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Challenge: Rook's Armor vs Alarissa's Armor

Two people who generally have no business in armor have decided that they need to figure out who's armor is the better looking. But surely they could just agree that the others is decadent plate and delicious leather. Yes? Of course not! And so a throwdown of epic armor proportions has been invoked! Prince Rook Valardin vs Princess Consort Alarissa Thrax. A jousting match decided by the challengee, all are invited to watch Master Sparte Fatchforth standing for Prince Rook, go against Dame Felicia Harrow, standing for Princess Alarissa. Winner? Well, the winner gets possession of the other armor to do with as they please. Scrap it, melt it, turn it into jewelry or a nice saddle. Their choice. So come see the challenge of the century since the Calaudrin/Thena dance off in the lowers.


March 14, 2018, 8:30 p.m.

Hosted By

Alarissa Rook


Lisebet Lou Agatha Niklas Sparte Elgana Cadenza Romulius Violet Theron Talwyn Waldemai Aurora Katarina Ignacio Jeffeth Ennettia Jasper Felix Felicia



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Tournament Grounds

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

Elgana, Jasper arrive, following Agatha.

Lou gives Alarissa a wry look. "I'll be in the naval battles by this week's end, though there's a small part of me that hopes my armor doesn't see too much combat exactly." She nods over at Sparte and smiles to him, but otherwise stays close to her cousin. Willen goes to find a seat, since Lou has not done so yet. "Which person is your champion?" she asks Alarissa, nodding also to Talwyn - who entered not too long ago.

Meandre, an albino python arrives, following Aurora.

Sparte has been geared up with the standard heavy steel armor of the iron guard today. He looks like he weighs twice as much as when he wears his usual leathers, and just might. Betsy, his ever unenthusiastic steed, is likewise armored in light barding that bears the colors of the Iron Guard. The one piece of his kit for the joust that stands out is the large wooden jousting lance painted in the colors of House Valardin. Sparte gives Rook a grin and a thumbs up before closing the visor on his helmet and scooting his horse over into position to wait.

Violet is here! She made it even if she looks a little rushed for whatever reason. Quiet and by herself she makes her way to Felicia. "Hey, I would love to meet Wrecking Ball when we're done," She tells the Dame with a grin. "Your hair is wet," She adds with a chuckle. "Wet hair under a coif? You're crazy."

Rook's entry, Alarissa's already present. People filtering gin to watch the jousting that is about to happen, a difference from the traditional till first blood. "Have your wife spear a Cetellus as she sails to battle. We can make you something from them." Whatever a Cetellus might be. Alarissa offers Rook a kiss to either cheek and parts from Lou's proximity after pointing to Felicia and makes her way to her own chosen champion. Whatever is exchanged between them, it's not heard but there is a smile, wide and bright, slipping a favour over to the Rubicund adorned Felicia. A red strip of clean seamed silk with a red serpent roaring and curled in on itself on the end.

Then back to the judges booth where there's a servant ready and waiting to serve tea for both Rook and Alarissa. There she remains standing, casting her voice.

"A challenge. Whose armor is far more beautiful or handsome. That of the esteemed Prince Rook. Or the leather of the great beast that the High Lord Victus slew, to ensure I had nothing but the best." Alarissa looks to Rook. "Our chosen champions will joust. The winner, foreits their armor to the other to do with as they wish."

Felix is late, but who can blame the smith for that? Work was being done, after all. But he manages to get there after a jog from the shop, still wearing his work apron, and the smell of burning coal and hot steel drifting about his person. Pausing to catch his breath and look over the seating, before he moves to take a seat within the general area, as close to the field as he can.

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Steve, an ungainly pelican arrives, following Niklas.

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Pageantry. Let it not be said that Felicia just rolled out of her cot to come over. Her copper hair bound in tight braid left to hang down the back of her armor for now, letting it air-dry as much as possible for all she grins at Violet, turning a couple of shades of red,"He doesn't talk much." she jokes with Violet,"And I was... busy." ahem, helm? Helm. She snags her coif and pulls it on. Offering Sparte a grin before she pulls on her barbute and swing up onto the back of the warhorse. It's done a few parade runs, there's not much to the flick of the reins to make Wrecking Ball arch his neck and paw the ground with a dinner-plate sized hoof before she turns him to go claim the Thrax lance and tuck Alarissa's favor to dangle from her offside gauntlet.

Lou squints as she sees the pelican come in, then looks around to see of Sabella is in the stands anywhere. She gives a soft sigh of relief, then looks to Alarissa. "I'm going to go get a seat. Good luck!" she offers to her cousin, then goes to join the general seating.

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Elgana is flushed quite a shade of pink as she looks to her big sister Agatha as they walk in together. She gives her sister a shaky little laugh, "Is that so, sweet sister? I will have to pass word on to him about that, then." She stops and looks at the tournament grounds themselves before she starts to look to see if anyone else the sisters know may be here. Oh, Violet is here! She gets a wave that could get lost in all the commotion, but otherwise Elgana seems to be scanning those gathered maybe for someone, or maybe no one at all, simply checking to see who turned out as she then starts to mill about looking for seats.

Romulius steps away from the food stands with an absolute massive amount of bar-b-que'd or otherwise charred and roasted meat on sticks. Plucking one from his large hand he starts to pull meat off to chew and swallow before he looks around towards the stands. A rumble of pleasure escapes him when he spots Elgana and he waves towards her before he winks at Agatha. Meandering over in the directions of the seating he goes to find himself a place up high that won't be desirable so he can sprawl out comfortably. Once done he looks over towards Elgana and Agatha again before he rolls those broad shoulders of his in a slight shrug and kicks his feet up onto the bench seating in front of him. "Claimed." He rumbles of anyone who gives him an odd look, "Seat's taken." Another answer. Nothing shall stop his sprawl. Nothing.

