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Grand Opening of Bold Espressions

Bold Espressions is the newest drinking establishment opening its doors in Arx. But this one is a little bit different as it focuses on Coffee! All kinds of coffee! Cold drinks, hot drinks - sweet or strong, come drink your coffee with accompanying snacks, in an artistic environment, well suited to quiet conversation, a hectic debate or a large party. For opening night, enjoy samples and taste test a variety of food and drink. Discover your new favourites!


June 27, 2018, 8 p.m.

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Coraline Magnus Braith Roxana Carita Sparte Alarissa Felicia Sabella Zoey Emmelline Barric(RIP) Niklas Thorley Karadoc Paige(RIP) Harlex Gianna Alayne Ford Ryhalt Amari



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Bold Espressions - Main Room

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Comments and Log

A lot of time, effort and creativity have gone into this, and finally the day is here. The Grand Opening of Bold Espressions. Lisebet has been here all day, and probably others of the staff and family. She ducked into the back for a bit, just some minutes before things are scheduled to start, and now she returns. "Are we ready? I think everything is ready. The musicians play a fanfare, and the doors are opened for the first time officially. Lisebet smiles, glancing around briefly. There are still a couple minutes to go. The place smells fabulous, the aroma of the fresh baked goods easily wafting through, enhanced by the delicious scent of freshly brewed coffee. Everything is ready, and now it's time. "I can't believe it's time!"

Quill, the grunty little porcupine arrives, following Paige.

1 Grayson House Guards, Thalia, a beautiful lady-in-waiting arrive, following Roxana.

He happens by, as with all things, and a certain aroma catches his interest. Cold as the weather was, the soldier sought a moment’s rest from whatever labor he performed and comes in with the waiting crowd. Harlex wears distinct, well-worn, plate-mail with the sigil of the Crimson Blades on the breast. At his waist is a fine sword strapped on a belt. He’s dour, grim-faced, and his eyes are as bright as wet green stones. He looks the place over and scratches his black beard, approvingly.

A coffee shop, this close to the Iron Plaza? Small wonder that some of the Iron Guard have shown up to sample the wares. Sparte is there alongside Wilhelm, but waiting patiently for a chance to try out the new attraction.

A coffee shop that isn't far from Grayson Manse either, and maybe that's the reason that Princess Roxana has come by to investigate. She takes her morning-after-parties coffee and pastry selection very, very seriously and if this new establishment meets her standards that's a nice regular on weekend mornings (and many weekday mornings) that they can count on. "Hmm. What's good here? Blow my mind." Is the instruction offered to any servers mingling around or anyone else who might indulge her. With that Roxana scans the room, gold-green eyes intent on picking out a seat near someone fun.

Braith was just around the corner when she had heard word of a recent establishment opening up. Talk of caffeine and unique hot beverages spiked her interests, and she hurried over. Making her way in with the opening crowd, she finds herself standing close to a couple couches observing the sculptures on display. "Well, what a grand entrance, such lively fanfarr.", she beams aloud with joy as she turns to the musicians.

It is merely intelligent business to open an estblishment catering too hot abd bold drinks in the winter. Bold Espresions is so much more as the heady aroma of bold and flavorful Westrock Reach coffee is in the air, as well as a confection of other scents of the sweet and savory both to complement the taste of coffee. In the center of it all greeting guests along with his sister is Ryhalt Farshaw, his charming smile all but glowing this night, as well as from the atmosphere in the main salon. Ryhalt turns to his siter and laughs. "We are indeed ready, sister mine. Go go and shine this night. You look stunning might I add, and I am so happy I am not even going to ask how much it cost me."

Paige wanders in with a smile, inhaling the welcome aroma of freshly brewing coffee and looking all too pleased to be here. She offers a nod towards Sparte, lifting a hand in greeting to him, "Master Fatchforth! What a pleasure to see you again. You came to sample the coffee too?" Approaching, she ends up detouring slightly to pet Mr. Scruffy before making her way towards the Guardsman. Alarissa gets a smile and a wave, and Harlex gets a curious smile, recalling him from the all too brief meeting in the Traders Tavern.

Harlex makes his way to one of the small tables under the window, slow in his gait. He settles down, finds a spot to rest up his sword so it's out of the way, and orders their strongest black coffee. He spies Paige's smile and offers a nod and a risen hand in greeting.

Harlex has joined the a small table under the window.

Merril, a scholarly aide, Warrior, a skittish pygmy goat kid arrive, following Felicia.

Servers are about with not only laden trays of coffee, but also samples of the various dishes which will be featured at the establishment. One server comes to the Princess Roxana and offers the tray of ginger infused sweetbreadg with whipped cream and a sprinkling of brown sugar on top. "Here you go your highness, one of the first dishes which the Duke insisted on being on the menu."

"Welcome, welcome," Lisebet greets as people start coming in. "We're glad to see you all. We have a varied menu and a lot of options, so hopefully you will find something to appeal to you and bring you back again." She doesn't recognize Harlex as such, so she smiles, and says, "I'm Lisebet Farshaw. Pleased to meet you." She doesn't tell the servers to start, they're there, working away. Many of them from Westrock Reach, working the final end of the process that started on farms their families are running back home. The musicians start off on a set of lively toons, but it's played to be in the background, to allow the customers to be able talk to the servers and to each other.

Felicia prowls her way into the cafe in her off-duty leathers, green eyes agleam at the idea of coffee. A small lurking about her lips as she takes in the room and makes her way towards the nearest server like he's her new best friend in search of a drink.

Marigold, a cheeky pygmy goat, 2 Novice Keaton Huntsmen, River, a juvenile Oakhaven bloodhound arrive, following Amari.

"The duke /insisted/ did he? Then it must be good. Which Duke are we speaking of now? I know nothing about this establishment save that it supposedly serves the sorts of drinks that are helpful when chasing away the effects of other sorts of drinks the night before. The ginger cake smells divine though." Roxana agrees with the server. "I'll take a cup of coffee to go with it, strong as you have and thick with cream and sugar. I want it to taste like dessert." She explains, which may sound a bit prima donna save for the wink she gives the server to follow. "I'll tip well if it does, promise." The Grayson princess declares, a vision of tan skin and rose-gold silk.

Harlex stands at the introduction and offers his hand. "Harlex Valtyr," he says in a naturally quiet tone. His sullen expression is imprinted like a scar on his face. "Fine establishment, Mistress Farshaw." He has a fairly standard, common accent.

With Ryhalt's presence, there will always be the retinue of guards around. Among those is the Sword of Westrock as Thorley arrives in the shop. There's a bow of his head towards the others, polite, but he moves to secure a mug of coffee as he takes a quiet position to keep an eye on his Duke.

Sparte smiles at Paige. "Great to see you as well Countess. I'm not sure yet what to make of the cold coffee I heard they'd have, decidedly interested in a hot brew today." Wilhelm splits off to socialize with a few of the other guardsmen here to sample the wares, leaving Sparte to stand by Paige as they wait for a chance at samples.

Braith was a fan of sweet things, but what the princess was describing didn't appeal to her sensibilities. Instead, she takes her's completely black. She has a small conversation with one of the servers about adding alcohol, the results of which are yet unkown. She seems happy though, looking about with her mug of coffee in hand.

Octavian, a silken spaniel arrives, following Zoey.

Lisebet chuckles softly. She's dressed in umbra silk, which may be noticeable. "A pleasure Master Valtyr," she says. "You are with the Crimson Blades? I have met Commandant Violet various times. She has always impressed me immensely. Please do find a menu or if you already know what you would like to order, don't let me keep you. Welcome to Bold Espressions."

Coffee. This fabled drink has been heard from far and wide, even among the recent arrivals such as Count Magnus Stahlben, who has come from the far, distant lands of the Redrain Ward to witness the establishment of such a holy place for the nectar of the Gods. Or he's here because his wife is and he heard the place was being opened up. One of the two! Nonetheless, in he comes clad in his plate armour of steel and carved bone, making the already large man appear even more so with the added armoured layers. He scans the room till he sees Paige and Sparte discussing, and walks to join them. "I hope I'm not too late. Dear wife." he smiles to Paige, before nodding respectfully to Sparte. "Master Sparte, it is very good to meet you again. Are you then an appreciator of this Farshaw coffee I've heard so much about?"

