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Lady Vanora Grimhall

We all need to look into the dark side of our nature - that's where the energy is, the passion. People are afraid of that because it holds pieces of us we're busy denying.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Noble Outsider
Fealty: Thrax
Family: Grimhall
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Religion: Mirrormask
Vocation: Noble
Height: 5'6"
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Green
Skintone: Pale

Titles: Disciple of the Thirteenth, Voice of Grimhall

Description: This is a steel-forged beauty, plucked from the warmth of summer meadow to be hammered in the mountains to a razor's edge. An enviable figure, suited to be the subject of a marble sculpture appears just as cool as that stone itself. There is naught to beckon in her carriage, but rather to admire from a distance. Green eyes near as pale as frosted glass, there are elements of peridot beneath if less sun-soaked. Nobiity is there in facial features, the high cheekbones and petite nose. Lips are soft, generous, and stained more often than not a pale shade of rose. Her hair would fall down to her waist if left free to, the color varying between rich crimson and pale honey. Skin is porcelain pale, flawless, pampered as if hours a day are set aside for her vanity alone.

Personality: Vanora can be difficult to understand upon initial meeting. Something about her makes her come off as frosty, a shell of careful politics and court etiquette that beneath holds deeper and more mercurial moods. She carries herself with the poise and the mask of indifference that those who understand the training of the Priests of Tehom likely find familiar. Still waters do run deep they say, and it is possible to see warmth, humor, and even flirtation when engaged with Vanora. Just avoid her bad side, it will strike as swift and unexpectedly as any viper.

Background: The question of lineage has hung over Vanora since before her birth, in spite of her parents' insistence that she be legitimated as a Pravus, and her four older siblings' grudging acceptance of her as such. That inescapable otherness provided her an outsider's perspective and made her a precocious student of motives.

As her brothers' youthful teasing turned to adult scheming, Vanora was sent to a nearby temple of Tehom with increasing regularity, a precautionary move taken by a mother who had already insisted on a religious education. By the time her father and brothers had been banished from Setarco, or executed for their crimes against House Pravus, she had donned the Mirrormask as a disciple.

Now she travels to Arx to speak of Tehom's passion and majesty, and perhaps as an extra set of eyes for the House that finds her more useful now than ever before.

Relationship Summary

  • Ian - Pathetically bitter

  • Acquaintance:
  • Alarissa - Princess Consort of Maelstrom
  • Victus - Highlord of the Mourning Isles
  • Aleksei - Archlector of Skald.
  • Victoria - Ford's aunt and a voice of wisdom
  • Bianca - Archscholar of Vellichor, and not hard to see why
  • Skye - Dreamer and Blackshore Baroness
  • Gailin - Mirrormask and Titania's husband
  • Mydas - His name is not, as it turns out, Mydas
  • Talen - Grand Duke-Consort of the Lyceum
  • Aldwin - The Dominus has my eternal devotion and gratitude

  • Family:
  • Niccolo - respected uncle
  • Juliana - charming cousin
  • Arianna - a cousin, but beloved as so much more
  • Lianne - Pravus cousin and scholar
  • Harald - The Grim Duke is my father now, and he and Grimhall have earned my loyalty dozens of times over
  • Belladonna - Our relationship has always been complicated, but I know my cousin is always in my corner. As I am in hers.
  • Ingrid - Valdemar's sweet, thoughtful younger sister
  • Ingvar - Younger brother to Valdemar, cheerful and amusing
  • Darion - My son with Ford is growing up happy and healthy

  • Parent:
  • Carole Blanchard - if any think /I/ am secretive they should meet my mother
  • Zacharie Pravus - Father no one can say you did not try

  • Ally:
  • Vayne - Archlector of Tehom and source of endless wisdom
  • Ettoire - Eleyna's brother and I have a long history. He reminds me of my old friend Mydas.

  • Sibling:
  • Fabian - my eldest brother was executed for his role in the assassination of Piero Pravus.
  • Marco - Nine years older than I, It's been some time since I've seen him.
  • Matteo - youngest of my brothers, six years my elder

  • Deceased:
  • Driskell - I am lost without a compass, but you have shown me how to find True North.

  • Spouse:
  • Valdemar - The stars in my sky. The blade between me and the world. My forever.

