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Journal Day Feast I

Every sunday is considered a feast day of Vellichor, and no work is required on those days, so commoners might record their journals and attend prayer services, but once a month the Academy of Vellichor opens its doors to host a proper feast in praise of the god of histories. Attendees are encouraged to share stories and personal accounts of their lives as they sit, eat and partake in one another's company.

In addition, the Archscholar will be present and available for discussion with any individual seeking impromptu counsel or questions.


June 24, 2018, 6 p.m.

Hosted By

Bianca Wynna Samael


Merek Fairen Sorrel Rook Rinel Delilah Derovai Malesh Ingrid Reigna Sparte Philippe Sina Sasha Percephon Ann Aiden Oswyn Aurelian(RIP)



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Vellichorian Academy

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Ingrid before departing.

Derovai has dressed up, and surprisingly neatly at that. He tells the Scholar taking names and assigning seats at the door, "I'm not staying," but moves to claim one of the tables off to the side, turning his chair just so, so he can watch the others' arrival.

Striding into the Academy with his trio of guards (and Abalene, the Owl) being left at the door comes the frame of Marquis Fairen Leary, his eyes lifted up in wonder as he drinks in the sight of the place. Then he lowers his eyes and looks around the room for a place to sit. Once an appropriate place has been identified, he steps up, moving towards that seat and sinking into it. As he settles into the seat, he folds his hands on the desk, observing as the staff continue to bring out the food.

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Wynna clasps her hands together as more scholars begin to filter in - she takes her place at one of the head tables, remaining standing by its side as she watches the room for a moment - the tables are now neatly lined with food and journals both.

Wynna exhales quietly under her breath and raises her voice in what she probably hopes is a serene-enough sounding tone. "Well met, you all, and thank you for coming on this day of rest - each Sunday we take leave of our normal duties and reflect upon the things we have learned and done. And on this day in particular, as we do monthly, the Scholars of Vellichor convene and enjoy one another's company - their findings, their stories, their new knowledge." She pauses, adding with some dry humor, "And the food helps, too. With all this in mind, I invite you all to share freely what you would, and to enjoy our hospitality. Debate current events, speculate, take notes in the journals provided, what ever you desire. I shall be here in the event any of you would like to discuss any matters. As always, we guard still the words of men and Gods."

She concludes by bowing her head and sitting, gesturing to the tables.

Merek has come to see what all the place has to offer for this Journal Day. He however seems to be keeping to himself, with his cloak on and hood up, wearing the Senior Scholar pendant which he was gifted for his rank from Bianca. He inclines to folk.

Derovai looks towards himself in mock shock as Wynna speaks of people enjoying each other's company. He looks towards Fairen, who's claimed a seat at his table. He raises his hand as if about to argue a point of order, but doesn't belabor the joke, dropping his hand instead and awaiting the food. Still, he does wonder audibly, "Where's the Archscholar?"

Sina makes her way to the academy for the feast, pushing back the hood of her cloak as she enters. She glances around briefly, and spying Derovai and Fairen, she gives each a smile and a dip of her head in greeting. She then moves to a desk to take a seat near them, unclasping her cloak and letting it drape across the back of her chair. She turns her attention to Wynna then as she speaks, and then she inclines her head with a soft smile to the Head Archivist as well. She eyes the food as it is brought, and meanwhile pulls one of the journals in front of her so that she can jot anything noteworthy down.

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Brushing some of the snow which has caught on upon her cloak, Ingrid lowers her cowl before making her own quiet entrance into the very familiar halls of the Academy. The atmosphere has changed, however; the festive presentation fills the room with a comforting warmth. The many dishes on display are eye-catchingly delightful. "Thank you for hosting such a splendid event, one that I tend to look forward to." She speaks to Wynna on her way in. Walking beside her is Leta, her apprentice and following them both are a pair of Grimhall guards. Noticing a few familiar faces in the room, Ingrid moves in to join them.

