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Duel Night! Karadoc vs Berenice

Mistress Helia Andrasko stands for Princess Berenice Velenosa and Princess Sorrel Thrax stands for Lord Karadoc Saik in this duel of RUDENESS. That is: Karadoc said that Berenice was predictable, and all sorts of other untenable things, and so they must HAVE IT OUT.


Aug. 10, 2018, 7:30 p.m.

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Berenice Helia Karadoc Sorrel


Tikva Alarissa Carita Riagnon Faruq(RIP) Agostino Miranda Kenna Ford(RIP) Jordan(RIP)



Arx - Ward of the Compact - The Proving Grounds

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"Oh my goodness Sorrel, look at all those colors!" Tikva throws her arms in the air. "I'm dazzled, I'm stunned!" she laughs in a bright peal, and then says, "I'm here as a proxy of Lord Karadoc Saik, you know, since he couldn't make it. The costume is all his."

"Uncle Laric says his name is Butternut," Tiber reports to Sorrel. "He's Butt for short." He turns his skeptical glance to Riagnon, and says sourly, "Can so."

Alarissa moves through the proving grounds, skipping past the actual field so as not to disturb what might be happening. Dressed for a dinner, her own guards linger to get a glimpse of the ongoings as well.

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Carita stops cold as she enters and spies Sorrel in her rainbow attire, a hand to her heart as she smiles wide. There's a silent curtsey for her with a delighted, "Might I say you look radiant, Princess Sorrel?"

"Well, you definitely got the prettier end of the deal with clothing for him. I didn't have any armor of the right quality for this duel, so he provided me with this set, which is less protective than I'm used to, but very colorful," Sorrel says cheerfully to Tikva, the two princesses bonding near the toddler. She waves at Carita happily. "Thank you! I love my rainbow armor!"

Apparently someone didn't get the memo that 'all the colours of the rainbow' are what the cool kids are wearing these days. Because here comes Helia, bouncy on her feet and grinning ear to ear, only to grind to a halt when she catches sight of Sorrel's polychromatic wondersuit of BEAUTY. Her jaw drops, her eyes widen. Her own clothes aren't exactly subtle in their shades, being of violets and pinks and reds with some glitteriness going on, but there's no way she can compete with /that/. After a few moments she recovers, however, offering bows to all the nobility and royalty as she passes by. Shouyld Sorrel look her way, she gives a double thumbs-up. Should Berenice beckon, she'll approach!

Riagnon hops down from her perch with another little flirty swivel of his tush, "Oh, well. Color me convinced," he says to Tiber without so much as a hint of irony, lifting both hands skyward in a theatrical shrug. He elects to find a place to sit before all the spots are taken. It's more or less exactly where he's already standing. How convenient!

Carita beams at Sorrel, handing her something small, "My original favor would ruin your entire outfit, this will be a far more beautiful addition. I hope it won't hinder anything?"

Faruq walks into the area with the curious rolling gait of a man who has spent to much time aboard ship. A pair of fingertips run over his bald scalp front to back as he drinks in the event. Dressed in simple silks and supple soft leather Faruq watches the people and where they go to determine where he should also go. Soon after he strolls over towards the nobles benches and finds a seat for himself.

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Between Tikva's extravagant ballgown and Sorrel's rainbow leathers, Berenice just /sighs/. "Gods, that man." And then she's putting on a brilliant smile for everyone gathering. "Hello! Such a pleasure to see everyone. As you can see, /I/ bothered to show up to my own duel, although I think that he's left someone far more enjoyable in his stead." She gestures over to Tikva in all her stunning, non-Karadoc glory. She beams when Helia enters, striding over to her to offer a few quiet words.

"I wasn't kidding about it being amazing," Tikva tells Sorrel with a slight crinkle of her nose to go with the wide flash of her smile. She waves to Carita as well. "I mean, I don't think I would want to wear it on a /battlefield/, but--"

Tiber starts to ride his pony forward with a little bracing of his knees so that he can go and argue with Riagnon some more, but Tikva's honed maternal senses enable her to snare the green leather bridle before he can do this. Tiber says, "Aw, but Butt wanted to go play."

"Butternut is a pony, he doesn't get a vote," Tikva asides to her argumentative offspring.

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"Nothing hindered," Sorrel assures Carita as she slips on a ring for good luck with a broad grin. She bows with a flourish to Berenice and Helia, a consummate performer. "And it's a pleasure to have you, Your Highness. I'm sure we can decide this quite fairly for you. Mistress Helia, are you ready and eager?"

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With all the color, Agostino might just stand out, dressed in black, gray, and brown as he is. He gives a quick glance around before moving to take a seat in the the commoner stands, easing onto one of the benches there, making himself comfortable for the upcoming duel.

Carita dips another curtsey for Sorrel, her smile wide and delighted, before she makes her way up to the noble seats.

