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Valardin Annual Warsnow Games

In true Valardin family fashion, the Valardin grounds are being transformed into a snowy battlefield for two classic war-snow games: Capture the Snow Fort and Dragonsnow Blitz.

Capture the Snow Fort: Three teams go in, but only one will win. Capture the Snow Fort is a tactical game based on strategy, resource management, and innovative team work. How well can you strategize to outsmart your fellow mighty Dragons?

Dragonsnow Blitz: Where the best strategies might win wars, everyone knows that might makes right and the fastest, most quick-witted of fighters often win on the battlefield.

Victors of the warsnow games will receive prize sets to commemorate their valorous feats on the field, then hot cocoa and classic Oathlands treats are to be enjoyed by all.

(This event is for the fealty, but those of Oathlands birth or of any family relation are more than happy to join!)


June 18, 2018, 8 p.m.

Hosted By

Terese Alis Katarina


Seth Jericho Astraea Percephon Signe Monique Lisebet Alessandro Quenia Rymarr Alarissa Ectorion Neb Marius Simone Cullen Alexis Genevieve Derovai



Arx - Ward of House Valardin - Valardin Grounds

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

Rodrigo arrives, following Alessandro.

Cullen spies his date arriving and makes a motion to Lisebet, "Come join the Oathlands Smashers. We're going to smash the rest. As our name suggests, of course."

"At least she says thank you when she turns you down," Alexis offers to Alis, watching Ellara. "And that armour has a -lot- of padding. I made sure of it."

Lisebet arrives and catches sight of Cullen motioning her over. "Cullen, hello," she says. "I - don't know if i'm any good at smashing, and don't let me upset the team numbers. I also warn whichever team is stuck with me that I am a liability, I am certain."

Georgette, 1 Greenmarch Guard, Marius arrive, following Simone.

Ectorion's smile is like he just won a tremendous prize when the little girl actually...listens to him! He gives Alis a cheerful wave, looking wholly and utterly pleased with himself for a moment as he looks around and..realizes that the place seems to be being sorted into some sort of teams. He still isn't quite sure what's going on, having been distracted by a tiny little distraction, and he wanders over to the grouping featuring Katarina. "So..what..exactly are we doing," he asks, still seeming a bit vague. He was always the bookish sort, and didn't play in many of the games growing up.

Lisebet has joined the Hands-On Arts 'n Crafts Table.

Pellinor, 4 Thrax Guards, Honey Snuggle, a Velenosian Angora cat, Dame Cupcake, the most elegant, Quenia arrive, following Alarissa.

Not much of a fan of games of the physical sort, Seth makes is way to join the others who were chosen for his team: Monique and Etienne. His hounds, of course, are seated on the sidelines to observe the goings-on. Not being familiar with his teammates, he nods in their, murmuring a, "Lord Seth Steelhart... reporting in. And I guess this is where I extend some form of good luck to the team. Bee Keepers unite and all that."

Alessandro has joined the Keaton Sled Race Challenge.

Tempest, Atila, Tove, a well-mannered shaman apprentice, Vegard arrive, following Signe.

Tove, a well-mannered shaman apprentice have been dismissed.

Vegard have been dismissed.

Dauntless, 3 Iron Guardsmen, Patsy arrive, following Rymarr.

Dauntless have been dismissed.

3 Iron Guardsmen have been dismissed.

Monique arrives with Alessandro and Etienne, but is parted from the former with a dramatic sigh and a wave. "I'll miss you, Al! But I won't miss you with whatever snow weapons we're fighting with." It's on. She takes Etienne's arm with a grin up at the blond Archlector, slipping over to greet their teammates. "Lord Seth. Lady Monique Greenmarch and Archlector of Gild, Blessed Etienne. Also reporting for duty."

Racer, a juvenile Oakhaven Bloodhound, Private Fane, Crimson Blade Assistant arrive, following Genevieve.

Simone has joined the a medium sized oakwood picnic table with two decks of cards and several pairs of dice atop it.

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Jericho seemingly just a tad on the late side where the family games seem to be going on. A soft smile on his face as he gathers his silver hair into a small ponytail, he moves over to join one of the picnic tables, waving to his family members and kin.

Jericho has joined the a small cherrywood picnic table.

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Jericho has joined the a medium sized oakwood picnic table with two decks of cards and several pairs of dice atop it.

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Alessandro makes an equally dramatic -- well, maybe not //equally//, but somewhat dramatic -- disappointed face, though he can't quite hide the amusement lurking in his expression as he heads away from Monique and Etienne toward the table where Alis and Alexis are already sitting. "Your Highness," he says, "Dame Alexis. I apologize in advance for whatever is about to happen." He takes a seat then, waving to Simone and Marius as they arrive as well, and then to Cullen.

Alarissa - no, she didn't bring the baby or the other baby or the big brute - is making her way across the Valardin grounds, bundled up against the cold and a smile on her face. "Fleecing a velenosan prince. What next on our list of things to do today?" People are gathering for something and Alarissa opts... to not do anything physical and makes her way to one of the picnic tables. "Marquise, Marquessa, may we join you?" We being Alarissa and Quenia. "If it wouldn't put you both out."

Alis leans over to whisper in Ellara's ear, and gesture towards that big table where the non-comb... the cheering section is seated. The little girl's eyes go big and she runs over (gods where does she get the energy) arms akimbo. "Aun RISSA" Glomp. Sorry! "Remember to come back here! We're gonna need you!" An innocent smile is cast over to the other teams.