Aurora and Meandre are here, because...loyalty or something. She goes over to the general area where the observers seem to be headed, finding a seat that she is able to see from lest there be an overly tall man infront of her that she might have to glare at to slouch. She doesn't seem to be the cheerleading type, so there is no pompoms or wavy ribbons to swish around. Just a look over to the judges booth to make sure her energy is not ignored. "Im in public" she calls out as if Rook missed the point of the look.

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It's really outrageous to manage kissing of cheeks when Rook's got a helmet on and has to lift his visor, but oh so beautifully do those swan feathers bob, oh yes. "Our champions will fight and we have to sit here, in the pains of these trappings, until it's all over." Creak, clank, clatter. The prince courtier seats himself and straightens his spine to look down at the field. "Your Champions sixteen shades of red, did you admonish her in advance of her loss?" Rook teases, but is genuinely curious, it seems. As Aurora is noted, a hand lifts and he calls back in high spirits, "It's a miracle, Mistress Thornburn!"

Betsy paws the ground, but not with any sign of aggression. It looks like she is trying to find some grass worth grazing. Sparte gives a gentle pat of his horse's neck and a little nudge of the reins to straighten her up. Betsy straightens, with a small tuft of grass pulled out of the ground that she chews on while waiting.

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Violet leaves Felicia to it with a wink and chuckle as she moves to sit down on the less crowded Far Stands. It isn't that she doesn't want to be social, just she is here to focus on Felicia before she, literally, has to run back to Headquarters.

Aurora poses and blows Rook a kiss from her seat, "they say they happen from time to time, Your Highness. I am glad that I could be one witnessed within your lifetime so when you go to your deathbed it is not with disappointment." She doesn't even have work with her! Maybe she has come to be social.

Agatha whistles loudly when she sees Felicia in all that shiny rubicund. "LITTLE RED! Go whoever you're jousting for!" She points Elgana towards Felicia, grinning excitedly for her friend. Well, and looking like she's had a recent case of the sniffles or something. She's arm in arm with her sister and doesn't seem to be prepared to release said arm. Even if it means going up into the high stands. That does leave the one free to wave to Violet, though.

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"You want to come sit with me? I saw Violet is also here" Elgana asks to Agatha as she notes Romulius and watches where the man goes to sit, a little smile quirking those lips upward and that flush maybe a touch pinker now. "I'm sure he'd enjoy the company of us both." The princess waits, it is her sister after all and sisters come before misters. And then she just tugs on her sisters arm and heads toward Romulius in the High Booth since her sister is busy waving to Violet and hollaring for Felicia, who does get noted by the princess.

Someone said fight.... Or, rather duel, and Jasper was here. Being a bit of a taller guy, built for bashing faces in, the man arrives. And what a better way to arrive than to go straight for the beverage tents, collect a tankard of ale, and find a bench to plop down. Then he takes a long, hefty swif of the drink. "When's this show suppose to start?" He asks to no one in particular.

"No, I'm only responsible for that armor, not the cheeks." And like that, a signal to the groundskeepers and the ones who handle the loistics, she signals for them to start even as she is sitting down beside Rook in that creak and hiss of fresh unworn leather that has yet to be broken in.

And the jousters are being gestures to set up.

With the tournament about to begin, Prince Talwyn eyes the stands before he begins to drift in the direction of the High booth. Upon reaching it, the Valardin Prince eyes Romulius' sprawl with a grin and nods his head in greeting to the man before he moves for another bench and eases down to sit. He is quiet for a moment as he waits and watches what is going on down on the field before he looks toward Romulius and says, "I don't think we've met each other before. Talwyn Valardin," lifting a hand to place across his chest.

Felicia's familiar with a lance, for sure. It's not her first tilt from the way she lofts it, planting the butt against her stirrup so she can secure her hand below the flare of the device and salute Sparte respectfully at the far end with it before nudging Wrecking Ball into position. The velvety black ears of the charger pricking forward in anticipation, waiting for the moment that the signal's given to nudge the stallion into motion.

Felicia checked stamina + ride at difficulty 15, rolling 50 higher.

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Sparte salutes Felicia by putting his lance to his visor for a moment, then lowers the valardin colored jousting lance into a ready position and starts the approach. Betsy doesn't seem to have expected the urging to suddenly get going, but catches on and sets into motion after the second nudge from Sparte.

Sparte checked stamina + ride at difficulty 15, rolling 47 higher.

Felicia checked dexterity + huge wpn at difficulty 20, rolling 40 higher.

Sparte checked dexterity + huge wpn at difficulty 20, rolling 25 higher.

As the horses begin to make the first pass of the potential three, Rook murmurs mildly aside to Alarissa while he watches the participants charge, his eyes agleam. Aurora's response gets him to laugh and nod, watching her as she finds her seat, all before he's his attention stolen back to the clash of polearms. There's a slight wince at the recognition of the impact, the crunch of wood and metal causing a loud din. "Oh my goodness."

Approaching the tourney grounds at a brisk pace is large knight clad in dark red armor. Sir Jeffeth clinks lightly as he approaches, eyes following the pace of the jousters with eyes slightly widened and brows raised. Looking at the stands the big man gives a light frown as he tries to determine where to sit.