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Another graceful bow is offered to Berenice as she approaches, then a more serious nod before she replies to those words. Another grin, though, before she turns to Sorrel with a flash of teeth. "I am! I think this is going to fun, your highness!"

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Rubbing the two fingers he stroked over his head against his thumb in circular fashion Faruq leans over towards the nearest other patron in the noble seating area: "This is a duel, yes?" His black eyes take in the future combatants, "Is wagering on such things allowed in this city?" He asks curiously in a rich deep voice.

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Helia wields a plain sword of excellent make.

Tikva claps and whistles. "Yay, Sorrel!" (This is what she is here for.) "May Gloria's favor settle this dispute, which was explained to me completely!"

Berenice offers a warm smile to both Sorrel and Helia as they greet her, finishing her quieter conversation with Helia before drifting over to the judge's booth with Tikva. "Karadoc calling me predictable!" she adds onto Tikva's words. "And overall being insufferable." She flitters her fingers.

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Miranda makes her way onto the grounds and lightly maneuvers her way through the crowd, trying to find a good place to watch the goings on.

"One of my favorite parts about this outfit is that I know that Lord Karadoc put it on and modeled it before he gave it to me, and I'm pretty sure he doesn't fill out this bodice the way that I do," Sorrel notes with a twinkle in her evergreen eyes. She does a little pirouette, just for playing the crowd, all smiles and charm. "I am here representing Lord Karadoc, who is today represented by Princess Tikva!"

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"Yes! This is a duel about whether or not Princess Berenice, who I have just met, is predictable, or whether Lord Karadoc, who sent me this entire outfit, is insufferable!" Tikva's voice trembles with laughter unspent, but her eyes are bright, as she moves to actually sit down in a rustle of layered golden skirts.

"You said I could have a cake if I could find one that looked like your dress," Tiber asserts to his mother with a dubious frown because he appears to believe she may have forgotten this promise.

"Hush dear, it's duel time now," Tikva says as she pats him on the head.

Laughing with genuine mirth, Helia bounces around on her toes, limbering up for the duellin's ahead! "And I'm representing Princess Berenice. Just not as vividly! But with lots of heart!" She does a few swooshy twirls on her sword, lowers herself into a flamboyant en garde stance, then stands up once again with a little smiling nod to Sorrel. "Shall we?"

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Miranda excuses herself suddenly.. (ooc: dinner)

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Karadoc -- is here. Please, please save the pomp and eye-rolling for another nobleman that's still dressed as though he were attending a masquerade. Only /without/ the mask. Hw saunters up, finds his place to sit in the appropriate area and nods. "Been here in spirit the WHOLE time."

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"I should take my leave. I was stopping by on my way to dinner. Good luck." Alarissa rises, a dip of her head to everyone there, a glimpse to the fighting before she's off with her retinue.

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It's back and forth, in a bright blur of swords, and though Helia gets the first hit in, Sorrel does manage to break through her guard and gets in a hit, just enough to seem dangerous. But then Helia gets a hit on her that is far more serious than the other woman probably intended, and Sorrel pulls back and goes to a knee. "I yield," she calls out, holding her side. Apparently, armor that is not high quality protects poorly, whatever the color scheme, and she's bleeding onto her brilliantly colored leathers.

Faruq watches the back and forth intently! His dark eyes track the flash of blades. The footwork of the combatants. Every parry and thrust. Each slash and twist. When it is offer he stands up and claps loudly. "Honor to Gloria." He says in his deep rich voice with a smile that shows the sharp contrast of his white teeth to his dark lips and skin.

Berenice blatantly ignores Karadoc when he wanders over to the table she's sharing with Tikva, her attention on the duel as she whispers a bit with the Grayson princess next to her. Her eyes go wide and excited when she sees Sorrel move to yield.

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Riagnon leans forward on the edge of his seat to observe the fight -- too forward! Uhoh!! He stomps his foot flatly in front of himself to stop from falling off.

Kenna was keeping her composure but a randomly moving Redrain catches her eye, so she calls out, "RIAGNON, THERE ISN'T EVEN A SOFA HERE."

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Blades whipping like lightning through the air certainly serve to provide a show for the crowds! Both women are fast, their foot-work nimble and well-paced, and as they dance back and forth there's a ring of steel everytime sword hits sword. Though arguably Helia is the faster of the two, perhaps due to being free from the burden of armour, she's given a run for her money as Sorrel chases her up after every lunge and slash. Helia grunts as the Bladesong's counterattack nicks her hip, but for some reason this seems to urge her forward, wiping the grin from her face as she realises just how easily her opponent could take her down, if not for that first lucky strike she inflicted on the princess. A few more spins and turns see her upping her pace, feet pittering against the floor. And then she finally gets that second hit in, and is moving away as soon as Sorrel gives the motion to yield. Quick breaths come hard and fast as she nods in respect.