Apparently Genevieve has recently come off a patrol or something, because she's armoured up in the blacks and red leather of a Crimson Blade archer. Her plae face is flushed, her expression mildly tense, and behind her an assistant garbed in the same colours follows behind her with an equally grim countenance. A dog follows in their wake too; a bloodhound from the Keaton kennels whose golden eyes scan over her surroundings with the alertness that one would expect from a guard dog. Toegther, they all move towards towards Katarina and bend into a neat bow. Except the hound, obviously. In greeting, Genevieve says, "Your Highness. I hope I'm not imposing myself here, but I know you were expecting me to participate."

Simone enters with her hand tucked into Marius' arm, bundled from head to toe against the cold. Glancing around the area she waves to several people before leading Marius over to one of the tables. Pausing as Alarissa approaches she smiles warmly, "Please do, Princess Alarissa! We would enjoy the company and the help in heckling... I mean cheering, of course just cheering, on everyone!" Her eyes sparkle with mischief as she gives Alarissa a proper curtsy.

Quenia chuckles mildly in Alarissa's direction. She looks a lot better than she did a few days ago. The overall sadness is still there, yes, but she seems to be better in general, and can actually make a smile or even laugh a bit. "I'm sure Prince Theo deserved it, but I'll probably never hear the end of it in training in the Mirrorguard," she tells Alarissa, then glances curiously at those already seated at the table that Alarissa brings them to. She waves at those seated, "Hello. I'm Marquessa Quenia Igniseri. Princess Alarissa's guest," she tacks on at the end, offering a timid smile to those present.

Signe's of course is arriving to participate in the events, along with her thick furred husky Atila that immediately darts off excitedly to explore the grounds. That excitement is shared with his human companion, her smile bright and wide while oberving the varied demeanors of the others that have arrived. "Try not to pee on any of the snow Atila!" She joyfully warns her animal friend.

Terese remains settled easily atop one of the tables. Her svelte frame dressed for the weather in fur lined leather that has been tailored to fit her form. With her dark tresses piled atop her head in an array of silver pins she watches as familiar faces and non trickle in. A warm smile is given to Katarina before her azure gaze slips towards those gathering near her perch. The golden dusk of her flesh is flushed pink upon her cheeks even as chilled wisps of breath curl from between the part of her lips. Her attention turns towards the conversation of those settling in around the table about her, "It'll be dashing, indeed," she muses softly while waiting for Katarina to announce the games up at hand.

Astraea enters from a random direction and looks a little lost, but then she spots all the familiar faces and offers them shy waves in passing. Ectorion is spotted and the princess wastes little time in heading his direction, although at a leisurely pace as to better watchout for snowballs maybe?

Marius leads Simone in on his arm, using the other one to wave around to everybody gathered. Alessandro, Cullen, Monique... others. Taking Simone on over towards that table, he gestures towards it while remarking to his wife. "At least the seats aren't covered in snow. That's something." About to seat himself, he stops himself at the approach of the others. "Princess Alarissa, Marquessa. A pleasure to see you here. Staying warm, I hope? At least, it's the hope I have for myself. I believe I'm losing it quickly. Please, not a bother at all. Sit."

Ooph. The impact of Ellara makes Arissa smile as arms go around the little girl. "Gently. I just had one of your cousins. Treat me like a delicate doll hmm?" But she drops a kiss on Ellara's forehead. "Am I keeping you or are you heading back to help your mother win? Because I will gladly keep you and bring you back to Thrax and make you the captain of a ship in the Thrax fleet." Alarissa drops another kiss, smiling to Simone. "I will gladly cheer. Maybe next year I can partake." Marius's lament about staying warm has her reaching up for her cloak. "Kept me warm upon the waters in the tour. Do I need to lend it to you Marquis?"

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From across the where she's standing next to Katarina, Genevieve nods at Astraea and bends into a neat bow. She's silent, however, allowing the white-haired princess to attend to her own business. She turns her attention back to Katarina, but is content to wait until there's a free moment for the Valardin woman to reply to her. No hurry at all!

Monique waves to her family (her adoring fans), glares at Cullen and Alessandro for good measure, and then turns back to the very serious discussion with her team.

Oaken, an Oakhaven bloodhound, Marie, chef of Keaton Hall, 4 Novice Keaton Huntsmen, Gigi, an apprentice physician's assistant, Orin, a Felhound Sergeant arrive, following Reigna.

Vern, Echo, an Oakhaven bloodhound, Devo, an extraordinary Oakhaven bloodhound, 2 Novice Keaton Huntsmen, Reigna arrive, following Kael.

When Marius bids them to sit, Quenia takes a seat at the table, but otherwise remains quiet after her polite greeting. She looks around the grounds, eyes curiously taking in everyone participating in the games.

Oaken, an Oakhaven bloodhound, Marie, chef of Keaton Hall, 4 Novice Keaton Huntsmen, Gigi, an apprentice physician's assistant, Orin, a Felhound Sergeant leave, following Reigna.

Vern, Echo, an Oakhaven bloodhound, Devo, an extraordinary Oakhaven bloodhound, 2 Novice Keaton Huntsmen, Reigna leave, following Kael.

Alexis has left the Keaton Sled Race Challenge.

It is midday in the Valardin ward. The winds are cold, but refreshing with a sparse smattering of clouds against an otherwise brilliant blue sky. The front grounds have been cleared of their mish-mash of tables and training equipment to make way for the Valardin Family hosted war snow games to take place right upon the freshly fallen field of snow at the rear of the mansion. Piles of snow have been placed strategically along the field, providing cover and ammo locations between three colored flags strung up on small wooden poles at different sides of the field: Smol Terror Squad (place 5), Oathlands Smashers (place 8), and the Beekeepers (place 4).

