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Alarissa's self-thrown birthday party

The Princess Consort Alarissa Thrax turns twenty six (Shhh, yes, we know, her apothecary is clearly doing something wrong with that formulation) and has commandeered the Queenrest inn to host a most luxurious birthday party. There will be no hide or hair of classic Thrax traditions here. Nope. Check your octopus at the door. If you can get in the door and the staff not ignore you, you're welcome to attend.


June 7, 2018, 7:30 p.m.

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Cirroch Reigna Lisebet Niklas Sasha Valerius Coraline Agatha Katarina Ian Rook Amari Paloma Cullen Victus Sorrel Sabella



Arx - Ward of the Crown - Queensrest Inn - Main Room

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Comments and Log

"And there you go again, extoling about your exclusive tastes," comes the sweet-pitched teasing of Katarina from behind to Rook, her smile a pleasant one for the courtier as she draws to the side of Lisebet. "Lady Lisebet, we meet again," she observes, pleased. "You're becoming quite the social butterfly, I see. Duke Farshaw ought to be utterly proud." Her skirts swirl about with her graceful steps to intercept the Princess Consort of the hour, gently tugging Alarissa into a tight embrace with a kiss upon her cheeks. "And happy birthday to you, my dearest one. I have your present, but it's far too big to carry in person. I'll just have to show it to you another time." She turns, her hand lifting in salutations to Cullen, Cirroch and others amassed and gathering for the party.

Sabella laughs, "That does sound like an epic tale, but I think we need to wait to see how it ends before writing any of it down. If I know the heroine half as well as I expect, she has grand plans she is enacting and I can't wait to see them." she glances to the side and offerd a wave and a smile to Lisebet, Cullen, and everyone else she knows, "But let us not hog the Princess's attention and find a place to sit so I can just gaze at you for awhile to catch up on all the looking I missed when you were gone."

Lisebet smiles at the comments by Rook, nodding her head. "I think you are quite right, there. It looks like it should be a lovely party, definitely." She turns to Katarina as that worthy socialite makes it over to greet her, and she offers a polite bow of her head. "Princess Katarina, it is very good to see you again. I am certain my brother is proud of me, even if he is a little overprotective." She waves to those new arrivals she recognizes, much the same as Sabella's own action, which brings a soft laugh to her. "A place to sit, now that is a very good suggestion, Princess Sabella."

Taking a plate, Cirroch begins to stack food upon it. And more food. And more food. And even more food. There is an audiable 'flop' sound as he stacks more and more food onto his plate until he's basically got everything on it. For Sasha he gets another, less stacked plate of food and carries both of them back over to where Sasha is, sitting himself down and setting the plate before her. "If you can't eat it, I will, I made sure to keep my portion small," he assures her, motioning to his pile of food.

Staff greet the newest guest to the Queensrest with sniffs of disdain, then pointedly ignore them.

He brought a book, for Thrax's library. Alarissa takes the tome in hand where she stand beside Orazio's table, to read the cover. "Lord Kennex, I am breathless. Almost without word for the precious gift you have given. I shall study it on the tour and soak in every word. Thank you." Her hand reaching out to pres to the side of his arm. "You are by far my favourite Kennex. Do not tell Chrsitine." There' a wink.

The Queensrest has been overtaken and reserved for the afternoon and evening. Not that anyone has been kicked out, not in the least. Reserved just means that any noble who shuffles through the door and some select commoners on a list, have had carte blanche of food and drink.

Yard upon yard of crystals drip down from the ceiling of the Queenrest, the fine white linens on the tables, centerpieces of the freshest flowers that could be brought in from the Lycecum and candelabra's with pure white tapers. While the summer hasn't been brought into the Queenrest, it has been transformed to a glittering crystal laden and floral scented paradise fit for the birthday of the Princess. Gold cutlery, gold rimmed china, champagne and other delightful drinks brought around. Musicians even play in a corner, as low as possible to provide backdrop and occasionally a singer even joins in.

A tower cake, all white buttercream with pale pink spun sugar peonies that seem so real, decorate it in groups on the massive four tiered confection. Fruits in abundance, other small bite sized pastries and then the offerings from the Queensrests usual menu. Everyone is invited who wants to, to descend for a night of sheer indulgence. Even Orazio's table has been comandeered for the event. Not that the man would be denied it if he came.

"The Heroine's stsory i not near half done, but it involves a dragon, the birth of her daughter in a storm and many other things still left untold. You treat this playwright well." She caution Sabella. Katarina's stopping any further conversation as she's crushed against her sister, book between them. "Is it as big as my belly?" She teaes Katarina. Cullens quip gets a smile. "Many stories to tell. But katarina tells them all far better than I."

"I am nothing if not a perfect fit for the Queenrest and all its snootery, I understand that, I embrace it," Rook announces to the familiar voice as he makes a half-turn, glancing and giving a polite bow to Katarina, before he says, "Your highness, how do you do," in easy acknowledgement. As he meanders a while, he's a face to be seen, and a chatty presence. Eventually however he does withdraw, letting himself fade out as is polite, and not before! Slink.

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Sasha laughs as Cirroch comments about his small portion. As the plate is set down she says "Alright, I will try to eat what I can." She looks to Niklas and inquires "Do you currently have any plays that one could request a copy of by chance? I am quite fond of reading such things."

Looking a bit overwhelmed in the crowd, the Greenmarcher is a little out of his element surrounded by so many people - and makes a beeline right for the bar, taking a seat with an audible sigh of relief after being handed a mug of ale, which he sips at slowly.