Romulius lifts a huge hand to Talwyn, it is bedecked with a bunch of meat on a stick. "Romulius Blackshore." He offers to the other man and then adds, "Highness." He rumbles in a deep gravelly voice that sounds like two boulders grating together. "Want a piece of..." He looks at one of the sticks of meat and shrugs, "Whatever this is?" He offers to Talwyn with a smile and then there is an Elgana and an Agatha. He smiles broadly to Elgana, "Highness." He rumbles, "You look beautiful tonight, but I think you may look more beautiful each time I see you." His words are slow, clear, free of accent but it does make him sound a little slow himself. He offers a hand full of meat on a stick to Elgana, and by proxy Agatha as well. "Meant every word of it Princess Agatha." He rumbles with a smile and a deep bow of his head.

Quiet, a Valardin champion, Aioni, a regal snowy white owl, Pawn, the courtier's apprentice arrive, following Katarina.

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Rook erupts into laughter and astonishment at something Alarissa is saying, leaning towards her as she admits whatever it is she has to say, before shaking his head and responding. With his eyes turned to the field, he breathes in to refuel his lungs.

Isla, a small silver fox, 1 Velenosa House Guards, Claudio, the chivalrous knight arrive, following Cadenza.

Katarina arrives terribly late, golden eyes sweeping over the gathered crowds in the stands until she manages to catch sight of both Alarissa and Rook high up. She raises her arm in fond wave, the other hand clasping at her skirts to ease the climb into a seat next to her friends.

The two contrasting lances approach as the heavily armored combatants close in. Their steeds carry them true, if with very different levels of enthusiasm. Both lances strike true, both buckle and snap! Bits of red and blue explode to shower the combatants are both shaken in their saddles.

Then the value of the demeanor of the horse becomes clear. It isn't backwards that Sparte falls from the lance strike, but forward as Betsy comes to a sudden stop. Felicia rides on with a broken and victorious lance in hand as the fallen Sparte tries to get the one boot still secured to his saddle loose from his obstinant horse.

Cadenza makes her way to the grounds, looking around. Man she was late but better later than never. Those blue eyes scanning the area as she looks around...looking for familiar faces. Pushing her long hair out of her face she quietly makes her way in to try and find a spot.

Agatha's big booming roar of a voice erupts from the high stands. "GO DAME HARROW!" Someone is excited for her buddy out there!

Lisebet is roaming as she is wont to do, now that she is back here in Arx. She slips in, spying that there is jousting going on, and that she is obviously late. She doesn't take much time to find a spot in the stands, without even looking who she ends up seated by.

Lou grins over at Katarina as she approaches, and then spies Cadenza. She waves over at the Velenosa Princess, then looks back to those in the general seating.

Rook is word whispering aghast, "What if it gets into their eyes though? I really, really hope they're being careful," says the prince courtier who is at this time sitting pretty, covered in gilt steel without a single dent, and sending a man towards a woman on horseback with a big pointy stick. For fun. For spectacle. Priorities, mate.

is heard whispering*

Poor Betsy. Wrecking Ball's been trained and bred to bear the weight of a knight in full armor on his broad back, and the aggressive beastie left 'uncut' to heighten its violent tendencies. It might have been a while since he was expected to tilt, but well, yes. There's definitely a difference between Betsy's sweet temperament and the blue-eyed stallion, no matter how pretty the toss of his mane as he's reined in at the end of the list so that Felicia can exchange the broken lance with a fresh one, half twisted in her saddle to check on Sparte and make sure he's okay, as well as the awkwardness of her armor will allow her to at least.

Alarissa winces. "Gods, I hope she doesn't break him. He's quite useful, Master Fatchforth."

Seeing Lou, she makes her way over with a smile as she waves back. Cadenza looks to the spectacle, wincing slightly then.

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Felicia checked stamina + ride at difficulty 15, rolling 32 higher.

Sparte gets back up onto his feet, dusting himself off. He lifts his visor to have a brief and heated, one-sided conversation with his horse before climbing back into his saddle and riding over to pick up his lance for the second pass. He flicks his visor back down, almost an after thought.

Sparte has rolled a critical success!
Sparte checked stamina + ride at difficulty 15, rolling 63 higher.

Violet lets out a high-pitched whistle of approval and cheer at the tilt. In fact she is applauding too with a broad grin. "LITTLE RED BEAR!" She shouts out, just one more voice in the crowd.

Jasper is just sort of sitting there, drinking his ale and watching the combatants as they are getting ready. Before they even get started, he has already hammered down his first drink. Then, as they fighters charge at each other, he pulls himself forward in his seat with anticipation. And then the distinctive CA-RACK and he bellows our a roaring cheer. "Yeeaaahh!"

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Romulius throws a meat laden hand into the air, but doesn't loose any meat at the first crash of lances and he gives a big bellow of a cheer! He doesn't call out to any particular individual to win or lose, just enjoying watching the contest as he speaks to those in the high booth with him.

Ignacio works his way into the Tournament Grounds, looking over at the event going as he climbs into the general seating. He gives Felix a nod as he shuffles along the benches before he finally sits down next to Cadenza.

Now it's ALarissa who's laughing brightly from something Rook said.

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"Honestly," Rook says as they make for the second pass, "if I lose I'm going to pout at you as I hand over my helm. I really, really like this armour," is said by the prince courtier while he leans forward. "This is make or break, I think. Potential for a tie, right?" he asks of an aide-- someone who understands the rules!

