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Sunday Night Sip n'Spar: Fundraiser for the Defense of the Lodge of Petrichor

Join us for a fun-filled night of sparring, spirits and superb company at the Golden Hart as we come together raise much needed funds for the upcoming battle at the Lodge of Petrichor.

All levels of fighters and disciplines (including melee, bare knuckle and archery) are welcome. Bring your weapons and armor or use the Hart's equipment to truly test your skills, or simply come and enjoy the scene and make a wager or two on your favourite fighters.

Donations of economic writs very welcome! There will be a 50/50 raffle as well. Proceeds from this event will support the Golden Hart's efforts to help Avrum prepare for the upcoming battle

Everyone is very welcome. Drinks are on the house.

Deepest thanks for your support!


Note: For those who cannot attend, 50/50 tickets will be on sale in advance:

One ticket - 10 economic writs ~O~ Fifteen tickets - 100 economic writs.

Please speak to Princess Valencia or Missere Theodoric Ulbran.


(OOC: Hey all! This is just a casual event created just to cut loose and have some fun (and support the some of the efforts of other players with the battle to come). The Hart is open to everyone. If you are new to the game or looking for RP, please join us. We would be very happy to have you.)

See the Winners Circle from past events here:


Sept. 16, 2018, 9:30 p.m.

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Waldemai Vicente Cirroch Cadern Gianna Aethan Corban Delilah Calandra Shard Giulio Marian Ilinca Violet Aksel Thesarin


Golden Hart


Arx - Ward of the Compact - The Golden Hart Social & Gaming House - The Arena

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Comments and Log

Waldemai is hanging loose up in the cheap seats in the rafters. He is accompanied by his usual pail of ale, so he doesn't have to make too many trips up and down.

Serenade, a lovely nightingale arrives, following Calandra.

Calandra arrives, following Aethan.

The doors to the arena open and the little vixen moves through, her staff moving here and there as she moves through the arena's wide entrance and towards the tables set up around a sizable ring of sad. The little southern princess smile as she sees some of Arx more nobable faces. Master Waldemai is offered a bright fond smile and she laughs as a a pair of the little barmaids follow at his heels ready to carry up a pitcher of ale to what has become known as Waldemai's throne in the rafters. The best seats in the house by some accounts.

Cirroch has joined the bar.

Reedy, a King's Own aide arrives, following Corban.

Scribble, a Delicate Social Butterfly arrives, following Delilah.

Vicente walks into the hall behind the Valencia, his lips aren't pressed tightly but they seem little inclined to move upward. His eyes flick about the room and he begins drift away from the hostess. He moves his hands behind his back where they are clasped together.

Cirroch isn't a sight you normally see at The Sip 'n Spar, but he is here today, sitting at the bar, sippin' his sippin' whiskey as he awaits for the matches to start, a greathelm resting on the bar counter before him, likely his own.

Cadern slips his way in and searches the room with open curiosity. He moves in as if it's a familiar scene though he grins, "Oh looks like we have new participants this time." He looks pleased as he considers the area and searches for a seat and drops into one near the ring.

Cadern has joined the ringside table.

Gianna makes her way into the Hart, gittern in hand and seasilk skirt flowing as she walks. She pauses to make her donation for the raffle. She doesn't really look like a combatant, but sometimes people just show up for the whiskey and the show.

Aethan arrives with his axe, as is usual, and also with Calandra, who he is speaking to at the moment. "...trying to do some renovations to the docks," he's saying as they enter. "But that will probably take a good bit of time." He nods to Valencia when he sees her in greeting, and though his affect is, as always, flat, the gesture is sincere. "Your Highness," he says, "I hope you're well." He leads Calandra to a table then and sits

Corban makes his way into the Arena with Lady Delilah, smiling and chatting amiably with her. But he has social obligations for the event, and so he goes to search out the hostess of the evening. "Ah, Princess Valencia. Thank you so much for opening your Hart to the defense of the Lodge this evening."

Aethan arrives with his axe, as is usual, and also with Calandra, who he is speaking to at the moment. "...trying to do some renovations to the docks," he's saying as they enter. "But that will probably take a good bit of time." He nods to Valencia when he sees her in greeting, and though his affect is, as always, flat, the gesture is sincere. "Your Highness," he says, "I hope you're well." He leads Calandra to a table then and sits, before lifting a hand to wave to Gianna as well.

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The Sip 'n Spar might not normally attract people like Delilah to participate. Scholastic adventurers need not apply on the whole of it. Though sipping she can do, already armed by a flute of something such an intense gold, it probably counts as cider or mead, and not much else. A glistening hue of metal melted down into a drink wouldn't be so welcoming. She descends into the arena with an air of someone already very much in comfort with her surroundings. Where Corban goes, she follows for the start. She wiggles her fingers to Valencia and smiles to the princess. "Such legendary hospitality, I can see why you're so beloved a fixture in the city, Your Highness." Then it shall be finding out the right sort -- Gianna.

Valencia smiles to Vicente as she moves to offer a greeting to Cirroch, her smile bright and welcoming. "This is a regular event in Arx," she explains. "We have many wonderful fighters come to match skills in the ring, and other contests, too," she says with a little nod. "Ah, Marquis Cirroch Sanna! Welcome to my Hart. I am so pleased to meet you. May I introduce Lord Vicente Fidante. Lord Vicente, the Marquis and this is Master Wadlemai," she smiles up the rafters. Turning she greet Corban and Delilah with a warm smile. "It is my pleasure. I hope we will raise a great deal," she nods again. "May I present Lord Vicente. My lord, Sir Corban Telmar and Lady Delilah Whitehawk." she continues, a bright smile offered to Lord Aethan and Calandra as they arrive. "Welcome! I'm so glad you are here! I am. And much more so to see so many beautiful faces."

Waldemai waves his mug in the rafters at the nobs seated below. "Heads up, Lords and ladies!"

