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Memorial Dedication

A statue commemorating the King's Own who have fallen in service over the centuries shall be unveiled in Guardian Square, with a public dedication presided over by the King and Lord Commander of the King's Own, followed by some games and other entertainments for the public.


May 8, 2018, 8 p.m.

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Oswyn Kaine Cassandra Leona Sabella Corban Waldemai Orazio Eleanor Alaric Rinel Lydia Violet Niklas Roxana Thena



Arx - Ward of the Crown - Guardian Square

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Comments and Log

Guardian Square, in front of the Crownguard tower. A hulking, vaguely human-shaped lump covered by cloth stands facing out into the square itself. Simple trestles have been set up with food and drink for the attendee's, and there's stations set up that suggest that after the speecifying part there's going to be some fun and games for the adventurous.

The place is lousy with guard. Not just the one's actively on duty, but the one's that have chosen to come and witness the unveiling of the memorial. Felicia, for her part, is directing traffic to try and keep things running smoothly, leaving Alaric with the prominent place for the speecifying portion of the event.

2 King's Own Guardsmen arrives, following Eleanor.

Felicia drops Small Iron-banded Chest.

Ashes, a silver-coated house cat arrives, following Kaine.

Sabella gets Eternal Vigilance Memorial Dedication Token from Small Iron-banded Chest.

Corban gets Eternal Vigilance Memorial Dedication Token from Small Iron-banded Chest.

2 Faith of the Pantheon trained guards, 2 Faith of the Pantheon novice guards arrive, following Orazio.

1 Templar Initiates arrives, following Cassandra.

Corban is a guard. And is lousy. And is here. Among the ranks of the Hundred -- minus those that are necessarily with the Queen and her twins and the other fixed posts that the Crownguard must hold at all times -- stands the newest of the Silver Swords, resplendent in his rubicund armor. He stands, coincidentally, near his First Captain, smiling to her as he waits for the memorial to begin. "We ought to speak soon, you and I, First Captain. But it is no rush, I promise."

Waldemai waits patiently, quietly, and respectfully for the memorial to start.

Lydia gets Eternal Vigilance Memorial Dedication Token from Small Iron-banded Chest.

Sabella comes sweeping down the street, cerulean skirts twirling around her ankles as she spins every couple of light steps. Elizabetta says something that must be slightly chastising, which causes Sabella to stop twirling, but she laughs, "I know, I know, I'm just so happy! I'll stop soon, I promise. Probably in a couple of months. By month thirty-seven I promise I will be much more reserved about things. And it may be a memorial, but loving my life as it currently is is possibly the best memorial I can give! Clark!" She says suddenly to her guard, reaching over to take his arm, which makes him look very nervous, "If that is your real name. You can relax a bit, I'm pretty sure nothing is going to happen here, there's like a million guards!"

More time for the king. Felicia's not about to rush his Majesty, but does elect to stand up and call out to those gathering,"Good afternoon one and all! Welcome to Crownguard Tower! His Majesty will be here shortly to dedicate the memorial itself, but please... feel free to grab something to eat and drink... there's commemorative tokens in this chest here, and after the dedication is complete, we'll be conducting some games for the adventurous and quick-witted. Thank you all for coming out!"

Orazio is totally not late! He's always been here, with a small Templar guard, standing off in an appropriate place in his formal robes. Yes. The Templars are all at stances of respect for the Silver Swords and the King of the Compact.

Kaine takes a curious look around as he steps onto Guardian Square, moving toward the gathering close to the tower. He looks up to hear Felicia's announcement, and nods once to himself, before wandering over to the chest to snag a token for himself.

Kaine gets Eternal Vigilance Memorial Dedication Token from Small Iron-banded Chest.

Orazio gets Eternal Vigilance Memorial Dedication Token from Small Iron-banded Chest.

Lydia is not late. The King isn't even here yet; thus demonstrated.

"Master Algair!" Sabella pauses after getting a token to smile at Kaine as he does the same, "How are you? I can't feel badly that we barely run into each other anymore because I assume that means your business is booming! Are things going well?"

Alaric emerges out of the Crownguard Tower and strides up to the covered statue to take his place, smiling regally and pausing several moments to let the gathered crowds settle in for the dedication.

The King, of course, has his typical retinue of Silver Swords to guard him. But no member of the Hundred can /quite/ help themselves from keeping a careful eye on him when he's around. And so, First Captain Eleanor is half watching Alaric from the front of the gathered Hundred as she nods to Corban. "Yes, I agree. There's always something, isn't there?" she asks, turning to give him a bright smile. "I don't think the Lord Commander is here, do you think I ought to say something? " she muses, thoughtfully. "Felicia and His Majesty can probably handle it, yes?"

Even wearing a robe of aeterna lined with seasilk, Cassandra manages to look militant. The Archlector of Gloria, newly returned to the city, strides into the Square with all the purpose of not being late, nor stampeding anyone in the process.

Kaine swirls around and spots Sabella, flashing a smile back at her. "Ah, your Highness! It's quite alright, really, we all lead busy lives in these times." He smooths back his mop of hair with one hand as if it would fix its waviness and naturally just-got-out-of-bed look. It doesn't. "My business is going very well though, thank you. I'm quite busy at the moment making a wedding gown, and after that I will start to produce my autumn line for everyone's perusal."

Thena? Little bit late, but moving quietly by grace of her black leather armor and years of lurking in streets. She slips into a spot next to Orazio with a nod, and another little incline of her head as Cassandra sweeps in.

Celeste, the realist messenger arrives, following Percephon.

"There is always something. I am sure she was detained perhaps over at the Palace or the Clock Tower." There is always something, Corban seems to agree. Even though he says it with all of the experience of two weeks or so in the King's Own. His smile remains to Eleanor, however. "I have learned so much in such a short time."

Felicia reserves a grateful smile for Alaric, shifting off to nudge a couple of the non-working Swords to draw the cloth off the memorial itself, ceding the place of honor to the king for the official portion of the ceremony.

A thousand years ago, the kingdoms of Arvum banded together to form a Compact to turn back the assault of a demonic horde that sought to extinguish the light of freedom forever. In the triumph of that most desperate time for our people the Crown was born, the symbol of our united strength. From Macdon the first Lord Commander onward, the Sovereign's Own Royal Guard has been the stalwart defender of our unity, and our eternal commitment to each other and the world that Arvum will continue to remain free and Faithful.

Our memorial today commemorates their pledge: While we stand, the Crown will not fall. The Compact has endured many trials since its founding, from the distant Elf War to the Silent and Pirate Wars we have just fought. Through it all, the King's Own has fought with the highest valor and shed their blood to uphold their honor and duty. The Hundred have always been the greatest of the knights of Arvum, exemplars of the highest aspirations of the title. Their sacrifice makes our standing here today possible, and this monument recognizes our gratitude to their ceaseless work.

While the Sovereign's Own Royal Guard stands, the Crown will not fall. While the Crown stands, the world will not fall. As free Arvians, we thank them now, and for all the days to come.

So declares Alaric, and with that he gestures to bid several King's Own to tug away the statue and reveal it to the world. With that, he joins in the applause for a time. "Thank you all for coming today. Before I turn the stage over to Dame Felicia, I would like us all to take a moment to recognize her as well. Her hard work and industry was central to raising the funds and commissioning this statue. Thank you, Dame Felicia."

Celeste, the realist messenger leaves, following Percephon.