Felicia has rolled a critical success!
Felicia checked dexterity + huge wpn at difficulty 20, rolling 72 higher.

Sparte checked dexterity + huge wpn at difficulty 20, rolling 44 higher.

Rook checked composure + etiquette at difficulty 50, rolling 9 lower.

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Rook says in Ravashari, "Did you fucking see that?"

Alarissa checked composure + etiquette at difficulty 15, rolling 43 higher.

Rook says something -very, very bad-, but because it's in a foreign language? He totally gets away with it.

"As you pass it over, know that I will lovingly look at it, before taking it to Master Meadson of Seaborn and seeing melted down into a series of coronet's, necklaces and rings. Or maybe I will auction it off. Which will people enjoy more do you think, a boat, or your armor?" Alarissa laughs, the sound playin out over the grounds as she watches that very close pass again but clearly, the Thraxian Princess looks to be the winner of this joust for sure and challenge.

"You wound me, your highness," Rook says with a trace of hurt to Alarissa as he turns back to the joust, watching as there's an expert jockeying moment by Sparte following by a solid-- and rather terrifying-- moment with the lance from Felicia. As the guilt leaves his face for his instinctive expletives, he looks to the field and to Alarissa in turn, back and forth. "This is a lot closer than I thought it would be!" he says, teetering on incredulous, if only for a moment.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Cadenza before departing.

It might seem like something of a mismatch on the surface, between knight and guard, but on the second pass Sparte (and Betsy) show they're not to be taken lightly. The thunder of hooves as the pair of riders and their steeds move down the list and that moment of impact. The Guard's horse shying at just such a moment that it benefits Sparte's strike and throws off Felicia's aim. She's shoved back in her saddle, for all that she retains her seat at least, shaking out her hand ruefully as she heads towards the rack of lances.

Felicia checked stamina + ride at difficulty 15, rolling 29 higher.

Sparte leans in to talk to Betsy, patting her on the neck through the barding. Is he telling her she is a good girl? Is she the best girl? It sure looks like he is, and she seems suitably mollified as he gets his third and final lance handed to him.

Sparte checked stamina + ride at difficulty 15, rolling 18 higher.

Felicia checked dexterity + huge wpn at difficulty 20, rolling 51 higher.

Sparte checked dexterity + huge wpn at difficulty 20, rolling 35 higher.

Rook leans forward on the edge of his seat as the final pass is engaged, the swan feathers upon his helm flowing as he moves, the shift of golden silk flooding over the edge of his chair. Nevermind that he's gleaming bright as a star, he's in a state of frozen disbelief at what's going on ahead. "No, no, no, no!" he's heard chanting.

Rook says to Alarissa, "I can't watch, cover my eyes." But, before she can, he snaps down the visor to his helmet. He can probably still see, but, drama!

Alarissa's leaning forward just as much as Rook is, gleaming white teeth biting down on her bottom lip. Rooks request and the snapped down visor, she places her palm over the eye openings. "THey're riding toward one another...."

As the final pass of the jousting match between Sparte and Felicia comes to head, Katarina slides forward to the edge of her seat with fingers fisted over her mouth. "If Princess Consort Alarissa wins, I can't say that I'm terribly mad my husband is losing his eyesore of an armor. He's too pretty in it for his own good."

Aurora shakes her head as Rook seems to be having a bad go at it. "It looks like i'll have to order steelsilk just to make him happy again. He'll be unbearable. Maybe it'll just be easier to get a new patron." She sighs heavily, adding insult to injury.

"Mistress Aurora, I could take you on as Protege. Take him armor and his protege!" Alarissa calls out.

Theron finds himself a seat at the high booth, nodding to those present as he watches this pass.

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"Find another protege to poach," Katarina calls back to Alarissa, her eyes bright with mirth. "You can take his armor, but not Mistress Aurora! I won't stand for it."

Agatha roars again, bouncing anxiously on her perch as if she were riding at Felicia's side. "C'MON LITTLE RED C'MON C'MON!" Pause. Whips her head towards Elgana and Romulius. "Waaaait. What challenge?" Sisterly duties.

Perhaps Sparte praised his horse too soon. Perhaps being shown up put a new fire into Wrecking Ball. Whatever way you look at it the third and final round is clearly dominated by the two steeds. Betsy blaisly striding forward in a perfectly straight line at a perfectly reasonable speed as Wrecking Ball tears divots in the dirt as he charges down the field. Both rides are ready, both lances are aimed true, but the fury of Wrecking Ball carries Felicia into a far superior striking zone.

Felicia's lance strikes first, before Sparte's can even find purchase. With a sudden explosion of red splinters he is thrown clear of Betsy to tumble across the ground, Felicia left victorious upon her ferocious steed.

Betsy continues to stride forward as though nothing were wrong, getting to a spot with some good grass to eat near one of the jousting posts. She proceeds to eat her victory grass, who says she isn't a winner? Sparte groans and rolls up to his hands and knees. Oh good, he didn't die. This time.

Gia the peregrine falcon arrives, delivering a message to Theron before departing.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Agatha before departing.

Gia the peregrine falcon arrives, delivering a message to Theron before departing.

Arriving plain late instead of unfashionably late, and not looking particularly hurried about it, wanders Ennettia, collecting some refreshments - hey, tea! Before she looks around, considering seating-- but then there's that final charge, so she simply leans against the tea cart, admiring the decisive blow. Is she giggling as Sparte rolls himself up? Maybe.