Gianna raises her hand in acknowledgment to Aethan - it's not a wave, but she seems pleased enough to see him. She inclines her head to Calandra as well. And then there's Delilah; Gianna inclines her head to her as well, her gaze flicking to the drink in the Whitehawk's hand. "Hullo again. What is that you're drinking? I think I might forego my usual whiskey."

Calandra arrives with Aethan and the exotic Whisper curtsies low to Valencia. "Your Highness. You look radiant, as always. Thank you for holding such an extraordinary event. I've been hearing a great deal about the protection of the Lodge and I can only imagine how wonderfully this will help. I've been thinking about hosting an event myself, in support. Perhaps I might speak to you later? Until then." The Nightingale ducks her ebon head, dimpling a smile and following after Aethan. Her mellifluous voice rings out as she spots Gianna. "Gianna! Are you going to fight tonight?" she teases the other songstress mercilessly. "A duel of songs, maybe?"

Cirroch lifts his goblet to Vicente in greeting, offering the man a big smile, "My lord! Good to meet you! Yes, I am Marquis Cirroch. Lord of Giant's Reach. Are you new to Arx? Or have I been too reclusive as of late?" He wonders to the man, then turns to Valencia. "Thank you for the explanation. I was aware of the sip 'n spar, but had not taken interest until I heard of the charity event you are running tonight. I wish you luck."

"Spiced mead, something practically golden as your voice." Delilah holds up the flute for a muted survey to consider whether the tone might be comparable. "Though yours is still gilded the finer, o Nightingale. The day I find a drink to compare, the day I expect you buy out the distiller." Her fingertips drape over the length of the stem, pinched off. Her nods to Vicente is kind and warm, her name mentioned earning a brilliant look from those luminous blue eyes. "My lord, a pleasure. You will find a good many of us here working to lend our aid to the Lodge, and such company is ever welcome." Once more her gaze travels round to measure those she knows and does not. Cirroch receives a beaming smile, Aethan and Calandra a friendly nod. Up there, Waldemai's greeting a lift of her glass.

"I am glad you came, Marquis," she smiles to Cirroch and then turns to greet the Whisper. "My beautiful friend, Whisper Calandra! I am so happy to see you are home in Arx. I would be delighted to speak to you about this. If you would allow me to start the bouts," Valencia nods gently, her excitement dancing in her eyes. There is a smile for Delilah and a quick apology as she departs to start the event in earnest.

Vicente halts his immediate departure from Valencia at her addressing of the Marquis and Master. He gives a half bow to the Marquis first and then to the master, "I have recently returned but it has been quite some time since my last visit. I anticipate a lengthy stay at present." His eyes shift about, looking somewhat overwhelmed by the swift introductions as he turns to Corban and Delilah and gives another bow, slightly more swift as he strives to keep pace with the names, "Lady Delilah, Sir Corban."

Gianna inclines her head to Vicente, since she's right there by Delilah. "I don't have quite enough money to do something like that," she tells Delilah. "Yet." To Calandra, she calls out, "I don't think they do those sorts of duels here, but I'm game if you are!" Her voice carries easily.

Waldemai is game. "A duel of songs! Let's have it!" Any duel is good with enough ale.

"I hear we have a title to duel over," Calandra calls back to Gianna with a wink of one dark, gold-flecked eye. And she offers to Valencia, "I would love nothing more, Your Highness. I cannot wait to see the clash of metal upon metal and sweaty bodies." There's a saucy, dimpled grin and a waggle of ebon brows.

Valencia looks up and smiles. "A duel of songs? If we have those who wish offer such a duel, I think we can do so, if it pleases," she calls out joyfully as she moves to the center of the Arena to smile up at the crowd. Quietly she pauses and waits for a lull in the crowd.

Valencia moves to the center of the Ring of Valor and offers a warm incline of head to the crowd. "My lords and ladies, misseres and madames, dearest friends -- thank you for coming and welcome to my Hart."

"Tonight we come together to enjoy excellent skills, fine company and to raise economic writs for the defense of the Lodge," the little vixen says with a warm and gracious smile.

"I am very pleased to announce that all proceeds and donations collected tonight will be given to benefit the Lodge's defense."

"For those who enjoy a game of chance we have a special draw. Tickets are being sold with 50% of the sales to be won by a lucky ticket holder and 50% donated to the cause," she explains with a little smile.

"We will draw this at the end of the night. If you would like a ticket, please speak to me. The tickets are: 10 economic writs for one lucky ticket and 100 economic writs for 15."

"All this will go to help ensure we have the best defense possible as we again face the darkness that looms," she offers, her large dark eyes earnest and hopeful. "Thank you for your generosity. We are so deeply grateful for your support of our realm."

"And now, with delight let us enjoy the night. The drinks are on the house! Warriors, if you would please take to the sands!"

"One of these days, they may have a duel of the worsts, and that shall be something I participate in gladly. Duels among those who really should not, and such." Delilah's tone is light, blithe with merriment, the sonorous cast of laughter sneaking in the back alleys of her consonants and awaiting the opportunity to knife the unsuspecting listener. "Welcome once more to Arx, Lord Vicente. You have found an excellent place to settle for the evening. Princess Valencia's hospitality is nigh to legendary." She remains attentive to Corban making his rounds, yet to settle into a seat herself. Listening to the hostess in question, her gaze thoughtfully measures possibilities.

Waldemai reaches DEEP into his pouch and pulls out a sheaf of writs. He counts out a hundred of them very slowly, wanting to get the number right. "There," he says, having them send down to Valencia. "I'll have fifteen tickets then, your highness."

When Princess Valencia welcomes those for the night, Sir Corban then clears his throat and projects his baritone over those assembled. "On behalf of the Crown, the King's Own, and the Iron Guard, I thank all of those for their generosity tonight. It is no exaggeration to say that your contributions will mean just as much to the defense of the Lodge as strong swords. If you can give, please do." And then he is done.