Orazio turns to offer a smile to Thena. "Grandmaster, good to see you." And another as Cassandra enters - he offers an invitation with a gesture. "Blessed Cassandra, it has been too long." And then he goes silent to hear the King's words.

Alaric is overheard praising Felicia for: A statue befitting the glorious tradition of service of the King's Own.

Corban is overheard praising Felicia for: For organizing the memorial to the fallen Hundred.

Waldemai applauds the speech politely.

Kaine goes quiet and bows his head as he listens to Alaric's speech. Once it is complete and the statue is revealed, he looks up and gasps in awe at the view of Eternal Vigilance.

Orazio is overheard praising Felicia for: For spearheading the memorial to those who have fallen in the highest service.

Rinel arrives, following Niklas.

Sabella is also quiet for the speech and statue reveal. She applauds for Alaric and says to Kaine, "It's perfect! Well done!" She cheers.

Cassandra inclines her chin to Thena, displaying her scar prominently as she does. Her smile for Orazio is deep, respectful, but she remains silent until the King has spoken. As she applauds, she offers to Orazio, "Legate Orazio. I have missed you. How's the paperwork?"

Typically self-contained, Thena gazes up at the statue as the drape is whisked away and applauds, the noise slightly muffled by her leather gauntlets.

Felicia turns a couple of shades of red, probably making her somewhat obvious even if not known to some of those present, clearing her throat as she circles back to join Alaric, the,"Thank you your majesty." probably a little lost to distance,"The recent round with the Pirates made it... obvious to me, that much of my brothers and sisters are forgotten after their passing, the names of those who have fallen in service are etched into the statues back side, as reminder of who they were. And I thank you all for coming out to see it, and his Majesty in particular for dedicating it." she offers Alaric a respectful bow, perhaps anxious in the way she scans the gathered, clapping her hands together,"But! I know that a lot of you here came in hopes of some fun and games... and we have such! Later we'll be running a stamina competition, for those willing to take the challenge of what's part of our morning exercise; a run up and back down the tower in full plate. But this is not all that it takes to be a good member of the King's Own. In honor of some of these less martial skills... if you fancy yourself an investigator, please form a line over here! Parchment will be handed out to the interested parties, and prizes given for the one who can correctly determine the theoretical murderer in the scenario written."

Kaine bobs an agreeable nod to Sabella as he applauds the reveal. "It really is amazing! One day I'll learn to sculpt like that..." He shifts his attention to Felicia, smiling as he listens to her. Though he furrows his brow thoughtfully at the mention of games, he takes a look around in an attempt to determine the crowd's interest.

1 Grayson Guardsmen, Thalia, a beautiful lady-in-waiting arrive, following Roxana.

Orazio applauds with the unveiling. "Immense," he says, with a chuckle, to Cassandra. "Thank you for reminding me. Ah, but I suspect that there's a fairly large pile of it on your desk, as well." He looks at the games on offer - a raised eyebrow suggests that the aging priest is not going to try the test of stamina. But he does start to wander over towards the investigation area.

Cassandra accompanies Orazio, her stride an easy clip beside his. "That's why I stayed in the temple all afternoon," she tells him sardonically, approaching the investigation area, too. "I have a feeling," she glances sidelong at the Legate, "that you're going to resoundingly beat me in this challenge. But that won't stop me fromt trying." There's the ghost of a smile on her lips.

Waldemai passes on the game that involves reading. He leans back to watch the others play.

Orazio checked intellect + investigation at difficulty 20, rolling 18 higher.

Cassandra checked intellect + investigation at difficulty 20, rolling 10 higher.

Sabella checked intellect + investigation at difficulty 15, rolling 6 lower.

Rinel checked intellect + investigation at difficulty 20, rolling 23 higher.

Niklas checked intellect + investigation at difficulty 20, rolling 16 higher.

Alaric is evidently not a player of games, as after giving the speech and admiring the revealed statue he steps slightly off and to the side to have a look at the puzzle contest from a distance safe enough from getting called in to assist.

Kaine checked intellect + investigation at difficulty 20, rolling 8 higher.

The Grandmaster of the Knights of Solace is a woman who prefers to sucker other people into solving puzzles for her, and as such Thena melts away from the crowd a little with a wry smile.

"Best of luck, everyone," Alaric says encouragingly despite hitting enter a bit too early.

"Oh, I am the worst at games like that, but I'm going to try anyway," Sabella tells Kaine, then grins at him as she moves to stand in line, "A wedding dress? Is it mine?"

Niklas walks in along with Scholar Rinel. He's halfway into a story as they come into the service. "...Tikva says to me that she needs my hat size so they can get me a coronet. So I show it to Elara and I say 'why does she want to put a bird on my head?' and Elara says 'that's a cormorant' and I say, oh, okay, so why does she want to put a horn on my head? And she shrugs and says it must be a Grayson thing." Niklas looks around the grounds and says, "Ooh, games."

Eleanor, having taken a good long moment to admire the statue (she did not cry, it's dusty outside - look, dirty everywhere), turns back to the square. She flashes a smile at the games, but lifts her chin toward Alaric and wanders in his direction. "A very nice speech, Your Majesty," she tells him with a bright smile. "Do you avoid games so people don't feel compelled to let you win, or because you'd win anyway and make everyone feel bad?"

Kaine bobs a nod and moves closer to try the game too. To Sabella he says, "It's a dress for Lady Margret Greenmarch's marriage which I think is about a half a month away. Or I hope it is anyway, because it's going to take a lot of time to make! But it seems a lot of people I know are getting married."

Roxana is late! A little late at least. She thus is not quite sure what is going on, but that has never stopped her before. Even when it really should. She walks into the Sqaure and takes in the scene with curious golden-green eyes, looking over the assembled crowd and keeping her eyes out for the new statue. There's a curtsy for King Alaric when she notices him, paired with a warm smile. She notes Sabella next and approaches her. "Why are we standing in line?" she stage-whispers to the other Grayson.

Alaric has joined the a stone bench near the Crownguard tower.

Eleanor has joined the a stone bench near the Crownguard tower.

Alaric gives Roxana a little wave in return to her curtsy with a personable smile as he chats with the First Captain.

Sir Corban Telmar, too, seems touched by a bit of emotion when he gazes upon the memorial to those fallen in the service of the Crown. Newbies are always the most fervent in their devotion to the cause. "I do recall at the first gala where I was the gamesmaster, His Majesty just stood there and let himself get hit with the ball. I thought the Hundred assigned would all drop dead of a heart attack." He adds that bit to Alaric as he moves towards him and Eleanor.

Corban has joined the a stone bench near the Crownguard tower.

"We're solving a murder!" Sabella tells Roxana a little too cheerfully for someone at the scene of a crime. She spots Niklas then and bounces on her toes, "Niklas! Over here! Come solve this crime!" She shouts. She looks to Kaine then and laughs, "It is the season for it! I need to ask the King if I can borrow his hall for mine. Probably not tonight, but I'll catch him at an opportune time eventually. I'm excited for Lady Margret and Prince Alessandro's though. I won't even ask you to divulge dress details, I know how scared that secret is to a bride."

Lydia checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 8 lower.

Lydia checked intellect + investigation at difficulty 20, rolling 11 higher.

Rinel giggles at the Lord Kennex, before moving to the game with obvious delight. "Oh! A murder mystery! This is exciting." The papers start to fly as she moves quickly through the scenario, her eyes flicking across the page. "This is exciting!" she repeats brightly, to the annoyance of the other competitors.

