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Beards & Brews: Round 2

This is the second Beards & Brews that will be held at The Spirits. Ladies, if you have a beard you can bring it too!


Sept. 3, 2018, 8 p.m.

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Jophiel Kace Cadern Ophelia Amari Nuala Rowenova Desiree Asger(RIP) Kalani Arik Mirk Brogan Reese Waldemai Taldolf Sable Vitalis Calandra Denica



Arx - Ward of House Redrain - The Spirits - Main Bar

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Comments and Log

As everyone else is settling in, Jophiel heads towards the bar to settle in. Nuala gets a grin and a bow of the Bisland lord's head. "Settling in still, Your Highness?" he asks as he orders an ale to sit back and watch the festivities as they begin.

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Kace ambles into the bar shortly after Mirk, giving nods towards the Halfshav's and their entourage, smiling towards Rowenova, and seeking out a place to sit. With a glance around, she shrugs and moves to join Waldemai at the off-kilter table, pausing along the way to as for whiskey, two glasses, and a crust of bread. Then she's trekking right along and plopping herself down into a chair with a nod to the smith. "Evening. Here for the beard competition or whatever it is?"

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Cadern grins at Desiree, "Oh, some are interesting, some are less so? Have you met Rowenova? She's a scout and Arik's...well. I think she has a bunch of roles but mainly I suspect it's tedious things Lord Arik has pawne...delegated to her." He says brightly and he grasps Floppington's face making his ears come forward, "And this fine hound is the fierce Sir Floppington." His eyes twinkle at Arik's look just because well Cadern enjoys stirring the pot and he looks to Mirk and inclines his head, "Cadern Ravenseye. Pleasure to meet you." He says brightly as he glances around to the growing crowd and he admits to Asger, "I think we're going to need more whiskey."

Ophelia is here on business. Really, truly. Her horse is currently being trained near the Crovane Estate and she's just waiting around until she receives word that the session is over. Dressed in Velenosa purple, the Princess lowers the hood of her cloak as she follows a very large bearded gent into The Spirits. Oh dear. /What/ has she walked into? The tavern is lively and she's probably going to get lost navigating to the bar. "Oh!" Someone bumps into her. "Pardon me..."

Amari nods in return to Arik as he breezes through to join the Duke's table, and for Asger she has a quick smile before she, at the bar anyway, just settles in there. Jophiel is looked over and then nodded to, in a friendly enough manner. "You were at the picnic?" She tries to place, attention briefly split between him and the incoming Redrains and Halfshavs and all sorts of Northerners.

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It's time for another Beards and Brews, but this time Tesha's hosting it since Geralt is off busy being a Sword somewhere. There's no dividing any groups this evening. Everyone can grab a seat where they want. Beards could be decorated as they wanted to be. Just for general oogling from the ladies or other gents. There wasn't any discriminating! Tesha herself is just wandering around for the moment with a glass of whiskey and greeting people. There's no contest this time sadly, but maybe next time!

"I was." Jophiel offers with a friendly smile. "A pleasure to meet you, I'm Jophiel Bis--" and he doesn't get to finish it as he finds himself catches Ophelia on the rebound after she collides with someone. "Ah. I believe for once the hunter has been caught, Your Highness. And me, with no bread." He releases the Princess once she's on her feet and gives her a warm smile, gesturing to a nearby seat. "We were just making introductions."

"For the next several weeks, you can be sure." Nuala tips her head. The thick sweep of her sooty hair throws the oddest highlights, like blackberries in the summer sun. A quick turn and she faces away from the bar, then hops up to a stool. Hop may be overselling it, because with her height, she barely has to adjust at all. For all those princesses in abundance, the Redrain inclines her head to Ophelia. "Take the route to your left and straight on until you reach the first stool." Picking that out quickly enough, she gives a light greeting to Amari and Jophiel. "Looks like a good crowd. I'm sorry to have missed the picnic. Valery does a wonderful thing with teas."

Rowenova looks up from her empty cup and smiles brightly at Arik's arrival. "Wonderful to see you here for round 2!" says she. "I always have all my writing effects, Lord Mirk." she merrily assures as she brings around the Messenger Bag (of divine quality, no less) to be in her immediate lap before the sturdy table. "Lay it on me." A smile is sent to Kace in return before Rowenova gently confirms for Cadern, "Defers and Delegates. Work is fun!"

Rowenova gets a crow feather quill pen with black ink from a weapons belt of dark leather with knife sheathes as well as a sword scabbard.

Desiree watches Arik with amusement. "I thought this would be a good time to come." She shakes her head as she looks at Rowenova. "I don't believe I have, but a scout is a useful job and difficult. I couldn't do it. It's nice to meet you." She watches the hound and smiles. "If he had a beard he'd have my vote."

Asger claps Cadern on the shoulder "Lad, I think that is just a general rule of life, always going to be needing more whiskey." with an easy going grin he tells him "This is certainly more activity then I was expecting when I went heading out for a drink this evening."

"Goodness," Kalani murmurs as she slips into the tavern, catching the door just before it can swing shut and eases a healthy step to the side out of the way. With a mild head shake, a look of amusement settles in place, and the Seliki healer begins easing her way through the room toward the bar.

With Tesha wandering about the Halfshav Lord motions to the Lady Telmar, "Do you have beers or should I arrange it with the barkeep?" Arik rumbles in a curious manner ignoring his table for a short time.

Sir Floppington moves over to Desiree after her kind words, doing so with all the tail wags which happily thwap at chair legs and people legs. Nova grins big, "Thank you for saying so, on both counts, and it is good to meet you, too!"

With a little help, Ophelia takes her seat at the bar and gives Jophiel a nod in gratitude. "Thank you, my lord. That is most kind of you!" She settles and then glances down the bar at those seated and present. She then gives a nod to Nuala for the helpful tip and will try her very best not to bump into anyone else -- probably best that she stay seated!

