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Festival of Death - Pet Parade

As various parts of Arvum celebrate the Queen of Endings in a long season, one such event is a fashion show. However, it's not just any fashion show: it's one specifically for pets and other animal companions.

Hosted by Blackram on behalf of Valardin for their part in the festivities, this event invites participants to dress their pets in costumes meant to honor the season. Make them extravagant. Make them spooky! Make them weeeeird.

There will be alcohol. There will be prizes for Spookiest, Prettiest, and Best Doggo (note: Best Doggo need not be a Dog).


June 19, 2020, 7 p.m.

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Gaston Abby Kiera Korka Hamish Amieli Esme Oddmun Sapphira Elora




Arx - Ward of House Valardin - Blackram Fasthold - Estate Grounds

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1 Templar Knight guards, Sir Daniel the Beardless, a somewhat hapless Templar arrive, following Hamish.

Titus, a large and loyal wolfhound arrives, following Gaston.

1 Templar Knight guards, Sir Daniel the Beardless, a somewhat hapless Templar leave, following Hamish.

1 Templar Knight guards, Sir Daniel the Beardless, a somewhat hapless Templar, Kevin, a jerk wolf spider with a really shitty attitude who totally sucks arrive, following Hamish.

3 Black Fleet Reavers arrives, following Lucrezia.

Since she's both rather pregnant -and- is the host of this event, Marquessa Teagan Blackram is already seated at the judge's table. Seated and has a plate of food in front of her. It's her prerogative. It does mean that her family has to handle things like roving introductions, showing people around, and helping people get situated, but it has the added bonus of allowing anyone that needs a singular person to locate to find the Blackram. Not that Blackrams are ever difficult to find. With all of them being at least 6', they usually stand out (ha) in a crowd.

Korka gets Festival of Death Mint Liqueur 7-1013 from oak chest with darkened riveted strapping.

Teagan has joined the judge's table draped with skull and spider imagery.

Kevin, a jerk wolf spider with a really shitty attitude who totally sucks have been dismissed.

1 Templar Knight guards have been dismissed.

Sir Daniel the Beardless, a somewhat hapless Templar have been dismissed.

1 Templar Knight guards, Sir Daniel the Beardless, a somewhat hapless Templar leave, following Hamish.

1 Templar Knight guards, Sir Daniel the Beardless, a somewhat hapless Templar, Kevin, a jerk wolf spider with a really shitty attitude who totally sucks arrive, following Hamish.

Looking a bit uncomfortable, unfortunately Gaston can't be missed in the crowd due to his height, much to his dismay. He is one of the Blackrams that has been tasked to assist the visitors if they have questions. His own pet, the Wolfhound, doesn't appear to be participating in the Pet parade, as Titus is sitting calmly next to the Marquessa.

Sister Abby is unfortunately not bringing any pets of her own. Either she doesn't have any, or she has failed at leading a cavalcade of spiders to this neck of the woods. Nonetheless, she's still prepared for the occasion. The Godsworn arriving with her face completely painted in the visage of a laughing skull. Similar skeletal decoration trails down her arms, ending in bony hands that have been given a mismatch of colors. She's all smiles as she hovers through the procession, bright eyes taking in Death's scenery.

Kiera slips in quietly without a pet, a love of animals and a curiosity about th whole festival of death having drawn her. She smiles and nods to Gaston "Good afternoon"

Korka is not wearing a costume, but the mantle she's thrown about her shoulders is certainly in theme as she weaves her way through the crowd to find a seat where she can have a good view of everything and not trample anyone's pets.

"...was joking, Sir Daniel. I do not think of you as a pet," says Blessed Hamish Farmer as he enters this den of Death's celebration, in pet costume form. "If you feel you need to go tell Grandmaster Preston that I was trying to encourage you to dress like a spider, then by all means, go with your heart. But please understand that it was coming from a place of friendship and love." Hamish is also pretty big, but not quite as big as Gaston, and walks into the Blackram estate with a pair of Templars in tow and a medium-sized wolf spider on his head. While Sir Daniel may have been put out by the idea of dress like a spider, the wolf spider in Hamish's long, lank hair does have a bit of foil on its legs and abodmen, as if it were dressed as a tiny Sir Daniel.

There are longing looks, every so often, for that chest of liquor. Soon, they say. Soon. Teagan puts a hand to her stomach, frowns to herself, then pushes to her feet. All the better to see the crowd, right? Oh the times being tall is convenient. She reaches down and ruffles Titus' ears. There are greetings made, people pointed this way or that. Food is there, there's a spot you can leash your goat while you go to get a plate, yes. (Because if anyone understands the dangers of goats, it's a Blackram.) Spotting Hamish's arrival, she lifts a hand in greeting towards him.

"Good afternoon, Lady Kiera. It's good to see that you could make it." Gaston is dressed in his usual, casual attire which are comfortable leathers. He does look at the others who are making their entrance to the Blackram Fasthold, Sister Abby a notable stand out with how she is costumed. Then the Archlector of Death also arrives who the Blackram recognizes from the speech he had given a week or so ago, "Welcome, Archlector..." His greetings trail off though as Gaston's gaze lifts up to the wolf spider.

