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Sina Izetta

Myth and legend wouldn't exist without important people to fuel them.

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Watchful Servant
Fealty: Thrax
Family: Izetta
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Handmaiden
Height: 5'5"
Hair Color: smoky black
Eye Color: mercury gray
Skintone: fair olive

Description: Stories of exotic beauties found beyond the Saffron Chain pale in comparison to the real thing; Sina Izetta, of unimposing height and lean frame, possesses a captivating presence for a servant girl of little importance. Skin tinted with an olive cast encases what muscle makes up her body, skimming over the shapely curves of her hips and complemented by the dark accents found in the rest of her. Her hair is long enough to brush the curve of her rump, a smoky black with loose waves to the tresses, with the arch of her brows matching in hue. It's her eyes that are most intriguing, however, the irises pale like liquid silver within an iron mold; they sit, cat-like, in her face and overshadow the high cheekbones and plump lips that make up the rest of her features.

Personality: Many people who meet Sina believe the handmaiden to be mute; she talks rarely when outside of Princess Donella's presence, and not at all when in the presence of the men of House Thrax. Obedient, polite, she exemplifies traits desired in servants found around a nobles' home - in public, at the very least.

Those allowed to see beyond the facade she puts forth for the benefit of House Thrax know Sina to be a bold young woman, still quiet but much more prone to mischief and entertainment. She's a lover of dancing and song, and an adept artist who spends much of her free time painting scenes of myth and fantasy.

Background: Sina Izetta is the only child of long-dead Darya Izetta, captain of the Kraken's Mistress, and a thrall upon the ship named Pecha, who was sold off when her daughter was only a toddler. As the captain's daughter, she was a veritable princess aboard the ship, resented by much of the crew and taught many a skill meant for young ladies on the mainlands; she learned quickly the arts she was exposed to as well as those she wasn't.

When the Kraken's Mistress was sunk by the vessels of House Thrax, Sina was taken in - not as a member of the family, but as a member of the staff. At the tender age of ten, she worked within the kitchens, eventually drawn up from the position of house servant to serve Princess Donella at the whim of the late Elton Thrax. Always known to be a quiet girl, she grew alongside the future Voice, six years her junior and readily attached into her later years.

With the Queen's death, and the presence of Princess Donella within Arx, she's gotten her first true taste of the mainland city.

Relationship Summary

  • Donrai - Terrifying Prince
  • Margot - Lady Tyde
  • Dagon - Considerate Prince
  • Victus - Noble Bastard

  • Friend:
  • Donella - My Lady
  • Alarissa - Determined Princess
  • Name Summary
    Derovai A clever young woman who likes ships and sails and not-so-fanciful tales, also routinely underestimated. A useful contact to have, and someone who takes my demeanor in stride, calm and observant. Worth continuing the association, I think, though hopefully she'll learn to like whiskey.
    Magpie Magpie tried to get her to talk dirt about her princess she serves. She wouldn't. Props.
    Vayne This is a woman who made an unforgettable first impression, and that is an understatement.