Cadern considers Rowenova and declares, "Ro... you are a strange bird." He says firmly and he smiles to Desiree, "Oh? He does have his own charm doesn't he?" He releases poor Floppington as he asks of Desiree, "And how have you been? Keeping the mischief afoot? Any good bets?" He asks as he then gets his shoulder clapped by Asger and he grunts a little before laughing, "Ah see this is the wisdom I should learn." He says solemnly. He then laughs and offers, "Isn't that the sign of a good night when you were planning a little drinking and you end up in a surprise gathering?"

Mirk offers a dip of his head to Nuala. "You're too kind, Your Highness. But since you're still singing my praises, it's the least I can do to cover your drinks for the evening," he says in a wry tone. "And my pleasure to do it." He strokes his beard with one hand, and says to Desiree, "Those without are always welcome to tie one on, if they wish to compete. I can't promise it'll work, but it might earn you credit, at the very least. Especially if the beard is on a dog."

Amari spots Kalani and waves from the bar. Over heeeeere.

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Tesha wiggles her glass of whiskey at her brother-in-law, "I have whiskey." she tells him as she stops at his table. "How are you doing this evening?" she asks him with a smile. Then there's a bit of a look around, "Since we aren't having a contest this evening, drinks are on me this evening. So everyone enjoy!" the redhead calls out. Then she turns her attention back to Arik for a moment.

The word 'mischief' has a magic spell on one of the Redrain princesses. The one at the bar leans back a little to catch whatever Desiree's response to Cadern might be, a smile on her winter-pale mouth soon enough to turn into a grin. "Your generosity should not be tapped at the expense of your house. Should you be inclined, though, I will rouse Rowenova and at least myself to making a racket heard outside again." Rabblerouser, that's her. A grin in place lingers.

"You and Mirk will have to fight over who hands over their silver at the end of the night but you can't have a beards and brew without a beer. I'll speak with the barkeep." Arik rumbles in a conversation manner with Tesha as he slowly eases up out of the chair, it looks like a slow process but he does it without any grunts or groans of pain. "If you'll excuse me a moment." he adds in an aside to those seated at the sturdy table.

Mirk raises a hand to forestall discussion. "You're the host," he says to Tesha with a brief, but fond, smile. "I wouldn't dream of arguing the point. Yours, then."

Nuala points a glass thoughtfully at Arik. "See? That's excellent hospitality. No arguments from me."

Desiree keeps her attention on Sir Floppington as she pets him. "You're welcome." She smiles and looks at Nova. She laughs at what Mirk syas. "I should get a dog, a bearded one." She shakes her head as she looks at Cadern. "No good bets, but I can't say the same about mischief. You know me."

Rowenova curiously inquires, "How so, Lord Cadern?" says she as she sets up the beige paper and black ink in a glass well atop the sturdy table before then deftly dabbing her crow quill into the ink well as she looks up to Lord Mirk. Grinning big after rabblerousing words, Rowenova pipes up, "Yes, we so can!" says the wolf scout before winking over to Nuala. Though, she soon turns somewhat concerned as Lord Arik moves around, but she stays sat down despite the obvious twitch she momentarily had as if she might have gotten up there, but no. The soulful hound, Sir Floppington, happily noses Desiree's side.

Stalking his way into The Spirits, Brogan ducks in the door reflexively and fixes the bar with a look. "Now. Where are all the brews I heard mentioned. The winning beard has arrived, but is rather thirsty!" Speaking of beards, he reaches up to scratch at it briefly and then roughly comb it with his fingers.

1 Grayson House Guards, Peaches, a lovely white war filly with a peach saddle, Deliverance, an albino falcon, Stormy, a silvery gray hunting hound, Rascal, a hyper terrier, Rosalie, a lady in waiting arrive, following Reese.

Reese arrives in the bar while adorned in a rosy tunic and a pair of ivory leggings. She has lots of weapon with her and lots of ribbons in her golden locks. The princess makes her way toward the bar, moving with her cat-like grace.

Cadern says the M word with apparent abandon heedless of the impact it may have on various Princesses. Instead he's grinning at Desiree, "Does seem like an intriguing thing to have certainly would win SOMe competitions." He looks bemused, "Oh? Mischief is good why don't you tell me more?" He encourages eyes twinkling as he glances up and over at new arrivals and then he peers at Rowenova and waves a hand, "I'll come up with some examples later. But I stand by my statement." He assures her in amusement. He does glance to Asger and asks, "Did you wish to go get some air?" He suggests easily.

Asger begins to stand, offering a bit of a nod to Cadern "And I think I'd better get off to check on my wee punchy sun and making sure he is doing okay. Know he was being a bit of a terror earlier." glancing about a wry grin sets on hi lips he says "As much as I'm wanting to stay and drink the party under the table I'd best be off." offering a nod back to the man he's been chatting with he confirms "Aye, you can come along if ya want, should be able to get some talking in once the wee one is down."

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Tesha gives a look between Arik and Mirk and there's a quirk of her fair eyebrow at the both of them, "Thank you." she finally tells them. Though the smile is half hearted. She gives a nod to the them and then turns to the newcomers, "Welcome to Beards and Brews, feel free to have a drink they are on me this evening!" she gives a cheerful smile and a wave.

Looking up from her conversation at the table, Kace offers a wave and a brief smile towards Tesha, belated greeting for the hostess.

Waldemai shouts, "Free beer? Thanks, m'lady!" He looks for the nearest serving person.

Rowenova shouts from nearby, "YES THANK YOU!"

Nuala raises her glass of whiskey to Tesha, the active conversation at the bar something she withdraws from. "To generosity and good spirits!"

Reese joins the bar, taking a seat there. She has a gentle smile for the others at the bar.

After a few minutes and Tesha's announcement there is some motion behind the bar and platters of beer cups are being distributed to the crowd. The first beer is hoppy enough you can chew it with a very filling drink to it and a strong mouth coating flavor of barley and spices. It's almost like enjoying a loaf of bread if it was nice cool and drinkable. There is little to no head on his beer and it's dark enough you can't see the bottom of the cup until you've drank it all|

Arik returns to the sturdy table and watches the first round of beers as they get distributed.

