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Written By Eithne

Sept. 17, 2017, 11:22 p.m.(3/25/1007 AR)

Work has been for a lack of better words, extremely busy. It makes me beyond thrilled to have so many commissions and seeing so many folks come into the shop to work with the apprentices. I've been working with metal all day and then slipping off to my mother's bakery to help her with another commission there. The mix of scents is positively nauseating but she appreciates the extra hands.

I never realized how similar baking confectionaries and forging armor can be. Maybe I'm more like my mama than I thought.

Written By Killian

Sept. 17, 2017, 11:19 p.m.(3/25/1007 AR)

So. My father was not complicit in Addison's treachery..and now I must face a choice. To stand still in anger and resentment towards him, or to reach out, and attempt to gain resolution with a father who all but disowned me as a boy, in favor of the 'perfect son' that had attempted to murder me. How much did he understand of the path he took, and how much does he suffer now for his mistakes? I do not know what path I shall or should take. Only that staying still is..simply not an option.

Written By Valerio

Sept. 17, 2017, 11:05 p.m.(3/25/1007 AR)

Again, not normally my type of affair. However, The Silent Masque held by House Malvici and House Redrain was fairly interesting. No one talking, essentially. Much easier to be diplomatic this way! I freely admit to not being brave enough to partake in acting in charades. All of those players were fairly excellent.

I have to wonder though... who was that leafy green woman?

Written By Khanne

Sept. 17, 2017, 11:01 p.m.(3/25/1007 AR)

Recently, I asked someone what they thought was most beautiful in life. They answered, and in return asked me for my own response. I think in these times of impending danger, when people fight for their houses, for the Compact, for the good of all our people, and others try to offer support while worrying, hoping their loved ones will return home, it is important to let some light in through the darkness. To think of the good while preparing for what we must do.

So I ask.... anyone who might read this entry into my journals... what is at least one thing you find most beautiful?

I will supply two of my answers here:

Spring mornings in the mountains. As fr north as I lived, snow remained on the ground, at least in patches, sometimes even throughout most of summer. There is something truly magical when the warm air meets the cool mountain and wraps us all in a blanket of mist.

The first brush stroke of paint on a canvas, or charcoal line drawn across the page for a sketch. The birth of inspiration begins in the souls, the heart, the mind, but that first mark is imagination taking form. It is creation.

Written By Valerio

Sept. 17, 2017, 10:54 p.m.(3/25/1007 AR)

Marquessa Igniseri threw an excellent fundraiser. I am not usually one to go on about such things, however the performers certainly were excellent, including Lady Lucita.

Written By Brianna

Sept. 17, 2017, 10:43 p.m.(3/25/1007 AR)

It is always entertaining to attend a Lycene party, even one subdued and held for charity such as the one put on by the Marquessa Igniseri. The King's appearance and the taste of Southern wines made for an excellent evening. Now, if only someone would recognize my lyrical genius--.

Written By Torian

Sept. 17, 2017, 10:39 p.m.(3/25/1007 AR)

Prince Aiden Grayson has graced me with another set of little animal plushes, and already I've made a sale! I don't get what people see in the little things, but it is a rather cute mouse. Still have plush horses in stock as well!

Written By Malesh

Sept. 17, 2017, 10:29 p.m.(3/25/1007 AR)

We pray to all the gods that they might protect our brave warriors fighting at Maelstrom. May they their blows be swift, hard, and unreturned!

Written By Doll

Sept. 17, 2017, 10:26 p.m.(3/25/1007 AR)

Relationship Note on Mirari

Next stupid party you throw, I expect the men not to be wearing shirts. Maybe not pants. Maybe not the women either.

Might even make up for not being able to see their smug, self-satisfied faces this time. Or bloody them.

Written By Doll

Sept. 17, 2017, 10:25 p.m.(3/25/1007 AR)

Relationship Note on Calypso

You're allowed to pay me for my appearance, by the fucking way.

Written By Doll

Sept. 17, 2017, 10:22 p.m.(3/25/1007 AR)

What a stupid party. Where you don't talk and no one sees you.

Food was alright. That's about it.

Written By Nisaa

Sept. 17, 2017, 10:06 p.m.(3/25/1007 AR)

It was good to be dancing in front of a crowd again. It felt good to be able to spread my wings and fly free. I was hired with Cesare Whisper as entertainment for an event held by Lady Lucita and Lady Quenia. I did not get to mingle for much, but everyone seemed to have a wonderful time. I can also now say with pride, I have danced before another King!