Burn barrels have been erected along the sidelines, providing a place of warmth for spectators to gather and heck-- cheer in comfort (Place 3). Servants mill about with a variety of heated drinks to serve: House Keaton's famed rich hot chocolate, House Farshaw spiced meads and teas, House Laurent's honey-sweetened drinks, and Katarina's whisktea, winetea, rumtea, champagnetea, and alcohol-tea. Look, she really likes making classy tea-drinks.

Speaking of, Katarina emerges from the mansion with a wooden clipboard and parchment hastily fastened to its surface. She throws Terese a harried look, telling her cousin pointedly, "I know you've got my slip, Terese. I demand you return my pilfered slip, else there will be war and you'll be made so frightfully ugly that Jayus will cower from --" Oh, people. Cousin rivalry aside, the princess smiles brightly at the Valardin guests.

"Welcome to the Valardin Mansion! If you haven't been drafted to play on one of the three teams, let me know right now." she calls, an affable wave tilted toward Genevieve with a benevolent smile curling at the corners of her lips. "Nonsense. You're more than welcome to join us, Goodwoman Fieldstone. I have no reason not to look upon you as a friend of the fealty." With that, she shuffles out toward her place on her team.

"Once everyone's gathered up, I'll go over the rules quickly for the first game: Capture the Snow Fort! It's pretty straight forward, but with a little twist."

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Jericho sees Astraea and he gives her a little wave, though he seems to be content with being alone for now. Rather, happy to simply watch everyone else have fun is more than enough for him.

Does Ellara know the meaning of delicate? Apparently she must, because her tiny grip immediately loosens. "Like baby?" That must be how they have convinced her that she can't tackle her baby sister yet. An impish giggle escapes the little girl as she pats Alarissa's leg (gently). "Both!" Because she wants it ALL, Auntie Rissa. And then she runs back to her mother because the games are going to begin.

Ectorion spots Astraea approaching and looks immediately guilty as he stands waiting with one of the teams, glancing to one side and the other. Everything about his expression says 'Nope, I wasn't about to be part of a giant snowball fight!' as he looks innocent. He flashes a grin at her and waves, tossing a wink as well. He looks exceptionally cheerful at the moment, and listens up at the rules and such. He reaches down to make a snowball, and lobs it towards Astraea with a grin.

Spotting Princess Alarissa and Marquessa Quenia arriving, Cullen gives them both a respectful dip of the head and a bright smile, then turns to listen to Princess Katarina's rule giving speech, suddenly looking very serious for this most solemn of festivities, returning Monique's glare with two fingers pointing to his eyes, then back at her.

"Like a baby." Alarissa agree's, but releasesthe little girl off to the games and starts to converse with the table, a dip of her head to Cullen.

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Lisebet simply takes her place standing over by Cullen. She offers a curtsey as appropriate, and she inclines her head, with a friendly smile to the crowd, because there are just too many people for individual greetings.

Already looking more than a little relieved at Katarina's words, Genevieve smiles with equal warmth at Alis and gratefully takes the indicated seat. "Thank you so much, Your Highness. You've all been very gracious."

Genevieve and Jericho are both given excited waves and big smiles from Astraea who seems to be quite amused. Until Katarina begins going over the rules for the game then she grows more serious and tries not to rise to Ectorion's teasing and return fire. He does get narrowed eyes and a playful chuckle though as she walks towards Jericho.

Marius shakes his head quickly at Alarissa's offer, "Too kind, but I have a reputation to uphold. I can't let a little cold slow me down." What that reputation might be is left as an exercise for the audience. "I blame the city for making me comfortable. Some nip in the air will do me good." The Marquis nods at his own words, "So I keep telling myself. With your recent circumstance, I imagine you could use, Princess Alarissa. Congratulations on the new addition." With that, he takes his own seat and looks out over the battleground before he calls out louder, "There is a special place in my heart for whoever covers Monique in the most amount of snow!"

Another nod and smile is also given to to Alessandro, and then she turns to listen to Katarina also.

Simone leans up against Marius to stay warm as she watches the teams assemble. She says casually, "It will be very hard to figure out who to cheer for. Any way we go someone will be accusing us of playing favorites later I would imagine!" Turning to smile warmly at Quenia, she bows her head in greeting, "I am Marquessa Simone Greenmarch and this is my husband Marquis Marius Greenmarch. It is a pleasure to meet you!" At Marius' comment about Monique she laughs, "We have barely arrived and you are already heckling your sister."

Terese remains settled easily atop one of the tables. Her svelte frame dressed for the weather in fur lined leather that has been tailored to fit her form. With her dark tresses piled atop her head in an array of silver pins she watches as familiar faces and non trickle in. A warm smile is given to Katarina before her azure gaze slips towards those gathering near her perch. The golden dusk of her flesh is flushed pink upon her cheeks even as chilled wisps of breath curl from between the part of her lips. "The war between you and I cousin shall -never- end. You left it hanging up so beautifully," she calls out across the crowd to Katarina. "I was debating on wearing it out to compete in considering I do have the most spectacularly dashing team assembled. And yes, we of the Keeper of Bees.." she adds, "Are most welcoming of any other of lovelies to join us."

As the teams formed Signe headed for the arts and crafts table and very at ease in the environment. Similar to how folks are excited for the warmer months. The snow and cold is what she knows.