Sabella's excitement causes Roxana's eyes to widen. "A murder! Who...and why are /we/ solving it. Aren't there...people qualified to do that sort of thing? Guards, or Inquisitors, or..." Its very distressing to imagine that solving murders rests on her and Sabella, even if there are others around who might actually be decent at that kind of thing. Also confusing is what Sabella says to Kaine. "It's the season for murder!? What are you talking about. And why would the King let you borrow his hall for...wait are you planning to kill, or to be killed? Is anyone listening to this?!" Someone really should be paying attention!

Rogue, a black falcon arrives, delivering a message to Orazio before departing.

"That sounds exciting," Kaine says to Sabella with a grin. "If I ever get married it probably would have to be in a small place. But I guess that's alright. - My friend Jonathan is getting married too, which is quite a surprise to me." His gaze shifts over to Roxana and blinks a couple of times. "The season for marriage, your Highness! Goodness, I should hope there isn't a murder season. I would have to become a shut-in."

Lydia doesn't struggle with the investigation game, but isn't among the first to finish the challenge either. Still, she's content she got to what she knows is the right answer in a reasonable time. She smiles, fidgeting with an urge to be helpful to those still working through the logic.

Orazio is looking through his papers with grave intensity. "Hm. This would be easier if we could interrogate some of these witnesses. I find staring at them long enough usually draws a confession." Really. He glances up at Sabella, and grins, briefly, before turning his attention back to the work. "At least we know it is not the butler. It's never the butler."

Pages of papers to go through, it's definitely intended not to be easy to be solve. With more than a few red herrings in terms of details included or persons introduced in the information provided. The guard standing nearby waits to accept papers as people come up with their answer and deliver it to him. While there's certainly a butler in there, in the end, however, the murderer turns out to have been the theoretical lord. An answer which Rinel comes up with, followed by Orazio and then Niklas.

Felicia's close enough to listen and grin as people come up with the answer, waiting until the last person has submitted before she calls out,"Scholar Rinel Tern takes first prize, for coming up with the correct answer first, with Legate Orazio and Lord Niklas taking second and third place, respectively! Congratulations, all of you!"

Felicia gets 1st Place Investigation Competition Trophy from a cloth bag with King's Own tokens.

Felicia gets 2nd Place Investigation Competition Trophy from a cloth bag with King's Own tokens.

Felicia gets 3rd Place Investigation Competition Trophy from a cloth bag with King's Own tokens.

"I think it's the butler," Sabella tells Roxana, showing her the papers and laughing. "It's just a game! Try your hand at it! Isn't it always the butler?" And then she's totally wrong. "Oh. Well, good thing other people do this for a living!"

Lydia applauds!

Niklas wanders over to Sabella and puts an arm around her waist, reaching down with his free hand to flip through the papers. "Huh." He taps at some of the pictures and then shakes his head. "I keep coming up with 'I killed everyone'! Shocking!" But he fills it out and passes it in and then, "Oh, no. Really? Ugh. Can we all agree not to tell anyone about this? I really don't want people thinking I'm smart."

"Ohhhhh" Roxy responds to Kaine. "That makes much more sense. Weddings. The season for weddings. Sabella is getting married, not planning to...well nevermind. Congratulations Sabella!" She then looks at the papers but without even reading them asks "Does the the deceased, have a lover? It's usually the jealous lover. I've heard." This comment directed at Sabella and Orazio both. The game is over, even, but that hardly matters.

Cassandra applauds the winners, leaning in to peer at Orazio's answers only after the contest has ended. "Ah, well, that does make far more sense than the tavern keeper."

Waldemai applauds as well. "Well done," he calls.

Kaine shakes his head as he eyes the papers. "I'm better at crafting a dress than a case. Although I suppose I could make a bookcase. But a bookcase wouldn't help me solve the crime." He sighs and sets the papers down, applauding the top three winners instead.

Orazio turns in his paperwork, his eyebrows rising as he's handed the trophy. "Ah, thank you." He glances over to Cassandra, and chuckles. "The Tavern keeper was my second choice. She seemed shady, and I'm quite sure she was smuggling something through the tavern. But in the end, the lord had the best opportunity, and clearly thought he'd get away with it. Although it /is/ usually the jealous lover, in the real world," he adds, with a quick smile for Roxy.

"I require a bribe for my silence." Roxana states to Niklas. She hands the papers, which she still has not read, back to Sabella. Roxy grins at Orazio. "Isn't it though? I should offer my services to the Inquisitors. Or the guards. Or both actually. As a consultant only. Being a princess with no lands to manage is really a full time job."

"I actually need a bookcase, but that can wait until your new line is out. Probably. How many books do you have, my darling genius future husband?" Sabella asks Niklas, leaning in to give him a kiss on the cheek. "I already tell everyone you're brilliant, so I'm afraid that cat is out of the bag and should never have been in there to begin with." She nods to Roxana at the job thing. Ain't it the truth! "Legate Orazio, I've heard several people singing a song about you today!"

"I'll have to take your word on it," Cassandra asides to Orazio, deadpan, and then Sabella's words have caught her attention. "Augh. No, please don't sing it. Don't start. I already can't get it from my head!"

Rinel blinks. "Oh. I won? I won!" She jumps a little bit, ecstatic. "I never win things!" The scholar's eyes get a bit teary. "Thank you, Dame Harrow."

Niklas looks over the trophy and smiles juuust a bit. Which is when the fact that his upper lip is swollen and teeth pink becomes hard to hide. "Huh. Tgis is a nice trophy. Much better than the dance trophy Elara got. I'll have to lord it over her." He glances toward all the holy people, then adds, "Humbly. And with respect and love in my heart?" When Sabella mentions Orazio he looks around and says, "Orazio? He answers your questions!"

Orazio looks from Cassandra to Sabella. His expression is a touch pained. "Oh dear. Yes, I imagine the /Lord/ Niklas' creation?" His emphasis on the title is a touch rueful. "It is very, very catchy."

"But not better than the trophy I got for that contest. Which I won." Sabella points out with a grin, then looks at the trophy and says, "Oh, no, actually that one is much nicer. Congratulations, Scholar Rinel! I should not be surprised a scholar is so clever, though. And yes, the one where--" and then Niklas says a line and she laughs, "That one. I won't sing it, but I fear you won't escape it long!" She replies to Cassandra with a bright smile.

Trophies! Small commemorations of their win are offered to Rinel, Orazio, and Niklas in turn before Felicia takes up the papers from the table with a grin for Rinel,"You won." she affirms for Rinel with a laugh, glancing in the direction of Alaric and the others before raising her voice again,"Before we get into the more physical competitions, there is another mental challenge for the interested. Although the King's Own are not, mercifully for the Compact, generally called upon to negotiate treaties, it is still a valuable skill to hone. These next set of papers represent a dispute between two different noble houses, each of which have taken dispute with actions of the other. The idea is to craft the best compromise between the two houses to prevent future problems between them. Who is interested in trying their hand at negotiation between House Black and House Silver?"

Lydia arches an eyebrow, and decides to give this, too, a shot.

"Those trophies were made by Masters Culler and Voss and are dire." Niklas tucks the trophy in his pack. Now that he got rid of Cassima's book he has room for other stuff. Hopefully the trophy will be good for smashing spiders. When Felicia announces the next contest Nik grimaces ruefully. "I went to the Ambassador Salon to teach Someone diplomacy for the Vellichorian Academy and ended up getting into a fist fight. I'm not sure I should try this contest."

Felicia gets 1st Place Diplomacy Competition Trophy from a cloth bag with King's Own tokens.

