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Yard Sale

Silas has some old knick-knacks he doesn't need taking up space in his manor, so he's giving them away! Drop by if you're interested - it will be first come first serve.


July 16, 2017, 10 p.m.

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Skye Olivia Thena Reese Duarte Melinda Tristan Artorius Aiden Mira Sophie Ian Alexis Ferrando Estaban(RIP) Edward Merek



Arx - Ward of House Grayson - Triumph Plaza

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Comments and Log


Picked up some things. I'm satisfied with what I managed to find for the most part. Now I can complete the set that I've been working on.


The Lord Commander of the Iron Guard held a lovely yard sale, distributing various bits of old clutter. There was a great rush as people dug through a chest full of knicknacks (that was uncomfortably stuffed with animal plushies), and I came away with an odd skeleton figure. Perhaps Duchess Dafne would like it, if she does not have one already? But I was also able to get a nice chest with a flower pattern to store some of my accumulating clutter, and the whole thing was for a good cause, so well done, in the end!

Patches, a three-legged mutt, Flame, a chestnut stallion arrive, following Tristan.

Orland arrives, following Duarte.

1 Grayson Guardsmen, Severa, the Guard Shepherd leave, following Aiden.

1 Grayson Guardsmen, Severa, the Guard Shepherd arrive, following Aiden.

Ian eventually manages to walk the short distance from the duelling grounds. He looks around with the air of someone who isn't sure what to expect.

Aiden drops an impressive dragon shaped money chest painted white upon a sapphire field.

Servants drift in and out of the nearby Whitehawk Manor, carrying various pieces of furniture and piles of books to lay upon the tables erected outside. A wooden trunk has most of the smaller valuables thrown in with no true effort to organize them. The baron is seated at the largest table, absently sketching out future furniture designs as well as laying out older designs on the table in front of him. Those who wander through are given a friendly smile and nod. "Feel free to look around. If you're interested in my older designs, I may be able to find you a copy -- just let me know."

Reese limps her way to the garage sale, but she seems to be in a good mood despite such. She is out of her armor and is wearing linens. Her ribs bound up in some kind of wrapping.

Edward's already here. Was here early having come right from the duel. Already looking around he walks through the things and smiles while he studies them or considers them while glancing around at others arriving.

Dame Rosario Nevarre of the Oathlands arrives, following Sophie.

Reese checked command + animal ken at difficulty 0, rolling 36 higher.

A man has to furnish a home and where best to find things to do that, than other people's stuff. Duarte has made his way over from the Velenosian quarter, that terribly sweet swagger of his as he seems to make his way around and look at the things, most noteably, the desk that seems to be there. Oh yes, one newly minted Count Amadeo is making his way for that.

Ferrando trucks in curiously, just to see what's on sale. He's not the only one, apparently. He shifts to look around for somebody familiar to hang out with and weather the auctioning and whatnot. His first unfortunate target: his cousin! "Legal question! If this is a yard sale, can I put in an offer to buy his yard?" he asks Mira.

Ezekiel the German Shepherd arrives, following Artorius.

Silas checked dexterity + all at difficulty 9, rolling 23 higher.

Silas drops Park furniture.

    Merek has taken his time to come in to the area and look around a bit. He notices Mira and waves her direction a bit, though he pulls his cloak to him. He's rarely seen these days out of his place, his hood up, gaze tired, but he seems here to shop at least.

Alexis wears her simple blue tunic and pants, running a hand through her short hair, peering about at the goods on display. Considering and shooting a smile to people she recognises - like Reese and Ferrando and Mira. Giving the latter a wave, before she moves along towards the Baron, proffering a bow of greeting. "Baron Whitehawk. A pleasure to meet you. I'm Dame Alexis Wyrmfang, Sword of Blancbier."

Thena, as is her wont, studiously avoided the duel but is here for the yard sale, dressed in black and gray and swathed in a fur-lined umbra cloak. She is, for the present, a silent bargain hunter, trailing her fingertips over a few pieces of furniture as she meanders by them.

Skye is in need of some furnishings so she comes to the yard sale to see if there is any bedroom furniture that would look good in her room. She gives a shy smile to Silas as he draws at his table. She is respectful to other nobles present.

With a basket on her arm, Olivia has arrived to investigate the... yard sale? Is it really a sale if they're giving things away? Still, there's surely something about a massive collection of old knick-knacks being piled up and distributed that is fascinating, just for sort of the voyeuristic look into the owner's lifestyle! Plus... stuff! And so the young Ashford woman approaches and puts on a rather stereotypical show of looking around, poking here and there, just seeing what is what. There is a bit of 'ooh' and 'ahh'-ing.

Prince Aiden has a money chest set outside for 'donations' to support the Orphans in Whitehawk lands. While their yard sale is to get rid of unnecessary items, donations seem to be appreciated!

Silas checked dexterity + all at difficulty 9, rolling 16 higher.

Silas drops Niccolo's set.

Mira runs into the estate yard, huffing and puffing and bouncing. Her eyes wide with alarm and her fox-red hair flouncing about her head, she is wearing a heavy black cloak over a layered top and thick, fur-lined skirt that goes to her ankles. "Ah... ah... I'm here! I'm here! Did I miss it?! Is everything gone?!" She looks positively panicked as she stumbles to a stop, nearly plowing into a small crowd of people. "Excuse me, pardon me!"