It is not so much that Amieli takes pains to be particularly stealthy or innocuous as it is that--having arrived sometime after the archlector, two templars, and a live head-perched spider, without pets or entourage--blending into the crowd is very easy. A smile here, a wave there, a shared word of greeting somewhere; hers is not a very notable entrance.

"Archlector." Abby is scrutinizing that spider costume from head to toe, hovering in close to flank Hamish's side. "Uh. Hm. Well." She reaches out to give a light poke. "Does the suit function like a spider too, or is it just aesthetically large and in charge?"

Kevin returns Gaston's look with the only look a wolf spider can give, eyes eyes open wide as if to say that it is truly amazed by the wonders of the world and its desire to go eat them all. Gaston would make a particularly good snack if only he were the size of a bug, says that hungry, lustful spidery gaze. Then, improbably, it lifts a leg in what could be a greeting or a rude gesture or just changing its position, before it turns to look around just in case someone brought crickets. To Teagan, Hamish says, "Marquessa. Good to see you. I'm glad to see you've got a bit of a crowd here. A pet show and a petting zoo may seem like odd ways to kick off a national tour for our Queen of Endings, but never let it be said that we held odd against anyone." When he spies Korka and then Abby entering Hamish offers each a friendly Oathlander hello in the form of a raised hand and a stern nod. To Abby he says, "Had Sir Daniel consented to wear it it mostly would have been legs that came out of the side of his head and some glue-on eyes. Sadly, he declined and now it's sitting on my desk back at the shrine."

Kiera raises a brow whether it's at the Archlector's comments to his aide or merely the fact that there;s a spider on his head is hard to say, though she manages to school her features and smile and nod as she meets his eyes. Abby seems a bit easier to approach with a smile and a "What a great costume. I'm kiera Wyrmguard. Pleasure to meet you"

"Archlector, I'm so glad to have you here. And your-" a glance up to the spider. They still make her uncomfortable, but Teagan is -trying- really, she is. Some things -- like all those LEGS -- just take time to get past. "friends. A shame Sir Daniel did not opt to dress up." Not that she is, but then: she can blame the pregnancy. "When I asked around the various Oathland houses, something involving animals seemed to be the winner and I know many like to dress up their animals in all sorts of fare." Even if they don't admit it. She spies Korka looking festive. Perhaps not COSTUMED festive, but festive nonetheless. She points to the Inquisitor. "You're not planning to compete, right? You should join me-" a point to a chair near to her. "Help me judge once we begin."

Even though Gaston is much larger than a bug, the spider still gives him a little bit of the creeps, especially with the way that Kevin is staring back at him with all those eyes. The lifting of one of its many legs only has the Blackram arching a brow, as if unsure if that was a form of communication. Then Gaston moves off to see who else may need assistance or has questions.

Abby squints at the uncooperative spider. "Mmm. What a shame. Sir Daniel appears to hate fun." Skulking back to lower the chances of a spidery comeuppance, the Sister whirls around just in time to catch Kiera's approach. There's a warm smile had for the fellow Oathlander. "Hello. I'm Sister Abby Laurent. Thank you. I would shake your hand, but..." She flexes her bony fingers. "Can't. Welcome to Death's Festival."

Korka looks left, then right as Teagan points and then realizes it's to her she is speaking. She makes a little 'me?' gestures, then stands from where she's found a seat, offering Hamish a formal Oathlanderian nod as she heads for the judges table, "Call out people--and their animals--for their faults? And I wasn't going to come to this party today."

Joy, the advisor of roses arrives, following Esme.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Hamish before departing.

Korka has joined the judge's table draped with skull and spider imagery.

Hamish eyes Korka. "I don't believe that marquessa was asking for you to call out faults, Inquisitor. Probably to say nice things, but say the most nice things aobut one animal and declare it the winner."

Esme has heard there is a showing of animals here and so it is here that she saunters into. She stops as she notes the lack of training dummies and targets in the area, looking around for them. Those auburn brows of hers pulled down in that curiosity. However, there is food and drinks and she starts to move in that direction. However, her brilliantly emerald shaded eyes are sweeping the area as if looking for something or someone. Joy is walking with her and there is a laugh to something said, "No, just because I brought you does not make you a pet."

"Ah but Archlector to declare I winner means I must find fault with the others," Korka points out, taking her seat at the judge's table and all but kicking up her feet with how comfortable she looks over there.

"How cute," Amieli comments quietly, almost to herself--the eye of the storm is the live spider, and she stands at the edge of it, eyeing the arachnid curiously. Raising her voice some, if only to make herself heard over the background bustle of the event, "Good afternoon, archlector Hamish, Inquisitor Korka, Marquessa Blackram, Sister Abby, Lady Wyrmguard, Sir Daniel," she adds politely, working her way through the list of those who have introduced themselves and remain nearby.