Rymarr's arrival is without fanfare or much in way of enthusiasm. As ever the Marquis-Consort is stoic and reserved, with his strides carrying him to the assembly of the Oathland's Smashers. He is dressed for the weather in heavy woolen clothing and an equally heavy cloak thrown over his frame. He's out of his armor, which leaves the cold blue eyes of the Marquis to dart this way and that. For the moment he doesn't cast out greetings or wave frantically at the many smiling faces present. He appears to remain focused on the task at hand.

Quenia glances between Simone and Marius, then to Monique, and back again. "You're Lady Monique's family then? She's a dear, dear friend of mine. I've had her over to Domus Igniseri for dinner a time or two." She smiles shyly at Simone and returns, "A pleasure to meet you as well, especially knowing you're family to Monique." She does spy Cullen's nod in her direction, and she returns one in his, offering a small wiggle of fingers. She leans in to say something quietly to Alarissa.

Cupping hands around her mouth, Simone calls over, "Katarina, I will be cheering for you! You are doing a wonderful job!" With a merry smile she waves to Kat before turning to the others at the table.

Monique glares heartily at Marius and mouths something in shav that probably should never be repeated.

A collective gasp is heard from one of the other tables as Simone calls out to pledge her support for Katarina.

"Capture the Snow Fort is going to be more heavily focused on strategy and creative thinking. It is important for every Dragon, from His Grace, Prince Edain Valardin, all the way down to the youngest of squires, to be comfortable with mental dexterity in the heat of battle. It is also important for every leader to know how to make use their resources and soldiers competently in order to achieve victory," Katarina orates officiously, climbing atop a snow-dusted table in order for her pale-garbed frame to be seen clearly over the crowd of players.

"We're going to break this down into three rounds:

Round One will be setting up your fort however you want as quickly as you can and coming up with a plan. I advise having at least one person stationed to guard your home base.

Round two: Deployment. Take your places and get ready to fight!

Round Three: Fight! Fight! Fight! Show your Dragon Might!" Someone's been drinking too much coffee.

Jiacomo, the Velenosa seneschal arrives, delivering a message to Alarissa before departing.

After her brief introduction and subsequent explanation of the game unfolding, Katarina pivots upon her loftful bench to flit a long-suffering glare across the field toward Terese. "I left it hanging to /dry/, Terese. That was not an open invitation to snatch it after the maids had finished my wash," she shouts, a hint of laughter quelled behind a surly twist of her mouth. "But it is alright, Your Highness. I happen to know where you keep your letter heads and signature stamps, so if there is suddenly a young suitor attempting to ply you with the strangest of gifts..." Her voice trails, cheeks dimpling with an impish smile as she turns to chat at her team.

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Alis is eagerly murmuring strategy with her team when she hears the cousins clashing and her head pops up like a snowy prairie dog. "Collusion! That'd code for something I know it!" she calls out.

Signe offers a round of clapping following the breakdown of the game's rounds. She then happily exclaims to the other groups, "Best of luck to the other teams! I look forward to pelting each and every one of you!"

Florian arrives, following Derovai.

The crunch of snow underfoot and a stark scarlet hue against the backdrop of white snow marks Neb's arrival, that and a huge stick meant for cracking down doors. The man is drab, his leathers are drab, but his mustache appears somewhat passable.

Neb has joined the a small cherrywood picnic table.

Alis and her team appear to have decided on a simple, but time tested strategy of piling and shoving together snow in as tall a semi circular barricade as they can manage. To help, Ellara flings herself on top of the piles to compress them. And, then slide down. She's supposed to be watching for suspicious activity. But, well.

Astraea has joined the a small cherrywood picnic table.

Alessandro has pretty clearly never made a snow fort before -- it's unlikely he's //seen// that much snow, let's be honest. So, he does not handle it like he particularly enjoys the cold, but he does at least seem to be giving it his all! If his all is shivering sporadically as he packs the snow in the configuration that his team has decided on with somewhat unskilled hands.

As if one might expect shame, Terese beams a lovely smile across the way from her own perch atop a bench as she looks up from speaking with the finely dressed team mates around her. "I had to replace a few things from your honeytar and feathering of some stuff," she calls back. "Honestly, you -owe- me, more so after Aioli ripped up my red riding boots! Persnickety thing, reminds me of you.. Much love." She turns back then as she is addressed in the midst of her own fight to Monique's stare. "Oh!"

Alarissa has left the a medium sized oakwood picnic table with two decks of cards and several pairs of dice atop it.

Did someone say dark leather? Derovai follows shortly after Neb's arrival, clad in similarly drab garments -- but his are black instead of scarlet. He glances between the teams, and then at Katarina, raising his brows questioningly. Apparently he's volunteering to even them up, if necesary. He scratches his jaw with a gloved hand, looking more than a little dubious about the goings-on.

Signe waves Derovai over with a hand as the team plans their course of action.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Astraea before departing.

Katarina and the Oathlands Smashers briefly talk strategy of their own, with the team captain wisely ignoring Terese's bantering from across the field in favor of getting their fort up and running. "We're honorable!" she's overheard proclaiming, raising her head up to wave brightly at the sidelines. "Vote for Team Oathlands Smashers! We're the cool ones!" At Derovai's looks, she motions him toward Alis and Terese's teams as he pleases while she bends to start shoveling up snow. A rounded wall reinforced by splashes of water to ensure it hardens a little bit more. Take that small people!

"We're Smol, but Stunning!" Alis counters, her head poking around the side of a snow wall so she can stick her tongue out at Katarine before she gets back to work. "Derovai! Get over here and start shoving snow. And don't let the toddler charm you into lifting her to the top of the piles to slide down."

