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MoC Darts and Drinking 5

The Murder of Crows invites you to partake in a
charity DARTS and DRINKING contest!
All proceeds (and donations) will go to keep the
Crow Soup Kitchen running!

DARTS - Luck? Skill? See who's the best dart thrower in Arx!
DRINKING - Think you can drink? Think you can drink A LOT?

Participation for each contest costs:
Nobles -------- 1000 silver knights
Commoners ---- 100 silver knights
**All proceeds go to charity!**

As a special event, the Murder of Crows will be taking steps
to accommodate the nobility. Ever wonder what the LEGENDARY
Murder of Crows (the oldest* building in Arx!) looked
like? Tonight is your chance!
*Third oldest


May 9, 2018, 9:12 p.m.

Hosted By

Mae Magpie


Felicia Kalani Mayir Khanne Theodoric Victus Waldemai Seymour Valarian Carita Reese Signe Cullen Islin Dorian Josephine



Arx - Lower Boroughs - Murder of Crows - Front Room

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

For what is perhaps the first time of many times, Victus is actually at the Murder right on time for some darts and drinking! A miracle if ever there was one. The High Lord and retinue stride on through, with the majority of his entourage breaking off to find their own seats to enjoy the revelry in peace. Victus in the meantime is rubbing his calloused hands together. "This time. /This/ time. /THIS TIME/. I will fuckin' win one of these goddamn challenges." He murmurs to himself as he approaches the bar.,

Waldemai has to put in a good word for Scourge. "He wasn't hurting anything, and he's welcome to chew my boots. If he can stand the stink of them, that is."

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Mae sets down her crate at the bar, then turns her grin to Victus. "Small turnout," she tells the man. "This might actually be hte time," she says, with a grin.

"This time your Grace?" The older woman inquires, the selfsame one who beat him at darts the last tournament. Josephine calmly smiles, bowing her upper body to the man and then to Mae.

Mayir comes out of The Back, hot-ish on the heels of Mae. "All right. Darts! Going to win tonight! Definitely not drinking, though. That's gross how that all turns out." He makes his way over to the bar and pulls himself up onto it, exercising his Grayhope Prerogative.

A small group of men and women trundle in from the soup kitchen door of the Murder of Crows, they appear to share a common wardrobe of patchy brown leather and dusty black shoes, the smallest among them wears a black kneelength leather coat, some of them appear to be carrying bowls of soup while the one in the dark coat is carrying a worn small brown mug. The group disperses into the background all except for Theodoric who makes his short but confident strides towards the bar, finding a perch and settling into it in a well practiced fashion.

Felicia is almost, unforgivably, in her mind at least, late. The redheaded knight prowling into the Murder in her off-duty leathers with a grin of delight.

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Tempest, Atila arrive, following Signe.

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Striding into the Murder with an insolent smirk upon his lips, Valarian takes a seat at the bar with a long yawn. "I bet you'd put someone's eye out," he murmurs to Felicia with a snicker.

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Islin's guards rise from the table having finished their food, and with the dinner break over its time to go back to doing what good guards do best. Guarding. Islin meanwhile is still people watching and while the lord in his dark leathers doesn't look too fancy, he does look social and friendly enough. He overhears a comment about eyes being put out and chuckles. "I hope its not me that loses an eye. A ships Captain with an eyepatch seems horribly cliche for some reason." He smirks good naturedly in Valarian's direction

Felicia snorts at her brother as she settles in her own stool, offering a nod and brief grin for familiar faces,"I compete regularly... haven't managed to hit anything but the target, yet... but if you make sure to sit close to it... maybe that will change." she offers Valarian's way with a sly look.

Waldemai holds up two fingers. "Ale, please...No, pitchers."

Drysi, a young shaman apprentice, Serenity arrive, following Khanne.

"Less competition is good for me. Don't disparage an inevitable victory at all." Victus muses back to Mae, a gleaming grin on his face for the festivities as he hands over his sack of coins. Josephine also gets a squinting look, the familiarity taking a little while to rev up onto his features. "Ah, the old lady who beat me the first time in the dart throwin' game. I'll warn ya', I'm ten times as sober now as I was then. Ain't lookin' good for ya'."

"Hey! Carita!" Mayir lights up when he sees his former patron enter the Murder, waving a hand to her. He takes a swig of his whiskey, downing it, and then pours himself another. His own little personal drinking game. "How are you doing? Darkwater rebuilding okay?"

Mae arranges some things on the bar, then walks over toward the dart boards. "Good evening everyone!" she says. She's loud, despite her size. Or maybe because of it. "This is very special night... This is officially our one year anniversary of our darts and drinking contest!" she calls. "A year ago, I started doing this to raise money for the Crow Soup Kitchen. A year ago, High Lord Victus was here sucking down rum with a real squid in every bottle," Mae says, with a big grin and an affection look sent toward Victus. "The Crow Soup Kitchen is flourishing. We have secured not only another years worth of funding, but I'll soon be opening a /second/ soup kitchen. So thank you all!" Mae calls out. "Now, darts come first! If you want to throw, talk to me! One thousand silver for nobles, one hundred for commoners!"

Waldemai hands over the entry fee, since he's not drunk enough to be dangerous yet. "Here ya go...and here's to a better year next year!"

What's pale and acidic and dressed all in violet silks? It's Carita Darkwater. She enters the aptly named Murder, looks around, internally winces with a memory or three ... million ... and she promptly walks toward the bar. She doesn't stop! Not until she's in a seat before she turns, looking surprised, and offers a small smile toward her former protege, Mayir. "Well. The rebuilding continues. Hopefully, you are doing good, Master Grayhope...?"

"Oh! And our prize for darts is /two/ rubicund ingots!" Mae adds, quickly. "Donated by Baron de Lire!"

"I suppose that we shall see. Would you care to wager?" There is a glass of wine in her hand and Josephine looks over her shoulder as Carita enters. "Lady Darkwater. A pleasure." She calls out politely.

Felicia gives an approving whistle, looking over at Valarian again with a wry snort before she rises to pass Mae some silver,"For me, and the other brother." she let's her know with a nod Valarian's way,"For darts, and drinking."

Signe's becoming a regular visitor to the Lower Boroughs and particularly for the the tradition of darts and drinks. Once inside, absent her animal companions, she's weaving through the gathered patrons towards familiar faces.

Rushes into the Murder and looks around. There is a look of concern for a moment before she goes over to Mae. "Am I too late for darts?"

... said Khanne.

Islin rises and approches Mae, handing off his entry fee with a charming grin. "I'm in for darts and maybe drinking as well." Inclining his head he steps back and moves over to stand near the dartboard in preparation.

"Oh, oh, hello there! Mistress Josephine," Carita instantly enthuses, waving toward her. With a look toward the bar, she gestures with a point of her finger that turns into a sweep of her hand. "I'll have a glass of that, please. Without spiders or snakes or dead man's thumbs floating in it..."

Mae takes money as it comes to her, and flashes smiles. "Thank you... thank you!" she says. "Another brother?!" Mae exclaims, at Felicia, with a laugh. Then a nod to Islin.

"Oh, I'm great!" says Mayir with a bright grin to Carita as he nurses his second shot. "I've got some leadershipping to do in the family, I've got a new ship to replace the ones the pirates took. All kinds of good things." He swirls his drink in his glass.