The little princess nods to Waldemai and fifteen tickets are entered into the draw under his name.

There's a flicker of something flinty in Gianna's eyes when Calandra mentions the title of Nightingale. Gianna inclines her head to the other Whisper, holding her hand up in the traditional gesture for 'one moment'. She stops by the bar to get herself some of the spiced mead Delilah's drinking. And then she's making her way to the corner table, where Calandra and Aethan sit.

Vicente gives a second, less rushed bow to Delilah's statement of welcome says, "Thank you, her kindness seems most evident." He steps to the side so as to not obstruct their view." His eyes flick about the room and he shuffles a bit further to the side, eyeing ... something. His hand moves out from behind his back, a slight tremor as he scratches at the whiskers on his neck.

Vicente gives a second, less rushed bow to Delilah's statement of welcome says, "Thank you, her kindness seems most evident." He steps to the side so as to not obstruct their view." His eyes flick about the room and he shuffles a bit further to the side, eyeing ... something. His hand moves out from behind his back, a slight tremor as he scratches at the whiskers on his neck.

Aethan doesn't seem to have an opinion about the title of Nightengale, though he does gesture for Gianna to join them at their table as she approaches, so maybe he likes a good singing duel! He leans forward then, to say something lower to Calandra.

Gianna has joined the corner table.

"How very exciting. We shall see luck along several axes tonight." Delilah raises her glass of spiced mead to her lips, absolutely delighted in the balance of heady spices that swirl around. Nutmeg and cinnamon flirt while she half-closes her eyes. "If you like, my lord, perhaps you might wish to sit and observe the festivities? I know naught whether we will have someone in the ring or Whisper Gianna, the premiere force of the Bard's College, favour us by playing. Whisper Calandra seems quite eager to show her talents as well. For all I know, we might have twinned spars going on."

The little raven haired princess begins to carefully add tickets to a large bowl, each bearing the mark of a ticket holder. Dark eyes dance with delight as the pot grows bigger and bigger, meaning one lucky winner will be much more wealth and the Lodge stronger in defense. Valencia smiles to Delilah and lowers her head to Corban as the writs are donated and tickets are sold.

Waldemai calls down, "Duel! Duel! Duel!" from the rafters. "Don't make me come down there and challenge someone to box!" Because if he does, it will take a long time to clean the blacksmith blood out of the arena.

So, ladies? Would you like to start us off? And after that, do I have some fighters wishing to take to the sands?

Gianna is speaking quietly to Calandra at the other Whisper's table. "As you wish," she tells her, and then she's turning toward Valencia and calling out, "We'll sing!"

Aethan is mostly watching the exchange happening at the table for the moment, though when Gianna announces that they will sing, a small smile touches his face, and he lefts the cup in his hands to both her and Calandra, taking a sip from it as he waits for the vocal duel to begin.

The call of the first duel and possibly duet rings through the arena and the crowd cheers raucously. The little vixen nods and the sergeant at Arms let's the loveliest of Arx's Whispers take to the sands.

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Calandra rises from the table, all studied elegance and grace, everything befitting someone with the rank of Celebrated Whisper. She knows how to work a crowd and the dark-haired Nightingale takes a moment to meet eyes, to sweep a gaze around before inclining her ebon head. "Thank you, Princess Valencia, for the opportunity." She heads down to the ring, her umbra making her look more like a raven than a songbird.

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Shard stalks into the arena, looking very far from someone in search of a good time. There's a narrowness to her eyes that has her looking even more unfriendly than usual, and it doesn't change as she takes in the place's current occupants. She pauses for a moment, apparently scanning, and then heads for Valencia.

Gianna leaves her gittern in Aethan's care and strides down to the stands as well in a flutter of seasilk, her chin held high as she goes. She's a very vain songbird, and really, Calandra was known as the Nightingale before Gianna even came to Arx. Once they're both on the sands, Gianna asks Calandra, "What say you? Rivers Three?" A popular song.

Delilah settles in comfortably upon the chair, gazing over the would-be tourney circle occupied by the singers. She smiles as the Whispers converge, and then clasps her hands together. "Let's see where this comes out. I imagine we're about to be witness to something lovely," she says merrily.

Gianna checked charm + performance at difficulty 20, rolling 37 higher.

Waldemai calls down, "Have some wine! Loosens up the vocal chords!"

Corban makes his way over to Valencia and purchases some tickets for himself after his announcement. When that is all settled and he speaks to a few others, he makes his way over towards Delilah to join her. "This should be interesting! Do you think I ought to volunteer to spar after? Given the event benefits those of us at the Lodge?"

Calandra checked charm + performance at difficulty 20, rolling 35 higher.

Gianna checked charm + performance at difficulty 30, rolling 43 higher.

Calandra checked charm + performance at difficulty 30, rolling 20 higher.

Gianna checked charm + performance at difficulty 40, rolling 24 higher.

Aethan takes his responsibility of holding Gianna's gittern very seriously, as seriously as though it was a weapon. And really for Gianna, maybe it is a weapon! And not just because you could brain someone with it very well, either.

Calandra checked charm + performance at difficulty 40, rolling 19 higher.

Gianna checked charm + performance at difficulty 50, rolling 25 higher.

Ender, a Silver Gyrfalcon, Ursa arrive, following Marian.

1 House Corvini Guard, Claudia arrive, following Ilinca.

Marius, 1 House Corvini Guard, Ilinca arrive, following Giulio.

Calandra checked charm + performance at difficulty 50, rolling 28 higher.

Gianna checked charm + performance at difficulty 60, rolling 9 higher.

Calandra checked charm + performance at difficulty 60, rolling 14 lower.

Corban's purchase is met with a gracious thank you. The Whispers begin their songs and Valencia smiles and then lifts and finely arched eyebrow as Shard in quickly noted making her way towards the little vixen. The little princess offers a quizzical look, "Good evening, Mistress Shard. Are you quiet alright?"