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"I've a great many stories to regale everyone with. Especially about a time of a debacacle where a certain Princess was beside herself because of a few freckles and went around, smelling of lemon juice for weeks," Katarina teases Alarissa with a familial warmth, her fingers touching with affection to her belly. "And I'm afraid it's far bigger than the both of us combined, even the Prince of Maelstrom. You've been after it for a while," she throws further hints before leaving the beauty of the hour to mingle with the rest of her guests. "Lord Cullen," she calls toward the Greenmarcher, gracefully retreating toward the bar herself to puruse the drinks and food.

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Paloma steps in, dressed down from the full armor of an on duty King's Own. She surveys the crowded room, ignoring the staff as readily as they ignore her. A direct line is made for one end of the bar, Paloma giving a predatory smile to the bartender. One staff member won't be ignoring her.

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There's a sneering face had for the servers of the Queensrest when Victus trudges on through. Almost like they could just smell not only the nobility, but the aversion to the silky style of such hard-nosed staff as well. The Prince of the Maelstrom brushes passed a few fawning ones, eventually breaking through the crowd until they've given up to go fawn over the next guest. "Fucking hell, hjad to pick the ritziest place with the weirdest smell. Ugh." These murmured complaints are kept to himself as he makes a beeline for the birthday girl. The saving grace in the midst of so many people, so much food, so much pretty cakes. Maddening!

Niklas grimaces at the idea of being gazed at. "You'll get bored before too long before too long, I think. My face is probably best in small doses." But a smile returns for the Princess Consort, "It has been a favorite of mine for some years. Glad to pass it on." Then he's stepping back and turning that smile on Sabella. "I think you're right. We sh-" But then someone is asking him about one of his favorite topics. Himself! Turning to Sasha he says, "Well, once my upcoming play is performed I will release the script to the Gilded Page, but until then you can borrow the scripts for my first five works collected in their cultural stacks."

Lisebet too makes her way to the bar, her first goblet of champagne empty. She settles there easily, smiling at those already there or just joining.

Sasha kindly inquires "And where might I locate these scripts that I can borrow? I have been ill and bed-ridden until quite recently so forgive my ignorance."

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"I most certainly want to hear the part about the dragon!" Sabella tells Alarissa, turning to smile at Sasha, "And you can see his latest comedy soon at the Black Rose Theater! It's going to be hilarious!" She turns to grin at Victus as he comes on, "Oh, Nik, I don't think I mentioned that your High Lord is now my patron! But come, come let us sit!"

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Cullen looks over from the bar at Sabella and Niklas, coppery brows raising up. "Oh? A comedy at the Theatre? What about?" Drinking his ale with slow sips, the Greenmarcher turns slightly in his seat to ask over the crowd. "Wait, there's a dragon in the comedy? Interesting. That sounds like a plot twist, indeed."

Valerius is a tad late, some new perpetual state of being he's decided in spite of himself as of late. But he's here! And he's certainly dressed for it. All silks and perfumes that place him right at home in the Queensrest--especially during an event like this one. After stepping through the entrance he pauses for a moment, taking the time to adjust a few strands of stray hair that have fallen onto his forehead, before he unclasps the front of his red leather jacket and breaks to go join Alarissa and Victus--wherever they may be standing. He doesn't interject, content for now to let those speaking with her continue uninterrupted. He does, however, call out to his High Lord cousin, "Victus, you going to be alright being in here for very long? If you'd like an excuse to leave, I'd be happy to drink you under the table."

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"The Gilded Page. It's a book store owned by Lady Monique Greenmarch. In the back she has books to borrow." Niklas is pulled into a seat by Sabella, somewhat surprised by her words. "Your patron? Who is his patron then? Is there a point where it goes all the way around and then the High Lord has to have a Grayhope as his patron?" He looks over to Cullen, "Wait, what? No, there's no dragon in the play. It's a comedy about a rivalry between two playwrights. No dragons. Not even as a third act twist."

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Pondering these words, Cullen lifts a finger to Niklas. "But...what about if the dragon settled the dispute? Perhaps by eating one. That would seem to take care of the issue well enough." Raising a brow at Sabella at this bit of unwanted artistic advice, the Greenmarcher gives Paloma a salute with his mug, then returns to slowly sipping his ale.

"Victus" The poor man. Clearly this is not a thrax shindig, not an octopus in sight. "Valerius. Find the poor man some rum, though I would dearly love to see him drink champagne" Alarissa's looking around the very busy Queensrest, happy. Very pleased with herself.

Lisebet gives everyone a smile, smoothing her skirts, and listening to the conversation. She does after a bit murmur something more quietly to her companions at the bar.

Sorrel, who has been quietly keeping to herself for the most part, glides over to hang with the Thrax men. It's probably safer over there. She hooks a hand into her brother-in-law's arm, grinning at Valerius. "You look very spiffy for the birthday party," she says to him cheerfully, then nods to Victus. "High Lord."

Late, but present, Reigna arrives at the Queensrest and pauses once inside, smoothing the seasilk of her skirts and adjusting the rings on her fingers, including the dragonweep one. She looks for, and finally spies Alarissa, making her way in the direction of the birthday girl. She does not immediately approach, but waits to be seen first.

"Unfortunately the script is finalized and the roles cast. If I told Mistress Culler or Master Bastien that we needed to add a dragon at this point in production one would find parts of me being served up in the soup kitchen." Niklas settles into his seat and puts his arm around Sabella. "But I will keep these suggestions in mind for my next play."