Felicia snags one of the black coffee's from a server, grinning briefly at Thorley. Respect for the man on duty shown by not disturbing him, in favor of wending her way around to Lisebet to offer out of the blue,"I mean, I know Farshaw coffee is good... but I can't say I ever expected to see a coffee bar in my lifetime, lady Lisebet."

Paige has made her way towards Sparte and now stands nearby, though Thorley's appearance gets a smile and nod of greeting from her. She flicks a glance towards Harlex once more but soon turns a smile back to Sparte. "I can see the benefit of cold coffee during the warmer months, but I have to agree that in the middle of winter, I'd prefer a hot cup," she pauses, musing, then chuckles and adds, "which is not to say that I haven't had cold coffee in the middle of winter before." Looking up at a familiar voice, Paige's smile turns warm and she reaches out to take his hand in hers with a squeeze. "Magnus! No, you're just in time. We're still waiting our turn for the samples to come around."

Octavian, a silken spaniel arrives, following Zoey.

Felicia's presence is noted by Thorley with a bow of his head. Lisebet's comment about Violet causes the knight to smile. "She unfortunately could not attend tonight, Lady Lisebet. She had a prior commitment for a patrol with the blades." Paige's nod is returned with a quick bow of his head. One hand holds a mug, the other rests on the hilt of the peacebonded Eventide, returning to be a mostly silent guard of the Duke.

Like a breath of fresh air, or maybe a chilly gust, Carita enters with Marquis Ford, their arms linked as they speak amiably, though by the looks of it a rather recent meeting. "... so I said that he could send me--" and then the smell of coffee hits her and she practically melts. Her eyes go half-lidded as she smiles slowly, "Oh my goodness, is this not the most delicious smelling establishment?" She's dressed in inky black, an ethereal figure, next to the Marquis' warmer hues.

Alarissa's making her way in, peeling off gloves and letting Maxene ease her cloak off, Zoey with her as they arrive. "Farshaw's. I promised Lisebet that I would attend. That, is a darling dress." Alarissa comments to Zoey, looking over the other woman. "I see being of the Mourning Isles suits you, just as it suited me. They only marry in the best."

"The Commandant is a fine leader," he nods, agreeably, and confirms her suspicions of his allegiance. The dress catches his eye, but he motions toward his seat. "I put in for a cup of your strongest just a moment ago. Sure it will impress." Harlex moves to settle into his chair. When his order arrives, he’s mindful of the cup’s handle and takes in the smell. Quiet, thoughtful as he sits and enjoys his drink--almost meditative.

Both ginger bread and the darkest roast of Westrock's finest is brought before the Princess. "There you go, your Highness. Which Duke? Oh I am sorry, he has been inhere so much since the opening, it has become second nature. The Duke of Westrock Reach which is where the signiture blend of coffee comes from." With that, the server waits and when it is clearn nothing else is required at the moment, moves about the other patrons with her laden trays of side dishes and coffeee

"Few things smell quite as good." Ford purses his lips when he and Carita enter, and that wall of AROMA clubs him in the nose, "Go grab some, I'll find us a seat."

The appearance of Magnus gets an inclined bow of Sparte's head and a polite smile. "Count Magnus, I tell you truthfully I'm not sure yet. I'm hoping to find out." Sparte glances over the others who've entered, taking note of Alarissa and giving a muted salute in that direction of one hand pressed to his chest. Returning his attention to Magnus he smiles again. "What sort of beverages are popular in your homeland?"

Zoey enters in a -very- Thraxian gown of stiffened black lamb's wool and corseted waist cincher. She closes the door behind herself and Alarissa and smiles at the Princess-Consort. "You know," she replies with a little laugh, "it really does. I have found Ian's family to be delightfully warm and welcoming, and I enjoy being of real -use- somewhere." She waves at Ford and Carita, a little finger wiggle, and looks back at Alarissa. "Shall we find a place to sit?"

Amari pops in without fanfare, just being a lookyloo and not at all ashamed to be obvious about it. There's no shortage of things to look at, and just as soon as she has the basic layout of the place surveyed, she drifts to the nearest wall and the artwork hung upon it. One in particular demands her attention for a few moments, but she doesn't get stuck there forever. She wanders on, smiling politely at both familiar and unfamiliar faces equally. Lisebet she angles towards, offering a little wave on the sly, though she hangs back some so as to not interupt. "Only the best." Amari quietly agrees as she finds herself not far from Alarissa and Zoey. She heard darling dress, so she has to check it out with a smile.

Ryhalt drops A stygian tiara with pearls, diamonds and other gems.

Lisebet inclines her head to Thorley with a smile. "I am sure we will see her here when she has time," she says. To Harlex, "Certainly. Do try some of the baked goods as well, they go excellently well with the coffee." Alarissa's presence gets a big smile. "Your Highness," she greets. "I am glad you could make it." Roxana - alas, is not so well known, but Lisebet has marked her over there with the servants. "I think there are many darling dresses to be seen these days. It's lovely, m'lady. The coffee shop, Dame Harrow, is Duke Ryhalt's idea, though we have all been happy to help, each in our own way."

Braith is quietly watching the going ons of the crowded establishment, which seems to stable them very comfortably all things considered. She's been taking rather large sips of her coffee though, and before long she has drained 3/4 of her mug. She slows down, but it is likely that she is destined for a bout of the jitters. Shifting from foot to foot, she begins to step about the different artwork, revisiting past paintings or sculptures.

Ford returns the finger wiggle to Zoey as he finds a place to park it.

Ford has joined the a cozy reading nook near the bookcases and fireplace.

Another server stops by to check if Braith would like some of the gingerbread.

Roxana beams at the cup of coffee brought out to match her ginger cake, taking a sip and licking her lips. "Perfect. It tastes exactly like dessert, you know how to make a girl happy." Sooty lashes flutter at the server, flirtation her reward for getting the coffee just right. The Princess looks around, glancing at familiar and unfamiliar faces alike. A princess who is not well known is just someone amazing you haven't met yet, or so she'd tell Lisebet if given the chance. Instead the woman gets a smile when she notices the tanned Grayson princess, and a wink to follow.

"Beer." is Magnus' simple, yet honest reply to Sparte's question. "We don't have the means to distill or brew or otherwise make the more... elaborate drinks such as wine or whiskey. Beer is the most popular among my homeland, especially since it takes quite a few to rob you of your wits. The same cannot be said of vodka, which we have, but it is rather frowned upon to consume it regularly." he adds before looking around at the current going-ons. "We sample coffee too? Excellent. I've only recently tasted coffee." he remarks to Paige.

"Best of luck to all of you with its success." Felicia offers to Lisebet with a grin, saluting briefly with her claimed coffee before shifting on to make her rounds of the room.

Isabelle, who isn't happy to be doing this arrives, following Niklas.

Sparte gets a lift of Alarissa's hand to their vassal. "We should. I'm still regaining my stamina. Danse took a great deal out of me" She murmurs, a gesture for Zoey to pick the spot. But there's Amari and there's kisses to either cheek. "I see that my matchmaking has succeeded! Congratulations are in order! I cannot wait for you to join. I did tell him that you could not go wrong with a keaton, much less you. Lady Amari, Lady Zoey." Though there's a raise of her hand to paige in greeting as well and Lisebet. "As if I would miss out on this Lady Lisebet. This is likely to be very on trend for the next few weeks, and we'll just have to make sure it stays that way!"

Ryhalt is out and about the patrons, first giving a friendly shoulder slap upon Thorley's shoulder as he passes by his old friend. "Relax my friend, enjoy the cake and coffee." Lisebet is smoothly handling one of their more higher ranking patrons, so Ryhalt moves to the other. He stops by where the Princess Roxana is sitting and incling his head respectfully to her. "Greetings, your Highness and I do hope all is well?"

Braith simply plucks one of the gingerbread samples up and tastes it, Nodding a thanks to the server. "Do you have any sort of alcohol to put in the coffee? I still think it would taste better.", she beseeches, taking a step with the server onto their next destination.

Carita's smile is warm for Zoey, her finger waggle is given a returned finger wiggle before Ford is tugging her towards the reading section. Suddenly she's laughing, "Did I tell you what happened to me the other day? One of he Inquisition.." She accepts two cups from a passing tray and as Ford settles she offers him one as well and the rest of her conversation is pitched lower and covered up by the din of the room.