Tristan rides in, Patches at heel. Apparently this is the quieter scene he promised Flame. "What do you think?" he asks of the stallion, riding him right up to the furniture. "Do you think you could jump it?" The specific item he asks this of is one of the desks.

Melinda was here to look at the sale, and she watches as others begin to arrive, she frowns a bit as she looks from one face to the other before she eyes a few things that she may want to try and bid on.

Reese looks over to Silas. "Could I buy the books on flowers? We are missing that book from our collection." She says softly and yet still hopefully.

"This yard isn't for sale... it's a plaza, really!" Silas answers Ferrando even if the question wasn't directed at him. He peers at Alexis and smiles. He bows his head, instead of getting up to do the real thing. "A pleasure to make your acquaintance, Mistress Alexis." He looks at the others, and at Reese in particular. "It's there for you to take. Might have to wrestle someone for it but..."

The desk is glanced at, seeming to consider it, though there are some other ones. It's in the trunk though that Duarte has made his way over to that he's poking through and seem to take some interest in. As Reese talks to Silas, Duarte gestures to another book in the trunk. "How much do you want, for War of Hearts?"

"I've been meaning to get a copy of that as well," Merek states, while he looks to Reese and Silas with a thoughtful frown, and he seems to think about it for a moment.

Reese limps over to the chest and reaches for the book in question. Does anyone fight her? She peeks around to see.

Merek gets A Fidante Rose in Black from a simple wooden trunk.

Reese gets The Language of Flowers: A Rose Cipher of Tor from a simple wooden trunk.

Ferrando grins cheerfully. "Oh, well, I wanted a yard, not a plaza," he observes brightly and turns to head out. (Also Game of Thrones is on!)

Ian pokes around the sale. He stops at the handful of plushies in the chest and considers them for a long moment. Finally, with a faint twitch of a smile, he takes one.

Edward gets an adorable brown bear plushie from a simple wooden trunk.

Duarte gets a glossy, scarlet book with a lewdly illustrated cover entitled 'War of Hearts' from a simple wooden trunk.

Alexis gets paladin of groves figurine from a simple wooden trunk.

Edward gets Gild's Uncommon Prayer Book from a simple wooden trunk.

Mira gets an adorable duck plushie from a simple wooden trunk.

Duarte gets Punch of a Fairy - Romance Story from a simple wooden trunk.

Melinda picks up an impressive dragon shaped money chest painted white upon a sapphire field.

Edward gets Skeletal Warrior Figurine from a simple wooden trunk.

Olivia gets Skeletal Warrior Figurine from a simple wooden trunk.

Melinda drops an impressive dragon shaped money chest painted white upon a sapphire field.

Ian gets an adorable boa snake plushie from a simple wooden trunk.

Silas checked dexterity + all at difficulty 9, rolling 12 higher.

Silas drops Nadia's armoire.

1 Grayson Guardsmen, Severa, the Guard Shepherd leave, following Aiden.

Merek picks up 1000 silver from a belt made with black leather, and small compartments.

Ezekiel the German Shepherd leaves, following Artorius.

1 Grayson Guardsmen, Severa, the Guard Shepherd arrive, following Aiden.

Alexis beams brightly, picking out the figurine of a certain paladin from the trunk, and making sure to slip some gold coins into the dragon's mouth. "I was considering some furniture, I admit." Tapping her lips. "You do seem to have a storied background as a carpenter," She offers to Silas. Cradling the little Leola protectively and giving Sophie a wave as she spots the Princess.

Ian leaves a little bit of money in the chest in 'payment' for the plushie he's stuffed into the pocket of his coat. Then he heads off.

And then, once everyone gets past the furniture and finds the chest full of stuff... omg it's a mad rush! With a bit of a giggle, Olivia joins the pile of people grabbing for various things, although by then, it's somewhat at random. She comes up with... a skeletal figurine? "Oh, this is a little morbid," she declares, but then she gets a look at some of the books being yanked out, including one with a cover illustration that makes her blush - she quickly moves on from that to Reese's find, which is a little more her speed. "Oh, that's a good find, Princess."

Ezekiel the German Shepherd arrives, following Artorius.

Aiden has rolled a critical success!
Aiden checked dexterity + all at difficulty -1, rolling 30 higher.

Mira huffs and pants and doubles foward, hands on her knees, with her breath puffing in the cool air. "Ah, ah...Oh, wait wait wait, /wait right here/!" Turning and running off at an awkward, winded run, the lawyer girl from Merchant Road takes off again, presumably to get something.

Skye hasn't made a selection yet. She's still wandering around the yard sale, looking at things with interest.

Silas checked dexterity + all at difficulty 9, rolling 23 higher.

Silas drops Lyonesse table.

And just like that, Duarte has found something he wants, tucking those two books under his arm, throwing some coing into the dragon chest and starts to make his way out.

Tristan isn't really shopping. He's guiding Flame at a slow walk through the crowd, letting the stallion get used to people rushing about him.

Duarte is overheard praising Silas for: For the smut!