Rowenova says, "If he is, I still am!"

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Rowenova slings back her Messenger Bag behind her chair backing before then turning back and picking up a beer mug with a giddy grin.

Taldolf strolls in not knowing what was going on, he opened the door and stepped inside to see a lot of people in the spirits.. Some he knew and some he didnt.

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Tesha gives a smile to everyone and then there's a bit of a bow of her head as they thank her. She gives a wave to Kace and Amari as well. Then there's a look back to the table and she settles down, sipping her whiskey as she takes a quiet look around.

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Reese looks to Taldolf, smiling toward the man. "Hi, Master Taldolf." She says from where she is perched at the bar.

Rowenova waves big over toward Taldolf and then beckons him over toward the sturdy table's only seat which is still open, if he would like to join up.

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Amari waves over to Tesha, cheerfully. "Good turn out!" She compliments as well, even if her words probably get eaten up by the din. She'll eventually settle for smiling to get her appreciation across to the host, before she turns back to those around her at the bar.

Taldolf waves towards Reese and smiles and then see's Rowenova and he moves to join her at the table. Sitting down he just looks around and smiles

Something happens at the sturdy table Arik is rising up and loudly declaring, "I forgot all about that I'll be back."

Rowenova says in Northlands shav, "Ah yes!"

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"Lord Arik Halfshav don't you dare!" Tesha calls!

Rowenova laughs so hard she almost falls out her chair!

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Sable steps aside as Arik passes her by, raising an eyebrow but saying nothing. Then he's back, and Sable's a little more confused. She eases toward the bar.

No sooner has Arik wandered off after the declaration than he arrives once more but instead of being dressed down for summer he is dressed down for summer with a -glorious- codpiece depicting the mountain ranges of Whitehold. The pants are scandalous snug, the codpiece ridiculously porportions, but it is all clearly made by one of the better leatherworkers one might be able to find. He makes his way back to the sturdy table but doesn't sit and instead stands with one hand on the back of his chair and declares, "Now it is a beard and brews night."

Rowenova must have drank too much because when Lord Arik shows back up, the young scout really does fall out of her sturdy chair. She scrambles up to settle down and again get seatuated once more.

Taldolf watches Arik stand and leave then come back. He looks at what he is wearing and then sees Rowe fall off her chair and Taldolf busted out laughing. He grabs a mug and slowly starts to sip.

"There it is!" Amari laughs from the bar upon seeing the Arik's codpiece finally make its glorious appearance.

Looking up again as Arik rushes off, and Tesha calls out, Kace looks confused. A look that doesn't change as Arik re-enters. But she DOES notice something that she hadn't before that morphs her expression from confusion to amusement. She snorts. She snickers, chuckles, even guffaws once or twice. But its not until Rowenova hits the floor that the redheaded Redrain Princess loses it. She bursts out laughing, tears quickly filling her eyes as she can't help but stare at the codpiece.

Sable's gaze follows Arik; she beholds the jeweled codpiece. She stands there, blinking a few times, then immediately half-turns toward the door again, as though she is very much thinking of leaving. Then she shakes her head and claims a seat at the bar. "Strongest thing you've got."

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Mirk facepalms as his Arik returns, muttering something that's distinctly unflattering about his cousin under his breath.

Arik has no shame as he intentionally loiters standing at the sturdy table. He even turns and nods to the bar and then gives them a profile view and then nods to the other tables. He models it for all he is worth, clearly playing it up for the reactions at this point.

Waldemai isn't drunk enough to laugh out loud at a nobleman. But it's oh, so very close.

[Fashion] Despite efforts made by Arik, modeling 'a pair of snugly-fitted jet black leather trousers with a magnificently bejeweled codpiece' on behalf of Halfshav attracts little notice.

Nuala slowly turns her head to the door. She isn't a stoic Valardin - that was her dead husband. Arik's bombast draws her midnight eyes down to the proportionately remarkable mountains. "You do know what happens to things in the cold," she says dryly.

Tesha drops her head into her hands at the table as she doesn't get her brother-in-law to stop his madness. Then he's coming back in with that good awaful thing. She downs the rest of the whiskey from her glass and then refills it, because it was needed. She mutters something to Mirk as well.

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Vitalis enters to ... THAT. Blinking at the northern lord and desperately trying to unsee that codpiece, Vitalis bellies up to the bar. This calls for a drink. He is, at least, bearded and a fine, dark crop of a beard it is.

Rowenova cannot stop her inane laughter during Arik's modelling and leans forth against the very edge of the sturdy table despite already sitting down.

Desiree can't help but laugh as she watches Arik. "I really wish I could stay longer now." She looks to those at the table. She looks to those at the table. "Goodbye. I hope we'll meet again." She gives Sir Floppington another pet before leaving.

"What is already cold may never wither." Arik quips right on back to Nuala and with everyone having had their turn at getting an eyeful he graciously sits down at the sturdy table, but does intentionally scoot his chair back so anyone who is just dying for a look... for conversational reasons surely... can still glance over and see plenty.

Lifting her new glass of whiskey, "The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind," Kalani chants softly, not -sing- the Seliki does NOT sing, but she grins impishly all the same.

Mirk rises to his feet, withdrawing a purse from his belt, and sets it on the table in front of him. "Five hundred silver," he announces, "to anyone who can get Lord Arik to stop wearing that codpiece. The deal is off if you cut him in for a portion of your spoils."

Rowenova says in Northlands shav, "Or if you cut him, that's off, too!"

"Two writs, Lord Arik," Nuala calls over the bar, "if you'll let me have a try on your unwithering, cold mountain peak to see if a Redrain can do it better or not. Though I shall have to admit I can't make it look quite as charming as you do."

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2 House Wyrmguard Guards leaves, following Desiree.