Sabella laughs and shakes her head at Cullen, "It's not my play! It is Lord Niklas' so I have no say. Otherwise there would probably be more dragons, but the play would not be nearly as good. And I don't think the high lord has a patron, since he has me I don't think it is necessary." That's to Niklas with a smile, "It's a great arrangement. We go for walks down the docks to discuss current events and inevitably a fight breaks out over my attention and then the High Lord informs them that I'm a Princess and that they've offended me and they all sign up for the army like that!" she snaps her fingers. "No part of what I just said is true, but it sounds true doesn't it?"

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A friendly wave in greeting is given to Reigna as she arrives before Cullen nods seriously at Niklas and Sabella. "Well then. Next time. And there's play material right there! Princess Sabella, High Lord Victus and an incredibly efficient method for finding recruits. I think. Perhaps?"

"Reigna" Alarissa waves the Keaton over.

Niklas snorts at Sabella's recounting of events, but nods. "It's certainly believable enough. I'd get into a docks fight over you. I mean, I'd lose, but maybe you'd feel bad for me. Also, I offend princesses fairly regularly. Speaking of which!" Niklas sits up and looks around, then slumps. "Ah, I didn't see Princess Katarina leave. Lianne told me she passed on my masterwork to her."

Reigna waves to Cullen as he greets her, and when Alarissa is speaking her name, Reigna moves in with an offer of a brief, light embrace, with an air kiss to the Princess-Consort's cheek. "You look radiant, my dear friend! Happy birthday." Reigna gives a gentle curtsy to Victus, "Your Grace, always a pleasure to see you. This is a beautiful party! Will you believe I've never been in the Queensrest before?"

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"You have never? Reigna, you should come often. It my favourite place. I come often and could think of no finer place. we need to have something fir you and Kael. your anniversary"

"No I'm not alright, it smells like powder and brownosing in here." Victus fires back in reply to Valerius as he drags out a chair with little ceremony beyond yanking it from its place. "Do they serve rum? Do they know what rum is?" He makes a controlled fall into the seat, which creaks under the weight of the large Thraxian. Grumpy, grumpy, grump. But to his credit he's at least enduring. Sorrel and Sabella both receive equal "hrrnn", which vaguely sounds like a hello. Reigna gets more of a "mmrn", with an actual response of "That actually /does/ put me in a bit me brain in a bit of a tizzy." He turns his eyes to look upon the other Thrax man there, Valerius again. "Whatever you're getting, make it double and pass me one."

Lisebet looks around, standing, only because she's very petite, and calls out, "Princess Sorrel, your armour is wonderful. Thank you." Then she sits back down again, letting the amusement show on her face to those at her table.

"Of course. And happy birthday, Alarissa," Valerius offers the Princess Consort with a short bow of his head, a flash of a smile offered aside to Sorrel at her approach, "I /should/ have changed into something a little less--common, for me, but frankly I like the silks and I like the jacket so I'm going to wear them." With that, he breaks from his spot over to the bar--with or without his sister's accompaniment, though he'd certainly keep pace should she move--in order to procure a pair of champaigne glasses and--just a whole bottle of rum. Something simple and clear. With that, he moves back to Victus and holds one glass and the bottle out, "Seems your wife would like you to have a glass of wine, so I think I'll join you. It's--not my favorite, but we can finish it quickly and get to emptying that bottle."

"I think my days of trying to be a playwright are over," Sabella smiles as some tea is brought over, "He has a play in the works that Princess Alarissa has seen a sneak peek of that will be a great epic! And help with a wonderful cause!" She laughs then at Niklas, "You would catch my eye no matter what, it's true. It's that wit of yours, sharp as any rapier." She waves at Princess Sorrel from where she sits.

"We actually just celebrated that a few months ago. Well. Celebrated is a bit of a stretch. There was a lot going on and I was heavily pregnant so my taste for celebration was dim. I think we mumbled something about being happy we'd been wed for two years and I went to sleep." Reigna winks to Alarissa, clearly not fretting over the lack of party. She grins to Victus and says, "Because I am so snooty, Your Grace? I actually feel a bit like an erring child in here. All too afraid I might trip over something and chip a cup. Ohhh.. look at the scowl on that one's face!" Reigna discreetly points to a passing waiter and then winks to Victus. "I bet you cannot find someone with a more haughty expression than *that*."

Amari slips in trying to look as though she hasn't run here, but she may have. Some breaths are taken as she surveys the decorations from the doorway, the blush of color in her cheeks slowly receding with each one. In a moment or two, she's composed and takes the quickest route to the refuge of the bar. Those already assembled there, Lisebet, Cullen and Paloma are nodded politely to. Reigna is waved to with a subtle wiggle of her fingers which she pairs with a warm smile and should the birthday princess happen to notice her, she'll bow her head respectfully.

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"Next year then" Alarissa states as Valerious brings alcohol around and she is taking a glass of champagne from a passing server. "Nonse, you fit in fine!" Smiling to Reigna. Amarixs entrance gets a wave as the food circulates - no seafood or anything living - and more platters of champagne are brought out presumably in anticipation of a toast.

Archimedes the White Horned Owl arrives, delivering a message to Cullen before departing.

Peeking her head inside Cora looks around at all the people and waves to those she knows, quite a few in fact, making her way to the Birthday lady, Cora waves, "Happy birthday, I know I sent a message but got away sooner than I thought."

