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Medic Face Off

Join Lady-Commander Eirene Riven in a contest to see who can provide the best medical care in a simulated field-hospital situation. From carrying the patient into triage to identifying organs and providing care and prescriptions, this contest is designed to test grace and skill under pressure against the clock. As any medic knows, every second counts.


Oct. 11, 2020, 4 p.m.

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Martino Domonico Caprice Lethe Maxen Medeia Merek Calypso Patrizio Thea Azova Macda Orick Neve Haakon


Physicians Mercy


Arx - Ward of the Lyceum - Southport Training Center

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Southport's broad training ring has been set up with several work-stations ready and waiting for the contestants, with a canvas pavilion tent with the front-facing walls removed so the audience can see the competition going on inside. A small obstacle course has been set up for starters, with an inverted V board to climb up and over and a rocky terrain to navigate. Dummies stuffed in straw and wearing leather armor have been set at the far end of the course.

More dummies await within the tent, where each station has been set up with a makeshift body made of straw with a cavity inside. Said cavity is full of gelatin organs and a fleshy-looking slab of steak that has been pre-sliced across the top. The kind of thing a novice may practice sutures on, which is likely the purpose of the exercise. The whole thing is covered in a sort of gel that resembles blood. Cleansing basins wait near each patient for before and after scrubbing.

The final station is an herbalist's bench with medicinal plants and salves lined up. Mortar and pestles, jars of acids and bases to break down and build-up compounds, and pads of paper on which to write things down are prepared.

OOC: How This Works:
There are four rounds: Body-Haul. Identifying Organs/Parts. Suturing the Wounds. Prescribing the medicine. Everyone will Get In Line who is entering, and we will run a Check/contest for the group. Any ties of success will have a subsequent roll-off between them for the victor. After the check, everyone can pose their results. Once everyone has posed, we will check the next round and roll. After all four events, the person with the best successes will be considered the winner.

Comfortably leaning on his elbows, the Lord Martino Malvici settles himself easy upon the commander seating around the edge of the ring. The gloved right hand of the Malvici Lord's gathers around a goblet of spiced red wine as he hugs himself needfully beneath the mantle worn and damask jacket. Green eyes of his upon the ring, crinkling slight, as he watches those arrive and prepare.

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Domonico looks very serious indeed as he joins the others for the medic off. Why the Admiral is joing the event is anyone's guess actually.

Caprice is definitely here for spectating! And evidently chooses to spectate too close at first - wandering into the tent only to realize that's all up in the action. She retreats with a laugh and heads for the nearest available seating instead, remarking to nobody in particular, "I -might- have a passing chance at the wound-sewing round, but... it looks like there's no shortage of participants."

Lethe arrives to the event with an eager smile. She seems ready to give the vent a try. "This seems like it will be fun." She continues to smile as she looks at the others entering.

Eirene is overseeing the set-up and last minute details. The tents are pitched. The carrying dummies are properly laced into their armor. The surgery bodies are stuffed full of goop and fake organs. The herbalist's desk is full of herbs and supplies. She bosses around both the medics of Malvici's Phoenix Brigade and her newly assembled Heron's Wing of Riven. They're getting everything finalized.

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Maxen slips into the tent, his moss green eyes are bright and eager. With him he's brought a rather fat journal with pages sticking out. He sheds his rather pretty cloak and goes about rolling up his sleeves, "I've no idea what we're doing here, and I'm a middling medic at best, but I've never really had a chance to /practice/ so this is going to be a grand adventure."

It's probably never an especially good sign when your medic looks like they haven't slept in two days and is suppressing a yawn as they walk in. Such as Medeia, this afternoon, coming into the training center after her shift at the shrine. After a night of no sleep after back-to-back parties. Even so? There's a cheery smile on her face. She gives a wave to Martino, and then lifts a brow at Domonico. "Count Magnotta," she inclines her head in greeting. Then she looks at Eirene. "I should have brought us coffee."

