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Written By Mydas

Sept. 25, 2018, 12:36 p.m.(9/2/1009 AR)

Relationship Note on Reigna

My response was in agreement to yours, and was to shed stronger light upon aspects you approached but I thought could use further emphasis.

Not all my journal responses are meant to point the flaw in the arguments of others, Marquessa.

Written By Tikva

Sept. 25, 2018, 12:20 p.m.(9/2/1009 AR)

Not to contradict my comrades in arms in this particular army, but I believe the worst pregnancy is not so much the first, second or last; rather, the worst pregnancy is clearly the one that you are subjectively experiencing at the moment.

Written By Reigna

Sept. 25, 2018, 12:19 p.m.(9/2/1009 AR)

Relationship Note on Aleksei

Oh, my friend. I could give you a few examples should you like me to. You probably do not.

It is still worth it.

Written By Aleksei

Sept. 25, 2018, 12:13 p.m.(9/2/1009 AR)

Wow it sounds way better to be on this side of pregnancy and childbirth.

Written By Reigna

Sept. 25, 2018, 12:04 p.m.(9/2/1009 AR)

Relationship Note on Mydas

I had to go back and see my own entry to confirm that I did not imply such. I was, in fact, saying essentially what you just did. I agree that questions should not be seen as threatening because all they do is provide opportunity to reaffirm our own faith.

Perhaps it is my recent lack of sleep, but that is what I said, was it not?

Written By Mydas

Sept. 25, 2018, 11:37 a.m.(9/2/1009 AR)

Relationship Note on Reigna

It's often the case when one speaks of the contrarian nature of the Mirrormasks. The assumption that because we are called upon to speak up when all else are silent, that we always speak up. It's an obviously simplistic and short-sighted view, but an easy one to grasp and thus rather popular among certain circles.

To question everything is as foolish as questioning nothing. And if one's faith is so fragile as to be endangered when difficult questions are considered, then that speaks more of one's moral failings than the ones of the one who asks.

The implicit trust and unity you speak of has its merits of course. A shieldwall is far stronger than a lone warrior. Yet to sacrifice one's own ability to think for the sake of blind adherence weakens faith, weakens trust. Chivalry thus becomes less the source of high ideals and virtues, and instead a mindlessness obedience far from Gloria, and for that matter, from Skald.

To follow like sheep is no great achievement. To stand together despite differences of nature and belief merits far greater praise. And on that, Marquessa, we agree.

Written By Reigna

Sept. 25, 2018, 11:22 a.m.(9/2/1009 AR)

Relationship Note on Mydas

I appreciate your words on Tehom, and have found much of what you speak of most enlightening. I am an Oathlander raised within the Orthodoxy, though, since coming to Arx, I no longer think that I can still call myself strictly Orthodox. It is easy when you are within a chorus of voices, singing the same melody with little to no variation, to think that is the only way to sing. But the addition of counterpoint, subtle harmonies and even the occasional dissonance adds so much more depth and complexity, so much more life to a piece. It was not until coming to Arx that I learned to appreciate this new music of the Faith. I immediately gravitated towards the teachings of Skald and of Death. Incorporating their melodies into the song of the canticles I have loved my entire life. Tehom took more time for me to really understand, but the more I learn, the more I study, the more I understand the value offered in his teachings. I understand that being afraid of what is inside me gives that flaw or quality, power over me. It shapes all my actions the more I try to deny it. By facing it, embracing whatever it is, by removing the fear and seeing it... I take my power back and it no longer controls me. Self evaluation, being able to remove yourself from whatever emotion is overtaking you, taking a breath and then accepting it -- it is a powerful gift.

I think the aspect of Tehom's worship that most grates, or feels uncomfortable for most Oathlanders (and I could be wrong, this is only my theory) is the contrarian nature. The questioning. Chivalry is drilled into Oathland children, and chivalry is often based on implicit trust in those around you to conform to the same rules that you do. It is, quite literally, an honor system. Some see this as hopelessly naive, this trust placed in others without question. And it can be. Trust can be a fragile thing. Questioning can feel as though that trust is wavering, that there is uncertainty when chivalry demands that faith, that belief and trust. I am not saying either side is wrong, but I do see how they can rub one another the wrong way.

What needs to be understood, or what might smooth those ruffled feathers, is understanding that the questions are not asked to shake the foundation, but to provide context for that belief. If you can answer those questions and feel steady in those answers, your faith, your trust is strengthened. If you cannot answer those questions without feeling the ground shifting under you, that is a sign that perhaps your faith, your trust is not as solid as it should be. The trick is not being afraid to face that answer. Accept whichever answer you find. If you are uncertain it does not mean your faith is wrong, it is simply providing an opportunity to strengthen your belief by finding the root of your uncertainty and resolving that question for yourself.

Written By Lisebet

Sept. 25, 2018, 9:26 a.m.(9/1/1009 AR)

I went to watch the duel between Champions Aleksei and Salvatore. I was glad to be there on time, as it was a surprisingly short fight. I think even they were startled by the end of it. It was good to watch the people and the champions, as I haven't been out at such events for a little while.

I've been very contemplative the past little while, thinking about life, marriage, children, and a few other thoughts that came to mind. I reached absolutely no conclusions, mind you, but that hasn't stopped me from thinking.