Felicia gets 2nd Place Diplomacy Competition Trophy from a cloth bag with King's Own tokens.

Felicia gets 3rd Place Diplomacy Competition Trophy from a cloth bag with King's Own tokens.

Sabella checked intellect + diplomacy at difficulty 20, rolling 15 higher.

Niklas has rolled a critical success!
Niklas checked intellect + diplomacy at difficulty 20, rolling 85 higher.

Felicia drops 1st Place Diplomacy Competition Trophy.

People are here and there and everywhere and among them Roxana notices Cassandra. Her eyes go somewhat wider when she takes in the woman's attire, clearly someone important in the faith. Clearly. "Greetings, my" Blessed someone, if only she knew who. "Your robe is quite beautiful. I'd look rather odd in it myself, but on you it is stunning."

Felicia drops 2nd Place Diplomacy Competition Trophy.

Kaine checked intellect + diplomacy at difficulty 20, rolling 5 higher.

Felicia drops 3rd Place Diplomacy Competition Trophy.

Lydia checked intellect + diplomacy at difficulty 20, rolling 13 higher.

Roxana checked intellect + diplomacy at difficulty 20, rolling 14 higher.

Orazio chuckles. "It's a harmless enough song, and people have said worse. And I do, indeed, answer a lot of questions. And pet the occasional puppy." He takes in Roxana's reaction, and clears his throat. "Ah, please, let me. For those who have not had the pleasure, this is Blessed Cassandra, Archlector of Gloria."

Felicia picks up 1st Place Diplomacy Competition Trophy.

Felicia picks up 2nd Place Diplomacy Competition Trophy.

Felicia picks up 3rd Place Diplomacy Competition Trophy.

"Is that what happened?" Sabella gives Niklas a look of concern, then nods to Felicia, "I'll do better with this one! If nothing else, I can talk!" She says as if everyone might not know that. "A pleasure to meet you," She tells Cassandra, "I'm Princess Sabella Grayson, cousin to the King and Roxana here and probably half the people in this city, honestly."

Kaine tries to puzzle out the papers describing the dispute between Houses Black and Silver. "Can't they just... agree to set things aside and try to have a good time? Hrm." He scratches his head. "Goodness. It's probably a good thing I'm not responsible for this kind of stuff for real."

Despite his reticence Niklas still grabs the papers and starts looking them over. Without looking up he says to Orazio, "Do you make budgets? That was kind of a guess. I just assume everyone in a leadership position eventually has to make a budget. It's the primary reason I let Ford out of the womb first. I told him that if he was Marquis he could eat all the ice cream he wanted and he was only too eager." He shakes his head, "Dummy." Then he scratches a few lines on the paper and hands them in. To Sabella he says, "Bastien and I had words. Loud ones."

Cassandra turns aside from this new contest-diplomat, she is not, to greet Roxana. She takes in her garb and hazards a guess, "Thank you, Princess, is it? I appreciate the compliment. Are you enjoying the ceremony? It certainly does great honor to the fallen." She inclines her chin to Orazio's introduction, and to those returning it. "My thanks, Legate, for that resounding referral."

Milton, an earnest scholar arrives, following Oswyn.

Narses, 6 King's Own Guardsmen arrive, following Leona.

"I have made a budget or two in my time," Orazio allows. "It's not my primary function, but when dispatching aid and charity, it does help to know where the money is going." He doesn't seem inclined to participate in this game but he does tuck his second place trophy in the crook of one arm. "And that was a wise stratagem, indeed."

Rinel has rolled a critical success!
Rinel checked intellect + diplomacy at difficulty 15, rolling 30 higher.

Oswyn gets Eternal Vigilance Memorial Dedication Token from Small Iron-banded Chest.

Sabella shakes her head at Kaine, "There's a whole history you have to consider from the two sides. Most of the time it's not just getting them to set things aside, but thinking that doing so is both of their ideas. That way there's no hard feelings on either side when you're done! It can be tricky, depending on who you're dealing with."

Oswyn checked intellect + investigation at difficulty 20, rolling 23 higher.

|"We can go slowly," Eleanor promises Alaric. Of course, what she considers slowly is perhaps not what a normal, sane person would consider slowly. Her expressive features turn into a frown. "Oh, no. I'll have to go see her." She taps a finger against her lips in thought. "I'm sure I could come up with something we need her for."

Oswyn checked intellect + diplomacy at difficulty 20, rolling 4 higher.

Kaine looks over at Sabella and hums. "Makes sense, I suppose. It's sort of like a trade, and trying to make a customer happy. Except it's two large groups of customers buying and selling from each other." Kaine lets out a quiet sigh. "Still too complex for me, alas. At least for now."

Felicia collects the papers this time, but rather than declare immediately, there's the call of,"Please, feel free to eat and enjoy for a few moments while we review these." for the gathered,"Some of the horses are being brought from the palace stables, as I speak... for those who are interested in participating in the jousting skills competition to start shortly."

Leona steps in well after the dedication, looking very much as though she is aggravated at someone but she smoothes it out as she looks over those assembled. First she takes a moment however, to look at the statue with a smile of approval on her face. "As Arx stands," she says quietly, "we will remember." And then the games are happening and people are eating, and there's jousting - and so she steps well to the side and starts scanning the crowd for interesting faces.

Niklas looks at the papers and shakes his head. "Knowing this stuff is one thing, but half of diplomacy is how you prevent it. If you go in there as a charmless idiot you're leaving with nothing." He scratches down a few more lines. "As Giovinazzo Pravus once said, diplomacy is the art of letting someone else have your own way."

how you present it, consarnit

Lydia seems to agree with Niklas, "A paper solution isn't diplomacy. We should have to convince a sailor water isn't wet. That's a challenge."

Oswyn joins those milling about with parchment. Someone hands him a parchment, and he immediately peers at it. "Interesting," he murmurs. Then he's pulling out a quill and some ink and adding his own notation to the papers. He passes it to his assistant Milton, who brings it on up to be judged. Oswyn spends some time squinting about, looking for familiar blurs.

Cassandra gives a shudder as Orazio mentions a budget. "Now, there's something I'm going to need to find a Scholar to do for the Templars," she says to the Legate, though she breaks away to look around as horses are announced. "Going to give it a try?" she asides to Orazio. Is that a joke? It might be.

"You are not doing that one," Sabella tells Niklas quickly when Felicia announces the joust, "I don't care how good you are at everything, that's too much!"

Rinel writes a few lines, giggling to herself. "Peace for our time!" she announces. "And this way the gardeners will keep them all on the straight and narrow." She pauses, then scribbles a bit more. "And oversight of the nobility when it comes to the poisons. No more blaming the butler."

Roxana gives Orazio a grateful smile. "Thank you. Greetings Blessed Cassandra. It is a pleasure. I am Roxana Grayson. Through marriage, though my husband passed some years ago. I was born in Southport actually. Eirene Malvici, the famed healer, is my big sister." Big sister, she always has to add that part, just so everyone understands that she is the young one.

Waldemai has a good time watching. Good horsies. Down boys.

Orazio gives Cassandra a small, playful bow. "It is always a pleasure to introduce one of the lights of the Church leadership to the peerage. And I'm sure you can find at least one Scholar who enjoys economics and book balancing." At the mention of the jousting competition, the Legate laughs aloud. "Ah, no. Not me, I think. These old bones break too easily."

Felicia takes the papers over to Alaric and the gathering of King's Own near the tower to debate the solutions proposed by the participants, waiting until a general concensus is reached before calling out,"In first place, we have Lord Niklas, Scholar Rinel takes second place this time, and her highness, Princess Sabella, rounds out the winners of our diplomacy competition!" she calls.