There's a clearing of her throat and Teagan looks... well, amused is one way to put it. "You're both not wrong," she allows for Hamish and Korka's disagreement of how the judging will go. She lowers herself back into her own seat with an 'oof,' muttering about swollen ankles or some other gripe of her current state. "We'll have three separate rounds," she tells the Inquisitor as Korka takes a seat at the table. "Spookiest, Prettiest, and Best Doggo." Beat. "Though it doesn't have to be a dog. Think of it as a... judge's award. Our choice. Can just be the best overall costume, the one that most amused us-" She gestures broadly. When Amieli approaches, she looks to the woman for a moment, looks to the spider that she's admiring. Well, someone else who likes Things With Too Many Legs isn't a bad idea. "How would you like to help judge?" Yes, voluntelling people to judge day-of. It works wonders.

Kiera nods to Abby "Thank you. Is their some spirtual significance to the spider beyond the mundane association?" she nods at Ameli as she is greeted "Good day. I don't believe we've met before

Hamish rolls his eyes skyward toward the spider on his head. "I think you're out on all counts, Kevin. You're as spooky as an Oathlander birthday party, as pretty as a Northern bathtub and definitely not a good doggo."

Abby considers for a moment. "The spider is a favored pet of the Nox'alfar, those who are Death's children. I believe the Queen has a soft spot for them as well. Though I could not tell you her opinion myself." She cocks her head to the side. "'Pet' may be the wrong way to put it. They are more like companions. Similar to how you would say, the horse is not a pet, it is my second in battle. Or fancy riding. Or whatever else a horse does. Horses don't do many things." She flashes her smile Amieli's way when her name is spoken. "Hello, evening."

After assisting one of the guests with a question and leading them to what they were looking for, Gaston returns to the main grounds after looking at his Wolfhound's direction>. Titus remains rather well behaved next to Teagan, that or the hound is just lazying there in a resting position.

Korka holds up both hands, "Do I actually have to say the word--" she winces, "Doggo?"

Hamish shakes his head at Korka. "Our Queen of Endings will also accept 'floofboi'."

2 Whitehawk Guards arrives, following Sapphira.

Umber, a bay courser, Sapphira arrive, following Oddmun.

2 Whitehawk Guards leaves, following Sapphira.

Umber, a bay courser, Sapphira leave, following Oddmun.

2 Whitehawk Guards arrives, following Sapphira.

Umber, a bay courser, Sapphira arrive, following Oddmun.

"Lady Amieli Igniseri," Amieli introduces herself in turn, once prompted. "We have not, but it is a pleasure to meet you."

Then she laughs, a mildly surprise kind of delight. "Me? I did not consider it might be a possibility," she begins honestly. "But would love to; I hope you were not expecting credentials."

Amieli has joined the judge's table draped with skull and spider imagery.

Esme looks person to person. Her eyes slide to the pregnant woman, to the judges, to those gathered and of course, to the animals. However, there is one beast that enters that causes Esme's features to light up and she starts to saunter in that direction. It's not the wolfhound, but the other 'goodest boy'. She moves towards Gaston as her smile becomes more than a little radiate. She walks over to him and if he doesn't stop her (and he easily can), she will move to weave her arm through his in 'escort' position. "So can you explain this? Is there going to be a line up of animals or did I miss that already?" Her voice drops low to him for a moment.

"I don't see why Umber can not be entered. She's as smart as any dog and twice as attractive." Oddmun states to Sapphira after they dismount the horse on the edge of the estate grounds. Checking to make sure that the horse still has it's ribbons attached to it, he gives her an affectionate pat on the side. "So, shall we go join the crowd?" he asks, offering his arm to the bard before they enter.

Plus, by sitting near Teagan, Titus gets both pets AND scraps of food she keeps slipping himm. What? She has no dog of her own to spoil. So she's required to spoil Gaston and Cahal's pups. About to answer Korka, she stops when Hamish weighs in and there's a snicker. It turns into a laugh that she manages to quell into a (not at all) serious expression for Amieli. "There is one very important credential. Do you like looking at animals?"

Sapphira smiles warmly to Oddmun, threading her arm through his; as always, her gittern case is slung across her back. "Indeed, she's a beauty and she knows it." And oh, it's definitely quite the crowd. But she's in good company, at Oddmun's side. As she turns to peer over at him, her smile softens, a light blush creeping into her cheeks. Without a care for who might see, she raises herself on her toes, kissing him tenderly. "Yes, let's go join the crowd," she murmurs, only pausing to whisper something to him.

Korka gives Hamish an unpleasant look at his addition, "Doggo it is," she says sourly, folding her arms and looking around at the animals with less enthusiasm for seeing their adorableness and more aggressive dislike that she's having to actually pay attention to each one.