Quenia glances up as Alarissa excuses herself, and for a moment she freezes. Not literally freezes, but, like -- looks like she's out of place and suddenly looks uncertain of a sudden. She doesn't stop her friend from doing so, rather she nods her head, and shifts in her seat. But then there's Simone distracting her for the moment, and she turns to regard the woman at the table.

Ectorion seems distracted, eyes over watching the Beekeepers, until Katarina gets to work and it jars him back to focus. He gets to work helping to pile up the snow and build the fortress of the Oathlands Smashers!

Derovai does a bit of mental math, glancing between the teams and counting off. He's not that small of a fellow, but he /is/ able to tell the difference between three and six, and so he shrugs at Signe, calling out, "Fair's fair," as he moves to join Alis' team. "Don't worry," he tells Alis; "I'm immune to it by now."

Derovai has joined the Keaton Sled Race Challenge.

Rymarr sets about piling up the snow into packed walls, though he pauses in his work to provide comments. Then he returns promptly to his work with a grumble.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Astraea before departing.

Neb checked strength + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 10 higher.

Those with Terese get up to begin building the snow fort and what does Sir Neb do? Begins shoveling snow up into a pile to be shaped and molded by the others just shovel shovel shovel.

Astraea checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 39 higher.

Signe checked intellect + survival at difficulty 15, rolling 4 higher.

Alessandro checked intellect + war at difficulty 15, rolling 8 higher.

Monique checked intellect + survival at difficulty 15, rolling 7 higher.

Genevieve checked dexterity + survival at difficulty 15, rolling 17 higher.

Katarina checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 26 higher.

Derovai checked intellect + survival at difficulty 15, rolling 38 higher.

Neb checked intellect + survival at difficulty 15, rolling 19 higher.

Etienne checked dexterity + survival at difficulty 15, rolling 1 higher.

Rymarr checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 39 higher.

Ectorion checked intellect + survival at difficulty 15, rolling 20 higher.

Terese checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 30 higher.

Alis checked intellect + war at difficulty 15, rolling 21 higher.

Seth has rolled a critical success!
Seth checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 67 higher.

Lisebet checked intellect + survival at difficulty 15, rolling 1 higher.

Lisebet checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 7 higher.

Quenia continues to have a bit of quiet conversation at the spectator's table, but looks like she might be making ready to leave.

Astraea turns around in place for a moment, not unlike a doggo, until she spots Quenia. Whom promptly gets a wave and an affectionate smile,"Cousin! I'm sorry I didn't come give you a hug, I didn't see you!" Promptly smoothing her dress, she ahems and blushes before piping back down and focusing.

Alis huffs and puffs... and sure as shit is not going to be able to blow anyone's snow fort down. Dang people. Lookit what all that extra muscle can do! But it's OKAY, team Smol has the cute factor. Amply displayed by the youngest of those gathered suddenly giving a warbling war cry and running towards Aunt Kat to try and tackle her. For no good reason.

It seems the games have begun as the Bees Knees start to get a move on towards their flag and piles of snow. Terese's gaze swings over towards the other two less dashing teams as they move about before chuckling softly at something as she turns back to her team before catching the cry of a child barreling across the field, "Woah woah woah, the cute child factor is totally cheating however.. since it's towards Katarina. Never mind!"

"Show them how Greenmarchers fight!" Marius calls out, his hands cupped around his mouth as he does so. It's a very handy cheer, when you have somebody represented on each team.

Neb brushes off his scarlet coat and then looks over the team, it appears the tiny team is getting the lions share of looks from the folk around Neb.

Quenia has left the a medium sized oakwood picnic table with two decks of cards and several pairs of dice atop it.

Quenia finishes chatting at the table, and rises, and then turns her attention to her cousin when she waves and speaks at her. "Astraea," she greets warmly. "Lovely to see you to night. I do hope you enjoy yourself." She manages a smile, though there's definitely still a sadness to her features.

Quenia turns then to definitely leave.

When there's a smol armored child running her way, Katarina bursts out laughing and rises out from behind cover to snatch up Ellara into her arms. "Are you coming to be on my team, then? Want to pelt Mommy with snow balls, too?" she wiggles her eyebrows jovially and turns to her team, holding up Ellara like the toddler's Simba from Lion King. "Look! We've got a Smol Squad defector!"

On her knees and shoveling the snow by hand to build their fort, Signe's demeanor is one of pure delight as Oathland Smashers construct their snow fort.

Looking like someone who has never played in the snow before, and seemingly lacking the enthusiasm that most everyone around him strangely possesses, Seth's still has that Steelhart determination in his grey eyes. Not the most physical of competitors, something has got him worked up enough to put his all into the task at hand. Whatever it is, it has him looking annoyed the entire time not realizing that the Keeper of Bees, or whatever they are called, have done fairly well for themselvs.

Now it's the other team with the defector from Smol is getting eyed by those around Neb, for his part he appears to be waiting to follow someone. Such is the way of a man with such a drab expression!

Simone laughs over as Ellara takes off towards Kat, then calls out, "You will be unstoppable now, Kat, with the added cuteness!" She looks over and gives Teresa an apologetic smile though. "You'll do wonderful too Teresa I am certain!"

There is a soft whistle of appreciate to the fort that is built mainly by Seth and Neb as the men place their backs into and and create a small work of art within the mound of snow that is carved into a miniature little glittering snow castle that dazzles in the light. "I think that might well blind our competitors," she murmurs to each with a slow smile. One knee folds beneath her for a moment to gaze over a spire that has been built near half as high as a man where the flag lines up just behind it. A soft chuckle is heard, "They wouldn't dare destroy a masterpiece.." she turns as she gaze over towards Alis and the belabored Katarina with a soft yet audible, "Would they?"