Mirk holds up a hand to forestall Rowenova. "Let's not be hasty in ruling anything out," he says, with a grin.

"I don't know, Mirk... something -that- garish deserves to be inflicted on everyone..." Kace calls out from the safety of the other table.

Rowenova cracks up all over again after Mirk's response, and she largely gasps for needed air. Her pale face is now purple. Sir Flop happily barks at her!

"It comes with a song." Arik mentions and then suggests to Nuala, "House Redrain already has a wonderous codpiece of their own. Just get High Lord Darren to loan you his!" he declares in an easy manner even as almost every commoner in the room begins drinking or paying their tab or edging away when Arik mentions singing.

"That would be against at least four laws of the Compact," Nuala calls back. A smile warms on the Redrain princess' mouth, and she gestures. "But look! We have a lawyer in our presence to be sure of that. Lady Keaton, do you care to weigh in on this?"

Rowenova says in Northlands shav, "My Lord sings the best songs this side of Mistress Gianna!"

Taldolf says in Northlands shav, ""Is he going to actually sing?""

Rowenova says in Northlands shav, "I hope to the gods he... does!"

Sable collects her mug of... something strong, whatever it is, and looks at it as thought it might just not be strong enough. She takes a deep pull before surfacing. "Is having a jewel-encrusted crotch something city-dwelling shav'arvani do?"

"I'm not sure the statutes on codpieces, to be honest. I'd have to reference some very old texts on the Great Northern Codpiece Wars, that took place in the time before Queen Alarice, even. The Compact has not been menaced by codpieces in the years since. At least, not until now." Amari says, very seriously, between sips of her brew.

Taldolf, takes his mug, after his laughter stops, and doesnt sip, but drink the whiskey down steadily. That way he is prepared for the rest of the evening.

Arik checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 6 lower.

Turning from the bar to the main bar room at hand, with the his second bottle of whiskey in his hand, Brogan calls out. "Now. What is the point of putting on a codpiece for a /bar/ if you wear other things with it?!!" He squints at Arik. "I dont think you, or the rest of us has had enough to drink yet, My Lord!" Oh Gods- he is too late to discourage Arik.

"Ever had a longing for a sight to behold?

There's one night a month you can be satisfied

One pair of pants are the whole show!

You wouldn't forget it if you tried

Beard and Brew, lucky you

Catch the sight, it's a delight

Made by Oliver,so they're quite toler-able

Get your own for sure."

The song kind of fell apart there at the end and not for to much drink but probably because of the shouts of 'no more' and 'My Lord please' from some Halfshav commoners because it honestly sounded like Arik was killing a cat. He never knew what a key was and if he did he probably broke it long ago.

"Arik, no!" Tesha states with a point of her finger as he talks about singing and there's a frown to him and...she's too late. The woman simply puts her head down on the table and puts her hands over her ears. "I'm so sorry everyone!" she calls out.

Arik looks pleased at punch despite the cries of no more and calls out, "The next round of beer!" like he might not have run off the crowd.

Rowenova laughs hard (until deep purple), "You totally sold those pants! Perhaps, I will get some, too!" says she before she swigs down her whole mug then readies up a snatching hand for the next mug of the upcoming brew!

Singing happens. Sable downs a much larger quantity of drink, squinting one eye as she peers into the mug. She looks disgruntled.

Taldolf, depsite the big grin, and he partial laughing, started clapping towards Arik for a job well done!

The next round of beers which are perhaps served as a way to drink away the pain of Arik is a lighter ale with a golden hue to the liquid and a citrus spice to the easy to drink flavor of wheat. All in all it is light, refreshing, and not to heavy. Almost the complete opposite of the previous dark liquid that was served.

"This was the evening we -needed-, but not the one we deserved..." Kace says to nobody in particular as the song comes to an end and there are cries for Arik to sit down.

Nuala drinks, because that's the best fanfare that Nuala can offer while her brows draw thoughtfully together. The black waves of her hair fall over her face, concealing half of it. Whiskey exchanged for ale, she taps out a ditty.

Vitalis winces at the song, teeth bared, but stomps and halloos at its completion. Perhaps because it's over, in truth, however the ruckus is genuine and full-throated.

Serenade, a lovely nightingale arrives, following Calandra.

Amari begins to drum her hands on the top of the bar as Brogan slips off his barstool. "A challenger!" She announces, grinning before and after, despite the very serious and slightly epic tone of voice she uses.

Reese is still perched at the bar. She has a mug of mead now. The princess' cheeks are looking a little pink now. She looks over to Brogan, seemingly all curious. "You can sing, Lord Brogan?"

Clearly having been listening to the women-folk at the bar. Brogan suddenly turns to the tavern as a whole and stalks out a few feet. "My Lord Arik. A fine song, a fine song indeed!" Clap. Clap. Sounding odd as there is still a bottle of whiskey in his hand. Said bottle now gets finished off and tossed back casually over the shoulder to the barkeep. "But that, my friend, is not how you win over a bar!!" His hairy head rolls on its neck and he flashes everyone a grin. "The fine ladies at the bar asked me to do better than a codpiece. So. I shall give a better performance." Song? Who mentioned song. Brogan starts by stripping off his shirt before anyone can really protest, making sure he is flexing as he does so. He looks like he may be preparing to do worse.

Brogan checked strength + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 1 higher.

Ophelia siiips her drink and watches Lord Brogan leave the barstool next to hers. She then slides her nearly empty glass toward the bartender /just/ as that empty bottle sails by -- yup. This requires another drink. Something stronger.

Rowenova nods over to Taldolf and then looks back to Arik as she also claps, "You sang well, My Lord!" says she before she picks up the new brew and then turns toward the newest entertainment with raised eyebrows.

Tesha checked charm + diplomacy at difficulty 15, rolling 46 higher.

WELP. Now there's a stripping Lord. Kace looks to Waldemai, shakes her head and murmurs something, then knocks back what's left of her whiskey before pouring a refill. And still, she can't help but stare. Brogan IS a rather large and strapping man, after all.