"A great pleasure to meet you Princess Roxana," Cassandra offers in return, breaking a smile at Orazio's self-deprecation, which she turns on the Grayson. "Will you be riding this evening? Someone had better show us how it's done! I'd like as not break my neck, with or without old bones."

Niklas offers Oswyn a wave when he sees his protege, then looks over at the mention of horses. "Where's Master Voss? I challenged him to a tilt at Marquessa Malesparo's gallery opening. We've got horses and lances handy, might as well." When Felicia brings him his first place trophy he all but beams. "Well now, look at me. You'd almost think I'm good for something. 'Diplomacy is the continuation of war by other means.' That's also Joe P. That guy's my hero. Ignoring all the people he killed."

Oswyn brightens, raising his hands and applauding for the winners. He asks a question of his assistant, who turns about and peers through the crowd before pointing in Niklas and Sabella's direction. Oswyn heads over that way. "Hullo, My Lord, Your Highness! Congratulations on winning the contest and on your engagement. More, um, congratulations on the engagement. Not that winning a contest isn't nice." He clears his throat gently. "Clearly a good day all around."

Rinel beams as she recieves yet another trophy. "This is wonderful! Congratulations, Lord Kennex! Congratulations, Your Highness. You're going to have the most diplomatic union yet."

"Though I am not nearly so ancient as Father Orazio, I am a delicate creature nontheless, and jousting could result in unsightly scratches. I too will watch." Roxana states, adding to Sabella. "I'm invited to the wedding, yes? As your very best friend in the entire world, it would be quite a slight not to receive an invitation." Very. Best. Friend.

Leona moves over to where Corban and Eleanor stand together. "Corban, go joust. Show us how it's done." It's not quite an order, but it's certainly a strong suggestion. "First Captain. Thank you for making it in my stead. I was a little concerned things would run late."

Orazio jerks a little. "Who said ancient? I did not use the word /ancient/," he protests, wide-eyed to Roxana. "I am aging, but not /ancient/."

"It's been a great day!" Sabella tells Oswyn brightly, holding up her trophy! "This is my first, but the second for Lord Niklas today! And thank you for the well wishes," She laughs and beams at Roxana, "Perhaps. It means we shall be very helpful in outside disputes, but I imagine should we ever fight that we will have a tough time trying to settle matters between ourselves as we try to outmaneuver one another. Not that we'll ever fight." Niklas gets an adoring look. Ever! "And of course, Roxana! You are on the very top of what is turning out to be a very long list. Why, wherever will we hold such a large celebration?" She asks overly loudly, looking directly at Alaric.

"I just told him the same thing," Eleanor tells Leona with a sunny smile. To Corban she adds, with playful good humor, "Now she practically ordered you so you might as well."

Corban glances at the King and First Captain when he is -- encouraged! -- to go participating in the joust! "Aye, aye, Lord Commander," says Sir Corban, jumping up to his feet and taking off for the horsie pen at a trot himself. He doesn't mention he just learned his gallop from his trot. He does have a job to do.

Corban checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 20, rolling 6 higher.

Corban checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 20, rolling 21 higher.

Corban checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 20, rolling 23 higher.

"We will never fight," says Niklas with a very certain nod. Then he hands off his trophies to Sabella and in a moment of complete madness cries, "Bring me a horse!"

Niklas checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 20, rolling 9 lower.

Niklas checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 20, rolling 6 lower.

Niklas checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 20, rolling 6 lower.

Niklas falls off of his horse repeatedly. "That was a bad idea!"

Alaric has left the a stone bench near the Crownguard tower.

Orazio raises a hand to cover his mouth. And coughs, as Niklas falls off repeatedly. It's just a cough, really. The Legate would never laugh at another's misfortune. Surely.

Alaric strides out to get on the horse. The lure of an easy trophy is probably too hard to resist. As are bragging rights if he beats Corban somehow. "Hit a ring with a lance? I think I could handle that," he declares confidently.

Corban has left the a stone bench near the Crownguard tower.

Alaric has rolled a critical success!
Alaric checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 20, rolling 25 higher.

Alaric checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 20, rolling 19 higher.

Alaric checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 20, rolling 5 higher.

Kaine just grimaces as he watches the jousts, always wincing at the very last moment before the inevitable contact or near miss between two riders. He wraps his arms around himself, but looks more closely when Alaric takes the reins.

Niklas climbs to his feet unsteadily. "Oh. The king is showing me up. Neat."

Oswyn squints over at the jousting. "Is Lord Niklas...? Oh. That was probably a bad idea, yes." Oswyn will not be jousting today, thank you.

"Yes, we ar--what?!" Sabella barely has time to react before she's having a bunch of trophies shoved at her. And then she watches Niklas fall trying to get on the horse. And then fall off the horse. And then fall off the horse again. "In trouble?" She finishes for him. "Yes. He is. That horse might not kill him and then I'll have to and there are a lot of witnesses here who are very good at solving crimes that didn't happen right in front of them."

him being Oswyn!

Corban may not be much of a horseman, but he does have a natural talent with these sorts of physical things. His first rung at the rings just picks off one of the lower ones, all tentative on horseback in a competition setting. But then he seems to find his confidence, charging down the lane on his trusty steed and picking off two much higher targets on his next run, getting that literal (proverbial) brass ring.

Alaric is a pretty good rider, as it turns out! He seems very comfortable in the saddle, although he doesn't quite have a handle on the lance, spearing one ring almost more by luck than anything. He does seem to adjust to the balance of the lance fairly quickly, though, spearing a ring intentionally on his next run, but his unfamiliarity with lancey things results in him whacking the side of the ring on his last go instead of snagging it. He seems rather pleased with his general lack of disaster at the end of it, though. He grins brightly and gives Corban a subtle wink as he dismounts. "That was fun!" he declares enthusastically.

Not jousting against opponents, mercifully, or likely there would have been a lot of knights having coronaries about Alaric electing to join in. Trying to capture a ring on a lance-tip, or strike the target on a spinning target without its offside knocking them from their horse, the skills that lead to jousting against opponents directly, these are among those tested. Even if Felicia herself can't help but wince every time Niklas manages to slide from his saddle,"His majesty is edged out of first place by Sir Corban!" she declares in the wake before adding,"Lord Niklas also gets an... ah, honorable mention for the bravery of attempting the set!"

"Oh, well done, Corban!" Eleanor calls out. And then -- well. As Alaric stands, the First Captain's hands clap together in genuine delight. She presses the clasped hands to her lips as she watches him - not without some level of nervousness, as one can't defend a King from falling of a horse -- and breaks into loud cheers. "Three cheers for His Majesty!" She's practically bouncing on her toes. Oh right - Corban won. "Congratulations, Sir Telmar!" she adds, without maybe a /touch/ less enthusiasm.

Felicia gets 1st Place Riding Competition Trophy from a cloth bag with King's Own tokens.

Felicia gets 2nd Place Riding Competition Trophy from a cloth bag with King's Own tokens.

Felicia gets 3rd Place Riding Competition Trophy from a cloth bag with King's Own tokens.

"Well.... he did come in third," Oswyn points out to Sabella. "That's something. Does he still get a trophy? Oh, did you want me to hold one of those for you?"

Niklas rubs his ass as he walks back to Sabella. "Why didn't you stop me? I think my horse was possessed. Someone call Gareth."