The light kiss against his cheek causes Oddmun's cheeks to darken and he laughs at something said to him. "Behave." he teases her, but there are some soft words as he moves to lead her to join the crowd and to look at the other animals that are about. "Unfortunately, I could not find a scary enough costume for a horse - short of dressing Umber in someone's dress." he comments with a glance around. "I see Blessed Hamish, do you want to start there?"

When Esme approaches, Gaston can only smirk at her and he shakes his head at her question, "You did not miss anything yet, Lady Esme. And yes, there will be a line up of animals for people to see." Her additional question has him sigh though there is an amused look on his face as he shakes his head again. When more guests arrive, the tall Blackram looks to the new arrivals, offering both Oddmun and Sapphira a respectful bow of his head in greeting. Titus is definitely much happier being at Teagan's side than following around Gaston, who is a much sterner taskmaster. There is a pleased whine when her hand pets him, very unbecoming of a guard hound.

Esme gives a bright and airy laugh to the murmured comment as she tucks her hand right against his forearm. Sure, she has to shift her posture a bit, but she's not a tiny woman either. Her lips curve into the fullness of her bright smile. "Have you already met everyone here, Oathlander?" The term seems more affectionate than mean spirited. THen her eyes slide over those gathered, as if seeing whom all she knows. The Lycene woman tosses back her auburn tresses, that seem to weirdly fall just perfectly in place. Her voice drops again, but her smile is one of just sincere and open happiness towards everyone.

Still smiling as she finds a seat at the thematically adorned table, Amieli responds, "I find few things as entertaining as watching the doggos during balmy summer afternoons." She incorporates the word into her sentence with a kind of lingual stealth, as if it is a perfectly reasonable component of everyday conversation and not at all ridiculous. "Oh, and will a horse be joining the parade today?"

Bowing his head in return, Oddmun looks momentarily confused by Esme's comment. "Apologies, my lady, but I don't think we have met yet." Grinning, he looks towards Gaston. "Well met, I am Lord Oddmun Sanna, and this is Lady Sapphira Whitehawk. A pleasure to meet you both. Do you have an animal in the parade, or is this your estate?" He jumps a little, shooting Sapphira a rueful look, but it comes a smile.

Hamish looks over to Amieli, something occurring to him a little late. "There may be more specific reasons for it, but our Queen of Endings does favor the spider for the two of them weave and they weave knowing that every web will eventually fall apart. It is possible she also likes the little eyes or the way they eat crickets, but she doesn't explain that to people. Or if she does it's before they go off somewhere from which they will not be returning, so the secret goes with them to the next place."

Sapphira nods in answer to the tall Sanna lord's query, her smiles sweet and radiating happiness--even as her eyes twinkle with mischief. Her hair, while far from perfect, is not a flyaway mess, either. Her ash-gold curls simply keep trying to escape the combs that keep them swept up on either side of her sweet, heart-shaped face, longing to be as free as a songbird in flight. The pair's approach to the Blessed is brought up short by Esme and Gaston, both of whom Sapphira offers a nod of respectful greeting to. "A pleasure and honor to meet you both!" she chimes--about an instant before a whispered word from Oddmun has her cheeks going bright red. Turning to him, she giggles lightly. "Soon enough," she murmurs in reply.

Kiera chuckles as she overhears bits of Esme's conversation with Gaston, and looks Oddmun and Sapphira as they enter. New people and cute animals equal a good day. Her gaze returning to Hamish as he explains about the Queen of Endings and the spider "Life is a delicate and ephemeral thing at times"

Abby weaves her way through the crowd. Humming along a quiet tune while she observed all those gathered. Her own words don't join in the mingling, she seems content to be an observer for the time being.

"It looks like it," Teagan tells Amieli, glancing to the horse. "Well, I think it's time we get started." She takes a drink and gets to her feet, one hand on the table. "Thank you to everyone for joining us today! I think we'll be getting started. The three categories that you can enter your pets in are Spookiest, Prettiest, and Best Doggo. Best Doggo is our version of a Judge's Choice." Even if technically all such contests are. "Please gather your pets to the best of your abilities and join us-" a gesture, then, to the more broad, clear area of the courtyard.

"I have not, I am helping my sister with the event, in case visitors have questions." The tall Blackram answers Esme before shifting his attention to Oddnum who approaches, bowing his head respectfully "Lord Oddmun, greetings, I believe I received a message from you today. Honored to make your acquaintance." Gaston then looks to Sapphira, bowing his head once again, "Lady Sapphira." A pause before he introduces himself as well, "I am Lord Gaston Blackram. I trust you are enjoying yourselves here today?"

1 Iron Guardsmen, 2 Whitehawk Guards, Feyre, a Whitehawk falconer arrive, following Elora.

"Are we allowed to take bribes?" Korka wonders aloud, giving a sidelong glance to Teagan, "I assume not, but it's always good to be clear about these things from the beginning and I haven't had a chance to grab a drink yet..." she trails off, looking expectantly at those lining up.

Hamish gathers his pet, which is easy since it's sitting on his head, and heads over to get in the line.