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Wynna grunts as she sits down and tends to her own journal in front of her, loudly replying to Derovai as always in a skeptical tone, "Outside of Arx for the time being." That seems to be all she's willing to say on that note. As more people arrive, she bows her head to them with a smile.

Sina and Ingrid arrive, and Fairen casts a cheerful smile towards them both, inclining his head at each of them politely. Then his attention shifts over to Wynna as she makes the introductory speech, nodding his head at he as he listens carefully.

Wynna wiggles her fingers towards Sina, smiling at her entrance. "Ah, Mistress Izetta. A pleasure. How have you been? Come and let's discuss your progress, I'm eager to hear about your plans."

Derovai kicks out a chair for Ingrid to sit with them, before he nods at Wynna. Inspiration has struck, and he reaches for a quill and ink to write something in his journals, waving a hand for one of the attendants to take his entry, before he reaches out to serve the table some of the dishes before them, without preamble.

Sina has been chatting somewhat quietly with Fairen, Ingrid and Derovai, but when Wynna waves at her and addresses her, she smiles and inclines her head. "I've been well, and I've been looking forward to today's feast," she says with a warm smile. "Excuse me please," she murmurs to the others she is sitting near, before rising and moving toward Wynna to join her for a bit to chat. She takes a few finger foods with her on a plate to nibble on along the way, and grabs a cup of wine.

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Wynna nods along to her pleasantly, lowering her tone.

It is Ingrid's apprentice who fetches a plate of goodies and a glass of wine for the Grimhall who is busily setting out a few sheets of paper so on which to write on. "Very often journal writing is done alone in some library or other," she murmurs, now dipping the tip of her quill into her inkpot, "Even if the results are less than private. So it feels a little odd, for me, to jot down my thoughts, here, in the company of others who are all doing the same."

The attendant looks at Derovai's entry, looks at Derovai, then shrugs in some vague it's-your-funeral sense, before taking the entry for the Whites away. "Oh, let me assure you," he tells Ingrid, "my thoughts are quite public on this pressing matter." He grins quite brightly at the marquis he's seated with. Maybe a little /too/ brightly. And then he turns his focus on Sina and Wynna, brows raised their way for a moment or two.

Sina chats quietly with Wynna for a time, while occasionally nibbling on a finger food. She seems fairly engrossed in the conversation, speaking with quite a few more words than she usually speaks with in groups of people.

Atreke, a severe-looking scribe arrives, following Rinel.

Rinel rushes in, damp boots skidding wildly on the smooth stone of the Academy. "I didn't forget! I didn't! I got tied up in very important work! I'm here now!" She loses her balance and grabs for the nearest scholar, who braces the woman with resigned acceptance.

A few wet leaves are plastered to Rinel's hair. "What did I miss?" the woman asks brightly.

Wynna glances up from her discussion with Sina to smile in Rinel's direction lazily.

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Derovai comments, "Me," to Rinel, as he pushes himself up from the table with Ingrid and Fairen, food before the others. He's better-dressed than usual, and he's just gestured towards himself, as if in indication of that. He shakes his head at Fairen, remarking, "If you only knew, Marquis. Pity you'll never get the chance." And he starts towards the door.

Sina appears to finish her chat with Wynna, and begins to make her way back to her seat. She glances toward Rinel with a hint of alarm as she comes skitting into the hall, and she gives a faint little smile, before she resumes her seat once more.

Rinel beams happily at Derovai and pats him on the shoulder. "Charity through absence. You do Lady Gild proud."

Peeks up at Rinel's arrival, grinning widely at her comment as Derovai is getting ready to leave. Then he gives a low clap at that.

Wynna rolls her eyes, watching the group of scholars with a vague smile.

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Wynna stands and heads for the other seating, humming to herself as she drags her journal along. She waves Rinel along as well.

