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Heroes and Other Fables

For a thousand years since the Reckoning, the people of Arvum have mostly believed that the old legends were symbolic myths full of allegory and metaphor. Demons and elves, dragons and griffons, they were stories to entertain, or flowery ways to describe threats that could be understood- humans more barbaric than most, but humans all the same. Only now, a world that has been sleeping for a long time has begun to waken, and those old legends are coming to life.

A handful begin to realize the truth. The ancient legends weren't forgotten- they were stolen. Stolen by dark forces that have been an implacable foe of mankind since the dawn of time, and one that delighted in wiping away evidence of its existence. Stolen so they might shackle humanity in a comforting dark cell of ignorance, where no truth might ever seep in. Stolen so each word of the story of the world could be dictated by a dark author. But as evidence begins to be discovered, as hints of magic are found and as not all proof can remain hidden, dread beings stir to keep their control over a world they believe they own. A world that they view as having no room for heroes and other fables.

Chapter 1. A Fable of Peace

In the months since the Siege of Arx and the treason by the Inquisition, peace has returned to the Compact of Arvum. The king is awake and well, leading once more, while the great houses have sought to ease the ravages of war that was left on their own land and settle refugees displaced by the fighting. It is a much needed rest , and the king's marriage to the Lady Symonesse gives hope that the worst is behind them.