"Yes," Shard says, a little flatly. When she's close enough, she plops a bag in front of the Golden Hart's hostess.

Giulio and Ilinca make their way into the Arena, trailed by their guards and appropriate attendants. Something of a smile lingers on his lips as Giulio leans in to whisper something to Ilinca, before glancing towards one of the tables. His grin is amused, all in all. Approaching Valencia, Giulio tilts his head, though waits until she seems to be at a lull.

"I would recommend that you do, Sir Corban. It cannot hurt for you to give a demonstration for those more inclined to combat. A good balance of inspiring song and brilliant bladework." Delilah gestures dreamily to the floor where the songs whirl around one another, lyrics spilling to the rafters and gilding their presence. "If only I could attain something with, say, oratory... but I'd like as not put half the audience to sleep. Sip 'n Legally Spar may be something the Court takes up. I should bother Master Tynan or Lady Octavia about that. We might needs blades about."

Valencia blinks and then looks at the pouch and back once more. Reaching out, she opens the bad and then smiles up at Shard, her expression soft and so very affectionate. "My sweetest Mistress, you are so very wonderful. Is this for tickets or a donation, both are gratefully welcome," she nods gently, trying valiantly to quell the urge to hug the woman. Fortunately, Giulio arrives. "My dearest Count Giulio! How lovely to see you. You are familiar with Mistress Shard?" she smile back at the woman and the urge to hug her seem to return.

If one has never heard a pair of nightingales duel, it's a thing to go down in the history of Arvum. The sheer highs and lows, the emotional quality of the music produced is enough to bring tears, to bring joy, to bring every feeling under the sun and them some. The notes float around each other, ever higher, ever more passionate and finally Calandra drops low, and Gianna belts out the most pitch-perfect soprano to grace ears, bringing the song to a dramatic finale. Calandra, lost though she has, has a smile on her face that is miles wide and deeply dimpling. She tilts her ebon head to Gianna. "Beautiful."

Waldemai applauds. The beauty of the music causes him to avoid his usual boisterousness.

Shard grimaces sharply at the praise. "Is the prize more money?" Her gaze flicks to Giulio as Valencia brings attention to him, but she says nothing further.

Valencia is overheard praising Calandra: Such beautiful voices! Such talent! Thank you for offering such wonders in my Hart!

Valencia is overheard praising Gianna: Such beautiful voices! Such talent! Thank you for offering such wonders in my Hart!

Marian stalks into the room, letting her green eyes take in the festivities around her. She gives pause at the beautiful music that the pair of nightgales are making, taking a moment listen and absorb. When the clapping starts happening, it snaps her out of her review and she joins in the clapping.

Ilinca does indeed arrive in the Count Corvini's company - on his arm, in fact, and with her head bowed to hear whatever it was he'd whispered to her. She laughed softly and was about to make some reply when introductions begin. So instead, she falls silent, holding her tongue and lifting her brows at the greeting they receive.

They are both consummate performers, their voices utterly haunting as they sweep over the crowd. And then it's Calandra conceding to Gianna, and the head of the Bard's College is absolutely beaming. "Thank you," she tells Calandra. "You were wonderful, too." Her eyes are on the crowd, though. She raises her arms, then takes a dramatic, sweeping bow. "Thank you!"

Corban chuckles softly when Delilah speaks of her oratory. "I am certain that your oratory is stirring. But that is less a duel and more of a debate, yes?" Corban wonders out loud as he watches the two sing, clapping for the winner of the songstresses. "I would certainly come and wager a debate you were part of, however."

A brief glance is offered to Shard and Giulio inclines his head. "Indeed. May I introduce you to my wife, Countess-Consort of Iasu?" he inquires, his head tilting in a nod to Valencia. His hands come together in a clap for the musicians, before looking back to Valencia. "Dearest wife, this is her Highness, Princess Valencia Velenosa, Owner of the Golden Hart and one of the most gracious hostesses in all of Arx, if not all of Arvum."

Aethan's expression doesn't change much at the singing -- but then, his expression doesn't change a whole lot generally, so that's probably not saying much. He does applaud sincerely when the duel is over, though, being ever careful not to let the gittern drop, because that, as we all know, would ruin the evening.

Vicente has largely blended into the area off to the side of Delilah. Except for the occasional sip from his glass and the glancing around the room, he has remained largely motionless.

The little dark haired vixen nods. "It is a draw where 50% of the pot will go to a lucky ticket holder and 50% will go to the Lodge's protection. I would be so very glad to enter you if that would please. However, if you wish to give the writs to the cause, we are most grateful to that as well," she nods earnestly. "Every bit of help needed," Valencia nods and smiles, taking a moment to cheer along with the crowd as the lovely Whispers enchant with poise and voice.

Shard considers for a moment. "Tickets then," she says, and then lowers her voice.

Valenciasmiles and nods, offering the woman a warm wink. "Tickets," she confirms.

Shard gives Valencia a sharp nod, then gives Giulio and his wife another glance before she turns on her heel and heads for a seat without another word. She still doesn't look particularly happy at...anything? It's hard to tell with her.

"Hardly stirring. I'm not meant for that, though I can turn a pretty verse," Delilah confirms in an aside to Corban. She gestures to Vicente. "My lord, Sir Corban is a member of the King's Own. All these incoming bits of assistance are surely welcome." Have you any interest in sparring, perchance?"

Marian finishes her appreciation of the singing duo and then starts to make her way over to the hostess. There's a politeness in the warchief's posture as she waits for Valencia to finish with Shard and her other guests. As she waits, she takes in who else is there this evening, giving polite nods as she recognizes friends and allies.

Gianna has left the ring of valor.