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Rinel pouts slightly as Derovai leaves. "Not even a retort?" She looks around. "Oh, look at all this food!" And so she begins to bustle around, loading up a plate with an obscene amount of goodies. Then she plunks herself down next to Wynna and begins to eat ravenously--but fastidiously! Mustn't get crumbs on the journals.

Atreke collects a plate, upon which she places a single drumstick, then disappears to speak with the other scribes.

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Philippe enters the academy wearing black riding leathers and no weapon on him. His steps are quiet as he takes his time to appraise the hallway on his way to the hall with the feast. At his arrival, Philippe looks at those present in the room and bowing politely before sitting at the table.

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Once back in her seat, Sina glances at Derovai as he gets up and starts toward the door. She gives him a little wave, and then nibbles on a finger good, glancing around with those silvery eyes of hers for a moment. She glances about as people come and go, but her attention turns to the conversation nearer to hand as Wynna joins the little group that she has inserted herself into.

Merek takes a drink as he watches the proceedings, seeming to be in his own world as he watches people come and go.

Sparte has been a quiet attendee, blending in with the furniture as well as a tired guardsman/scholar can be expected to do.

Sina is pretty quiet for the moment, as she is filling her face with food. But she is attentive to the conversation, her eyes glancing back and forth between the others near her. But then she glances about, seeing that there are some who are not as engaged. She draws a little breath, then, since no one else is really bringing up any subjects to discuss, she speaks up, her voice soft at first, then slowly growing to something audible. "So is anyone working on any interesting projects lately? I've chosen my own project to become a full Senior Scholar, and I'll be working on a joint project with the Society of Explorers to update Lady Aislin's dossier on the Gyre, and then to include new information that has been revealed since the war. Once finished, I'm hoping to add that information to the Archives as well. At the end, I'm hoping to create some beautifully illuminated historical volumes to add to the Archive. If anyone has any accounts they would like to share, I would love to hear them," she finishes, glancing around curiously. "In particular, I am not too familiar with the Thirteen Hammers operation, and the actions of Abbas Thrax. It seems like a lot of that information has been glossed over in places."

Rinel blinks and looks up at Sina. She chews her bit of candied yams and swallows before chirping, "That sounds nice! I'm looking for lichen in drainspouts!"

Sina stares at Rinel a bit blankly. She then adds, to no one in particular, "Also I know it's probably not pleasant dinner conversation, so I'm happy to discuss details in private too," she mumbles, before looking back down to her food, and nibbling at it.

"My own project..." Fairen speaks up some in response to Sina, a soft smile on his lips. "Is not exactly something I wish to involve too many others in just yet. Not that it is, of course, necessarily a secret. It is just something I would rather others not fully know about until it has been committed to. However, if you are going to look into Lady Aislin's works, I would suggest speaking with my liege, Duke Ashford. There may, perhaps, be some information left around in his estate that Lady Aislin has left behind. You may also try your hand with the Master of Questions, but Prince Laric rarely seems to answers questions, that I myself have noticed."

Wynna rubs her forehead gently at Rinel's little outburst. She sends Sina a grateful look at her leading comments, though. "I myself am still looking into the life of our previous King - I expect to have something soon, at least."

"Also, Sina brings up an excellent point - I encourage anyone who's working on anything to document their findings, even if they're not exactly literary. Records are just as important, and a boon to future scholars for ease of research themselves," Wynna goes on, for once waxing a proper archivist.

Rinel nods. "It sounds really interesting, Mistress Izetta! Illuminated volumes aren't always fashionable, but it's so incredibly helpful for teaching literacy--and with so many prodigals coming into the Compact, there will be those who can't read Arvani." She pauses. "Plus, it will get some of the less-interested in reading to open a book."

Rinel turns to Philippe and says with a smile, "I've heard people talk about a lichen that grows in the city during the winter. But only in the downspouts. I couldn't find it last year. But this year!" She makes a little fist of defiance. "This year, I shall be victorious!"