Written By Rosalie

Sept. 25, 2018, 9:23 a.m.(9/1/1009 AR)

It seems today is the day of talking about children and pregnancy and birth. So I think I'll add to the talks!

Anyone that knows Alex and I knows that we wanted children straight off. We took Kes into our home before we were even married! And she has been insistently demanding a sister ever since. Well now I am pleased to announce that she will have her wish, or as close to it as we can manage. The first new Redtyde will make his or her appearance in the spring! Fitting, a new year and a season of growth and rejuvenation, and a new addition to our House!

...yes Coraline, you can now fuss at me in public!

Written By Niklas

Sept. 25, 2018, 9:20 a.m.(9/1/1009 AR)

Thirteen years ago today the Compact lost someone truly special.

I'm not sure who they were, but they were probably great. Also my mother died.

I haven't spent a single day of those thirteen years mourning or missing her. Might as well spend another thirteen years doing the same!

Written By Edain

Sept. 25, 2018, 8:52 a.m.(9/1/1009 AR)

Relationship Note on Victus

Yes you do. You're not fooling us.

Written By Mydas

Sept. 25, 2018, 8:49 a.m.(9/1/1009 AR)

Tehom and Lagoma.

Our Lady of Change's tenets are closely tied to Tehom. While historically the Mirrormasks and Scholars of Vellichor have ever been close, even before the Faith's civil war, one could argue that Lagoma's teachings are as essential. The Mirror is not offered simply for knowledge's sake. Awareness of our Light and Darkness does not end there. We are not to simply accept our passions and do nothing with them. This inertia is not of the Gods, and is not what is expected of us by Tehom.

No, awareness and knowledge are to be used for change. When one's raging core is uncovered, anger that causes the man to lash out at those close to him, it is not enough to simply say "I am an angry man." and accept it. "I am an angry man, but I shall channel that anger." is the better route. To put one's passions to work, instead of simply embracing, is a core principle of the teachings of Tehom. In so doing, one improves not only their own life, but also the one of those around them. In so doing, they change, and grow.

Yet the relationship between Tehom and Lagoma goes further. It is the duty of the Mirrormasks to offer a mirror to those seeking counsel. We, faceless mirrors, are to listen and aid in whatever way we can, to guide others upon the path of self-improvement and understanding. And how can one do such a thing without mercy for the failings of men and women?

Written By Cambria

Sept. 24, 2018, 10:46 p.m.(9/1/1009 AR)

Today, Damianos celebrates his first birthday. Congratulations, son, you have survived year one.

Written By Violet

Sept. 24, 2018, 10:33 p.m.(9/1/1009 AR)

My reading material has been a bit dry lately. What with maps and tactics being the majority of what I deal with right now. So I was quite surprised to find myself opening a messenger with a rather nicely detailed drawing. Impressively well drawn. Though sadly something I can't share with the masses. It's good to know people around here can still inject some good humor into the random day to day of life. Sending a random missive to someone you don't speak with often, or know well, can be a rare bolt of sunshine on an otherwise mostly dull day.

Written By Lys

Sept. 24, 2018, 10:18 p.m.(8/28/1009 AR)

I dreamt that I sat before a weeping woman; her tears ran like a river until she flooded the world and I drown within them.

Written By Quenia

Sept. 24, 2018, 10:16 p.m.(8/28/1009 AR)

Thank you for such wonderful entertainment tonight, and an invitation to the Finder's Keeper's festival. It was the sort of fun I really think I needed, plus I have a new bottle of whiskey to add to my collection!

But then, I have always loved Lady Monique's wonderful parties.

Written By Victus

Sept. 24, 2018, 10:08 p.m.(8/28/1009 AR)

I don't have a clue what I did.

Written By Alarissa

Sept. 24, 2018, 9:07 p.m.(8/28/1009 AR)

The furniture has started coming in for the shackles renovation and I am very pleased. The seasilk bolsters that have been woven with idyllic views of the isles. Of course, in keeping with the rest of the furniture in the suites, we have have them covered in Cardian leather. The guards are watching close in case some misbegotten soul might think to make off with victus' footstool. They look very nice though. So very nice. Earthy and in keeping with the desire to have a sense of the isles in the back of the soon to be great room, and then the more oceanic, watery toward the window.

Oh the window. It should be done soon, much like the atrium. A bank of them instead, so that we may see the harbor below and the bay beyond. I have Brother Driskell to thank for this suggestions on such. But for now I work with Mistress Adora to see them made. Tufted loveliness. It will take a few more weeks to make the side tables and the last arm chair. Perhaps a card table. Of a certainty a liquor cabinet or something.

It helps me to focus and keep my mind off how miserable this time around I am. This child is already set to be a beast, I am sure.

And almost all of the fruit basket that Prince Edain sent is gone. Though some choice bits were tossed at Victus. He knows what he did.

Written By Kenna

Sept. 24, 2018, 9:05 p.m.(8/28/1009 AR)

Relationship Note on Magpie

Fine, I'll say the obvious if no one else will.

Magpie Grayhope's journals have been super fishy lately.

So very very fishy.

Written By Joscelin

Sept. 24, 2018, 8:53 p.m.(8/28/1009 AR)

Relationship Note on Ida

I think if I give birth in my shop before the altar of my crafts, I'd be quite blessed and quite annoyed, equally.

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