Merek makes a way into the place, looking about while he adjusts the cloak about him, nodding while he finds a place to settle in for a line to participate.

Calypso comes strolling in with her long, confident stride, her boots hitting the ground with a crunch of dirt and gravel. She doesn't look like she's dressed to compete, and, indeed, goes looking for a place to sit and watch.

Patrizio settles himself respectably - for the moment - in the warrior seating as he's arriving. Curious green eyes turn towards the tent with the open front with interest, a keen eye for the parts of the action on the battlefield that he's had the opportunity to 'enjoy' as a patient, albeit this time with significantly less physical discomfort.

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Thea comes jogging into the training center, Finn hot on her heels. She stops long enough at Eirene's side, a smile there,"You got everything? Need anything,"watching as Finn finds his place within "his people." Eying the Phoenix Brigade, Thea smirks a bit. "Aw look at you all,"but then an eyebrow lifts as she sees Dom go to enter. Huh. That said, the Malvici medic herself goes to make her way to the tent, getting ready.

Exciting! A chance for the healers of the city to show off their skills, and Azova is all in for the chance to do so. Maybe not the hauling of fake dummies across a simulated battlefield, but you go what you gotta do. And there is a bounce in her step when she makes her way to the canvas pavilion tent to claim a workstation and await the beginning of the contest. Occasionally, she peeks out at the audience to look for someone. And eventually, a smile appears.

Macda shouts from nearby, "Count Magnotta, dont forget your knickers!"

Macda laughs a little as she teases

Folding right foot over left ankle, Martino lounges comfortable while raising his glass of warm spiced red up in agreement to Caprice, "Oh quite so Messere Caprice, and a delight to see you." Bowing his head low to Calypso, Martino finally takes to sip upon his wife before leaning to ask his Duchess, "Wine or... did you bring rum?"

Orick arrives and removes his leather cloak, wearing a leather doublet and a loud green and yellow flannel shirt below, he also removes a pair of white aeterna gloves stitched with Lagoma's flame that he puts on as others continue to file in for the event. He attends a few things, adjusts his gloves and leaves the bulk of his supplies with an apprentice wearing a bright yellow tabbard. "Gorty, make sure you keep an eye on my cloak. I don't think they are allowing apprentices to help with the body haul." The persnickety fellow looks like he might blow away in a strong wind so its really going to be the first round that tests his skill and might more than anything.

Calypso drops into a seat next to Martino, and unhooks her flask from her belt. She shows it to him with a grin. "Brought rum." She crosses her long legs, idly holding said flask, while she watches to see how this is going to play out.

Caprice flashes a smile Martino's way as she settles into a seat, still bundled up tight. "Always a distinct pleasure, Lord Malvici." And where the question of spirits may not have been directed her way, she does offer towards him and Calpyso, "I've whiskey if you end up too dry!"

Thea hears Macda and shouts back,"That's his shirt he's always losing!"waving over to Martino and Calypso in the crowd. Of course her family is here. Why would they not. There's a a small but brief smile to others she knows as well.

Macda checks Charm and Performance at easy. Macda is marginally successful.

"If someone is always losing or forgetting their shirt and their knickers, might I suggest emergency clothing packs? You could leave them around various places with his name on them." Azova suggests, helpfully. In as bland a voice she can muster of course. Completely deadpan.

There is a slight haze of booze around Maxen, he clearly prepared himself well for the competition. His expressive eyes go round with horror, "Hauling the bodies?" He looks at the mock corpses, "Oh fuck." He is quite obviously, a very scrawny man.

Seeing Thea and Finn, Medeia waves before turning to Orick. "Professor! Good to see you again." She quickly raises a hand to cover a yawn. "Sorry, good luck!" She scans the gathering spectators with curiosity.

Patrizio looks for all the world like he should've thought to bring a flask - or one of the extra bottles from the night before - but he's in good spirits and there's that smile that speaks to such expressions from him not /always/ being when he's at the centre of a party. There are, at least, a few faces he recognizes and so he has someone to root for at the very least.