Romulius explodes into a cheer, hands flinging up into the air at the momentous victory. Sticks that were once speared through meat, and sticks still holding meat get flung high as he cheers at the finale! What goes up must come down, but fortunately those come down /behind/ the high booth, instead raining down below. Ooops. "Magnificent!" He bellows, stomping his foot hard enough to shake the high booth.

Waldemai applauds for the jousters. "Well ridden and well struck!"

Felix gives a whistle of appreciation for both of the jousters.

Almost leaping out of his seat at the third and final clash, Jasper bellows out a loud roar of a cheer. "YEAAHHH! GET IT!" He announces and then finally sits back down, still cherring and whistling.

Wrecking Ball's at least blue-eyed and not huffing steam, but, really, why he was picked for Felicia's probably obvious given the way the big horse thunders down the list like a runaway cart. Spurred on, without a doubt, by Betsy's tricksy ways in the previous pass. The immediate clash of lances is echoed by another clatter which the redheaded knight wasn't entirely expecting to judge from the way the broken lance is tossed down so she can drag the warhorse up short. Off comes the barbute as she slides off the back of the stallion in order to hustle over and go check on Sparte with a huff of breath, extending her hand his way with a relieved grin.

Wrecking Ball, meanwhile, spies Betsy and without the distraction of the knight on his back elects to sidle over her way to crop grass nearby like 'an' how YOU doin?'.

"Don't you dare!" Rook manages to echo out of the covered faceplate while he hears the crash from beyond and winces, giving a low whining sound, before he steels himself and sits up straight. "Okay, I'll look on three," he provides himself. "One," he begins, "two," and a pant, "three!" Looking down to the field, he then tips his head back and just -laughs-. "Noooooooooooooo!" he calls to the sky, gauntlets to the air. "You -fiend-" he accuses Alarissa, rising sharply upwards, then calling over the bannister. "Well done, Dame Harrow! Master Fatchforth, you have done me proud even in defeat. Though -you-," he spins, a whip of his silk cloak, before staring at Alarissa. Slow lifting his helm off, the obnoxiously long swan feathered helm dances, but it's soon offered in a symbol of the transaction. "A deal's a deal. Well done. Your armour is magnificent and it seems a true amount of investment, no in gold but in meaning, has let Gloria decide today. My armour is yours."

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Lisebet gets to her feet, moving to sit over by Katarina quietly. She's apparently in conversation with some of the others in the general stands, though she does keep an eye on the joust.

"What an amazing bout! From what little I could see!" Theron applauds, rising to his feet. "Bravo! Amazing bout!"

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Betsy gives Wrecking Ball a horse look that roughly translates to eat grass and chill. Someone will need to go step in or else these will be a second round of unplanned entertainment tonight.

Sparte accepts Felicia's hand up, proceeding to pull off his helmet before grinning at her and saying something. He looks alright, probably why he wore the heavy armor today.

Cadenza jumps up and squeaks but it's a cheer as she calls out. "Good job to you both!!!!"

No screams of joy from Alarissa, but she does rise when the dust settles and Sparte's on his ass Felicia's triumphant and Rook's losing it. There is that gracious dip of that Maelstrom coronet rings head to the Valardin prince as he offers up his helm. Alarissa takes it between her gloved fingers. "Gloria shines down upon us both this day." She holds that bedazzled and in the words of one Lady Moore, splendiferous helm. And liberates a singular feather that won't be too amiss in the scheme of things. Then hands the helmet back. "But war is upon us and we both need to be prepared. I graciously let you keep your armor and will instead turn this feather into something to wear, so that whe you see it, you know well, whose armor is far aesthetically superior."

Rook winces as the swan feather is plucked from his helm, likely RUINING it, but the rest makes it more palatable. "Well, you are too kind," Rook insists in return, "and I appreciate your mercy, your highness." Then, alongside his opponent, he indicates the field. "Ladies and gentleman, join myself and Princess Consort Alarissa Thrax in congratulating the victory and celebrating the efforts of our Champions, please!" Then he claps.

Ennettia has, meanwhile, guessed from all the jumping and proclaiming that victory has been achieved! So with her tea cup in hand, she admires the armored duo in charge of the dual, before laughing lightly at the antics in the seats -- all the hopping and jumping in joy of everyone! Shamelessly, she does remark aloud, "I almost feel guilty for missing the bulk of it. How utterly tragic."

Lou is overheard praising Alarissa for: For challenging Prince Rook to a duel over his armor, and winning!

Lou is overheard praising Rook for: For being a good sport about losing the duel, and giving over your armor!

Waldemai applauds on cue.

Lou is overheard praising Sparte for: For being Prince Rook's champion in the duel of over armor!

Lou is overheard praising Felicia for: For being Princess-Consort Alarissa's champion in the duel over armor!

:laughs then, turning her attention to Lou. "I have been back almost two weeks, I think. I am enjoying it, but it is somewhat overwhelming even with having been here before."

Felicia claps a hand on Sparte's back, only half paying attention to the exchange between Alarissa and Rook, mostly because she's just realized that Wrecking Ball has made himself a 'friend', oh gods. She nudges Sparte forward to let him take the first bow, wincing and giving up on trying to disturb the horses in favor of offering the crowd a bow of her own.

Katarina is overheard praising Rook for: You look better than my sister, Alarissa, hands down. Shine bright like a diamond, husband!

"As hgh Highness states. Please come down and join us for tea, admire the detail in Prince Rook's armor and celebrate the close run by our champions!" Alarissa calls out, turing to the Felicia and Sparte. "Master Fatchforth. Youa rein one piece yes?"