Rowenova checked willpower at difficulty 16, rolling 5 higher.

:looks over to Sable as she joins the bar, having a smile for he huntress. "Greetings." She says in her direction.

Tesha's head lifts long enough to see Brogan stand and yes, she watches him remove his shirt. Because she's definitely not dead. But when the large Nightgold looks like he might remove OTHER articles of clothing there's a smile to her table mates and she's rising smoothly and heading towards the shirtless man, "My Lord. I see that you are having a wonderful time tonight and that is fantastic." she smiles brilliantly to him as she gives him a pat on the chest. Then she waves him down to her level and whispers something with a soft smile.

Calandra comes into the Redrain bar and her eyebrows go WAY up. All the way up until they practically disappear into her sable hair. "Oh... my... am I in the wrong place?"

Arik checked strength + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 8 higher.

Never one to shirk from a challenge Arik stands up from the sturdy table and while Brogan is flexing for the crowd (the unwitting crowd?) the Halfshav Lord hauls off his undertunic to reveal, well not as muscled a body as Brogan but certainly a trim and toned torso covered from shoulder to hip and his forearms in pink and silver scarring. All over they look 'fresh' at least a month or two old and it certainly looks like something or a lot of something was chewing on him. Those more nautically minded would recognize them as dozen and dozens of shark bites. After dropping his shirt onto the back of his chair he also flexes somewhat less impressively than Brogan but he has the scars, ooooo yeah.

They do need a song, but there will be no singing from Nuala. Just a chant, really, supported by the clap of her hands and the crack of her boot into the floor for an additional bit of noise. She gestures for the others at the bar to catch the easy time, set to a rather simple tune known widely through the north. Now, the words? They're another matter altogether.

"A man has pride that must be treasured,

Celebrated in a bard's verse and songs,

His prominence begs to be measured

By close study of his deeds and wrongs.

In Thrax, a woman's virtue is prized,

And the Oathlands her faith's a jewel.

Because his house's pride is outsized

Measure northlands by another rule!"

Vitalis calls to Calandra at the door, the tenor overtones of his rich voice carrying over the din, "I'm giving out silver to everyone who asks that as they enter. Or a drink, your choice!"

Reese peeks over to Calandra. "Oh, you are probably in just the right place, Calandra Whisper." She says, lifting her voice to carry to the songbird. She then listens to Nuala's song. "Oh, that was good."

Amari is an Oathlander, so, well, she very politely applauds for stripping Brogan, and for singing Nuala, equally. She happily supports the bar crowd as they attempt entertainment dominance, or whatever's going on there. Fun stuff! She's grinning at least.

Has done his best first round to go all bulgey and fit, and does. Simply Ok. Brogan furrows his brow and bellows. "This cannot stand! I need more fuel for my body! WHISKEY!!" Then he has a Tesha handling him a bit. Everyone can hear a muttered sullen. "Fine. I'll keep my pants on. Unless I get called out there." Then he's back to the crowd because Arik has rising to the challenge, in one manner of speaking. "Well done my lord, well done. Nice fresh scars. But still." He pat pats Tesha gently on the shoulder, and moves around her to be seen. Clearly he's trying to work out a good fierce expression and flexing pose. He's going to try to Johnny Bravo this.

Brogan checked strength + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 15 higher.

"Absolutely a drink," The dark-haired Nightingale replies to Vitalis with a dimpling smile. "One ought never to turn down a drink... unless the silver is substantially more, enough to buy something shiny and valuable." There's a wave to Reese. "Princess Grayson, hello!"

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Reese smiles to Calandra once again. She quickly drinks some of her mead.

Rising up from her seat, she murmurs something to Waldemai, offering him a brief smile, then downs her whiskey and seems to brace herself before heading towards the table the Halfshavs have claimed.

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Kace claims

Rowenova turned back to her new brew. To begin with. But then, she looked up and simply stared at Lord Arik after he put on the flexing show. Setting down her fresh mug, she leans back with an appreciative gaze but then glances over toward Brogan and double takes until she her shifting attention goes back to that particular direction. Her khol-lined, cobalt-blue eyes intently STARE.

Stojan, the assistant, 4 Thrax Guards arrive, following Denica.

Arik checked strength + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 4 higher.

Rowenova checked willpower at difficulty 30, rolling 4 lower.

Tesha's stormy gaze slowly turns towards Arik and she looks UNAMUSED by her brother-in-law. Then she looks back to Brogan and there's a look up to him and she gives a smile to the man when he gives her the sullen 'fine' and she dips her head to him respectfully. She doesn't try to hound him, but there's a whistful look that is given. Then she asks the barkeep for another whiskey while she's up there. Welp, maybe there would be a few nearly naked men tonight.

Empty whiskey barrels mean clothes for the nearly naked men, a fact that Nuala says to the barkeep when they happen by her. It's all in a totally quiet tone of voice, not at all meant to cause trouble. Really.

Alas Hulk Brogan's physique is to pleasant to observe and the scarred up somewhat 'underweight' looking Halfshav Lord simply cannot compensate with the fierce expression as he takes a few steps closer and claps the man on the shoulder flexing that bicep for all it's worth. Arik knows when he is beat though and lets out a big puff of a breath as he stops tensing and begins chuckling, "Lord Brogan, I concede... You are the burliest warrior here tonight. Come let us get that second round of beer." he says with another clap of the man's shoulder and looks around for a server with a platter of the wheat ale with citrus spice.

Sable has left the Bar.

Kalani has keen ears and, despite the quiet tone in which Nuala speaks, the Seliki hears just enough to inspire her to lean to the side and chime in. "And a hat. Whiskey barrel, and a hat. It'll start a new fashion trend."

