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Lady Lucene Gilden

Don't judge something on face value alone. There is always more that you realize lurking beneath the surface

Social Rank: 6
Concept: Forceful Personality
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Gilden
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Unwed
Age: 21
Birthday: 7/7
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: 5'3"
Hair Color: Midnight Black
Eye Color: Hazel
Skintone: Ivory

Description: Sometimes no matter how much exposure to sunlight someone has, they never manage to tan. Lucene is one of those that has been blessed, or cursed, with skin that simply refuses to ever have more color than the flush of sunburn when over exposed. Long, dark hair is a startling contrast against the pale skin, and is often kept back from her face and styled more as an after-thought than a main focus of her appearance. What is the most bold, and most startling, about her appearance is her eyes. Not in their color, which is a fairly standard hazel, but in the mischief that lurks in them.

(Lucene is wearing inconspicuous clothing. An off-white skirt with poofy sleeves and black, waist-high beeches. Her midnight hair is pulled back into a tight, practical ponytail. The only sign of her status is the aureate-hilted sword on her hip.)

Personality: Bold, and fearless, both are the first things about her that most would pick up on. She's the first to leap into a situation, no matter the risk. But there are plenty of other things about her that might be more subtle in comparison to her rough-and-tumble personality. She's hard-working, cares about her family, and has a playful streak that sometimes can turn a little more puckish when she's taken to drinking. Sometimes she's a bit too deep into the drink and can be inclined towards taking things too far by picking fights, or calling for duels, but nothing that ever lasts past the next days sobriety.

Background: As the youngest child she had far more freedoms than some of her older siblings might have had. It gave her the chance to pick up and put down more things than many get to try in a lifetime, before she settled on the fact that she wanted to pick up a sword and become a warrior like her father. Long swords, those seemed to be the ones that she favored over anything else, although she's proficient enough with shorter and lighter swords as well.

Her dedication to her father was so strong that she had a tough time when he passed away, finding her solace at the bottom of a bottle instead of in the arms of her family. She didn't let that get her down forever, though, and eventually crawling back out enough to become functional. Not perfect, no, a large part of her heart was gone, but she was on the hunt for a new purpose. To that end she went to Arx to find a new purpose in serving the family there.

Relationship Summary

  • Lord Ian Kennex - He is my favourite unpolished rock.
  • Lord Martino Malvici - Is he truly a Malvici? He is too foppish.
  • Jules Faberon - Never met anyone quite like him before. Someone who actually enjoys servitude? Madness.
  • Rukhnis Al-Katibi - Admirable woman. In another life, I would have liked walking the same path as her.
  • Sir Corban Telmar - I have found a bar to measure myself up against. My first goal is to be able to land a blow on the man.

  • Friend:
  • Marquis Dante Difidante - I do not know the Marquis well, but I don't need to. His company is a guaranteed good time.
  • Anisha Whisper - She is everything that I am not, and her company is always welcome.

  • Frenemy:
  • Korka Glynn - The audacity of this one! Me, flirting? Pah! She and her lot is the reason that you cannot have a casual conversation with a member of the opposite sex without being the subject of baseless gossip.

  • Family:
  • Lord Dycard Blackshore - Good company and he takes my lighthearted bullying on the chin.

  • Patron:
  • Prince Gaspar Velenosa - Good luck, Prince.
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