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Written By Reese

March 21, 2018, 3:12 a.m.(5/24/1008 AR)

Relationship Note on Estaban

Baron Estaban Saik died in battle while commanding Southport Fleet as part of the Untied Fleet of Compact as we battled the sea beast’s ships, minions and Reveka Tyde. I give the details because I was there and because Estaban is a friend of mine. He fought bravely against the first wave and in the first naval battle, defeating many of our enemies. He sailed to Setarco to defend Compact, knowing that he might die and yet he put us all before his own safety. When the second and much big wave of enemies came, Estaban didn’t even think about backing down and once again he fought bravely and defeated many of our enemies. After the giant glass abyss shark exploded, Estaban was hit in the neck with a large piece of glass. He died very quickly and I do not believe that he suffered, but that is only a small comfort for those of us who suffer knowing he is gone.

I have many memories of Estaban. The fights with him on the sparing grounds, the long talks about my trouble with women (he was so understanding and insightful), his work with the Iron Guard, his heroism at the siege of silence, his work on Gray Forest missions, his loyalty to his friends, his caring nature, the hard work he put into his fighting and so much more. He saved my cousin’s life, Aiden. Prince Aiden did great work at the battle of Stormwall, but he wouldn’t be here to do that work if i wasn’t for Estaban. Esteban beloved and is beloved by Baroness Lucita. My thoughts and prayers are with her and their child. He choose an exceptional wife, but he is an exceptional man. Lucita was also bravely at the battle, risking her own life as well and doing great work to help protect us all.

My pain at losing Estaban is nothing compared to what Baroness Lucita and Prince Aiden most be feeling and yet it is still a deep pain. When I got back into the forest and start our missions once again, they will not be the same without Estaban. I have a painting I made for him, of a black panther in the gray forest. I gave him one copy and kept another for myself. I will treasure it always.

Written By Felix

March 21, 2018, 2:50 a.m.(5/24/1008 AR)

For those who may not read the Classifieds, for those who have fallen in battle - Seaborn Weaponry is offering to craft Memorial Weapons crafted to the specifics of those who wielded them. These will be done free of charge, and done at a priority over any order that isn't for someone going out to the field for battle.

Written By Vanora

March 21, 2018, 2:27 a.m.(5/24/1008 AR)

Thank you.

To all who risked their safety and security to defend Setarco from this ancient enemy. I realize that it was for the good of the Compact and not out of generosity to the Silken City for generosities sake, and yet still wish to express my deepest appreciation.

Not on behalf of my former house, for I am sure that more eloquently than I they will express similar sentiments.

But on my own behalf, because I wished to say it too.

Thank you.

Written By Aiden

March 21, 2018, 2:22 a.m.(5/24/1008 AR)

Relationship Note on Estaban

I thought I knew loss. I thought I knew pain. I thought I was strong enough to bear what war brings, what the path of the sword brings for those who rise to the call. I thought I was ready to accept that those who I love, could meet their end. And then... I received word of ... Estaban Saik.

My lungs gave out... I knew no breathlessness as this. The very cavity of my chest drew in on itself, my ribs a prison for my breath, that the appeal of clawing fingers did not ease. I fell to my knees, the water streaming from my face a river beneath me, becoming the ocean of my sorrows which came to drown me in their currents of despairing grief. I closed my eyes and I saw a shadow. For a moment, I heard his laugh and saw him come to me with the sweetest smile, before he passed across my gaze. The caress of his memories was but the gentle breeze of the ocean wind, as I crumbled to the earth and lifted my rage to the skies.

For many long hours I bellowed profanities up to the Queen of Endings, not knowing where else and who else would hear my anguish with such grace as the Goddess who gathers us when our time is up. The Queen of Endings may have heard my anger and received my sorrows, but that does not replace the hole in my heart for my departed friend... Estaban... a man who I called my brother.