Katarina is overheard praising Alarissa for: Ugh. She still looks good.

Katarina is overheard praising Sparte for: Even though Master Sparte lost, he certainly put on a show.

Stumphrey, a toast-colored corgi with big ears and a floofy butt arrives, delivering a message to Jeffeth before departing.

Sparte doesn't bow. Oh, no. That isn't happening. He instead gives two big thumbs up to the crowd, because he is that kind of corny and his back hurts. He calls out in reply. "I am, but please excuse me your highness! I need to go tend to my horse before my horse is tended to!" He pats Felicia on the shoulder before heading over to where Wrecking Ball and Betsy are, making break it up gestures to his horse that makes it clear he isn't there to play wingman.

Katarina is overheard praising Felicia for: Dame Harrow is utterly amazing upon a horse, but I would expect no less from one of the King's Own.

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Sparte is overheard praising Felicia for: A fine rider and able fighter! I could lose to far worse but few better.

Sparte has left the Field.

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Rook claps his hands for the departure of Sparte and once done, he laughs, offering his arm to Alarissa. "Shall we go and congratulate your Champion personally and see to the remaining audience, your highness? Congratulations, once more."

Alarissa is overheard praising Rook for: For taking it like a man.

Cadenza is overheard praising Felicia for: Now that's what I call a rider!!

Katarina has left the General Seating.

Quiet, a Valardin champion, Aioni, a regal snowy white owl, Pawn, the courtier's apprentice leave, following Katarina.

Alarissa slides her arm into Rook. "Please. Lets do." Alarissa gives a graceful wave to the others present, Talwyn and Ennettia in particular, then one for Romulius before she turns her attention to the rubicun garbed woman. "Dame Harrow. You have done me proud. I invested well. May you protect the King as good as you do my armor."

Violet slides quickly from her spot now that Felicia seems to be more available for congratulation. She doesn't have a lot of time, but she slides to her side with a smile. "That was very well done," She says and eyes the horses. "Uh...well I was gonna ask if you stud him but..."

Romulius stands and claps for Alarissa, offering a wave to the Princess-Consort then gives a sharp whistle using his fingers to make it as loud as possible. "Congratulations Highness!" He calls out over the roar of the crowd as best he can, fortunately he has a loud deep voice that carries well, rough as it is. Then he is looking back to his companions at the high booth and says to Agatha, "Would I do something like that?"

Lou nods her head to Felix as he rises. "I will do just that."

Felicia trails after Sparte to go corral Wrecking Ball, muttering at the big stallion in low tones as she goes to retrieve her barbute and take the horse by the stands, in search of Violet and Agatha, specifically,"He did great, Fatchforth did, wasn't much in it, if he'd been on target on the second pass he'd have landed me in the dirt." she nods and calls out to Alarissa with another slight bow,"A task made easier with your help, your highness, thank you." she grins at Violet as she comes up, shaking her head a little,"Gods, well, yes, sort of? Not... intentionally. But... yeh. Going to have to hobble him when we're in camp in Crovane if he keeps this up."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Rook before departing.

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Theron rises to his feet, nodding to those at the general seating before leaving quietly. Well, as quietly as rubicund plate armor will allow.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Aurora before departing.

Ennettia offers Alarissa a lazy little smile, one hand rising in a flutter of fingers. The armored pair look striking together, after all! THere may also be some blatant eavesdropping as she moves closer towards the crowd, catching hints to title and names...and horse biology. "The poor thing. Can't he simply work it out of his system a few times and be fine?"

Romulius is overheard praising Alarissa for: For having the prettiest armor and being so generous!

Agatha stands up and pulls the backpack on. Elgana's fashion talk has her just a bit turned around. "Well, I think you'd win anything you set your mind to. I'll ask you about all that later!" She holds her hand out to Elgana and grins. "We should go congratulate the jousters. I wanna pet the horses and hug Felicia! I miss Wiggy." Poor Wiggy, if that's her horse. So much Redrain to carry! And if Romulius wants to follow, well! "You are very ... mischievous, Lord Romulius. You just might!" LOOK There's Violet! And Felicia. INCOMING!

Aurora makes an arching wave towards Felix as he departs, "a drink it is. I dont drink, so you bring that and i'll bring the fire." It seems equal?

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Agatha before departing.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Agatha before departing.

"The King must be very pleased with your efforts in training, Dame Harrow," Rook agrees with his companion, bowing his head to Felicia, then looking to Alarissa. "Worth the armour, then? The Dame's, that is," he expresses. "Now, let me wander on over quickly to my protege, hm? I do so hope that you don't throw another duel my way for some time, your highness!"

Valor, a small brown and white corgi puppy arrives, delivering a message to Niklas before departing.

Violet chuckles in amusement and nods her head. "Brace yourself," She says suddenly as she sees the Bear Princess, OKA Agatha, heading their way. Her arms are held out to accept the incoming hug of the Redrain woman. "I have to go, you two. But I wanted to offer my congratulations, Felicia. Once we get to Stormwall, we'll have a celebatory drink. If not on the way," And then she turns to clap Agatha -hard- on the arm in a companionable way. "I heard you threw Jeffeth out of the ring. You have to do it again sometime so I can see!"

"-Worth- all that Rubicund." Alarissa assures rook and Felica,a dip of her head, the coronet staying in place. "I shall leave you to your adoring crowds and should I need a tilt parter again, I shall call on you. Maybe you'll get diamonplate out of me next." Alarissa lettig rook go to his protege and others to crowd Felicia, twisting that featherbetween her fingers, that obnoxiously large swan feather and heading back to gather up her tea.

