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Tourney: Dorian vs Dismas

Champions Dorian and Dismas face off in the first round of the Champion Tournament in a duel to first blood!


May 15, 2018, 8 p.m.

Hosted By

Dorian Dismas


Elgana Adalyn Adora Agatha Jordan(RIP) Waldemai Gianna Bliss Zebulon Tesha Lys Norwood



Arx - Ward of the Compact - The Proving Grounds

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Comments and Log

Beaky Pom Pom the First arrives, following Adalyn.

Tesha makes her way up into the noble seating, giving a smile to those that she knows. She finds a seat where she can observe the two that are participating in the tourney and settles down. A hand smoothes over her crimson skirts as she seems to give a look over Dorian and Dismas.

Planchet the Lycene maggiordome, Carissa, a Malvici bodyguard arrive, following Eirene.

Zebulon has joined the Commoner Stands.

Planchet the Lycene maggiordome, Carissa, a Malvici bodyguard leave, following Eirene.

1 House Lyonesse Adept Guards, 1 Lyonesse Trained Guards arrive, following Jenessa.

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Adalyn slips over to somewhere to stand for now, her attention being on where the event will be taking place.

Gianna has joined the Commoner Stands.

Zebulon slips into the commoner stands with a large cooked drumstick in one hand and a flask of water in the other. He drops into a seat in the middle, placing his flask in his lap so he can get to gnowing on that giant drumstick.

Elgana arrives and makes her way toward the noble seating but not without a pause as she seems to look for a certain someone. Spying Bliss she gives a wave, and then a crook of her finger and grin before she starts actually making to sit to observe.

Gianna makes her way toward the commoner stands, her expression impassive. She finds herself a seat and turns her attention toward the sands, her nose wrinkling.

Elgana has joined the Noble Seating.

Dorian comes into the Dueling Ring stretching his arms over his head offering a wave to the crowds, "Ladies and Gents! Welcome to Round 1 of the Champion's Tournament. My name is Dorian and I'll be matched against Dismas here in the ring. The match is to first blood! So keep an eye out and the cheering as loud as we can get!" He grins a bit before he goes back to stretching allowing Dismas to enter the ring and get ready.

Seeing that wave from Elgana, Bliss quickly scurries to the other stands, giving a quick wave and farewell as she tries to not interrupt the show.

Another day, another interesting duel! Jordan heads on over to the commoner seating, with a book in hand rather than a bottle of wine. As he settles down, he watches the two competitors, studying them analytically, apparently.

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Bliss has joined the Noble Seating.

Lys lifts her hands to shout excited when Dorian comes out. A hint of her Lowers coming out when she cries, "Hoooo! Tear an ear off! Fight! Fight! Fight!" It's chanted until someone shushes her. Hopefully someone shushes her.

Jordan has joined the Commoner Stands.

Dismas is a decently tall man, but he carries himself like he's taller, chin pointed forward like he's looking down his nose at the world. May well be arrogance. Could just as well be adjusting to the set of that freshly forged helm protecting his dome, getting used to the shadow it casts over his eyes. It lacks any guard for that scarred nose of his, evidence that this duel, despite being his first real fight in Arx, isn't likely the only scrap he's ever been in. None of the armor he wears possesses any notable adornment save his dark cloak, though even that is minimal and abstract, grey-on-grey geometrical embroidery over his shoulders. Not especially showy for a Champion. Not yet. Today, he's here to prove himself. After casting a look over the gathered crowd on his way down to the ring, he regards his dueling partner, flashing Dorian a wide grin, offering a curt, grateful nod for the introduction. Then his hand's on his blade, and he's getting ready to go.

Dismas wields a nameless blade.

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

Dorian wields Queen's Grace, a pale gilded steel rapier.

Dorian takes minor damage.

Ashes, a silver-coated house cat arrives, following Kaine.

Once words are said and blades are drawn, Dismas sets his shoulders and grins wide at his competitor. A hand lifts in a 'bring it' gesture, the taller man daring Dorian to be the aggressor. And it works. The first swing is defended, a class of steel against steel, but Dismas takes immediate advantage, lunging when Dorian draws back and ever so barely nicking the man. It might bruise. Sure doesn't look like it's bleeding. Still, he looks awfully proud of himself. "Harder. Come on."