Merek notices that Reese has the book, and he seems to frown a small bit, while he takes a rose instead, which he holds in his hand. He then takes hi time to look around and shake his head a bit. He places a platinum or so into the dragon's mouth, and adjusts his cloak.

Edward's wants are simple. The brown bear plushie he spied earlier and the book for Gild. He takes those up and smiles to those reaching in as he begins to turn and walk towards where Alexis talks with Silas, "Do not let her be so modest. She is probably one of the best heavy armor smiths in town. If not the best." and then he smiles, "Hello Dame." to Alexis and then to Aiden and Silas, "Your Highness, My Lord."

Orland leaves, following Duarte.

Artorius gets A Fidante Rose in Black from a simple wooden trunk.

Melinda stands there as people rush around her to get things and she gets a little lost at it all "I would like one of the plushies if anyone would like to sell theirs." she looks to Edward as he gets the bear.

"I have been wanting this book for a long time and missing it from my collection." Reese says toward Olivia, giving her a smile. She hugs the book close to her chest and seems very happy with it. "It is nice to see you again, Lady Olivia." She then looks over to Merek as he frowns and only hugs the book that much tighter.

Aiden is sort of loitering around the area and he notices that the plushies are taken out of the yard sale. He laughs a little and waves for his attendants, "Could you get a few more of those plushies. I know we're supposed to sell them at the Menagerie..." He shrugs and waits for them to go gather his extras, "Spreading the plushie love..." He shakes his head and looks over toward Edward, "Oh hello again Lord Edward. Enjoying yourself?"

A Mercy's work is never done, and it now seems to be taking Sophie somewhere that requires passing through the Plaza. The crowd, and the sale it surrounds, draws her attention -- and then so does Alexis' wave. Brightly, the Valardin smiles at the Sword of Blancbier. "Well met, dear Dame." Summer sky eyes flit to the figurine of Leola that Alexis holds, and Sophie's smile grows fond.

Dauntless arrives, following Rymarr.

Alexis gets Limerance's Uncommon Prayer Book from a simple wooden trunk.

Alexis gets Petrichor's Uncommon Prayer Book from a simple wooden trunk.

Dauntless leaves, following Rymarr.

Alexis gets Gloria's Uncommon Prayer Book from a simple wooden trunk.

Aiden checked dexterity + all at difficulty -1, rolling 33 higher.

Aiden puts an adorable boa snake plushie in a simple wooden trunk.

Silas looks from Edward, to Alexis, and grins wryly at them both. "I will get you furniture, but I confess I no longer do commissions. What you see is what you get." He then looks to Reese and nods. "All I need is wood and I can make park furniture."

Aiden checked dexterity + all at difficulty -1, rolling 22 higher.

Aiden puts an adorable brown bear plushie in a simple wooden trunk.

Having made a pass by all the furniture, admiring a few pieces but not particularly taking to any in particular, Thena neatly sidesteps the rush on the free stuff chest and makes her way towards the founder of the sale. "Silas." There's a warm smile for her former boss.

Merek moves to where the plushies are, and then looks around a bit, "Where are the plushies, Your Highness?" he asks Aiden, while he looks over then to the trunk, and fiddles around with it, to see what is being placed in it.

Edward smiles to Aiden as he nods, "It is an interesting day, Your Highness." he says looking at the other man, "I hope to have a moment of your time before I depart when you are not watching the chests."

Reese smiles over to Silas. "Okay. I will head to the market. I like Nadia's armoire too. She had such good taste." She says wistfully of her cousin.

Mira runs up to Silas, nearly falling over now, as she's well and truly run past her limit. "I.. I'm here! I would like...whew." She takes a moment, holding up a hand and looking up, flushed at the cheeks, "That desk...over there." She points at the Prospero-style desk. "P...please." Completely winded, Mira fans herself a bit, despite the cool November breeze.

Artorius moves into the 'yard sale' as it were, humming just a tad as he finds a black rose, finding a strange attraction to it, he takes it with a smile, throwing a hefty amount of silver in the dragon chest. He does smile to everyone as he looks around a little more.

Aiden looks up as he spots a few more plushies being dropped in the trunk, "Well, if people want them..." He grins and waves Merek to the trunk "Help yourself. If you can't get them here, we're selling them at the Menagerie's Gifting Tree." He knows free is better but what can you do! Aiden's gaze turns back to Edward, "Yes, I'm sure to have a few moments after."

Silas checked dexterity + woodworking at difficulty 19, rolling 18 higher.

"Oh, for the new library?" Olivia wonders back at Reese, tilting her head. "Well, that is a lucky, find, then! It is good you were able to come a little closer to completing your collection." She still regards her strange find a little oddly, "I didn't know if there was anything here I really wanted, though I don't know if Duchess Dafne has one of these, and I know she does collect figurines - we once went to camp out at the shop for new ones to be released! I was just curious what they had."

Melinda gets an adorable brown bear plushie from a simple wooden trunk.

"You are very kind, master Edward." Alexis offers to Edward, sketching a small bow. Picking out a couple of books. Giving Silas a small smile. "Yes, I understand the station of baron puts certain demands on your time." Then, she greets Aiden with a bow. "Your highnes." Looking over at Mira, and shooting her a small smile. "It is a very nice looking desk." She agrees. And a second bow is sketched to Sophie. "Your highness." She beams bright. "There was a paladin of groves in the trunk."