"Ah! A pleasure to meet you face to face then, Lord Gaston. My apologies for contacting you out of the blue--but having seen your white on Oeric, it rose my curiosity." Oddmun responds with a nod of his head. "But that is a conversation for another time, when you are able." he offers. "For now, it is a party to enjoy. Or at least a parade of pets."

Esme brightens towards Oddmun. "I'm Lady Esme Fidante, it is most wonderful to meet you." There is a sincerity that shows in her eyes and carries on her voice. "What would you say is the most interesting thing about you?" Then hse looks up at Gaston. "You are everso helpful. Why I bet you planned the whole thing." She has doubts, her eyes say that. Then she turns back towards Oddmun, "You have met Lord Gaston? Do not allow his height to frighten you, he is as scary as he looks, but he only bites if he has not been fed recently." Her eyes slide to Sapphira. "Lady Sapphira, that is the most beautiful name. It reminds me of glittering sapphires or the seas when they are calm, but deep. What about an interesting fact about yourself?"

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Hamish before departing.

Hamish checked dexterity + sewing at difficulty 9, rolling 3 higher.

Nodding his head in agreement, Gaston says to Oddmun, "Another time, though it may take some time for me to recall the details for me to share with you. And please, enjoy yourself here tonight, there are refreshments available as well at your leisure." He then looks to Esme and just shakes his head, "Of course not, I do not have the abilities to plan any of this."

Elora Whitehawk arrives to see a large gathering with an array of animals and does her best not to get in the way of things. She smiles at a few familiar faces and gives a respectful nod to the Blackrams before finding a place to settle and watch.

Hamish has joined the line.

Sapphira smiles warmly at Esme, canting her head to one side as she thinks for a moment. "Well," she begins. "I do have something of a gift for music, insofar as the gods have seen fit to bless me. Also, I've begun to overcome a fear of horses and riding, with my lord Oddmun's kindness and help." Slender, slightly calloused fingers raise to brush a stray wisp of ash gold out of her deep blue eyes, as she continues to regard Gaston and Esme both. "But what of yourselves? What would either of you say is the most interesting thing about you?"

"It is a work in progress." Oddmun responds to Sapphira's comment about riding. "But I am glad to assist. As for myself? I would prefer to be out in the woods than here. But I am trying to get used to being in the city." Noticing Elora, he gives a bow of his to her when she glances over at him and Sapphira, a quiet word to the blonde on his arm.

Oddmun has joined the line.

Turn in line: Hamish

Esme gives a soft tsking noise towards Gaston at something said low. Then her eyes light up as if she just won the best of show. Those eyes are filled with mischief as she looks back towards Sapphira. "I can sing too. I mean, when I do it, it sort of sounds like I'm strangling a cat, but I can do it. Would you like to hear?" This is probably where one should say no and say it quickly. Then she smiles more. "I do so adore horses. I'm the General of a small Calvary that I started in Tor. Perhaps we should all go horse back riding, the four of us." Yep, Gaston just got roped into socializing. Then there is another laugh, which is rich and sincere. "Interesting?" She taps her free index finger upon her lips. "Oh, I don't think anything about me is too interesting. That has been the question of the day recently. OH! I think most interesting about me is that I adore most everything I come in contact with." Her eyes slide towards Oddmun though thoughtfully. "Oh, I do so understand that. I do love the city though. Arx is wonderful. We simply /must/ catchup next week and you will have to tell me your favorite place. Do mind the water in the grotto though." She will sort of attempt to direct Gaston towards Elora.

When it's his turn, which is pretty fast, Hamish steps up and points at the spider on his head. "This is Kevin, son of Mother Tegenaria, who is such a little shit he's probably never going to find a nice lady to marry and eat him for energy before laying her hundreds of eggs in a dark, warm space like someone's mattress. He is wearing the armor of a Templar, but it's tiny so it's very cute, if you don't mind that it is on a spider with a far too high opinion of himself, like he invented injecting venom with his chelicera or something." Hamish rolls his eyes upward and adds, "Everyone can do that, _Kevin_." Then back to the judges, "He's terrible and nobody likes him." Kevin just sits there, because Kevin is a spider and legitimately doesn't care about anything that isn't a bug.

"I have yet to be entirely comfortable on a horse, I still prefer to be on my own two feet." Gaston admits after hearing Sapphira's words, nodding his head understandingly. When the question is turned back at him, the tall Blackram can only shake his head, "Nothing too spectacular, Lady Sapphira. I guess I am most comfortable around animals, if that is what you would call interesting." Gaston does then look to Oddmun with a smile, "As do I, Lord Oddmun, however duty brings us to Arx so we must learn to enjoy our time here." As for being invited horseriding, the Blackram can only shake his head at Esme, "Unfortunately I may have to decline." There is a pause as it looks like a message is coming in for him, "Please excuse me, Lord Oddmun, Lady Sapphira." Then he says to Esme, "I have to see to this first, apologies."