Sasha smiles warmly to Sabella as she says "Then I definently look forward to taking a look. To Cirroch she looks and says "There is nothing wrong with me spending time in libraries darling." Back to Sabella she asks "Do you have any published works?" then she comments "You are a pleasant conversationalist. I enjoy making perfumes when I am not trying to make my cure."

"You really are an excellent patron, Sabella. Never has someone more boasted of their protege's good points. Or more glazed over their bad." That said, Niklas says for no particularly good reason, "Whisper Gianna certainly is an excellent bard. And she's opening a college? Goodness! What an extraordinary endeavor!" Back to Sabella he asks, "How's that? Too much, not enough?"

Cullen tilts his head at Niklas, "Oh? She did? I didn't know that. Good for her, she has a most beautiful voice." However, when it seems there's some kind of conspiracy, he peers at Sabella. "Is this your doing? Not that that is a bad thing, mind you..."

Sabella grins at Niklas, "Enthuse a bit more. Have you heard Mistress Gianna sing? Her voice rivals that of the nightengale! What good fortune it is that she had the idea for a Bard's College! Now the next generation of singers will be extremely talented performers! Did you know she's looking for donations and sponsers? Like that!" she says with a laugh before looking at Sasha, "Cure?" she asks curiously. And then to Cullen, "Lord Niklas is Mistress Gianna's patron and I am Lord Niklas' patron. He's just making sure he is promoting her well, as a good patron should!"

"Deal! That or we can join birthdays next year, mmm? They are close together!" Reigna replies to Alarissa, smiling warmly to her friend, "I cannot stay very long, but that is all to the good, I should not monopolize the birthday girl. However, I really had to stop by and wish you a marvelous birthday. And speaking of which, I am due to visit you soon for a check up on the little one, yes?" Reigna smiles brightly to the Princess-Consort and then spies Amari and waves to her cousin-by-marriage. Before she leaves, there is a pause and Reigna says to Alarissa, "Your gift *should* be delivered to you this evening. It was too large for me to carry myself."

Sasha nods once to Sabella and explains "Yes, I have suffered from an illness since birth. Partly why I have been bedridden for the past months. I am close to my cure just need to do a bit more researching."

"Surely Jayus himself listens to Mistress Gianna and feels some twinge of jealousy," announces Niklas, following in Sabella's footsteps. "She played in the Hall of Heroes and the statue of Donris Ashcrest wept to hear her ballads!" He sets a hand on Sabella's and says, "Oh, and her college is accepting donations. There! I think that's quite enough. Do go back to talking about how brilliant I am?" Sasha's situation gets a look of chagrin and, "Well, I do wish you the best of luck, Marquessa."

Victus wouldn't hesitate to take some offered alcohol, even if it's not something strong. He downs the first glass of wine in a moment and is already onto pouring another before too long. "Eh. This'll work. Fruity... Is everything fruity?" Most of his complaints have died down to just quiet grumbling by now. He stands from his table and makes way to grab a plate of food next. "What about you, Valerius? You seem like the party-type. This a good party? I think my bias blinds me somethin' awful." This spoken as he's waving about the wine like it were a tool to follow an orchestra of his words. "Wife seems happy. That's gotta be a good sign, she likes the fluffy shit too. I mean look at that fucking cake. That's a /big/ fuckin' cake. I bet I could lift it over my head with one arm if I tried hard enough though."

An answer is given to reigna before shexs taken off and Alarissa - either oblivious to Victus or ignoring him, could be either - and is taking up a glass even as a server is helping her up onto a stool as she taps a dainty spoon against the side of the glass.

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Staff greet the newest guest to the Queensrest with sniffs of disdain, then pointedly ignore them.

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"Much of it is fruity, yes," Valerius starts back to Victus with a wave of his hand, that bottle of rum he'd acquired momentarily his. The question of the party has the Prince pausing to appraise it for the first time since his arrival, the rum pulled to his lips in order to drink deeply from it. "It's certainly quite proper for a Princess," he decides, shifting then to nudge his elbow against Sorrel's side, "With quite the fitting location. I wouldn't suggest trying to lift the cake up, even if we're both sure you could do it. It might be a bit--" He pauses, his attention shifting to the thing as he looks it over for a moment, "Well, unless you're interested in having the guests eat it off of your head, it might be a bit ill-advised."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Alarissa before departing.

Sabella gives Sasha a look of concern, "I'm so sorry to hear that! Should you need anything tonight please let me know. I or my ladies can get it for you. And if I can do anything to help you with a cure let me know, although I am far worse at medicine and healing than I am at playwrighting." She offers before lauging again at Niklas. "There is such a thing as too much." she waves over at Coraline as she comes in.

Giving Sabella a cheerful wave Cora heads in her direction after speaking with Alarissa. "Quite the party." she grins and waves down the whatever alcohol is being served giving it a strange look as it does not appear to be rum of any sort.

Sorrel grins at Valerius. "I need you to drink for two," she tells him. "I still can't drink because of the baby, and you know I'm a bit of a party girl, even if I did end up a princess." She winks at him playfully, then adds, "I've probably got a bottle of rum in my bag, too. For emergencies."