I ask for time to grieve, for the selfless man who saved my life two years ago upon the ramparts of Arx. I ask for time to grieve over a man who came to walk by my side as a brother, a friend that I shared laughter with as we drank, and the lion who aided my rise to a griffon. I ask for time to give him what he deserves of me; time to honor him, his memories, and our story together.

I will remain humbly bowed before the statue of Mangata, in silence and prayer, until this weight of loss... ..............................................................

[journal ends with ink blotches of unfinished thoughts]

Written By Cadenza

March 21, 2018, 2:04 a.m.(5/24/1008 AR)

I have lost cousins....

My words fail me at this time now that I can....breathe and let out all of these emotions.

I saw things from my nightmares. I did things that I said I wouldn't do per my loved ones....but I had people that watched my back. I will have those thanks but for now....I mourn.

Written By Grazia

March 21, 2018, 2:04 a.m.(5/24/1008 AR)

Relationship Note on Theron

I am waiting for you, Theron Mazetti.

Written By Sorrel

March 21, 2018, 1:58 a.m.(5/24/1008 AR)

I have sung every note that can be sung, at this point, at least twice. Always by my side were Lucita and Tikva. We are a team, a choir, and together we serve. It is strange, in many ways, to be a military asset and thus a military target. Ian had a good plan, and he protected us admirably. I am glad that Galen put him in charge of our safety. Without Ian, we might have lost a chorister. Without the choir, we might have had many more dead. We almost lost Tikva in the first skirmish, but she pulled through. Dark resonances.

As it is, we are weighted with the news that Baron Estaban, Lucita's beloved husband, was killed in combat at sea. He is not the only one, of course, but he is the one that is most personal for us, the one that hits our company the hardest. They were still newlyweds, not even a year married. And she's expecting. The baron's heir will be posthumous.

Exhaustion overwhelms.

Written By Wash

March 21, 2018, 1:49 a.m.(5/24/1008 AR)

The ships rose up from the waters. I swear they were the same ships we sunk yesterday, back again. Somehow, the enemy has found a way to bring back not just those who had been taken by the sea but the vessels that carried them.

This time they brought reinforcements. Perhaps they found those reinforcements in the waters around Setarco, who can say? It was a mystery how they were sustained outside the Darkwaters. What happened when the storm blew away the darkwaters around Maelstrom? The enemy dispersed. Not so here.

Then the Red Serpent exploded. I have never seen something burn so quickly. It boiled the water, pushing it out over the enemy fleet like a burst of lava spewing forth from the ocean. That was not enough to end our foe, but it did provoke their master to show himself.

A shark. Armored entirely in glass. Eighty foot long. We have long believed there are monsters in the sea. The sea doesn't need monsters, there is room enough for everyday creatures to grow to such enormous size.

My first instinct was to destroy the beast. I dropped my anchor and hoped to entangle the creature, then winch it up against my hull and cut it in half with the leverage of my capstan. But the High Lord issued orders to focus on the enemy, ignore the shark. Unfortunately, he did not ignore me.

So we sailed away from it, dodging, tacking, jibing. Eventually it did catch us, no cog, not even the Bounty can match the natural grace of a shark in its element. But it caught us by the anchor, which I severed. We had one last chance to run before it. At least this way it did not devour any other ships in the meantime.

Something went wrong however. I believe Mangata must have favored us. The shark died, whatever held it's mirrored armor to its body relaxed and the glass shards scattered over the entire fleet. No one was unscathed. Then the darkwaters poured out of the shark. They must have been inside the beast all along, sustaining our enemies. They did not last long, though their parting blow was almost as painful as the glass explosion.

We will face such threats again. I hope that Mangata favors us then as well.

Written By Merek

March 21, 2018, 1:30 a.m.(5/24/1008 AR)

I marched into the battle, one much like the Silent War, with many enemies. We marched back out, and the number of friends that have left us to be with the Queen is too many. I wish them the best on their turn of the Wheel.

[The handwriting is different, as if the one writing it was emotional.]