Vicente turns his attention over towards Delilah, he sets the glass down and leans over towards her to ensure he can be heard through the commotion, "The idea briefly crossed my mind and then I realized that there's about as much wisdom in that as binge drinking. They are more in line with people who can still heal quickly at their age. Anymore I'm better to safe my fighting when it is necessary and healing is less critical." He starts to reach for his glass but then adds, "But if there is any way I am able to help, I am always available."

Green eyes trail briefly after Shard as the woman departs in what appears to be angry silence, but Ilinca says nothing in reply. Instead, she turns her gaze back to their hostess, slipping into a curtsy of greeting. "If what my husband says is true, then it will be a pleasure, in addition to an honor, to be here this evening, Principessa. Thank you for welcoming us here this evening."

Rupert arrives, following Eddard.

Corban turns his head slightly when Vicenti is drawn to his attention. "Yes, quite so. I am helping arrange the defense of the Lodge. Lord Vicente, was it? Fidante? The Mirrorguard is heading up the work of the Lyceum, which I believe Prince Talen can be consulted regarding."

The little southern princess watches Shard depart and find her seat, a little look of grateful admiration finding her features. "Thank you," she whispers again as Marian approaches. Valencia offers a smile to the Princess and a warm nod. "Your Highness, welcome to my Hart. This is a wonderful surprise. You are well?" she asks with a little nod.

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Sir Alren, 2 Templar Knight guards arrive, following Bianca.

Marian gives a half smile to Valencia, "Well enough I suppose." She does admit to the hostess, "I've been a bit consumed with preparing for the defense for the Lodge, but I wanted to come out and show my support since it's such a worthy cause. She gives a glance about, "Is there a particular place we're suppose to leave our donations?"

Gianna makes her way back to Aethan and her gittern - and her spiced mead. Mustn't forget that. She's still smiling as she goes, a real smile that reaches her eyes and everything. For a few minutes, she won't be quite so aloof. "Thank you," she tells Aethan as she reclaims the instrument. Her brow arches, and she murmurs, "I'll leave you two to it."

With an inclination of his head towards Valencia, Giulio smiles and says, "Shall we sit, dearest wife? I believe Marius has procured us a pitcher of wine," he murmurs to her, glancing towards one of the tables with a briefly raised brow.

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Waldemai swigs from his mug. "Who's dueling next? Can we have a dance-off, maybe?"

Valencia smiles and nods again. "Thank you so much for coming, Princess Marian. I am so grateful you would take time to join us and support. It is my greatest hope we are able to offer as much aid as we can," she smiles again, pausing to liberate a two glasses of wine. "One of which she offers to the Princess of Redrain. "We are selling tickets tonight and the winner will get half the pot, the rest goes to help the Lodge. One for ten writs and fifteen for 100."

Delilah gently wraps her fingers around her skirt and rises, nodding politely to Corban and Vicente. She brushes her fingertips deeper into the sea of stars, and steps aside. "I wish you all a good eve. 'Tis rather late, and I ought to return to my scholastic forays. Another time, and I do wish you well." She signals a nod to Gianna, and ventures in her path outwards.

Gianna smiles over at Delilah and raises her hand in a little wave. She reclaims her spiced mead, inclines her head to Shard, and walks away from the corner table to find herself another seat.

After a moment, however, Marius returns -- not with a pitcher of wine, but, instead a letter. He claims it, opening it with one hand, before shaking his head. "Nevermind. We should return home. A few matters to attend to." Valencia receives a bow of his head and then, he moves to depart.

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Vicente turns to face Corban more directly and gives a nod of his head, "It's good to hear of the focus. I remain a part of the Mirrorguard if rather in the background these days. I will try to connect with his highness at some point in the near future, of course I am certain he remains busy with his work." He turns towards Delilah and stands to give her a parting bow and says, "It was a pleasure to meet you Lady Delilah."

Aethan gives up the gittern -- carefully -- and nods to her as she speaks. "Congratulations," he says, and though his tone is flat as ever, he sounds sincere, at least. Probably. It's hard to tell. "Have a good evening." He turns back to his coffee then, glancing to Shard as she sits with a polite nod.

Scribble, a Delicate Social Butterfly leaves, following Delilah.

Shard returns Aethan's glance as she settles into her seat, at which point she proceeds to slump comfortably and cross her arms over her chest. She doesn't actually /say/ anything. And after that glance her attention clearly drifts away.

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Calandra rejoins Aethan with a glimmer in her dark eyes, lowering back into the seat to watch the rest of the matches. She reaches out for her drink, looking exceptionally pleased, almost... sated, as she leans in to murmur quietly to the Kennex.

Gianna settles into a seat at the Champion's table, because why not? She just won a competition. Sure, it wasn't one with weaponry, but it still counts, right? The bard crosses one leg over the other and looks to the sands, her lips still curved into a smile.

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Valencia is overheard praising Shard: She is so strong and tough, but so very sweet as well. What a lovely and generous woman.

Marian has joined the ring of valor.

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Shard has joined the ring of valor.

Valencia is overheard praising Vayne: He offered to support my fundraiser without a second thought. I am honoured he is my friend.

Valencia is overheard praising Waldemai: Truly one of my favourite guests. Always the first to lay a bet, support our causes and make me smile. I am so grateful.

Whatever Calandra says has Aethan looking over at her with just a little raise of his eyebrows -- almost nothing, really, but it's barely noticeable. On him, it might be a real expression, though. However, whatever it he thinks about it, what he //says// is, "You may not have won, but you are clearly very talented." It doesn't really sound like a compliment, though, just as though he's stating a fact.

Marian wields Second Chance - A Diamondplate Bastard Sword.

Shard wields a remarkably unremarkable diamondplate blade.

Valencia is overheard praising Corban: Brave and kind. I am so happy to know him and to help him with this work. It is the least I can do.

Valencia is overheard praising Vicente: Still new to Arx and he is already joining us in raising support. I am touched and so grateful to have met this man today.