Orazio applauds all the riders with enthusiasm. "Very brave, Lord Niklas! And well done, Your Majesty, Sir Corban."

"Quite so, Your Majesty!" calls out Corban as he dismounts, perhaps surprised at his own talent in the saddle. A firm nod as he passes off the reins to the stable boy that comes along to. "I've been meaning to take more lessons from High Lord Edain. I will have to be sure to bring the trophy to prove my seriousness when I do." He eyes Eleanor at her change of enthusiasm. He heard that.

Cassandra applauds both Sir Telmar and the King, wincing as Lord Niklas finds himself well acquainted with the ground. "You're known for other things now, at least," she reassures him diplomatically.

"It's fine," Sabella assures Oswyn and offloads the trophies to poor Clark. Problem solved! She cheers for Corban and Alaric and gives Niklas such a look before she laughs, "I'm not buying you a horse," she warns him with a smile, "Especially now."

Sabella is overheard praising Corban for: Great jousting skills!

Sabella is overheard praising Alaric for: Great speech, good on a horse too!

Sabella is overheard praising Niklas for: I don't have any condemns, so I guess good job, buddy!

Niklas accepts his trophy and looks like he may very well weep with joy. Then he looks at Rinel and stage whispers, "Three trophies, Scholar Rinel! I win!"

Eleanor is overheard praising Alaric for: A great King, and an excellent sport!

Sabella is overheard praising Felicia for: Great ideas for games and challenges!

Niklas is overheard praising Corban for: Excellent riding!

Niklas is overheard praising Rinel for: Excellent solving!

Leona grins at Corban. "Jousting still doesn't count as a hobby, so don't get any ideas. Well done!" She looks over. "And well done, Your Majesty, and Lord Niklas too!"

Leona gets Eternal Vigilance Memorial Dedication Token from Small Iron-banded Chest.

Sabella is overheard praising Orazio for: For answering questions

Orazio is overheard praising Alaric.

Niklas is overheard praising Alaric for: Only slightly less excellent riding!

Oswyn dutifully applauds, calling out, "Well done!" He adds, more quietly to Niklas, "Very brave. Have you ever tried running the Gauntlet?"

Orazio is overheard praising Niklas for: For getting up several times!

Niklas is overheard praising Felicia for: Putting together a good time!

Sabella shakes her head at Oswyn from behind Niklas like what are you doing are you mad don't give him ideas!

Orazio is overheard praising Corban for: For a well-earned win!

"I am thinking of perhaps taking up drawing," confesses Corban as he draws closer to Leona, acknowledging her admonishment about the hobby. "Or maybe puzzles. Princess Denica offered to give me a lesson in some pencils. Maybe my cousin Percephon can help with riddles and wordfinds and such." Hobbies are hard!

Alaric accepts his acclaim with a regal wave. "Excellent riding, Sir Corban," he declares respectfully. "And excellent endeavor, Lord Niklas." Which is a very diplomatic way to put it.

Cassandra turns her stride towards Alaric, bowing her head deeply as she approaches. "Your Majesty. It's good to see you again. That was some excellent riding. We could use a good horseman in the Templars," she says, cracking a grin his way, pulling at the slash of a scar on her cheek.

Niklas points at Oswyn, "That sounds terrible! It sounds horrible and awful and nothing I'm suited for whatsoever!" As he gets his trophies back from Sabella he glances around and asks Oswyn, "Is there a trophy?!" Then he looks back to Alaric. "You would never know that the closest I'd ever been to a horse was an unusually tall goat we had at Stormward."

Orazio pats his trophy as if it were a puppy. "Well, this has been a lovely evening, and a fine dedication for a much needed memorial. But I think it is time that I return to the Rectory. Although I am not /ancient/," a look towards Roxana, "I do tire earlier than I used to. And there is still paperwork to do." He bows. "Blessings of the gods be upon you all."

"You should've entered the diplomacy contest, Your Majesty!" Sabella calls out cheerfully and gives Nik such a look.

Felicia is trying, with all the dignity she can muster, to look solemn as she gives out these trophies, though it's ruined with the grin offered Alaric, and the difficult time she has not laughing as she presents Niklas with his,"I believe you now have something of a full set now, Lord Niklas. Congratulations." she grins broadly, clearing her throat before calling out,"Now, as promised at the beginning of our gathering, is the stamina event! For those of you not dressed in full plate already, we have vests filled with sand next to the bottom of the stairs to represent the weight of them! One of the King's Own daily exercises, is the stair challenge! It involves running to the top of the tower and back in full kit! What brave souls are willing to take the stair challenge?"

Oswyn shakes his head, shaggy hair getting in his eyes. "No trophy," he tells Niklas, which probably makes the idea lose what little luster it might have held. He listens to Felicia announce the next competition and stays right where he is.

Roxana grins at Orazio. "Of course you do. A man your age needs his rest." Her words are soft with affection. "I actually have to be on my way as well. The work of a Princess is never done!" In her case the work is never really started either. "Lovely to see you all, and lovely to meet you, Archlector"

Waldemai is built low to the ground and for power rather than speed. "I'll try that...strap some bags on me."

"Gods above, more contests." Niklas rubs at his shoulders, slaps at his sides and nods. "I will brave the stairs challenge!" He punches the air a few times, nods and walks over to get in line. "Bag me!"

Alaric raises an eyebrow at Niklas. "My word. That must have been quite an animal," he observes before turning to receive Cassandra with a smile. "Why, Archlector Cassandra, how nice to see you tonight. Thank you for coming out to the dedication. I appreciate the offer, but I'm afraid my busy schedule would make my attendance record rather a less than sterling one. I'd be drummed out of the Templars for deriliction before you knew it, and who'd want such a black mark on their reputation as that?" he grins. "That wouldn't have been fair, Sabella!" he calls back to her.

Niklas checked stamina + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 27 higher.

Kaine elects to stay back and watch this one, insofar that he can watch without moving. Or doing anything particularly athletic beyond standing there and turning his head from time to time.

Niklas checked strength + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 8 lower.

Felicia's quite content to load up Waldemai and Niklas both with bags, even if, admittedly, there's a glint to her eyes,"The view at the top is worth it, but don't linger too long gentlemen. And watch the last step on the second floor, that's usually the one that trips up the new knights."

"Clark, you might want to hand the trophies to Elizabetta because I think you're going to be carrying Lord Niklas home." Sabella says, sounding very resigned. "I understand," she says to Alaric with a grin, "It would've been really awkward for the rest of us to show up the King." She glances at the people who are competing and then sighs and says to Oswyn, "Come on, Scholar Oswyn. We'll likely never have the chance to wear full armor again. Let's give it a try."

"Now that you've successfully bested the King," Eleanor says, approaching Corban, "Are you ready to slip out for that meeting?"

Waldemai checked stamina + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 13 higher.

Waldemai checked strength + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 19 higher.

Sabella checked stamina + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 6 lower.

"Yes, please," says Sir Corban to Dame Eleanor, dipping his head to the First Captain. "And let us get up to the offices before we are trampled by the runners." He bows his head to the King, Alaric. "Your Majesty. Always a pleasure."

Sabella checked strength + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 14 lower.

Rinel checked stamina + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 4 lower.

Oswyn shakes his head. "No, that's... that's..." he trails off. The problem with Sabella asking him to do things is that she is a Princess and he kind of feels obliged to do what she says. So he sighs, handing his satchel over to Milton, and goes to get loaded up for bear as well.

Rinel checked strength + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 8 lower.