Felicia nods towards Valarian,"The middle one, this time. Valarian." she explains for Mae with a wink before heading back to her seat for the moment,"There." is offered to the man himself,"You're covered for darts, and the drinking competition."

"Yes, but I'm the better looking brother. Don't believe Arion's lies. Plus, I'm pretty sure he puts something unnatural in his hair to get it to look that way. It's probably flammable, I'm going to test that theory next I see him," Valarian blithely remarks to Mae with with a wide grin, then snickers at Felicia. "Why, thank you! I do appreciate it. Time for a drink then."

Felicia snorts,"No, no, you misunderstand. The drinking /competition/ comes later. You want to get drunk before that starts, it's on your own silver." she advises.

Signe checks over her shoulder hearing Khanne's voice some how through the chatter, "You're right on time!" The young Nightgold had wandered over towards Mae in order to pay for her entry to play. She's also giving a wave of greeting to Felicia and her sibling, Valarian.

Waldemai warms up his dart-throwing wrist with some 12 oz curls.

Seymour slips into the gathering at the Murder with a careful step and a friendly smile, making his way over to a spot to watch from. He certainly doesn't look to be a competitor.

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Khanne is shoving coin at Mae, in the handing it gently to her kind of way. She smiles at Signe and says, "good. I never win, but... I was so sad the one time I couldn't make it."

1 Grayson Guardsmen, Peaches, a lovely white war filly with a peach saddle, Deliverance, an albino falcon, Stormy, a silvery gray hunting hound, Rascal, a hyper terrier, Rosalie, a lady in waiting arrive, following Reese.

"Alright!" Mae calls out, and then goes over to write names up on the chalk board. "We have uneven numbers, so first round... Victus gets a bye!" she declares. "Then we have... Khanne and Mayir! Josephine and Valarian! Signe and Felicia! Islin and Waldemai! Khanne and Mayir, c'mon up! Show 'em how it's done!"

"Oh, that is such a relief. Having leadership ... ping to do and actual ships to leader ..." Carita murmurs, lifting her glass in a toast toward Mayir. "Good luck."

Felicia offers a salute for Signe with a grin,"My lady, if you see your uncle Brogan, let him know he's missed... even if it wont make me take mercy on you in darts." she offers towards the Nightgold with a brief wink. Ordering a rare cider, for her, to nurse, rather than her usual whiskey.

Reese looks over to Mae. "Oh, if its not too late, can I join Mae?" She asks a bit sheepishly, realizing she is a little late.

Victus is struck by the unfortunate state of not knowing who to root for. Both equally good opponents, he's clearly gritting his teeth in thought a moment. "Ohhh... Shit." After awhile he simply... gives up. "Have a fair competition, or something!" He'd holler as he calls for another drink.

Khanne smiles as she steps up to take her turn at the darts, nodding to Mayir with a gentle smile as she carefully chooses her projectile weapons. "Good luck to you, but not too much, I would rather win."

Theodoric's face is buried in his mug, only the woolly parts of his beard sticking out creating a furry darkness around the worn ale delivery vehicle, wiping away the remnants of his drink, "Good fortune to all!" he calls out as the line up begins.

Who is she against? Josephine shifts in her seat, that older woman with the somber Lycene cothing, on the search for Valerius.

Mayir hops to his feet and pads over to the dart board, gesturing to Khanne to go ahead. "Ladies first," he says cheerily, rubbing his hands together and waiting for her to throw.

"Not too late," Mae says, to Reese, with a smile. "VICTUS!" she calls, loudly. "You no longer have a bye. You and Reese. Soooorrrrry!" she sing-songs.

Khanne checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 4 lower.

Khanne checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 18 higher.

Khanne checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 9 higher.

Waldemai laughs. "You against the Princess? Good luck!"

Mayir checked dexterity + legerdemain at difficulty 15, rolling 48 higher.

Mayir checked dexterity + legerdemain at difficulty 15, rolling 28 higher.

Mayir checked dexterity + legerdemain at difficulty 15, rolling 22 higher.

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Victus mutters an "Ahhh shit..." under his breath. Suddenly, quite a bit of competition!

Khanne takes her throws; the first one thunking against the wood to the side of the board, not even sticking in. "That one was for Percephon, clearly, cuz he couldn't make it..." She grins and takes her other two shots, none doing all that great, but at least making it to the board. But then.... Mayir. Khanne blinks as she watches, jaw dropping open a bit. "I forget why I like playing this..." She laughs and nods towards Mayir. "Good show!" Then, off she goes in search of a drink.

The wild haired Nightgold laughed on her way towards the bar, and if allowed, a friendly hand would touch Felicia's arm. "I wouldn't expect nothing less from you, in fact I would be cross should you be far from gentle." Signe smiled, "And I will. I suspect he's been busy with other duties." Then the contest in underway and she appears thrilled at the efforts. "We should be able to score points if it hits something beside the dart board."

Everyone knows that Grayhopes have magic fingers. And Mayir is no exception. One, two, three tightly grouped tosses at the board and Mayir is declaring victory, bowing his head to his best friend's patron. "Always a pleasure, Lady Khanne! Good to see you!" He then spots someone he needs to talk to. "Hey! Seyour Oak, right? You got a second?" He gestures over to the darkened booth.

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"Winner, Mayir!" Mae says, with a grin on her lips. "Sorry, Khanne. But glad you brought Precephon with, in spirit," she says. Then she gestures. "Next, Josephine and Valarian!"

Josephine checked luck + legerdemain at difficulty 15, rolling 38 higher.

Josephine checked luck + legerdemain at difficulty 15, rolling 62 higher.

Josephine checked luck + legerdemain at difficulty 15, rolling 49 higher.

Reese seems to be just getting her bearings as she steps further inside moving with her cat-like grace. She watches the darts flying, all curious and thoughtful. She waves to Signe and then smiles to Khanne. She then grins to Victus. "Us against ech other again. Its like a pattern."

Valarian checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 13 higher.

Valarian checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 5 higher.

Valarian checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 9 higher.

Felicia's not the sort to get all twitchy about being touched in such a fashion, grinning broadly at Signe even as she whistles,"Gods, stiff competition this time, for sure." she shakes her head,"And only if it includes hitting brothers.. /then/.. definitely. Though I think he just got massacred out there already."

Tossing the darts, Valerian looks over at Josephine with a low whistle as her darts hit with precision, his much less so. Cutting a glance at Felicia, "Hey now. No throwing darts at me. Not yet, anyways. I've not done anything to warrant it." Smiling at Signe briefly, he shakes his head and groans. "Yeah, not the best showing, definitely."

Khanne chooses a table to sit at and watch the rest of the competitors. She lifts her drink with a smile to Reese then nods to Mae. "I always do. Sort of good to realize I didn't stand a chance with how well Mayir threw though!" She pauses. "... in an odd way, but still, good."

It's Josephine's turn and with a dip of her head to Darrow, that graceful Lycene woman's making her way to the darts. Fingers tip tap across the availabel offerings before picking up a set. A soft hum under her breath, Josephine steps up to the set. Then one, two, three, off the darts fly. One barely missing the bullseye, another doing a double and then a third, well inside. Valarians whistle is grinned at and she bows her head to him and a sorrowful look at his throws. "You'll get better with time."

Islin watches as the darts begin being thrown. He stays out of the way and waits paitently for his turn observing the others with interest.

