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Vassal of Telmar

Words: "Not all dragons slumber."
Sigil: A white dragon taking flight.
Dragon guards.

A very old house in the Oathlands, House Wyrmguard has existed since the time of the Reckoning, when it split from House Valardin as a member of the family was granted their own march to rule independently. While the blood has grown distant over the past thousand years, House Wyrmguard still represents some of the most stalwart and loyal backers of their ancient cousins in House Valardin. Fiercely loyal and fearless, House Wyrmguard has been found on the front lines against any wars with the shavs, frequently leading the forces of the Duke of Telmarch.


Name Rank Title Description
Dominique 1 Marquessa
Desiree 3 Noble Family
Richard 3 Noble Family
Drake 3 Noble Family
Calarian 3 Noble Family
Kiera 3 Noble Family
Philippe 5 Noble Vassals
Gawain 5 Noble Vassals
Amelie 5 Noble Vassals
Appolonia 5 Noble Vassals
Bianca 6 Trusted Family
Clover 6 Trusted Family
Sorrel 6 Trusted Family
Katryn 7 Known Commoners
Mathis 10 Trusted Allies

Ruler: Dominique

Minister Category Title
Hannah Population None
Alexis Warfare None

Land Holdings


Description: Nearly as old as Sanctum, the fortress city of Blancbier was founded as a northern march to guard the approach of the Valardin capital city after the Reckoning. Sometimes called the City of Mercy, many worshipers of Lagoma come to study the healing arts and the funeral rites of the pyre.