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Josephine Arcuri

My world is a noisy place. Sometimes, I like to just close my eyes and listen because there's just so much for me to hear.

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Mineral Whisperer
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Arcuri
Gender: Female
Age: 52
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Jeweler
Height: 5'8
Hair Color: Salt streaked grey
Eye Color: Brown
Skintone: Tanned

Description: A slim woman that has seen decades imprinted on her skin, Josephine is what some might call a subtle classic beauty. The fine lines on her face are considered badges of honor to her and the life that she has led thus far. Rounded cheeks, a flash of a smile and warm brown eyes, the salt in her hair does little to detract from her appearance. Her hair is kept up and away from her face in thick braids wound around the crown of her head. She doesn't tower but neither is she considered short and she carries herself with a certain confidence. She favors wearing Lycene fashions when not working with hot metal and her hands are flecked with minute burns that are par for the course in her profession with some even possibly over thirty or forty years old.

Personality: Josephine is by all rights, an intensely private individual. Preferring to remain far from the limelight and enjoy her life of quiet repose and let her work have that far more adventurous life once it's left her hands. Interactions with customers tend to find a quiet and respectful woman who takes intense joy in her life and her family. With the lilt that betrays her heritage of being Lycene by birth to her words, it's uncommon to hear her raise her voice, no swifts movements. She is the quiet common dove in her nest and watching and always kind to her customers new or loyal. Though for the latter it seems like she might go above and beyond.

Background: Josephine Arcuri grew up in Lenosia, commoners within the Lyceum. Scattered across the city, they've been a near constant sight with their skill of manipulating metals to make pieces of jewelry or any other items that one might find they need delicate metalwork that a full smith couldn't do. This was how Josephine grew up all those year ago. Small fingers are good for gathering those bits of metal and working polishing cloths in small tight spaces.

She was one of five, squarely in the middle. Fully set to carry on the family trade even when a few of her siblings did not. As she grew, the woman learned how to choose the best metal for which piece. Why some were not fit for small pieces and other metals were. She had a keen eye for gems and soon made a name for herself as a solid lapidary for the family that would not cheat a customer.

One day she caught the eye of a soldier and soon enough they married. Children followed a plenty, no less than seven of them though the years and not a single set were twins. As with her family, half of her children went on to become sailors, soldiers and two of them joining her in the family trade of being jewelers. Through war she's lost a husband, lost one son to the sea and another more recently to the war in Setarco. The living children are all in Arx and Josephine has decided to pick up roots from Lenosia and move to the city and take her shop with her. To be closer to her children, have the protection of the city. She's too old to keep taking boats to see them and she has grandchildren on the way.