Carita has joined the a small table under the window.

The server smiles, bobbing her head to Braith. "But of course, though admittedly it is very far down the menu, m'Lady. We have an assortment of alcohols to put in your coffee, under our Enhanced options. Whiskey, rum, brandy to name a few."

"Greetings yourself Duke...Oh I do feel like I know this, we've met before have we not? At some palace something or other. Ah you must forgive me, I don't recall. But yes, I am Roxana Grayson, a princess of this fine House through marriage, and born to House Malvici. It's a pleasure to meet you, and to this your establishment, or that of a protege? How absolutely lovely." Roxana chats with Ryhalt amiably. "Who else here should I be introduced to? There are so many faces I've never seen."

Rogue, a black falcon arrives, delivering a message to Roxana before departing.

Harlex studies the window above him for a moment. A sense of the cold outside what makes him appreciate the warm drink. He takes a sip, nods to himself, and sits in his brooding solitude at the small table.

Zoey glances around and sees a few seats open on the couches. She glances at Alarissa and Amari curiously, a finger gesturing towards the seats in unspoken question. "Lovely to meet you, Lady Amari, and congratulations on your upcoming nuptuals."

"...don't even like coffee, but I know you do so it seems like a good thing to check out!" Sabella is saying to Niklas, hanging on his arm and beaming a bright smile up at him. "I'm sure it will be quite popular--just look at this crowd!" She reaches up to pull the hood of her cloak back as they step inside, gesturing at the packed room. "Who knew coffee was so popular a thing!"

"I very much enjoy coffee, its actually my preferred morning beverage. A couple good, strong cups in the morning and I'm ready to go for the rest of the day," Paige flashes a grin up at her husband, nudging him lightly. "Perhaps we can try to pick up some for the House?" Looking back to Sparte, she chuckles, "Its almost a necessity for the soldiers of the COmpact, isn't it? COffee or tea..."

Sparte nods a bit thoughtfully at that revelation from Magnus, attention shifting as the drink samples come out. He snags a few coffee samples, ignoring the food and pastries for the time being. He looks back to Paige with a smile. "Only those on guard duty."

Carita has left the a small table under the window.

"Princess Sabella!" Roxana notes her cousin walk in with her new husband and beams. "I'll tell you why coffee is a popular thing, come over here and I can explain all the details. You see even if you don't like the taste, it works absolutely miracles mornings after having too much wine. Or rum, or...whatever you've had too much of. Get it with enough sugar and cream and you barely taste the bitter stuff itself. Come, help me finish this ginger cake, I'll never manage the whole thing by myself." She nods towards her giant slice of ginger cake slathered with whipped cream.

Carita has joined the a cozy reading nook near the bookcases and fireplace.

Ryhalt does make a gesture to sit and join Roxana before doing do, snagging some of the mince and butter rum tarts first, he missed dinner after all. He pops one in his mouth and washed it down with a bit of coffee before he answered. "The past is the past, the future is what I always hope to aspire to, so here is to new relationships in the future, yes? As fas as this establishment, it is owned by the good people of Westrock Reach. It is for them we established it. As far as the people about, I will admit there are far more new faces here than I had thought, but among one I recognize is the Princess Alarissa Thrax."

Braith beams happily in response and offers her mug to a freehanded server, requesting it be filled with equal parts coffee, Whiskey, rum, and brandy. She flashes a beaming joy filled, and probably caffeine fueled, grin towards Sabella and Niklas as they make their way in.

Amari smiles brightly there, a tiny radiant thing that she's unwilling or unable to suppress in an effort to look unaffected. She's happy. "Thank you, Princess Alarissa. I heard there may have been some prayers too. Whatever it was that cinched it, I'm grateful. Lord Archeron's been wonderful, and so has Duchess Margot." She looks again to Zoey, nodding respectfully, as she repeats the name to make sure it's well remembered, "Lady Zoey. Thank you so much." The gesture of her finger directs her eyes to the seats and there's a smile of polite assent to the unspoken question. She'll glide that way, but not before greeting Lisebet as well, "Lady Farshaw, this is wonderful. I think I'll become a regular."

"I mean, I wouldn't say that I like coffee. I just don't hate it as much as everything else that lacks acohol. Though Tikva has quite sold me on lemonade, I think. Not that it's an ideal winter treat. Also, last I checked there are no establishments that focus entirely on lemonade, though maybe she will open one." Niklas gives Sabella a smile as she leans against him and looks around the room. "Marquis Ford! Lady Zoey! Princess Alarissa! Princess Roxana! Dame Felicia! Lady Amari! Have you met my WIFE, Princess Sabella?" He turns a wide-eyed look on Sabella. Yeah. He did it first.

"Niklas Kennex, no I don't think I have met your WIFE will you introduce me?" Roxana was of course at the wedding, doing Roxana things like getting tipsy and dancing with handsome strangers but she was definitely there. However out of devotion to Niklas she pretends she was not, and allows him this moment. Such a kind person.

"Indeed we shall!" And Magnus goes to do just that, straight for the samples, this man. Though without knowing who's handing them out, or really anything much about coffee, the man may either get few samples, or a lot of them.

3 Thrax Guards, Freja the long suffering arrive, following Coraline.

Carita wiggles herself in to the cozy nook by the fireplace, her coffee cradles in her lap. Her eyes sparkle with amusment as she speaks with him until Niklas is happily greeting everyone. She pauses to smile his way, and laugh softly at the exchange with a large portion of the room. There's a pause to fingerwave in Harlex's direction, or perhaps she was waving to someone else, it's hard to tell with the crush of people.

Sabella starts to reply to Roxana and then Niklas is making introductions and she laughs, tiptoeing up to give him a quick kiss, "Prince Niklas Grayson," she corrects Roxana with a brilliant smile, "My husband! Who I have been introducing to everyone including his own brother all day, so it's only fair he introduces me to his family and he can do it as often as he likes if he keeps mentioning that I'm his wife because it should never get old! But you mentioned cake?"

Lisebet offers a brief curtsey as Alarissa moves over to find a seat. For her part, the Farshaw Lady moves about, pausing at Amari's words. "Thank you, I am glad to hear you like it. We hope everyone will, indeed. Westrock coffee is one of the most wonderful drinks, and it is far more versatile than many would think," she says in return to Amari. "Please do take a look at the menu. For those who like trying new things, there are a number of different ways to drink the coffee, including," A glance to Niklas, "with an alcohol of your choice."

The server laughs softly, taking Braith's cup and replacing it with a new one, highly spiked. There are also a few of the tarts brought back over for her.

The servers with the samples smile, offering them out. One of them gives Harlex a glance. "Would you like anything more to drink?" she asks. "Have you tried very many of our varieties of drinks?"

Felicia heard alcoholic options, and so when she gets the opportunity, an order is placed. Adulterate that coffee, with alcohol. Her cup handed back with a smile before she hears her name and turns towards Niklas and the gathering about him. A grin offered to the server before she heads over with a nod,"I've met her highness Sabella a few times, mostly in passing, though if I recall correctly she made the chariot race look like child's play."

Looking around, apparently for someone, Cora spots her in a nook. Grinning, both at finding the one who tossed this idea her way, and finding people she knows, Cora begins waving. Wave here, wave there, wave to people she has never met, oops scuse me. Oh pardon me, my there are a lot of people here.

Braith picks through and pulls forth only those worthy enough to be called the tartiest of tarts. Happily pleased with her collection of caffeine, alcohol, and desserts, she makes her way over to a nice couch and settles in. She keeps an ear to the conversation casting about the room, but is perfectly content to enjoy the social atmosphere and a new vice.

"I'm related to your wife and now, through her, I am related to you!" Alarissa quips. "My heartfelt congratulations to the both of you as well. Everyone marrying everyone and binding houses. It's delightful. I am sure that Prince Niklas shall preen accordingly." Alariss starts to make her way to the place that Zoey indicated, ordering a cup of something dark and rich, and a pastry. Likely to share. The sight of Coraline gets a wave from Alarissa, and a comment to the others. 'Everyone is coming. Good."

