in this world it seems. There'll be its place for it. Proper places against the proper assholes rather than, ya' know, everyone." Another chuckle of good humor rings out. "A mountain of ya' own, eh? If ya' haven't already, dig a little deep into there sometime. We ended up finding a whole abandoned city in one such mountain back on the Maelstrom. If you can beware of cave-ins too."

Zara listens to the different conversation as she is still trying to get back after off of most places that she can reach and still be proper. But a slow nod to Fredrik, "There are work forces to be had, either those from the isles or those wishing to see or be part of the isle. A few well placed words and some diplomatic work and they should be good to go for the building projects..."

"Econimics doesn't /usually/ end with someone getting crucified on a cliff face, though. Usually," Fredrik points out to Victus. After all, Islander economics can be fierce, sometimes. "And actually, planning to explore the caves of our new home sometime, try and find out a bit more about them. Scout out locations, make sure everything is on the level. Something to keep in mind, if you or anyone else is interested, Your Grace." He nods aside to Zara and gives her a peck on the cheek. "Partly why I'm relying on you, Zara, and hopefully one or two other ones with keen minds and good manners to try and find them."

"I can't think what the mainlanders would say if you crucified Kennex men on the cliffs, Fredrik. Margot would be displeased I think. There would be angry letters. And I think Princess Alarissa would disapprove. So. I'd advise against it. Talk seems easier. And less scary. Though I think fighting the Gyre was less scary than a displeased Princess Alarissa." And Archeron bows his head to Victus "Your wife, your grace, is most formidible and balances you perfectly, opposite but equal in many ways." And then he is getting glared at and he quickly goes through possible failures on his part before he ahs "My apologies. Prince Victus, Count Fredrik, may I present my intended? Lady Amari Keaton. Possibly the only person in the isles with skills better than our dear Fredrik here at making coins somehow multiply." Just in case, he also leans down to try and kiss her on the cheek. There. All possible forgetfullness covered. Hopefully.

With a little sideways skew of her lips in consideration, Helia replies to Coraline's musings with a casual, "I'd say smaller, but that's just me. There's something pleasant about a compact vessel, as far as I'm concerned. But then I suppose you don't have the luxury of taking a smaller crew with you. Guards, assistants, all that sort of thing. They have to be accounted for" Trailing off, Helia turns to regard Archeron and Amari momentarily. To the latter, a sweet smile and a wink. Or maybe she's got a cake crumb in her eye. But it's definitely a smile.

Rosalie looks up from a whispered conversation with Alexandre and looks towards Archeron, "Oh we're not even trying to reclaim the lands held by the Kennex family. That's already been discussed with the Marquis and assurances made that we have no designs on those lands. We will expand on our own and build up anew!" She looks towards Alexandre again, then, and smiles warmly, murmuring something to him once more.

Zara nods towards Fredrik and gasps gives him a smile that causes that mysterious and single dimple to appear for a moment. "My cousin is a wonderful woman, I doubt anyone would wish to displease Alarissa nor Margot of course. So finding those of bright minds and who wish to be part of something new and greater are perfect steps to take. As for my skills, I have already set a few things in motion, so we will see in the coming days. If nothing else, maybe the mines alone will bring interest and future funds.." She says this with a dip of her chin to Fredrik and Rosalie as she is Alexandre are closer now.."

"Ah this is true, some days I prefer not to have them tagging along...ok most days but for some reason I need tagalongs so yes accounting for them is necessary. Might go for a galley as well. I shall have to consider, in the meantime I can just keep borrowing a Thrax ship though." Cora says nodding.

Amari laughs softly, and suggests a curtsey to Victus with a bend of knee and bow of her head when Archeron presents her. "I believe we may have met before, Your Grace. I'm not sure." She says with a hint of a smile. "Are you a proper titled noble now, Lord Fredrik? Count, is it?" She spares Archeron further glares since she never glared to begin with. That'd be so rude! She turns her cheek up for a kiss and slinks her arm through his when she does, apparently satisfied. Enough that she leans away from him for a murmured exchange with Coraline.

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"I am a businessman, a researcher, and a diplomat, dear cousin, not a warlord or conqueror," Fredrik assures Archeron with a faintly raised eyebrow and a small chortle. "No designs on anyone else's land at the moment, or ever, if I have anything to say on it. RedTyde is a House of peace and prosperity, save when it comes to defending her allies. This I have sworn before all." He does turn his gaze to Amari, bowing at the waist to her politely with a faint crinkle around his eyes to match the smile. "Always good to meet another Economist, My Lady, and always a pleasure to meet a Keaton, such a lovely family, truly. I do hope you are joining us soon, that said! With my Countship, I have little time to help with Tyde's finances these days, I fear, and Margot's displeasure at smaller coffers would be..Notable." A shiver at the thought. He arches an eyebrow slightly at the 'proper titled noble' bit and says simply, "I have reclaimed my title as a member of the Peerage yes, My Lady, and a good deal of my family's former land. Still some work on the 'March' title, but we will get there, I have no doubt."

Soren eventually starts to move closer to the reception at large, as if finally deciding that he was going to inject himself into the entire affair. So he first decides to head towards Rosalie. "Hey. So I sent that message and then thought I should man the fuck up and make an appearance, however quick. So." He pauses, like trying to sort something out in his head. "Good luck to you. Like I wrote." Alexandre gets a quick one-over. "You the husband? Rosie's good people, though I figure you already know that."

"That I am. Lord Alexandre Redtyde, I believe I'm to help you in regards to the clinics." Alexandre nods to Soren. "And yes, I've gathered that much." he adds, looking back down to Rosalie with a smile.

Fredrik also notes Soren's approach and gives the medic a firm nod and a murmured, "Soren" on his way past, but saying nothing else at the moment, even if his eyes linger, for a few seconds longer than usual.

Rosalie looks first stunned, then elated, when Soren makes his way over towards her. She flings herself at him in a tight hug, murmuring, "THank you for your note, it meant the world to me. And even more for coming here. I'm so happy to see you!" Stepping back, she takes Alexandre's hand and looks up at him with a warm smile, "Master Temple is a valued member of our fealty, and I thought you might appreciate not being the -only- doctor around."

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