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"Winner, Josephine!" Mae declares, though that might not quite be necessary. "Next... Signe and Felicia!" Mae calls, and gives a wave. "C'mon, ladies!"

Seymour gives an agreeable smile to Mayir. "Master Grayhope, is it not? Or someone wearing his hat. Of course, happy to lend you my time." Taking his drink with him, Seymour steps away from the others at the bar.

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"Oh, so you didn't really do what you said you did, then?" Felicia enquires of Valarian with the arch of a brow and a wry smirk,"Maybe I wont have to gag you then." she grunts, rising from her stool even as she gestures for Signe to precede her.

The promise of entertainment, thrown pointy objects and the possibility of calamity, plus food and drink, brings Kalani out to see how it all turns out. Slipping into the bar with the next round of arrivals, Kalani threads her way through those already gathered to try to get a look at who's currently doing the throwing of the pointy objects.

"You haven't done anything yet Valarian." Signe cheerfuly quips before waving a hand in greeting to the recently arrived Reese. She does reply to Felicia while watching the competition, "See, he does it all on his own with or without your efforts Dame."

Reese watches Josephine throw her darts. "Wow, Mistress Josephine!" She says and turns to Felicia. "Very stiff." She adds, agreeing with that. She makes her way toward the bar, taking a seat there.

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It's all a lot to watch all at once. Carita manages, too-calm as she takes small sips of her wine while peopler-watching.

Dorian figures he should make the rounds and get seen again because if he's not on people's minds he's not getting picked up for duels. Pausing after he entered the Murder he glances around before he makes his way over to better watch the tournament.

Signe checked luck + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 9 lower.

Signe has rolled a critical success!
Signe checked luck + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 13 higher.

Signe checked luck + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 7 lower.

Felicia checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 25 higher.

Felicia checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 75 higher.

Felicia checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 15 higher.

"Yeah, and with throws like I just had, I won't be doing anything, either. But at least I didn't take out someone's eye, so there's that," Valarian replies to Signe cheerfully, putting some silver on the bar for a glass of rum. Taking a sip, he stares at Felicia. "I did. I imagine you'll hear about it soon enough. Pretty brave of me, I know." Smiling at Reese, he makes a sound at Felicia's skillful throws. "Probably cheated," the sellsword opines with a snort.

Reese seems super impressed with Felicia's throws. "Wow." She says, looking at the dart board for a moment. She then looks Valarian. "Oh, she didn't cheat, I am sure. The King's Own don't cheat, they are super super honorable." She says softly.

Felicia let's Signe set hers flying before she follows with her own, though afterwards there is at least some margin of apology in the wry smile she gives Signe's way before pointing at Valarian warningly,"Somehow I think that would be a hard sell, to say the very least." she bickers back at her brother with a curl of her lip.

"eep!" squeaks out Mae as she ducks. One of those darts just flew a little too wild for her tastes. She stands back up, and clears her throat. So dignified! "Ah... winner Felicia!" Mae calls, as she eyes the boards once more. "Next up... Islin and Waldemai!"

Islin checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 15 higher.

Islin checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 29 higher.

Islin checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 10 higher.

Waldemai slides off his stool, abandoning his precious ale. "My lord," he greets his opponent before taking up the feathered devices.

Waldemai checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 6 higher.

Waldemai checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 33 higher.

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Waldemai checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 20 higher.

If the goal was the intent to hit everything but the dart board Signe would win. One of her darts flew in a curve straight for the floor. Another actually hit the board across the wall. The last throw she had closed her eyes as if that would help, where ever it hit who knows. "Oh I got one!" Signe exclaimed aloud to Felicia when one of her darts actually hit the board. "Look! Well you did nice but I -actually- hit the board. Sorry Mae!"

Nimbly slipping through the line up around the bar and fetching a drink, paid for with a coin and a smile, Kalani tucks the drink close to her side as she starts easing her way through the crowd again. She's eyeing the crowd with interest, laughing a bit as one of those darts takes on a dangerous trajectory, not paying enough attention and practically smacks into Dorian in the crowd.

Islin smiles faintly to his ooponet and bows his head politely. "Best of luck to you." He offers as he readies his darts with a steady hand. He manages to hit the board all three times at least. Still he loses despite it being close. He grins at Waldemai. "Well done. You throw well."

Waldemai looks a little surprised. "Thanks, my lord. That was a tight one, wasn't it?" He slides back onto his stool for additional discussions with his ale.

Signe got one on the board and Josephine claps for the woman, genuinely delighted at that fact. "Congratulations!"

Throws come, and this time Mae actually needs to count. See her lips move as she adds? "Islin... fifty four. Waldemai... fifty nine! Winner, Waldemai!" Mae calls, excitedly. Then she sucks in a deep breath. "Next up-..." Dramatic pause! "Victus and Reese!"

Dorian blinks as he gets run into a bit and makes sure that the lady doesn't end up spilling her drink, "Careful there m'lady don't want to spill and waste that lovely drink." He looks at Kalani and hrms, "You look familiar though you patched me up didn't you?"

Victus checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 23 higher.

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Victus checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 33 higher.

Felicia grins at Signe,"You certainly did. For all that my brother's a reprobate in many fields, he's good when it comes to throwing things? Maybe he can help improve your skills." she suggests with a chuckle,"Are you going to be joining us for the drinking contest after?"

Reese checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 43 higher.

Reese checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 47 higher.

Reese checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 39 higher.

Careful to avoid sloshing the drink all over herself, or the floor, and most importantly not the person she bumps into, Kalani keeps a careful eye on the drink before she exhales a sigh of relief and looks up. A startled look forms on her face before recognition makes her smile and nod, "I believe so. You're the duelist," there's a brief pause then she lands on the name, "Dorian, yes?"

Reese steps to the board after Victus, the warrior princess stopping for a moment to give him another smile that touches her blue eyes. She does her throws and takes all this time to line them up, seeming like she takes darts all serious.

Signe performs an overly dramatic bow of her frame towards Josephine at the applause, bending over as much as her lack of athleticism would allow. "Thank you, thank you." She murmurs before resuming to stand upright, "Maybe he could. Would he be a moving target?" The Nightgold asked, her lips formed an inward smirk to Valarian then a nod answers Felicia. "Naturally. What's the poison?"

Victus steps up to the plate first, having forgone actually drinking much of anything. He's actually going for a fully sober throw-off. He does decent, no bullseyes this time around but he's not far off the mark. Though the menacing Princess of Pink is up after him, handily taking each score like a pro. "Son of a motherfuck, out in the first round again?" He grumbles. "Eh, good shit Reese." Well now that the accuracy challenge is over with, he can actually take that drink now! And he will. Generously.

"A reprobate. Really now? I don't think I'm a reprobate. The king didn't seem to think so, he seemed quite amenable to my requests," Valarian points out to Felicia with a sip of rum and a snicker, although then he's squinting at Signe. "No, none of that. I don't want to be filled with darts. Only one person gets to shoot or throw things at me, and she's not here."

Mae looks particularly excited, as she clutches her clip board to her chest, and waits, with breath that is abated. Victus throws, and Mae claps! Reese throws, and Mae claps again. "Wow! Good throws, your highnesses..." she says. Then she's eyeing the board. "Winner, Reese!" Mae then turns to start counting and writing and all. "Alright, with our highest score of... 149, Josephine will have a bye this round! That means we have... Mayir and Felicia, Waldemai and Reese!" Mae calls. "The highest score of /this/ round will get a bye. The lower score will take on Josephine. Then the winner of that round will... do the thing..." Mae just waves a hand, like it all must make sense.