Oswyn checked strength + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 10 lower.

Oswyn checked stamina + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 6 lower.

Oswyn checked strength + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 12 lower.

"Your Majesty," Eleanor echoes Corban's nod to Alaric. "Lord Commander," another for Leona. And then she slips back into the Tower.

Eleanor has left the a stone bench near the Crownguard tower.

Reedy, a King's Own aide leaves, following Corban.

2 King's Own Guardsmen, Corban leave, following Eleanor.

Sabella gets fitted with the best armor they can find to go over her really nice dress. And then she stands there, pretty much unable to move her arms. "People fight in this?!" She asks in disbelief. Then she goes to take a step and stands there. And stands there. And finally gets one foot to move a little bit. She shuffles forward a couple steps then--"oh no--nononononono!" With a shriek she starts swaying and after a moment falls face first onto the ground. "...I've fallen. And I don't believe I can get up." She tells the ground.

Felicia gets 1st Place Stamina Competition Trophy from a cloth bag with King's Own tokens.

Felicia gets 2nd Place Stamina Competition Trophy from a cloth bag with King's Own tokens.

Felicia gets 3rd Place Stamina Competition Trophy from a cloth bag with King's Own tokens.

"You speak fairly and pragmatically, Your Majesty," Cassandra intones. "And the Templars are the poorer for your wisdom, but somehow, we shall soldier on." There's the barest hint of a smile. "I hope we can meet some time soon? To catch up on events while I've been away?"

Waldemai is the guy who had the mental willpower to keep down the notorious cupcake liquer. Grinding up a staircase festooned with sandbags. "Just another day's work," he grunts.

Oswyn straps on his sand-loaded vest and looks, for a moment, miserable. Then he starts going up the steps. He's quite slow, and it doesn't take long for the bookworm to start sweating. He's about halfway up by the time the wheezing begins.

Leona smiles as Eleanor and Corban leave. And then she's moving over to Alaric. "Well ridden, Your Majesty. I'd say I'm surprised, but I've seen your charger. And I suspect Tristan would be beside himself if you weren't a good rider. Still, it's one thing to do it, and another to do it in front of an audience. But you've always been good at handling the crowds." She bows slightly, fist to chest in acknowledgement, before watching the competition. "These folks should come train with us," she murmurs. "Goodness."

"Of course, Archlector. I'd be quite pleased to--" Alaric pauses curiously, distracted by something peripherally before he smiles apologetically to Cassandra. "I beg your pardon, I might need to go rescue my cousin from the... ground," he observes. "Ah, Lord Commander," he grins to Leona at her approach. "You're just in time. Could I trouble you to help out Sabella a moment?"

Things are going pretty good for Niklas at first. He trips at one point but gets back up and keeps going. The kind of endurance one develops by letting Ian Kennex beat them with sticks for an hour. Unfortunately that trick step catches him and when he falls he says a lot of things that it's probably good no one can hear since he's up on the second floor.

When Kaine sees Sabella fall, he approaches and gently clears his throat so as to not startle her retainers. "Your Highness, do you... need assistance...?" He holds out a hand to offer her a way up, though he does shoot a look around to help assuage any fears that he might be a threat.

Oswyn trudges up a few more steps. He glances back and squints down. If Sabella's out of it, does he have to continue? He then cranes his neck to look upward and kind of... blushes, when he hears what Niklas is saying.

Leona raises an eyebrow. "Of course, Majest," she says and steps over to the woman on the ground. Though Kaine gets to her first, still Leona waits nearby. "If you cannot rise on your own we can carry you somewhere to be seen to - are you injured?" She offers Sabella an understanding look. "The ground is quite hard there in places owing to many feet regularly stomping over it."

Sabella tries to push herself up, but honestly, taking those few steps were exhausting. So she lays there, her retainers very carefully looking up and around to avoid looking in her direction. "Yes, please!" She tells Kaine, turning her head to give him a tired smile. And it takes two or three tries for her to lift her arm to take his hand "People wear this and hold swords and swing them!" She says in amazement and will lean heavily on Kaine for help up. "Oh, no. I mean, yes, I'm going to feel this all tomorrow, but I'm fine." She assures Leona. "It's the first time I've ever worn armor! And now I know that my life choices have been good ones. For everyone involved."

From up on the second floor Niklas can be heard moaning, "I live here now."

Felicia is at the bottom of the stairs to greet Waldemai when he is the first to emerge from the run, giving a respectful series of nods as she lets one of the other knights divest him of the sand bags before handing him a trophy,"Congratulations!" she offers him with an approving clap on the shoulder, peering into the tunnel of the tower,"If you don't make it down here you don't get to win!" she calls up 'helpfully' for those still endeavoring to navigate the treacherous stairs.

Kaine clasps Sabella's hand and tugs her up firmly enough to help get her to her feet without pulling so hard that he hurts her arm. "There... you... go..." Kaine carefully steadies her once she is leaning on him. "Whew! That stuff really is heavy, huh." He looks off toward Felicia upon Waldemai's emergence, lifting his eyebrows in astonishment.

Oswyn stays where he is, shoulders slumped. "Is the view pretty at least?" he calls up to Niklas with some effort.

Leona laughs suddenly, but it's a sympathetic laugh. "Dayne's helmet almost drove me to my knees the first time I wore it," she confides. "And me already having dedicated my life to the Silver Swords and the King. It does take some getting used to, no matter what Knight tells you otherwise."

Waldemai is glad to have a trophy, so he says, "Thank you." But the look on his face makes it clear he's gladder to have those sandbags off his back.

"Awwww..." Niklas rolls one way, then the other and then heaves so he starts rolling down the stairs. "Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow." When he gets back to the landing he pushes himself to his feet, readjusts his heavy bags and continues down the stairs, walking slowly and carefully. "I can't believe having Bastien scream that I'm a talentless hack before hitting me with a wine bottle somehow wasn't the worst thing to happen to me today."

Rinel muttered cursing comes from the stairs as a bedraggled scholar stumbles out of the door. "My everything hurts. Why did I do this?"

Sabella ducks her head and tries pulling the weights off, but they are very heavy and she eventually looks to Leona and says, "Ah. Would you mind helping me get these things off?" She asks Leona sheepishly. Then glances around, "Did Scholar Oswyn make it? Thank you, Master Algair. I would have been lost without you!...until someone else came along, but that would have been an eternity!"

"This is why I assume nobody is asking me why I didn't enter the stair climibing race," Alaric notes offhandedly to Cassandra as he watches the struggling stair challengers make their way out.

Oswyn looks down. There's Niklas, on his way down, and Rinel, on her way down, and he's still on his way up. If he chooses to continue. But he will. Red-faced, Oswyn trudges up to the top and has a breather out of sight. Or maybe he dies.

"Oh, no problem, your Highness," Kaine says to Sabella gently. "I'd do the same for anyone I saw fall over wearing a bunch of heavy stuff. - Well, almost anyone. I probably wouldn't do it for a thief wearing all of my merchandise. But that hasn't happened yet, so who knows?" He looks between her and Leona and bobs a nod.

Felicia is waiting oh-so-solicitously at the end of the chokepoint when Niklas finally emerges, waiting for him to be divested of sand bags before she offers him his fourth trophy with a respectful series of nods,"Well, you're going to be feeling it tomorrow. You certainly deserve credit for guts." she offers him a gentler squeeze of the arm before Rinel stumbles out after him and the knight can't help but whistle lowly, impressed,"To challenge yourself, clearly." she grins.