Caprice gets a squat bottle of aged whiskey from a burgundy seawool reticule overlaid with elegant lace.

Crinkling his sharp greens once more, Martino's free left hand indicates the seat beside for Caprice as he murmurs hush, "Oh please. Do join... my. There are not too many whiskey that I can say I have treated myself to. Utterly, ever, the Southron Lord I am." Fingertips wiggle to Thea, as he murmurs hush once more to Calypso sat beside, "And if so... I am putting mine on the Lady Lethe. Although who is the auburn-haired Lady beside?"

Orick glances over when he hears his title and sends a wide illuminating grin to Medeia in exhange, "You as well, Lady Medeia, glad to see one some of the students of the College here."

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"Alright, everyone," Eirene says as she steps forward. The pregnant woman wears her own physicians robes in clean white Aeterna, showcasing her standing as a master physician. Some may even remember she was Guild Mistress of the Physicians many many (ahem) years ago. Her voice is coarse but easily heard as she's accustomed to barking commands on a battlefield. "Welcome to the Medic's Face off. I want to open with a prayer to our paton, Lagoma. Lady of change and healing. May she grant us all positive change and growth." She bows her head momentarily and awaits for the atendees to offer their own prayers.

That done, she motions to the obstacle course. "So we have four distinct parts to our event today. The first, and probably the hardest," she says with a laugh, "is moving your patient off of a battlefield into triage. We have dummies in leather armor, because I'm no sadist to make you haul someone in Oathland's plate around. You have to make it over the hill and then through the rocky countryside," says Eirene of the inverted V and rocky ground. "Then you switch to the prepared bodies in the tent, where you must identify each of the vital organs - don't worry, it's just gelatin covered in blood-- I mean, raspberry gel. After that, you suture closed the wound, and this time that's pork. Mm, pork in rasberry glaze..." She sniggers and then finishes with, "Lastly you must prepare a salve to put on the wound, and there's a variety of plants and prepared ingredients for you to do that."

"We'll be keeping track of how long each section takes and how well you do. Winner receives the lovely frockcoat donated by the Lady Thea Malvici, and the second place receives a canvas tent with Lagoma's sigil on it. So everyone... let's start with the haul. Ladies and gents, please go pick your patient!"

Domonico doesn't respond to the various yells and taunts from the crowd but gives Medeia a respectful nod. He looks very intense at the moment, listening to the instructions. Otherwise the Magnotta Count is silent.

Calypso lifts her flask to Thea when she waves in a playful sort of salute. "I'll drink his share," she promises Caprice with mock solemnity, before taking a drink from her own flask.

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The Professor takes a moment to pray with everyone else, his charm of Lagoma on his lapel get softly touched and then he looks back up. Orick is securing his rolled up sleeves just above the top of his long gloves with small metal clasps to keep them out of the way, nodding to the instructions and getting ready for the 'race' to begin with a respectful grin.

Thea waves to Medeia and Orick both, and a wink is given to Azova. "Great idea,"a grin appearing as she goes to pick a patient. A gross one.

Macda sings a soft song
"Any old storm, any old port"
"Life is long, love is short"
"Better get a woman, get a woman if you can"
"If you can't get a woman, get a clean old man."
R%"Do they hang too low, do they swing to and fro"
"Can you tie 'em in a knot, can you tie 'em in a bow"
"Can you swing 'em round your shoulder like a Thraxian soldier"
"Do they hang too low in the mornin'?"

Macda is so lovely to have around ....
"Do they feel too tight, do they rattle when you fight"
"Can you keep 'em out of harm, can you throw 'em o'er your arm"
"Do they irritate your knees"
"Do they hang too low in the mornin'?"