"Oh, I know you are. Especially if you asked him with the idea of it being just you." Felicia snorts at Valarian, remarking to Signe,"They make something different each time. But, sounds like I'm up again. I'll be right back." she offers to Valarian and Signe both with a grin before she rises to her feet again to join Mayir on the line.

Mayir holds up a finger to Seymour at his table when his name is called. Time to go back and win! "Dame Felicia," says the Grayhope, doffing his cap in an elaborate and completely unnecessary bow. "Looking forward to it!" He gestures for her to go ahead.

No one to throw against, Josephine looks a littel disappointed, but remains on her chair and sipping at her wine and drumming those fingers against the bar top.

Felicia smiles and offers Mayir a jaunty, casual salute in response before dipping her head,"Very well." she agree's before taking the line first.

Waldemai gets matched up against the princess. "Never lost a silver betting on her," he says, cheerfully. "I'd bet on her now if anyone was crazy enough to take it."

Felicia checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 97 higher.

Felicia has rolled a critical success!
Felicia checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 70 higher.

Felicia checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 22 higher.

Mayir checked dexterity + legerdemain at difficulty 15, rolling 38 higher.

Mayir checked dexterity + legerdemain at difficulty 15, rolling 15 higher.

Mayir checked dexterity + legerdemain at difficulty 15, rolling 16 higher.

"Well..." Signe's shoulders shrugged a little. "Whatever you are Valarian just be proud of that." Then she's watching Felicia's turn at the darts. Her eyes widen.

"You did wonderful young man." Josephine offers to Valarian. "All your darts landed on the board. I just have more than a few years on you and very nimble fingers." She points out to him.

2 Harthall house guards have been dismissed.

"So you do! What do you do, Miss Josephine? That was rather incredible. And yes, I'm glad I didn't hit someone in the head at least, that would have been a bit of an embarrasment." Watching Felicia throw, Valarian murmurs to Josephine, "Pretty sure she's cheating somehow." At Signe's words, he chuckles a bit.

Sober Felicia is apparently a better dart thrower, for /some/ completely indefinable reason. Still, she finishes the last throw and just has to stare at the board for a long moment with a low whistle of her own,"Sorry?" she offers to Mayir only vagely apologetically before she turns back towards the bar again,"No, I just spend more time practicing than you do, slouch!" she insists at Valarian.

"Oh. Wearable art." She lifts a hand, to show off a ring. "I create jewelry. Velvet Box in silk row. I'm very good with my hands and depth perception. Mostly though, I'm fairly lucky. Master Valarian yes?" A glance as the darts are thrown and even Josephine looks very impressed. "Well done. Well done indeed. New record?

Mayir frowns a little bit when Felicia so handily wins the round -- particularly when he did pretty well himself -- but he shrugs and retakes his seat, doffing his cap again in respect. "Nicely won, Dame Felicia!" And then he is back to chat with Seymour.

"Wow!" exclaims Mae, as she watches Felicia's darts. Then comes Mayir, and she's clapping. "C'mon Mayir!" she says, cheerily. Of course, it'd be quite the feat to beat /that/ throw. And when Mayir doesn't, Mae gives a little pout, then grins. "Winner, Felicia! Waldemai and Reese are up next!" she declares. "Gooood luck Waldemai!"

Waldemai rolls his eyes. "Good luck indeed, for sure." He bobs his head to the princess. "Enjoy the next round, your highness."

Waldemai checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 9 higher.

Reese looks super super impressed as she watches Felicia's throws. Her blue eyes are wide and everything. She smiles upon hearing her name and then pads over to the board once more. She gives Waldemai an playful grin.

Waldemai checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 16 higher.

Waldemai checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 2 lower.

Reese checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 43 higher.

Reese checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 54 higher.

Reese has rolled a critical success!
Reese checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 115 higher.

Waldemai flings the last dart good naturedly over his shoulder when it's completely clear he's totally outclassed. "There you go. I'll give you a better run in the drinking contest, I hope."

Standing within the crowd, Kalani lets out a "Wow" at the demonstration of ability from one of the pairs. Deciding that her skill is best served as a spectator, she finds an unoccupied bit of wall to lean against and does so. A wall that is NOT near the targets.

Reese throws her darts and well one of them hits rather perfectly. Being the Grayson she is, Reese seems all pleased with herself. She then smiles over to Waldemai. "Oh, you might, you have before. I still have the unicorn from that night." She adds to him. She steps back to the bar, reaching for her ale.

"Woah-... uh. Okay! Winner... Reese," Mae says, blinking a few times. She counts, she writes down the score of 212, then she eyes the Champions and High Scores board. There's a low whistle, then Mae gives a laugh. "Okay... Next up... Felicia and Josephine! Winner takes on Reese for the championship!" Mae calls.

Checking out Josephine's jewelry with a grin, "Very nice! But being lucky is useful, certainly. And yes, that's me. Valarian is good, though...." Then he turns with his jaw open as those darts hit with ridiculous precision, eyes drifting to Kalani at that exclamation, nodding in agreement.

"This is why I stick to my strengths" Theodoric says, watching the event with some awe perched at the bar, which may be the very skill he is implying, good at sitting.

Signe's making a slow clap of her hands, still quite stunned of Felicia's skills. "That outstanding!" She tells the Dame on her return to the bar and then it's the other pair's turn. The Nightgold's jaw drops wide open. "Wooah... well don ePrincess Reese!"

Signe has joined the Crow Bar.

Josephine checked luck + legerdemain at difficulty 15, rolling 44 higher.

Josephine checked luck + legerdemain at difficulty 15, rolling 59 higher.

Josephine checked luck + legerdemain at difficulty 15, rolling 44 higher.

Felicia mumbles,"/Now/ I'm screwed." she advises Valarian and Signe with a grin, taking a sip from her ale before she elects to head back to the line,"But, well, a good run none-the-less." she squeezes Valarian's shoulder before she goes to join Josephine at the line.

Felicia checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 24 higher.

Felicia checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 26 higher.

Felicia checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 22 higher.

Reese peeks over to Signe, giving her a smile that touches her blue eyes. "Thank you." She says. Reese then goes to watch the next contest, seemingly all interested in such.

"And now it is my turn once more." Standings at the line with Felicia, she dips her head then once again, picks up the same darts she used before and after aiming, throws the three once again. All within the bullseye, one nearly a double. So close. She steps back as Felicia throws, clapping at the end result. "You did wonderfully. Really."

Felicia grins and bows at Josephine,"Yours were better." she affirms with a laugh,"Nicely done. Good luck against her highness, Princess Reese is a fiend at the dart board." she gives Reese a wink before returning to the bar to join the spectators.

Mae claps excitedly as the two throw. "Well done!" she declares. "Josephine has come out ahead... and now... For our final round..." And Mae takes a deep breath, then adds quickly, "I'd like point out Reese has the two top scores... now three... yet has not won... No pressure!... Our final round, Reese and Josephine!" Mae declares.

Mae claps excitedly as the two throw. "Well done!" she declares. "Josephine has come out ahead... and now... For our final round..." And Mae takes a deep breath, "For our final round... Reese and Josephine!"