If Genevieve's serious expression and intent focus upon rolling up snowballs is any indication, then this game is serious business. With red leather-gloved hands dipping into the snow, she breathes in calm intervals, icy mist flaring out of her mouth and nose. On one knee in the crunchy snow, she's eyeing up the competition with the most competitive stink-eye possible. If the Smols are going down, it won't be without a fight!

Terese for a long moment just can't stop admiring the castle she just whistled at.

Derovai calls out, "Yes," to Terese easily, adding, "Try me. It's all going to just be snowdrifts in a minute anyway."

Lisebet checked wits + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 2 higher.

Rymarr checked wits + war at difficulty 15, rolling 49 higher.

Signe checked wits + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 8 lower.

Alis slowly peeks her head up from their makeshift barrier; her eyes and the white hair all that can be seen. "Hubris! That deserves some good old fashioned Oathlands discipline in return." she quips, after she harrumphs quietly that her very own child abandoned her.

"It really is stunning," Monique replies to her teammates, an absolute study in redheaded vanity. "Best team ever."

Ectorion checked perception + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 56 higher.

Monique checked wits + survival at difficulty 15, rolling 59 higher.

Katarina checked perception + survival at difficulty 15, rolling 0 higher.

Celeste, the realist messenger arrives, following Percephon.

Lisebet peeks up, over the edge of their fort, looking from one to the other of the competition, and then ducks down again. Seems team smashers is plotting. Just like everyone else.

Percephon has joined the a medium sized oakwood picnic table with two decks of cards and several pairs of dice atop it.

Simone looking over at Alessandro and Alis, Simone calls out, "You will do wonderfully too! You will have to provide the cutness, Alis! Or make Al do it!" Her eyes sparkle mischievously as she gets ready to duck if any snowballs end up coming her way.

Rymarr steps up to peer over the wall of Fort Smash, though as he looks out over the field at the other erected forts the Marquis-Consort simply grumbles into the chill air, "I miss my shield", as a shiver seems to cause his shoulders to quiver momentarily.

Alessandro lets out a little snorted laugh at something that's said right around their slightly haphazard but still amazing snow fort, and he nods at Derovai as though acknowledging a hit, before he looks over at Simone briefly at her cheers. He makes a face at her, but it's softened by a smile as he turns back, clearly not taking this as seriously as Genevieve, but probably because he is really out of his element. Or because he doesn't take much seriously, either one.

"Al, you heard your Marquessa. Make a cute pose!" Alis flashes an innocent smile the poor man's way, and then waves cheerily over at Simone as they hunker down and snowballs flyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Neb checked wits + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 7 higher.

Seth checked luck + war at difficulty 20, rolling 5 higher.

Monique checked wits + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 22 higher.

Astraea has rolled a critical success!
Astraea checked luck + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 85 higher.

"But we built it for the Gods in tribute to Jayus!" Terese calls back towards Alis. "May she bless this work of art that has been built." While the last of building continues there is a slight murmuring amongst themselves while the dusky golden dragon looks out over the field and weighs the options as the other teams build their own forts. Her head tilts a moment as her azure gaze swivels back and a smile curves upon the side of her lips. A deadly, fierce little smile that seems to be gathering the troops to move upon their intended target.

Etienne checked perception + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 10 higher.

Terese checked luck + war at difficulty 20, rolling 19 higher.

"Likely STORY!" But then Alis has to frown. Because even if it was a story, that falls under Jayus preview too. Darn you Terese, and your orthodox ways!

It's cold - it's cold - it's far too cold and lanky Percephon is here and bundled up. A mass of ebony and sable with a striped blue scarf topping it off. He settles into the spectator area, knowing he can't hit the broad side of a draft horse with his aim. "Good day," he murmurs to anyone that can hear the quiet greeting. Reaching out to accept a mug of whiskey-tea that's handed to him by a servant.

Alessandro checked luck + war at difficulty 20, rolling 7 higher.

Derovai checked perception + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 21 higher.

In a show of solidarity with Terese, the other taller white haired princess calls out,"Yea! Blessed work of art!" Then she looks over to the building and blushes,"Your highness." Then proceeds to do her best to carry her weight since she had just dedicated this work to Gild it seems.

Genevieve checked perception + survival at difficulty 25, rolling 3 lower.

Alis checked wits + war at difficulty 25, rolling 37 higher.

Monique casts a cheeky grin to Etienne. "... you did remember to bless it, right?" And then she's off, crimson hair streaming behind her. Time to attack!

Monique goes and so too does Neb, jogging after her looking very much like a man who is following along but unsure if he should be. Trot trot trot a little ways behind, just in case it's all a misunderstanding.

The building of that damn ice sculpture took a lot out of him as it is, but now Seth has to accompany his team to try and smash the other team's fort. A thick fog escapes his lips as he allows himself this moment to sigh heavily and catch his breath, before joining the others in their elated devestation.

Marius glances past Simone on the bench he and the Marquessa is seated on and smiles wide on over to Percephon, touching a couple of fingers briefly to his forehead. "Percephon. Nice to see you out and about. I'm starting to doubt how clever it was to sit and watch this, myself, because I may have to be pried away from the bench in the end after I've frozen to it."

Ectorion comes from behind the Fortress of Smashitude, wielding...THE SNOW SHOVEL! He charges towards Fort Smol, scooping up a massive shovelfull of snow along the way and digging it in, before heaving mightily towards Fort Smol with the massive load of snow. "RAWRRRRRR!" he roars in dragonlike fury.