Azova lowers her head in prayer, hand curled around the pendant at her neck for the duration as Eirene calls for the thoughts to the patron Goddess. That done, the other contestants are given a quick smile and perhaps even a cheerful wave. "Very generous of you, Lady Thea." is noted, while a straw stuffed and leather clad dummy is spotted that she thinks she might have a good chance of moving without making a fool of herself. "This is why we have Knights of Solace." Surely not to protect people, or revere Gild. No, they're there to move bodies for Mercies obviously.

Orick half-stifles a smirk but nods to what Azova says about Knights of Solace, sending her a cheeky sideye at the dry retort.

Maxen didn't seem to pay attention to much of the prayer, making a perfuctory gesture afterwards. He makes his way to one of the 'patients' and eyes it balefully, "You're about to embarrass me, aren't you?" That'll do it, blaming an inanimate dummy for what is going to be a catastrophic failure.

Medeia grins at Azova after the prayer. "Absolutely."

Martino is overheard praising Eirene: Amazingly planned event!

Lethe prays to Lagoma and looks to see what she has to do. She takes a breath. "I think this will be the hardest part, but I may be wrong."

Calypso calls to Macda: "Do they make an awful clamour/when you hit them with a hammer?"

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Exhaling slightly, Martino suffers upon the bench as Princess Macada and Duchess Calypso both call across. Needfully, he draws up his goblet of spiced red to wash down another mouthful, "Mmm. Well... at least there are not more verses." Martino's sharp greens remain opposite upon the training ring as he watches those prepare and get ready to face.

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an immaculately dressed assistant named Johannes have been dismissed.

a slightly embarrassed courier called Guido have been dismissed.

Cosimo de'Malvici, the Southport banker have been dismissed.

Macda grins to Calypso "they shuure doo!" she calls back out sing songing the lyrics.
"Do they hang way down, do they drag along the ground"
"Do they feel so cool and nice when they slide along the ice"
"Do they irritate when you snag 'em on the gate"
"Do they hang too low in the mornin'?"

Macda is smiling up a bawdy storm

Medeia looks up from the dummy she selected and calls out to Macda, "Hey, princess, can I have you follow me around and sing while I do my tasks on a regular basis? Maybe people will stop asking me to do things." She grins and winks.

Upon hearing the song Orick calls snarkily over the battlefield, standing beside his dummy, "They've even found a way to simulate the horrors of battle in song." Glancing around and sending Macda a wink if she's somewhere close enough to catch it.

Maxen, despite his clear stress and mild panic at the idea of dragging a dummy that's bigger than he is, is still singing to himself, "Do they swing really low, can you tie them in a bow?"

Eirene has called for a check of strength and athletics at normal.
Domonico is successful.
Azova is marginally successful.
TIE: Lethe is marginally successful. Medeia is marginally successful. Orick is marginally successful.
Maxen is marginally successful.
TIE: Thea marginally fails. Merek marginally fails.

Calypso takes another drink and then contributes to the impromptu sing-along: "Do they ring like a gong/When they smack against your dong?"

Lethe checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Botch! Lethe is simply outclassed. This is monumentally beyond them and the result is ruinous.

Medeia checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Medeia is successful.

Orick checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Orick marginally fails.

Thea checks dex and athletics at normal. Thea is marginally successful.

Merek checks dex and athletics at normal. Merek is marginally successful.

Merek checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Merek is marginally successful.

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Thea checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Thea is successful.

Domonico has no problem hefting the dummy over his shoulder and storming off without any undue fuss, his powerful limbs propelling him along with ease.

Azova has managed a time or two in battle. Or at least she's been able to look like she's managed with that composure of hers. And so she simply tries to mimic that stoic expression while hauling the dummy. Alas, it's the lovely battle song everyone is singing that ends her seriousness and a snicker slips out just as her 'patient' is yanked past the finish line. "I think that's only for those with balls of steel, Duchess." she calls out in response to Calypso's verse.

This is... Off to a decent start, actually. It's a good thing Medeia isn't a slight thing. That body is hefted along, but of course DOmonico is out ahead and hse's in just after Azova.

Lethe chooses a dummy and has some trouble carrying it. She takes a few breaks as she slowly walks up the hill, but she eventually makes it to the end.