Josephine checked luck + legerdemain at difficulty 15, rolling 68 higher.

Reese checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 47 higher.

Josephine checked luck + legerdemain at difficulty 15, rolling 23 higher.

Signe's clapping her hands, "Well done Miss Josephine!" She learns after an inquiring whisper to Valarian. "And you as well Dame, great effort."

Reese checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 61 higher.

Josephine checked luck + legerdemain at difficulty 15, rolling 45 higher.

Reese checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 38 higher.

Reese alternates her throws with Josephine, making it that much more dramatic and hard for Mae to score! It seems to be very very close, probably close enough where it is hard to tell right off who actually won, but in the end Reese edges out a head, but just a little ahead. "Oh, wow.." She says eyeing the board and looking not sure who won right yet.

Patting Felicia on the back, Valarian does look truly sorry. "You did an excellent job. I hope you vanquish in the drinking contest. I have to go take care of something, though..." Waving at Signe and Josephine, he heads out the door.

Customer versus owner. Princess versus commoner. Josephine offers that little bow to Reese. "Good luck Princess." And then it starts for one last time. Dart to fly and very well, A double, then a frown as she sends that second dart flying. Something bothering her. But then back on form for the last one and a bullseye for that. The steps back while the numbers are tallied. "Lovely throws." A wave to Valarian as he takes off.

Valarian has left the Crow Bar.

Mae's watching like a hawk. Counting... "And that's... Reese! For the win, by 10 points!" Mae declares. "Wow! Very close," she says, with a bright smile. "Congratulations on a great night, Josephine. Congratulations on a victory, Princess Reese!"

Reese peeks over to Josephine, giving her a smile. "You were really really amazing tonight. I didn't think I was going to win." She admits. Still when Mae announces her as the winner, she is all pink-cheeked and happy, giving Mae a warm smile. "Thank you, Mae."

Keeping track of the scores from where she's standing, Kalani continues to look impressed and amused at the same time. Once the contest is done she finishes her drink and sets the empty on a nearby table and applauds with the rest of the room.

Felicia whistles approvingly for both competitors, following it up with some applause, only to watch that scoundrel brother of hers slip off with a scoff,"Looks like it's just me and you, lady Signe." she grins at Signe,"Seeing as he's chickened out."

"Thank you for hosting this lovely affair. I find I look forward to it." Reese's compliment brings light colour to her cheeks. "You are alwways it seems, spectacular at darks. I shall have to practice more." And then she's back to the bar, back to drink another glass of wine.

"Now! Next up-..." Mae says, as she's moving over toward the bar, and grabbing up a bottle. She holds it like a baby, cradled and hidden from sight. "As I said, we do this for charity, and you all have been keeping the Crow's Soup Kitchen going. I'm very grateful," she says. "And while I cannot tell you what might happen at the next tournament... I can say that... Magpie Grayhope is going to take over running the Murder of Crows," she says. "I will still be running the Soup Kitchen, and... almost surely... running the darts and drinking tournament. But... well. I'm explaining this all because this season's drink is definitely... ah... Magpie's doing..." she says. Then she holds up the bottle. "I give you-..." And she cringes. "Princess Sidney's Summer-... Piss. Which is... lemony! And, uh-... re... freshing!"

Mae drops Princess Sidney's Summer Piss.

Victus says, "Aw fuck that."

Slipping into the bar with a tired look upon his face, Cullen glances about the bar and gives Signe and Felicia a quick dip of his head, then approaches Reese with a quirk of a grin. "So. Did you win....?" But, there's a bottle of summer piss. Blinking at first, he suddenly snorts into his hand before coughing. "Well then."

Felicia can't help but glance in the direction of Victus,"Can't be as bad as the mint thing." she pauses, and then for the sake of her own morbid curiousity calls out to Mae,"Please tell me it does not actually include piss?" there a nod of her head towards Cullen and a brief flash of a grin.

Signe raises onto her toes in order to sit on a stool at the bar. Valarian's departure warrants a quiet wave from the Nightgold. "He wouldn't have lasted in the drinking contest anyway, with the amount he's been consuming before it began." She smirks, then comes the name of the winner's drink. The young shaman erupts into a fit of laughter, "Does it come in winter flavor?!"

"Oh my." Oh dear. Josephine's looking at that bottle a little skeptically.

Reese looks over to the bottle of summer piss and her eyes widen even as her breath elevates. "Oh..gross..." She says looking at the bottle warily. She then turns her attention to Cullen, giving him a smile. "Oh, Lord Cullen hi." She says toward him, before adding. "I did win."

"I want to add that the herbs put into this-..." Mae's eyeing Mayir, as if the man can confirm. "Are commonly used in Northern drinks! Um... so. Some of you might like it?" she asks, with a decided question mark on the end of that. "There's no actual pee in it!" she adds, quickly. And yes, 'pee'. Because 'piss' is a bad word. "And it's /not sweet/, Victus! Khanne!" she says, calling the two nobles out. "Entry into the drinking contest is one thousand silver for nobles, one hundred for commoners! You get to take home one of your own bottles! And the winner-..." And Mae's quickly hustling over. "Will be taking home this /actually/ loverly wine case!" Mae says, and then she pulls the sheet off the case.

Mae drops gorgeous maple wine case.

"I'm all in favor of lemons," Kal adds her voice to those already lobbing questions towards the tournament emcee, "but that's going to be a terrible label to try to market," said with a laugh.

Mayir has left the Darkened Booth.

Waldemai rolls his eyes at the sight of the bottle. "Why can't a drinking contest ever involve whiskey? Not that I'm not willing to try it..."

"In for a copper..." Josephine murmurs, making her way from that wine, to the table in preperation for the drink to come.

"Seeing as my brother has wussed out, and I already paid for two commoners, if there's a commoner that hasn't paid yet and is brave enough to participate, you can use his fee." Felicia advises with a grin at Signe,"Come on, you drank the stuff with the scorpion in it. I know a rude name's not going to scare you off, Nightgold!"

Khanne looks up from her daydreaming. "What? Oh, drinking? Yeah, I'm in!" She rises from her seat and walks to Mae to hand her the coins. Her lips are downturned, her brow creased, but she hands the coin over, then leans in closer and murmurs to the woman.

"I am in no way surprised, Princess. It seems like you'd do quite well at it. I hope it's not the bottle of piss that you won..." Eyeing the bottle with a snicker, Cullen makes a gesture to it. "Oh, that's what people are drinking for the contest? Hrm." Glancing over to Reese, "Are you going to drink that? I think I'll give it a shot."

Reese looks over to the wine rack. "Oh, that is very nice." She says admiringly. She then nods in response to his words. "I'm going to drink it, so you should to, because misery loves company." She says, trying to encourage him.

Mae checked composure + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 12 higher.

"I -have- to try that." Signe's still giggling at the name while searching through one of the leather pouches hooked on her waistbelt, "Oh I will Dame. Though I didn't carry enough coin on me here. I am about two hundred short." She says while giggling her purse. Then when Lord Cullen is noticed she sits up a little straighter, "Well met Lord Cullen, glad you made it."

"It is a rather nice wine rack, true. And I am going to, because that's a good reason. And because I well may have drank worse in the past, believe me. Ever have fermented elk's milk? Don't. Just don't," Cullen advises Reese with a grin, then waves at Signe after handing over silver to Mae. "I'll cover you, Lady Signe."