"Another year comes and goes. This time, I celebrate with far less broken bones" Coraline is spotted and is bidden to come in quickly before lifting her champagne glass. "In truth, much like Prince Edain, I tend to not celebrate it due to the other ocassions of rememberance around it. But time marches on and one who loved me and another to whom I carry close in heart reminded me that this is our time. That there would be a desire for me to be happy. So i ask that you grab a glass and lift it high. celebrate another year and doing with it all that you can, making it worth while and meaningful and seeking joy no matter how fleeting, so as to sustain us in our old age. I share my birthday with you, and with those I love"

Cirroch grabs his glass of whiskey upon requests and lifts it up at Alarissa's request, calling out, "To another year and Princess Alarissa!"

Agatha may be late to the party, but hey, she can grab a glass with the best of them. There are little finger waves to cousin Valerius and Coraline, and oh hey, there's her bear husband and his wifey to be! But she offers the first greeting to the birthday girl. "Happy surviving another year and not being too broken this time, Your Grace! Please do not try to catch up to my records for broken bones," she booms in Alarissa's direction.

"Hmm... Would be livelier with more seafood. But I see your point." Victus grunts back to his cousin in all the silk and perfume, his eyes slowly trailing back to his wife and birthday-girl as she makes her speech. Here he listens, watches attentively when she speaks. And when she's finished thrusts his glass into the air and lets out a hearty cry of his own. Not quite an eloquent cry at that, but a warrior's celebration is just as good! Just as quickly as those around them are doing their own toasts is he turning back to his cousins. "... But say one of you /dared/ me to lift up the cake..."

Lisebet's glass is immediately raised high, not that anyone can tell! "To another year, and to Princess Alarissa!" she echoes.

Lifting his glass at shortly after Lisebet's and Cirroch's toast, Cullen echoes it as well. "Indeed, to another year, and Princess Alarissa!"

Amari looks up from the conversation at the bar and to Alarissa, noticing then that she's much taller than usual. Since it's a toast in the making, the Keaton scrambles for a glass of something, and finds one on a platter held aloft by a passing servant. She smoothly nabs a champagne and lifts it as Alarissa finishes her speech. "Happy birthday, your Grace!"

Raising the glass of...whatever the hell this is, Cora cheers as well, "To another year, and please don't break anything. To Princess Alarissa." She drinks whatever is in her glass and waves to Agatha as she enters in return. Her eyes going to Victus, "Why would you want to fondle a cake over your head? That seems ill advised."

"To Princess Alarissa!" Sabella echoes Lisebet's echo, raising her glass with a bright smile, "And to Prince Victus waiting his turn for cake!"

Sasha raises her cup of tea as she echoes "To Princess Alarissa." A soft giggle emitting her lip at the comment about Prince Victus waiting for cake, though she is a little curious to see if he could lift it over his head.

Paloma turns in her seat to listen to Princess Alarissa speak. At the end she raises her glass respectfully towards the princess, taking a sip of her whiskey afterwards and turning back to the others at the bar.

"Well, seeing as I normally drink enough for two," Valerius starts with a grin aside to his sister, "I'll drink enough for three! The bottle'll be finished by the end of the evening. Good thing I've no work to get done today." Just in time for the toast, it seems, and with Alarissa's raise of her glass he raises his bottle as well, holding it firmly in the air for a few moments before he pulls it to his lips and drinks from it. And continues. And continues. Until it's nearly half-gone. His nose wrinkles and his head shakes to clear himself of whatever he's just done, though it's stolen away by Victus' latter words. He stills for a moment, staring, before his head slowly turns towards Sorrel where he asks, conspiratorially, "I...Want to dare him to lift the cake."

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"Dare him to lift the cake. I dare you to dare him to lift the cake," Sorrel says impishly to Valerius, her evergreen eyes twinkling in mischief.

Then Alarissa is being helped down, the toast over and the glass tipped back as she moves in with the crowd to mingle, come press a cheek to Amari's "How is my favourite lawyer?"

Agatha blinks more than a few times on her way over to stand near Coraline. "Why does someone want to fondle a cake? Are we supposed to dare him? Or does the High Lord-Consort -Not- want a cake lifting contest on her birthday?"

"That may have sounded a little more judgmental than I intended," Sabella comments a moment later to Sasha, "I'm...I am very interested in such things, so I wasn't sure if you were just teasing, but if you are not, I am still very interested in helping." She pauses as Elizabetta leans in with a message. "If you'll excuse me, I need to go. Have a wonderful evening."

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"Grinning at Agatha Cora shrugs, "I am pretty sure she would prefer to eat the cake and not off her husband's head, not sure I want to lick frosting off him either to be honest, but I think he wishes to prove once more how very strong he is and Sorrel and Valerius wish to see his great feats, so we will probably end up not getting cake but an interesting show." Sabella gets a wave as she heads off.

Lisebet finds another passing tray with a drink on it, and takes it. She also waves at Agatha and Coraline, spying that they have come into the room.

"Quite well, but trying to get over the embarrassment of nearly hitting Duke Laurent with an arrow." Amari replies with a less embarrassed than warm and bright smile for the birthday girl. She'll offer a little hug before she can escape, asking, "How are you? No one's accused you of fashion crimes have they? And, wow, this is amazing." Meaning the decorations, the cake, everything, if her careful, circular gesture of her glass to indicate all the splendor.

Paloma looks to Alarissa as she comes up to the bar to speak with Amari. "Princess Alarissa, your birthday party is very nice. Happy birthday." She raises her nearly empty whiskey to the princess, before downing the last of it and setting it down on the bar.

Ian maaaaaaay have forgotten that Alarissa's birthday is today (he totally forgot) because when he comes into the Queensrest to the sight of... crystals and flowers and a gigantic cake, his initial reaction is surprise, and then an instinctive look behind him just in case he somehow walked into the wrong place.