Artorius gets three silky red roses in a pale blue vase from a simple wooden trunk.

Bright smile is mirrored bright. "Indeed," Sophie tells Alexis, "and a most lovely likeness of the dear Horn."

Aiden gets Midnight Grove, a woodsy massage oil from Fine Grayson belt.

Skye keeps wandering about the different renderings of the furniture, her interest more in that then the tiny giveaways. She does notice that Silas is still working on some drawings so she doesn't make a choice yet.

Aiden puts Midnight Grove, a woodsy massage oil in a simple wooden trunk.

Edward smiles to Alexis and he says, "More than a kindness, Dame. You did damn fine work and I am sure it will impress. I have already informed my Duke he should come to you for his future repairs." he then looks around giving others that he knows a nod or a smile, Ferrando and Melinda. One to Lady Skye.

Silas chuckles at Mira and nods. He beckons over one of the nearby sweaty servants. "Fetch the lady Prospero's desk, please." Evidently that's how he labels his designs. The servant grunts... and begins the process of carrying said desk over to Mira.

Aiden gets Bitter almond hair tonic from a simple velvet bag.

Aiden puts Bitter almond hair tonic in a simple wooden trunk.

Melinda moves over to Silas as she holds one of he bears in her hand. "Are you auctioning off the lovely bed?" she asks as she admires the woodwork

Aiden gets Lavender and Vanilla Incense from a simple velvet bag.

Aiden puts Lavender and Vanilla Incense in a simple velvet bag.

Aiden gets Lavender and Vanilla Incense from a simple velvet bag.

Aiden puts Lavender and Vanilla Incense in a simple wooden trunk.

Silas nods to Melinda. "The huge one? Yes. It's taking up quite a bit of room..."

Reese looks over the boa snake. "I wonder if I should get that for Luca, he is sort of serpent like." She says ponderingly. She still hugs that flower book close to her broken and yet well wrapped ribs.

Mira gasps when the desk is suddenly being brought over to her. "What?? Really?!" She hops just a short bit, eyes wide and fluffed bangs bouncing. "You mean I.../actually/ have a nice desk?! It's been 7 months since I moved to Arx, and this is the first time I've ever actually been able to purchase quality furniture!!" She seems a bit caught up in it all, as if someone might jostle her and she'll wake up. Now I just need a bed! And maybe a better tub." She glances aside, more talking to herself now. "But...a desk! It's mine!" Jumping about in a bit of a circle, hands close under her chest and arms tucked against her sides, she nods, finally rounding about with a flare of furry cloak and thick skirt, to the sweaty servants. "East Merchant Road! Next to the timbersmith! Oh my goodness, please be careful with it!!"

Silas checked dexterity + all at difficulty 9, rolling 15 higher.

Aiden watches a few more of this things getting set out, shrugging his shoulders as he watches the items get scooped up, "Better they get used than sit around and collect dust. I won't need them." He looks toward Mira's reaction though and wanders over toward Silas and Mira, "What's happened here? Someone's got a desk?"

Silas drops Bar Cabinet.

Melinda nods her head "I would like to put a bid in on it if your taking them."

Artorius smiles to Mira as she seems to be overjoyed at her fortune with a small laugh. He eventually finds a nice vase, and thinks it could possibly be a good decoration or gift. So he takes it, and places a nice sum in the dragon chest. having what he thinks he needs, he still looks about, but probably also moves to socialize a little.

Edward chuckles given Mira's reaction and he smiles as he nods, "A very nice desk." he glances to Silas and Aiden and then he turns back to the crowd but then he says to Melinda, "I think he is giving it away, Lady Grimhall, you are the first to express interest in it."

"I repeat, then, that you are very kind," Alexis insists to Edward, a hint of pink in her cheeks at his praise. Beaming brightly, she sketches a quick bow to Reese. "Your highness. I hope your duel went well?"

Mira whirls about on Aiden, "I have /furniture!/ Do you know what this /means/?! I've been trying for /months/!" Her eyes are wide. A person might think she'd just inherited a dragon or a fine castle somewhere.

Olivia peers over a little at the enthusiastic display made over the acquisition of furniture, but smiles all the same, evidently entertained by the woman's exhuberance. Then back at Reese. "I was almost affraid to reach in with all the animal plushies still in there," she admits, as if it was a little silly. "But if he would like it, better not to let it just sit!"

Merek comes across the man Artorius, and looks to the vase he seems to have. "Nice vase, do you happen to have seen any books laying around?" he asks curiously.

Silas checked dexterity + all at difficulty 9, rolling 13 higher.

Silas drops Bethany's chest.

Melinda lifts a brow, as she looks to Edward then to Silas, "oh? Well if its for the taking I will like it. Could you have it delivered to Grimhall?" she asks to Silas, not seeing Artorius as of yet.

Reese looks over to Alexis. "Oh, it went well. I didn't win, but it was very close and I consider that good against High Lord Vitcus. One day I will best him." She says, sounding all hopeful at that. She then peeks over to Olivia. "He might..he likes snakes." She says and reaches in for the stuff animal.