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Romulius starts down from the high booth after it has cleared out some, following along after Agatha and Elgana, though the latter does get an arm offered to her with a rumbled, "Highness." And a smile.

"I'm bringing lots of whiskey. Wish I'd picked up more at the event yesterday, but I'd be surprised if it wasn't a very scarce commodity." Felicia offers to Violet, and Agatha by extension, sound of her name drawing her attention to Rook and Alarissa with a respectful dip of her head,"Thank you, your highness. And I certainly hope his majesty is pleased." she grins broadly at Alarissa,"It's a deal, if you need a jouster again, I'll certainly do it for a set of diamondplate." she agrees impishly.

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Willen leaves, following Lou.

Agatha hears Alarissa offering Felicia diamondplate and HAHS. "We'll have to armwrestle to be your champion for that!" She seems to be joking as she leans in to tuck an arm around Felicia after she hugs Violet in greeting and farewell. "I will, Vi! And see you at the front if we're not in the same group going up north." She kisses the smaller blonde on the cheek with an easy affection. Then time to heap praise on Felicia! (And Sparte). "You two were wonderful! All the way to the end, and then you SMACKED 'im, Little Red. I was impressed! And this is my sister Elgana. And Romulius Blackshore." Okay, she's trying to forgive the guy but she does roll her eyes a little.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Agatha before departing.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Agatha before departing.

Aurora grins towards Rook as they share a moment, the woman patting him gently as he is defeated. "It was exciting, in any event. I enjoyed myself and met people. I talked." Talked, Rook!

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Agatha before departing.

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As Agatha takes off, Elgana simply sighs and shakes her head. "I'm going to miss her while she's gone," she murmurs, but she accepts the arm of Lord Blackshore. "And I fear I won't be able to be company for you for much longer, my lord. I must go meet with the head of my house about something very dear to my heart," she pauses to look at the man with a smile. "Otherwise, I would be ever so glad to stay here with you. You are most kind to me, my lord." She gives a little curtsy to him as she then allows him to lead the way. Upon reaching Agatha and company, she grins and nods. "It is a pleasure to meet you and well done. You are a fierce warrior, it is no wonder my sister looks up--down--er," she looks and checks the height difference if any between Felicia and Agatha before laughing. "She thinks very highly of you!"

Felicia huffs at Agatha,"I'd be impressed at the horse strong enough to tilt with you astride them, Bear!" she grins, nodding for Elgana respectfully before turning her attention towards Romulius,"Aye, I remember him. He called me pretty and I threatened to stick him with my hairpins." she informs with a coloring of her cheeks,"I was having a bad day." she ahems before nudging Red,"I found a dress, for that... ah... date, thing, I agreed to? With... y'know... the short guy with the pretty smile."

Lisebet smiles as she rises to her feet, moving closer to where she can see the jousters. "Well fought," she calls out with a smile and a wave. Not really trying to get next to Felicia and Sparte but just letting her voice be heard as well.

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Rook laughs easily at the end, bowing his head to Aurora, agreeing. "As I said, a miracle, and one I approve of. Do it more often, hm? Also, we should meet soon, there's an idea I need you for. Until then?" Then he whisks himself off, so player can wind down for the evening!

Aioni, a regal snowy white owl arrives, delivering a message to Rook before departing.

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Felicia grins at Lisebet with a dip of her head, offering a salute with a couple of fingers in gratitude before offering to the cluster in general,"I'm supposed to leave for Crovane tonight, but, before that, I'm thinking I need some whiskey."

Niklas looks at the collector's cup in his hand, shrugs and tosses it behind him, then heads toward the exit. He offers appropriate congratulations as he passes, then waves to Lord Theron, making a complicated series of gestures either indicating a desire to talk to the Sword of Ostria or to invite him to dinner someplace nice.

Violet chuckles at Agatha's peck and shakes her head. "Well, we're marching with Redrain so I imagine we'll have plenty of knights to all keep another company. But speaking of companies..." And she reaches out to clap Felicia and Agatha in friendly fashion once more before turning to head for the exit. On the way she pauses as she spots Elgana. Much easier to miss for being quieter and smaller than Agatha. "Ah! Princess Elgana. I wanted to let you know I'll do my best to keep an eye on your sister while we're up north. As much as anyone can," She shoots the Red Bear a grin and then back. "I have to go!" And with that she is doing just that.

Standing from her seat she smiles brightly as she waves to Felicia. "Good job!! Congrats on your win!!" With that she looks over and sees two off her fave Redrains. "Princess Elgana! Princess Agatha!!" Smiling she gives them a wave before looking to Ignacio. "So what are you going to do now?"

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As Rook leaves her to head elsewhere and perhaps tend to his pride, Aurora has done her job of being loyal to her patron. She has been social, in not a bit awkward but thats to be expected. Then she and her very large python depart for other things to conquer!

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Agatha twists and looks over her shoulder when Elgana talks about speaking to Darren about something dear to her heart. Again - the look of So Many Feelings!!! When Elgana is close again, Agatha scoops her close. Yes, she's a little overprotective. But the world might end for one of them in a matter of days. She's allowed. "We can find one for me when I get back, perhaps! Well. After I've saved up for a new weapon!" A brow goes up at the mention of a dress and she smiles softly at Felicia. "No one will be good enough for Little Red, but you can look darned good for the man that's trying to be!" She grins at the 'much as anyone can' from Violet. "She's right. I'm a handful." She also grins at whoever just wavesd before talking to Ignacio

Lisebet waves a hand to Felicia, and continues on her way out.