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Agatha HUHS! He reaches up and rubs the back of her neck. "I mean .... well, Your Grace, if your husband breaks your cake over his head, at least it's more of it just for the two of you then! I think Coraline's probably right about folks not wanting to eat dessert off of him,' she says to Alarissa, all super helpful like.

"Dame Paloma! As talented as her sister but with a sword" There is a press of cheeks. "Thank you. Just wait till i finally get to have my wedding party at some point. Or maybe never and no Amari. none have. You should see what is planned for the tour"

But a cake... Alarissa turns to look over her shoulder to Agatha. "Pardon?"

Perhaps Valerius wants to see the cake lifted. Perhaps it's Sorrel's dare that has him looking off towards it. For the moment he just stares, his eyes drawn tight as if he's scrutinizing the baked goods. But, after a pause, his attention turns to Alarissa, where it lingers for a few moments before he simply shakes his head. "Sorry Victus," he begins as he looks back, that bottle lifted back to his lips as he takes another sip, "I--shouldn't. If Leona was here, she'd probably say something like 'Don't take the attention away from the birthday girl'. And she'd be right. Perhaps we just--enjoy the cake? I'm sure Aunt Agatha would be willing to arm wrestle, if you're looking for a challenge."

Lisebet inclines her head at Alarissa, though the comment about the cake that has Alarissa looking gets Lisebet's attention too. Briefly. "That could be really messy," is her observation. She smiles at those also at her table. "Congratulations again, Princess Alarissa. It's a very good party, and happy birthday."

To Alarissa's pardon Cora answers, "Victus wants to lift the cake over his head. Valerius and Sorrel were highly tempted to see this thing but apparently at least one has changed their mind, and I think arm wrestling is a great compromise" She grins shamelessly as she verbally tosses Agatha to arm wrestling. "Cause I would love to see that." Lisebet gets a wave back plus grin.

Paloma starts to open her mouth to say something to Alarissa, but when her attention shifts elsewhere Paloma just lets it go. Instead she stands up, giving a small smile to the others at the bar before making her exit.

"I bet what's planned is absolutely... grand and..." Amari begins, but she's distracted by what Agatha's said. Her mouth opens, and then it closes rather than eject words. Victus is eyed after that and the cake which sounds to be in some potential jeopardy. Thankfully Coraline explains and there's a nod of encouragement from the Keaton, "Do some arm wrestling! ... if her Grace thinks it proper birthday entertainment." It's Alarissa's day, after all.

Cullen says with enthusiasm, "I'd quite like to see cakes hoisted over heads. Or broken over heads. But I suppose arm wrestling could do the job, too," he allows to Alarissa, a mischievous look in his eyes.

Sasha slips from her seat as she tells Alarissa "Happy birthday again Princess Alarissa, I must take my leave though. Warmest wishes for your birthday." And she takes Cirroch's arm and begins to head out of the party, clinging onto him a bit as she seems to be needing to head home to rest.

Ian takes his time taking in the scene. It's not clear if he's figured out what's going on yet, but he seems to have decided to roll with it either way, because he begins the laborious process of picking his way through the crowd to the bar.

Agatha points Alarissa to the retreating Coraline as if the young Princess will have -all- the answers. But then she hears Valerius say Aunt Agatha and she blinks. "Wait, what? Noooo. I'm your dad's baby cousin. I don't get to be an aunt till Elgana finds someone worthy of her! COUSIN Agatha. -Cousin-." But hey. Arm wrestling. "Wait, who am I wrestling?" Aggie: Easily confused

"Happy birthday, Princess Alarissa," Cirroch says back to Alarissa with a dip of his head, walking arm in arm with Sasha, letting the woman use his larger frame for support.

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"That's probably the wisest choice," Sorrel tells her brother-in-law with a merry laugh, grinning at Valerius. "For everyone's continued health, especially His Grace."

Wait what? Alarissa looks at Victus, a wave to sasha and cirroch. "Victus Thrax if you lift my cake and destroy it, by all that is holy, I will dismiss the nannies during the tour and it will be all you, all the time, caring for her. dirty nappies and all" Her voice very low and a certain look directed at him.

Alarissa checked command + intimidation at difficulty 15, rolling 19 higher.

"I thought we'd discussed this!" Valerius starts back to Agatha with a bright grin, "Cousin just didn't feel /right/. As well, every time I say it, Elgana makes this face--" The words are cut off for a moment as he lifts both hands to the side of his head and scrunches his face down comically, "--I can't /not/, not after seeing it for the first time." As the conversation shifts back to the cake, Sorrel is given a wink, which leads to that grin of his widening as Alarissa's attention turns back to his High Lord's, "If you'd like, /Aunt/ Agatha, I'll arm wrestle you if Victus won't. Real wrestle too, though I think we'd best leave the party first. I don't know that the staff would care much for us invariably breaking tables."

Ian isn't great at moving through crowds, but he manages it, and having ended up at the bar, orders a glass of whiskey. He leans his cane against his leg after taking a seat, and turns to survey the goings on.

Lisebet offers a wave to Ian, as he comes over to the bar, and a friendly smile.