Felicia dips into her own belt to correct the problem for Signe with a wink,"As I just heard someone say... misery loves company." she offers with a glint of her eyes.

Mae is happily collecting money, and handing out little shot glasses. Her assistant Cheryl, and the other Murder staffers, go around start filling them. When Khanne comes to deliver her money, and whisper to Mae, there's a brief moment where the small woman's expression looks like it's about to shatter. Just a moment! Then she's smiling again, and even kisses Khanne's cheek. "Good luck, sweets!" she says. "Alright, everyone ready?!"

"I'm in," Kalani decides, on the spot, laughing again as she moves forward, patting down her pockets until she finds the purse she tucked away earlier and hands over the entry fee and collect her shot glass. "At least it's a ... pretty color," she settles on and moves out of the way.

Reese makes a face. "No, never had fermented goat's milk!" She says toward him. She eyes the bottle once again and draws back her slender shoulders as if bracing.

Felicia checked stamina at difficulty 10, rolling 12 higher.

Josephine checked willpower at difficulty 10, rolling 9 higher.

Reese checked stamina at difficulty 10, rolling 20 higher.

Cullen checked stamina at difficulty 10, rolling 13 higher.

Waldemai checked willpower at difficulty 10, rolling 28 higher.

Kalani checked willpower at difficulty 10, rolling 5 higher.

Victus checked stamina at difficulty 10, rolling 6 higher.

Signe checked stamina at difficulty 10, rolling 4 higher.

Khanne has rolled a critical success!
Khanne checked willpower at difficulty 10, rolling 7 higher.

Waldemai shoots the shot back and smacks his lips. "Doesn't taste like piss at all...Lemon and some other stuff."

Reese reaches for a shot. She drinks it down, making a face. "Sooooo tart." She says and then adds. "Tarter than Grayson wines."

That bottle is goingg around, shots poured and near Waldemai, Josphine tosses back her glass of it, puckering her lips, left eyelid twitching. "I think the piss part refers to the colour good man." That left eyelid, still twitching.

Felicia can't help but sniff the drink before she downs it in a gulp, screwing one eye closed and squinting the other one at the bitterness of the concoction and coughing roughly before she shrugs,"Still not as bad as the mint stuff." she vows hoarsely.

Despite the oh so inviting look of the bottle, Victus is up to the challenge anyhow. He takes his shot and slams it down. "Oh fuck. Is that supposed to make my tongue feel like it's tryin' to paddle in acid?" He shakes his head side to side with a 'wbrlbrlbrlbrl'.

Taking a shotglass with the cloudy yellow beverage, Cullen eyes it suspiciously before downing it in a gulp, eyes squinting for a moment as the 'marcher decides, "I like it. Tart, yes. And the herbs in there, a good addition. Granted, the name could use some work, but..." Nodding at Reese, "Indeed."

Seymour finishes his drink, rising up to slip out. The full of the entertainment wasn't destined for his enjoyment tonight, alas.

Someone's apparently excited, Signe's feet starts swinging back and forth while she's on the bar stool as they did not touch the ground. When the Summer Yellow slightly cloudy herbal shots are delivered, Signe grabs hers, a murmured thanks to Cullen and Felicia while she raises it in the air towards them. "I will say we solemnly swear to be up to no good and pardon all apologies this evening." A toast raised before the glass is knocked back and her whole face puckers as though she sucked on a lemon. "Oh... yeah... smooth."

Kalani eyes the shotglass rather dubiously, after watching everyone else toss it back. Then closes her eyes, tips the glass and downs the contents with a wince. She makes a rather inarticulate sound, eyes watering, and wipes at her eyes with the back of her other hand, laughing.

Waldemai observes, "The color's not red enough for proper piss." And he likes his ale, so you got to figure he knows from piss.

Seymour has left the Darkened Booth.

Khanne takes up a shot glass full of the yellow liquid. She swirls it, smells it, then tosses it down. Her face scrunches up with a pucker, her lips pursing. She coughs, but did get it down. "It's... I expected a touch of sweet. Strong... but.. I kind of like it."

"I fear for your health sir, if it's red coming out..." Josephine does look a little worridly at Waldemai.

"Oh, good job everyone! See? Not so bad!" Mae declares. "See, the shamans even like it!" she says, with a laugh. Then she's moving around to pour out more drinks. "Waldemai please see a physician! Okay... ROUND TWO!" Mae calls.

Waldemai checked willpower at difficulty 15, rolling 7 higher.

Josephine has rolled a critical success!
Josephine checked willpower at difficulty 15, rolling 28 higher.

Cullen checked stamina at difficulty 15, rolling 2 lower.

Reese checked willpower at difficulty 15, rolling 8 higher.

Signe checked stamina at difficulty 15, rolling 0 higher.

Felicia checked stamina at difficulty 15, rolling 0 higher.

Victus checked stamina at difficulty 15, rolling 8 higher.

Kalani checked willpower at difficulty 15, rolling 0 higher.

Khanne checked willpower at difficulty 15, rolling 1 higher.

Reese takes another yet another drink and her lips pucker up! She seems to be hanging in there though despite the face expressions. "I really liked the sweet pink drink they had one time."

Waldemai throws back the second glass. "I thought you'd be more worried about how I knew it didn't taste like piss."

And then something goes wrong. Perhaps it was all the whiskey earlier, but that second shot doesn't go down well /at all/, and Cullen is suddenly coughing and looking queasy. "Gods. Alright. No, that went down like piss alright. Truth in advertising." Waving a hand, "No more, thank you though." Glancing at Reese, he chuckles weakly, "Now that doesn't surprise me."

"Pretty sure if it's red you need to go talk to a mercy." Felicia opines in Waldemai's direction, pointing at Josephine. She must have gotten an extra dose of herbs that time because from the contortions of her expression she wasn't sure she was going to keep it down for a second then,"I'm never up to any good when there's drinking involved." she assures, only to laugh hoarsely for Reese,"I still have a bottle of that miserable stuff... no-one will touch it."

Khanne takes another shotglass full of liquid. She drinks it down, the stinging of the acidic citrus stinging the back of her throat and nearly making her cough more, but she manages, barely, to keep her cool (and her drink down). She looks at Reese through sour-squinted eyes and says, "you would."

The second glass. There's les sof a pucker this time, though that eyelid still twitches. "I may have to... hide the label but serve this in the store." A second glance at teh bottle by the older woman then a shake of her head, her wits actually still about her. "No, perhaps not."

Exhaling a little laugh, Kalani lifts the shot glass and toasts the room in general as she tips the glass and downs the contents again. With a half smile she tips her head to the side and angles the glass to watch the light bounce off of the drops that cling to the inside. "Mm.. awful.. and pretty."

Another lemony, bitter, tart drink down the hatch. Victus squints and shudders, but he's still in it.

Signe's second glass goes down with very little struggle, but still some. After her lips tighten in an effort to keep it down the young shaman takes a deep breath in then out, a finger raised in the air to no one in particular. "I'm good. I'm still good but the floor is starting to look a little fuzzy." She looks to Cullen then Felicia, "Is the floor fuzzy to you?"

Reese peeks over to Khanne at her comment, giving her a nod in response. "Yeah, I still have it and drink it sometimes." She says while still looking a bit puckered-lipped. She then turns to Cullen, going him a grin as he speaks of more drinks. She nods to Felicia. "Just have me over sometime and I will." She offers.