  • Friend:
  • Isolde - a cousin by blood, my dearest friend in the world by choice.
  • Eleyna - a kindred spirit and adored High Lady
  • Carita - stunning Darkwater Voice who was there when no one else was.
  • Edward - Baron Stormbreak is trustworthy, dependable, and has grown on me
  • Ford - we are better friends than we were a couple
  • Name Summary
    Aleksei A complicated woman, I'd say. She's navigating some tricky waters, but I do appreciate people who reach out and are willing to talk.
    Arianna Like our cousin Isolde this one is Blessed beyond her willingness to believe. Tehom truly cherishes her and if Isolde is the Queen of Reflections then she must be a Princess of the Thirteenth. I feel, no, I know our fates are entwined and while I have the itch to know more about her. I sincerely hope she doesn't think me another fool or a pretender to the faith and devotion we both have for our Blessed God.
    Austen A very polite Lady. I believe that she has a most excellent taste in tea, most certainly better than mine. She seems to keep her own counsel, as I do. It is most under-appreciated thing.
    Bastien One of many Pravuses at the Pravus opera celebrating smart, clever Pravuses. Unsurprising.
    Bianca In the face of judgement, the Marquessa showed us all her dedication to her people and the people of the Compact. She did not speak against critics to her house and instead proved by her actions not only is House Kennex deserving of compassion and support, but so is the Marquessa herself. It is rare one so young can act without the passionate respite of youth, but Vanora never faltered in her dignity.
    Cadenza I didn't get to speak to her much but she was very polite.
    Cambria I spied her from afar at the dinner hosted by the Velenosa. A breathtaking beauty - just what you expect of Setarcan women. I hope she's fairing well after the Stormward crisis, and rules wisely at her husband's side.
    Caspian A Southern woman who took on a Thraxian name. She is charming and wise and a joy to speak with.
    Christine Ford's wife. She's such a cutie. And we'll soon have more little Kennex around!
    Delilah A delightful woman who has made it past so many hardships with nothing to show for it at all. Beauty and elegant all in one - A proper Marquessa.
    Duarte After seeing her often from afar I finally had chance to meet the Lady Pravus. She is unabashedly Pravus - it will serve her well. I think we got along.
    Echo Marquessa Vanora has seen a similar story as me, at least -- On the surface. Lycene marrying outwards. I wonder if it was for love or duty? She seems very well spoken and incredibly nice, regardless.
    Eleyna A Pravus that seems to be close with Isolde. She's a bit of a mystery, to be honest. Now that she's returned to the Lyceum, perhaps I should make some efforts to see past the enigma.
    Gwenna Lady Vanora Pravus is an exceptionally poised yet warm noblewoman that I met at the inaugural Skirts and Gowns ladies event. Duty called me away sooner than I hoped, though I look forward to crossing paths with her again soon.
    Hana A noblewoman who seemed to have a passing interest in my craft. (Or perhaps more than passing in at least one small area; I could swear I saw her eyes literally light up when I mentioned that I make some jewelry as well.)
    Harald A stubborn, overproud, and vain young woman. A typical Lycene.
    Ian She's young for the position she's in, especially if she's under the power of the Marquis. I hope she'll know to ask for help if she needs it.
    Isolde A dear friend and someone I can confide in. Even when things are weird.
    Itzal A Marquessa met at the Hall of Heroes, insightful or modest, further meetings will uncover that bit, I'm sure.
    Katarina Katarina absolutely adores this woman, with such resplindent grace and beauty so striking compared to her darker complected relatives.
    Lianne Well-mannered, observant, driven, clever. Our interests overlap with increasing frequency these days. I hope time will be kind to us.
    Lucita Interesting, well spoken, dignified. I thought I detected a hint of reserve that leads me to want to know her well enough to see past that.
    Lydia When I first saw her, I did not expect her to seem mysterious. She appeared so grounded. But when you meet people in the Shrine of the Thirteenth, and they call themselves disciple, I suppose one should expect the unexpected.
    Malesh My cousin via Grahama and Arianna's mother and so a Pravus. She seemed everything I would expect of a southern lady, and that Arianna was close to her will always count for something in my book.
    Merek %bMerek thinks Vanora is an interesting person. But he thinks that all Mirrormasks are interesting. Still, he has his thoughts.
    Mydas A Mirrormask who clearly shows her faith to Tehom, and inspires the same from others. She did well in preaching His name.
    Naomi I have a feeling that when the Marquessa puts her mind to something, none can stand in her way. I approve of her actions to improve the situation of House Kennex.
    Niklas Ford's wife is as impressive as they say. Her dedication to her religion is admirable.
    Orazio She is a Lycene noble, which means Orazio should not be surprised by her ability to keep her temper when provoked, or her self-control in difficult conversations. He is, anyways, and pleasantly so.
    Petal elegatn and answers difficult questions with seeming ease
    Prisila Pravus. Quiet confidence. Beautiful. What's there not to like? She's from the younger generation of Pravus cousins but I think we might have a lot to talk about.
    Sabella I did not get to speak with her as much as I would like to, but hope to do so in the future as she seems quite engaging and delightful. I should probably do this before I become a huge headache for her and her family. So. Maybe too late?
    Tabitha What an elegant and composed lady!
    Talen While the first impression was one that led Talen to believe Vanora had the same inclinations as her husband, if not as strongly, the second meeting held such assumptions at bay. Marquessa Vanora proves herself to have an open mind, and is well connected. Should anything ever befall her husband, House Kennex would be in suitable hands.
    Theron She's knowledgeable, and intriguing. I should endeavor to get to know Lady Vanora Pravus better.
    Turo Not at all what I expected. So far. In a good way. Good enough for a start. So far.