Vitalis slips off of his barstool indicating Calandra should take his seat. To the bartender he gestures, two drinks, fingers stacked again to show the depth of the pour. He bows, gallant, to Ophelia, handing one to her, "For you," and again to Calandra, "For you," offering her a drink before he turns to the room at large. He's recognized Arik, and considers the man across the distance as the two Northlanders square off, with lips pressed flat. He gives himself a shake and nods to Nuala, "Just so! Pathfinder Lou announced the context the very next day." He cedes ground to the two men as they call their bout and head to the bar, the Velenosan lord lifting fingers to his lips to whistle, bellowing for the comrades in combat.

For those arriving at the beard and brew there are two shirtless Northerners standing awfully close together and one of them has a magnificent eye catching codpiece. Just really grabs the eye, right to it, sears into the memory. Arik and Brogan seem to be resolving some form of flexing contest.

Reese is still here, but she has fallen a bit quiet for whatever reason. Her cheeks are still pink. "We don't do this in Grayson ward bars." She says. "Although only have one and it is barely a bar, so there is that."

Doing his best impression of heaving something to the stars, Brogan beins his flex poses. Curl of the arms to show off the chest, a bicep curl, turn to demonstrate his back. Finally it ends with a lunge to the side and his hand flexed to the skies, and his bicep curled up once more. "Ha!" He keeps himself on display. As Arik answers him without hesitation. Brogan nods sharply in approval. At Arik conceding the victory, Brogan does the two armed victory pose and turns around for the crowd. "Yessss! I am mighty!! Yet applause for Lord Arik! He did not shirk from the challenge! Your technique will grow, My Lord. Well done!" Heavy clapping. However. For now. He still has his pants. "Whiskey for us!!"

Denica emerges and looks around curiously as she trots through the Spirits. She finds a few friends, smiling and beaming towards them, finding Amari she moves over and gives her a tight hug. "Amari! What on earth have I just walked into?" she wonders, standing behind her for the moment as there is no room at the table, a wiggle of her fingers towards her.

Kalani checked dexterity + artwork at difficulty 15, rolling 4 higher.

"Whiskeys and beer." Arik notes Vitalis' having them a pair of mugs prepared and tips his head to Brogan to invite the other man as Arik crosses the bar and dips his head to the Velenosa, politely. "My Prince, thank you for the drink. I thought you were about to leap into the fray yourself." he muses while accepting a light amber ale and taking a sip while whiskeys are brought at Brogan's order.

Rowenova sits up fairly straight and slowly leans back against the very back of her sturdy chair at the sturdy table. Her khol-lined, cobalt-blue eyes are completely transfixed upon the Northern warriors with their shirts off. Then, after they are finally done, she snaps out of it and claps enthusiastically. "Incredibly impressive, you two!"

Amari is just watching the flex off, maybe not with the intensity of Rowenova, but with studied interest. When it wraps up and Denica is there, she begins softly laughing and gives her a warm return squeeze. "Well, not chaos, exactly. The codpiece came out and it was like some sort of gauntlet was thrown and Lord Nightgold leapt into action and out of his shirt, and... I'm so glad you're here!" She's a beer behind, so she gives the Thrax princess her second ale which has not been touched as of yet. "Please, drink this. It will all make sense after you have."

Mirk rises to his feet. "Five hundred silver, still, for anyone who can part Lord Arik from that codpiece," he reminds the crowd, before narrowing his eyes at Brogan, specifically. "You're the man of the hour. Can you collect on the silver as well as the accolades? Give it a try."

Calandra takes Vitalis' seat with a charmed smile. "You're too kind, m'lord, thank you." She orders a glass of the finest red wine the bar possesses with a winsome wink to the man. "This is highly entertaining but... I'm not sure what the game is?"

Denica has joined the Bar.

As a seat opens up, Denica pulls herself in beside Amari and grins, taking the ale and lifting it into a toast of sorts. "Well, I'll try and figure it all out," Denica giggles, drinking the ale deep with the skill of an experienced drinker. She eyes Calandra and smirks a bit. "Well clearly we're all here to take off our tops and flex our arms?"

Vitalis saunters into the space that Brogan and Arik left, he unbuttons his coat and folds the flap back, revealing a coiled whip at his hip. To those gathered, he spreads a hand, inviting. "I'll need a volunteer." His grin slips lopsided, "A brave one."

Nuala raises her hand easily enough. She carries a whip herself.

Rowenova finally recomposes herself, and she swigs down on the citrus brew whilst her unoccupied hand frantically fans herself at neck level.

Tesha has left the Sturdy Table.

Arik turns around still shirtless and wearing a magnificient codpiece to see Vitalis pulling out a whip then he kind of looks around for a moment. It's almost like he's checking he still knows where he is and makes a quiet *huh* sound. There is a murmured aside to Brogan and then he's making his way to the sturdy table.

Reese smile over to Denica when she joins the bar. She then peeks over to Calandra once again. "Considering your last questions, I thought you find this place fun." She then studies Ophelia's ribbon. "I love ribbons and I would it is more than good enough."

If Arik asks where he's at, he'll get a drink on Vitalis!

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Tesha before departing.

"Whip fight!" Amari calls out, then looks to Tesha with apology. She maybe didn't intend to say that in her outside voice.

gratefully grabbing the proffered whiskey, Brogan immediately starts downing it. He is /not/ putting his shirt back on, on the other hand, he is still not removing his pants. Yet. He looks to Mirk as he is addressed, and then the codpiece, Mirk. Codpiece. "I need more whiskey for that, first. Way more. If I grab wrong, after all." Brogan makes a face. Then there is Vitalis stepping up. And he leans back towards Lord Arik to murmur a moment.

Rowenova cracks up after Brogan's joke and almost snorts brew back out into her beer mug but just barely manages not to.

Squaring up on Nuala, Vitalis gives her a good look up and down, eyes narrowed, examining her closely, gray eyes keen. He nods, once, backing up a step to free the length of the whip which whickers quietly over the floor. CRACK CRACK! Almost without seeming to move to his left and right the whip snaps. He calls for two candles and hands them, lit, to Nuala. If she loses nerve, he'll drip wax onto a table and set the candles in place. He turns, paces away and judges the distance...