There are servers with samples, the place smells of fresh baked goods and coffee. There is music playing and lots to look at, including a variety of princess and noble ladies in very cute dresses.

"Prince Niklas Grayson. My word are you sure? But that would mean that he...and you...oh my goodness! You're married! How shocking and yet wonderful!" Roxana pantomimes being shocked as best she can for Sabella, and then adds what must be her 'this is wonderful' pantomime afterwards. Her acting is not impressive enough to warrant casting in anyone's play, but she considers herself amusing and that may be enough. "Congratulations indeed, enjoy yourselves."

Zoey has joined the a pair of sea blue leather couches on a handwoven blue rug.

Alarissa has joined the a pair of sea blue leather couches on a handwoven blue rug.

With Magnus off to procure all the samples, Paige is left to mingle freely! She approaches Amari with a faint smile and a dip of the head, "Lady Amari... its very nice to see you again. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. Lord Archeron is, by all accounts, a fine man. I wish you as much happiness with yours as I've found with mine." Her eyes flick over towards Magnus with a smile before looking back. "I won't take up much of your time. I just wanted to say hello and congratulate you." Bobbing her head once more, Paige stars to drift on towards another grouping.

Ford lifts his hand to wave at Niklas without interrupting his conversation with Carita.

Amari has joined the a pair of sea blue leather couches on a handwoven blue rug.

"Another one of these," he tells the server. "Just as black." Harlex looks up to speak with them and notes Carita's wave. He turns briefly, his eyes bright like wet green stones against his dark features. There's an uncertainty, or unfamiliarity, and then he tells the server. "Bring it over there for me. Thank you kindly." He stands, buckling on his sword-belt, and moves in the direction of the woman and company. "Harlex Valtyr. Have we met?" The sellsword inquires. His voice is rough, low and quiet. Marred in some past injury perhaps.

In the process of moving through the crowd, it seems somehow Magnus... disappeared. Probably pulled on business! Surely he wouldn't leave without a word.

Harlex has left the a small table under the window.

Harlex has joined the a cozy reading nook near the bookcases and fireplace.

Seeing the wave Cora heads that way and sliiiides over to Alarissa speaking softly, apparently someone has gotten an idea in her head.

Seryna, a charming Lycene handmaiden arrives, delivering a message to Ford before departing.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Sabella before departing.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Sabella before departing.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Sabella before departing.

Oh look, Magnus is there after all! How do you lose sight of someone that big? No idea, but there he is, getting more coffee samples. What a champ.

Zoey settles in on the couch beside Alarissa and crosses her long legs at the ankles, tucking them neatly out of sight. She speaks quietly as she takes a cup of coffee from a passing server, politely declining the cake.

Ryhalt, with all of his snacking done, very tasty snacking, he stand and smiles his noted charming smile to the people gathered about him at the moment. "A pleasure toall of you, your royal highnesses, but duties do call me away. Please do enjoy yourselves."

The musicians continue to play, moving to some slower more quiet songs.

"I'll try some right now." Amari says, apparently well sold on Westrock coffee. She smiles again to Lisebet before she's off again, and before she's made it to the couch, there's Sabella and Niklas. She has to bow her head politely to the newlywed pair, grinning a moment, "Your Highness, and Your Highness. I hope you've had some rest since the last I time we met..." She's amused, thinking they've been roaming the city for hours straight. Paige then approaches and here eyebrows lift a touch as she hears her out, there's a smile of gratitude for her, "Thank you. I hope you're doing well." Then she's leaving and Amari claims a spot on the couch, ordering a coffee when she has a chance and waving to Coraline, "Princess Coraline!"

"Oh, I preen, Princess Alarissa," says Prince Niklas Grayson, "but if we're being honest I was preening before the title change." Looking back to Roxana, Niklas gives the woman a quick smile. "We did miss you at the ceremony, but you can always make it up to us with a ridiculous and over the top gift." He clucks his tongue at Ford's less than exuberant greeting, then pulls Sabella over to the counter, where he gets himself a cup of coffee.

"It was lovely to meet you, Duke Ryhalt. Until we meet again!" Roxana cheerfully says her goodbyes to the man as he rises to excuse himself. "Enjoy the rest of the evening."

Amari gets an enthusiastic wave back, "Lady Amari! Find any good axes?"

Lisebet grins at Amari, and then pauses to get one of the lattes from a server, enjoying her coffee a little softer today. She murmurs a thank you, and then pauses to look and see who might be by themselves at the moment.

Braith has taken it easier with the current concoction in her hands, acutely aware of both the impact the caffeine she can, oh yeah, definitely feel now, and the alcohol accompanying it on the way down. She smiles warmly to those who have come and joined her at the couches, and pulls free her lute, having set her mug on a nearby surface suitable for such a job. "I hope you don't mind if I play. I promise it won't be too loud, but I just feel like I need to move.", she speaks softly, but with enough control to be heard over the low din of conversation.

Braith gets A fine maple body lute with onyx and jade inlayed along the willow fingerboard from A black leather rucksack with an instrument case sewn into the side.

Carita spies Coraline's arrival and the wave, and rises to offer a curtsey to her, and now that she's seen her, also Alarissa. Which is about the time Harlex arrives as well, "A pleasure," and her hand is offered, palm down. "Lady Carita Darkwater, and I do believe we've managed to meet just now. Would you care to join us?" She waves to a passing server, "Do you, by chance, have anything.. that sparkles? Glints? Perhaps...glimmers? Something that catches the eye?"

Carita is given an enthusiastic wave of her own, but not wishing to interrupt her Cora leaves it at that. She does grin at the question though.

"I know it's hard to believe that people haven't heard, what with all the proclamations and invitations and me saying it every five minutes..." Sabella laughs to Roxana, moving along with Niklas like she can't actually be more than an inch away from him at all times, "Whatever you order, I do not want one, but if they have something with cherries in it I'll take that! And he's not preening as much as he should, I think I keep embarrassing him with all the introductions!" She tells Alarissa with a grin.

Amari laughs softly and shakes her head to Coraline, "Not as of yet. I may have to discuss it with Archeron first... unless I see one that catches my eye first."

"So I think I've gotten enough." says Magnus when he has returned to Paige with a platter full of samples. "I don't think it's called sampling beyond this point, mind."

"I suppose I do, Lady Darkwater." He nods and moves to sit in a solid chair, more his preference. Once more that sword is set aside, ever a cumbersome thing when a soldier wants to rest. Harlex’s cup of black coffee arrives and he takes it, carefully, from the server. He nods to Ford as well in greeting.

Laughing at the sight of all the samples, Paige turns an amused smile towards Magnus, "I think we'll be sampling enough to be awake all night. Alright, should I pick one and we can try it together?" Looking over the array of options, she still manages a smile and nod for Felicia in passing.

Gianna makes her way into the establishment, allowing her heavy winter cloak to fall open to reveal her outfit once she's inside. Her nose wrinkles slightly as she has a glance around and notices a particular piece of artwork on the walls.

Felicia dips her head for Paige at the nod, a respectful inclination of her head for all the wry smile that crosses her lips briefly. The black-clad knight seemingly content to listen while she waits for the server to come back with her whiskey-laced coffee. For which he gets a grateful kind of look as she accepts and cradles the cup close to her.

Sparte is still sipping the two samples he'd gotten, one for each hand. Magnus coming back with a platter gets a chuckle out of him. "Count Magnus, Countess Paige, I wish you happy sampling." Excusing himself he moves off through the crowd towards the proprietress apparent Lisebet. "Lovely shop, lovely drinks. I look forward to making this a part of my routine."

Braith murmers a greeting as well, "Lady Braith Sanna, of the Bard's College.". Then she begins to play. Using pinched harmonics, Braith is able to follow along with the musicians on hand, though she doesn't strickly stick to what is currently being played. The music she does produce can likely only be heard by those nearby, or those paying close attention.

Niklas looks over the drinks menu. Something with cherries in it is not looking likely. "Aaah." Niklas glances sidelong at Sabella, then back at the menu. "I'll take a red eye. The lady will take, oh, a lavendar latte. Oh, no, wait. She'll take a glass of Ostrian cherry. Didn't see that plain ol' booze was on the list. Thank the gods!" He looks back to Sabella just in time to see Gianna enter, then says to the order taker, "A red eye for the Nightingale on me."