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Dorian reaching down he slowly draws the thin blade of his rapier, Queen's Grace the gold leaves adorning the blade gleam in the light as he raises it up into a salute before he takes a solid fighting stance before Dismas. He let himself get goaded in his thrusts easily parried and then he gets a lucky hit in... Dorian backs off slightly checks his arm looks for blood and then sets himself into a more defensive stance. "You going to sit there and defend yourself all day or are you going to get into the fight?" Says the man with the almost cut on his arm...

Keso, a totally legit assistant, Peanut, an oversized mastiff arrive, following Aleksei.

Keso, a totally legit assistant, Peanut, an oversized mastiff leave, following Aleksei.

Dorian takes moderate damage.

Bayberry, an Oakhaven juvenile bloodhound arrives, following Norwood.

Dorian takes a bit more of a defensive technique for now circling Dismas with an occassional jab that seems to be easily parried by the other Champion and then Dismas gets another solid connect to Dorian despite a few solid parries of his own he steps back to take another look at a cut on his armor feeling for blood and then shaking his head again, "So close. I felt the metal on that one!"

"Damn fucking right I'mma defend myself," Dismas counters as he side-steps the next swipe, knocking the rapier aside as he observes, "That thing's sharp!" Not that he's felt its sting at all. Not that he means to. Someone's been practicing their footwork, pivoting with each of his competitor's strikes and moving quickly to counter. Despite his grin, there's something keen about his gaze as he watches Dorian moving, looking for an opening. And when he finds it, when he catches that brief moment when his fellow Champion's guard is down, that grin gives way to determination, and he strikes hard, swinging that long blade at Dorian's shoulder. And when he makes good? Yeah. Then the grin comes back. "Better?"

Tesha sits on the edge of her seat, elbows on her knees and her chin in her hands as she watches the two in the dueling ring. Much like she's watched her cousin Ansel many times. When they finally start in on the fight proper there's a smile from the woman as she observes quietly. Watching the hits exchanged and the stances taken.

Dismas takes minor damage.

Adalyn chuckles and shakes her head. "Bet I could have had both of them beaten to submission by now," she mumbles to herself, the bold statement said as a joke. She isn't so conceited to believe that'd be true.

Dorian frowns a bit as Dismas continues to dodge and parry and begins to attack a bit more wildly until the pointy end of his rapier slides between some plates on Dismas's armor. Not likely to have made it through the chain under but still he didn't get parried! "Huzzah! I do know which end of the sword goes at the opponent!"

Zebulon calls down to Adalyn near the front of the commoners section. "Save that fire for tomorrow, Adalyn. I don't want you getting too comfortable before I beat you."

Dismas might've been under the impression that he had this in the bag, what with all that dipping and dodging and actually landing hits. It might've drawn him from that defensive posture into a more aggressive stance. It might've left him open. It might be his pride that calls out, "Shit," when he feels that rapier poke through. "Bout damned time you figured it out," comes with a well-meaning grin and another shift to his bearing. And a look to the crowds as she calls out to Adalyn and Zebulon, "Soon. We'll get to you soon."

Dorian takes minor damage.

Norwood is a little late for this party but nbd. He'll just slide into the seats and edge his way around the people until he comes to Adalyn's side just in time to hear that mumble. The older man quirks a smile even as Zebulon calls back down. "I do hope you beat that confidence out of him." Norwood, just bein' a supportive father-type.

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"Ah, Zebulon. Don't get too cocky, lest you learn what the sting of being beaten by a girl feels like." That's said very loudly and with a laugh when Adalyn taunts him. She almost adds to it further but then Norwood steps up and she is distracted from doing so. "I hope to do so, Father. But I suppose we'll have to see who is the luckiest out of us two, hmm?" A far cry from what she just shouted to her tourney opponent.

Agatha glances over at the Laurents and snorts merrily. "I think having the confidence beaten out of you may disqualify someone from being part of the Champions," she says helpfully. "We can be some pretty self-assured such and suches!" Her big voice carries easily as she meanders, never quite settling on a seat. Too busy changing angles and watching the gents beating on each other. Or trying to

Dismas takes minor damage.

Dorian takes minor damage.

Dorian takes serious damage.