Anais, a svelte, sylph-like scribe arrives, delivering a message to Gaston before departing.

This is the best part. At least for Teagan. Really she's just hoping to see a goat eating its own costume. That's what she's been hoping for -- ever since she began planning this event -- so really, someone might see her mope if it doesn't come to pass. When Hamish steps up, she does grin at the Archlector because she expects something great. And it doesn't disappoint even if it IS a spider. Because a spider dressed as a templar is pretty excellent. "Does Kevin have a tiny sword?" Because the sowrd is important, clearly. She does look to her fellow judges to see their reactions.

"If you will pardon me, I believe Umber is letting me know her time is coming up." Oddmun says, excusing himself, a squeeze of Sapphira's hand before he's pulling back to prepare to lead the horse to the front to be presented. Even if really, the horse has leaned over, grabbed Oddmun by the back of his jacket and gave him a tug. A suggestion to pay attention to her.

"Yes, but I believe he dropped it into my ear. I should be very concerned about that but I had some of that mint liqueur so I'm a lot less worried than I might otherwise be," says Hamish.

Elora gives a bright smile and a waggle of fingers to Sapphira and Oddmun when she spots them across the way. Her attention soon drifts toward each handler and their animal companions as they begin to present their fancy attire. A smile curves her lips when she listens to Hamish speak of Kevin, and she simply must wave at the little spider. "What's his armor made of?" She is /impressed/ with the talent of the armorsmith.

Smiles warmly at Esme, and shakes her head. "Perhaps another time soon, we might indulge in music. But for now, this is the time for the parade... let them shine like the star each one truly is. There is much to adore there."

She glances over at Elora, and smiles, recognition finally alight in her eyes. It had been so long since she had seen her cousin, she almost hadn't recognized her! "Elora, sweet gods it's been forev..." Her words are choked off, her face gone flame red as something whispered by Oddmun hits home. Clearing her throat, she gets the silliest grin on her face, the sapphires that are her eyes alight with mischief and pure joy.

Esme looks towards Gaston and murmurs a comment before she moves with Sapphira. "Sapphira..." They are on first name basis now. ".. could you introduce me to your friend? Also he said might have to decline. I'll work on him. You both will be lovely on horses." Her eyes slide towards Elora, but then she's captured by Hamish and his armor wearing spider. "I vote for Kevin." Of course, she's not a judge.

"Tin beaten until you can shape it with your fingers," says Hamish in reponse to Elora. "It probably wouldn't protect him on the field of battle, but I'd be willing to give it a shot if someone has a trebuchet."

"Not the spookiest of spiders, but there is something to be said for natural talent," Amieli tries to play into her role, levelly encouraging. "I adore the armor and lament the loss of the sword, but Kevin's true gift seems to lie in keeping still; a very determined spider." The lady continues with a question: "How long has he been perched there?"

Elora grins at her cousin and gives her a nod. "It's good to see you as well, Sapphira. I'm so happy we bumped into each other! Perhaps we can get together this week to catch up? You should bring your friend as well." Oddmun, she's looking at you! When Hamish refers to Kevin's armor, she nods and raises her honey colored brows -- still impressed with the crafting of such fine tin. "Of course. Kevin looks quite dashing in his armor."

"It's been about an hour. Wolf spiders are patient and Kevin is lazy, so it's a good combination," says Hamish to Amieli. "Though I suppose he could be dead up there." He reaches up to give Kevin a poke and the spider pokes back. "Nope!"

Kiera smirks at the archlector's description of the spider. it must have taken some amount of doinf to get aspider into costume

"I don't think that spider cares about anything that isn't a bug," Korka sniffs, eyeing Kevin and and Hamish and looking very unimpressed.

"How does one tell one spider from another?" This is more aloud musing than anything else as Teagan squints at Hamish and his spider. She finally shakes her head slightly and gestures. "Thank you, Archlector. You've given us plenty to think about." And then it's to the next!

Kiera is overheard praising Teagan: What an interesting event

Turn in line: Oddmun

"Same way you tell humans apart. Trial and error!" Hamish offers the judges a bow and steps aside. He wanders over to Oddmun's horse and says, "Well, Korka, I think that went well."

When he's announced, Oddmun excuses himself to the pair. "I will see you and Lady Esme in a moment, Sapphira." he promises, before he moves to lead Umber up to the judging table. From the smallest competitor to the largest, it seems. When they arrive, the large Sanna lord explains. "I am Lord Oddmun Sanna, and this is Umber, my faithful companion. She does not want anyone to know that she is eleven summers old and is still quite the lady. She is dressed tonight in her finery, because one needs fancy ribbons and flowers when you are a debutante. She's smarter than me, but doesn't show it. She enjoys long walks in the woods, fast trots, and has a sweet tooth for sugar cookies."

Umber, for her part is standing stock still, the dark horse looking over the judges, and then she reaches around to nibble at one of the flowers on her side, pulling at the ribbon, before turning her large eyes to the table and leans in to sniff at the judges. Nosy thing that she is.