Merek does not look like he's managing it as well as some of the other people, taking the time to work on the dummy to pick it up. He eventually manages, but it's well after people have already succeeded in it.

Orick gives the body a long look, eyeing its design and trying to calculate the center of its mass by relying on the same calculations he would have used for sizing a person of equal dimensions. He frowns at the size of it and although he is six foot two himself he is build like a brookstick and prone to making others do the heavy lifting. When the races begins he checks the torso to make sure the wound wasn't going to fall open, he ties some cloth there to keep things together, then moves around to the back of the dummy and slides his arms under the armpits to his elbows. Once he has the dummy hooked on his forearms he makes a respectable backward shuffle-run to the triage area.

"Only kind of man worth mentioning," Calypso shouts back to Azova with a laugh. "GO THEA!"

Maxen somehow manages to heft the dummy across the course, it's clear it's a huge struggle for him, and the poor lad is puffing and blowing right from the start. What does come out is a string of curses, as if he can swear the dummy across the finishline. He doesn't know where he's come in the race. He just collapses over his 'patient' after he's dropped it, "Of fuck me sideways!" He actually seems surprised he was even able to do that.

"Wait! Turn back!" Caprice shouts from the spectators' seating, to no competitor in particular as they haul their precious(ly heavy) cargo across the way. "He forgot his hat!"

Thea is off to a rocky start. "Well shite,"she exclaims. "How much cow did you eat." But being the stubborn and determined woman she is, she wraps her arms under his armpits and starts to drag him forward. Once this part is done, it's pretty easy from there. Thank Gods,"because yeesh!

The contestants manage to get their charges into the tent, where round two awaits. The identifying round. There are various organs and body-parts, and various little flags for everyone to plant to identify what is what inside of the corpse- I mean, dummy. The tricky part is all that rasberry jelly, making it slightly sticky and goopy and bloody-like.

Macda grins a little as she looks over to Calyspo with a grin widely "A hat!?" she grins a little as she looks over "Go Thea!"

Eirene has called for a check of intellect and medicine at hard.
Merek is successful.
Azova is marginally successful.
Thea is marginally successful.
TIE: Lethe marginally fails. Orick marginally fails.
Medeia fails.
TIE: Domonico fails. Maxen fails.

Calypso's ice colored eyes glitter. "You're the one talking about hats." She flashes Macda a quick grin, and takes another drink from her flask.

Eirene has called for a check of intellect and medicine at normal.
Azova is successful.
Orick is successful.
Maxen is successful.
TIE: Thea is marginally successful. Medeia is marginally successful.
Lethe is marginally successful.
Domonico is marginally successful.
Merek is marginally successful.

Thea checks perception and medicine at normal. Thea is marginally successful.

Medeia checks perception and medicine at normal. Critical Success! Medeia is spectacularly successful.

Macda has left the Warrior Seating.

That might be a cackle from Azova when Calypso responds, or maybe a clearing of her throat as they are presented with the body parts and flag portion of the event. Now she tunes everyone out, eyes narrowed as she leans over the 'body'. "So well done, Lady Eirene. The setup, I mean. And whomever might have helped you of course." So that she doesn't leave anyone out of the compliment that should also receive it. A steady pace is kept as the flags are one by one 'planted' on the 'organs'. "Not too sure I'm going to want dinner though."

Lethe takes a moment to catch her breath and tries to figure out what is inside the corpse. She gets sticky with the jelly as she places all of her flags.

Maxen manages to recover from the last and is clearly enjoying himself far more with this part of it, "Oh that's... that's a spleen! And... is that a gibet? No! Gall bladder!" He's getting right in there, and there's 'blood' spattered all over his forearms. He's even managed to get some on his cheek, messy boy.

Medeia stares at the dummy and just sort of. Breathes for a moment. THat hangover is rearing it's ugly head, but yeah, that's... the liver. Ooof, /her/ liver. Okay. Yeah. This is fine. Heart, stomach, squishy thing.