Reese gets an adorable boa snake plushie from a simple wooden trunk.

Aiden's eyes widen at the WHIRLING and he suddenly breaks into a fit of laughter as he whirls around with her, "Oh good! I'm happy that you've a desk. Silas is the most amazing craftsman with furniture. You ask me, I believe he misses it." He looks over toward the Baron, with a grin, "It's a shame he had to give up his old lifestyle, but then again, not really."

Artorius smiles to Merek with a chuckle "Oh this? I think it's rather nice. I may gift it to someone though if it doesn't look nice in the Hall." he shrugs, but looks a little saddened "I'm sorry friend, I haven't seen any books. Where was the last time you saw it, if they were lost?"

Silas checked dexterity + all at difficulty 9, rolling 21 higher.

Silas drops Cara's box.

Artorius gets Lavender and Vanilla Incense from a simple wooden trunk.

Silas checked dexterity + all at difficulty 9, rolling 10 higher.

Silas drops Counter table.

As Alexis converses with Edward, Sophie's attention shifts to settle upon, "Baron Silas. Well met, and one of the few times bandages and balms were not involved." Cordially, she smiles, and it extends to, "Prince Aiden."

    "I am looking for another copy of the Rose Cypher of Tor. I need it, I'm willing to pay my whole fortune for a copy of it if I must," Merek tells Artorius, while he frowns a bit down at the rose he is fiddling with. "Sorry, m'Lord. Just been seeking it out. Maybe I'll find another."

Mira scowls, "I *know* he is! Do you know how frustrating it was that he went and got himself a noble title?! I haven't been able to throw *any* silver coins at him to completely outfit the Law Office. Which is...just as well, really." The energy slides away from Mira, and she turns aside slightly, watching Aiden sidelong. "I have...other things to worry about now. Things that require lots of silver and promissary notes."

Silas nods to Melinda. "I can have them deliver it, yes. I'll just write down the directions in case they get lost..."

Edward smiles at Alexis blushing and he says, "Then I take the compliment. Thank you." and when she turns to talk to the Princess he looks at Reese to though he shifts his attention to Merek, "You could see if the Princess would let you borrow the book to have a copy made."

Artorius frowns just a little more when he sees how badly Merek wants this book, nodding a little in understanding "I'm sorry my friend, I have not seen it." but thankfully, Edward intervenes! "Ah, it seems a bit of fortune smiles on you today, my friend." he smiles warmly

Olivia glances over a little curiously at the discussion of whatever rare tome, first at Merek as he continues on about it and then at Edward. "Oh, was it the one that Princess Reese found? Or another? My sister knows a lot about books and things but I've not heard of it." And then looking toward Merek she wonders, innocently enough, "Why is it so important, sir?"

Silas brightens when he spots Sophie within the throng of people. "Princess Sophie! Glad to see you're well. So many of us would have our outsides become insides if it weren't for you." He then pauses and looks around. "And I recall hearing a Thena..."

"I suppose that is possible, I'll check into having it scribed," Merek states, looking a bit less like he wants to throw people into a wall when Edward comments. He smiles to Artorius, "Enjoy your vase." He then walks his way over to Aiden, "Are plushies going to be sold at the Menagerie as well, Your Highness?"

Alexis gets Sweet Lily Lotion from a simple wooden trunk.

Alexis gets Midnight Grove, a woodsy massage oil from a simple wooden trunk.

Melinda moves then over to Artorius and she smiles softly in his direction, "I got a bear, and a Bed.. I think that is all for me." she chuckles softly. Did you get anything?"

Reese arrives while toting a ton of wood. Actually she isn't toting it. Her ribs are still broken. Grayson servants are, tugtug.

Merek moves over to Reese just as fast as he spoke to Aiden. He looks exhausted, and just tells the Prince, "Moment!" He then speaks with the Princess, "Can I have a copy of your Cypher scribed when you have time?" he asks.

Mira glances the other way at Merek, clasping her hands together below her waist, her curvy hips turning away as her upper body twists toward him a bit, the fur-lined hem of her skirt swishing, "I would scribe it for you, but I already have a duck plushie, and that's the only fee I would accept for such an effort."

Once he's done whirling with Mira, Aiden looks rather jovial, eyes gleaming with a laughter contained as he pivots to turn to someone who's greeting him, ohing softly at Sophie, "Hello again Princess Sophie. Arx looks to be treating you well?" He over hears Merek's words about the Rose Cypher and he frowns, "I'm sorry Master Black, had I known you wanted for it, I would have made sure to reserve the one we had to give away for you." He reverts his silver eyes to Mira, "I know right? I could have maybe made him a Prince by marriage if he didn't--" he has to tease with a wink, chuckling some at Mira's energy, "He does the odd piece, but I'm afraid selling it now would be gauche." He tilts his head, "Yes, as do I. We're heading off for an expedition soon..." He looks toward the trunk and shrugs, "As long as people enjoy what we hadn't the time to."