Given a few moments, Lisebet takes the opportunity to drink her latte, and then moves to offer a smile and a "Welcome to Bold Espressions," to Gianna, and those who have arrived since that was last said. "Please come in, take a look around. There are samples, you are most welcome to order from the menu, and if you've any questions,feel free to ask." There are servers taking orders and also offering samples around the fairly busy place.

Cora is over by Alarissa having just had a quiet conversation. She does now appear to be eyeing the coffee type drinks. Possibly the booze too.

Cora grins at Amari, "I usually buy stuff from Felix, but there is an amzing number of weaponsmiths out there who can make beautiful pieces for you."

Gianna reaches up to flick her hair over her shoulder, inclining her head to Lisebet in acknowledgment. It seems a bit silly to yell out a 'thank you', so the nod will have to do. And maybe she hears her title, because she manages to pick Niklas out of the crowd. And Sabella, of course. She threads her way their way. "Prince. Princess."

Sabella hearing Paige's laughter, Sabella looks over and waves, "Count and Countess! Both in the same place finally so that I can congratulate the two of you at once! I saw Jonathan and Adriana earlier so now my day is complete having seen you, Countess Stahlben!" She smiles at Niklas when he orders for her and gives Gianna a wave, "Hello, Nighingale! Love your dress."

Braith checked charm + performance at difficulty 20, rolling 14 higher.

"That sounds like a fine idea. Frankly I can't tell one from the other, so I shall trust your greater experience in this matter." Magnus nods to Paige, waiting for the Countess to make her decision. As Sparte takes his leave, he nods to the man. "Farewell to you as well, Master Sparte!"

Karadoc's there - because of course he is - and he's only making an appearance in order to admire the art, watch the who's who of the peerage, and wait --"Did someone mention Ostrian cherry?" Which he seems the most interested in for about as long as it takes for his attention to shift.

Arriving late, as almost always, Barric steps into the establishment and takes a look around. "Well, this is quite a lot of people." He says to himself, or whomever also happens to be near the door upon his arrival. He starts to weave through the individuals with the practiced ease of a man who has been to far too many gatherings. Occasional nods and polite greetings handed out, Lisebet for example gets a smile and a, "Lady Lisebet! Always so good to see you." And then further in he ends up sneaking up right behind Sabella and saying: "Boo!" Just loud enough to hopefully startle her before moving on. Ryhalt gets a wave, as does Niklas. Zoey gets a brilliant smile and so on and so forth. Drinks. Where are the drinks.

"Master Sparte. I hope you do, though I am only the hostess for tonight. We will be finding someone to run this place day to day, as I am quite sure I would do a terrible job with it. It is good to see you, and I look forward to chatting with you again soon," Lisebet replies. She then turns to the next arrivals, and smiles, "Your highness, it is good to see you as well," she says to Barric, but then steps out of the way to allow him to continue through to his next - vict - erm - greeting.

Paige picks one at random for them to try, a darker brew that looks like it might be just the right strength. Holding one out to Magnus, she takes the other and grins, drinking down the sip of coffee and letting it roll over her tongue. Nodding slowly, she offers, "That's pretty tasty." Then Sabella is greeting them and she's offering a grin and a wave back, "Princess Sabella! How nice to see you again! Yes, this is my husband, Count Magnus Stahlben!"

Karadoc has joined the a small table under the window.

"Thank you, Princess," Gianna tells Sabella, immediately smiling at her. Doesn't quite reach her eyes, but she certainly looks pleased. "I like your dress as well. Very springlike." And then someone is passing her a red eye, whatever that is, and she accepts it with just a hint of surprise. Unexpected. "Thank you."

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Amari looks up from her coffee to nod thoughtfully to Coraline, making a mental note, "Felix. I've been in to talk to him before about another project, I should check in again to see about it actually. Thanks for reminding me of it!"

"Your Highness, a pleasure to meet you." Magnus bows to Sabella, the giant of a man somehow managing now to spill all of the samples as he does so. He takes a drink from the offered cup of coffee and nods. "Interesting. Finer than the one I tasted before." he remarks, before shifting his attention to Sabella. "You know my wife then? Might I inquire how you met? She seems to know a surprising amount of royalty." he smiles.

Ryhalt moves over to his sister, touching her lightly and smiling at her to let her know he was about to start his speech. He moved towards the center of the room and used spoon and a coffee cup to get people's attention. "Thank you all for your attetion for a few moments of your time, then you can return to your lovely coffee, and tasty mince tarts I plan on eating more of before this evening is done. Welcome to the opening of Bold Espressions, an establishment for the coffee my people are known for, and so much more so. It is a place for inovative social and artistic discourse and more. It will be a place for artists and entertainers to showcase their creations for all. Among such have been the entertainers this evening whose music you have enjoyed, the paintings upon display, the books donated by the Gilded Page and the Princess Alarissa Thrax for patron's reading pleasure. Last but not least is the highlight of this evening.

A silk covering is pulled away from a stand and a beautiful an stunningly crafted stygian tiara with pearls, diamonds and other gems. Ryhalt makes a gesture towards the item. "This item was created by the rapidly becoming renowed jewel crafter, Mistress Josephine Arcuri. It is but an example of what we hope to have upon future display here in Bold Espressions. We also will serve as a brokerage for such artists who wish their works to be for sale. Mistress Arcuri says if anyone wishes to purchase said item, do come see me and we shall talk business. Till then, eat, drink, and enjoy. Welcome again to Bold Espressions."

Alayne wanders inside with the sheer weight and pressure of the many peoples in the room spread across the blushing-red drop of her once pale countenance. She'd look around in drastic need before spotting Braith - the first recognizeable face in the room to her - before arrowing in the direction of her rug, sitting and plopping herself much like a sack of potatoes next to the Bardic sensation.

Braith checked charm + performance at difficulty 30, rolling 1 higher.

Karadoc avoids most of the crowd, pressing himself into a chair (at a table by the window - GREAT view) and so he kicks his feet up on another empty chair and continues to watch the crowd drift past with their coffee drinks. "Was never much for coffee. Or tea." But whatever's in his flask? Yes, he seems to be a big fan of that.

"I’m well enough, Marquis Kennex," Harlex replies in an even tone. He drinks from his cup, pleased by the taste. The boldness of it catching his attention. Lightens up his eyes. "Not one for nosey people. You sound nicer than me about it. Had a good laugh. Why was he pestering you?" He asks Carita.

Felicia drains her alterated cup, listening to Ryhalt's words with a glance towards the tiara and another wry kind of smile,"Good evening to you all." offered in general for those closest to her as she drains her cup and sets it aside, seemingly set to be on her way.

Sparte smiles to Lisebet. "Of course." He dips his head to her, sipping at his samples while he meanders through to meet others here to appreciate the new business. A gregarious day, it finds him approaching Karadoc and giving the man a polite nod, followed by a gesture to another chair with a less GREAT but still enjoyable view. "May I join you?"

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Roxana gives a hint of a smile at Sabella and then is distracted by a messenger, which has her opening a folded card and frowning at it briefly. She folds it up again and returns to her coffee for the moment.

"I met your wife when she first came to the city! I was there when she reunited with her siblings! And we have met before, Count Stahlben, in the halls of Vellichor along with Master Snow." Sabella replies to Magnus with a smile. "I was quite happy to hear of your marriage as the Countess is just an all around wonderful person as I've found all of the Fieldstones to be!" She pauses as a messenger delivers a small note, "Ah, that duel that Master Aleksei is fighting in is happening soon. You wanted to go see that didn't you, Nik?"

Alarissa looks over as Ryhalt mentions her name and smiles. "Thrax is only delighted to lend out a shelf or two of it's tomes and will be happy to keep circulating them Duke Farshaw."

Moving past Carita, Barric murmurs something softly to her and then smiles wryly at her before he finally catches sight of Coraline, and Alarissa. Heading over towards the latter he bends down to murmur something to Alarissa before he steps closer to Coraline. Grayson to the rescue! "What sort of drinks do they serve..." And then Ryhalt is doing his announcement, "Ah, Coffee." He then asks Coraline, "Do you drink coffee? I've never tried it yet."

Lisebet looks over as Ryhalt touches her shoulder, and then she nods, returning his smile. She steps back to let him make his speech. Those now starting to leave, she offers them a smile and a "Please do come again."