Domonico struggles to identify the organs at first then of course remembers his training in where to stab someone to inflict maximum damage. Organs get identified quite handily after that revelation.

Orick gives each gloves a little tug before he dives into the body and thankfully the gloves extend almost to the elbow so the aeterna works to keep any raspberry jam off his fingers and out of his way. Clever hands cut through the much with ease as he pulls out the pieces and names each one, momentary confusion here or there are he comments, "Are these sausages supposed to be bowels?" He eyes them and nods before returning them to the body and pulling out a pouch of sorts, "Stomach, liver...lung-" He eyes a single lung and then goes back in to fish out the other one, "S. Lungs."

Merek begins assisting with the dummy identification, "Alright, that's the. Yes, that is that," he begins writing that all while he names them, nodding a bit.

Neve checks strength and athletics at normal. Neve is marginally successful.

Neve checks intellect and medicine at normal. Critical Success! Neve is spectacularly successful.

Thea amusedly snorts at Calypso but wastes no time digging her hands into the jelly. It takes her more time than it usually would and this is totally NOT what she's used to. "Oh look, a--lung,"as more goo drips between her fingers. And somehow gets on her face. "Intestines...."

Neve totally showed up in time. Sure, she did! But just in the nick of time. She manages to pick up the dummy person and though sweating does pretty well to get through the course. Finding organs is surprisingly easy, and she identfies without issue.

The body parts and organs identified, the third round begins. Now it's time to suture the pork-steaks closed and sew off the wound. While still covered in raspberry jelly.

Eirene has called for a check of dexterity and medicine at normal.
Thea is successful.
Azova is successful.
TIE: Lethe is successful. Merek is successful.
Critical Success! Domonico is spectacularly successful.
Orick is successful.
Neve is marginally successful.
Maxen is marginally successful.
Medeia is marginally successful.

Lethe checks wits and medicine at normal. Lethe is successful.

Eirene has called for a check of wits and medicine at normal.
Critical Success! Merek is spectacularly successful.

As the jelly smeared medics begin sifting through organs and stitching steaks, a not particularly helpful voice from among the spectators encourages, "EAT HIS HEART." You can't bring a Prodigal anywhere.

While normally one isn't inclined to inhale deeply on either the battlefield, standing over an open body, or during surgery... that raspberry jelly smells amazing. Don't mind Azova when she takes a nice whiff of things while her hands work deftly at sewing up the pork steak. What cut is it anyway? A critical eye is given it when she's done with the suturing, trying to figure it out.

Neve checks dexterity and medicine at normal. Neve marginally fails.

Lethe focuses as she sutures up the pork steak. She's still sticky but doesn't have too much trouble.

A delicate surgeon Maxen is not. His stitching is rough and frankly quite ugly. Sure, it keeps the wound closed, but if this were a living person then by golly there would be a terrible scar. Is it because he was slightly sloshed before he started, or more likely, is it because his hands are still shaking slightly from the earlier exertion.

That lack of sleep is absolutely a problem as Medeia picks up the needle to start sewing up that 'wound' and struggles to keep her eyes open. She really, really should have gotten coffee on the way from the shrine. She shakes herself alert and sews up the gash but slips when Haakon yells, laughing too hard to do a good job the last few stitches. It's... It'll do.

Here. Here is where Thea exels at. Taking a needle, while covered in raspberry jelly, Thea threads it and gets to work. She manages a snort and yells out,"Shut up, Haakon!" Because she totally assumes that's him. And that would totally be her reaction as she starts to make perfect little sutures.

"Raw? Ew." That is Azova's response to the prompting to eat their patient's heart.

Orick does... entirely acceptable work with a needle and thread, he is not sloppy nor is his stitching especially tight or tidy and he mutters as he works, "I forgot how much thicker flesh is than silk." More mask making than medicine lately.