Reese watches the whip contest with all this interest. "Wow, I never used a whip, maybe I will have to try it one day." She says. "I wonder if there is advantages to it over a sword?"

Being the wicked soul he is, every time he catches someone looking at him. Or thinks they are. Brogan is performing the Pec Pop of Love. Yet, he does mostly keep his attention on what Lord Vitalis is about to be up to.

Arik is pulling his shirt back on and covering the silver and pink scarring across his torso and then watches as Vitalis and Naula prepare for the whip show.

Nuala uncoils her legs and slips from the stool, attaining her feet with the lightest of ease. With all that considerable height to her advantage, she has little difficulty reaching her foot. She sets aside her drink in order to leave the beer out of it, since it did nothing to ask for the treatment it receives. Seasilk ripples around her in a pale cloud at odds with a woman who would be willing to face down a whip-wielding Lycene. "I'll have to buy a tunic immediately after this if this goes wrong. Let me tell you about certain effects afterwards, Princess Reese." The easy set to which she stalks is telling for anyone who might want to face it. Moving into the middle of the Spirits, the Redrain princess - has to be one of them - awaits to take the candles. Nope, no loss of nerve there.

There's a messenger that manages to find their way through the crowd and to Tesha. They hand over the message to the woman and there's a nod of her head to them before they are heading off. There's a look to Amari and a grin, "Whip fights might make the evening a bit more interesting." she muses. She takes a few moments to read it and there's a bit of a frown at the contents. Her whiskey is finished and the empty glass sat down on the bar. She then heads over to Arik to whisper something quietly to him while she helps him tug his shirt down.

Arik is overheard praising Tesha: Who can have a beard and brews night turn into a flexing contest and whips... A Telmar, who'd have thought?

Ophelia finishes the last bit of her second ale and smiles over at Reese knowingly. "I know you do. Whenever I see ribbons, I think of you." For many reasons. That said, the Velenosan princess leaves her barstool and slips out of The Spirits after bidding her new friends farewell.

Reese looks over to Nuala, seeming all curious. "Okay, thank you, Princess Nuala." She murmurs. She then smiles over to Ophelia. "Take care, Princess Ophelia." She says in her direction.

Ophelia has left the Bar.

Rowenova swigs down the last drops of this particular brew before setting aside the empty mug then pets around Sir Floppington's floppy ears with both hands, doing so as she look up and over toward Nuala and Vitalis.

Reese is overheard praising Arik: He is bold and has really really bold clothing!

Reese is overheard praising Tesha: Great event!

Reese is overheard praising Brogan: Bold and brawny!

Reese is overheard praising Nuala: nice songs, great words and a neat weapon!

"Range, Highness," Vitalis answers Reese's question, though his eyes never stray from Nuala and the candles. He takes a deep breath and /moves/. CRACK! CRACK!

Vitalis checked dexterity + huge wpn at difficulty 45, rolling 16 higher.

Vitalis checked dexterity + huge wpn at difficulty 45, rolling 2 higher.

Vitalis checked dexterity + huge wpn at difficulty 45, rolling 29 higher., two, the candle flames extinguish, smoke curling and the young Lord snares the leg of a chair and drags it close, spinning it to sit assbackward, his hat doffed, feather fluttering before he sweeps it back up to his brow, snugged there.

Reese is overheard praising Vitalis: He is puts on a good show and fights every interesting! with Range!

Kalani is overheard praising Tesha: For organizing a smash hit!

Vitalis is overheard praising Tesha: A grand gathering.

Reese tries to give Denica's cheek a kiss. She slips from her the bar stool. "I should get going though. It was nice to see everyone and what I am amazing party. I will have to come to more Northern events." She says, before starting toward the door. She does take one last look at the whip fighting though. "Hmm...range..interesting." She says, sounding all tempted.

Nuala holds the wax tapers forth from her body, arms outstretched at angles. The wax dribbles down each candle even once the whip accelerates through the sound barrier and destroys the flame from the sooty wick. The wave of her black hair covering her face sways when the left candle is severed, falling back into place. Her heliotrope eyes haven't strayed at all from Vitalis through the process of recoiling the whip, loosing it, the thunder crack, the return.

Amari mms softly in thought, half distracted by the whip fight that's about to take place, against candles, but still. It's sort of a whip fight? "What is he...?" She begins, apparently having never seen tricks of this sort before, she's not sure what he's intending until crack-crack-crack and he's done it, and secures himself a chair. "Oh, well done." She chirps, before yes, applauding politely.

Reese peeks over to Taldolf. "Find me soon for a lesson. You can come to my tower, Master Taldolf. Rosalie says you are up for training."

Taldolf smiles to Reese, Will do , really soon, thank you Princess Reese!"

Denica kisses Reese's cheek in return, hugging her tight and whispering a few words to her before she pulls back and applauds to Nuala's bravery and Vitalis' skill. "Gods, now that was impressive," Denica says. "I need a few more of these before I'll get that brave," Denica holds up her empty ale mug, placing it back on the bar to request a refill.

Rowenova lifts up her gloved hands from dog petting and enthusiastically claps for the whip show, obviously impressed with all those precise strikes!

Reese murmurs softly to Denica and then slips out.

Reese has left the Bar.

Serenade, a lovely nightingale leaves, following Calandra.

A third round of beers are being served to the crowd this one a shandy! It's got some bubbles and some fizz to it, a rare treat and not something one might expect at a Northern bar. It's a sour beverage with a light wheat ale taste.

After a few minutes of whispering that ends a bit loudly between Arik and Tesha, because a drunk sister-in-law is amusing, yes. The Telmar woman gives a smile to everyone, "I've been called away due to some business my fellows. I do apologize. I thank you all for coming out. Please do stay and enjoy the rest of the evening though." she gives a dip of her head to them. Then she turns to look at Arik and she sticks her tongue out at him before she heads out the door.