Vicente takes a sip from his glass, watching the various people about and then turns his focus onto the ring. Setting his glass back down, he claps for the the combatants making their way into the ring. He shifts his seat though to look over his shoulder behind him and then returns back to the ring.

Marian makes her way down to the ring, taking off her helm which causes her red locks to fall along her shoulders. She pulls out her diamondplate sword, Second Chance, given to her by her departed husband, Prince Fergus. The diamondplate sword glitters under the lights of the arena. She moves into the ring and takes a moment to stretch, giving folks a chance to settle before her and Shard spar.

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Ender, a Silver Gyrfalcon have been dismissed.

Valencia is overheard praising Marian: It was so very kind of her to come and support the cause. I admire such leadership, generosity and kindness.

Rupert leaves, following Eddard.

Shard draws her own blade--diamondplate as well, by the look of it, though it's distinct in it's utter lack of ornamentation or stylings of any kind--and settles lightly into the spot she's chosen, feet slightly spread, one further back than the other.

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

The battle is about to begin and Valencia moves to watch two of the finest warriors in Arx take to the sands. She looks a little wistful as she watches them prepare, the little fox's heart seeming to wish she was as formidable. The crowd roars as he begin, and Valencia catches her breath.

Valencia is overheard praising Cadern: A charming man and a generous one. Thank you!

Vicente is overheard praising Valencia: Organizing a charity event for the lodge.

Calandra is overheard praising Valencia: All the effort put in, people should be grateful for this Princess.

Marian takes a few careful swings at Shard to test the skill of her opponent, testing her guard to see where she might have an opening. Once she gets a feel for her, Marian goes on the attack with a viciousness that she's known for on the battlefield. Her diamondplate sword sings as she swings with brutal efficiency and manages to land a few placed blows on Shard. As Shard swings at her, the white blur of her armor gleems as she moves out of the way.

Marian is overheard praising Valencia: Running this event for the Lodge

Shard is no duelist, and that's immediately obvious. She's fast, and sharp, but there's no style to her form, and very little grace despite how quickly she moves. It's an ugly, erratic sort of fighting from her, where she moves first one way and then the other with no clear transition between the two. It's not enough to throw off Marian, that's clear, and while she attempts to return every blow she takes, she has yet to land even one. Her expression is focused, with barely a wince even when she takes a particularly solid hit.

Valencia is overheard praising Theodoric: A man who rose the occasion to help me raise funds for this important cause. I am so grateful.

Their styles are so different, but the ferocity is on par and the little vixen is riveted by the warriors in the ring, her fingers lacing over her heart as she watches.

Marian continues to flash her blades and strike at Shard with an intense focus. There is a moment where she overextends herself to try to get a hit and gets a solid strike from Shard, "Nice one..." She grins at the hit, her face taking on a macabre look as she seems to enjoy the sucess of her opponent, but it's clear, "I am going to have to watch that side..." She keeps on going.

Gianna keeps smiling for a while, a contented smirk. She sips her spiced mead, keeping her gittern close as she watches the fight. The smile fades after a time, and then she's looking aloof once more. She puts her nearly-empty glass down on the table and glances around the room, reaching up to run a hand through her hair.

Shard says nothing. In fact, apart from the sound of her boots on the sand, her breathing, and the occasional whistle of her blade, she's entirely silent. Even when she finally connects, there's no return smile from her, only that unbroken mask.

Vicente claps for the two continuing their back and forth. A hint of energy can be seen as he leans forward as the last hit makes its mark on Shard. He does not speak, cheer, or clap. He turns his gaze sideways and catches sight of Gianna, "Congratulations, your voice is quite memorizing. It was a win well earned." His tone is even in the praise.

Gianna arches her brows, turning her head to incline it to Vicente. "Why, thank you. I don't believe we've met - I'm Gianna Whisper, Nightingale of the Bard's College. Keep me company for a bit?" She gestures to one of the seats at the table.

Erin, Crimson Blades Private, Jin, Cranky Crimson Blades Sergeant, Gale, The Mighty Pupper, 2 Crimson Blades Lieutenant, Private Fane, Crimson Blade Assistant arrive, following Violet.

Marian continues to press her attack, bringing her blades down quickly. As the fight progresses, Marian notices that Shard is adjusting to her style. She manages to get in a few more well placed hits, giving a grunt of satisfaction. This fight isn't going easy even if she's currently got the advantage.

Vicente has joined the Champions' table.

The fight continues... Shard sharp and silent. Marian fast and vibrant. Both remarkable and terribly deadly in their way. Valencia watches silently, too caught up to even cheer. Fortunately, the crowd doesn't seem to mind doing that.

Valencia pauses to smile at Lizette who brings her a small parchment envelope.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Valencia before departing.

Shard has taken quite a number of hits by this point, but if anything, her resolve seems more solid than ever. She isn't slowing down yet. There's no hint of frustration in her features. She moves with Marian, striking, dodging what she can, in and out in bizarre patterns. It's not enough for her to land a second strike; Marian's too fast.

Vicente sits next to Gianna and says, "Vicente Fidante, I would be glad to accompany you." He stands back up and moves to take his glass before he returns back to the seat next to Gianna again, "Is nightingale a title or just a reference to your voice?" His tone continues to remain even without hint of the emotion behind it.

Shard checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 9, rolling 82 higher.

Shard remains capable of fighting.

Shard checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 37, rolling 51 higher.

Shard remains capable of fighting.

Shard checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 39, rolling 36 higher.

Shard remains capable of fighting.

Shard checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 65, rolling 17 higher.

Shard remains capable of fighting.

Violet is quiet as she enters the area. Cloak about her shoulders still she makes no move to take it off. Instead leaning against the bar quietly with a mug of something.

Marian bring blow after punishing blow onto Shard as she tries to get the stubborn warrior to drop. Somehow Shard manages to stay in the fight, even as Marian continues to flash her sword as she whirls like a demon on the field. Sweat is pouring from her brow as this fight has gone longer than the warrior princess expected. However, the warchief isn't stopping unless her opponent yields.