When Helia steps away from Sorrel in respect of the yield, Berenice is on her feet, applauding brightly. "Bravo! What a match, the both of you! Gods, I'm breathless just watching it!"

Riagnon's eyes bug out of his head and he flaps a hand to his heart. To think! Being catcalled from the commoner's seating! Presumably, by a commoner! Naturally, his eyes remain bulged at the riveting events taking place in the dueling grounds before them.

Berenice is overheard praising Helia: Bravo! What a Champion!

Tikva rises in her seat to applaud graciously when the Champion of the person she is representing yields. "Well fought! Beautiful! Indeed!"

Tiber turns to look towards the other nobles in confusion from atop placid Butternut's back, near the booth. "Mom, why is that lady shouting about sofas?"

Tikva has no answers for him. These are the real questions.

Ford claps politely from his seat. He even puts a pair of fingers into his mouth to let out a celebratory whistle for Helia.

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Agostino is overheard praising Helia.

Agostino is overheard praising Sorrel.

Ford is overheard praising Helia.

Faruq is overheard praising Helia: Quite the swordswoman!

Faruq is overheard praising Sorrel: Tenacious fighter!

Sorrel is overheard praising Helia: Well fought!

Saying something lightly to Karadoc and Berenice in the booth, Tikva projects her voice again as she drops a deep curtsey to the Lycene Princess, saying: "On behalf of Lord Karadoc, whose proxy I of course am, I apologize to you for the insult. No one could ever truthfully say that Princess Berenice Velenosa is predictable." The curtsey is slightly unwieldy and she wobbles very slightly on straightening, but the effort, here it is.

"Princess Sorrel -- well done, no one else could wear a rainbow so well!" Karadoc whistles shrilly, fingers to his mouth. "Truly, I am never going to be this lucky again. One princess to stand as my Champion, one present as my proxy -- and, lastly -- one to apologize to." He rolls lazily to his, "I apologize between the gentle people of this city AND the gods, with Gloria in particular who has seen to Lady Helia's victory that Princess Berenice's is NOT predictable. I apologize for making such RASH and HASTY assumptions. I a a cad. An insufferable one."

Faruq reaches over to try and steady Riagnon but lowers his hand when it is unnecessary. "It was quite good was it not?" He asks the other Lord and claps some more for the duelists. He laughs at something said nearby afterwards only to fall silent. Whistle and all. He nods firmly and then laughs again sitting back down.

Jordan sits down just in time to watch Helia and Sorrel's fight's last movement. He applauds, maybe a little out of turn, though once Karadoc starts addressing the public, he quiets down.

Riagnon starts to clap because Jordan started to clap. It's a loud, flat noise right in the middle of Karadoc's speech. He stops but it's sortof an eventual stop. Awkward.

Sorrel nods her head politely to Karadoc, still holding her hand over her wound, which is making her look a little paler than usual, though she wears a smile nonetheless, amused by Karadoc's apology. "For Gloria!" she calls, bowing to the crowd, then murmuring something to Helia.

Jordan bows his head to Riagnon, flashing the man a smile, and then a thumbs up. It's alright!

When Tikva and then Karadoc step forward to offer their double apologies, Berenice's lips pull into a effortlessly warm smile, and she's laughing aloud at Tikva's first. "You ought to lend out such gracious skill at apologies more, your highness!" she compliments her brightly. And then Karadoc is making /his/ public apology, and she smiles sunnily at him. "Oh, you're too kind, Lord Karadoc. I'm sure you'll learn all /sorts/ of lessons." She offers him her hand with clear expectation of having her knuckles kissed.

"Also, oh. Shit. We'll need a healer before Princess Sorrel turns white. Please - if anyone could?" Karadoc mutters, looking a little concerned for a second or so.

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"Yes! For Gloria!" Helia repeats, raising a fist into the air and bowing along with Sorrel. Because Sorrel's cool, and so she's going to copy her this one time. Then she's looking at her dueling partner with wide eyes and making an apologetic 'ack' face. She goes to place a steadying hand on Sorrel's shoulder, with her other hand going to her own unarmoured hip. There's blood welling up there, leaking into Helia's hand ever so slightly. Not much, but it's there. Thank the Gods she's wearing red trousers!

"My champion's bleeding and you expect kisses to your knuckles, Princess Berenice? Very well --" Karadoc accepts her hand, bowing over it with a flourish, and he making an irritating "MUAH" sound of kissing her knuckles. "All sorts of lessons in manners AND deportment. Now, shall we find a healer for our brave fighters>"

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Berenice picks up Tiber Riven, a cantankerous child.

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Of course, Helia bows very gallantly at Berenice and Karadoc too. Just not /toooooo/ gallantly, in case she turns a minor wound into a big gaping one.