Artorius nods to Merek with a kind smile, chuckling faintly as the fellow states in hopeful anticipation! "Thank you my friend, I pray I will." and it's at that moment that the incense of Vanilla (one of his favorite scents) and lavender reach his nose, and he almost instantly takes it, dropping some money in the chest before Melinda catches his eye and ears. "A bear AND a bed? How lucky and lovely." he smiles warmly, chuckling a little. "I got a few things. I got this black rose, a vase of red flowers, and this lovely incense." he smiles to her warmly, looking VERY happy.

Silas checked dexterity + all at difficulty 9, rolling 22 higher.

Silas drops Fergus's old chest.

Mira sighs dramatically, her eyes going skyward at Aiden's words, "I *knooow*, you don't have to tease me with it!" She turns back toward Aiden, planting a fist on her hip and pointing at him, "And you be careful, expeditions are not light undertakings."

Skye is looking for a bed but still hasn't quite found one that speaks to her. She keeps making her way through the different pieces to see if she can find what she's looking for.

Aiden nods to Merek, "Yes, there are more plushies being sold at the Menagerie. These are just the first series. We'll have new ones in a few weeks, you'll just have to watch for them." A look back to Mira, "You're coming with me, weren't you?"

Reese looks over one of the sets. "I have one just like that in my bedroom. It is very nice." She says softly.

Silas checked dexterity + all at difficulty 9, rolling 11 higher.

Silas drops Fiora's platform bed.

"I'll confess," Sophie confesses to Silas, with good nature, "I do prefer insides on the inside." Then, to Aiden, the smile still present, "As well as able. I hope that you are well."

Mira pales, eyes wide, "What?! No! At least I hope I'm not... Am I?" She lays a hand over her chest, at the open boob window that the black velvet top creates with its over-the-shoulders shawl. She's really rather modestly covered otherwise.

Reese gets in line before the Master of furnishings with her giant wagon filled with wood. She looks over to Merek. "Oh, um...sure, if you can find someone who can. I don't like authors being copied normally because it is there work, but I think this one is out of print."

Merek nods a bit to Reese, "I've been looking for a copy for a long time," he tells her, then he motions to Mira, "She said she can scribe a copy, by the way, in full," he adds. And he nods, "That should work."

Silas checked dexterity + all at difficulty 9, rolling 11 higher.

Silas drops Joscelin's chest.

Mira whirls about to face Merek, "I said I *could*, I didn't say I *would*." Then she turns back sharply to Aiden, waving to Alexis as she goes, mid-turn.

Aiden grins at Mira's eyes going wide, "Are you? I mean, there's no amazing treasure at the end of this... It's more of a personal quest to understand a few things about myself, and we're going North." He lifts his hands up, "Although I'm a scribe, I don't have permission from the author to scribe the Cypher. I'm sorry."

Silas checked dexterity + all at difficulty 9, rolling 2 higher.

    Merek looks hurt when Mira speaks, and then he all of the sudden just stares down at the ground. He then just decides to stare off into the distance, Aiden's words only making things much much worse for him.

Merek checked willpower at difficulty 20, rolling 7 lower.

Silas drops Juliet's armoire.

Graysons are known for wanting lots of things and Reese is certain no exception, not by any meads. Another wagon of wood is brought over. She smiles hopefully. "This is distracting me from my pain and my bruised ego. Getting things is like the second best medicine after getting care from Princess Sophie. She then looks over to Aiden and seems torn. "We probably do the need the author's permission...."

Melinda murmers to Artorius and she smiles turning to leave.

Leaving whatever talk of the books aside, since it sounds like things will work themselves out (hopefully?), Olivia heads over the poke at the furniture a bit. Eventually, she approaches Silas and wonders, "Has anyone spoken up for that chest over there, the one with the flower design?" Of course she goes for the flower thing!

There is a look at Mira, "If you scribe the book for him I will pay you for it." he tells her as he considers what that might be but he smiles as he walks over to the pair and he adds, "If you like I can see about finding you another piece of furniture that you need."

1 Grimhall House Guards leaves, following Melinda.

Artorius smiles to Melinda, nodding a little "Of course." he kisses her knuckles a little as she heads out. waving. He now looks around a little more, patting Mira on the shoulder with a wide smile.

"I would Nadia's armoire if nobody else does. It is beautiful and she is my cousin." She murmurs, still waiting in line .

    Merek takes a moment to look between folk, and then he looks to Reese, "Juliet was the author," he offers. Edward's assistance is the only thing keeping him from probably breaking today. He then looks around a bit, "Uh. Hrm."

Adam, A Young Apprentice arrives, following Turo.

Skye has gone through the different pieces of furniture and keeps settling on Fiora's platform bed. It's that design that seems to capture her mind.

Aiden looks toward Merek and then back to those discussing the Cypher, at which point he learns from Merek that Juliet was the author, which makes his heart sink, "Oh... Then..." his hands spread, "I'm sure one of us can scribe. I'm an official scribe for the Court... The Chief Magistrate has made sure my penmanship has improved tenfold."

Mira rolls her eyes, to Edward, "I was going to scribe it for him anyway. It's not like I have other work."

Upon hearing her name, Sophie's attention shifts that direction -- to settle upon Reese. Is the Grayon overexerting herself? Riiiiiiiiiiibons!

Edward chuckles softly, "Well you just might. I have some legal questions I need to have answered so I may come by your office sometime soon." and then he nods as there are no less scribes now available for the book.