And Shard isn't yielding...yet. Surely it's only a matter of time at this point. Marian is the clear victor. And yet, Shard is still somehow on her feet in spite of the punishment, and despite her breathing now coming in ragged breaths. She's clearly tired too; she's not moving as fast as she was.

Shard has rolled a critical success!
Shard checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 68, rolling 123 higher.

Shard remains capable of fighting.

Shard checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 100, rolling 6 lower.

Shard checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 60, rolling 57 higher.

Shard remains alive, but close to death.

Shard is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

Marian brings her sword in to hit Shard, striking her hard and watches in amazement as yet again the woman remains standing. She then swings, and misses, but what her opponent may not realize that is a set up for an acrobatic move that brings Marian moving swiftly towards her back, sweeping her with her sword to try force her to her knees.

Waldemai applauds wildly, knocking his bucket over. Fortunately, it's empty. "Great fight! Great fight!" he calls. "Well done! All glory to Gloria!"

Marian is overheard praising Shard: Good fight!

Violet brings her hands together in applause. A tired smile on her face before she takes a gulp of her mug. "Well done Warchief!" She calls out to Marian.

The gambit works, and Shard is finally driven downward with enough force that she isn't able to spring back up. She takes a few moments in the sands, breathing heavily, and gives Marian a sharp nod.

The crowd erupts into wild cheering and applauds as the fight concludes. Even Valencia is leaping to her feet and cheering loudly, her smile bright and face alight with excitement. Lizette comes to report on the ticket sales and the little princess nods happily, calling out. "Our winners pot is at 485 economic writs! Only 30 writs to go to meet our goal! Are there any others wishing to buy tickets?" she chimes out excitedly.

Marian stands there breathing deeply, sweating as she gives a bow to Shard and then to the hostess, Valencia. She gives a smile and offers a hand to Shard to help her up, "I could use a drink after that. Would you like to join me?"

Vicente turns from his conversation with Gianna and gives a steady round of applause and returns back to the table

Aksel enters into the arena at just the right moment. When it's all over. He rises on his toes a bit to check to see who's in the arena before making his way towards the bar.

Gianna raises her hands to applaud as well, gold rings on her hands flashing. Then she resumes her conversation with Vicente.

Waldemai is climbing down from the rafters when Valencia make her announcement. "I'll have another ticket, your highness," he says, pulling a ten-spot from his pouch. "Only two more of you to buy one more ticket each!"

Waldemai has left the upper rafters.

Shard reaches up and grips the offered hand firmly before she pushes to her feet. She's clearly unsteady, but she doesn't look as though she's in danger of actually falling over. Probably. Once up, she sheathes her sword. "A drink," she agrees.

Marian has left the ring of valor.

Shard has left the ring of valor.

Marian has joined the bar.

Shard has joined the bar.

Marian makes her way over to the bar, motioning the bar keep to start a tab for her and Shard. She turns to her and tells her, "I'm buying..." She motions for the woman to order what she wants. She gives a glance to the ring to see if another fight is starting.

Waldemai heads out with a polite bow and a wave to the regulars.

Shard orders a whiskey using the fewest words possible, and then sinks onto one of the bar stools with a faint grimace.

Violet looks Shard up and down as she and Marian reach the bar. "I only saw the end, but that was quite a fight," She says, lifting her mug towards the two before finishing it off.

Valencia looks beyond happy and her smile somehow manages to blossom even more as Aksel is spied. "My Missere Aksel! I got your missive and the writs for your tickets. Lizette entered you herself," she nods warmly up at him, her delight barely contained. "Would you care to join me in whiskey? We are about to draw I think, if there are not more spars to be had. Did you wish to spar?" she asks, her sweet voice light and happy.

Marian gives a smile and gets a glass of whiskey for herself, "Shard gave me quite a workout." She looks pleased at the stretch and pain of her muscles. She gives a nod of greeting to Violet, "It's good to see you Commandt." She gives a glance as it looks like the drawing is being done soon.

Valencia has rolled 1 147-sided dice: 82

Shard takes a long sip from her drink when it arrives. She's quiet, and Violet merely gets another nod from her.

The crowd begins to hush and audience members wait in wonder, some offering prayers and others holding good luck charms. Valencia nods as all the tickets are brought and she gently reaches in to pick the winner. The number #82 is drawn and the name Lord Vicente is read out.

Violet is happy to just trade nods with the other mercenary. "I was on my way home from my rounds in Redrain and decided to check in. It's been awhile," She says as she sets her empty mug down. Then she turns to listen to the draw. "Ah not it. Well, I think I shall waddle home and put my feet up then. We'll talk about archery soon," The last pointed at Marian herself.

Vicente glances over at his name being called out from the silence and says, "Yes?" His expression seems to indicate he is unaware of what is happening at that exact moment, his eyes shifting about.

Marian glances at her numbers and gives a sigh, "Not a winner." She doesn't seem too heartorn about the matter. She puts her slips on the table now that the winner has been chosen, raising her glass to Vicente to toast his success." She gives a nod to Violet, "I'll follow up with you later.

Erin, Crimson Blades Private, Jin, Cranky Crimson Blades Sergeant, Gale, The Mighty Pupper, 2 Crimson Blades Lieutenant, Private Fane, Crimson Blade Assistant leave, following Violet.

Gianna leans toward Vicente, reaching out to brush her fingertips against his forearm. "I think you won," she tells the man. "You did buy tickets, yes?"

Aksel waits until Valencia does her announcing things before replying to her, "I will have to thank Lizette later." He nods to Marian agreeingly, "Odds never seem to be in my favor with these sorts of things." A shrug is given as he looks back to Valencia, "Spar or no spar, I will definately enjoy some whiksey."