With an easy gesture and a flick of a smirk, Karadoc nods to Sparte, "Why would any reasonable person turn away company? Doubt we've ever met before. Or, if we have -- I've forgotten and I'm sorry for being an utter ass. Lord Karadoc Saik. Voice, minister, moneymaker, casual drinker of cherry brandy. Nice to meet you."

Niklas gives Sabella a somewhat ambivalent look. "A duel between my new best friend, Prince Laric, and an actual god? How could I possibly miss such a ... uh ... sight." He pays for his drinks, then reaches out and takes Sabella's hand. "Shall we finish this day by making it significantly weirder than it's already been? Keeping in mind that this day was pretty weird."

At that, Magnus chuckles. "Forgive me, I meant it was a pleasure to meet you again, not to imply that it was the first time. I have not forgotten in so little time." the Count smiles to Sabella. At the mention of the duel, he turns to Paige. "You wanted to see that, didn't you?"

Sparte slides into the seat, setting down one of his half-finished samples so he can reach across to offer Karadoc his hand. "Sparte, uh, Fatchforth. I've heard about you by reputation from Lady Lucita, all good things. Though if we've been introduced before, I'm afraid I've forgotten as well."

Sparte has joined the a small table under the window.

Paige flushes at the high praise from Sabella, but she nods her agreement to the Princess' assessment of how they met. "She's right. Her Highness has been nothing but nice to each and every one of us since we set foot in the city. And I've met her husband previously as well. At the training ring. Princess Agatha asked me to task him with a deed to perform to impress Priness Sabella." The mention of the duel has her eyes widening and she looks to Magnus, "Oh! We have to go. Aleksei Morgan is dueling for Skald! He is someone I would count as a friend. So yes, very much so."

Gianna inclines her head to Magnus, familiar from her last performance at The Spirits, and to Paige as well in greeting. "Enjoy the duel," she tells the lot of those departing for it.

Lisebet smiles at those who are talking about the duel. "Someone please let me know how it goes?" she asks, slightly bemused. "If you wouldn't mind?"

Ryhalt moves towards Alarissa and inclines his head towards her, making sure there were some fresh butterrum tarts were in front of her as he did. "Your investment with your bountiful riches of literature is much appreciated, your Highness. Please, have some more sweet treats as a display of our appreciation."

"I'd much rather stay here and drink coffee than watch a so-called God trash around the poor Master of Questions," Alayne reasoned, her eyes looking around earnestly in search of some kind of waiter- of some sort of delivery to the promised coffee; for a coffee that isn't quite being delivered to her yet. "It is good to meet you, Lady Amari- I am Alayne; Alayne Frost, physician and apothecarian," she'd say in return - breaking the bubble of quiet voicing of the couches product of her first statement - followed by a brief, yet full smile shown to said Lady's direction.

"Then let's. And you can fill me in as to why Skald is walking among us while the others don't again on the way there." Magnus tells paige. The tall Count nods his head to Gianna when he sees her, smiling. "Whisper, enjoy the coffee! Perhaps it'll inspire you for another song, aye?"

"I will let you know. We will be right back Lisebet!" Alarissa promises. "Duke Farshaw, we shall returna nd hopefully, with more people in tow for those sweet treats!"

Zoey nods to Alarissa at something she says, setting her cup aside on a passing server's tray. It's the sort of practiced timing that betrays a woman all too accustomed to being waited on, possibly hand and foot. "Let's," she says with a soft smile, eyes twinkling.

There are servers, and one certainly has coffee for Alayne, if a bit delayed.

"Fatchforth," Karadoc repeats, scratching his thumb over his perked eyebrow, "No. Doesn't strike me. Although, if the Baroness spoke well of me, I won't fuck up that first impression by opening my big-ass mouth." He reach across to clasp hands with Sparte, greeting him. "Too late, eh?"

Braith waggles her eyebrows at Alayne, "This is truth. Though, it is a little easier to slip music into polite conversation, than a harrowing story.". She stands up then and sings along with the musicians.

"For when there is a chill

For just the thrill

For when there's a lot to do

And you can't hold a quill

For when you want to make that bold confession.

Seek an elixir from the Bold Espression.

She takes several breaths after that and picks up her mug again. Settling back into her spot. "Okay, I think I am good now.", she states as her eyes become half lidded.

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"I can't miss a duel like this. I'll be right back." Amari grins, not running, but following after the small exodus.

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Carita's brows lift as Barric leans to whisper, then one brow lowers as she tilts her head to smile up at him, her words equally soft. Rising, she dips a curtsey, briskly, before he departs. When he does, she smooths her skirts out behind herself and nods at Ford, "I understand," is said as she settles.

Rising from the table, Ford adjusts his coat and nods again to Harlex, "I apologize for having to depart just as soon as you arrived. I hope to see you around again soon." He smile and pat pats the man's shoulder, then heads for the door.

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A great weight seemed to lift off of Alayne once a modicum of the many peoples departed, loosening her up; loosening her to such degree that she'd muster the courage to reel in one of the servers and order herself a - there'd be some reading of the inflicted menu for a few seconds before doing so - Mystery Dreg! Yes; "Mystery Dreg," she'd announce, tapping the name archaicly with her long, thin index finger of the right hand before sending him off - and in a hurry, too - soon turning to the rest of the close-by patrons with an eager, if not childish, show of mirth on her countenance. "I didn't know coffee had these many faces," she'd admit, eagerly.

Sparte chuckles to Karadoc, finishing off one of his sample cups as he leans back. "She didn't say anything you've yet to contradict." He looks out the window a few moments before looking back to Karadoc. "I notice you arn't joining in the samples. Just here for a seat with a view, Lord Karadoc?"

Gianna peers over in Braith's direction, watching her sing and then for a few moments longer once the lady seats herself again. Her brow is slightly furrowed, but her expression returns to its usual neutrality. She takes this opportiny to hold her cup in both hands and raise it to her lips for a little sip. Her nose immediately wrinkles.

Emmelline strides in at a leisurely pace and takes in her surroundings. Smiling at Lisebet she says, "The place is beautiful Lady Lisebet." Seeing Coraline and Barric, she curtsies elegantly to the pair. "Good evening your highness. it is lovely to see you both again."

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Lisebet is greeting people. There are servers around, some with samples of treats - some sweet, some savoury. The entire shop smells wonderfully of freshly baked goods and westrock coffee. There is a menu, and it is entirely okay to order anything off the menu, or to just enjoy the samples. There is indeed alcohol on the menu, and it can be served alone, though it is quite decadent when it is added to coffee."

"Have my sample, sir. Brought my own from home. Figure that's the least I could do if I'm going to loiter, blatantly, in the middle of this crowd of well-to-do." Karadoc snorts out a laugh, shrugging his shoulders. "My liege-lady must have spoken well of me. I need to buy her something nice to thank her for the praise. So," with a jut of his chin, "What do you think about this coffee?"

Alayne gently pushes herself up, earnestly splaying open a letter in her hand. She'd purse her lips, furrow her brows and look down - realizing Braith was the only person left - she'd give a genuine smile and dip her chin. "I need to see a scholar, soon. I'll be right back," she'd announce, and quietly meander outside.

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"Lady Emmelline, good to see you again. Welcome. I'm glad you like it. Your family has helped us to get things up and running." Lisebet says, but again, she doesn't keep Emmelline, as the Lady moves to speak with others present.

Barric raises an eyebrow at whatever Carita's response is and he chuckles, shaking his head a bit but it's more playful than anything else. Then there is Emmelline curtseying and Barric bows politely towards her, "Lady Emmelline, always a pleasure." He smiles, "I think most people have gone off to the duel. How often does a God challenge anyone to a duel after all?" He then looks around, "Why are we still here anyways?" He asks with a laugh, "No offense to the proprieters but..."

Ryhalt makes the rounds about again, giving a smile to his family and members of his House for the successful night they were having. He did manage come come about the Lady Carita table. "M'Lady, a pleasure for you to join us here this evening."

Braith shares a warm smile with the back of Alayne as she makes a quiet, but quick exit. She herself is seated at one of the couches, holding a mug of black coffee. She realizes she hasn't been keeping up with the rest of the room and stands. Approaching Gianna, she nods her way. "I would recommend trying it with brandi.", she says as she approaches.