Not everything is being wonderful though. I wanted to help my new friends that are of the Thrax peoples, but it seemed that no one had anything for me to be helping with. I am understanding, of course. But I worry for them in this very difficult times. I feel so strongly that I should be helping, that I could be doing something, but, I am not sure what. I hope with my heart of hearts that they are all returning home soon, and if not in good health, in soon to be good health of recovery.

Written By Calypso

Sept. 17, 2017, 9:52 p.m.(3/25/1007 AR)

Relationship Note on Mirari

I am very lucky to have such clever and talented people around me. A silent Masquerade. What a novel idea. I only regret not being able to enjoy the full thing. We'll have to throw more. What good if fight for life if you aren't living it? Well done.

Written By Tarik

Sept. 17, 2017, 9:27 p.m.(3/25/1007 AR)

I have been busy with all of projects recently, but lucky things are beginning to settle down. I am hoping to get back to my normal social routine. I really have been spending too much time in establishment where people are not buying me free rounds of drinks. How am I supposed to leave before my turn to buy the rounds, if no one buys me a round first. I am hoping this Spring I will continue this path of things finally slowly down for me.

Written By Monique

Sept. 17, 2017, 9:09 p.m.(3/25/1007 AR)

Once, when I was running from the Telmar guards after pulling a heist, I fell into a pig sty. Was it a great experience? No. In fact, it was stinking and humbling. But it was the perfect camouflage at a moment when I needed it most. Life has a way of providing. Whether from the Spirits or the Gods or both, or the demesne of Luck, look for the silver lining in everything. took weeks to clean the shite out of my ears.

Written By Olivia

Sept. 17, 2017, 9:04 p.m.(3/25/1007 AR)

It's been a worrying few months, first with much of my family and Grayson acquaintances off fighting in the forest, and then with my cousin and others traveling to Maelstrom to confront yet another threat. Worrying, and of course, at many times frustrating that I cannot do more to aid them. Nonetheless, I continue in my research, as best I can, with guidance from my sister, hopeful that something I turn up might prove of use in alleviating these hardships on our people.

Outside of this, I was able to meet a few new people of interest who remain here in the city, and I am planning - in the current lull in violence - to make another journey into the forest.

Written By Selene

Sept. 17, 2017, 7:54 p.m.(3/25/1007 AR)

A relatively productive week at the House, with a new Whisper having recently joined the house and meeting a handful of perspective new clients. One noblewoman expressed interest in training as a Courtesan, which is a somewhat rare occurence but an interesting task to take on.

Of course, news of the troubles in Maelstrom dominated the attention of many, but as ever, the House acts as a place of solace from such concerns, our hopefullness some small antidote to the worries that people bring in with them.

Written By Eilonwy

Sept. 17, 2017, 7:52 p.m.(3/25/1007 AR)

I am humbled by the bravery of soldiers. I am not a mercy, but I gladly do my part for those who would fight where I don't have the strength to. There is little I can do or give, but what aid I can offer, I do. If not for the selflessness of warriors, people like me would surely have no chance.

Written By Reese

Sept. 17, 2017, 7:33 p.m.(3/25/1007 AR)

I continue to defend Maelstrom, so far it is gong well, all things considered.

I was worried when Sir Preston got so gravely hurt, but I am glad that see that he is recovering.

Maelstrom has been welcoming to us and providing my men and myself with good provisions.

I have many close to me at my side, for they came over with me. While I worry for their safety, I am glad of their presence. (Prince Luca, Lady Arianna, Lord Killian, Master Sparte)

People have been smart about how they fight, keeping each other protected when needed and staying out the range of combat if not a fighter. This has pleased me. My group here is a good one. Sparte has been protecting everyone and making sure we all come out of every fight alive. Faelan is fighting smart. Eilonwy is healing and keeping many of my men alive. Lady Clara is fighting when needed and healing when needed. Lord Graham has been kicking ass too. Lord Killian and Lady Arianna are quite the team on the battlefield. Prince Luca has been protecting me. In a way it is annoying, as I don't want him hurt protecting me and in a way it is quite moving.

Lord Tobias is pretty damn in impressive in how he leads his men and Sir Preston has no fear and complete faith.


Written By Antonio

Sept. 17, 2017, 6:51 p.m.(3/24/1007 AR)

Relationship Note on Valencia

Rest easy, dear sister.

I didn't die.

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