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Victus had been keeping his eyes trembling between Valerius, Sorrel, and Coraline all as they too were stricken with his plot of bench-pressing a cake. When it was slowly unraveling, he didn't take kindly to it. His mouth turned down in a sneer. "It wouldn't be that hard. I'd put it right down too, she'd think it were fun..." His grumbling tapers off once Alarissa herself finally becomes aware of their dealings. His scowl becomes all twisted, caught somewhere deep between his discomfort and a sense of anxiety not common to the Prince. Eventually, he dips his chin in a nod. "... Yes dear." He simmers into his glass of wine, eventually forgoing it to just drink from the bottle itself. "Valerius, you're part bear as is. Give the Red Bear a good arm-hurtin'."

Agatha's nose crinkles at the idea of the table breaking. "I mean, it's a real concern. And someone spent a -lot- of time decorating in here. I bet Elgana would think it's very pretty. I -GUESS- we could settle for arm wrestling. I'll try not to break you." she answers Valerius. And sticks her tongue out at the Aunt thing. "It's weird, but if it makes you happy. You know you and Elgana are the same age, right?"

Ian takes a sip of his whiskey once it's given to him and sets it on the bar, where he seems intent on mostly ignoring it. He nods to Lisebet, although whatever he says doesn't carry into the ruckus that fills the room.

"Break /me/?" Valerius starts back with an amused scoff, the bottle of rum given another quick chug before he places it down on a nearby table, "We'll see. Hopefully one of us flips." With that, he moves to disengage from Sorrel, a quick press of his hand given to her shoulder before he offers Victus a grin, "Cousin, if I win, it'll be in Thrax name, but if I lose, you can blame the Redrain blood. That way, you win no matter what happens." With that he shifts to settle down at a table, gesturing for Agatha to sit across from him. The leather jacket he wears is removed, and the sleeve of his silk shirt rolled up, ready."

Yes dear. Alarissa's eyes narrow just a bit then looks to Agatha. "Arm wrestling is..." Gods. She look around the Queenrest. "I suppose Orazio's table -may- do. But I should likely see to cake being cut before my husband thinks to press his luck and indeed heft the cake." To which she's parting from the bar, a dip of her head to Ian before coming to Victus. "Come, you can at least cut the cake andd then enjoy it that way?" Trying to soften a little, look up at him from under those thick lashes of hers, as if that might be a peace offering.

Not that easily confused! Agatha -snorts- noisily. "Wait, if you lose, you want me to blame your Redrain blood for it? I'm not sure I'll do that. But let us see what we will see!" Uhoh. The intimidating Princess is narrowing her eyes, though. "Oh. Um. We can wait till after the cake. WAIT. Yes, we can -TOTALLY- wait until after the cake." Uhoh. Her eyes are glinting with an Idea. She walks over to elbow Valerius and whispers something.

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Ian pauses in his conversation with Cullen and Lisebet and nods to Alarissa.

"How generous." Victus deadpans back to his wife as his gaze drifts to the cake. The nice, frosting-clad cake. It was quite good looking, even if everything else just looked so damn fruity. "Pardon me." The bottle of wine and glass are forgone, so that the Prince might heft his axe off of his back. The alaricite behemoth being held high in the air before coming down with a mighty 'THWAP', cleaving the cake in two. With only minor splatter at that, and most of it localized right on Victus himself! "Ah, now that is how a desert is served." He shifts his grip to make a more minor cut and pull away a piece. He swipes a finger over the frosting and proceeds to use the very same finger to wipe a line down Alarissa's face. "There. Now, you are a cake warrior. Happy birthday."

It might say something about Ian's upbringing that he doesn't react when Victus pulls out his ax, and then doesn't react when Victus uses his ax as a cake knife, and THEN doesn't even react after it's all over and he's got to understand what just happened. He takes note of it, and then goes on with his conversation.

"No, no, not the..." He's hefting that axe and Alarisa's eyes widedn - and likely more than a few staff in the inn ass that alacrite cleaves through the layer that leaves alarissa stunned, even more so when he's painting her face with the frosting. The act which leaves her mouth hanging open a little unladylike.

"Happy birthday!" Sorrel calls jubilantly, and then begins a charming rendition of the birthday song.

Sorrel is overheard praising Alarissa for: Happy birthday!

Sorrel is overheard praising Victus for: Cake MASTER!

Lisebet's attention is caught, a bit more than Ian's, and she stares over at the cake, the ax and the frostinged nose. As Sorrel starts singing, Lisebet joins in.

Ian is overheard praising Alarissa for: Happy birthday.

Agatha's whisper to Valerius suddenly lifts to full volume, even if she's not aware of it. "HOLY SHIT Is he about ot cut the cake wi .... HE'S CUTTING THE CAKE WITH AN AXE." There is a healthy amount of fear and awe in her features as she watches the display. "But... but ... why is it so much more disturbing to see a frosting flower on an axe than blood and ichor?"

Valerius is all ready for that arm wrestling, his dress set, his right arm shifting with a roll of his shoulder right up until Victus pulls that alaricite weapon and he realizes exactly what's about to happen. "Victus that's not--" he starts, though likely not in time--or perhaps futilely--before the cake is rending in half and his cousins are covered in it. There's a moment of confusion that lingers, his lips pulled down in a frown, but once his brain catches up to his eyes, the Prince's lips part and he looses an uncontrolled laugh, one hand jumping up to cover his mouth. "Gods, Victus, that's, horrible," he manages out, words full of open amusement.

Ian realizes belatedly that probably he should be singing too and adds his rough, whiskey-soaked voice to the last third of the song or so.