"I think the spider should be disqualified," Korka points out to Teagan and Amieli, raising up a hand and extending one finger towards Hamish, "It obviously wants to die of shame."

Sapphira smiles and ever so subtly flexes her arm as it is threaded through Oddmun's, even as Esme moves in to request an introduction. "Of course, Esme. May I have the honor of presenting my lord Oddmun Sanna? And you are quite right, his skill as an equestrian is seldom paralleled. In point of fact," she adds, gesturing with her free hand over towards Umber. "The courser there is of stock he has bred himself, to be well-tempered and hardy in northern climes."

A soft giggle and an impish grin is Sapphira's answer to Elora, and she nods. "He's been once already, dear cousin, to ensure a gift he sent arrived intact. But I hope to offer him a tour of the manor at some point soon. And most definitely, we should get together, perhaps over some tea or cool drinks in the garden?"

Sapphira chuckles softly, adding as she turns back to Esme. "Well, drat. I'll have to try that again in a few minutes." She beams with pride, watching Oddmun and Umber take their place in front of the judges.

Teagan clears her throat. Or maybe she's laughing. Not at Oddmun and Umber, no no. "Sorry, Kevin was in costume even if he lost his sword. He still qualifies." She drops another piece of meat (or maybe cheese or both!) off her plate for Titus next to her and looks from Oddmun to his horse. "Always a pleasure to meet a Sanna," she tells him. "And a pleasure to meet Umber as well. She's a fine lady."

Hamish sniffs at Korka. "Kevin knows where you sleep, Inquisitor."

Esme smiles towards Oddmun and then towards Elora as well. "Lady Esme Fidante." She offers towards Elora and then watches Umber have her day. There is a moment as she cants her head and watches the animals. It doesn't seem that she has one of her own, no matter how many she actually does own. Amusement fills her eyes at the speaking between Hamish and Korka.

Elora nods at Sapphira and seems quite pleased with such plans. "Yes, of course! I look forward to it." Politely excusing herself to receive a message, she reads the parchment before handing it back to Feyre, her assistant. A pivot has her regarding Esme with an appreciative smile. "Good to meet you, Lady Esme. I'm Lady Elora Whitehawk. I'm sorry to have to leave in a hurry, but I am needed at the Grayson manor. Have a pleasant evening!" And with that said, Elora gives a wave to friendly faces and a nod of gratitude to the Blackrams before making her way across the courtyard.

1 Iron Guardsmen, 2 Whitehawk Guards, Feyre, a Whitehawk falconer leave, following Elora.

Amieli smiles politely, eyeing the horse's table-questing with some degree of uncertainty which fails to reach her voice. "And very curious, too," she notes. "I like the flowers--both esthetically-" a glance spared for the table and its embellishments. "-and thematically."

"A pleasure to meet you as well, Marquessa. It is a fine event." Oddmun effects a bow, and Umber gives a dip of her head. Not at all going for the cheese on Teagan's plate. "If there are no questions, we can continue on." he offers, ready to lead her off, but Umber nips at him. "Really. You want to do that? Alright."

Clearing his throat, he asks Umber. "How much is a whisky at the Spirits?"

And Umber taps her hoof eight times at the cost of a pint.

"And how much for a spirit at the Hundred Cities?"

10 taps.

"And how much at the Queensrest?"

She whinnies and shakes her head.

"We can't afford the Queensrest." There's a smirk at that.

"It's the only trick she knows."

Korka's dark brows raise, seemingly impressed with the horse's trick even if she doesn't smile or laugh, "Unless Kevin is going to bring our his mother and eat her in front of us, I don't think he can compete with that," she calls out to Hamish. She asides to Amieli, "More animals should drink."

Sapphira stifles a chuckle, as she watches Umber's 'trick', hiding her smile behind her hand. Each location mentioned gets a slight nod from her, as if the bard was filing away each name in her mind for future reference.

Kiera applauds for the horses trick

"I think Umber here is better at math than my brother," Teagan notes in a deadpan voice that does not match the humor in her gaze as she glances across the crowd towards Gaston. "Thank you, Lord Oddmun. And thank you, Umber."

In contrast, Amieli cannot help but laugh at the interplay between horse and lord. "A fine doggo," she compliments. Perhaps she speaks to both Korka and the presenting pair when she mentions, "You would get along well with Luis I think."

When they are dismissed, Oddmun bows once and tugs on Umber. "Let's go." The horse is stubborn for a moment, she's enjoying the attention, but eventually moves to head off with the horselord to return to Sapphira. He rubs his hand through the scruff on his face. "It's something we came up with when we used to visit the city more often." he manages with a gruff tone.

Sapphira chuckles softly, resting her head on Oddmun's shoulder, threading her arm through his once more. "Perhaps there will be new tricks she can learn," she replies, reaching out to pat Umber's side. "You looked lovely out there, Umber."