Name Summary
Adora Fellow crafter. Makes things I'd never want to afford. You know what a tiara gets you? Mugged. I don't like her.
Agatha The jeweler I threw against at darts and tried very hard to tie! She's quiet, but seems friendly. I should send Elgana to look at her jewelry!
Aiden The woman is an expert in her field of study. It was quite amazing to listen in detail to what she could tell from a few rocks. Simply, impressive.
Aisha A well mannered jeweler who is quick and efficient at her work.
Alessandro An extremely talented jeweler, very pleasant to talk to, who will no doubt make a very fine Pena the Hierophant.
Amari Our meeting was sadly brief. She seems like someone I'd really like to know better as I have heard of her immense talent and have seen samples of her wonderous creations. I sort of half wish now that she has face blindness and a terrible memory. Bees? Why?!
Artur Miss Josephine is one of the finest jewelers in Arx. I love looking around her shop The Velvet Box and I probably spend far too much money there, honestly! She's a nice lady though, and always very willing to help.
Aurelian A skilled jeweler capable of crafting excellent pieces. Seems my wife-to-be knows who has skill. That said it is a Lycene jeweler.
Barric A quiet woman, works with glass apparently. I hope she has luck getting a shop set up, glazier's are in much demand these days it seems.
Berenice A remarkable crafter. I haven't gotten to purchase any of her pieces, but just window shopping at her storefront is /breathtaking/.
Coraline A woman who is so skilled with jewelry that I am seriously in awe. She is kind but with that core of steel that I can respect, it is no wonder I can't stop visiting.
Dante Few finer crafters in this world. Fewer still who have given so much, though, in sacrifice for the Compact, and myself, however vicariously or unknowingly.
Delilah Someone who conceals a likely bit of humour beneath her silks and inspiring jewelry. As sharp as the facets of the jewelry she wears, as far as I can tell.
Domonico A brave and keen eyed woman. Even when injured she instructed others to be tended to before her.
Draven She is super nice! I like her a lot! She has a really nice cane! Her leg is beat up, but that's okay! She makes amazing jewelry!
Estelle I first met her in the House of Solace, where Josephine was recovering after enduring a wild dog attack in a bid to shield others. She was very kind and patient, and I do not doubt that she was very brave in the face of peril such was her dignity. I can only hope to see her again in better circumstances!
Faruq I am told she is one of the best at finding goods at better than fair value, has a penchance for silk sheets. I share the sentiment.
Gianna A very skilled crafter; I adore her work. She says the things she make sing? Interesting choice of words.
Ignacio A polite jeweler that takes pride in her shop. She works hard and seems to be rather creative.
Iseulet An understanding woman who made me feel warm for doing something special for a dear friend. Her imagination knows no bounds and her advice solid. I think she has found a customer for life in me.
Jeffeth An older lady who has had some very kind words for me. I appreciate her, very much!
Jyri Moving in to save kids, getting bit herself in the process - that was brave and impressive. I hope her leg will be alright.
Kaldur A very kind woman with lovely handwriting and vast stores of patience.
Katarina A Lycene jeweler with hands so gifted, they could take apart even the most fragile of things. She would trust that woman to take apart her dragonweep-backed gown when it comes time to.
Kenna An older woman that reminds me of my own grandmother, though I'd never offend her by saying so! So kind to Lord Kaldur also, which only makes me feel more affectionate towards her.
Lance Such a wonderful soul and wonderful woman. I am reminded of my Mother in some of the best ways that leave my heart aching. I will divine a way to take some of the sadness from her eyes.
Leola I find it fascinating that every Listener I meet is of the commons. I think perhaps nobles spend too much time talking. I was glad to find I had so much in common with her!
Lorenzo An amazingly talented jeweler. I could see giving her quite a bit of work in the future.
Luca I think, in all the time that I have been aware of her, I have never heard anyone tell me anything bad about Mistress Josephine. This is no small feat in Arx, where the wagging tongue is practically the native bird. I often drop through her shop, the Velvet Box, to see what new things she has put out. I confess, I am more of a window shopper than an actual customer, usually, but the craftmanship of what she sells is beyond question.
Marian Sneaky troublemaker, throwing eggs outside of the designated areas. If she wasn't such an excellent crafter, I would growl at her. A lot. Instead, she will have to settle for my arched brow glare.
Michael Well skilled jewelry maker. Fine pieces. Will return.
Mirari This woman is hilarious, and talented. If my mother wasn't dead, I would hope that she might be something like this woman. Too painful to think about.
Monique I cannot even imagine a woman more talented with jewels and metals than Goodwoman Josephine. I wear my tiara always. It is truly a gift beyond measure, as is the woman herself.
Orelia Gracious and patient, and utterly unperturbed by even the most improper topics of conversation. Perhaps I will be lucky enough to meet her again, in a less fraught environment.
Petal A thoughtful and kind crafter who makes lovely jewelry.
Prisila A reputed jeweler from the Lycene city-states. That's she's lived a long life shows her aptitude for navigating the chaos of life. I'll be seeing her again.
Quenia She is a marvel with metals and gems, and is the person I go to most for any jewelry needs. She's also a dear to speak with, and very generous with her donations to charitable causes.
Reese She is quiet, seems serious, lives through her work maybe and I really really wonder she truly thinks of us nobles.
Rook A polite and wise craftswoman of the city, offering her advice on motherhood, all during a home viewing!
Rosalie I like to imagine my mother would have been like her. Warm and kind, but frank and to the point. I love that she sets her own terms and one can either comply or go elsewhere. I'll be sure to visit her shop often!
Roxana A very talented jeweler whose work is incredible...and temporarily outside my budget to my deepest dismay.
Sabella An amazing jeweler who is clearly touched by Jayus. Her inspirational works are simply astounding! She recently old me that materials speak to her, let her know what they want to be and I do not doubt it. Everything I have ever seen her create is stunning and she is so kind and generous!
Sparte There are few more famed and respected members of the crafter's guild of Jayus. Have you ever been to the Velvet Box? I hear that is her shop, but I also hear it doesn't sell velvet boxes. Seems like a missed opportunity to me.
Talwyn She strikes a hard bargain for star iron and just as much contending over beds in the marketplace. In short, I could deeply enjoy her company knowing she has wit and the skill to make a hard bargain.
Thesarin Kind, and clever, and deft. To set a life to making pretty things... that's as a worthy cause as any I've known.
Valarian Impressive! Anyone who says age slows you down is clearly wrong, because she threw those darts better than I could - probably even if she was blindfolded. Amazing. I don't know what she does, but it keeps her fingers nimble, that's for sure.
Vayne Seems a kind woman. I can appreciate her tender heart, and hope she finds solace in the gods.
Victus She throws hard for an old lady.
Yasmine A kind woman with a lot of experience in her eyes. I'm secretly hoping she's the one that gets the cottage.