Victus watches Alarissa's face with an upturned brow. "Do you not want this piece? I can get you another." He drags the axe from where it'd been embedded in cake, the metal now overtaken by frosting and a myriad of colorful decorations that had been splattered across its blade. He stares for a moment, then decides to simply leave well enough alone as he sets the axe back down. "Though maybe with a smaller axe this time." Oh, but there's singing! The Prince's grimace he's had on all night twisting back into a thin grin as a bit of merriment is built around them with song.

Maybe it's that there's a great many people present. Maybe it's the fact that it's her birthday. Or that there' hormones, oh those hormones. But once the horror of the moment is passed, nose twitching with the icing that's smeared down the bridge of it, Alarissa's grabbing one of those buttercream peonies and a bit of cake and just lets her hand press it all into Victus's face, that mustache and beard, likely even in all those beads. "-You- can have a piece now." While everyone breaks into song.

Agatha hasn't stopped staring and she hasn't started singing. Too gobsmacked. "I'm getting an inexpensive axe so I can do that at Every Birthday I have from here on out if someone brings cake along for some reason. What a thing to do to alaricite." That last part is the plaintive tone of someone that is just a drink or two away from going over to whisper to the metal that she'd treat it so much better, baby. "Did you teach him that?"

Amari has gotten terribly quiet the last little while, mostly just watching the whole birthday cake thing play out as it does. Axed. Agatha's description is probably pretty close to what she's thinking since her eyes widen and her expression turns to one of mild alarm and then sympathy. When Victus gets a buttercream peonie to the face compliments of Alarissa, she relaxes enough to hear the singing and finally join in.

"It won't work with an inexpensive ax," Ian points out to Agatha once the song draws to a close. He takes a sip of his mostly ignored whiskey. "Not sharp enough."

With that Valerius just lapses into an amused silence--if only for a moment-- his lips parted into a big toothy grin as his gaze flits back and forth between Alarissa and Victus. "Gods," he starts, arms crossing over his chest as he leans back in his chair, "I wish the rest of the family was here to see that. Gods, /Dagon/? He'd lose his mind." He quiets again as his nose wrinkles, content for the moment to watch as it plays out.

Lisebet's singing comes to an end, and the cake wearing starts. "It might be time to perhaps head out now," she offers. Though there is mischief on her face.

For a moment, Victus doesn't even seem to register what's happening. The fact that his wife seemed actually /upset/ at what he'd done, combined with the fact that she was encroaching on him so forwardly. But when the hands start rubbing buttercream and deliciousness across his scarred face, he just takes it with little reaction. It's not until he's dripping with the stuff that he looks back at her. "Fair enough, aye. Fair enough." His cream and alaricite axe is dragged back again before he slices off a piece for himself. "Ah, Dagon wouldn't know fun if it bit him right on the ass. And believe me, I've tried bitin' him on the ass to get him to have /fun/. Bah. One of these days we just need to get the man drunk."

"Fair enough indeed." And Alarissa's turning away from Victus with the faintest roll of her eyes and shake of her head in search of a napkin and something to wipe the icing off her face, even as her pae cheeks are already turning a bright red, realizing that all this was doen in public.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Valerius before departing.

"That was spectacular," Sorrel observes proudly as she gets up to get some cake for herself, seemingly in a good mood. "Happy birthday, my lady. I'm afraid I need to run off, but I'm going to take a slice of cake to a friend, if you don't mind."

Agatha finally surfaces from her own overwhelmed reaction and whistles. "Well. That was impressive. I think I know what contest I want to run at the next major Redrain event. Armwrestling and cake destruction. Er. Cake cutting." That's about when a messenger arrives. After a moment she crinkles her nose and slaps Valerius on the back. "We'll have to catch that match later. I have to run."

Ian nods to Lisebet and Cullen, who seem to be preparing to take their leave.

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Looking satisfied now that the cake has been brutally cleaved in twain with a rather fancy axe, Cullen slides off of his bar stool with a thankful, respectful nod of his head to Alarissa. "Princess, a happy birthday and thank you. I look forward to seeing many more in the future."

Though his attention has been fixed on the proceedings, Valerius is momentarily distracted as a messenger arrives with a note that gets passed off. A cursory glance later has him rising from his seat, and with an apologetic press of his hand against Agatha's shoulder he grabs at his jacket and throws it over his shoulder, "I'd like that. Perhaps we can throw a party, get all of the Redrain together to drink, and cap it off with a wrestling contest between a half-Serpent and a Bear." He lets that linger for the moment, stepping off to give Alarissa a kiss on the cheek, should she let him, "Happy Birthday again, sorry about the cake."

"Oh please, yes, take some for whomever, if you like. Who knows where that axe has been." Someone from the queensrest employment has brought warm wet towels to wipe her face with. "Thank you LOrd Greenmarch. Enjoy yourself, wherever you may go." Valeriu's kiss when she's cleaned, is returned. "It's victus. I expect no less. Just..." She look over. "It was a very beautiful cake." She laments.

Lisebet is not too far behind Cullen, lingering only to smile and offer her farewells to Ian and Amari. And then she pauses to offer a curtsey. "Princess Alarissa, it is the best of parties and the cake was very pretty. Too pretty to eat almost. I look forward to the next party." She offers a curtsey to the pair, and then she moves to take Cullen's arm, should he be offering it or at least let her, intent on quietly heading out.

Cullen offers his arm to Lisebet as they head out of the Queensrest with a wave to all assembled, silently taking his leave as well.

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"It /was/ a nice cake. You got to look at it, now you get to eat it. It was never long for this world." Victus asserts as he begins digging into a slice himself. "Just as the universe intended."

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