Reese looks over to Sophia with a sheepish smile. "I'll rest." She murmurs and goes to find a place to sit.

Ender, a Silver Gyrfalcon arrives, delivering a message to Sophie before departing.

Aiden regards Sophie and finally notes to her, belatedly around the talk of cyphers, "I'm well, busy as usual." His attention swings between the people who are searching through the various piles of "gently used" furniture from Silas' collection, his arms folding loosely over his chest, "I'm never surprised at the desire for his crafted furniture. I think my brother broke the City's heart when he made the Lord Commander a Baron." Who he's saying this to? No one in particular, who ever was near him to hear. There's a deep look of appreciation in his eyes before he looks toward Edward, "Edward, you wished a word?"

It can't be helped: Sophie laughs a little, which is a shining sound in a good-natured tone. "It is as much for your benefit, if not more than for mine." Anything else that might be added is curbed when a messenger arrives. Upon reading, she politely seeks to excuse herself. "Apologies, but duty calls. It's been lovely to see you all. Gods bless." And then she is departing.

Dame Rosario Nevarre of the Oathlands leaves, following Sophie.

Edward gives Merek a clap on the shoulder now that there is light at the end of his tunnel, "There see. Hope springs eternal." and then he turns to Aiden and he smiles to Sophie, "Your Highness," as she goes. "Yes I did." he says to Aiden.

"Oh, is that Joscelin's chest over there? I really like it, and would like to purchase it, what would you need?" he asks. He then nods to Edward a bit with a smile.

Estaban comes walking in looking around he is in his leather armor greens and whites with his sword on his hip and bow across his back, his eyes look around to see who is here his steps slow up as he gets closer to the group.

Silas checked dexterity + woodworking at difficulty 19, rolling 29 higher.

Lord Flitzwilliam, a Red-Tailed Hawk arrives, delivering a message to Aiden before departing.

Aneka, 3 Iron Guardsmen, Meeka arrive, following Merek.

Silas checked dexterity + woodworking at difficulty 19, rolling 26 higher.

Aiden approaches Edward with some curiosity, "Is it something that we must speak of in private?" The Prince looks over toward Silas, almost as making sure the Baron was not overwhelmed with having to give up so much of the stuff he loved. It's entirely Aiden's fault that there's a yard sale going on.

Aiden gets Of Mixtures Obscura Perfume Voucher - Cheap Perfume from a simple velvet bag.

Edward smiles and he shakes his head, "No no. It is perfectly suitable to talk here." he steps in close to the Prince and then he lowers his tone though for a touch of private speaking.

Silas checked dexterity + woodworking at difficulty 19, rolling 15 higher.

Skye finishes giving her donation and then takes her leave of the yard sale. She looks very happy at her choice and then makes her way back to the Navegant manor so she can see how the bed will look in her room.

Silas checked dexterity + woodworking at difficulty 9, rolling 24 higher.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Aiden before departing.

Aiden nods to Edward and then turns his back a little to the majority of people so that their conversation can be spoken easily enough in lower tones.

Silas checked dexterity + woodworking at difficulty 9, rolling 34 higher.

Estaban spots Silas and moves over in his direction looking over at Aiden and Edward watching them both for a moment then looks to silas, "Baron Silas, looks like you got a good turn out."

Mira has been pestering the moving servants with her selections--the mahogany desk and the bar cabinet for her office. Trotting back over, Mira beams happily, apparently thoroughly pleased with having things for her office finally.

Mira puts a small silver ten-spoke wheel pin in an impressive dragon shaped money chest painted white upon a sapphire field.

Mira gets a small silver ten-spoke wheel pin from an impressive dragon shaped money chest painted white upon a sapphire field.

2 Armed Confessors, Mariah, a nanny, 2 Grayson Guardsmen, Thump, a yappy pupper, Confessor Warren arrive, following Tikva.

2 Armed Confessors, Mariah, a nanny, 2 Grayson Guardsmen, Thump, a yappy pupper, Confessor Warren leave, following Tikva.

Silas has rolled a critical success!
Silas checked dexterity + woodworking at difficulty 9, rolling 34 higher.

Silas checked dexterity + woodworking at difficulty 9, rolling 40 higher.

    Once Merek seems to have finished up and placed the care of his new things to Meeka and Aneka, he nods a bit, and then decides to look around. He had put in a donation. So he then decides to offer a nod to Silas, "Thank you," then to Aiden a wave. "I'll check for plushies later to buy." He walks off then after mentioning to Reese, "I'll leave you and Mira to the scribing, and things."

Silas checked dexterity + woodworking at difficulty 9, rolling 65 higher.

Merek picks up 1000 silver from a belt made with black leather, and small compartments.

Merek picks up 4000 silver from a belt made with black leather, and small compartments.

Silas checked dexterity + woodworking at difficulty 9, rolling 29 higher.

Aiden continues to speak with Edward, his body language showing that he's startled by something and the way he's talking, it's something of a serious nature between them. He does glance over his shoulder toward Silas then nods accordingly, seeing a few people leave, like Merek, which he lifts his hand up to give in a friendly gesture.

Silas checked dexterity + woodworking at difficulty 19, rolling 20 higher.