"You aren't wrong Princess," Norwood calls back to Agatha over the sound of the rest of the crowd. It's just then that Dorian takes serious damage and the older knight looks back at the fight again with a critical air about him. "Luck has only a little to do with it, the rest is skill, that of which I am more than confident you have Adalyn." #fatherpridego

While the crowd banters about who's going to fight who next in this tournament, the pair on the field dart and dash, swing and stab. One dodge is countered with a quip nick. A feint leaves an opening for a harder swing. The longer Dismas and Dorian are on the field, the more confident the former looks, steady in his stride even after he takes blow after blow to his armor. "I can do this all day," he assures. And, really, it does look like he could; he's not even breaking a sweat. But he can see the strain starting to catch up with Dorian, which means he only needs to wait, wait, wait... When he lands that winning blow, it has the potential to be grievous, striking hard and cutting deep. No doubt, this is first blood. Still, the victor's quiet a moment, watching Dorian, making sure the man's still got his wits about him before turning to the crowd and telling them, "First of many." Like he's gonna take it all. But then he adds, "Guild's got another fight right here tomorrow," and points his bloodied blade toward Adalyn then Zebulon. "Get your asses out here to support them too, yeah?"

Zebulon jumps to his feet, raising a fist in the air. "That's how you do it! Huzzah!" He claps loudly, hollering loudly for both of his Champion brothers. Uncaring of how he may look to those around him, he hops down to the edge of the stands, whistling and making all kinds of ruckus. "Good match, both of you!"

Tesha is overheard praising Dismas for: Well fought!

Bliss lifts her hands from her lap, clapping them together firmly and with a smile on her face, leaning in to mumble something to Elgana beside her.

Tesha is overheard praising Dorian for: Well fought!

Waldemai cheers for the fighters. "Well fought! Well done!"

Elgana leans away from Bliss with a grin as she adds her own applause to the mix. "Well fought!" she calls.

Adora is overheard praising Dismas for: Yay it's over.

"If'n you're here for the strip show?" Dismas arches one brow high as he angles a grin toward Bliss where she sits up in the stands. "We save that for the finals." With that, the victor, bows.

Adalyn claps when the round is concluded, her smile widening when Dorian calls attention to her pending fight with Zebulon. "Meh. No one needs to come out and watch the bloodshed. Might need to have a healer on standby though. Poor Zebulon's ego is going to need some salve after I'm done with it!" A wink's cast in Zebulon's direction. Enough of that for now, though. She gives the Princess a polite bow of her head. "Oh. Father," she intones under her breath. "I need to have something made for me."

Tesha gives a wince when everything is over. She always hated the final blows, but hey. That meant it was over. She stands and gives a round of applause for both Dismas and for Dorian. Then there's a laugh when Dismas mentions strip show, "Oh...oh no..." she shakes her head.

Bliss calls down, "I'll see you on my way there!" with utter confidence in her voice, patting the rapier on her side. "Looking forward to it!"

Adora stands up, "Welp. I'm out. Petal. Bliss. Zebulon. Sunflower. Cog. Babyface." She says to those nearby, starting to make her way out of the stands.

"Sawdust." Jordan replies to Adora since she's giving out nicknames, after all.

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Norwood claps politely until Adalyn's words catch him. A glance sideways has the older man arching an eyebrow upwards before intoning a deep, "Oh?" One never knows what will follow a question like that.

"See you around, Oh Nameless One." Zebulon tosses a wave to Adora as she starts to leave. He turns to walk over to Petal and gives a little bow. "You're looking a little more alive than last time I saw you, Petal."

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Adalyn nods only to then shrug a bit. "Well, less for me. It is more for Beaky Pom Pom." Pause. "The First." That last part is tacked on as it's just as important as the rest of Beaky's name, in Norwood's daughter's opinion. Adora's given a wave goodbye while she waits for the inevitable questioning from her father about Beaky Pom Pom, the First.

Dorian blinks as the fight is suddently over. Blood starting to drip from the deep cut on his sword arm he looks at it pooling on his hand before it starts to drip on his sword before he raises it up in salute towards Dismas, "The honor of first blood is yours. But hey looks like my blade got bloodied too... Course it's my own blood but still." He turns towards the crowd as he sheathes his rapier, "And that is how you do it folks. I seem to have forgotten which end of the sword goes into my opponent but I'm sure I'll get it all straightened out by the time round two comes along!" He looks back to Dismas, "I look forward to seeing you at the finals."

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