And then she spears a bit of ham.

"I look forward to looking at the results, Scholar Sina." Fairen comments with a content smile. "And of course, I will be submitting my own findings as soon as the project I am working on comes to a close." Though then he rises to his feet, inclining his head at Ingrid, Sina and Wynna politely. "It has been a pleasure to speak with everyone, but unfortunately, I have other matters to attend to. Thank you all for the pleasant conversation." He says, and then begins to make his way towards the door.

Sina glances to Fairen, and smiles at his comments about his own project, and inclines her head. "Of course, my lord. Sometimes there is power in silence until one knows the full truth of a matter." She nods her head slightly as he suggests speaking with Duke Ashford, and looks thoughtful. "Perhaps I will seek him out, if he has time for me," she murmurs, with a soft smile. "Thank you for the suggestion, my lord." She glances about to Wynna then as she mentions her own project, and brightens. "That sounds interesting," she says thoughtfully. "Do you mean King Alaric III?" she asks, taking another bite of food. She glances back to Rinel then, and smiles. "Well... as an artist, I find it helps make the work a little more interesting, to include artwork and beautiful calligraphy in honor of Jayus as well." She tilts her head slightly at the Scholar's comments about the lichen, and smiles at her enthusiasm. "I hope you find success, Mistress Rinel," she says. She smiles to Fairen then as he prepares to leave, and dips her head toward the Marquis.

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Grandt, House Leary man-at-arms, Abalene, the Northern Hawk Owl, 2 Leary House Guards, Caenn, the Juvenile Scribe leave, following Fairen.

Wynna nods twice, enthused. "I do mean King Alaric the Third, indeed. There seems to be precious little in wide circulation, to be frank, and I mean to correct that."

Sina smiles to Wynna and nods. "That does sound like an intriguing project, Head Archivist. I hope you find the journey of discovery worthwhile." She glances toward Philippe then as the Count zeroes his calculating gaze in on Rinel and her interest in the lichen, and she lifts a hand to rub her nose as she watches their interaction curiously through her lashes. Then she turns her attention back to her plate, though she does look at Rinel curiously to see her response to the Count.

Rinel says, "Well, I've /heard/ it's not like anything else. Imagine! A species limited to a city! How exciting it would be to find it, and to compare it to others. Is my lord interested in the subject of biology?"

Sparte shakes his head a bit to himself. "I once had someone tell me my hair color meant I was a new species of shav. It wasn't a very polite discussion after that."

Sina glances over at Sparte, and curves her lips in a smile at his comment. "Don't you want to come join us, Master Sparte?" she asks. "You're missing out on an intriguing discussion about lichen." She wrinkles her nose a little and grins, then she finishes writing in her journal and sets the quill back into the inkpot. She waits for the ink to dry, then closes the journal and hands it off before she rises to her feet. She dips a polite little curtsey to those she's been conversing with. "If you'll excuse me, there is someone I need to meet with. I wish you luck in your search for lichen, Mistress Tern," she says, offering Rinel a smile. She dips her head toward Wynna and Count Philippe respectfully, and then she quietly makes her way out.

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Vald leaves, following Sina.

Sparte looks to the main group after Sina leaves, shaking his head a bit. "Sorry, I didn't rest well last night. I probably shouldn't have blurted that out."

Rinel taps her chin. "Interesting. Perhaps in the lower woodlands? I have heard of people bringing matter into caves for mushrooms to grow upon--they don't seem to require the sun's warmth, as plants do."

Rinel perks up. "Master Fatchforth! Didn't you grow up on a farm?"

Merek eventualy makes his way on as he inclines to people.

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Sparte nods in confirmation to Rinel. "Most of my youth, yes." He glances after Merek when he leaves a moment, before looking to the small group remaining. "Should I head over there? I'm not sure I'll be great conversation tonight."

Rinel beams at Philippe. "An agricultural expert, right here!" She gestures to Sparte.

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