Neve mmns. " patient smells delicious!". She kind of gets a touch distracted as she begins stitching the meat "I wonder what flavor it is.." and..well. Her work could get the job done,'s not pretty..thats going to leave a hell of a scar...

Merek begins suturing the dummy while he nods a bit, working along with each thread while he seems to carefully work upon it.

"It's raspberry," Eirene tells Neve with a wicked grin.

Once the contestants are given a chance to wash up from the 'bloody mess', then comes the medicinal portion of the competition. The herbalism table awaits, with a variety of different plants, herbs, and tinctures.

Eirene has called for a check of wits and alchemy at normal.
Critical Success! Lethe is spectacularly successful.
Orick is successful.
Medeia is successful.
Thea is successful.
Neve is successful.
Azova is marginally successful.
TIE: Maxen is marginally successful. Merek is marginally successful.
Domonico is marginally successful.

Neve checks wits wits and alchemy at normal. Neve marginally fails.

Merek checks intellect and alchemy at normal. Merek is marginally successful.

Maxen checks intellect and alchemy at normal. Maxen is marginally successful.

Merek checks intellect and alchemy at normal. Merek is marginally successful.

Maxen checks intellect and alchemy at normal. Maxen is marginally successful.

Maxen checks luck at normal. Maxen is marginally successful.

Merek checks luck at normal. Merek marginally fails.

Azova is known to make her own medicines at time, but there's a moment of hesitation when she's presented with all of the choices in front of her. There's a frown there on her face, but eventually she picks out what she needs to make the kind of salve she prefers to use. Certainly a longer wait than it takes many of the others.

Before they begin the alchemy portion of the contest Orick takes a moment to offer a silent prayer to Petrichor and he touches the green charm on his lapel as he does this, his gloves are still a pristine white having been unable to absorb any of the jam because of his fabric choice. As he works he mutters something to Jayus and then makes a careful study of the present ingredients. He smells a few of them and measures out the contents carefully, taking time to grind one of the samples to a fine powder to make a healing balm that he spreads over the sutures in the meat dummy.

Maxen does seem to be winging this part entirely on guesswork, and from what he's doing it's clear he hasn't got the foggiest about alchemy whatsoever. So going from base principles with the occasional illadvised sampling of the herbs, he mashes together a tincture that mostly smells like it would be a great cordial for a gin. Still he slathers it on his patient and looks pleased with the rudimentary result.

Lethe looks at the plants. Herbal medicine is her specialty, so she gets to work quickly once she washes her hands. She seems to know just the right amount of each item as she mixes the ingredients to the medicine.

Merek knows a fair bit about alchemy, and while he seems to know what to do, he does seem to be not as on the topic that he usually would be. He does succeed all in all.

This? This Medeia knows. She's recovered from the laughing, which gave her a burst of much needed energy and now she's in her element with the herbs. Medicine, tea, wine? Yeah, she can make it all. And so, she whips up a salve and a poultice with nearly as much skill as Orick. And that? That's enough to settle a look a pride over her features.

After cleaning the jelly off her hands, not even noticing her face, Thea gets to work on herbs and such. Probably a good thing she's been studying recently. She smiles now, mixing vials here and there like she's been doing it her whole life. And it's an impish one. Be afraid.

Eirene has been enjoying this to no end, smirking at the way raspberry seems to get everywhere. But now that the last contestants have created their medicinal compound, she tallies up the scores based on performance times and cleanliness of work. She tours each dummy with a practiced eye and makes notes.

"It was close; some of you have more innate skill, some of you have practiced your craft well and it shows. I'm very proud of what you've all put on display here today, so let's give everyone applause." She waits and then says:
First place:Mercy Azova Darkwater!
Second:Professor Orick
Third:Lady Lethe Tyde

Lethe is overheard praising Azova.

Lethe is overheard praising Orick.

Medeia is overheard praising Eirene.

Thea is overheard praising Azova.

Lethe is overheard praising Eirene.

Eirene is overheard praising Azova.

Medeia is overheard praising Azova.