Alessandro now turns that face on Alis, though when he does begin, he takes a second to strike a very heroic pose. It's about the only thing heroic about his attack. At least he doesn't fall over anything, which is nice! His snowballs don't do much against the structure he's targeted, but he does seem to be enjoying himself, which is the point, right?

Lisebet checked wits + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 21 higher.

Signe checked wits + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 2 higher.

"Stop knocking holes in my fort!", Rymarr calls out as the gaping holes begin to form in their walls. He's armed with an load of snowballs held against his body within a scooped arm. He tosses snowballs through those same holes, aiming for faces that may use them to peek inside. He's in the midst of chucking a snowball when he calls out, "Patsy! Get Dauntless and ready my armor!"

"Really? REALLY ECTORION. I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE!" Alis calls out, as he comes charing over with a massive amount of snow in the snow shovel. Alessandro's 'cute face' does make her laugh though, which means she is distracted, which no doubt means she is going to wind up face first into the snow pile as the larger and more imposing cousin of hers barrels over.

Ectorion checked perception + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 31 higher.

Rymarr checked wits + war at difficulty 15, rolling 29 higher.

Anyone looking at Genevieve will realise just how unwell she seems. Just so pasty, so shadowy-eyed, so generally tired-looking. (excuses excuses.) So perhaps it's no surprise that her pace is a little slow as a shovelfull of ice comes her way. Big eyes widening in shock. Gasp of misty frostful breath. Oh shiiii---

Cullen checked wits + war at difficulty 15, rolling 32 higher.

"I am desperately uncomfortable under these torturous conditions," Percephon deadpans, with the faintest self-deprecatory smirk tugging the edge of his lip up. "However, Marius, it is very good to see you and cousin Simone." He sips his whisk-tea, "Everyone else too."

Signe's efforts are comical while throwing the snowballs over her head, without watching where they land. After having a few land smack in her face.

Monique checked wits + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 20 higher.

Ectorion calls back to Alis, "HAH! You may know where I live, cousin, but I know where you don't!!" He scoops up a big shovelful of snow again and hurls it mightily, "THIS FORT!"

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Jericho before departing.

Simone wraps her cold hands around a nice hot mug of tea, "Perce! How lovely to see you!" Simone smiles warmly at her cousin. "We are just heckling... sorry cheerting on everyone." Her eyes sparkle merrily as she watches the games from her perch snuggled up against Marius' side for warmth.

Astraea has rolled a critical success!
Astraea checked luck + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 20 higher.

Seth checked luck + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 14 higher.

Etienne checked perception + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 2 lower.

While others move to streak out across the field, the whistle of a snowball whizzes past a few people to crash spectacularly into the Smasher's fort. Terese hasn't even left the vicinity of their Bees Knees fort though her form is extended in throw. The impact of her snowball nearly splitting part of the wall as snow sprays up everywhere! The next then comes wizzign soon enough.

Terese checked luck + war at difficulty 20, rolling 1 lower.

LIsebet is propping up fort Smash, trying to protect it, and not get hit by snow balls. She does occasionally look for a target and throw snowballs in their general direction. There's laughter though, and fun, as she works to defend the fort to the best of her ability.

Derovai is momentarily distracted by something, trying not to laugh for a second or two, but he's all right at offense. Insert your own joke here. How much of it is due to any knowledge of war, and how much of it is due to being reasonably decent at getting through the snow, though, is for the audience to decide. At least he picks on targets his own size or bigger -- and Team Smol moves to attack Team Bee. Floats like a butterfly, stings like a... faceful of snow.

Leaping around nimbly and assaulting team smol's fort, Cullen looks like he could taunt. Maybe so. But it is cold! So, teeth chattering between hurling snowballs, the agile knight eyes the warm drinks with a look of longing.

Derovai checked perception + survival at difficulty 25, rolling 28 higher.

Alessandro checked luck + war at difficulty 25, rolling 4 higher.

Alis checked wits + war at difficulty 25, rolling 46 higher.

Genevieve has rolled a critical success!
Genevieve checked wits + survival at difficulty 25, rolling 8 higher.

"Ah. I'm glad you announce it, but I generally assume it to be so. Makes every deviation a pleasant surprise." Marius gives back with a flicker of a smile towards Percephon. "My family spread out across all teams, makes it easy to make sure you're cheering for a winner." He turns back to the battlefield then, cupping his hands around his mouth to call over, "But that doesn't mean you shouldn't bury Monique under snow until she has to thaw out in the spring!"

Rather than hurl a flurry of snowballs, since Astraea is known to be quite lazy at times, she waits until someone pops up and flings the compact little ball of snow with gusto. All of this, while keeping her eyes on Ectorion and trying her hardest not to laugh at the antics between him and his cousin. Narrowly avoiding an incoming wall of snow, the white haired princess screams and ducks behind the fort wall. "Tori! Bury her!!" She yells out with a laugh.

It should come as no surprise when Smol Squad's fort is nothing more than a pile of snow. In part because Ectorion keeps shoveling snow everywhere. All over it. Constantly. And alas, Smashers Fort looks like Swiss Cheese. But, try as they might... nobody was quite able to take down BEE's fort. It's on its last legs! But, it is still standing. STILL STANDING. Thus, BEE is the winner!

"Heckling, yes. Given my late arrival, cousin, I find this all rather difficult to follow. Has it devolved into a free-for-all yet?" Percephon stifles a cough into the crux of his inner arm, lightly clearing his throat before he takes another sip of tea. "If it hasn't - it's a real shame."

Genevieve's vision might be swimming a little as she pushes herself to her feet, but apparently she still has her wits about her. With a snowball in one hand, she quickly LOBS the thing in whatever direction is most likely to result in someone getting a thwap in the face. It's instinct, pure and simple. Oh, and look, she's growling! How serious she is.