"You'll note I didn't enter either," Cassandra asides to Alaric, watching the others as they murder themselves trying to be Silver Swords.

Crownguard Tower <CGT> is now unlocked.

Milton, an earnest scholar leaves, following Oswyn.

Rinel just flops down on the ground. "Tell Wynna I'll be coming home in a carriage. I'll start walking again in a week."

Niklas nearly cries again, but not with joy this time, when Felicia squeezes his poor arm. Still, when he gets his trophy he holds it up and waves to Sabella, "I'm the most talented man in the Compact!" Then he drops his trophy on his head as every muscle gives out at the same time. "Ow. My brains."

Waldemai comes out of the free tour. "You can see forever from up there."

"I do run the stairs once a week with the Seraph," Alaric notes back to Cassandra with a light nod. "It's less embarassing having to compete against each other rather than the professionals. It's also a very good excuse to spend some extra time in the bath afterward."

Leona snorts suddenly. "You make that walk just fine," she calls out to Alaric, and then she's leaning down to help Sabella get the weights off. "Look," she says. "It's a matter of... here, bend like this, and then just let it fall off you." She's directing the woman even as she loosens a strap and another, then... it's coming off, and landing in a heap on the ground much like its wearer did, moments before.

"I promise that we will not torture you all any further today!" Felicia assures those present,"For today only, I am happy to extend the opportunity for those interested to see the top of the Crownguard tower for themselves! You are also, of course, welcome to enjoy the food and drink! Don't forget to grab a token from the chest if you haven't already! And thank you all for coming to celebrate this dedication with us!"

Sabella tries to do what Leona says, missing some steps here and there, but finally she's free and she gives a huge sigh of relief, rubbing one shoulder then the other, "Thank you," she tells the other woman gratefully, then laughs at Kaine, "Let us hope you never have to find out what you'd do in that kind of moral dilemma." She looks over to Niklas as he drops the trophy and laughs even harder, "Ow. I think I'm going to need a drink. And to avoid any sort of exercise that isn't lifting a cup full of alcohol for awhile."

"Your majesty," calls out Niklas between big, gasping pants, "I... need to... speak..." He pauses and sets his hands on his knees, catching his breath. "Never... mind. I'll... send a messenger." He looks back over to Felicia, "Am I an honorary Kong's Own now?

Erin, Crimson Blades Private, Jin, Cranky Crimson Blades Sergeant, Gale, The Mighty Pupper arrive, following Violet.

Leona raises an eyebrow way, way up.

Milton, an earnest scholar arrives, following Oswyn.

Niklas picks up Small Iron-banded Chest.

Niklas drops Small Iron-banded Chest.

Niklas gets Eternal Vigilance Memorial Dedication Token from Small Iron-banded Chest.

Oswyn just stays in the tower. Maybe he DID die. Or maybe he found some books and couldn't help himself.

Felicia laughs at Niklas' inquiry,"Ah, now, I don't handle recruiting. You'd need to convince the Lord Commander of that. And then there's the wrestling, and melee, and dawn service, of course." she itches her chin thoughtfully.

Violet gets Eternal Vigilance Memorial Dedication Token from Small Iron-banded Chest.

Alaric nods regally to Niklas. "Take your time, lad, it's all right," he declares reassuringly. He glances at Leona. "Thank you for getting Sabella out of that!" he says appreciatively.

Kaine smiles a little toward Sabella. "That sounds like a fine idea, your Highness. I could go for an evening tea pretty soon myself." He looks over to Alaric and Leona, and bows his head before turning to peer up at the top of the tower.

Niklas points at Felicia, "Lost me at 'dawn service', Dame Harrow. The only dawn service I go for is when I find a bar still open when the others are all closed."

Rinel gets Eternal Vigilance Memorial Dedication Token from Small Iron-banded Chest.

Rinel puts Eternal Vigilance Memorial Dedication Token in Small Cloth Pouch.

Violet has arrived late, but she has arrived. Sometimes meetings just go on and on and you can't make the person stop talking about their little dog. So in she comes with her eyes glancing about the place before they alight on Felicia. She head straight for the Dame and when she spies Niklas her smile widens a bit. "Lord Niklas, how's the lip? Sorry I'm late, FeliciaAH!" That last bit is when she notices the King is -also- standing there. She sketches a quick bow to Alaric as her cheeks turn red.

Sabella peers up at the tower when Oswyn doesn't come down, but figures he's probably not dead. Probably. Someone would go up and get him, right? Someone would be concerned? And no one seems concerned, so she holds her hand out to Niklas and says, "My future husband, ladies and lords. Come on, Lord Niklas, let's get something to eat and drink and not win anymore trophies tonight."

Niklas gives Sabella a saucy smile. "I can think of one more trophy I can win." Then he goes to follow and yawns, "Fastest to sleep." After pitting his trophies in his pack he offers a wave back to Oswyn, Rinel and others. "Thank you for an entertaining evening, Dame Harrow! Look for my unpleasant assistant, your majesty! My face is swollen, Violet, but I will live!" To Sabella he says, "To the Kay. Take me to the spa and let me die."

Felicia let's the knights start clearing away the sandbags, a weather eye on the gathering even as she grins for Niklas' words,"Fair. Some morning's are definitely easier than others." her attention shifts towards Alaric with a grin,"I think we gave 'em a bit of a work out, at least... thank you so much for your speech. I hope people have had fun." there's an upnod in the direction of Violet at the sound of her voice,"You missed... well, all kinds of excitement. I think we're lucky no-one d..." pause, she's trying to do some mental math, how many people went up the stairs, how many came back down? She calls to one of the knights,"Can you make sure we didn't lose anyone on the stair challenge?"

Alaric smiles affably enough to Violet. "I really should stop sneaking up on people," he observes apologetically. He nods sociably to Sabella and Niklas. "Take care, both of you. And once again, thank you all for attending tonight!" he pronounces in general.

"It was great!" Sabella calls enthusiastically to Felicia, "Thank you so much for all the planning that went into it!" Then she takes Niklas' hand, calls out one last, "Goodnight everyone!" And they're gone!

Actually they move very slowly because oh god, the pain.

Alaric is overheard praising Felicia for: A fine celebration! And not just because I won a trophy.

Elizabetta, a disapproving lady-in-waiting, Lily, an aloof lady-in-waiting, Valor, a small brown and white corgi puppy, Clark, an exasperated guard, Niklas leave, following Sabella.

Oswyn is fetched from the tower. The knight helpfully carries the sandbag-loaded vest for the Scholar, who appears rather sheepish as he re-emerges from the tower and descends again, face flushed.

"So it would seem," Violet says quietly to Felicia as she stands. "Apologies your majesty, just that Felicia was blocking my view of you," She manages to get out smoothly though the commandant is still cherry cheeked. "I am sorry to have missed the excitement though."

1 Templar Initiates leaves, following Cassandra.

Lydia is overheard praising Felicia for: Fun and games at the Eternal Vigilance unveiling.

Rinel manages to clamber her way to a sitting position.

Oswyn seems distracted as he makes his way away from the square. Very distracted.

Milton, an earnest scholar leaves, following Oswyn.

"It the hair." Felicia insists solemnly to Violet, nodding after Niklas,"He managed to take a trophy home for every contest held. Even if I swear he spent more time on the ground than in the saddle for the jousting portion. While I would have loved to do some melee or archery, just not enough mercies around to make it feasible in a safe way... aside from the fact that excessive weapons around his majesty has a tendency to make knights anxious." she offers with a glance towards Alaric.

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