Edward's standing shoulder to shoulder with Aiden talking with him. Though he glances around to note those leaving before he goes back to the quiet conversation.

Alexis has occupied herself with a couple of fine scents, as well as enjoying the fine detail of the Paladin statue. Humming quietly as she studies the rest of the goods.

Estaban decides he is going to take up being a statue again arms cross over his chest while he stands just behind where Silas is watching everyone.

Silas checked dexterity + woodworking at difficulty 19, rolling 13 higher.

Mira blinks, watching the conversation whispered between Aiden and Edward, tilting her head as they aren't doing a lot to make the exchange unnoticable.

Edward is overheard praising Silas.

Olivia is overheard praising Silas for: So many rare, odd, and wonderful things at the Yard Sale!

Aiden's gentle expression is changed to one that suggests the young man has been told something of grave seriousness. He nods to Edward, "Tomorrow then?" He departs from the man's side with a strangely confident step, and heads over toward Silas, busy as the Baron is, Silas gets a shoulder tap and a noisy whisper.

Mira is overheard praising Silas.

Tristan pets Flame's neck and sends the stallion out of the plaza.

Patches, a three-legged mutt, Flame, a chestnut stallion leave, following Tristan.

Silas checked dexterity + woodworking at difficulty 19, rolling 16 higher.

Aiden is overheard praising Silas for: Silas has wood. A lot of wood.

It is a flurry of activity as Silas commands his 'troops' to and fro with orders for old and gently used furniture pieces. Aiden and Estaban capture his attention, as with some others, but he's far too busy with doing several things at once to really get to them. When it finally settles, Aiden approaches, and Silas turns to return the whisper.

Estaban looks over to Edward as he speaks with Aiden a tilt to his head watching the two, then he looks to Silas. "Do you think you can make me something with a lion on it?" he looks up then to Aiden and Silas.

Alexis sketches a bow of greeting to Estaban. "Lord Saik. I trust you are well?" She inquires, then thanks the men carrying her ordered furniture, giving them instructions on where to leave it in her store, happy to dawdle a little more.

Silas blinks at Estaban. "Well... we have a lion table. But it's in Lyonesse colors..."

Mira wanders off after the porters carrying her last bits of furniture away!

Edward walks over to the table and takes off his coin pouch and drops it into the dragon chest. He pats it and then he smiles as he looks at Aiden and Silas together. Estaban gets a nod of his head and a lighter grin before he says, "Thank you for your time this evening Your Highness. I think I am off. I will see you tomorrow."

Aiden confirms something with Silas and nods, pivoting to dust off his tunic, an absent gesture no less, he spots Estaban and nods to him, eyes flicking back to Edward, "Good night Edward. Take care. Oooh, is there anything you particularly like? So we can tell the cook?"

Estaban looks over and smiles to Alexis, "Dame Alexis, I am well and hope you are as well." he then looks to Edward a small gring comes to his lips watching him then he looks to Silas, "That is fine it will be a gift for Baroness Kima."

Edward smiles, "Just make sure you have a good selection of cheese." and then he gives a bow, "Good evening to you." and then he turns and begins to make his way out.

Silas rests his gaze on Edward and nods. "I look forward to speaking with you tomorrow, Master Edward. It'll be interesting." He looks up to Estaban and nods. "I can go find something for you."

"Cheese! We can do that!" Aiden nods his head to Edward and then pops up onto a desk that's not yet been sold. No body will mind the Prince's butt on it right?

Aiden gets Bitter almond hair tonic from a simple wooden trunk.

Aiden puts Bitter almond hair tonic in a simple velvet bag.

Aiden picks up an impressive dragon shaped money chest painted white upon a sapphire field.

Silas checked dexterity + woodworking at difficulty 19, rolling 31 higher.

Estaban looks to Aiden as if he is curious on whats going on with Edward but he is silent, "Thank you, Baron Silas is there something you wish for in return?"

Aiden checked perception + empathy at difficulty 15, rolling 16 higher.

Aiden tilts his head and gestures Estaban over, once he's finished asking for the furniture thats left in the yard sale. Almost everything was picked over and gone through. The rest would be donated, in some form or fashion.

Silas can arguably have the desk sell for more with Prince butt on it! A couple of servants carry Estaban's requested table to him, looking overworked and miserable! "Mmm. No, I don't need anything. It's supposed to be a give away. You can just owe me a favor, if you'd like?"

Alexis beams brightly, and gives a small curtsey - yes, a curtsey - to the gathered nobles, before she slips away with her new acquisitions.

Silas picks up Shelter Chest.

Silas picks up Petal's chest.

Silas picks up Bethany's chest.

Silas picks up Fergus's old chest.

Silas picks up Joscelin's chest.

Silas picks up Hammar's Giant Bed.

Silas picks up Fiora's platform bed.

Silas picks up Nadia's armoire.

Silas picks up Juliet's armoire.

Silas picks up Reese's Set.

Silas picks up Niccolo's set.

Silas picks up Park furniture.

Silas picks up Bar Cabinet.

Silas picks up Cara's box.

Silas picks up Lyonesse table.

Silas picks up Counter table.

Silas picks up Prospero's Desk.

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