Neb isn't throwing snow balls instead taking snow ball hits while kicking, just kicking the bejeebus out of snow forts. Eventually the pelting snow will run him off as he beats a hasty retreat to Astraea

If Marius all of a sudden finds a snowball hurtling his way, who's to know where it came from? It's hard to even pinpoint where Monique is, she moves so quickly.

Thus, BEE is the winner!

"Hey, HEY. Don't people with white hair have to stick together!?" Alis protests, as she is buried in snow. And, her own daughter has run over to leap on her and help make sure she can't even get up. "HALP! Haaaaaaaaaalp!"

Out in the middle of the no mans land, Ectorion manages to be a quite effective siege engine, demolishing Fort Smol before he's pelted relentlessly by the snowballs from Bees. The incessant stinging of the bees is finally too much for him, and he topples backwards with a despairing cry of 'Noooooooooooooo!!!!!' before he lands on his back in the snow, breathing heavily.

ooc :doesn't need a prize if there isn't enough to go around. :)

It seems that it's all come down to a snow ball free for all and Seth happens to be caught somewhere in the middle of it. With the excitement in the air and to watch their master throwing snowballs at others and their forts and in turn, getting smacked by a few himself, the Highhill hounds looks ready to join in on this action and at the very end, just as the competiton looks to be over, both the pup and the wolf-sized mastiff bound on over to assist their snow-splattered Steelhart master.

They may have lost, but from the way Alessandro reacts, it isn't obvious. He raises both fists in the air and cheers, before he turns back to their sadly demolished snow fort, smiling at his teammates. "Well fought," he says, reaching to offer his hand to each in turn to shake. If they want to! If not, well, then he just retracts it.

Lisebet totally tries to throw a snowball at Terese, so far away, though whether she manages to get the throw anywhere near or not, that doesn't really matter. She's laughing, pretty sure their swiss cheese fort is not winning. So then, she sneaky sees if she can throw a snowball at Cullen. It's a free for all, right? Right?

Laughter drifts as flakes and flurries of snow whiz past in turn towards the Bees Knees Fort. Terese manages to dodge a few herself along with Astraea as their team manages to help demolish the others teams fort into rumble and cheese. "We should build a trebuchet next time!" Their own fort, a masterpiece of snow and ice seems to made it spectacularly through it all, standing. Oh yes it's standing like a glittering tower to the GODS.

Alis somehow manages to get up off her arse, and has her giggling and squirmy daughter tucked under one arm. "Pelt each other with snowballs until your hearts are content! And then get a nice warm drink. Well played, everyone. We hope you all had fun!" Then she perks. Trebuchet!?!?

"Good game, good game," Rymarr states to those laying assault to the walls of Fort Smash. As a snowball goes sailing by though he casually lowers back down to seat himself back on the interior firing step of the largely destroyed wall. There he sighs, his eyes close and he grumbles quietly, "It's cold. I feel oddly moist, but not. I need some Watch stew."

When the other team's forts are well and truly destroyed, and Marius, in the stands, is pelted with several more snowballs (Simone and Percephon might be collateral damage), Monique strolls back to her fort and team, jumping at Etienne for a celebratory hug, and smiling all around. "Pricess Astraea, you were a /hero/ out there!"

"Congratulations Team Bee! Well faught!" Signe praised the group, clapping and laughing with bits of snow trapped in her desheveled braided mane.

Rymarr is overheard praising Terese.

Rymarr is overheard praising Seth.

Rymarr is overheard praising Etienne.

Rymarr is overheard praising Neb.

Derovai grimaces, glancing back at Smol's demolished snowfort. "Do better," he admonishes his team. It's a little sharp. And then he turns to size up Rymarr. "Marquis Deepwood. I have a certificate to have you teach me something, I'm afraid 'apple cookery' isn't on the list, much to your wife's disappointment."

It was a hard battle, many laughs were had and lots of bamboozling. Astraea was as excited as can be and that energy actually went somewhere useful this time it seems. Once they realized the fort was still standing, just barely. She's throwing snowballs in tandem with Terese while trying not to get beaned herself and at the conclusion she jumps up and down excitedly,"You guys! We won! See I don't have to cry and stuff guys. Everyone was amazing and I had so much fun." Then she descends into laughter only to blush at Monique,"I'm no hero my lady but I did get a few lucky shots in there."

At Smol's loss the air is filled by the desolate howl of a bloodhound, who summarily comes dashing to Genevieve's side. Considering the sellsword kneeling down in the snow, breaths heavy and misty, that means it's easy for the dog to slap licks of her tongue across her handler's face, to which Genevieve grumbles almost silently.

Rymarr is overheard praising Monique.

"Hey!" Marius calls out at the first stray snowball that gets flung his way, which luckily narrowly flies past him. "I'm not in this fight, there's forts to attack!" He barely gets that out though before several more comes flying his way and he shields himself behind his arm, snow and cold and wetness flying every which way around him. "MONIQUE!"

Simone ducks behind Marius as she spots the snowball coming, sputtering as it scatters across her cloak. "I didn't heckle you, Marius did!" She might not have seen Monique throw it, but she knows her too well not to suspect. She looks up at Marius and says firmly, a smile playing on her lips though as she says it, "I blame you for this!"

Neb didn't laugh the whole time but he is breathing heavily by the end clouds of fog rising from his lips. When they are declared the winners he makes back for the table where he'd accidentally joined the group and gets his stave. "Well... Fought? That is what they say, I believe."

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