"Poor, poor, princess," Mae says, as she steps behind Reese. She reaches out to give the blonde a one-armed hug, then kiss the top of her head. "Maybe we'll do sweet again some time," she says, with a grin. Then she's moving to pour out more shots. "Tastes like weird medicine, right?" she asks aloud, as she walks about. Mae even pours one for herself, and takes a swig. Then winces. "Oooh kay. Round three!" she calls. "Drink up!"

Josephine checked willpower at difficulty 20, rolling 1 higher.

Waldemai checked willpower at difficulty 20, rolling 1 lower.

Reese checked stamina at difficulty 20, rolling 4 higher.

Signe checked stamina at difficulty 20, rolling 9 lower.

Felicia checked stamina at difficulty 20, rolling 1 lower.

Khanne checked willpower at difficulty 20, rolling 2 lower.

Victus checked stamina at difficulty 20, rolling 0 higher.

Kalani checked willpower at difficulty 20, rolling 5 higher.

Waldemai can't handle this last one. "Not on top of all that ale," he groans.

"it's a nice counter to the wine." There's a flush to Josephine's cheeks, even as she's tipping back that third round after Mae drops it off. 'Thank you Mistress Grayhope." Still polite. But down it goes and the back of her palm to her mouth as if unsure whether she's still in or not. Her eye stopped twitching at least.

"For Children," Kalani declares with a rather owlish sort of blink as she tosses back the third round and squints at the shotglass with suspicion. "Is it? Mmm.. tastes bad enough. Yes. Good recipe."

"Not yet." Felicia advises Signe as she takes a look at the floor suspiciously,"Ask me after the next round." she grins briefly before accepting the next shot. It goes down, but ends with her coughing like a lung is going to make its way of ouf her throat and she hands limply over the bar trying to suck in a breath. Nah. There's a cut-off gesture from the knight, she's tapping out, only belatedly managing to tell Reese,"It's just a little way up the lane. I left it with my siblings, who have all refused to drink it, either."

Khanne takes another shot, but in trying not to cough at the bitter lemon flavor, this time... oh, this time, it goes up the back of her throat to her nose. Pressing her hands to her face she cries out, "oh fuck.. it burrrrns! My nose! Oh....Out! I am out!"

Reese leans into Mae's huge, seemingly all happy to get Mae hugs. "Sweet would be good." She adds trying to encourage that! "Maybe a rose drink, a pink rose one." She suggests. She then takes yet another shot and once again her lips pucker up and she makes a face. Despite her expressions, Reese seems to be in pretty good shape after the three strong shots and is looking only a little tipsy. She then peeks to Felicia, giving her a nod. Finally she giggles in Khanne's direction. "It does kind of burn."

" if I took another shot it would probably look like something alright." Commenting to Signe with his face a bit pale, Cullen takes a lean against the bar and eyes that yellow drink with wariness, then gives Kalani an open stare. "You're drinking that like juice. Gods." A look of sympathy at Khanne and a nod, "Yes. Yes it certainly can. It's kind of evil, frankly." Blinking at Reese as she down yet another, he shakes his head.

Signe's appearing all eager to keep going, not letting the sensations of sudden heaviness stop her. The moment the young shaman tries to stand on her feet to take the third one down her legs give out from under her, the contents of the Piss filled shot glass spills with some landing in her mouth and the rest everwhere else. Thankfully it's a short fall to the ground given her height. Clearly she's done

Mae moves through the bar, checking who is still in. Who hasn't finished their drink. "One... two... three... four! We have /four/ blessed souls that are willing to continue to torture themselves for some of my hus-... For a beautiful Magpie Grayhope original!" she declares. "So let's see who can go another round!" she says, as she pours out Kalani's shot. "Round four! Drink up!"

Reese checked willpower at difficulty 25, rolling 2 lower.

Josephine checked willpower at difficulty 25, rolling 10 lower.

Kalani checked willpower at difficulty 25, rolling 17 higher.

Victus checked stamina at difficulty 25, rolling 35 higher.

Signe checked composure at difficulty 20, rolling 3 higher.

that fourth round. Josephine almost has it. Almost. Down goes the drink and then... and then the older woman is making her way away from the table and swiftly out the door in a gauzy flurry of somber lycene silk. unlikely to be seen for the rest of the night.

Carefully holds one finger aloft as she eyes the drink, then Cullen and gives a sort of lopsided smile. "Not.. juice. Juice.. tastes better," Kalani paces her words slowly as she takes a nice solid grip on the edge of the table and leans slightly forward, steadying her balance as she does so. "Cheers," and tosses the next round back and carefully keeps her eyes open, no matter how much they water.

Reese takes yet another drink of the yellow piss even as her eyes water and cheeks get all pink. She sets the drink aside and isn't even nearly finished. "Oh..." She says, taking a shaking step back from the table and looking really grossed out. She is certainly tipsy and certainly done. She even seems unbalanced for a moment.

Victus barely scraps by in the third round of this bitter, lemony hell. With a clenched fist he soldiers on, and onto the next as well. He's huffing, he's a little bit red in the face, but he's not out yet. He has to suck in his breath through his teeth to hold his composure.

Josephine has left the Crow Bar.

"I'm told these herbs are good for sick stomachs," Mae says, as she looks around slowly, with doubt openly showing on her face. She moves to pour another round for Victus, and give him a pat on the back. Then it's over to Kalani. "Well, whoever you are... you are now going toe-to-toe with High Lord of Thrax," Mae says, as she leans down, closer to Kalani. "Hope you got the stomach for it!" she declares. Then she pours Kalani's drink, and stands back up. "Round five!"

Kalani checked willpower at difficulty 30, rolling 6 lower.

Victus checked stamina at difficulty 30, rolling 16 lower.

"I'm fine!" Signe announced from her near stumble onto the floor. Saved by the barstool which wobbles beneath her weight. She abandons the shot glass in hand to remain on the counter as the mirrored hand shoots out to stay her balance. "I am certain I should stop now." She tells those nearby without actually looking to anyone in particular, well the Dame then who was lurched over the bar. She some how starts to giggle while frowning at the same time, "Oh Dame down! The Dame is down! Dame it!"

Mae drops A cheap wooden box.

Mae drops a disconcertingly plain gift box bearing the Inquisition's insignia.

Reese gets Murder of Crows Throwing Dart from A cheap wooden box.

Signe gets Murder of Crows Throwing Dart from A cheap wooden box.

Signe gets Princess Sidney's Summer Piss from a disconcertingly plain gift box bearing the Inquisition's insignia.

Victus gets Murder of Crows Throwing Dart from A cheap wooden box.

Victus gets Princess Sidney's Summer Piss from a disconcertingly plain gift box bearing the Inquisition's insignia.

Reese gets Princess Sidney's Summer Piss from a disconcertingly plain gift box bearing the Inquisition's insignia.

Kalani gets Princess Sidney's Summer Piss from a disconcertingly plain gift box bearing the Inquisition's insignia.

Cullen gets Murder of Crows Throwing Dart from A cheap wooden box.

Cullen gets Princess Sidney's Summer Piss from a disconcertingly plain gift box bearing the Inquisition's insignia.

Khanne gets Murder of Crows Throwing Dart from A cheap wooden box.

