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Vassal of Thrax

Words : “The winds of change are ever at our back”
Sigil: A violet ship on a white ocean being carried by a strong gale
Nicknames: Pirate Killers, Uniforms

It might be because of their location right on the edge of the Saffron Chain, or maybe it has more to do with their charge of defending Thrax's southern border, but for whatever the reason, House Kennex has always been something a little bit different from the rest of the Isles noble families. Always inclined towards a low thrall population, they made history in 1007 AR when then-Marquis Ford Kennex abolished Thralldom within his domain. Even though their values may have diverged quite a bit from the rest of the Isles (they have an intolerance towards piracy, for example, that some say is enforced with too heavy a hand) their loyalty to Thrax and the High Lord has never wavered. For the lords and ladies of House Kennex, duty comes before ideology, and they stand ever ready to serve.


Name Rank Title Description
Jan 3 Noble Family General of the Kennex Corsairs
Victoria 3 Noble Family Lady of Stormward
Naomi 4 Trusted Allies Naomi Cutter; Guard of House Kennex
Krarstin 4 Trusted Allies Jarla Krarstin Tidelord; Jarla of the Tidelord Tribe (tribe under the protection of Kennex)
Venta 5 Noble Vassals Lady Venta Darkwater; Contessa-Emeritus of Darkwater Watch
Marina 5 Noble Vassals Lady Marina Redreef; Voice of Redreef Shores
Baltus 5 Noble Vassals Lord Baltus Darkwater; Lord of Darkwater Watch
Estil 5 Noble Vassals Lady Estil Navegant; Voice of Escuma
Annika 5 Noble Vassals Lady Annika Navegant; Lady of Escuma
Dion 5 Noble Vassals Lord Dion Navegant; Lord of Escuma
Garret 5 Noble Vassals Lord Garret Navegant; Lord of Escuma
Rowynna 5 Noble Vassals Lady Rowynna Redreef; Lady of Redreef Shores
Zorianna 5 Noble Vassals Lady Zorianna Blackshore; Lady of Redreef Shores
Gehenna 5 Noble Vassals
Ulfric 7 Known Commoners Ulfric Ravenhelm; Commoner of Darkwater Watch
Delfina 9 Gone Wandering (OC's Inactive)

Ruler: Aethan

Minister Category Title
Octavia Upkeep Minister of Public Works
Zoey Income Minister of Coin
Aethan Warfare Minister of Sword and Sail
Cecilia Loyalty Minister of Public Relations
Valerian Population Minister of Culture

Land Holdings


Description: The many islands, coves, and reefs that comprise the Duchy of Stormward, once the hideouts of pirates, now host prosperous farms, lighthouses, and vineyards. It takes a good eye and a sure hand to navigate Stormward's waters, especially during the rainy season, when the storms can become quite fierce, which might be why the domain seems to turn out so many gifted sailors.

Stormward's capital, Port Stormbreak, together with its suburbs, cover the entirety of the island of Stormbreak, and serve as the seat of power for House Kennex. Port Stormbreak is famous for its cutting edge dockyard and accompanying harbor dredged to accommodate large, oceangoing ships, but lately its sprawling market district has also attracted interest. Stormbreak's location at the at the south end of the Mourning Sea and its modern dock facilities have made it a nexus for a wide variety of traders (and, according to some, a nest of smugglers) who buy, sell, and mingle with the duchy's diverse population.

Landmarks: In 1007 AR, House Kennex built the Hospital of Lagoma, a grand hospital for study and healing as part of the Pilgrimage Path.

Part of the Seacoast Watch of the Mourning Isles, built in 1013

Trends: Since the abolition of thralldom, Stormward has grown from a struggling march on the edge of civilization to a strong, stable duchy on the edge of civilization. Populated by a diverse mix of freed thralls, prodigals, old sailors, seafaring merchants, and people from all corners of the Compact looking for a fresh start or a better life, it has developed a culture of tolerance that's allowed its people to coexist peacefully, at least so far.

While many point to Stormward's prosperity and stability as proof that the abolition of thralldom will ultimately strengthen the Isles, Thrax's traditionalists still call the duchy an "experiment" and point out that nobody knows what the longterm effects of the profound changes it has experienced will be, and there is yet time for everything to come crashing down.

Founding member of the Empyrean Trade Route.