"You see, the success of the whip as a unique weapon of choice." Princess to the bone, at least the northern variety, Nuala laughs aloud in the warmest of tones. "This makes us practically kith and kin, perhaps." She flips the candles around and scribes her name and Vitalis with the month and year in the side of one of the candles. Repeating the process for the other gives them two very strange little trophies. "This is rightfully yours. An impressive show of skill, and you may be the third person I've ever met in this city comfortable wielding one. We can figure out the exchange afterwards. The princess," she nods to Denica, "makes me think we've done a fine job of it. Come, let's sit down and try that shandy. Summer in a glass, I haven't had it in a good long while."

Mirk raises his mug in a salute to Tesha. "And may the rest of your evening be relaxing and free of unfortunate idiocy," he says. "Thank you for hosting us on this night, Lady Tesha."

"To lady Tesha Telmar, this months host of the beard and brews. Who could have done better?" Arik announces to the room once they all get their next round of beers.

Amari stands and curtsies to Tesha, with a slight wobble as she straightens that betrays the amount of brew she's had tonight. "Thank you so much for hosting, Lady Tesha. I think everyone has had a spectacularly good time this evening."

Amari is overheard praising Tesha.

The big man starts clapping for Vitalis' performance. "Well done." Brogan shifts his gaze around the room, continually drinking from a whiskey bottle. Finally he fixes Arik with a bit of a look and makes a little gesture with his palm, and fingers waggling as if to accept something from the man. Clearly he is waiting for him to step closer and hand him something.

Arik is still lounging at the sturdy table after Tesha helped him put his shirt on and she announced her depature. He looks at Brogan quizzically like he isn't sure what the buff man might want.

Kace is overheard praising Tesha: Excellent hostess!

Frowning deeply as Arik looks confused, Brogan stalks on over to the man mumbling towards him quietly, though not angrily. There is even a smile involved!

Taldolf continues to drink his whiskey and his long arms reaches down to pet the coolest dog around.. He continues to watch and listen to everything that is going on around him.

Arik tosses some coins to Brogan and then drinks deeply from his sour shandy of a beer.

Brogan checked dexterity + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 13 higher.

Arik checked dexterity + brawl at difficulty 28, rolling 9 higher.

Rowenova merrily accepts the third brew with much gusto and still looks to be incredibly flushed from previous drinking before all this, much overlaughing, along with probably staring too hard at the flexing men earlier on, too. But, that does not really stop her! She swigs back on the new brew.

Mirk looks satisfied with the ensuing bar brawl, still quietly nursing on his third or fourth beer with a purse full of silver on the table in front of him.

"Ha-Haaaaaaaa-!" Since Arik and Brogan are so close together. Brogan tries to drunk-stealth grab and take Arik's codpiece. Instead he gets a handful of something else. "-aaaaa-SHIT! GAH!" His hand moves to ungrip and withdraw.

Vitalis rises to his feet and bows to the host, lifting the pleasantly sour beer that is making the rounds, "To our host!" he bellows, inviting the others to call their cheer. Shoving the chair he snagged back to its table with a boot, he turns to trail Nuala back to the bar. "That's an estimable cohort, Highness." He inclines his head to Kalani, "A most balanced view, m'lady." He sips his brew, a handkerchief appearing as if by magic in his hands, to dab foam from the bristles of beard and moustache. It disappears just as quickly. His brow furrows, "They were just hoisting beers together..."

"Quick, Lord Vitalis! You can cool the burn!" sings the Redrain princess from the bar. Nuala has acquired a splendid tricorn hat, possibly made of paper, from Kalani. This she hands off to the Lycene, since apparently he is the victor of the evening.

It less barfight and more random grope for Arik who does respond with a reflexive punch in the gut for the Hulk Brogan. Then there is kind of a pause... and a look down and then a look up at the northern man before looking at Mirk and uttering something in uncouth shav'arvani

Arik says in Northlands shav, "Yer an ass cousin, I should throw you over the bar."

Apparently when he accepted the challenge, it never occured to the besotted Nightgold that win or lose. He had to grab another man by the cod to achieve this feat. Technically he has won the feat, but lost the objective. He has grabbed Lord Arik, but failed to retrieve the codpiece. Then there is a startled 'Ooof!' out of Brogan as he is punched in the gut. At least his awkward contact has broken. Though he eyes Arik warily a moment, then a chuckle as he parses what was said to Mirk.

Mirk manages not to grin openly, but he hides his mouth behind his beer for a minute suspiciously. When he finally lowers it, he says, "You deserved it, Cousin. Besides, if you had made it easy on the poor man, you could've been spared all that pain." He looks to the crowd, and calls out, "I think that Lord Brogan deserves half-credit for a good attempt. What about you?"

Rowenova swigs down her entire brew then slams down her beer mug and stands up with her unburdened chair scraping back across the floor below as she does so. Scanning around, she jokingly demonstrates rolling up inaccessible sleeves!

Nuala's laughter begins over the codpiece, and then it won't stop. The light burns in her dark eyes as she shakes her head, trying to dispel the mirth. Much be the proper northern... well, no, this is what you get in the Spirits. A gesture brings over a pretty girl with nearly white hair into the fray, bearing both a pair of leather pants - no telling why - and a crook to her arm that Nuala gladly hooks hers through. "I do believe this is my way of being told I have work to do. Lord Brogan deserves some credit, and Lord Vitalis for a demonstration worthy of much! I'll sing of those pants another night. Good evening to all, and commendations to Lady Tesha!"

Nuala has left the Bar.

Arik perks up his coppery eyebrows at the comment of singing off the pants and remarks, "Once a month beards and brews only, Princess." and then finishes his light shandy.

Alizarin, an ethereal bard leaves, following Nuala.

It's a late night at the spirits the third round of beers are out but whiskey has been flowing all night and whatever odd... thing happened between Brogan and Arik seems to have died down leaving the crowd to enjoy commenting on beards and finishing their rounds of booze.

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