Khanne gets Princess Sidney's Summer Piss from a disconcertingly plain gift box bearing the Inquisition's insignia.

Victus downs that shot with a shaky grasp, though he only gets about halfway down before the rest of it spills across his beard. He does manage to set the glass down without breaking it, though the rest of his chest is pressed into the bar soon enough. There's about two, three, maybe four copies of everything in the room all of a sudden. "Why don't my eyes work?" He asks no one. "Stop being fucky, stupid fucking eyes."

Felicia gets Princess Sidney's Summer Piss from a disconcertingly plain gift box bearing the Inquisition's insignia.

Felicia gets Murder of Crows Throwing Dart from A cheap wooden box.

Reese gets a bottle of booze and she gets a dart too. She looks over to Victus and seems all amused by his reaction, but then Reese is pretty unsteady herself.

Watching Signe's verbal antics while stumbling and falling against the bar, Cullen quirks up a grin and nods. "That is indeed what happened. But...drinking piss is bound to be problematic for a number of reasons," he chuckles, while looking at Felicia's own suffering and Khanne's flaming sinuses.

"'course they are," Kalani agrees with another of those owlish blinks. "In prop.." she hiccups and blinks again, " dozes.. doses. Amounts," this last word is said in helpful clarification. "Kalani," she sighs her name out with a smile at the woman who used to have a clipboard but now has a bottle of evil yellow lemon stuff. This said, she takes hold of the shotglass again, toasts the High Lord of Thrax with it, from where she's seated at the table, she's pretty sure she's still seated at least. She takes a shallow breath, exhales through her nose, and tips the glass back to finish the next round. Only to pause before actually doing so as the room takes an alarming tip against the pull of gravity.. and eases her glass down onto the surface of the table. Mostly. Mostly onto the surface. "That.. didn't work," she says in a very serious tone of voice as the shot glass wobbles on the surface but mercifully doesn't break when it's sort of dropped an inch above the table top and sloshes liquid everywhere.

Mae waits in anticipation. Who will hold down their shot?! Victus spills, and Mae scrunches her nose. Then her eyes shoot over to Kalani. She spots the woman about to keel over, and quickly reaches out to upright her again. "Woah... okay!" Mae says. "No one puked so... try again!" Mae declares, cheerily. She'll top off whatever spilled from Kalani's drink. Then Cheryl will refill Victus'. "Round five... again!"

Felicia coughs again,"Gods, at least it wasn't as bad as that mint stuff. I still can't touch mint. No matter how fresh my mouth was the next day... it was totally not worth it." she opines with a grimace, scrubbing at her face ruefully,"Maybe it... small doses... this would be tolerable. Maybe with some honey for sweetness."

Victus checked stamina at difficulty 30, rolling 10 lower.

Kalani checked willpower at difficulty 30, rolling 1 lower.

Taking a seat at the table with Khanne, Cullen gives her a formal dip of the head. "Lady Khanne. If you don't mind, there's something I wanted to ask you about..."

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This time around, Victus does manage to get at least most of it in his mouth. He misses once or twice though on the initial approach, but the third one is the charm. It looks for a moment he might swallow the glass too, but survival instinct burns stronger than hilarity unfortunately. He sets it down about five inches too far from the bar and casually drops it on the floor. For a moment he appeared rock-steady. It was only the moment though as soon the large man is beginning to fall backwards. One hand latches deep onto the edge of the bar and while his stool clatters beneath him, he remains standing, bent at a 90 degree angle. "Am I winning?"

"Mmmmm," Kalani makes the sound in a sort of off key hum and smiles at Mae then leans forward and pokes at the glass with one fingertip, making the contents of the shot glass wobble just a little. "Pretty," she declares with a sigh and tries to prop her elbow against the table. Misses. Carefully adjusts her aim and rests her chin in the palm of her hand, mostly. The glass is nudged again with a fingertip, "nope," and she squints across the table. Then closes one eye, because that's ever so much better. "Mmhmmm," she answers with a solemn, one eye open, nod. "It's pretty," see, very important words she is making.

Signe's relying heavily on the barstool to keep herself upright. "Then that would take away the challenge of consuming the bottle." Just as she was about to respond to Cullen, her attention turns towards those still in the race for the wine rack. Signe then raises a fist in the air, cheering the pair on who were very good at this.

Felicia carefully, gingerly, sidles a little up the bar to talk to Reese quietly, perfectly aware of the fact that while not fuzzy, the floor seems to be even more uneven than usual.

Mae continues to watch like a hawk! Who will it be?! ... And then she just sighs. "Oookay! Our two final contestants are too drunk to get the shots to their mouths! So-..." Mae considers a moment, then pats her pockets. She tugs out a silver coin. "We will let the coin decide our winner!" Mae declares. "Victus! His Royal Brattiness Alaric's face? Or the Shield of the Compact?" she asks, showing off both sides of the coin.

Victus tilts his head waaay back, looking at the upside-down Mae hanging from the floor-ceiling. "Gimme the King."

Exhaling a sort of giggle, "King it," Kalani agrees with a wobble of a nod.

"The king! Okay... Victus is Alaric's pretty face, Kalani is the shield. Someone please go prop Victus up!" Mae calls out. Then she flicks the coin in the air...!

Mae has rolled 1 2-sided dice: 2

...And the coin lands. Mae slaps it onto the back of her hand. "Shield! Our winner of the wine case is Kalani whoeversheis!"

Signe is overheard praising Kalani for: Piss drinking champion!

"That's not my name..." Victus complains, trying to lift himself up. His grip slips and he clatters to the floor beside his overturned stool. He's probably not getting up for awhile either.

Victus is overheard praising Kalani for: *hurk*

Reese listens to Felicia's whispered words and then murmurs softly in response. She still looks to be rather tipsy. She gives Cullen a gentle smile. "Oh, Lord Cullen, I need to head back." She says toward him. She then peeks over to Mae, giving her a smile as well. "Thank you, Mae." Finally her attention is drawn to Kalani. "Congrats!"

Reese is overheard praising Kalani for: Yeah, drinking contest winner

Kalani picks up gorgeous maple wine case.

Reese is overheard praising Mae for: Great hostest at the murder as always - but kind of a brat who gives piss and vinegar!

Signe is overheard praising Kalani for: She can really take the piss!

"Alright, Princess. Let's get you home without a tumble into a ditch or the like...I couldn't drink that much of the vileness," Cullen murmurs to Reese with a grin, then waves at Khanne. "I will send a message. Thank you for being at the ceremony."

Signe is overheard praising Mae for: Deserves praise for an event folks may not remember much of in the morning

Leaning forward as Victus clatters to the floor, "Oops," she declares in a vague sort of voice and sighs as she props her chin in her hand again. Kalani doesn't seem to be doing a fantastic job of keeping her eyes open though and keeps making this off-key hum of sound while blinking slowly.

Victus is overheard praising Mae for: yeaaaaahhhh

Waldemai staggers off in the general direction of the other side of town.

"Thank you all for coming out tonight!" Mae calls out. "You are more than welcome to stay and keep drinking and eat all this food! Enjoy it!" she says. Then Mae snags a bottle of wine and meanders on over to Kalani, dropping down into the seat next to her. "Yoooou doing okay, lady?"

Reese peeks over to Cullen, giving him a smile that touches her blue eyes. "Okay, Lord Cullen, thank you." She says to him. She then takes off from the bar along with him.

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