"I know, I'm /so/ demanding," Berenice heaves a sigh, but at least looks (mostly) satisfied by the buss to her knuckles. "Oh, yes, of course." She motions her valet Benvolio over and then sends him off to fetch a healer.

Had Ford any roses to toss at Helia, he would. But alas. He only has h--HEY WAIT. Ford collects his flask and tosses it down to the Champion to have her fill. He's rising then, turning to those he was chatting with at the benches.

"This was great!" Riagnon proclaims, but like, while inching his way out. Really great, though!

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And on the upbow, Helia catches that flask like she telekines'd right it into her hand. She raises it in salute to Ford, then takes a swig. Yay! Booze!

"The most demanding, your Highness." Karadoc ever so seriously agrees with Berenice, although he turns to aside to the Velenosa Princess with a single word muttered behind his hand.

Faruq starts down from the noble seating also. On his way down he walks over to Helia: "That was very skillfully done. Not wearing armor is a gamble. One that paid off for you today." A small smile follows, "Lord Faruq Seraceni." He taps his chest with two fingertips on his right hand and a nod follows before: "May I have your name? I would not wish to forget it."

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To Faruq, Helia gives another bow, the flask handed off to someone else or the other by now. Her hand still remains pressed to her hip, her fingers blooded, but the other hand is placed over her chest in a sort of casual salute. "Helia Andrasko, my Lord. A pleasure to meet you!"

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"Princess Sorrel," Carita's worry etched words call out as she makes her way from the noble seating. "Will it leave a scar?" Which seems to be a horrible thing by the look on her face.

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"It might," Sorrel concedes, though she sounds less concerned about it than Carita does. "But I'm probably going to be fine, and this is a good excuse to make the Warlord of Thrax baby me for awhile. I could use a healer, though. That would be very nice. Otherwise, I'll limp off and make a friend see to my wounds."

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"I wish Princess Coraline was about," Carita says, her eyes shifting to the crowd to look through. "Or my sister-in-law, I'm afraid I'm utterly useless but to baby you as I hope the Warlord will." Her brows furrow, "Can I help you in some way? I'm not particularly strong, but I'm certainly sturdy enough to lean on."

Faruq laughs: "Indeed." He agrees with Helia. Dark eyes fall down to the woman's hip and bloodied hand. "One would think a healer would be on hand to begin with." Faurq's brow furroughs in a frown as he checks to see if a healer has arrived yet or is on the way. "It is a small matter." He starts to take off his plain silk shirt. "You can use this for a bandage. Healers always tell me to put pressure on the wound hmm." Threads are checked and he removes a sleeve to offer that to Helia. The rest gets offered to Sorrel. "To help with bleeding I believe."

"Princess Sorrel, you might have more luck seeking out a friend to tend to that wound, I apologize for not retaining anything I learned of healing." Karadoc grumbles.

Helia smiles back at Faruq, but then winces a bit as he tears his shirt. "Ooooh but that's silk..." Nonetheless, she takes the sleeve and sort of presses it in a wad down the side of her trousers, placing her hand over the top of it to keep the pressure nice and firm. She dips her head in a grateful nod. "Thank you, that's very kind." Turning to Sorrel, she remarks, "Oh, and about that offer! That would be great too!"

Sorrel takes the silk and presses it against her wound, which is starting to stop bleeding after a good amount of pressure, and then she leans heavily on Carita. "Let me see if I can't get Princess Coraline's attention," she says.

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Berenice finally draws away from the judges table and whatever conversation she was having with Karadoc, striding over to the lingering crowd. "Princess Sorrel, I'm so sorry there's not a healer on hand. I've sent my valet to the Physicians Guild to inquire, but it seems he hasn't returned yet."

"Considering how many bodyguards the Warlord keeps on me at any given time, I probably shouldn't fight like this, but hey. It was fun. But following me around can get you in a lot of action, and I need a bodyguard more than a lady's maid," Sorrel tells Helia with a little laugh, sounding a bit weak. She leans on Carita. To Berenice, she says, "I got in touch with Princess Coraline. She'll tend me at some point."

Faruq nods: "Yes, it is." In response to Helia's comment: "It is only fabric. Easily replaced. Blood, not so much hmm?" He nods as the silk gets put to good use, "Now I should go replace it. Lest my own scars attract to much attention. It was an honor to watch your duel." He tells Sorrel and Helia. "A pleasure it was to meet all of you." To everyone else. A turn and he starts away with that rolling gait of his.

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"She's likely in the clinic," Carita says with a wry grin, "... did you know she's taken to sleeping on her /desk/ there?" She tsks softly, wrapping an arm arond Sorrel's lithe form to help support her. There's a smile for Berenice at her arrival, her head dipped, "Congratulations, Your Highness."

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