Written By Serafine

March 21, 2018, 1:25 a.m.(5/24/1008 AR)

Let it be that upon my death, my blacks are to be released to my sister, Eleyna Velenosa, with an equal copy going to Leta Broadbent. Between the both of them, they can decide what gets made public and what does not. This entry, however, will be made public.

I want it known in the history of our people, in these pages we keep for the generations to come, that would it not further divide the Compact and stress out my family, I would marry Leta Broadbent. As I understand that political climes are not accepting of it, and my beloved cares not for such things, I care.

I care that the woman I love, though many find the fault in her birth as commoner, she shines to me more glorious than any Queen, King, Princess, or Star; that I love her, and in my heart and in my home, I call her 'wife', because she is to me in all the ways that matter.

I invoke Vellichor to keep this singular fact true, that the world will remember, that Serafine Athalie Velenosa loved Leta Broadbent until the very end of her days, with every inch of her soul.

Queen of Endings, if you could stall my turn on the Wheel to have me meet her again in the next life, that we might love again, I would be your servant.

Written By Theron

March 21, 2018, 1:24 a.m.(5/24/1008 AR)

Relationship Note on Grazia

I am coming home, Grazia Rubino.

Written By Eleyna

March 21, 2018, 1:23 a.m.(5/24/1008 AR)

Lord Cicero Malvici.

Baron Estaban Saik.

Princess Serafine Velenosa.

Again, the Lyceum bleeds. Again, the Lyceum grieves.

Written By Ian

March 21, 2018, 12:29 a.m.(5/24/1008 AR)

Forwarded from Setarco.

I'm not dead.

Messengers aren't practical, so I hope this will do.

Written By Isidora

March 20, 2018, 11:32 p.m.(5/24/1008 AR)

I lay in a forest clearing
I watched the sky peek through the boughs of maple trees
The fragrance of the earth lulls me into serenity
The sounds of the forest beckon me deeper
I remain.

My heart swells with the blessing of life from the gods
while it also aches for those who have been lost to battle.

Written By Ven

March 20, 2018, 10:53 p.m.(5/24/1008 AR)

"Our thoughts on those found far away,
yet safely here we must stay,
listen well and hear me say,
hold fast your hope, ere come the day."

Written By Jaenelle

March 20, 2018, 10:21 p.m.(5/24/1008 AR)

I have sat here for hours reading journals. Each and every journal written by each person who wrote something they wished to preserve. I have tried my best to understand what is happening to those I love, what they face even while I know I could never fully comprehend such horrors that war provides to those brave enough to face them willingly.

As a liability anywhere but home, I will always try to understand. I will always mourn for those lost.

Written By Ianna

March 20, 2018, 8:04 p.m.(5/23/1008 AR)

And another thing. As a healer, I am NOT pleased with how many pregnant women are on the battlefield without letting their healers know! Please let your healers know in advance so that we don't accidentally treat you with medicines that might harm your child! I do not think pregnancy is an illness or makes one frail, but I am deathly afraid of making a tragic mistake.

Keep this under advisement!

Written By Ianna

March 20, 2018, 8:01 p.m.(5/23/1008 AR)

I never realized that I have a talent for shouting. It seems that I am quite good at it! And I do admit, it is quite satisfying.

Knights, dukes, archlectors... no one is a match for a healer trying to get her job done. There is much power one can wield without ever touching a blade.

Written By Reigna

March 20, 2018, 8 p.m.(5/23/1008 AR)

In the last few days, since my return from Stormwall, I myself have had difficulty sleeping. My appetite is poor and I find myself more prone to anxiety (though this is clearly also impacted by my husband's continued fight in Setarco) and temper. I have had numerous others come to me as I make my rounds in the House of Solace and Saving Grace hospital express similar symptoms.