"Prince Barric, you are certainly welcome to go to the duel, but only if you return!" Lisebet says with a laugh.

Gianna looks up from her cup and over to Braith. "Oh, is there brandy available? I think I should like to add some brandy to mine. Perhaps quite a bit of brandy." Coffee: not everyone loves it.

Emmelline chuckles softly at Barric's words and says teasingly, "But your highness, i've only just arrived. Surely, my company is worth missing such a duel." it is clear, from the merry twinkling of her eyes, that she only gests.

Rising as Ryhalt meanders her way, Carita offers a curtsy, "You're too kind." and then motions towards Harlex. "Duke Ryhalt, I can not /tell/ you how it pleases me to see the inside of this establishment. However, do please meet my newest aquaintence, Harlex Valtyr. Master Valtyr, this is Duke Ryhalt Farshaw."

Braith has a large amount of pep in her step, even more so than the upbeat lady may be known for previously. "oh yes, brandy, and whiskey, and rum." she finally announces and coming to a stop beside Gianna. "I apologize for not communicating more with you on the projects you wanted help with. Since arriving, I've been getting pulled in every direction except down. It's been a struggle to get above it all. A happy struggle. Better busy, than bitter and not busy.".

Harlex stands and puts forth his gauntlet-clad hand. "Duke Farshaw," the sellsword says, evenly, and nods his head.

Gianna gestures vaguely with one hand. "Not to worry, Lady Sanna," she tells Braith. "These things take time, and I'm willing to wait for the support of more people for this particular undertaking. There's no point in rushing."

Ryhalt turns and gives a smike and a respectful greeting to all introduced. "Greetings to you both gentlemen and I also hope you are enjoying yourselves this evening. Mush effort has gone into the place, which I hope will stand for a long time to come and serve as an inspriation for the starting artist or intellectual and more."

"Oh I have no intention of going." Barric says seriously, "It occurs to me that if a /God/ is present, then what might their counterpart be doing at this very moment?" He looks around, "I am not sure that there is anything I can do about it, but since there are plenty of individuals at the 'Duel', it might do to keep an eye out elsewise." He looks over towards Carita and Harlex, nodding politely to the pair befre he says to Emmelline, "Would you like to join us, Lady Emmelline?" Cora seems to be sampling /all/ the things, or something, either way he looks relatively uncoupled at the moment.

Lisebet is overheard praising Ryhalt: for great speeches and bold espressions!

"It would be my pleasure your highness," Emmelline says cheerfully, as she walks over to join Barric. "How have you and princess Coraline been, since last we met?," she asks conversationally.

Braith is overheard praising Ryhalt.

Braith is overheard praising Lisebet.

Ryhalt is overheard praising Lisebet.

Carita is overheard praising Ryhalt.

Harlex is overheard praising Ryhalt: Welcoming speech and a fine establishment.

Carita is overheard praising Lisebet.

Harlex is overheard praising Lisebet: A warm welcome and an opening that will invite my patronage in the future.

Lisebet's skirts swirl as she puts her cup down and moves over towards the few groups left. "Then you are most welcome to stay and protect our coffee shop, Prince Barric," she says, with mischief lighting up her face. "And we are happy to have your company as well. I'm very glad to see everyone, even if this duel has stolen some of our friends temporarily."

"Oh just as well as can be expected." Barric tells Emmelline with a wry smile, "She eventually wore me down and got me to allow her to put on this foul smelling goop that she claims would make bruises heal faster from sparring." He wrinkles his nose at that, "But for the most part I've always found that a good long soak in the baths works wonders in that respect." He chuckles and shrugs slightly. Answering Lisebet, "You are very welcome, Lady Lisebet, it is my duty and honor to protect the citizens of the Compact and Arx, as a Prince of House Grayson, and the Sword of Bastion."

As Barric glances her way, Carita motions him towards the area before she turns her attention back on Ryhalt. "Is there anything in particular that you enjoy the most here?"

Harlex settles back into his seat. "If nothing else. A damn fine cup of coffee," the sellsword relates, thoughtfully, and then, afterward, catches a server’s attention to order a third. He returns the steady nod to Barric, catching the attention.

Emmelline chuckles softly at Barric's words and replies, "I am afraid your highness, that in this respect she is correct. I am glad, that you allowed her to help you heal."

Gianna looks about helpfully for some brandy or other liquor to fortify her bitter drink. One of the servers obliges her, and Gianna has another small sip.

Braith sips gingerly at her drink, the effects of which are still fresh. "Yes, it will happen. Just requires time. I do believe this will be very useful in my upcoming tasks. I am so glad it opened up, and for such a good cause as to share other's inspirations.", she conversationally chatters, her eyes going from artwork to sculptures.

Ryhalt makes a gesture to one of the trays being carried about by the servers. "I would be doing a deservice to the chefs working hard this evening by picking any one item out. I have had each one of them tonight, and love them all. I am certain my wife will have me doing drills with the house guard for a month to sweat off all the food I have eaten this evening."

"I'll make sure to tell Duchess Clover," Lisebet says, with a laugh, and an unrepentant glance at her brother. "I still think that some of the sweet liqueurs are wonderful in coffee, whether hot or cold."

"It is just bruises Lady Emmelline, they heal on their own regardless." Barric tells Emmelline and then offers his arm to her to lead her over towards Carita and the others if she wishes to come with. "I think I overheard you say that this good man is your protege, Lady Carita?" He asks curiously, studying Harlex, "Prince Barric Grayson, Sword of Bastion, Defender of Coffee Shops." A wry smile follows, "A pleasure to meet you."

Gianna murmurs to Braith, "If there are to be performances, perhaps something could be worked out with the College."

Emmelline follows Barric with a smile before answering, "yes your highness, of course they do. So do most wounds. But wouldn't you rather be comfortable? Especially if it is possible to make them heal over faster?"

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Bottom lip bitten as she watches which tray Ryhalt gestures to, Carita's smile widens until the appearance of a dimple appears, her chin dipping. Thick lashes shadow her cheeks as she says, "Here I thought I might get the inside knowledge of the best before sampling and figuring out which one I think is." She explains, blue eyes finding Ryhalt's equally blue pools. "They do say, if one's wife is happy then one's life is happy, do they not?" She winks. Barric's arrival lifts her smile a little higher, "Your Highness," she dips a curtsey, then shakes her head, "I'm afriad not, Your Highness, Master Harlex answers to no one." She glances over at Harlex, "I mean,.." she smiles Barric's way, "I just met him here tonight."

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2 House Velenosa Guards arrives, following Sofia.

Sparte rises up from where he was sitting, gathering up a Wilhelm /far far/ too deep into his samples to lead out. Hopefully to channel the other man's energy for the powers of good before his heart gives out.

Tiny Tom, Wilhelm the Iron Messenger leave, following Sparte.

Braith smiles to Gianna, "Of course.", Quieter, I do have responsibilities to my own house after all. Though Elgana does promise me that the College will be worked with closely in future events.".

"Ah my mistake then." Barric says good naturedly, "Sorry about that Master Harlex, did not mean to inpugne upon your freedom there. Even still it's hard to overhear everything just right and I have not mastered my skill at evesdropping unfortunately." He smiles, "Lady Emmelline Harthall," He begins introductions, "Duke Ryhalt Farshaw and Master Harlex." Assuming that Ryhalt hasn't already slipped away, "Of course knowing my luck you all probably know each other already and I am just the odd man out."

"Redrain has been quite supportive of me and of the College," Gianna admits. She has a longer sip of coffee, frowns, and murmurs, "I still don't think I like this." She glances about for a means to divest herself of her cup.

Though he must stand once more to introduce himself, it doesn’t seem to edge him. He finishes his current sip and sets the coffee back aside. He rises to meet Barric and nods. "Your Highness," he says in his quiet, even tone. "Harlex Valtyr. I’m with the Crimson Blades." He explains. "Lady Darkwater is just graciously humoring a dull sellsword this evening," there's a dry humor to his words. A slight, hard smirk toward Carita. He then nods once more, introduced to another. "Lady Harthall. Pleasure."