Thea is overheard praising Orick.

Medeia is overheard praising Orick.

Medeia is overheard praising Lethe.

Eirene is overheard praising Orick.

Azova is overheard praising Orick.

Eirene is overheard praising Lethe.

Azova is overheard praising Eirene.

Thea is overheard praising Lethe.

Thea is overheard praising Eirene.

Neve is overheard praising Eirene: She ran a fun medic training event, and it was a lot less murdery than I thought it might be!

Neve is overheard praising Azova: She won Eithene's medic training!

Orick accepts the prize with a deep bow and its easy to see why he scored so well if cleanliness was a factor, he has not a drop of raspberry blood on him and his entire work station is equally clean - he made sure to mop up the mess as he went along, "I would like to thank everyone and use this opportunity to advertise The Apothecary College where I am Guildmaster, we welcome new students throughout the year and Lady Medeia is one of our newer ones." He nods to the tent that was his prize and continues, "Since she has proven to be such a good student and because I already own one of these wonderful tents. I am going to gift her my prize, may she use it to do Lagoma's work in the world."

After her performance with the herbs, Azova looks surprised at the announcement of her placement and her eyes widen a little. "Wow, really? Oh this is such a beautiful coat too! How exciting! I can't wait to wear it!" she exclaims, as giddy as one might imagine a person who rarely enters contests would be. Excuse her while she stares at the frock coat a moment before turning to Orick to offer her congratulations to him. And Medeia to whom he gives his prize.

Lethe seems surprised to hear her name, and she happily claps for Azova and Orick. "This was such a fun event."

Medeia is cheering for the top three medics and is about to go find a spot to sit and breathe when Orick starts talking and mentions her name. "Oh! Professor!" She blushes, but grins. "Thank you, you're too kind."

Thea looks over at Azova once the announcement was made. She grins at her, congratulating her,"That was all well done. The coat was made by Whisper Selene by the way,"turning to congratulate the others. "If I ever need saving, I can count on you all to make sure I don't die." Thea hurries over to Medeia, going to shake her hand, possibly smearing jelly on her,"You'll be a great mid wife."

Calypso applauds everyone from the stands. She's put away her flask by now, having had enough for the time being, apparently.

Eirene lets out a phew! Of relief as the event concludes to much success (in her opinion). She looks quite pleased as she sits down after an afternoon of being on her feet so long. "Thank you all for coming. I hope this was educational as much as it was fun, because I got to watch you all elbow deep in raspberry jam. Lagoma bless, so on, so forth." She makes a little motion with her hand.

Azova has left the canvas pavilion tent.

Orion, a healer's surly Assistant, 2 Redoubt Buccaneers leave, following Azova.

Orick inclines his head with a modest smile when he is called too kind and slips off the gloves to return them to the pouch at his hip, saying as he heads back over to the stands to find a seat, "There is no point hoarding resources when they can be used by all of us for the good of the Compact. Its as much practical as it is kind.." Then he looks around, "Did that bawdy princess leave already?"

Orick puts aeterna medical gloves in a black pouch with a vibrant red rose on both sides.

Neve cleans up, afterwards rubbing at her neck "Hmmn. I would have thought that I would have been better with the herbs...but that part was really difficult."

Lethe has left the canvas pavilion tent.

3 Tyde Houseguard, 2 Redwood Initiates leave, following Lethe.

Maxen raises his raspberry smeared fists in the air in triumph, "I actually finished!" He pumps his hands in jubilation, "Oh if old Heinrich could see me now, he'd choke on his stupid theses. Get in!" Celebration over he wanders over to the others, especially Orick, "Well done there professor, that was some impressive handiwork."

Orick says, "Its just a healthy combination of time, study and attention to detail... I was a student of the Apothecary College in Tor for thirteen years before I became a professor myself." Orick explains with a practical tone to Maxen, eyeing the raspberry on him and then offering a bit of clean cloth to the young Lord, saying, "Not sure I caught your name? Lord?""

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