Tending to some person business, Gaston had to step away from those who are enjoying the Pet Parade and luckily, he was not near Teagan when she made her comment about his skills in numbers, in jest of course. Unfortunately, his trusty wolfhound, Titus, made no objections to the statement either. He does watch the proceedings after dispatching his own messages, looking to see the pets that are on display or performing a trick.

Kiera hms "Count Blanchard's horses have some competition i think" she remarks

Esme turns her head to watch Gaston come back, she actually tracks him with her eyes, but... BUT... she does not move to intercept him. She does seem content to watch the animals though as they are brought forward and presented.

Korka has left the judge's table draped with skull and spider imagery.

Kevin, a jerk wolf spider with a really shitty attitude who totally sucks have been dismissed.

1 Templar Knight guards have been dismissed.

Sir Daniel the Beardless, a somewhat hapless Templar have been dismissed.

"Well, I think I am going to make an executive decision here," that is not based on number of entrants at all, no. Never. Teagan reaches under the table and pulls out some... plushies? Yes, plushies. "These were made by Aviana specifically for this event as prizes. I think, Archlector, it's only fair and right that you go home with the skull. And Lord Oddmun-" she looks at the other two, contemplates. "I think the corgi would be a grand companion for you and Umber."

Teagan is overheard praising Aviana: Adorable, lovely plushes

Teagan is overheard praising Oddmun: I'd praise Umber, but the heralds wouldn't know what I mean.

Teagan is overheard praising Hamish: He deserves it for putting up with Kevin

Hamish is overheard praising Teagan: A great evening of fun!

Hamish is overheard praising Amieli: Quality judging!

Hamish is overheard praising Korka: Judging quality!

Hamish is overheard praising Oddmun: I hate horses!

Esme is overheard praising Teagan.

Esme is overheard praising Oddmun.

When Teagan presents him with the corgi, Oddmun looks at it for a moment before he bows his head. "Thank you, Marquessa." he offers with a smile. But he turns to offer the corgi to Sapphira. "Will you hold onto this for me?" he asks her.

Esme is overheard praising Hamish.

Amieli is overheard praising Hamish: The archlector and his pet spider make an interesting pair.

Esme is overheard praising Amieli.

Teagan is overheard praising Korka: Judgy McJudgerson - but in a good way

Esme is overheard praising Korka.

Teagan is overheard praising Amieli: She stepped up to the judge plate when put on the spot in a big way

Oddmun is overheard praising Hamish: Darn armor wearing spider!

Oddmun is overheard praising Teagan: Pet parade was fun!

Esme is overheard praising Gaston.

Sapphira laughs merrily and nods, curling her free arm around the plushie and hugging it gently to her. "Of course I will!" Her eyes twinkle with mirth, and she kisses Oddmun right there. "Thank you!"

Amieli is overheard praising Oddmun: A gifted trainer of horses.

Amieli is overheard praising Teagan: Talented and devoted hostess.

Oddmun is overheard praising Amieli.

Oddmun is overheard praising Korka.

As the awards are being presented, Gaston starts applauding to those who have been awarded prizes and the plushies do seem to be attracting quite a bit of attention.

The kiss catches Oddmun offguard, but he returns it all the same. "Come on, Sapphira. We should enjoy the party and the company of others before you get bored with me." he says with a snort of amusement.

Hamish takes his skull and neatly puts it away with thanks for Teagan and Gaston. "An enjoyable evening. Thank you for opening up your home."

Amieli is overheard praising Korka: A fellow judge at the parade; discerning of character.

Hamish puts Dreadful skull in the mysterious backpack of DEATH.

Esme claps for the winners and she cheers for the host and then her eyes track that corgi plushie. She tracks it with full wanton theft on her mind. This is only stopped as her eyes move towards Gaston's in the crowd. He can pretend not to see her, but he'll be able to /feel/ that look.

Sapphira just smiles ever so sweetly at Oddmun, but says nothing outwardly. However, the twinkle of her eyes tells another tale entirely....

1 Templar Knight guards, Sir Daniel the Beardless, a somewhat hapless Templar leave, following Hamish.

Oddmun takes Festival of Death Mint Liqueur 7-1013 from oak chest with darkened riveted strapping.

Esme takes Festival of Death Mint Liqueur 7-1013 from oak chest with darkened riveted strapping.

Amieli gets Festival of Death Mint Liqueur 7-1013 from oak chest with darkened riveted strapping.

"Thank you for bringing Umber," Teagan tells Oddmun. She tucks the turtle away for future plans, needs; something! It'll find its way somewhere. To Hamish there is a tilt of her head in a nod. "Of course. Good luck with Kevin." She leans on the table and lets out a breath. "Well. Thank you everyone-" a look over the party. "Eat, drink, enjoy yourselves. I'm going to go put up my feet."

Sapphira gets Festival of Death Mint Liqueur 7-1013 from oak chest with darkened riveted strapping.

Esme takes Festival of Death Mint Liqueur 7-1013 from oak chest with darkened riveted strapping.

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