Karadoc slides from his seat to stand, brushing down his overcoat as he looks over the room again, curiously. Once he notices something in particular (or many particular things) he smiles to himself, and slowly - carefully - proceeds toward Lisebet. Pausing at conversational distance without intrusion, he offers her a shallow bow. "That --" with a gesture of two fingers "-- was one of my designs, my lady." Turning away, then, to edge toward the table with Carita and Harlex. He offers them a similar bow, dipped just a little lower. "Good evening, messere. My lady."

Lisebet approaches Gianna and Braith, pausing to smile. "If it is too bitter, you might perhaps prefer one of the lighter blends or those mixed with cream and other flavourings?" she says, just catching the tail end. "But I am certain there is a tray somewhere near by for finished crockery and the like. I hope you are not disliking our shop quite so much?"

LIsebet then pauses turning to Karadoc. "What? My dress?" she asks, startled. And not sure she's understood properly.

Ryhalt smirks and seems perhaps just to enjoy a little too much Carita needing to choose which of the delicious dishes to sample. "Perhaps you will need to take one of each then." When he is addressed by Barric, he turns and smiles to him. "Oh I do not think I have met the good Master Valtyr before this evening, but if he is here then I enjoy his taste. I am glad you are enjoying yourself this evening, your Highness, and will be back many times in the future."

With a glance back over his shoulder, the Saik lord offers a smirk - all wide and crooked, "Mmhm." Then, Karadoc continues his saunter out.

Emmelline curtsies to all in sundry, a pleasant smile on her face. "Good evening, Ih ope all of you are well."

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Emmelline gets a smile, "I have been very well, it is a pleasure to see you again." Barric Cora's arm through his and a smile, "Sorry I was off in thought, I haven't tried coffee yet, but it smells good."

Emmelline smiles brightly at Coraline. "I am glad you are well. Prince Barric here," gesturing at Barric, "was telling me, how you eventually got him to give in, and put as he says, some goop on his skin to heal the bruises."

Cora laughs and nods, "Oh yes, it was quite the fight too." A messenger looking entirely too determined, probably because Cora is starting to hide from them, pegs her with a look and hands her hte missive. "With a sigh she opens it and nods. "I have to go, I am so sorry." Kissing Barric Cora heads off.

Gianna glances around to locate one of these trays. She leans over to place her cup on it. "Your establishment is very cozy," she tells Lisebet. "I'm afraid I might not like coffee. Perhaps some tea? In any case, if you mean to showcase local talent and you're interested in musicians, we ought to work something out. I'm the Nightingale of the Bard's College." She says this like everyone ought to know what that is.

3 Thrax Guards, Freja the long suffering leave, following Coraline.

Lisebet smiles to Gianna. "I think that is a very good idea," she says. "I am certain we will be in touch." She makes a mental note, glancing over at Ryhalt only briefly. "I'm Lady Lisebet Farshaw, by the way. A pleasure to meet you, - Nightingale."

/Tragically/ forgotten in the crush of introductions, Carita smiles Emmelline's way, adding, "Lady Carita Darkwater," before she's watching a certain lurking figure pass by, causing her to smile warmly and dip her head respectully with a quiet, "Lord Karadoc", before the warmth of her smile turns back on Barric and Ryhalt. "One of each? I think that's a delightful idea. I consider it a challenge." There's a pause. "I do have one question, do any ... sparkle? Or shine? I'm afraid I have a weakness when it comes to those qualities."

A gaunt young man with oily black hair and ice blue eyes arrives, delivering a message to Gianna before departing.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Harlex before departing.

Emmelline looks after the departing Coraline, with a sad sort of expression. Almost like a cute puppy, who has been promised a treat and denied it. "I was hoping we might be able to spin a good yarn," she says to no one in particular, before she turns back to Barric and the rest of the party.

Looking over towards Gianna, Barric has to ask, "Is it now something that every musician must join, Whisper Gianna?" He asks with an upraised eyebrow. Then he is distracted by Carita, "You two had already met..." He then is suddenly kissed by Coraline and abandoned to the tender mercies of Carita and Emmelline, whatever shall he do? In this case he hmms, "I am sorry Lady Darkwater, I just assumed everyone knew you already as well they should. My apologies."

Braith bow politely out of the current conversationa nd drains her mug. "I should be off on my way now though. Thank you all for your wonderful company and this new found vice. I hope to make more of your acquaintances in the coming future, hopefully in this very room." she calls before exitting.

Lisebet checked composure + etiquette at difficulty 15, rolling 28 higher.

Lisebet really just is still processing what Karadoc said. She's not even sure who he is, but well, she does now know something. That she doesn't let distract from what she is currently doing. "Thank you for coming, M'lady," she says to Braith with a smile.

Gianna smiles at Lisebet, though it doesn't quite reach her eyes. Still, she seems pleased. "Excellent," she murmurs. She inclines her head to Braith as the other woman departs, then turns her attention to Barric. Her own eyebrow arches. "Of course not, Your Highness. Whatever gave you that impression?"

Ryhalt looks to the nice sheen upon the butterrum tarts. "Well there is the butterum tarts which have a nice glaze of butter and sugar before they are toasted golden brown coming out of the oven."

With a flourish of movement, and a quick danceful steps, Braith is out of sight.

Braith has left the a pair of sea blue leather couches on a handwoven blue rug.

A gaunt young man with oily black hair and ice blue eyes have been dismissed.

Harlex expires his last cup. He buckles on his sword-belt. The message he receives is tucked away. "Fine to meet you all, but I should return to my work." He makes his way to the door.

Emmelline turns to Barric and smiles softly. Though, is that a tinge of nervousness in her eyes? Who can say? "One day, when you and princess Coraline are not busy, or sparring your highness, I would love to have you both to my place of residence for drinks."

"Oh something about how future performances should be worked out with the Bard's College?" Barric says to Gianna questioningly. He glances over at Lisebet and then after Braith leaves, "Probably just a misunderstanding." He finally says with a shrug before he looks back to Harlex, "Of course Master Harlex, have a good evening." He smiles at Emmelline, "I am sure we would love to do so, if one can keep Coraline in one place for any amount of time that is." He shrugs, "I rarely see her at all anymore from dawn till dusk." He wrinkles his nose a bit, "However, since it looks as if the coffee shop is in no danger of attack... I think I should be taking my leave as well. Though you are both more than welcome to join me, Lady Harthall, Lady Darkwater, I would not presume to think you did not have more pressing business or engagements to attend to however." He smiles.

"A misunderstanding, Your Highness," Gianna tells Barric, her eyebrow lowering. "I could hardly strongarm every musician in the city to join the College. Nor would I want to."

"oh?," Emmelline asks of Barric, her brows rising with interest. "What fun errand are you off to run your highness?"

Harlex has left the a cozy reading nook near the bookcases and fireplace.

Carita's eyes nearly glass over with the description from Ryhalt, "My gods," her eyes close a moment, hand lifted to her chest. "Yes. That will, most assuredly, do. I might even knock someone over to get one." she tells the Duke, before she's smiling again at Barric. "You couldn't have known, I was just unable to eke out a greeting when I saw Lady Harthall last. The mistake was my own, not yours." As he makes to leave she dips her head respectfully, "Enjoy your evening, Your Highness."

Barric leans over and murmurs something to Emmelline.

Lisebet finally comes over to take a seat, relaxing, and she says, "A brief interlude to relax? I think this is always my favourite part of the day. Thank you all for coming. It is good to see such support from all our friends."

Emmelline smiles at Carita, bidding her a good evening, before she chuckles softly at Barric's remark. turning towards him, she speaks to him confidentially.

Gianna has divested herself of coffee; she draws her cloak more firmly about herself, inclines her head to anyone glancing her way, and quietly excuses herself to head back outside.

Barric nods politely to Carita, "Enjoy your evening, I look forwards to the next time we bump into each other, Lady Darkwater." He pauses to listen to what Emmelline says and he chuckles, "You're more than welcome to come along of course." Then he nods towards Ryhalt and Lisebet, "Duke and Lady Farshaw, given the popularity of your coffee amongst the soldiers I know, I am sure you will have quite the successful venture on your hands. Have a good night."

Emmelline chuckles and falls in step next to Barric. "good night to you all," she says cheerfully to everyone else gathered, before following Barric out.

Emmelline leaves, following Barric.

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