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Romulius chuckles at what Felicia says, "Yes," He rumbles, "I remember that well. I am pleased it was just a bad day, Dame Harrow." He offers a bow to her politely and then nods towards Elgana, "Of course Highness. Perhaps I can escort you to wherever your next engagement is?" He then looks over at Agatha and raises an eyebrow, "Highness, I assure you, I am neither slippery nor do I say things I do not mean. Ever. It is a personality flaw." He speaks slowly so his accent doesn't come out, but he smiles at Agatha, "And I still mean every word, to this day." He rumbles good naturedly. "My only regret, is my words were taken as something other than I intended, and that is my fault. I apologize again. Publically now. In front of all these fine people." He gestures with one huge hand and then extends his attention to Felicia, "And to you as well, Dame Harrow. If my words caused discomfort, I apologize. I meant quite the opposite in the saying of them."

"Someone has to look after, big red," Elgana laughs as her sister just scoops her up like that, tugging her close. "And I know you will keep her safe, Violet. Just as Agatha will look after you. All of you who are going with her." No tears. Elgana sniffs slightly as she hugs her sister. "And besides, all of you are coming back home. It's just a matter of when. I won't accept anything less from Redrains." As Agatha speaks of a dress, Elgana beams. "I will have something sorted out for you, sweet sister." Another fiece little hug and then Elgana is squirming away, though reluctantly as she gives Agatha a little sad smile. "I have to go speak with Prince Darren about something very important, but I will see you later. I promise." And then to Romulius she smiles and nods to him. "That would be most kind of you, my lord. I am needed back at the villa."

"Little Red," Felicia scoffs at Agatha,"isn't anyone's. I can't marry, that's part of my vows, Bear, so there's never going to be a Mister Red. And that's okay." she chuckles wryly,"Besides, I am not dying for companionship, just so you know. I have companions of that fashion." she shakes her head slightly to Romulius,"The blunt truth of the matter is, my lord, noble men who say I'm beautiful are generally only looking for a tumble, because they know that there's no future in it. Which is fine... most of the time. But... it's been a rough few months." pause,"Which isn't an invitation, just so we're clear. But I should get Wrecking Ball back to the stable for a rest and rub down before we head out for Crocane."

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Violet watches Elgana and Agatha for a second. There is a little tightness in her expression. "I will see you all soon," And she turns and is heading out at a quick pace. This colonel has places to be!

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Private Erin leaves, following Violet.

Cadenza looks to the others....a pursing of her lips before she smiles and gives them all a wave. Time for this Velenosa princess to find some trouble. Might as well before she heads out.

"And the blunt truth, Dame Harrow, is that a strong woman is often far more beautiful to me than a weak one. A warrior even more so." Romulius rumbles to Felicia, "It was not an invitation, so much as an observation." He bows his head Felicia, "Very good jousting Dame Harrow." He smiles and then looks after Elgana when she goes, losing her in the crowd before he can escort her.

Agatha starts to WAIT at her sister. "No, not a dress for me, for HER for ..." But then she is on her way and Agahta is watching her sister go, and Violet go, and she is a forlorn big bear. Shoulders slump and she just sort of nods at Romulius' apology, all half hearted without her blood there. "Oh, wasn't thinking Mister Red. I just mean worthy of ... bah. Words. I am very bad at words tonight."

Ignacio tucks his thumb into his sword belt as he gives the others a nod as he passes by them, following Cadenza out of the Tournament Grounds.

Felicia claps Agatha on the arm,"Let's get some whiskey and hit the Grotto before we have to climb on horses and ride to battle, yes?" she suggests,"And I already bought one over at Petal's shop. It has flowers on it. I think it will be... good enough, at least."

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"ANd in what camp does that leave me Lord Blackshore?" Alarissa calls out from where she sits in all that carmine and charcoal leather.

"Untouchable." Romulius says to Alarissa with a smile, "And that makes you all the more desirable which is almost impossible to be believed." He rumbles with a bow to Alarissa, his words slow so he doesn't speak with an accent, trying to remember his courtly manners it seems. Straightening up he heads over towards Alarissa and smiles, "Princess-Consort Alarissa." He rumbles, "There are always exceptions to every rule, and you are the exception to every rule when it comes to that subject."

Agatha gets pulled out of her gloom somewhat when Felicia mentions flowers. She looks at her counterpart for a moment with a HUH expression before she nods. "You know, you can be the second biggest fierce redhead around and still be very flowery!" She looks over at the horsess and edges closer to perhaps make friends with Wrecking Ball. "Oh, I have to see another friend before I ship up and then say a final goodbye to Elgana. But I will catch up with you for the journey?" Romulius grabs her attention and a curious look when he brings out the flattery for Alarissa. "I can not figure out if he is good at this or bad at this. What do you say, Your Grace?"

"I don't like dresses. Or flowers on my clothes. But. I figure in the least that I can't be accused of not taking my word seriously." she gives a dip of her head, offering a salute for Alarissa and the others before she elects to swing up onto Wrecking Ball's back again and head off.

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Wrecking Ball, a black stallion leaves, following Felicia.

"Do you refer to the flattery that he pulls out for me? Or the way in which he sprawls across a seat?" Alarissa smiles. "Princess Agatha." Knowing the woman vaugely. "He can be very smooth much like my husband when he has need of it. But I prefer that which is natural. A rough diamond is still, after all, a rough diamond."

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