I am considering hosting a luncheon. A gathering where we can discuss things that we saw, things that we feel, fears that we now carry. I do not know if this is something that might interest others. If there is any interest, please do let me know and I will attempt to coordinate a series of gatherings. Informal situations in which we can discuss things. I will also be able to offer suggestions on sleeping aids.

Please let me know.

Written By Lucita

March 20, 2018, 7:22 p.m.(5/23/1008 AR)

The fleets battle ended and they were heading back to port, Princesses Tikva, Sorrel and
I had tried our best, hoping we had been able to keep the morale of our troops bolstered.
Silently we sipped water or wine to sooth our throats. As we stood there, darkness started
to grow over the water and we started to feel a sickening feeling that something was
coming toward the ground troops, those on the wall and in the towers.

Lord Corban Telmar stood in a position to guard Princess Sorrel Thrax. Lord Ian Kennex
kept our Thrax guards, Red with the table-smashing temper, Svenson (who was told by Ian
that we's sing about him some day) and the others in position to face whatever it was,
archers, attackers, some with shields to surround us. A lantern with the eternal flame
burned beside us and holy water nearby and Archlector Madeleine stood supportively with us,
prayers and reassurance offered. Spaced in positions to defend us stood Lord Theron
Mazetti, Shard, Adalyn Clement, Elyse, Princess Serafine Velenosa, Lady Regla Navegant,
Dame Leta Broadbent, and someone wearing a skull mask. Brave souls, one and all and ones
to whom we owe our lives.

Then it emerged from the sea, a huge monster, reaching from the ground to the top of the
tower in which we stood. It had dozens of globular whitish-grey eyes, blue-black tough
skin the color of a bruised corpse coated with algae. Scaly lips framed teeth that were
long and sharp as daggers, and tentacles, it had so many of them, this creature with a
nightmare-ish image. people had seen one like it before, just off the beach in Arx. It
gave a keening wail and attacked.

Archers tried for the eyes with some effect. Our shield wall of guards surrounded us so
only glimpses of a fierce battle were seen but that was enough to earn those brave
warriors respect and thanks for their skill, their protection as it advanced on us. We
sang to our defenders, encouraging bravery, inspiring songs and prayers for their safety.

When one of the tentacles was lopped off, it did not slow the beast that much, instead
the tentacle writhed and grew, turned into a second beast, giving not one but two to be
fought. Shard and Theron were injured but fought on. Teamwork showed in each movement we were
able to glimpse. Adalyn being the most wounded wisely withdrew to let fresher, unhurt
fighters take her place. As the first creature was killed by Lord Corban, the tentacle
beast consumed it and grew, soon as large as the first had been and as vicious. Lord Ian
remained calm, keeping the Thrax soldiers focused and together.

And another different attack began, our foe has something that wailed counterpoint to
the prayers and songs we sang for the soldiers and fear began to grow, our efforts losing
their effect until we changed the order of them and varied the wording of our prayers and
songs more, to slip past the wails. Regla took a hard blow from a tentacle. Shard wound up
with the beast trying to bite her face and jammed her cobalt blade between its teeth,
trying to fend it off, and it vomited forth a third monster amid splattered nauseating
icky stuff and smashed her in the head with a stone tablet. Lord Theron took more damage,
shouting his ribs were broken. I am not sure who killed the tentacle monster, perhaps Leta
Broadbend from what could hear, but the men holding the wall of shields around us blocked

Archlector Madeleine seemed to work tirelessly to pray and encourage everyone to give
just a little more, trying to instill calm and confidence. The singers were nearing the
limit of what we could do, voices straining and weakening, growing hoarse as pain grew in
our throats. Our efforts came at a cost. Princess Tikva collapsed, unconscious and blood
seeping from her nose as exhaustion overwhelmed her just as Shard struck the fatal blow to
the third and last monster and the wailing faded away.

And there the story ends. Princess Tikva recovered and is well. There was much out of my
view, so could not mention each defender's contribution the way it deserves, but know we
would not be here today without them. Thank you.'.

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