Shard grunts. She takes an even larger sip from her drink. "Seems not."

Vicente blinks for a moment, "Tickets? Yea but I don't win things. I'll be back in a moment." He glances at the tickets and starts to move over towards Valencia to confirm the tickets wit her.

Marian does admit to folks there, "It does seem to be getting late, I should probably be heading back." She gives a salute to Shard, "Thanks for the company." She leaves some coin on the table for their drinks and then heads off to say good night to Valencia, letting Vicente collect his winnings first.

The little princess offers a nod to Shard, who's generosity still impresses her. And then smiles up to Aksel. "Then whiskey you shall have," she beams nodding to Lizette who hurries off to get Aksel a bottle with a playful wink. The little princes smiles gently to Vicente. "You have won, sir. Half the pot will go to protecting the Lodge and half will go to you."

Gianna leans back in her seat, resting one elbow on the tabletop as she watches Vicente go. She takes up her gittern and rests it across her lap.

"My friends, lords, ladies, Highnesses, Misseres and Madames! Thank you so much for support our cause. The protection of the Lodge is vital to our realm. I hope you will continue to help as you can. Tonight, whe have raised 505 economic writs to this end. Thank you all. I am so grateful," she calls out to the crowd and offers them a deep and earnest curtsey. "And congratulations to our winner. Lord Vicente Findante, who has won our raffle tonight. Thank you everyone! Stay strong! Hold fast! Together we will fight back the darkness! Thank you!"

Vicente looks down at Valencia as she confirms the winnings and says, "Thank you for taking the time organize the event." He slides back away from the princess as she concludes her event and tries to blend back into the crowd as he makes his way back to Gianna.

"Congratulations," Gianna tells Vicente. "So much for never winning anything." She begins to rise from her seat, holding her gittern in one hand and smoothing her skirts with the other.

Gianna has left the Champions' table.

Marian gives a murmur of congratulations as Vicente passes her, and then claps for Valencia as she ties up the event. Then the warchief continues to make her way out, heading home.

Marian has left the bar.

Vicente nods to those he passes who give any word to him, including Marian. When he reaches near the table he stands silent for a moment in thought before he says, "It does seem rather odd but I suppose no streak lasts forever. I suppose it was fortunate to be out today."He stands to the side to allow Gianna to move or leave as she does so naturally.

The prize given and the rest bundled up to be taken to the cause, Valencia takes a seat beside Aksel and smiles. "Hello," she smiles, still buzzing a little with the excitement of making the Hart's goal.

"Clearly," Gianna tells Vicente, her lips curving up slightly at the corners. "I ought to get back home. A pleasure meeting you, Lord Vicente. Perhaps we'll see each other again."

"Good night, it looks like," Aksel comments to Valencia. He takes the whiksey brought by Lizette and takes a drink straight from the bottle before setting it aside. "I bet if you did this every night you'd be swimming in it."

The little vixen smiles and considers. "You know, missere, that is not a bad idea. We could raise more for the cause and offer an exciting chance for others to win. I should like that I think," Valencia nods with approval, her large dark eyes dancing at the idea of raising more funds for charity. "You are so very clever, missere. Do you think it would be popular?"

Thesarin makes his way into the Arena, at his usual slow, measured stride. The man looks exactly like a shav raider from out of the Grey Forest, dressed up like a nobleman, and by the grim look on his face it's entirely possible he was dressed up at swordpoint. His intense look sweeps over the assembled, giving a low nod to the hostess. He's wearing two blades, tonight--one strapped at his back, and one at his hip, the pommel set with what looks to be either a forgery or the fang of a truely enormous wolf or bear.

Vicente stands besides the table where Gianna had been sitting prior to the prize but with her departure he stands there and allows his eyes to shift around the crowd. He picks up his drink and begins to make his way back towards one of the walls. As he reaches the wall, he takes more of a drink than a sip but is certainly not gulping.

Shard sips quietly at her drink, now that she's been left to her own devices at the bar. She seems entirely content to continue doing that, though when Thesarin enters, she pauses briefly to glance over in his direction, and, perhaps, that sword he's wearing.

"I don't have any earthly idea, Princess," Aksel replies with a shrug of his shoulders, "But give someone a chance at winning something, and they're likely to go about doing it." His brow lifts a bit at Thesarin, but doesn't comment.

The little sourthern princess nods to the Northman, her dark eyes lifting to follow Aksel's to Thesarin as he arrives. A bright and sweet smile find her lips as Valencia greets him. "My Count Thesarin! Please be welcome. I'm so sorry you missed entering our raffle. We are collecting donations for the defense of the Lodge. You are well?" she asks cheerfully as she whispers aside to Lizette. It appears that Shard will soon find that she drinks for free for the days to come if she visits the Hart.

Vicente finishes the last of his drink and places it on a nearby table before making a quiet exit out of the heart.

Vicente has left the Champions' table.

Thesarin doesn't seem to respond to Aksel's attentions, as he makes his way toward the bar. His attention focuses on Valencia, and he dips his head in her direction. "Sorry as well, Princess. Well for now, as much can be hoped. It's a worthy cause, and no dobt." The Prodigal gives another nod to the Velenosa. "And you, in fine health?" It might just be that he notices Shard's eyes on his sword. He doesn't look at her, and he doesn't smile. But he very much gives the impression that he might start doing both of those things soon.

Shard remains silent as she resumes sipping her whiskey. She looks as though she's recently been in some sort of fight, if the sweat and the forming bruises are anything to go by, but they /are/ in the arena.

Dark eyes drift to the weapon at Thesarin's side and back again, eyes widening at the pommel. Another smile graces her lips as he approaches and she offers him a delicate hand in greeting. "Very well, my lord. All the better after raising 505 economic writs for the cause. I'm so grateful for this," she smiles again. "You would join us? And you Mistress Shard? Please, if it pleases you. I would be glad of your company."

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